YI'm a long time reader but a first time poster so let me introduce myself. My name is Emilie I'm 16 years old and live in Scottsdale az. An experience I had this weekend led me to post.
My best friend Caroline works at her dads store every Saturday. its a small mom and pop like convenience store that sells tools and hardware stuff. Anyways this Saturday Caroline had somewhere to be and asked me if I would work for her. I had nothing else to do so I showed up at 8 am.
Around 11 I had an urge to pee. I held it because there were customers and continued to drink water because it was so hot in the store. An hour and two bottles of water later I couldn't wait any longer. I quickly went to the back of the store to where the bathroom was and tried to open the door. It was locked. I had no idea where the key was.
I called Caroline and she told me that shed accidently taken the key with her and I would have to hold it till she got back at 5. I told her I probably couldn't wait that long and she said I had no choice since I couldn't leave the store and there weren't any bushes outside to go discreetly in.
Ill be fine I though. Ive never had an accident and ive held a full bladder before. However thirty mins later I realized this was different. I was sitting on a stool with my legs tightly crossed with my hand in my vagina. Every so often I shifted weight to keep my pee in. This worked until a customer came up and asked for some help. I had to stand up which made me have to go worse. I slowly followed her to the isle and tried to concentrate on helping her without peeing everywhere. My bladder hurt and I never had to go so bad
After ringing her up I realized I wasn't going to make it three more minutes let alone hours. I looked around the store and saw a funnel for oil. I grabbed it and put it in my empty water bottle from earlier. I put the bottle on the floor behind the counter so people who walked in couldn't see what I was doing. I then carefully undid my jeans whoever hiding my crotch and decided to leave my panties on for modesty reasons. I squatted over the funnel and istantly began to pee. It was coming faster than it could go down the funnel and filled it all the way to the top. I peed for a good 7 mins. It felt amazing. When I was done I pulled my jeans up over my sopping wet panties, threw the bottle out and put the funnel back on the shelf.
Well that's my story let me know how you liked it. I have tons more pee stories if you guys want and I'd love to hear yours.

Here's a story about my girlfriend Michelle. She's petite with short brown hair. Her one "quirk" is she always puts off going to the bathroom until the very last minute, which sometimes results in some tense moments. (It's something she's been doing for years, long before I met her.) She even does this at her place or my place, so it's not that she's just trying to avoid public bathrooms.

Anyway, we were doing a charity walk together around a very large park. About halfway through, Michelle tells me she really had to pee. At this point, we're in the middle of a huge open field with many other walkers nearby, including children. The only bathrooms were at the start/finish and Michelle asked me how long would it take for us to get there. I told her about twenty to thirty minutes. Michelle said "I'm gonna wet my pants before I get there." I said "If you wet your pants, you wet your pants. I'll still walk with you." She then admitted it had been almost four hours since she last went to the bathroom. A few minutes later, she suddenly stopped walking and started peeing in her dark blue capri jeans. Fortunately at the time, there were no other walkers near us. After Michelle peed her pants, she said "I know, I often hold it until the last moment and sometimes I don't quite make it." She asked if I was angry at her, and I said "Of course not." We did end up skipping out of the walk early.

Despite that episode, Michelle still continues to often hold her pee until the very last minute. Is there anyone else who does this? If so, has it resulted in any wet pants?

hot tub poop
i was wondering what's the deal with people pooping in hot tubs? over the past couple year's i've noticed this to be something rather common. i've been to a few sites to ask for opinions on it but never really got much of a response but i found this place and it seems like you guys might have something to say. i don't have a whole lot to support the claim but here it is. 1. At the gym and pool house on my campus, there is a sign for the rules of use for the hot tubs, and the second to last rule is not to use the hot tub if you've been having diarrhea in the last 24 hours. i just found that to be a pretty interesting rule. 2. There has been this really popular viral video that can be easily found on the internet of this girl on a reality dating show who is in a hot tub with some other people and she suddenly gets up and starts pooping her bikini in the hot tub, and a big brown cloud fills the water as everyone scrambles to get out. 3. this one is fictional, and was probably inspired by that viral video i just mentioned, but in the TV show nip-tuck i saw a scene where a woman is fooling around in a hot tub with a guy, and she suddenly tries to get up and says "i gotta go!" but the guy misunderstands her and holds on to her and makes her stay, and she tries to say what sounds like "i have a cramp" and she sits back down in the water. she gets a very uneasy look on her face as a dark brown cloud fills the water as she starts pooping her bathing suit in the hot tub. 4. finally, this is the real life experience of this phenomenon that really got me wondering about this. last july i was at a pool party and this girl tara was in the hot tub with a bunch of people. she suddenly made this weird groaning sounds and quickly climbed out of the hot tub holding her stomach and yelled "oh god!". she started to rush away from the hot tub and made it like 3 feet before she ripped this really loud fart and an enormous bulge and brown stain quickly formed in the seat of her light yellow bikini bottoms. she started sobbing and rushed to her car and left. needless to say it was a popular topic of conversation the rest of the party, but as much as it sucks for her to suffer the humiliation of pooping her bikini in front of everyone at the party, she's luck she didn't poop herself while in the hot tub and ruin the whole party for everybody.

anyway, i was wondering what the deal with that is. in each case it seems to be that diarrhea is always involved. is there something about the body sitting in hot water that has some sort of laxative effect? or does it tend to trigger an intense bowel movement if people have been having diarrhea? it seemed to come on very suddenly in all 3 cases and within seconds they were pooping themselves. i've never heard of any other situation where someone suddenly had to poop and immediately went in their pants beyond all control within seconds of sensing the need to go, other than when in hot tubs. does anyone know why?

The R Man
To nervous wreck:

Coffey makes me gassy on occasion.

Anon lurker
Upstate Dave: Yup, definitely turned on by seeing a woman go

IBS: To me at least it's impossible to pee while pushing out a bowel movement--but if it comes without pushing it's quite possible to do both at once.

Limp Bizkit Keep on Rollin
Hey everyone i decided to post again its been a very long time since i posted. long time ago i was watching a movie with my gf she is haitian and then i hear a loud grumble i was like u hungry she said yea so got something then wen i went to the kitchin then i hear it again i asked if she was okay she said yea. so i made us some rice and chicken we ate then i went to the bathroom to change and i was about to brush my teeth she rushes in and says i have diarreah i cant hold it im so sorry she says. then she sits down then i hear a gurgle like water then she says ow thatc was weird then she says i don have to go anymore the Plop a long ass turd falls in the bowl then she sits back down and moans then plooooooooooooooop then fart after fart i was so turned on she grabs her t???y then another wave of diarreah she talks haitian with me then after 15 mimutes she was done well not yet when she got up she blasted the loudest fart and a lond turd fell in the toilet. then she was done she says A swear in creole then we both laugh then she asked me in hatian if i could wipe her is said sure after that it took like 10 wipes to clean her black bueatiful bu

Betty, you aren't the only person to have an accident when being refused the usage of an "employee only" restroom. I had a similar experience a few years ago while shopping in a small store in a strip mall. After feeling severe cramps from a diarrhea attack, I requested to use the restroom. The young female clerk told me it was for employees only then while I pleaded and tried to convince her it was an emergency I lost control of my bowels. How totally embarrassing, being 48 years old and completely filling my panties with a big messy poop in public. To make matters worse, when the young lady realized I had just pooped my pants she offered to let me use the restroom to clean up! I was so shocked and angered by her sudden compassion that I couldn't even respond but instead quickly walked out of the store. I felt very embarrassed as I walked towards my car that was parked about four stores away. There was no doubt that the soft and runny mess was visible in the cream colored pants I was wearing and I'm certain the people who were walking behind me knew that I'd pooped in my pants. Sitting in my mess while I drove home was really disgusting and I was happy my husband wasn't around. I never have told him about it.

Dear Wendy.I was on Vacation to Pheonix.I was staying with my best friend and his wife.I avoided $hitting at his apt.So I waited when I got in a public place with more than one stall.I am 29 yrs old.

Guy from Montana
Just got through taking a dump a couple of minutes ago. This one was a little larger than average for me. The first piece that came out was about the size of a small chicken's egg, which dropped into the toilet bowl with a loud plop. I knew I wasn't finished as I started to pee as another crap started to work it's way out. I didn't have to push either but just relaxed and let my gut take its time do the work. While it was coming out, I stopped peeing and then after it dropped, I was able to finish my bladder, as I didn't force anything out. I still wasn't finished as I felt one more piece needed to be released, and had to give a small push to get it started. It also exited quite easily. At that point I felt empty, so I grabbed some TP, folded it up and wiped. Came out clean with hardly anything on the toilet paper. I then got up to take a look at what I had just crapped out. Three pieces. The small "chicken egg" sized piece was on the very bottom, followed by a log about 7 inches long and thick and tapered on the end that exited last, and then the third small piece that looked like a hot chili pepper about 3 inches long complete with a small "stem" of about a 1/2 inch in the 3 inch total length.

IBS - I very seldom wear underwear but go commando most all the time, being my favorite clothing attire is just a t-shirt and blue jeans along with socks.

David S - Good story! You mentioned wearing various colored underwear along with the same for some of your friends doing the same, so you've gotten to know who is sitting on a toilet at school because you can see them pulled down under the door. It reminds me of what I've done in industrial arts class when I had to take a crap during class. In the guy's restroom, there are two toilets and one urinal. When I've gone in to take a crap and another guy came in and did the same in the other stall, and if I heard a lot of plops coming from them, I would take a look at their shoes and once I was done I would finish up and leave the restroom. Sometimes I would watch to see who came out of the restroom after me, but if I didn't see them exit, I would walk around the industrial arts shop until I found the shoes that matched the ones I'd seen in the restroom. Some of the shoes turned out to be those worn by some of the other athletes at my school. :-)

G Man
Hi everyone, G Man here. I have been recently reading some random old posts and came across some very good ones. KAREN FROM MICHIGAN- are you still out there? If so drop us a line and tell us what you're up to these days. I really enjoyed your stories about your sister KATHY and her friend SUE. You three really had your fun! Karen, I'd love to have a woman like you for a girlfriend. ASHLEY and NOBODY- long time no hear from, I miss hearing from the two of you, please drop a line if you are still lurking out there! Nothing mush exciting to share, I was constipated for about three days this week, could only squeeze out a few rabbit pellets if I was lucky. That finally came to an end last night as I got the urge, sat on the toilet, farted, and immediately pushed out a nice soft turd about 18 inches, that's a guess, it broke up in the bottom of the toilet. I wiped about 6 or 7 times until clean. I felt like a new man! I flushed and all that remained were a couple of skidmarks. It was a public toilet, so I didn't bother to flush again to get rid of the skidmarks. That's all for now. Talk to you later. G Man

Was at Asda today, I needed the toilet, got there and there was a loads waiting.
When I got my turn, as soon as my butt was over the toilet my poo came out.It felt like it was never going to stop, when it finally had, I gazed between my legs and saw a huge mound of poo.
I felt empty and proud of my load. As normal when I flushed the toilet it just filled up with water (clogged).
Maybe one day I will find a toilet that can handle my big dumps.
I have travelled the world (inc USA) and have yet to find a power toilet yes!

Proud to Pee
How many girls and ladies pee standing and how do you do it?

My name is Josh and I'm 28 years old. I am caucasion, somewhat athletic and enjoy many sports. I find taking a dump to be one of the most pleasurable of experiences. There is nothing better than relaxing and getting some poop out. I have read this site for a long time and love it. I read a story by Shadow recently which reminded me of a similar experience.

This past march I visited a college buddy and his family for a long weekend. His wife is an awesome cook and I definately had my fill. I usually go twice per day, but didn't dump Friday or Saturday. On sunday morning I was treated to a full breakfast of bisquits and gravy and after eating was ready for a big poop. I went to the guest bathroom just off the hall, pulled my pajama pants to my ankles and settled in. I grabbed a magazine out of the rack next to the toilet (something about motorcycles that my buddy must read on the john) and felt my butt begin to unload) I pushed out my first log and was working on my second one when the door flys open and my friends 5 year old son walks right in and asks what I'm doing. My pants are around my ankles, legs spread apart and I'm pushing a turd. All I could say was I'm pooping. My buddy could see me sitting on the can from the livingroom and busted out laughing. To my slight embarrassment he then came into the bathroom and said it sinks in hear man. He got his son out of the room, got an air freshiner from under the sink sprayed it and left shutting the door behind him. I sat in disbelief at what happened, thought oh well and did the rest of my dump which had been percalating since friday.

I had neve been walked in on before but have dumped in front of other guys and walked in on a few. My buddy and I laughed it off and thats that.

I have been trying for the longest to stand and pee in the toilet without having to mop after and i just did. i am a farm girl so most of the time when the need to stand came up i was outside so aim wasn't that important but i was hit by a drunk driver and now getting back off the toilet can be hard, but after tonight i feel like it will be a thing of the past. i didn't even hit the rim i'm so proud of myself

to Deliah: i have missed you! i really enjoyed your last post!


The past two weeks I've been setting my alarm an hour earlier and I've been getting up at 4:45 a.m. That's well before my first hour class but as I've written about before, I've had some difficulties using the bathrooms at my new school this year. I'm a senior, play on the volleyball team and in other activities, but because of my height (6'3") I'm taller than the stall panels in the bathrooms at my school. Also, the stall doors are a few inches lower than the panels so I have even less privacy when I'm on the toilet.

By getting up and eating my breakfast earlier (a suggestion by my Mom) I was hoping that I could have my crap before leaving for school. It has only worked once. Even though I'm up and eating earlier, on my drive to school I usually feel the first rumbling, and then the long walk across the parking lot and up the steps to the second floor entrance from the parking lot side of the building further activate my bowels and I try to empty them before my first hour class. On Thursday, I went into the only available stall, placed my bookbag in front of the inside of the door, pulled down my jeans and underwear and noticed a bowl full of somewhat darker-than-normal pee. I reached over and pushed down on the flusher, only it didn't work. So I took my left foot and stepped on it. The handle moved down, but it didn't flush. I heard the faint sound of the 5-minute warning bell on from B-wing come in from one of the windows and then the bell I was hoping not to hear from D-wing. I quickly sat down on the seat. I noticed immediately that it was quite loose and I stopped spreading my legs in case it would break from the movement.

Because of my height and weight even though I'm sitting back all the way on the toilet, my knees are crunched again the door and I can partially see over the top of it. About 10 others started scrambling for the door and one called out to her friend to tell her teacher that she'd be a couple of minutes late because she was having to rearrange her purse in haste as she was desperately trying to find a tampon. I pushed harder figuring I only had about 3 minutes to get to class, although I told myself I was lucky because it was only two doors down the hall. I placed my elbows on my knees and gave a really hard push and I dropped one relatively hard 2 incher. I was immediately reminded with a pretty significant splash onto my underside. I sure didn't like that because I knew it contained the urine of at least one other person--perhaps more, but I tried not to think about it. I tore off two pieces of toilet paper and was surprised how much moiture (isn't that a nice word for the one I don't want to use or think about?) was on the paper. Luckily there was little brown on the paper as I tossed it into the bowl, slide my bag under the door in order to enable me to open it and literally run to my first hour class. I didn't even take time to wash my hands which enabled me to beat the bell by about 10 seconds.

At the end of first hour I felt the need to drop again and quickly pushed through the crowded stairs to get to the lower level, close to my next class. I placed my bookbag on my desk and hurried literally across the hall. There were like 20 stalls. The end one, which was immediately to my right, had no door and was apparently the only one not in use. I hesitated, but decided I wasn't that brave. Almost immediately a very tiny freshman who I don't think even weighed 100 pounds, brushed past me to claim her prize. I was surprised at how fast she had her jeans and white panties down to the floor level and sitting there peeing with almost no inhibitions. The stall next to her quickly opened and a girl from my Civics class said "Hi!" and asked if I had studied for our Civics test. It just added to my anxiety as I put myself on the seat and was trying to review what I needed to know about the Constitution. I dropped another rather hard 2 incher and was interrupted by the warning bell. I leaned back to flush and just as the cycle's big splash came I raised myself up and missed it. I wiped and there was nothing on the paper which by the way, just made it down before the flush ended. Then I headed to class, making it just in time.

Twice later in the day I sat down and had about a 2 incher each time. I could feel my bowels weren't even near satisfied so after school I sat down again in the locker room just before volleyball practice. Those are doorless stalls that overlook the showers so luckily I had privacy. I was only seated like a minute when I easily let out about a 6 incher that was my most satisfying crap of the day. I knew there would be a little bit more work in cleaning myself, but 3 pieces of toilet paper did the job. I started to think about why a simple morning crap is so hard for me. Then I heard a coaching whistle and I knew I had to suit up and get out onto the court.

When I sat and peed right after practice I got to thinking again about why a simple morning crap is an all-day obstacle at my new school.

:Hi my name is chris, i am 5'5 and weight 152 lbs. I have been a lurker for about 2 years now and finally have something worth to post. I am a rather health guy and dont get sick very often. however when i do it is horrible. About 2 nights ago i was hanging out in my room trying to go to sleep. I wasnt feeling all that great and thought nothing of it. I finally dozed off to sleep. I woke up about 3 hrs later with a horrible upset stomach. it was so bad that i couldnt move. All of a sudden i started getting these horrible cramps. the first one buckled me over and before i even had a chance i exploded in my underwear and my brand new set of pajamas. it was all over me, my pants, and my bed. i was about to get up to clean up when i got really nauseated. I promptly threw up all over the place and shit myself by the time it stopped i was a complete mess i took a step forward and threw up again continuosly for about 5 minutes and blacked out. when i came to i was at the ER and it was 2 days later. More stories on the

Delilah, hi glad to see someone also makes up a wet wipe. What I do if I have had a particularly messy shit is wipe with dry paper then I make up two wads about 5 layers thick, I stand up undies at my knees and held there, I then flush and while the water is running in I wet the two wads without touching the bowl, the force of the water makes this easy, I can then have a good clean up with the wet paper and then dry off. I always put hand cream on my annus in the morning and after a crap helps the turd slide out and keeps it clean. Enjoy!!!!

To Claire N
Thank you for taking the time to list your prevoius posts I have rad them all and enjoyed them . Looking foward to your next contribution about a peeing or pooing incident outside


I found your statement:

>There's something almost heroic about seeing your guy locked in combat >and seeing him bear down and tense his muscles and curl his toes as he >makes a concerted effort to drive the shit out of his body

EXTREMELY interesting. I have always been turned on by seeing/hearing a GIRL bear down and struggle with a turd. I never thought as the act being heroic, but I do think its one of the most intimate activities a woman can share with a man...its certainly more intimate than sex. Look how many sex scenes there are in movies, but how often do we see into the actress's bathroom while she's on the toilet?

Has Cody seen you strain?-- JW

Monday, October 26, 2009

Betty---not to sound rude, but I work in a small store with an "employees only" policy. The main reasons for this policy are: 1. Loss Prevention--when customers are allowed in a back room, they often steal merchandise on the way in or out of the bathroom, sometimes even ditching the packaging in the trash, which results in a huge loss to the store over time, which means higher prices, etc. and 2. some people are very disrespectful and vandalize a restroom. I know a store that had a public restroom until vandalism became such an issue they had to make it employees only after that. Yes, this is unfair to the honest people in an emergency situation. But in some corporations (like mine) an employee can lose his/her job for allowing a customer in the back room. I'm sorry you had a horrible day because of this, but look at it from the employee's perspective---would it be worth losing your job to prevent a total stranger's accident?

Upstate Dave
Christy even being a male that was a great post about you and your boyfreind having him needing to shit in the camping story. Very descriptive. You have been one of the few female posters that openly stated that you get turned on by a guy shitting. Good for you! Over the years with different girls some liked watching me shit but only one admitted openly like you it turned her on watching me shit! :-) I had many that got turned on by watchiing me piss though! Like wise if they either pissed or shit letting me watch them!

So this brings me to ask a question. How many here either guys or the girls honestly get turned on by seeing another person pissing or shitting. Is it seeing it being done? The sounds involved? Or something other? With me first it is seeing it dne. Then the sounds involvedd. Seeing a piss stream flowing from the vagina,then its hissing sound if it does hiss. Then the slashing if pissing in a toilet or if a puddle forms if done outside. As far as shitting the crackling sound as it is moving,seeing the domeing of a asshole with a turtle head poking out an if the shit is a big long one that is even better! Upstate Dave

Turd Lover
A beautiful log came out my rear today. It was a real masterpiece ---- a dark chocolate brown speckled with peanuts and corn. It made a nice splash in the toilet and floated well. It was at least a foot long and stunk really bad. This was one of those turds I hate to flush because I enjoy looking at such a well-sculptured beauty. Reluctantly, I flushed the John and said goodbye to my marvelous creation.

Charlotte has a diarrhea accident in Sex and the City Movie

thanks to the replys to my post, glad to hear im not alone.

to the girl without a name, nice to hear from you. maybe you could me a bit more about yourself and your experences.


Great story Christy! Please post more of your stories about your boyfriend. By the way congrats on your engagement. Has Cory seen you poop yet?

I feel much better now. I was clogged up for about the past 4 days to the point that my ribs hurt. I don't know why my body stores all that shit in there for so long. I don't put off going to the bathroom, I eat as much fibre as possible, I drink as much water as I can and yet my body still stays clogged most of the time. And then when I do go I pass monster turds!

Does any women on here get really gassy before/during their period and you notice that usually you poop more during your period? That's the case with me. I've had really bad gas for the past few days that really smells awful and I've been shitting out monster turds. The other day I pooped out a log the size of my forearm (minus the hand of course)! I'm not even joking. And then today I pooped out a really big long log about 14 inches long. No wonder underneath my ribs had been hurting. That's a lot of shit to be built up in there!! I'm not a big lady either. I'm tall but I'm skinny. Let's just say I feel a lot more empty now. My stomach is soft again and my jeans are looser.

TO Store refusal:

(Knock on wood so I don't jinx myself...) I have never run into that situation.

The closest I have been was at a commuter bus station. I had to go *badly* but the mens washroom was closed. The note taped to the door said that it was due to recurring vandalism (by local drunks and drug users.)

I am not either and got a very nasty shock when I asked the clerk if I could use the womens immediately beside it. I was flatly (and rather angrily) refused. The public washrooms in the small station were the one-person-at-a-time variety and I was the *ONLY* person in the entire place waiting a bus so it would have been unlikely that I was going to prevent a lady from using the facilities.

Pleading with they man proved pointless. It was like talking to a bureaucratic brick wall.

Fortunately, my willpower proved enough to keep things a holding pattern until I got home.

Take care!


Small Town Girl
Emily W and anybody else who is pee shy:

I used to be intensely pee shy...I couldn't go if there was any chance of somebody hearing me. I'm not sure why I was like that, everybody pees! But I got over it with a couple tips:

-If you're trying to pee and you just can't, close your eyes and envision a big waterfall. Not only does it get your mind to relax but it helps to envision the flow of the water.

-Then if that didn't work for me, as crazy as it sounds, here's what I did: I shut my eyes and covered my ears with my fingers so that I wouldn't hear anything, and I'd imagine the water fall again.

I imagine that may sound weird, but that's how I got myself out of my peeing phobia. Now-a-days, I can pee anywhere no matter what. I got used to it. It probably took me a couple of years with the waterfall trick, but it worked. Good luck!

Queue, thank you for asking. Here's my story.

It began in Junior High school, 7th grade. I was probably 11 going on 12 and had just reached puberty. For the first time since I began school, I was leaving the confines of my neighborhood and the familiar faces I grew up with, for the one large central junior high in my New England town. My first day in school I got a big surprise.

For the first time in my life I saw doorless stalls. The boys' rooms all had rows of toilets with partitions but no doors! I never imagined such an arrangement could exist.

I grew up with two brothers. We got dressed (and undressed) in front of each other, peed and showered in front of each other and my Dad even was naked in front of us on occassion. But there was an unspoken understanding that taking a shit was a private matter. For some reason it was a line we never crossed.

When I saw the doorless stalls in school, I was both terrified and excited. I wanted to see if another boy would actually do such a private act in front of others. It never happened.

The closest I came was one study hall. I took the bathroom pass and was surprised to see turds floating in one of the toilets. Someone had been there, but I had no idea who.

I nearly got through the whole year without any sightings, but one rainy May day, in the boys locker room getting ready for gym class, my intestines revolted. I was terrified. The toilets were right off the locker room with a doorway but no door and three open stalls right inside. You had to pass them to get to the urinals and sinks. If it had been a regular class I might have held it in, but there was no way I could run the track and climb the ropes while I had to shit.

Suddenly my intestines sent a sharp pain through me and I had no choice. I dashed toward the toilets, ran into the first stall, dropped my red gym shorts and jock strap, and let out a loud fart as I sat on the toilet. The boys in that part of the locker room looked around. They were what I called the "big boys," starting to shave already, growing muscles and playing sports. I was just the opposite - skinny and baby faced.

One boy spotted me and said look, a kid is taking a dump. They elbowed each other and laughed. Some other kids came over to see what the commotion was about and they laughed too. I dropped several large semi-soft turds and they could see me straining and turning red. Even worse, I had to wipe in front of them or I'd be late.

I was the last one in the track room, and when I ran in one of the kids shouted, "Here comes dumper." When I climbed the rope the kids nearby held their noses and said my ass would stink. In the showers at the end of class no one stood near me. Even worse the nickname "dumper" stuck for the next two years. I figured out the big boys did shit. They just used the toilets during study hall or class when no one weas around, or they used a boy's room at the end of a quiet corridor. But in high school even that didn't work for me. That's a story for next time

I'd like to answer Jackie's question, as this is an issue which I have considerable experience with. I'm a blonde 5'11" twenty nine year old woman and I do indeed wipe my butt after peeing occasionally, when I think it's called for, which is usually on bathroom visits following a bowel movement. It's rare for me to have a totally clean butt after pooping (only if I go right before I take a shower.) When finished with a poo I stand up then from the front wipe my vagina with a wad of tp, rolling it around in my pubic hair to get all the droplets. Then I take the wad and position it so the pee soaked portion is contacting the poo as I wipe. This makes an impromptu wet wipe as pee is a good solvent. I start with the wad just below my anus and slowly pull it all the way to the top of my buttcrack. Then I throw it in the toilet, pull up my panties, and leave. It's my personal preference, as well as that of other women I know, to wipe only once after a bowel movement. When I go for a pee later on there is a good chance I'll see a skidmark in my panties and have smelly butt aroma wafting up from behind me. If this is the case then I'll stand up after my pee (I do all my wiping standing up, as a kid I stuck my hand in the toilet water while reaching behind too many times.) and wipe myself from the front, then take the pee wetted tp and wipe as if I had just pooped. There is always at least a little bit of brown on the tp and sometimes quite alot, especially if I forgot to/ didn't get a chance to wipe the first time around. I sometimes bounce up of the toilet and just pull up my clothes and run, it's a habit I got into in high school that I detailed in a previous post about two months back. I hope this answers your question, Jackie!


Guy from Montana
Hello everyone! Not much to say this time around. My dump sessions this week have been uneventful with no large logs, just average sized ones at about 5 inches or so in length and no problems pushing them out either at about twice a day.

David -- Would be glad to hear about some of your other dump stories. Must have been huge.

Linda from Australia here again. I have been on a winning streak with my poos lately and its been great. Its only a matter of time before I get start getting constipated again.

To Upstate Dave: I remember a boyfriend I had about 8 years ago and I used to get really turned on by watching him do poos. The thing that turned me on the most was watching him push and strain while he was trying to get the poos out. He didn't normally have trouble pooping but when he did, I really enjoyed watching him!! Infact, I only remember him getting constipated once while we were going out. I got to watch him straining on the toilet and he was really backed up so it was fantastic for me!!! He hadn't done a poo for about 5 days so he had a tough time on the toilet that night. I watched the sheer concentration on his face as he pushed and strained with all his might. It took him about 20 minutes to get the turds out.

To Christy: Does your boyfriend get constipated and have you ever had to 'help' him with his poos? Like help him to dig the poos out or anything like that?

After experiencing that great event, I only had to picture him struggling to do a poo and it turned me on!! He watched me taking a dump a few times and he said he enjoyed watching me struggle on the toilet. I got backed up a lot back then aswell, probably as much as I do now.

I have never got turned on by watching a guy piss, its just not the same as watching them poop. Especially when they are constipated!!

To Keith D: How have your poos been lately?? Have you been constipated?

Hi I've posted here before but I'm mostly a lurker. I usually only post when something happens which isn't too often but...yesterday I was on the couch with my boyfriend and he started rubbing his belly and breathing kinda weird. He said, "My belly really hurts, I mean I have some really bad gas or something" and continued rubbing his belly. We went to bed soon after and I asked him if it still hurt. He said no and went to sleep. All night long while he slept I rubbed his belly anyways because he seemed to be in pain and isn't coherent after sleep for a while so it probably did still hurt. This morning he woke up and went to the bathroom and took a huge shit. Soon after, I started feeling pain and realized it's been a few days since I'd gone to the bathroom. I told my boyfriend and he asked, "Is that what you feel like all the time? Just BACKED up like everything in there stops moving and it's compacting?...Shitting made my belly feel so much better." I laid on the couch for a while, in some pain, and he came over and offered to help make me feel better. I was a little hesitant but I let him massage my belly and give me a laxative. I felt some stuff moving a little and decided to wait a bit. I was able to shit about 20 minutes after the massage, some hard hard pellets, a lot of them. A few hours later while leaving a friends house, I started feeling a lot of pressure and tightness in my lower belly. We finally get home after 30 minutes and I run to the bathroom from my car and push out a HUGE painful log, followed by a smaller one. I actually clogged the toilet for ONCE and had to confess to my boyfriend since I don't know how to operate the hi tek plunger, never needed to...After that I felt a lot better and though it was over but in bed a little bit ago the tightness came back and I went to the bathroom and shit out like five little logs. Overall I'm pleased with today and want to be more open with stuff like this with my boyfriend in the future! I think it's amazing and can really bring a couple closer

I love stories with belly massage and rubs! Keep postin em!

Speedy Pooper
To the Big One: I don't think there's anything wrong with doing a big poo in a minute or less, even if it clogs the toilet. In fact, although I rarely produce enough to clog the toilet, I rarely spend more than a minute in the bathroom when I am pooping. Sometimes it breaks up into chunks that plop out one after the other, but often I'll do a single long poop that comes out in thirty seconds or so and leaves me feeling completely empty and satisfied. For the longest time I couldn't understand how someone could need to spend more than two minutes pooping, unless they were constipated. I guess I'm faster than most people because my poop all comes at once and I don't have any more "waves" after the first one. Personally I enjoy being able to poop quickly and feeling so satisfied with minimal pushing!

nervous wreck
i know it's an irrational anxiety but i can't get over my fear of sitting on public toilets! it's becoming very inconvenient! i would like to read some success stories of people who've gotten over the same problem, and maybe i'll be inspired to try. thanks. =]

coffee makes me gassy. does anyone else experience that?

Finally things to post...

First thing... whoever says that its impossible to pee while taking a crap (as in dropping turds and peeing together at the same moment) doesn't know what they are saying. My friend and I were outside the other day and we both had to use the bathroom. All he had to do was pee, so I let him go first. When he finished, I dropped my pants and boxer briefs and peed. As I started peeing, my load started coming out. He was in disbelief. He always pokes fun at me for peeing while taking a dump. He never pees until he is done. Does anyone else ever pee while having a bm?

Next up, I usually have to go early in the morning before going to work and then in the evenings when I am getting ready to shower. Lately,there have been days that I have been rushing to get to the toilet when I get home from work.Dunno why either.

The other day (a Friday I think) when I was getting ready to take a shower, I suddenly had the urge to crap. I was getting my clothes ready to go take a shower. When I bent down to open my underwear drawer, I almost lost control. I haven't been that desperate in a while.

And finally... I have noticed a lot of guys talking about underwear and where they go when you use the toilet. No one has asked me, but I will say, just incase anyone is wondering. I almost always wear boxer briefs (colored, I hate wearing white underwear for some reason) or briefs. I rarely wear boxers--too loose. When I go to the bathroom, my pants and underwear go straight down to the ankles, then as I fo to
sit on the toilet, I position my penis to be aimed into the bowl at all times since I have no bladder control when crapping.

I have more recent bathroom stories to tell, but I will post a couple at a time. And, I have more childhood bathroom stories to tell.

The Lone Loafer
Been a long time since I've posted here. I did once in August or early September, but it was that weekend that none of the posts made it on to the board, and the site was hosed for a day or two.

Anyway: no stories today, just some quick shouts out:

Claire N.: great story about the train station!

Upstate Dave: reading your various stories has been a pleasure, keep em comin!

To Stevie who asked about not wetting the bed, even when going back to sleep with a full bladder: yes, I do that from time to time. Sometimes I go to bed with a full bladder; sometimes just wake up with one and would rather sleep. It has never resulted in any kind of bed wetting.
I have some pretty good bladder control, though--I once heard a public speaker claim he a "bladder like a bull", and I have apparently taken on the same trait.:) Even though some days I must go every few hours at home (does not happen often), there will be other days (such as when I know I am not going to want to bother with the bathrooms where I'm going, or won't have access to any) where I can hold it all day with little to no discomfort. For example, a recent day trip: drive to one place, stay for 90 minutes; drive to another; stay for 2 hours; drive to another; have a big dinner with a three or so hour stay; long drive home. All together it was probably 9-10 hours, and while I definitely enjoyed blasting away when I got home, it wasn't urgent. So maybe I'm abnormal in that, but maybe not.

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