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Hello to all again. I have a post about myself and two girls I was with that I and one of the two girls pooped outside at different times and locations. So let me start it off by telling the part of the story with the girl pooping. Now I was with Susan and Brenda this nice fine summer day. We were out walking together on a nieghbors property which this nieghbor had acres of land.

The three of us wound up walking up to where there were big sandpiles which we played on them for quite sometime. Then Susan who was youngerest of us three said she had to poop and quite urgently too. Her older sistor Brenda said we would have to leave and walk back to the house. Susan told Brenda she would never make it back to the house. Then Brenda and I both said at the same time to Susan You'll have to go here outside.

Susan said I can do that but I'll not go right here! Where we were on the sanpiles was in the wide open. All three of us loked around quickly and we all spotted a spot where Susan could poop with some cover. So we all headed over to this spot with Susan running over to it to get there first.

Now what this spot was is where there were two sandpiles and in beween them was where the nieghbor who worked in cronstruction would pile needed sand and then there was a long screen that went down the hill and would dump the sand on the sreen and sift it getting out any stones out of it. This worked out perfectly for Susans need to poop and pee.

She could sit down and go first of all plus she could hold on to the two pipes that supported the screen as she sat and went. Susan yanked her black stretch pants right down as soon as she got over to the end of the sifting screen. She then yanked down a light pair of yellow pantie sshe was also wearing. She had to hop up to get to sit on the end of the creen and she grabbed the two pipe poles with her hands.

Susan lifted up her rearend and she grunte and pushed. With her push she started to peee hard which her pee went right through the screen and she wetted all the dirt and sand on the ground. Brenda and I were standing off to the side of Susan and we watched. Beides peeing with her push usan mamaged to push out a light brown turtle head of a poop but it went back inside after that first push ended. Also she stopped peeing.

Susan sat there for a short moment catching her breath. Then she told us two she had to push harder. Susan asked Brenda to take her pants and panties off. I don't want to pee in them! I know I will with this push. So Brenda stepped over to her sistor and pulled her black pants off along with Susan's yellow panties. Then Susan took a real deep breath and gave a real hard push.

Susans facial cheeks turned red with this push. She even grunted harder and she leaned forward grabbing harder with her hands on the two pipe poles. She lfter her rearend up more too. This time her hole domed open and the light brown turtle head emerged again but more of it showed.Susan also didn't send out a hard pee stream but she did dribble pee out from the front.

The turtle head poop got longer enough so that it was well past the curves of her rearend cheeks. It was moving slow and as it came out it waas getting fatter in size. Susan;s cheeks on her face now were real red in color. Susan had to let out her breath that she had been holding. She did wth a loud long gasp. Her poop paused for it stopped moving.

Then Susan before she was going to get ready for another push her poop started moving slowly on its own. Susan felt it and she told us both; Hey its moving by itself! That feels good too! Susan now relaxed. Her poop gained a couple of more inches and then it got squeezed off for some reason. With her poop being squeezed off it broke with about a five inch piece dropping down from her rearend right on to the screen.

What happened next was with Susans poop being so hard it ht the screen and rolled and bounced down the screen part way and then rolled off the side of the screen and landed in the sifted dirt below. Both Brenda and I saw this happen and we burst into hard laughter! Susan not seeing what had happened asked us what was so funny. It took both Brenda and I to tell her between fits of laughter. Susan then joined in with us laughing hard.

With Susans hard laughing she had the remaining part of her poop that was still poking out start moving. Brenda yelled out; She;s pooping more! This time Susan;s poop moved much faster reaching severalinches in length and it broke falling on the screen and this time her poop didn't bounce but rolled sideways almost making it the entire length of the screen. Just before the botom edge it did turn and go over the side. Both Brenda and I laughed gagain but not as hard or as long.

Susan did one more piece which was a hard nugget of poop. THis one rolled and bounced all the way down the scren and shot off the botom end of the screen bounced across the dirt and wound up in the dirt road. As soon as Susan felt that nugget come out she hopped off from the screen turned around and looked down. She laughed hard seeing her two poops in the dirt and the one nugget resting in the dirt just on the side of the dirt road.

Then she picked up her panties slipped them back on and her black pants. I want to go see my poop! she said to us very excitedly! Susan ran off heading down the hill with us two following her. When we got to where her poops wre the first two had some stones and sand coating on them while the nugget didn't. Susan laughe as she looked up the hill at the top of the screen. Turning around now she said to us two; That was fun! When I have to poop again I'm going to do it here again! (Susan would too but only with me with her the next time.)

Hi all! First time poster here, 28 year old male from Norway.

Yesterday I had a memorable experience.
After five days of my body not wanting to go to the bathroom I severely clogged the toilet, it needed 5 flushes and a lot of plunging to bring the poor toilet back to normal. The water is still somewhat low.

Standing up after the rather intense ten minute process of pooping the truckload, (my legs were shaking, lol) I knew it meant trouble as a few minutes earlier into the dump it started to make splat and thud noises rather then splashes. In the end it buried almost all the water in the bowl, the load consisting of mostly long thick logs and a handful smaller lumps, everything pretty solid. Whew!

It was easily the second largest dump I had ever seen, which brought back memories of the largest one, something I still remember well almost a decade later. That is also the reason of my post, I want to see if there's someone better or equal to that out here.

It would be great if everyone could post about their/somone elses that they observed biggest dump ever. And although some of you will probably deliver some fantasy tales, I ask that you post true stories.

I'm actually somewhat genuinely curious if what I saw ten years ago is "normal" for some people or, as I still think, a once in a lifetime occurrence.

Although my achievement yesterday is my so far personal best after some 28 years and undoubtedly worthy of praise before any audience, the load I saw ten years ago easily dwarfed mine. And it was done by a then 19 year old girl.

I attended a sports college ten years ago, and the last year the annual school trip was a one week cabin to cabin trek up in the mountains.
During that trip my friend, lets call her S for privacy, hurt one of her toes pretty bad on the second day.

It was not bad enough for her to need hospitalization or doctor attention, the teachers managed to do a pretty good job with antibiotics and some bandage.

She was in quite a bit of pain tough since we were required to walk a lot every day, so one of the teachers gave her painkillers as well.

Now, S is a rather short girl, but her build is very athletic, powerful and voluptuous, with a bit of a large firm rear end on wide hips. She dances, swims and does aerobics on a high level. She has a beautiful face and blonde hair and we were somewhat of a semi-couple through most of college.
Also, she eats like a horse every day.

S could be described as somewhat of a tomboy, and she is open going enough to have a reputation for not being shy with her bodily functions. In the three years I went to college with her I think I heard her burp or fart noticeably at least twenty times during school hours.

Now, back to that trip ten years ago. It turned out the painkillers in addition to killing the pain also killed S's bowels.

On the morning the last day everyone was packing and cleaning throughout the cabin.
The two of us did the dishes after breakfast when she suddenly let go a quick rumbling fart that smelled quite strongly of ass, before she casually told me the painkillers had made her unable to take a dump this whole week and that she felt really bloated and heavy.

I jokingly told her that it was a small price to pay for a pain free toe, and we moved on to other subjects. She let go a handful of small poppers as we finished the dishes, they kept us snickering and giggling like a pair of children.

A few hours later most people were outside getting ready to leave, except those finishing the last cleanup chores including yours truly who had the noble task of cleaning the 4 toilets in the cabin.

it was a pretty easy job and I was finishing up putting the cleaning tools into a hallway closet next to the bathroom doors, when I heard S call my name and approach from the main door some distance away.

We were the only ones in this part of the cabin, and when she was almost next to me she let go one of the biggest farts I've ever heard. It was a loud bassy four second roar, echoing in the empty hallways.

Before I could say anything she entered the bathroom I had just cleaned with a smug grin on her face and blushing cheeks. As S closed and locked the door all I could say was "wow, nice one."

S answered from inside that she finally needed to go and asked if I could wait for her before leaving so she did not end up lagging behind the group.

Standing outside the door still somewhat surprised by her butt burp I soon heard another huge fart.
It sounded somewhat muffled, I recon from S's butt being large enough to fully overlap the toilet seat. I have to admit that I was enjoying the show!

A couple more very long deep muffled farts followed, along with a low groan from S. Then there was a splash like someone dropping a fist sized rock into the toilet, and I could hear S strain inside the bathroom as more loud splashes emerged, they were picking up speed as she started properly on her truly enormous sounding dump.

The splashing soon stopped as she obviously filled the bowl up beyond the water level, but for about five more minutes there was occasional powerful farts emerging from the bathroom together with the nonstop sounds of S straining and pushing.

When she finished after around 7-8 minutes in total and started to tear off toilet paper I was almost dizzy, not believing what I had just witnessed, but I admit I was enjoying myself like a kid in a candy store :D

As S came out, (without flushing) she immediately burst into laughter, hiding her face behind her hands.
I started laughing too, asking her what was so funny. S told me that she was glad I was the one cleaning the bathrooms as she would been embarrassed going like that with anyone else close by.

Then she got very eager to leave, practically dragging me with her outside. My bags were still inside the cabin though, so I went back to get them a minute later. Off course I also went to take a peek in the bathroom!

I remember the heavy smell still, it smelled pretty strongly of poop in most of the hallway when I returned, but in a somewhat healthy way.
Entering the bathroom she used and lifting up the lid, I would not have believed that S could possibly have produced what I saw if I had not finished cleaning the same toilet about 15 minutes minutes earlier.

This was back in 1999 so no camera on my cellphone, for help me god I would have captured that sight for the ages. The drain hole and water was completely hidden beneath a humongous load of dark brown poop. It was a bunch of ridiculously thick logs, ranging from thumb thickness to as thick as my wrist!

I could not see all of it as much of the load was down there filling up the drain hole and water, but I saw 3-4 coils of wrist thick dry looking turds that was as long as my forearm or slightly more if straightened out.

I would estimate that there was something like 1.5 KILO of poop or more packed into that poor toilet. It was easily over double the mass I manage to drop yesterday. I have to admit, it hurts my self esteem somewhat to this day. :p

So, I wonder if people out there have experienced/seen something like that from another person?

Note to turd lover: If you haven't learned already, wiping with sand is like substituting Brillo pads for TP. Yes, it cleans, but rather too well, as it peels that mucous membrane right off. I hike in the Pacific Northwest, and find that damp moss work very well, however. It has to be soft and gentle, or YOU WILL REGRET IT.

I had an interesting experience today when my geography class travelled for a field research assignment. We had hired a coach bus to take us to our destination since another professor from a similar class was also coming along. There were around 50 students in total on the bus, plus both professors. Me and some friends decided to sit near the back of the bus. This bus was equipped with a washroom at the very end. I hadn't taken a shit in the morning but I still wasn't expecting to need to go. We left the campus at 8:30 am sharp for the first stop about an 90 minutes away.

After about 30 minutes, a male student from the other class walked to the back of the bus and entered into the bathroom. Unfortunately, I realized that I had taken the seat that was quite near the bathroom. Most everyone was talking and the engine noise from the bus tended to drown out our conversations. I was starting to read the assignment papers when I heard two loud farts coming from the washroom. I think I was the only one that noticed because nobody else seemed to be raising suspicion. I then heard what sounded like some turds dropping into the toilet bowl. I didn't want to think what it was going to smell like when the guy was finished. I continued to read for another few minutes and then he eventually came out and walked back to his seat. It definitely smelt a bit fowl, but again nobody seemed to notice.

We were nearing our first destination when another male student from the other class goes back and enters into the bathroom. I was having a conversation with my friend when I heard farts being let out and the a couple large thuds as the user unloaded into the toilet. The walls must have been paper thin because I could hear every detail about what was occurring. My friend was startled when he heard another loud fart being let out. It must have been embarrassing for the guy using the toilet. He came out after a few minutes and quickly walked back to take his seat. The smell from the bathroom was starting to linger around the back of the bus so were glad to be getting off soon.

After reaching our first destination we all got off and started to examine the geological surroundings. We walked for around for two hours while taking photos and taking notes. We then had a brief lunch break before heading back to the bus to travel to the next destination. Thankfully there were outhouses at the last stop so I thinking that most people would have used the facilities there rather than on the bus. I was wrong. After about 15 minutes, a female student from our class headed back to use the washroom.

I was taking notes and discussing them with my classmate when I heard what sounded like diarrhea. It continued wave after wave for nearly five minutes. She came out and quickly took her seat, probably embarrassed. When the door opened a wave of stench filtered out. By this time others were realizing the problem of the odor.

We reached our final destination and by this time I was starting to feel the need to relieve myself with a shit. We again took photos and notes of the landscape while walking around the area. I was going to find an outhouse to drop my load but I couldn't see one around. Eventually, we did arrive to a rest area that had a few outhouses. There was a lineup to use them and after a few minutes I grew impatient and decided to hold it in.

Since I was done the assignment early I started to head back to the bus. My friends were still finishing up so I was alone. The bus driver was not around but the door was open so I entered in. I realized that since I was alone I would slip back and drop my load before everyone came back onboard. But before I had the chance, a large group of people started to make their way back onto the bus. After a couple of minutes almost everyone was back on and we left soon afterwards. I was not planning on shitting on the bus with everyone around but it appeared I had no other choice. After about a half hour of trying to hold it in I got up and made my way to the bathroom.

Everyone else was either talking or working on the assignment so I hoped nobody was paying attention to me entering in. I closed the door and lifted the lid. To my surprise it was not a flush toilet but rather like a porta potty with the blue liquid and a holding tank which had a good amount of waste already collected. I locked the door and undid my sweatpants and sat down. I felt some pressure build before I let out a few quiet farts. I pushed for sometime while letting more gas out. The turd finally dropped down loudly while splashing into the holding tank. I still felt like I had more to let out so I waited a bit before giving one more push. The bus went around a corner and I nearly fell off the seat. I quickly grabbed the handle bar to hold myself on. The turd eventually dropped out, again splashing quite loudly. I peed and began to wipe. I almost fell off the seat again as the bus rounded another corner.

I got up lifted my pants up while looking at the mess below. Two thick turds, one quite long with the second one about half it's size. I washed my hands in the dinky little sink and exited out before quickly taking my seat. My friends didn't say anything and neither did anyone else. I was glad since I didn't want to make too much of a stink for everyone. I didn't think so many people would be comfortable shitting in the small bathroom, but on our way back down to the campus at least half a dozen people went back to do their business. I'm sure the holding tank was nearly full by the time the bus dropped everyone off.

To Braidy: Loved your story about having to use the boys lockerroom.
While you didn't like the smell and the warmed over seat the guys left you when they vacated it, at least you didn't have to sit in their pee. Often us guys have to sit in the pee because the boys don't want to wait for a urinal to open and they just don't think of lifting the seat first before they start pissing. Just yesterday I was in that situation because the toilet paper was gone and I couldn't even wipe the seat off first before sitting down to shit.

To Laurel: I agree that would be tough having to wipe with the single-sheet toilet paper for both middle and high school. My right hand would smell like hell because my shits tend to be fast and soft and I usually need a wad of toilet paper four or five sheets long in order to reach across my entire butt.

To everybody:

Probably my best friend through grade school and middle school and into my freshman year was named Caleb. In the summer of 2005 we were at a church-sponsored camp for like three weeks and it was at this camp when I discovered that his peeing habits were different than anyone I had known. Our youth pastor drove us to camp in like a 12-passenger van and we practically cross two states to get there in one day's drive. Because we had girls with us they were pretty regularly complaining about needing to stop and pee when they would see an interstate rest stop sign. Well, at the first rest stop I went right up to the urinal and gave it my contribution (that's a nice word my dad likes to use for both his pee and shit) and as I was peeing away I noticed Caleb wasn't nearby. I looked behind me and saw three doorless stalls and sure enough there was Caleb with his pants down, his hand on his penis pointing it into the bowl, and I didn't think too much of it. I just figured he was taking his daily shit. Well, less than two hours later we stopped again--the girls were complaining that they had small bladders and Pastor Bob believed them. So I want up to a urinal and started what little contribution I could make and I looked back and there was Caleb seated again. You couldn't see his penis but you could hear him peeing and again I didn't think there was anything that different.

About an hour and a half later it was almost lunch time and two of the girls begged Pastor Bob to stop at another rest area because their bladders were ready to "explode." I was like 12 at the time and I just thought that would be the funniest thing to see. I remember Caleb even saying something that caused Pastor Bob to defend one of the girls while he explained to Caleb about differences between the peeing and "stool" habits of boys and girls. (Caleb had made a pretty harsh remark to the girl who had to pee the worst and she had turned around from the middle seat and swung at him). The situation was the same as the times before: I went to a urinal and peed some while Caleb took a stall, sat down and the way I was thinking, went to the bathroom like the girls. Since this was like his third time down on the stool, I asked him if he was constipated or sick, and he just seemed surprised. Just at that time, he moved a little on the seat and the automatic flusher went on and it splashed him pretty good since he didn't stand up fast enough. He also let go of his penis and some of the pee plashed over his white shorts which he had down below knee level. His pee also hit the floor.

When we got outside the bathroom, one of the other boys gave me a swig of his pop and I gave Caleb the can and he took a couple of drinks. At that time I noticed the spots on his nice shorts and once of the girls walked by an just snickered. She made a snide remark to Caleb that he shouldn't be drinking the pop because it would just need to come out and mess up his shorts in a few minutes again. One of the girls was crapping for the longest time and as Caleb and I talked he said he started to sit down to pee in like the first grade. He was getting hassled by some of the older boys while he was at the urinal and sitting down was the only way to escape being picked on. He said that while the seats are often wet, he doesn't mind peeing like a girl because it's much faster to sit down in a stall than it is to wait in a long line for the urinals. He said smaller guys like him easily get hassled more and the stalls are a good way to avoid it.

At least now I know that he doesn't have on of these frequent shitting diseases.

Soccer Mom
Hi everyone!

Sarah from Calgary:

Oh sweetie!!! I just finished reading your post from last week on page 1802 from your September trip back to Ontario. I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that. At least you were wearing a pad for most of the week to help protect your panties from any messes that you had. The accident you had at the Ottawa Airport though, my goodness! I feel so badly for you. Keep your chin up girl! You are not alone, trust me! I have read some of your old posts and it looks like you have a great support system with your friends and family. It looks like your husband is a great guy as well.

Sarah, if you have had a chance to read some of my posts, you will see that I suffer from a similar infliction that you do. I get diarrhea before and during my period as well. I don't get it as badly as you seem to, but it can be very inconvenient when it happens. I know what it's like to get that sudden urge to go and to be desperately holding your butt cheeks together, then finally losing the battle and losing your load into your panties.

I fear that my daughter will have the same problems. In one of my last posts, I wrote about the terrible diarrhea that she had when we went shopping in Ottawa. She had multiple accidents that day and she is, I hope anyway, a few years away from her first period. She had another episode just last week. She is playing in an indoor soccer league now and during her game last week, she wasn't her active self. She wasn't engaging in the play like she normally does. I didn't know right away what was wrong with her. At one point the ball came to her, she kicked it and then immediately put her had on her stomach and bent over slightly. During a break in play, she went over to her coach, who is female, and asked to be taken out of the game. I came right down from the stands as it is not like my daughter to asked to be removed from a game. She wouldn't sit down either. I went over to her, crouched down and asked her what was wrong. She looked at me and started crying. She said between sobs, "Mom, I'm sick. Can we go home, please?" I said, "Honey, we should really stay until the end of the game." Then she whispered something that I could not hear, so I leaned in (this is when I could start to smell what happened) and said, "What was that honey?" She said, "Mom, I was sick on the field and messed my pants." I looked at her and said, "Okay. I will speak to your coach to see if it is okay that we leave." I walked over to her coach and told her what happened. She got all worried, looked at my daughter and said that it was okay I take her home to get her cleaned up. Luckily, none of her teammates knew what happened, at least I don't think they found out. At least no one has said anything to her about it.

Sarah, keep your head up. We are all here for you when you need to share your stories. I know personally, that this chat room has been a great place to share those embarrassing moments.

Take care!
Soccer Mom

Hi I don't know if you guys remember me. My name is hope and I live in new York with my brother whose had custody of me since I was six. Anyways I read all the time I just font post that often. I struggle with (or at least I used to ) bladder control and have been stuck in many a situation so I'm fascinated by pee stories. If everyone could please post the absolute worst time they had to pee that would be great. Ill share mine.
Like I said I have many pee stories but this one stands out in my mind. I was 8 years old and coming out of school. I never used the bathrooms there because they were gross and I usually held it till I got to the after school care building where I went till about 6 pm when my brother got off work. The facilities were much nicer there. On this particular day I had to pee much worse than usual. I walked out of my classroom and to my surprise my brother was standing there. He got out of court( he's an attorney) early and came to pick me up.
the drive home only took a few minutes but it felt like forever. We finally pulled in and got into the elevator. We live in the penthouse so its kinda a long ride. Well about half way up it lurched and stopped. A voice came over the intercom saying they were having issues and were working to correct them. I sat down and started to cry. I had to go so badly it hurt and I wanted nothing more than to let go. I squeezed everything shut and say on my heel. My brother asked me what was wrong. I didn't want to say at first, especially since there were other people in the elevator and I was really shy but I eventually whispered to him my problem. He sat down next to me and stroaked my hair and told me if I had an accident it was okay. But I was determined
An hour later my bladder was spasming. I had to consciously keep it in. I was very tempted to just let go and probably would have if it had been just me and my brother.
Finally about 90 mins later the elevator started up.again. I almost lost it with the sudden movement but regained control. It let the other people off and finally reached our floor. I again almost lost it walking but I just kept thinking I made it too far to wet my pants now. I walked through the doorway and was on my way to the bathroom when I tripped over the rug. I caught myself before I fell but I lost control and started peeing right there in the middle of the room. I tried to stop but couldn't. I never peed so strong or loud. A waterfall was pouring out of me. I didn't know what to do so I just stood there in shock. It felt so good to finally let go. I was crying in relief and embarrassment. I finally stopped and looked at the damage. The carpet underneath me was soaked as were my panties, my legs and my shoes. I was wearing my school uniform and the skirt didn't absorb moisture so I could feel tiny rivulets of pee running off.
My brother walked into the room. I thought he was going to be Mad and yell since he was anal about his white carpet and didn't want it stained. Instead of yelling though he pulled me into his arms, even though I was wet and told me it was okay it happens. He then helped me to get cleaned up.

Linda from Australia here again. I'm back on a losing streak with my poos. After being 'constipation free' for well over a month, the last few days I've been having some trouble. On Monday I started to get the all too familiar stomach pains and I knew constipation would soon follow. I could feel lots of crap inside me but when I tried to go that night, I could only squeeze out a few tiny turds. I went to bed feeling uncomfortable and I kept farting all night. Then yesterday I felt lethargic and miserable. My stomach was very bloated and I literally felt like I was 'full of shit'. I spent the whole day at work feeling tired and I just wanted to stay home and do a big poo. When I got home I went straight to the toilet but the only thing that came out of me was butt phlegm and liquid poo. I could feel it bubbling around my anus. I needed to get it all out but even though I had lots of shit inside me, it wouldn't come out. I had a continuous urge to go, like I needed to 'go all the time'. I knew that meant I was well and truly constipated. I had cramps in my stomach too. I had to keep sitting on the toilet so I could 'squirt' out the liquid shits. I was going every 30 minutes and I felt awful. I went to bed feeling VERY uncomfortable and in dire need of a decent poo!!

This morning I got up and was really, really DESPERATE to do a poo!! Of course when I tried to go, nothing came out, apart from the liquid shits again. I went to work feeling so uncomfortable!! All day I needed to do a shit but I couldn't go at work. When I got home, I practically 'ran' to the toilet!! I FINALLY dropped a load but it was still loose and very smelly!! I felt a bit better now but I'm still longing for a decent, firm shit!!

Linda from Australia again.

To Thunder from Downunder: Sorry to hear about you having Parkinson's. My friend's mum also has Parkinson's but its in the early stages. Does this affect your pooping habits? Does the medication make you more constipated than usual? I haven't seen you on here for a while. Do you have any good constipation stories? I always love reading your stories!

A few days ago, I was at work on my lunch break. I was chatting with another woman from work who was on the same lunch break as me. We got talking about pooping and constipation. I hinted that I get constipated from time to time. She told me that she gets constipated aswell. From the way she was talking, it sounds like she gets backed up quite often. She said she hates the 'bloated feeling' associated with being constipated along with feeling lethargic and miserable. I work in a childcare centre and we have a few kids there that won't do poos while they are in our care. We have 1 little girl in particular who is always extremely constipated. She never does normal poos, its always butt phlegm that goes in her panties. I think she will have more problems as she gets older because she is ALWAYS constipated. I remember being extremely constipated as a child so I know how it feels.


I have posted this a number of times before, but the grossest public restroom I have ever, EVER seen was one at a small commuter train station on the western border of Toronto (it was Long Branch in case any GO Train commuters in Toronto are reading this...) While waiting for my train, I opened the door to the small mens room and found it COVERED... LITERALLY COVERED with crap! On the floors... on the walls... on the sink... in, on, and around the toilet. The red-brown mess had the consistency of thick porridge and it was *everywhere*.

I told the ticket clerk and she came out to have a look. Even though she opened up the door only a crack, she recoiled in horror and immediately locked the door with her key.

Asking her if I could use the ladies room right beside it, she said that was fine. It may have not been the 1st time for her. From her comments, it sounded like a local transient who often uses the facility made the mess.

No doubt, it was a very unpleasant experience for some unlucky person (or more likely, persons) on the janitorial staff who had to clean up the place overnight. That mess WOULD NOT be cleaned up with just a simple bucket, mop and paper towels. It was THAT bad.

The next worse was partly my fault. I had to go so badly that I got off my bus and ran into the community centre near my house. My desperation was so extreme, that I didn't check the toilet and failed to notice that kids had blocked it up with TP. For the full account, check my posting on page 557.

Most commonly, I see a public toilet where a previous user hasn't flushed but every now and then, I come across a public bathroom where someone has smeared a bit of crap on one the cubicle walls with a finger. The latter probably bugs me more than the former.

Take care,


Upstate Dave
Ok hi again to all. Let me go right on with Brenda,Susan, and I. WE had checked out Susan's poop laying in the dirt and along side the dirt road. From there we walked down the dirtroad heding back towards the girls house. As we walked I could feel the pressure building up inside of me that I could now poop. But I was ok for I was having no problem holding it.

We got aboout 500 feet down the road and I could no longer hold it. I like Susan I had to go now! WE were where there was a pulloff on a curve in the dirt road which there was the remains of the original dirt road had been. So I cut into the old road with Brenda and Susan comming right with me. I had told them that I had to now poop. Both of them were real eager to se me do it!

I stood ripping at my belt. I got it unbuckled and I pulled at my jeans forcing the snap to pop open and my zipper came down with a lod zzzzzt. I had my thumbs tucked into the waits band of my briefs so I yanked my jeans and white briefs right down at the same time.I then squated right down.

Brenda who was a girl that liked rearends had moved behind me while Susan was out in front of me also squating. Now my penis was erect from watching Susan earlier whe she had peed and pooped so Susan giggled as she told Brenda that my peter was big. Susan told Brenda; Take a look Brenda Dave's peter is real big! Brenda must have looked for she let out a short loud giggle.

Before I started my poop which I could feel it opening my backhole already I warned Susan she better move! You don't want to get peed on! Susan moved sideways real fast. I reached down and moved my penis down so I would pee real far out. At this time my poop must have started to come out enough so that Brenda said I see it! It's comming out!

I heard soft crackling so Brenda was right. I also started peeing weakly sending out a stream of pee wetting the ground about a foot out in front of me. Susan said loudly; Dave's also peeing now too! I could feel my poop moving right along. From Brenda she excitedly said to Susan; Can you see it?! Susan giggling managed to say yes back to Brenda.

I could tell my poop was big around for my pooper was wide open. It also felt like it was on the soft side. When the front tip of my poop had hit the ground Brenda yelled out; It's bending right over! Both her and Susan giggled more as they watched. With my long poop bending I could feel it rubbing on me so I lifted my rearend up higher.

I had stopped peeing now. Then my poop must have broke wenn enough had come out and had bent. For besides both girls saying hat it had I heard a soft plop on the ground but I could feel that I was still more comming out. Brenda confirmed this for she said; There's still more comming! I could feel it and it was moving quicker.

Then after many seconds later I felt my poop really speed up and I felt less pressure on my poop hole and it closed which I heard a second dull plop on the ground. Now finished pooping I started peeing again which no longer pooping I peed hard.I peed long enough to make a big wet spot in the dirt.

Ok I was done doing both now. So I had to stand up which I did along with needing to pull up my white briefs and pants. When I went to do this I had let go of my penis making t spring right up. Susan being in front of me saw it spring right up and she giggled real hard. Brenda behind me hadn't seen it. But she told me to take a look at my big poops.

I pulled up my white briefs and pants together but I didn't pull them up to where they would be tight. I could feel that there was poop on the inside of my cheeks and on my pooper. I had like Susan nothing to wipe with for there wasn't a bush or a tree to use leaves! I had my briefs and pants pulled back up and I had yet snapped them pulled my zipper up, or taken care of my belt.

I turned around and as I took care of my zipper,snap, and belt I looked down at the ground. In the dirt were two big fat light brown poops laying there. One was curved which the one that had bent and broke. The other was the second finishing one. They both were very fat but the second one had a long thin tapered section. Both were quite smooth looking not chunky or lumpy looking.

I pulled up my zipper, closed the snap, and buckled my belt. I said to both Brenda and Susan; Looks like I id take a big shit and I need to wipe my asshole too! I made a mistake saying that to the girls. Both of them burts into loud laughter at the same time for me saying shit and asshole.

I said come on lets go it stinks! I said to them. It did too. So we all took off out to the other dirt road and we headed up to the girls house. I used the bathroom and did wipe myslef there. I did check my white briefs and I had just a small light brown area on them. I would toss them in the dirty laundry when I got home.

When I came out of the bathroom Susan was the only one in the kitchen. Brenda was in her room. Leave it to Susan ! She came right out and asked me if I had left any marks on my underware! I told her just a little. Then I said goodbye hurried out the door and went home. I did take those pair of white briefs and tossed them right into the luandry hamper when I got home. Up state Dave

middle age
I suffer from joint pain so I take tylenol in the morning with a coffee and toast and cereal for breakfast; I also take my calcium/zinz/magnesium/Vitamin D supplement as prescribed by my doctor. The combination of the two make one have to defecate; it is good to stay home until the system has cleared out since the urge to poop comes on quickly but then the system is cleared out for the day. I believe it is the magnesium which brings on the defecation urge.

I had to have some renovations done to my apartment recently. The toilet was removed for 2 weeks and I just peed over the bathtub drain and rinsed it each time with some water. I had to crap in a double bag and put it down the garbage chute. Luckily the trash was picked up three times per week. I can pee anywhere but for fecal matter due to its high pathogen content, I want to be discreet and hygienic.

Once the cat pooped next to the bathtub and I stepped in it; I immediately had a shower with soap and water.

I purchase toilet paper on sale and like the Charmin brand; I like the commercial of the bears getting out of their car for a pit stop in the woods. It is cute; this brand of toilet paper is strong.

As the cold weather begins I have been thinking of our pioneer settlers who had outhouses and had to go outside to the privy to defecate in the cold weather. Now we have spa type bathrooms and some even have heated floors. What a difference 100 years makes.

Has anyone ever pondered how many people around the world are simultaneously taking a shit at this very moment?

Turd Lover
BD -- When I see a restroom like that I normally find a place to go out in the bushes somewhere. I think the most nasty and gross restrooms have to be the individual "potty stalls" found at worksites, carnivals, outdoor concerts, etc... As soon as you walk in, the stench of rotten piss & shit knocks you over. I would rather just go in my pants than have to endure these places. ...just my choice.

Friday, November 27, 2009

To the person who asked how long it usually takes to poop, I poop very fast. I eat a high fiber diet with oatmeal for breakfast, lots of fruits of vegetables during the day, and after dinner a tall glass of water with two tablespoons of psyllium husks (Metamucil) mixed in. Consequently, each morning after my coffee, I produce a very comfortable and fast moving movement. In fact, I usually spend much more time wiping than actually expelling. Even when things are a little harder than usual down there, I can still squeeze one out in a matter of seconds.

This is not, however, the case with others. Just last week, I was at the airport and I was seated in a stall next to a young man who was obviously struggling. He was sighing and grunting and every few minutes or so, he'd produce about five or six small dry pellets, followed by sighs of relief. I stayed for about ten minutes, then left and seated myself outside the restroom waiting for my plane. He emerged about fifteen minutes later. I have never spent 25 minutes on the toilet, unless I was in a public restroom observing the habits of others. He was young and rather athletic looking, so I couldn't help but wonder what was going on with his bowels. It just goes to show that constipation is not a problem reserved for the elderly only.

I once worked with a guy, Jim, who spent about 45 minutes every morning on the toilet. He was, in fact, the butt of many jokes about his bathroom habits (and I do not think he realized this). I had several occasions to witness his visits. He would sit and immediately produce a very loose and easy to pass movement, which would be punctuated by gas and lots of sighs of relief. Then he would wait for the next wave to hit. He would sigh and grunt, and sometimes rock back and forth until another very audible and loose wave of shit would be passed, followed by many sighs of relief. This would go on for about 45 minutes. He passed huge amounts of shit. I have no idea where this could possibly come from, unless he had a habit of taking laxatives every night. Sometimes, about an hour or two later, he'd be back in the restroom for another bout. I was often tempted to ask him about his bathroom habits, but I did not think it appropriate to dive into such a personal matter.

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