End Stall Em
Last Saturday my friend Lainee whose in three of my classes at school wanted to go bowling. There were on-line coupons that made three games really cheap if we bowled them before noon on Saturday. So Friday at school, we decided to to it. I woke up at 8 a.m. when Lainee called me to say she was walking over to get me in like 15 minutes. I was surprised and could feel quite a bit of crap I was holding and had been holding for most of the day on Friday, but I had only two times to sit on the toilet and each time there was something that kept me from releasing it. I think both times Friday by the time I got a stall and sat down, the warning bell rang and I had to pull my panties and jeans up and make a run to class.

When Lainee came to my door, she was in a hurry and had her 5 year old brother Adam with her. Her parents had had to go out of town on business at the last minute and she was stuck with him for the weekend. He was very impatient and acting up because he didn't want to go bowling. I didn't want to invite them in and have all that hassle for Lainee while I went to to the upstairs toilet next to my room. So I decided to hold my crap, even though it gave me that really buldging feeling. That feeling also causes me not to be hungry. I stuffed my oney and house key in my jeans and we started our six block walk to the lanes. The more I walked the more I got the feeling that I needed to crap. I mentioned it to Lainee and she said she was surprised I hadn't gone at home. "No thanks to you....." I thought to myself. Then Adam started saying things like tugging on his sister's arm and saying "Em's got to poo" and "How will Em poo?" Like I really need that, if you've read my other posts.

Well, we got about three blocks farther along and we were walking by one of those coin laundries. It was packed but I told Lainee I thought I would go in and use the bathroom. She said that was OK. There must have been about 50 people using the machines and in the back I saw the sign for the toilet. There was just one toilet so I figured it must be unisex. I didn't remember ever using one before, even when my mom was with me. We had to walk around lots of people with baskets of clothing out and some of whom were sitting on benches or chairs reading. I was getting a little scared since I didn't know how unisex bathrooms worked, but my anus was starting to cry out "urgent". The door was closed and I tried to open it but it was locked. I felt bad because I know how I feel when I'm on the toilet at school and someone is shaking my stall door. In my defense however, I wasn't able to see feet below the door. Adam looked at me and asked "Em, are you going to poo you pants?" I just frowned at him and thought how obnoxious boys that age are. Lainee leaned down and told him to shut up, but I knew he wouldn't. Finally, the door slowly opened and a boy about Adam's age (4 or 5) came out. His sweats were only pulled up to where his penis was exposed

At first it looked like Lainee was going to grab him to help him out, but I just grabbed the door and went in. He left the light on and that's good, but my right hand when I went to close the door grabbed the inside handle and I could instantly feel it was wet. I was just starting to gross out as I thought about what the liquid was and as I pulled my jeans and panties down, luckily I looked at the seat. It was down and dripping with pee. It was a complete full seat, unlike those at school that have the cut in the front so you can't get pee on the seats (I've never understood though why they don't have the full seats on the girls toilets!) Well, I took a stip of toilet paper and wiped off the left side first and there was so much pee that it was coming through onto my hands. I took a longer stip for the front and right and I wiped it off. Then I noticed more yellow pee (the seat was white although badly stained) on the back of the seat so I took more toilet paper and wiped it, although I got to thinking that I didn't need to because I would never sit that far back. I pulled down my jeans and panties to the floor and once on the seat with three strong pushes (the last being the hardest) I was able to push out a foot-long crap that was almost 2-inches in diameter. It was so large it hurt me for a moment.

I sat and must have used five or six different handfuls of toilet paper to clean myself. The crap was softer on the outside and messier to clean myself after. Finally, when I was convinced I was clean, still seated I reached back and pushed the flusher. Again, my hand got wet from you know what. I quickly stood up and pulled up my panties and jeans. I moved pretty fast in opening the door and exiting because I wasn't sure if the stool would flush or not. I did, luckily, and I told Lainee I sure felt good after dropping my load. Adam, who thought that was funny, kept repeating it until we got to the bowling lanes and he was diverted by something else.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's been a year since I posted but yesterdays experience just has to be told. It was Wednesday morning and I hadn't had a BM since Saturday evening, so I knew I was in for quite a session on the toilet sooner or later. Most likely sooner. Either way I went off to work and made it all the way to lunchtime when I was taking a walk in the local town park just to get out of the office.

As often happens the exercise started things moving and it wasn't long before I felt the building pressure of my poo announcing its intention to start coming out. Unconcerned, I made for the nearest restroom and went in. I was surprised to discover that only one stall was provided and that consisted of just two brick walls about five feet high, one on each side of the toilet. There was no door, and this momentarily had me concerned. Unfortunately there was now an urgency now building that left me with no alternative but to drop my pants and sit down.

With my pants around my ankles I sat down thankfully and relaxed, happy to be able to let nature take its course. I was still sitting there five minutes later with an intense pressure building but the only thing to show for it was the very tip of my turd, which had emerged from my hole. At that instant an elderly guy, I suppose in his 50s or 60s came around the corner, obviously under the assumption that no one was in the stall. As soon as he saw me he stopped dead in his tracks, loudly exclaimed, "Oh.I'm sorry young man" and immediately disappeared.

Another five minutes passed and the pressure had become so intense that even more of my turd had emerged. I'm guessing only about an inch or two, but more than enough to create some considerable pain in my asshole as it tried to open wider and wider. I was now so consumed by the pain in my ass and the concentration of taking my shit that I barely noticed as another guy walked into view. He looked at me and I casually looked back at him. But then he hesitated and without saying anything just waved his hand in recognition. He continued to stare and smiled, only then retreating back to disappear just out of sight. I was too engaged in my struggle to pay to much attention but then I saw him leaning over so I could just see his head. He was clearly staring at me again.

This time I managed to croak "Hi", more to let him know I could see he was looking at me rather than a greeting. This proved to be a bad idea because he took it as an invite to move right in front of my stall and simply stare at me. I groaned as my turd finally opened my hole as far as it needed to come all the way out. Still staring at me, he said "Looks like it hurts..that happens to me a lot" and he smiled. I answered him with a strangled "Yeah" and leaned back on the toilet to try and ease the pain in my hole.

In agony I felt my loaf slowly sliding out and for about two minutes, which seemed like an eternity, I sat leaning back, legs open, my pants around my ankles, my asshole hurting like nothing on earth and this guy just two or three feet away smiling and enjoying the scene.

Finally I felt my turd narrow down and then leave my ass entirely, letting my hole close and a tremendous sense of relief come over me as the pain faded away. It was only then I realized that I was sitting there fully exposed and, not at all unusual for me, with a massive erection on full display.

I rater sheepishly stood up, took some toilet paper and wiped. Luckily it was a perfectly clean shit and it didn't even mark the paper. The guy watched intently as I started to pull up my pants and with an almost cheerful "Take care" disappeared out of the restroom.

I really am now wondering why on earth they put doorless stalls in any toilets. Does anybody have any ideas?


Upstate Dave
Hi gain to all. Hre I'll tell more times seeing girls pee in different places or things that wer on the odd side. Barbie S first girl saw and take a standing pee in the toilet. My fiends sistor Barbie H took a pee in a glass. (first time seeing this done) She also was the first girl that peed in a big flower pot in her room. Also she was the one who would wrap toilet paper across the toilet seat opening then get right up on the seat poop on the toilet paper then pee which would make the paper break dropping her poop right into the toilet. (first girl that I saw do both)

A girl named Louise was the first girl that I had seen pee and she also was the first girl that I saw pee outside and I peed in front of. There was a neighbors daughter that peed in my sink, in my shower, and in my mop bucket all in one day when she was visting me. Her sistor was the first girl that I saw pee and poop infront of friends ouside doing it in a trash can.

Susan first girl that peed and pooped hovering in a high squat over the toilet. She was also the first girl to sit on my knees outdoors and pee and poop. The girl that peed in my sink, in my shower, and mop bucket was the fisrt girl along with her friend had a peeing contest in the backseat of a car and I saw all of the contest between the two girls.

Barbie S, her sistor Jeannie, and Barbie H all peed in a old bathtub in my barn together. I also peed in the tub after they all did. Diane peed under her front porch. Peggy and Susan sistors pee and pooped outside in the familys compost pile behind the garage. Maryellen first to share a toilet with me while we both sat on it and peed. J first girl to pee and poop while we were sharing sitting on the toilet. I did the same too. Last for now a girl at a concert was the first girl that I had seen pee in the mens bathroom infront of many guys in the mens room.

I've talked in previous posts about using public toilets a lot, largely since I'm gone a lot from like during my morning exercise workout in the park, the bank where I work full-time, my graduate classes in the evening, and when my live-in boyfriend and I are out doing things on weekends. Well this past weekend he got a call from his mother who was scheduled for moderately severe surgery. She lives two states away so he and I drove up on Friday and I dropped him off so he could stay there for the week as she recovers and then I'm going to drive down and pick him up this weekend. It's about a six hour drive, but since it's largely by interstate, it's not that bad.

Sometimes a change in my schedule such as not working out, staying home from work, etc. will cause me to be constipated. Although we did stop twice to pee and stretch our legs on the way down, Sunday morning during the drive I got to thinking about how this was my third day without a crap. (We had made the drive down on Friday). I had my usual coffee (although the portion was about 8 ounces more) and I was still drinking on it when I saw the sign for a rest stop. I remembered each of the buildings on the way down had about 4 or 5 stalls and actually were pretty nice. I prefer to have the elderly around rather than little kids and the number of little kids was a concern to me at one stop last week because they were just running all over the place and messing abound with the the plumbing and lights (the bathroom had those automatic light sensors in the entryway)and they were playing with a flooded sink while their mom was in a stall. But despite all the commotion, I was able to pee.

This time I was stopping at the same exit number but using the restrooms in the opposite direction. It was about 10 a.m. and my crap was announcing its arrival and I was so happy that there was a rest stop there because there was a sign "Caution" next rest area 60 miles". Holding it for another 45 minutes or an hour would be cruel and unusual punishment. This time there was three stalls; I selected the middle one without checking out the other two. There was no mess on the floor, the toilet had been flushed and there were two rolls of toilet paper on the holder. My kind of stall. I dropped my jeans and underwear to floor level and placed myself on the seat. It didn't seem that comfortable at first, so I slid myself back farther. This was one of those longer, old-fashioned black seats like I had become familiar with in high school. I sure like the comfort they provide. I was starting to push, but knew this was going to be a 15 or 20 minute stop because I wanted a break, had to crap, and I just enjoy sitting and thinking. (I've posted before about doing a similar thing at 5 a.m. or 5:30 a.m. in the morning when I often am riding my bike and stop at the toilet building in our park for a crap).

Well, on this day it was not to be. A mother and daughter (I suspected the girl was about 8 or 9) came in arguing and it got even hotter when she talked back to her mother and her mother threatened to hit her. I could tell they were upset when they couldn't get stalls next to each other, but as they took their stalls and prepared to sit down, they continued their argument. The mom was threatening her daughter with an enema when they got to their next hotel room and the daughter sassed her mother back and called her a "pervert" and said that none of her friends at school even know what an enama is. To that mom said: "Yes, but they're normal and they shit every day or two, they don't go four ####### days without taking a ####### shit." Then there was a follow-up remark on how her 3-year-old brother does a better job because he really tries at it. Then the girl came back with a remark about how embarrassing it is to keep a toilet log for the doctor and then the mom told the daughter she just needed to concentrate on it more. Then the girl said something sarcastic and the mom said something hurtful back about carrying the toilet log in her purse next year when she starts middle school. The girl said that would suck and the mom said "plan on it."

I was surprised that I was caught in the middle of this argument. There was no consideration of me although it was obvious to both of them that my stall was occupied. They calmed down the sharpness of their words after about 15 minutes when I luckily dropped in fast succession three pieces of about seven inches each. Even as I was wiping and stood with the automatic flusher going, they were still arguing with the girl telling her mom she was pushing as hard as she could, but she was going to have to let her down again. To that the mom said something like "I've got half a bowl here, you just need to sit longer and ####### focus!"

Even now two days later that argument disturbs me. I just feel the mother is unreasonable, unbending and wrecking what little confidence her daughter has. It's so sad.

Amanda M
So the prune juice worked that day for me. A little while after I drank it I got the urge to go. It worked faster then usual.I went up to the bathroom sat on the toilet and gave a push and I could feel it starting to come but it hurt really bad.I grabbed the side of the counter and just pushed as hard as I can and finally it came out along with some loose stuff.I breathed a huge sign of relief. It felt so good to get that out. I wiped a few times then flushed sprayed and came back down.
A while later I was at my grandpops when I felt another urge to go coming on.It wasnt that bad so I just ignored it cause you know I get embarrassed going in other places.When I got home I had to go pee so I went to the bathroom to go and while I was peeing a few squirts of pure liquid diarrhea came out.I gave a push and another squirt came out It looked and sounded like I was peeing out of my butt.I sat there for about 10 minutes then I felt done so I wiped and flushed but as soon as I pulled up my pants I realized I had to go again so I sat back down and squirted out more brown water. I sat there for close to a half hour squirting out liquid farting occasionally. then finally i felt done so I wiped flushed and went to bed.

A few days later I went with my problem.It was a little hard but it came with no problem.Now last night I couldnt go again and I drank more prune juice but it didnt work.I didnt even get an urge to go at all.

I had a one night stand last night with this girl called Kirsty, she stayed over at my flat.
This morning at about 6am her stomach started churning really loudly.
I pretended to be asleep, she got up and went to my ensuite toilet.
After about a minute I heard her quietly groaning, then there was this really loud fart sound, (it made me jump!) followed by a loud splash.
Then she didnt hold back, giving my toilet a serious pounding - she farted and pooped over the next 10 minutes.
Just when I thought she was done, there would be another loud fart and plop, she obviously wasnt bothered that I could hear her.
When she returned to my bed,she said sorry if she woke me, but she was due to start her period.
We both got dressed, had our breakfast, exchanged telephone numbers and went on our seperate ways to work.
I didn't use the ensuite toilet until tonight for a pee - I think it was slightly clogged from this morning, so I plunged it to shift the blockage.

Thomas R
This is my first post on here, a mate of mine told me about this site and I have two great incidents to share with you. I will leave one until I have checked the rules about what you can put on here but this is a proper toilet story.
About 2 months ago I was working in west Scotland, I am a pipe line surveyor and spend a lot of time camping or in motor homes while working, I work with another chap and we have a rule that we don't use the toilet in the campervan. We were in a remote valley and our survey site was half an hour walk from where we could park. Now I never have any problems having a poo in fact I tend to go 2 or 3 times a day, however on this occasion I had not been for 3 days and I was really starting to feel it. It was in the afternoon we were walking back to the van to upload our work onto the laptops when we walked passed a little shed I walked round the side of it to see what it was it had no door but a double recess which had a sign painted on it which said knock and shout before entering so I did got no answer so I went in it was a latrine hut it was very bright as it had a large window in the roof and an oblong box with two toilet holes cut in the top. I though I would give it a go as it was better that squatting behind a rock trying to take a dump I popped out and said to my mate I was going to spend a bit of time in there and off he went. Luckily I had toilet paper in my rucksack so I dropped my trousers and pants a sat down to try and shift some turds. I was quite nice in there very bright and we had not seen anyone for hours so I relaxed and start to push, it was hard going and after about ten minutes I had a large and very uncomfortable turd sticking out of my anus by a few inches, I was just bearing down again when a women cam rushing in holding her stomach, I immediately tensed up a said can you please wait outside I was so embarrassed,
This women was about 5'4 with red hair and very attractive, she said I am so sorry I have to go with that she pulled her jeans an pants down and sat on the hole next to me.
I was shocked she turned to me a said sorry again and that she had not been for 8 days and she was out walking and got the urge. I did not know what to do I still had this turd sticking out of my arse and I was tense now so I could not push that well Jenny
(as it turned out her name was) said to me to relax and carry on as it was natural she then started to groan a little and was really pushing hard and I could see she was in a lot of discomfort, anyway I had relaxed a little and start to try an push this turd out, it was coming but slowly by now jenny had lifted her bum of the seat and was kind of squat pushing I could not help looking she had a massive turd hanging out of her it was about 8 inches long and solid and black she asked me if I could see it and I said yes it was coming out she sat back down put her hand over and griped mine and said let push together I did not know what to say so I just did it we grip each other hard and pushed very hard her turd came out followed by a lot of farts and a squirt of diarrhoea and I could feel her relax and she was breathing heavily she asked how I was doing and I said it was still not out she put her hand on my stomach and gently rubbed it I was embarrassed but she said it was the least she could do as it was her fault I could not finish, I gave one more push and out it came what a relief. We both sat there for a few minutes and the she asked if I had any toilet paper I handed her the roll but she asked if I had finished as she need to clean herself up but I had more on the way, ok she said can you look away which I did she had to wipe a lot and the smell was bad, while she was doing that I manages to push another turd out and thought I was done. She pulled up her pants jeans and said she would wait outside
I went to wipe but I still need to get rid of more so I carried on after 5 minutes I wiped clean and went out side Jenny was sitting on a rock she gave me some hand wipes from her ruck sack and we chatted for a few minutes she told me she could not believe she had done that but was so desperate to go she had to and after 8 days she could not let the urge go. We walked for about 10 minutes and the she gave me a kiss on the cheek said goodbye and took another track. I still am shocked that happened I always thought women were so private about things like that.
Time to go but I will try and put my other story up soon.

JacobG in FL
Greg - Thank you for remembering me! I haven't posted in a long time - but I still occasionally return to this site and read the posts. I have very fond memories of this site and it will always be one of my favorite sites. Wow, it must have been about 10 years ago (when I first got an internet connection) that I discovered this site and found out that I wasn't the only person in the world who had a "toilet" interest. That sounds strange today, but ten years ago - before the internet evolved into what it is today - we didn't have a way to connect. It was a very liberating experience for me. Today, I don't have as much time to post as I did back then, but I promise to post as soon as I have an interesting story to tell. I wonder if "Thom" is still around? He posted some great stories starting well before page 100.

Straight Shooter
If you ever wanted to hear the male side of it girls...

There seems to be alot of women out there who are pee or poop-shy, ladies we know you want us to think all you do is tinkle or just walk in and magically vacate fairy dust from your privates but you would be surprised what that taboo has done for the fetish community :P

I have to say in all honesty you might wanna just do your deed, most men don't care cause we know that everybody has to use the bathroom and its just a function (ALL GENDERS REMEMBER TO FLUSH AND USE MATCHES OR SPRAY AS A COURTESY).

Please dont run the water while you use the bathroom cause men know that trick and will just know and understand that you are trying to cover up the sounds of shitting, and padding the toliet with paper is just a waste of precious toliet paper!!!! Lord only knows you women use enough as is :P

and if you are fart shy just remmember to take it into the bathroom as a courtesy, we dont care if we hear it but we may not want to be at ground zero when it happens LOL

Straight Shooter

Love to go the first time in morning,allows me to pee sitting & have a BM at the same time.Growing up i had to take all of my clothes off to poop now i can sit on the toilet with my pants down to my ankles or halfway down.I remember one time i had to poop so bad that before i could sit down the poop just flowed out all on the seat& everywhere what a time.I love to take a laxative to clean my system out&to have a clean feeling inside& out.Also sometimes i have an erection before i have to go, what a feeling afterwards.Love to pee in the shower especially if someone is there with me.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi Greg, and yes, I'm back! I stopped posting some time ago as something must have been wrong with my PC and my posts weren't uploading. I've continued lurking occasionally, but recently there seems to have been more guys posting about great experiences of sitting on toilets, and so I'll be visiting here much more frequently!

I spent a while enjoying reading many very interesting posts, and John Philip's accounts of his very pleasurable time on the toilet are great to read. Also Turd Lover who seems to enjoy getting a good bum splash on the toilet as much as I do! Declan's recent post brought to mind so many of the guys who posted regularly a few years ago, and it was great to know that at least one other person remembers so many of my favourite reports of men plopping on toilets. One of my favourites though, was Dazz who described every exciting detail of his turds plopping into the toilet and soaking his bum with the splashes!

Next time I post, I'll describe some of the interesting sessions I've heard on the toilet from guys who have been quite loud as they plopped!

Wishing everyone good health, and happy plopping! PPG

Turd Lover
Hey Plunging Plop Guy, I wanted to answer your question about producing great splashes. Of course, the first requirement is a BM of sufficient mass and size. Normally, I let the turd move naturally from my lower bowels until it's about to emerge from my butthole and then work my anal muscles in a puckering motion, holding the log back for a few extra seconds, then letting go while simultaneously tightening my glutes, thereby forcing the brown torpedo into the water with greater velocity and impact. This works most of the time. Also, the shape of the turd determines the splash pattern. Big fat logs produce nice splashes --- sort of a "cannonball" effect. Real long slender turds normally enter the water like an olympic high diver resulting in very little splash. Eating alot of starch-rich foods and breads is usually the ticket to beautiful brown monsters and terrific splashes. Happy Shitting !!

Hey, I just wanted to give a shout out to Dump Bud and thank him for his very kind words several pages back!!!! I really appreciate the encouragement. I haven't had much to post since the new good experiences have been a little dry lately. I'm sure you would agree its not like the good old days when we were younger and we lived and traveled in a world of young guys at school and in sports. I still do have some OLD TRULY CLASSIC (!!!) stories to tell, but I'm thinking I want to save them up for a bit and wait until things get a little dull around here. I have been working on a classic Mike story and really want to get it right cause you only get one chance and once you hit the "Submit" button below, it's done and you're stuck with the product you submitted, even if you think of a way better way to say it later on! You are definitely right about this forum having become mostly female stories. I would say it's now 85-15 female. But if you look at the early years of the forum, I would say it may have been as much as 70% male stories. Back then, we had a whole slew of guys like "Plunging Plop Guy," "Jacob G in FL," Justin and a whole bunch of others delivering classic guy stories in a wide variety of ways. Hopefully, some of that talent will return and post on this site soon. It's a bit much for me to carry the whole "load" by myself! (Pun intended.)

Also, I was thrilled with the return of David and his GREAT stories about himself and less-than-comfortable spots for his friends to be in! David, if you're still there, I think your posts are AWE-SOME and I hope you will keep the great stories coming!!! My favorite of yours HAS to be the one where you needed to do your personal business at your girlfriend's house and her little brothers were giving you a bad time of it. So many of us can so relate to having to deal with a bratty little sibling of a friend or a girlfriend and it can sometimes put your diplomacy and tact to the test! I kind of held off posting when I saw your recent round of stories because I didn't want to be seen as trying to compete with you! When can we expect to see your story of revenge on the GF's little bro anyway???

Gotta run! Anyhow, Dump Bud, when the heck are YOU going to post some stories of your own for ME to critique???? What are somme of your favorite all-time posts on this forum?? I already know you liked my "Anti-Zip" post from a few years back, but what are some others, and not necessarily ones I have posted!!!

Be Safe,


John Philip
Jry: Yes I'm still here, but my shits haven't been anything exceptional to write about, so I mostly read other stories until I can think of something worth posting. If I can obtain more Immodium I might try that again. That was, in fact, one of the best!

Brian-I think the toilet you described is called a long drop pit toilet, or something like that. I saw an article that described how a girl got stuck in one when she reached down to pick up her purse that fell in. I guess it is just a box that everyone sits on and the crap drops into a big pit. The funny thing was there was a picture of one of these toilet set-ups included in the article. You just sit next to whoever might be there, male or female, because there are partitions between the seats, but they don't reach the ground. Like unisex stalls. The picture showed the toilets from the outside, and you could see the bare (very white) legs of some guy with his trousers and underwear around his ankles. Not for the very modest, I suppose.

I took a dump at the swap meet a few weeks ago. High partitions usually mean modest toilet users, since you can see from the floor up to slightly above the toilet seat. Not this time, though. The 4 stalls became occupied at the same time and I took the one closest to the entrance. I dropped my shorts and briefs down and had a seat. As I sat, I glanced down the row to see if my neighbors were modest as usual. Nope. The guy to my right had pulled his dark blue jeans and very bright white briefs down to his ankles. They were the good ol' standbys, Fruit of The Loom. He started crapping right away. The next guy was also wearing blue jeans, not as dark, and white briefs. His underwear had turned inside out as they were pulled down. The guy in the last stall was wearing shorts, like me. They were also down around his ankles. He also wore briefs, but they were blue, and they were suspended slightly above his shorts. Myself, I had my green and white striped briefs also slightly above my shorts. This would have made a perfect calendar picture with the caption "Swap Meet Nachos continue to wreak havoc on Visitors", or something like that.

Me and the guy next to me were both on our toes while crapping. We all finished up around the same time.

Plunging Plop Guy

Well done, Turd Lover for that great shit you had that drenched your bottom! Wish I could do ones like that every day! You must have a nice deep toilet to get such good splashes, but how do you produce such big turds?

Well...first time posting. Dont really know what to say.
LOL. Okay, I'm five two, ninety pounds, and have long blonde hair down to my waist. So, my boyfriend and I went out with some of my friends one day, and I had been constipated for about a week and I was feeling really bloated and uncomfortable. Anyway, we went out and then had some greasy food for lunch. So, we all went to the mall and I was starting to feel really crampy. So, I told them I was going to the bathroom. I spent like fifteen minutes in there trying to do something, but I couldnt get anything out, so I just went back to hanging out with my friends. Half an hour later, I was feeling really sick. I figured it would be okay to fart once, so I did. It was a mistake cause I ended up having diarrhea in my pants. So, I guess it was kind of obvious, but I didnt tell anyone and just walked around real slow and tried to ignore it. My boyfriend asked if I was okay, and I said I was. At this time, I shit my pants again and started having really bad cramps so I just sat on the floor of the mall and felt like crying. My boyfriend told my friends I wasnt feeling well and offered to take me back to his place for a while. I felt so sick in the car and knew I was going to have another accident so I told my boyfriend to find some place to stop, but we were in the middle of the high, I just sat there clenching my butt cheeks and crying. I was okay for awhile, but it started getting really bad so my boyfriend told me to just mess my pants again. I felt bad enough to actually do it. It was so gross, just sitting there with my crap in my pants. We got to his apartment and I went to the bathroom and threw out my panties and jeans and squirted out some mushy shit for half an hour.My stomach still felt really bad, but I couldnt get anything else out so I just wiped and laid down and had bad cramps and gas. I was so embarrassed that I was just lying on my boyfriend's couch like that. He was really nice though and asked if he wanted me to massage my stomach. I said yes. So he did for awhile and I just started shitting on the couch. I felt really bad after that. My boyfriend helped me to the bathroom and went to go clean off his couch. I had some more diarrhea but not a lot. My stomach still hurt so bad and eventually my boyfriend came in and asked if there was anything he could do. I just sat there having cramps and said no. He sat on the tub next to me and rubbed my back for while I tried to shit. Eventually, I felt a fat turd start to come out. I strained for a while but I couldnt get it out. I felt so sick. I kept straining for a little while before my boyfriend took some K-Y jelly and rubbed it around my hole for me. I squeezed out the turd and then had a diarrhea explosion and shit for like five minutes straight. I moaned for a bit, clutching my stomach because of the cramps and my boyfriend started to rub my stomach for me again. I had another explosion but still felt pretty full. I sat on the toilet for another hour before having some more diarrhea. After that, I felt a little better and went to sleep. I woke up around two feeling sticky and hot and realized that I had shit myself in my sleep. I started crying again and told my boyfriend, who helped me to the bathroom again and put the sheets in the wash. I had diarrhea for about an hour after that and finally felt better.
So...that's kind of it.

I'm answering Lurker's question here. Actually we live in Asia & transpotation is rather a big deal over here. I work about 50 km away from where my parents live which is the main city, but it takes about 4-5 hours to get back home.. So me & my sister decided to rent out an apartment and live there during the weekdays. I'm rather busy these days.. will be writing again when things happen..

Had the sister in law round for tea today.Boy can she poo.
All you hear is the toilet flush with a poo out at the same time, then another round of poop followed by flush, more poo then flush more poo, then flush, then 2 courtesy flushes followd by a horrific smell as she leaves my toilet.
At least she tells me when the toilet gets clogged by her.....

Keith D
To Julie. S.: Hi, can you please tell us more about megacolon? I have had similar problems to those you describe with chronic constipation. I find that doctors are usually uninterested in constipation-related problems and it is difficult to diagnose a condition. Some people don't understand that it is not just about diet.

I suffered for a long time with chronic constipation. I understand what you mean about preferring to use public toilets. It's no fun having to go at home and can be quite embarrassing if you need to spend a long time on the toilet, make a lot of noise or clog the toilet.

Hi, I'm Dani and I'm a 14 year old female with black wasit long hair and I live with my four siblings. My two brothers Danny and Travis (were triplites) and the oldest sister, Burnice.
So it was a REALLY HOT DAY, and we got some ice cream. I had NO IDEA that I was lactosot intolerant until I was like 16 so I had two ice cream cones and by the time I got to the car, I had to take a major crap.
"Danny, I've gotta poop!" I whisperded to him. He smielded and went over to Travis and Burnice. I don't know what he said, but he mist've made them keep me there to mess my pants. So I called Mom to pick me up because I wasn't feeling well and she came to get me. On our way back, we got stuck in traffic and by then I was pretty desperte.
When we DID finally get home, my brothers and sister were already there and Burnice was in the bathroom and Travis was in the other one so I was forced to wait myt run and I knew they were taking so long on purpose. So when Burnice came out, I ran in and pult my mini-skirt down only enough to go but I couldn't stop the load from exploding in my panties. As if that wasn't bad enough, several more loads came out and my bowels kept exploding. FInally, I ended it with a warm stream of pee that lasted for about a minute and sat on the toilet. I starteded back up again and this time, I went for about 15 to 49 minutes. It was horrible because I was forcing myself to poop. I pounded on the wall and everything.
Never again will I tell ANY OF MY SIBLINGS I have to pee or poop, because I KNOW I will regreate it!

College guy
Hey everyone, I've posted on here before but I've always used a different name. Never really thought about having some sort of permanent name. Anyway, I'm 19, 6 ft 1, and just under 200 pounds. I've had an interesting past few days in terms of having to poop. If things are going pretty regularly for me, then I generally only have to poop once ever 2-3 days. I'm not sure why knowing that there are so many people who go every single day (sometimes more), I guess it has to do with diet and habit. Anyway, a few days ago I woke up and started getting ready for class when I realized I was getting that urge to go. I knew I hadn't gone in a couple of days, but I didn't have time to do it then so I just resigned myself to wait until later in the day when I was done with classes. So I finally left and rode my bike to class (don't have my car available to go to classes, and it's too far to walk). It's only like a 10 minute bike ride, but apparently that was enough to unsettle things down there, because by the time I got to class I needed to go. While I could have gone during the class if I wanted, I didn't want to miss any notes because it's a fairly important class. So I waited, counting down the minutes until class was over. However, the teacher finished giving lecture about a half hour early and gave us worksheets to work on what we had just gone over. I decided to take this opportunity to take a quick trip to the bathroom. I went in, grabbed a stall and sat down, but I no longer felt the urge to go. I guess I was too worried about trying to go quickly, but it was very difficult to push anything out. I managed to get a couple of small turds out and figured that would be enough to be ok for now, I could just finish later. So I wiped up and when washing my hands I noticed that two other guys in the class apparently had the same idea as me in going. Thought that was a little odd, I assumed I would be the only one in there.

That's where things have gotten weird for me. Ever since then, I've been having to go a lot. I ended up going twice more that day, once the next day, once yesterday, and already once today, each time less than 24 hours from the previous one. And it's not like I'm sick, everything is normal (even the turds are still fairly solid like normal) I'm just going way more often. Sometimes I feel like I'm having a little gas when I realize that I actually have to go again. The only thing I can think is that maybe having a minor diet change (after that initial day of pooping a lot) has had something to do with it. I came home for a few days since we have a break at school, and I've been eating more normal, healthy food instead of the junk served at the dining halls. Either way, it's kinda odd having to go so much, but at the same time kinda nice. I recently revealed to one of my best friends (a beautiful girl who I kinda like) the enjoyment in talking about pooping experiences with girls. I was a little nervous, but decided to tell when the opportunity came up because I knew she wouldn't judge me. But at the same time, I'm still a little hesitant to talk about it because I'm not sure if she totally enjoys talking about it. So I'm trying to decide how to bring it up again. I also am trying to see if I can ever get her to tell of any experiences she has, because I would love to know. Any tips for people with past experience would be great appreciated!!

Sorry for the long post everyone. Braidy, I enjoy reading your stories, but I hope things get better for you. And thanks for that story Scott! I enjoyed it, and I'm curious to know if you ever plan on trying to see if she's open to talking about pooping experiences (since most girls seem to be all secretive about it). Please let us know if you have more to add on!

to Braidy:

I enjoyed your story about the para-teacher having to take you to the bathroom during the test. That would suck. I agree with you about not minding pee in the bowl before sitting down. I won't, however, sit down and crap on top of someone else's crap. I guess it's just too gross. I have a question about what you wrote about the para and how she put paper over the seat before sitting to pee. I'm sure that those who paper the seats have trouble with keeping the paper on until they sit on it. Do you feel somewhat guilty that the person next to you won't sit on the bare seat and you are in the next stall doing exactly that? When I've been in situations like that, I've sometimes wondered if such papering people might feel even a little conscious of the extra time whey are taking to put and keep their paper on the seat and that they may be keeping the pee-er or crapper an hour later from having the needed toilet paper to wipe with.

Next, here is my story:

This past summer I was at a concert at our big city auditorium. It was a sell out and there were probably about 10,000 people there. It's an older building so there's a shortage of restrooms and toilets. Well after the first band, I went into the restroom (after standing outside in the hallway in a line of about 50 people) and there were at least another 50 inside waiting for stalls. There were about 25 or 30 stalls but there were some really slow people. You can tell when you're standing and waiting and during your wait one stalls opens 3 times and the stall next to it doesn't open and you can't even see movement in the legs that are sitting there.

Well, a stall opened and a girl about 12 came out; I raced to it, latched the door behind me and had my shorts and underwear down down and I was on the seat and peeing within a couple seconds. I knew it was going to be a longer pee because I had been drinking a lot of soda all day, so I reached down on the floor and pulled my phone out of my purse so I could text Connor and tell him about the opening act. As I was pulling my phone up, a girl was kind of frantic and knocked on my door and I could see her eyeball in the opening. She said she was going to hurl and needed to get in right away. Well, my pee stream was still going and I told her she'd have to wait. The girl on the stool next to me, however, got up and ran out. The sick girl threw herself to her knees and I heard her quickly lift the seat. In fact, she threw it back so far you could hear it hit the real wall so hart that I thought it might drop back on her. You could hear her nauseated noises, but luckily she didn't hurl right then and there. She quickly got up, dropped the seat and again I heard a thud as her underwear and jeans hit the floor at the same time the threw her butt onto the seat. She gasped a couple of times and fell against the partition so hard that it shook my entire stall. I had finished peeing and quickly picked up my purse and left the stall without flushing. I was still pulling up my shorts and buttoning them outside the stall as I moved through the crowd to get away from the sick girl because you could now see puke and her crap running on the floor and she was apparently passed out.

I didn't even wash my hands. I worked my way to the exit door as a couple of her friends were trying to get her to come to. One looked like she was going to slide under to get the door open and another was using her phone to make an emergency call for help. As I worked my way though the hallway crowd, I saw the para-medics come from the help station but they were having a hard time getting through the crowded hall. For some reason, I didn't get to fully complete my pee and after the show I went in again and finished my pee.

Toilet Charger
I had a really weird Dream last night. I was on the toilet taking a dump at my parents house and going with what appeared like a soft log. But the log just wouldn't stop coming it kept coiling round the bowl and filling it up eventally fills the bowl completly and i'm still going trying my hardest to cut it up as i'm now literally sat in my own waste at this point I stand up but Im still going the waste filling up starts filling up the room and pushing me up towards the ceiling. At this point my mum shouts I hope your not using the toilet the flush is broke. Like if it was real it would have mattered if the flush had worked don't think any flush can cope with a room full of shit.

No idea why I dreamed this it was really weird

Upstate Dave
Brian I haven't seen or used one of those types of toilets in a very long time. First thing that comes to mind about them was the awful smell of them since it was a holding tank along with a chemicail that was used in the tank. I aslo remember the echo effect of them too. I agree it was loud. LOuder when the tank was empty or only had a little in it!

Now let me go on with Lisa and Krissy the wto sistors that were my grandmothers neighbors that I had met and now were friends with. Now I slept inside on the couch in the livingroom or out on the chase lounge on the far end of the deck. Well it was a nice night to sleep outside so I slept on the chase lounge on the deck.

I was tired so I slept in late. In fact I didn't wake up till after my grandmother had left for work. I didn't hear her leave. In fact I was awoken by Lisa for she was up and saw my grandmother leave for work and she then came over and saw me sleeping on the chase lounge. She had to tap me on my shoulder several times before I did wake up.

I had a sheet and light blanket pulled over me which only my head was poked out from under both the sheet and blanket. After feeling her taps on my shoulder I opened my eyes and Lsa was sitting right n the end of the picnic table bench and she said good morning sleepy head! She then smiled. I said good morning back to her. Did my grandmother already leave? I asked. Lisa told me that she had.

Gee then its late then I said to Lisa. Lisa let out a little laugh and told me it was almost eitght thirty. I mumbled telling Lisa that was late. Come on get up Dave. If you don't you will miss a good start first thing this morning! Lisa said to me laughing. Whys that? Iasked back. Remember we were going to use the outhouse this morning. Well I have to use it now! So lets rise and shine!

Well since I was had slept outside I had slept in the nude. All my clothes were scattered on the deck. Lisa had not noticed that. Plus I had a morning woody.(erection) I asked Lisa could she see my boxers there on the deck. You don't have anything on?! Lisa asked back to me. I smiled a litle and told her I didn't. Lisa then said to me she didn't believe I was laying there naked. Well I am I said back to her. You can see all my clothes are there on the deck.

Lisa took a quick look down and then she reached right over and in one swift yank on the blanket and sheet pulled them right off from me! I was laying on my side with the front of my body towards her. Lisa looked right down at my lower half of my body. Lisa saw my erection and she laughed real hard. Wellpart of you has rised and shined this morning! She then looked back down at the deck saw my boxers under the chase lounge and pulled them out from under it and tossed the right on my crotch!

I said thank you to her as I sat up took my boxers off from my crotch and slipped them on. Lisa sat ther smiling watching me. I then after putting my boxers on put on my tshirt. Ok lets go I said to Lisa. She grabbed my hand and we hurried across the deck,down the stairs and walked across the gravel covered yard headed for the backside of the house.

As we rounded the backside of the house wnich was the kitchen side Lisa was wearing a light peach colored summer dress this morning. It was the first time she had worn a dress which I thought she looked nice in it and I told her. She thanked me. Lisa asked me as now as we had reached the path that went to the outhouse if I had to shit. I told her not yet but I sure had to piss. That's why I'm hard. Lisa let out a short laugh.

We reached the outhouse and I opened up the door for Lisa. Lisa said thank you to me as she stepped by me to go inside. Your such a gentleman! Lisa was giggling as she aid that to me. Once she had stepped inside she turned around and faced me. With a big smile she told me she had to show me something first. Whats that Lisa? I asked back. Like you were I'm not wearing any underware! Lisa yanked up the front of her peach summer dress above her waist and showed me that she wasn't!

I smiled with a big smile. Lisa laughed and then she pulled up the cover over the hole on the wooden platform.Lisa then pulled up the backside of her peach dress gathered her dress all up above the one side of her waist and stepped back. If I sit down you're not going to able to see me shit Lisa said to me. So I'll hover ok? I told her that would be ok. Better yet get up on the platform and hover I said to her. Lisa giggled a little and she did step up on the platform and she hovered her ass over the hole opening.

I was still standing outside looking though the open doorway of the outhouse. I stepped inside now and closed the door behind me. Lisa then started to piss. Her stream came out hard from her vagina at first. It hissed loud. It was wide headed and a twist had formed in it also. It was a long twist too for I could see the twist in her stream but not all of it for it was that long and it dissapeared going down through the holde in the platform.

Lisa's piss stream was yellow in color and I could even smell a light oder of her piss since the door was closed. After about a little less then ten seconds had passed I would say Lisa told me she could feel that she was going to start shitting. One sure sighn was her piss stream eased right up into a very weak stream.

As I watched I aw her asshole dome out and her vagina buldged jsut a little. This made her piss stream come out harder again. In only a few seconds I saw the front tip of a tan turtle head poke out between her asscheeks. It was very fat smooth, and it crackled softly. It was moving quickly so it grew longer very quickly. I also saw that now Lisas piss stream had eased back off again now too.

Lisas shit was now over a half foot and getting longer by the second. I said to Lisa; You know Lisa the way you shit looks like a lot the way that I shit! Lisa smiled and said really? Really! I said back to her. Now her shit was almost a foot size in length. I noticed too now Lisa was no longer pissing. I could aslo see that her shit was stretching for some cracks were opening up in it now that it was so long in length.

Then one of the cracks about halfway in her shit opened right up which her shit then broke. The one part that broke away fell down in though the hole opening and hit the ground with a dull sounding thump. The remaining part of her shit went and cme out about anothe three inches and then that one fell away making another dull thump when it hit the ground.

There must have been a little mre inside for Lisa pushed hard. I saw her asshole again dome outward along woth her vagina buldge outward with a good short hard spurt of piss shoot out from it too. Then her piss stream stopped. A short fat piece of shit which wa tan colored like her shit that had come out before appeared poking out between her asscheeks. It reached about 4 inches and it fell away joining her other two ieces already laying on the ground.

It hadn't come out cleanly for I could see a couple of dingle berries still hanging off her asshole. Lisa then began to have piss dribble down her vagina and under it. When her piss hit her asshole and the hanging dingle berries her piss ran off the dingle berries until she did stop dribbling. That was it Lisa was done.

I haned her the roll of toilet paper. Lisa asked me to roll off a good wad of paper for her. I did and handed her the wad of paper. She reached right between her legs and wiped herasshole off. She pulled the wad back out checked it and carefully opened it up and reached back down and gave herself a second wipe. Then she let go of that wad which it fell through the hole opening.

Can you roll me off some more more? Lisa asked me. I think I'll need more Dave. So I rolled off another wad tore t off the rool and gave it to Lisa. She didn't use this wad to wipe her ass with. She wiped her vagina and under her vagina with this wad. Then she dropped the used paper down the hole stood up and stepped off from the patform smiling.

She came right over to me. As she did she askd me if that it was fun to watch her shit. I smiled and told her it was. Well I hope when you go it will be fun too! Now you can go take your piss now. I told Lisa since I was erect I didn't want to piss all over the outhouse. So I turned and pushed the door open. Lisa knew what I was just about to do and she giggled hard.

I started to reach down with my right hand to open up the front slit of my boxers to get my erect penis out. Ifelt Lisa grab my boxers and she started yanking them down! So I let her. Once she had them pulled over my hips she let go of them and my boxers slid down to my feet. Giggling Lisa said to me; Now your ready! I said back to her; I guess I am!

Lisa then told me to wait one second. She was behind me and she then stepped over to my right side and stood by my right side. Are you ready now? I asked her. Not quite yet Dave. Now what Lisa? I said back to her. I had to piss and I had now taken my riughthand and I was holding my penis with along with squeezing it tightly so I would piss! Lisa still giggled but managed to say in a almost in a whspering fashion; Can I hold it?

This took me by complete surprise. Do you really want to hold it? I asked Lisa. Lisa stopped giggling and with a excited tone in her voice simply answered with a very loud YES! So she reached right over with her left hand and placed it behind my clenched hand on my penis. I then let go once her fingers were on it. Now with my fingers no longer sqeezing hard down on my penis a very hard piss stream shot out from my penis went arcing through the air and came down and splashed off a bush several feet away from the outhouse.

Lisa reacted by shoving my penis downward with her hand that was holding it. Doing this my piss stream slackened right off. I said loudly to Lisa Wait DON"T do that! That makes it harder for me to piss! Lisa sais Sorry and she let my penis up. My stream sprang bank shooting back nto its long arcing stream again. Better? Lisa asked. I told her that it was. So Lisa didn't try pushing my penis dfown again as I pissed.

Boy it felt good to piss too as I stood there going. Also having Lisa holding me almsot felt as good as pissing I thought also. I han't had a girl hold me in quite awhile for that was the reson I was feeling the way I was. After I had pissed about ten seconds Lisa spoke up again. Dave when a boy is hard like you are and is pissing do have trouble pissing in the toilet in the bathroom? I told Lisa at times. Lisa then let out a shrt hard laugh. Yeah I can tell too. I've seen pisss all over the place in the boys room in the old school. So whover that boy was must have been hard!

I turned and looked at Lisa. You were in the boys room in school?! Lisa said yes but she went on to say there was no one in there when she did it. I was just curious to see what the inside looked like thats all. Not mush diffent then the girls room except for the urinal. I laughed. I told Lisa I too had snuck in the gorls bathroom one day to see waht it looked like. Lisa laughed after I told her.

I now by this time was just starting to have my piss stream starting to ease off.Its arc fell and my stream was getting shorter now comming back towards us wetting the ground of the path to the outhouse. I told Lisa to move my penis. I don't want to step in my own piss. Lisa moved my penis to the right and my stream moved off the path and I pissed in the weeds by the side of the path.

I then stopped. Lisa asked if I had to go more. I told her to keep holding on. Igave a push making a spurt of piss shoot out. Then I gave another which made a second spurt of piss come out. Then I was done. I felt Lisas fingers loosen on my penis. Don't let go yet! I said to her. The job is not finished yet! Lisa asked me what was left to do. You have stopped. I laughed and told her that I needed to be shaked. Lisa let out a hard giggle saying; Oh yeah I forgot! She gave my penis a couple of kind of on the weak side shakes.

I told her shehad to shake it harder then that! So Lisa gave it toreal hard shakes. OK OK good enough not so hard! You trying to break it or what? Lisa laughed hard and let my penis go. I bent over and pulled my boxers up. We both then stepped out of the outhouse and carefully sidestepped where my piss had wetted the pathway. We then walked up to the kitchen door went inside and got ready to have breakfast. I'll leave it at this point. For the next part I would take a shit with Lisa watching me in the outhouse.

Turd Lover
I had an awesome bowel movement this morning. It measured 13 inches with a nice "hook" on the end. It was multi-colored and packed with peanuts and corn. It plunged into the toilet with a tremendous splash and drenched my bottom. The stench was overwhelming and quite exciting. This beauty rated a "9" on my shit-satisfaction scale.

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