Claire N
It is a long time since I have posted again, but now I have a toilet experience (or more to the point lack of one) which is very appropriate. It occurred when my friend Debbie and I took a day off work during the week to do some out of town shopping. The weather was fine and we had a very enjoyable time. To finish, we stopped at a pub for a meal and a drink. The drink turned into quite a few and by the time we caught the train back we were very tipsy, to say the least!
The journey back required catching a connection. After leaving the first train we waited and waited for the connection and it did not turn up. There was no announcement about how late it would be. I needed a wee and went to the ladies, only to find that the door was locked. When I got more desperate I tried the door of the gents, this was also locked and it was not late at night. It soon got to the stage where there was only one option if I was not going to wee in my knickers. By now Debbie was also in need of a wee. The only appropriate place was at the space at the end of the platform, where the building ends. In this secluded area no one waiting for a train would be able to observe us. We both made our way, pretending not to be in a hurry in case we might attract attention. As soon as I turned the corner, my jeans and knickers came down in one, I squatted, facing the wall and - RELIEF!!! Although not out of choice, it was much more fun than using the toilet as well. Debbie, along side me, was also releasing a tremendous stream. Then, all of a sudden, we heard the sound of an approaching train from behind us. While we were still weeing, our late train pulled up at the platform. Everyone on the right side of the train had a view of our bare behinds! We felt so embarrassed!
On finishing we quickly made ourselves decent and rather sheepishly, though very much relieved, proceeded to a train carriage. Before we could board the platform guard and a woman in uniform blocked our path. We were told, in no uncertain terms, that we would not be allowed on the train. The woman, who was the driver, said that what we had done was absolutely disgusting and we should be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves. We tried to explain about the train being very late and the toilets being locked, but it fell upon death ears. The guard, prompted by the driver, appeared quite threatening. It soon became obvious that the little female Hitler would not relent and we would not be allowed on the train. I'm sure the smell of alcohol on our breath made her attitude worse.
Absolutely fuming, we watched the train pull away in the realization that it would be over an hour before the next one arrived. I'm sure that if the driver was a man there would have been no problem. He would have merely admired the view, had an unexpected thrill and laughed at our embarrassment. No harm done. It was just our bad luck that the driver was a woman with some sort of problem. Debbie said that she would like to strangle the little Hitler and shit on the platform to really give a cause for complaint. When she said that she had not been today and was feeling an urge, I realized she might not be joking - about the latter!
When Debbie said she had never done a poo, except in a toilet, I knew she was considering going on the platform for the purpose of extracting some sort of revenge. I told her about my very infrequent experiences of having an outdoor poo (posted about on this board) and how I enjoy it. I stressed that they had all been behind bushes with no chance of anyone seeing me. I talked about the first nerve racking time, many years ago, when wild camping and the last time, a year ago, when I was out in the countryside with diarrhea.
Debbie said that she was not desperate, but would like to poo where we had the wee, but only if I had one with her. I had a good poo on the train during the outward journey, but I usually poo twice a day and was sure I could produce something. The problem was that no one had seen me poo since I was a child. Privacy had always been paramount. I informed Debbie about this and she seemed surprised. She said that she never closes the door in the house and thinks nothing of her husband seeing her. On many occasions she walks in when he is having a bath and has a poo in the toilet, besides him, without giving it a second thought. Debbie said that this would be the perfect opportunity for both of us, her to poo outside and me with company. She pointed out that we had both pooped in work at the same time, in adjacent stalls, and thought nothing of the noises and smells. The only difference this time is that we would also have sight. I thought things over - it would not be as if someone would be just watching because Debbie would be pooping as well - also, it was a long time since I had a poo outside and it is something I really enjoy - finally, if I was seen, and there would be a far greater risk than ever before, I would not be alone. All things considered, and with Dutch courage from the drink, I agreed that we would poo together where we had the wee. I said that the newspapers we had bought could make up for the lack of toilet paper.
Apart from us, the platform was completely deserted with the next train not being due for such a long time. The odds were against someone seeing us and it did seem a way of extracting some sort of revenge after what had happened. Now we would not be leaving behind something which would evaporate. For obvious reasons I am not disclosing the location of the station. As we made our way to the spot I told Debbie that I had acquired a lot of experience of pooping in squat toilets on my travels and would use them out of choice as a pleasant change. I also advised that when pooping in the squat position I would take one leg out of my trousers and knickers. Debbie said, that as this was new to her, she would follow my guidance.
We positioned ourselves a short distance away from our very prominent wee streams and lowered our garments a lot slower than previously, this time stepping out on one side. Debbie squatted and, close beside her, I followed. By now, after all the drink, another wee was required and I emptied my bladder. This time, not being an extreme emergency, there was far less than before. At the same time Debbie let out a quiet fart and I knew she was starting to poo, her first ever out doors! I pushed, farted a lot louder, and followed through on to the concrete below. My first time with company! I did not feel all that embarrassed - this was to do with Debbie pooping at the same time with no embarrassment and the drink. I was having a very enjoyable poo and producing more than I expected, as I have found in the squat position before. It was evident that my morning poo on the train was far from a complete evacuation. I thought I might be done after a minute, but hung on. Debbie was far from finished and started talking. She said that she was really enjoying the experience and, apart from the revenge motive, this was a lot of fun. I agreed saying it had been too long since my last outdoor poo. I added that there was no way what so ever I would be having this one if she was not next to me, or she did not suggest it. It was apparent that I was not done and I added to the pile which had accumulated beneath my bum.
When I was sure I was done, I stood up ripped off a sheet of newspaper and started to wipe. For me, not that much was required as is usually the case when squatting to poo. The newspaper did not have the same soft feel as toilet paper, but was fit for purpose. As usual, to finish and reduce the chance of skid marks, I pushed further into my hole. When a piece of paper was clean I knew I had finished. I put my foot into my jeans and knickers and pulled them up, observing my pile of poo and the soiled paper which littered the ground. Debbie said she was still not done and insisted I stayed put. She said she did not mind me observing her finish and wipe. I could not help noticing that the pile of poo beneath her bare bum dwarfed what I had done, which was not inconsiderable! After a minute or so she said she was done and would finish with a wee. From the same position she proceeded to do so, before standing up to rip off paper, wipe and drop it on the floor. She wiped her bottom, jeans and knickers around one ankle, facing me without batting an eyelid. There was a wide smile on her face. She said she really did want to go and this was far, far better than using a toilet. When clean, Debbie pulled up her jeans and knickers and we both stared at what we had left behind. There were two big streams of wee and two smaller ones. At the start of the two smaller streams there were two big piles of poo, one noticeably bigger than the other. Then there was the torn off newspaper, quite a lot, stained brown. The end of the platform was quite a mess. This would of course not have been the case had the toilets not been locked, or had the train driver been human.
We walked back to the main platform in high spirits and thankful that no one saw us this time. The platform was still deserted and remained so for some time. The wait for the train went a lot quicker than it otherwise would have. When it arrived, we went to the loo for the sole purpose of washing our hands!
This must be my most lengthy post. It has been about a bad experience which turned into a good one. Hope it goes down well.

This is the conclusion of my earlier post. I was at my school's football game last Friday night with my boyfriend Adam, who at the last minute had to take his brother Justin, who is 6, and sister Mandy, who is 5 with him. Adam's in the marching band which performs at halftime, so he has to sit with the band until third quarter. So I end up being the babysitter for like 90 minutes.

Well after Justin got done with his crap and I finally convinced him to go back into the bathroom and to the sink to wash his hands, he, Mandy and I went back to our seats. Adam and the band were playing like 10 minutes before kick-off when Mandy started squirming around on the bleacher and tugged on my jacket to get my attention. "I have to pee," she said, pointing between her legs. I asked her a dumb (I admit it OK!) questions like "right now?" and again she pointed down to her jeans and crotch. A boy who had moved onto the bleacher right in front of me is in my 3rd hour class and I asked him if he would watch Justin while I took Mandy all the way up the stairs to the bathroom. He said he would and made room for Justin beside him. I was relieved that he would help me out because I didn't want to have to drag Justin into the ladies room.

So we want back up the stairs. I took Mandy's hand and had to walk so slow because Mandy's legs aren't long enough to take the stairs too fast that I thought to myself I hope she didn't pee her pants before we got to the top and she got on the toilet. Well, we got just inside the door and the bathroom was pretty much I had remembered it to be when I last used it last season. There were 20 stalls on one side of the wall, 20 on the other side and toward the entrance there must have been 20 or 30 sinks. It was so crowded it was tough to see beyond the crowd. One stall on the right stuck out because it had no door and I thought that might be perfect for Mandy to use because there would be no wait. By me standing in the door, I could kind of shield her privacy, too. Otherwise, I could see legs under each of the stall doors and there were a number of girls and even some parents standing and waiting their turn. Well, we walked around some of the crowd to the middle of the room where I saw the doorless stall and I was surprised by what we say. There was a policewoman in full uniform and with a gun holster sitting on the toilet. She was about 40, blond and immediately told us it wouldn't be long. She had her uniform trousers and undwear at knee level and she had her legs spread pretty wide. "Ive been holding this load for three hours," she said as she pushed and you could see first a squint and then a smile on her face as she dropped it. She was ready to wipe with a large wad of toilet paper like a giant wiping pad in her hand. I directed Mandy's attention a little bit to the entrance where the sinks were because I didn't want her staring at the cop. Also, Mandy was drawn to the two-way radio on the officer's belt which was at knee level and continually blasting away. Within a couple of minutes the officer was standing, wiping and she used her foot to flush the toilet. She told us it was her best crap in a week and thanked us for being so tolerant and understanding.

Just as I had done with Justin a half hour earlier, I took Mandy's coat off her and steered her toward the toilet. Her young and inexperienced age became evident right away as she started dropping her jeans before totally getting into the stall. She appeared too short for the stool, but after dropping (or should I say slowly sliding down) her white panties, she stood in fornt of the toilet and while standing, carefully placed her butt in front of it and against the seat. Then she pushed or rather slid herself back until like the inside of her knees hit the front of the stool. I complimented her for being so independent and as I stood toward her, shielding her from an even larger crowd that was waiting, Mandy seemed a little uneasy because her feet were about three inches off the floor and the height of the toilet was more than she was accustomed to using in her kindergarten class. (I was surprised when she said she was in kindergarten--I thought she was in first grade!). She complained that the seat was cold and I agree the room was cold, but it was like 45 degrees outside and there was no door on the entrance to the room. She seemed a little unsure of herself after about 30 seconds on the stool and then placed her hands over the front of seat to brace herself. Kind of like you're riding a horse. Then she said "it hurts" and slide down to the front and off the toilet. I talked her into getting back up and even offered to place her down, but she said she was "big girl now" and could do it on her own.

It must have been 10 minutes before she finally got settled down on the seat and I could her her pee stream start. It went for about 45 seconds and I could see a big smile on her face. She even took one hand off the front of the seat and pointed to me what was flowing from between her legs. I started to compliment her about indeed being a big girl now when a loud voice of a freshman pep squad girl behind me interrupted with "F##k, what's taking her so long?" I turned around and told her that Mandy was only 5. The rude girl said, "and that's going to keep me from peeing my pants?" Mandy started to cry and I tore off some toilet paper for her to dry her eyes with. Once she got down off the stool and was pulling her jeans up, I reached over and flushed.

The girl practically bumped us out of the way as she dove in for the toilet. Mandy was still crying when she washed her hands. I tried to explain to her about rude people and why we call them "bullies." She understood better when I treated her to a $2 box of popcorn.

Hello guys and gals. I want to talk a bit about pooping. I love to hold back my urge to poop as long as I can. I really enjoy the feeling of being absolutely desperate to poop. Does any one else do this too, or is it just me?

I usually get the first small urge to poop two days after I last pooped. Then, I can hold it back for several more hours without risking pooping my pants. I'd say that five or six hours after I get that first urge that's when it starts to become desperate. I know then that I will poop in my pants very soon. So if I am in public, I head to the bathroom at that point, so I don't embarass myself bad by pooping in my pants like a baby.

I will tell you the story that happened to me Saturday. I woke up in the morning, knowing that I would need to poop that day, as I had pooped two days ago. But I did not feel even the smallest urge, so I just did my morning pee and then ate breakfast. Because it was Saturday, I didn't have to work, so I decided I would go to the mall and shop.

An hour after I arrived at the mall, I got the first urge to go poop and I was also hungry. I ate at the food court and went back to shopping. Several more hours of mindless shopping passed and I was ready to go home. By then it was four hours after the urge first hit, and the real desperate part would happen soon.

I got home, changed into a loose fitting comfy outfit and watched TV for another hour. After that hour of watching, my urge to poop became more intense, and I had to really focus on holding it back. I was very distracted for the next two hours. I looked at the clock and it was around seven o'clock in the evening. I wanted to make dinner soon, I was getting hungry again, but I still felt I could hold my poop a bit longer.

I held it for forty-five minutes longer but then I finally rushed to the bathroom. I yanked down my bottoms and panties and plopped my butt on the toilet seat. I grabbed my magazine placed nearby and let my body have it's way. The relief was so amazing when that first log exitted. I felt like it was half a foot long and it came to rest in my toilet but didn't make any sound. The second log only came out a small bit, that bit snapped off and splashed in the toilet. Again, a small bit of the log snapped off, splash. Finally, the whole log eased it's way out, no sound like the first one. Then a third log began to exit and then it fell in the water with a big plop. There was some liquid and chunks of poop that came after, but they were too many to count.

I tore off a large amount of squares of toilet paper and did my usual process where I fold, wipe, fold, wipe. I can repeat this four times before the paper gets too small to wipe. Most often this is enough for me to feel totally clean, but sometimes if its a really messy poop, another four wipes is needed. This time, four wipes was enough. I stood up, pulled up my panties and bottoms and inspected my creations, then flushed.

Does anyone need to have diarrhea when you get nervous about something?

I needed to have a massive bowel movement at school today. I hate it when that happens.

I recently started a bodybuilding routine and I have to drink a lot of water. I drink about 12 bottles a day in addition to occasional coffees and a glass of milk with my dinner. So I have to pee a lot, and its very annoying. Sometimes I hold it in as long as I can but then I have to run for the toilet and sometimes I start to pee in my pants before I get there. Some of my college classes are long and if I don't pee just before they start I have to go during class, and I hate to leave during a class. No one has seen me wet my pants but I'm afraid it will happen sometime.

I skip my bottles of water when I'm on a date, but there's so much water in me I still have to pee, and that's embarrassing. My girlfriend thinks it's funny when I have to stop and pee by the side of the road. I've wet my pants on the way home from a date a couple of times. I wish I could hold my pee like some guys can. I really try.

Favorite dump stories
Some of my favorite stories are about taking a dump in a public bathroom (one that comes to mind is JaLe) or overhearing someone else having a good dump. I know in the past where there were a few women had stories about going in the workplace and how they knew some of their co-worker habits as well. These were always interesting.

I also like the poop desperation stories, but I prefer these with a happy ending. Some of my favorites here are Desperate to poop and Red Headed Michelle.

I also just like the stories just about having a dump but sharing plenty of details. Here some of my favorites are oldies--Jane, Amy co-ed, Summer, Carmalita, Laura (teacher), etc.

Karen, I understand it is embarassing to go in front of a boyfriend or girlfriend, but really it shouldn't be an issue. Everyone has to take a dump from time to time and yes, sometimes it isn't too pleasant sounding or can really stink. It happens to us all, even those of us who don't have IBS. I'm glad your boyfriend was understanding as he should be and I'm glad you feel more comfortable.

to chris- seems like u had a kind of close call there, would love to hear more


Your boyfriend sounds like a very nice man. I know IBS can be hard some times, but knowing that you have such a loving understanding partner will really help out, especially when your are out and public at least you can confide in him if you need to leave, have an accident etc.

Lurker for a while. I was reading page 1677 and I saw the story of Debbie. I was wondering if she has posted since. Also BTW, I am wondering how long the regulars here (like Upstate Dave etc.) have been posting here. BTW I am male and I like pee and poo stories of females.

Wow! That was close.

I had a nice big dinner tonight and just after I was done eating I felt like I had some gas that needed to blow. Since I was alone I could have just let rip one HUGE fart but for whatever reason my 'prudeness' genes kicked in and told me not to try so hard. Lucky I did since some diarrhoea spurted out immediately after the second of two rapid fire farts escaped from my rear.

I could feel a bit of hot and sticky liquid sitting between my butt cheeks and then I sensed a whole lot more waiting to follow. Carefully, but with great haste, I made my way to the toilet and immediately pulled down my pants and y-fronts. In the split second after my ass hit the toilet seat, flood of crap came out in two big bursts. After sitting there for a few minutes to verify that I was done, I got up, turned around, and took a look at my BM.

My shit coloured the toilet water a dark brown and areas of the toilet enamel that normally never get splashed by my poops were covered in the dark, dark brown mess. Sitting on top of the stuff in the water was a light foam.

What went through my mind was, "Where the heck did all that come from??" After looking at it all for a few minutes I turned to the toilet roll to clean up and... of course... there were just a few sheets. Barely enough for me to use to blow my nose if I had to. No big deal I suppose but it bugged me enough for me to roll my eyes and let off a little 'sigh'.

I managed to wipe twice with those few pieces of TP and I examined the paper. What seemed odd was that the stuff on the paper was not nearly as dark as the 'soup' floating in the water. Further, I did not detect the classic diarrhoea-smell. In fact, it barely had a scent at all.

The flush took everything away in one go and then I went to my supply cabinet to get a couple of TP rolls and finish the clean up of my ass.

I still don't feel empty so I might have some more to come out later tonight - or it might simply be the dinner waiting for it's turn down my GI system.

(Speak of the devil. I just finished typing this thing and now I have to make a dash for part 2.)

Take care!


I've been using open stalls regularly for about a year now, ever since I got some good advice here that coincided with my moving near a beach area with open stalls. I have posted here about several of my experiences.

I have found public dumping with no privacy very liberating after being traumatized in high school (years ago) by some bullies who saw me shit. But that's a story for another post.

Zip. I always drop my pants and briefs to my ankles unless the floor is dirty or wet. I've never had a problem showing my genitals in front of other guys - we all have more or less the same equipment. It was really my face I wanted to hide, because I never wanted anyone to know it was me on the toilet.

But a year later I have learned that nothing bad happens. It's usually the guys who see me who are embarrassed and run the other way. Except for that one encounter with the police here in the city I'm visiting now. But even then nothing bad happened.

Zip, I wear briefs or boxer briefs. Sometimes white but usually colored or striped and I'm never embarrased at all. If I am wearing my button fly military pants I go commando, but I always wear underwear if there's a zipper threatening nearby.

Like some of the guys here, I spent years embarrassed if anyone even knew I was taking a dump. Now I let them see me and nothing bad has happened. In fact I now prefer it to be closed inside a little stall.

Hello everyone! Still here, but with lots of homework assignments I have not been able to post often.

John Philip: Glad you had a firm enough shit.

To the new Chris: Liked a lot your story. Hope you can post more. I don't remember the last time, or even if there was one, were I shit out all the loose stuff first and then the hard stuff, although it certainly happens to some people (my cousin, may post that later). Do you always shit like that?

Vincene, Mistee and anyone else who babysits: I am male in high school, by the way, but in my neighborhood there are lots of parents who work until late on weekdays and some friends of mine and I decided to do them the favor and take care of their kids on different days (meaning one of us "babysits" on Monday, another one of us on Tuesday, and so on..., we don't get paid but they are very grateful to us and told us we can count on them for any favor). I "babysit" of a couple's kids (both boys) on Thursday and a girl on Friday. So far, I have just taken the boys out to a local park once or twice, but I haven't done that with the girl. The reason is this: She is in 1st grade and I am not sure if I should let her go on her own to the bathroom or take her with me into the men's room. I assume she already knows how to wipe (I don't remember when I learnt to wipe myself, really, so I don't know), and I think she also goes to the bathroom on her own at school, but I am not too sure to let her go by herself. I could always take her with me, but I have seen parents take her daughters to the men's room and it is sometimes uncomfortable for guys at urinals (young girls may stare at something) or even in the stalls (they may also peek). Do you have any advice for me?

Anyway, my shit of today. I went to the bathroom, pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet. What happened was actually pretty funny because it was the second time I sat my bare-ass on the toilet lid, thinking it was up but it wasn't, which is weird considering my brother had been to the toilet about an hour before. I put up the lid and sat down again, this time on the seat. I let out a pre-shit fart and then started squeezing out a turd. It was pointy at both ends, but hard in the first half that came out. Once it came out, I pushed hard so that the rest came out in just one wave. It came out as a long turd, but light brown and soft. I then began the wiping process. I flushed, pulled my pants up, washed my hands and left.

See you next time!!

Just a quick question for all you ladies out there who wear pantyhose. If you have a diarrhea accident in your pantyhose, will the shit leak through the nylon fabric, or will it stay encased like a sausage in it's skin? If anyone out there has any stories of shitting or pissing their pantyhose, I'd love to hear them.

Linda from Australia here again. All this week, I had loose poos because I ate lots of bananas. I normally get constipated if I eat too many bananas but this time, that didn't happen. Every morning I had explosive poos that went all over the toilet bowl. This happened at night aswell. Then yesterday morning, I got up and felt the urge to poo. I had to start work at 7am so I didn't have time to go before work. I felt a big hard log in my anus all day. Every time I went to the toilet to do a wee, I did lots of farts to relieve the pressure. I finished work at 4pm but I had things to do before I went home. I couldn't get to a toilet until 5.30pm and I decided to use the public toilets at a small supermarket not far from home. I was so desparate for a poo that I couldn't wait to get home. When I got to the supermarket, I quickly made my way to the toilets. I went in and closed the door. I pulled my pants down and sat down. I did a huge wee first and then I waited. I thought my load might be loose again but I had to push to get things moving. A big turd stretched my anus really wide and I could hear it crackling. It felt REALLY good!!!!! It felt so good that I took my time getting the load out. The turd felt really thick and it was very satisfying!!!! I still had to push and strain quite a bit and the turd got stuck in my anus. I relaxed and sat back on the toilet, with my back against the wall. After a few minutes, the turd broke off but I still had more in me. I pushed and strained some more but the last bit took longer to come out. After about 10 minutes, the rest of my load came out. I even felt finished, which I was very happy about!! I spent about 20 minutes on the toilet but I didn't care. Nobody else came in while I was dropping my load which was great. I had a look at my job when I had finished and it consisted of 4 big logs, which weren't that long but as thick as decent sized bananas. I was SO glad that I did poos in that toilet!!!

Please write more pee stories.

Cute & Shy, where have you been? It's been a long time since you wrote a bathroom adventure story on here. I miss you. Are you still lurking on here? Please write back! LOL

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hi all, I'm 24 year old male

I've been reading some of the pages here and i would like to ask a question, is it weird to find the idea of the opposite sex using or having anything to do with the bathroom a turn on? Is it just me or are there others like this? Girls what do you think on this, am i just some kind of freak?

Pooperazzi-Liked your story. I've been in a similar situation before, and it can be quite painful when the turds get stuck! It can be a bit embarrassing as well when you get an erection while dumping in a doorless stall. That usually only happens to me when I'm constipated, which isn't very often. If I'm constipated, then I try to give myself an enema. Just a little bit of warm water to help move things along.

I've also had guys stare at me while I'm crapping. I don't think any of them have seen me with an erection, though. I'm afraid I'd get arrested! As for doorless stalls, I think they are mainly to prevent vandalism and other illicit things that can happen behind closed doors. Unfortunately, people go behind stall doors to do drugs, etc... No doors, no problems. And if you need to use the toilet, you still can. It works perfectly fine.

Hi, i was out out on a walk. I needed to use the toilet but i was to far from home. I did not know how long i could hold my body waste. I looked around there was no one around, i had to go very badly it was time There was a ditch near a bush and some ivey leaves. I pulled my shots off no under pants neeled down legs spread waid apart over the ditch and the soft leaves. Ithen had a large amount of urine about five munits, i then waited and started to smell there was a foul odor and i could see light tan-brown bowelmovement-stool with urine commong out of my vagina and rectum. It was soft and wet as i watched it drop out of my vagina and rectum between my legs into the ditch. I was still having a large amount of bowelmovement-stool withh urine. After ten minutes i was done. I then had moore bowelmovement-stool with urine finshed, took some ivey leves andwipped four times .Ithen droped in the ditch and covered my waste witch the leaves. I then put my shorts on and was on my way. A ditch is agood place to have your body waste bowelmovement-stool with urine.

Last nite my mom had the babysitter look after me.She is aged 18, & I am 14.
Whilst we were watching tv and eating loads, she said she wasnt feeling well. she said she had stomach pains and was feeling sick.
I took her to the toilet, she said she couldnt decide whether she needed to poo or be sick, so I went and got her a bucket.
When I came back she was sat on toilet, her face was bright red, as she moaned "eeeerergh..." she let out a belter of a fart, followed by a crackling sound & a huge splash. Next came a round of continual plops for about 10 seconds!
As I looked at her trying not to laugh I said"are you ok?"
She cracked out laughing and said "yep I sure am, but I'm not so sure if your toilet is!"
I said "I will leave you to it"
She returned to the sitting room a few minutes later, looking worried and asked "do you have a plunger?"
We did,I said "dont worry about it" I went and got the plunger & gloves.
Upon arrival at the toilet I put on the pair of rubber gloves and fished out the offending turd, and put it on the compost heap, it was massive! too big to fit down any toilet.
When I went back to her she said thank you, and gave me a kiss.
I think she is lovely, despite her stomach upset.

I was looking for a forum to discuss my bowel issues and found this one.

I have mild IBS. It flares up from time to time. The pain and discomfort is not nearly as bad as the anxiety it used to cause me. I have managed to largely get over it because of my boyfriend, who has been extremely understanding and supportive and has helped me relax about it.

He and I had been seeing each other for about five years. He never questioned me when I would suddenly decide it was time to leave or told him I couldn't see him that evening. rarely was it because of anything other than me having to have a bowel movement. or if I was suffering diarrhea I'd avoid going to his apartment or having him over. It was a juggling act that caused me a lot of emotional distress and left him often feeling dejected and bewildered.

Finally, one night the inevitable happened. I was at his apartment and I suddenly had a bad flare up. I knew I'd never be able to make it home in time, or even to a coffee shop. I had to go right that moment or I'd poop my pants. I was so humiliated at the idea of taking a dump in his bathroom that I actually got emotional. He asked what was wrong and I just said I have to go to the bathroom and rushed into his bathroom and slammed the door shut. He was positive that he'd said something or upset me in some way. I was afraid to tell him I was embarrassed to take a dump with him in the vicinity because I thought he'd think I was stupid.

I sat on his toilet trying my best to keep my diarrhea quiet and actually crying about it. That's when I decided I was just making things worse. After I finished, I came out of the bathroom and he asked me what he'd done. I cried as I explained to him that I had IBS and was pathologically bashful about my bodily functions. I could pee at his place, but the idea of farting or pooping in front of him filled me nothing less than dread.

He held me and told me that it was okay for me to be embarrassed, but that it didn't bother him and to never, ever worry about grossing him out or being embarrassed to poop at his apartment.

Over the next few months I worked on it. If I had to poop while I was at his place or he was at my place, I'd just go. Then one day, another emergency situation arose. I had spent the night at his apartment. The next morning he was in the shower and I suddenly had a flare up. I ran into the bathroom and told him to hurry up and get out because I had to poop. He told me to just go ahead. I said I couldn't. He said yes I could. Finally, I yanked my underpants down and sat and had diarrhea. It was loud, it was smelly. I was mortified and angry. He leaned out and told me to look at him. I looked up at him and he said, "I love you, IBS and all."

I never thought one of the most romantic moments of my life would occur while I was taking a dump in front of my boyfriend!

After that, while I would still avoid at all costs pooping with him in the bathroom, the fact that having done it once turned out to not be such a big deal took quite a lot of pressure off my shoulders. I knew if I had to I could sit on the toilet and poop in front of him.

He and I moved in together about a year after that. So far I haven't had to poop in front of him, but I no longer feel the need to close and lock the door every time I poop. I leave it cracked, and have even left it open a couple of times. I do this more for myself as a test of my self-confidence than anything.

So, that's the story. Hope that was interesting to all of you.

Hello all. Love to read the posts on here, especially from the ladies. I figured I'd write this post to share a new way and place to take a dump.
As it turns out, the crapper in our apartment doesn't flush worth a damn, so I usually hold in my crap until I can get to either a public bathroom or when I go to my storage unit, where I have a portable toilet set up and waiting for me at any time.
Well, this morning I got up and had the familiar rumbling in my gut that told me this was gonna be a big one, as well as a messy one. I had the gut cramps that were saying you've only got minutes to get settled someplace before you end up shitting your pants. Well, knowing how rotten the toilet is in the apartment, and not having enough time to get to my storage unit to sit on my personal crapper, I had to think of something quick. That's when it hit me...we have a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink!
So I take off my pants, hustle into the kitchen, and hop up on the kitchen sink, positioning my ass directly over the hole in the sink, and relaxed. What happened next was I felt a major load shifting rapidly out of my ass and starting hanging out of my ass and going into the garbage disposal...Had to be about 10" long, then the mush started dropping on top of that. I totally filled the hole with shit, and after I was done, I jumped down, and went to wipe my ass in the bathroom. When I came back, the shit had settled down into the hole, so I turned the water on and turned on the disposal, making all my shit disappear down the drain. I ran water down the other side of the sink to clear the pipes of any stink, and then put my pants back on. So maybe if you have a lousy toilet, you might want to try this sometime. It works just like a macerator pump.

for Mistee:

Don't worry about being fired by Trev's mother. She must be very self-centered and let him get away with lots of things. Kind of like he can do no wrong. Why should you clean off that seat and the rest of the stall? The only way for him to learn is to do it himself. He's old enough to do that at age six. What's mommy going to do for him after he messes up a stall at his school? The other boys aren't going to be too kind to him about having to sit in his pee for the rest of the day!

Friday night I was at my school's varsity football game. I've been casually dating a member of the marching band who plays an instrument called a mirimba or something close to that. Anyway, he has a 5 year old sister Mandy, and a 6 year old brother Justin. Since Adam's parents needed to work late, he ended up babysitting for the two and he had no choice but to take them to the game with him. Since he was forced to sit with the marching band until after their halftime show, Mandy and Justin had to sit with me. No problem ... or so I thought. Well, before the game Justin had to go the bathroom. I got to thinking about whether I wanted to take him to the girls or boys and asked my friend who was sitting next to us. She said to ask him whether he had to pee or crap. Justin held up two fingers and said he was in second grade and can crap on his own. I wasn't so sure since there were about 5,000 people in the stadium and I knew the bathrooms would be crowded.

So I walked Justin and his sister up like 60 stairs close to the press box where the restrooms area. There was a line extending well outside the girls bathroom but there was no line to the guys room. I walked into the guys bathroom entryway until I could see how busy it was. There were two guys at the urinals and about 12 stalls with no doors. I pointed out that it looked like the first one was open and I ducked back into the entryway after pointing Justin to it. Although I was standing just inside the entrance as I waited, I couldn't see anything but felt more than a little out of place as about 15 or 20 guys walked bast me. A couple of them were parents and at least one teacher recognized me. Since I was holding Justin's coat, I think they knew I wasn't a pervert or anything. About 30 seconds after he went in, I heard the seat drop. It was loud and I made a mental note to tell him that he could use both hands and ease it down. Then I heard four or five loud splashes into the bowl, followed by a sigh and the noise of the spinning of the toilet paper spool.

Mandy was growing particularly restless standing at the doorway with me. She tried to stray too far once and I was watching her on one side when I turned about and saw Justin standing next to me holding he jeans up to about mid-thigh level. There was no toilet paper. I immediately pulled his underwear and jeans up to his waste level and thought quick about what my options were. I didn't want to chance that may be all the stalls were out, so I leaned down and told Mandy to go into the girls room, find an empty stall and pull of some toilet paper for her brother. I don't think she was gone two minutes before she came enthusiastically running back with pretty much a whole roll in her hands. Justin readily took it and went back into his tall to clean himself. I asked Mandy where she got so much when I had only intended for her to pull off a handful. She has learned to snap the roll off at home and put a replacement on and she had done the same thing this time, not realizing it was a public restroom and would prsent frustrations for future users.

Justin came out after about 3 minutes and was bragging about how he "dumped it." I did, however, send him to the sinks to wash his hands. He didn't seem to happy having to do it, but it isn't going to hurt him. Later that evening Mandy had to use the bathroom, too. That will be my next post.

My husband has ADD. He forgets to do things, like pee. It's OK if it's part of his routine, so at work he pees at lunchtime every day. But when he comes home he forgets until he's jumping around because he has to go so bad. About once a week he starts to wet his pants before he runs to the bathroom. He gets very angry when this happens. If I tell him to pee he gets angry and then tries to hold it just to show me he didn't have to go. Whenever we drive a long distance, he has to pee and tries to pretend he doesn't until he's almost wetting himself, and then he has to go by the side of the road. He nearly got a ticket once for doing that. He wet his pants once at a neighbor's barbecue because he wasn't paying attention. And when he's doing something he thinks is important he won't pee until it's done, and he has started wetting himself when he's doing projects in his shop in the cellar. It's worse at home because he drinks beer and cant hold it as long. I told his doctor, who has examined him and said that there's nothing physically wrong with him.

I have to admit I find this all very exciting, and maybe that's one reason why I married him.

The R Man
More Pee Please!

I consider it a personal matter so I do not advertise when I need to go. Yes, it is natural and everyone does it but I try to prevent them from knowing. Even more so If messing my panties is a risk.

Hi i'm 21 long blonde hair nice body, big butt, green eyes.

Okay I work at an office in ohio, and yesterday I was working overtime, from 11 am to closing at 10 pm. Okay so to start off the day I woke up and I felt like i had to go poop, but I only have 45 minutes to get to work, so I throw on a denim mini skirt, with pantyhose and a pink thong. with a Blouse and high heels. So I left my house and the urge went away. When I arrive I went to my office and did work on the computer and filed out papers etc. at about 3pm I started to have the need to go again, but it wasn't that strong and i thought nothing about it. At 7pm the urge came back strong and I felt like I really had to go poop, but I don't like using the bathrooms at work, because of the fear of my fellow employees hearing me go, peeing is one thing but i will not have a bowel movement at work. So I just clenched my cheeks counting down time untill my shift was over. at about 8:45pm it was only me and my bestfriend Jessica left, and I really had to go poop, I was clenching my cheeks so hard and my hands on my butt. Then Jessica walks over and says Allison are you okay, I started crying and said no I really have to go poop, and i'm about to have and accident. Jessica said here i'll help you to the bathroom, but it was to late as soon as I stood up I felt the head of my poop slowly enter my pantyhose, I forgot I was wearing a thong, so that was no help. I just gave one big push and globs of poop filled up my pantyhose sliding down my legs into my shoes, and I just started crying so hard, Jessica said Allison it's alright accidents can happen to anyone, then she offered to help me clean up, so we went into the bathroom, and I took my shoes off, luckily nothing was inside of them. then Jessica helped me pull my skirt off, amazingly no poop was in my skirt. so I put it on the counter. then the big part came. Jessica started pulling my pantyhose down, my crotch, butt thighs legs, were all smeared with poop when they came off and my thong was a brown mess. So she threw the thong and pantyhose away, and I was still crying. And then Jessica said Allison, I promise I will never tell anyone, you don't have to be embarrased. then she told me a story about when she crapped her pants when she was 19 in the car, so all of a sudden I felt better, then allison got some wet towels, and started wiping the poop off of my body, after about ten towels later I was finally cleaned off. I put my miniskirt back on and my high heels. And I gave Jessica a big bear hug, and said thank you, without you I would have been a nervous reck. It was about 9:35 when we got done cleaning up. So we just locked up and left. I'll never forget that day

Not shy guy
I read this on a regular basis and love to read about the experiences other people have. I guess it is about time I share one of mine.
I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but here goes. One day I went to a tavern in a predominately gay part of town and after several beers had to take a dump. I entered the bathroom and there was the toilet right out in the open, no walls or anything for privacy. There wasn't even a lock on the door. Right across from me was a stand up urinal. At first there was no one in there as I dropped my drawers and sat down to do my duty. Then all of a sudden the door opens and in walks a patron to use the urinal. By this time I'm dropping my load when he turns around and and proceeds to say how gross this is. I said to him "Hey when you got to you got to go." Don't get me wrong, I am not in the least bit shy however I am not an exhibitionist either. It really made me uncomfortable even so. I'm ok with people I know, but out in public. I like a bit more privacy. It would be interesting if anyone else has had similar experiences. What do you do in a situation like that?

Upstate Dave
I'm going to make a post about peeing in a car junkyard, being caught, having the person in return that caught me later peed pooped and we even peed together later all in the same day! First a littel background befoer I get into this one event. It involved a coworker of my fathers. He had his own car junkyard which my father would go to to get car parts.

My father doing this I went along at times and made frieds with Peggy my fathers friends duaghter. Her family also had been to my house several times and over time Peggy and I had become pretty good friends always hanging out together. Well this day my father nd I went to my dads coworker friends place to get some needed parts for my moms car.

When we got there my dad and I went right up to where all the junk cars were kept. So we had not stopped at the house first. Once in the junk yard my dad and I got out of my dads car and he walked away heading to get the needed parts. I needed to piss very badly so I didn't go with my dad.Instead almost running I went over between some junk cars that were right there by me.

As soon as I got between the first couple of old junk cars I stopped yanked my zipper right down hurridly fumbled with my fingers getting my penis out to piss. I stood there bending back and forth as I fumbled with my fingers trying to open up my briefs. I had to stop and really bare down to keep from pissing myself! I really had to piss that bad!

I even took my other hand and shoved down the front of my jeans and briefs and grabbed my penis and squeezed it hard with my hand to keep from pissing myself! I stood there rocking back and forth and even saying outloud; Come on stop! Let me get it out! (Ever have to go that bad and do the same thing!) It seemed forever for me to fight for control. It most likely wasn't. Thee intense urge to piss did lesson just enough so that I managed still holding squeezing my penis I managed to with my other hand slide them through the seperated slit of my briefs and I let go with the hand down the front of my jeans and yanked my penis out hard through the slit and my opn zipper.

No sooner when my penis was sticking out through my open zipper and I hadn't aimed it yet I started to piss! My piss stream arced with a very hard stream which was very wide and twisted. It hit right on the junk car that I was standing beside of. The car was three feet from me and my piss being so hard made a hudge splash going everwhere in every direction. Some of my piss was almost comming back and was just missing wetting my sneakers and my pants legs of my jeans.

The relief of now pissing was just to great so I just went and pissed the way I was going for at least the first ten seconds. Besides having the big splashing effect my piss made a big wet patch on the front fender of the car that I was pissing on. Dirt ran down the fender with my piss which in effect cleaned the fender off. So it was plainly visible that I had taken a piss on the car it was not from water or rain.

Now I did push my penis down so I was no longer pissing so high up on the fender of the car. Then being a boy I started to have a little fun now. I started moving my penis side to side back and forth pssing on the fender, the passeneger side door, and the old flat tire. I made sure that every where I pissed got soaked with piss. I even finished off by pising through the missing window in the car door. That's where I did end my piss.

I then slid my penis back inside my jeans and briefs and pulled up my zipper. I stood there admireing my work. I smiled as I ooked the old car over. I had certainly had piss over a big area of the old car! I even laughed a littel too as I looked over the old car. That is when I heard clapping of hands and Peggys voice saying loudly; GOOD JOB Dave! I spun around and faced her. She was out on the road but was facing towards me. I felt my face heating up. I bet my cheeks were turning quite red!

I said to Peggy; Did you see me? Peggy began to giggle but told me she had. In fact Dave just about all of it! Right when you got your peter out and was still had your hand down inside your pants too, peeing on the fender, and then peeing all over the car and inside of it too. Don't be so embarrased about it Dave Peggy went on saying. I've seen boys piss before! I told her but not me! Well I have now! Peggy giggling hard as she said that back to me.

I started walking back out to where Peggy stood in the road. My face was feeling cooler so my embarassment was no getting less. Peggy still slightly giggling told me she did see us drive by the house. So thats why I hurried up to come up here and to see you Dave. I said back to Peggy; You certainly did that! She giggled harder for a moment.

Then Peggy told me that shouldn't I go up and see what my dad was doing. I told her I better. So the two of us started walking up the road heading in the general direction that my father had gone. As Peggy and I walked along she kept the talk on peeing. For she told me that she had seen one of her girlfiends brother piss and some of his friends piss.

So with Peggy telling me all this I asked her if she liked it. She told me in a way yes she did. It also makes me feel funny where I pee! She laughed hard after telling me that. As we went further up the road getting further back in the junkyard we could now hear my father pounding n what ever he was getting what part of the car he was working on.

In several minutes we found my dad and I asked him if he needed any help. He told me no said hello to Peggy. He did tell me that for some of the other parts hhe did forget some tools for them. He was going back home to get them when he was done removing the part he was now working on. Peggy then asked my father if I could stay here. My father shrugged his shoulders and said Why not. Peggy grinned with a big smile.

Then Peggy said to come with her. So we left my dad and walked back out to the road. We started walking back down it together. We walked down it far enough we had passed my dads car and were almost back to where I had taken my piss. Peggy stopped walking and seemed to be thinking about something. Then she looked at me and asked me a question. Look Dave since I saw you pee would you like to se me piss?

I smiled and told Peggy YES! Then I laughed. Peggy asked why I was laughing. I told her that it just occured to me that you say both pee and piss. I find that funny. Most girls always say just pee or piss not both. Peggy thought for a moment and then she let out a giggle. Dave your right I have been saying both pee and piss haven't I!

Just then we heard the sound of a car comming down the road. It was my father and we both waved as he went by. He waved back at us. In a short moment he was out of our sight. Then Peggy said to me; Follow me! So I did. Peggy crossed the road and started going down between the juck cars oppisite the cars where I had pissed.

We went all the way back to where what appeared where the cars ended. Peggy stepped between some big berry bushes and I followed her. We came out into another area of junk cars. I told Peggy I never was in this part. She told me this was the second part of her dads junkyard. She pointed over at a old step type delivery van. Thats my favorite place where I pee Dave!

Peggy now hurried over towards the old van. I followed right behind her. This second yard the cars were in not see neat riws. We kind of zig zagged through the junk cars to get to the old van. As we got closer the doors were gone on it but I could see the two seats were still there in the front of the van.

Several minutes later we were there at the van. Peggy stepped up inside of it and sat in the drivers seat. I sat down on the passenger seat. Peggy then moved a lever on her seat and she started spinning around in cirlles! Laughing she told me this is why I like this one as one of my favorite ones of all. I hadthe same lever control on my seat too so I moved it and I joined Peggy in spinning around. We did it until we both were quite dizzy and then we stopped.

Peggy had stopped spinning and locked the lever down making her seat face me. So I did the same. Peggy then told me she was raedy to piss. I smiled and told her I was ready to watch her. Now Peggy was wearing shorts and a top. She did get up from the seat so she stood in front of me then. She had on elastic type shorts so there was no zipper, snap, or belt to take off first.

Peggy just smply hooked her thumbs insie her shorts over her hips and yanked them right down! She also had hooked herpanties with her thumbs at the same time and her pale yellow panties went down with her shorts. She smiled for a monet as she stood there letting me look at her. Then she sat down on the edge of the seat but nly for a quick moment too.

Her fet dangled in the air dor they didn't touch the floor of the van. She shook her feet and legs hard enough so she shook her shorts and pnties right off! Giggling hard she told me now she could go! Nothing happened for a few shorts seconds. Then Peggy started to piss. She sent out a strong stream which right at the start hissed loudly. Hers tream did angle slightly outward as it went down. Her piss did splash hard on the metal floor of the van.

At first Peggy stayed still as she pissed but then she started swing each leg back and forth as she pissed. She also was looking down watching her piss stream but did now look up with a smile at me. I smiled back and we both then wet back watching her piss stream. Peggy pisses hard enough and long enough in that when she came to a dribbling stop. The floor area on her side arond the seat was covered with a thin layer of piss!

Since she had that much piss on the floor it was a good thing that when she kicked off her shorts and panties they landed on the floor on my side of the van. If they had landed on her side of the floor she would have pissed all over them. Peggy even mentioned that it was good luck where her shorts and panties had lnded over on my side. Lauging she told me she would have pissed on them.

Peggy then asked me to get out of my seat. I have to step over pretty far and I don't want to step over here on my side. So I got up from my seat. Peggy reached over with a hand and swung her foot over and pushed off from her seat at the same time. She managed to reach stepping on the floor on my side and then she bent over picked up her panties and shorts. She sat down on my seat and she slipped her panties back on first then slid up her shorts.

Now the inside f the van was real warm. Peggy now having pissed the inteior heat added to the smell which her piss did smell quite strong. We both got right out of the van. Pretty smelly in there Peggy said to me giggling. I laughed told her it was. I even told her I could smell piss even when we first got inside. Peggy told me she didn't but it didn't surprise her. She told me she pissed in that van a lot.

What we did next was take a short cut through the junkyard and went back to the house. We were hungry and thirsty. So we helped ourselves to cold sodas out of the old soda machine her dad had on the porch and we had a big homemade brownie. We sat out on the porch drinking our sodas and eatint the brownies. Then we would take a second walk back into the junkyard together. Let me continuie this. Upstate Dave

girls poop too
Hey, my name's Ricky, I'm 20, dark brown air and brown eyes. But enough about me. I will now post here every time I'll have a girl pooping story.
So I was in a mall yesterday, and while walking I saw an emo girl in front of me. She was about 5'6, black hair with white stripes, brown eyes, pretty face, and a large round butt. Suddenly, she turned around and headed for the unisex toilets. Without thinking much, I followed girl. The mall was rather empty, so were the toilets.
When I entered the toilets, she had already taken the middle stall, and I could hear her chains hitting the floor, and her jeans were taken down to her ankles. I entered an adjacent stall, and started to pee. I tried to do it without sound so I could hear her poop. Soon I could hear crackling sounds and in the few moments I heard a silent plop. I realised it was a long solid snake, which didn't break off. In a few moments, she wiped, then she stood up, turned around, and squatted over the toilet. Soon I could hear her grunt, a loud fart, and then loads of diarrhea pouring out.After that she wiped and flushed again, and left the toilet.

the big one
almost every time i poo, it blocks the toilet, or i break it up with the toiletbrush so it can go down. but i have an ineresting question. why is it that i can go into the bathroom and in 30 seconds push out a monster that blocks the toilet, while it takes 45 minutes for some people to work out something that DOESNT block the toilet? does this make sense? id say my toilets weak but i'm the only one in my house who ever blocks the toilet so frequently. is 2 minute short for a poo?

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