I'm going to try to post more often as I truly appreciate the support I get from those who enjoy my posts. I may have to make them a bit less lengthly, as it takes time to write such detailed accounts. Sarah, I appreciate your talent as a writer. I too have background in the literary arts and appreciate your attention to detail! I've been there too holding until it could no longer stay in more times then I remember, and yes I've gone in my underwear by accident as a result of it. I haven't posted about any such events yet but they have happened. One time during college I had a bowel movement creep out into my panties. I remeber I was holding it all day and I think it had been four days since I last pooped. I had just finished my classes and was walking to my car. Like you, I sat on my leg intermittentley throughout the day, so standing and walking a distance was just too stimulating and I began to have a bowel movement against my will about a hundred feet from my car. I felt my cheeks part as the rock hard turd pushed forward until it touched my panties, at which time I pressed my hand on my crack through my jeans to stop its forward progress. My intestines fought back and just kept pushing, but I was able to keep it from emptying out by doing so. I reached my car and nobody was around, so I opened the door then squatted down as I quickly lowered my jeans/undies, and as soon as I had my jeans away a huge poo surged forth and exploded onto the ground with a torrent of gas to follow. It was the size of my forearm, and my anus smarted from letting it out. I quickly stood up and without wiping pulled up my pants as quickly as I could, then sat in my car and got out of there. I didn't want to be around for anyone to find that huge poo on the pavement!!! During all that I never relaxed to let out my pee after the poo was finished, I had to go badly that as well but simply felt I had to leave. As I pulled out of the lot my crotch ached from holding my pee and since my butt was already totally messy I just peed myself through my jeans into the driver's seat. I heard the hissing as I peed full force and the drips as it pooled onto the car floor under the fabric seat. I felt so much better after this that the total relief sensation of relaxation set in and I just laughed to myself about it as I drove to my apartment. (On a side note, that wasn't the first or last time that I just gave up and peed into the seat while driving.) After I got home I went straight to the bathroom and pulled off my clothes. I looked in my bikini undies and there was a huge thick poo stain, much larger than the skidmarks I normally get, totally soaked by pee and really messy. I cleaned them immediately even before cleaning myself, washing them in the sink. Then I made a wad of tp and wiped standing up next to the toilet. The paper was so brown I was shocked. My whole crack was smeared up with poo from when I stopped its forward progress with my hand. On this occasion I broke my rule of wiping only once, I wiped until my crack could take it no more, mabye eight swipes to the top of my crack I didn't count. Then, still not totally clean, I took a shower. After I went out as I normally would and nobody was the wiser. (I still wonder who was the first to find that turd in the parking lot!!!)


P.S. Thank you Ashley for all the support. I'll try to be around more often:)

I had a satisfying dump at a coffeshop this past weekend. I saw a good looking guy, 25 or so wearing his morning followed me into the mens room. It is a small bathroom with only two toilets and no fan wich means you can hear Everything! We both dropped are jeans simultaneously and pissed into the bowl. I then felt my butt expand and listend to the sounds of my turds cracling out. I brought the morning paper with me and began reading it and listening to my neighbor. He was quite at first and I think was waiting for me to leave but when he realized I was in it for the long haul he began quitely pushing. I heard him push for 3-4 seconds and then sigh deeply. It was kind of a turn on to hear this guy struggle to do his morning dump. This lasted for aboutt 5 minutes and he gragually grunted louder. I finished my dump and as I was getting ready to wipe he asked me if he could read my newspaper. I said sure and he asked for the sports section and I handed it to him. I asked if he was planning on being in here for awhile. He said he was constipated (which was obviouse) and that he really needed to get a big poop out. At this point I decided to sit a litte longer and see how he made out and that coffee usually makes him go. I told him to keep the newspaper, wiped and left. I lingered in the shop for another 20 mins and finally saw him emerge from the mens room. He sheepishly looked at me and left.

Turd Lover
My morning poop was a mixed variety --- a couple of small logs along with some gooshy brown mush which reminded me of a fudge-swirl sundae. The stench was utterly horrible. Upon flushing, the whole soft-serve load twirled around and made a quick exit. I hope for better pooping tomorrow.

to Mistee:
I found your story about you and your friend using the bathroom at the city auditorium concert to be intriquing. Why Mandy would go from one open stall to another over what I assume was at least the few minutes you were on the stool and just look in and then walk out is possibly a type of psychoneurosis. And also holding her crap in for two hours before this is not good for her system. I'm glad she finally went into the stall you used and took her crap. Do you think she feels better about sitting on a seat after you and not someone she doesn't know has sat on it? I'm like you describe: when I enter a public restroom I go into the first available stall and sit down and do my thing. I wrote on Page 1798, however, that I try not to be in situations where I have to use a toilet that has lots of urine on the seat, even though I have known others to quickly come in and sit right down in it. I hope you can find out why Mandy is the way she is. She's lucky to have a friend like you who is sensitive enough to observe such things.

This is my regular post:

I know that there are many younger contributors here. There are so many posts about the problems of going to the bathroom at school and all the related issues involved. I started kindergarten in 1979 and graduated from high school with the class of 1991 and even though I'm comparatively "old" by some standards, I do remember the difficult transition I had between 5th & 6th grade. That's when I "graduated" from elementary school and went to middle school.

Although all us 5th graders were taken to our future school for some sort of orientation ceremony that previous May, I didn't have to use the bathroom while we were there. So it was a big shock to me that September when I was in a stall and on the toilet for the first time like at about noon on the first day of school, and I reached for the toilet paper and found there was no roll like I was accustomed to. Rather there was a plastic container on the wall, about six inches high, that had these small pieces of pre-cut toilet paper that would drop down. It was kind of like the brown paper towels on top of the sink. Like usual, I had taken a large, soft crap and I had some cleaning to do. The first couple times I got crap on my hand. (I would wash my hands three or four times and could still smell the crap on my hand and knuckles) and I was self-conscious that others would smell it too. I also remember once that first week the water level in the toilet was higher than I expected and since I wipe while seated, my right hand actually got wet from the bowl water as I was wiping. I felt bad at filling the bowl with 12 or 15 slips of toilet paper. Sometimes it was more. Within the first month of school, Mom was doing the laundry and asked me why there were so many stains in my panties. That was so embarrassing. Also, I didn't like often taking the last of the toilet paper and knowing that one of my friends who would use the toilet after me would have a "surprise" when she finished and was grabbing for wiping paper.

Perhaps the worst part of this situation was that it continued throughout high school too. I just feel as students get older they need more toilet paper and the pre-cut slips just don't get the job done. I had a whole different feeling when I got to college and the stalls were larger, had more privacy built in and in almost every case had two rolls of toilet paper available. A few years ago my class of some 600 students had its 15-year class reunion. One of the slides shown was a close-up of the toilet at the fast-pump station. It got a cheer because a lot of us girls would risk a detention by running across the street and using a decent bathroom.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Zip, I finally had an experience like you do, talking to some guy while sitting on the crapper in an open stall.

I was in a part of the beach a little removed from where I usually take my afternoon walk - this was last Thursday, a nice warm sunny day.
As I passed a men's room, it felt like it would be time for my afternoon dump. A guy with a large back pack walked in ahead of me.

This was a smaller men's room with four narrow, open stalls. The guy was looking for a place to change but couldn't see anyplace to even set down his back pack - the floor was mostly wet. He asked if all the men's rooms were like this and I said no, there was a larger one with a changing area not far and I said I'd show him where it was. I had not yet entered a stall or dropped my pants.

As we walked he told me he was from Texas but used to live here and was back to meet up with some of his old friends. Given the warmth of the day he was looking for a place to change out of his jeans and put on some shorts.

We walked into my favorite men's room. I pointed him to the changing area and I sat down on a toilet diagonally across from him. To answer your question, I have a very light complexion so I never go shirtless. But I was wearing a light cotton shirt unbuttoned so I could feel the air on my chest while still covering my back and shoulders.

I didn't hink much about how exposed I was - virtualy naked in the front - until he looked over at me and said, "I didn't think this was a nude beach." I froze for a minute, but then he laughed and said," I guess that means it's alright for me to change my jeans."

He unbuttoned his fly and droopped his jeans. He wore no underwear so he was standing there with just a T-shirt and everything else on display. He was quite unashamed about either of us. He even asked if there was toilet paper in my stall because he always carried a roll with him.

He just chatted away about what he wanted to do here and about his friends, all the while I was having a difficult shit. I could feel a large turd right at my hole, but it didn't want to come out. I was pushing and straining and couild feel myself turning red. I was quite self conscious with this guy watching and talking to me. But he didn't pay much attention to the circumstances, as if watching a friend shit was the most natural thing in the world.

I was still fighting to get this giant turd out when he finished changing and putting away his jeans. He said goodbye to me, thanked me for my friendliness and left.

I gave one huge push and the turd emerged. It was wide but not very long at all. All that effort for such a little result. But another huge milestone in getting past those terrible times in school.

Hi Everyone :)
Ill tell all of use the story about a dude having a shit in the boys locker room.

So i was in school, and we had gym last period. so i made my way into the Dudes changing room to get changed. The dudes locker room hasnt got any toilets by the way.
So i got changed and went off to the games hall.
When we were finished we had to go back into the locker room and wait for the bell to ring.
There was this one person who is quite tall and very bulky, Hees got a little bit of hair on his face aswell. He said he was going to shit himself, One of the people in the room shouted
"just go in here, itll be a laugh"
He hesitated at 1st, but the urge must have been so bad, he had to go anyway.
"Right im gunna do it" he said.
Every1 was staring at him, and there was a couple of people giggling, he was laughing himself actually. he was pretty popular, and he talkes about his "monstrous shits" all the time so his reputation didnt fall,
He went to the far end of the room, in a corner, everyone must have had a perfect view of him,
and he stared doing it!
he just took down his trousers and boxers and waited, there wazs a bit of laughter, embarrisment and relief on his face.
he gave a push, and a stream of mushy light brown gunk fell out of him, it kept on going and going, then he took another breath and pushed again, then i could see a humungous turd arais,it must have been 3" wide! he was pushing for quite a while and it slopped out, it was falling out of him for about 2 seconds and was very big ! about 15".
when he was done he took some wipes out of his bag, and wiped about 7 times!
he got up and looked at his pile,
"Ohh what!"
"i never knew all that came out of me"
people were giggling, i think every1 was giggling actuallly, but the stench was harific!
i took another look,
a huge pile of lightbrown mush and a huge 15" turd laying ontop of it,

Then finally the bell rang,every1 ran out of the door as fast as they could so none of the teachers would see what the janator would have to clean!

It was really quite funny actually.

Well thats all for today :)

Here's more on the story of the woman that I saw peeing outside next to a building...

The street has a lot of traffic. The traffic on that street includes traffic from an off ramp of a freeway that is two blocks away. The woman didn't even try to look for some privacy.

Also, there is a woman in a wheelchair who rides he bus. She has a tube, (which is for pee), which is visible, that comes out of the bottom of her pants. Whenever the bus driver belts her in, or takes her safety belt off, his hands come close to that tube. His hands might actually touch the tube, but I don't look closely.

Hi everyone my friend just called me and told me a story I thought you all would be interested in. I am in no way advocating this however and think what she did was wrong.
Anyways a few days ago my friend Caroline called me. Apparently her sister Austyns boyfriend had broken up with her and they were going to go vandelize his car. She wanted to know if I wanted to come help. I told her no that I thought it was wrong. Plus austyn had cheated on him so he had every right to dump her.
Caroline didn't listen to me and very early on Saturday morning they drove to her ex, Joe's house. They started just throwing eggs at his car and wrote some rude things on the windows. As they were standing there Caroline realized she needed to pee pretty badly. She knew she couldn't hold it much longer and was just going to squat in Joe's yard when she noticed his car was unlocked. She opened the door pulled down her pants and sat bare butt on the drivers seat.
At first she couldn't go because it felt so wrong, but she really had to go and in no time at all she was peeing into the upholstery. It absorbed pretty quickly and Caroline described how good it felt. When she was done the seat was sopping wet.
This gave austyn an idea. She pulled down her pants and climbed in the passenger seat. Instead of sitting down she opened the glove compartment and positioned her butt over it. She then took a huge smelly dump into it.
When Joe got into his car later that day(he was mad about the eggs but figured it had only been trashed on the outside) it smelled horrible. He sat down in the still pee wet seat. At first he couldn't figure out where the rest of the smell was coming from but he opened the glove box and stuck his hand in poo. He was obviously very upset.

Me and my friend Mandy were at a concert Saturday evening. It was at our city's municipal auditorium. Once we got into our seats and had something to drink, I started to feel a pee coming on and I told Mandy I was going to to go down to the restroom before the opening band played. She said she didn't really have to pee but had been holding her crap for a couple of hours. So she walked down with me. Although I've seen her use the bathrooms at school, I don't remember us being together at the mall or any place else when she had to use the bathroom before. There must have been like 40 or more stalls in this one huge u-shaped room. I told her I'd meet her in the doorway out and I dashed into the first stall to my right that was vacant. About half the stalls were open and available. I immediately dropped my jeans and underwear and seated myself. My strong pee flow started immediately and I think it went for like two or three minutes. I grabbed some toilet paper and did my usual fast wipe and then I leaned back and lowered the flusher. This one was kind of tight and sticky to work for some reason, but I was off the seat and pulling my clothing up before the big blast came so I didn't get splashed. Then I went to the first sink that was available and washed my hands. In doing so, I saw Mandy come out of a stall way down at the end of the room and then immediately go into the next stall and then come right out. I started walking down her way while she was checking out additional stalls as she was moving toward me. Finally, I asked her what she was doing and she said she likes to check out several available stalls before finally deciding which one she is going to use. I was like surprised because I had like peed and washed my hands and here she was still deciding what stall she was going to use. I could easily hear the opening band testing their sound system and I figured the sound check meant the start of the show was very close. At that point, I noticed Mandy had gone into the stall I used and through the crack in the door I could see her sitting on the toilet. There were two or three large blasts and then I saw her spread her legs together and let out a semi-large sigh. Within about 10 seconds she was grabbing for the toilet paper and I saw her stand and wipe. She must have used the paper roll five or six times before she pulled up her thong and shorts and then opened the stall door. As I was walking up towards her, I noticed she took her left foot and flushed the toilet and then she quickly turned toward me and told me how relieved she was because she had been constipated for three days. As I waited for her to wash her hands, I asked her why she had gone into all the other stalls and inspected them but hadn't found any others suitable. She said she's had this thing about sitting on public toilets and that she prefers to put her butt down where she knows a friend has just sat rather than a total stranger. I guess I hadn't ever thought about that before, but it would be time consuming, especially at places like the mall and even school where's there someone waiting when each stall opens. Have any of the rest of you heard about something like this before?

Brandon w.
Hi this is my first time posting i'm male 27 yrs old, and im engaged to my fiancee nicole shes beautiful, 25 with long blonde hair, and a nice body.

Okay heres my story, a couple months ago me and nicole were watching the season finale of i love money 2, we were in my bed and she only had a bra and bikini cut white lace panties on, she was sitting up at the end of the bed, and about fifteen minutes into the show she started having pre pooping farts which were really soft but i heard them, her face was a flush red, but she must have thought i didn't hear her. About half way through the show she starts fidgeting, and i say nikki are you okay, she just says I have to go to the bathroom, but i want to wait until the end of the show, because if I go on a commercial break I wont finish in time. So she sits there. About fifteen minutes until the end of the show she really looked desperate she was letting tiny farts, and holding her stomach, and her heel in her a**. after the last commercial break, and only five minutes until the end of the show, she rips a huge nasty wet sounding fart, and she lifts her a** off of the bed and says i'm soooo sorry, and she rips another huge fart followed by a crackling sound and I couldn't believe my eyes my beautiful fiancce crapping her panties. they were slowly bulging out from the solid movement and after a minute she was done, and she started crying, the bulge in her panties was huge the size of two baseballs!! we saw who got eliminated, then I got up and gave her a hug, and said nikki everythings gonna be alright I know you wanted to see the end of the show. So I helped her clean up, and I wont go into detail about what happened next lol =].


When you kept your panties on while peeing, didn't it feel weird staying in them at least?

Desperate to poop
Desperation on they way to work! Walking to work my morning dump came on early. I knew the way i had come no toilets for twenty minutes. Only options hold on for dear life or go in the bit of park i passed through. I got to the park and desperation got the better of me. Rushed behind some bushes offering some protection down with my business trousers white knickers and some soft serve shot out. What relief. Five mins later wiped with tissue and went onto work

Esteban - Since you use the restroom with the doorless stalls at the beach, have you ever used them while just wearing shorts, no shirt? After all, it's the beach, and most of the times guys walk around without shirts. It can be a little intimidating, though. After all, you are basically naked while doing something that's pretty private. For most people. I've done it a few times. The first time was a little weird, but the other times were no big deal.

Hey, I'm Phil, and live in England, and like a lot of people on here I enjoy a good dump. Most of the time I use the toilet at home, but sometimes I have to use the one at work etc. The other day I was waiting for the train at the station and felt the urge to go. I went to the toilets and there was 6 cubicles, 5 were already taken. There was some serious shitting going on in there, farting and plopping ringing out from all sides. The cubicle I used was the third from the left so there was dumping going on, on both sides of me. I was soon adding to it.

I pulled my jeans and boxer shorts down, love the feeling of the air on my backside! and sat down. By this time I was getting quite desperate, and within a couple of seconds the first log was on its way out. That was followed by another four logs, each one feeling great as it slid out. While I sat there enjoying my dump, both occupants either side of me continued with their loads. I must have heard 20 splashes or so in just a couple of minutes. Sounded like we all had to really go!

I will post again with any interesting experiences.


to ruddy

i go swimming all the time! if people pee in pools that often i might just have to stop!

Last summer at the beach. I rode my bike to our local beach 20 minutes away and after I parked my bike in the bike rack I took off my shorts and tank top which i wore over my bathing suit and went into the river. It was cold and I had to pee bad. I went over to the area with the ropes and stood in water just above my waist and let myself have a nice long pee. After peeing i began swimming. Most people at the beach just pee in the water while swimming. A few hours later i had to pee again and there was a group of teenagers loud and swearing using the word that rhymes with duck (we are talking water so this is a good word to illustrate the point). I went over to the lane ropes and stood in the water and peed again. One girl who was swearing in front of a beach of young children and seniors seemed annoyed that i had peed in the water although i did not say that i had done it. I think the use of the foul language in front of non-teens ws worse than peeing while swimming.

Another time a little kid and her dad got into the water and the child about 4 had to pee. Dad said to just pee in the water. The kid was noticing what people were doing and was very observant. Just before i got out of the water i had my last pee while swimming. As i began to leave the water i had to pee a bit more so i squatted down in about 3 feet of water and let loose some more pee. The girl aske her dad 'she just went?' He said yes. Children are so observant.

One time a dad and his young sons about 10 years old were in the water and as soon as they got in dad stood still for a minute. One son said quite loudly that dad has to pee.

There were several sunbathers who would leave the sand and walk into the water waist deep for a minute or two and look around then remain perfectly still. Afterwards they would go back to their towel on the sand.

I love the beach.

gary d.
Hi I just wanted to share a true story something really awkward that happened last week. Okay i'm 20 male blond hair green/brown eyes. I have a room mate named ryan hes 21 with long brown hair. Okay last week ryan was supposed to meet this girl Jennifer, (shes 21, blonde hair brown eyes, big boobs, and a great butt and she wears glasses, I have had a crush on her since high school lol). at our dorm room at 8 oclock last night and they were supposed to catch a movie together. So jennifer arrives at 8,(she was wearing skin tight black stretch pants and a belly spaghetti strap shirt with high heels =]). and i tell her she can come inside. So we sit down on the couch and chat for a while, then ryan calls her saying that he cant make it tonight, because his mother had a medical emergency and he would be at the hospital overnight. So I ask Jennifer if she needs a ride back to her dorm which is across the street, and she says no I want to stay with you for awhile. So I decided to take her to the movies lol, we caught the 9 oclock movie, and we had popcorn, icee's and some kind of ice cream that she liked. the movie ended at 10:45. So we drove back to my dorm. Then we sat on the couch and just chatted a little longer, then what she did/said next shocked me. She ripped this huge fart, and said lets have a farting contest. I agreed, then I ripped a huge fart, and we went back and forth for like 5 minutes. It was now her turn again, and she ripped this huge wet fart, and said oh my gosh I think im going to shit my pants. Our dorm bathrooms our down the hallway, so I said come on ill help you to the bathroom, but when she stood up she doubled over in pain and ripped a huge nasty fart followed by a crackling sound, and she said oh nooo im doing it, and a huge bulge formed within 15 seconds and then she peed herself too. The whole time saying omg i'm so sorry, im so sorry. when she was done there was a huge puddle on the tile under her, and a bulge the size of a softball under her butt. I just stood there in shock, and she started crying. I'm the man, and I realized I have to help her out in this situation, so I walk up to her and said Jennifer its alright accidents happen, i'll help you clean up. So I ran to my bedroom to get the keys to the bathroom/shower room, and I take her hand and walk with her to the shower room, (it's like 1am at this point.) I told her clean youreself up ill be back in a couple minutes with some of my clothes that you can wear for now, but she said Gary please stay with me I dont want to be alone in the boys bathroom by myself. So I agreed, and she told me to help her get out of her clothes. I was completely turned on by this point but I wouldnt tell her. So she bends over and takes her high heels off, then she sat down on the floor completely smooshing the load, and said pull my tights off, So I reached to her waist, and pulled down her tights slowly, they were a disaster, because she was wearing a thong, the tights were full of the mushy light brown, yellowish poop. and her thong was destroyed and i pulled that off too =]. and she pulled her shirt off, and stands up completely naked, and she asks me how bad is it?, she had mushy poop completly covering her butt, and it went down her thighs, and her front was covered to, so i took a towel and I wiped her butt off and front, the towel was completely covered in mushy poop, and I say thats how bad it looks. she goes into the shower, and takes like 15 minutes. and i grab her a towel and she put it around her waist, and she walked back to my apartment half naked. I grabbed her sweat pants, and a white tee and she changed in my room, and i put her messy tights and thong in a plastic bag. When she was done changing, she said gary will you walk me back to my dorm? I agreed, she said just throw the bag away, so I threw it on the couch and said ill put it out in the morning, as we were walking to her dorm I put my arm around her and said Jennifer I promise not to tell anyone okay, and she just smiled at me. As we arrived at her door, she said Gary thank you for the great night, and she gave me a huge bear hug, and made out with me for like 15 seconds =], and said i'll call you and shut her door. I was so happy, now me and Jennifer are dating, and ryan has no idea lol Im afraid to tell him. But thats my story sorry for it being in so much detail, I take writing classes in college lol. Bye =]

Survey for family members regarding middle aged women
If you are a middle aged woman do you leak urine
If you are a kid, teen or young adult, does your mom leak urine when she laughs, sneezes, exercises, or just because she cannot get to the bathroom fast enough
If you are a kid, teen or young adult and your mom has this problem do you tell your friends or laugh at your mom
Moms - do you tell your kids about this problem if you have it or keep it a secret due to ridicule from the younger generations
Dads - does your wife have this problem and did she tell you about it or did you find out by accident (no pun intended)
Moms - do you tell your coworkers about this problem

Marathon and Charity Walk/Run pee stories
These events are popular and raise money for charity. Many of the participants have no qualms about peeing in public discreetly and are more understanding of this biological need than the general public. I was at a 10k race last year waiting for the start line which included about 10,000 people. I don't like porta potties due to fecal contamination and no place to wash your hands. There was a huge line up at the ladies room and I knew that I would not make it. I went outside and found a hedge which gave privacy. I faced the hedge and squatted and pulled the crotch of my underwear aside and peed into the soil at the base of the hedge. I wore a skirt so it was easier for clandestine peeing. After I was done a runner in spandex shorts came over and asked me 'do you mind if i take a quick pee'. I said 'no' and moved away to give him some privacy. He told me that he would kneel down into the hedge for more privacy. After he had his long pee i told him that i had just peed and that for a lady it was easier with a skirt. He said he would remember that since it would help his girlfriend in some situations. The running community is very liberal about public peeing. Another group is triathletes. I had to pee several times along the 10k walk and just used appropriate public bushes not someone's front lawn. I wore a poise pad so that i did not have to use toilet paper and litter. The poise pad contains any post pee drips and can be thrown out at home. The event raised almost a million dollars for charity.

Just had a big row with my boyfriend at his house.Boy was I angry! Stormed upstairs to his toilet,Sat on it and took my anger out on it.
I left the door open, and I have to say it was very stinky!I gave the toilet a propper pebble dash, after wiping I hitched up my knickers and jeans, washed my hands and came home to my laptop.
I hope I clogged his toilet, he's a two timing cheat! Grrrrgh....
I will let you know what happens next...

Monday, November 09, 2009

i am a 16 year old male afew days ago me and a few friends were at the pool and we were just getting out and one of my friends was in the shower and me and the other were at the table when she started squirming she made sevral coments over the next ten min about how she hoped our other friend would get out of the bathroom soon cuz she had to pee . finaly she looked at me and said
"screw it i can go in the pool"
"what?" i asked
"ive done it before" she remarked "now come on"
"you want me to go with you? but i dont have to pee."
"if we are together then what im doing wont look so obvious now hurry"
we hoped in the pool and she led me to the corner
stand infront of me" she said
i stood there and watched her she squated ans qpred her legs slightly i could tell when she started peeing cuz i could see the look of rrelief on her face within thirty seconds i could feel the water get warmer she peed for about 4 min. it was very in tregng.

it got me intreged i never thought girls peed in the pool so my question to girls is this do you have any peeing in the pool stories?like times where you peed just for the hell of it of times where you were forced to pee in the pool cuz there were no other options?

This is the conclusion of my story about what happened Saturday evening when I got an emergency call from Mom who had to go in at the last minute and work an extra waitress shift at the restaurant. There was no one available to take my half sister Tristen, 8, and her 5-year-old brother trick & treating. I immediately made the hour-long drive home just as the sun went down and we went out to the two or three block neighborhood. Tristen was a witch and Ethan was a spaceman. I was wearing old blue jeans, my college sweater and luckily soft walking shoes. Although each had an average supply of candy in their pillow case, they wanted to go to a higher-income neighborhood about three blocks away because almost every house is decorated and the owners are out giving away really nice things at the gates to their property. The problem is that you have about a 20-minute walk through a pitch dark public park where its easy to lose your direction. My idea was to follow the noise of a hundred or so kids as we sought to find our way through the unimproved woods.

It was at this point that Tristen (who knows better and who I had personally asked to go back into the house and use the bathroom before we left her porch)said she had to pee. Sure we had been out for between an hour and 90 minutes (I couldn't tell because in my rush to make the hour-long drive back home in time, I had left my phone in the car in the driveway.)but at age 26 and 14 or 15 years away from trick & treating, I vaguely remembered a picnic area in the park that was by a fishing lake that had a restroom building. As we were walking in the pitch black darkness in our immediate area, Tristen continued to complain about needing to pee and started talking about having an accident. There were tree stumps and heavy branches down from the summer storms and I suggested that she use them. She easily rejected my suggestions. I also suggested squatting, but she rejected it. Also, that caused Ethan, who can be a real problem and piss people his sister off, spread his legs as much as he could in in synthetic space outfit and pretended he has peeing. Tristen just slapped him and continued to follow me. Just about that time Ethan stepped into a hole and momentarily fell. His plastic helmet dropped off, but he got up a little dirty and continued to follow along, although he apparently had messed up the bottom of his soft shoe, which was now somewhat loose and dragging.

We continued walking and after about 10 minutes we knew we were getting closer to our destination because we could hear voices, laughter and loud music from probably a car radio. The music and noise got louder so we continued on our straight path. What we saw eventually were a couple of overhead lights illuminating a picnic area, with an adjacent lake and to the left, a brick restroom building just as I had remembered it when Michelle and I use to ride our bikes and needed a toilet (her situation was bad at home and her parents would complain about the horrid smell of her crap, so at about age 11 or 12 on summer days and weekends we would ride our bikes over to the park and she would crap there). Although it was still pretty dark, we could see the lights of two doorways in the building, which were obviously the restrooms. The music was being played by two or three families which were hanging out there. With Tristen, my objective was to immediately get her onto the stool before she wet her pants. As we turned into the doorway, I told Ethan to do a freeze-frame (my term for stay right here and don't move) while Tristen and I went around the wall and into the room. However, we were both upset when we saw only two toilets--both doorless stalls and two girls of about middle school age--seated. One was especially taken aback when she saw us, because while she had a winter parka-type coat on, she had summer shorts and her underwear all the way down on the floor and her hands were casually folded over the front of the seat.

Ethan started calling me from the doorway that he was scared so I grabbed Tristen and pushed her out of the bathroom. We immediately went to the lighted room on the other end of the building and I quickly checked the mens room. It was vacant! The answer to our needs! I immediately motioned Tristen into the first of the two stalls. Again, they were doorless. She quickly dropped her sweats and was on the stool within seconds, but luckily I checked and noticed that she was sitting on the back of her costume and luckily she had not gotten her pee stream started yet. Although she was in more pain and obviously frustrated, I had her stand up and I pulled her synthetic outfit way up around her as she sat down. When fully spread out, it would touch both partitions and pretty much hide the toilet itself. The only problem was that now she was seated on the cold toilet seat (it even seemed cold to me when I was pulling her costume out from under her) and she started crying because she needed to go so bad and because of the cold, and our long walk, and Ethan's teasing, it wasn't working too well for her. (Ethan had been say continually that she always picks the wrong time for weeing and how he wanted to get back to T & Ting.) That made me think (although out of anger) that I had to keep Ethan occupied with something so I told him to go over to the urinal and try to pee because we were going to be gone for at least another hour. He didn't move and as soon as I made eye contract with him, I realized the problem. I had to unbuckle his cumbersome space pants for him which I quickly did and I motioned him over to the urinal. He methodically small-stepped his way over there while I tried to listen over the now a little more distant-music for the sound of Tristen's pee. I couldn't hear it. I walked past the second toilet which was luckily not in use and checked on Ethan. It's good that I did. Unlike school and other places set up for children, the urinal didn't come out of the floor. Rather he was on his tip-toes and trying to go with his penis on the front of the bowl and with almost futile effort, he was going to be shooting his pee up, over and in. I quickly grabbed him and escorted him to the second stall. I lifted the seat and luckily the toilet was lower so he would be more easily able to pee into it. After about 30 seconds I could hear the tinkle and shortly thereafter I walked over to Tristen and she grabbed the front of her costume and with a big smile on her face, pulled it up to show me what I could readily hear, her pee stream was going and it went for well over two minutes. When she was done I helped her with her costume as she got up off the stool. I leaned down and flushed it and could easily see she was quite relieved. We waited while Ethan tried to button up his costume and after me helping him, we went back outside.

The music was louder and there was a very catchy song playing about some girl named Spooky and with a refrain of something about "a spooky little girl like you." Tristen liked the music and it's lyric too and smiled at me when we started our walk out of the park. We reached our destination of the gated ommunity in about 10 minutes and we got to quite a few of the houses before we got colder and decided to make the walk back home. The only difference going back was they were lugging two nearly-full pillow cases of candy.

Michelle M
Hi, I'm new here. I'm 15, fairly slim, blonde. I want to share an experience that happened to me recently.

I was walking back home from school a couple days ago, and I had to poop really badly. Since the afternoon, I had trouble with my stomach and just about 30 minutes ago, I got this sudden urge to poop. I could've used the washroom at school, but I have this thing about me being really uncomfortable using washrooms at schools because I always felt they were really unclean... Anyways, by the time I got home, my stomach hurts a bit and the urge to poop was so great that I could barely hold it in anymore. I knew I couldn't hold it in much longer, so I quickly ran to unlock the door, and once I locked it again once I got in, I ran bursting into the washroom. By the time I got in there, I immediately dropped my pants and panties, then sat right down onto the toilet.

A large fart came right now, followed by hard solid poop that came out slowly. I felt a large sense of relief and so much better. After finishing pooping, I peed a little bit, then flushed.

I over did things a bit last night, red wine and meat. I have just had a monumental crap, started with the longest foul smelling wet fart you ever heard, then gallons of chunky dark brown liquid shit. Rotten. I have splashed my arse the whole bowl and have managed to get drops of brown liquid under the toilet seat and on top of it about 4 inches back from my arsehole. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hubby walked in to clean his teeth and was instantly aroused by my pose, smell and sounds needless to say......and he is 55 and I am 53!!!!!! Life is great!!!

I saw a woman peeing next to a building during the middle of the day. A couple of days later, I was sitting on a bench waiting for a bus. I saw that same woman walk in back of another bench, pull down her pants and pee. She must be homeless.

Joe Stool
Petite Pooper: Glad to hear from you again. Contrary to the message from the makers of laxative products, it is not the case that everyone must crap every day to be healthy. It is only because of the billions spent on advertising (over a whole century!) that this notion persists in the minds of many. Most doctors will tell you that many healthy people go only every other day, or every third day; everyone's body is different. It's great if you're able to go every day, but if you're struggling, that's still constipation. By contrast, if you just go when you feel the need, there's no struggle, and that happens to be two or three times a week, that's regularity. Hope you find success in your quest for healthy bowel function.
To guys who have been "accidental voyeurs" of females pooping: let's keep those stories coming, complete with sounds, smells, etc. Thanks to the guy who respond to my request a couple of months back - sorry I forgot your name.
To Delilah and other women here who tell us about their movements - love your stories and love the details. Thanks, keep them coming!
Happy movements to all!

European student
A few years back I spent several months travelling in Asia. Then I had a lot of peculiar toilet experiences, from the most embarrassing to the most amusing. For two weeks I was hiking in Nepal with a group of others, mostly Europeans (German, Dutch, English, Scandinavian). The toilet facilities where we stayed during the nights usually were bad and during day we often had no access to toilets. The first few days of the hike I got constipated. But at lunch time one day I felt a beginning urge to open my bowels. To avoid getting into severe constipation I decided to try to get it done during the lunch break. After our meal I took some paper in my pocket and went for a walk alone. We were not the only group resting at that site so it was not that esy to find a privat spot to squat and get it down. (Quite flat and no vegetation!) Walking aroud I observed at distance at least three persons taking care of their business and several others also walking about, looking for a private spot I guess. But some three hundred meters from the resting groups I found a pit surrounded by some boulders giving shelter from the path passing by. I pulled down squatted and immediately got away with a lot of air, but no real things. Therefore I became sitting for some minutes. I tried to look up over the boulders to see if anyone came from the path but I was not sufficient observant at the other direction because suddenly a person showed up there. I immediately recognised her as a Swedish girl from my group. It was obvious that she observed me because she turned away and went in another direction. I think that is my worst toilet experience ever. I managed to get away with my stuff and certainy felt much more comfortable in my stomach. After whiping I went over to the direction where the other person came from and luckily I saw that she had been there for the same reason. It made the situation somewhat better knowing that. When back at my group none of us commented the situation. Perhaps it had been better if we had handled it with a joke because I felt that both of us avoided to be in contact after that (but we had not been in contact before either!) The last part of the hike I mostly took my dumps outside at lunch time and usually it went without any trouble. Only once a local woman came by when I was squatting. She smiled and said something that I did not understand. That situation was not that bad at all. Then there was a lot of funny situations as for example squatting over a hole in a wooden platform shitting into the water beneath. The platform had wall in front and to the sides but not at the back. On the other side of the canal there were fields and bushes and no buildings. We stayed there for several days and I had no bad experiences, but one of the girls in our group discovered that the local children were hiding in the bushes spying at her when she was squatting. She was a tall Dutch woman with very white skin so I guess that the children found her quite remarkable compared to the Asian people.

Amanda M
Monday at school I was catching up on some of my history work during my lunch period when I had to go pee.I ignored it. As time went by it got a little worse.I don't usually use the bathroom at school.If I have to go i'll usually hold it. I get embarrassed to ask to go to the bathroom for some reason so I still didn't go.Now I had to think about this it was only like 11 something I had till 3:30 before I get home.I knew I couldn't wait that long even though I could hold it for a pretty long time It would be really uncomfortable.So when the lunch bell rang I just asked my teacher if I could go real fast before the class started. She said I could.I walked pretty quickly to the bathroom.No one was in there.I took one of the stalls but it didn't have a lock so I went to another.I locked the door and undid my pants squated over the toilet and let it go.I squated over the toilet cause the seat was dirty by the way. I wiped and flushed.I realized I got a tiny drop of pee on the seat so I wiped it up. I went back to class and that was that.

In Trouble
My girlfriend told me about this site and i really got a story last night we were having a boys lockin at church we all sleep in the chapel before going to bed we were talking about how our pastor's new chair looks like i messed up urinal . . . Those words apparently stuck in my brain cause later on i was woke up by someone saying my name and all the guys laughing i was standing in front of the pastors chair shaking off i had got up walked over in my sleep to the chair and peed on it all in my sleep i tried to sop it up with towels but it still stained church tomorrow should be fun

To Weed while Wii-ing (aka Sarah) - Thanks for sharing your story about "weeing" in your pants. Finish the tennis match, even if it means wetting your pants. :)

You sound a lot like my girlfriend whom I wrote about a page or two back. Holding it in and occasionally not making it, done it for years and still do it despite having accidents, and don't make a big deal about it if you pee your pants. Feel free to share any other stories you have where you "weed" in your pants.

Upstate Dave
Hi to all. I had one of my good monthly male perio shits yesterday evening right after dinner. I felt the building urge to go with some gas pain to go along with what I was feeling. I was going to the store when the feeling started comming on so I took off my coat and went straight to the bathroom.

Yanked my jeans and boxers down and sat down on the seat. I started to shit immeadiatly having several hard fat chunks come out first one aftr the other. I could feel the gas moving down inside my bowels as I went and did the series of hard chunks. Then I stopped for about a half minute. Then I started again doing several what felt softer longer pieces in a row.

Then I took a second pause and then had the last shit exit out which was soft and felt very long. I farted after that went dropped away and I no longer felt gassy and there was no longer the slight pain too. I gave my self a good wiping and then I stood up and took a look.

In the bowl was all my shit which the smaller hard chunks that were four of them,then there were three pieces of the softer ones after the chunks. The hard chunks were 4 to 5 inches. The softer longer pieces looked better then six inches and the last long one was curved around all the others and that was a good 10 inch piece. When I flushed they all swirled around and went down not clogging the toilet. Upstate Dave

I have a "fell asleep on the toilet" story. I was going to a local college to take the test for my social work license. I accidently scheduled myself to work the graveyard shift the night before. I went straight to the college from work took the test then headed straight for the men's room.
I sat on the toilet and fell asleep almost instantly. About ten minutes passed before I woke up. I hadn't pooped. I went ahead and pooped than went on home.
I needed 75% to pass the test. I got 82%

Turd Lover
My morning dump was sensational !! Twin monsters were first on the scene followed by several nice fat logs. All of them were firm and perfectly shaped. The texture was smooth and dark brown. The stench was awful which made it a very rewarding and satisfying experience. It took 3 flushes to evacuate the bowl and they spun around and around as they made their exit. What a great way to start the day !!

"To Sarah who Weed while Wii-ing. I loved your story. I also find it intriguing that a woman your age has a tendency to have accidents because you try to hold it in too long. I'd think that you'd have a pretty strong bladder from so much practice holding it in. It's even more intriguing that you said you have the occasional pooping accident as well. you must hold it in for an extremely long time if you eventually have to go so bad that you lose control of your bowels in your pants! am i correct or do you just have a weak bladder and bowels so you just can't hold it in that long? I'd like to hear more of your stories, if you have a memorable pooping accident to share that would be cool."

Thanks for the response. Glad you liked my story. I do have pretty strong bladder and bowel control, I just hold it forever. I always have. I never liked taking time out from playing to go to the bathroom when I was little and I guess it just carried over. Of course I can hold it a lot longer now that I'm 28 than I could when I was 8. Like I said, I only have pooping accidents once or twice a year at most, sometimes less frequently than that. Those happen when I've held my poop for days and then usually am stuck without a bathroom nearby and because I hate pooping in a public bathroom. I've pooped myself stuck in traffic twice since I started driving, for example, lol. So you want a story of a memorable pooping accident? Ok, here goes.

In college my senior year (I was 22 years old fyi) I had a full class load and also was doing an internship near campus. The place I was interning was about six blocks from campus and since parking was such a nightmare on campus and in the city - it was a downtown campus - I usually walked. I remember it was a Thursday. I had last pooped on Monday night in my dorm room. I felt the need again on Wednesday but held it all day. (Usually when I get an urge I just cross my legs, squeeze, and wait for it to pass.) That happened a few times on Wednesday. By the time I was finished with everything on Wednesday night the urge had really gone away and the few times I peed the urge wasn't really there and I was in a hurry and didn't feel like pushing and waiting to have a BM, so no poop on Wednesday. Thursday morning during my first class the urge came back stronger. I squeezed and held ok and it went away after a few minutes. After lunch the urge came back again in one of my afternoon classes and that time I had to sit on my heel. The urge made me push a little and I could feel the turd push against my panties but my heel stopped it from getting any farther. I still had 45 minutes of class left, though. I knew I'd have a hershey mark now either way but I held on and the urge went away again. I finished the class and walked to the office for my internship time. I guess I should mention I was wearing a knee length skirt, pink bikini briefs, and a white blouse - had to look mostly professional. Being the lone 22 year old in an office full of 30+ people I especially didn't like using the bathroom and definitely not for a number two. So when the urge came back while I was working in the file room - alone, thankfully - I crossed my legs, squeezed my cheeks, and at one point had to use a free hand to push against my butt hole to keep the now very insistent poop from coming out. It took a few minutes but I got it under control without anything more than a little more hershey mark damage. I finished my shift and left the building to start walking back to my dorm so I could take a very much needed dump, lol. Halfway back I got hit with another giant urge. I knew from past experience that I was pretty much out of time and I had gambled and held it too long. My body was pushing and I could barely walk and keep my cheeks clentched enough to keep it inside. It was pushing hard and I felt my butt hole start to open up. I ducked around the corner of a side street where there was less cars and people walking turned my back to the wall. My bowels gave a mighty push that I couldn't stop and the turd quickly pushed its way out and hit my panties. I squatted down and pretended to look in my purse as the poop quickly spread into a giant lump in my panties, spreading into a huge ball between my cheeks and stretching my panties to their limits. My heart was pounding and my skin was flushed red and hot. It only took five or ten seconds at most, but then the pee came. I quickly pulled the back of my skirt out to keep it from getting wet and emptied my bladded, soaking my sagging panties and leaving a puddle. I didn't care if anyone saw at this point, it just felt so good to let go. I finished peeing, squatted there for a little longer, then slowly stood up. The weight of the poop in my panties was very heavy and I knew they were sagging down badly but the skirt hid everything - thank God I wasn't wearing pants that day! I started walking again as normally as I could with a grapefruit sized ball of poop between my legs, having to waddle slightly bow-legged. Thankfully my roommate was not home when I got back to the room. I grabbed some clean clothes and a towel and snuck down the hallway to the showers/bathrooms, waddled into a stall, took off my skirt and slowly lowered my panties, dumped the giant ball of poop, wiped a few times, pulled the skirt back on carefully, flushed, then went to the showers, showered and changed, and went back to college life as usually, nobody the wiser that I know of - until now!

Sorry for the length and detail - I was a journalism minor, haha. Comes with the territory!


Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hi, Im a 43 yr old proffessional lady who prefers to poop at home when possible.
Last week I was away monday to friday on a course with work.I had to share a room witha work colleague called Fiona.
As a shy reserved pooper I didnt go all week, until Friday Lunchtime.
After eating another massive meal, I couldnt hold it any longer, I rushed to the restaurant toilets, and for extra privacy took the disablet toilet.
After quite a struggle and alot of pain my first poop slowly came out.It was very dry and the size of a tennis ball as it crashed heavily into the toilet.
Then I got a bad cramp and pushed with all my energy.
Out shot a load, I thought it was never going to stop, then I farted really loudly several times, and then started pooping again.
After about 10 minutes of constant pooping and farring I had finally finished. It felt great to be empty again.
After wiping my bottom, I couldnt help noticing the toilet was really full with my poop. So much so I was afraid to flush.
I put down the seat, flushed the toilet wased ny hands and returned to the dinner table.
Everyone was eating thier desserts. Then Mikey came back to the table from the toilet, and announced "nobody use that disabled toilet, it looks like an elephants been using it" I just ignored his comment an carried on talking with my friend.

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