Upstate Dave
Let me continuie on with my story involving the sistors that were the new neighbors of my grandmother. I quit working at lunch time. I went inside had my lunch. Then I went out on the deck and laid out on the chase and I took a short nap. I checked the time when I had woken up. My grandmother would be home ina bout fifteen minutes.

I needed to piss so I walked over to the end of the deck and I took a nice long piss of the end of the deck. Taking care of that I went and took a look at my grandmothers tv. It would not fully turn on. It got sound but no picture. I found out why for the board with all its solder connections were corroded. So I spent the next hour resoldering them all.

My grandmother came home while I was fixing her tv. I asked her if she knew if her neighbors up the road had two girls. She told me that there was two daughters. She went on to tell me thier names too. Lisa and Krissy. I smiled when she told me thier names. If I caught them spying on me again I could then call them by thier names. I finished my job on the tv and now it worked fine.

I spent the rest of the afternoon playing scrabble with my grandmother. I liked playing against her for I learned from her while we played. If she had a word that was new to me I would ask her what it ment and she would tell me. I was getting better at the game for I was now almost winning but not this time.

We ate supper after the game. Then my grandmother told me we were going to town. She wnted me to come along so I did. She went and bought a portible color tv to replace the litle black and white that I had fixed for her. She also bought a outside antenna for it which I would take care of in the morning. We did watch the new set that night before we went to sleep.

The next morning came and we both wgot up ate and my grandmother left for work. I went and put the antenna togethe,got out the ladder and up on the roof I went. I mounted the antenna on the small cupalo in the center of the roof ran the coax down the roof and inside the house. I hooked it up to the tv. I went around the dial checking the reception. I went back up on the roof to change the direction of the antenna for some of the stations I thought coul be better.

While up on the rook I heard the same two girls talking that I had heard and seen talking and laughing so I turned and looked up the road. It was those two! I called out to them Hey Lisa Krissy! They stopped dead in thier ttreacks in the middle of the road. How are you two spies doing today? I said to them. Tha made them look at me silently first then both of them had thier cheeks on thier faces redden from embarresment. They knew exactly why I had said that to them.

Seeing that happen I started to laugh but told them that wa yesterday and I really didn't mind. Then with me saying that to them they both began to laugh. I told them to hang on I would be right down. I took care of the antenna and got off from the roof. I was now on the deck and they both came walking into the yard.

I went over and met them in the yard. Lisa was the frst of the two of them to talk to me. We are sorry about yesterday she said to me. Krissy giggled. Lisa told her that was not funny. You say you are sorry too. Krissy still giggled and told me that she was sorry also. I laughed and again I told them it was ok. If you hadn't giggled and went shhh I would have still thought it was a squrill or a chipmunk not you two! Both girls then laughed hard.

Then I told them my name. Well glad to knw you Dave Krissy said to me first. Then Lisa also said the same thing back to me. Krissy then added saying to me; At least now we can call you Dave instead of the boy peeing in the woods! We all broke into hard laughter! I asked them both if they wanted to come in and they said sure why not. As we walked towards the front deck both girls wanted to see what my grandmothers odd shape house looked like inside.

So I took the girls on a tour of the hosue which both of them thought it was so cool looking! While inside I checked the tv and every station now ws clear. So that job was done. I then asked the girls if they could stay and help me with clearing some of the wild grape vine. I'll even make luch if you do want to stay and help. Both Lisa and Krissy agreed.

So I went nd managed to find two more pairs of work gloves,filled up the biggest thermos I could find with ice water,got the hand saw and we then walked down into the woods together and went to work on the grape vines. Lisa and Krissy worked together pulling on the vines while I worked alone. We only stopped when we needed to take a drink of water from the thermos.

While we worked we also talked telling each other our ages,what grade we were in as far as school, what we liked to do, etc. Afetr being asked that question I told those two they liked watching boys. Even when the boy is pissing! That made those two really laugh. Krissy told me back saying that she liked it but that I had a real nice looking ass too! Lisa laughing told me Krissy did like looking at buts! I didn't look at yours my intest was on something else! Lisa and Krissy then laughed hard again and so did I.

We worked right up till it was time for lunch. I told Lisa and Krissy it was time to quit for lunch. We had got a lot done. I thanked them for thier help. With you two helping me we got enough done which would have taken me two days to do. Bothy Lisa and Krissy thanked me for my compliment. We started heading towrds the house. Both Lisa and Krissy were hanging back behind me and they were whisperng too.

We were still not of the woods yet when Lisa told me to wait up. She and Krissy came up to me. Then Lisa spoke up saying that yesterday they were wrong on spying on me. I told them that they shouldn't feel guilty about what they had done. If it was me and you two were pissing I would have spied on you and watched! That made those two look at each other and giggle hard.

Then Krissy told me that she pees ouside and so does Lisa! Lisa told that she did piss too outside. How bout making it even for yesterday? WE both will piss right here right now for you. Krissy then said to me. Yes we will do that as long as you pee too! Krissy that is not what we agreed on! Krissy now laughing told Lisa that she wanted to see me go again and also see my cute ass again! Will you do it Dave? Krissy asked me.

I smiled and then told Lisa and Krissy I would but you two have to go first. Krissy giggling told me she was ready to go right now! She even started sliding her yellow shorts down as she said it. It took Krissy only a couple of seconds and she had pulled her yellow shorts down all the way to her knees. She had on a yellow pair of panties and she yanked those right down!

Now as Krissy was going to get into a squat to piss she started pissing! Good thing her stream shot straight down for she owuld have pissed right on her yellow panties and shorts! Krissy had been looking down as she was getting down to squat. Seeing her piss had just missed her panties and shorts she giggled and said that was a close call. I had been holding it! I've had to go since we had got here!

Krissy never got down into a low squat. She stayed in a high hover with being bent over watching herself piss. Her piss was quite yellow and you could even smell the oder of piss. Hers stream was wide headed went into a short twist and boy did her stream hiss loudly as she pissed! The wood chips on the ground got soaked with piss too.

After about ten seconds Krissy looked up and over at Lisa who was still standing watching Krissy piss. Arn't you going to go Lisa? You said you would. Lisa told Krissy she was but was waiting for her then she would go. Oh come on give Dave a two for! Oh all right Lisa said back to her sistor. I let out a short laugh as Lisa now pulled down her blue shorts to take her piss.

Lisa did not have a pair of panties on under her blue shorts! That made Krissy let out another giggle and she told me that Lisa doesn't wear any. Lisa smiled a litle smile back at me and she got down into a high sqaut. Now Krissy piss stream waas easing up with its hissing became much softer. She would soon be ending her piss soon I thought to myself as I was looking at her and Lisa.

Now Lisa began to piss. Hers tream shot out going sideways and forward as it came out. It hit off of the very top of her right inner thigh first. I saw her stream stop and then restart. When her stream restarted it didn't shoot side ways but came forward which Lisa had to pull her blue shorts forward real fast along with making her piss stream ease up as she yanked her shorts forward. Then she let go and her piss stream shot outward and downward mising her blue shorts and splattered all over the ground.

Krissy had been watching her sistor and seeing what al her sistor had to do to keep from pissing on her shorts giggfled loudly and told me that Lisa was a messy pisser! She always peees all over herself when she goes. She wets her legs,her crotch,and even sometimes pisses all over her ass! LIsa now was looking over at Krissy and told her to shut up. That made Krissy giggle harder.

Now Kriss had stopped pissing and she had grabbed her yellow shorts and was standing up and pulling them up. So now I just watched lisa piss. Hers tsream was still going strong was a much lighter yellow then Krissys stream. Her stream wasn't hissing as she pissed. But it was making a big wet spot well past in front of her sneakers. Then her stream eased up a litle and began to hiss softly. I now smiled for I always liked to hear the familair hiss of a girls piss stream!

Now having seen Krissy piss and watching Lisa piss I reached down and popped the snap on my shorts. Krissyseeing me pop my snap and now I was pulling down my zipper said very loudly; Daves going to piss! Look! Lisa smiled for she was looking at me all the time she was pissing. Having pulled my zipper down I pulled my shorts down to my knees which made Krissy keep giggling and Lisa smiled with a big smile as she looked right at my fully erect penis! Krissy said as she giggled Nice ass! So that is where she was looking right then.

Krissy had her piss stream easing up and its hissing had stopped. Her stream had eased up enough sothat it had split into two streams. One went straight down while the second one that had formed ran down her crotch and that one had split into two parts which ran off the cheeks of her lower ass. Krissy like I said was looking right at my erect penis and she asked me if I was going to piss like I did yesterday or was I going to hold it this time.

Before I could answer Krissy yelled out; Dont hold it!I laughed and said ok I wouldn't. I was looking at lisa and she smiled with a bigger smile now on her lips. Before I started to piss Lisa now no longer had the split stream. She was just dribbling whichshe did still have her piss running off from both of her asscheeks.

I started to piss. I sent a high long arcing stream through the air between Lisa and Krissy. Krissy turned and so that she could see where my piss stream would land. Lisa hadn't stopped her piss yet so she could get up or turn and look back also like her sistor Krissy. My stream went about seven feet and came down and started weting some weeds. Krissy giggled hard and told me she wished that she could make her piss stream go that far. I laughed. Lisa even let out a giggle.

Lisa now had stopped pissing. She very quickly pulled up her blue shorts and stood up. Putting a finger up to her lips (meaning be quiet) she took a quick look at her sistor Krissy who had her back turned towards us for she was still watching my piss stream splashing and wetting the weeds it was hitting. Krissy stepped right over by me and she reached down and took a hold of my penis with her left hand!

Being carefull not to move my penis which woud make my stream change which my have made Krissy look back Lisa held me for several seconds and then she let go. She had a real big smile and I smiled back at her with a just as big smile or even a bigger smile. Then Lisa stepped away. Good thing she did too for Krissy turned around for my stream now was easing up and was comming back across the ground towards me.

My stream eased off real fast and I did dribble a little which my piss ran down my shaft and dribled off betwen my balls and then I stopped pissing. Both girls seeing my piss dribble off my balls broke into hard laughter. Lisa managed to say as she laughed; I didn't know that happened to boys when they piss! Krissy also said the same thing saying that she had never seen that happen too. I told them that it does bit it is kind of rare. I let out one short hard finishing spurt of piss shook my penis which made Krissy giggle hard and Lisa smile. I pulled up my shorts took care of them and then we walked up to the house and went inside for lunch. There is still more. Upstate Dave

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To Caleb
Hey Caleb,

David reporting back. I read about your situation and thanks for answering my questions. ONe big thing I hope for you is that you can let go of your worries and anxieties over things we really have no control over. One thing to kep in mind whether you are in 6th grade or in the middle school is that EVERYONE POOPS!! And poop plops! Trust me, if your poop plops, everyone else's poop plops as well. Poop has been plopping since the dawn of mankind and its a frailty common to all of us. I once had the mistaken notion that when I got to middle school and high school that I would be exempt from pooping because I was one of the "cool" guys. It took me all of three days to figure out that things were not going to work out that way.

One thing I would strongly recommend whether you play football or not is to find a physical fitness activity you really enjoy and get into it. This won't stop you from needing to poop but increasing your fitness really will increase your confidence in any number of social situations. I for one know that my girlfriend is trying to work up the nerve to somehow get the chance to see me pooping on the toilet and I know I won't be embarassed when it eventually happens because I have confidence in my appearance and know that I am an attractive guy. (By the way, take a look at my post on page 1709. Michelle's little brother who was about your age was the one giving me a really hard time and I think it's just part of that age group that has to make a big deal about someone ELSE pooping..... BTW.... I got my revenge on Eric for that episode, but I'll post that at another time!). I also found a really terrific post on the top of page 675 by "Scott." It's really a great read and I think will be useful in your situation.

Another question I have to ask that is far more serious is if there is a situation with bullies at your school??? If there is, you have to report this. Bullying is not an acceptable situation at school and you have the right to not have to endure it. You are there to learn and teachers need to be responsible for providing a good environment conducive to learning. I once posted (page 1706) about my older brother who has had to deal with a number of developmental issues which essentially makes ME the big brother in the family. Two years ago while coming home, I overheard a kid say some shit to my brother before calling him a "retard." When I heard it, I just lost it and was all over the guy like white on rice. It took 4 guys to finally pull me off him but not before I left dark bruises over most of his body.

Now another story about little old me I hope you will find helpful.....

Back in 9th grade, it was just the first week of school and like I was talking about earlier, I was hoping that somehow by playing football that that would somehow magically exempt me from needing to poop at school. Well, after lunch hour about the third day, it became painfully obvious to me that I was not going to have such luck as I felt a big major load of poop work its way into my butt. So, I tried to sneak away from the group and made my way toward the restroom hoping against hope that I would somehow find it empty. Then, to make matters worse, the poop filled my butt pretty quickly making the need to relieve myself extremely urgent. I couldn't even ACT cool on my way to the restroom since the pressure quickly got so bad I had to do a walk-run to the bathroom with my legs tight together making it quite obvious to everyone who saw me in the hall that I really needed to shit.

Getting into the restroom, I noticed two pairs of feet with pants down around then in two stalls with an empty stall between them and there were five guys at the urinals and 2 other guys washing up. So much for being able to take a shit by myself.... To make matters worse, the 2 guys on the crappers were Seniors on the Varsity who I looked up to (I was on the freshman team at the time). So I run into the stall between them and promptly notice that there's not so much as one stitch of toilte papers on the rolls. By now, I really, really REALLY need to go and I come out of the stall, I noticed that one guy was kind of grunting and making slow progress getting his turds out, so really embarassed, and really desperate, I ask the other guy Jacob if he could hurry up since the only open stall had no toilet paper and I needed to get in to use his.

Well Jacob looks up and can see that I have to shit incredibly badly, so he says "Hey Chief, If you need to get started, I'll hand the roll to you under the door, but I'm gonna need a few more minutes to finish up."

Well, at this point, I really didn't know if this Senior guy would really keep his word and deliver me the much-coveted toilet paper, or if he was just trying to get me to start pooping without it. I then realized it just didn't matter whether I trusted Jacob or not. I had to shit so bad I was totally at Jacob's "mercy." It was either mount the toilet or shit my pants, so accepting his term of "surrender," I rushed back in the stall and dropped my pants. (He wasn't really dictating anything to me, it was just my perception at the time.). A moment after getting seated, I was letting loose with a series of rapid-fire shit chucks. Boy, if you think a single "plop" is embarassing, I'll tell you what!!!

Upon hearing me let loose a WHOLE bunch of soft loose crap, Jacob called over to me.

"Holy ????, Chief! I guess you did have to go really bad!"

I replied back in the affirmative and was so anxiety ridden it was ridiculous. Without that toilet paper, I was doomed! Would Jacob keep his word and hand me the paper or would he walk off without giving it to me. Even worse, would he make me do something totally humiliating in order to get the paper?? It was truly one of the scarier moments of my life. Realizing the horses were out of the barn, I proceeded to push the rest of the poop out of my body. My butt was already a crappy mess so there was no point in holding the rest of my shit.

I then heard Jacob start to tear paper of the roll and start to wipe.

"Hey Chief!" Jacob called to me. "I haven't forgotten about you! I'll be done in a moment!"

That made me feel slightly better. After several wipes, Jacob was finally cleaned up and I saw his pants go back up and heard the toilet in his stall being flushed.

Then, I heard the sound of Jacob working to take the toilet paper roll out of the holder which took him about 15 seconds to accomplish. But then, instead of handing me the paper under the door as he promised, he took it with him and proceeded to leave the stall.

"Oh Shit!!" I thought to myself. "He's taking the paper from the holder and the other guy is going to do the same and I won't have anything to wipe with!! What am I going to do???" I was really panic-stricken.

But before I could go into a full-blown panic attack, I looked up to see Jacob standing over me with the prized life-saving toilet paper in his outstretched hand. Jacob wasn't stealing the paper, he was hand-delivering it to me!

"Here you go, Chief!" He said smiling as he handed me the paper roll. "Hope you're feeling better." He said before walking away.

I felt soooo relieved on soooo many levels. That was one of three times in high school where I had to start a shit before I had the toilet paper securely in my possession.

Tearing paper off the roll, my first few wipes yielded paper that was totally smeared with shit and I remember it took me quite a few tries before I finally had a satisfactorily clean wipe.

Brian came into the restroom a few moments later and I realized I could have counted on him to get me some paper if it had come down to it, which fortunately it did not, despite my worst fears!!!

Upstate Dave
Hello again to all. I have a single question to ask the females in the group. If you have a sistor do you tell "all" to each other as far as bathroom habbits such as being together in the bathroom going at the same time, when you have gone to the bathroom not in a bathroom, with another person whether another female or a male, and have told your sistor about that person going? Over my life time I've known many sistors and they do tell all!

Ok todays post is about how I met two sistors who had seen me pissing while working oudoors. My grandmother had bought some land for a new house she was going to buuild. This was a couple of years after my grandfather had died. There was no longer a need to live in the big old farm house she was living in so she put it up forsale and bought the land where she was going to build her new place.

Nowthe land was at first all woods and wild grape vine. My mother father and myself helped on weekends cutting down trees,brush and that nasty wild grape vine. (worst part of all the clearing work) I wound up doing most of that work! :-( It had to be done though. When I was on summer vacation from school I was going to spend a good part of my summer at my grandmothers new house which was now built but there was still a lot more of the wild grape vine to pull down cut up. This is when I was caught by the two sistors that lived up in the next house up the road from my grandmothers new place.

Well the day it happened I was up early. I had breakfast and was now out in the woods pulling down the tangled up grape vine out of the trees. It was hard work and I was just wearing a pair of cutoff jeans shorts. Being in the trees I was not in the sun but I was warm, sweaty, an had been drinking plenty of water while I worked.

My grandmother came out on the front deck of her octogon shaped house and yelled out to me from the deck. I turned round and looked over in her direction. She told me she was leaving for work. Was I ok? she asked me. I told her I was fine. She also commented that it was looking much better. I had taken down a lot of the grape vine out of the trees already. I told her that was good but there was plenty more left to do. My grandmother told me not to over do it and I told her I wouldn't. She told me she would see me later and I told her later back to her.

I went back to my work and I heard her Volkswagon start up and she left. I went back to my work. As I worked I started thinking about Janet and Jill my old next door neighbors who I had told you about those two sistors that used the old toilet chair at my grandmothers old place with me. I had not yet seen them. My grandmothers new place was seven miles from Jantes and Jills house and I just had not had the time yet with all the work to go see them.

But since I was thinking about them and our "good times" together pissing and shiting together I was now erect and I needed to piss from all the water I had been drinking. So being alone now and in the woods I just popped the snap on my cutoffs and pulled the zipper down on them. They slid down to mid thigh and I stood there without bothering to hold my erect penis to piss.

I started to piss after standing there for several seconds. Since I was erect that was the reason I didn't start right away even with a very full bladder. When I did start to piss I sent out a very hard wide headed stream arcing high into the air. It twisted and it even held together on the downward side of the arc. It came down on one of the cut up piles of grape vine that was a good eight feet away from me.

I let out a loud long sigh of relief. It really felkt real good to piss I was thinking to myself. Since I wasn't holding my penis I was standing watching my piss stream there with both of my gloved covered hands right on my hips. Little did I know I ws being watched right then!

Now as I stood there enjoying my piss (the great feeling of relief of course!) :-) I heard from off to my side up on the hillside some crackles of dead branches. I didn't really at first think much about it for there were many squirrls and chipmunks around so I thought it was one of them scurrying around. But as it turned out several seconds later it wasn't a squirrel or chipmunk that had broke the branches I heard breaking.

For I heard two differnt giggles along with a shhhh that followed the giggles! Now hearing the giggles nd the shhhhh I didn't turn my head I turned my hole body to look towrds te dirrection I heard the giggles and the shhhh. I was still pissing so my piss stream went with me as I turned to look! I wasn't going to stop my piss at this point for it would be hard for me to stop it being erect and right in mid stream besides!

I loudly said; Who's there? It now was quiet except for the sound of my piss splashing off some leaves on a bush that was out in front of me. The silence wasn't long though. Since I was now facing the directin where I heard the giggles and the shhh ther came two different louder giggles from the bushes! I looked very hard to see if I could spot who ever was making the noise.

Up the hill about fifteen feet from me I sw some bushes suddenly move along with a female voice say; I thik hes seen us! Lets get out of here! I saw some of the bushes move along with lots of breaking branches. I only got a very brief glimps of one yellow white stripped shirt (?) and one red stripped shirt (?) going in and out of my sight in the bushes.

So there had been two girls there watching in the bushes! At least that is what I was thinking right then. Fr the giggles and the one voice was female! So since they had taken off so quickly the sounds of them breaking branches and I saw no more movement as far as branches of the bushes they were now long gone. I stood there and I laughed a little. I was still pissing and iwas nearing the finishe of my piss now too.

I finished going several seconds later by finishing up by pushing out many spurts of piss. I made sure that my bladder was empty. I pulled my cutoffs back up and took care of them. I then went back to work. I worked tll lunch and then I stopped for this day. I had got a lot done for this mornings work session. When my grandmother would be home from work later I was going to ask if she knew her new neighbors and if any of them were girls my age. I'll end it for now at this point for now but will continue with more posts. Upstate Dave

Hi, I'm Cady I'm 22 years old and I live with my younger sister during the week days as my sister goes to school and I work somewhat far from home. I've been reading these posts for a while and decided to write today.
My sister is Mandy; she's 12 years old and is very slim and attractive. She's rather shy about pooping but not with me as we've been living together for sometime.
Two days ago I was in office when I got a call from Mandy's school. They said that Mandy was sick and they wanted me to come and pick her up. I quickly informed my boss and drove quickly to fetch Mandy from school. Mandy was in the nurse's room. She looked pale and white and they informed that Mandy puked during class and complained of a stomach ache. They have changed her clothes and had given some medicine but Mandy still didn't feel fit even to walk.
V had about 1 ˝ hours drive back home so I asked Mandy if she wanted to use the washroom. She said she'll be fine. So I got some bags from the shop closer to her school in case if she needed them and took her to the car. I told Mandy to lie n the seat and she did as she wasn't feeling fit.
I saw Mandy holding her stomach and moaning almost every single second and I asked whether she was fine and Mandy said that she will be. About 10 minutes away from school Mandy began screaming, holding her stomach and I jumped out of the car and lead her out. I didn't know what exactly was going on and Mandy pulled down her pants with an immediate diarrhea rush that followed. She had not even squatted on the ground and she moaned and cried while holding her stomach. Diarrhea gushed out of her in full force and Mandy cried continuously. I told that she'll be fine and that there's nothing to worry. In about 15 minutes the diarrhea subsided but Mandy was still reluctant to stand up as she still felt there was more to come. I saw that there was a noticeable path of diarrhea in her white panties and I felt really sorry for her when diarrhea started gushing out again. She was almost peeing diarrhea out of her butt. Mandy said she think she's done after about another 10 minutes and I gave her some toilet papers and Mandy was really unfit even to wipe her poop out of the butt. I helped her and it was hard to wipe as it was total liquid shit. I took her back to the car. She puked 2 times on our way back home and I used the bags which I got from the shop.
We were almost home when Mandy began screaming again. She said that she almost pooped her pants again. I told her to hold on and she said she couldn't and as soon as the car turned down the lane I heard this loud gush and Mandy started crying again "I pooped my pants Cady…its gross. " I said that's fine as we were home by that time. The smell was really bad and Mandy was holding her butt as she was really worried about messing the car. I told that its fine and hugged her tight. Luckily she was wearing tight jeans and it held the liquid poop well. The jeans were full of shit and Mandy walked with me towards the house. Once again Mandy screamed and squatted and filled her pants with more with liquid diarrhea. I took her to the bathroom and Mandy was crying. I told that I'm there to help her and that as sisters we should be there to help each other. I took her to the shower where Mandy pulled her clothes carefully. Her jeans and panty was totally ruined. I threw it away and helped her to clean herself while she had another 2 attacks of diarrhea right at the shower.
She had diarrhea almost every 30 minutes until around midnight, she luckily didn't have any accidents although there were many close calls. I was always with her and assured that she will be fine and would rub her stomach continuously while she's busy on toilet. The toilet was a mess of diarrhea as each time she blew off diarrhea it would spill all around the toilet walls, floors and around the seat. She didn't puke except just one time. Although it was a very tiring day for me I just liked being with her as we became more than sisters as we were not too close before due to the large age gap between us. She's totally fine now but I didn't send her to school and we both enjoyed being together a few days

considering the nature of this website, i feel it is appropriate to tell you all that i am sitting on the toilet as we (i) speak (type). my jeans and panties are around my ankles, and beside me the shower head is running, muffling the sound of my gas. i feel really full and a little sick. i have eaten too much today, but it has not yet all reached my rectum, so i'm just really not feeling well, like my insides are bent out of shape. why am i sitting on the toilet, you ask? three reasons: 1) just in case 2) i've learned from a young age that if i need to pass gas to do it on the toilet for sanitary and ettiqutte(sp?!) reasons, as well as the reason i mentioned before: just in case.. and 3) sitting on the toilet when there's no rush to get off, like, people waiting for me and stuff, is very relaxing sometimes. especially with the water running beside me. does anyone else find that this relaxes them or am i crazy??

so...i should tell you guys a story, cuz i haven't posted in so long.

i pooped in a public toilet today. for you who like details about what comes out, i'll just tell you it took a minute to come out, it was minimally gassy and the poo itself was an average size for me. however, sitting there and waiting for it to come took a while. unfortunately, the only stall availble that didn't have pee on the seat (IF YOU NEED TO SQUAT TO PEE, WIPE THE SEAT...FOR GODS SAKE) had water on the floor. i took that stall. i pulled my jeans and blue panties down to my ankles and sat down on the seat. i sighed, it echoed. as i was sitting there, wishing i had brought a book, many women came in, peed and left, but at one point a girl, heavyset, judging by her feet, took the stall beside mine and sat down without wiping the seat. i winced a little bit. she seemed to be doing what i was, just waiting for something to come out. being without a book, i looked for something interesting to do. thats when i noticed i could see her, through the reflection in the water (or pee?) on the floor. i looked, even though i knew it was disrespectful to do so. she was wearing a neon blue skirt that i could see over the rim of the seat and black and white striped leggings which were pulled down just below her knees. once we were alone in the bathroom, she almost immediately started looking at me through the same thing. i was suddenly embarassed and ashamed, and looked away. then she said 'hi'. it was a kind hi, not an angry 'leave me alone' hi. so i didn't know what to do so i said hi back. it was really weird to be having a conversation while pooping. i know i wasn't 'in the middle' so to speak, but thats what we were both there for and that was obvious. luckily for me it didnt last more than 'hi' and 'hi', and we sat in silence. she finished soon after i finished, and we took the bus together. we talked but i felt embarassed knowing the circumstances which we met under. but knowing she probably felt the same way was reassuring. i'm making progress in the whole dealing with 'everybody poops'. someday i'll be a lot more open, i hope! anyways, we exchanged cell numbers and im glad to have made a new friend!


to Drake:
Your story about Carleigh and her dad brings up many excellent points about supervision of young children in public bathrooms. Large bathrooms, such as you were in, can be especially troublesome. I read in a professional publication I subscribe to that this problem is getting worse because of broken homes and the large number of what are being called "Saturday and Sunday fathers".

Carleigh walking by your stall, looking in on you and snickering should never have happened. She should have remained so close to her dad's stall that he could have stretched forward from the seat and grabbed her shorts if she started to stray too far. I don't care if you are sick or not; child supervision doesn't end when you have the runs. I don't know that I would have wanted her even from the rear watching the guys pee; anybody with their organ out deserves privacy. Period. As I've written about in previous posts, I don't have children but if I had a son that age and absolutely had to use the toilet under those circumstances, I would probably selected a stall with an open stall right next door. He would have been seated with his underwear up on that toilet and I would have been checking up on him just as you did with your curiousity about Carleigh.

There are too many possibilities about young children being injured or snatched up or as you've identified, Drake, fumbling around trying to get on absolutely filthy toilets that no parent in their right mind would allow them to otherwise use. In walking into bathrooms in my professional travels I have walked in and given stalls with dripping urine on the seats one look before I've closed the door and made another selection. Then in leaving I've noticed a young girl (and in a few cases, a boy) in there sitting down and, of course, without any parent supervision.

My final comment, Drake, deals with the oldest age a child should be allowed to use the opposite gender's bathroom. Occasionally, I've come out of a stall and seen boys perhaps 7 or 8 standing there and in a couple of cases, looking into stalls as women were using them.

Perhaps other posters would like to share their experiences and thoughts on this.

hello this is my first post. i am 19 i have blonde hair and i am 5' story begens like this last week was my best friends brithday so we when out for dinner that night. so we went to this new mexican/indeain place(weird? i know)thay had alot of food the brithday girl said she was really hunger so she got 20x spice superm tacos super hot peppers and alot of sour cream and she also got abig plate of curry rice then she had the guts to get extra curry! i said"i was just as hungry" so i got the same thing she said "lets race!"i said ok so we rushed eating it.she one. "fastforward to tmarrow" we when to the mall to shop she said she had a crazy belly ach i did to so about 10 mins of shopping she said she has to goshe ran in the bathroom it has 4 stalls. 1 of the stalls weretakin and one had a thick green turd on the seat and pale brown diarreah nearly to the rim. so we sat right next to each other she pee'd for 30 secound then she just pushed so coudnt get it out me to then a skinny redhead came running in she was holding her belly and butt .she knocked on one door saying can u hurry up then she knock on my friends door which must haved helped her bowels because she started pouring out major diaerrah for atleast 10mins. so the girl knock on mine then i push out some really nasty diarreah of my own she said "come on!" then there was some really lound splashing on the floor .my friend let out 10 more waves of diareeah and i did to .when we came out we saw a pubble of messy diareeah ! she said she wanted to just go home so we both went home and we both had diareah for 3 day

peace out' amy

Upstate Dave
Anonymous Girl I really don't feel a difference when I sit when I'm pissing or when I stand and go. Now there is different stages as far as being erect. Semi and fully erect. When I'm semi erect I can push my penis down far enough so there is no problem when I'm standing to piss in the toilet. When I'm fully erect differnt story!

The reason I say this is that when my penis is fully erect its head is tight right up against my lower belly. Plus my shaft is curved sort of like a bananna> So I can't pull it down as far and the curve makes my haed stay upward. I then have to stand back from the toilet if I'm going to piss and hope that I start hard without pissing on the floor.rim, or even miss and hit the toilet tank,lifted seat, or lid.

To prevent this type of accident I will piss in the bathtub instead! (I don't get on my wifes bad side this way!) It is just as hard for me to sit being fully erect for my penis may be down far enough at times and my stream will hit off the upper bowl but not always. As I have mentioned before in other posts that my wife and I will sit on the toilet together and go.

Well this one time we were on the toilet together and she faces me when we do this and I was fully erect with my penis pushed down by her lower body. She was going and I started to go. What happened was that my stream went through the space between the seat and the rim! I pissed on the floor! I saw it and I couldn't help but laugh! MY wife looked after I told her to look behind her which she did. Seeing my stream shooting out from under the seat she coundn't help but laugh too! I did clean it up after we were done.

If I'm oudoors I will many times not hold my penis when it is erect. I'll just let my stream fly as described in many of my posts. :-) Makes for many nice high long arcs along with not having to worry about a mess! Upstate Dave

I had a story I wanted to share that I thought you all might enjoy. I generally don't like using the bathroom at other people's house or even public restrooms. I'm okay with just peeing most of the time, but pooping would never happen anywhere but my own toilet, unless it's a definite emergency. I've never been in a situation where it was ever that bad. I can and have pooped in public restrooms at work and school, and have pooped in a stall where someone was in the next stall doing the same thing, but generally I try to avoid those situations if I can. What has never happened up to this point though is pooping at someone else's house. A public restroom is one thing because 9 times out of 10 you're a complete stranger to anyone who might be in the bathroom at the same time. However, at someone else's house, usually you're going to know that person. Yeah, everyone poops, but no one wants anyone to know that they do it. It's weird I know.

So this weekend I was staying with a friend and his wife. I'm 24 and he's a year older than me. We're relatively close and he's generally pretty open about his bodily functions. He'll text me and tell me he's pooping or if I'm with him he'll tell me he has to poop, etc. I do the same to him. It's all in good humor. So anyway, because of that familiarity, it's not as big a deal. I was at his house for the weekend and had pooped that Friday afternoon at home. I had quite a bit to eat this weekend and by Sunday I was definitely getting some messages from my gut. I actually had to poop pretty bad Saturday night but had stayed up really late and was too tired to do it then. Sunday morning I woke up and didn't really have much of an urge so I didn't bother trying to poop then. However, by Sunday after lunch, it was getting pretty bad. Everyone was home at the time so I was a little hesitant to do it then, but finally decided my apprehension was just plain silly. So I walked into the bathroom and turned the fan. Pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles and took a seat. I sat there for a minute letting out some farts, which weren't really audible. Then I started pushing on this monster turd inside of me. After a couple of minutes I had a huge turd dangling from my butt when my friend's daughter (she's like 4) knocks on the door and calls my name. I said "what do you want" and she asks me what I'm doing. I didn't answer but instead just started laughing. Here I am sitting here taking a huge dump and she's outside asking me what I'm doing. That just struck me as hilarious. Finally that huge turd dropped with a splash. At that point I started peeing and farted some more at the same time. I actually peed quite a bit. After that I started pushing again for the next turd. While it was coming out more farts came with it. Apparently I'd been holding in a lot of gas because I normally don't fart a lot when I poop. The smell was naturally pretty strong by this time. I pushed out a few soft turds with more farts and then I was done. I sat there a couple of minutes to make sure and then started wiping. The first wipe was smeared with poop and so was the next couple of wipes. I think I probably wiped a total of 10 times before I was relatively clean. I got up and looked in the bowl. It was pretty full. Of course, when you eat a lot of don't poop for 2 days, I guess that's to be expected. I flushed and fortunately everything went down okay. I washed my hands and came out of the bathroom feeling so relieved. There's no way to describe that feeling after you've taken a huge poop. It just feels so good.

It really wasn't a big deal taking a poop at their house and I think I could do it again. But that fact that they are really good friends I think helped me feel a little more comfortable doing it there. I probably won't wait as long next time. Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this.

Catherine---I liked your story and to some extent, I know how you felt. Except it was my dad's boss, not mine who saw it. And I peed in the car, not the parkinglot... Here is my story:

My dad and I are very close and when school was not in session, he would take me with him on business trips. My dad's (male) boss really liked me too, so he was happy for me to go on trips with them. We were going on a trip that was a VERY long drive, like 7-8 hours. It was a full week trip with meetings and stuff. While they were in boring meetings, I would roam the city.
I guess I should state that I get freqient urinary tract and bladder infections and it makes holding in pee really hard at times. My bladder is permanently weak because of this and when I get the urge to go, I only have a few minutes at best to get somewhere to pee.
Well, the boss was driving andmy dad was up front and I rode in the back seat. After an hour, I really needed to pee. I told the boss I needed him to stop immediately so I could pee. The next rest stop was not for another 40 miles. I told him I didn't care, I'd just pee on the roadside. He wouldn't allow it because he was afraid I'd get arrested for indecent exposure or public urination. Being male, I said I could be very discreet and sheild myself with the car door. He refused and said it would just be a few more miles. My dad even took my boss's side, even though he knows about my condition.
Well...about 5 miles down the road, I start to leak. A small quarter sized wet spot started to show on my jeans. I squeezed my penis hard to ty and stop it. I asked again for a pit stop, but to no avail. I started to lose even more control. As the seconds ticked by, my jeans and underwear became soaked. Soon, the pee flowed onto the car seat and onto the floor boards. It was humiliating. My dad noticed first. He felt terrible. So did his boss. We FINALLY made it to the rest stop, where I had to walk through several groups of people, leaving a pee trail behind me. I was 16, which just made it worse. Luckily, since it was a week long business trip, I had extra clothes. And, even more luckily, this rest stop was sort of a truck stop thing, so there were showers where I could clean up.
It was pretty awkward, being 16 and covered in pee and showering in front of big burly truckers.....but I survived.
The next time I told the boss I had to pee, he let me relieve myself on the roadside. And I did NOT get arrested.....

yesterday i was at the park for the entire day! about 4 hours after i arrived i felt a huge urge to go to the bathroom. so i headed for the womens bathroom. when i arrrived the bathroom was completley empty. there were like 25 stalls! i took the fifth stall. i went in and pulled down my gym shorts! i began peeing! 5 minutes after i started peeing an older woman came in! she was like 35 years old. she took a stall further down the line. at this point i started pooping! the woman began to pee. it didnt last that long! 3 seconds later she began pooping! i was still pooing at this point. then she began wiping and 5 mintues later she got up and flushed the tiolet and went to the sink and washed her hands. then she left. at this point i still was pooping. 10 mintues later two more girls enter the bathroom. one was 8 years old and the other one was 15 years old. they were sisters. the 8 year old was a burnette and the 15 year old was a blond. the the 15 year old took the stall right next to me, her sister took the stall right next to her. the 15 year commented on how bad it smelled and she started laughing! the 8 year old started peeing! the 15year old started peeing as well. i was still shitting up a storm. then the 15 year old said" i have to fart" she let out a huge fart it smelled real strong! she started giggling! then she began pooping! the 8year old said " iam all done i will meet you at the sink". she left the stall without flushing! then the 15 year old started talking to me! she said "she loves this park". i told her the same thing! i noticed that she had on light green nail polish . i told her that her nails were pretty! she thanked me! then she told me that "she had mexican food before she came to this park and her meal had a huge amount of beans in it". i told her that whenever i eat mexican food i always have beans because they give me gas and it helps me poop! she laughed! at this point the 15 year old was still pooping and it gave off a real strong odor ! her 8year old sister made a comment on how bad it smelled! i sat there and inhaled the odor! i told her that i was about done and would meet her at the sink! i wiped my butt and put the dirty tiolet paper in the tampoon despencer. i pulled up my gym shorts and left the tiolet unflushed! i proceeded to the sink! 5 minutes later the 15 year old told me that she was done. she quickly wiped and left the stall without flushing! we exchanged phone numbers! i will post again!



ps. i really miss u Dealiah

I remember that school was hell on a young person's bladder! Teenagers really hate the humiliation of publically wetting themselves, but there are times when teachers have to make decisions!
One day, a young lady was in class right after lunch. That teacher thought that there was no excuse for needing to use the toilet at such time because we just had the freedom to take care of our needs for nearly forty-five minutes, and if we forgot, then it was our fault.
Well, there was this really popular tall borderline blond-brunette that most of the boys would have given a weiner for to just get close to, and she sat two seats behind me in class.
Just the last year, I knew all about the shame because my second period Science teacher had said "No," loud enough that the whole class knew what I wanted, and they knew I hadn't made it until the end of class.
Well, after a year of such training, most teens learn to control it, or they learn how to get ot the toilet in time despite strict school rules.
But this poor girl was sitting at her desk for nearly fifteen minutes into class when her foot started wiggling. I was especially aware of that motion and sound having done that noise my self so many times the previous year. I looked back and saw a pained expression up on her lip colored face. She wore a little make up to accent her beauty.
Twenty minutes into class, the girl finally gave up and asked the blond bearded English teacher from hell. He was so strict, that when most teachers would lower late work by one letter grade, he gave you an automatic 50% for the first day, and a 30% the second day. By the third day, he wouldn't accept any excuses no matter if your Aunt really did die or not.
He far exceeded the school's expectations of strict classroom management. So, I already knew he would tell her "no," but she was starting to get worried and embarrassed that she couldn't wait.
So, she raised her hand while we were reading in our textbook. I believe the title of the story at the time was "Is Mars Heaven?" a strange story about aliens taking on the appearance of our dead loved ones to trick us into trusting them.
The girl told the teacher as politely and lady-like as she could.
"Um, excuse me, Mr. Hagan? I really have to go to the bathroom. Do you think I can just, well, go now?"
"YOu know the rules," the creep replied back at her. "If you leave your seat, you will take a zero for the day and you will have to explain to your parents why you were not in class today."
The girl, with a painful grin, sat back down and started tightening her muscles. I know all about what she was going through. It hurt to tighten your muscles so tensely for long periods of time, and your body would try to relax to ease the pain, but then the urgency sent from your brain would cause you to tense again, and that is what caused leg movement when you really can't wait much longer.
The girl was starting to enter the moderately dangerous phase, the phase in which you hope against hope that you can wait, but you are really worried that you cannot.
Her legs were now banging hard into each other, and she was sitting with her butt hovered an inch or two above her chair. As a boy, I had never hovered over my chair, but I shrugged it off at the time as a girl thing, so I thought.
The girl, at expense of sounding like a baby, asked again, this time using a soft whine in her voice to plea with the teacher to understand.
"Please, Mr. Hagan, I really can't wait anymore! You've gotta let me go. Please?"
"I already told you to go," he said. "The thing is that you'll just have to take a zero for the day and explain to your parents why you were not in class."
The menacing thing about his threat, was that students were trained to believe that we were at fault if we were not in class, and that zero would pull her whole weekly grade down so that if she was getting an A for the week, she would end up with a C, and if you were not good at English, like I wasn't at that time, then you were likely to fail the week no matter how hard you tried if you got a zero for just one day!
So, the girl sat there continuing to hold herself. She lasted nearly the period without going beyond the danger phase, and I really thought she was going to make it, maybe. Perhaps, her panties were damp from little leaks that no one would see, but she seemed to be avoiding complete humiliation.
Then, at ten minutes before the end of class, she started to stand up from her chair. She had decided that one bad grade was worth not shaming herself, but then the teacher had interfered.
"What are you doing?" he asked her.
"You already gave me permission to leave the classroom as long as I take a zero. I have to leave now," she told him matter of factly.
"Okay. But you are already sitting at a B- for the week, and if you leave class, you know what that will do to your grade, don't you?"
"I'll get an F this week?"
"Probably. But more importantly, you haven't been turning in your homework regularly, so I am afraid it is far more serious than just this week's grade. If you leave now, I will have no choice but to believe you don't care, and go ahead and put an F for the semester!"
"The semester? Really?"
"Yep. I was hoping to just give you a "D," but if you can just walk out of class like that, then I guess you really don't care."
"But I do care!"
"Well, It's up to you!"
The poor girl sat back down. She didn't want to fail especially since she only had eight more minutes to wait. But I already knew it was too late for her.
The minute she sat back down, her legs were banging each other so rapidly and violently, that there was only one thing she could be doing. She was peeing, but trying to get it to stop. And what was worse, was that she was half hovered over her chair, not because it is a girl's thing, but because she had to do something else.
There was no escape. The girl's accident was quiet, and no one noticed that she was wetting except for her banging legs. I already knew she was now banging her legs, not because she had to pee any more, but was trying to hide the fact that she had already wet by making it look like she was still trying to wait.
When you have experienced it yourself, you know the difference between real leg banging holding it, and faking it to try to make everyone think you are still trying to hold it. The rhythm was different.
But it wasn't over. It was a quiet motion that no one really noticed for several moments. But I saw the girl's face turn red, and it looked like she was holding her breath for some unreasonable desire. Then, she started to smell.
The poor girl was shitting her pants right there. She went completely in her jeans. I knew she was embarrassed and worried about what kind of trouble she'd be in. In those days, most teens thought it was our fault if we messed ourselves, and we were scared to tell on the teacher because somehow, it was our own fault.
The teacher would say she should have gone before class.
That was the worst thing that could happen to her reputation! She was later kicked off of the cheerleading team. She was made fun of at school, and most of the boys that thought she was hot just the last week, were saying rude things about along with everyone else.
I wanted to defend her, but there was little I could do for her reputation. I didn't have much of one myself. Everyone made fun of me, so I wasn't any help for her.
I so wanted to go with her to explain to her parents about it being not her fault, and to make sure they didn't punish her for it, but she was such a hot babe, and I was scared she would hate me more than ever because the whole school would then make fun of her for needing a loser to hold up for her.
In my fantasies, I was always there to talk to her parents about it not being her fault, and then she would kiss me to thank me, and it would end there because though I did lightly masterbate in those days, I didn't understand that I was really doing it. I told myself that it itched.
That is my true account of seeing a teen mess herself during school.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

anonymous guy
I read on a post that someone asked how it feel, for a guy when he need to pee. Now, I'd like to know how it feel for a girl when she need to pee?

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