Hi everyone. Today, I'll continue with my story. After our daughter was born, my husband and I agreed that I should quit my job and become a full-time mom, at least for a little while. I felt that it would be better for me and baby Amy if she had a parent to be there all day long.

At first, Amy was asleep a lot of the time, so my bathroom habits were almost completely unchanged. I'd just take her in the bathroom with me, and most times she'd be asleep, or sometimes feeding. On rare occasions, she'd be fussy and I'd have to rock her. All things considered though, the changes were minor.

It seems like only a day or two and she was already crawling (although it was more likely several months). This meant I could leave her alone for a few minutes, so I only had to take her with me to the bathroom when I pooped. Amy would crawl around and amuse herself with new things in the bathroom, most often trying desperately to open the childproof cabinets.

But, those days came to an end, and going to the bathroom became... troublesome. Soon, Amy could walk, and after that it was potty training time. I figured the best way to help her train was to let her see me using the potty, figuring she'd try to model herself after me and use the potty. Unfortunately, this meant having no privacy, whatsoever.

The first few times, she seemed reluctant to come with me, but after a while she wanted to go. Every time I would go to the bathroom, I'd announce "Mommy has to go potty." and we would go to the bathroom. Then came the stream of questions or comments. "Mommy, do you need to pee or poo?", "Mommy, your poo-poo stinks." (Gee, yours doesn't smell much better, sweety). As if the questions weren't bad enough, she would often give me a play by play of what my own body was doing. She loved that. Then she'd always want to look at my "poo-poo", and of course she had to flush every time. I don't need to tell you how embarassing this became when I had to go use the bathroom in public. I just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could and hope nobody would remember me.

But, I think, by far, the worst experience I had in a public bathroom was the day I had to poop at the mall. I tried desperately to hold it back, but I knew we'd be there for at least an hour longer, and there was no way I could hold it. So, I gave in and reluctantly quietly said "We need to go to the bathroom, mommy has to go potty". Of course, being three years old, Amy blurted out "Do you need to poo-poo Mommy?". I doubt there was anyone within a five-mile radius who didn't hear it, it seemed so loud. Very embarassed, I rushed her to the nearest bathroom and into the stall.

Evidently, the embarrassment goddess wasn't quite satisfied, and the situation got even worse. Not only did Amy insist on narrarating my every action, in a voice loud enough everyone in the entire bathroom could hear, she picked this moment to notice something very embarrassing about me. I guess up until now, she'd never noticed that I had hair pubic hair. You can imagine how red my face turned, when, in her usual voice, asked "Mommy why is your pee-pee hairy?".

At that moment, I had no brain cells left. I was so embarassed, I just couldn't think anymore. But, I knew if I didn't say /something/ she'd just repeat the question. And I couldn't have that. I said something like "Because Mommy is a big girl." then Amy said "Oh." And a few seconds later "Are all big girls' pee-pees hairy?". Again, I managed to utter, "Yes that's right.". "Okay.", she replied. At least she didn't ask me if boy's pee-pees were hairy too. Then, I think I actually would have died.

I guess I can take some solace in knowing that Amy's days of accompanying me into the bathroom are almost over. She's five now, so she only comes with me when I go in public. And then, she looks at the door and complains about having to be in the stall with me. Next year, when she starts kindergarten, she won't even go in the stall with me anymore, although I don't know what my husband will do if she's with him and he has to go. She's too old now to go into the men's room with him (heaven forbid if she looks at a man's penis... that could possibly spur some embarassing questions), but really not old enough to wait outside the restroom area for him to come out.

Well, thanks for reading my long posts. I don't entirely know why I felt like telling my story to the internet, but at least now you can laugh with me at my prior misfortune. I imagine that every mom reading this will laugh, shake her head, and say "Been there, done that."

Punk Rock Girl
Hey yoooo guuuuyyyyys!

To Anonymous Girl: Actually, I only tried peeing standing up once, while I was drunk. I was hanging with some guy friends of mine in college. They all decided to stop and take a piss in the wooded area that we were walking through to get back to the dorms from the bars. I said I had to pee, too and they asked me if girls could pee standing up. I said, "Sure, watch this!" I dropped my pants and underpants to my knees and peed. of course, the pee went straight down and landed right in my underpants, splashing all over my legs. I quickly reconsidered my demonstration and squatted, which led to my falling on my bare ass and pissing on the back of my jeans. In my drunken stupor I wound up with urine soaked pants and underwear, a dirty behind and a very bruised ego. I have always sat down or squatted from that day forward. I don't have a penis and do not envy them.

Well, my diarrhea from two weeks ago cleared up and now I'm back to good ol' constipation. I had to push hard to get my morning dump out when I got to work today. I feel like there's still shit in my ass that doesn't want to leave. Hopefully things will loosen up later. I'm on my third cup of coffee and that usually helps.

Hope everyone is well.



Big Ruth
Had a bad day today, been constipated for 4 days, was at my boyfriend's house when he told me we were breaking up - Upset and emotional I got a pain in my stomach, I had to use his toilet for a poop.
I have never pooped in front of him before, I sat on his toilet and it felt like the world was falling out of me.
I have never produced so much poop in all my life.
When I flushed and came out of his bathroom, he was listening to me outside the toilet door. he had a dirty grin on his face.
On a positive note, his toilet was out of order after I had used it, but I didnt tell him, I just left and went home.

I am a sophomore at a state university in the USA. Early this month I met a new girl at school. She had a British accent. That intrigued me. She is very pretty. Her features are striking. She is a little shorter than I am. I am 5'10". Like me she is a science major in physics and very smart. We have begun to study together and to share ideas. Her dad and mother and her two brothers have moved to the States where her father has found work with a British company branch here. They are thrilled to be here.

I have had one strange habit in my life ever since middle school. I have a fetish about how often a person pees in a day. I have always kept it secret. One Saturday recently my new girlfriend and I were working on some physics problems together. We got together about 9 in the morning in a quiet place in our spacious library. We worked all morning, then had lunch. I had taken my morning pee about 7:30. I have a powerful and long stream in the morning, sometimes lasting 90 seconds more or less. By two in the afternoon my bladder was beginning to feel full. I knew I would have to empty out soon. I can usually wait for 6 or 7 hours but not much more. I usually go morning, early afternoon, and early evening, three times a day.

We continued working. I didn't want to say to her that we better stop so I can take a leak. But I did wonder why she didn't have to go. In
another hour I was getting desperate. I noticed that she was tense and moving around. Finally I suggested a break. She sighed. She said: "I began to wonder whether you ever have to pee." I told her that I was getting desperate but was too shy to say anything. We both ran to the third floor bathrooms. I peed for 2 minutes. I could hear her gushing away for nearly 3 minutes. The walls between the men's and women's room were pretty thin. We hung out the rest of the day and had dinner. She and I watched TV in my room that evening. She told me that her parents never talked about sex or bodily excretions. Then she rang a bell. She told me that she kept a diary noting the times that each girl she knew at school in England went to the bathroom. Some went every hour or so. A few never went at all at school. She was one. She told me that she can wait 8 or 9 hours between going. And sometimes she waited 12 hours on school outings. She hated public toilets. But like her mom she had a very large bladder.(I do too.)Like me she only goes 3 times a day. The longest interval is between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. when she empties out in the morning. I may be a pee prince, but she is a pee princess. What a coincidence. We left the door open to the bathroom in my room. We shared our last pee that Saturday about 9 o'clock, the third of that day. We were both bursting. This is going to be an interesting year. Maybe there will be more adventures as our relationship goes on.

TO:Anoymous Girl,

I am male and if I piss and poop at the same time i normally pee first, I don't know why this is , I do not poop every day so as you might imagine when it hits me i have to find a restroom quick.

As to your question how do I know i have to go, I do feel it in my penis and at home I normally sit to pee, it is simpler and keeps from having any splatters from standing up. In public I use urinals if available which in most public restrooms they are available.

Why can't you pee standing, have you tried it in the shower?


Upstate Dave
Anonymous Girl Thanks for responding to my question about squating right on the toilet seat. Now I'll respond back to your question. I can feel my pee flowing from my bladder all the way out to the slit in the head of my penis when I pee. But this is internally not on the outside when I'm holding my penis when peeing. Also it can be felt more when my penis is in a erect state.

Now let me finish up with my last post on the old wooden toilet chair that my friend Janet and I was useing the one summer that I was staying at my grandmothers house. Well it was the last full day that I was staying at my grandmothers. We had the prvious two days rain so I didn't see Janet. Now on this lat Saturday it had cleared and it was bright and sunny so I went over to Janets house first thing in the morning after breakfast.

Janet didn't answer the door but her younger sistor Jill did. Jill was a little over a year younger then Janet. She said hi to me andf let me inside. She told me Janet was getting dressed and would be ready in a few minutes. I thanked Jill for trelling me and I sat down on the couch to wait for Janet. She was ready after I had waited for several minutes for she came walking down the hall into the livingroom.

She smiled and said hi to me when she came into the livingroom. Janet was wearing a light blue pullover top with matching blue colored pants. We had talked on the phone last night so she knew it was my last full day and I would be going home tomorrow. So we had planned to go right over to my grandmothers who had already had left for work. But as I got up and we were going to leave Jante told me that Jill was comming with us. That I thought having Jill having to come with Janet was going to ruin our day. (but it didn't as it turned out)

Let me tell you befor hand that last summer on a visit the three of us were at the old school playground with the three of us swining on the swings and Jill had desperatly needed to pee. Jante told Jill just go over by the 55 gallon drums behind the firehouse whiuch was right next to the playground. Jill did just that. Janet and I kept on swinging on our swings.

Jill running quickly with her hands between her thighs went over to where the 55 gallon drums were behind the firehouse and she went behind them to pee. Now as I was swining on the swings when I swung back I could see Jill. So I sped up and so did Janet at the same time. We were both trying to see Jill pee! On each back swing we could see Jill!

Now we both saw Jill pull down her red shorts she was wearing and then her white panties and she pulled them down. Instead of squating right down Jill got into a high sqaut so she was hovering high and she was bent right over at the waist with one hand placed on the ground. Now from where Janet and were swinging on the swings Jill was about 15 feet away from us.

She sent down at a slight forward angle a very wde headed pee stream that went into a long twist. Where she was there was no grass just dirt which turned dark as her pee wetted it. In several seconds the dirt no longer soaked up her pee and a pee puddle had formed and now her pee was splashing which both of us could hear that happening.

Jill took a very long pee. As soon as she did finish Jill quickly pulled up her panties and red shorts and stepped out from behind the 55 gallon drums. She had a look on her face of great relief as she now had started to walk back towards the swings. This is when Janet said loudly to her sistor Jill; Boy Janet that was one long pee!

Jill asked Janet; Did you see me? Janet giggled and told her yes. Couldn't help it Janet said to jill. Every swing back you were in sight. Janet said this to Jill giggling. Then she told Jill that I could see her too! Dave you did? Jill asked me with her cheeks turning a dep pink. I told her that I had. I enjoyed it too but don't worry I won't say a word! Jill looked at me without saying anything back for several seconds and then told me I better not.

Asit turned out Janet would pee down the long slide there on the playground later that day and Jill would see me pee when I had to go which I peed behind one of the big pine trees there behind the swings. That made us even and I would see Jill pee a few more times between then and now. But let me get back to the current time again.

The thre of us started our walk over to my grandmothers. On the way over Janet talked to her sistor Jill. Janet told her about our old toilet chair in the pine trees. Jill laughed and giggled as Janet told her about both of us peeing using the old chair as our toilet. Janet went on telling Jill that we even had s**t using the old chair. Jill looked right at Jill and said back to her in a shocked tone in her voice; YOU DID! Janet burst into laughter as a result of Jills reaction. I couldn't help but let out a stiffled giggle myself.

Then Jill asked Janet; If you pooped outside did Dave watch you? Janet told Jill yes. Dave even let me watch him poop too! He has a cute rearend too! Janet let out a louder giggle. Maybe you will see it if Dave has to poop when we get there. Jill was only silent ofr a few seconds and then a smile crept over her lips. That was Jills answer to that.

We now had crossed over the main highway and were approaching the end of my grandmothers driveway. We turned and started up the driveway and Janet pointed to the row of pinetrees and told Jill our toilet was right there. Jill said back to Janet; I don't see it. From where we were you couldn't. Janet told Jill it was there just follow me and Dave we will show you. With Janet saying that she took the lead and cut across the yard heading for the pine tree row and right where you had to slip into the pine trees where our toilet chair was.

Jill was behind Janet and I was last as we slipped into the oine trees and came into the little clearing where the old toilet chair was. Jill giggled seeing the old wooden chair with its cane botom with its broken cane making a large hole in the botom of the chair. Then she spotted the roll of toilet paper on the branch of the pine tree and giggled louder.

Then she said to both of us asking/ I thought you two had used it and pooped? Wher is your poop? You two are lying! Janet and I both couldn't help but laugh. When we stopped Janet told Jill that we had but our poop is buried in the ground out of sight so it won't be seen. Jill giggled a little more and she now believed that it was true.

Then Janet announced that she was going to pee and told Jill to move out of the way. Jill was standing n front of the old chair and she stepped aside to let her sistor get in front of the chair. Janet stepped up to the chair turned around and faced Jill and I. With a quick tug she pulled down her blue pants along with a matching pair of blue panties and sat down on the chair. Jill watching her sistor giggled hard.

Janet started to pee hard sending out a loudly hissing stream of pee straight down to the pineneedled coverd ground under the chair. Her stream was cloudy white with a good twist in it. Her pee did splatter a litle on the pine needles moving some of them. Jill after several seconds watching Janet pee asked Janet if she was going to poop too. Janet told Jill; Not right now. I don't have to. Maybe later.

Janet went on with her hard pee and Jill watched as I watched. As Jill kept on watching she asked me if I was going to go. I told her I was. Are you going to poop? I told her that I wasn't like Janet I didn't have to go then. Jill was disapointed for sher asked me if I was going to poop later and her voice did sound dissapointed when she asked. I did tell her that I like Janet may go later. That brought a smile to Jills lips.

By this time Janets pee stream started to let up. It had thinned down its hissing had faded and stopped. Janet then had her stream dwindle down to a trickle which wetted her vagina,her lower crotch, and both cheeks of her rearend. Then she stopped. Janet asked Jill to hand her the toilet paper roll. Jill reached over and took the roll poff the branch and handed it to Janet.

Instead of siting on the chair to wipe Janet stood up to wipe. She took a quick glance at me as she rolled paper from the roll. She smiled. I smiled back for I knew she was going to wipe standing for my benifit. Jill watching let out a giggle. She didn't know that her sistor was giving me this show at least not yet. Janet tore the ppaer and slowly gave herself a long upward slow wipe on her vagina first.

She flipped the paper over and started to wipe under her vagina and Jill the asked Janet why she was wiping herself standing. Janet couldn;t help but let out a giggle first. Then she said to Jill; Dave likes it thats why! That made Jill turn and look at me giggling. I smiled and said that I did like it. That made both girls giggling turn into laughter.

Janet wiped her rearend cheeks and then was done. She reached down for her blus panties and pulled them up. Then she pulled up her blue pants and stepped aside. Then she asked; Who's going next? You Dave or Jill? I repled first befor Jill did. Well it should be ladies before gentlemen. Jill giggled and wanted me to go first. Janet then told Jill to wait a moment. She stepped up to me and whispered in my ear which Jill did not hear. When Janet finished whispering I smiled and shook my head yes. Janet smiled witha a big smile.

Now Jill asked Janet was was going on. What did you whiper to Dave? Janet told Jill if she would pee next and let me go last Dave will let you see his cute rearend. Oh he will! Jill said. Then I WILL go next. Even as Jill was saying this she had stepped over to the toilet chair and was already pulling her red shorts right down hard and fast!

In fact she pulled her red shorts down so fast and hard she also had her white panties slip down some with her red shorts! Jill was facing the chair and her rearend was partly showing. Her shorts and panties were at half nast as they say so half of her rearend was showing. Jill now turned around and pulled her shorts and panties down the rest of the way and she sat down on the chair.

Before Jill started her pee I told her that she too like Janet had a very cute rearend> That brought a smile to Jills lips and then she started her pee. Unlike Janet Jill didn't pee real hard. Instead she had a thin straight down stream of pee that didn't hgiss and there was only a short twist in it. It pattered softly in the pine needles. Jill was sitting way back so that there was plenty of the hole exposed in the botom of the chair. Jill was not looking at either Janet and I. She was looking down watching her pee stream as she peed instead.

Jill didn't pee all that long. It might have ben ten seconds or so. She also when she ended her pee quickly stood up bent over grabbing both her panties and shorts together and pulled them both up very quickly. As she did this Janet asked Jill; Arn't you going to wipe? Jill still sliding her panties and shorts up said back to Janet giggling; No I want to see Dave's rearend! I and both Janet laughed.

Now as Jill was sliding up her panties and shorts together she stepped forward and aside to let me step up to the toilet chair. I stepped forward in front of it and I was wearing a pair of jeans without a belt for this pair was tight on me. I popped the single buton on them amd yanked down my zipper. Now since this was the last full day I was going to be here I had not put on my boxers so I was going commando!

I started pulling my jeans down. Once I had them pulled down far enough and my rearend was now showing form behind me Jill let out a loud hard giggle. Hey Dave you have no underware on! Janet now started to laugh. I stopped sliding my jeans down and I turned and looked back at Jill. She was standing there standing at my now bare rearend with a big smile. She was standing there with her panties and red shorts only pulled up at mid thigh with her vagina still exposed! I let out a quick laugh and then I pulled my jeans down to my knees. I got ready to take my pee.

Before I did start to pee Janet asked Jill; What do you think of Dave's rearend? Cute or what! Giggling hard Janet told Janet that it was cute! Then Jante stepped over to my right side and I saw that Jill also had come over to my left side and she let out a giggle for she now was looking at my penis which was in a erect state but I hadn't pulled it down yet to pee.

I pulled it down and started to pee a thin stream of piss which had a very long twist in it. It went through the broken cane opening in the bottom of the chair and hit the pine needles under the chair. Even with my stream being thin looking when it did hit the pine needles on the ground they scattered under my pees impact on them. Jill let out another giggle as a result of my pee moving the pine needles.

So I gave a hard push which made more force in my stream which moved more of the pine needles. This made Jill giggle harder. I took a quick look at Janet and she was smiling. She knew I was doing tis for Jill. Also with my hard pushing I let out a long loud brrrrraping sounding fart. Jill laughed and then said loudly to me and Janet; Maybe Dave's going to S**T now after all!

Janet looked right at Jil and said Jillyou said s**t! Jill in her excitement had it slip out without realize she had said it. She let out another hard giggle. Then she said back to Janet; I did din't I? Janet laughed and told her it was ok to say it as long its just between us. That made Jill gigge again. I smiled as I kept on peeing but I didn't fart again while I pushed and peed.

With my pushing I didn't pee all that long. Longer then Jill did but not as long as Janet had. I did finishe by doing several spurts which made Jill giggle louder aseach one had spurted out. Then I was done peeing and I pulld my jeans up and zipped them up and did the button on them. Before we started out from the pinetrees Jante said she was thirsty and Jill also said she was too. So that's where we headed next was over to the house to get a drink. I'll end it here but there will be some more peeing and the three of us would also poop! Upstate Dave

Silent Sitter

Most of the time, I just visit to read stories about accidents, and things of that nature. But for some reason yours caught my eye. I don't know what it is, but you have a way with words and I really look forward to reading the rest of your story.


to End Stall Em,

I notice that you flush the toilet with your hand. I balance on one foot and flush the toilet with my other foot.

Zip - Feel better.
I know when I get thigns like that they usually self-resolve in 3 to 7 days. But I am glad you were going to the doctor. I think it is wrong to give or take advice from random people on a site like this. Feel better.

To Anonymous girl: When I need to piss I feel it at the base of my cock and behind it. It's like a pressure with a sharp edge to it that just gets more intense and sharper as the need to piss gets greater. Eventually its just plain hurts. When I'm pissing I can feel the sensation of it inside my cock, but the best thing is feeling all the pressure go away. I don't mind pissing in urinals. In fact I'm happy to piss anywhere. When I shit it depends on whether it's a really big hard shit or just a soft one. Either way its always a pressure just inside my butt and I have to squeeze, sometimes very hard to keep it in if I cant get to a toilet. Again the pressure and cramps and pain just get more intense as I hold it in longer and longer. Once I'm sitting on the toilet, the best part is the head pushing its way out and gradually opening my butt hole. That is an incredible feeling and without doubt the best part of taking a shit. If I haven't been for two or three days, which is often the case then I usually have a very thick and very long turd to deal with. Sometimes its so hard and so fat that it stretches my butt hole so wide that it can be excruciatingly painful. Usually its just wide enough to make the pain very pleasurable. The great thing then is to feel it sliding out ever so slowly and holding my butt hole wide open. Once its out there is usually great relief for my hole when it closes and a great feeling of being clean and empty.

My girlfriend has seen me piss lots of times and she's also seen me sitting on the toilet. The only girl that's actually watched a turd come out of my butt hole is my cousin when I was about 8 and she was about 10. We were out playing and I had to go real bad so I just pulled my pants down in the park and bent over and took a shit. She stood behind me and watched everything happen.

To Sita: Hey girl, long time since we heard from you. Love your amazing poop experience, That's exactly what I was trying to describe to Anonymous girl above. Didn't quite understand why you pulled your panties back up without wiping and then go to the next stall and wipe. Did you have to wipe very much. It sure seems like you had an absolute monster come out of your butt.

To Just Curious: Yes I listen to everything that's going on in the stalls. I really like to hear someone groan and I know they are having a really difficult time or their hole is stretching so wide it hurts. Most probably they have a huge fat loaf hanging above the water and easing its way out nice and slowly. Lots of times I hear rubbing sounds and I know someone is having some special enjoyment and most likely isn't even taking a shit. Then there are the big sighs of relief and I can imagine the ordeal is over and their butt hole is closed once more and they are immersed in that wonderful feeling of relief. And yes, If I've heard all the noises to tell me it was a huge one and there was no flush, I might go in to see the result. Specially if there's no one around to see me do that.

All the best from Mickey

Anonymous Girl-Nothing in the penis really, just strong pressure in the bladder area right above my too. Bowels just feel crampy, probally the same feeling for a girl.

To both of the girls who have pooped their pants in school-What's the ABSOLUTE worst that could happen if you ignore the teacher when they say no and just go to the bathroom anyhow? You shouldn't have to crap your pants for any teacher, no way, no how. If they tried to physically stop you, then maybe it's time to get physical back with them. You'd have a good case with the principal.

Amanda M
I keep getting constipated for some reason. I don't know if its from the medicines I was taking after getting my wisdom teeth out but its really annoying.
Last Monday I was sitting watching the US Open when suddenly I started to get a little gassy. I could tell I was going to have to use the bathroom soon.I also knew that it was going to be hard and painful because I didn't go in 5 days.I didn't want to miss any of the match but I figured I should try and get it out before I made it worse.I went up to the bathroom sat on the toilet and gave 2 pushes.I got nothing.It didn't even budge.I remembered there was some prune juice in the fridge.I pulled up my pants and went down to the kitchen and drank it.I didn't get the urge to go until 9:30 that night. I went up to the bathroom sat on the toilet and gave a push and pressed on my lower stomach. 4 medium sized pieces came out with no problem surprisingly.It had a funny smell to it not the way it usually smells.I sat a few more seconds then wiped about 4 times sprayed and went back downstairs then I went to sleep.I woke up about 3:00am with horrible pain in my mouth and stomach.I went down and took an advil for my mouth then went to the bathroom.I sat on the toilet and pushed and pressed on my lower stomach and some soft poop came out and it burned a little.I wiped and flushed and went back to sleep only to wake up an hour later with more bad stomach pains.I went back to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and pushed. I could feel it right there but it burned so bad I couldn't get it out.Finally I just sucked it up.I grabbed the wall and pushed and diarrhea started coming out.When I looked in the toilet it looked like brown water and foam. I flushed and that was it.
I didn't go again till Friday. Then I couldn't go again yesterday.I'll post that story later

I've written before that I work for a large bank. I'm 34 and into lower-level management and most of our customers are really courteous and mild mannered. However, if you pull in a slow-paying loan or sometimes are forced to tell a customer you can't do a certain transaction, there can be some displeasure expressed. One example was yesterday morning. I was busy continuously since arriving for a 7:30 a.m. staff meeting. I've written before about how I crap pretty much every morning during my 5:30 a.m. workout. I have coffee after that and usually by 9:30 a.m. I have to pee. Well yesterday I was so busy and so far behind that I continued to hold my pee until well past 10:30 a.m. when our receptionist came to my office and said a small business owner had dropped by to pick up a document. I put it on a clipboard, showed her where he had to sign on each copy and I immediately headed down the hall, past the elevators for the bathroom which is used by both customers and employees. There are eight stalls and luckily one was open. It took me about 10 seconds to get the bottom of my business suit down along with my thong and that was like the only 10 seconds I had because my flow was gushing as soon as my butt hit the seat. I don't think I was seated for 15 seconds when the receptionist came in seeming very agitated and called my name. I yelled out where I was and jiggled and partially opened the door for her. She said he was very mad and wouldn't wait for me to get done. He wanted me to initial one really minor change that had to be made (the name of his street was misspelled) but he refused to wait. I told her to hand me the document and luckily he had brought me the pen and I signed off on it as I was madly in the second minute of my pee. I handed it back to her and was off the toilet and back on the floor within three minutes and our customer was already gone. I did e-mail him and apologize for not being there when he needed assistance. The receptionist thought he was so out of line that she told some of my other colleagues about it and they said they would have been less flexible in working with him. I would never demand that a person be interrupted in the bathroom, even if they were crapping and it would take a little longer to wait.

To Sarah B. I feel your pain...It happend to me way back in the 8th grade too. the story is on page 1576.

Too close for were lucky :) Great story by the way!

To answer Anonymous Girl's answer...Right before I gotta take a piss, I feel it in my penis. So far, no girls have seen me take a piss or shit lol. Sometimes, I do piss in urinals.

today i went to the movies. i was there for quite a while. i ordered an extra large pop corn and an extra large sprite to drink. i saw a movie that was long. towards the end of the movie i began to feel a huge urge to go to the bathroonm. i got up and headed for the ladies room. when i arrived there were 10 stalls. i took the third one. i pulled down jean shorts and started peeing. i peed for 30 straight only i made a huge puddle on the floor. so then i decided to go into another stall towards the end. i went in the 6 stall and pulled down my jean shorts and started to poop. by this time a big group of girls entered the bathroom. they were all teenagers ranging in ages from 13 to 19 years old. one of them saw the huge massive puddle of pee in the third stall that i made and said "iam gonna capture this with my camera!" then one of the other girl who was 15 and had red hair took the stall right next to me on my right. i could see that she had on heels and a skirt. she pulled her skirt down along with her lavendar underwear. she started peeing. i was still shitting my brainsout. she said "hey whats your name"? i told her my name. then we started talking. her name was Rebecca. she said to me "did u make the huge puddle of pee in the third stall?" i told her that i did. she said "thats so cool!" then becca said to me "i have to poop!" she began pooping! i was still pooping at this point. "she said to me are you enjoying the movies?" i said yeah iam! i love it! i was about done. i told becca "i will see u by the mirror." i wiped my butt put the dirty toilet paper in the tampoon despencer. i pulled up my jean shorts and left the tiolet unflushed and went to the sink to wash up. becca was still talking to me! she said " Ashleigh u didnt flush the tiolet thats awesome i will do the same". becca was still shitting her brains out. she told me that she hadnt pooped in like 4 days. then she said" omg the tiolet is gonna over flow". it did! a huge puddle of poop was running down from the stall that becca was still in! i started laughing! she did too! she got up and said to me i cant believe that i overflowed the stall! she went into the next stall and finished pooping! she said to me " Ashleigh iam almost done". 2 mintues later becca pulled up her skirt wiped her butt and put the dirty tiolet paper in the tiolet. she left the tiolet unflushed and came to the sink. then she gave me her cellphone number and told me to text her to talk. thats all for now! i will post again!



ps. Deliah i really miss your posts! it makes me feel sad!

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