Am I weird? I enjoy pooping in public toilets, I find it really satisfying doing my bizness so other people can hear me.
Yesterday, I was in a quiet waiting room (full of people) that had a toilet (side room).
I went to the toilet and took a really noisy dump. My farts were forced out, I hadnt pooped for days so loads came out, half way through my poop I flushed twice to prevent the toilet clogging.
When I came out of the toilet I felt like I was on stage- EVERYONE looked at me. A small boy was laughing, (his mum was telling him to stop it)
Three guys(who were not together) were smiling at me, one of them went to the toilet straight after me.
Am I normal? I sometimes deliberately clog publc toilets with my big bowel movements.

I was at my aunt's on Saturday night for Thanksgiving dinner (my cousin had to meet her boyfriend's parents on Sunday otherwise dinner would have been Sunday instead). On Saturday and Sunday we all ate a lot since my aunt made a big breakfast both days and of course Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night was pretty big with lots of food. It was different than what I'm used to eating at home; my husband and I eat a lot of vegetables and whatnot.

Yesterday I felt very full in my stomach despite taking stool softeners Saturday night. We went home yesterday afternoon and had a nice dinner with pumpkin pie for dessert. I took more stool softeners before bed and a lot of water because I noticed I had a lot of pain under my ribs and a lot of gas. I went to sleep with no result in the poo department.

I had a bowl of oatmeal with flaxseed this morning and I felt a big urge for a poo. I was squirming as I was finishing my breakfast and as soon as I was done I went to the toilet.

I pulled down my blue and white plaid pj pants (no panties) and sat on the toilet. I gave a hard push and this huge poop came out within a minute or so. It was about the size of my forearm. No joke! It was very big and it kind of curved at the end. No wonder my stomach was hurting so much last night!! My stomach had been hard, sore and gassy and now it feels a lot softer.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians on Toiletstool!


@mike d:

Try page 1428. I found it using the search terms dog vase.

I see Pooperazzi and Esteban have brought up the subject of doorless stalls in public restrooms. I too live in a city where one of the big parks has men's restrooms with no stall doors, and I am now a regular user. Like Pooperazzi, my first experience was a "no-choice" decision and also like him, I sit up straight with my pants around my ankles and everything on display. It's just a matter of your personal comfort level with others seeing you and how you like to sit when doing a poo. To Esteban I say, try it when you get the chance. If you feel uncomfortable in the "no-shame" position, there are lots of things you can do to cover up, as I have seen with other guys using the open stalls. You can lean forward and fold your arms on your knees; pull your pants down only as far as is necessary; pull your t-shirt down over your private part, or just simply wrap your hand around it. I can also say that over the dozens of times I have used the open stalls, I have never had a bad experience, and I've had quiet a few "experiences". If anyone is interested I would be quite happy to post some of them here.

TO Edith:

Yes, please let us know how your hubby reacts.

It should be interesting to see if he gets the point or if he takes some interest in what you are leaving behind.

Take care!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

John Philip
Plunging Plop Guy: Thanks for the compliment. I remember your stories from the old posts. You seem to feel the same way I do about the enjoyment of expelling solid turds. I also presume you hate diarrhea?

Turd Lover: I agree shitting can be funny depending on the situation. However, some people probably get more of a much defined "buzz" from slowly passing a solid turd than they are willing to admit.

This morning's dump was better than most; it felt more solid than usual so I brought some reading material in with me since I planned to take my time. Boxers at ankles, I had a seat on the bowl and immediately sent out the typical pre shit fart. I browsed through some articles in the Time magazine before beginning to push a few minutes later. A small turd slowly came out and made its way into the bowl, followed by a few turd nuggets which came out in waves. I sat and read for a bit before pushing for more. I felt the tip of another turd pokeout, and I needed to strain harder to get this one out, though it felt no larger than the others. Pushing again, I pinched off three more small turds and a loud toilet fart before feeling done. After wiping, I produced numerous small turds floating on top of the water and a few nuggets at the bottom. I also noticed the turds had a starnge greenish hue to them, almost minty green. I don't know what the hell caused that.

Plunging Plop Guy

I think it's great as an ice-breaker, and also a way of feeling comfortable with a friend when two guys in neighbouring toilets can laugh at the sounds of each other's farts and plops. Knowing you've heard your mate having a shit and that he's heard yours must really deepen the friendship with very little left to feel embarrassed or secretive about. About a year ago I entered a cubicle and could hear the conversation between two young guys in adjoining cubicles to my right. One was trying unsuccessfully to shit, and telling his friend that sometimes when he had a shit it was just like rabbit pellets. The other guy sympathised and said he knew what he meant. I was willing the guy to try some more, and drop a really big plop, and impress his friend (and me!) and feel really relieved, but it wasn't to be.

Thanks, Turd Lover, for your advice on producing big splashes. As well as composition of the turd, the depth of the toilet is a significant feature. Mine at home has a distance of 10 inches between the top of the water and the seat, and the plops can be great!

Happy shitting, everyone! PPG

Esteban-Glad to hear that you are not worrying about what the other guys would say if you were to use the doorless stall. I've done it several times. Just treat it like it's the most natural thing in the world. I usually point to the stall and look at the guys and ask "Nobody's going to use this" or "Mind if I use this?" Then just go in and do what you normally do when you're gonna crap. A lot of times, the guys will move a bit so they aren't directly in front of your stall. But sometimes not. It is funny how guys would rather be uncomfortable than be seen on the toilet.

I like your posts, Esteban. A few questions (I don't know if you already posted this, though): When you crap in a public restroom, do you keep your clothes up around your thighs, or do you let everything drop down around your ankles? And does that change if it's a doorless stall or regular stall? What type of underwear do you wear? If more than one style, does that change if you keep your pants and underwear up high or let them drop to the floor? I ask that because I used to wear both boxers and briefs and I didn't care if anyone saw my boxers around my ankles while crapping. When I wore briefs, though, I would usually keep them up high enough or inside my pants so they couldn't really be seen. Now that I wear briefs exclusively, I don't care if anyone sees them while I'm on the can. Including my colored and funky patterned/striped ones!

I haven't had many good buddy dumps or conversations lately. I used to take a crap in a gas station bathroom in a strip mall a few miles from my house on occasion. It was close to the freeway on-ramp so there would often be out-of-towners gassing up or using the toilet. I didn't "hang out" there, but if I had the opportunity to use the restroom, I took it.

This restroom was a single room with a toilet, urinal, sink. No partitions anywhere. The lock was not working properly, so it was easy to have someone walk in on you. There were several times when guys would open the door, see me on the toilet, and walk out. There were also several times when I had guys walk in, and ask to use the urinal. They would take a leak next to me, and then wash up at the sink and leave. The rude ones wouldn't close the door all the way. A few times I had a line of guys outside, taking turns to use the urinal while I was on the can!

My favorite ones were the guys who would come in and take a leak and start talking to me. Often it was someone asking about the town, getting directions, etc. One guy was there for a few minutes, taking a leak, washing his hands, then still talking to me as I dumped and wiped up. By then, I had already started the practice of wiping from the front and standing for the last 2 or 3. I finished, pulled up my briefs, and pulled up my pants. He wasn't creepy or anything. We just had a pleasant conversation. We talked while I washed up and both left at the same time.

I was going to the shop the other day when a severe urge to shit hit me out of nowhere. Luckily there was a small toilet facility by the side and i expected hardly ever used. Not this time raced into find one cubicle and taken! A loud parp a lot of mush and a groan followed. Had to wait five minutes of this on and off and me really desperate. Further five minutes of more sporadic activity including a flush or two which really teased me. Five more mins and she seemed nearly finished. Finally i got in!

Continued story girl finally finished young twenty year old. At one point she had got up only to have to crash back down, i exploded soft shit and sat there for fifteen mins clearing out boy did it stink. Toilet was a mess too not the best facilities

Hi Everyone :)
My Name Is Chris, Im 15 Male.
And im new here, Id just like to share some stories with you.

So i was outside hanging around with my friends, and i hadnt been for a shit in about 4 days (which is quite normal for me ...) it wasnt urgent so i just holded it.
We were playing football , There was about 4 of us altogether.
Half an hour had passed and my but felt quite warm, when i moved around it was quite smugy, i hadnt shit myself, but i knew i had to go soon.

we were in quite a big field, around the outer perimiter there was bushes. ive had a shit in them before so i knew were i was going to go.

I told every1 i was away for a shit in the bushes, they said they were going to come along aswell, i just agreed cuz i hated that warm smudgy feeling in my anus.

so i walked up in the bushes , my friends following. i found a branch i could sit on which was nice because i didnt like to squat. so i zipped down my trousers and boxers. ive done it infront of my friends before so they were used to it.They just stared and waited for me to do my shit.

My shit was coming out now. It was quite loose and was very warm, i was hearing quite a few thuds going against the ground. then it stopped, a very quite thick turd slipped out of my anus I had to give a little push .. it kept on going and going and going, it was when i felt that last thud i felt empty. And very releved.

my friends were looking at the enormous pile with amazement. i looked back, there was a big light brown pile of slush, and a very long , about 16 inch turd, it was as thick as a can of coke. i was quite amazed of what came out of me to be honest.

i wiped with some leaves stood up ..
That was goooddd ..
my friends were still staring at the pile of shite.
Dude ,, WHAT DID U EAT! Thats Quite Alot of shit said one of my friends.

I just laughed.

Then We Comtinued Playing Football.

I'll continue sharing some more stories with you all.

Carpet cleaner
i have been reading alot of posts and love the stories. i have notice that there are alot of different ways we tell ppl that we need to go to the bathroom. So Im asking the ppl here on toiletstool, How do u let others know when you need to go? What words do you us? For me I will say got to squeeze one out or need to wizz if i need to pee

Turd Lover
I thought I was the only one who laughed at my own shits. But this afternoon I was in a public restroom and I could hear a guy 2 or 3 stalls away from me grunting and breathing heavily. I actually heard the log splash into the water followed by some muffled laughing on his part. He must have laughed for a minute or two as he was pulling his pants up and departing the stall. I've laughed at the sight of my turds many times over the years. I don't exactly know why, but some shits are hilarious --- unique shapes & colors and bizarre sounds from "down under" make shitting not only entertaining, but funny.

question for the women out there do you usually pee then poop or poop then pee.


Today while finishing my last class at school, I had the need to take my daily shit. I was just finishing a Chemistry lab and started to get ready to leave. I tried to hold it in but it was beginning to become uncomfortable. I left after saying goodbye to some friends and headed to the nearest washroom just down the hallway.

I quickly entered in and found that all 6 stalls were empty. I walked to the big stall at the very end. I entered in and found the stall to be clean. The toilet had a large black seat and beside it were several roles of unused toilet paper. I undid my jeans and lowered my underwear. I sat down and noticed that the toilet was higher than the other handicapped toilets that I usually used. It seemed much more comfortable.

Anyways, I was about to let loose when the door opened and a guy came into the stall next to me. There were five other stalls and he had to choose the one right next to me. He lowered his pants and sat down. A minute past and I was anxious to start letting my turd out but he had remained silent. It was awkward with somebody right next to me and the bathroom absolutely quiet.

Eventually, the pressure built up to the point where I let a loud fart out. I'm sure it could have been heard outside the bathroom. I began to push as I let a torrent of pee out. I felt the turd move out slowly as I gave another push. It slowly made it's way out and dropped into the bowl below with a loud thud.

I reached for the toilet paper and began to wipe. The guy next to me suddenly let a fart out and began to grunt loudly. I wiped for a few minutes and got up off the seat. There was a turd about 9 inches in length sitting in the bowl. I lifted my pants and flushed the toilet. The turd left a big skidmark as it made it's way down. I went to the sink and washed my hands. I exited and made my way to my car.

Hi Everyone :

I have a couple of queries for which I invite replies from all posters.

1. Can I buy a toilet bowl anyplace which has a design that has
the shelf at the back and the waterhole in the front ?
(I would love to avoid the water splashing on to my butt plus
the poop can be seen in full after a dump)

2. Has anyone got buddy dumping stories to share with their
girlfriend / boyfriend either indoors or outdoors ?

Thanks and do keep posting all your great stories.

to Laurel:
Thanks for your story. It's interesting that you were in a middle of such a cross stall conversation. It reminds me of a story I posted about a child I do babysitting for A.J. (page 1719) whose mom wouldn't allow her kids even at age 10 to poop at a place like the city auditorium. I know I couldn't hold one of my craps for five hours like that. Some moms are really mean and oing a lot more harm than good in raising their kids.
to End Stall Em: you may know that I do child care work for 6 families. One mom fired me 2 years ago saying that I was only 14 and I was "inexperienced" in dealing with normal, everyday situations. I had a situation like yours and was too tough on getting the boy to clean up after himself. See my full story below.

As I've written about before, I care for the children of 6 families. For some it's just a couple hours after school. Others are with me all day and even overnight on weekends and on school vaction breaks (I'm 17).

I've only had one major parent complaint and it relates to a situation very close to what End Stall Em wrote about recently. I had taken Trev, who was 6 to the mall because there was a small circus there and other childrens activities going on. Well, by 11 am. Trev had to go to the bathroom. This mall is called a "regional" mall because it has like 330 stores and there are so many people that come from a 2-state area. It's croweded, the bathrooms are large so I took him into the ladies room. There were like 20-some stalls. We had to wait a short time for two to open right next to one another but finally two opened and I took one and directed Trev into the other. I told him to stay in the stall until I got done and I would come and get him. (I didn't want him peeking in on the other ladies or watching them at the sinks putting on their makeup, etc.). My stool was relatively clean so I took down my jeans and panties and sat on the seat. I thought this was good time to pee before the lunch hour rush and all the other families and kids got there for the circus at 12 noon.

At first I heard a couple of large farts from Trev's stall and I could see from the way he had placed his feet that he was sitting on the stool. Then I heard two or three rather fast splashes and then I heard a rather large push on his part and there was a louder splash and I saw his feet move. While his underwear was still at floor level I noticed he had turned his body around and I heard pee hitting the toilet. One second later I was getting sprayed a bit, too and I called out to him what was that. He said something in a joking way about he "thought" he forgot to aim. Then I looked and say a large amount of pee run from the side of the toilet down the floor and toward the small drain which was right under the partition between the 2 stalls. My pee was done and I grabbed a small sheet of toilet paper to wipe myself with. I stood up and reached down and flushed, pulling my jeans and underwear up as the flush cycle finally ended.

I immediately knocked on Trev's door and told him I was done. He opened it and was partially out when I quickly glanced in and saw the mess he made. I remember putting my arm up so I couldn't fully leave it behind and I pointed out to him all the mess he had made. One, there were 3 pieces of crap that he hadn't flushed. Two, the seat was dripping wet form his pee and lack of/failure to aim. Three, my right foot was standing in pee--the same foot that had been sprayed earlier. I immediately told him he needed to clean up his mess and he needed to do it ASAP because the line was getting longer. Immediately, he started to cry. He said it wasn't fair, that the mess was an accident and that his mom wouldn't make him do such a cleanup because "they were away from home." I pulled off toilet paper and even went over to the hand towel machine and tore off about two feet of the brown towels for him to use. I stood over him for about 5 to 10 minutes while he wiped for a minute, then complained for 2, but I insisted that he wasn't going anywhere until the work was done.

When his mom came over to pick him up that night (and she was late, as usual) he immediately complained to her. She took his side and said I had made him do something "unsanitary" and that my services would no longer be needed because I didn't understand kids and I was too young.

I didn't like losing their money because they paid well (actually with some pretty good tips on top of the normal fee) but I felt good about making him clean up after himself. And my mom agrees with the stand I took.

Chloe K
I'm 14 and had my first accident since I was 6 last week, in the middle of class very embarresing. I had been constipated for a couple of days but it wasn't really bothering me until the bus ride to school when I started to get bellyache. It got worse throught the morning and by dinner it started to cramp. I play the flute and have practice at dinner. Trying to play while your breathing goes werid from cramps is not easy and I think a few people noticed the fact I was squrming so I asked to be excused to go the bathroom. It was full of the 'popular kids' so I huried into a stool hoping no one sae me, for some reason I get really embaressed using the bathroom in front of anyone at school but my friends from camp I don't care about. I managed to pee a little but couldn't poop. I went back finsihed practice, now I was starting to feel like I needed to poop everytime I cramped. I had gym after dinner and acording to my friend looked weird by this piont. propably due to the fact my belly was cramping badly. I got changed into my short and hang back so I could use the bathroom again.

No luck this time I was really straining but it just made me feel sick. I gave up and went to join the rest of my class. About 5 mintues later my belly cramped so bad I was bent double. Everyone noticed I tired to cover but acting like I meant to do it (don't know what I was thinking) then it happened I farted a litte and something wet came out. I completely paniced and shoved my hand over my butt to try and stop it but a wave of dirrehea shot straight into and over the side of my pants and shorts. It was almost completely liquid. I just stood it horror as it ran down my legs and puddled onto the floor. The rest of the class were pretty horrified to. I bent double agian as two move waves hit onyl on the second I threw up as well. Now I'm mortified stood outside with stuff shooting from both ends. At this piont I remember getting really dizzy then nothing because I passed out. I woke up in the nurses office my mum changing my pants and trousers to take me home. I didn't have anymore dirrehea and me and my mum just sort of ignored the subject, she managed to realise I really didn't want to talk to her about it.

I have the rest of the week soof school and on Monday my friend form camp came round, who also goes to the same school to walk there with me. He walked int he door grinning like a idiot I told him I was never going again. He managed to drag me out the door and to the bus stop. I expected everyone to laugh and piont instead they were all going on about a boy called Tim who set a stink bomb of in form and then threw up from the smell (idiot). No one really said anything to me until I saw my best friend who annonced next time I borrow her sneakers could I not take a dump on them or she'd have to pee on something of mine.

I think everyone was pretty much as embarresed as me by it.

Upstate Dave
I'm going to continuie with Lisa and Krissy which this time was the day my grandmother took us to the local state park for the day. We left in mid morning and we got to the park and we got a nice spot in the woods close to the beach. We had lunch and we then started playing scrable along with the wife of the couple that bought my grandmothers old place.

I liked her husband but I didn't really care for her for she was snooty acting. My grandmother was keeping score as we played. Also I was munching on pieces of licorice(twizzlers) as we played. This turned out to be a mistake on my part for eating so much of them.

As the game was getting near its end I was getting real painfull cramps. I also was squeezing hard so I wouldn't either fart or shit my pants. Iwas even sweating as the game was about to end. The last trn was taken and the woman said that she won as my grandmother was giving of the scores. My grandmother said my score last on purpose for I had the highest score. Boy was that woman dissapointed then.

I was glad the game was over for I said excuse me and I RAN as fast as I could go to the mens room which fortunatly about a hundred feet away. I heard my grandmother, Lisa, and Krissy laugh as I ran away from the table. I also heard the other woman ask why I was leaving in such a hurry. That brought more laughter from the others.

Once inside the mens room I ran straight for the stalls slammed the door behiond me which it bounced wide open. I was in to nuch f a hurry to shut it closed right then. so it remained open. I yanked at my belt,popped the snap, and without bothering with my zipper I yanked my jeans right down and sat down hard on the toilet seat.

Good thing too as soon as my ass was heading down towards the seat and I hadn't made contact with it my asshole exploded with the runs! It sounded like someone had turned on a fuacet full blast in a sink! That first watery spurt lasted a good 15 seconds. Then I paused with another hard cramp. Then a shot another hard liquid spurt out of my asshole into the toilket. Boy did that one come out hard fast and was longer then the first spurt.

Boy did it ever stink too! I stopped again only pausing. Then a dd several spurts of liquid again right in a row. Between those spurts more cramps but they were less painfull. Then after that series of liquid spurts I did many very wet farts which some were very loud and long. I also now reached over and shut the door on my stall for I heard footsteps approaching from outside.

The footsteps stopped oustide for the person had not come inside. Then I heard Lisas voice from outside. Are you ok Dave? she asked. I tld her I was. I told her I had the runs from the all the twizzlers I had eaten. I jeard her giggle. I certainly paid for doing that I went on saying to her. That made her giggle louder. I WON"T DO THAT AGAIN! I said to her. I let out one more long very wet sounding fart right after I said I wouldn't do that again. Lisa giggled some moreand she told me the way I said it that I wouldn't.

My asshole was sore now too. It dd hurt some when I wiped myself. I got up and I checked the toilet. It was filled with a tannish mush like very watery oatmeal. I pulled my jeans back up and took care of them and my belt. I had to flush the toilet several times to get all my mushy shit to go down. I opened up the stalls door and boy was I glad to get out of thast stall. Fresh air! I thought to myself as I headed over to the sink.

Lisa hearing me inside asked if it was ok to come inside. I told her that it was ok. She stepped inside and again asked me if I was ok. I told her now I was. I'll be back t normal here shortly. I would be too. I always seem to recover fast after having runny shits. I washed my hands and Lisa and I walked back outside and back over to the table. My grandmother asked me if I was ok and I told her I was. She smiled and told me I'm glad you are.

I sat for a short while and just we all just talked amoung us at the table. Then us three LIsa, Krissy, and I decided to take a hike. So we left leaving my grandmother and the wife that had had bought her old house. Once out of ear shot Krissy asked me how was my shhit. Real runny? I told her it had been. She giggled and she told me that she gets that way after eating twizzlers too. I laughed and told her that I was glad to hear that someone else had the same problem.

We headed to the road to start our hike around the lake and the park. The walking helped get out the rest of the remaining gas inside of me for I did let out farts as we walked along. That made Lisa and Krissy giggle when they heard me fart. By the time we had walked halfway around the lake I stoppped farting. Now I was done having no more effects from the twizzlers. More would happen as we hiked but that is another part of the storty with these two girls. I will say this it would be the last day spent together with them for this summer for I wuld be leaving the next day to go home. Upstate Dave

My constipation is slowly starting to get better. I've had constipation problems ever since I was a baby, when I was born 2 months premature. My mom used to give me prune juice and Colace in my bottles and when those wouldn't work she would put a suppository up my tiny bum. My first Christmas was miserable because I was sick and couldn't move my bowels. My mom and grampa had to stay up all night with me because I wouldn't stop crying. I was 6 months old at that time.

As I got older, despite being on a very healthy balanced diet I still had problems going. I would sit on the toilet for about half an hour at a time grunting and pushing with either no result or having a poop that was so big it clogged the toilet. I can't remember the amount of times I clogged the toilet as a kid. My aunt would yell at my mom to get the plunger again. My mom started giving me laxatives which would result in nasty diarrhea the next morning or no result at all. My mom would threaten to take me to the hospital to get a "bag shoved up my bum" if I didn't go in the next day or so.

I had constipation for years and years. With the exception of the stomach flu or food poisoning, I never had diarrhea. I found out when I was 20 that I had IBS-C and started on a fibre supplement and stool softeners. When those stopped working I started taking prune juice and laxatives again. Then I had to retrain my bowels when those didn't work. I've had to retrain my bowels about 3 times because of the laxative use.

I've changed my diet a couple of times. I started on a vegetarian diet a couple summers ago which caused HUGE poops. I got constipated again when I changed back to a regular diet. Then summer 2008 I was on a gluten free diet which worked but I got too skinny.

Now I'm 23 and despite my doctor telling me to continue with the stool softeners, I'm trying to live without them. I've started having a lot of fruits and vegetables with meals, cutting down on starches, changed to whole grain breads and cereals, eating fibre cereal and drinking lots of water and it seems to be helping. Instead of using stool softeners I have a bowl of oatmeal every morning with flax seed and raisins mixed into it and it produces a nice big movement. My stomach is finally adjusting without pills or laxatives. Now how come I couldn't have found this out years and years ago? It would have saved a lot of doctor's visits and misery.

anonymous girl
Em i thought u would like this:

This past monday,i had to crap at school. i felt and didn't feel like going and some of the teacher are uptight. i know 1 of my friends' mom had to send in a note one time b/c the teacher wouldn't let her go and pee but it was bad for her to hold it b/c che had a bladder infection. well later that day i had to poo again. that teacher is really nice and will let u go pretty much no matter what. well i went and i had been knda constipated and there was a lot of thick poo to get out. i went, wiped, and i was washing my hands and my friend came in. i wondered why she was here b/c only 1 peson per gende can go at a time usually. i was drying my hand when she came in nd she hugged me. idk what was going on and she said everybody was worried. i was so embarrassed! people were askingme what had happened and i saw that i had been out for 10 minutes! then on wednesday or thursday i had to poo again. i was scared it would be the same thing b/c i had eaten a big lunch. thank god it wasn't it only took 5 min.

TO sandy from lbc:

Could be any number of reasons. i.e. There are tonnes of different foods that kick the bacteria in your GI into overdrive... Carbonated drinks... -lactose intolerance... -some underlying problem with your GI or overall health... -perhaps you need more fiber in your diet to get things moving properly... -you could experiencing the effects of a minor infection in your digestive tract... -some people don't chew their foods properly and needlessly gulp down a lot of air... -If you are a young woman it could be related to your period...

The possibilities are endless.

Take care!


mike d
im trying to find an old post about someone who shit into a pink vase with flowers in and put it on a neighbours doorstep, to get back at their dog barking all the time.

ive search google. cant find it. anyone remember this classic post?

Fart knocker girl
My ex BF was kinda gross with his bathroom habits in that he never believed in wiping himself so it always ended up on the sheets:( I never could understand why if a guy farts it's cool,but if us women fart were pigs. Same with taking a nice dump. He always had to annouce it to me and leave the door wide open so I got the whole show(sometimes laughing at him). I never wanted any guy to hear me take a shit or piss. But I will rip a nice LOUD fart in front of anyone:)


I had what could be considered the perfect dump this morning. I was finishing my second cup of coffee, reading the Sunday paper, when the urge hit. I dropped my pants, sat down, and in a matter of seconds a nice long log slid out. The best part of it was, when I went to wipe, nothing showed up on the TP.

I stood up, pulled up my pants, and saw a long, smooth brown snake, coming from down in the trap up to the surface of the water. Maybe about 15 inches long.

Nothing like a crap that doesn't require a lot of clean up afterwords.

Bye for now.

I think one of my first posts here was about the mens room in a train station in NY. There were three stalls and the door was missing from just one of them. There was a line of 3 or 4 guys waiting to shit but none would use the open stall. I wanted to, but was afraid of their reaction. The guys on this site said it is a perfectly good toilet so it is OK to use it.

On my next trip back to the city the doors had been fixed and have remained that way, so I never got a chance to apply their advice.

Until this week.

Wed. morning I followed another man into the mens room. He entered the large handicapped stall just inside the entrance to the mens room. He reached around inside the stall for the door and was surprised not to find one. He left the stall and waited for one of the other two stalls to open.

I just had time to pee and catch my train, but on my trip back that evening I decided to stop in. I didn't expect to see anything, because in my experience the stalls are busiest in the morning. But I was wrong.

There, sitting on the open toilet was a guy who appeared to be in his late 20's. He had striped boxer briefs pulled up-to-but-not-over his knees. He looked uncomfortable - I couldn't tell if he was embarrassed or taking a painful dump.

Remember, this is a stall directly inside the entry, and because it is the handicapped stall it is double wide. It's not like a narrow stall facing the urinals where you might not be seen. In this case, anyone sitting there is fully exposed to everyone entering the mens room.

I walked over to the sinks and when I walked back he was wiping from behind without checking his paper. I thought this was my chance to sit there, but before he could leave, the stall next to him flushed and the man left. I could't think of a legitimate reason to wait for the open stall to become available so I left.

I walked around the train station for about five minutes and when I got back a heavy set older man was sitting in the open stall. He was sitting up straight, no shame, as if he did this all the time. He was wearing blue jeans and white briefs dropped to his ankles. By the time I got there he was already wiping.

Again the stall next to him opened so I left planning to get back in the morning early enough to use the toilet before I caught my train. I did go back early, but when I walked in I saw the unexpected! Overnight, the door had been replaced.

Edith, I do not want to be arounr when you sit on your toilet and shit smears your arse or your husbands goodies dip into the crap!!!!

Upstate Dave
Hello to all. Now let me tell the rest of the story with my last day with Lisa and Krissy while we were at the state park. The three of us had been hiking around the lake waking first on the road that went around the lake. While we were walking I still had gas from eating all those twizzlers and I was farting a lot to the amusement of both Krissy and Lisa.

Krissyjoined in making it a contest between her and me for awhile. Krissy ripped some pretty good ones too! I ran out of gas so that ended our contest but it started some other fun right after our contest ended. Both Lisa and Krissy told me they had to pee and Krissy giggling hard also with all her farting she also had to shit too!

We were in a area where the road was open to the lake and there was a deep wide ditch on the other side so we couldn't get right off the road right at this point. So we kept walking but hurried up our pace so the girls could go in the woods up ahead on the lake side of the road. Even with speeding up it took a good five minutes to get to the wooded area ahead of us.

As soon as we reached where the woods were Krissy ran into the brush with a lot of noise breaking dead branches on the ground plowing right through the bushes. She sure was in a hurry! Lisa and I followed but we went around the bushes instead of going right through them. With all the sound that Krissy was making we didn't have to see her but only hear her.

In a couple of mnutes Krissy must have stopped reaching a spot to piss and shit for she no longer was moving so noisily. Lisa and I came around a large bush and there was Krissy already with her shorts pulled down which were around her ankles and she was pulling down her panties which were down far enough so that her entire ass was showing.

As Lisa and I watched Krissy shoved her panties down to her shorts bending over to do this. Krissy had not heard Lisa and I come up behind her. We were standing about ten or so feet behind her. Lisa pressed a finger upon her lips meaning be quiet and we stood there watching Krissy continuie on.

Now having taken care of her shorts and panties Krissy didn't look around for us or call out to us. She got into a very high hover position and she started to piss first. Hers stream came out veryyhard shooting straight down to the ground hitting some very dry leaves making them crackle as her piss hit them and wetted them. As soon as the leaves were soaked with piss they no longer crackled but there was a soft pattering sound instead.

Krissy pissed for abot ten seconds and then her stream eased right up and stopped. Then Krissy for some reason bent down and slipped her shorts and panties off hr sneakers and the she placed them off to the side on the ground. Then she just stood there. As Lisa and I stood watching Krissy it looked like she was going to shit standing up!

She was for n a couple of seconds a big turtle head came poking out between herasscheeks! It was a very fat knobby brown one too. We heard some gas also come out at the same time making a loud pfffffft sound. Krissy let out a ungggg of a grunt too so she was pushing. Her shit with her pushing came out more reaching about four or five inches in length. Also with her hard push a spurt of pis shot down to the ground.

Krissys shit was moving slowly even with her push. It only got a couple of inches longer when Krissy let out a gasp since she had ben holding her breath while she was pushing. Her shit did keep slowly moving nowon its own. Krissy didn't push any more after the one first push. As Lisa and I watched Krissys shit kept comming slowly out.

Some of the knobs were small others were much bigger. It was a very firm looking shit for it wasn't cracking or stretching as it got longer. Also too off oand on Krissy would have very shorts spurts of piss come out from her vagina. Some times the spurts would go straight down other times it would just be enough so that it dribbled wetting herself running down into her crotch, wetting her asscheeks and would dribble off the big stubby far end of her shit.

I would have said by this tme Krissy had been standing there several minutes with this now big fat brown knobby shit which was almost a foot in length now. Then it fell away dropping to the ground with a loud thud on the ground. Her dribbling piss came back to life making a narrow stream which did hiss. It went straight down to the ground and hit the her shit laying on the ground.

Krissy only pissed for about five seconds and then she stopped. Now Lisa and I watching wondered what Krissy was going to use to wipe herself with. Leves,not wipe, or use something else? Well we got our answer. Krissy bent over grabbed her panties and ran them up her asscrack! Then she took another part of her panties and wioed her vagina, crotch, and last her asscheeks with them. Then she gave them a toss which her panties landed on branch of a bush and hung there.

Krissy then reched for her shorts and started putting them back on. Lisa now grabbed my hand and sh pulled me behind the big bush we had ben standing by. In a couple of minutes Krissy had put her shorts back on and wet by the bush we were standing behind. She didn't see us and she headed back out to the road. As soon as Krissy was gone Lisa started laughing. Then she stopped and we slipped out from behind the bush and caefully went over where Krissy had shit and pissed.

Lisa commented as she looked at her sistors shit laying there on the ground that Krissy must have been a little constipated. Good thing she didn't take this one at home. It would have clogged up the toilet for sure! I had to smile which I did. Then we stepped away moving over some more and Lisa told me we can go now.

But only with us two now Lisa did something different. She was standing facing me and I her she asked me if I would like to take her shorts off. I told her I owuld! So I reached over and I slid them down past her hips. Lisa was in commando too! She was not wearing panties today! Lauging as I now had her shorts pulled down far enough to see she was not wearing panties she asked; Is this even better? I said back to Lisa; YES!!!!

When I had her shorts at her knees LIsa lifted one foot off from the ground. This told me she wanted them completely off. So I slid then down and the one side slid it over her sneaker. Then she put that foot back down and raised the other. I slid her shorts off from that side too. Then Lisa took care of my jeans taking them off from me. She had a big smile on her lips when she saw that my penis was erect. Then we got ready to piss together.

But before we did piss Lisa started to giggle real hard. I aked her why she was. She told me why don't you piss on Krissys panties! Thet were hanging still on the branch of the bush she had tossed them on. So I turned and faced the bush they were on. I was already holding my penis and I was getting it aimed at Krissys panties when Lisa patted my hand with her hand and she said; Let me do it! So Ilet go and she took her hand and held my penis and she aimed it.

I started to piss which my stream came out in a arc with a long twist in my stream. It shot through the air went over and first hit above the hanging pair of panties on the bush. Lisa giggled a little and gave a slight downward push on my penis. My stream dropped down and hit Krissys panties making them shake along with the branch they were haning on.

It took only seconds for my piss to completely soak Krissy panties. With the adde weight the branch drooped down and her panties slipped off from the branch and fell to the ground. Lisa moved my penis rioght down and so that my stream hit the panties aagin and I kept on pissing on them till I finished my piss. The when I finished my piss it was Lisa to take her piss.

Lisa walked right over where Krissys piss soaked pantes layed on the ground. She gotinto a high squat right over them and she let out a very strong loud hissing piss stream which went straight down and she now pissed all over her sistor panties. As Lisa pissed sh told me we should bring Krissys panties back and give them to her! I and she started laughing hard. Lisa went on pissing which she pissed for a good half minute or more and then stopped.

She and I started putting our clothes back on and we heard Krissy yelling for us out somewhere on the road. Lisa yelled back loudly to her sistor; Keep yourpants on we're comming!~ We quickly finished and Lisa grabbed a long stick off the ground. With the long stick she poked it throughoneof the leg openings in Krissys panties and picked them up.

We carefully went back out to the road together. As soon as we came out of the woods Lisa saw Krissy just up the road from where we came out of the woods and she yelled out to Krissy. Hey did you forget something Krissy? Krissy spun around and Lisa gave the stick a har fling whch Krissys panties came off from it and flew in the direction towards Krissy.

They fell short landing right in the middle of the roads about three feet in front of Krissy. Lisa burst into hard laughter. Krissy looked at her panties laying in the middle of the road. Hey they are wet! she said back to both of us. Did you guys throw them in the lake? Lisa now was giggling told her sistor no. Krissy was bending over now and she was going to pick her panties up. I told her don't do that! Lisa then told her sistor that we both pissed on them! Krissy let out a very loud ewwwwww! She then kicked them aside and her panties landed laying in the dirt alonside the road.

We then all walked away together. Krissy now laughed saying that leaving her panties there the would be seen. Someone else may pick them up. We spent the next hour hiking along the road which went around the lake and we came back to the table. My grandmothers friend had left. We ate again and then after we ate we left. I said goodbye to Lisa and Krissy. We all agreed it had been a fun time together. I went home early the next morning. Upstate Dave

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hey Megan,
Do you have a friend named Lacey? I loved her posts.

[hi im 29 female with thick light long brown hair anyway to my story i was driving home from work one after noon and i havent been in 2 days which is usual for was a caramel brown colour about 13" long and 3" thick .............]

Today, I played in a soccer match against another College team. We played on our own field and thankfully the weather held up. Since it was the end of the week, I was tired, but I managed to play okay and luckily our team ended up winning.

After the match our team hung out for a bit. Most of the other players and our coach took off since it was a Friday and people were wanting to head home. I had to take a crap and pee, which I was going to do when I got back to the changeroom. Since we were quite far away from the main school there were several porta potties near the field. I decided I would go and take a dump now rather than having to wait since it was a bit of a walk back. Another team member said he had to go as well.

When we arrived the 3 porta potties were occupied. I waited to use the handicap unit since the other units are so tiny and I hate having to fit inside. After a couple minutes the door opened and a player from the other team came out. I entered in and could smell he had just taken a crap. I locked the door and made sure there was toilet paper. I opened up the lid and saw a massive thick turd that must have been about 12 to 14 inches long. I could tell tell that it had just been dropped by the guy before because the toilet paper near it was still dry.

I pulled by shorts down and lowered my briefs. I sat down and let out a pretty big wet fart followed by a stream of pee. I farted again and started to push. A turd came out pretty effortlessly and dropped down below with a pronounced thud as it landed into the holding tank. I let another small turd out and then began to wipe. I got up and saw that I had dropped a medium sized turd about 8 inches long and another much smaller turd. I pulled by briefs and shorts back up and exited to wait for the other team member. He came out after about a minute. He told me that he had to shit pretty bad as well and he didn't want to wait any longer either. We went back to hang out and talk before heading back inside to change.

Guy from Montana
Hello! I've been reading the posts here for awhile, and decided to post here. I'm a 16 year old guy, and earlier today, I needed to take a large dump as it felt like it was a big one waiting to be pushed out. Turned out it was only about 3 inches long, but thick, as there were only two plops into the toilet. When I was done, I flushed the toilet and it started down, however about halfway through the flush, the water started going down really slow. I tried flushing again, and the same thing happened so I knew that what I had crapped out, had gotten stuck somewhere in the toilet. After trying to see if I could get it to go on down the drain by flushing 4 times, I realized it wasn't going anywhere, so I got the plunger out and was able to clear the blockage. I have this happen at least once a week, as I do produce big logs on a regular basis and sometimes they go down without any problems.

Just wondering how many other teen guys plug the toilet from the loads that they produce. Let me know, I'd like to hear some stories from you other guys.

My husband forgets to flush after he makes doody, so I will not flush either until he does. I will keep you people abreast of our toilet.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share a real neat poop experience with you from the other day. I had gone to a town up the road from me where I used to live the other day. When I got there, there was a downtown street sale going on. So I parked my vehicle and hadn't gotten more than two steps away from it when I realized that I need to take a BIG shit. Not to worry, though, there were porta-johns set up on the street corners. I went into one of theese solitary street corner shitters, pulled my pants down, and started to shit. It just felt so weird sitting in a john right on a sidewalk where I had walked a million times before. I could hear people's voices and the hustle and bustle of the sale. Kind of reminded me of one of those street toilets in Paris that I've read about. Has anyone here ever been to Paris and used one? If so, I'd love to hear about it.

sandy from lbc
Why am I pooping but still feeling gassy after I'm done?

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