Delilah - would still love to hear more of your accident stories :)

While everyone is talking about accidents during movies at the theater, I have one, too.

When I was 16 a friend of mine had a birthday the same time that the movie Titanic came out so her parents took a group of like 20 of us to the theater for her birthday party. We had lunch in the mall food court then headed to the movie. As everyone knows it is a looooooooong movie. Being my typical public bathroom shy person I did not go after lunch before the movie started. By the halfway point I was squirming and holding my crotch. At least the theater was dark and I was wearing black jeans that day. By the time the boat started leaking so did I, haha. At first just a dribble here and there as usual but it was painful to hold it and I didn't want to miss any of the movie. I knew that my black jeans would cover up and wetness from showing very much if at all, so finally I decided I would rather pee my pants than keep suffering. So with my friends sitting all around me but everyone focused on the movie, I stopped squirming, sat back against my cushy movie seat, and relaxed. At first I couldn't let go because I was nervous. What if one of my friends noticed? My heart was pounding. I gave a little push and managed to squeeze out a few seconds worth, soaking my crotch and down under my butt. Then it stopped. I glanced around but nobody seemed to notice. I relaxed again and let another few seconds worth out. Now the warmth was under my thighs, too. Still no attention from friends. I carried on letting out controlled squirts a few seconds at a time for a few minutes so there wouldn't be a waterfall of pee dripping onto the floor to give me away, slowly feeling the warmth spread down my thighs, between my legs, up my butt, under my knees, then down my calfs and some drip down into my shoes and socks. But I managed to let it all go without making splashing noises and none of my friends seemed to notice anything. Finally empty I was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the movie, which still had another hour I found out, so by the time it ended any wetness that would have shown was invisible on my black jeans and I just stayed near the back of our group of friends when we walked out. Thankfully the minivan I was riding in had dark leather seats! Nobody ever found out - until now! :)


Petite pooper - thanks for sharing your story about your after Thanksgiving day dump. I was hoping to see most post Thanksgiving day dumps. I am sorry you aren't feeling well and hope you feel better. Now for my story. I'm a guy who goes 2-3 times a day, usually in the morning and always within an hour or two after dinner--sometimes even minutes after. On Thanksgiving Day, I didn't have my morning dump. Then after a large dinner, I didn't even get an urge to go. I was shocked, but around 11pm, I got terrible cramps. I thought I was going to have diarrhea, but did not. I sat down and let out one of the loudest farts I ever had. I then let out a very big soft log, followed by a lot of mushy poop, that formed a big pudding-like mound. All this happened within the first 45 seconds of sitting down. I sat about 5 minuts more just having a little gas and a very little more mush. I went to bed, but was awaken in the night (very rare for me) with another stomachache. This time I had no gas, but within a minute of sitting down, I let out about 10 relatively big balls of poop. Again I sat for a few more minutes and maybe let out 2 or 3 more pieces. Since then, my bathroom habits have returned to normal. I was amazed how much I did each time within the first minute. Hope some more share their post Thanksgiving Day dumps.


My pee is red after I eat beets.

How many people are pooping when you do? Another way to look at it: Population is 6.6 billion. In my own case, from beginning to end of the pooping process takes about 4 minutes, including sitting on the pot, getting ready, pushing, feeling the poop leave (this part averages 30 seconds), and wiping. So--given these numbers--how many people are on the toilet when you are? Four minutes is 1/15 of an hour or 1/360 of a day. Dividing 6.6B by 360 yields 18,333,333! Yes, while you are seated, over 18 million other people are also. How about that 30 seconds that the poop is actually emerging? That's 1/8 of the 4 minutes, so 18,333,333 divided by 8 is 2,291,667 people are actually feeling their b.m.'s coming out at the same time as you. Talk about having something in common!

Joe Stool asked for a brief description of Stephanie, so here goes. Stephanie is a nineteen year old female. She has darker skin, but it's still what I guess could be considered "white". She falls somewhere between unhealthily skinny and fat, sort of average. Her hair is a light brown which hangs down about halfway down her back, unless she wears it in a ponytail.

Well, anyway, enough of that, story time. As any Americans reading this know, this past Thursday was Thanksgiving, also known affectionately as Turkey Day. Steph didn't eat anything for breakfast that day and had just a few crackers and some water at lunch. But then when the big dinner came around, she ate more than any of us. She tried a little of everything, turkey, potatoes, green beans, cranberries, stuffing, and of course a piece of pumpkin pie. I watched with astonishment as she stuffed herself, trying desperately to hide my, er... excitement, if you know what I mean. I knew full well that what went in today would surely come out the other end the next morning.

I awoke early the next morning, eagerly awaiting Stephanie's morning dump, even more so than usual. Finally the moment came, I heard the bathroom door open and close from her end and she opened the toilet lid. I heard her peeing for a long while and then silence. A flump-like sound, then later a splash. Three more splashes, a pause, and another floomp. Again, another floomp and then a splash. She closed the toilet, but opened it right back up and then there was another splash, then she closed the lid again and got in the shower.

I came back from breakfast and she was done in the shower, so I went into the bathroom. I opened the toilet lid and was amazed at what I saw. There were three long turds, one of which ran from the front of the toilet to the back around the bend, another of which laid nearby the first, but curled back so the other end was about halfway to the front of the bowl again. The third large turd was curled around one side of the toilet, about one fourth of the way around the entire bowl.

In addition, five smaller, but still medium-sized turds were scattered around the toilet. I tried, perhaps in vain, to flush the toilet, but amazingly it didn't clog. All the turds didn't go down the drain, but at least it didn't clog. In all, three flushes were required to get rid of Stephanie's post-thanksgiving dump.

Surprisingly enough, she didn't even go into the bathroom that night for her usual nighttime dump, probably because of her massive dump in the morning. On Saturday, her morning dump was back to the normal size - just two turds perhaps two or three inches long.

Hi Lynn,

No, we do not have squat toilets in Norway, it's all normal western seat toilets. Even in the old days all outhouses and places where people went had to my knowledge seats.

Way back the vikings used to use small tree trunks suspended horizontally out in the open when going. Must have been bad during winter!

Linda from Australia, you sound like you could probably plug up a toilet given the right circumstances? Ten golf balls and 4 bananas is a impressive load, and you did even more later the same day? That's impressive.

I'm not sure S was really comfortable enough to go in front of me like that, she just did not have a choice!

I remember on the bus ride back home being happy that the teachers did not check all the cleanup work, I might have ended up having to get a garbage bag and a flower pot shovel to save that toilet from her load!
The plunger would have been of no use there at all.

A few days later when I attempted to tease her a little about it (without telling her I took a peek at her result) she just shrugged and said "Sorry, but I really had to shit" like it was the most natural thing in the world. Which it is.

Turd Lover
Concerning the number of people in the world shitting simultaneously :

There was a typo in my post -- the seconds listed for one hour are actually a 24 hour period. As for the world population, the 6.5 billion figure is from the 2000 census and most demographic experts agree the population today is 9-10 billion. It is important to remember the population curve is accelerating at an incredible rate. I used an average poop of one per day. Since people all have different pooping cyles, geographic distribution is not a significant factor.

After doing the math several times, I shared my stats with several others who concurred this was a very accurate estimate.

The actual figure is around 2 million turds plunging at any given time.

Some may argue this, but I really don't care. At any rate, HAPPY SHITTING ( I average about 1-2 loads per day depending on volume of food consumed )

Boss of the Outhouse
Recently, while out on a service call, I came across a young couple on a corner with a sign saying "Hungry, will work for food". The guy's name was Jimmy (Age 22)and the girl Michelle (Age 19), who preferred to be called Micky. I offered to buy them a meal at McDonalds, which I did. I told them I had an unfinished room above my shop, with a bathroom in the downstairs office and it was heated and cooled. I offered them an opportunity to work in exchange for food and "rent". Jimmy could work as an installer and Micky could help in my office. Jimmy declined. Micky later told me that Jimmy had other reasons for not accepting. He was on probation and could not leave the city he was in and live on the "Southside".

Micky gladly accepted and moved into the room. I found her a bed and we went to her parents house to get her clothes, a dresser, and some other odds and ends. She also offered to help me with my installations as well as office work. She was dynomite in a set of jeans and a tool pouch!

One day a couple of months ago, I asked her to go with me to pick up a nice sofa bed for the downstairs office that somebody had discarded. we arrived at the house where it had been put out front, picked it up and loaded it on the truck. As Micky squatted down to lift the tailgate, she said, "I have got to go to the bathroom. If I stand up, my bladder is going to explode!" I told her that the nearest public restroom was 2 miles down the road and she might as well "do what you have to do". She walked around in front of me, stopped, one hand on the front of the truck bed and just stood there. I then watched as a wet spot came from her crotch, up towards her butt crack and then spread across her cheeks. She was pissing her pants! When she finished relieving herself, she walked up to the van's passanger door and started to climb in. I reached into the back and got a towel that was back there and walked around to the front of her and gently folded it and laid it on the seat. She was soaked! I was just amazed she didn't leave a puddle on the street, having pissed that much, She climbed in, sat down and started crying. I pleaded with her to stop and told her it wasn't a problem. People sometimes accidents. She said she was embarrassed and would like to not talk about it. I told her that I would never tell anyone.

When we got to the shop, I got out but Micky stayed in the truck. I asked her what was wrong. She replied, "I've still got to go, BAD!" I said, "Your pants are already wet, what difference does it make now?"
She said, "If I try to climb out it's going to be more than wet. I've got to go, NOW!" "Well, I replied you can't spend the rest of the day sitting there, so just give it up and get out. I'll help you clean up. Promise."

She climbed out, bent over just a little and pushed out a solid load into her panties and jeans. She then stopped to push it up into her crack so it wouldn't show so bad, as she walked past the other two or three shops in front of ours. She said, "That's probably why I had to pee so bad. My colon was pressing up against my bladder. I don't why we keep talking about this. I'm so embarrassed." I told her that it's not offending me at all.

Micky said, "OK then, Let's get in there and get this over with." Once inside, I locked the door, and told her to go ahead and lower her pants while I got some things to help her. She was standing in front of our office toilet which has only a sink and commode and was not big enough for both of us. I took some toilet paper and wiped her. It was everywhere, on her butt, in her crack and even a little on her inside thighs. After wiping her, I got some soap and a wash cloth and bathed her thoroughly. She made me promise never to tell anyone. She said, "I'm glad you're not my daddy. He would have spanked me a good one!"

I told her that if she would accompany me to my office, we would fix that. :)


Never seen
I was wondering if a girl would be willing to post a fairly detailed account about the first time you peed in a cup for a doctor? I am wondering what they said to you what you thought about it and how you did it. Also did you do it your self or did a nurse help you or come with you? Did you do it in the bathroom? Have you ever had to do I like in the exam room?

Thanks I hope for some good replies

I like the stories about other boys who need to shit at school. I have been in some of these same situations. Are there any other stories about shitting at school and what the conditions are like?

Linda from Australia here again. I'm constipated again so I've been having some trouble. I went almost 2 days without doing a poo! I went on Saturday, early in the afternoon and then I couldn't go again until last night (which was Monday). I tried to go before work yesterday but the poo just wouldn't come out. I could feel a hard turd in my anus but no matter how hard I pushed, I only managed to do farts. I felt uncomfortable all day and when I got home, I finally had success!! It didn't take me long to get the poos out last night but I could only get out a small amount. I felt bloated all night so I'm hoping I can drop a load before work this morning. I haven't been eating enough fibre lately so thats why I'm backed up. I knew it was only a matter of time before I got constipated again.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Adam D.
I had some time so I thought I would post an embarrassing situation I had earlier this month (first week of November). I was staying at a hotel where a 3-day work-related class was being held. The class ran Tuesday through Thursday. I had gotten to the hotel on Monday evening and left on Friday morning. I was constipated most of this time, although that is not unusual since traveling does tend to do that to me. On Friday I was packing up and had tried numerous times to poop but just couldn't, although I really wanted to before the long trip back home. I then took most of my bags out to the car. As I left the hotel room I noticed a maid was cleaning the adjacent room. On the return trip back to my room I again tried to use the bathroom. I was successful but really had to push and ended up sort of standing up over the toilet rather than sitting. What happened next, well, I guess it scared the shit out of me. I was standing there, pants at the floor, with this big log almost ready to exit. I heard a gasp, looked up, and saw the maid that was cleaning the next room standing in the bathroom doorway with her hand over her mouth. I was more startled than anything else and the reaction sort of caused me to pinch off and the log dropped with a thud and landed not in the toilet but on the floor next to the toilet! Yikes! The maid said sorry and left. At that point I felt really embarrassed. I picked up the turd from the floor with toilet paper and also put a small mound of toilet paper on the spot where the turd had landed. I washed up, grabbed my last bag and headed out of the room. The maid was in the hall and quite embarrassed herself. She apologized again and said she had knocked and didn't hear any reply so came in. I hadn't heard her, but in thinking back maybe I thought she was next door because that was where she was when I had last seen her; she probably also thought I had checked out already since she saw me with my bags going out to the car. I said it was ok, that I just didn't hear her knock. I also told her that I had put some tissues on the floor and she smiled at that. In looking back, I can now sort of laugh at it, but at the time it was quite embarrassing.

I have a question. After eating beets on Thanksgiving, the next morning I took a dump and it was a slight red color. Is this normal after eating certain foods?

TO PooPrincess:

'how many people around the world are simultaneously taking a shit at this very moment?'

You know... that really is an EXCELLENT question!
It sounds like a 'Fermi Problem'. (If you haven't heard about them, look it up on the Web.)

But how would you work it out.. Hmmm...
Off the top of my head, some important factors I think of:

#1. The number of people in the world.
~6.6 Billion
(The population of the world isn't spread out uniformly and most of the Earth's surface is covered by water - where very few people are going to be - but I suppose those two factors can be overlooked for simplicity sake.)

#2. Most people take a dump when they're awake and the average person is awake for... Oh... I'll say 16 hours. That means ~2.2 billion are going to be asleep. Which leaves 4.4 billion awake during that 16 hour window.

#3. How many poops does your average human have a day?
-I don't think an average of 1 sounds unreasonable.

#4. There are 57,600 seconds in 16 hours, so 4.4 billion divided by 57,600 s = ~76,339 people sitting or squatting to clear their bowels the very same second you do.

My reasoning may be badly flawed. A couple of problems I couldn't factor in:
-A good chunk of humanity lives in extreme poverty without proper nutrition and afflicted by diarrhea - which must affect how often they poop...
-How long the average person spend pooping each day...
-Are there peak times of the day when most people have a bowel movement and does it matter? A percentage of people are not going to be in those particular 'ideal times'...

If someone else can think this through and correct me, please do.

Take care,


petite pooper
My thanksgiving holiday was great!...I cooked a lot of traditional soul foods, and had invited only my immediate family over. I was excited to be eating hog maws and chittlins, I only get to make that around holidays, cuz it takes forever to cook. Needlees to say I filled up on them during dinner, that and the cornbread dressing, and the roast. Later, we all drank a spiked lemonade and beers, and enjoyed each others' company. When everyone left, I went to bed feeling full and content. I planned to catch the "black friday" sales but woke up feeling like crap. All the food I had eaten wanted to come out soo suddenly. I felt full and I hadn't even eaten that morning yet, mind you it was nearly 10:00am when I started moving about, I'd overslept. I had to rush to the toilet and as soon as I did I farted a bunch and crap just rushed outta me without any pushing. This continued for about 30 seconds. I flushed and left, but less the ten minutes later, I had to run back to the toilet and crap some more. I crapped at least 4 times friday, and it wasn't diarrhea, watery or mushy, just really foul smelling crap. Today is saturday night, almost midnight, and I'm still gassy and I keep needing to crap. This was a crappy holiday for me...literally. lol. In, fact, I need to poop right now. I hope I'm feeling better in time for work on monday morning.

To Sarah from Calgary & Soccer Mom ...

Have either of you ladies considered diapers for your periods? Sarah, I feel SOOOO sorry for you! That accident in the airport ... OMG! You should definitely be receiving major karma points for having to endure that one!

I just figured that wearing a diaper would be safer ... I mean a pad works okay but a diaper ... well ... your situations is what it's designed for!

Soccer Mom ... what about you? Have either you or your daughter considered diapers? I'm sure your daughter kinda wishes that she had a diaper on when she was playing soccer that day. Are your daughter's accidents increasing as she gets older? Does she have more pooping accidents than peeing accidents or is it kinda equal?

I love 'em ... if you couldn't already tell ;-) I think they are comfortable and comforting ... like a security blanket! And they have saved more on more than 1 occasion from a REALLY embarrassing public accident ... well, that and the fact that I have been a lifelong bedwetter. So if anyone has any questions on that subject I feel I am MORE than qualified to answer! ;-) LOL

Hope to hear from you ladies soon!

Love Karen!!!

Hello Iver,

I liked your story. Do you have any pee stories?

Are there any squat toilets anywhere in Norway? Are the restrooms there seperate for each gender?

middle age

There have been many articles written about going green - peeing in the shower and in the backyard. The above link to a British newspaper illustrates the concept; even a baroness gardener does it. I wish I could do it more often but I live in an apartment building. I do pee in the shower however. At the cottage we had an outhouse and it is more natural to pee on the ground than use tons of treated water for sewage then rechlorinate it before discharging it. The world cannot afford, in terms of the environmental impact, all humans to use water as a sewage carrier system. When I lived in a house I sometimes peed in the backyard. We had high hedges. I would dearly love to pee off my balcony through the railings into the bushes below; being a woman it may be difficult. I would not want to hit the concrete patio below but the bushes are common area of the condo. I would reduce our condo costs since we would be using less water.

Joe Stool
Brad: Thanks again for your detailed accounts of your cousin's BMs. I'm sure my gratitude is representative of many here; you've done us all a service, and I hope your holiday giving will bring you a lifetime of good karma; may you discretely witness a variety of attractive women crapping in a variety of ways! You are right - you must make the most of the remaining time; please keep the details coming. When you're older and your memory has faded on some things, you'll still remember these episodes vividly and fondly. Could you please give us a brief physical and personality description of Stephanie? Iver: I loved the description of your shapely friend crapping. Please let us know of any more stories. As for me lately, I haven't witnessed anything cool on the bathroom front, but will soon post an old story or two. Surely, there must be some folks with some good holiday observations out there. Keep 'em coming - happy dumps to all!

Since I have my drivers license now, I'm being asked by more of my friends to drive them around places because some of them are not yet quite 16. Well that was the case with Lacy who called me on Thanksgiving day and told me she had a job interview at a telemarketing company down next the the mall Friday morning and that she needed a ride. It was her first job interview and she was really nervous and she spent like half the holiday writing a resume' according to a template she found online. Then she sent it to me and I helped her edit it.

I picked her up at her apartment (she's with her dad for holidays this year)and she said she had been too nervous to eat or even pee. That didn't sound too good to me, but I got to thinking that if I wasn't doing so well with all the babysitting I do, I could easily be spending a school vacation day applying for a job. We got down to the mall and I parked and Lacy made the remark that it looked like there was enough time for her to go in and pee before we got on the elevator and went up to the 6th floor where she had her interview scheduled. We got inside through the swirling doors and asked the security guard to direct us to the restrooms. They were way on the otherside of the floor and we picked up our pace, alhtough, unfortunately, it only made Lacy more nervous. She started to slur some of her words and not complete her thoughts as we were talking so I knew that she was under quite a bit of stress. Because her dad only works part-time, I now they need the extra money.

We went through the tallest door I ever remember pushing open in order to get into the restroom and Lacy went into like the 4th stall. I didn't really have to go but I decided to take the 5th stall and I sat down with my jeans up on the toilet and to try and calm her down. I could hear her take her hand and lift her skirt and when I saw her thong drop to the floor and her feet spread, I knew her butt was on the seat. Suddenly, she said "####, this seat is so loose I'm afraid I'm gonna fall in." I told her to calm down and I started to ask her some of the questions again that she had found on this web site for job seekers. At first, I could tell by her breathing that she was pushing too hard to get her pee to start. It didn't help that she was like five minutes before her interview time. I heard a couple of tinkles as she was explaining about being an honor student and hoping for a college scholarship. I glanced to the other side of my stall and found one of those tissue boxes of toilet seat covers that was mounted to the partition. In order to break up the frustration she was having, I asked her if she wanted one, and she burst out in laughter and made some crude remark about it being most useful after she burst her bladder and I needed to clean it up. I laughed, she laughed, and as soon as that happened I could hear the steady pee flow that she had been waiting on for like 15 minutes. She wiped and we got on the elevator to her office for the interview.

I waited in the reception room for her bored because the only magazines were business journals and stories about economic development and being recession-proof in 2010. I was just hoping that Lacy got the job. The interview took like 20 minutes and she came out walking fast and confidently. She had an employee training manual with her and had gotten the job. Once we got into the hallway to go downstairs, she told me her interviewer completely threw her off when he entered his office, apologized for being a couple of minutes late, and get this--he actually told her--that when he turned 35 "you can't hold your coffee as well as you can when you're in college." Lacy said that really broke the ice and got their conversation going.

Since Lacy and I had previously planned to stop at the mall across the street, I told her to wait for me while I stopped in the bathroom. It was about 10 a.m. and the time when I usually take my morning crap. It was one long, very soft piece and I didn't need that much paper to wipe with. The seat, however, was colder than what we normally have at school so I don't know if there was that much heat in the bathroom. I know I could have used one of those seat protection papers, but oh well! Lacy and I had a fun time at the mall!

middle age
To poo princess: you question regarding the number of people in the world who are pooing at once is interesting. We have over 6 billion people in the world and there are 24 hours in the day; assume on average that each person poops once per day for five minutes.
Let X be the number of people in the world; let Y be the number of poops per day; and let Z be the duration of pooping. There are biostatistics courses which are medical/biological and they study heart rate, blood pressure, and all manners of bodily functions. Architects and engineers have building codes to follow when designing public buildings and the number of washrooms required per gender based on assumed usage. If an office buildings has x number of cubicles, how many stalls and urinals are required in the ladies' and the mens' rooms. Imagine if high school math used body functions for their math questions how students' grades would improve. If university statistics focussed on body functions very few students would sleep in and miss their eight thirty stats course. I have overactive bladder and statistics were used for this; anyone who pees more than 8 times per day is considered to have overactive bladder so long as they are not pregnant or don't have a urinary tract infection. At marathons they have portapotties based on assumed need and usage (including the fact that many of us just pee in the bushes). The probability of peeing and pooping goes into many planning decisions. The number of homes, the population etc. determines capacity of water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants. Bodily functions figure into so many decisions although the prudes don't admit it. Now for an estimate of the number of people pooping at once worldwide I would guestimate it would be 20833333.33 based on 6 billion people and 288 5 minute periods per 24 hours. I divided 6 billion by 288. This is a lot of human waste worldwide and has a real environmental impact. Compost toilets would help a lot. Many charities which do work in poor countries build laterines which are environmentally friendly. They acknowledge that people pee and poop and it is the poop which causes the health issues unless one has leptospiriosis which comes from rat urine. In most cases, urine is sterile however. In my city we have a tax rebate for purchasing low flush toilets although some people have more clogged up plumbing. The solution can be to poop, flush, then flush the toilet paper seperately. My sister always clogs the toilet and has done so for years. My neighbour has a dual flush toilet where one flush is for a pee and a second more aggressive flush is for a poop. She had her bathroom remodelled and it is like a spa. Some studies have reported that an African (not an African-American due to the north-american diet) has more bulk in his/her stools than the average north american who eats much more processed food. In western nations we have to add fibre or fibre supplements to get things moving. I can't believe the number of fibre enriched cereals out there and our breads are no where near the quality of those that our pioneers ate. Our pioneers also had chamber pots under their beds and these sell at auctions for a lot of money. It was too much effort to go to the outhouse in the middle of the night. I get up to pee a couple of times at night and this is so fatiguing.

middle age
Do any of the adults in this forum live in apartments or condominiums close to bars and restaurants. If so, there is probably a lot of late night/early morning peeing in alleys and foliage as the bar scene/late night dinner crowd leaves the restaurants. I heard from one of my neighbours that the drunks pee in the bushes out front. There are also stains on the road between parked cars. The rain washes it away periodically. As cities develop higher density neighbourhoods change with more apartments and multi-unit homes being constructed; often these are in areas with restaurants, bars and theatres, etc. There is probably more outdoor peeing in these areas than in the cookie cutter suburbs with their cul de sacs (dead end streets). In the burbs there is some peeing in the backyard by kids and adults but generally not on the street and in alleys. I peed in a couple of alleys since I was desperate. Some of my middle aged friends pee outdoors also due to less bladder control during middle age than in teens/20s. One of my middle aged buddies lives in a rural area and when she takes her dogs for a walk she also pees in the wooded areas. I grew up in a house and have lived in my apartment for 5 years and it is very interesting. I live on the second floor and hesitated about purchasing a condo on the first floor since I did not want people peeing so close to my apartment; as far as I know, nobody has peed against the building or windows, just in the bushes. When I had to take the bus to work I would often pee in the bushes while transferring buses since there was nowhere else to go. Those bushes were wonderful since they gave ladies a great deal of privacy. One lady told me that she was desperate to pee and had no other option but to get one of her baby's diapers and put it under her and pee into it; she felt bad and I told her not to since many ladies wear incontinence pads. I saw an older couple (about 60s) and the man had to pee and his wife acted like the look out guide in case someone came by. I think it is unfair that people are ticketed if caught for public urination since many people have no other choice and they are not being lewd they are just taking a leak and don't mean to offend. With fewer public washrooms and more urban sprawl this will become more of a problem in the future.

Turd Lover
poo princess -- to answer your question about how many people in the world are taking a shit simultaneously ?

I decided to do the math, and here's what I came up with :

There are an estimated 9-10 billion people, and the average dump is somewhere around 15-20 seconds from tip emergence until splash. This of course varies widely from one individual to another, so an average figure was used. After a series of dividing numbers ( there are 86400 seconds in one hour, etc.. ) I came up with around 2 million people taking dumps at any given time. This means there are at least 2 million turds "taking the plunge" at any given instant in time !!


Linda from Australia here again. Well I thought I was getting back into a winning streak with my poos but I can feel myself getting constipated again. I knew it was too good to be true because when I start having trouble, it usually lasts for over a week. I normally go in the morning but this morning, I didn't get the urge. I ate breakfast, hoping I would be able to go soon after that - still nothing. I tried a few more times before lunch and I still couldn't go. I tried again after lunch and after pushing for 10 minutes, I gave up. I got some slight urges to go all afternoon and I tried a few more times but I just couldn't get anything out. I ate dinner and I thought I would surely be able to get some poos out. I sat on the toilet and gave several hard pushes but nothing came out, not even any farts!! I can feel poo inside me but whenever I try to go, its like there is nothing up there. I know there must be a bit of poo in me because I'm feeling a bit bloated and uncomfortable. I might try again before bed but I don't think I will be doing any poos tonight. I'm not getting any urges to go at all.

Linda from Australia here again. I'm starting to get back to normal with my pooping habits. I didn't end up getting constipated like I usually do and it only lasted for about 2 days. I'm SO glad I didn't have to spend 20+ straining on the toilet, trying to get my poos out.

This morning I dropped an ENORMOUS load!! It was MASSIVE!!! I still had to push a bit to get the poos out but it took less than 10 minutes to complete my dump. It really stretched my anus and it felt fantastic!!I had a look at my job when I had finished and it consisted of about 10 golf ball sized turds plus 3 or 4 bigger turds, about the size of decent bananas. I could still feel more turds inside me but I couldn't get them out. Later during the day, I dropped another load, this time it was smaller but the turds really hurt coming out. I still didn't feel finished after that dump either. I have been getting a slight urge to go again but every time I try, I only manage a few farts.

To Iver: I enjoyed reading the story about your girlfriend's massive dump. It sounds like she got really constipated but I'm glad she was able to get all the poos out. She was lucky that she felt comfortable dropping her load while you were waiting for her outside the toilet.

I have produced some enormous loads but nothing compared to your girlfriend. However, I remember a HUGE load that I saw back in highschool. My friend and I both went into the toilet block at the same time and she went into one that hadn't been flushed. She came out and said something like 'Oh my God, that is the biggest poo I've ever seen!!'. I quickly finished my wee and came out of the toilet. She told me to have a look at the poo. It was HUGE!!!!! It was as long as my forearm or maybe even longer (and I'm a tall person so I've got long arms) and probably the same width or even thicker. It was sticking out of the water in the bowl. The end of the turd wasn't pointed but the same width as the rest of the poo. I can't believe how anyone had pushed that turd out, it would have really hurt!! I remember my friend trying to flush the toilet but it wouldn't go down!! This was back in about 1992, before the days where everyone had mobile phones, let along phones with cameras.

Then another time, my flatmate's brother was staying with us for a few days (this was a few years ago, he was about 14 at the time). I went to the toilet and a HUGE turd was sitting in the bowl. It wasn't extremely long but it was extremely thick. Probably as thick as a coka-cola can!! I'm not sure if my flatmate dropped that load or her brother but it was a sight to see!! At the time, I didn't have a phone with a camera, even though it was about 2003/2004.

John Philip
Just today I had a relatively good dump. I had held it for two days and planned on emptying myself tonight, and around 6:00 PM I felt an increasingly strong urge. I went to the toilet, pulled my pants and boxers to my ankles and settled in with several Time magazines on the counter around me. I passed the usual pre poop farts and picked up a magazine. I read for about five minutes before beginning to push. The tip was slightly difficult to get out but I managed. Once the tip was out I slowly pinched off some small turds while reading. Then I put the magazine aside and concentrated on getting the rest of the shit out. I pushed and a rather large solid turd eased out, and I repeated the process and another turd crackled out with effort and landed in the bowl. I pushed to make sure I was done and cleaned up.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I was trying on clothes when the need to pee hit me. I knew I wouldn't make it to the bathroom, so I had to pee in the dressing room garbage can. I told the clerk that a previous customer must have done it. Then I left very quickly!

About a year ago me and my friend were having a sleep over at my house. We were playing truth or dare. I picked dare. she dared me to pee in the sink. I told her no, but i would if she would pee in the sink at the same time. She said yes. So we stripped everything off except our bras and sat in the double sinks in my bathroom. We were both too scared to pee, so i told a really funny joke. She started laughing so hard she started to pee like crazy in the sink. I started laughing really hard to because i was watching my friend sitting in a sink butt naked, and peeing like a hose flows. Pretty soon Both of the sinks were filled with pee. That was a night we will never forget.

my name is Carly and I live in Arizona. I have been reading this site for a long time, but never posted because I really don't have anything to post. I love pee stories, but have never been in a situation where I needed to take an emergency pee anywhere and ive never peed my pants. I rarely even use public bathrooms and while yes I have had to go badly before, never as bad as some people describe and I usually only go for a minute tops. Ive tried before plenty of times to hold it and even when I feel like I'm bursting after holding it all day, I still feel in control and never have long pees.
That's why I love reading pee stories, I guess. I've always been fascinated with peeing as long as I can remember and I love to pee in containers, the shower, diapers, the floor, my pants on purpose, really anywhere but the toilet.
I'm really shy and get embarrassed talking about bodily functions in person and that is another reason why I love this site. You all do a great job and please post more pee stories.

Emilie - I've got a similar story of seeing someone pee in their pants in the theater. A girl about nine and her father were sitting in the row in front of us. The girl had a jumbo drink, which I think she finished within the first half hour. About halfway through, she told her father she really had to pee, but her father refused to leave and told her to wait until the end of the movie. The girl squirmed in her seat for awhile, then she sat real still. I figured at that point she must have been peeing her pants. Her father didn't say anything. At the end when she got up, I noticed that nearly the whole seat of her jeans was wet. It was obvious that she had peed her pants.

It's sad that in both our stories, the child let the parent know they had to pee, the parent wouldn't take them to the bathroom, and the child ended up peeing her pants (or pooping her pants too).

Ashley we really miss all your posts were did you go? Have any nre things to write about?

Hello again. I'm a little bummed out right now. I found out that Stephanie will be leaving us at the end of the year. I guess I will have to make the most of the remaining time.

Steph was really gassy Saturday morning. I could hear some nasty sounding farts and splashes inbetween Even from outside the bathroom I could smell the pungent odor of her turds. I think she applies air freshener after taking her dumps, because they never smell when I come in after she showers. After her shower, I opened the toilet lid, and the smell came back some, but it was not nearly as bad as before. I saw at least eight small turds floating in the toilet, an unusual occurance, because her turds almost always are sinkers.

Saturday evening, her stomach seemed to be calmed down. I only heard Stephanie doing little pushes, kind of like "Mmh, mmh" but I never heard a splash or a plop. She wiped twice, or well, she tore off paper twice. I sometimes wonder how she wipes... Does she run a small amount of paper once? Fold a large amount and run one pass? Or maybe she wipes multiple times with each amount of paper, folding in between wipes.

Shih Tzu Dog
OMG i love to hear the stories about kids....they are sooooo funny!

My fave is the one about the girl when they went to see Hannah Montanna The Movie and the girl had to pee and ended up having to squat...with her pants on....her load so big it went through her pants AND she pooped! haha! Soooo funny.....anyways i got a story similar.......

OK,so me and one of my very good friends went to go see a movie.(i cant remember the movie.)And it was such a good movie....and she had to pee so i said "i would go if i were you..."And ya know what she she had on a plain pair of blue jeans and a tee.And she was stupid enough to get the medium soda insted of the small soda like me.So about 30 minutes into the movie she said...."I HAVE TO PEE IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY BEFORE I DROP A LOAD?!?" I said theres a cup,your pants,or the bare floor!So,she picked the cup up and tried and said...I CANT!She was crying now.And she told me "i cant try the floor itll make too much noise! She was dieing of pee.So she said im gonna have to do it.She stood up,streched,(i dont know why)and squatted.I can tell she had to go bad.After about 30 sec. you can hear the pee splatter to the floor.She was done but she had farted and sat back down.soaked.Then she looked at me and said,i just had direah.And she had it on the seat,her butt,and dripping to the floor.I felt so bad.

omg this is getting long peace,love,shih tzu bye

-Shih Tzu Dog

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