I was at the mall yesterday and had an intresting experience I'd like to share. I was browsing through some racks when I heard the girl next to me start to complain. I looked up and she appeared to be about 12 or 13 years old. She had her legs tightly crossed and was telling her mother that she needed to pee. Her mother told her that she was a big girl and could hold it till after she tried on her clothes. There aren't any bathrooms in that store and she didn't want to put their stuff down and risk losing it. The girl continued to complain and told her mom that she was going to pee right there on the floor. Again her mother told her that she could wait a minute and they would go use the bathroom in the food court when they were done since they were getting lunch there after.
I just continued to look through the racks when the girl yelled loudly that she really needed to pee and was going to pee right there. She then squatted down right in the middle of the isle and peed her pants. it obviously wasn't a real accident and she didn't seem embarrassed at all. Her mom screamed at her to get up but she continued to squat till her mom pulled her up and dragged her out of the store. She was still peeing and left a trail behind.
well I was appalled and intrigued at the same time. I headed toward the dressing room to try on my clothes and noticed a weird smell. I went into a room, bent over to take offhand my shoes and saw a bare butt squatting down in the room next to me. At first I didn't know what was going on but then I noticed that the owner of the butt was pooping. There was a wet spot on the ground like she had already peed and I heard her grunting. She dropped several firm logs.
Well I hung my stuff and left the store and I'm not sure ill ever go back. It did get me wondering if any of you have ever witnessed or participated in anything like these two things I saw?

Today, after class, I decided to go for a swim at the school swimming pool since I had never been and I wanted to go for a work out. It was about 4 pm and I had just finished my last class. I needed to have a shit so I decided I would take it in the men's washroom at the pool. I had eaten a large meal at home the night before and I had also treated myself for lunch at Wendy's, which is rare since I usually never eat out. Needless to say, I was now feeling the need to relieve myself before I went to swim.

I arrived into the men's change room and got into my swimsuit. It was fairly quiet with only a few other guys getting changed out of their swimsuits. I put my stuff in the locker and walked to find the washroom. I could not see where it was from where I was standing so I continued to walk towards the showers. I was nearly at the exit when I saw an open doorway. I turned inside and discovered the bathroom. The layout consisted of 6 toilets in the open with a simple and low partition between each one. There were sinks and urinals on the opposite end of each other, to the very left and right of where the toilets were, and since there was no main door, anyone walking though the change room could see right into the bathroom.

I didn't have many options. I could have tried to hold it in, but I really didn't want to since I had already been holding it in for the last couple of hours and it was growing to be rather uncomfortable. I made my way over to the handicapped toilet at the end near the urinals. I quickly lowered my swimsuit and sat down.

I let out a rush of urine before I started to push. A few quiet farts came out and then I felt a sudden pain as the turd started to make it's way out. I bent down as I struggled to push it out. It was almost out so I gave one more push. It splashed into the bowl as it landed with a thud. It took me a moment to get my breath back as I sat with great relief. I reached for the toilet paper and wiped up quickly while sitting down. I got up and pulled my swimsuit up. What I saw shocked me. The turd was massively thick and long. It must have been a good 12" long and was so thick I wasn't sure it was going to go down. I flushed and watched it spin around hopelessly, despite the power of the toilet. I tried to flush once more before someone noticed the dilemma that I was in but it got stuck. I tried once more and it finally went down while leaving plenty of skidmarks. I washed my hands and took off to go for my swim.

Karin - loved your story about using the squat toilet! Wish there were more stories about using those.

Delilah - loved your post as usual! I am curious about your appearance. There's a woman where I work who, for some reason, I think might be the spitting image of you.

Upstate Dave
The other day I was already up and here in the computer room. My wife woke up andwent in the bathroom which is right next to my computer room. Since there is just the two of us here the bathroom door is left open by either one of us when we are in the bathroom using it. As I sat using my computer I heard my wife take a piss which was her first in the morning one. I at this time I had to shit but I waited for my wife to go.

It hissed loudly and splashed nosily for a good twenty seconds or better. Then the hissing stopped but there was still soft splashing for she was still pissing but not hard. Then she paused and did a couple of hissing spurts to finish up as far as pissing.

Then she let out a short but loud fart. I knew she was going to shit too. For right after her fart I heard her grunt. If she grunts she is pushing to take her shit. Then she sucked in her breath and silently pushed again. Several seconds of silence followed and then I heard a loud plop with a splash. Then she exhaled. That was her first one taken care of.

Then I heard her suck in her breath again. She was pushing a second time. She was pushing harder too for this time I heard her piss a little bit with her piss splashing. Then she stopped her pissing again. Silence followed until she exhaled loudly. She quickly sucked in her breath hard and she mmeadiatly pushed hard. Then she softly said. Oh come on.

Then right after that came a louder splash and she had shit a second piece out. She stll was not quite finished for she had more. A low sounding grunt followed and then right after that short low grunt a heard the last loud splash I would hear in the bathroom. My wife was done. I heard the toilet paper roll spin, the paper tear, and I heard her wipe herself.

I heard her stand up and she flushed the toilet. She had put the lid down when she flushed and she was washing her hands at the sink as the toilet flushed. I knew from the the sound that the toilet was making while it was flushing it was clogged. It really gurgguled loudly. My wife left the bathroom and headed for the kitchen.

I went into the bathroom to take my shit and I lifted up the toilet lid. There in the bowl was still all thrre pieces of my wiofes shit! None of it went down when she flushed the toilet. Her three pieces were long fat ones! Each one looked longer then six inches.Myself needing to shit didn't bother try unclogging the toilet I just pulled down my boxers and sat down on the seat.

I'm a quick shitter when I go. So I started shiting in a few short seconds after I had sat down on the seat. I don't have to push most times either when I do shit. This time I didn't have to either. I felt it comming right out at a good clip. Now with her shit still in the toilet my shit made no noise when the first one came completely out.

The second one started comming right out after the first one. As I sat there I could smell the oder of shit but that was hard to tell if it was mine or hers that I was smelling. The second one dropped away making a dull thump on the isde of the bowl this time.The oder of shit got a lot stronger so it was my shit that I was smelling now not hers.

Then like her I did have one more piece come out and that one also flumped in the bowl after it dropped. I roole off some toilet paper wiped myslf and then I stood up and looked down. My three added pieces wre fatter and longer then my wife three pieces. Only one of mine was partialy in the water. Th other two were not. I grabbed the plunger to have it ready.

I flushed the toilet. The water rose up quickly taking all the shit with it. I quickly took the plunger stuck it odwn in the toilet and rapidly plunged it with my wifes and my shit spinning arond the bowl and plunger handle. I pulled up and The water rushed quickly down and so did all of our shit. Boy was I glad about that. Many times when our toilet cloggs you have to plunge it more then once! After the tank refilled I did test to make sure the toilet was unclogged and it was. The water rushed right down without a problem.asion when I had no choice but to shit and get done in front of strangers..

Girls girls girls, when are you all going to realize that we all have to shit, for us it is easier than men. My husband tells me that when a bunch of guys say at a convention go for a pee and one goes into a stall they all like to get finished fast and out before the fireworks starts. Where as with us we all have to go into a stall so while sitting supposedly peeing we can drop a log or two and no one will know. When I was shy about shitting around others as a teenager I would position myself back on the loo, lean forward so that I peed straight into the water and while the waterfall was going would quickly shit against the back of the bowl. Yes skid marks but who will know. The log slides down the back into the water quietly even if you are not capable of a double header, shitting and pissing at the same time. Now at the age of 53 I could not care less, if fact try to make as much noise as possible. Once had a shit in the school toilets of our local school, small school all the kids know me but after the first fart and splutter they all ran out and I could hear them outside laughing away that "Aunty Penny was going poo!!" Another thing you must realize too and it has been proven over and over on these pages is that the colon is more powerful than the anus. When it decides that that shit will out it will push it out no matter what you try to stop it. It will beat you that is why it times a cramp when you are least expecting it!!!! So the lesson is when you need to go, find a shitter and go like everyone else. Cannot imagine having to peel my panties or even worst my jeans off caked in shit. I will tell you all about an occ

This year, my second year in a new high school, I decided to get involved in more activities. And part of it is working because I'm making more friends, but experiences like I had last Saturday are upsetting to me.

I went our for and made our school's choral group. We have three public performances a year and the top 10 percent of the group auditions for an all-city concert which is made up of students from each of five high schools. Luckily, I was selected. We had the city-wide performance at our local campus of state university on Saturday evening, but due to some scheduling problems at the college, the Saturday morning rehearsal was moved to the auditorium of an all-boys prep school on the other side of the city. My parents were already at work and I overslept only to have my cell phone ring at 6:30 a.m. with my boyfriend Diver in the driveway waiting to take me to practice. My car was in the shop for a few days because there's a shortage of a particular part that's been ordered and Diver wasn't any too happy about possibly being late to his fast-food job where he had to be by 7 a.m.

I invited Diver inside to wait. I was getting frustrated because I couldn't find any clean underwear in my drawer, I couldn't find the shoes I wanted to wear, among other things. And I knew Diver was getting pissed having to wait in the living room. Once I got dressed and got it together, I dropped in and told Diver I was going to pee and he got even more upset and said he was going to get docked at his job and possibly written up because he's been late in getting in after diving practice a couple of times. Walking right by our bathroom off the hallway (and that was hard) I hurriedly ran into the living room and told Diver I was ready. I hold Diver as he was backing out of the driveway how badly I had to pee, but he knows how to try and humor me and he said something about he wouldn't give me a swig of his coffee. It was about a 15 minute drive to the prep school and he dropped me off at the only lit doorway that I thought would probably be close to their auditorium. As soon as I got out and put my purse over my shoulder, he sped off and I felt bad about inconveniencing him and making him late for work.

The first two doors I tried were locked. I knew the others would be arriving in about an hour, but it was chilly outside and I had to pee even worse. It was still dark and about 45 degrees outside as I continued to walk around the building looking for a door. As I went around a corner I came to the loading dock and there was a painters' truck backed up to it and I noticed the door was ajar. I hurried through the janitors' area and into a hallway where I saw a sign direct me toward the music wing. My need to pee was now an emergency. As I continued to walk through the partially dark hallway I noticed a boys sign on the wall and quickly started looking on both sides of the wall for the girls room. I know I wasn't in the best mood but I walked around that fine arts pod two times before coming across another boys room sign but still I couldn't find the girls room. Then suddenly, it occurred to me that this was a boys-only school and that I was about to pee my pants.

Since there was nobody around I ducked into the boys room. The first thing I saw was about 10 urinals hanging on the wall and a marble partition which was setting off what looked like four or five toilet stalls. I immediately ran for the stalls, selected the middle one, dropped the seat with my right hand while I flung my purse on the floor with my left. I couldn't drop my jeans fast enough and although the seat was a bit cold, I was thankful my butt was on it. For some reason, I don't know if I thought the doorless stall which forced me to sit in the open or using the opposite sex's bathroom was the most intimidating but I grew frustrating after at least a minute when I sat and was unable to get my pee flow going. I was hurting considerably--the same burning sensation I normally get when I have to pee and can't find a toilet or have to wait in line. Here I was, in a vulnerable position, and then I couldn't produce. I received a momentary scare when a loud fan kicked on. I don't know why I was so jumpy. All I wanted to do was to get my pee started. I remembered how I started to think about how much I hated Diver for not giving me time to take my pee at home which would have prevented this. I knew if I stood up and walked around for a couple of minutes I would only be hurting more.

I started to cry a little as I continued to sit. This type of thing normally doesn't happen. I can always start my pee, but usually in a doored stall and not in a boys bathroom. I moved myself a little closer to the front of the seat and that decision to slide forward got a few trickles to start. Then came a smaller stream that picked up intensity that started to instantly relieve my pain, but at that point I heard footsteps in the hallway coming closer and I was hopeful they would go by. They didn't. A person walked into the bathroom, took the stall to my right, dropped the seat so hard that it sounded like it would break, and by the mess on his shoes and workjeans, I could tell it was a painter. He was on the stool about five seconds when I could hear him start a strong pee (oh, I wish I could have done that!) and then he dropped a smelly but obviously large and heavy series of crap pieces. One of them hit with a thud (it probably hit the front of the bowl outside the water) and the others produced splashes. About two minutes later my pee had finished but I froze because I didn't want him to try and start a conversation. I was also praying that he wouldn't see my purse from under the partition.

It was both scary and strange but as he finished his crap he started whistling. However, I could hear him tear off the toilet paper and wipe (it took him like 5 sheets to do it) and he pulled up his underwear, buckled his jeans and he took off without flushing. I guess I was surprised. He also didn't stop to wash his hands. However as I sat getting ready to leave I realized that the same plan would work best for me because I didn't want to draw any attention to myself. Luckily when I got back into the hallway other students were starting to come in and I was thankful for my timing.

During a break at about 11 a.m. I had to take my daily crap. What they did, however, was put large signs out making one of the boys rooms a temporary girls room, but most everybody seemed to be reluctant to use the open stalls. However, I didn't have a choice and I had had experience. My crap was uneventful. Diver tried to call me when I was on the stool, but I decided not to take his call.

Hi again. Matthew, interesting roommate. I wouldn't expect him to be that open! But great that he is... how bad were his skidmarks?

Had an unexpected discovery myself today. I was washing my clothes (there's a washer/dryer at the place I rent with some roommates), and when I was ready to use the dryer I found it full with clothes already. I'm not sure why, but they were dirty. Having to dry my wet clothes, I picked the pile up and set it on top of the dryer. After I put my clothes in and started the machine, curiosity got the best of me. I saw a few pairs of guy's underwear in the pile, and decided to inspect them. They were boxer briefs, 1 dark one with a few lighter grey ones. At first they didn't look that bad, but then I looked inside. I've definitely seen worse, but in the bottom of the black one there was a noticeable 2-3 inch skidmark. The front also had some discoloration from pee stains. Upon inspecting the grey ones, both fronts were all yellow on the inside, and the backs definitely had some brownish areas (not necessarily dark skidmarks, but definitely brown areas).

Reminds me of myself a little. I don't usually get skidmarks that show through my boxer briefs, but usually do get some on the inside. I think the "areas" of yellow and brown are a common sight on most men's underwear. What do you guys think? Have you ever made any similar discoveries?

Hi i'm Emma, i'm 19 yrs. old 5'4, blonde hair, brown eyes, I have a nice butt and somewhat big boobs, and I wear glasses. I just want to share a horrific accident that happened to me yesterday. okay I ALWAYS take a crap every morning, but this morning I overslept. I have to be to work at 9, and I woke up at 8:15. I took a quick shower, and threw on a blouse, with a white thong, white miniskirt, and white pantyhose, with white heels. Why did I wear white today? I felt the urge to poop but ignored it. I arrived at work just on time. I work in an office all day until 7pm, I was just doing normal paperwork, until about 3pm and the urge to poop came on strong, and I could feel it at the edge of my a** wanting to come out. But I remembered, I have to drive to my boyfriends after work because hes making dinner, and were gonna watch a movie together at his house, so I knew this was going to be trouble. But somehow I fought off the urge, and went back to work. at about six i started having really bad cramps and i sat with my heel in my a** for the rest of the time I was at work, and when my shift was over, I stood up and almost lost it completely, I doubled over in pain and clenched my cheeks as hard as I could, somehow I managed to suck it back in. I refuse to use the restrooms at work because my fellow employees are a******* and they'll spread rumors because i'm new. I walked with my cheeks clenched as tight as I could to my car, and drove out of the parking lot to my boyfriends, the urge went away, but I knew it would be back. i arrived at my boyfriends and we sat at the table and ate dinner, and chatted for about an hour, when the cramps came back fiercly and I felt my hole start opening, and i squeezed my cheeks as hard as i could without trying to look worried, and i was doing good, and then he said he didn't get the movie because the store was out of stock, becuase the dvd came out on tuesday, So he walked me out the door, and I was trying to walk normal but now i felt the turd touching my thong, and he kissed me, then i made it to my car got in and pulled off. my house was five minutes away and the turd was stuck between my tightly clenched cheeks, and the seat that was holding it from coming into my pantyhose, because i was wearing a thong and that was not good to hold poop. I havent had an accident since I was 5 in kindergarden, I made it to my driveway and slowly got up grabbed my purse and stepped out of the car. my turd started moving, but I put my hand up my skirt and literally squeezed my butt closed, and I slowly made it to my front door, when i dropped my purse and that had my keys in it. I was panicking and started tearing up. I remebered my brother was home, he's only 15, so i knocked on the door, and he answered it, and said omg Emma whats wrong? I said Eric i'm about to sh** my pants i've got to get to the bathroom (me and eric are really close I tell him everything), I bent over to get my purse, when I lost it. as soon as I bent over,my turd started pushing and my hand was no use. I couldn't take the pressure anymore, and gave one big push, and my pantyhose filled up with globs of shit all down my thighs front and back, in my crotch it was so gross. Eric stood there in total shock. I cried up a storm. I got my purse and ran to my room crying I didn't know where to start in trying to clean up.I just stood in my room puzzled. But then my sweet brother Eric came upstairs to my door and said Em do you want me to help you clean up? I sheepishly smiled at him, and he grabbed my arm and we went to the bathroom. I pulled down my thong, skirt and pantyhose, they were all ruined, full of mushy crap. I handed them to Eric and he put them in a bag, then he took a towel and started wiping the sh** of my lower area, butt, and thighs, not in any sexual way, he just wanted to help me. then I got in the shower, and he went in my room and got me some clothes to change into and he threw the bag away, and put it outside for trash, before our parents got home, and he left and went to watch cartoons in his room. after I showered I got ready, and went straight to erics room, and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. and said thanks kid, he said no prob, and Em i wont tell anyone about this. And i smiled and left. well thats it sorry for it being so long, I just wantd to include every detail. bye- em

Friday, November 13, 2009

This is my first time posting here. I'm 18 and a senior in high school and I want to tell someone about what happened to me two weekends ago. I want to tell someone the story but then again I don't want anyone that I know to find out about this because it is very embarrassing.

Two Saturdays ago, I was taking a college placement test at school. There were a bunch of us from my school going to the same college, so the college scheduled the placement test at my high school. That worked out pretty well for me since I am also a cheerleader for my school's football team and we had a game that afternoon. It was a pretty tight schedule but the test would be over in time for the game and I wore my cheerleading uniform to the test so I could go directly from the test to the game.

It was a good plan except that during the test, I developed the need to have a bowel movement. Now my school's bathrooms are actually pretty nice as school bathrooms go - I pee in there all the time - but I've never been comfortable having bowel movements in there. I've always been very private about that and never liked to use the large multi-stall girls' rooms where someone in another stall could hear me having a bowel movement. That particular function was best done at home or at least in a single-user type of bathroom.

At the start of my freshman year in high school, I signed up to be a volunteer in the guidance office during my study hall period. In the guidance office was a nice, clean and very private single-user at a time style bathroom and though it wasn't really meant for student use, no one ever said anything about my using it since I had a legitimate reason to be in the guidance office. Even when it wasn't my volunteer period, I could still quickly pop in there, do my bowel movement, and pop out without anyone really paying attention. Every year, I've been a volunteer in the guidance office and that's how I've survived without ever having had to do a bowel movement in the regular girls' room at school.

Of course, sitting there on that Saturday morning taking this placement test and feeling a growing urgency in my bowels, I knew I had a problem. The guidance office wasn't open and I didn't have the luxury of that bathroom. In fact, not only was the guidance office blocked off on that Saturday morning, but most of the school as well - including the smaller, more secluded girls' rooms. All that was available for me to use at the time was the large, heavily used girls' room in the main corridor by the gym. The thought of using it for a bowel movement horrified me - especially now as there would surely be band members and other cheerleaders using it and hanging around in the hallway there in preparation for the game. Maybe I could have managed it an upstairs out of the way girls' room, but not in the main corridor one that everyone at the football game would be using. I began to contemplate just how of a predicament I was in. It was now a little after 11 AM and the game wouldn't start until 1 PM. It wouldn't be over until well after 3 PM or it would be close to 4 PM until I could get out of there and to my own private bathroom at home.

Of course, as the test dragged on, the need to go was only getting worse. Obviously, I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold it in until the football game was over, but I quickly convinced myself that I could at least hold it in until the test was over. I lived only a few blocks from the school and I had my car, so I figured after the test, I could quickly hop in my car, do my bowel movement at home and quickly drive back to school for the game.

Fortunately, I did make it to my car (it wasn't easy as I had to stop several times and clench my ass cheeks tightly closed to keep the movement in me), but no sooner had I sat down and closed the door, I simply couldn't hold it in any longer. I suddenly felt a strong surge from inside me and a big "log" started coming out beyond my control. I could feel this long log of soft poop slowly sliding out of me and through my ass cheeks. The funny thing was that it didn't feel all that differently from poop sliding out while on the toilet. But then I started to feel it accumulate in the seat of my panties and it's hard to really describe how dirty and disgusting that feels and how humiliated you feel sitting there with panties full of poop.

Your first thought is that at your age this couldn't possibly have happened and you couldn't possible have gone to the bathroom in your pants (especially #2). You think that if you'd just pinch yourself hard enough that you'd wake up and this would only be a bad dream. But then when you feel the mess spreading in your panties and all over and through your backside, you realize it's all too real. You curse the bad timing of your bowels when you realize that if they could have only waited 10 more minutes, you'd have been home and sitting on the toilet, and this would not have happened. But then you also think about how if it had happened just 10 minutes earlier, it would have happened in the classroom just as you finishing the test, and in front of one of your teachers and about a dozen of your classmates, and that humiliating would have been 10 times worse than you were feeling now. And finally, you come to the realization that no matter how much you dislike doing bowel movements in public bathrooms, no bathroom could possibly be worse than doing it in your pants. At that point in time, I felt like I'd rather have squatted down on the fifty yard line at halftime of the game and done it there than be dealing with this mess now.

All that was left to do now was head home as I had intended. That was even more important now, especially before someone saw me or got close enough to smell me. Ironically enough, my parents and my two younger sisters had already left for the game so fortunately I was home alone. Also fortunate for me was that between my underwear and my cheerleading slip, neither my car seat nor my cheerleading skirt had become soiled. My underwear and my slip were expendable but there'd have been no way to explain away a messed car seat or a soiled cheerleading skirt. There was no time to take a shower, so all I could do was grab a washcloth and go to work cleaning myself up. My panties were so bad I actually had to peel them off of me but they weren't really the problem as I had no intention of actually cleaning them. The problem, of course, was that the bowel movement was smeared all over my behind, between my ass cheeks, and some of it was even down between my legs. This was so disgusting that I felt like I was going to throw up, but fortunately I didn't and I was able to get myself cleaned up. I thought again about what would have happened if I were stuck in a school bathroom like this and didn't have a washcloth to clean myself. I had messed myself so badly that I think it would have been impossible to clean myself up with just toilet paper.

That part of the clean-up done, I carefully dried myself with toilet paper, and quickly redressed with clean underwear and a new cheerleading slip. I grabbed a plastic bag for my soiled panties, soiled slip and the washcloth, tied it shut, and carefully hid the whole package under some other garbage in the garbage can in the garage. I ever so thoroughly washed up and quickly headed back to school, arriving just in time for the start of the game, but quite a bit later than I was expected. I mean the test had been over for half an hour now and it didn't take that long to walk from the classroom to the football field behind the school. I had to tell my cheerleading coach that I had forgotten something and had to go home to get it. I got yelled at a little for being "careless" in forgetting something, but all things considered it wasn't so bad. I suspect it would have been quite a bit worse if she had known just how "careless" I truly was in letting myself have an accident. My mom noticed my lateness as well, but she had a better insight into the reason. Knowing how much I've always hated having bowel movements in public bathrooms, she simply assumed I went home for that purpose and teased me a bit about how sill I was about "those kinds of things." I thought it best, of course, that I simply confess to what she suspected and left it that.

Except for my own personal feelings of disgust and shame, I've gotten away with this and it does feel good to tell somebody and get this of my chest

I guess, the moral of the story is not to hold it in when you really have to go since whatever bathroom you have to use is a lot better than going in your pants. I know I'll never make that mistake again.

i saw something interesting and surprising the other day related to going to the bathroom. i go to college and i do work-study, which is where you can work on campus to help with tuition. this semester they have me working in the test proctoring center, which is a place that offers distraction-free work environments, scribes, and special computer equipment and software and all kinds of things to help people with learning disorders and physical disabilities take tests and stuff. pretty much all i do there is sit around and do nothing for 3 hours, 4 times a week. if any of the the computers or equipment has problems, i fix it, and i do other things like program this machine that makes braille copies of documents. anyway, enough about what i do, here's the point. i was sitting in the center the other day just screwing around on my iphone because there was absolutely nothing to do. this girl nicole was at the desk at the front and she just schedules tests for people and helps people write their answers on tests if they can't do it themselves. it was just me and her there doing nothing, but this one girl Alayna who has ADD and takes all her tests in the proctoring center was in one of our testing cubicles taking a test. she had been in there for a few hours and i pretty much forgot about her. i remember there being this kind of foul smell lingering in the office that was kind of bothersome, but it wasn't unbearable so i just ignored it. i figured it was the trash can or something. anyway, eventually Alayna came out of her cubicle looking like she'd seen a ghost, and crept over to the front desk really slowly with her test. she handed in her test and nicole was just asking her if she needed to schedule anything else, and she just kept mumbling "no im good" and stuff. nicole asked her if she was ok and she just said "yeah well no im just not feeling to good but i gotta go now" and nicole just said ok. then Alayna kind of took a few steps backward towards the door then turned around and started to rush out the door, but that's when we both noticed she had a HUGE bulge on her butt! she had these charcoal gray sweatpants on and it looked like she had an orange in the seat of them. as soon as she left, lo and behold, that foul smell finally went away. me and nicole just looked at eachother and nicole's eyes were all wide, and she just went "did she poop in her pants?". and i was just like "apparently!" we were in shock. i really couldn't believe that a college student would do that in her pants, i mean we're not like really strict that we wouldn't let someone get up during a test to go to the bathroom i they really had to go. she just showed up, went in her cubicle to take her test, and apparently had to go so bad and just sat in there and pooped her pants rather than asking to be excused. it was like, something a little kid in elementary school would do. it was just really unusual, and me and nicole were really surprised.

Kate M.
i'm kate. i'm 31, white, i have long wavy brown hair, green eyes, and i think i'm pretty fit. i live alone, and i own my own flower shop. i only have 3 employees and i'm always really busy, so a few months ago i took a much needed and much deserved vacation. i took a week off just for myself, i didn't plan a trip to go away anywhere, i just wanted to sleep in everyday, get up and do what i wanted, see some friends and family, get some things done at home, etc. i also worked out a lot because i like to stay in shape. on wednesday of that week my friend Juliet had a party at her house and there was a lot of really good food because she has a catering business. so i ate a lot! it was all very delicious. anyway, thursday morning i got up at about 8:30 and got ready to go for a run. i put on a black underarmour tank top, a pair of plain white panties, my gray workout pants and my running shoes, put my hair back in a pony tail and went running.

about 20 minutes into my run, i got this terrible uneasy feeling in the pit of my just gurgled and groaned loudly and i felt some serious churning down there. at first i thought i was hungry, but within seconds i had to poop like you would not believe. it was the most intense and uncomfortable urge to poop i've ever felt. i knew all the exotic foods i ate at julet's party the previous night may have given me diarrhea... i was running in a wooded residential area, so i had a major problem...there were no public places or anything i could duck into to use the bathroom and i couldn't really go outside anywhere because there were houses around and i didn't want to anyone to see me and call the cops or i turned around and started to jog home and was just praying to myself "please make it please make it please make it!" it was literally the most urgently i've ever needed to poop in my entire life. the problem was as i jogged it was really uncomfortable and difficult to hold it in, so i had to stop jogging. that presented a completely different problem because i was a pretty long way from home. i started walking briskly while trying to clench my butt and i had my hand on my lower i walked, this really violent, explosive fart forced its way out. it was very loud and messy sounding..and i couldn't keep it from happening. i felt my face burning red and i got really embarrassed about it even though there was no one around...i just don't really fart audibly ever, especially by accident, so it surprised me. as i hurried home more uncontrollable, loud farts kept slipping out, and i got really stressed. i knew eventually, something more than a fart was gonna wanna come out and i wouldn't be able to control that either... i was still a good 5 minutes from my condo when a severe cramp hit me, and i knew it was gonna happen...i was 31 years old and out in public and i knew i was about to poop my pants, whether i wanted to or not. my legs went completely rigid and i pretty much had to stop walking, and a series of loud, explosive farts escaped from my butt in rapid succession, followed by a hot stream of wet poop. it came out really fast and i could feel it hot and gooey spreading across my butt and filling my underwear. i felt so defeated... i kept trying to walk but i would have to stop as more diarrhea would pour into my underwear accompanied by a lot of noisy flatulence. it was quite simply the loudest, messiest and wettest poop i've ever done, and it happened in my pants in public...

anyway, when the horror was over i had to continue walking home. the back of my pants were bulging out with poop and sagging a little bit, and my butt and the backs of my legs were soaked. my pants were form fitting and tight so the mass of the poop stayed in my butt area but as i walked i could feel it slowly leaking down the legs of my was so horrible and humilating and shameful...a few times cars passed me by and i'm sure it was quite the site...a grown woman waddling down the side of the street with an enormous wet brown stain on her butt... anyway, after getting home and spending over an hour cleaning myself and washing my clothes, i stayed in for the rest of the day. i was afraid to go out in public because i didn't know who saw me like that with an embarrassing mess in my pants.

as far as i know, nobody i know saw me because no one has mentioned it to me, and i certainly haven't told anybody until now! that was easily the most embarrassing moment of my entire life. the pair of panties that i had on that day is still buried in the bottom of my underwear drawer, even though i washed them right away you only have to take one quick glance at them to know that i pooped in them. i don't even know why i kept them, i guess i'll wear them again if it's that time of the month or if i'm feeling uneasiness in my bowels and might have an accident. my gray workout pants took on a pretty serious poop stain too, but you can't really tell from the outside too much, but on the inside you can. if i wash them a couple more times the stain should be completely gone on the outside so i can wear them in public again...but all i have to do is look at those pants and panties to remind myself not to go running after a night of eating a lot of new foods!

Party Pooper (Ruth)
Hi I was at a house party last night with my friend Jane.
There was hundreds of sausage rolls laid out in the food,most of the guests were ????, so we had a competition to see who could eat the most. I managed 29 Jane gave out at 24.
Several alcoholic drinks later, Jane & I went up to the toilet.
Jane went first whilst I re-applied my make-up.
She complained of stomach ache (mine was feeling bad too) then she had one serious dump.Plop PLop PLop PLop Plop PLop, it was non stop for about 2 minutes. She wiped her butt, flushed then waited for me to go.
The toilet water level was slowly returning to its normal level as I sat on the toilet.I let out a really loud deep base like fart, my stomach made a weird churning noise, then I began to poop.Unlike Janes mine was 4 large logs, before wiping I said to jane take a look at them. She was impressed, asking me if they were painful to pass. I said no they were just a bit uncomfortable.
I wiped then flushed the toilet, it took 4 flushes with some help from the toilet brush to see my logs away, we laughed to each other, then returned downstairs to the party.

A.W.-- yeah

a question for the women

i get embarassed when someone can hear me sit on the toilet or can see my feet under the stall or see me coming out of the stall. do any women find this embarassing as well? if so, how do you deal with it, considering you sit in public toilets, i assume, more often than men.

ps don't tell me its not something to be embarassed about. i know it isn't i just am.

it felt a little weird with w
et panties but the feeling of having to pee really badly was sooo uncomfortable that anything would have felt better. Plus like I said, I would've felt really weird and awkward being that exposed I probably would've frozen up and not been able to go, which would've resulted in an accident and wet pants which would've felt weirder.

who here has used a laptop in a public toilet? interesting stories? thanks.

The R Man
I gotta pee soooooooooooooooooooo bad! I have a strong bladder so i am not wiggleing or jiggleing. Or at least, not yet! Fffffffffffffffffff!

My mother was German, and when we were kids she referred to bowel movements as "making bowels". I actually grew up believing that "bowel" was a synonym for "poop". It wasn't until I was grown up that I realized that bowels were intestines and not the stuff inside the intestines.

I'm just wondering if anyone else who posts here has ever heard or used the phrase "making bowels" as a synonym for pooping.

i'm 35 female and was on a business trip to china last month. the toilets out of the big cities are really terrible. most of the time they are just a row of hoes in the floor, sperated for women and men, but with now wall or anything else between the holes. Also no toiletpaper are availabe generally.
I used to void going to the toilet outside my hotelroom therefore, but on one trip to a outside factory and after the rather exotic lunch i felt a strong need to go for a dump. I hated to ask our guide, a girl around 20, whre the toilet is, but i had to.
As feared it was asmall room, with a dirty sink on the end and to rows of 3 holes in the floor facing each other.
it smelled terrible and felt very uncomfortable, but a huge pressure in my bowels convinved my that it had to be now.
I went to the less dirty hole and stood over it, the lifted my grey business skirt, pulled down my nylons and black tong and squatted down, always looking at the door.
I started immediately to push hard to get it done as fast as possible, but i only started to pee. I did spread my knees al little bit more and looked down to check where the jet was going to, not to wet myself.luckily it found almost a clean way down the hole.
i pushed hard and even moaned a little bit, but then I felt my efforts being rewarded as my butt hole started to open and a big turd pushing its way through.
It started to smell real bad!
it was halfway out and i still had to push hard when i heard someone coming! it was the girl acting as our guide! she entered the room and smiled at me.
i felt blushing as she passed by and chose the hole right opposite to me. she opened her jeans, dropped them thogether with her rather big panties and sqatted down, pulling the knees extremly towards her shoulders and wrapping her arms around.
so i had a clear view on her exposed paradise as well as her butthole.
i felt a reflex to stand up, but the turd was still hanging out.
so i pressed hard and she smiled at me all the way. she started to pee a weak jet, but then she closed her eyes turned away and then i saw a huge turd emerge at her butthole and slowly getting longer and longer.
i was so facinated by the size of the turd, that i almost forgot my own business. i had one last pushand and it was out finally.
the girl had meanwhile her lips pressed thight thogether and pushed hard.
i wiped my ass two times with a paper towel from my pocket and started to rise as she opened her eyes and obviously found it very funny to see that i was shaved, in strong contrast to her. she started to gaggle and i blushed again!
as fast as i could i pulled up my tong and just in this moment another lady entered the room and while squatting down started a lively chat with our guide, still working heavily on her dump.
I left the toilet before either of them finished and eas glad to leave for the city soon!

TV viewer
Haven't seen any media posts lately about reference to pooping or peeing on TV or movies. But I just saw a great one and wanted to share.

Canadian Show "Being Erica" is about a women who is kind of like Quantum Leap because she can jump back in time to fix things that went wrong in the past.

In episode "Shhh...Don't Tell" she goes back to High School where two seniors (Jenny and Fiona) are fighting over one guy (this is revealed later). Erica gets the two to declare a truce and stop fighting. Jenny offers Fiona a piece of chocolate as a piece offering. Fiona eats it not knowing that its actually a laxative.

The next scene is gym class. The class are doing those football/soccer practices where you dribble the ball around cones. Erica still doesn't know what's about to happen. Fiona is a tall and slim attractive redhead and she's wearing very tight white shorts that go down almost to her knees. (White is a BAD CHOICE for what's about to happen!)

Before she starts dribbling the ball, she stands there rubbing her stomach and looking uncomfortable. The girls in on the joke exchange knowing looks.

She starts dribbling the ball but quickly she starts mumbling "Oh no... Oh no... Oh no..." and holding her stomach more. The other girls start laughing. Then she stops dribbling and reaches behind her in horror. She turns her back to the camera and they actually show the poop stain on the back of her shorts.

One girl yells "Did Fiona just shit herself?" The class starts laughing. Fiona runs to the locker room saying "Oh no oh no oh no oh no!" while holding onto her white shorts. It looked like the stain was growing and running down her pant legs.

I wonder if this was based on any real life incident. I'm surprised that they actually showed the shit stain on Fiona's shorts instead of just implying it by everyone reacting to a smell and her backing away towards a bathroom.

Aside from the laxative acting immediately like it always does in movies and TV (in real life it would take hours or overnight to kick in) it was pretty realisitic. Like I said, I think they actually went to the trouble of making the stain grow and start spreading down the back of her legs (but it went pretty quick so I'm not 100% sure so I may watch the episode again later). I wonder if they got the effect by putting some mud or something down the actresses shorts. BTW, the actressess name is Melanie Leishman and she is a good sport. I bet not a lot of up and coming young actressess (she is 20) who are attractive would want to be shown in TV with a poop stain on her butt and running for the lady's room...

Does anyone else watch this show?

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