today i was at walmart browsing! i was there for 2.5 hours when i felt a huge urge to go to the bathroom! so i headed for the womens bathroom. when i arrived there were 30 stalls. i took the 7th stall! i quickly went in and pulled down my jean shorts and my red thong! i started peeing! it lasted for 30 mintues! then i began pooping! two minutes after i started pooping i heard the bathroom door open. it was 2 girls one was a burneette that was 19 years old. the other must have been her friend she had red hair. she was a little younger like 18 years old. the 19 year old took the stall on my right.( right next to me). the 18 year old took the stall on my left.(right next to me also)the 19 year old began to pee! i could see that her toe nails were painted light green. they were pretty! she also had on a black skirt! i was still pooping at this point! then the 19 year old began to poop! the 18 year old started pooping! her toe nails were painted dark purple and she wore long pants! at this point the 19 year old was still pooping and it began to smell! i sat there and inhaled the odor. the 18 year old was still pooping as well! it started to smell ! i inhaled that odor also! at this point the bathroom had a real distinct smell of poop and it was strong! the 19 year old began to wipe! then she got up and threw her dirty tiolet paper under the stall and it landed right into mine! then she exited the stall and left the tiolet unflushed!she went to the sink! the 18 year old was still pooping and boy did it smell! i started to poop again! the 18 year old then began to wipe! then she got up and flushed the tiolet and went to the sink! i was almost done! 10 minutes later i began to wipe! it took several wads of toilet paper to wipe my butt! after about 10 minutes of wiping i placed my dirty tiolet paper in the tampoon despencer! i got up and exited the stall and left the tiolet unflushed! i went to the sink and washed my hands! then i returned to the store! i will posts again another time!



ps. i luv u Dealiah!

Anonymous girl
Thanks to you for answering my questions

Whizzer-i have tried it i was just wondering if anyone else had

Upstate Dave-thanx so much for complete answers to me i know a lot of guys probly wouldn't want to speak of how they feel the piss in their penis. Here's a few more questions

Does it feel different to your penis if you piss standing or not? which do you prefer? how do you piss in an erect state

Had a great dump this morning. All week my morning dumps hadn't been that great, but this morning's made up for it. It was solid, fairly thick, and long. Curled up on top of itself a couple of times.

Actually, I could feel myself getting lighter while it was coming out. That's what I consider a great dump.

This is the conclusion of my story about what happened in the huge 40-stall restroom at our civic area when our city held a boat, sports and travel show exposition. I took one of the cleaner toilets, all were open stall, sat down and had dropped one moderate size log; all the while I had my head between my legs and I had checked to make sure my organ wasn't hanging over the front of the bowl and peeing a few drops into my shorts which were at ankle level. I was particularly studying pee on the floor between my feet when I saw a shadow in the entryway and a girl, who looked to be about 4, snickered at me, slowly walked by an then about 10 seconds later walked by me again, looked in and then immediately went into the stall to my right when the guy who was using it flushed and exited it. Within like 5 seconds I could see her shorts and panties at her feet and she backed up to the stool and tried to sit on it.

There wasn't hardly any noise from over there for the first minute. It must have took her almost that long to get herself seated. And she wasn't comfortable. I think the large toilet, black seat, and the overall height made it tough on her and accounted for why, as I studied her feet, it looked like she was dancing with a lot of movement with her feet. I could tell when she was actually seated because she was on her toes and within 5 seconds, she would be down, and widening her stance. Then again, she wouldn't be comfortable. I was surprised after about 40 seconds when her shoes turned toward the stall that separated us and it looked like she shoved herself up on the stool as if it were a concrete ledge on a playground. I quickly figured out she was sitting on the side of the seat (which I have seen little boys do a couple of times) but I was certain it probably wouldn't work for her because the toilet paper roll and holder wasn't mounted on the metal stall partition but rather securely drilled into the block wall immediately behind the toilets. Sure enough, she almost immediately noticed and her feet again took her to the front of the stool. I heard one short gasp of pain when I think she stretched her legs too far apart but I could tell she was probably further back on the seat and that if she stayed up, she would probably be more successful.

Luckily she did. I dropped my second and third logs fairly fast (probably because I had at least 50% of my concentration back), but still felt I could probably get another one or two out. I could hear a little of her peeing, but it was obvious she was not an adult who sat back farther on the seat and the pee was colliding with the bowl water. After about 2 more minutes I heard the stall about two stalls down from hers flush and a male voice called out for "Carleigh" and she answered "Dad" so he walked down to us. He was very apologetic to her because he said he had "the runs" and he seemed surprised that she had done so well on her own. She panicked a bit when she showed him there as no toilet paper roll on the wall. He then reached behind her and pulled some off the roll for her. Then he made a joke that there wasn't any left when he got done in his stall and just as she was getting off the stool, he asked her to go outside and wait for him because he felt "Round 2 of the runs" coming on.

Within 2 seconds of him sitting down, the blast and and a couple of seconds later the smell permeated into my stall also. He let off enough gas for three guys and I decided I was going to wipe and call it a day. With all the action next door, I also looked down and found my organ was laying over the front of the bowl and in the pee that I earlier had tried to avoid. Luckily, Carleigh gave me privacy this time as she was waiting. When I got to the sink, I was surprised because Carleigh looked like she might be 5 or even 6. I guess I've never been a good judge of age.

Today I woke up feeling like I had to take a dump. Before I took my morning shower I sat down and let some gas out but nothing else came out. I got ready for school and left feeling a bit uncomfortable. I had a busy week at school and I remembered that I had not had a dump for over two days. I usually take a crap at school since I'm there for most of the week anyways.

After arriving at school I could not find a parking spot so I had to park far away in a vacant lot where nobody parks since it is so far away. My stomach was hurting as I made the 10 minute walk to my History lecture. Unfortunately, the professor kept us in for the full time and only gave us one break. I decided to go have lunch with some friends. After eating a Subway sandwich and Pepsi, I was really starting to feel bloated. I passed some gas as I walked to my Chemistry lab. Since I was early I decide I would try to go shit before the 3 hour class.

I headed to the main washroom near the science wing. Naturally with my luck the washroom was busy but there was one stall that was empty in the middle. I could hear the two other guys in the other stalls farting and dropping turds off. One of them gave a big sigh as I entered in the stall. I dropped my bag to the side, undid my jeans and pulled my underwear down. I sat down and started to push hard. I let out a high pitched fart that echoed into the toilet. I peed and started to push again but nothing came out. Frustrated I got up, washed my hands and headed to class.

After the first hour of Chemistry I felt uncomfortable sitting on the hard chairs. I tried to get comfortable but I couldn't because I was needing to shit. Fortunately, the class ended early so I decided I would go workout at the school gym since exercise usually helps me shit when I'm backed up. I headed to the change room and got into my workout gear and runners.

After about 30 minutes on the treadmill I felt like I was going to crap my shorts. I stopped running and made my way to the washrooms in the change room. I struggled to hold it in while I walked back quickly. I entered in and found that the room was full as the basketball team had just finished practice.

The washrooms were around the corner away from the showers and main locker and change area. There were 10 stalls of which 7 were occupied. I picked an empty stall in between two that were occupied. I entered in and closed the door. I put down a toilet seat liner and dropped my shorts and underwear in one pull. I pushed a bit and a turd started to make it's way out. I farted and let a solid steam of pee out. I pushed again and the turd rushed out and dropped into the bowl with a loud thud and splash. I waited a bit and then pushed again and another turd came out without any effort. I could hear lots of logs dropping and farts being let out by the guy on the left and the guy on the right. I breathed deeply and pushed one last turd out. I got up to see that I had unloaded two long and thick logs and one medium sized one. I wiped for what seemed like an hour and used a good portion of the toilet paper on the first roll in the stall.

I lifted my shorts up and flushed but it did not go down all at once so I flushed two more times to get everything down. The stall smell pretty fowl and the toilet was a mess but I was now more than relieved. I quickly washed and headed out to shower and change before someone had to use the stall I had just exited out from.

Nicole - does your two year old have any friends the same age as him who you could get him to watch? If he sees someone his own size he might relate more, but also think 'well if they can do it then I'm not gonna be left out!' Also giving the friend lots of praise in front of your child will make your child see that it's cool to use the toilet and he could get the same praise.

To Sam and Hardcrypted and David thanks for your replies. I wish there were more people like you at my school. David to answer your question I am in 6th grade but 6th grade is still in elementary school where I live. I know it will be even worse next year in junior high. I try to ask my teacher if I can go to the bathroom just by myself in the early afternoon but can't really do that everyday since the whole class takes a bathroom break right after lunch. She sometimes tells me I should have gone then. If there are a bunch of kids in there while I am going I learned to use the fat part of my legs to cover private parts but the problem is when I make a plop sound and when I have to wipe.

G Man
Hi everyone, G Man here. I have been lurking for some time and have enjoyed the stories as usual. I have nothing exciting to tell about, it is buisness as usual for me, although I have had a lot more gas than normal lately, haven't figured out what it's from. NOBODY- I miss you, where have you been? ASHLEY- I enjoy your stories, I'd love to have a buddy dump with you and leave the tiolet unflushed!

There's a new girl moved into our bedsits last month called Lesley.
Lesley is 25 yrs old, with really long red hair.I have never seen anyone eat as much food in a day as she does. She rides a horse every morning, before going to work.
About twice a week she uses the toilet next door to my bedsit,(which is on the top floor).
First I hear her running up the stairs, quickly locking the door, followed by her unziping herself and sitting on the toilet.
Then comes the groaning of "EEEEEEE, EEEEEE, EEEEEE,"Followed by a continuous Plop,plop,plop,plop,plop,plop,for about a minute then "OOH, AHH".Followed by "EEEEEEE, EEEEEEE, EEEEEEE" then another round of poop, but this time it makes a different sound as it lands as she has pooped so much its above the water level (UK toilet).
Then she flushes the toilet about 10 times and spends the next 20 minutes getting rid of all her poop.
Why doesnt she flush a few times in the middle of her poop, to save her unclogging the toilet each visit is beyond me!

I have contributed to the ToiletStool many times over several years. I always read it. I have been thinking about how we describe our genitalia and other organs below our belly buttons. I remember Steve and Louise who went together a long time and finally married. She used to refer to Steve's penis' foreskin many times. She always pulled back the foreskin when Steve took a piss. In Great Britain I understand that Steve would be called a "trumpet," that is uncircumcised, "uncut." Many in the USA refer to that as "intact." In Great Britain circumcised men are called "round heads." Circumcision is from a Latin word meaning "cut around". I have wondered why some on this panel don't refer to the penis as "cut" or "uncut" to identify it more clearly.In the USA 80% of all men are circumcised, meaning to cut away the prepuce or foreskin. In England only 30% are cut. In a recent story Upstate Dave talked about his penis slit. It is the opening of the tube or urethra which goes from the bladder to the outside and carries away the urine or semen. He often talks frankly about seeing girl friends, his wife, and him as desperate to pee. The slang word for the clitoris, also including the vagina, is "cunt." Being pee shy or having a bashful bladder or bashful kidneys or stage fright is medically called paruresis. That is someone who cannot urinate (pee or piss) when anyone is around especially in a public toilet. (About 7% to 10% of all men and women have that problem world wide.) I have often talked about that here. I was terribly pee shy in middle and high school. I used to hold a filling bladder from 7 in the morning until I got home at 4 in the afternoon. From time to time I still have the problem. Only during the last 10 years are people talking about that publicly. Check out any search engine on the internet and enter bashful bladder.

What I am saying is that some of us who contribute to this important panel need help in the descriptions of the organs we are talking about. What is an anus, rectum, bowel, colon or intestine? What is a kidney, ureter, bladder (mega=large or small), prostate (male), or urethra (short in the woman but long in the male). What is an erection, glans, frenum, or shaft? What does each word tell us about our bodies?

P.S. diarrhea is the correct spelling. It comes from 2 Greek words: rhea,"flowing" and dia,"through." Slang is "the runs."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello. My names Nicole and I've been a long time reader but this is my first time posting. I'm a 26-year-old, single female with blonde hair, and blue eyes. I also have a two-year-old son named Keegan who I adopted last year. Lately I've been trying to potty train my son but he's too afraid of the toilet. So I asked my friend Erin what I should do. She told me that the way she potty trained her daughter was by first letting her daughter watch Erin poop. I thought that sounded a bit crazy but I thought I'd give it a try. So one evening when I got ready to take nightly poop I told my son to come watch me. I think he's afraid that he'll go down the toilet. So I brought him in the bathroom. pulled down my jeans and my thong and sat down. I told him to just watch my and see that I won't go down the drain. First a peed for about 10 seconds then I began to poop. I squeezed out the first. Then I pushed again and out came another turd. "See Keegan, I'm going poop and nothing's happening to me." Keegan just looked at me and pointed to the tattoo of a fairy I have on my stomach. I felt one last turd creep out, this one was about a foot long and then I felt cleaned out. I wiped pulled up my paints and showed my son the contents of the toilet as I flushed it down. "You see sweetie", I all that goes down the toilet is the poop and the paper. I'm still here and you will be too." I asked him if he wanted to give it a try but he still said know. I'm really frustrated now and I don't know what to do. Does anyone have a suggestion for me to get my two-year-old to try the toilet? I'm all out of ideas.


Mr. Clogs
Hello! Mr. Clogs back again. Hope everyone is doing well.

Not my usual posts just want to share a routine change in my bowels. I now take fiber drink which has helped me take more "natural" dumps. I take it once a day and see nice results. Real thick and large turds in the toilet. I feel much better and natural. I like the results and will keep on using fiber in my daily diet. I noticed that my stomach stays flat and shed a few pounds. Fiber can help those who are constantly constipated. Check it out!\


Mr. Clogs

Silent Sitter

I loved your story so much. I know that there are stories on this site that are similar to yours, but for some reason your story was the one I felt I needed to read, and I'm glad I did. The entire thing was so heart warming. Hearing about how inquisitive your daughter was, and how well your handled her questions was like getting a warm fuzzy hug made out of text. Thank you for sharing your story with us all.

Lovingher - you and your girl should try a 'quick glug'.
Pick a time when you and she have no plans for the day, and in the morning, each quickly glug (hence the name) about 1 litre of fluids at the same time and then go about the day normally - but you can't go to the bathroom or be out of sight of each other. Then take stock of eachother's situation using the following scale to describe your need:

0 = no need
1 = warning twinges
2 = on-off awareness of bladder
3 = low level awareness of bladder, but not uncomfy
4 = mild need to go
5 = moderate need to go, but mind is easily distracted
6 = moderate need to go, preying on mind
7 = big need to go but still very controllable
8 = big need to go, struggling to control it without showing the need
9 = Need to go so badly you're physically unable not to show it
10 = leaking/flooding/squirting despite all your best efforts

What we do is go in the shower at scale 9, pending scale 10, and then CLOC there. CLOC stands for Controlled Loss of Control. After CLOC we shower off have a hug etc. LOC stands for loss of control, which is not intended, e.g. if you started to go to the shower and lost control on the way there. And COC stands for Concentrating On Control. If it starts to hurt, go to the bathroom at once to prevent any possible strain of your bladder.

Right now I'm scale 8-9, having drunk a mug of milk and a huge glass of apple juice!

today i went to the grocey store to do grcoery shopping. i was there for 1.5 hours when all of a sudden i had a huge urge to go to the bathroom. so i made my way to women bathroom. when i arrived there were two stalls. i took the first one. i began peeing. it lasted for a little while. then i started pooping. about 5 mintues after i started pooping two girls entered the bathroom. one was 8 years old and the other was 11 years old. the 8 year old took the stall next to me she had blond hair and had light blue nail polish on. the other girl who was 11 years old said "i will use the trash can to go to the bathroom" she was a burnette. the 8 year old started peeing. then she said out loud " i have to go poop". then she started pooping. i was still pooping at this point. then the 11 year old said "iam done." she left the bathroom. so now it was me and the eight year old girl in the bathroom. she was still pooping. it staretd to to smell . i sat there and inhaled the smell. the odor was so strong it made the whole bathroom smell. the eight year old girl began wiping her butt. then she got up and left the tiolet unflushed. she went to the sink and washed her hands and left the bathroom. i was still pooping. about 5 minutes later another group of girls came in. one was a 17 year old blond and the others were friends of hers. they didnt have to go but they both commented on how bad the bathroom smelled. the 17 year old said "i guess i will have to go to the bathroom in the sink." she lifted up her shorts and began peeing. her friends watched and started laughing. then she said "i have to poop." her friends began cheering her on and the blond started pooping. she continued pooping when it suddenly over flowed the sink. the 17 year old and her friends started laughing. they quickly left the bathroom! i was done at this point. i wiped my butt and and put the dirty tiolet paper in the tampoon despencer and left the tiolet unflushed.i went to the sink and saw a hug puddle of poop and pee on the floor. then i looked in the trashcan and couldnt believe how full the trashcan was boy did it smell. i walked out of the store and continued my shopping! bye everyone!



ps. Deliah i hope that all is well!

Big Daddy
I work in a building that has the men's room on one floor and the women room on another floor. The floor I work on has only the men's room. A pregnant coworker of mine passed by the break room one day announced that she had to make it to the bathroom. I did not think anything of it at the time but she later confessed to me that she used the men's room twice because she had an upset stomach and did not think she could make to the other floor to doo doo. She is very attractive and all of the men love to be around her.

Aly M - that was a great story. In my opinion, some of the best stories on this site have been from college students. I hope you will share some more.

The Crank
To Nicole:
Children are usually afraid of the toilet because from their point of view, it is a HUGE hole with water in it that they're made to sit on. Watching you do you poop may not help because you are much bigger and he knows he's small and might fall in. The flush might also scare them a bit. What I suggest is to start with the plastic potty and when he's used to that, place the potty into the toilet. Make the environment in the toilet as dry and clean as possible, even better if you can make it smell good as children are very sensitive to bad smells and will get turned off very fast, thus prolonging the training.

Hope this helps.

Airport pooper
I am a manager at an international airport and almost every day I have to poop while at work. I wear business suits, stockings and high heels and very often the only available stalls in the ladies toilet are the hole in the ground types intended for women wearing middle eastern clothing.
Because I am always busy I often tend to ignore the early urges to poop and I find that I usually have to get to the toilet quickly. Whenever I have to use the hole in the ground type I always remove my skirt and panties and hang them on the hook on the inside of the cubicle door although I normally leave my jacket on. I then position myself with my feet either side of the bowl. I squat right down and find that wearing four inch heels is actually more comfortable.
I then start pooping and listening to the splashes below me, sometimes it is long and lumpy and sometimes it is sloppy with lots of wet farts. I then wipe myself while in the squatting position and I normally have to flush twice to remove the skiddies from the bowl. I then put my panties and skirt back on and leave the stall often with a bit of a smell.

Upstate Dave
Jessica being a parent I was involved with bring up four children. One duaghter and three boys two which are twins. My wife and I equally shared all parentual duties which included toilet training. I certainly did do some chuckling as I read your post. Belive me every stage that you went through is normal! Both my wife and I went through the same stages with all of our children. My wife works as a day care person now so she is always with babies and up to two year olds. She has some funny events with her kids at work. We also went through some of what you went through with our grandchildren too.

Nichole you didn't mention if your son pees in the toilet without problems. Now have you considered getting a potty style seat that fits right on the toilet? You may want to try this. One it makes the toilet openeing much smaller. This may make make your son more secure to use the toilet when he has to poop.

The firm I work for last weekend offered employees half-price tickets to a boat, sports and travel exposition at our metro arena. There were some 300 exhibitors, a stage show with some '60s & '60s rock acts, product demonstrations and, of course, a lot of food. I went down at 10 a.m. with the intent of staying most of the day or as long as my 27-year-old legs would hold up.

By 11 a.m. the place was mostly packed and because a lot of prizes were being given out, more people were coming in. I had been drinking coffee and was finishing my second cup as I was walking around. I could feel my morning crap coming on so I started to walk out of the arena and into the lobby where the bathrooms were. I didn't have to walk too far before I saw the doorway (actually there was no door--you just walk around a couple of walls and you're in a room with like 50 urinals on one wall, 40 stalls on the other and then around the wall on the other side 50 sinks. As was the case with several such bathrooms I've used lately (I'm a sports fan and go to lots of games), all stalls with the exception of the handicapped ones had no doors. Just a good sized toilet stool, black seat, toilet paper roll mounted on the wall behind the stool, and the expectation that the user would have the confidence to go in front of his peers without privacy.

More than two thirds of the stalls were taken. I looked and found three that were open right next to one another and I took the middle one. The seat was down, I took down my shorts and underwear and sat down. It felt good being off my feet and within about three or four minutes I pinched out my first log. I looked between my legs and found it was about five inches long. I felt there were two or three more coming. I'm kind of a nervous person so I move around a lot while I'm seated and I was looking at a small puddle of pee between my shoes. I looked down to make sure my organ was hanging into the bowl rather than pointing down there. (I've sometimes forgotten to do that and actually peed into my shorts and underwear and although I don't like to admit it, my organ has occasionally laid over the front of the bowl in public places before I tuck it in and point it into the bowl). I noticed there was a pretty good size amount of pee over the front of the bowl between where the seat cut was located. I got to thinking that at least I hadn't needed to wipe the seat--unlike some of the others I had walked by.

I passed some gas but didn't worry about the noise level because there were several toilets flushing and noises from nearby toilets. A couple older sounding guys were talking very loud and cussing up a storm about Washington politics as they sat. A had my eyes pointed down to the floor when I saw a shadow from in front of me. I looked up and was startled to find a girl about four standing in front of my stall. She snickered and then walked to my right, and about ten seconds later, walked back again, and of course looking in at me. Then the guy immediately to my right flushed, I saw his feet move out and I could see her feet move into this stall. She was standing in the entrance to the stall, I saw her turn around, drop her shorts and underwear and back herself to the stool. I saw her get up on her tip toes and apparently push herself onto the higher seat than she was probably use to using. I'll finish my story with my next posting.

Nikki I am a femail have a daughter. the way I taught her to use the potty is to let her see me go to the bathroom a few times not only once more than once and her first time useing the potty I let her sit with me while we both ues the toilet.

Laurel--loved your story. It is unbelievable the lengths some people will go to have it their way immediately. Patience is truly more of a virtue than ever. You mentioned you were "madly" in the second minute of your pee--I'm curious, do you routinely pee for longer than a minute at a stretch? That is some pretty great capacity! Would love to read more, thanks for sharing.

Lovingher--I would love her too if I found a woman so lovely. Thanks for sharing, hope to read more!

Hi i'm Linda from Italy.
Back from my teen days (I'm 36 now) pooping it's always be a problem because when i have to go i have to go NOW, and i cannot wait.
When I was in high school sometimes i skipped lessons going to a park near my house, this park is very large and it has only 2 public bathroom, so when i needed to go i usally have to run behind some bushes or in a secluded area.
There was a day when it was cold, it rained a little before, so nobody was in the park. I hadn't pooped for 3 days so i really need to go, i was sitting on a bench and there was no place to hide, but seeing no people around i thought that i could quickly poop on the grass near there, so i lowered my pant and underpants and began to push. The problem was that it was really huge, so i have to strain and push, i usually do large jobs but this was really a giant, and quite long too. I had already pushed a foot out, but it was so hard that it didn't break, so i had this tail hanging behind me, and at that time a group of people was passing on the street at my back, with a full view of my ass (the street was only about 15 meters from me, so they can see me clearly). I couldn't do anything but trying to push harder, i couldn't walk or put up my pants with that turd behind me. There were 4 or 5 people, they looked at me and i heared one saying "look! she is shitting!".
I've shitted many times in the park or in other public places because i had to go, and it happened also quite many times that someone saw me, but this was the more embarassing one. In any case i prefer to shit in public rather than shitting myself, when i was 12 i was in a school trip and it happened, and i was really ashamed, so now i prefer that someone could see me pooping but nobody couldn't see a bulge in my pants and sniff smell of shit from me.

Esteban-Thanks. I do already feel much better. The crapping is no longer as urgent. I still need to go to the doc to get some blood work done, see why my iron is low. Also to check out another slight irregularity in my blood. The levels are just ever so slightly below the standard range, so this may just be my makeup, but its best to figure stuff out early. If it is serious, easier to treat, better prognosis, the sooner you know.

Nicole, unfortunately each child is different and the more you push your son to be trained the more he will rebel.
He will only do it when he is ready.If you try to do it before then he will probably have lots of accidents.
I knew parents Who used to baost about how young their child was out of daipers,but whenever I used to see them out and about,their child would be all distressed because it had just peed or soiled itself.
If your son does it when he is ready you will have only a few accidents.
Hope this is good advice, it worked well for me.

Hi Nicole
I am 29 year old femail and have blond hair have a daughter who is now 5 1\2 when she was 3 years old I tryed to potty tain her but it was hard. Then I took her in a few time wile I used the toilet and let her watch me and te she dd not want to used the toilet then when I had to use the toilet i'd sit first then she would sit with me and we both would go after that time she sit on the toilet by her self.

Hey everyone! This is my first time posting on this site but I love to read the different stories. I had a very...interesting experience lol. It happened with me and my now ex-boyfriend. This happened about a year ago at the fair. I was 17 and he was 18. As we were walking hand in hand, I noticed that he kept moving around alot and would sometimes take his free hand and have it in his pocket for awhile. He's always been shy to go to the bathroom around me, or to even say he had to go which was complelty opposite of me lol because I'm a very open person. Well anyway, we got on a few rides and he was getting more and more aggrivated. We decided to get on one more ride; the ferris wheel. We got on and the ride started...painfully slow. My boyfriend was no longer quiet, as he exppressed his need to pee...NOW. I told him that as soon as the ride was over that we would find the bathrooms. By now he was rocking back and forth and openly grabbing himself. As we got to the top, surprise! It stopped. And not the little cute stop the ferris wheel makes for about 30seconds before the ride was actually stuck. My boyfriend groaned in pain. I told him to just go. He had been holding it for 4 hours(atleast thats how long i started to notice). After about 4 mins of complaining to me that he wouldn't pee himself infront of me, he did. He just couldn't hold it. Soon after this, the ride started working(go figure lol)Luckly it was dark outside so you couldn't see what had happened. I never had a problem with what happened but he was just too embarrsed. He couldn't look at me after what he had did. We're really good friends now, but not together anymore. Well thats the story, hope you guys liked it. It wasn't really all that great lol
But i have more so if you want me to post, let me kno. And i also love reading pee stories about males! lol weird, but hey it's hat i like :)

Keith D
To Linda from Australia: Sounds like you had a great vacation. I find that I tend to get constipated when I go on holidays but it seems it had the opposite effect on you. I think the hours of sitting in planes and buses and eating strange foods does it to me.

I'm sorry to hear that you are on a losing streak again but I do love to read your stories. It's good to hear that other people struggle like me sometimes.

My poops have been infrequent and difficult lately. I've been working in an office a lot. This involves sitting at a desk most of the day. And I've been eating lots of snacks through the day to deal with the boredom. I just haven't been getting the urge to poop and if I don't get the urge then I can't go. I've only been getting the urge and having a sitting every few days or so. And the turds have been massive. Just a single log at a time but they have been long, thick, hard, blunt and knobbly. It takes several minutes of very hard pushing to get them started on their way out. Once they are out in the open though, they slide quickly and easily on their own, with a long tapering soft smooth tail. They have been huge though and a couple have stretched me very painfully. Some even blocked the toilet. At times I felt physically weak afterwards and it has taken up to an hour to recover! The relief is a fantastic sensation though!

I like the sound of the toilet seats that Aly M described. I find that a good toilet seat can make a big difference to how easy it is to poop. I like the ones that are not too wide or far apart and that have angled sides that help to stretch your butt cheeks apart and hold your hole open. I find this really helps the poop start its way through. Especially when it's a big hard dry log that has trouble stretching me open enough to get moving. Aly have you been using that toilet again? Please tell us more!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Soccer Mom

My daughter had her eighth birthday on Labour Day weekend, on September 6th. I can't believe that she is eight years old already! She grew up quite a bit this past summer. Like the blink of an eye, I can see a glimpse of the woman that she is becoming. In a way, it makes me very sad to see my little girl grow up. On the other hand, it is very exciting. Like any proud parent, I have to say that she is quite beautiful. She has my high cheek bones, deep blue eyes, and thick brown hair. She also has her father's big bright smile and cute nose. She grew quite a bit over this past summer. She is quite tall already, coming in just under five feet tall!!!

We had a nice party with her friends on her birthday. My husband and I promised that we would take her shopping the following weekend (last weekend to be specific), to get her some new clothes and she was very excited for that. My husband was not able to go with us, so my daughter and I decided to go on a road trip to the mega mall a few hours away from us. We went on Saturday, September 12th. Since my daughter is quite tall now, I let her sit in the front passenger seat.

We got up and were ready to leave by 8am. The mall opened at 9am, so that got us there at around 10am. On our way out of our town, we stopped for a quick breakfast. I got a coffee for myself and a juice drink for my daughter. We also shared a multi-grain bagel.

When we were about 30 minutes away from the mall, we were chatting away. My daughter went silent for a few minutes I looked at her and she had a pained expression on her face. I asked her, "Honey, are you okay?" She said, "Ohhh mom... I need to get to a toilet really soon." I said, "Do you need to pee, or are you feeling sick?" She said, "I don't feel well. I don't want to poop my pants mom!" I said, "It's okay honey, there is a rest stop about 15 minutes away. Hang on, sweetie."

I could see my daughter clenching her fists and taking deep breaths. She then said, "Ohhh noooo!" I said, "Honey..." She said, "Mom, I pooped my pants!" And then she started crying hard. I said, "It's okay sweetie. When we stop, we will get you cleaned up. When we get to the mall, we'll get you some new underwear and pants. Okay?" She nodded her head and continued to cry.

We finally got to the rest stop and I helped her out of the passenger seat. She got up and doubled over and let out another wave of diarrhea into her pants, crying the whole time. We made our way into the ladies room, luckily we didn't have to wait in line. I went into the stall with her and helped take her pants and underwear off. She sat on the toilet and let out another wave of diarrhea. She looked down at her pants and underwear and said, "Oh mom, they're such a mess." I said, "Don't worry sweetie, I will clean them up for you. I'm going to go to the sink and start cleaning them up, okay?" She nodded her head. I got to the sink and looked down at her clothes and I didn't know where to start. To make matters worse, we didn't have any clean clothes for her to wear right away. I wiped out her panties with some paper towels the best I could. I did the same with her jeans. I then dampened some paper towels and went back into the stall she was in to help clean her up. I said, "Sweetie, do you want me to clean you up, or do you want to try?" She said, "I'll give it a try." I said, "Okay. Here are your clothes. I got them as clean as I could. I'm sorry, but you are going to have put them back on. As soon as we get to the mall, we will buy you some new clothes, I promise."

I left the stall and let her clean herself up as much as she could. As she was doing this, I could her sniffling from crying. After about 10 minutes, she came out of the stall, fully clothed and went to the sink and washed her hands very thoroughly. Her jeans were stained quite badly so I tied my sweater around her waist.

We got to the mall at about 10:15. Our first stop was Zellers where we went to the girls clothing section to buy her some new underwear and pants. Since there was no way she could try them on, I told her that she had to buy some track pants to wear. We happened to find a nice pair of black yoga style pants that she was happy with. We also found a six pack of Hanes Her Way bikini's. As we were going to the check out, she said, "Mom, I need to go again." I said, "Okay, honey, try to hold on. It won't be much longer." She said, "Mom, I can't hold it!" And then she pooped her pants again.

After frantically searching for the ladies room and finally finding it, there was a line up of about 10 women waiting. Just our luck. My daughter was still letting out some diarrhea in her pants as we waited patiently in line. After what seemed like an eternity, we got into a stall and started the clean up process once again.

This time I took her soiled clothes and placed them in one of the sinks. This one woman, who was not very nice said, "Oh my god! Are those your daughters?" Apparently she wasn't too smart either. I nodded yes. Then she said in a disgusted voice, "Well, I think you should be putting her in diapers." I said, "Thank you." And dampened some paper towels for my daughter to clean up with. I wrapped up her soiled clothes together and put them in the Zeller's shopping bag and went into her stall. This time I helped my daughter clean herself up.

Once that was finally done, I asked her, "Honey, are you feeling okay?" She said, "Yes, I'm feeling much better mom. Thanks for your help and thanks for not being mad." I said, "Oh sweetie, I'm not mad at you! It's happened to me before too, remember?" She blushed and in a very sweet voice she said, "Yeah, I remember."

After we dropped off the Zeller's bag with her soiled clothes, we then started our shopping for the day. I kept the package of underwear with me in my purse, just in case...

We had lunch and were having a great time. After lunch, we started shopping again. At around 2pm, my daughter said, "Mom, I need to use the toilet, again." I asked her, "How bad this time?" In a panicked voice she said, "Very badly!" I said, "Okay, let's go." So there we were, practically running through the mall to find the ladies room with our shopping bags in hand. Suddenly she stopped and had a very pained and disgusted look on her face. She started crying again and said, "Mom, it happened again. I pooped my pants. Again!" I said, "Alright honey, let's get you cleaned up again." After about a 10 minute wait, we got into a stall and did the clean up process once again. This time I said to my daughter, "Honey, we really need to talk about getting you some Pull Ups for the day. We can't keep doing this." She said, "Mom, no! Please! I don't want to wear a diaper!" I said, "Honey, you are very sick and this is the third accident that you have had today. When we are done here, we are going to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy you some Pull Ups." She was pleading with me not to make her wear diapers, but my mind was made up. She said, "Mom, I'm feeling better now. Please, please don't make me wear a diaper!" I knew she was lying about feeling better, but she was really tugging at my heart strings. Plus, I knew how she felt. After all of the accidents that I have had, I have not worn diapers either, not do I want to! Then an idea struck me. Before we left, I had stocked up on maxi pads as my period was due to start either that day, or on Sunday. I said, "Okay, I won't make you wear a diaper, but I will make you wear a maxi pad. How does that sound? That way, if you have another accident, your panties won't be ruined." She nodded and said, "Okay, I'll try that. What will it feel like?" I said, "Well, sort of like a diaper, but without all the bulk." She said, "Okay, I'll try that." I reached into my purse and pulled out an Always Maximum Protection Ultra Thin and proceeded to unwrap it. I then placed it into a clean pair of her new Hanes Bikini's. I then wrapped the wings around the sides of her panties. Since her panties were considerably smaller than what I wear, the wings overlapped each other all the way to either side of her panties. She then pulled them up and with a confused look on her face she said, "This feels weird." I said, "I know honey, but it will help in case you have another accident." I then grabbed a new pair of jeans out for her as the diarrhea from her last accident had leaked into her new yoga style track pants.

We left the stall and washed our hands. As we were doing this, a beautiful young woman, about 25 years old, who must have been a model, said, "I couldn't help but over hear what you were saying to your daughter. I just wanted to say, that what you said was the nicest thing anyone could ever say, or do for their daughter. I have had accidents myself, including one at Christmas while I was on the run way modeling Christmas bras and panties. That was mortifying for me!" I said, "Thanks. I know how you feel. I have had accidents myself and I know how to deal with them! I hope that you do as well." She said, "Yeah, I know how to deal. I hate when it happens, but it's nice to know that I'm not alone." She smiled, waved at my daughter and left the ladies room. We finished washing and drying our hands and then left.

Shortly after that, we decided that we were done shopping. I asked my daughter if she needed to use the toilet again and she agreed that it was a good idea to do so.

Our on our way home, she was complaining of feeling sick again. By this time we were close to home, but she didn't make it. At least this time she was wearing one of my maxi pads, so the damage to her panties was minimal. I helped her into the shower to get her cleaned up and put her soiled clothes in the wash.

Well, sorry for the long post. That was a day that my daughter will not forget for a while!

Soccer Mom

One day, about 8 years ago, when I was 25 years old and a junior management consultant, I was on a business trip together with my 46 year old (female) boss. Early in the morning, we started on a 4 hour drive to the production plant of a client, where we had to conduct and record interviews with key personnel. We stopped only once, to fill gas, use the (filthy) bathroom and buy a cup of coffee. Since I had got out of bed unusually early that morning, I was pretty tired. To keep myself awake, and prevent myself from yawning, I drank coffee all morning and early afternoon. In addition, I had several glasses of water in order not to get dehydrated. At about 4 PM, half an hour behind schedule, we were done and ready to drive back to HQ. My boss was very eager to get on the road, but after all my fluid intake, I first went to the bathroom to empty my bladder.

Despite my visit to the toilet, I started to notice that my bladder started to get filled up again already after less than an hour in the car. I didn't pay much attention to it at that moment. I was quite used to hold myself for pretty long times, partly because I often was too lazy to go to the bathroom before it was really necessary and partly because meetings and deadlines often prevented me from going. A couple of times, I had a close call right after a customer meeting, but I was always saved by a ladies room nearby the meeting room. The closest I came to an accident during work, was when I was new at work and had to deliver a report to my boss at noon, so she could read through it and prepare herself for an important customer meeting later that day. By 11.30 I still wasn't finished. I was very nervous and my bladder was extremely full, not a good combination, but somehow I managed to forget about my urge to pee until I finished my report. After I had handed it over to my boss however, I had to make a dash for the bathroom. I was so relieved about making my deadline, that the pee stain in my panties was just a detail that didn't bother me at all.

After 1,5 hours in the car, the urge became stronger and the situation of being in my boss's car without a toilet nearby, started to stress me a little. I knew my boss wanted to get home as quick as possible to make it to her yoga class. The car had enough gas and my boss didn't seem to need a coffee to stay awake... When we were half way, I really had to go, and I was hoping that my boss soon would show some signs of the need to relieve herself as well. Half an hour later, those signs still hadn't come. At that time the urge to pee was getting bad. I felt every bump in the road in my bladder and my seat belt was not making it any better. I tried to tell myself that I was a big girl and that I could make it to the office, which was less than 2 hours away now. From that moment on, things got worse quickly. At every gas station and Mc Donald's that passed by, I wanted to tell my boss that I had to go...but I didn't. I kept my mouth shut. I was simply too embarrassed, not thinking of how embarrassing it would be to overflow her leather car seat. I just wanted to be that perfect employee...

With about an hour to go, I was in pain. By that time, I had to bend over and to pull my seat belt away from my lower belly in order to prevent me from wetting myself. The first drops of urine had already been leaking into my panties, but I refused to give up...and I refused to tell my boss about the state I was in. My boss had been looking at me a couple of times and suddenly she asked me if I was alright. In a kind of reflex I said "Yes, I'm fine", while in reality I was going through one of my most desperate moments ever. A couple of minutes later, my boss's cell phone rang. The only problem was that her phone was in the pocket of her coat, which was lying on the back seat. She didn't want to pull over, so she asked me to give her her cell phone before it stopped ringing. In order to do so, I had to let the seat belt go, turn my torso around and bend backwards. Until now, I had been letting out only drops of urine, but while I was grabbing the cell phone, I involuntarily let out the first couple of squirts. I had to use all my muscles to regain control over my bladder. Fortunately, my boss was too busy with talking on the phone and driving to notice that I was squirming in my seat. For a second, I even grabbed my crouch through the side split of my skirt. Although I really wanted to, I was too embarrassed to keep my hand between my legs, but I had it there just long enough to feel how wet my panties and panty hose were.

Only half an hour from the office and I still hadn't lost control completely, but disaster seemed very close now. By now, I couldn't sit still anymore. I was changing between bending over and squeezing my muscles so hard that I lifted my butt of the seat. At the same time, I was almost constantly leaking small amounts of urine and I knew that the back of my skirt was wet. Then, finally, I squeezed out the magic words that I found so hard to say to my boss: "I have to use the bathroom. Can we stop somewhere?". My boss replied that we were almost back at the office and that I could go there. She also said that she had to go herself for some time now, but that she wanted to avoid filthy public restrooms. I then mumbled embarrassed "But I really have to...". She didn't hear it, and suddenly I cried out "I REALLY have to go sooo bad!!!". Now that I had announced my problem, I didn't care to hide it anymore. I grabbed my crouch again under my skirt and this time I kept on pushing hard on my pee hole. At that moment, it was the only thing I could do to prevent me from squirting uncontrollably. In fact, I managed to stop the pee from coming out for the moment. My boss looked at me and said with a strict voice "Get yourself together, Catherine. We're almost there. If a woman of my age can wait, a strong young women like you certainly shouldn't have problems to hold herself."

Shocked and very embarrassed by my boss's words, I didn't dare to say anything for the next minutes. While I was pulling up my seat belt with my left hand, my right hand was still firmly planted between my thighs, pushing as hard as I could. I didn't know it yet, but my peehole would be sore for the next three days because of this. What I did know, however, was that if I would stop pushing I would wet myself completely within seconds. My panties and panty hose were too wet to absorb any more liquid and I felt the warm urine around my butt. Now you could even smell it. At least I did.

At this stage, with about 15 minutes left, the pressure in my bladder got so high that pee started to leak out from under my finger tips. The pain was so bad, that any other woman probably would have given up and peed herself on the spot. Now the only thing that kept me from peeing was my strong strength of will. I wasn't able to stop the leaking anymore though, and very slowly I felt more and more urine gather around my butt. In addition, the smell of urine in the car got stronger and stronger. (Surprisingly, my boss didn't notice it.) My whole body was shaking and my bladder was about to become numb, which in fact made my holding effort a little bit easier for the moment. I am not religious, but at that moment I was thanking god for every second that I lasted and praying that I would make it all the way to the office. Somehow, don't ask why, I did make it to the office. To the parking lot that is.

As soon as the car stopped, I felt a strange sensation between my legs. My bladder decided that enough was enough and a series of spastic movements went through my lower belly. The muscles in my pelvic area gave way. I knew that I was about to loose it and immediately had to get out of the (damp) car seat . The second I got my butt out of the seat, I exploded in my panties and urine started to gush forcefully out of me, making a huge puddle, as well as streams of warm urine that instinctively were moving towards lower parts of the tarmac... While I was emptying myself, I was so shaky that I almost couldn't stand on my legs and for a moment it even felt like I was going to shit myself. Although my underwear, my skirt and my shoes were completely soaked, it was a relieve to finally be able to let it all go...

The embarrassment was huge, but at least I didn't fill my boss's car with pee. Shortly after, I apologized to her, which she accepted. She didn't want to hear anything about me leaving the company, although I really wanted to, right after the accident. She also said she wouldn't tell anyone, as long as I kept being the faithful employee that I was. What had happened, didn't prevent her from promoting me three months later. Until this day, we never talked about the incident again.

memories from high school...

There were girls who smoked in the bathroom. Some of the girls stood on toilets to watch people in the adjacent stalls. I ignored them.

That was years ago, but I remember it as if it was yesterday.

EndstallEm, sorry to hear of your problems. You should have just stayed where you were and finished going. Tough beans for the other girl, you were there first. I assume there were other useable stalls, though occupied. She could have done the same to someone else. It's not as if it's her own personal stall, although she may think so. LOL If you think about it, probably what you're most upset about is her startling you while you were already in an anxious state. Very rude young lady, and she was definitely out of line.

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