I got an emergency call from my Mom about 4 p.m. on Halloween that I would have to take my half sister and brother trick & treating. Since my boyfriend TJ was out of town and we didn't have anything planned for Saturday night, I was happy to do it. It would take me at least an hour to get to their house, and that's if I left right away, which I did. Because my job has kept me busy along with my graduate courses (which I've written about before), I hadn't seen Tristen (8) and Ethan (5) since school started this year.

Mom had luckily taken them out to purchase their costumes--Tristen was a witch and Ethan was a spaceman. They were already in their costumes when I arrived home and mom was on the porch, waiting to leave for her extra shift as a waitress. It was chilly outside, but I didn't want to ruin it for them by making them put coats over their costumes,, but I did urge each of them to go back into the house and pee before we left. There was noise of trick & treaters coming from the adjoining neighborhood so I knew we should get started. I was starting to feel a pee coming on, but I thought I could make it for about an hour or 90 minutes. Tristen came out the bathroom pretty fast so I wasn't sure she had made an earnest effort, but Ethan was still pulling up his silver colored space pants and running at a pretty good trot with a pillow case in his hand. I reminded Tristen to grab hers before I locked the door behind us.

As we walked down the street there was and came to our first houses, I was impressed with literally several hundred kids on both sides of the street. There are two 1,000 unit apartment communities nearby so there was no shortage of traffic on the sidewalks. Eventually, I just moved off the sidewalk and into the street while I watched Tristen and Ethan go up to each door. I was encouraged that Tristen put her hand out and was helping her younger brother. Just last year I know that wouldn't have been the case. We went through about two streets and hit about 40 houses when Tristen asked me to take them three blocks over to a more wealthy neighborhood where there are larger houses and much nicer treats given out. It's a gated community and the kids like the winding paths that are decorated as they walk up to the doors of the houses. However, to get there we need to complete about a 20-minute walk through a park that separates the neighborhoods.

It was almost pitch dark in the park and Tristen was a lot faster on her feet than her brother. We were like three or four minutes into the dark maze when Tristen announced that she had to pee. I reminded her that she should have peed at home, but she said the chilly temperatures and the fact that she had drank a lot of soda that afternoon was the reason. I'm 26 and while I hadn't T/Td for like 14 or 15 years, I also knew the excitement and physical activity could cause more of a need to pee. I quickly got to thinking that when I used to bike in that park, there was a large restroom building on one side of the covered picnic area and fishing lake. I quickly had to think about which direction we would take over there and the fact that we were eating up valuable time for serious T&Ting in the adjacent neighborhood. I was also worried that now it was late fall, the restroom building would be locked up for the season. Tristen was almost crying in pain as we started our walk toward where the building was. Other than the moonlight which was coming out, there was little other lighting (luckily, it was a clear night!). And it didn't help that Ethan started complaining about all the extra walking and how his sister always has to wee at the wrong time. I'll complete our story with my next post.

To Sarah who Weed while Wii-ing. I loved your story. I also find it intriguing that a woman your age has a tendency to have accidents because you try to hold it in too long. I'd think that you'd have a pretty strong bladder from so much practice holding it in. It's even more intriguing that you said you have the occasional pooping accident as well. you must hold it in for an extremely long time if you eventually have to go so bad that you lose control of your bowels in your pants! am i correct or do you just have a weak bladder and bowels so you just can't hold it in that long? I'd like to hear more of your stories, if you have a memorable pooping accident to share that would be cool.

I heard an guy say something interesting lately. i was with a group of friends and we were hanging out just talking, and someone brought up the age old question "if you could have any superpower what would it be?" people typically went with the same old stuff, invisibility, flying, teleportation, telekinesis and all that. then this one dude says that he wished he had the power to control people's need for the bathroom. like, he could use his mind to make someone need to pee or poop really bad and then make them go. everyone was like "wtf" at first but he went on to explain how much power that would give him. you can pretty much control people's actions if they have to go really bad. like if you need something from someone you might be able to get them to cave and agree with you if they suddenly need to crap beyond belief and need to quickly end the discussion and leave. isn't that something? that would be pretty cool to have. i would probably abuse the power though. i can't stand my spanish class and i'd probably make the professor have to poop really bad all the time so we could end class early, or if i was feeling mean i would just cause her to poop in her pants.

Turd Lover
My morning shit was a disappointment --- several loose runny logs and no firm poop at all. However, I was able to produce a nice turd later this afternoon. It was bow-shaped and tapered on one end.

Something I enjoy doing is peeing on my logs after I've just dumped a hot load in the toilet. I like to stand there and direct my urine stream on various targets in the bowl -- sometimes I can move and reposition a large log by propelling it around with my wee-wee. I also like to watch the effect of a strong pee shower on the texture and color of different turds. Anyone else enjoy this ??

Happy pooping everybody.................

to End Stall Erin: i really enjoyed your post! thats awesome that u left the tiolet unflushed! that is an excellent punish for the school. how dare they give u a detention for using a cleaner bathroom. i always leave the tiolet unflushed wherever i go!

ps. i miss u Deliah!



charlie - awesome story about u and ur friend, makes u wonder if he has ever pooed himself before u went trick or treating

michael - i also tend to have wetter farts sometimes and shart in my briefs too and they leave big stains :)

Hi Emilie,

Thanks for writing another story again :) It was really great. If you have more, please post them lol. Yeah, black jeans are good for hiding wet spots.

Hi everyone. Another pee story from Halloween.
My boyfriend Dean had to take his little sister Blake trick or treating because his parents were both out of town and his grandma who is babysitting her is elderly. Since we weren't going out till later I said I would go with them.
About half way into it Blake, who is 6, started to squirm a little. It could've just been from excitment and neither of us thought much of it. A few more houses in and she was grabbing at her crotch through her costume. Dean asked her if she needed to go, but she swore she didn't.
Pretty soon she was doing a full on pee dance. She was crossing her legs and figiting. Dean said she looked like she needs to pee and we better be getting home. She admitted that she did need to go badly but didn't want to go home yet. She assured him she could hold it. We let her visit one more house and then decided to go back home.
Dean and I walked down the driveway in front of her and turned around to wait for her to catch up. She was doubled over with her hand in her crotch in agony.
I told her to come on and we'll try to find a place to go discreetly. She took 2 tiny steps and then squatted down in the middle of the sidewalk and began to pee. It was dripping on people who. Passed by shoes and they looked on with disgust. Blake get up Dean hissed. The lady whose house we were at offered to let us use her bathroom and Blake finished up in there. She was really embarrassed but I told her its happened to me. Dean wiped away her tears and told it would just stay between us. He then carried her home even though his shirt got all wet. When we got back to their house, he helped her clean up so their grandma didn't find out. We later went to the party and had a great time. My friend pooped herself but that'll be another post.

Punk Rock Girl
Happy Post-Halloween!

Thanks to all who liked my falling asleep on the shitter story.

Nothing much to report except that Sunday morning I took the hugest, wettest dump I've taken in while, due to an overabundance of beer and chocolate Halloween night.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend.



Some High School Boy
I know that it hasn't been mentioned in a while but I was looking through some old posts about childhood memories of crapping. My first memory was when my friend and I right after lunch went to the bathroom together. We both crapped and talked about our crap. We were only in 1st grade but I was surprised that he had never crapped at school before. In preschool I always crapped whenever I needed to. That's all for now. Gotta go crap now bye.

I don't know if it's totally appropriate for this site, but I'd like to discuss bathroom vandalism. I was peeing in a stall today, and I noticed someone had written some horrendous racist slang on the wall. I personally don't mind when people write stupid things on the walls, but some things may make others feel threatened. Does anyone else have stories about offensive/interesting/funny bathroom vandalism?

Snopy poopy
Hi everybudy dose anybudy like to go into a public bathroom and sit on the toilet and hold there poop until someone else comes in and sits beside you then just let it all fly and see what there reaction is?

Jill H
Hello I'm 41 years old ???? with Blonde hair & Blue eyes.
When I poo, it nearly always comes out in one long consistant snake like poo.
Because it's so long and well formed,when the toilet is flushed, it just sits in the toilet like a long piece of rope and goes no where.
My hubby is quite sick of this now, so I now poo in public toilets to save him the hassle of getting rid of my poo.
I only have the urge to open my bowels about twice a week which could be the problem.

Question to adult swimmers.
Age group 18-30
30-40; 40-50; 50-65 and 65 plus
At the pool, do you:
pee in the shower before getting into the pool
pee in the toilet then take a shower and swim
get changed get into the pool and pee
pee in the toilet or shower first then get into the pool and when the urge arises, pee in the pool
pee before getting into the pool but squirt pee in the pool while swimming

if you pee in the pool do you
pee while swimmingI
go to the side to pee
lane swim and pee at the end of the lane
stand in the water and pee
pee in the pool in small quantities to empty your bladder

if you pee in the pool while swimming, how long does it take to pee in seconds in actual peeing time not trying to be discreet or getting over to the place where you let it flow

never pee in the pool, even a few squirts

if married do you and your spouse both pee in the pool
do you tell your spouse you pee in the pool

if you pee in the pool why do you do it
I gotta go bad
It is just a bit (mini pees or squirts since I already emptied before getting in
I leak so it just happens
I am lazy and it is just easier to do
I like the warm feeling
nobody can tell

At the beach, do you pee in the water or the sand
by sitting in the water
by sitting in the sand
by standing in the water to my waist and letting it flow

Mothers (women who have been pregnant and have given birth even if decades ago)
1. Did you have bladder control issues and did you wear pads or Depends
2. Did you ever pee your pants (not little leaks)
3. Did you ever pee outside during pregnancy
4. If you swam during pregnancy did you ever pee in the water - lake, ocean or pool
5. Did you have a pee container in the car or beside your bed when pregnant

Survey for partment dwellers:
1. gentlemen, did you ever pee off a balcony because a lady needed the bathroom
2. gentlemen, did you ever pee in the sink because a lady was on the toilet
3. ladies and gentlemen, did you ever pee in the parking garage

Peeing on a transcontinentl train. This is a true story of when I took the train out east a few years ago. I had booked a roomette for one which included a small narrow bed which turned into a chair by day, a toilet and a sink above the toilet. Upon boarding a man asked the conductor if his room also like mine had a sink since the bed obliterated the toilet and if you had to pee during the night you had to either go to the public toilet down the hall or pee in the sink. He was assured that it did include a sink. With my weak bladder I had to pee several times that night so I got up and pulled down the sink from the wall and peed into it. I hovered since I did not want to have it fall fromm the wall due to my weight. After peeing, I raised the sink and slipped it back into the wall. The pee went straight onto the tracks. I then lowered the sink again and rinsed it by turning on the taps then lifted the sink back again. Early morning it was shower time and the shower stall was down the hall. I brought my soap and shampoo and a towel and wore my housecoat. There was no toilet in the shower area - I guess they know everyone pees in the shower so it was problem. The train was going fast, and I turned on the shower and got under it and began to pee desperately. The shower water rinsed it away and I looked down the drain to see the water and pee going onto the tracks. I basically peed over a few miles.

At my resort, I walked along the beach and when I had to pee I just went behind some rocks. I also swam in the ocean and sat in the surf to pee. I had to take a crap on one of my walks so I crapped on behind a rock and some flies came over. I thought of being more hygienic so I got a long thin rock and put it under the piece of crap and flung it into the ocean. This was not the swimming area due to the rocks and I thought since horses poop on the beach under the high tide line and the ocean just does its cleansing this was more hygienic than having a fly infestation. \

I also saw some kids learning to snorkel with their teacher and she told them how to pee through a wet suit - I guess it is similar to peeing through a bathing suit while swimming.

I week later I took the train back and peed in the shower and the sink at night.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Hi all, I have just read in our Sunday paper that one of our star rugby players, now retired, was out on his first date with a famous beauty and singer and she had a bad oyster, ended up telling him to stop next to the road as she dropped her panties and shat next to the car!!! Better than shitting yourself in the car, makes these superstars human.

It being Halloween, anyone have any stories about accidents because a costume getting stuck or something Halloween related?

petite pooper
It's been a while since my last post...but recently I've been in the habit of pooping everyday, even if I don't feel the urge. As a result I struggle to poop, and it takes forever to push out the tiny loads of crap. I hate spending time on the toilet to poop, and I get frustrated sometimes to the point of tears if it takes long or I have to push, wait, or strain. The things is, within 20 minutes of eating, I need to poop, but its not always convienient to go at the first urge, so then I'm stuck holding it until I get time or go home (this usually happens at work). The urge goes away, but I'm always worried that it'll come back the next day stronger and more prominent, so I force myself to poop. On the weekends, I have off from work. I poop 3-4 times with no force and easily. I don't know if it's cuz I eat more over the weekend or what, but I'm able to poop comfortably and a lot. It's weird.

Hi I go to a boarding school in the UK, I am currently studing my A levels.
It was really funny this morning as 10 of us for a laugh all went to the toilet block at the same time. Kate whose idea it was, said ready, steady, go! we all began pooping at exactly the same time.It was like a dawn corus of farts and plops for about 2 minutes, then it all went quiet...Alison who was in the end stall suddenly farted and dropped a noisy load in her toilet which made everyone laugh.
Kate then went round each toilet to judge to see who had done the best poo.
Kate announced Fiona should win, we all looked at the winning masterpiece, it was massive! So thick it didnt even fit down the toilet.
Second place went to Alison who had dropped a seriously big load of soft poop.
We then did the flush test - 6 out of 10 toilets cleared on the first flush, 2 on the third with Fiona & Alisons clogged.

I've been reading posts on this site for a while but this is my first time posting. So like a half hour ago I had the urge to go. my stomach was bubbling. so i went to the bathroom and had the weirdest diarrhea ever, in small pieces and green. It wasnt too bad, just came out in one explosion. has anyone else experienced this kind?

End Stall Em
my answers to brian's questions:
Does your crap make a big plop in the water sometimes? Only when I've missed going for a day or two and the pieces are larger and heavier. I remember once this summer when I took a neighbor girl for whom I sometimes babysit to the Miley Cyrus concert. I had three days stored up and I must have sat 10 minutes in a really croweded restroom trying to go. Mothers as well as their daughters were waiting and were pissed at me for taking so long. When I finally pushed it out, it was hard and hit the water hard and splashed my bottom and even splashed up on the back of the seat. Kali, the girl I was caring for, was in the next stall and could hear me push it out and it hit. Kali called over to me and asked if I had just shit rocks. I said yes because my rectum really was hurting bad. And when leaving the stall, I told the mother who was waiting with her daughter that the splash on the back of the seat wasn't pee. She seemed relieved to know that. Do you poop everyday? Yes--when I'm in school and it's part of the routine. Sleeping late on weekends and less physical activity often will cause me to miss a day or two. Have you ever heard a friend poop or has your friend ever heard you poop. Yes. This most recently happened this past summer where me and my best friend walked one evening up to a gas station where we could get some pop. We were barefoot and the longer walk really tore up my feet. As we walked onto the lot, Carleigh said she had to crap and she asked me to come into the restroom with her. When she let go of it it was an explosion and the smell was awful. I couldn't wait for her to get her shorts back up so I could open the door for air. The door was open when she flushed and washed her hands, but I was long out of there.

Now this is my regular post about what happened yesterday at school when I had to serve my 4-hour Saturday School detention for getting caught using the bathroom in an unauthorized wing of my school.

It was cloudy today so I had to make my 9-block walk to school in the dark. My parents got a letter from my vice-principal that said being even one minute late to detention means they won't let you serve it and then you are suspended from school for a day and your detention time is doubled. So I got up at 6:30 a.m., put on my jeans and a top, and made my walk to school. By 7:30 a.m. I was feeling my daily crap coming on and as soon as I got into the building I sought out the nearest bathroom. It was a large one at the north end of the school. I figured I had about 15 minutes before being due to the detention hall in the cafeteria. I pushed the door open but walked into total darkness. I couldn't find a light switch and the room seemed as cold as the front porch of my house. I'm sure it had windows but because it was dark outside that didn't help. Because I had been written up for being in an unauthorized area of the building, I decided to use that bathroom.

I put my hands out in front of me as I walked in. Eventually I came to a wall and as I felt my way around it, I came upon a door that I was able to move a bit so I knew it was a stall door. By pushing it and reaching out to feel the stall partitions, I slowly walked into the stall. I carefully dropped my jeans and underwear to my foot level and leaned down, feeling around to find the toilet. My right hand raked a really cold and hard cement-like surface that was shaped like a toilet bowl, so I could tell the seat was not down. In pushing my hands to the back, I ran my knuckles into a moveable object that I thought was the seat and I awkwardly gripped it and set it down. Then I moved in and carefully placed my butt on it. It wasn't as cold as sitting on ice, but it was colder than I normally experience. Luckily one major push dropped my daily load and I immediately started feeling for the toilet paper. My right hand rammed into it. and I carefully tore off what I thought would be enough. I just got to thinking that I wouldn't be able to look at my crap and get any satisfaction from it and that I wouldn't know how much I needed to clean myself.

I knew I had to move fast and get down to the detention hall. About that time I heard a male voice coming down the hall. He was swearing to another man about all the students that were coming for detentions and his voice was getting louder. The bathroom door was opened abruptly and I heard him fumble with keys and suddenly the lights came on. The door closed and I sat still for a minute before wiping and looking at my bowl production--about a third full. I pulled up my undies and jeans and opened the stall door. I quickly washed my hands and then hurried down the hall to the cafeteria. I knew I hadn't flushed and hadn't intended to. There is just something wrong about me having to serve detention time for finding and using a cleaner bathroom. So I didn't feel bad about what I had left behind.

Claire N
On page 1796 I listed my previous posts. There is one I forgot which is on page 1738. To update, the cheap plastic seat in the bathroom is still going strong and we now have a similar one in the downstairs loo. I have got ued to them and like them.

Thank you all for your warm welcomes. I would be happy to share more stories with you. First, to answer some commments, I kept my panties on because I felt weird being totally exposed in the store. I had black jeans on so when I pulled them on the wetness didn't show. The bottle I peed into was one of the big one liter ones.
I was reading some old posts and was wondering what happened to Francesca. Her stories were great. Francesca if you're still out there please post. Your friend Julie reminds me of my friend jaye. Which brings me to my next story.
This happened a couple years ago. My parents were out of town and bc of some past partying on my behalf I had to spend the weekend at jayes house. This was fine by me. She's my best friend.
So Saturday morning we wake up early and decide to go for a jog. About halfway through I kinda had to pee but not too bad. By the time we were jogging back I had to pee pretty badly and running wasn't helping.
We finally get back to her house and I'm in agony. I try to open the door and its locked. I turn to jaye but she said she left the door unlock bc she didn't want to bring the key. Her parents must have left which meant until they came back we were locked out.
I asked jaye how long they would be and she said she didn't know but she had to pee. She then pulled her shorts and panties down, squatted and peed on her front step. Watching the puddle flow beneath her made me had to go worse. If I didnt concentrate spurts came out. I really wanted to just let go, but I wasn't as brave as jaye. Neighbors were out and the desert landscape left nowhere to go discreetly.
jaye saw me squirming and told me to just go. She said her parents would probably be gone awhile. At this point I wanted to cry at the thought of holding it a second longer. But I still couldn't bring myself to just pee in the open like that.
45 mins later I couldn't move I had to go so badly. I stood up pulled down my shorts, squatted and peed right there like jaye. It felt so good but then her parents pulled up. I was really embarrassed but couldn't stop. Pee just kept coming. Her parents waited till I was done until getting out of the car and told me it was fine. Later they told me that's how they met but that's another story.

Some High School Boy
Once while I was sick in 8th grade along with others from my school I got a real bad pressure build up during my weekly piano lesson. I was in horrible I asked my teacher if I could use the bathroom. Thank God she said yes. I did a walk-run to the bathroom that wasn't that far from the room we were in. It was a public restroom so I had a few hang ups about it but was in dire need of a toilet. There's a school play that night so I had to do it now or I would be harassed for the rest of the school year. I got myself onto the seat and the minute I sat down a massive amount of diarrhea shot out of my ass. I thought I was going to be able to wipe but then the second wave came thank goodness I had flushed the first time. I had a third and fourth wave hit me simulateously. It was horrible but when I finished I was very relieved I wiped for seemed like an eternity. When I finally got back to the room I found out I had been gone for 35 minutes I was embarassed but I amused she knew that I was sick. I haven't crapped there since and hope I don't have to unless I end up going there for college.

Today I decided I would catch up on some school work before the weekend started. I needed to get some reading done for my history class so I headed to the campus library. I headed to the second floor where the study area was. Thankfully there were very few people around so I knew I would be able to focus on my work. I needed to take a shit so I set my stuff down and went to find the washroom.

After a few minutes of walking around I eventually saw a sign for a bathroom. I walked down the hallway and tried to open the male washroom door but it was locked. There were a few other doors including one for the women's washroom and another unmarked door. I realized that the bathrooms were private single units with just one toilet and that someone was using it. I decided I would go gather a few books and come back in a few minutes.

After collecting the books, I returned to try and use the washroom. I pulled on the handle and to my relief it opened. I entered in and turned on the light. It didn't smell too good inside, but at least I got to shit in privacy.

I turned around to close and lock the door. The oversized toilet stood against the wall opposite of the sink. I undid my jeans and underwear and sat myself down. I noticed that the seat was still warm and that the previous user left a few skidmarks in the bowl. I began to push and I felt a bit of resistance in getting the turd out. I let out a wet fart to relieve the pressure and then without warning a large flow of soft poop rushed out. I didn't think I was going to have the runs but I let out several more small loads onto what I had already dropped. The smell was awful so I quickly started to wipe.

It took a lot of toilet paper to get cleaned up. I flushed and watched my mess of shit and toilet paper go down. I flushed another time to clean the toilet of my evidence and to try and eliminate the smell. I washed up and exited quickly. I was glad nobody was waiting to use the toilet after me because I'm sure the smell would have made them gag. I made my way back to my table to study.

Turd Lover
My bowels produced an assortment of splendid logs this morning. The first two turds were each about 8 inches long and thick, followed by several mid-sized logs. Not a bad way to start the day.

Upstate Dave
Hi to all! PRG glad to see your posting again. I myself have never fallen asleep on the can. But I've had friends when drunk have. At one party one of the guys was drunk went to the bathroom pissed and shit and feel asleep falling on the floor afterwards. He got pissed on too! It was funny then when it was done. Being drunk does get you do things you may not do when sober! This was back in when I was in my teens when this happened.

The Juiceman I'll take your short quiz.
1.) The last time I ruined a pair of good pants and my white briefs was back in my junior year of highschool. I had to shit and piss after leaving school which I was going to a vocational school at this time. That ment a long bus ride back to the middle school to transfer to another bus that would drop me off at the end of the road I lived on.

I managed to keep from pissing and shitting myself on the first bus ride to the middle school. I could have gone inside and used a bathroom there but I didn't. I would miss the other bus and if I did it was a hour waqlk at least to get home from there. So I got on the second bus. I was in real agony now as I sat in one of the seats amoung the younger middle school kids.

I fought real hard to keep control of myself. It was harder to keep from shitting then pissing. I was in a good cold sweat when the bus did make its stop at the end of my road. I got off the bus. I looked at one of my friends house which was right there but I knew that there would be no one there so no use and going there and use the bathroom there.

I started walking up my road going very slowly and stiffly taking very small steps as I walked. I stopped many times sqeezing my butcheeks hard to gether to keep from shitting. Also I had a hand in my pocket squeezing my penis hard to keep from pissing. I didn't care if anyone saw me at this point! It tooke me a awfull lot of time to reach my nextdoor nieghbors start of there property where there were pine trees along the road.

I ducked through the fence and into the pine trees. I was going to shit and piss there but I couldn't. To my horror the nieghbors were home and they were in the yard! I made a quick move back out from the pine trees and back through the fence and back out on the road. I even let out a long groan and said to myslef; Come on Dave you CAN make it!

I only had about 500 feet left to go and I would be home! Again I had to walk slowly taking small steps as I went. I also was holding myslef with my hand in my pocket. I also had my cheeks clenched very hard. Time seemed to me almsot standing still now but I had managed to reach the one side yard to my own house!

Now I decided to cut across the yard and go in the side door where my fathers workshop was. There was one door to go through in his workshop and that would put me right at the bathroom of the guest room and the end of the kitchen. This was the shortest route to take! I now with holding myslf and my buttcheeks squeezed as hard as I could get them I started running across the yard to the workshop door.

Running was my mistake! As I got about halfway to the door I couldn't no longer keep my clenched buttcheeks to hold my shit in. It opened right up and I came to a frozen stop dead in my tracks! It came gushing out for my shit was very loose. It filled up my briefs first and then my runny shit ran out though the leg openings an started running down the inside of my pantlegs!

Now that I shitting myself had jerked my hand out of my pants pocket. I started pissing myself too as I stood there. I wound up adding to the mess in my wihite briefs and tan knit pants that I had on. Both my briefs and pants were badly stained by my piss and loose shit! Boy as far as my shit it really stunk to high heaven too! What I did after I had finished I took off my sneakers and socks and took my briefs and pants right off right there in the yard!

I diddn't care if I was seen either. I did run to the back of the yard and I heaved my briefs and pants down the embankment and left them there. I raninside the house to the upstairs bathroom and took off my shirt and tshirt and got rght into the shower and spent quite a long time cleaning myself up.

2.) No like I said I just threw both my briefs away outside right after I had messed them. They were too far gone to wash up. With my runny shit and pissing my briefs were totaly a brown color and my tan knit pants had long brown stains down the inside of each leg with the ass section a big brown stain covering the material there and a brown spot also in the front of them when my piss wetted the front and mixed in with my shit.

3.) To badly stained and they sure did stink! As far as I know my briefs and pants are still down that embankment today!

Hi Everybody :)
I have a story for every1 that happened just yesterday.

It was halloween ofcourse, and i dunno what i had ate but somthing inside me wasnt agreeing with me. i gave out a small fart and it was a very hot, quiet 1. i decided to go into the bushes and have a shit.

I left my house and it was quite dark, i made my way into the field, everytime i walked i gave a very hot fart. It was very dark in the field and quite scary, i made my way in, i had a quick pee, lasted about 10 seconds, then i sat on the branch i sat on last time i gave a push and my bum went very warm. I gave another push and a thick slimy shit came out of me, i couldnt see it because of the dark, but i would say a good 12 inches, i felt that nothing had came out yet, so i gave another push and a small burst of soft blobby shit came running out of me. I was comming out of me me for about 5 seconds. then i decided i was done.
I wiped and left.

I wish it was light so i was able to see what i had made. owell.

I remember reading some1s story about going for a shit in the dudes changing room because there was no toilets installed, i cant remember if its on this page or not.
but our locker rooms are the same as that, and some1 had to go aswell, and i will tell yous all the whole story next time :)


Your story of your childhood is one of a number that I've read that makes it clear that if you are taught as a child to hold your bladder, then you learn to hold your bladder, and that ability stays with you the rest of your life.
Has that ability been tested when you became an adult (please tell any stories that you remember!). Did your brother develop the same ability? Did he ever tell you of his impression of his childhood or later when he grew up.
Thanks very much for your report.

Guy from Montana
Not much to report in way of my daily craps over the past 3 or 4 days. Everything is of average size with no big monster logs.

Zip -- No, normally I don't have a problem with skidmarks when I go commando. I do my own laundry and my mom doesn't see anything. If I have to wear underwear for whatever reason, they are the regular white Fruit of the Loom brand. If I have to use a public bathroom, I generally will drop the jeans that I am wearing to my ankles, unless the floor appears to be wet, then I will only drop them to my knees.

Happy dumping to all!

What I saw
I had been walking in the neighborhood; it was dusk. I passed this house and I saw a handyman in front of the bushes. In one hand he had his toolbox and the other hand Iam sure he was using to take a pee in the hedge. It was very discreet but I could tell what he was doing. It was in no way indecent since nothing private was visible. He was middle aged. I guess this is the time when many people need to pee more often and urgently.

I have peed outdoors many many times and need to do it more since I am getting older.

One time I was taking some donations to a church a few blocks from my home and the urge hit. There was a huge line of trees and luckily I had my female urinary device - so I could stand inside the trees and pee desperately. These things purchased at camping equipment stores are invaluable for modesty. I would have peed my pants otherwise. I did not feel gullty since in the old days churches had outhouses and people peed on the ground and I was discreet.

I go biking and stop to pee in the woodlots and bushes often. I actually save water by doing this since each toilet takes 6 to 13 or so litres of water and middle aged and elderly people pee more frequently than others.

my girlfriend was in the hospital this week because she had a severe case of the h1n1 flu. she's doing better now but for a few days it was scary. for a lot of people it has been mild and not a big deal at all but she wasn't so lucky, it hit bad. anyway, its insane how busy all the hospitals and doctors offices are. she got moved around so much in the hospital from room to room and must've dealt with like 30 different hospital staff members in the process, at least. anyway, the first 2 nights there was so much chaos that she would go as much as 2 hours without anyone ever coming into the room to do anything for her. anyway, the point of all this is that she got very upset because she was having an upset stomach and twice when she needed to go to the bathroom, she couldn't get anyone to come and help her and she wound up soiling her underwear and gown and the bed. she was so humiliated both times because like 5 or 6 different people would then come in to deal with her accident. she was really mad because both times she feels that if anyone had just paid attention to her she wouldn't have had the accidents, but she couldn't take care of it on her own because she was hooked up to things so she couldn't get out of bed and she was so weak from being sick. has anyone else been in that kind of situation?

Michael's story about his skidmarked briefs reminded me of a roommate I had in college. He was a very nice guy, attractive, about 5'10", 170 lbs. with hazel eyes and curly brown hair. His briefs always had skidmarks in them. When he took them off, he would always inspect them and then sniff them. He did the same with his socks, and he liked to take his finger and wipe it in the area between his thigh and his scrotum and then sniff it. He was very much into his own odors. His personal hygiene otherwise was fine; there was no noticeable odor and he showered daily. But for some reason, he briefs were always very dirty. I had been in the bathroom when he was in a stall taking a dump, and he always wiped twice, never more never less. I think he wanted to have the skidmarks so he could inspect them and sniff them. I once asked him about it, and he got embarrassed and said something like, "Oh come on man, don't tell me you've never sniffed your briefs!"

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hello, my name is Charlie????. I see that there are a few other Charlie's on here. I am 15 years old.

For Halloween this year, my friend and I dressed up as babies, which of course included wearing diapers. We didn't wear pants in order to keep our diapers visible. My friend had a pacifier and baby rattle as well, while I wore a bib and carried a baby bottle. Everyone thought that we were just crazy trick-or-treaters. We received a few comments about how creative our costumes were. After about an hour of trick-or-treating, my friend told me that he desperately needed to poop. He didn't go before we left the house. I told him that he should just use the diaper. I informed him that I had peed in mine a few minutes earlier. He was hesitant to do it, but his bowels had other ideas, and he pooped. We continued trick-or-treating for about two more hours, during which we both peed. At 11:00 pm, we headed home. He was going to spend the night at my house. When we got home, I cleaned him up first since his diaper was messier than mine. Afterwards, he cleaned me up, and we got ready for bed.

Middle aged woman: I wear Depends since I have a bladder control problem. Yesterday one of my neighbours came over and saw the bag - I can just imagine the condo apt gossip. Today I went biking and wore a black skirt down to my knees along with a top and jacket and my bike helmet. One of my senior neighbours age 70 thought I would be too cold. My outfit was designed for peeing efficiency and modesty as I knew I would have to stop at one of the areas of merciful foliage. I wear a Depends under my skirt and when I pee outdoors, I just move the crotch aside. If there is no female friendly foliage around, and I must pee, I just do it in the Depends. I must buy another bag of these as they are on sale this week. I travelled on a bus tour with mostly seniors and some of them wear Depends. We were at the grocery store and looking at the price of inco products in Florida. I have peed on street corners since my bladder would have burst had I not. I have also peed on the bus in an emergency and hoped the Depends would not leak. I do pee in them for convenience if I am grocery shopping and cannot leave the checkout to go to the bathroom or if I am waiting for the bus and don't want to miss it and wait another half hour. At least living in an apt all trash goes down the garbage chute so there is no way of knowing who threw out what. I also peed on the apt property in the bushes since I was only wearing a poise pad not a depends and I knew it would leak. I have peed in the trash can beside my bed when I woke up with a bursting bladder and did not want to pee all over the floor. I am on medication for high bp and the water pills make it worse and I take amitrypline for migraines so after the effect wears off my bladder tends to burst. I feel sorry for people who get caught for peeing in public if they are trying to be discreet. I peed my pants at the bus stop a few years ago and 3 teens began laughing - this is before I wore inco protection. The week before my period I blow my nose and pee - I was not wearing a pad and peed on the floor once. I have seen middle aged people going for a discreet pee in public and my plumbing problem is what led me to this site. I saw on Oprah that even some 30 something moms wear depends. The little leaks are easy to deal with it is the bursting bladders that need the most padded protection. One of my neighbours got caught short and he peed in an elevator (not ours thank God). Each year closer to menopause I get the weaker my bladder gets due to lowering estrogen levels. The young people at work make fun of inco situations but many people over 40 have this problem maybe their own parents.

EMILIE: loved your story, you mentioned you had some more stories - would love you to share!

I have a quick story from the other night. I went out with a friend and we decided to have a couple of drinks and then head to a club for some dancing.

We went into one pub and both had a pint of beer. I didn't feel any urge so didn't even think to pee before leaving, and besides we were just going to walk to another nearby bar to have another drink before going to the club, which was a little further away.

In the bar, I had another pint while my friend had a shot. Obviously, she drank hers a lot quicker than me and I felt pressured to drink quickly so we could get underway to the club. When we were leaving the bar, I was conscious that I should probably pee as we had about 20 minutes until we would get to the club. But unfortunately, I could not feel any of the beer in my bladder yet and, not wanting to break the seal for no reason, I decided to wait until we got to the club.


As tends to happen with beer, as we were walking to the club, I could almost feel the beer siphoning its way into my bladder. By the time we were half way, I knew it was a bad idea to drink the two beers so quickly and try to hold it. When we got arrived, there was a huge queue outside and I was bursting for a pee.

There was nowhere else to go nearby, so I had to wait over half an hour in the queue before I could get to a toilet. By the time we were near the front of the queue, I was desperate for a pee, and was doing the half-bent-over, legs-crossed pee dance.

In the end, I couldn't hold it all back and let loose a couple of squirts in my panties before we got inside. Luckily, there was no line for the bathroom, and I managed to make it to the toilet before I completely soaked myself.

I pee urgently and frequently and had better bladder control in kindergarten than I do in middle age.

in the shower
in the ocean, in both the sand (wear black bathing suit) and in the water
I swim so I have peed in the pool urgently
In the bushes
In the mall while grocery shopping; thank heavens for depends

I was swimming and talking to an older man and told him that I had to pee; I told him that I don't bother getting out of the pool since I may flood the deck. He said he doesn't mind if people pee in the pool. I just let it go through my bathing suit. Then I smiled. Many of my senior friends who are retired also pee in the pool. We have discussed this and our limited bladder control and how to do it discreetly. I pee during aquafitness class; several ladies do also.

Since my aging and lack of bladder control I have become more sympathetic to people's needs and am not as judgemental. In my 20S I thought peeing in the pool was gross although I did it in the shower.

Now even if I empty myself in the shower before swimming, it never fails, I gotta go again (and again).

I was swimming and and realized I had to pee so bad so I swam over to the edge, looked around and stayed still and peed in front of the jets which add more chlorine. There were two other people in the pool, an older couple. The man swam over to the other side and had a pee. His wife went by the ladder before getting out and going into the hot tub.

I try to avoid hot tubs since even if I believe I am empty a squirt of pee will come out as soon as I sit down.

The water where the couple was for a while was quite a bit warmer. I would like to know which age groups of adults pee in the pool the most - my guess middle age and seniors.

One time I was walking in the park and needed to pee. I squatted down in front of some bushes. There was noone around until a middle aged woman and her young adult daughter walked by. The older woman was sympathetic to my need; the younger woman was mortified.

One time I went on a 5k walk and before the race I had to pee (again) and went behind a dumpster. At middle age, depends are the best products ever invented along with progressive eye glasses.

I have peed on the local bus (thank you depends) and since no product has been invented for swimming, I just pee in the pool as needed. Shh..
I have extreme urgency and swimming makes it just flow.

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