My parents were general contractors for new home construction and exciting home renovations. They sometimes worked 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.

After school and on weekends we were often times brought to the job sites where we had to be under our best behavior since there was lots of dangerous stuff. Plus the customers would often times be there and having kids running around just wasn't professional. We usually stayed by our parents side helping them out or in the van. They were always trying to teach us everything they knew. We probably should have been in daycare, but my parents saw that as a waste of money. Even when we became of age to stay alone they didn't want us alone for so long with them so far away.

Frequently there were no working bathrooms or my parents just found it rude to use the customer's bathrooms. Going in their yard was out of the question for obvious reasons. So we were often times forced to hold it like the adults until we left the job which could be up to four hours. Sometimes my brother and I would be in total agony and all we would get was "we'll be leaving soon" "you can wait" "stay still" "stop touching yourselves". To make matters worst we would sometimes have a long drive there and a long drive back. If we stopped to get something to eat or went to the store we could use the bathroom there, but if we were going strait home we had to wait most of the time.

Wow we had go so bad at times. We never wet ourselves, but came close more than once. I know if we did we would have been spanked for it as we were if we misbehaved on the job site. We did sneak a pee in the yard a few times. Once we got caught and was spanked for it on the spot.

I remember have to go the moment we arrived at the job site once when I was 12 . It was on a Saturday morning and I knew we would have to wait at least 4 hours before we would leave for lunch. Well food ended up being brought to the job site so there was no need to leave. I had to go soooo bad by then I couldn't hardly move. I started crying after we ate thinking we were going to have to wait until we left later that night. My dad finally let us use the toilet in the house that was being tiled. He made it clear this was an exception!

I now have a bladder of steal from holding it all those years.

As I've said in previous postings, I'm a 35-year-old banker. My bank has "adopted" a middle school with grades 5 to 8 and I am the bank's representative who once a week teaches economics "literacy" lessons to the students. Eventually the student council leaders are going to run a small student branch of our bank in the school and we hope to get the students to be lifelong customers by opening savings accounts that later they can move over to checking account-status once they get into high school.

Well, last week I arrived a little earlier than I needed to in order to meet with the teacher and students. I probably should have peed at the bank, but I didn't want to take the time and worried about hitting all the noon hour traffic on the main highway that goes through our city. Once I parked my car, I knew I needed to find a bathroom fast. You might remember that I crap pretty regularly each morning at about 5 a.m. or so when I'm in our park and working out. I was trying to remember if I peed when I got to the bank, but I couldn't think of it. So this was going to be my first pee of the day.

I walked by the office and took the left that takes me down the hall to the 6th grade classroom I'm assigned to. I saw three girls running out of a door and could smell some smoke, so I guessed it was the bathroom. I grabbed the door with the froasted glass before it closed and walked around a wall and into a long room with about 20 stalls on the right side and that many sinks on the left side. I turned into the first stall and as I prepared to lower the zipper and the pants of my relatively new business suit, I was repulsed by what I saw. There was pee on both sides of the seat and also on the floor to the right of the toilet. I thought "No thanks" and put my arm into the next door where the seat looked cleaner, although it was obvious that an earlier user had smoked in there. I slowly pulled down my pants and underwear and placed myself comfortably on the seat. Within a minute my pee flow started slowly and picked up pace and strength as I went along. It was during that period that I heard the door to the stall I had just rejected being latched.

I listened intently as I heard the girl unbutton her shorts and underwear and hastily plant her butt on the seat. I got to thinking about all that pee and why she hadn't seen it. I got to thinking that she probably hadn't looked. I could obviously hear her bowels start to activate and I saw her feet spread as she was working on pushing her crap out. I saw her purse come up off the floor and I heard her rummage through it, finally she swore and within a couple a seconds some make-up and a couple of pencils and a comb came rolling my way as the purse fell to the floor. Curiously, the thing that slid the farthest into my stall was a pack of Marboros. Without getting up from the seat because I was still peeing, I took my hand and pushed everything but the cigarettes back under the stall for her. I told her I would keep the Marboros because it was illegal for her to have them. She seemed surprised, said "F**k!", but didn't say another word. I wiped, reached back and flushed and went to the sink and washed my hands. You can never be too careful with all the flu going around.

I gave the cigarettes to my boyfriend who knows several smokers. As I was giving my financial lesson to the students, I kept looking at some of the girls who didn't seem to be too happy and wondered which (if any) owned the smokes that I had taken. I also wondered why she would sit in so much pee when indeed there were like 18 or 19 other stalls she could use. It's been more than 20 years since I was that age. Have I missed something?

Hey everyone,
I've been a longtime lurker on here, but haven't really posted.. I'm a 19 year old guy, second year of college. Just curious as to what's the worst condition any guy's underwear you've seen has been, in terms of skidmarks/pee stains? I've always been somewhat bad in this area. Occasionally I get a small skidmark or two, but mostly things get a little yellowed up front. But I don't see how any guy can leave the restroom without at least a dot of pee on their underwear. I mean, unless you dry it with TP, its not gonna be completely dry! And worse for others...which I am one of. For me, its probably mostly just laziness and being in a rush. I usually just put it back once I think I'm finished without shaking, but occasionally have a small spurt of pee left which ends up on the front of my boxer briefs. They're white too, which doesn't really help. I guess I'm usually in a hurry, and never minded that much...

But 2 days ago was a bit worse than usual. I don't remember what I had eaten, but I had been feeling really gassy...I knew I needed to poop, and knew it would be really soft, but just didn't let it phase me. I had confidence, and figured I would be able to control it if any poop was threatening to come out. I did, sort of (not really). As I was sitting at the table in the library, I felt the urge to fart, and decided to test the waters so to speak since no one else was around. Well it was definitely of the low rumbly variety, and felt a little wet, but nothing alarming. Later, walking out of the library, I let out a longer fart with renewed confidence. This one was a lot bigger, and still somewhat wet, but not a shart by any means. Later, I was in a friend's room playing video games, when I decided to submit him to a little torture. I had a big one built up, and decided to just let loose. It was low, rumbly, and much wetter than the others. I kind of felt it get wetter as it went on, but I just kept going. Ever have those ones that just don't seem to stop? This was one of em', and I was proudly trying to go as long as possible. While my friend was cursing, toward the end I gave a final strain with a result I should have expected... Things already felt wet and a little warm down there, but with the final strain came a bit more than I expected. Some definite crap escaped, and things suddenly got very warm and mushy down there. It wasn't a lot, but it wasn't nothing...In addition, I let out a big spurt of pee with the final push so now there was a palm sized wet spot on the front of my jeans.
My friends cursing turned to laughing as he asked me if I crapped my pants. I denied it of course, but laughed and said things were a little wet down there (huge understatement). Suddenly he noticed the wet pee spot, and started laughing even more. I tried to play it off, but I was pretty embarrassed. Noticing my change in attitude, he told me not to feel bad, he pissed himself a little after thinking he was done sooner than he really was at the urinal the other day (I can relate). He didn't make any comments about the shart smell, but I think he knew. When I finally got up to go to the bathroom, I took a look at everything. Upon inspection, it could have been a lot worse, but it was a definite shart. there was a dark brownish wet stain on the bottom of my boxer briefs, that had spread up a little. (the front was damp and yellow of course). It had stained the inside of my jeans just a little bit. I cleaned up as well as I could and pulled them back up (I couldn't throw them away there). Interestingly, I noticed some of his dirty underwear laying on the bathroom floor. And they were pretty bad too! I had to take a look. Of course not as bad as my current ones, but one had a definite outline of a big pee stain in front (it was colored briefs but still obvious). Curious, I inspected for skidmarks and saw several long, dark ones. I felt a little better since my usual underwear isn't that bad! Later I left, but it was definitely an experience I wouldn't forget! And a lesson I had to learn the hard way...

Just curious, what's the worse condition you've seen a guy's underwear in (without being full blown crapped pants)? Either yours or just one you've seen? I would describe myself as having moderate- bad pee stains, with fairly minor (usually) skidmarks... That friend's has probably been the worst I've seen though...(not including the ones I was wearing!)

PRG, it has happened to me too a little overindulgence a good shit feel tired, have a little nap. I fell off sideways hit my head, added to the headache I already had. Was a very runny red wine crap!!!

Dear all

I live in the UK and read these pages often. Here is a recent incident I saw.

I was coming home from work recently and caught the bus. It was at the end of the rush hour, and the traffic was bad, but I managed to catch one after quite a wait.

It was relatively quiet so I sat down and read the newspaper. Sitting a couple of rows behind was a couple. From snatches of conversation I overheard, I gathered that the girl (17-18ish) was in urgent need of the toilet. She was very pretty; brown hair, slim, you get the picture. It seemed that they were traveling together, but he was getting off earlier than her to start work.

The bus was caught up in traffic, though, and moving very slowly. After some time, we pulled up at the side of the bus garage and stood there for a while. The driver came over the speakerphone - "Sorry ladies and gentlemen, we're waiting for another driver, this bus is an hour late and I can't go over my legal hours". The girl started crying, and was obviously in some pain.

After about ten minutes, a replacement driver came and took over. We continued along although progress was slow. By this time, the girl was fidgeting openly and muttering "".

Her boyfriend kissed her goodbye and got off by the industrial estate.

At a point about 15 minutes away from home, we pulled up once more. Again, the driver spoke to us. "I've been instructed by the supervisor to turn the bus around here, because it is so late. There is another one five minutes behind". The desperate girl was in tears by this point, and asked the driver if he couldn't continue, but he stood by his orders.

A while later, the bus behind us turned up and we transferred onto it. The girl was crying, holding herself and gasping for the rest of the journey. She stood up for her stop, and I noticed a damp patch. Finally, we reached her stop, she stumbled off and ran into the bushes by the side of the road. Within an instant, she had her jeans and knickers down and peed furiously into the bushes.

Punk Rock Girl, the same thing happened to me this week! except it was at home, and no one found me. just that i fell asleep on the toilet and lost valuable studying time. i was studying for an exam and i went to pee, and i just crashed for like an hour and a half (if i'm not too bad at math). i was feeling a little more aware after some breakfast, but i could have studied better!

nothing interesting from the other end lately. sorry poop fans. :P



To the 29-yr-old married lurker:
Yes, I do find that I fart a lot in the morning when peeing. This has only been going on for the past couple of months though. I was told by an old boyfriend that I fart in my sleep. I guess I don't do that anymore. Saving it all up for the morning now, lol.

hi,the first and last time i saw a woman poop was when i was a kid.i was about 8 years old at the time.We live in a small village near a big city in the uk.Our next door neighbour was a woman in her early 40s good looking with a nice arse etc.

Me and my little sister used to visit her house quite often.She liked kids,having none of her own.One day i went to visit her on my own.She let me in,we listened to the radio and talked[not many tvs and no playstations was a long time ago]After about half an hour,she went into the bathroom next to the kitchen/dining room.The bathroom door was left wide open,the bath was on the right,the wash basin was straight ahead and the toilet was out of view to the left.

She sat on the toilet,leaning forward.I saw her face with a strained look,then i heard a loud plop,I went into the bathroom,a first she told me to go away,then she said i could watch her.I ask her to lean forward a bit more so i could see the poop coming out of her bumhole which she did.She started to strain and a big hard round turd slowly appeared,and dropped into the water with a loud plop.This happened about 12 times every 4 or5 seconds.She finished pooping and let me have a look what she had done.i was fascinated,i could not believe at the time someone could shit so much.

To David_S (Formerly Chris): Your stories are quite interesting. Keep posting.

To Drake: Thank you for the advice. I think I will let her go on her own while I stand outside.

To John Philip: I really can't say. I haven't heard about diarrhea from alcohol consumption, but I know some friends who tell me they shit "a lot" the next morning after drinking, so, who knows? Maybe it's related.


The other day, Sunday actually, I woke up with a really bad cold, and by Monday morning I had trouble breathing, so my parents took me to the hospital. As I am still a minor, I was sent to the pediatric wing, where they gave me some antibiotics and ran some blood tests. The doctor's orders were that I would need to stay in the hospital for a couple of days until I got better, so I did. My family chose to stay with me for the rest of the day to make sure I got better, and went home at night.

I was sharing the room with another teen, shorter than me. He had light brown hair and blue eyes. He had been in some kind of sports accident while riding a bike and had broken both of his wrists. Seeing that we both had nothing better to do at night, we started talking. He told me his name was Jake. After getting to know each other a bit, I suddenly realized I had not been to the toilet yet, and that I would probably need to go soon. My shyness about using the bathroom to shit in front of someone is troublesome, but since I had to stay at the hospital, I had no choice. Less than an hour later, I got the urge. I got up and started walking towards the bathroom, which Jake and I shared. The annoying thing was that the bathroom was just next to Jake's bed.

I closed the door behind me. I pulled up my hospital robe and pulled down my boxers and sat on the toilet. I spent a minute or two thinking about how I got to be sick, and whether I should push the log out or not. I decided to push it out and be done with it. I don't know if the medications had some weird effect on me, but my shit came out all in one big log that had the consistency of peanut butter. It took its time coming out (like 25 seconds or so) and the whole time I had to keep pushing or otherwise it would break and it would be a mess. Fortunately, it came out without great effort, but the thing was that it made very audible crackling noises while coming out, and Jake even remarked :"Wow, you really had to go, man", to which I answered with a kind of grunted "yep". After it came out, I started peeing for like 2 minutes. Then I started wiping. Because my usual shits are normally more firm, this one required a lot of wiping. After I was done, I got up and flushed.

I would later see Jake in an akward situation involving his wrists and how he used the toilet, and I ended up helping him (kind of). I'll save that story for later.

And by the way, I'm out of the hospital now, :D.

Ok. In first in second I went to this school which has grades 1st-9th Grade 1St-3rd Was in a separate small Building with 10Kids. Anyways I are teacher was very mean she would get mad and punish you for every thing..
We ate breakfast at 8:30AM which would include Cereal and OJ.We where not allow to use the bathroom tell right after breakfast 8:45AM and not again tell 12:00Lunch. Anyways I had really strong bladder still do today and I could hold it tell I got home no problem but most of the kids could not...The rule was (The one that the teacher made) If you dont go to the bathroom in the times given then you would not be allowed to again tell lunch if you had to then you would have to have a 5Min time out afterwords..Lot of the kids did not like this and would try to hold it but most would end up with Puddles in there seats..This made the teacher more mad she would make you sit in your own urine tell you got home..Well one time I had to go cause I had soda before so I had to go in middle of class..My teacher for what ever reason was in a very bad mood and told me no and to stand in the corner so I did I did after awhile I had to go bad she still refuse to let me go so I ran to the bathroom down stairs with her behind got in the bathroom locked the door did my buisness and came out she grabbed my ear dragged me back up stairs and toss me on the mat in the corner and sat on me for 10Min she was a big person so this hurt my back leading me screaming making her more mad..So anyways on to second grade pretty much the same thing happen except I didn't get the door close and she try to grab me ending to her get slightly peed on well again this didn't make her happy she again took me to the mat and again sat on me (She wasn't any lighter either)Well later on at home I had my shirt off my parents notice large mount of bruises on my back and asked me why I said that the teacher sit on me..Well the school board found out and they where not happy the next day I didn't this but the school board and police showed up with cameras unfortunately for the teach she was sitting on another child She was arrested and of course fired apparently other kids had bruises and got picture took as well as me....P.S Thanks to this B!tch I suffer from scoliosis (This happen in the Earlie 90's Like 91 92 somewhere like that) I found out by School councilor that she lost her teacher licence and will never be allow to work around or near kids again(I was to young at the time to under stand all that at the time)I'm 23 and on Disability for my Scoliosis. I can still work AND I DO but I have limits to what I can do and how much..I hope this b!tch is sorry for what she did to me and the other kids..I hope she never got a job again and had to live on the streets..And perhaps she lost 150Pounds fat ass B1tch..So anyway all is true and maybe someone on here was a class mate.(Happen in Wichita KS) Bye

Weed while Wii-ing
Hi everyone. My name is Sarah, I'm 28 years old, and this seems like an interesting place. I should have no problem fitting in because Ive always had a habit of holding it when I have to go to the bathroom but almost always make it to the bathroom in time even if just barely. A few times a year, though, I mistime things and have accidents. This has happened since I was a little girl. I pee my pants a little bit about once a month or so and every year or two I poop in my pants. I know I should know better, especially after so many close calls and accidents, but I still do it anyway. I kind of enjoy it, to be honest.

Anyway, most recent accident was over the weekend. My husband is out of town on business and we have no kids so it was just me at home. I was just taking it easy Saturday, watching TV, drinking water, watching movies, and finally I turned on our Wii to play some Wii Tennis. I had been holding my pee for a few hours already but as always I just kept holding. ( was wearing pale blue jeans and pink bikini cut panties if you are wondering.) I like to stand up when I play Wii tennis so there I was playing around, moving left and right, swinging my arm, having a good old time, but my urge to pee kept getting stronger and stronger. Finally I swung and a squirt shot out and wet the crotch of my panties a little. I paused and felt but my jeans were still dry. I'm used to having small squirts in my panties so I just resumed playing. A few minutes later the same thing happened - squirt! This one was a little bigger and I felt the crotch of my panties get quite damp and a trickle of pee slowly move down my left thigh. This time when I grabbed myself I could feel dampness on my jeans and when I looked there was an egg sized wet spot. I had a decision to make - go to the bathroom now and maybe not have to change or keep playing and risk a full flooding. Well, I was home alone, had nowhere to go and was still in the middle of my game, and we have hardwood floors, so... I just kept playing. A minute or so later another squirt came out, then another and I could see my reflection in a mirror on the wall that the wet spot on my jeans was now visible and starting to go down my legs a little. Oh well. Almost done with my game. I can last a few more minutes. Before the game ended, however, I had a big spasm and let out a stream of pee a few seconds long that flooded into my panties and the wetness spread out and down to my knees and across my butt before I could regain control. Too late now. I couldn't hold it any longer. I held my soaking crotch in both hands and waddled to the bathroom around the corner, more leaking out the whole way, but there was no way I could get my jeans down in time so I just hopped into the shower and let go, completely flooding my jeans, soaking them almost all the way up my butt, across my thighs, and all the way down the legs, dripping onto the shower floor and making a yellow puddle that slowly made its way down the drain. It felt soooo good to let go. My jeans were soaking and warm, which also feels pretty good to me. Once I finished I peeled off my jeans and panties, took off my shirt, and just turned on the shower to rinse off, then tossed my wet clothes into the washing machine, tossed on a new pair of panties and shorts, and went back to finish Wii-ing now that I had finished Wee-ing. Ha. :)


Turd Lover
John Phillip : I normally poop when I get up in the morning and sometimes again in the afternoon depending on what I've eaten the day before. My early morning logs are the most spectacular by far. My PM crap varies -- sometimes amounting to "little turdlets" or very small logs with an occasional monster.

This morning's crap was about average. One big log with two little brothers and a couple little "poo balls" thrown in for good measure.
The stench was very nice. Happy Shitting to you all..............

questions for end stall em

does your crap make a big plop in the water sometimes?

do you poop everyday?

have you ever heard a friend go poop or has a friend heard you go poop?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Punk Rock Girl

Very embarrassing story from yesterday. Colin and I had a tad too much to drink Sunday night and I woke up Monday morning feeling very lethargic, achy and tired. I dragged myself to work, sat at my desk for a few hours then had the urge to take a dump a little while before lunch time. I went to the unisex bathroom on my floor and entered my favorite stall (the middle one). I sat down and crapped.

What seemed like a few moments later I heard someone calling my name. I couldn't figure out where I was, then suddenly I realized I was still on the toilet. I had fallen asleep! They'd been looking for me for nearly an hour!!! All the time I was on the toilet with my face in my lap snoring. How frigging stupid is that?

Peace and sweet dreams.


The Juiceman
A story and a quiz for you all.

The last time I ruined my pants by having an accident was after I'd been drinking cheap wine the previous night. I was at a library, using a computer there, when I had the irresistible urge to fart. What I felt, rather than gas, was a stinging warm sensation puddling underneath me. I had shit in my pants like a toddler. To make matters worse, I had been going commando that day. It had all gone straight to my jeans. The chair was a little wet and I felt bad about that but I had to run to the bathroom. When I got there, I found out how hopeless the situation was! The inside of my jeans was full of orange diarrhea, which had stained them green. Worst of all, the worn seam of the seat of my pants was coming apart, almost as if the diarrhea was an acid, corroding away the fabric. I could almost see the threads being eaten away. I wiped my pants out the best I could and walked home in a paranoid frenzy that someone would see me, with my pants pulled up as far as possible in the hope that my jacket would hide the shame of my shitty, disintegrating pants. Finally I got home to the rooming house I lived in. Instead of going to the communal bathroom in this state, I just went to my room and, in a state of total and complete misery, finished shitting, standing right there, with my jeans on. The smell was awful, and I managed to wet myself down to my knees as well. I got a plastic trash bag and threw my jeans away, after wiping myself the best I could with them. The seat had almost completely fallen apart. I wiped myself with a newspaper and threw that in the bag too, before dressing in some shorts to go take a shower. The shorts smelled afterwards, but weren't visibly stained, so they just went in the laundry. I never drank that brand of cheap wine again!

A quiz for you all:

1) Have you ever ruined an item of outer clothing, pants, shorts, skirt, dress, or whatever, by a loss of control? Pee or poop? Were you desperately seeking a bathroom or did it just happen before you could think?

2) Did you attempt to clean the clothing?

3) Why did you give up and decide that the clothing was ruined? Permanent stain? Odor? Disintegration? Other damage?

Some High School Boy
Well this story dates back to about five months ago. My friends and I were enjoying the beginning of summer break and went to the mall. I should probably mention that previous day I hadn't crapped at all. Well even though I hadn't when we got to the mall I was starving and so was everyone else. I got some pizza and pasta I finished the pizza and most of the pasta. I heard my stomach make grumbling noises I thought it was gas so I went to the bathroom next to the food court and realized I needed to crap. The only problem was that I knew that if I did I could end up completely embarassing myself so I held it. Then after I came out we immediately went to Target which was right next to the food court. Still needing to shit I told some bogus excuse about why I didn't. So I went to the bathroom there hoping to find it empty but there were other people peeing in there and one guy was in a stall crapping so much you thought that he was giving birth out of his butt. So I didn't go in there either. After about an hour of wondering around I made up another excuse and finally found the other bathroom in Target empty. I nearly crapped myself wiping and covering the seat but made just in time. While having horrible diarrehea a guy came in and saw that the stall was occupied. I heard his footsteps retreat towards the door and thought he left I finished my business and when I came out of the stall he was still there. I was mortified, I quickly washed my hands and left.

I've been a lurker her for a few years now. I'm a 29 year old married guy, and I've been interested in hearing/seeing women use the bathroom for as long as I can remember. It feels good to know that there are other men that are the same. I especially enjoy reading Braidy's and Delilah's stories! Both of you go into great detail telling your stories.

I have a question for all the women here: Do you find yourself passing a great deal of wind during your first pee of the day? My wife does this without fail every morning it seems. I always figured that all of the gas your body makes at night would just come out while you're sleeping. Just curious.

John Philip
Turd Lover: Glad to hear about your latest "masterpiece". How long did it take to produce?

Several days ago, I managed to hold my crap for an entire day (which is unusual because I crap at leats two times a day now). In the evening, I began to feel the urge and had a seat on the crapper with jeans and boxers at ankles. No pre shit farts ensued, and I sat for several minutes waiting for my crap to begin. After a while, I pushed and felt a couple medium logs come out quickly. I waited a while, then pushed out more small logs at a quick pace. I farted, then let out the last of my BM, scattered medium sized logs and some loose stuff, then cleaned up and left.

Jry: I'm aware that you sometimes post once a month, but I have a question. You asked about whether cigarette smoking causes diarrhea. Do you think ancohol consumption may cause that condition? I'd like to know because I drink quite a bit of it.... See you around.

I hate going to the toilet, i don't want other girls to hear me, but I had no other coice. I was in school, and I suddenly had a very strong urge to poop, It had been over a week since my last BM.

I rushed into the bathroom, and into the last stall, and sat down. I started pushing a very hard piece of poop, and it seemed to take forever to come out. After a battle of maybe twenty minutes i was done and wiped myself, flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and left the ladies room.

To Farmgirl: Try using two fingers on each hand, to the side, above, and below your urethra. Spread your labia apart so that you get a clean stream. When you're ready to start, give a quick push to get a good stream going right off the bat, and then use pressure on the fingers as needed to direct your flow. As you get to the end, bear down again to keep a solid flow to the end. I'm told that some can do it with just their zipper open and their panties out of the way.

End Stall Em
I posted a couple of months ago about being one of the youngest students at my high school (I'm 13) and having difficulty peeing and crapping at school. I said that no matter how dirty the seat may be, I'll take the end stall because I get more privacy, although there are still issues such as toilets running over from deliberate cloggings, lack of toilet paper, and a huge invasion of privacy by students peeking in on those who are in a stall. It's obvious if the door is latched and you see legs in front of the stool, that someone is on it and what's the need to snoop a look at them?

Well, a friend in study hall suggested I use the toilets in the new wing. The four-story addition was just finished this summer and there's bathrooms on each floor. So I decided to give it a try. They are really nice in that the toilets and sinks are brand new and shiny. And the floor tiles are slick and you can see your shadows on them. The total space in each of the stalls is a little more and overall the bathrooms seem a little more inviting. Luckily, they don't seem to be used as much as the others which are much darker and less modern.

So yesterday morning I signed out of study hall to go in and take my morning crap. It's a longer walk of about two blocks to the other side of the building, but I thought it would be better for me to use the newer bathrooms and because there are less students using them, I would have more privacy. OK--I was too optimistic, I guess. When I opened the door, the bright lights and shiny condition made the room seem like really appealing. There were six stalls, non of them in use so I walked down to the far end and took the end stall. Compared to the older bathrooms, there was no cussing or gang markings on the inside of the door or on the walls. Even the seat was shiny; I think because it is white compared to the old blacks seats the other bathrooms have. I pulled down my underwear and pulled up my dress skirtand seated myself on the seat. It seemed sturdy compared to some of the others I've sat on and the contours really fitted my butt, or may be I was just lucky for how I sat. There was a heat vent directly on top of me and a good amount of air blowing as I started to fart slowly. My crap was coming out ever slowly and I pulled up the front of my dress to see if I could see it between my legs. The lighting was so good that when I strained to look down I could see the head starting to come out but I also was surprised by several pubic hairs I saw on the front of the bowl and immediately near my thighs on the seat.

I don't know why they creeped me out but they just did. Maybe they were just so noticeable, being black on a white seat. I kept the front of my dress up as I looked down at them and holding it with my left hand, I used my first two right hand fingers to flick them into the bowl. It took me several flicks to get rid of them and the one closest to my right thigh it seemed was liked glued down. I finally took my thumb and slide it off the front of the toilet and onto the floor. In doing so, I found there was a puddle of about two inches in diameter on the floor immediately below the break in the front of the seat. It almost seemed like a boy had peed there earlier and obviously didn't have his penis all the way over the bowl. Otherwise, I got to thinking that it might have been an inexperience hover pisser. (I know we have a few of those). Well anyway, I pushed hard and in spreading my legs a little wider, I got about a six-incher out and into the bowl. It was soft and didn't splash or make any noise so I wasn't too conscious about dropping it. There was plenty of toilet paper and I used a couple of handfuls to wipe with and then I reached down and flushed. In reaching over to flush I found another pubic hair on the seat. This time I was about middle of the way back. Again, those pubic hairs creep me out.

When I got back to the study hall and signed back in on the log sheet, I was recorded as having been gone for 14 minutes. The girl across from me who I think is a senior made a remark about worrying that I had fallen in. When I told her I had gone all the way to the other wing of the building she said something after she laughed about me being more "adventurous" than her. I told her I didn't really think about it that way and whispered how I didn't like the bright lights and finding the pubic hairs. The boy to my right who I thought was sleeping suddenly gave off a couple of laughs and I thought I'd better keep quiet. Then about an hour later I was paged to the office. My science teacher had seen me in an off-limits (that's what they wrote on my referral) hallway and I was given a Saturday school (detention) for just trying to find a better bathroom.

I don't think that's fair and I'm goning to try extra hard to crap before I leave home early Saturday morning. It seems no matter what I try, using school bathrooms is so frustrating.

Ashley nice seeing your name up on here agian woundering if you have any more stories you wanna share because they are great.

Delilah, thanks for responding to my post. I was very surprised by something you said:

"It's my personal preference, as well as that of other women I know, to wipe only once after a bowel movement. When I go for a pee later on there is a good chance I'll see a skidmark in my panties and have smelly butt aroma wafting up from behind me."

If wiping one time doesn't get you totally clean, why in the world don't you just wipe a second (or even third) time? Why would you allow yourself to have skid marks or a smelly butt? I like your idea of using urine to provide some moisture on your first wiping. For your second or third wipe, have you ever tried using saliva on the paper for moisture?

Do other women here also only wipe one time after a bowel movement - even if you're not totally clean?

Hello, I liked this story posted more than a year ago by Debbie (on page 1677) about Carrie Underwood, It's too bad she never posted again. I was wondering why many of the quality stories are by lurkers who post only once.


Emilie loved your desperation and pee story please post more

Emilie, welcome to toiletstool! That was a great story you posted. Love to hear more from you :) Surprised that you keep your panties on while peeing.

I am thinking about using dulcolax. Does anyone know how thex work? How fast especially?

Yesterday I had a exam for my Chemistry course. The instructor gave us 2 hours to finish it. It was in the afternoon and I was wanting to get it over with. I usually get nervous for exams and this one was no different since it accounted for a good portion of my final grade.

After about 20 minutes into the exam, my stomach started to feel queasy. I wanted to get up and use the washroom but we were not allowed due to the exam writing regulations. I tried to concentrate but it became increasingly difficult as time went on. After the first hour I was struggling to hold it in. I realized that I was desperate to relieve myself. It dawned upon me that I hadn't shit since the weekend and I now realized the trouble I was in. It tried to sit still without loosing focus but that proved to be increasingly difficult.

The 2 hour mark was arriving sooner that I had thought. I finished the last section and quickly went over everything to make sure I hadn't missed or left anything out. There were only a couple other people still writing went I left the room. I quickly hurried over to the washroom down the hallway. It was eerily quiet as I walked past the empty classroom in the deserted hallway. I turned the corner and entered into the washroom which was empty.

I approached the handicapped stall at the end. I was shocked to see a lard turd sitting in the bowl that didn't get flushed. I pulled the handle to flush but nothing happened. I figured that there must have been a problem with the toilet. I decided I couldn't hold it any longer and quickly locked the door. I put a toilet seat liner down and quickly undid my belt and lowered my underwear. As soon as I sat down I let out a few farts and then immediately pushed out what felt like a pretty decent sized log. I start to pee and then pushed out another log. Feeling much better I took a deep breath in relief.

I wiped for a few minutes and then got up. I had dropped a pretty big load. Both turds were about the same size but were very thick and filled most of the bowl up next to the turd that was left from before. It was going to be a messy job for the person who had to clean and fix the toilet so I quickly washed up and left before someone came in.

My sister's best friend Julie (age 18) slept over last night.This morning, when I was in the bath Julie came into the bathroom and locked the door.
When she realised I was in The bath she said "sorry but I cant wait"
She raised her skirt, and wearing no knickers sat on the edge on the toilet.
I had a front seat view being literally 12 inches away from her.
She had a big bottom, with a tatto of a rose on her left cheek.
She let out a girly "eeeek" then her poop hole widened really wide, paused, then out shot a load of fluffy poop. It lasted about 10 seconds,then she wiped, flushed washed her hands, and left cheekerly saying thank you!
When I stepped out the bath, I noticed she had overloaded the toilet, so I got the plunger and cleared the obstruction, flushing & plunging.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Guy from Montana-When you go commando, do you ever have the problem with skid marks in your jeans? I had a roommate in college who often went commando and one time I noticed a big nasty skid mark in the seat of his pants. He had apparently dropped his jeans and stepped out of them to put on shorts or go to the shower etc... The jeans were sitting there in the middle of the room! I kicked them over by his bed. Ugh!
Also, I've taken dumps next to guys in the next stall who aren't wearing underwear. At least I don't think they are. Some of them do keep their underwear up around their thighs while letting their jeans fall around their ankles, though. I haven't noticed any skids in jeans, yet. When you are on the can, do you drop your jeans around your ankles? When you do wear underwear, what kind is it and do you care if anyone sees it while you're dumping?

IBS-I usually pee either before or after dumping. However, sometimes when I'm really full of crap and have to pee bad, I've got both coming out of me at the same time. That happens more often when I am in a public place and I need to hold it for a while before I can find a restroom.
Also, how did your friend know you were peeing and crapping at the same time? Was he in the bathroom at the same time? My friends usually leave when I have to sit on the toilet, although I wouldn't care if they stayed.
Glad to see another guy wearing colored briefs (and bb's) like me, who doesn't care if anyone sees what he's wearing. Lots of modest guys in the public toilets!

David-Liked your story about seeing your buddy Brian take a dump at the gas station. Those open toilet restrooms are not as common in newer gas stations. It's funny to see some guys reactions when they walk in on you. It's in one of these restrooms that I saw a guy wiping from the front for the first time. Ever since then, it's the way I wipe, too.
Good to see that neither one of you worries about anyone seeing your underwear when you are on the toilet. Its all about comfort and being able to get the job done efficiently. I like especially that Brian can crap in comfort with his black briefs on display, smiling and even checking the paper after each wipe. No need to freak out, we all do it.

I haven't been lucky enough to see many friends on the can. There are a few. Mostly fraternity brothers. One time, several of us went on a skiing trip and we were staying in a cabin. I was in the restroom at the sink and a fraternity brother, Jason, came in and just started to take a dump. This was right next to the sink. He was probably about 20 at the time, blonde, slim. Good looking kid. A little guy, probably weighed about 140 lbs. 5 ft 7 or so. Really nice guy, kinda shy, but with a great disposition and laughing smile. He just woke up and walked in. He was just wearing white JC Penney briefs. I remember, because I had the same type. He dropped them down to the floor and sat down. I remember hearing him pee. He was basically naked on the can. I looked over at him and he was telling me how he was slightly hung over and what he did the night before. He really had no hair on his chest or stomach, and I could see a patch of darker blonde hair below his abdomen. He started to dump and he would tense up his face a bit while pushing out the logs. He didn't seem to mind that I was in there or that the door was open. I started to smell a bit of the poop and said that I guess I should be heading out. I asked if he wanted me to close the door and he said sure. Very laid back.

That was a lovely story. You were a remarkably inventive woman under severe distress. I assume this was a very large water bottle!
You said, "I'll be fine, I though. Ive never had an accident and I've held a full bladder before." It would be very interesting to hear of your earlier experiences with having to manage a full bladder.
Best wishes,

Esteban--thanks for posting your junior-high story. What an awkward situation to be in! I can't say that I've experienced something quite like that, but I enjoyed reading about it all the same. If you have any other school-days stories you'd care to share, I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to hear them.

While the stalls in my combined junior-high/high school did have doors, and I never found myself forced into shitting there in front of other kids, I did get some good sightings there.

In all of the restrooms at my school, there were four stalls lined up perpendicular to and directly in front of the main door to the restroom, so you had a side view of the very first stall as you came in. The sinks were just inside that door, and the urinals were around the corner sort of behind the sinks, on the other side of the wall. Here's the interesting part; at one time, this old school building had been an elementary school, and to assist the younger kids, the fixtures were all lower to the ground than one would expect in what was exclusively an upper school during my days there. The urinals were mounted quite low on their wall, the sinks were somewhat low and the mirrors so low that I couldn't see the top of my head while at the sinks, and the toilet bowls were likewise very low to the ground. (I took a shit there several times during my school years, and as someone who reached nearly six feet in junior high, I was always taken aback by how high my knees were when I sat on those toilets!) The stalll partitions and doors were short, maybe five feet high, so if someone was standing in a stall, you could usually see their head above the top of the stall. Finally, the bottoms of the stall partitions and doors were strangely higher off the ground than the toilet seats, so when standing in the sink area, one could look under and get a clear side view of all four toilets and any asses sitting on them--great for a young voyeur like myself!

Most of the time when I was able to see anyone on the toilet at school, they had already begun their shit and stopped when they heard me enter the restroom, or were already beginning to wipe up. Right now, I'm recalling a different instance, though, when I was a freshman of 12...not THAT many years ago, really, and the memory is still so vivid that it could have been last week.

It was right at the end of lunchtime and I was hanging out in the main hallway of the first floor, nearly in front of the restroom for that floor, waiting the ten minutes or so before classes began again. Out of the cafeteria came a sophomore whom I recognized but didn't really know; he was named Alex, was 15 or 16 and was a big art student. Well-liked, but not conventionally "popular"; he was probably six feet tall and slim, with shaggy brown hair, and was that day wearing a graphic t-shirt of some band under an unbuttoned plaid overshirt, blue jeans, and black Doc Martens boots. Good-looking enough if not outstandingly handsome. Seemingly oblivious to me and the few other kids nearby, he headed straight for the restroom. When he opened the door, I was able to see beyond him into the room that there was someone in the last stall; Alex saw this too, stopped in his tracks in the doorway as though he was pondering what to do, and came back out, only to turn the corner and proceed up the central flight of stairs.

When I saw this, I thought to myself, hmmmmm, maybe he's wanting to take a quick shit but without an audience of someone in another stall, and is trying to find an empty restroom. Once Alex was safely past the stair landing, I headed that way myself, hoping to at least catch a glimpse of his ass on the toilet. As I climbed the stairs, I heard the sound of the second-floor restroom door closing--jackpot, I thought.

The corridor was empty, so I waited a few seconds before entering the restoom. When I did, I immediately spotted Alex's head over the farthest-back stall; he was turning around as I came in to face the stall door, but he froze when he saw me enter. I averted my eyes and acted like I was there to simply take a piss, and rounded the corner to the urinal alcove. Once out of his sight, and seeing that the restroom was otherwise empty, I ducked way down and crept just barely back into the sink area right next to that first stall. If anyone else had come into the restroom, it would have looked pretty odd...but thankfully that didn't happen. From my low-down position, I had a clear side-view four stalls back into the one containing Alex; he was still standing up and facing forward, but then I heard the unbuckling of a belt and saw his jeans start to come down, then saw his hands pushing the waist of the jeans and stopping just past his knees. I then was treated to a brief but perfect view of his smooth ass slowly descending onto the toilet seat, his hairy package visible for a moment as it dangled beneath him. But then--nothing. I waited for what seemed like an eternity but was probably no more than 20 seconds, but Alex made not a sound; he clearly was trying to wait me out.

I then tried something I had never done before: I began firmly walking towards the sinks, so that Alex could hear me well, feigned washing up, and then opened the restroom door loudly as if to leave. While the door was closing again, though, I remained in the restroom and hopped up ONTO the first sink; while I could no longer see Alex's butt on the toilet from here, he could no longer see my legs from under the stall, and for all he knew, he was alone once again. After just a matter of seconds, I heard him quickly drop a little watery-sounding shit into the toilet, and then a HUGE blasting sound that was a combination of a massive fart and a ton of shit blowing out all at once; it was truly among the loudest shitting sounds I've heard to this day. All was silent for a few seconds after that outburst, and then I heard the sound of Alex pissing into the toilet while seated. As soon as the pissing subsided, I heard the toilet paper holder start to jingle and I knew it was time to hit the road. Perfectly, as I hopped off the sink and opened the door, another kid was on his way into the restroom, so as far as I could tell, Alex never knew I was in there!

I loitered in the hallway for a minute or so before seeing Alex exit the restroom and head back downstairs, followed directly by the kid who helped me stay "hidden," who must have just come in to piss. I was about to go my own way before realizing that I never heard the sound of a toilet flushing...curious, I reentered the empty restroom and proceeded back to the last toilet in the row. While I'm not into scat, I was fascinated to find Alex's unflushed toilet water TOTALLY dark brown, with various tiny turds floating around, and quite a bit of paper. It really was a massive and desperate-looking dump. Having seen what I needed to see, I left the toilet unflushed for others to see and headed off to class.

JacobG in Fl
Hi Thom and BrentC! I'm happy both of you are still here. I still have a friend who visits me once or twice a week after work. We usually go out to dinner, but he often takes a shit - or tries to take a shit - before we leave. I can almost always hear him grunting for ten to fifteen minutes. When he is done, he seems to get a kick out of describing his shitting experience to me. I usually act like I'm disgusted, which makes him go on and on about it. Usually it's a story about working hard to force out some little hard marble-sized shits that splash into the toilet and soak his ass. Last Thursday, he came over and told me that the week before he went eight days without taking a shit! He described how he tried to shit everyday. He grunted, he strained until he almost passed out, he rocked back and forth on the toilet, he pushed on his belly, he leaned forward, but nothing worked. Finally on the eight day he said it came out after one big grunt. He said he lost three pounds.

I occasionally hear a guy at work struggling to shit. His grunts are very loud and very vocal. His first and second grunts are half vocal grunt/half screaming (for lack of a better word), but they always startle me and make me jump, even when I'm expecting it. His third and subsequent grunts are more normal. Last week, I was walking down the hall and when I was about 40 feet away from the restroom door, I heard one his loud vocal grunts. I wasn't planning to stop at the restroom but after I heard that, I went in to investigate. Unfortunately, as usual it seems, almost immediately several more guys walked in talking and laughing and running the water and flushing the urinals, etc. so that was the end of that listening experience.

Christy and Cody
Christy: Hey everyone. I see that my last certainly generated some interesting questions which I will try to answer as best I can. I'm thrilled to have along a special guest star for tonight's posting. While many of you expressed interesting thoughts over my being able to see and hear my very handsome sexy fiancée Cody deliver the goods, I wanted Cody to also share things from his perspective since he was the one actually responsible for taking those dumps. So here he is, my cute and adorable fiancée, the one and only Cody!

Cody: Hi everyone. I was taken aback only a little when Christy told me several months ago there was a forum about pooping and peeing. But there's so much other stuff on the internet, why shouldn't there be one about pooping? And yes, I must confess I was a bit surprised when I learned that it turned Christy on to see me poop! But in a way, it was really a bit of a relief (pun intended, lol). But my parents who have been married for 40 years with had nine kids (I'm lucky #9) played so many "romance" games to keep things "spicy" in their relationship, that I couldn't exactly get upset about a poop "fetish." I don't have one myself, but I certainly get it. I mean, from the time were little, kids have a fascination with poop and I have certainly told my share of poop and fart jokes with my buddies.

One thing that I have to laugh about is the timing when I found out about Christy enjoying seeing/hearing me poop. You see about the same time, I had been having talks with my dad and older brothers about how to keep things interesting for Christy and they all had different ideas that all sounded like a something that either required a lot of money or a lot of practice. I was getting myself a little worked up and anxious about it when I found out it was as easy as letting her see me poop!! Now pooping is something I know how to do!! LOL! In fact, my parents and brothers have always told me that pooping is something I do very well although I don't think they intended it as a compliment!! LOL!

Christy: Isn't he adorable and funny? My dad and little brothers always had a great sense of humor and I always knew even as a little girl that I wanted any boy I was in a serious relationship with to have a quick wit.

Now to get to people's questions;

To Upstate Dave: I think for me, I have to HEAR it (the pooping) or otherwise it doesn't seem to be as real. Just seeing Cody on the toilet is one thing, but he could just be sitting there catching up on reading the news...

Cody: I don't read the newspaper on the toilet!!

Christy: I'm just saying. Seeing him just sitting there is one thing, but when I hear some real serious crackling and the sound of soft turds splattering in the bowl, then I know his experience is for real.

Cody: Oh! I almost forgot to set the record straight on another matter. You said in your first post on page 1723 that I was shy and self-conscious about pooping and was reluctant to let you see me poop. For the record, I am a self-confident guy and was never shy about that. If I were as self-conscious about something as common as pooping, I never would have had the self-confidence to as Christy out in the first place. Christy is a very desirable young woman and a lot of guys would be competing for her if we weren't in a committed relationship. I had to be assertive and confident to get her to notice me.

Christy: And cute and funny....

Cody: Yes, there's that too. :-) (*BLUSH*) Anyway, I never avoided having to poop with her around...

Christy: Yes you DID, honey!

Cody: Okay, okay! I did. But not because I was ashamed about it! I just didn't want to come out and announce when I had to go and I didn't want to stink up your bathroom! Anyway, her post on page 1723 was just about how things went down. I was snuggled up with her on the sofa when I started getting those cramps and that ominous feeling of growing pressure down under. I knew early on that I was pregnant with a massive load and would eventually have to give birth sometime that evening. Anyway, I was at first pretty confident that I could put the matter on hold for a while and work it all out later. However, my extremely large load had a very different idea and wanted out NOW! I tried resisting for a while even as the pressure grew worse and worse and worse. Finally after farting a couple times on the sofa, I knew that it was all over and that I had to throw in the towel. Getting up from the sofa, I realized how badly I needed to shit and was worried I had waited too long to head to the bathroom. Then there was that damn door that I had promised Christy I would fix. I was partially my fault that the door was off the hinges as I had told Christy I would stop at Home Depot for a hinge and get it fixed. I knew that as I headed to the crapper that I was about to have one very noisy bowel movement and there was a good chance Christy was going to hear quite a bit of it. Oh well, I thought. I figured she was eventually going to see and hear me dump at some point if we were going to be spending a substantial amount of our time together. Well let's just say I hardly had to struggle with getting THIS load out. In fact, as soon as I got my pants dropped and seated on the bowl, about the only thing I needed for a massive pile of shit to come rushing out of me was simply to give up and stop trying to hold it! So I crapped and crapped and crapped finally finishing up about 10 minutes later only to discover the dreaded empty toilet paper roll forcing me to grovel to Christy and having to beg her to please come rescue me by bringing me some toilet paper. Trust me, after the major pile I had just delivered, my butt was a serious mess and just pulling my pants back up and walking out was not an option!! THAT would have resulted in some MAJOR unremovable skid marks to be sure! Christy was accurate when she said that a huge amount of crap had come out of me, but I didn't give her a look this first time.

I got back her on April Fools day however! It was then that snuck into her apartment and took every last sheet of toilet paper from the apartment and hid it all in the trunk of my car. (I made sure I would have some just in case I had to go.) Sure enough, later that evening Christy said she needed to poop and she was going all over looking for toilet paper and not able to find any. I told her if she needed to get started that I would track down the tp and would bring it in to her. Naturally, there wasn't any tp so when Christy was done pooping I announced there wasn't any around but I would be back from the store in TEN MINUTES with some. I then went down to the car and made Christy wait for the ten minutes before bringing the toilet paper back up to her so she could finally clean up her mess!!

Christy: You were so MEAN!!

Cody: Hey! It was April fool's Day and nobody died!

Christy: Anyway, while Cody keeps lobbying for a night on the SOFA tonight….

Cody: Now look who's being MEAN!!

Christy: Now to answer Linda's question about constipation. So far, I've only been with Cody once when he was constipated but that was over at his parent's house so not much digging took place, but we'll let you know if another opportunity presents itself!

Cody: Oh My God. Constipation is the WORST feeling in the world. I just hate it. I would rather have diarrhea rather than constipation. I'm pretty physically active and try to stay up on the right nutrition so I don't get constipated too much. Sometimes when I've been playing hard and haven't gotten enough fluids my turds might be a little dry and take a little more work to get out of me, but that's about it. I usually take a colon cleansing product from the nearby health food store so that helps keep things moving along and coming out ok. I don't know if we would start digging anyway if I was constipated. Except for some extracurricular fetish here and there, our relationship is pretty much rated PG or PG-13.

Christy: Then there's JW's question of if I found Cody struggling to shit to be heroic.

Cody: Ha ha! I'm the Alexander the Great of Pooping! I've conquered whole continents from my porcelain throne!!

Christy: Well, I do find it cute and somewhat of a turn-on when I see you exerting yourself trying to get that last bit of shit out of you!

Cody: To answer the rest of his question, I'm not sure I've actually seen you strain on the toilet, but you were grunting pretty good the other night before we went out. I have 4 sisters and none of them ever grunted like you! I thought it was a guy!!

Christy: Shut up!! I do not grunt like a guy! (I'm giving Cody a slap upside the head as I write this!)

Cody: Yes you do!! It's Urrrghhhhhh, uuugggghhhhhh, uurrrgggghhhh… Don't worry. It's kind of cute…. For a guy! (I am now protecting the top of my head from another slap!)

Christy: Oh, ha ha ha. You are soooo sleeping on the sofa tonight!!

Cody: Ouch! That's why a guy can't win an argument with his girlfriend. You fight DIRTY!! Anyway, a big thanks to Tony as well. Christy will be posting most of the stories of my dumps but I promise to keep taking them! By the way, it was probably a typo, but my name is CoDy with a "d," not CoRy with an "r." I'm actually named after Buffalo Bill and my parents were big into exploring the American West. My parents were actually planning on naming me Joshua but I was born 5 weeks premature on a family vacation in Cody, Wyoming. Hence my parents changed their mind and named me Cody.

Christy: Oh Wait! Give them your side of the story about the camping trip!

Cody: Oh my God! That was the WORST!! After that meal, which was delicious by the way, I sat down knowing that I had a sizable load brewing but I figured I had at least a good half hour before I would have to take a nice leisurely walk to the facilities where I could enjoy a nice relaxing dump. Turns out there was nothing leisurely, nice or relaxing about the situation, and in the span of about 60 seconds my need to shit went from awareness to desperation and progressively grew worse from there. I couldn't believe how badly I needed to shit so quickly. It was like I had the Battle of the frickin' Bulge being waged in my ass and all my shit was trying to bust out with heavy artillery!! Well, as Christy described it, we had ended up with a campsite nearly a quarter-mile from the facilities which at first we didn't think was a big deal. Turns out it could have been a very big deal. A quarter-mile is just over the length of 4 football fields or the length around a standard high school track. It's normally a distance I can easily cover in well under a minute but not when I'm really trying to hold a huge load thinking I'm just about to shit myself! So anyway, we're doing a real fast type walk up there and I'm sweating bullets praying to God promising I'll become a monk if I can just somehow make it to the toilet in time. Next thing I know, Christy's hand is down my pants rubbing the very butt I was positive was about to explode. I was mortified because I knew that if I couldn't hold my shit, the next place it was ending up was in her hand!

Well, as Christy says, I did make it to the bathroom and I dash into one of these dinky stalls that must have been designed for young elementary school kids and I've got my belt undone and I'm fighting to get my pants down to the floor. In my panic, I somehow remembered that the zipper on my shorts tends to catch and get stuck if I unzip too quickly. I carefully avoided that situation and pulled my shorts down to the floor followed by my underwear. The damn stalls were so small that I couldn't help but have my feet sticking out from under the door as I threw my butt down on the shitter. The only thing I remember for the next several minutes was the overwhelming sensation of a WHOLE lot of shit coming out of me and the constant thumping of hundreds of small pieces of shit hitting the water underneath me. Christy was right when she said that several of the plops backsplashed on my bum. As Christy also stated, it did take me an inordinately long time to finally empty out but eventually the entire load did finally pass through me and out of me. Out of curiosity I just HAD to give myself a peek into the bowl to see what I had accomplished. I couldn't believe just how much shit was in the toilet. But since I was pretty sure the bowl was empty when I sat down, I had to proudly conclude that it was all mine!

What made matters even worse however was that the toilet paper was microscopic THIN. And on top of that, they had the rolls mounted on those stupid stretching devices that keep you from taking a whole bunch of paper of the roll at once but you have to keep looping it over to get more off the roll. It's meant to save on costs and keep stupid kids from throwing whole rolls into the toilet all at once, but for someone like me who had just legitimately taken a big massive sticky shit; this made an already big cleanup effort even more of a hassle. But after taking what seemed like half the paper off the roll, I was eventually clean enough so that I wouldn't leave skid marks in my new Calvin Klein boxer briefs. When I came out of the door, I found Christy waiting for me. At least I knew SHE had been highly entertained by my performance. But I have to admit if it had been someone else dropping such a massive and urgent shit, I probably would have been entertained too!

Christy: You never did become a monk like you promised!

Cody: I talked to our Pastor about it and he said I was off the hook!

Christy: Anyway. I hope you all enjoyed Cody's first post. I'll try to get him back on here from time to time. He's got the biggest grin on his face right now so I think he enjoyed himself. Anyway, I have to roll now because Cody said if he posted here that I would owe him a favor! Talk to everyone later!

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