The Lone Loafer
Someone recently asked, whether anyone would fold a piece of tp, and hold it against the bottom of an exiting log.

I used to do that from time to time when I was in my late teens, and trying new bathroom ideas for the first time. However, I don't think I have done that in quite many years.

Being enspired by the question, I did it a few days ago, with a 7" approx log, which unfortunately got too soft to sustain beyond that, although it was kind of fat.
I felt a hard poop coming on about an hour ago, and decided to try again.
This time, it was so hard, that dispite some squeezing of the poop from the outside, and pushing on my rectal bone (which usually helps, but mainly if I push it back against the toilet or something), it was pnot coming beyond a tiny breakoff pebble. I sat down more, to ease its passage, and finally got it moving. Because of my angle, it pushed my hand down and to the side, eventually to brush the side of the bowl. The "captured" log was curving, but ultimately almost a foot long--it was a bowl spanner. It was about 1.75"X1.25", and was hard, but with softer striations or connectors; or so it seemed through the paper.

I will try to remember to do this again soon, and report the results.

Great stories being posted, especially the pooping stories by the ladies! However, if Braidy is still reading the board, please post another story soon! I've been wondering if things have been getting better for you, and I've missed reading your stories. Please post again soon!

Claire N

I like you story pooing in front of your hubby for the first time . Would luv to here another story of you weeing in front of him .
Do you think you will be brave enough to wee or poo outside again

Friday, November 20, 2009

To Sarah
Wow Sarah!!!

Transcontinental pooping!! My goodness....., Calgary, Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, The Thousand Islands it sounds like you pooped all over Canada on your recent trip! Although the pooping tour doesn't really sound complete without visiting Montreal and Quebec City. You really should have graced them by your presence!! LOL

Where else have your pooping ventures taken you north of the 49th parallel?? I assume you've already crossed Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Vancouver off your list! How far East have you pooped?? Have you dropped one in Halifax or Newfoundland yet???

Hey Everyone,

I havent been here in a while, been kinda busy. I wanted to post a couple of questions that I revisit once in a while. I hope that someday I'd get the answers even if it meant getting them from the source. Maybe somebody here knows...And Maybe Not.

I saw that Oprah is ending her 25 year talk show On friday... I'll never forget the show she did 2007 where she had Dr. Oz on as a guest to talk about poop. I've seen her website about it but nothing suggested that Oprah divulged any information about her own poops. Then about a year later she took some time to answer some deep burning Questions her fans had. One lady asked her if she ever farted on the show... and Oprah didnt deny it but she didnt get into details about it. she mentioned she has had to fart while on set in the past.

I've googled many times looking for answers and found nothing but pointelss blogs with words out of context. so now I'm hoping somebody here has answers.

Does anyone know how often Oprah poops,

what time of day she poops?,

Does her bathroom stink bad after she poops?

and does she leave skidmarks in her toilet from her poops?

David "the Footballer"
Hi everyone,

It's been a few weeks since I've posted as I've been quite busy and I actually don't have time right now to post a full-blown story at the moment although I plan to return in a couple days.

I posted "David the Footballer" to distinguish myself from a couple Davids that have been posting here lately. To clarify, I'm the 18-year-old David who is a high-school senior who plays football, wrestles, and plays baseball. I have a best friend named Brian who is not to be confused with the Brian who has been posting stories about his pooping experiences at his college. My stories are themed around either myself or friends being forced into uncomfortable pooping experiences and how we have handled them.

While I am not the David who saw the mother berate her 14-year-old for having an accident, I have to concur that if its true, its very deplorable what that lady did. I guess I feel lucky that I had parents that were very respectful for the needs of me and my siblings whenever we had to take care of necessary business. Of course, being little kids, sometimes our bodily functions were not always in synch with the convenience of our parents and I can remember more than a few times when my mom or dad ASKED me if I could hold it a little while longer, but they NEVER responded with meanness or made us wait if we were clear that we had an emergency. I do think sometimes that adults forget that time passes slower for a kid than it does for an adult and that kids haven't developed the capacity yet to hold it that adults have.

As for me being David "the footballer," my high school football career has actually come to an end. We ended up getting smoked like a joint in the State Quarter-Finals bringing our playoff run and our unbeaten season to an end. A lot of us have been really heartbroken for a while but I have to be honest and admit that in retrospect while we were very good, there's no way we were an elite team in the State this year. We would have all needed to play the game of our lives to advance and it was only going to get tougher from there. Anyway, I have to get ready for wrestling next and that is very fertile ground for some great dump stories. I've been wrestling since I was six and I've had more than a few matches where I've really needed to take a dump. I've also been in several matches where the guy I was wrestling really needed to take a dump. Trust me when I tell you that all other things being equal, the clear advantage in those situations is with the guy who DOESN'T need to take the dump!! LOL!!

Lastly, an anonymous poster just asked if anyone had stories about taking a shit in the lake. Check out my post on page 1787 dated September 17. I had to help my friend Brian keep his balance when he was forced to take a really major shit over the side of a boat. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Hello.My,it's been a long while since i have posted here.I have turned 40 since my last post.For anyone who hasn't read any of my previous posts,i live near a city in Scotland called Aberdeen.I have witnessed a few things and also enjoy peeing outdoors, although that hasn't been happening as much apart from a few outdoor pee's at work.I work as a gardener and sometimes have no choice but to do what comes naturually due to lack of available toilets.If you can be bothered,check out my previous posts,they start way back ,page 1593(i think?!)
Also a couple of months ago, as a way of marking my 40th Birthday,i was lucky enough to go on a very short hectic,but unforgetable trip to India.It is a well known fact that it is a country like no other and can be both enchanting and shocking.The act of relieving ones self outdoors is considered normal and acceptable among many of the locals who, through circumstances too complicated to explain here,live in conditions we may find hard to comprehend.
I witnessed many men peeing openly at the side of the road.Women tend to be more discreet.There were also a few toilet related incidents amongst the group of people i was travelling with.We were travelling mainly by coach and were constantly drinking bottled water.This led of course,to many visits to the toilet which were not always exactly luxury.Some being holes in the ground surrounded by a wall.One female member of the group became quite desperate for the toilet and caused some amusement by saying she may start "Dribbling" If she didn't get to a toilet soon.
Well ,if you've got this far,thanks for taking the time to read and i hope to post more soon.

Upstate Dave
Hello to all. Claire N Great post about you taking a poop while your husband was with you! I'm glad you got ovr your fear of doing it. From your description your husband got a "big thrill" watching you at least from your description of how he reacted watching you. Just to let you know my wife and I have pooped together for years and even before we were married.

Emilie in the past I worked in a large department store. I have sen where girls or boys with thier mothers have to pee and been told they had to wait and they couldn't hold it. So they either wet themselves or even pulled down thier pants or whatever they were wearing and pee right where they were!

Also it was quite common that in the girls dressing rooms gorls would pee or poop in them. This was told to me by clerks,the department manager, and the head custodian in charge of keeping the store clean and this happened in other retail department stores also that I had worked in. In the others it wasn't only customers children but even female employees! I have done a few posts about this topic here. Upstate Dave

Anything as bad?

I'm 44 years old and have never ever pooped my panties. But last week I had to take a poop and so I stopped while on the road going home at a small restaurant.The restaurant had only one stall and I never looked to see if there was anything to wipe with once I had both peed and pooped.There was no one around to help me either and I had no kleenex to wipe with so I just stood replaced my panty shaper,pantihose and pulled my slacks up and left. All the way home the itchiness and stickiness in my butt quickly spread and when I got home my butt was itchy,sticky and a total mess and walking was really uncomfortable.My yellow panty shaper was brown stained beyond belief across the whole butt area and I was lucky nothing got thru to my pantihose,I undressed and climbed into the shower with my panti briefer still on a scrubbed it as best as I could while cleaning my butt.
From now on while travelling I will always make sure to carry some kleenex just in case there is no toilet paper.

Liz M.

Sarah from Calgary
Hi everyone. It has been a while since my last post in August when I was sick with the runs. I was looking at my recent posts and realized that I have had a bad string of luck since June of this year. Well, my problems have continued into September, October and even November.

At the end of September, I had to travel back to my Head Office for a huge employee summit that my company put on for all of our employees. The Head Office for the company that I work for is also in my home town of Kingston, Ontario, so I was able to visit with my family and friends.

The employee summit was on the 28th and 29th of September, but I actually left on Thursday the 24th and flew from Calgary to Ottawa to visit some of my old high school and college friends. An important part of this story is that my period had started on Wednesday, September 23rd and as usual, it was quite heavy. I was lucky not to have the diarrhea symptoms that I have sometimes get before my period starts. I mean, I had a bit of the runs, but nothing that wasn't manageable.

I had just one small accident that was more of a wet fart while I was at work on the 22nd. I felt like I needed to use the toilet. I got up from my desk to leave out office but as I was making my way to the ladies room, a sharp cramp hit me and I felt a little gas leave my body. I clenched my butt cheeks as much as I could, but a runny wet fart escaped into my panties. Luckily it was just a little bit and I was able to clean out the mess in my panties pretty good. I thought it would be a good idea to put on a max pad (I use Always Maximum Protection Ultra Thins), so I went back to my desk and grabbed a pad out of my purse and slipped it into my pants pocket. About a half an hour later I went back to the ladies room and put the pad into my panties. My period was starting soon anyway, so I thought it was better to be prepared for it and to help protect my panties in case I had another bout of runny gas.

Anyway, I left for Ottawa on Thursday the 24th. My husband drove me to the airport so I didn't have to worry about parking. My flight left from Calgary at 9am which got me into Ottawa at around 3pm because of the two hour time zone change. I was smart enough to buy a full supply of pads (a 32 pack) before I left Calgary. I had on a fresh pad when I left my house and I had to change it about two hours into the four and a half hour flight. As soon as the flight landed, my first stop was the ladies room to change my pad again. It's a good thing that I had bought a 32 pack of pads, because I ended up using them all. I won't go into the details of each one, but suffice it to say, my period was very heavy and having the runs all week did not make matters any better for me.

I picked up my suit case and went to the car rental area and got set up with my car for the week. As I was driving to my friend Laura's house, I got a bad cramp and I knew that my bowels needed to be relieved. My friend Laura lives near downtown, but I knew that I was not going to make it to her house. I had to stop at a shopping mall to find a ladies room, the entire time clenching my butt cheeks. The cramps got worse and my bowels contracted. When they did my body pushed out some diarrhea into my panties as I was driving. It was horrible. I finally found a shopping mall and turned into it. I parked the car and checked my purse to make sure that I had another pad to change into. I thought it would be a good idea to bring in a clean pair of panties as well, in case the mess had leaked out of my pad. I grabbed a clean pair of bikini panties, and stuffed them into my purse and made the shuffle walk to the mall, leaking diarrhea the entire time. I finally found the ladies room and went into an empty stall. I hung up my jacket and purse and pulled down my jeans. They were okay. I then pulled down my panties and sat on the toilet. My pad was covered in diarrhea, but since I didn't have to sit in it for a long time, nothing, including my period, had leaked through my panties. Because of my pad, my panties were spared from my diarrhea accident. I pulled the messy panties out of my panties and replaced it with a new one. I cleaned myself up until I was completely clean, washed my hands and went on my way.

I made my way to Laura's house, who I was staying with both Thursday and Friday nights before I went to my parent's house in Kingston on Saturday.

I was feeling okay for the remainder of Thursday and Friday, in spite of the odd cramp and leaky gas that I had. I had to change my pad a few times just because of the wet gas, but overall, I was doing okay. I ended up having a great time with Laura and our other friends from high school, Erin and Nancy.

I drove to my parent's house on Saturday. I of course made sure to have on a clean pad before I left Laura's house as my period was still rather heavy. The drive from Ottawa to Kingston is about two hours. When I got to my parents house we chatted for a bit and then I went to what was my old room and unpacked my clothes. By this time, I needed to change my pad rather badly as I had leaked through the back left corner of my pad. I guess I had left changing it a little too long. It didn't leak through my jeans though, so I grabbed a clean pair of panties and a new pad and went to what was my old washroom. After I was done in the washroom, I decided to do some laundry to have some clean panties for the rest of the week. I always bring more panties that I need, especially during my period, but I figured that it would be a good idea to wash what I had already used. It was a small load, but I had to ask my mom how to use her new washing machine. She saw what I was washing and started asking me about how I was doing with my periods and if I still had diarrhea with them. As I was growing up, she knew all about my problems and on several occasions had to either bring me new pants and panties to school, or to pick me up from school, or even work when I had been sick. My mom had similar problems with her period when she was growing up and into adulthood, so we shared our stories.

By Monday morning, I had used almost half of the maxi pads that I had bought in Calgary. That morning, I drove down to our Head Office for the employee sessions. The sessions were not at our Head Office, but they were just down the road at Kingston's City Hall. The sessions were good, but at one point in the morning, I had to rush out to find a ladies room as I was having another bout of the runs. Quite a bit had leaked out of me onto my pad by the time I found the ladies room. I changed it, cleaned up and went back to the meetings. Later that day, in the afternoon, my period leaked through my dress pants. Talk about embarrassing! Fortunately, I was wearing navy dress pants, so the damage wasn't as bad as it could have been, but my panties had a bad blood stain on them. In the ladies room, I stared at my panties in horror and shock, not knowing exactly what to do. I didn't have any pants to change into, but I realized that I did have a clean pair of panties from when I had put them in there when I first got to Ottawa. So, I changed out of my bloody panties and put on the clean ones.

Later that night, the managers and supervisors of our department, of which I am one, were invited to go on a 1000 Islands Boat Tour. It was good, but the water was very rough and we actually had to turn back sooner than what was originally planned. We ate dinner on the boat and had some drinks as well. The water was so bad that quite a few people were sick. One woman, who I am good friends with, ended up vomiting over the side of the boat. My stomach was doing flips of its own. I am not one to throw up unless I am really sick. Instead, I had an attack of diarrhea. I was not able to make it to the ladies room on time either. It was really bad because this time it was very runny. Most of it was contained to my maxi pad and panties, but some of it did leak down out the back and inside of my panties. When we finally got back to the docks, some people, who were feeling fine, went out. Since I was sick, I told everyone that I wasn't feeling good and went back to my parent's house. I got back to the car and very carefully sat down. The mess bubbled its way to the front of my panties and I could tell that my pad was not containing it all. I got back to my parents house and when straight into my room to grab a clean pair of panties, a new pad and my pyjama's. I had a long hot shower and cleaned out my panties and pants as best as I could. I wrapped them up together, put them in a plastic shopping back and stuffed it into my suit case. My mom figured out what had happened and offered to wash my clothes for me. After some protest, I let her wash my clothes for me.

That however, it not the end of this story. Not even the worst of itů

I felt fine on Tuesday. My period was finally slowing down and by the end of the day it was almost over. It's a good thing too, because I only had one pad left for Wednesday. It didn't even occur to me to buy some new pads, I was just happy that my period was finally ending.

My flight from Ottawa was not direct to Calgary. I had to connect through Toronto and then fly to Calgary. My flight left Ottawa at 9am, and landed in Toronto a few minutes before 10am. My flight from Toronto left at noon and got me into Calgary at around 2pm.

Anyway, I left my parents house at around 5am, because I am always paranoid about being late for a flight. It's a good thing that I left when I did, because the traffic in Ottawa was just terrible. I made it to the airport, dropped of my car rental and got to the gate just before it closed. As I was approaching the gate I had a bad cramp and I knew that I was in need of a ladies room. As the guy at the check in counter was taking my suit case I had another cramp and I immediately clenched my butt cheeks to hold everything in. I watched as the check in clerk tagged my suit case and put it on the conveyor belt and disappear from my view. He then handed me back my boarding pass and told me which gate to go to. It was then when I realized that I didn't have any pads or clean panties with me. I asked him, with urgency, where the closest ladies room was and he pointed it out to me. I could see it from where we were standing but it seemed like it was an eternity away. As I was walking, or shuffling quickly, I started having the runs in my pants. I knew that my panties would probably be okay because I was still wearing a pad, but I didn't think that my pad would be in good shape after this. I finally got to the ladies room and was relieved to find it empty. I got into a stall, and quickly pulled down my jeans and panties and sat. The diarrhea just poured out of me with no effort at all. My pad was a mess. I didn't even bother cleaning it. I carefully pulled it out of my panties and wrapped it up in some toilet paper and threw it into the maxi pad disposal bin in the stall. My period was over anyway. I cleaned myself up and when I was 100% clean and 100% sure that I was done, I pulled my white and pink stripped bikini panties and jeans up. It was nice to finally not being able to wear a pad for the first time in eight days!

I made my way over to the airport security screening area and the security guard told me which lane to go to. As I was waiting in line, I felt my bowels start to cramp up again. I thought, "No, not again, please!" The urge to go started to get worse, and I was mentally begging the line to go faster. I put my purse and coat on the conveyor belt for the ex-ray screening and stood there with my butt cheeks clasped together. Finally the guy on the other side of the metal detector waived me through. As my luck would have it, it went off. I had to go through again. Again, it went off. So, the guy took his wand and started waiving over my body. By this time, my bowels were ready to explode. He waived it over my belt area and his wand beeped. He then called over one of his female co-workers who had to do a manual pat down of my body. This is where the most embarrassing accident that I can remember having happened. I said to her, "Could you please hurry, I need to use the ladies room." She told me it would only be a few minutes and then I could go. Well, I ended up "going" sooner that I was hoping for. As she was patting me down, my bowels churned and some wet diarrhea escaped into my panties. As she was patting down my legs and inside of my thighs, more diarrhea came out. She then asked me to undo my belt and unbutton my jeans, so I did. That only made things worse for me. She started patting down my front pockets and then went behind me to pat down my back pockets. As she was patting down my back pockets and rear end area, the worst thing ever happened. My bowels exploded everywhere. As soon as it happened I whimpered, "Oh, no!" The female security officer immediately removed her hands from my butt area, stood up and looked at me in horror. She said in a horrified voice, "Uhh, okay, uhh, you can go." I did up my jeans and belt, grabbed my purse and left the area.

I started tearing up as I was walking. The diarrhea was sloshing around in my panties and I could tell that it was a bad one. I had another eruption on my way to the ladies room and I could feel the mess start to leak out of my panties and down my right leg. This was the worst accident that I remember having in years. I got into the ladies room and all of the stalls were taken, so I had to wait a few minutes. I cramped up again and let out another torrent of diarrhea into my panties. I was a mess. I grabbed a handful of paper towels, dampened some of them and finally a stall opened up. At this point I was crying and she looked at me. When my back was to her she said, "Oh, I am so sorry!" She offered to help me clean up, but I lied and told her that I would be alright. I just wanted to be left alone to clean myself up. I got into the stall, hung up my jacket and purse and pulled of the shirt I was wearing. I took my shoes and socks off as I did not want to get them dirty as well. I then pulled down my jeans. They were a mess. I cleaned them out with some of the damp paper towels that I had. They were a medium shade of blue and the mess from the diarrhea had leaked through and it was quite obvious. When I was done cleaning them out, I pulled them completely off and put them over the back of the toilet. I then peeled off my panties. I sat down on the toilet seat and looked at them and started to cry again. I didn't even know where to start. I have never been one to throw away panties that I have pooped in, but this time it seriously crossed my mind. I decided however, to clean them out as much as I could in case I had another attack of the runs again. The last thing I wanted to do was have an accident while only wearing jeans. I stood up and emptied the mess into the toilet. My once white and pink stripped bikini panties were now very badly stained with diarrhea. After what felt like to time at all, I heard a pre-boarding announcement for my flight and my heart sank. I pulled up my soiled panties, put back on my soiled jeans and redressed everything else, except for my jacket. This I tied around my waist to help conceal my humiliating accident.

My seat was a fairly good one as I had checked into my flight the day before. I was sitting near the middle of the plane, on the aisle, which is normally my preference as it allows me to get off the plane quicker. This day I would have preferred to be near the toilet, but I had no such luck. I continued letting out squirts of diarrhea the whole way to Toronto. I still had an hour and a half to wait in Toronto PLUS a four hour flight to Calgary.

Once I was in Toronto, I went back to the ladies room to clean myself up again. After several minutes of cleaning, which actually made the mess worse, I pulled my panties and jeans back up. It was a horrible feeling. I walked around the airport with my jacket tied around my waist hoping that they had a store that sold panties. My hopes were dashed. I didn't occur to me until I got home that I should have bought some pads, any pad, to put into my panties.

Several hours later, I got back to Calgary. I got my suit case, called my husband who was waiting in the Cell Phone Lot and he picked me up outside the Calgary Airport. I still had my jacket tied around my waist so he could not tell what had happened. He grabbed my suit case, put it in our car, and gave me a big hug. When he hugged I immediately started crying. He asked me what was wrong, and I said, "I'm sick. Can we just go? I need to get home, okay?" On our way home I cramped up again and had another attack of diarrhea in my pants. It went everywhere, including the front of my pants, but mostly, it went down my legs. My husband looked at me in horror and said that he was sorry. I told him that I first got sick in Ottawa and had been sitting in my mess the entire day.

When we finally got home, my husband offered to unpack my suit case for me while I showered and cleaned myself up. That was the best shower that I remember having in a long, long time!

Anyway, I am sorry for the really long post. I had a lot to get off my mind. To those of you who have read my entire post, thank you.

Sarah from Calgary.

Delilah - thanks for the comments and sharing your story. At least you didn't wind up with the full poop in your panties even though you did wind up peeing your jeans in the car. Been there, done that, too. Have you ever pooped your pants/panties completely? I'd love to hear more about your other accidents.

Cheerleader - I enjoyed your story as well. Sorry it happened, but having soiled myself multiple times I can confirm that you'll live. :) Have you had any other accidents besides that one?

Your story reminds me of a similar one from me, but it wasn't poop. In 11th grade (I was 17) I was taking the SAT exam and had to pee very badly, but it is a timed test and you can't leave so I just had to hold it. With about 30 minute left, though, my leg crossing, foot bouncing, heel sitting, and discreet crotch holding were of no further use and a squirt of pee shot out into my pants. I gasped slightly and squeezed everything shut. We were all spaced pretty far apart at tables in the cafeteria so nobody would see. I was almost finished with the test, so I tried to hurry the rest of the way through. Shortly thereafter another squirt shot out and this time I could feel dampness on my fingers through the fabric of my jeans, so I knew there woudl be a wet spot. When I got control again I opened my legs slightly and looked but couldn't see anything from the angle I could get without being obvious I was looking at my crotch. Back to the exam. Hurry, hurry! Almost done! Squirt again! More wetness, a dribble down my butt cheeks. Please hold on... please. Another squirt, bigger this time. The crotch of my jeans now feels very wet and hot under my pressing fingers and I can feel dampness on my bottom. Only a few questions left... legs squeezing, foot bouncing, fingers pressing tightly, muscles clentching, heart pounding, brain barely able to think of the questions... then... hissss - a multiple second stream escapes forcefully before I can cut it off - the warm wetness spreads quickly into my crotch, down under my bottom, and onto my thighs. I glance down and now can very easily see dark fabric on my jeans stretch up towards my zipper, out across the crease of my thighs, and between my thighs. I can tell from the wetness underneath me that my butt will now have a very visible wet patch on it. I know I can't hold out much longer. My heart is pounding, my face is burning red. If I can only finish the last dozen or so questions... maybe... just maybe... one down, two down... please... ten more to go... time ticking down - literally and figuratively... nine more to go... bladder about to burst... please, no... just a little longer... eight questions... bladder beginning to spam... small spurts now escaping past my clentches thighs and squeezing fingers with each passing second... no... please... I'm 17 years old... not here... squirt... seven questions... please... squirt-squirt... six questions... please please please-but no use... too late! Hisssssssssssssssssssssssss. Out it comes. All of it. Flooding out of me like a fire hose, soaking my crotch and thighs in a second, surging down my bottom and spreading, hot and wet, over my butt and up the back of my jeans, up the front of my jeans - I look down, time stopped, my ears ringing, and just watch the dark patch spread out from my crotch, out my thighs, only faintly hearing the sound of dripping as the pee overflows the chair and my jeans, puddling onto the tile floor beneath my chair. For at least 15 or 20 seconds I just stare, dumbfounded, at the spreading dark patch, feeling the hot wetness expanding. But the relief is immense. My brain suddenly feels clearer. Nothing else to do now. Everyone can see - a few comments, snickers, a little laughter, cut off by the test proctors. One of the teachers comes over and offers to allow me to be excused, but I decline. I'm almost done now. Can't change anything. I easily answer the final few questions, rise - dripping - from my puddled chair, walk gingerly to the front, soaked jeans visible to all, hand in my exam booklet, and leave - relieved, in more than one way. I hate exams. :)


I guess the small single tissues were less wasteful than the rolls. I am pretty sure taht's what I had when I went to school mid 60's to late 70's in a small town. Never liked those single sheets. Too easy to get poop on the hands.

I've taken a poo in a lake. I went to a public lake
to swimming and I was about the only one there. I was
wearing a one-piece swimsuit so I went out near the
ropes, pulled it down and made sure my breasts were
covered by the water and let go. Out came a small piece
that floated to the surface and then sank.
I've also done it down by a river,on top of monkeybars,
and over tree limbs. As a male-to-female pre-op transsexual
I enjoy using the bathroom in the women's more than I ever did
in the men's.

Limp Bizkit Keep Rollin
Hey Wats up Everyone

I Had A Weird Crazy Day Yesterday. I Had a party at my house. alot of people were ther there was beer and stuff i dont drink though but my gf does. so while in the party my gf was drunk i was laughing and called her a retard she was like wah?????? i laughed. then i heard noises like o my god then i saw my gf take 7 laxtives i was like well not my fault. The next day she was still dunk and she said can u carry me to the bathroom i have t caca i was like to myself laxitives kicked in so i carried her then i lift up the toilet seat and then i see her pull her pants down that BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP she farts and poops all over the tub i was like wat the f???? are u doing then she feel asleep i just left her and poop still came out her nice ass. so wen she comes back and says wat happened to me i feel so tired. i told her that u just took 7 laxitive last night then a loud gurgle comes from her ???? then BLAT BLAT BLAT she farted to the bathroom and continued pooping in the tub the tub as like 1/3 full so i just watched her and then for the rest of the day she continued this for the rest of the day this one of the loudest farts ever then we made out till we went to sleep

The Lone Loafer
Okay, I have a pooping story. This happened on Saturday, and it is as detailed as I can make it, so is pretty long. In case it matters to anyone who doesn't already know: I'm a dude, somewhere between 25 and 35, and rather a bit overweight.

I was thinking about getting a late lunch, when I noticed that my daily poop was brewing. I decided that I wanted to eat first, so went and made a sandwich, and while I ate, I thought I would catch up on the most recent three pages of posts from this site.
I knew I would be getting a shower anyway, and since I basically had nobody to bother me for a while, I decided that it was a good opportunity to cut this particular loaf in some creative way. I didn't have any underwear I wanted to get rid of, so just pooping and peeing my pants wasn't an option, and lining some underwear with paper towels and pooping there, didn't seem like the thing to do, especially since I realized that this poop was not going to be a nice hard one, but would instead be a somewhat soft or mushy one. I decided that I would find some way to involve the shower in the action, and after further brainstorming, with a couple of good freezes while the poop tried to make an early exit, I decided I would sit on the floor of the shower, and poop down the drain. I need to note, that the drain in my private shower is one of those flat slotted disks, screwed to an inset ring, which tops a pipe. In this case, there haven't been screws holding that plate down since I moved here, so it is easily
removed, to get to the three inch pipe opening below.
I have pooped down this drain once before, but the poop was very soft and wet, and was not at all satisfying. It also got all over the inset ring, and I was not going to have that happen this time. I think before I was standing, or at least not sitting right on the opening.

I filled a bucket with hot water, folded three pads of toilet paper ready to handle any issues, and got in the shower. I had decided, since I was a little chilly, that it would be pleasing to have some hot water running down my back while I did this, so spent some time fiddling with the shower to get the water to the temperature that I wanted, only to sit down, get in a perfect position over the hole, and find out that it wasn't. Up and down a few times more, and a few changes of position later (I had decided, after trying a squat, a kneel, and a straight legged sit, that I preferred to sit, leaning forward, with my left leg under my right knee), and after further water adjustments, I was ready.
I found that I also enjoyed the feeling of the water running between the cheeks of my butt, and the suction created when I sat all the way down, and then lifted up slightly.

So, all things in place, I pushed a few times, and felt the first parts slide out and stop. I teased it out some more, and then gave the main push, and the first wave descended, straight into the watery opening. I leaned to my left, and stuck my hand under while it was exiting, and felt the side of the not quite smooth tail growing into the hole. I straightened my leg, and sat straight down on it, to feel the "back pressure", and let the rest of the first wave pass. When it stopped, and broke off (the water didn't give it much choice but to separate), I expected to find most of it melting away down the hole. What I found, instead, was a soft, wide, log, sticking up to the top of the hole.

I moved it around a little, messed with the water, and so on, and got it to descend a little further, but this apparently not-so-mushy log was stuck. At least the water seemed to be getting past it, although I noticed that it was kind of slow. I sat back down fully, and pushed out the rest of the immediate part of the load, on top of the first. I didn't really give it all I had, just cleared enough so I didn't feel like I still had to go. I then peed a little, and even tried aiming some pee straight on to the poop, to maybe help it on its way, but the drain seemed pretty well filled.

I stood up, letting the shower run between my legs in the back to clear off the damage, and it did a satisfactory job for the moment. I didn't notice any smell, until after I had stood up, and turned off the water.
I turned around, and realized that the water level was starting to rise. So, I opened one of the sliding doors of the shower, and opened the toilet lid. With my hand, I reached down beside the poop, and lifted a big chunk out. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to help much, so I reached down again, and took off another little pile, and dropped it into the toilet, getting a little piece on the rim in the process, which I had to pick off and drop in (later I cleaned that of course)

Well, the water had gone down some now, and anyway I couldn't reach far enough down to get any more out, although I could feel that it was really crammed in there past the point where the pipe narrowed. I decided to dump my bucket down, and did, but that only came back into the floor of the shower, and wasn't going down much either.
So, I rinsed off my feet, stepped out, and got the plunger from under the sink. I turned the shower water back on, filled the bucket, and then dumped it in the shower, to get the water level back up a little. Then I began plunging. The first time, it didn't push it down, but instead pulled the load up higher, into the cup of water created by the top of the pipe. So I reached in and picked out a little more, dropped it in the toilet, rinsed my hand in the bucket which I had partially refilled to help wash my feet, and plunged it again.
This time I got some progress: I could feel that the load had moved (my eyes aren't that good, especially in such low light as that, so had to feel my way so to speak). I was glad of that, since I really didn't have any good ideas on how I could scoop this stuff out if I had to.

Water was still backing up, but one final plunge, and there was a very toilet-esq loud flump-crackle-crackle-thud-diminishing_crackle sound, and the water rushed down. I did another bucket fill and dump, plus another plunge, just to make sure, but it was gone. Unfortunately there was poop smeared into the nobbly bits of the inside of the pipe area, especially where it changed diameters.
I wiped up with the pre-folded paper, while squatting in the shower, and used some more from the role since it just wasn't getting the job done. I sprayed some stuff in the whole shower, and even put some toilet cleaner down the drain, followed by a few floods of water from letting the base of the shower fill up while I was taking the shower, to hopefully clear the remaining pieces and the smell. I should probably shoot some steam down that pipe one of these days, just to really finish it off.

Well, that was my very long story. I hope somebody enjoyed it. Except for a little concern about the wide and tall log of poop persistently standing in my drain, I know I did.

TLL, out!
P.S. a few days later, now, there is still a kind of strange old-poop smell going on in that bathroom. I can't find where exactly it's coming from.

Linda- my husband has said on more than one occasion that he wishes it was normal for men to sit to pee and then maybe poo. He reckons many a man has had an ambush wet fart while peeing at a urinal. Try to sneak one out and oops there we go into a cubicle to clean up!!!

Number 1
Its been a long time i havn't posted, for those that dont remember.. im 17, mixed race, male and slim from England.
I have what i would call a pretty strong bladder, i pee usually twice a day(once in the morning and once in the evening. Yesterday i decided to test myself so i peed at 7.00pm and drank 3 glasses of lemonade, i had had half of another glass at 12.30 just before i went to sleep(on purpose knowing i would have to pee in the morning). My girlfriend called me in the morning waking me up at 6.45am and i felt my bladder quite full but i just finished the other half of my drink from last night. I went back to sleep and woke up at 9.00am feeling a large urge to go so i got up and went downstairs for breakfast, i had 2 slices of toast and a large cup of tea 11.00 i was quite desperate but not too bad so i got another small drink. I was definately desperate by 12 but i continued to hold it in until 1.40pm when i was running a bath and i started to have some serious spasms i really couldnt handle lol ...i got a measuring jug and went into my bathroom. I started peeing immediately and thought i wouldnt stop, honestly i didnt know where all the pee was coming from! After just over 3 mins i thought i finished but i could still feel i wasnt empty so i carried on squeezing quite a bit out out over a period of another 3 mins. When i was finished there was 800 mls of pee in the jug exactly be honest im not too impressed with 18 hours and 40 mins of holding, neither am i impressed with 800 mls since ive held for 26 hours before but ill give my bladder a break and try again soon lol. Ill let y'all kno how it goes...

Hi, Ive been reading posts on here for years but never had anything much to post until now. Im 28 and male, I luve in England and have a wonderful girlfriend, I love her very much....I have been wondering about something though. Quite often she will hold her pee for a long time, well past the pont of jiggling about and holding herself. I think maybe oneday she will wet herself. I dont know if she just holds it because she can and waits till she really wants to go, or whethet she actually likes holding it and maybe wants to have an accident because she gets turned on?
The thing is, when she tells me she really needs a wee and she holds herself and jiggles her legs or dances about it really turns me on so much. Im wondering if I should ask her about her holding her pee and if she likes it?

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Has anyone ever taken a shit in the ocean, a lake, a pool, etc., where other people were around? Please describe in detail how you did it.

Hi all,
I like to tell you about something I witnessed yesterday. I was shopping, looking for some new stuff, when I overheard a conversation between a young girl, approximately 14 years old or so, and her mom. "Mom, are you ready, I still have to go!" the girl said in a little desperate voice. At that moment she passed, and I saw she had her left hand holding her bottom. She didn't noticed me. "Ask the lady at the counter if you are allowed to use the facilities" her mother advised her daughter. She nodded and went asking. A few minutes later she was back. "I am not allowed to use the toilets, it's only for personal" the girl said to her mother. "Oh well, a few more minutes Daisy and we'll go to aunt Mary a few blocks away from her. Hold it, will you." The girl looked frustrated and again touched her bottom. "Stop touching yourself Daisy" her mother said angry and pulled her daughters hand away. "Mom, please I am about to have an accident." "No you don't" her mother snapped. "14 year olds don't have accidents. And I don't have to remember you to what happened last summer, do I?" At that point mom and daughter left the store.

A few minutes later I walked behind the couple. A few minutes later we stopped at a red sign. When I looked at the bottom of the girl, I couldn't belief my eyes. A bulge was forming, first small, later a big one. The girl turned around and looked at me with a guilty look at her face. At that moment her mom noticed what had happened. "Daisy, what the hell. Did you poop yourself? Disgusting." She turned her daughter towards her and smacked her bottom three times. The girl cried. At that point I walked away. Oh well. Accidents happen. Poor girl.

do you ever have to take a poo really badly, and you just sit on your heel to hold it? i'm doing that right now. it is NOT COMFORTABLE. but the bathroom is occupied. :( i almost popped a vein in my forehead trying to hold this thing back. it feels like its going to rip me. i'im sorry for not writing! school is SO busy!


to Laurel:
I found your story about the small, single cut pieces of toilet paper in the dispensers to be quite interesting. I've never seen any of those. And you apparently had to use them during both middle school and high school and it was like that in every bathroom. I'm in our school's environmental (soon to be renamed Green) club and in our meeting classroom there's a poster on the wall from some governmental agency that lists over 500 ways students and their schools can become more "sustainable" or environmentally friendly. Those little slips of toilet paper you wrote about do cut down on waste and they are on the list along with sink faucets that automatically cut off the water stream if it is left on and, of course, those self-flushing toilets that all the stools in our school were switched to last summer. Many of us, however, think they suck because if you just stand to wipe and then sit back down or you just shift your weight a bit, they will go off. Also, the flushing water splashes pretty aggressively and has watered down my butt several times this year as I've sat.

Now this is my regular posting:

In my previous postings I've talked about how I am in a lot of school clubs and activities. This includes drama, journalism, music and environmental club. Often I'm at school from 6:30 a.m. to 8 or even 9 p.m. and I've written about some of my Saturday and Sunday responsibilities at school. So often I'm using the school bathrooms 5, 6 or even 7 times a day. Yes, sometimes they are dirty and not that well kept up due to the overcrowding in our building, but I just think we have to make the best of it and that means sitting down and doing our thing and not complaining too much. One of my activities is as an ambassador. It involves escorting new students around their first day or two on campus and helping each 9th grader on freshman day in August find their locker, classrooms, and other vital things such as the bathrooms. Well, since August I've gone into the bathroom about 10 times and when I've opened the door and prepared to pull my jeans and underwear down to seat myself on the stool I find a most unusual thing. There are like 7 or 8 large brown paper hand towels from the towel holder on top of the basin that have been placed on the seat. Often one or two of them are have fallen off the seat and are on the floor. This girl makes like a nest of them on the seat before she sits on them. She uses way to many, doesn't take them off when she's done and she never flushes. Often there's both a pretty good size crap in the bowl along with lots of yellow pee. So what I have to do is pull the paper towels off the seat and stack them on the floor next to the toilet before I sit down. I know once (like the first time I had seen them) I just took my finger and thumb and shoved them into the stool but then the stool backed up because they are too large and thick to flush. Why a person would be afraid to put a part of their butt on the toilet seat for a couple of minutes to simply pee or crap is something I don't understand. They are wasting so much of this towel paper and sometimes when I'm washing my hands I reach for a towel and there are none left.

I would love to find out who this student is but that would mean I would have to be right outside and the first in line for the stall when she comes out. I think its selfish and not environmentally good that so much paper is being wasted. A couple of my friends have commented on this too. I don't know if I'm gonna get lucky and be able to "meet" her this year. I sure hope so, though.

Turd Lover
My morning crap was excellent today. Several firm well-shaped logs came ploping out -- a nice shit parade. There was very little residue and the stench was great. A quick wipe of the butt, a good flush, and I was ready to face the day with gusto. Happy shitting everybody.......

Claire N
Those of you familiar with my previous posts will be aware that I have been very fastidious about privacy when having a poo. No one was witnessed me do a number two since I was a small child, until the incident at the railway station last month which I posted about. Then it was on the spur of the moment, outdoors, my friends idea, we were drunk, did it together and the circumstances seemed to warrant it. Prior to this I had been considering going in front of my husband for quite some time, realizing it is nothing unusual from posts on this forum. On the back of what happened at the station, my mind was made up. I had told my husband about the occurrence and the escapade with the train driver.
If I was not completely certain that my husband would enjoy seeing me poo, I would not have considered it. He often goes to the downstairs loo or bathroom after I spend some time there and I know he likes me to leave the window closed and not spray air freshener. If all my poo does not flush away, I leave it their. Furthermore, the toilet in the bathroom is adjacent to the partitioning bedroom wall and you can hear everything, from splashes in the bowl to quiet farts. I never make any attempt to be silent and will often take reading material in with me, so it is quite evident I'm having a poo. I was aware that him seeing me poo would cause a bit of embarrassment, but it was something I now really wanted to do. I was no longer in two minds, putting it off to some other time. I decided the most appropriate time would be on getting up on a weekend morning when we often share a bath and I have a wee in front of him, often farting at the same time. The bathroom is fairly big and the toilet is a good distance from the bath.
This time, as usual, when he got in the bath I took my knickers off and put them in the laundry cabinet. I then lowered the toilet seat, hitched up my night dress and sat down. My wee was very audible. I wiped, and now the moment had arrived. I was not going to back out, but it did cross my mind. I had an urge for my morning poo, but it was not something which could not wait. I had pondered as to whether I should just poo without saying anything, but decided against this. It would be better to ask the question first, knowing what the answer would be.! I said that I needed to poo quite urgently and would use the downstairs loo if he preferred. He said he did not mind me going in front of him. From the way his eyes lit up I could tell that this was some understatement!
Although feeling a little uneasy, now it was crunch time, I pushed. I farted loudly and followed through at the same time, poo splashing into the bowl. I noticed that he was looking away, which surprised me. He also seemed a bit uneasy and must have felt that I did not want him to watch. Boldly, I said that he need not look away and I was not embarrassed about him seeing me. After all, we are intimate and it seems a bit odd that this is the first time he has seen me poo in all these years. I thought it would be a good idea to change the topic of conversation, so I talked about what I wanted to do for the rest of the day - a trip into town for some shopping. He became more relaxed and enthused about a football match on tv. I also became more relaxed, dropping poo into the bowl without giving it a thought. I was conscious of the smell, but was fully aware that this was more of a thrill for him than a problem. I was not in any rush to finish and join him in the bath. This was going to be a good clear out. After about five minutes I farted loudly and dropped more poo. I sat there for a couple more minutes, talking about what I was going to buy in town, and realized that I was done.
Now it was time for the part likely to cause most embarrassment but, having seen me poo, I did not want him to turn his head. In for a penny, in for a pound! I tore off a strip of toilet paper from the holder and folded it up. Seeing him look away I said it was ok for him to see the paper work. Again his eyes lit up. I leant for, lifting my bum, and proceeded to wipe with my right hand as usual. This was the side of me he was facing. I wiped from front to back, not going to deep into the crack to avoid smearing poo on my cheeks and prolonging the job. I dropped the paper into the bowl beneath me, tore off more and did the same again. On repeating for the third time, I looked at the white paper before dropping it into the bowl. There was not much brown on it, I was nearly finished. I tore off a smaller wad and pressed it into my hole to complete the job. There was poo on it so I repeated. This time the paper was a lot cleaner, but one more wipe was required. This time the paper was clean and I had finished my first poo on a toilet with an audience. I stood up and pulled the flush. It had been a substantial dump and some poo and paper remained on the surface. I would leave it there. I took off my night dress, dropped it on the floor, and entered the bath. I could tell I had given my husband a thrill!

The Lone Loafer
I have an RFS (request for stories): has anyone ever pooped or peed out of a car window or door, especially when the car/van or whatever was in motion?

I have a question.
For people who pee in pools, and go over to the side and/or stand still when doing it: why do you do that? Doesn't it draw more attention to yourself if you stand still, then look relieved, and start moving around? Same if you go the side, stay real still, then go away from the side?
I haven't even been in a pool in like ten years, but I remember from when I was a kid, and experimenting with pool peeing, that a couple times I did go to the side, and do it. Once I had someone ask me if I was peeing, and how ever I got out of that, I always made it a point to be moving around like normal while I was peeing thereafter, even though peeing in pools was not something I did often.

To PRG about sleeping on the toilet: been there, done that, who knows how many times. I don't drink, though, so usually my excuse is that I'm really really tired, generally enjoy taking a long relaxing crap, and just wake up after some time has gone by, realizing that I was asleep. I think my record is an hour, but it could be a little more.
Glad to see you're still posting here, after my long hiatus from reading this forum.

To Sarah who started posting recently: love the long and detailed postings. I hope you keep it up!

Emilie, I understand what you told me in the last post. Plus, the last story you wrote was interesting of what that girl did. No, I have never done anything like that in a dressing room or in public.

Linda from Australia here again. For the last month, or maybe even longer, I haven't had ANY trouble pooping at all!!! I've been going twice a day mostly and yesterday I went 4 times!! Today I've already been twice and its still in the early afternoon. Its only been taking me 5 minutes to take a dump, sometimes 10 minutes but that is great for me! I often spend 20+ minutes on the toilet because I'm constipated quite a bit.

To Penny: While I prefer to do poos at home, I don't mind going in public toilets. Like you, I don't really care if someone hears me doing a poo or if somebody smells it. I know what you mean about girls having an easier time on the toilet than guys. We can just sit down whenever we use the toilet, so if we do decide to do a wee and a poo, its very easy. I would find it very annoying standing up to do a wee at a urinal, then having to go into a stall to take a dump. As you said in your post, if other guys were around, they would know exactly what was going on. Whereas with girls, we have more privacy when going to the toilet.

To Tracy: I loved your story! It sounds like you had a fantastic dump in that disabled toilet!! Do you always get constipated when you travel? My Dad is the same, he prefers to go at home, which is why he always gets backed up when he goes on holidays. Even if its just for a weekend trip or a few days, he gets constipated every time. How often do you get constipated? I get constipated quite often but I'm on a winning streak right now. I have lots of posts on here about when I've had a really hard time with pooping.

To Emma - you said "I refuse to
use the restrooms at work because my fellow employees are a*******
and they'll spread rumors because i'm new."
What will they spread rumors about? That you poop? In bathrooms? They do it too, yeah? Or is this office one that has a problem with employees using bathrooms?
Thanks for your story, it wasn't too long at all.

Michael - My brothers underwear look like that, he wears lighter colored briefs and boxerbriefs he is 16

Hey, its Phil again. Thought I would post again with my latest experience. Spurred on by some of the posts on this forum, I thought I would experience an outdoor poo again - something I have done before but not for a number of months.

Not far from where I live there is a narrow road that leads into some woods - an ideal place for having a good outdoor dump. Last night I felt the urge to go, so I put on my trainers and coat and walked into the woods. There are plenty of places to go - fallen trees, fences and gates to sit on, ditches etc etc.

Rather than squatting I fancied sitting on something to hang my arse off. There are plenty of fallen trees, so I found one away from the lane which I thought was ideal. I took off my coat and hung it on the branch of a tree, and pulled my jeans down and sat down on the tree trunk with my arse dangling over the other side. There was a lovely cool breeze which whistled across my bare cheeks.

Within a few seconds, I could feel the back door being pushed open and a large thick log started to slide out. It felt great as it slowly eased out and dropped onto the deck with a dull thud. A second log was soon on its way, followed by another three, each one feeling great as it slid out. I had taken some tissues to wipe with, but there wasn't much to do. After wiping, I stood up, pulled up my jeans and admired the mountain of shit that was there. This had been one of my best dumps for some time, and doing it outdoors was all the better.

Think I will re-visit this site again, and dump there again - on top of that load if it hasn't rotted away!

Other places where I have dumped outdoors are in a field, in an allotment and next to a canal. I look forward to the next time!

I currently have my home up for sale.Last week a very attractive girl called Anna came to view my house, she said she liked it.
She returned yesterday evening with her sister Miranda, after showing them both round my home Anna started rubbing her stomach, and asked if she could use the toilet. Ofcourse go ahead I said.
She quickly went upstairs to my toilet.
Whilst talking to Miranda I could hear her poo land into the toilet.I only heard one plop, however it sounded like she was desperate from the loud thud it made as it landed. She then did a fart that any man would be proud of! it was the loudest human fart I have ever heard! Miranda appologised and said her sister had been unwell lately with a nasty stomach virus.
Anna then flushed the toilet and returned downstairs,thanking me for showing them around, and that they would be in touch.
I later went upto the toilet and was greeted by a massive fat turd jammed in my toilet. It was a njghtmare to shift and took about 1 hour to clear and flush away.
They never called back about the house either, probably because the toilet couldnt cope with her massive shits!

Monday, November 16, 2009

We have just said farewell to a exhange student who was a 17 year old girl from China.
She stayed with us and our daughter for 2weeks.
During her stay she clogged the toilet 4 times!
I am not really surprised, as she is 6ft 1" tall and continually eats all day. She only had a bowel movement twice a week, at 3am in the morning, which I could clearly hear as the toilet she used was next to my bedroom.
She would groan whilst farting and dropping a big load in my toilet which doesnt normally clog, but I think it was the sheer amount she would pass.
Every night she would visit the toilet at 3am, and sit there and fart loudly, my wife and daughter always slept through it,but not me.
I dont think the toilet will miss her episodes of farting and pooping.
But I looked forward to her farts.

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