the Juiceman
Pullups are a great invention. I have many youthful memories of spending a day struggling to hold it in until my parents designated a bathroom time. And when I didn't make it, it ruined the whole day for everybody. What I like about pullups is that children and adults who have accidents will have less of a disaster on their hands when one happens!

Was at a fair and saw a girl, about 5 years old, who needed to use the bathroom. But it was a packed crowd and the bathrooms were nowhere near. Needless to say, she tearfully messed herself right in front of many people. Her mother pulled down her bulging tights and actually changed her while she was standing, tearing away the pullup side panels and putting a new one on her while she held her dress out to provide modesty. The pullup went into a nearby trash can and the child was much relieved. A lot of people were staring and had mean, disgusted looks on their faces, but I think that the parents were right to change their child there, before her mess could seep through her clothes and ruin everybody's whole day. Pullups saved the family outing. They're a great invention!

I used to work with a disabled women who wore pullup-type depends underwear, as she didn't always make it to the bathroom in time. Sometimes her rushes to the bathroom ended up with her trying frantically to operate her wheelchair while simultaneously keeping her butt off of her seat so as not to spread the mess any worse. The strange part is that she was an extremely reserved type of person who would never admit any unpleasantness whatsoever, and perhaps this is why she'd never dispose of her dirty underwear in the restroom. If she wet herself, she'd shove it in her bag and carry it out when she went home, sometime's she'd have wet pullups just hanging out of her bag. And if she pooped her pants, she would just smell like it until she could go home. I don't understand why she didn't just throw them away with the tampons and stuff.

I just had a toilet nightmare and need to share!

I've always been really nervous about pooping, especially when other people are around. I didn't used to be able to do it at all, but I've got a lot more confident recently and it's no longer such of a big deal.

About a month ago I moved in with my fiance. So far I've managed not to take too many shits at home, preferring the relative privacy of work or public toilets.

I've felt a bit constipated all week, though, and although I took a reasonable shit on Friday morning, I knew I wouldn't be able to get through the rest of the weekend without pooping. I tried to go at a railway station yesterday but to no avail. I knew I would have no private time today, so awoke with a rumbling in my belly and feeling a little nervous.

We had a full English breakfast, followed by gallons of black coffee, and within half an hour I was really feeling the urge. I was hoping against hope that my boyfriend would express a desire to go out to the garage (where he has some gym equipment set up and would be less likely to hear me) but he seemed pretty comfortable on the sofa.

After another half an hour I was starting to get shooting pains in my abdomen and they were getting pretty agonising. Soon I was rocking backwards and forwards and I knew I couldn't hide it much longer, I had to take a shit.

I was barely able to stand up, but made it to the bathroom and sat down. So that my other half would be less likely to hear me, I lined the bottom of the toilet with sheets of toilet paper so that my logs didn't make a splash.

I sat on the bowl and started pushing. A few little chunks came out and splashed slightly so I added more paper. I was still in real pain and started rubbing my poor swollen belly, whilst pushing down really hard at the same time. Nothing came out, but I felt like my poop was starting to shift and that after another few minutes of pushing, I might get relief.

That was when I heard my boyfriend starting to stir downstairs. I knew that if he came upstairs to the bedroom I would be completely incapable of pooping but I was desperate for release so I bore down with all my might for as long as I could. It hurt like hell but I eventually I managed to squeeze my log out. Thank God.

I stood up and suveyed what I had done. It was hard to tell the exact size because of all the paper in the bowl, but it looked absolutely massive. One big log which tapered off towards the end into a pile of mushy shit. No wonder I had to go so badly.

My bottom was pretty messy and it tooks me lots more paper to get clean. I wiped as quickly as possible, then pressed to flush the toilet. To my absolute horror, the toilet flushed but my poop and the paper didn't move.

Help! The toilet must have been blocked by so much tissue. In desperation, I took the toilet brush and tried to push my shit down the toilet. It disappeared down slightly, and I flushed again. This time I had to watch in horror as the toilet basin nearly overflowed, but in the end it went down and with a bit more pushing, I thought the problem was solved.

A new problem now confronted me, however. Half my shit was stuck to the toilet brush and I needed to clean it. I tried picking it off with tissue but it was too gross, so I had no choice but to run it under a tap for half an hour until it all washed away.

The bathroom was a complete mess and it took me ages to clean. God knows what my boyfriend thought I was doing in there :( The worst bit was that five minutes after I finished, he went out to the garage!! If only I could have held my shit for another hour, everything would have been fine.

Upstate Dave
Hi to all. Hey sometime back someone asked the whole group about most different place(s) either yourself or someone else had either peed or pooped. Well I remebered now about the poster asking this. I do have a answer for them. It involved two girls.

Back in the 1990s I had a job that was involved with repairing electronics with a good friend that ran a repair shop. I worked with him either 5 or 6 days a week.Either both of us would be there or if Dick took a day off I would man the sop by myself. At this time I was taking the bus back and forth to work.

Now I had been there on this one Saturday working at the shop. I was by myslelf this day. So when it was time to close up I closed up the shop and walked down too the bus stop to wait for the bus. I had a half hour wait for the bus to come.

While waiting standing at the bus stop across fro the stop is a row of three story stone apartment houses that are very fancy looking. All of them have old style big three window double pane bow windows. The one on the end of the row was right across from me. Up on the third florr all three of the windows of the bow window were lifted open.

I could plainly hear two girls voices, laughter, sreams, for from all of the sounds they were just plain fooling around. I first only paid a little attention to the noise only to see where it was comming from. Then knowing where it was comming from I stopped paying attention to it. I leaned back on the fence and waited for my bus.

After five more minutes both girls were in the front windows. They got my attention when the one girl in a dark red shirt and dark green shorts yelled out; Hello mister across the street! I looked up over at the window and saw the girl in red and grees leaning out the window. she had blonde very tight long curly hair. Shirly Temple style her hair reminded me of.

Now the other girl was in the window next to her blonde haired friend. She was in a blue top and blue shorts. I knew she was a friend of the blond for she lived in the other end apartment house of the row. I had done a service call at that girls apartment. Her mane I knew was Molly. The other girl I did not know her name yet.

Seeing Molly leaning out through the window I said Hello Molly to her. She said hi back to me and waved also. I then heard her blonde haired friend ask Molly how she knew me. Molly giggled saying to the blonde; Cindy that I was at her place and fixed thier tv set. Molly was a brunette with real long hair worn straight. She thanked me for fixing the tv and I said back to her that she was welocome.

So then I said ; Hello Cindy to the blonde. She giggled and said hi back to me. Well the three of us now went on talking which helped pass the time at least for me waiting for my bus. They had told me they were good friends and they were just spending time fooling around together waitng for Cindys mom to come home.

Then Cindy and Molly told me what they had been doing. They had been playing games,talking,telling jokes, had a pillow fight, and we got into a tigkling fight! Then Molly said right after that; I tickled Cindy and she peed her herself! Cindy byrst into loud giggling as she told me that Molly did do that to her. But I got her back for I made her pee her pants too! Molly started to augh now too.

I then told them both that it sound like they both had quite a afternoon. They both at the same time tolld me theyt had. Then Molly told me that they had been playing dare the past half hour. We both had just taken a break from it too. Thats why we are in the window.Cindy now again laughing said that both of them had dared each other to pull down thier shorts! Molly giggling added that they both had done it!

Now I stood there and I laughed. Both girls still leaning through the open windows pulled back out of them fr a moment. They both I could see standing but they were saying something to each other which I couldn't hear. Then they both started laughing loud and hard. Then foloowed the girls laughing I heard Molly say I dare you! Cindy said the same thing back to Molly.

Then the next thing that happened was both girls had turned around with thier backs facing the windows. They were both laughing as they stood there at the windows. Then I heard Cindy say real loud; NOW! What they both did real fast and together was that both of them yanked thier shorts right down showing me thier rearends! Then they both sat down on the window sills with thier bare butts hanging out the windows!

I jsut stood there staring up at thier bare butts hanging out the windows three stories up! This is not all what had happened. They both then went on and did something more each. Molly started peeing! For I plainly saw a pee stream shooting down the grass of the front yard! I couldn't tell if her stream was hissing for with traffic noise of passing cars and the loud laughetr of the two girls I couldn't hear if it was hissing.

Now right after Molly started peeing Cindy started to pee too. I saw a second pee stream which Cindys stream didn't go down to the ground. Instead her stream hit down below on the stone wall of the apartment building and started wetting the stones making a pee trail down the front of the place! I could not believe that they were doing this! I saw Molly stop peeing but she stayed with her rearend out the window.

Cindy was still peeing then I saw a big poop slide out from between her cheeks and it fell downin the hedges in front of the apartment. A second smaller length one then dropped. Then a third one started comming out from Cindys rearend. I heard Cindy yell out real loud telling Molly look I'm pooping! I saw mollys reaend slide back through the open wndow and she stood up turned around and leaned out the window looking at Cindy.

Molly had leaned back out through the window just in tme to see Cindys third poop fall down into the hedges below. Molly laughed real hard. Cindy didn't poop any more but she still peed some more. Nolly still laughing I heard her say to Cindy. Hey the dare was only to pee not poop too! Cindy now had stopped peeing and slid her bare rearend back inside the open window. I heard her say to Molly I couldn't help it. It just came out!

Now both girls turned and faced the windows. They hadn't pulled theire shorts up yet so they stood there at the window for several seconds laughing and waving at me. Then they both pulled thier shorts up and waved at me and they ran away from the windows and out of sight. It was all done in less then several minutes for the two girls to do this. I still didn't believe that they had dome this and I had seen it.

In fact I almost didn't catch my bus becuase of it! I didn't hear it come around the corner which was only about fifty feet up the street from where I was standing. Since I was standing at the bus stop the driver pulled up and stopped for me. I do remember the bus door opening nd the driver asking me if I was waiting for a bus. Tht is when I came to and said yes got in and took off. Upstate Dave

Cady- I was also wondering if you're raising your sister. I was raised by my brother since I was six. He is 15 years my elder and we are also very very close like you and mandy. Poor mandy. That's really intense. my brother probably would've taken me to the hospital.

One time I thought my internal organs were going to be crushed by the size of the turd dwelling inside me. I was in a car and had been holding it for hours and it was causing me serious pain. When I finally got to a bathroom, i sat down to shit, but nothing came out but gas (butt gas). A whole lot of butt gas. Like, more butt gas than I thought could be inside of a person. It was like someone had emptied a blimp or a hot-air balloon. And it's not like I farted, because farting requires that your ass cheeks occasionally touch. This butt gas was so vast that my asshole remained agape for a good 3 or 4 seconds of unimpeded gas-flow. It sounded like someone stabbed an air mattress.

Monday, October 05, 2009

hi this is my first post my name is Megan im 19 and i have medium length red hair and green eyes just so you know who i am :) ive just started university in northern england and i want to share some of my bathroom experiences with you all.

well today I finished my first lecture and had an hour to kill before the next one. I went to the bookstore to get a couple of textbooks and while i was in the queue I started to feel the urge for a poo. my friend Charlotte came in so we talked for a few minutes until I reached the till then went our separate ways. I decided to go to the student union for some lunch and a poo since I was sure I couldnt hold it through my next lecture until I got home, espcially if I was going to eat something.
so I got a sandwich and ate it and by that time I was really feeling the need to go quite badly. the students union building has 3 toilets, one big block and two somewhat smaller. Im normally quite shy about pooing in public so I tend to go to big toilets where there are lots of cubicles and other girls doing the same, and this is what I did today but there were no other girls there except two who were standing by the sinks talking. I was too embarassed to do anything except wash my hands and pretend to check my I went to the next nearest toilet which turned out to just be 2 cubicles, so I did the same and left. by now I was getting really desperate and to make things worse I could tell it wasnt going to be a quiet poo. so I quickly went to the third toilet but this was only 4 cubicles, all unoccupied. I toyed with just going and hoping I could finish before anyone else came in, but then someone did come in and ruined my plan. so I had to rush back to the original large bathroom which has about 20 cubicles in, trying not to shit myself on the way. I finally made it and to my relief about 6 or 7 cubicles were occupied and there was a distinct smell of poo in the air. I picked a cubicle between two occupied ones, rushed in, shut the door, put my bag on the hook and wiped the seat down. the poo was pressing hard and I had to quickly drop my jeans and panties and sit. one of the girls next to me fortunatey flushed which covered up my first, loud log that splashed down and then a wet fart and a spray of poo into the bowl. I groaned softly and peed a bit as well. the other girl was also clearly pooing as I could hear her turds falling into the toilet and the noises as she shuffled round. I finished up with two more logs and an embarrassing fart, but then the other girl farted too which made things a little better. I quickly wiped, flushed and headed out to the sink. the other girl did likewise a few seconds later. she looked even more embarrassed than me!

well thats about it for now thanks for reading :)

To Catherine: I really liked your story about the car trip with your boss. Do you have any others that you would like to share?

For now, let me share something that happened to me recently. I was on holidays, and decided to go to the Contemporary Arts Museum in the city where I was staying. On the way, I stopped off at a little cafe and had my morning coffee, and sat and read my book for a while because there was still half an hour or so until the museum opened.

While I was sitting there, I had an idea. I really enjoy the feeling of a full bladder, and like to test myself to see how long I can hold it. So I decided to have a little bit of vacation fun and challenge myself that day. I picked up a 600mL bottle of water and went to the museum, sipping along the way.

The museum was quite small, and I managed to see all the exhibits within a couple of hours. By the end of my time there, I had finished the bottle of water, and was feeling a slight urge to use the bathroom. On a normal day, I would probably have visited the ladies' before leaving, but this day I held off and left the museum to stroll around the beautiful gardens nearby.

I went into a convenience store to pick up another drink, and chose a 1-liter bottle of apple flavoured green iced tea. Considering I could already feel a slight urge, I figured this would be more than enough to fill up my bladder and provide me with a challenge. I sat down in the shade in the gardens and took out my book, swigging the drink quite quickly as I read. When I started, I had about 40 pages left of the book, so I decided to challenge myself to stay there and finish off the book before starting the walk back to my hotel, about a 20 minute walk.

With about 17 pages left of the book I suddenly realised that my need had got quite urgent and I was rocking gently back and forth to hold it in. I guess I'd just got caught up in the book and hadn't realised my growing need. Not wanting to have an accident before I got back to the hotel, I decided to go back to my room and finish off the book in privacy, where I could do a pee-pee dance if need be.

A few blocks into the walk, I realised I was in trouble. Having drunk a coffee, and a liter and a half of water and iced tea, my bladder was stretched to capacity. I had to walk in quick, jerky steps and I was breathing heavily with the effort of keeping in the pee. Every now and then, especially when I had to stop for a traffic light, my bladder would give a little spasm and it took every ounce of muscle power and bladder control to keep from wetting myself.

Two blocks away from the hotel, my bladder gave another of those spasms. However this time, even though I crossed my legs and bent over to stop from having an accident, the first spurt escaped from my tired and overstretched bladder. This is when I really started to panic. Although I like the feeling of a full bladder, I don't really like having accidents in public.

So I continued walking, stopping every so often to take a deep breath and compose myself. One time I pretended to be bending over to adjust my shoe, but I was actually trying my hardest not to wet my pants. I was desperate!

Finally, all that remained of my walk was to cross the road and walk up two or three doors to my hotel. I stood waiting for the pedestrian light and I couldn't help but jump around and bend over, doing a major pee-dance. It must have been clear to anyone who could see me that I had left it too late and was now in a very desperate predicament.

Before the walk sign flashed up, I felt another spurt of pee jet out of me into my underwear. I almost cried out with the effort to stop myself from flooding the sidewalk, but somehow I managed to gain control. As soon as the light went green, I dashed across the road and into the door of the hotel.

The receptionist was a really friendly lady who I usually stopped to talk to on my way in and out of the hotel. She smiled a greeting at me when I walked in and said "hi, how is your day going". I could barely force out a smile as I replied "good, thanks" without even stopping and continued the mad dash towards my room. She must have wondered why I was all of a sudden so rude.

My room was on the second floor, so I decided to take the elevator even though I would usually take the stairs. I thought the action of running up the stairs might be too much for my poor overflowing bladder. Waiting for the elevator was agony, and I felt a couple more dribbles escape into my now soaked panties. I took a quick look and could see that noone was around, so I bent over and put a hand up my skirt and held myself tightly to stop the flow. This allowed my tired bladder muscles to relax for a few seconds, but I was afraid to hold myself too long incase the elevator door opened and someone was inside to see me. So I let go and another spasm sent another hot jet of pee out of my bladder and into my panties. This time it was too much for my panties to absorb, and pee started running down my leg and into my show.

Finally the elevator arrived and I rushed in, and pushed the button for my floor. Alone in the elevator, I quickly put my hand back up my skirt and held on while the elevator jerked and pushed its way up to the second floor. As soon as the doors opened, I dashed out and almost ran up the hallway to my room, fumbling with the keys in my panic. When I took my hand away from holding myself, I simply did not have the strength to hold it back, and my pee started coming out in a slow trickle even though my muscles were concentrating on holding it back.

I ran inside, letting the door close behind me, and ran into the bathroom without stopping to put down my bag or keys. In my desperate state, I forgot all about my challenge to finish reading my book, as my screaming bladder was drowning out all other thoughts. As soon as I was in front of the toilet, with relief so close, I started to pee a full stream before I could even pull my panties down. I just hitched up my skirt and stood in the shower until I had finished peeing. Somehow I had manged not to get my skirt wet, but my panties and shoes were saturated. I carefully took off my skirt and had a shower to wash myself down.

I guess this one time my personal challenge proved a little bit too challenging.

Yesterday I had a field research assignment in my Geography course. We headed out to a local hiking trail in the mountains to study the natural landscape. We all drove up in our cars since there are only about 20 students in the class. I took my car and since we were in groups I drove the other 2 members up. After about 30 miles of driving we finally reached the destination. We met up and started to walk the trails and take photos of the landscape.

After about another 2 hours I was starting to feel the need to take a shit. We reached the summit of the trail and had lunch. I ate the two sandwiches and a granola bar that I had packed. I drinked quite a bit of water since I was thirsty from all the walking. We continued our way back down, examining a small creek and taking samples of the vegetation. I had to really shit now as the lunch I had eaten was starting to make me feel bloated.

My group members said they were going to be heading out early with a few other classmates as they had to get back to the campus. They got a ride back to the campus with some other class members as the rest of us completed the tour. After another 45 minutes the professor ended the class and everyone started to make their way back home or to school. I was the last one to leave. Since we were in the wilderness I wasn't sure if there was a washroom nearby or if was I going to have to go and shit behind a bush. I waited until everyone left the parking lot and then I went to find a bathroom.

I walked down a small pathway near the parking lot and found a sign indicating men and women bathrooms down a couple hundred yards down. I finally arrived to find a small building nested in a section of where the forest started again. I wasn't sure what kind of conditions I was going to have to use. I opened the bathroom door and found 4 stalls and three sinks. There were no urinals. It was somewhat dark because the lights were on a timer so I turned them back on. I entered in to a stall and found that it was not a flush toilet. There was a single round white pit toilet with a black lid and seat. There were a couple large rolls of toilet paper on one side of the stall.

I set my backpack on the ground and locked the stall door. I lifted the seat and discovered it was a deep drop to the large holding tank below where all the waste was collected. I tried not to look down for too long. I undid my pants and sat down on the hard and cold seat. I let out a fart that echoed down below. I began to push and a large turd came out with no effort. It made a loud thud and splash as it fell down to the holding tank. I got up off the seat and stared down to see my creation. It was so large that I could tell it apart from all the other turds. I sat back down and peed and then wiped up and did up my pants. I washed my hands and walked back to my car to leave.

Anonymous girl...To me it feels better taking a piss standing up. When I'm erect, I have to go outside and pee.

Anonymous do you like to pee? and how does if feel before and after??

hi im 29 femalewith thick ;ight long brown hair anyway to my story i was driving home from work one after noon and i havent been in 2 days which is usual for me. i felt a huge pain in my lower stomach just below the belly buttonand started doing whispery like farts "ppppppfffffffffffff" i drove around looking for a toilet i finally came across one at a gas station lol gas i got out of my car and ran into the ladies room pulled down my pants but the urge went away as i peed. i wiped my vagina but just as i went to pull my thong up i had the stabbingg pain in my ????, i placed my finger towards my butt hole just to double check but when i went to put it inside i felt a huge rock right at the rim of my anus, so i sat again and i was in pain. as soon as i got comfortable another ppppfffffffff but louder came upon and i felt a huge pain in my stomach and butt at the same time as my butthole slowly opened. it felt like i was removing an impalement inside me as a huge thick log slowly came out of my butt and another ppppppppppppffffffffffff came along while this huge log was evacuating my butt, i was still in pain but it felt blissful at the same time.
then i heard a huge ppppppppllllllllllllloooooooooooopppppppppp hit the water in the toilet bowl and i was like whoa! i looked at the mess i made and no kiddin it was a caramel brown colour about 13" long and 3" thick and very lumpy, but i felt so relieved afterwards it felt like removing a sharp plank of wood from my stomach. so i wiped with surprisingly 1 sheet of paper and i puled up my pants and flushed and walked out, then a girl waiting in line about 18 brunette was waiting to use the toilet and she said did u make that smell? i said yeah i couldnt help it. "that is so cool" she said. she walked in and said "how did u push that one out?" i went all red and just loked at her and she said wait here and she said i bet u i can do bigger. so i waited for her until she finished and she told me too look at hers. i went in and she did a 9"long and 2"thick not as lumpy as mine. she said dam it then i said "oh well theres always next time".

Amanda M
ugh I still keep getting constipated. I don't understand why. Just a few minutes ago I was sitting here when I got the urge to go.I went to the bathroom sat on the toilet and gave a push and some tiny balls came out.The I could feel a big one starting to come slowly then it just stopped.I pressed on my stomach and gave a big push but it still wouldnt come. I grabbed the counted and pushed as hard as I could and it still couldn't move.I was starting to get a little frustrated. I could feel it right there but just couldn't get it out. After about 10 minutes of pushing and getting nothing I just gave up. I wiped 2 times and flushed.There was a little after smell so I sprayed some air freshner.
I'm probably going to drink some prune juice to help get things moving.


I'm curious about your living situation. Are you raising your sister? Why do you work so far from where you live? Your explanation wasn't clear.

Upstate Dave
Let me go on with Krissy and lisa. The thre of us made up our lunch and went and sat at the picnic table on the deck outdoors. We talked while we ate lunch and also Lisa and Krissy told me some pretty funny jokes and I did the same in return. I asked them if they played scrabble and they both replied that they did. So right after we finished our lunch I got the scrabble game and we started to play.

After a few turns I used a word that I had learned from my grandmother. I got a challange on it from both girls. I told them what it ment and I went and got my grandmothers dictonary and sure enough it was there so I kept my word on the board. Then on my next turn the real fun started for the word I spelled cuased it.

I spelled out tits which made both Lisa and Krissy break into laughter. Then Lisa told me it was slang. I told her it wasn't and I looked it up in the dictionary and lether read the definition. It showed it was a noun plural of course. Its meaning is a nipple. Then other words started getting spelled out which added more fun to the game.

Well now with our carrying on with spelling out words with lots of laughter and we had been drinking lemonade I needed to piss. So I announced that I had to which Lisa and Krissy laughed. So I got up from the table and started to walk over to the end of the deck to piss. Krissy and Lisa watching me Lisa asked me; Arn't you going inside to piss? I laughed a litle and told them both Why should I? I can go off the deck no one will see me.

Krissy piped up and said back to me; But we will! I again let out a laugh as now I was standing at thge end of the deck pulling my zipper down. I ment not you two but anyone passsing by on the road won't. This was true for only the first section of the deck could be seen from the road.

As I was getting out my penis to piss both Lisa and Krissy had also now gotten up from the table and had come right over to watch me piss! Both of them were on each side of me leaning on the railing. I pulled my penis out aimed it upward so I would piss over the railing. I started to piss as soon as I had my penis in position.

I sent a good hard stream of piss which it made a very nice arcing stream and went outward real far from the deck. It reached the edge of where it was clear of any brush and weeds. It splashed noisily for where my piss was hitting the ground it was splashing on the top of a large flat rock. Both girls watched my piss splash on the rock and in seconds the whole top of the rock had been covered.

Lisa was leaning over the railing further then Krissy. Dave what is the litle small building over thereby the edge of the woods? What building Krissy asked right after Lisa had asked me. Krissy leaned way over the railing to look at what Lisa was looking at. Oh I see it now krissy added. It is a tool shed Lisa. No it's a outhouse I told both of them.

Both of them then said together; What's a outhouse? It is a otdoor bathroom. Most everyone had one before running water and bathrooms were inside the house. Really! Krissy said to me. Lisa asked why my grandmother had one then. Your grandmother has a bathroom inside her house. I laughed then and also by this time I was getting close to the end of my piss for my stream had dropped and I was just pissing over the top railing now.

I told Lisa and Krissy to hang on for a momnet. Let me finish up with my piss. Both girls giggled. My stream stopped but it was only a pause. I gave a good hard push which sent out a good spurt which went further then when I had pissed. It lasted about thre seconds and then that was it. I gae my penis its shakes which made Krissy giggle harder. Then I slipped my penis back inside me shorts and zipped them up.

I then went on to explain that my grandmother had a outhouse at her old place at one time. It was behind the one barn. When I told the girls that the old one behind the barn was a three holer they both laughed hard and Krissy said; Three people could use it at the same time? If needed yes I said back to her. Most outhouses only were one holers. That one there is a one holer. Krissy went on saying that a boy and a girl would use it together at the same time? I laughed and told her that was possible. Lisa now laughed and said; They even had fun like that in the old days!

Then Lisa sked if her and Krissy could go and look at it. I told them come on. Krissy being Krissy ran right across the deck as Lisa and I only walked. Lisa yelled out to her sistor to wait up. Krissy had already had gone down the steps at the end of the deck but she did stop. She loudly told us two to hurry up. I have to piss really bad so hurry! Lisa and I looked at each other laughed and lisa told her sistor to go ahead we will catch up to you.

Krissy thgen took off running again and dissapeared from our sght as Krissy ran around the sides of the house. She and I went down te steps and now were walking across the yard heading towards the backsides of the house. Krissy had reached the outhouse and was yanking open the door on it as we came around the backside of the house.

As we walked down the short path to the outhouse I told Lisa that my father and I had built it. Lisa asked me if I had used it. I smiled and told Lisa I was the one that christened it! She laughed. We now had reached the outhouse and Krissy had left the door wide open. We both could see her already had yanked her shorts down which were down around her ankles and was just about to sit down and piss. Lisa and I stood outside the open door and waited.

Krissy started to pisss. She had sreaded her feet as wide apart as her shorts would let her. We both could see plainly her vagina and she let go a torrent of a wildly spraying stream of piss out from it. I noticed that Krissy had her eyes closed tightly. She at first was siting ridgedly but in seconds her body relaxed and she let out one long soft sigh of relief.

As Lisa and I stood there outside the outhouse we could hear Krissy piss splashing on the ground under her. Lisa then softly asked if I had also shit in the outhouse. I smiled and told her that I had. It's used for that too. Lisa let out a litle giggle. Krissy heard us but not enough to make out what we had said so she asked what we wre talking about. Lisa told her that I had taken a shit in the ouhouse. Krissy began to giggle hard as she sat there pissing.

Krissy went on with her piss for a short time and then she came to a stop. she grabbed the roll of toiet paper which was next to her and rolled off a big wad of it. Instaed of sitting down and wipeing herself she stood up and started wiping her thighs and then her asscheeks off. She said as she was wipeing I took a Lisa! Krissy the started to laugh hard. Lisa also let out a good giggle and I did too.
Krissy finished wiping herself and dropped the used wad of paper down into the hole cut out.

She then bent over and pulled up her shorts and panties. She then stepped out of the outhouse and told us she would meet us back over at the table. Dave's already pissed so there is no reason for me to hang around. Krissy took off running leaving me and Lisa standing by the outhouse. Lisa then stepped inside and turned around and faced me. But before she pulled down her shorts she asked me; When do you shit Dave? I told her after breakfast. I saw Lisa smile and she started to pull her shorts down.

Once Lisa had her shorts down she did take a look at the hole opening. There was several wet spots showing on the wood. So Lisa then went and slipped her shorts completely off and stepped up on the wooden bench and squated down over the opening. She told me as she got up on the bench she didn't want to sit in her sistors piss. Krissy had pissed a little too on the wood in spots ouside of the hole opening.

Lisa started pissing which from out of her vagina she did piss with a messy stream this time. Instead she had a stream with a narrow head going into a twist and it was angled slightly forward too. Her stream hissed loudly also which it started hising as soon as it had shot out.

Lisa had her arms folded with her hands on her knees as she squated and went on with her piss. Lisa told me she too shit after breakfast a lot. She also asked me if I had ever shit more then once a day. I told her I did but that was rare. She told me she would shit on sme days twice or more. Then she went an and said to me: How bout tomorrow morning I come over early. We can use the outhouse. I said fine but after my grandmother leaves for work. Lisa smiled with a big smile and said nothing more. She looked down to watch her piss stream.

Lisa finished by having her stream ease right up. I saw no dribbles with this piss. LIsa stepped right off from the platform and put her shorts back on with out wipeing herself. We then walked back to the deck and rejoined Krissy who was siting at the table and we went back to playing scrabble. The next part would take place in the next morning and would involve only Lisa and I. Upstate Dave

Yesterday I had the worst experience of the new school year. You might remember that I told you in previous posts that my family moved because of the economy, I'm in a larger city and was forced to leave a school I loved and was a volleyball star in and as a senior, I am being forced to "start over", at least that's the way my mom describes it. Well, this week my new school is giving these standardized tests that are required by the state and there's a lot of pressure for them to show high scores because the results are reported to the federal government. Those of us who weren't there last year were rounded up from our classrooms by security officers and taken to a large lecture hall where we were forced to miss our morning classes and take the required tests. I'm an honor roll student and don't like missing class but I wasn't given a choice. You might also remember that I'm 6'3", 170 pounds and because of my height, the stall partitions in my new school seem awful low to me and the stall doors are at least 6" lower than the partitions.

Because of that I try to avoid using the bathrooms during passing periods because of the obvious crowds. I remotely felt that I might need to crap about a half hour before school so I went to the large main floor bathroom, only a couple of the stalls out of 20 or 30 were in use, so I selected on, put the seat down and placed m butt on it. Despite a few farts and some noise in my bowels, after about 5 minutes I wasn't feeling any success so I pulled up my underwear and jeans while I was still seated, and I buckled my belt. So as not to draw attention to my failure, I leaned back and flushed while I was still seated. (I like to cover such things up!).

I went to lst hour and about 10 minutes into the hour the escort came and took me to a lecture hall in the other wing of the school, actually a part of the school I had not seen yet. Eventually, there were like 40 of us in the room and two proctors. One was a regular teacher and the other was like some kind of para, maybe a college student. The first test was math and although I'm good at it, I'm finding I'm behind in the difficulty of what's being taught. Could this have activated my bowels? All I know is that within about 15 minutes I was getting big-time motions in my bowels and I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it until our break about 90 minutes later. I raised my hand, had to wait about 2 minutes (it seemed like 20) because of my need before the para looked up and walked up to my seat. At first she said the tests were not "set up" for special bathroom breaks and that I should wait until after the math test. "That's 90 minutes and I know I'm going to have an accident if I try," I told her. She walked down to the front of the room, told the teacher, and they must have had a minute-long conversation where the teacher took out her lap top andI guess looked up the rules. Then she walked out in the hall and came back in after I guess calling the office on her cell and getting permission to let me go. She came up to my seat and told me that I needed to be "absolutely sure" I needed to interrupt my test and that some national guidelines required either her or the para to take me to the bathroom. I wasn't about to argue and
the para volunteered to take me. I was relieved but also embarrassed with several of the test-takers looking up at me as I got up out of my seat.

The para took me around the corner and down the hall to another wing of the school I had not seen. There were like 6 stalls in the bathroom (the smallest I think in the school) and we were the only person in there. I went into the first stall, the seat was down and there was pee in the bowl but I didn't take time to flush. I yanked my underwear and jeans down and no sooner than my butt hit the seat, I was blasting away. There was about 5 seconds of gas and then one softer but still well formed log that was about 18 inches. As I sat, I heard the para tear off toilet paper in the stall next to mine. I thought she was going to blow her nose, but then I saw her feet turn and I could hear her pulling her skirt up and dropping her underwear so I knew she was going to use the toilet. I heard a slight curse and saw her reach down for a strip of the toilet paper that apparently fell off the seat. She put it back on and sat down. There was a big sigh and she said "Thank you, Braidy, for helping me get this pee done. I didn't think I was going to be able to hold it. You're going to find when you start drinking coffee, it goes right through you!" I laughed, finished up and started wiping.

When we got back to the testing hall, I had to sign and she had to sign the log sheet for my/our 8:14 toilet break.

Hey everyone! This is a story about something that happened just yesterday. Last night, to be specific. First, a little background though. I'm American, and all my life I've kind of had a thing for hearing or seeing members of the opposite sex go to the bathroom. More specifically, pooping! I know this is shared by a lot of people both here and elsewhere, so as strange and taboo as it may seem, it's just one of those things. By the way, I'm a 21 year old male. So anyway, I work in a public recreation center and I've made a lot of friends with the patrons there. There is this one particular girl, Nicole, and she always goes running in our rec room on the treadmill. She's my age (21), and VERY attractive. Brunette, hair tied back, pretty face, about 5'6", light tan, very soft skin, about a B-cup if I had to guess chest size (for those who really want a good visual here) and 130 lbs (there's a scale in the rec room and I've talked to her while she's weighted herself... though, I did joke about not looking, since I know a lot of people are self-conscious about their weight; even when they're skinny). Sometimes after running she heads to the bathroom. Now since this is a public place, the bathrooms have no doors on them for easy wheelchair access. You can't see in, and the stalls have doors, but if you're standing outside, you can hear everything that goes on inside (especially if it's quiet). So, me being the curious young fellow that I am, I'll sometimes walk by and see if I can hear anything. The couple times that I did, she was only peeing and left right away. But last night, it was different. It was a particularly quiet night, and after running I saw her head down to the bathrooms. Curious, as usual, I decided to tread along after her and see if I was in for a treat... and boy was I ever. Standing outside, I heard her enter the stall, close and latch the door. That day she was wearing a green tank top with light blue shorts. I could hear her pulling her shorts down and sitting on the toilet. Immediately after, I heard that wonderful sputtering sound of soft, mushy, poo exiting from her ever so cute bum. Mesmerized, I stood in place and listened carefully. The large initial sputter was soon followed by a few spurts with peanut like crackles. Silence for about 10 or 15 seconds. Then I hear some toilet paper being pulled off. Drats, she's done I think to myself. But nope, after a few more moments of silence I hear a flow of semi-solid but mushy poo fall very gracefully in the toilet. I couldn't hear very many moans, but they were there. Brief moments of silence became interspersed with about 3 or 4 shots of what I would assume was very thin soft poop complete with small bubbly farts that you could barely hear, but were definitely there. By this time the toilet was probably getting full because you could only hear sputters and no water splashes. After those last shots she started pulling off toilet paper and I lost count of how many times she pulled some off and wiped herself, but it was quiet a few; the sign of a very gooey poo. She took her time doing this. Finally, she flushed the toilet and exited. I walked off in total utter excitement. I've read stories on here about people listening all the time, but this time it was real and my body was shivering with excitement. I walked into another room and calmed my excitement. Later I bumped into her upstairs and we talked and flirted (as we often do) and I couldn't stop thinking about what I had just heard. I sometimes wish I wasn't into this stuff, but nothing else excites me more and that's just how it is. Since last night I've done nothing but think about what I heard and it's driving me nuts!! So much so that I had to come here and write a story, even though I've never had anything to contribute up until now (and I've been reading since I was about 13 or 14, so about 8 years! haha). Alright, well, that's all, hope you enjoyed my story!


Julie. S.
Hi, I suffer from a megacolon,Which means my intestines are enlarged, and suffer from constant constipation.
Therfore, I always try to poop in public, as the toilet always cloggs after I have used it.
This problem is very embarassing and annoying.
Does anyone else suffer with this?
I am only 5ft2" tall and weight 9 stone (126lb).

Linda from Australia here again. I'm on a losing streak again with my poos. I started getting constipated about a week ago and I've been having lots of trouble on the toilet. Last Sunday I was really backed up but I couldn't get the entire load out in 1 sitting. It took me 5 attempts throughout the day, to get all the poo out. Each time, I spent at least 15 minutes on the toilet, trying to squeeze out rock hard balls of poo. The turds really stretched my anus and they were very dry aswell.

Throughout the week, I could only squeeze out small amounts of poo. I could feel lots of poo inside me but when I got on the toilet, hardly anything came out. I was going once a day but I didn't feel satisfied. Then this morning (Friday) I managed to push out a HUGE load before I ate breakfast. Even though I felt much better, I still had more poo in me. After breakfast, I pushed the rest out and it felt so good!!

pantyhose pooper
hi i'm a female 26 yrs. old blonde hair, average body with a fairly big butt. about 2 weeks ago i was getting ready for work , I put on my favorite pink thong, and a short skirt and a blouse. on the way to work i started to feel a slight urge to poop, I hadn't pooped in 4 days, but i just ignored it and the urge went away. about halfway through my day at work I was sitting in my office, and the urge came back stronger this time, but i don't like going to the bathroom around my co-workers so I tried my est holding it in. 2 hours later I was very desperate, thinking about the horror of having an accident at work. But luckily it was time for me to go home. I clocked out and then my manager wanted to talk to me about an upcoming meeting. I could feel the head of my turd opening my butt hole, then I clenched my cheeks as hard as I could. my boss finally was done talking to me, then as I was walking to the parking garage, I almost lost my load as an unbearable urge hit me. At this point nobody was around so i put my hand up my skirt and clenched my cheeks while holding my butt. I walked very slowly as I finally arrived to my car. now I let go of my butt so i can reach for my car keys, when i feel the turd poke out again. It's about a ten minute ride from my house to work. I get in my car and pull out of the parking garage. When another unbearable urge hit me, and my poop started to slid out, I thought to myself no no no, because I knew my thong couldnt contain anything as it would go rite to my pantyhose. I clenched my cheeks but that was no help, so I finally gave up and lifted my butt of the seat a little and I didn't even have to push as it was already coming out, It actually felt good as it slid out of my butt, I could feel the big turd push my thong out of the way and my load started to pile up in my pantyhose luckily it was solid so it wouldnt mess my skirt up. as I got home i slowly got out of the car and i felt the bulge it felt huge. i went straight to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and there was a bulge the size of a softball in my pantyhose!! I pulled down my pantyhose slowly so i wouldnt get any poop on my floor or shoes, and I threw the pantyhose and poop covered thong in the trash. My beautiful butt was smeared with poop as I hopped in the shower to clean up. In the end i enjoyed the experience.

Friday, October 02, 2009

I went to work today at my mum's hairdressers, and went for my morning poo.
As I sat on the toilet I pushed but it didnt want to come out.
I tried and tried and was about to give up and try later.
So I took one last deep breath to give it one last push.... as I did so this really fat bobbly poo shot out of my bum and landed in the toilet with a big splash.
I wiped my poo butt hole,I must have torn my anus as there was blood on the paper, and I was left with a stinging sensation.
The poo didnt want to flush away so I just left it and got on with my day....

So the other day i was out with my husband and he took me out to eat at some chicken wing restauarant, wingnuts. Anyway the lunch was great, and afterwards he wanted to browse the shops around the area so he could buy me something. He's such a sweetie. We were walking around inside of a video game store when all of a sudden a quiet fart escaped me. It smelled pretty bad inside that little store. As soon as i had farted i almost released a huge load into my panties. I turned to him and said, "i need to poo, darling." he said ok and we walked back into wingnuts. I strolled into the restroom and took a stall. When i walked in and seated myself and as a woman was washing her hands i let go an echoing torrent of poo. It sounded like "popopoppopopshhhshshshoopopopopshshsflfflflflfflflfoppoppopooposhshspopo". I was pooping like a fountain for a whole minute! The lady quickly left and i was by myself then. Another round hit my backdoor and i released more popping farts. After a minute of silence someone else came in. As soon as she took her stall i dropped another fat dump with really loud farts. I felt sooo relieved. I was done so i wiped my butt and flushed. It smelled terrible in there.

Waited too long
I'm female, 17 years old, in high school. Yesterday something embarassing happened to me. I felt like I needed to poop during school but hate the school bathrooms so I held it and the urge went away. After school I drove home and laid on the couch and put on a movie on our new blu-ray player. My parents don't get home until like three hours after I do so I have the house to myself for a while. As I watched the movie my urge to poop came back but I figured I could hold it until after the movie. I had to squeeze my butt cheeks together a few times to hold it when I got a big urge to push but managed to hold on. But it kept getting stronger. Finally the movie ended and I was about to lose control. I jumped up and hurried to my bathroom with my cheeks clenched and one hand on my butt to help hold it shut, lol. I got to the bathroom, closed the door, shuffled over to the toilet and started fumbling with my belt so I could take my pants down when a huge urge hit me and a giant solid turd just shot its way out into my panties - I just couldn't stop it! In seconds I was just standing there with a giant bulging mound of poop in my panties before I could even get my belt undone. Luckily it was solid so it didn't leak into my pants or anything. I checked myself in the bathroom mirror and it looked like I had stuffed an orange down my capris! I slowly took off my pants, then lowered my panties enough to dump the giant ball of poop into the toilet and wiped out the seat of my panties. Thankfully the poop didn't stain them too much. I wiped my butt a couple of times with some TP then hopped right into the shower. Afterwards I ran a load of laundry to wash the panties before my parents got home so they wouldn't find out. So there you go. I just crapped my pants as a 17 year old because I was too lazy to go to the bathroom when I needed it and held it too long instead. Lesson learned! lol

part time poster sarah
ive been lurking on this site for a while now (after looking for constipation info) I am a 6 foot medium build 18 year old blonde and after today i just had to share my experience and lately ive not been having normal bms, probably down to food poisoning and at more frequent times during the day.

Today i at the beach when i felt my stomach rumble, so i made my way to the women's bathroom, inside were 3 stalls and the first 2 were taken so i went onto the end. i latched the door, undone my belt and jeans and thong, lowered them to my ankles and wiped the seat then sat down. i noticed on the floor that there was a magazine so i picked it up, placed it on my lap and begun reading since i would be there for a while. not noticing what the other 2 were doing they eventually flushed and left and it did leave a bad smell and the flies didden't help....
i let out a nice stream for about 10 seconds and some loud farts and after about 15 minutes i farted loudly and then liquid/loose poop shot out of me (a mixture of constipation and diarrhea)then some more girls entered the room, commented on the smell but i only heard one door lock and after a while i heard the first girl moan and quitely ask herself why she was constipated. i let out a few more farts and plops and i was about to reach for some tp when i saw in the corner of my eye that the light was shining like right in front of me so i looked up and i was quite shocked and at the same time i diident know what to do. this girl was looking at me through a hole in the door. i guess i was reading so i wouldent have seen it but my got was i dumstruck, the hole was level with my chest so i put the magazine down, wiped flushed, diddent bother with washing my hands i just got out of there. i washed my hands and everything else in another loo.

Snopy poopy
i got see my girlfriend poop for the first time yesterday. It was the most amazing thing i have ever seen in my life. I have been wondering what it was like when she pooped and it was the best.

Anonymous girl
Anonymous guy--you feel pressure in your bladder and right behind the urethra hole when you pee you feel the pee flowing out of your urethra. Then you feel the pressure leave. you know if you have any left because you feel a sensation in your urethra tube to poo i feelpreeure in my rectum pressing on my anus sometimes when i really need to poo i get a sudden shiver and a rush of goosebumps and sure enough i have to poo

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