Rachel- I have never peed in the theater although ive considered it. However I have witnesses it. My friends and I all went to the Hannah Montana premier a while back. A girl around 8 and her mom sat in front of us in the middle of the row. The girl told her mom she wanted to sit on the end of the row so she could get up and use the bathroom during the movie. her mom told her just to sit down and that she wasn't allowed to leave in the middle anyways.
About half way through I heard the girl whisper to her mom that she needed to pee. Her mom told her to hold it. I watched her squirm and tell her mom again. Her mom told her it was unacceptable to leave and to just pee in her pants. She again complained and her mom ordered her to pee her pants. The girl slid out of her seat and squatted holding onto the bar. I heard her pee hit the ground. I could see it spread under her chair and it got my shoes. She squatted for some time and then sat back down. On the way out I could see her pants were soaked and she also had a buldge and brown spots on her butt so she must've had to poo too.

Upstate Dave, Can we hear some of your stories about people going in the fitting rooms when you worked in retail?

Nearly 20 years ago when I was in middle school and our stalls didn't have doors, we had this boy who was about two years younger than us (we were in 8th grade) who was moved up a couple of grades because he was thought to be brilliant. But that was in every department except for being able to go to the bathroom at school. We had about 10 elementary schools feeding into our middle school and at age 11, most of us were surprised when we found the stalls didn't have doors. We had bathroom breaks each morning and in the middle of the afternoon in our grade schools but then a different schedule and the open stalls in 6th grade. Also we had three or four stalls in our grade school and each of the middle school bathrooms (there were two on each of the three floors) had 12 stalls.

This brilliant boy was named Barry. We had never known a Barry before but he was a couple of inches shorter than the rest of us, had glasses that were very dorky looking, and he wore plaid shirts, clacks with cuffs on the bottom, white socks and brown shoes. He wore boxers that were very conspicuous because of the mixed colors, stripes, and sometimes even dots. He didn't have a lot of experience using school toilets (actually none of us did in the open stall bathrooms) but he made all the mistakes. For example, during one class passing period, I was on the stool taking a crap and when I reached over for the toilet paper to wipe, Barry saw that my stall would be opening soon so he didn't walk to all the other stalls, but it wouldn't have made any difference because they would have been all taken. He looked at his watch for two or three times in about a minute and he unzipped his jeans, had them partially down and was exposing his awkward underwear to everyone, as he waited for me to wipe and vacate. I understand he wanted to save time, but this was extreme. So much so that the guy next to me shouted out rather dramatically "Barry, please don't shit on the floor because in a couple of ours you're probably going to step in it!." Laughs came from several of the stalls.

While I was washng my hands I used the mirror in front of me to watch Barry literally throw himself onto the toilet. He did everything wrong. He dropped his jeans and boxers all the way to the floor. It was easy to see his organ over the front of the porcelain bowl. He had his legs spread much wider than probably necessary and he was sitting with his hands holding up his head and elbows on his thighs. I'm sure he was having some profound thoughts. Although we didn't have a timer, he would sit for longer than many of the rest of us. He didn't seem intimidated by the attention he received.

I had used the last of the toilet paper and I stood and watched as Barry discovered that. He didn't seem upset in the least as he got off the stool, underwear and jeans down like a gunny sack as he hopped literally toward the other stalls, finally finding the fourth was unoccupied and had tiolet paper left. He reseated himself and wiped. I quickly left while this was happening because the class bell rang.

The following day and at about the same time I walked into the bathroom to pee and saw three older football players standing in the doorway to the stall hassling Barry. Although the two adjacent stalls were available, I said something funny like "Hurry up Barry I'm gonna shit my pants" and at that point the three boys left. Barry didn't seem that fazed by the attention, but he thanked me for running them off. He rather quickly wiped and finished up because he bought the fact that I had to shit. When he thanked me a second time, I told him it was nothing and made a remark that probably made a large impact on his analytical mind: by using his stall I was guaranteed a dry seat because too many of the other seats were dripping with pee. Although I only needed to pee, I sat down and did it there because Barry was washing his hands at the sink. I don't know what happened to Barry after that but he didn't go to high school with us. Someone once thought he might have gone to some private academy on the other side of the country.


Just wondering if everyone can share stories about the grossest public restroom they've ever used.

I drove cross country to Seattle and stopped at a rest stop somewhere in Wyoming. I was quite desperate to take a dump. The rest stop was literally a mens room and a womens room with a vending machine. The I went in the mens room and was first overpowered by the stench. Then I saw that there were three urinals and two toilets with no stalls. While I could have braved the stall-less toilets, both seats were covered in shit and piss and dirt and there was no toilet paper in sight.

Mine was the only car there, so I decided to check out the womens room. It was set up the same as the mans room, except it was five toilets in a row with no stalls. There was toilet paper dispensers between each toilet. I finally decided to take a chance and use the womens room.

I went in and dropped my jeans and boxers and sat on the cleanest toilet. I emptied my bowels as quickly as I could hoping that the door wouldn't suddenly open and a woman step in to discover a guy taking a shit. Luckily, that didn't happen. I wiped my ass and quickly got out of there and drove off.

While I didn't actually use it, that was probably the grossest mens room I've ever seen.

Cute Linda
Hi everyone. I'm back! Miss me, yeah didn't think so. LOL

Don't have much time right now but I will set things up of what's going on right now.

Yesterday I had a HUGE urge to sit on the toidy and poop. So I ran in and saw my cousin putting fresh towels up. I aplogized and told him what I had to do and there was no time. I shut the door behidn me, down cam by leggings are panties and I crashed on the seat with the THUD. After a nice quick pee my cousin was done and asked if he could have a few words with me. I asked with a grunt, ( I was trying to get things started) "Am I in trouble?" He laughed and said no he just needed some advice. I said okay as I continued to get my bowels moving. ( When I'm at home I hold nothing back..I make lots of audio noises..and around my cosuin is no exception as many of you know)

Well it seems our house is in the of a war. My little cousins Lynda and Kendal are fighting over who is REALLY daddy's little girl. I kinda noticed this a bit but just figured it was sibiling rivalry. But he told me it's getting bad they've even started getting physcial now.

I strained an answer of "I had no idea things were that bad" He told me a number of times he actaully had to pull them apart and sit them down, all because he was, in the other's eyes, showing the other too much affection or attention. I sighed as a huge plop echoed in the bowl. I sat back and pulled myself together, then told him I would try to talk to them if he wanted. He said that would be great. So after a many more tries and 3 more plops I was finished. I got cleaned up and walked out with my cousin and went to go have a girl to girl to girl talk with my little cousins. No luck.. either one claims that daddy loves them more than the other. Ug.. wish me luck.

Joe Stool
Brad: Loved the story about your cousin! Please keep them coming with details (sights, sounds, smells, etc.).

middle age
On Canada Day, July 1, 2006, I heard a commotion in front of my apartment building; I went out on the balcony and saw a young man go up to a tree on the front lawn of our building and open his belt. I looked at him and knew he was about to pee; his friends had gone ahead of him. He saw me so he turned his back and began to pee and pee and pee; he really had to go. It was about 8 pm and cars were driving by but I guess it was urgent. At least he peed on the grass and not the concrete where it would smell. I felt sorry for him since I as a middle aged woman have peed in public several times - in parking lots, between parked cars, and behind objects such as dumpsters as well as in bushes. Getting caught short happens and people often don't realize this.

In my 20s I used to go hiking in Gatineau Park - we went to remote areas and everyone peed in the woods/bushes. You cannot be a prude and go on these hikes - ages ranged from 20s to 60s.

Another Canada Day in the past few years, three young men were photographed urinating on the war memorial in downtown Ottawa; they had been drinking and found the most private quick place to go. Some people were outraged - photos were printed in the national newspaper and the video has been posted on youtube. Other people were more sympathetic saying that it was only urine - the rain the next day washed it away.

For weeks afterwards, the letters to the editors continued unabated. The young men had to go to court and had to do community service. This is the location of the tomb of the unknown soldier; although my family served in WW2, I don't believe the young men's actions were disrespectful since they did not set out to desecrate a grave. Officials should have put the tomb of the unknown soldier in the war museum where it would be supervised.

Perhaps the young men should get some credit for trying to be private in case a young girl or woman walked by. Those who have public functions often grossly (no pun intended) underestimate the need for public toilets and the problems that line ups create.

At the national capital marathon people pee in the bushes. There are many runs/walks depending on your fitness level and it is good to pick a race which has good foliage throughout in case nature calls. I willl not use a portapotty since afterwards we all dig in with our hands, into boxes full of oranges, half bananas and bagels. Imagine using a porta potty which has fecal pathogens and then digging into a public food box - gross. Carry purel for outdoor peeing on runs/walks and girls/ladies, wear a poise pad to catch any drips - no toilet paper since this causes litter. Even ladies who do not leak normally can wear the very thin poise minipads for toilet paper.

I see many runners in front of my apartment building and I wonder which ones wear pads since all that jarring must cause some leakage for the over 35s.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Esteban - I liked your story about being able to carry on a conversation with a stranger while you are taking a dump. It's not really a big deal, but so many people get freaked out by even being seen on the toilet, that a conversation would be unheard of. It helps if you walk with the guy to the restroom, too!

Most of the time, I'm already on the toilet when someone comes in. Sometimes, though, the guy will already be there when I start to take a crap. It is pretty unusual to have someone talk to you, though.

You mentioned that you are pretty fair-complected. I can understand that you wouldn't want to walk around much without a shirt, or you may become red-skinned. Give it a try anyway. You don't need a shirt off for a long time. I'm olive-skinned and can get away with no shirt in the summer. I've taken craps wearing just a pair of shorts and underwear around my ankles several times. The bright white of my briefs is a stark contrast to my skin. I've only had creepy guys talk to me a few times. Since I really am only there to take a dump, I don't linger for a long time and get out of there pretty quickly.

Keep the stories coming Esteban!

How are you?? Do you have the Parkinsons under control? I was saddened to hear that was your diagnosis, but as a home care nurse, I see some patients with it, and they live normal lives :) I hope your doing well hun, I wish I was able to help you with any problems you have! take care

today i was shopping in the mall and i had indian food for lunch. a few hours later i had to do some hershey swirls and alot of it to. i went into the nearest store which happened to be onee without a bathroom. some i made my way to the dressing rooms. i was lucky because this one had no one in it. i walked into the closest room and locked the door. i fumbled with my belt and jeans. when i finally pulled them down i squatted right in the middle of the room and let it loose. it came pouring out. in about two minutes i made a pile almost touching my arse. i was finally done for now so i took out some napkins from my purse and cleaned my very dirty arse. theni pulled up my pants and left. but when i got home i countinued on like that for hours.hope you liked my story . bye!!!

This ever happen to any of you? My best friend Mandy and me went to see New Moon. Two girls sat in front of us talking during most of the movie. One of the girls said she really had to pee and her friend said just go you don't want to miss any of the movie! So she proceded to unbutton her jeans and pull them down along with her panties. All me and Mandy could hear was a loud splashing and hissing as her pee hit the floor beneath her. She wiped with a napkin and pulled her pants and panties back up when her friend said now I have to go! I looked at Mandy and said shes going to pee to! She pulled her dress up and panties down and proceded to pee. Then she let out out a airy fart that made Mandy and me burst out lauginng. The girl said to her friend I think I just pooped and then all of a sudden the smell hit us she pooped she finished up threw her napkin under the seat and said to her friend I think we better move seats! I admit I have peed in theatres but in a cup not on the floor and threw it in the trash. Anybody else ever experience this?

I had to poop while out Christmas shopping today. I have noticed that it takes some people a lot longer to have a bowel movement than others. I tend to be on the quick side. When I get the urge I can just sit on the toilet and it all comes out within a few seconds. Today there were several other men also pooping at the same time. They all were in there before me and still pooping when I left.

That leads to my question. For those of you who take 5 to 10 minutes (or more) to poop why does it take you so long? Do you feel more in your body but it is still far inside you and working its way down? It is all right there on the other side of your hole but seem to be stuck? Or, is it hanging out of your butt coming out really slow? I am just curious.

Just a quick question for anyone who cares to reply...

After you've had a good poo, do you normally wipe until your toilet paper comes back *TOTALLY* and *ABSOLUTELY* clean or do you wipe until it appears 'clean enough'? i.e. You still see small poop stains on the paper, but feel none are significant enough to worry about.

Just curious...

Take care!


Linda from Australia here again. I've been on a winning streak with my poos and I haven't been constipated AT ALL for well over a month!! Its been really enjoyable, going to the toilet to take a dump and only taking me 5-10 minutes to push out a load!!! Even though I'm having normal dumps, I still have to push a bit to get the poos out. However, I think my winning streak is coming to an end : (

I'm going to enjoy the 'hassle free' pooping while it lasts because I'm sure I'm staring to get constipated again. I dread the times when I have to spend 20+ minutes on the toilet trying to do a poo. As you all know, I do get constipated quite often and sometimes it takes me 45min-1 hour to do a poo!!

Actually, for the last few days, I haven't felt finished when I do a poo. All this week, I've been going in the evenings because I had to start work at 7am. I tried going before work everyday this week but I couldn't get anything out. On Thursday night I went before bed but I didn't feel finished. I got most of the turds out but I couldn't get the last bit out. I felt uncomfortable all night and the next morning, I dropped a MASSIVE load in the toilet!!! It took me about 10 minutes to get it all out and I had to work hard, pushing and straining. My load filled up the toilet bowl, there were about 8 big turds in there, about the size of decent bananas and the same width. They were a medium brown colour. Yesterday morning I dropped a smaller load but the turds were golf ball sized and they felt rock hard coming out. I didn't feel finished after that pooping session either. Later that morning, I did another poo but it was just 1 small turd, a bit bigger than a golf ball. Then last night I pushed out another single turd and after dinner, I did another poo. This time it was harder to get out and I really had to push and strain. The turds were longer and thinner than earlier. They hurt my anus too.

I'm getting the urge to go again so I better go. Hopefully it will be easy to get out and I really hope I don't get constipated in the next few days!!

Whilst sitting on the toilet today I heard someone enter the next stall inn a rush, she was saying ooh, quickly to herself.
Then she instantly started plopping - and it was alot of plops!So much so at the end of her session they were making a splat sound.
I deliberately waited for her to flush first - then I flushed so I could see her exit the stall at the same time as me.
She was a short blonde fat girl aged about 19 who left the bathroom without washing her hands!
I couldnt help noticing, the toilet she had used was overflowing with water. Peering into the toilet I noticed it was really full.
On my was out I told the cleaner, he said thanks and that the same girl had clogged the mall toilets on a regular basis.
She apparantly works in the health supplment store in the mall.
I found out she suffers from severe IBS.

I thought I would update my classic survey on this site. Cheerleader, Sarah, Lisa, Rachel, and the rest of you fine ladies, how do you wipe after you shit? Do you wet your toilet paper? Do you use wet wipes? Do you use dry toilet tissue alone? Do you usually bathe immediately afterward?

I enjoy your posts and I thank you for your kind indulgence.

Vlad the Slob
For Michael:
Don't worry, it’s normal for guys to piss in a hurry. I’m similar to you. I rarely shake the last couple of drops and even if I do it, two quick shakes are the maximum for me so it dribbles in my underwear anyway. I often wear black jeans which hide the occasional small wet spot next to the zipper. But most of the time my double layered boxerbriefs or briefs are enough to absorb what’s left after zipping up.

Otherwise I like tighty whities and I don’t care if they make the yellow stains visible. Actually many coloured ones highlight the fresh wet dribbles much more than tighty whities. I bother with this only because we used to go to the urinal with classmates before PE lesson, and a minute later we undress in the locker so we can see each other’s freshly chilled wet stains. Our class is full of slobs, they even said once that it’s needless to shake after pissing and it’s only for good boys. Not surprisingly this shows on their underwear too. Long yellowed lines on the crotch, pale outlines of big dried sprinkles and over them 2-3 fresh wet squirts where Mr. Willy rests. Maybe we are disgusting but this seems to be quite usual in our school and some guys tease those who try to shake it well.

The worst is Greg, a tattooed muscular guy who used to put it away even before us and he just fools around us while we try to pee. He wears traditional white boxers, he is lazy to even button them. His trademark is a regular tennis ball sized wet patch next to the fly which makes his cockhead visible through the soaked fabric. Under that more stains go down on the legs of his boxers. He also have the biggest skidmarks I have ever seen. It’s possible that he doesn’t even wipe his butt sometimes. It’s really gross, I always try to avoid skidmarks.

Hi everyone, I'm a seventeen year old male named Brad. A few weeks ago, a nice looking girl moved into our house. My parents said she was my third cousin, but we'd never met before. She stays in the room next to mine, and they share one bathroom. That's where this forum comes in to the story.

This story is the events of yesterday (Friday). I woke up around 6:30 like I usually do so I'd have enough time to get ready for school. Stephanie, my cousin, was in the bathroom. I listened at the door for a while and I could hear her taking a dump. She was struggling a little, making sounds like nnnhhhh and then I heard a turd crackling out and ploop in the toilet. After that she closed the toilet lid and turned on the shower. I left to eat breakfast at that point.

When I came back for my shower, she was already done, so I went into the bathroom. When Steph takes her morning dump, she doesn't flush the toilet because the water in the shower would be really hot, but then when she gets out of the shower, she forgets to flush. So, I always get to see her turds in the bowl. This time there was just one big turd, darker brown in color.

Later that night, about 11:00, I heard the bathroom door close and I knew Stephanie was going to take a dump again. She peed for a bit and there was a plop in the middle. Another plop then a tiny plip, and two more plops. I heard her roll off some paper after that. A total of three times she rolled off paper, then she flushed.

So Im away at a wedding this weekend. Im the best man so this means spending time close to the bride and the brides maids. The bride is my cousin so most of the brides maids are my friends. All of them are hispanic and my girlfriend also there is black. So this was a prime opportunity to notice when all the ladies poop especially my friend sasha who is about 5 ft tall and super model skinny. She wears her jeans so tight that they look painted on. She used the bathroom before me. When i got in there. I saw some medium sized skidmarks that i didnt see in my previous trip to pee. She must have pooped before she got in the shower and flushed while the shower was warming up.

Me and a friend made plans to go for a hike today since the weather was decent and I needed to get some exercise. It has been a few days since I had taken a shit but the need has not arisen yet. We set out at about 9 am and drove to a local conservation area with a small lake and some hiking trails that surrounded it. After parking my car, we found the pathway that led into the forest and headed up. The terrain was fairly steep and we both got a good workout.

After two hours of walking we reached a small campsite area with some picnic benches so we decided to stop and have lunch. I was quite thirsty so I drank a large amount of water to rehydrate. We set off not thinking about using the outhouses at the rest area. After about an hour I was starting to feel the need to relieve myself. I decided I would wait until we reached another rest area. Another half hour passed and I was growing desperate. My friend mentioned to me that he had to crap and if we could stop at the next rest area. I told him I had to go as well.

We continued to walk and had still not reached a rest area. I was thinking I could do my business off in the bush but I had nothing to wipe with. Eventually, I saw an outhouse. We headed over hoping it was decent enough to use. It was a single unit so I let my friend go first. I waited outside hoping he finished quickly. I heard him let out a few farts while I waited impatiently. He said he wouldn't be too long and I hoped he was right. Another minute past and I heard him unrolling the toilet paper so I knew he was almost done.

He finally opened the door and I quickly went in. It didn't smell too good but I didn't have any other choice. The holding tank below also looked pretty full. I sat down and almost immediately pushed out what felt like a long and thick turd. It fell down and landed with a loud thud that I'm sure my friend heard. I peed for what felt like minute and then started to wipe. I got up and exited quickly since we needed to start to head back. My friend commented how much better he felt and I replied that I felt better too.

I remember a rather exciting experience that happened to me several years ago. I was probably around 11 years old. That day, I had decided with a friend (we'll call him "R") we would hang out during the day. So I went to his place at the time we had come up with. I ring on the door, and after a while, the door is opened, but not by my friend. It was his aunt that opened.

I know her vaguely, since I had met her at some occasions before. She was a really nice person. Average height, well shaped body, with long black hair. She was wearing a black t-shirt and tight blue jeans. Must admit I was a bit attracted to her at this pre-puberty age. Anyhow, she said "Hello, J! Are you here to see R?" I told her yes, and asked if he was at home. She said no, that he had gone to the hospital with his mother, but that they probably wouldn't be very long. So she asked me to come inside and wait.

I came inside, and sat down in the living room with my friend's aunt (let's call her "K"). We talked, watched some TV and were just hanging out. Suddenly, I felt the urge to pee. So I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I didn't bother locking the door, just shut it a little and did my stuff. After I had flushed, and washed my hands, there was a faint knock on the bathroom door. I said "Yes?", and K entered, carrying a magazine with her. I immediately started to assume what was about to happen.

"Can I come in?" she asked. "My stomach is feeling rather upset". "Sure, go ahead", I said. She came inside and as I was about to leave the bathroom, she said something that nearly made my heart stop: "Why don't you stay in here and keep me company?" I did not hesitate for a moment, so I closed the door and made sure it was locked. She stood in front of the toilet, putting the seat down. Then, she proceeded to unbutton her jeans, pulling them and her underwear down to her knees. She sat down holding her magazine, leaning forward.

First, I heard her pee hitting the water for about ten seconds. Having done that, she looked up at me from the magazine, smiled and said: "Phew, I really needed that!" I was sitting on the bathtub opposite of the toilet, facing her. We kept chit chatting about various things, how school was going, etc. In the middle of a sentence, she said "Hold on", interrupted herself and started to strain until her face was red. I could hear the clear sound of a turd crackling its way out of her bottom. My heart was pounding like a hammer against an anvil by then. She kept looking in the magazine while pushing it out, still all red in her face from the effort. After a while, it fell into the water with a loud "splash!"

"Ah, that felt so good!" she said, sighing out of relief. "That must have been a very big one", I said, not knowing what else to say, since I was so turned on. "It sure was", she said. She spread her legs a bit and looked into the toilet. "Wow, it's huge!" she exclaimed. "You should see this." I nearly fainted hearing this, but I got up from sitting on the edge of the bathtub and walked over to her. She moved aside so that I could look into the toilet, and there it was: a big, brown turd, probably eight or nine inches. I could see pieces of corn and other things in it. "Pretty big, huh?" she asked. "Oh my god, yes!" I said, and she laughed when she saw the amazed look on my face.

I got back to sitting on the tub opposite of her, while we kept talking and she would occasionally glance into her magazine. Every now and then, she would interrupt something she was saying, to push out a log or two. If I was talking while she had to drop one, she would keep listening to me, keeping eye contact. We sat there for quite some time, I have no idea how long. It was reeking in there, but the smell was not bothering me, on the contrary I found it exciting.

All of a sudden, she looked at her watch and said: "Wow, we've already been here for half an hour." "Time really flies when you have a good time, ha?" I said jokingly. She laughed and smiled very beautifully. She put her magazine down and grabbed some toilet paper. First, she wiped her front once. Then, she moved a little forward on the toilet, then started to wipe her butt from behind. I could not stop starring, because it was so fantastic to see all this. When she was done wiping she said: "Come look at this mess!" And once again, I immediately got to my feet and walked over to the toilet. She moved aside again and showed me what she had done. The toilet was indeed a mess: filled with her brown turds all full of corn and other things, and dirty paper. I once again commented on how amazing it was that a woman could produce something like that. She laughed again and said she had her ways.

She then stood up, pulled her pants and underwear back up from her knees and flushed the toilet. Somehow, it did not clog. We exited the bathroom, and she blinked at me and said that we better not tell anyone about this. I agreed. We got back into the living room, and kept talking for another ten minutes or so, when my friend and his mom came home from the hospital. He and I immediately went inside his room to play some video games.

That surely was one memorable experience! Whenever I met K again, she would secretly smile and blink at me. I bet she knew how much I enjoyed the show. And boy, did I ever!

Hope you liked my little story. Peace!

middle age
Last night I peed in the shower. I had two bowls of soup for dinner and after they worked their way through my system, I had to pee. I also wanted to take a shower after a long day at work. I turned on the shower and before I even got in to the tub/shower, I thought I was going to begin to pee on the floor. As soon as the water temperature was right, I got in under the shower and began to pee. I held my legs together and the pee went onto my feet. The clean water would rinse them. Many people get fungus on the feet and I read on the web that urine kills fungus. I always pee in the shower and recently read that in Brazil, they want people to pee in the shower to save on water. Public commercials use cartoons to emphasize this fact. I also love peeing outdoors and the squat position on the ground helps to drain the bladder unlike a conventional toilet. There is always residual urine in the bladder and in middle age and older it can become a problem. Many bladders drop in midlife, due to a weakening of the

I cannot believe the amount of gas I produce at middle age; defecation was limited to once per day before middle age but now it is a series of defecations followed by gas. It is as if the intestines consist of gas, followed by a fece, followed by gas, etc. At first I was quite concerned about ovarian cancer since I also pee very frequently; I had an abdominal ultrasound and the ovaries are OK. It may be the medications I am on or it could be the estrogen levels and the LH and FSH which stimulate or try to stimulate ovulation in failing ovaries - normal for middle age as one goes through perimenopause. To you young ones, if your mom is in a bad mood, needs the toilet (or whatever else is available), do not be mean to her and if she snaps at you, chances it is her hormones and not you - don't take it personally. My mother was a witch in middle age and as a kid and teen I did not know that it was probably mostly the mid-life transition that caused a lot of the problems. Two weeks ago, I crapped at work before coming home and saw two rabbit pellets in my underwear. Much fecal matter can get stuck in the lower part of the rectum and is not fully expelled during defecation.

Just thought I'd dash off a quick post while I have the time:). Sarah, I'll post about some occurrences of pooping myself totally in the near future, I chose my late college accident because it happened when I was 22 just like your accident. I believe we're about the same age, you're 28 I ascertain from reading your posts, I'm 29. I'm interested to know how you perform your basic/daily bathroom functions as I sense a similarity between how we handle things and wish to know exactly how similar. I've tried mightily to get across through my writing what happens in detail on my average trips to the bathroom to have a bowel movement: in what fashion it comes out and the wipe (or lack of it) as well as the aftermath. With your awesome writing ability I can imagine you producing detailed posts in this vein of experience. I loved your story of the pee accident while test taking! I've peed myself in a similar fashion in a movie theater rather recently actually. It was last spring and I wanted to hang on to the bitter end of the movie. I was fortunately wearing a skirt and thong panties, it was a warm day. About ten minutes from the end the pain in my crotch and bladder area was stabbing, I knew that if I got up to go I would drench myself on the way to the bathroom. So I just adjusted my skirt so that my bare bottom was touching the cloth theater seat with my skirt arranged to look as normal as possible. Of course my thong was left in place, I couldn't well remove that without being obvious. I remember feeling a touch lightheaded as I relaxed and let go of my pelvic hold: Immediately pee began flowing out my urethra urgently but really had nowhere to go as my crotch was squished against the seat. I felt my pee fighting its way through any little crevice it could find in my vaginal outcroppings, quite different from the feeling of peeing myself while driving where I can raise up off the seat a bit to ease the pressure on my vagina. Here raising up a bit I feel would have looked suspicious. After all, I had just figited with my skirt. So I dealt with the wetness spreading way forward to my thighs and wicking backwards through my buttcrack. It felt like I had a lake underneath me for nearly a minute, I think the seat had trouble absorbing as fast as I could produce urine. After what seemed like several minutes my bladder was empty and I felt that sense of naughty relief that only an accident brings. I sat in it for the remainder of the movie then as I got up at the end faked a stumble and spilled my remaining beverage all over the seat, leaving my cup on the seat as I left. That, I thought, would give a viable excuse for the wet seat to the usher that would be cleaning up. I stopped in the bathroom on the way out, went into a stall, removed my thong, then wiped myself with a huge wad of tp from the front, then wiped my buttcrack as well with the same wad doubled over to find a dry portion. I rung out my thong into the toilet, it sounded like wringing out a washcloth into the tub it was so saturated with pee. This sound made me giggle and I then wrapped it in tp and stuffed it in my purse. I then left the theatre with the friends I had attended with and nobody even had a hint that anything strange had happened!


P.S. Ashley, I think about you sometimes while I'm pooping. Thanks for all the kind comments you've left me over time, I've been reading back posts lately to catch up from being away and find all the things you wrote for me heartwarming:)

P.P.S Liz M, I totally hear you. You just described my experience with such things exactly: Let out your poo, see there's no paper, pull 'em up and leave, discover large skidmark later on. I don't have a problem with itch the way you did, my butt feels totally normal unwiped with the only real consequence the poo/pee stains. This might be because I have a rather alkaline body Ph, which means my poo dosen't have as many irritating acids in it as somone with a lower Ph. It's not really something you can change except by diet, ???? tend to make soothing poos while meats and cheeses make raw, itchy ones. I feel lucky for this but totally empathise with you, and yes kleenex are great to have in a pinch!

Hi, I am from Indonesia and I would share diarrhea stories of my aunt. Her name is Triyani.

First story:
It is occured when I was 8 (in 1982) and Triyani was visiting my house, she was 18 years old at that time. She was a pretty girl at her age but her belly looked rather fatty on navel area, such that her belly was always bulged if she wores any rather tight skirt or blouse. It was afternoon at about 3 p.m. when I was playing on my house park, when my sister, 7 years old at that time, came and told in detail that when she was in WC, the aunt suddenly rushed to the WC and complained that her stomach was ache. She ask my sister to share the WC. Note that my WC is squat type. My sister then let our aunt to squat on such position such that her ass meets my sisters ass. My sister told that my ount had diarrhea. She strained hard for every spurting of runny poop, moaned on how cramp her belly was as a result of chilly food she ate that afternoon. I was surprised for knowing that fact. I then walked to the WC to see but when was there, the WC was iddle. I walkeds to behind part of my house. As I got there, I saw my aunt standing, wore dark blue skirt and blouse with white polkadot (and faced to my housekeeper washing the dirt clothes. Her face crumpled while was talking to the housekeeper, both of her hands on the waist pushing her belly hard. I could see her skirt-made bulging belly pressed inward her body while she did this. When she walked into the house, I asked my housekeeper and asked about her talk. The housekeeper said that she complained about suffering bad stomach cramps. When I was back to the house I saw WC is closed and found that my aunt was inside, surely to continue her diarrhea. As far as I remember, my aunt had to go to WC several times and at the evening, my mother suggested her to go the doctor. She possibly still suffered the diarrhea until the day after cause I saw her on the bedroom, together with my mother, laid on her right side, and her left hand on her left waist, rubbed and pressed her belly hard.

Second story:
It was occured one year later (in 1983) while I visited my grandmother home. We were still on the way by bus to go to the house of other grandpa/granma. I was sitting o the bus seat when my mother asked me to stand to let my aunt sit, cause she ( was 19 years old) has belly ache. We arrived at granma home at about 7 o clock, and after brief talk, we continue taking a bath. Will I was in bathroom (the WC was inside), my mother knocked the door many time as my aunt had to go. After some minute, I went out the batroom and saw both my mother and aunt. My mother yelled at me complaining how long I was inside and said that my aunt was having belly ache. Then my aunt rushed to the WC with crumpled face. I cannot hear lot as the bathtub is still filled with hard spurted water from the pump making the room noisy. At the time I guested that my aunt had diarrhea. The day after, we visit tourism place and while on there and stand behind my aunt, she complained to herself about her stomach cramp. As I remember, my mother told me to wait for my aunt as she was going to the WC at the tourism place before we left the place. During our preparation to return to my first grandmother home (in the other city), I enter my mother room. As my surprise, my aunt was laying on the bed wearing light brow shirt and dark brown trouser. She suddenly raise her shirt up a little and unbuttoned and unzip his trouser and revealed her whitea dn soft bulging with deep navel. Her belly was bulging a little at the navel and down area made it sexy. She softly knocked her left hand fingers on her navel area and talked to herself "mules" (mules is Indonesian translation for "my stomach is cramp"). spontaneusly, for unkown reason, I hold her belly and also made the lknocking actions also. My aunt was angry at me, buttoning and zipping her trouser as well as his raised shirt and shouted to let me out. I don't why ny heartbreak was intensively increased at the to see my aunt aching belly. Just wondering there is still an amount of runny poo inside her belly.
We had to be transferred to different transportation vehicle (bus to rent car). It was evening while waiting for the rent car, and I heard my aunt's complaints about her aching belly. The rent car was stopped about hundreds metres from my grandma house (I don't know why) such that we had to walked. Soon after getting off the car, my aunt told my mother to go first due to the urge and ask me to help her bringing a bag. She walked fast and always asked me to walk more fast.As we were to enter the house garden area, suddenly my aunt dropped her hold on the bag, shouted to me to continue bringing the bag and run as fast as she could to the WC (the WC is located just in front of the house. next to door). After I put the bag, I went to the next of the WC (there are a small gap) and spied. I saw my aunt squatting, not move with her light brown shirt raise to upper back level. Unfortunately there is not any noise of the diarrhea. In the morning on the day after, my grandma asked my aunt's mother about the her. My grandma said that my aunt always had that case of bad diarrhea after eating local chicken curry. She then went to my aunt's room with me also and asked her whether she had visited the doctor and she answered yes, se had. She wore different clothes and she looked pale. (She might be shitting her pants at the night while running to the WC).

Thirth Story:
It was occured on 1991 when I was 17 and visited my grandma home. My aunt were now had married with one son. She was 28 years old. In one morning, I entered on kitchen room while my grandma were talking to my aunt. I had not known the topic yet but what I heard my aunt hissed and said that she just eat a little but she felt ache a lot and she had alrady 2 times at the morning. While she left I asked my grandma what happened and she said my uncle had belly ache. 2 - 3 hours later in the afternoon, while I entered the kitchen, I saw the WC closed and heard my aunt straining a little and then a squirt about 3 - 5 seconds. First I asked to myself that this is pee or poo. The WC is silent for moment and I heard my aunt spurted saliva from her mouth. Now I was really sure it was wave of runny poo. Silence for minutes and then I heard another squirt, this time shorter, just about 2 - 3 seconds. There is no fart. My aunt again spurted out saliva from her mouth. Minutes later she cleant herself and out from the WC. I saw her face pale enough. Some days later I knew from my aunty directly that she had stoamch ache and diarrhea at the day for eating local fruit. Only her suffering the diarrhea because of the fruit in the family. I myself and even my youngest sister (just 9 years old) had no problem while eating that fruit.

middle age
I am middle aged and just got my period early; during perimenopause, typically mid 40s to menopause which statistically has a median age of 51.3 years, the female body goes nuts. We put on weight, have weird periods including heavy ones with giant blood clots, they are often closer together than the typical 28 days, we get menstrual migraines, hot flashes, etc. Also, bladder control suffers. There is stress incontinence and urge incontinence. Stress incontinence is not based on stress in life but stress put on the pelvic region including the urethral valves which hold in urine; coughing, sneezing, laughing, jumping, lifting, blowing the nose, etc. cause this. Poise type pads are used for this. The urge incontinence is worse since the volume of urine is much greater. I wear Depends when I leave the apartment since I don't know when my bladder will burst. Women 45-55 have the highest incidence of urinary incontinence until old age, when the incidence increases again. The week before my period, I just blow my nose, and I pee my pants. Around the time of my period, the premenstrual phase, I have much more leakage than at other times of the month. It is good for teenagers to be nice to their middle aged moms since weird things are happening to us; this is normal and nothing to worry about. Many middle aged women don't laugh or they will pee their pants; we are not mad at you, it is just safer not to laugh unless we are well padded. It is also good for middle aged men, our husbands, to be kind to us. We may need the house kept at a lower temperature and we cannot tolerate the heat. We also get up several times a night to pee and when we are in public we may need a toilet very quickly. They should teach high school kids about perimenopause (the years leading up to menopause) and menopause since many teens don't understand why their moms turn 'weird' and are in a bad mood, pee all the time and cannot stand the heat. I used to blame myself for my mother's bad moods when she was going though this. One lady at work pees her pants on the way to the bathroom; her 3 teens laugh at her. She gave birth to them and now in middle age, she leaks.

I've posted several times the past few months about my experiences. I'm a 16-year-old senior whose family was forced to move because of the economy and because I'm a 6'3" tall jock who plays volleyball, even when I'm sitting on the toilet my head towers over the stall partitions in my school and especially the even lower doors on the toilets. I've felt bad because I don't get the privacy that most of the other girls get. Although I've devised ways of coping with the situation and try to get in and out of a stall within like two minutes, I'm still conscious that some of the others look up at me from their stalls and I get quite a few stares when all or most of the 15 or 20 stalls are in use. Therefore, I only stay on the stool for the very shortest amount of time.

Well last weekend the situation changed for me and my team. We had competition at a very old rural area consolidated school. I think in the entryway to the building the cornerstone said it was erected in like 1889 and although it's been built onto several times, the toilets and locker rooms next to the gym probably violate a lot of rules that builders have today that require more privacy. For example, the home team used their girls locker room with bathrooms and our coach told us as the bus was pulling up into the parking lot, that we would be surprised by the conditions, but that it would cause us to better appreciate what we have a our building. I had been waiting to pee for like a half hour but I didn't want to go at school for reaons I've posted before so when Coach made her remark, I just had my usual sarcastic thoughts and within a couple of minutes I expected we would be in our locker room and I would be in a stall, seated, and peeing.

Guess what? Our locker room was the boys PE locker room! It was like 9 a.m. Saturday morning and Coach went to the doorway and yelled in to see if it was clear. Two guys who had been working out in the gym were in there and yelled back to us "We're in here, what do you need." She said we had a match in an hour and needed to use the room because it had been booked by the athletic director. One guy yelled, "I'll be done with my shit in a minute," and since he was just on the other side of the wall, you could hear him stand and flush. Another was apparently sitting on one of the benches dressing and said "I'm almost dressed." Our team captain (whose always telling everyone she's horny) said loud enough for a couple of us to hear, "Oh, you don't have to be!" A couple of us laughed until Coach turned around and said "That will be enough of that."

The boys came out with their gym bags and we filed in. It was very obviously a boys locker room with posters of pro football and basketball players, five really smelly toilets that were divided with stall partitions but (and this surprised me) lacking doors. As the others were opening lockers to put their stret clothing in and changing into their uniforms, I quickly walked into the first stall, pulled my sweats and underwear down, and hoped to take a fast pee. The stall smelled of crap and when my butt touched the back of the seat (because of my size, I need to sit all the way back) and even then I could feel the seat was warm so I concluded that this was the stall the one recent crapper had used. I was partially grossed out when I looked at the front of the bowl where the seat is cut open and found droplets of pee. I concluded that he probably had his penis right in front of it or hanging over it. I got to thinking sarcastically how much effort it must take to sit and with a finger from one hand, point your penis into the bowl. Now that would be too much to ask!

I got my pee flow going pretty fast but it trailed off and started up again a couple of times. Just as I was finishing our student manager took the stall just to my right and immediately sat down for what must have been a monumental crap. It came out in about five seconds and she said in a pretty normal voice, "boy that sure feels good!". I asked her about it and she said she had been holding it for a couple of days. Why, I didn't ask because I don't know her that well. All I know is that I leaned back and flushed and moved over to a bench near an empty locker and I started to change into my uniform. Coach walked by me twice after introducing herself to the athletic director and checking out the way the gym was set up. Her last time through was kind of interesting because she didn't step up high enough and caught her left foot on my carrying bag. She backed up and and walked toward the stall I had used, only to go in momentarily, turn around and mutter something about "holding it" until we got back to our school.

I got to thinking about that later. She's probably been spoiled by the faculty bathrooms and doesn't often have to use the toilets we do. Then I got to thinking about the urinals on the opposite wall. I sarcastically thought that would be an interesting option for her and I would have loved to watch it.

Sarah - I enjoyed your story about you peeing your pants while taking the SATs in the 11th grade. Great detail! And I applaud you for staying there after you peed your pants. Hope you weren't teased too much about it afterwards.


I liked your story and thanks for posting. Does anyone else have stories about pooping at school with no doors on the stalls?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turd Lover
A long time ago while camping in the desert I had gone for a walk a considerable distance from my campsite, and all of a sudden I had to take a huge dump. There was no waiting on this one, it had to be NOW. I dropped my pants ASAP and the hot brown load came pouring out with a roar. So what does a person use to wipe their butt in this situation ? SAND !! Believe it or not, it works perfectly. It's very abrasive and cleans better than anything else I've ever tried including toilet tissue. It leaves no residue or bad odor. Sand is the ultimate butt-wiper, nothing else comes close. But I must admit it doesn't feel very good. Neccesity is truly the mother of invention.

It's been a while since I've taken the SAT. Is there a real strict rule about not letting people go to the bathroom in the middle of the test?

i'm on the toilet, with my laptop. my pants are at knee level. i just pooped a whole bunch in about thirty seconds. it was a bit of a struggle to get out but not too much. now i'm peeing. i'm going to go wipe. bye everyone!

Lurked on here for a long time but never posted.

I remember the first time I had no choice but to take a shit at school. I was in 5th grade. Up to that time I was terrified to shit at school. I'd make myself sick forcing myself to hold it until I got home. But one day, early on, I had bad stomach cramps and I knew I would either shit my pants or brave the boys room.

The issue was not only that I was horribly bashful about shitting in public restrooms, but the boys rooms had no doors on the stalls and I was surrounded by kids who I had to see every day. The idea of taking a shit in a stall with no door where my classmates could see me was just plain scary.

That day, though, I was having sharp pains in my guts for a couple of hours before I finally managed to tell the teacher I needed the hall pass and it was an emergency. She gave it to me and I quickly rushed to the boys room hoping it would be empty. No such luck. There were FIVE other boys in there, obviously goofing off. I would have retreated and gone to one of the other boys rooms, but I was losing my battle with my bowels.

I went to the stall closest to the back of the room, pushed my jeans and underwear just barely past my butt and sat down. After a moment, I had very loud and very painful diarrhea. Before any shit hit the water, however, I already heard whispering and chuckling. When a loud fart and splash exploded from under me, that turned into laughing.

"Oh, man, he's takin' a shit!" I heard one of them say. In an instant, five boys were crowding in front of the stall to get a look at the poor bastard shitting his guts out on the toilet. I lowered my head, mortified as more liquid shit oozed out of me.

Finally I was done, and this is the part that really, really sucked. I was repulsed enough at the idea of wiping my ass while these guys were standing in front of the stall, but when I reached over there wasn't any paper, just an empty roll. This brought another guffaw from the group. One of them looked in the next stall and informed me there was no paper in there either.

I just flushed, stood up, pulled up my pants and quickly pushed past them and left without even washing my hands. They jeered at me some more with stuff like "He didn't wipe his ass!" "That's nasty!"

I spent the rest of the day until I got home with slimy, sticky shit caked between my butt cheeks. My ass was itchy and raw by the time I got home.

I didn't take a shit in the boys room again until I was in junior high when my bashfulness started to subside. I did, however, once take a shit in the bushes during recess. That was preferable to going through the torture of shitting in the boys room.

End Stall Em
for Laurel:
I agree that those small single pieces of toilet paper would suck. If I pull of 6 inches or 9 inches from a roll for an average wipe after a crap, I would be using up a large part of what's in the holder. And sometimes, when my crap is looser and more messy, I might use twice that. I know at my high school (which I've written about) there are times when there's so much paper in the bowl that I will stop in mid-wiping and stand and flush. Then I sit down and finish wiping. That prevents clogs by making two flushes, but I think it helps keep the stool from overflowing or clogging and not having it closed off for other users.

for Stac:
The Mystery Girl you write about is obviously scared about putting her butt on the seat. I wonder what causes that. Like is she scared abut getting the flu or an STD from the seat? My grandma says that was said in the 1940s & 50s and that parents taught their children to avoid using public bathrooms or at least cover the seat with paper first. I know there's a few girls that put strips of TP over the seat in my school and it usually ends up on the floor when they leave. Also, if we don't watch what we're stepping in, we can end up walking back into a large room like study hall (which is held in the cafeteria or library) dragging the toilet paper behind us on our shoe.

for everyone:

I've written before about being one of the youngest freshman (I'm 13) in my high school and some of the difficulties I've had in using the bathrooms. Earlier this month, I had a Saturday morning detention for using a bathroom in the far new wing of the school instead of the much more used and dirtier ones closer to my classroom.

Well, Monday I had another situation. I was in study hall at mid-morning and I had been holding my morning crap for like two hours. I had last crapped Saturday afternoon at the mall, but didn't go on Sunday so I knew it would be one of my larger ones. All the stalls were taken when I went in just before first hour and there were several girls waiting. Between 1st and 2nd hours, I got close to going but once I got an open stall and had just placed my butt on the seat and started to push, the warning bell rang so I had to pull up my panties and jeans and make a run to class. Remember a third tardy can mean a Saturday detention period. So after attendance was taken in study hall, I went up to the proctors' desk to ask permission to go to the bathroom and was told that someone named Erin was already out and that I needed to wait for her to return. (They only allow one person of each sex to leave at any one time!). I had my mind on finally being able to relieve myself and I feel that such anticipation makes the load I'm holding hurt even more. I sat back down and watched for a girl to come back with the red wooden restroom block (which serves as a pass) and after about 10 minutes she hadn't come back. I went back to the proctors' desk and luckily for me the man I had earlier talked to was gone and a woman teacher who was much nicer listened to my plea and allowed me to sign out.

I walked fast enough to get notice from some of the other tables as I walked down the aisle and pushed open the door into the hallway. Having learned my lesson earlier this month (reluctantly!) I didn't go to the much better bathroom in the new wing of the building, but rather right down the hall. It's so bad you can smell it just before you pull the door open to end. There are like 30 stalls and about my quick glance showed that more than half were available, but as always, I quickly selected the first stall to my right. (I like the end stall because I have 50% more privacy!). There was dark pee in the bowl which I figured was probably contributed by several users and I reached and pushed the flusher. Although it moved down, nothing happened. But I didn't want to waste any time since the sign-out log is closely read by the proctors, so I immediately placed myself on the toilet. As I got ajusted to my sit I noticed two tennis shoes in front of the stool immediately to my right and I heard a girl gasping a little bit and I saw the shoes move around quite a bit. I was trying to figure out as my crap started sliding out why there was so much sighing and movement in the other stall. In less than 5 seconds one very long and wide piece angled into the water and I spread my legs and slide back onto the seat and I could see the end two inches of the piece hanging staight up out of the water. I reached for the toilet paper and started wiping.

At that time a cell phone went off and the girl on the other toilet answered it. As I listened to the conversation she had with her mother and the amount of agitation she increasingly showed, her mom was calling her back because the girl had taken a laxative that mom recommended, and she was able to go, but I guess the crap was too big to pass out of her butt. She was just sitting there in pain but a bulge in her ass that wouldn't completely come out and drop. She cursed a couple of times to her mother's suggestions and finally ended the conversation by cutting off her mother with "Don't waste any more of your valuable business time with me--Erin can't even shit as good as you ... ####".

I felt sorry for her but I pulled my jeans and panties up and I could hear her crying as I went to the sink to wash my hands. When I logged back in in study hall I noticed Erin had been gone 23 minutes. My time was 9 minutes. For some reason, I felt a little more fortunate.

There's nothing I enjoy more than coming home and having a really good shit in my toilet.
Todays was great, it seemed to keep coming out of me,there was so much I had to flush and plunge!
Boy did I feel great after it tho!
Next one is due of on friday!

Last week was difficult for me since my bladder burst twice. The first time I was at my apartment, had a coffee, then before I left to do one errand I used the bathroom. I did my first errand, then ten minutes later walked to do my second errand. I was caught short and I had to pee bad; I was wearing Depends so I just stood still on the sidewalk and peed; the Depends caught it all. I did my second errand and returned home and took off the Depends and threw them in the trash bad which I took over to the garbage chute. The next day I went grocery shopping and although I always pee before leaving home, I had to go as soon as I got to the grocery store which does not have public washrooms; once they let me use the staff one but it means a cashier has to leave her post and walk me through staff locker rooms etc. This is not fair to them so I always wear Depends for grocery shopping. I just peed as needed, finished my groceries and paid for them and left the store. Depends are great since we are talking about urge incontinence not stress incontinence so the quantity is much greater. My incontinence began with my hot flashes a few years ago in my early 40s. At 20, I could go to the mall and wait 20 minutes until I got home to pee; now I cannot hold it at all.

Hi, I'm 27 years old, tall with long strawberry blonde hair.I work as a primary school teaching assistant.
Today, at the end of school all the staff had gone home, I was marking some homework.
Suddenly I got this really bad shooting pain in my stomach.
With no time to wait, I rushed to the infants girls toilet.
I quickly hiked up my skirt, dropped my underwear and sat on the very low toilet.
I felt my anus instantly open as I released an stoppable poo.
As the poo reached the bottom of the toilet I felt it stop moving out of me, I gave it another big push to continue its journey.
As I got to the end of the poo it was helped out by a large pocket of trapped wind which blasted the poo into the toilet pipe.
For a second I forgot I was not at home, as the loud fart came to the attention of the caretaker.
He came in asking ""anyone in there?" I squeaked "yes only me, miss ????"
he said ok, and went on his way.
I waited a few minutes to make sure he had gone,then I passed some more gassy poop.


Wow! what an ordeal you had to go through while taking the SAT exam. Great story by explaining everything in detail. They should allow for a break time though.

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