Hi, everybody.I'd just like to say again: I love this sight. It's way better than all those other sights. Their so gross! This post is about by best friend in high school. Her name was Ilaney. She moved from Germany at the start of grade eight, and from then on, we where pretty much best friends.She was really pretty, kind of fat (actually, I think the better term is "pleasingly ????." have you ever huged someone who had kind of a spare tire and love handles. It's...nice. kind of cozy.) I don't really know what it was. I think it may have been all the rich food her mom used to make, but man could that girl DUMP! and she would get really bad gas about half an hour before she pooped.I remember one time, about a week after I got my drivers licence, we went camping with about 5 other people (including Jim) . illy (her nick name. in hindsight, it's kind of a mean name, what with that "ill" in there) and I took my car because we both had things to do that day (and I wanted to DRIVE!!! you know how a person get's after that can drive.)Anyway, where where about half an hour out of the city when Illy let out this RANK fart. "Oooo! excuse me!" she said. We kind of laughed about it and she farted again. She just kept letting go! finally, about 20 minuets later, she just said (in her cute German accent.that was the strangest thing. Illy never really lost her accent) "ohhh.Please pull over. I have to poo." I was excited (I've always been really turned on by other girls going poop and farting etc.) so, I pulled over and told her I'd come and stand watch. She squated behind a tree and farted a whole lot more. I turned my head to watch it come out. She strained a little and the poop poked it's end out of her hole. Illy always had big, gassy and "creamy" (as decribed by many people at this sight) poops and I'd seen her poop many times (i'll explane later.)Anyway, poop was just kind of poking out and she farted agin and more of the poop came out. "Oooo! pardon me!" she said. She began to strain and the poop just kept coming and coming. finally it broke off, but another big log bagan to worm it's way out. in the end, it turned out to be about 12 cm long and about 5-6 cm, around.Finally, she took a handful of leaves and whiped. After, I got the shovle and we burried it. Illy turned and smiled at me and we kind of laughed. we got back in the car and drove away. I've got lots more stories about Ilaney and otheres. Bye everyone. Lisa

Hi guys. Lisa, great to hear from you! Steph, Jodi, and I live in Connecticut, about 50 miles north of New York City. My father's from Nova Scotia, and I have relatives there as well as in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia (I'd love to visit the latter two provinces; I've heard it's beautiful out there), so I have many "Canadian Connections." I have no problems with anyone being gay; I'm glad to hear you're going with Leanne. Please post about your high school experiences when you feel the time is right. Bridget and Doug, yes there has been a change in routine since I returned from school, but hopefully things are back to "normal." Bridget, the poop sticking out was really a pain in my butt; wink wink :) Tony, I think I'm back to normal; I don't know how often you go, but since I usually " have a motion" at least once daily, I was starting to get worried about being irregular. Karen, I hope you're able to go- why not take an Ex-Lax pill? I think it would be easier than taking an Enema. Drew, my brother's graduating from high school today (I'm typing this at 12:30am)- unfortunately, no more stories about his friends. Jonathan's OK, and has a nice personality, but Nick is very cute; I wouldn't mind seeing him on the toilet :) Eric also has an interest in this stuff, but I don't think he's posted in a while. Kerri, it's awful that your Chemistry teacher was such a jerk! Although I usually waited until after class to go to the bathroom, not everyone wants, or is even abl! e to, wait until the bell. Jay, good point about girls at around the 7th grade "just getting their periods." I started "bleeding" during the 6th grade, and excused myself from class more times than I can count to "clean up." Some things just can't wait. Steph, Jodi, Eric, and I went out to the movies tonight. We saw "Hope Floats," starring Harry Connick, Jr. and Sandra Bullock. Eric commented on the ride back that he wouldn't mind seeing Sandra on the toilet! I revealed to Steph and Jodi (Eric already knew) that I took a laxative the previous afternoon. Steph did not seem happy with my decision, but was glad I was "back to normal." Jodi, who's lactose intolerant, said she's never had to take a laxative. Goodnight everyone! Love ya, Alex :)

Sunday, May 31, 1998

Lisa (Jim Bobbob's roommate)
Hi, everyone. Like Jim said, I've lurked here for a while; almost a year. A bit about myself: I live in westeren Canada (Alex, Steph and Jodi:I heard you guys live on the east coast. True?) and I'm in third year university. As Jim mentioned, I'm gay (I hope that dosn't bother anyone) and I've been "out" for about three years now. Before then, I lived in res. on campus. It was fun, but then Jim's dad got his a great place and he asked if I'd help him out with food and stuff (we've knowen each other for quite a while now,coming on ten years.)A free place with a kick ass view and no rent? how could I say no? I'm currently seeing a girl named Leanne, but she has yet to go to the bathroom in front of me. Oh well;someday.I've got a lot of stories mostly from high school. I'll post some later. Bye everyone Lisa

Jim Bobbob
To: Coprologist: Hey, how's it going?I thought I forgot to say hi to you. Sorry! I've got another story about donna. enjoy. Donna's got a REALLY childish sence of humor. She loves dick and fart jokes. One of her favorites is the old " 'Hey, guess what' 'what?' " fart gag. For those of you who don't know what this is, I'll explane: the farter sits on the couch while the sucker comes into the room. When the sucker sits beside the farter, the farter says "Oh, hey, guess what" in a tone of voice that sounds like they actually sounds like they've got big news. The sucker, compleatly unawhere says "what?". The farter lifts their butt, puts it on the suckers thigh and farts.they laugh. Donna dose this to me. A's a good trick, too; I never know when she actually has news and when she plans to fart on me. Anyhow, yesterday, I sat beside her and she go's "Hey, guess what". I look at her "what?" she lifts her butt, puts it on my thigh and lets out a big fart. Suddenly, it goes horrably wrong (for her, anyway); the fart started off like burrrrrtt but it ended with this big, wet BRUPHAS! and then, there was something solid on my thigh. Her eyes went wide and she looked at me."Ahhhh!" she said "I CRAPPED MY PANTS!"She started to laugh, but she was blushing! I've never seen her blush! she was so embarrased. I helped her clean up and she appoligised. she knew it turned me on, but boy was she embarrased, dispite the fact that I kepted telling her it was ok. anyway, I thought this would be the end of the relationship (I mean, come on. If you embarrased yourself like this in front of your s/o, you'd break up, too) but today, she not only seemed normal again, but she farted like 5 times. I guess everything's ok. Hope you like the story Jimmy

I'm from Canada and now that summer has arrived I love being outdoors. I love camping, but hate using those stinky outhouses. Therefore, I go out of my way to do my toilet duties outside, I love pulling down my pants and squatting down in the nice soft grass and having a huge dump. I lovwe the freedom! I just can't believe that there aren't more people that love going outdoors! More stories later.

Thank goodness!!! This site is finally accessible again. Seeing it being constantly unavailable got me really worried. I thought it was gone for good. I look forward to visiting this site every day. We have all become friends here, relating through our common interest, sharing our most intimate bathroom habits and experiences. It's true that this is kind of like a therapy group, where we have come to realize that we don't really have a psychological problem after all. I believe everyone has thought about these issues at one time or another, but haven't had the courage to admit it like we have. Like Jill, I also associate nervousness with pooping. Whenever I am worried or nervous about something, I often feel the urge to poop. I guess stress and anxiety are sometimes the best laxatives. Alex, the difficulty and infrequency you are experiencing since coming back home from school is probably due to a change in routine. I believe that a change of enviroment and a change of habits! has an effect on the digestive system. I can also relate to the poop getting stuck halfway. I hate it when that happens. Isn't it a pain in the butt??? {Ha Ha}.

A CHANGE IN DIET FOR ALEX Alex, did you consider that a change in diet night be the cause for your constipation? Dorm food is high in fat. Maybe your system has to get used to a lower fat (and healthier) diet.

Im delighted that this website is back. I was worried that the Thought Police had closed it! To Alex, personally I'd consider an 8 inch crescent shaped turd a Good Motion and wouldn't be taking Fig Newtons (I suppose these are like the Fig Roll Cookies we have here in the UK). Alex definitely would NOT have liked the motion I did yesterday. I hadn't been for a couple of days and felt a bit full up but this doesn't bother me. When I got up at 6.00am I felt the need to go and sat on the toilet pan dressed only in my blue Kalvin Kline briefs which I had down at my knees. I could feel a fat lump in my back passage and with a grunt and groan "OO! OO!" "Ploonk!" out came a fat lump the size of a tennis ball which floated in the water beneath me. I knew I was still full up and sat on the toilet for a few more minutes. This motion was in no hurry to come out and I sat there as it slowly started to slide out of my back passage. I must say it was a pleasurable sensation as it came out eventually slipping into the pan with a quiet "Flump!" . When I looked between my legs into the pan I could see the long (12 inch) fat slightly curved jobbie sunk in the bottom with the fat ball I had previously passed still floating above it. I had by now developed an erection. Like the turds Jill refers to the end was sticking up out of the water and I had to pull the flush 4 times before it went away. As it had come out cleanly I only had to use one moist wipe to clean myself. We all have our own ideas but to me that was a "good motion".

Jill queries people having to defecate urgently before some stressful situation. This is part of the "fight or flight" reflex of most creatures and is most common in pre exam or interview nerves. Many people have either loose stools or even full blown diarrhea when faced with an unpleasent, stressful event and even matters which should be joyfull, such as a wedding can trigger such bowel problems, for example the bride who gets a bad dose of the runs on the big day before the service. A policeman friend has told me that often arrested people have a sudden need to defecate and there have been some nasty soiling accidents in the police car or the cells. I can also remember in Primary (Grade) School a girl doing a (solid) jobbie in her knickers (panties) when she was waiting to get a scolding from the teacher for some breach of school rules.Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a chronic version of this and is common in our modern stressful society. Jill is lucky that she has trained he! r system to need a normal formed motion before her theatrical performances. As to her point about men who drink a lot of beer having loose stools, this is true. I only drink a little lager or white wine myself, and dont have this problem, but those who drink a lot of "real ale" bitter certainly do. I suppose the large bulk of liquid with its yeast, sugar and hop content has a laxative effect.

Doug refers to babies passing green stools. This is called meconium and is a normal effect in the newborn. The colour of stools is affected by many factors in adults such as diet but generally a loose or watery green stool would indicate bile not converted by the bacterial action of the gut as it had gone through too quickly for the green biliverdin to be converted to brown bilirubin which gives the usual "jobbie brown" colour we all know so well. The pale white motions passed during obstructive jaundice result from the absence of this bile pigment. I have found that constipation does often result in the turd passed being darker than usual and this might be the case with Alex's motions. My mother's jobbies were usually quite dark when she was constipated but a more normal mid brown otherwise.

Finally, like Doorman I have "accidentally on purpose" opened the door and walked in on a female when she has been doing a motion . Apart from doing this at home a couple of times when my mother was on the throne I walked in on a teenage female cousin who was visiting . I waited till she went to the toilet, which didn't have a bolt on the door and "accidentally" walked in just as her jobbie went "kurploonk!" into the toilet pan. I can vividly rememember her sitting there with her navy blue knickers (panties) at her knees and her face red and screwed up with exertion. Afterwards I saw the hard fat jobbie she had passed as it hadn't flushed away.

All the best to the regulars but what has happened to Young these days?

To Doorman, Yes, we'd like to hear your stories about you walking in on girls on the potty...I suppose that you are male and you ptractised your activities in the ladies room. I'd like to know whether you had any fear of getting caught. To John-Ohio, After your question that you asked me three weeks ago, I went back to the place on Queen Street W. in Toronto (called The Catacomb). Unlike my fisrt visit, there were many patrons this time and a fair number of pretty girls. Unfortunately for me, the girls and boys room where clearly marked and divided and I did not observe anybody using the opposite sex bathroom. I did however visit a place on 1 Isabella Street that used to be a gay bar and offer fantastic voyeurism possibilities. It had closed for about a year and had just reopened. So, I walked in with alot of trepidation. The bathrooms where still arranged the way I knew them, but unfortunately, the place caters to.....minors!. So, no beer. In addition, the cover charge was outrageous and the place was poorly maintained, dirty. Also, there was, in the bathrooms, an awful odor of cold narcotics. Nope, not my cup of tea. Regards. Philippe.

Hi guys! Redneck, I often eat Indian food, and though I rarely "piss out of my ass," I usually have one or two very runny dumps on the morning after eating (I usually eat Indian Food at night). You would not want to go into the bathroom after I take one of those shits! :) I love the stuff, and figure it's a good "natural laxative," since I'm often irregular. Alex and I were hanging out yesterday. She's a fussy eater and doesn't like Indian food- I told her Fig Newtons were a good idea, but I also suggested she eat her favorite *junk* food. We got a couple of pizzas (neither of us are lactose intolerant, but agree that a nice, greasy pizza is a good way to get those intestines moving :) ]- we stopped at a small store at the way back to her house. Alex picked up a couple of Cokes and a small bottle (20 oz, I think) of Prune Juice. "Prune Juice?," I asked. "I'm determined to take a huge dump by the end of today!" was Alex's response. I had a family party last night, so c! ouldn't hang out with Alex, but I did get an e-mail from her saying she took a nice "stinky" one and "wished I was there!" I'm sure she'll tell you about it. BTW, I've also been home from school for just over a week. Since I sometimes don't dump every day (ranges from once every 2-3 days to 2-3 times a day), I can't say whether I'm more or less regular than I was at school. Peace, Steph

Alex............ Been home from school nearly a week and like you I'm having trouble going. Tried a couple of times today real hard but only did a couple marbles this morning, and nothing the other time. My parents are going out tonight, and I think I'll take an enema when they're gone.

To Doorman: I have been walked in on many times. Some by accident, some by which I know to be on purpose. My sister in law walked in on me one time knowing that I was taking a crap. Please post your stories. They sound new and different. I do have a question on your walking in on ladies: did you linger for a few seconds to get a good view, and what were their reactions when you did this?

The first time I ever saw a girl peeing was when I was a kid and a girl who lived next door took me in an alley while she had a wee. I can remember her lifting up her dress and pulling down her white knickers, then she squatted down and started to wee. The pee splashed onto the floor forming a big puddle between her legs and I can remember the hissing sound she made as she peed. When she finished I stood looking at the puddle which was running off all over the ground. I have dreamed about that ever since, these days itis not so easy to find a girl who would let you watch her weeing like that.

Hi guys. Jimbob, thank you for responding. I'm looking forward to reading Lisa's stories, if she decides to post. Re her sexual persuasion, I have friends who are gay/lesbian/bi, so no problem. I'm straight, but I'm interested in both men and women's toilet stories. Doug, my green poop a couple of months back was a "lime" green, and the TP I used to wipe my butt was also lime green. I would say my last shit was more of a tan-green, very dark. I've never seen "baby shit," so I can't comment on that. To the anonymous poster who asked Steph and me if we "always" fart before going- speaking only for myself, I'd say I fart before peeing (whether having to shit or just pee). Sometimes my farts are very loud, sometimes soft, remembering that I am sitting on the toilet and any sounds emitted (including the pee out of my vagina hitting the water) are resonated by my butt covering the bowl, and by the (usually) porcelain rim. Also, we girls are classier than guys, and wouldn't "think" of farting in public, wink wink :), so we wait until we're on the toilet.

Peter, thanks for your response. I've lived in the same house for 18 years (since I was in diapers- I'm now 20), and you're right to have assumed I've had most of my dumps there. During elementary and high school, when I had to go to the bathroom, it was usually only to pee (since I usually go #2 first thing in the morning, and am "cleansed" until at least the afternoon), but I did go poopies when the need arised. This is the first time in the 1 1/2 years I've been away at college (including my summer break, plus recesses during the year) that I've had unusual bowel movements upon returning home from school, or moving from home to school, for that matter. I hope I won't have the need to use physillium husks, but thank you for the suggestion. Re your girlfriend taking enemas, I shudder at the thought of squirting liquid up my butthole... That having been said, barring day trips and a couple of weekends away from home, I will be at my house for the next three months, so I will need to have normal BMs from now on :) Yesterday (Friday), Steph and I decided to order some pizza to take back to my house. While we were out, we stopped at a store and I bought, among other things, some Prune Juice. I've never had the stuff before, but figured it would help loosen things up- the Fig Newtons I had on Thursday night helped a little, but still I took a very small, grainy shit on Friday morning. Redneck, funny you mentioned about eating Indian food- Steph loves the stuff, and suggested I try some. She said it really helps get the intestines moving- she's posted about her post-eating-of-Indian food experiences on here. I passed up on the offer, since I don't like anything too spicy. Anyway, back to the story. I had several slices of pizza, and Steph and Eric (my brother) ate the rest. I then decided to try the Prune Juice. Eric teased me about being "like an old lady," but I just ignored him. I took a couple of sips- yiccch! that stuff is nasty! After offering it to Steph and Eric, both of whom passed on the offer, I dumped the stuff into the sink. Eric, who also reads this site, suggested I take a couple of laxatives (there is a box of Ex-Lax in the cupboard). Steph, ever the nature nut, chided Eric for suggesting such a thing, but I then thought, out of desperation, that I would take them later on. Steph left a while later to go to a family party and I decided to try one Ex-Lax pill. This was around 6pm- I then decided to lie down and take a nap. I woke up at around 9:30pm and really felt the urge to go! I don't know if it was the Pizza, the Ex-Lax, or other factors, but as soon as I planted my butt on the toilet, I let out a loud, quite gooey mass of poop. I pushed a little more and let out a couple of more waves. PEE-YEW, did the bathroom stink after that! :) I got up to look into the toilet, and there were a bunch of "worms" of various sizes, and the shit was brown, not green. I decided at this point to flush the toilet and then wipe myself, five times. I felt so much better afterwards! I woke up this morning at around 7:30am and had to do both. I sat down, let out some pee, and let out one large (about 6 inches), soft poop, and the smell was just as bad as last night's runs. Wiped three times and then flushed. It's now 7:15pm on Saturday night- a few of my friends and I (Steph and Jodi among them) will be taking Eric out to the movies tonight- he's graduating from high school tomorrow and our family's throwing a party then. I've gotta sign off, talk to ya on Monday. Love always, Alex :)

Thom, I enjoyed your buddy dumping story and the one about your house guest. Did you hear or see your guest taking a dump while he stayed with you? I occasionally suffer from constipation and have started using suppositories in the last year. For the most part I find that they never result in a very satisfying dump; usually a lot of small cannonballs and gas. Only once do I recall getting a tremendous urge to shit about thirty minutes after inserting the suppository and then having a good shit consisting of unloading lots of soft logs. If I am really constipated, I drink a cup of herbal laxative tea. The response time has varied from 6 hours to 24 hours, but once the urge comes there is no holding it in and the dumps produced are absolutely enormous in content. Michael, how I envy you in your summer school dorm. What a start to the day seeing other guys on the pot! Keith, enjoyed your recent stories as usual. I will also be staying in the London area over the summer. Imagine if we ended up taking a dump in adjoining stalls somewhere! Look forward to reading about your European shitting adventures. Ryan, where are you? Alex, any more stories about your brother and his friends?

Anyone: Whats the difference between straining and pushing?

Great to have the site functioning normally...normal function is important to those of us who frequent this forum! I am prompted to write because of the infuriating post by Kerri of yesterday where her authoritarian asshole chemistry teacher wouldn't let her go to the bathroom and she defied him and went anyway. What did he expect, that you'd shit in your pants or do it in the sink in the back of the room? Setting aside all of the tragic violence in classrooms in the US these days--that son of a bitch could not get away with that nowadays...and to "punish" you for what...not "timing" your bowel movements? Not only would he have been reported to the superintendent IN PERSON by my wife Paige or myself...but I would have URGED friends of whichever child had that perpretrated on him or her to prank the hell out of this demon. Or, better yet, sent him a nice note on law firm letterhead. I realize I'm mixing school "climates" with this post, because as you know, this rarely happens in contemporary society. However, it DID happen to my daughter and we demanded that she immediately dismiss herself from the class if she had to go. Her seventh grade science teacher had just such a policy--this was 4 years ago. We didn't drain the air out of his tires, but made a very public issue out of it. Fact is, girls of that age have just gotten their periods and for every other reason you can think of...even considering common sense in "timing" visits to the bathroom better (such as between classes), if a child has to go he or she should be able to go by asking permission--and as long as the privilege isn't abused...there should be no such punitive policy relating to the need to use the toilet. Do you also know that this science teacher deducted points from student's grades (an "evolved" punishment?) if they left the classroom to go to the bathroom? It is that policy that nailed the bastard. We appealed to the principal with a line usually reserved for union negotiations: "This shit's gotta stop." It stopped all right!

Saturday, May 30, 1998

Alex: Regarding your question about being able to do #2 when you go home from school. In theory, it should not be a problem - after all, you have probably pooped more in your own bathroom than from any other place. However, I have a girl friend who is a little older than you that tells me she can never poop when she visits her parents. In fact, she loads up on those small enema products you can get at the drug store before going home. I went home with her once, and it was really bad because she forgot her enema products. After 5 days, she finally was able to talk a dump in the woods when we were on a day-long hike. I had to prop her up against a tree, and there was a lot of pushing before she could move out a big, hard turd.

Regarding getting a turd stuck on the way out - it is no fun, but at least things are moving. I know what you mean though when you say you felt you still had a lot to move. I don't like figs but instead I take physillium husks (a powder you can get at any health store) with two glasses of water - it is soft, jello-like bulk when water is added - just the thing you need to get your intestinal muscles moving things along again.

pooping girl
glad the site is back. Nothing to exceptional on the toilet lately, but to answer silent spice I really noticed my interest in people going to the toilet when I was in high school. I would always take a stall next to one where there was somebody on the toilet and would listen to them go. I also liked to be heard doing my jobbies as I grunted and farted.

Jim Bobbob
To Alex: Yes, Lisa's still around, she just hasn't had a lot time to post. She's gay (I figgure I should tell every one that before she starst posting about how her girl friend (insert pooping story here)) She's got some interesting stories. well, that all for me. It's good to back. Jimmy

BABY POOP New born infants have green poop, so I have heard. Alex, you had greenish-brown poop a short while ago and further back you also passed a green log. So you occasionally do baby poop. Ha ha ha!

Well, I had some interesting dumping today. My wife got up about 3:30 this morning to do her paper route. About 4 am, I had to shit real bad. I ended up "pissing" out of my ass and did a repeat performance at 5 am as well. About 7:30 am, I went to the grocery and had to shit again which was mainly gas and the same again at 9:30. My wife and I had Indian food yesterday and she had the shits last nite. I wonder if it was the food.

Great that we're finally up and running again. I have had severe deprivation symptoms for the last few days, no Toilet Page! I had been waiting for a week to read Jim Bobbob's post, he told us on another site (which I am not allowed to mention, because it is a sort of rival to this, if you're interested in fartng) that he had posted his story here, and for several days I have beebn trying to read it. Jill, good to hear from you again. I hope the pre-stage dumps enhance your thespian talent.

I had this one teacher for Chemistry in high school that was the absolute worst. He would not let us out of class even if we had to go to the bathroom. Many afternoons, I'd be sitting in his class desperately holding it in and hoping I'd make it until class was over. I never had any accidents but many close calls with either function. One day, though, I knew that there was no way I could hold it in until class was over. I really had to go #2 that day and it was lab day -- meaning a double period class. He wouldn't even let us go in the time between classes. Anyway, after being denied permission to go 3 times, I apologized and said that I really had to go and couldn't wait. I then got up and left and went to the girls' room without permission. Man, I did such a turd that afternoon that it actually clogged the toilet. And I'm talking about just the turd itself as I flushed it before I even wiped myself. I went into another stall to wipe myself. When I went back to class, he told me I had to see him after school. For punishment, he made me sit in detention for 2 1/2 hours writing out the sentence, "I must learn never to leave class without permission again." I had written it over 200 times before he let me leave. He told me that next time I "disobeyed him", he'd make me finish 1000 lines. Fortunately for me, I never quite did have that big an emergency in his class again.

your name (optional)nikki
I got home really drunk last week I neede to pee and poop real bad started to pee myself but held the poop in until I reach the john, Sat down and let out an explosive fart just as I pulle d my damp panties away Spplattt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what I like to do? I like to open the door on women while they are using the toilet. It's an easy way to see someone on the pot. All you have to do is wait 'til a person goes in and then "accidently on purpose" open the door and pretend you didn't know they were in there. I have done this for 13 years. I'm 26 now. Does anyone else like to do this? Or has anyone had this done to them? I have some interesting stories to tell. Thought I'd get a response to this post before I told any of them.

Regarding Jillian's fact finding mission: I am MOST impressed that you were able to "casually" hold over a liter of urine and decided to whiz only because you had to pass some gas and feared such an activity (passing gas) might open the floodgates. Except for that gas, can I assume that you were under no great urgency to empty yourself. You knew you were very full but holding it was not a problem. Without the unexpected fart would you have gone to sleep and attempted to sleep through the night? I further gather that the release of that immense volume of piss was eroticly thrilling? I can assure you that some of us would love to find a woman willing to share such an activity. Very best wishes, and keep us up to date with your missions, Fluidity

Friday, May 29, 1998

Well I haven't been able to access this site for a few days now, but hopefully this post will work! To Trevor: I certainly hadn't heard that explanation of going to the toilet out of nervousness before. For my part, a pre-show dump is part of my routine, my ritual. After a bowel movement I feel more lively and energetic. There is a practical angle as well; in that once a show has started, there aren't always too many opportunities to get to the loo - and some costumes are not designed with toilet activities in mind! There is some truth in what you say about mens movements smelling "pungent". I have noticed this on occasions at home, and I put it down to alcohol. My husband likes a beer or two, and I think it causes him to have runny dumps leaving a pungent odour totally different from the "sulphorous" smell that mine seem to make, and about which he frequently complains! Someone pointed out in here a while back that to reduce the smell, it helps to flush often, and I have tried that when using the loo at someone else's house and it does seem to work. Also I think that there is more smell when some of the poo is sticking out of the water, which is what usually happens at home. Some loos have deeper water, and are less likely to be smelly. To Tom and Duke: I see you describe my movements as "whoppers" - do I detect a hint of jealousy? Well as I am sure you guys have been told before, size isn't everything! The amount of poo someone produces is a relative thing - my movements may seem large to you, but they are normal to me. It is down to individual make-up and eating habits I guess. Tom describes me as "lucky", but really my good fortune is to be regular. Yes, I admit I do like my food - but I am a healthy eater, and I take plenty of exercise; this combination seems to produce good regular bowel movements, which I confess, I find a pleasureable experience! Finally, Duke suggests that I might leave "skidmarks" in the pan - and yes of course I do. The "under water" marks tend to flush away, but where a poo has rested against the side of the bowl above the water line, the mark tends to be more resistant to flushing, and might need to be brushed away.

I never understood why the sitting on the toilet survey asks if you "usually re-dress your self outside the stall/washroom". I'd never thought of doing that so I thought, perhaps it's something women do in women's restrooms. What I saw last weekend would seem to confirm this. I was at a fairground where there were very small and cramped blue hut-toilets (what in Britain we call portaloos). As I approached one of them the door opened and an attractive young woman walked out. She had stretch-tight pink jeans on but the waistband was undone and the fly was open to reveal the top of a pair of blank panties and a dark bush half un-covered. To my amazement she stood and finished dressing outside the hut, in the open air.

Hi guys. I have a question for my fellow college students, most of whom I assume have finished the semester. Have you had any problems with irregularity, diahrrea, or other "abnormal" bowel habits since returning home? I've been home for one week (the distance from my college to my house is one state and about 120 miles) and have had only three bowel movements. I usually shit once, often twice, daily, and I'm wondering why this is happening. I've been eating a lot more than usual [nothing like free reign of the refrigerator and cupboards at home :) ], but have had trouble going to the bathroom. I'll tell you about my latest shit. I felt the "urge" yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, so I sat down to pee- I stayed on the toilet for about five minutes and nothing happened. I woke up at around 8:30 this morning, again with a "full" stomach. I sat down, let out some pee, and strained for about five minutes- again, nothing. At around 2:00 this afternoon, I sat down again, sin! ce I had to pee. I strained with all my might and a piece came halfway out of my anus and stopped. I HATE when that happens!!! So I sat there, with a piece of shit sticking out of my butt- I resorted to Stephanie's method of putting my head between my knees, without squishing my breasts. I don't know how she does it... After tensing up every bone in my body, the log finally dropped out of my butt-hole. I sat for a few more minutes trying to let any more out [I knew that I was still "full of shit" :)], but nothing happened. The log was a "crescent" about 8 inches long and I would describe it as being "gritty," a very pale greenish-brown. There was a slight "sulfuric" smell to it and I had to wipe four times. My last shit, which I think was on Monday afternoon, was similar in size and makeup. I went to the grocery store this afternoon and got some Fig Newtons (I like Fig Newtons. Steph says they're high in fiber and wrote it helped Allison go when she had trouble)- hop! efully, they'll loosen up my intestines. So, to make a long story even longer, please let me know if any of you have had similar problems since returning from school. Posts from travellers would also be appreciated. Silent Spice, I've had an interest in bathroom habits for as long as I remember. I've only gone in front of Steph, my best friend. With the exception of Jodi, I don't know if I could let anyone else watch me go to the bathroom, or vice versa. I do love hearing what others are doing, however. Talk to ya soon. Love, Alex :)

This is for Silent Spice. I was about 7 or 8 when I got into wanting to watch someone on the can. It was a next door neighbor who was a girl and also my age. I enjoyed watching her sit on a toilet. When I was 10 years old, the neighborhood kids would play like boys in one group and girls in another group. We be over someone's house and one of us have to take a shit. We all go into the bathroom and watch whoever had to crap. It was fun. At school, the stalls did not have doors and when I went into the bathroom and saw someone on the can, I would watch and we would joke around. When I was in Boy Scouts and we were at Summer Camp, we would "buddy" dump at the only flushable john in the whole camp. My cousin who is several years younger than I was would also buddy dump as well. I guess being older now, the adults don't get into doing fun things like we did when we were kids. Try doing some of the things today as adults as you did as kids and it is called uncool. In fact, one time, I was over at a couple of friends house near school right after I graduated from college, we were upstairs and all 3 of us were talking. One of the guys was on the toilet with his pants down to his ankles.

Hi folks,I don't know if it's just me, but I have had a real hard time logging on to this site. In case I lose it again forever, I just wanted to say that reading, and talking to some of you has been one of the best experiences of my life! I've read every post from page one. To me, you are all some of the most admirable people I've ever had the chance to talk to because of your honesty in the topics that we've all shared in here, and the courage that it takes to come forth with some of the more intimate things I've read from some of you. This site has been for me, better than 10 years of expensive talk therapy, because it would take that long for a doctor to "cure" a problem which turns out not to be a problem at all! I'm beginning to believe that everyone else has the problem, and we're the lucky ones who came out OK. I'll try to post some more stories, but if I should lose contact with you , it's been a real pleasure, and I will miss you all For Silent spice: I honestly can't say where my interest in pooping comes from. My wife thinks it's because I was molested when I was young. It mostly took place on the toilet, or in the bathroom, by a woman who would babysit me when I was about 6. Lots of strange and bad things went on, So it's kind of hard for me to find a connection there, but it could be true I guess. Other than that I don't know, but I do love it! Anyway, my best to you all, keep those great stories coming!

Thursday, May 28, 1998

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