Upstate Dave
Hi to all again. I have a post to tell everyone about having a desperate ned by a girl that needed to piss first then later to shit also. I worked n a large cataloge and retail store at the time this happened. I worked in the paint department and it was late in the fall and in my department it was slow. So there was not any one to wait on as far as customers for me.

I was working till closing which was at 9pm. It was around 8:30 when I saw a woman stop with her duaghter iin the back of my department where the wallpaper books were kept on a shelf above the table you could sit and look at them. The mother told the girl to sit there don't move. The mother pulled out a few wallpaper books for her duaghter to look in and then the mom walked away leaving her duaghter there to look at the books by herself.

I walked back to the duaghter and sat down with her. I did this to pass the remaining time left till the store would close. Plus the duaghter would have some company and wouldn't be alone by herself. I sat down n the chair next to her. She was happy that I did cvome over and we talked a little about the wallpaper she was looking at. She asked me if there were any other books with kids wallaper in them. I knew there was and I got three books down off from the shelf and opened them up for her.

As she turned the pages she told me she liked this one and that one pointing to them as she flipped through the pages. She was quite fidgety as she looked through the book. I asked her what was the matter. Oh I have to pee! she said to me. I can't leave to go pee for my mom told me I had to stay here. I told her then that if she wanted to I could walk her down to the ladies room. She said no to me again stateing te same reason why.

Well the situation got worse as the seconds and minutes passed by. She squirmed around harder in the chair. She also at times would clamp her legs together real hard and become real stiff. Then she had to slide her hand down between her clamped together legs.The she asked me what she was going to do in a panic sounding voice. I don't want to pee myself! I'll get in real trouble if I pee my pants. Can you help me? she said to me last.

I didn't want the girl to get in trouble for leaving the chair and I didn't want the girl to pee her pants either. The way she told me that she would get in trouble for that she would have big time. The way she was now she would never make it down the bathroom which was a long ways from where she and I were. Then I quickly thought of something that she could do.

Right at the end of the wallpaper table was my bosses office. He has a small metal trash basket by his desk. I reached in and grabbed it. I told the girl that she could pee in it. But I'll have to get up from my seat to do that! she said back to me. No you won't I said back to her. Can you slide yourself in the chair and through the doorway? I asked. The girl told me she thought she could but she told me she needed my help too to do it. I may pee myself if I try it.

So with me standing behind the back of her chair and her sliding pulling with her feet she slid in through the doorway into my bosses little office. I set the small metal trash can on the floor in front of her chair. I said to her; There you go. I stepped away from behind the chair and walked back outside the doorway to give the girl some privacy.

She had started pissing very hard sending stream of piss down inside the metal trash can. She let out one long soft sigh as she peed into the trash can. Then after several good long seconds in a very happy sounding voice she told me that she was peeing. She didn't say anything more but sat there peeing until she stopped.

When she stopped she sat there never getting up from the seat of the chair. Succeeding getting her sweatpants back up she told me she was done. Help me get back outside. So with her pulling with her feet and me again sliding the chair pushng on it I and her put her back at the wallpaper desk again. Now the girl giggled telling me thank you for helping her. I didn't leave my seat and I didn't wet my pants! She was a happy girl.

I knew I would have to dump the trash can out before closing but that would have to wait. About a few minutes later the mother came back with a appliance salesman. Her mom came overand seeing me with her duaghter she asked me if she was any trouble. I smiled told her no. The girl stayed silent. Then her mom asked me if I could watch her for just a little while longer. I told her that was no problem. So her mom went with the salesman and they walked away out of sight.

I sat down again with the duaghhter and she laughed some and then we went back looking in the wallpaper books again. I would have said that we did this for about ten minutes. Then the girl let out one long loud fart which sitting on the bare wooden chair seat made it much louder. It was one of those long brrrrrraaaappppttt. sounding farts too. First the girl started to giggle but ut her giggle short.

NOW she said to me I have to SHIT!!!! I was surprised by her saying shit instead of poop or something else. I'm going to have to get out of my seat to do that! She was as desperate to shit like she had been when she needed to piss. Even more so! So what she did was that she got right up from the chair stepped into the doorway of my bosses office and she grabbed the metal wastebasket out from under my bosses desk!

I stood up getting off from my chair. Even in the short time I had done just that the girl had pulled down her red sweatpants and now was squating her asss over it and had farted loudly a second time. Then she started shitting for quickly a tan big turtle head was poking between her cheeks and it was moving very fast! The girl was pushing hard for her face was red,she was grunting, and her eyes were sut tight.

In several seconds the turtle head was no longer one. Her shit was now over five inches long and was growing in length real fast. A few more seconds went past. Now her shit was about a good eight inches in length and she stopped her hard pushing making her shit stop and hang there from between her cheeks. She also lett out a gasp. Then she raised her ass upward and she took a look back as she bent way over to look at her own shit!

She then straightened back up sucked in some more air and gave another hard push. Her shit moved again gaining a couple of more inches. Then it broke with part of it making a dull thud in the trashcan. A good size hunk of shit stillhung between her cheeks. Then the remaining piece moved some and then it fell away into the trashcan with a second good thud. She dribbled a little piss out after she had the broken piece of shit had fallen. Then she asked my if there was anything she could wipe with. I grabbed a box of Kleenex that my boss had on his desk. She ripped out a big wad of them and gave her ass a ver quick wipe with the wad of Kleenex. She didn't bother wiping herself in the front. She just yanked up her red sweatpants in one real big hurry. She kicked the trashcan under my bosses desk and she pushed the chair back out to the wallpaer desk and sat down.

She did this at the right time for her moms voice and the salesman voice we both heard from further down and the voices got louder as they came closer. Once they had reached where the cash register was in appliances her mom looked over and told her duaghter they were leaving in a minute or too. The girl got up from the chair said goodbye to me but she also told me that the trashcan stunk real bad. she went over to her mom and they left a couple of minutes later.

I went right back into my bosses office. The girl was right for I could smell the oder of her shit in the trashcan. I opned upone f the small windows for air, grabbed a can of air freshoner and gave the office a good quick spray of that and then grabbed the trashcan hurried down to the mens room dumped it out in one of the toilets, flushed the toilet. Then came back with it and srayed some strong cleaner into the trashcan and wiped it out.

That took care of that. Then the announcement came over the PA saying the store was closing. I went out to the register and closed it out and that was it. I started walking down to the little office with my cashbag and sales reciets for the ady. As I did I smiled for it sure was one different evening and what a way to have what happened before the end of the day. Upstate Dave

I've posted before about my high school, how big it is and the fact that since I'm in a lot of activities, that I sometimes am on campus 15 to 18 hours a day. That means that I'm using the toilets frequently, although I don't have much problem doing it although I do wish frequenty the seats were cleaner and that the toilets weren't so stained and stopped up and that the sinks had beter plumbing. Too many times I turn on the water to wash my hands and I get a small explosion and a big spray that makes my wet outfit stand out when I get back to class. However, earlier this week I saw one of the most strange happenings ever.

During 5th hour lunch we were crammed together--about 70 of us--in a line that snaked around two parts of the hallway and to the window of the bookkeeper's office. There's just one lady in there, she's old and a graduate of our school from the late 1950s, I think. This was the only day this semester we could place orders for our class rings. So here we were standing with our order forms, checks and hoping the line wouldn't take longer than the lunch we were skipping. I knew I had seen the girl in front of me before and we had an on and off conversation in the line. She dressed like a hippie refugee of the '60s with really pretty long red hair that went down to her waste, a loose fitting bright, multi-color dress that she probably got in a thrift shop because I don't think you can by them today, and like three strings of beeds around her neck. I complimented her on her outfit and told her I especially liked the sandals because they seemed so comfortable to be standing on in such a line. As we talked, I found she lives just two blocks east of me and because they live in rental houses, they move around a lot. Again, I got to thinking about that hippie tag I had mentally placed on her.

The line moved a bit and she swung her handback over her other shoulder complaining about how it was hurting her and how heavy her math book was to carry, etc. As we were talking, she let off a three or four second fart that sounded like soft firecrackers. She seemed a little flustered by it, the swore once as she started to apologize. I told her that I pretty regularly have to belch, especially after I eat my lunch too fast, but that is the only way I can both eat and pee and get back to class in the 25 minute lunch period. She agreed that that sucked and said she has had 9th hour (detention time) three times this year because sometimes she had to stop and crap on her way back to class. She said she hates that more than anything and we both agreed by 12:30 p.m. most of the seats are wet, the bowls are stopped up and the lines are much too long. Anyway, while we were talking, she turned back away from me and farted again--even louder than before. I noticed that there was a pencil on the floor in front between where we were standing and I bent down to pick it up because I knew I could use it next hour in math. As a was leaning down to pick it up, something almost unbelieveable happened: a log of pretty formed but moist shit fell between her legs and onto the floor in front of my hand. It was about three inches long and it had identifiable smell that was easy to detect.

I tapped her on the back and pointed down. She swore again, but this time showed some panic. I had soft gym shoes on so I decided to place my heels together and kind of shield it as I quickly reached into my purse for a kleenex. I handed it to her, she reached down and used to kleenex to carefully pick it up and I saw her put it in her purse. At the same time, I could see her eyeing both sides of the line for a trash can and I must admit I was startled too by what had happened. The two guys behind us were engrossed in a conversation and luckily they didn't see anything. Talk about luck. Eventually she excused herself from the line and walked to the side of the hall, by a classroom door, and threw the wrapped paper into a trash can. I got to thinking about how it would likely start smelling, but I knew there weren't too many alternatives. Within ten minutes we got the window. She paid, got her receipt, and waited to the side for me. Then we walked down the hall together talking until we came across a restroom.

As I pushed the restroom door open, she started thanking me for picking it up and telling me how petrified she would have been if the boys had seen it. Luckily--and this doesn't happen often during lunch hour--the two ends stalls were open. She took the first and I took the second. She volunteered information while she was pushing out a larger crap about how she slept late, and because she doesn't wear anything to bed, she just put on her dress without remembering her thong. She had to pee during first hour and had gotten a pass. She said she was standing over the toilet seat ready to seat herself when she pulled for her thong and got that "funny feeling." She said it sure felt different just pulling up her dress and sitting on the toilet to pee. I bet! Now I could hear much louder and longer farts and they were followed by a sigh. She whispered to me that that was the famous crap that was like four days coming. She said that while she hurt from releasing it, she was overjoyed to get rid of it. She said something about a "stuffed" feeling when she's constipated. My pee flow started right away and went for like two minutes. As I was finishing up, she asked me to hand her some toilet paper since there wasn't any in her stall. Luckily, I had some on my roll and I rolled it off and handed it to her under the partition.

I reached back and flushed and pulled up may underwear and jeans. I told her I was going to have to leave her and get back to class because I was already about 5 minutes late. She thanked me again and was still sitting and wiping when I reached down and pushed the flusher. When I got to class and told Connor about what happened, he couldn't believe it. He said he felt sorry that he wasn't there to see it and it would have been worth missing lunch for. I must admit, it was memorable.

Jacob G and Brent C. Good to see both of you back here. I don't post much but still check in to see what others are writing about. I enjoy the stories from other guys, especially those who have constipation like I do. I still use dulcolax suppositorie, glycering suppositories and enemas for constipation. Wonder what became of Carlos who was one of the early posters here. Also Drew and Daniel UK. Need to use something today to make me go. Wish you guys were close by to keep me company!

Claire N
dave_dive and David, thanks for the feedback on my recent post. For information the station is in England. My previous posts are on pages; 1632, 1634, 1640, 1645, 1658, 1665, 1679,1695(2), 1707, 1718, 1747(2), 1757 and 1772. They are varied, some about going outdoors. There is no N after my name on the earlier posts. The N came later to avoid confusion with another Claire.

David - No it wasnt me that asked your question, Lol
So From now i will name myself David_S.

I have another story to share with yous all.
It was 4 days ago
I was in my friends house about 5 mins after playing football in the rain.
I was quite swetty and i also needed a shit. ive never actually been in for a shit in some1 elses house before so i thought i would try it out.

Hay dude, i need a shit.
He laughed and told me to go, but not to make a mess
I knew he was joking, but for some reason i had a feeling i was going to make a mess.

So i made my way downstairs, my tracksuit bottoms were stinking and they were all wet from the rain.
So opened the door, it was quite small, the toilet seat was a brownish colour, and it had a freash scent of shit in it. some1 must have went before me.

i pulled down my tracksuite bottoms and boxers and placed my sweaty ass on the seat. it came out quite quickly, it stretched my anus and quickly fell out, (the wetness from my but must have helped), i felt quite empty after that, but i gave another push, and a nice loud fart, followed by a little blob of shit came out.

i made a sign of releafe and turned to see what i had made, there was a sloppy shit coming out of the surface of the water, id say about 9 inches, and a small blob of shit that totally missed the water! it smelled quite alot but thats what you would expect from a sweaty person using your shitter!
I wiped about 3 times and flushed the toilet.

To my surprise when i walked out, 2 of my other friends must have came in the house, and they were listening to me!
It was quite funny actually :L

We went upstairs and that was it :)

Hope you liked my story.

Pee butt

Jackie, I always wipe as my pee has a habit of getting on my behind even when not having a crap.

Sam, you are not a freak for getting turned on by it! I am a 24 year old female. I get turned on when men use the bathroom, especially when they have to go really bad.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Turd Lover
I enjoy reading about extra large turds here. I specialize in shitting brown giants myself. I've had some so incredibly huge it amazed me they were able to come out and actually go down the toilet. I've learned that bowel feeling can be deceiving : Sometimes it feels like a large log and ends up being small, and there are times when it doesn't feel very big and it's actually a monster !!

One thing is for sure : Shitting is a unique and exciting experience and I relish every one of them !!

Went to the bathroom today at my daughter's school. I had to use the girls toilet which were for infants - i.e. very small low level toilets.
I am very tall at 6ft6", and quite a big framed person.
As I sat on the toilet I found myself in a squatting position.
Whilst flushing the toilet a couple of times, I quickly released my load, wiped, gave a final flush and exited.
When I collected my daughter today she said the girls toilets were out of order, and that the caretaker had to get Dynorod in to clear the pipes.
I couldn't help thinking that I may have caused the problem, as I tend to have irregular large bowel movements...

question for kotone

do you go poop everyday?

does your poop make a plop in the toilet water?

Break Up Girl
I recently broke up with my boyfriend, so before I did I gave him a revenge gift - a suitcase of my poo. He would take many "business" trips, but I found out he was seeing another woman. If that weren't bad enough, they were married and had a kid. This made me so steaming mad, I decided to break it off. But I wanted to do more than just the standard feud or angry letter.

I'd read a few posts on this site about girls trashing their BF's apartment by taking a dump all over his things and that's what I decided to do. So one day when he was out of town, I started my plan. For those three days, every time I had to take a dump, I did in a suitcase. On the third day, after I'd used the suitcase, I taped a note to the inside of the suitcase, zipped it up, and gift wrapped it. I put it where he'd be sure to find it and never looked back. My only complaint was that I didn't get to see the look of horror on his face when he opened the "gift".

I got caught without toilet paper a few days ago. I was at a coffee shop having breakfast when I had to take a shit. I went into the men's room which had just one urinal and one toilet. I saw that the toilet was clean and looked like it may not even have been used that day yet. I felt it was okay to sit on without wiping it off or putting down paper, so I dropped my pants and sat. I had a mushy, soft BM that left quite a lot of shit stuck to my ass. I reached under the dispenser and found that there was no TP. I pulled up my pants and exited the bathroom. I went to the counter and discretely told the waitress there was no toilet paper in the men's room. She said okay and went to the back and came out and handed me a roll. I went back in the men's room and wiped my ass. So nice to start out the day with some lady I don't even know handing me a roll of TP knowing that I am either going to or have just taken a dump.

Movie Fan
Anyone know of any recent movies where there have been scenes involving women pooping?

On a related question...who does everyone think is the most famous actress to have been shown pooping in a movie? I'm thinking it might be Sandra Bullock in "Two Weeks Notice", but there could be better examples. Anyone?

Sam, you are not a freak for getting turned on by it! I am a 24 year old female. I get turned on when men use the bathroom, especially when they have to go really bad.

Emily W
Hello, I'm a 16 year old girl and I'm having some difficulty going to the bathroom. At work we all get a break at the same time so the toilets are usually busy and are ALL open stalls so there is no door to hide behind.

So here is my problem, I'll walk into the open stall and lower my clothes to my knees before sitting down. Then I'll just be sat there, unable to get my wee started.I'm usually desperate at this time but I can't wee at all and it's very painful. I've tried coming back a few hours later but still no luck, I'd be absolutely busting at this point and only able to let out a little dribble.

I'm asking for your help here girls, do you have any suggestions of anything I can do to relieve myself? It's becoming too painful to hold it in for 5 hours at a time.

Thank you in advance.

JacobG in Fl - Great to see you back here. I have been posting off and on since 1997. I always thought your posts were most interesting. I still suffer from chronic constipation. My dumps are uncomfortable and infrequent. When I get really uncomfortable, I still use a dulcolax suppository. Those make me take a massive dump within about 30-40 minutes. I have been plugged up for about a week this time. I thought that I had an urge yesterday, and spent 15 minutes on the toilet at the gym pushing. Nothing happened, though. I may try a suppository later today.

Store refusal

I'm Betty,female 36 years old 5'6" and weigh 133 lbs. Last week while shopping after work for a birthday gift for my sisters 10 yearold
son I felt the urge a big uege to poop but the small store only
had a restroom for employees only.The lady running the store refused me the use of their restroom and to make a long story short by the time I left the store stomach cramps and all retreated to my car I had literally filled my panties and pantihose.Then on the trip home another stomach cramp hit me and another spurt of softer runny poop filled my underwear and I also peed myself.Arriving home very upset my husband greeted me and watched as I waddled into the house to the bathroom with full wet stained underwear where after I undressed and showered I cried in the shower at the thought of me pooping my pants like a child in public.

Has anyone else ever been refused access to a store's restroom and either peed or pooped yourself.I thought about taking my poop stained panties and pantihose back to the store and showing the store owner what they caused.


Guy from Montana
I don't know what I've eaten in the past couple of days, but in the past 24 hours I've had to crap A LOT! Been to the can 7 times so far, with each dump I've taken the logs vary in length from about 10 inches down to about 5 inches with all well-formed and no mushy soft stuff or the "runs" either. I had a couple of close calls with almost plugging the toilet because of it too, but managed to get everything to go down with two or three flushes.

Happy dumping to all!

Guy from Montana

Claire N really enjoyed your story of you and your friend Debbie peeing together on the station and then going for a buddy dump together . I really like stories of girls weeing and pooing together outside .
I am going to go back and see if I can find your previous story

This question is for the women who post here. When you wipe yourself after peeing, do you also wipe your butt, even if you didn't poo? Maybe you do it because you don't feel you did a good job wiping the last time you went, or maybe you're concerned about leakage from farts, etc.

If you do wipe your butt even when you haven't pooped - how often do you get brown stuff on your tp?

Hi Everyone. I'm please to announce that my footbally team is now 8-0 and we have already clinched a State Playoff spot which starts in 2 weeks. Our big rivalry game is next week and if we win, it would be the 7th unbeaten regular season in school history. So while I personally have taken some rather big dumps lately (as well as some buddies), at least the TEAM hasn't!!! :-)

I'm just catching up on reading and I have to comment on a few posts.

Stevie - I don't know if anyone is THAT lazy that they won't get out of bed to take a wizz. There was ONE time where I was DREAMING that I really had to take a WIZZ and DREAMED I was pissing outdoors.... When I woke up later I found the bed was wet... :-( Luckily, episodes like that have been extremely rare!

Claire N - Sorry about your run-in with the Urine Nazi. Us guys usually have a few more options when it comes to outdoor wizzing since we come equipped with stems on our apples! ;-) Can't understand why they would lock the restrooms on you and then make a fuss when you did what you had to. I'm just curious if this was an Amtrak train station or a commuter station or somewhere outside of the United States???

Benjamin - Anxiety can definitely aggravate the pooping function!! There's this Junior on our football team who is really competitive and really gets worked up before our games to the point that it actually really stimulates his bowel functions. So much so in fact that he's already had a couple of SERIOUS pooping emergencies on the way to road games. ON one trip, he actually had to beg the coach to stop the bus because he couldn't hold his shit. We had to make an emergency rest stop and waited for him 10 minutes while he let loose on the toilet. He came back looking all embarassed and our coach was pissed!! On the next trip, Steve actually made it all the way to the game site... BARELY. He was almost crying as he rushed into the locker room and raced to the shitter. He then let loose with a massive avalanche of soft loose shit into the toilet as soon as he got seated. My DOG is bad that way when I take him to the VET!! I don't understand because they treat him like a KING there, but every time I take him to the Vet, he gets SO nervous, he ALWAYS unleashes a MASSIVE pile of shit on the lawn which I then have to clean up. I'm in the habit of taking a scooper along now since I know it's GOING to happen. As far as taking a big dump at school... Well, you're talking to a guy that has done that HUNDREDS of times. Trust me, it's ALL in your attitude!!

Chris - Are you the same Chris that asked me to post some outdoor pooping stories??

Karen - My Dad is a Marriage and Family counselor (and my best friend's dad is a Pastor) who deals a lot with Anxiety issues. IBS is related VERY closely to anxiety disorders and I'm hearing key words in your post that lead me to believe that social anxiety has been a huge issue in your life. I believe if you find ways to defeat anxiety and depression that the IBS has a way of taking care of itself.

Sam - Take a look at the HUNDREDS of posts here. I think you will find it blatantly obvious that Guys find girls using the potty to be a turn on and definitely vice versa.

Leona - Just because your husband doesn't have a time set aside for peeing doesn't mean he's "forgotten" to do it or that he has ADD. Most of us perform our bodily functions as the need presents itelf. If people could control such things as the time, I certainly would not have taken literally hundreds of dumps at school.

Wendy - I don't know if you are "wierd" although I don;t know TOO many people admitting they like to plug a toilet with a big dump. Of course, I certainly have DONE it before although I'm not sure I'm ready to say that I actually LIKED it!!

Zip - You have not asked me yet, but I usually sit with my pants down around my calves, just above the ankles and people can also identify me by my colored boxer-briefs if you can only see under the stall partition. My buddy Brian usually sits with his pants down between his calves and ankles but he chooses to go with white, gray, or black briefs which he also lets be seen under the partition. Your post reminded me of my trip to the Beach this past summer. Brain and I were traveling together and about mid-day he asked me if it was about time to stop for fuel because he really needed to shit. We still had 3/8 of a tank but I figured it was a good time to stop because I had to take a wizz myself. Once we got to the station, I told Brian I would pump the gas and he could go take his shit because his need was more urgent than mine. Once I was done pumping the fuel, I headed the restroom myself which was its own enclosed block building. When I walked in, I saw Brian sitting with his pants down on the toilet with no enclosure at the end of the wall. He grinned when he saw me and remarked about the lack of privacy. On this day, he had his BLACK briefs prominently on display stretched around his calves. Evidently, when he walked in, there was already one guy at one of the urinals and he pretty much did what you did and asked if he could use the toilet saying he had to take a really major shit. When the guy said ok, Brian just grinned, pulled his pants down and proceeded to deliver a massive noisy pile of shit with lots of gas mixed in. Evidently the guy left in kind of a hurry when he was done pissing. Brian told me that a couple other guys had walked in and walked out when they saw him on the toilet. As we were talking another guy walked in and Brian even made eye contact and smiled at him as he sat there. The guy took his place at the urinal and Brian even grunted a bit and pushed out some smaller pieces of shit. The other guy also finished in a hurry and as he washed up, he tried not to stare at Brian sitting there on the pot but there was no question that he had made several glances his way. As I washed up another guy walked in and seeing me joking with Brian figured it was ok if he took a piss as well. Brian was wiping up as I left and shamelessly inspected the soiled tp before throwing it in the bowl even with the guy standing at the urinal seeing it all if he wanted to. I'm sort of the same way in that situation but we don't go out of our way to be seen pooping either!

Carpet Cleaner - Nothing too out of the ordinary here for me. When I goota go, I will usually tell a GUY that I "need to take a dump" or "need to take a wizz." If it's a GIRL, I either just excuse myself and say I'll be right back or simply say that I "need to hit the restroom."

Brian - Glad to know you are getting over your shyness about pooping at school. It will definitely serve you well!! I wouldn't have survived 3 days at school if I had your poop shyness!!

Bob - My buddy dumping stories with either Brian or my girlfriend are all recent for your perusal.

Guy From Montana - I can definitely relate to your stories being a big active guy with a big appetite. Over the years, I've definitely enjoyed some major toilet-filling shits especially when I was between 14 and 16 during growth spurts and eating like a bottomless pit! I definitely plan on putting up a couple of those stories. It's hard to remember specific events unless I can associate it with an emergency or an embarassing situation.

Greg - Thanks for your kind words. Your posts are certainly.... interesting, to say the least! LOL. My revenge story on my girlfriends brother is a standalone piece which I plan on posting shortly!

Someone else asked about still farting even after taking a dump. Sorry that I can't remember who it was!! It don't matter! The body usually only produces ONE or two mass movement of solid waste per day but gas is a 24-7 kind of thing!! That's why there are very often a lot of farts that accompany pooping, but not much poop with farting!! Despite my prodigious abilities as a guy, while I can't always poop, I can almost ALWAYS fart!!! :-)

Stevie, i cannot count the amount of times i`ve had to go, but instead held the urge and went back to seems that my bladder, when i`m asleep, instinctively puts a strong hold on any liquids that may want to push out...and, i know this because one time, when i was like half asleep, i could actually fell my bladder straining to keep my piss in, yet, i was making no conscience effort to hold it seems my body did that all on it`s own.

For some people, its just the opposite. My little sisters for instance, almost always end up with pee in their beds, and they range in age from 7 - 13, and the oldest one actually would qualify as having the most accidents. In fact, i would be surprised if she woke up with a dry bed...that`s how frequent it is.

Hi everyone. I posted back here about 9 months ago about being able to see and hear my very sweet, cute, and adorable boyfriend Cody take a big dump on the toilet for the first time back in January. We're both 20 now and we've been going out 18 months now and we're now engaged to be married next July!!!

To answer Bob and Sam's question, I just wanted to give an unequivocal YES!!! Yes, yes, yes, I absolutely do feel somewhat of a turn-on seeing Cody trying to push his load out. There's something almost heroic about seeing your guy locked in combat and seeing him bear down and tense his muscles and curl his toes as he makes a concerted effort to drive the shit out of his body.

For the longest time, Cody was quite shy and reticent about letting me see him taking a crap. However, in the past few months he's definitely loosened up and become more open about it as he has discovered that he tends to get "rewarded" after taking a dump with me present. I tend to be more, shall we say, romantically receptive after seeing Cody push out a pile. In fact, Cody doesn't seem to mind at all that I even tend to feed him meals that tend to be rather high in fiber, stuff like broccoli, almonds, and blackberries. It's good for you anyway! On the down side, Cody and I broke promises to our parents about no sex before marriage, but on the upside, our first times were with each other and we've both been faithful and never cheated. Also, we decided not to live together before getting married.

Now for a couple of Cody's performances come to mind that I found to be especially arousing.

Back in July, Cody and I were camping near a lake at a State Park down South and had just enjoyed a substantial evening meal composed of several of the items I mentioned before. Pretty soon the fiber worked its magic and Cody's bowels were on the move.

Cody got up out of the lounge chair and motioned for me to come with him. "Gotta go to the bathroom hon. Time for a great big poop." I was already very excited by the way Cody was talking and by the fact that he seemed to be in somewhat of a hurry. It was about a quarter mile walk from our campsite to where the bathroom was located. As we walked there, there definitely seemed to be some urgency in Cody's walk as his need to shit moved into the "Orange Alert" phase. As we normally do when we walk together, I had my arm around Cody's back and my hand sort of slipped down inside the back of his pants as I started rubbing his butt like I often do. Normally Cody doesn't think anything of this.

This time however, Cody grinned nervously and said "Hey hon. I'm not sure you want to have your hand THERE right now! I've got a lot of shit down there and I'm not sure I can hold it all." Cody sounded very serious and very worried. Even so, I was getting quite excited just hearing him TALK like that! Cody's urge to shit was clearly gaining in insensity quite rapidly. At any rate, I took my hand out and rubbed his butt on the outside of his pants even as Cody nervously started walking a whole lot faster. Just then.... BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRAAAPPPPPP. Cody let out a tremendous fart for which he apologized and started walking even more urgently. He then farted a couple more times as we hurried to the bathroom.

When we reached the bathrooms, Cody's need to shit had worsened considerably and he quickly dashed into the Men's room which shared the same building with the Women's side on the other side of the partition wall. Luckily, nobody else was there and the outside doors stay open so I was able to watch him rush into the stall. BBBRRRRAAAAPPP... BBBRRRRAAAAPPP... BBBRRRRAAAAPPP... Cody was really farting a lot by now. The stall was only 8 feet from the door and wasn't very deep so I could clearly see Cody's feet as he positioned himself in front of the toilet. He urgently groaned and moaned quite a bit and farted some more as he fussed with his belt and zipper before dropping his pants around his ankles. I then saw his hands pull down his cute briefs and stretch them around his calves. I was very lucky that the stall door was high enough to reveal all of this!

As soon as Cody landed on the toilet, I heard this really enormous fart before his butt erupted with all sorts of mud and hundreds of shit chunks that spewed out of Cody's butt which I heard falling into the toilet and pounding the water. Cody was right. He certainly had a LOT of shit "down there"!!! (For Plunging Plop Guy, I'm pretty sure a couple of those plops splashed back onto Cody's butt as the water level is pretty high in those toilets.)

Ohhhhhhhh.... Uhnnnn... Urghhhhhhh... Cody seemed to just moan and moan as his shit just kept coming and coming. I then heard him grunting quite a bit and saw his toes curling up as he struggled and strained to get the last bit of shit out of his butt. His briefs looked so cute as they just hung there stretched around his calves! When Cody started to wipe, I could see his left side come down a bit as he raised his right side to get the paper into his butt. It took him a lot of paper to finally get a clean wipe. In all, it took Cody about 10 minutes to shit and wipe.

Coming out of the stall and seeing me still standing there, he started grinning seeing the glow on MY face! "Whew! That feels SOOOO much better!!" Cody seemed extremely happy to have all that shit out of him. Cody then washed up at the sink by the door and then I went in to the Women's room to take a good piss which I'm pretty sure Cody listened to as well. He was waiting right outside the door too when I came out of the stall. That night we certainly released a lot of pent up energy in expressing our affection for one another.

However, there was another time things DIDN'T work out for us after Cody took a really big shit.

About 2 months ago, Cody and I were in my apartment watching a movie after one of my dinners and snuggling up on the sofa. However about half an hour in I heard Cody's gut kind of rumbling and I could see he was getting cramps as his face kind of winced from the stabbing aches. This went on for a while before he finally got up stating he had to go to the bathroom really bad. He then ran into the bathroom turning on the light and fan but not securing the door (in deference to me) before pulling his pants down very quickly and sitting on the toilet. Right away I heard a whole bunch of rather wet sounding farts before I heard that familiar sharp crackle that seemed to go on and on with Cody really moaning as a whole bunch of shit crackled out of his body and hit the water. From there however, Cody's shit got progressively looser and smellier with each spasm. After about 15 minutes, I went to the door to see how he was doing. When I got there however, Cody was in the throes of another cramp and spewing nearly pure liquid from his butt. "Uhhhhhrrrrnnnnnnn" Cody's face was looking rather pallid as he sat there cramping up and spewing out molten shit.

In all, it eventually took Cody 25 minutes and half a roll of paper to get himself cleared out. Unfortunately, this dump was TOO big and this time it left him so worn out and exhausted that he was not able to be intimate with me afterward and he apologized before falling asleep on my sofa. So far, it's been the only time that Cody hasn't been able to perform after a dump. His spirit was willing but the flesh just didn't have it that night.

Thanks for reading. By the way, I want to encourage David to keep the amazing stories coming too!!! You sound like a really sweet guy and your posts about you and your friend Brian and others are just adorable! There's something very cool about attractive teenage guys who have gotten over their phobias about public pooping!

to Jry: you ask a good question about taking a first-grade girl you're bysitting into a mens bathroom. I've posted before being in doorless stall mens rooms, on the stool or at the urinal and some father brings his young daughter in. When you are in a small bathroom situation like in a park or place like that you can stand at the entrance of the ladies room and let the girl go in on her own. In a situation like that, there shouldn't be a problem Hopefully, she would tell you if the toilets were messed up, with like pee on the seat or shit that is overflowing. She's going to have to get comfortable using such public bathrooms at sometime and there's no better time then now. However, if you're at a arena sporting event, it might be best to take her to them mens room with you. The first stall might be the best, simply escort her in and order her to stay in the stall until you get done at a urinal nearby or in an adjacent stall. What upsets me is when I'm on a toilet without a door (often the case for males) crapping and in comes a father and daughter and the girl is allowed to roam to find a toilet and in doing so passes men sitting on the toilets with their pants all the way down and perhaps their organ showing. The same can be said when they are at the urinals and the girl is watching them closely while her dad perhaps is taking a crap in one of the stalls. It's best to place the girl in the stall and order her to stay there. Most of the girls at that age should be able to get up on the stool without adult help--even if its one of the higher ones reserved for the handicapped. In such stalls, typically there are support bars that can also be used to get you up on the stool that might be higher than normal.

Now my story:

Last week I had to pick my 7-year-old nephew Seemus up from his grade school because my brother was out of town. Seemus was waiting inside the entrance when I came and started running to the car. He said he had to crap since lunch but was holding it because he doesn't like to use the toilets at his school. There is very little privacy because there's no doors on most of the stalls and boys--especially the older ones--are too lazy to wait for the urinals so they spray right over the seat. Well unfortunately I had been stuck in traffic for a good half hour, had 20-ounces of Dr. Pepper and I too needed to crap. So I turned Seemus around and we went back into the school.

Two teachers (females) were in the doorway seeing their kids off and I greeted them nicely as we walked by. Seemus led the way down the hall to the restroom. There were 7 stalls and about 12 urinals and that many places to wash their hands at a circular-type handwashing fountain. I believe I took the third stall and as I quickly pulled down my boxers and slacks and placed my butt on the seat, I called out for Seemus to find a stall and take his crap there because I wanted to run errands, and in addition to other things, stop at the mall. I knew it would be at least an hour before we got home. Next to my stall, I heard the seat drop, and saw Seemus back up to it and I saw his clothing drop to the floor and heard he sit down. He indeeed had been holding it because within like five seconds of contact, I heard him sigh and there were like three splashes into the water. He went to pull of toilet paper and mentioned to me there was none on the roll. I told him he wants to get into the habit of checking it first, and I pulled some off and slid it on the floor over to where he had his hand. Within like a minute he was flushed, washed his hands and was standing in the doorway asking me what was taking me so long. I got a little nervous with him staring at me and finally pushed extra hard, unloading a piece about 7-inches. For some reason he thought there would be more. He asked to see it. So as I stood and wiped, he walked around the side of the stall and saw it. "Awesome, Uncle Drake," he said. I just smiled and patted him on the head as I pulled up my trousers and reached back and flushed. Then he reminded me because of the flu season to wash my hands. I did and he watched me intently.

Mr. Clogs
Hello, this is Mr. Clogs again, I got a quick post to share so here goes. Last nigh I had finished my beer and getting ready to go to bed. I felt the urge to pee, I was lazy and didn't feel like walking to the bathroom just to pee. I had an half full of beer can that I had peed in in the previous night, so I used it to pee in it. I pulled out my penis out of my PJ pants and proceeded to pee into the mouth opening of the beer can. I peed with full force and while focusing my stream into the hole! I put the now filled beer can full of piss back on the floor and dump it out later.

TS: Wow, interesting way to take a dump into the garbage dump. Please post more.

the big one: Hmmm.....Could be your diet, are you eating enough fiber or taking fiber supplements?

Edith: Do you go to the bathroom on top his crap in the toilet and wait until he flushes? Just Curious.

Enjoy and catch you all later.

--Mr. Clogs

Just a Question: How fast do quick laxatives start working?

Just back from my favorite beach. I've been traveling a lot and then we had bad weather here, so this was my first trip in a a few weeks.

I took an afternoon walk on the beach and then stopped in at my favorite men's room for an afternoon dump.

This is one of the very wide men's rooms with sections for urinals, sinks and a changing area on one side and 4 open stalls across the way. The stalls are wide and set back so anyone on the toilet can be seen from almost anywhere in the men's room.

When I walked in, a guy was in the last stall, the handicapped stall. He was wearing a white T shirt and khaki pants. He was wiping the seat with toilet paper and turned around to sit down as I walked in. He seemed pretty sheepish about it. I walked back to the first stall right inside the entry way, directly across from the urinals.

I wiped the seat with one of my disinfectant wipes, dropped my green shorts and black briefs and sat down. A guy at the urinal finished and turned toward me. I was straining to release a turd and it was pretty obvious. He looked my way as he did up the buttons on his fly, but he seemed pretty oblivious to me (although later he did come back just to use the sink and had to walk by me again, twice...)

An assortment of other guys walked in. My favorite are the ones who think the urinals are on the left, turn toward me and are surprised to see me sitting there. The second group is the guys who won't look in my direction at all, as if they'll turn to stone. Most of the guys don't care. They glance my way.

Sheepish guy finished and walked past me. He seemed relieved to see he wasn't only one and he smiled at me. I smiled back but said nothing.

I used to wait until the room was empty to wipe, but this time I did it in front of other guys and even checked the paper.

It was a messy dump and I had to wipe several times. Once my hand hit the water. I was glad I had another disinfectant wipe with me.

response to stevie:

i do. i think people misunderstand bedwetters. i think that when people can't control their bladder functions it's not just because they're too lazy to get out of bed, it's a medical problem. or maybe they just have a weak bladder. either way, i think blaming them is cruel unless you can prove its their fault. i can hold it in while asleep for several hours (sometimes i have to go before i fall asleep and dont get up until the morning) but still...yeah.


I was told my some friends that I had to post this story here.

I am a 20 year old woman. When I was fifteen, my friends and I stole some booze from my friend's parents' liquor cabinet. I drank about a half a bottle of vodka by myself. I fell asleep and was later woken up by my friends who informed me that I had wet my pants. Moments after waking the room began to spin and I had to crawl to the bathroom to throw up. While I was throwing up, I shit my pants.

I didn't drink any alcohol after that for three years.

That's it.

I would like to read stories about other boys like myself (age range 10-18) who need to poop at school. What are the conditions like in our school? Does anyone make fun of you? Is it common for a lot of boys to be pooping at the same time? Thanks.

To DNA and "Favorite Dump Stories":

Thanks for the kind words. Luckily, I've never pooped my pants (knocking on wood), though I have had a couple of close calls. I am very lucky to have a such a great guy in my life. Thanks for reading my post and responding.

Jry - I Can Occassionally Shit Out The Loose Stuff 1st , And Then The Log, But Most Of The Time Its The Other Way Around. I Dont No Why It Happenes Like That To Be Honest :)

Tracy - I Do Love To Hold It In. But I Can Go A Little Overbored With It And Get A Turtlehead, So I Try To Set A Day To Which I Should Hold It In To. I Prefer That Way.

About 2 weeks ago, I hadnt been to the toilet for about 5 days, And i really started to feel the urge coming, I was on the computer (reading some posts from here!) and it just hit me, i had very bad cramps, and i knew for a fact that i wouldnt fit down the toilet hole, so i thought it would be fun if i went outside.

I went outside and was thinking of a place i could shit. So i decided i would shit in them bushes again, (The same ones from the last post) and i walked teh best i could, trying to look normal, there was a small hot mark on my boxer shorts, i knew it was going to be bad.

so i just ran into the first patch of bushes i could see, and thankfully found a branch i could sit on, i quickly unzipped my trousers and went, i tryed to relax but my cramps seemed to be forcing them out for me (Does any1 else ever get this?)it came out very pointed and light brown, i groaned a little, it kept on going, then it snapped off, it was about 17 inches long but alot thinner than the last 1, i still felt the cramps pushing out my shit, then abother sorter long was coming, it was very warm and it felt horrible, it stretched out my anus for a a split second and it came firing out.It was about 10 inches, i felt soo much better, then i gave another push, and a very loose, 5 inch turd came falling out.

I decided i was done, I took tp before my walk there, so i took about 7 wipes for my to be clean, (i was a mess back there!)
I took a quick look at it and it was huge!

There was 2 amazingly long lightbrown turds laying ontop of eachother and just to the side a small pile of soft shit,
I need to be going to the crapper alot more often i thought to myself.

I had a quick pee, and i done somthing else i shouldnt really mention on here, and i left home.


The R Man
Anyone's bladder bursting?

Esteban--I really like your posts. Since you mentioned it in your last post, would you please tell that story from your high-school days about being seen on the toilet by those bullies?

ctrl alt dlt
my girlfriend always invites me to the washroom with her. i usually don't go for one reason or another. does anyone know why girls like company in the washroom so much? i can't figure it out.

someone said that it might be because it turns her on. i somehow don't think that's it though. what do you people think?

also, i'm bashful about my toilet habits. i find it's more the position of being on the toilet than it is the bodily functions themselves, that make me so nervous, and reluctant to go in public. does anyone else find this, or am i alone on this one?

Turd Lover
Another monster exited my rectum this morning. It was incredible !! It was half smooth / half rough textured and massively thick. The stench was wonderfully satifying. When I flushed it spun around 6 or 7 times before diving into never never land. This sort of experience can make my whole day.

Desperate to poop
My name got missed out of the post few days back getting caught short going to supermarket. Had long meeting today and half hour left needed poop. Finally meeting finished and myself and a co worker hurried to the bathroom to pee and poop in unison! To the chap that asked i dont think its wierd to be turned on by pee poop or desperation but there is a line when you invade privacy

Hi my name is Kotone, I am from Japan, age 23, 5ft5" athletic build.
I live in the U.K. I find their toilets are not as good flushers as the ones back home.
I was in a shop today, bursting for the toilet, so I went up to the ladies, they were out of order, and I was told that we had to use the Gents, as there was another gents toilet on the ground floor.
The toilets were very clean, I removed one trouser leg and stood on the toilet bowl in a sqatting position.
I got a shooting pain in my gut and started to push out a long firm log
It reached the bottom of the toilet bowl and was still coming out of me - finally it gently settled in the toilet bowl.
After wiping & sorting myself out I flushed the toilet, it had a powerful flush - but it did nothing to move my long log.
Realising it was going no where, I left it for the toilet attendant to sort out.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I have a question for everyone. I often hear a bedwetter referred to as "to lazy to get out of bed and go to the bathroom." I sometimes wake up very early in the morning with a full bladder and occasionally decide I am NOT getting out of this bed. I just lay there and eventually (10-15 minutes) fall back to sleep. On those occasions one might expect to wake up soaked, but I don't. Each and every time I wake up with a dry bed, dry undies and still full bladder.

Does anyone else wake up needing to go, ignore that need and go back to sleep, waking up again in the morning in a dry bed?

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