Upstate Dave
Anonymous Girl I forgot to answer the other parts of your questions so here are myreplies to the other parts fo the questions you asked. As far as what I feel when I have to shit and do shit that varies. Some times I have a build up of gas with slight pain which I know my shit is going to be loose. This happens once a month. Sort of like a male period as I call it. This has happened since I had reached puberty and has gone on since then.

The other times I can feel just pressure on my asshole as my shit inside of me is right there ready to come out. I always take big long fat ones when I do go. I can feel my asshole open and I can feel my shit moving which the feel of my shit varies also. Some times my shit is smooth and it just slides right out. Other times when it is knobby or very chunky I can feel my asshole expand and contract as the fatter chunks pass through or when my shit is smaller in size. Most of the time I will only go with one very long one which can reach a foot or more in length. Some tmes though I will do more then one piece.

I have no problems as far as pissing in a urinal. I have pissed in many different styles too. The rectangular wall to floor style, the round bowl type, the wall hanging type, the long trough type with running water and no water types, and last in the old textile mills a hudge circle shaped trough with a fountain of water in the center. Th diameter of this circular one was 20+ feet around! There was the same type in the womans bathroom in this old mill too! There were also stalls if you needed to shit or wanted privacy also if you needed to piss.

Now as far as girls that I knew or know that liked watching me piss or shit over my life time there were several. Two diferent sets of sistors which right now I have been posting one of the set of sistors right now that liked watching me piss or shit. The other two sistors that also liked watching me piss or shit were Brenda and Susan. Brenda more so when I had to shit then piss! Also Barbie H liked watching me shit too. Then of course my wife likes watching me do both. She even holds me when I have to piss whether we are inside or outside! :-) I believe that will answer your remaining questions.

Now let me finish up with Janet, Jill , and myself and the old toilet chair outside at my grandmothers house. Now we had gone inside to get drinks for we were all thirsty. There was fresh lemonade made so we filled up glasses with ice and the lemonade and took them out to the trailer with us for we were going to play cards together. We sat at the table and did play rummy for awhile in the trailer together.

We were having a close game as far as the first game. As the game went on Jill started letting out many farts. Some short,some long, sometimes they were very stinky some times not. For the stinky ones we were sure glad that the oustide door was open with the scree door along with open windows! Jill would giggle after letting a stinky one go! Afetre having over a short time letting out a few of her stinky farts Janet told Jill Go take a shit! Stop letting out those stinky farts! Jill giggled hard and told her sistor Janet that she wasn't ready to go yet. So we had to put up with her farting for awhile longer yet.

We went on playing cards and as we we got close to playing the end of the first game which Janet was winning Jill let out one real long loud fart. I have to go now she told Janet and I. Jill got up and went outside and headed over to where the toilet chair was in the pine trees. Janet stayed sitting at the table. I didn't get up from the table for I wasn;t sure if it was ok with Janet to watch Jill shit. Janet told me to go if I wanted to watch Jill. She laughed and told me she takes real big ones!

I smiled thaked Janet and I quickly got up and went outside. Jill was already going into the pine trees where the toilet chair was so I hurried over and I slipped into the row of pine trees also. When I got through the pine trees Jill was standing in front of the chair and she had already had pulled her red shorts down which were around at her sneakers. Her red pantis were still up but she was tugging them down as I came into the little clearing.

She pulled the panties down letting them go which they fell down her legs joining her red shorts at her ankles. Jill sat down on the old chair with her bare ass down in the holde area of the seat. I sat down on the ground to watch which Jill smiled and let out a giggle first. Then she asked me; Oh your going to sit and watch? I take it thats a better view? I smiled and said yes back to her.

First thing Jill did was piss. She sent a good hard stream of piss which hissed loudly straight down to the ground out of her vagina. This only lasted for about five seconds. Then her piss stream eased right up, making it dribble wetting her vagina and crotch. When her piss was doing this I saw a dark brown shit emerging from her expanded asshole. Jill was starting to shit now!

Jill was pushing hard to for I heard her grunt which made me take my eyes off her shit and look up at her. Jill's lips were tightly pressed together,eyes closed hard and her face cheeks were some what pink. I looked back down and her shit was longer with its big tip now having past the the curve of her asscheeks and was moving slowly along.

Janet was right when she told me in the trailer that Jill took big shits! This one was. It was very big around. It was the sie of a soda can! It was a chunky looking one too. For hat had come out there were different sized chunks in it. Her shit right then had reached six inches in length when I heard Jill let out a gasp of air and her shit stopped its movement and just hung there under her.

Jill rested for she had to work hard to shit. Jill did ask me how log it was. I told her at least a half foot. Jill groaned. Thats all she said to me. It feels like I went more then that. It also feels that there is stilla lot more to come out. There was one other thing too. Her shit smelled as bad as the stinky farts that she had done inside the trailer! I told Jill right after she finished I was going to get and bury that one! Jill didn't giggle. She started laughing loudly instead. With her laughing hard her shit started to move again which it added a couple of more inches to it. When Jll stopped laughing her shit also stopped.

Jill took a deep breath and held it and pushed real hard. A little piss spurted out from her vagina and her shit moved again with her hard push. It moved ever so slowly at first and also her piss kept on with its dribbling out of her vagina. Then her shit started to move faster for it waas begining to narrow down in size. As her shit was narrowing down her dribbling piss changed into a weak split stream. the one stream was going straight down to the ground as the other stream was running right of the tip of her shit.

Jill let out another gasp and she now no longer had to bare down and push to keep shiting. Her shit was moving well on its own and it had almost reached the ground and was about a inch or two above it. Then it must have broke for it suddenl fell hiting the pine needles with a dull thud and fell right over forward. Her piss stream instanly became hard hissing loudly again and it hit her shit on the ground and splattered off from it. Then I saw a short enlogated nugget drop down to the ground and that turned out to be it as far as Jill shitting. She only went on pissing for a good ten seconds and came to a clean stop when she finished her piss.

Jill told me she was done even though I knew she was. I also told her she shit like I do. Jill giggled very hard at that comment. She asked for te toilet paper which I gave her. She rolled off a wad and gave her ass a wipe with it first. She looked at after she wiped and used it to wipe te piss off her asscheeks. As she wiped her cheeks she told me giggling thather hole was clean. She then gave her vagina a quick wipe and dropped the paper on the ground with her shit.

Then she stood up bent over and pulled her panties up and then her red shorts. Then she turned around to look at what she had done. She let out a giggle turned back around as I was getting up off the ground she told me that she do a good one. Did you like it? Also your right Dave it does look like a boy shit too! I told her I liked it and I laughed when she said about it looking like a boys shit.

I told her that I was going to go get the shovel and bury it now. I'll meet you back at the trailer. But Jill asked me if I had to shit or pee as I started to leave to go get the shovel. I told her that I could pee but I didn't have to shit. Jill smiled and told me she would wait here then to watch me piss. I laughed and I walked out through the pine trees and went and got the shovel to bury Jills shit. I was back in a few minutes and Janet saw me comming back with the shovel as I passed the trailer. She came out and joined me. We walked over to the toilet chair together.

Jill was standing in the little clearing when Janet and I slipped into the pine trees and came into the clearing. Jill told Janet to take a look at her big shit. Janet did and told Jill it was a big one but it sure did stink like her farts had. Jill giggled and told Janet that se wasn;t the only one that had said that! Dave said it too. I moved over and slid the shovel under the old chair and scooped up jills shit and used paper.

As I did this Janet told me just give it a good heave Dave. I cant wait for you to bury it. I have to go! So I gave a very hard fling with the shovel which the paper didnt go that far but Jills shit sure did. It went through some of the lower dead branches on the pine trees and they broke off with a oud snap! Jill burst into laughter and so did I. Even Janet laughed briefly.

Then she turned in front of the toilet chair and yanked her pants and panties right down quickly together and sat right down on the toilet chair. Janet was in a hurry as it turned out. As soon as she sat down she started pissing very hard and she also started shitting at the same time. Her shit were nuggets! One right after the other came out! Funny thing too when they came out they had no effect on her piss stream. It stayed hard as her shit nuggets came out!

Her nuggets were diffent sizes. Some were about three inches, some four inches and some about two inches in size. By the time her piss stream had eased up which was about ten seconds or so Janet had about seven or eight nuggets in the pine needles under the toilet chair. She did three more in a row after she had stopped pissing. Jill haned her the toilet paper roll and Janet wiped her ass off and used more paper to wipe her vagina.

Jill then told Janet her shit looked like hoarse shit as Janet was pulling up her panties and pants. I agreed with Jill. Janet turned around after she had pulled up her panties and pants. She laughed and told us it did too. I again took the shovel and scooped up her shit nuggets and the used paper. I gave the shovel a heave and her nuggets went flying through the pine trees and her paper went like Jills did only a short ways away.

I leaned the shovel up against one of thepine trees and I told Jill now you get to see me take one now. Sit down and get comfortible! Jill smiled with a big smile and sat down along the left side of the toilet chair. Janet sat down along the right side. I stepped up in frontof the chair turned around and unbuttoned the single buton on them. Then I pulled my zipper down. Then I pulled them down quickl and I even bent over and pulled my jeans down till they were crumpled up around the calves of both omy legs.

Janet let out a giggle for she was not looking at my bare ass. She was looking right at my erect penis! Jill was looking at my ass not paying any attention to the front of me at all. I was sure she did see my penis but didn't say a word about it. For Jills benifit I got down into a very high squat over the toilet chair. Fot Janets benifit I didn't bother taking a hold of my penis with my hand.The girls had a very short few seconds wait for me to start.

I started to piss first. Out from my penis shot a nice arcing curved stream through the air. My stream shot through the clearing and even mamaged to pss through the lower pine tree branches and must have reached the grass in the yard outside the row of pine trees! ( it did for when we walked out the grass was wet with my piss)mJanet said loudly; Jill look how far Dave's piss is going! Jll turned and looked and she let out a loud but short giggle seeing my stream arcing through the air and dissapearing out of sight.

Then she looked right back and asked me when I was going to shit. I told her it was on its way. I could feel my asshole starting to open under the pressure of my shit. In a fe wquick seconds Jill shouted loudly; Here it comes I can see it! Janet let out a laugh and then told Jill she was sure acting silly. Jill didn't say anything back to Janet. Instead she excitedly and loudly said next; Its going to be a big one!

My shit I could fel was moving very quickly. This was normal for me. Since I was in a high hover my shit was large enough besides feeling it sliding through my asshole I could feel it at times on my asscheeks. So this was a chunky one at least that what it felt like to me as it came out. Now with me shitting my piss stream had lst osme of its force. It was now only going as far as the pine tree barnches at the dge of the small clearing. I had taken a quick look to see where it was.

Jill commented that my shit was tan in color and it sure was getting long. It even has cracks in it! They are getting wider! That told me that there was a good chance that my sht would break. A couple more seconds went by and I heard a dull thud on the ground. At the same time Jill said loudly; It broke! I still kept on going. Jill also said that I sure was shitting fast too.

A few more seconds passed and I felt my asshole close right up. There was a second dull thud on the ground. I was done shiting. So I stood up and I was still pissing so I stood there pissing with my hands on my hips. My stream went back to being real hard again so that aain it was shooting through the branches ogf the pine trees but it was hitting them and splashing off from a few of them. This brought loud gigles from both Janet and Jill.

I stood ther standing pissing for about ten seconds then my stream eased up and took a pause. I pushed sending out a spurt of piss and then I paused again. I wound up doing it four tmes this trime. Both Janet and Jill giggled as they saw each spurt of piss come out. Jill giggled louder then Janet did. After the last spurt had come out I then reached own and gave me erect penis two shakes which sent drops of piss off from it. I was now done except to wipe my ass.

Janet had rolled off some toilet paper for me already and as I reached for it Jill had stood up but she asked me; Do you always shake yourself when you stop? That made Janet laugh very hard. Yes boys DO THAT Jill after they piss! Jill went on to say that she never knew that. I thought about when last ummer when we had startedpeeing together watching each other I may have not shaken it with Jill watching me or she just might have forgotten if I had.

I wiped myself off and checked the paper. It was clean. I tosssed it away not with my shit this time. I bent over and pulled up my jens and took care of them. Janet and Jill now were standing waiting. Janet then said she would meet us back in the trailer. She started cutting through the tree instead of going out through the trees in front of the clearing.

Jill asjed Janet why she was going the way she was going. Janet loudly told Jill; That's where Dave's piss went. He did piss all over the branches. Oh I forgot Jill said with a slight giggle. I then took the shovel and took care of my shit flinging it through the trees like I had done to Janets and Jills shit.

Then as Jill and I started walking through the pine trees Jill told me that was fun. Would you like to see me go again? I wouldn't mind doing it again with JUST you being there to watch me. I looked at Jill and told her that I would like to. But the chances are that I won't ne able to. After all I'm leaving in the morning. Then Jill told me she would come over early. I told her ok but I can't say I'll be here. Jill told me that was ok she would take the chance that I might be.

I went and washed the shovel off and put it back. Jill went to the traler. When I got back we finished our game of rummy plated one more after that. Jill won that game. Then I had to walk them home for they had to leave. I came back packed up my clothes so I would be ready in the morning. I did stay oput in the trailer till my grandmother came home. We ate and watched some tv afterwards. When it got dark I went outside to sleep in the trailer ne more time. I did leave early the following morning before Jill did show up. So I didn't get to see her go.

Post scrit. I did call Janet and taked to her a couple of days later after I was home. I also talked to Jill. She was sorry that I missed her. She did come over but I had gone. Giggling she told me she did use the toilet chair when she did come over. Also I'll add when I came up to stay the next summer the toilet chair was in pieces. The past winter there had been storms with heavy wet snow and ice. The chair and a lot of the pine tree barnches did not survive the hard winter weather. But Janet, Jill, and I found new places to go over my vacation. Upstate Dave

Hey Everyone,

First off, for Caleb, my long post about pooping on the boat, at football camp, and then getting sick in Costa Rica did make it on to page 1787 but not onto the current page of new posts in case you or anyone else went looking for it. At first I was feeling a bit disappointed thinking my stories hadn't made the cut, but then found it scrolling a page back. Hope you and anyone else who has trouble pooping at school find it entertaining and helpful.

Next, for fibrefan... Don't even get me started again about the Kelloggs All-Bran!! Look up my name just a few pages back to find out the effects I suffered from scarfing down a half box of that stuff a few years back!

For Anonymous Girl..... Of course we've all had to pee and poop both at the same time. The individual sensations are exactly the same except you experience them both at the same time. I've had to do battle on both fronts (or ends??) when I've needed to hold both a big wizz in my overstretched bladder AND a big load of poop in my butt in a car or on a bus trip before I reached a bathroom. Trust me, it's NOT fun!! And yes, when you have to pee really bad, you definitely DO feel it in your willy!! LOL :-O

As far as girls go, I never experienced it before I started dating my current girlfriend 3 years ago, and it was only in the past year where she has become the first person in my life to actually rival Brian for amount of time we spend together. Of course, it's a totally different type of relationship than with Brian. Brian and I have pooped and peed in front of each other for so long we almost don't even think about it. If nobody else is around, we rarely shut the door so we can continue talking to each other and we don't care how loud we fart or how noisily our shit hits the water. With Michelle however, I've tried to be on my best behavior. There are those moments however, when I've had emergencies and I even posted one story back on page 1709 about one such moment. There were a couple other times I really had to relieve myself over at her house. I won't come right out and say Michelle flat out ENJOY's hearing me poop, but I've noticed she's never made too much of an effort to move away from the door when I was sitting there relieving myself. She's even talked to me through the door a couple times. I think she wanted to hear if my voice changed while I was struggling to shit. I tried not to SOUND strained, but I probably did anyway! LOL I even get the strange feeling she's trying to work up the courage to make up an excuse to walk in on me sometime while I'm going poop. I'm actually looking forward to it whevever it happens.

Now back to football camp this past August......

As I was saying in my last post, the bathyrooms at the camp are sort of military latrine style with the toilets having no doors and partitions for even a shred of privacy. It's just 5 toilets spaced closely together along a block wall and with so many campers, lineups to use the crappers are pretty common, especially right after breakfast and lunch. Also, like I said before, the meals aren't all that bad as far as taste goes, but they have an uncanny way of going RIGHT THROUGH you. Over a two-week period, you end up seeing and hearing a lot of really desperate guys delivering a whole lot of soft mushy poop. More than once, I was one of those really desperate guys delivering a whole lot of soft mushy poop! The story I told you about in my last posting about a row of guys all sitting on the crappers delivering loads was a scene repeated every day after breakfast. If you're a guy who is really self-conscious about having others see and hear you shit, trust me, this is NOT the place for you!

Anyway, it's dinnertime on the 5th day there and as I'm finishing up, I start getting that old familiar feeling that a massive major load is starting to make its way through me and headed for the exit. That's when I excused myself and headed for the exit myself. It's at least a 5 minute walk back to the bathrooms and if you wait until you actually have to go, it's already too late the way this food goes right through you. Brian got up as well and started walking with me. Along the way, we were laughing and joking around as we have for years. After a couple minutes, I felt the poop move into my butt and start to push on the exit door and the load seemed to grow and grow with each step. I know my body pretty well and I could tell that the dump I was about to take was going to be an exceptionally large one, even for me. At that moment, I heard Brian let rip a really big fart that scared away several birds in the trees.

"Dude!" I exclaimed. "Did your butt just do that or are we under a nuclear attack??"

"Sorry about that!!" He grinned as he started to pick up the pace of his already brisk walk. "I have to take a really major crap and that one just slipped out!"

"Just slipped, huh?" I responded grinning incredulously. I admitted I really needed to crap too and we both picked up the pace of aour walking. We weren't running but I'm sure anyone who saw us walking really fast with our legs tight together would have been able to tell we both had to shit pretty bad. Of course, Brian and I had buddy dumped before so this wasn't going to be new. Given that we were on the same schedule day in and day out, doing the exact same thing and eating the same food, it only made sense that we should poop together too.

When we got to the restroom, we found we were the first two there but anticipated having company pretty soon being so close to meal time. Brian and I chose bowls that left one between the two of us, and leaving a seat open between us and available bowls along the end walls.

I untied my pants and dropped them around my ankles before sitting down and Brian did the same. With one good push, I felt my rear exit begin to undulate and spasm before being washed over with that familiar euphoric sensation of feeling a whole lot of shit leaving my body. I could really hear my shit falling into the toilet too. I looked over at Brian who was breathing heavily and similarly enjoying his big dump too. I heard a lot of shit falling into the bowl as it left his body too.

"I hear those turds hiting the water!" I joked with him. He joked back and said that I was even noisier. We laughed and joked around saying we hoped there would be enough paper on the roll to clean up our messes.

Just then, one of the freshman I was mentioning before, John, comes dashing into the bathroom and it was blatantly obvious the way he was holding himself and the direction he was headed that he needed to shit real bad. But seeing Brian and I on the pot, he stops dead in his tracks with this look of a deer caught in the headlights.

Without batting an eye and realizing exactly what was going on he greets John with this big sly grin.

"Hey John. Come on in! We're just enjoying a nice relaxing post-meal dump!"

"I'll just wait outside." John replied nervously obviously needing to poop quite badly."

"Nonsense!" Brian replies. "You obviously need to go and there's plenty of room so come on in and have a seat!" He concluded motioning to the toilet between us.

"Yeah." I chimed in. "We just got started and won't be going anywhere for a while anyway!"

So nervously, John walks over to the shitter between Brian and me, unties his pants and only drops them down to his knees before sitting down. Brian and I continued pooping and you could hear our gas and medium-sized pieces coming out of us as we continued to crank more crap out of our bodies.

However, John seemed to having considerably more difficulty as he sat between us looking very anxious. On the one hand, it was obvious he had a whole lot of poop in his butt that he really needed to let go and really wanted to let go. On the other hand, his butt was tight as a drum from the anxiety of being a freshman sitting between two of the team captains. I'm thinking if you put a piece of coal in his butt, he would have formed a diamond within a few minutes!

I gotta stop here for a second and just give you a little background on John. Our coaches really like him and think he's goind to be a player. He won't turn 15 until December but he's already got the football body of a Junior or Senior. Our program lists him as 5'10 160 pounds and I'm guessing he's all of that. He started out the season on the freshman team but he's now been moved up to the varsity and getting a lot of snaps. He's really a tough competitor with a great nose for the ball. He's going to wrestle this season at 160 pounds and I think he's going to have a great shot at qualifying for the State tournament. Then there's that voice of his. He's got this really DEEEP bass voice and people talking to him for the first time look at his really young-looking face and can't believe that voice is coming out of the same person.

So anyway, Brian and I are sitting there gradually cranking out our turds while John sat there nervously not able to get his turds out. Finally, Brian looks over at John and says, "What's the matter buddy, can't get your poop out??" I laughed at the way Brian said this.

"Dude! I can't shit with you sitting there watching me!!" John finally exclaimed.

"We're not here to WATCH you poop, buddy! We're here to poop WITH you! We're here to HELP you get through this difficult time!!" I was really laughing at this and had to chime in.

"Yeah! Try to think of us more as your Poop Support Group!!"

"I don't NEED a support group!" John objected.

"That may be, but we're that captains of this football team and we need you to trust us if we're going to be a good team. You do trust us don't you? You need to believe we've got your back and that you're part of a family!" Of course, Brian was only partly joking around and John bought in to it.

"Screw it! I can't hold it any longer anyway so I may as well find out!" And with that, John let loose with a massive nasty torrent of soft mushy crap that really would have stunk up the bathroom had it not been for the fact that the bathroom was already stunk up many times over.

"See!" Brian kidded after John who sat there panting and moaning after having let loose with his massive pile. "Doesn't it feel a whole lot better to get it all out??"

"I haven't gotten it all out yet!" John grinned as he proceeded to crank out a whole lot more soft loose crap from his 14-year-old body. What was really cool was the way he grunted and moaned in that deep bass voice of his every time he went for a good push! I even joked with him by trying to imitate his grunts, but I can't get that deep! By the time it was all over, John had thoroughly enjoyed a most satisfying, very major toilet-filling shit!

By this time, other guys started coming into the bathroom to use the bowls and a line started forming, so the three of us began tearing off toilet paper and cleaning up our very messy butts before flushing and getting out of there.

I am happy to report that I see John at school all the time and that he has not had pooping anxiety since that day! (He bettter not. The way that boy shits, he would be in some serious trouble!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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too close for comfort
I work at a fast food restaurant. Tonight I was working at the front counter taking orders when all of a sudden I get a strong urge to poop but I'm the only one working up front and it was busy. I ignore it at first but the urge gets stronger. Then I start to feel the trutle head coming out. I begin to sweat as I take this guys order as I can feel the turd coming out against my panties and I clench my buttcheeks together. When the line clears I make my way to the restroom. When I there both stalls are taken. At this point in time Im clenching my buttcheeks in order not to poop my pants. Finally I get in a stall pull my pants down and as I sit down on the toilet out comes a long, soft, smelly poop.

Anonymous girl

i'm new i've put a few posts with no name but decided to make it clearer. I have a couple of questions.

Guys: What does it feel like when u have to piss and shit? Pissing -do u feel it in your penis? Also do u know any girls that like to watch u piss or shit? plus, do u like pissing in urinals

Girls: Do u evre try to piss standing up? I'v tried it a few times with little results and was wondering if you've tried.One bad thing is sometimes the piss splashes in the water.

Upstate Dave: I like to squat with my feet on the seat it's easy. Keep in mind i'm a smll female so that might make a difference.

A few days ago i had to crap at school. Our bathrooms (girls and guys) aren't separated well just by a wall in most places so i'v heard guys pissing before also if u go in the 2nd stall water drips on u. i went before recess and lunch and well it was a lot for not have eaten dinner r even lunch (i normally shit after dinner) i don't think i ate breakfast that day now i have to crap at school more regularly when i used to never crap at school i wonder if it's because of that one time

Any thoughts?


Big Daddy
I was at a hospital visiting a sick relative. As I walked down the hall a female police rushed behind me into a bathroom I could hear her rushing to push her pants down. I was wondering if there were any women in uniform (waitresses, nurses, etc.) that have been in urgent situations.

End Stall Em
First before I tell you what happened on Wednesday to make it my worst day of high school so far, I have a question for Aly M: You say you never use toilet paper or protective seat papers to cover the seat. I understand that; most of us don't use them. Then you say it's because "it takes the fun out of it for me." Please explain what you mean by this. Then you say you spent 30 minutes on the toilet in the student center? Say what? I feel bad if I spend 3 minutes on the toilet at school because the place is so crowded, the girls are so rude and the teachers are cracking down on tardies to class. I guess I should be counting the days down until I graduate and get to college. No, that would be too depressing because I'm only a freshman.

Well, like I said Wednesday was my worst day of high school ... at least my first month. I don't remember crapping on Tuesday, although I last remember sitting down for a decent size shit before school on Monday. I was lucky because it rained and my mom drove me to school and she had to drop me off early because she had to get to work. So I went in to the end stall (of course) of the main first floor restroom at about 7 a.m., put the seat down (I guess I was the first user) and dropped my jeans and underwear to my knees and then sat my butt down on the seat. There was like one other student in the room and she was like 15 stalls down. I don't think I was seated for more than 1 minute before my nice long crap (about 24 inches) dropped really fast and in one soft piece. It took me only two wipes (maybe two and a half) and I leaned back and with my right hand flushed the toilet and quickly stood up and got my clothing back in order. It gave me a really good feeling and I was in a great mood for the rest of the day. I think I needed to pee like twice later but that's never really been a problem for me.

Well on Wednesday, I was running late at home and my crap started to get excited during my 30 to 35 minute walk to school. I got there at 7:45 (first class is at 8) and I immediately went to the lst floor North bathroom. It has like 10 stalls and all were taken. I smelled some smoke but I guess that's only normal. So I immediately went directly up one floor to the 2nd floor bathroom. Same number of toilets but I think 3 were open including my favorite on the end. I quickly dropped my bookbag in the doorway after I latched the door and I dropped my undies and pulled up my skirt and I could smell my shit already telling me it was ready to come out. My butt hit the seat within just a few seconds but just then the 2-minute warning bell went off. My first hour business teacher is really mean and strips you of class points for tardies (she makes some lame joke about the only exception being if your name is listed on some page in that day's newspaper--another student told me she means the list of the people who have died)so I pulled up my panties and quickly headed out of the stall and to class. I got downstairs and was in the doorway as the final bell rang.

What sucked was that not only could I smell my shit a little bit, but I had some gas and pain down there. At the end of class I immediately ran up to the 3rd floor where my science class is, put my bag on my seat and because I had done it in record time, I felt I probably had about 3 minutes left as I entered the bathroom door. It was a large bathroom, but all the stalls were taken and there was like 3 girls waiting. Then I heard a flush in the end stall, and a girl came hurrying out. You could smell smoke all over her jeans and t-shirt and her butt was on the floor right in front of the stool. I stamped it out, pulled down my undies and placed my butt on the seat. My shit was just starting to exit when the warning bell rang and of course I had to hold it back in, pull up my panties and again make a run across the hall to class. The lock on the door was a little tight and by fighting with it I think I used up another 5 seconds or so. I got so scared that I was going to be late I do remember feeling just a trickle of pee in my underwear. I made it, but with no time to spare.

During lunch hour I was lucky to get into the serving line early and I got my food, put it on the table we normally eat at, and then went just down the hall to the bathroom. It was a mess. I could see legs under each stall door, two or three of the toilets had overflowed and I was already standing in water just as I closed the entry door to the hallway, and the first stall to open was toward the middle. Although I want to use the end stall, I knew I wouldn't have a better option. There was some urine on the right side of the seat, I noticed one of my shoes was already attached to some wet toilet paper, but I pulled up my skirt, and placed myself on the seat. It was very uncomfortable because it was like loose and there was also a couple of squeeks. I don't know if they came from my butt or the bottom of the seat on the bowl, but that was something that even further upset me. My crap was there and with one push I felt it falling jsut when there was a big bang against the outside of my stall door and I could see some older girl peek in on me, she called me a #xxx and told me I was taking too long and that she had to hurl. Why she didn't use a sink or the trashcan I don't know but that completely threw me off and I lost the "feeling" needed to take my shit. I just started to cry and got up and went back to the cafeteria. I didn't even eat my full lunch because I was so upset.

There was absolutely no time between 6th & 7th hour for me to sit down again and try to go. After my last class I ran across the hall to the bathroom but it had already been locked for the day. Not because of this but because I needed to borrow some money for emergency art class supplies, I walked 4 blocks to my mom's office. Upon entering the building I knew exactly where the restroom was and I immediately went in. It's a one-stall bathroom and luckily it was vacant. I sat down and completely emptied my bowels in about 35 seconds, although I sat for a couple of minutes and reflected what what a sucky day I had had. Then I put on a smile and went into mom's office and got the $5 I needed to get my supplies with. When she got home I told her about all that hat happened. She was very understanding and in fact took me back to the mall where she treated me to dinner at the food court.

I hope things are going to be getting better at school.

sarah b - sorry that you pooped in your pants at school because your teacher wouldn't let you go. i can only imagine how embarrassed you must feel - 8th grade and you pooped in your jeans. i don't know why some teachers are like that, but i had my share of them too. in 10th grade, a girl had to go to the bathroom really bad in the middle of class and the teacher wouldn't let her go. she peed her pants about five minutes before the end of class. and she was wearing light blue jeans so there was no way of hiding it.

I seem to do a lot of pooping in the library. It's partly because I spend a lot of time there, but I also think there's something relaxing and soothing about the atmosphere of the library that's conducive to having a bowel movement. Anyone else do a lot of pooping in libraries and/or bookstores?

I was at a house party last night, standing inline waiting to use the bathroom.
Behind me was a tall slim woman age about 45 jiggleing on the spot desperate to use the toilet.
As she waited she said do you mind if I go before you, I think I'm going to poop myself, I said sure go ahead.
When it was her turn she rushed into the bathroom without even locking the door slamming her backside down on the toilet.
I heard her going "eeeeeee gnarrraghh" followed by a dunk sound.
Then followed a few more plops,she flushed, washed her hands and on her way out said thank you to me.
As I went in there was no smell, but I was greeted by a solo poop that had failed to flush away.
It was quite thick I couldnt see how long it was, I took my pee, flushed, only to notice it was still there.
I didnt bother to flush a second time, on my way out I told the next person in line that the poop in the toilet was not mine.
He laughed and said, I know that girl you let go before you, she is my girlfriend, it will be hers, she does big heavy poops all the time.

Grizzly Adams
Hey y'all. My gf Alyssa and I ate some Little Cesar's pizza for dinner last night at my house. Less than 30 mins later I felt the need to shit. I went to the toilet and shit out a soft log about 8 inch in length and some soft serve. Thankfully it went down in 1 flush. Less than 10 mins after I finish Alyssa said she had to shit BAD. She went to the toilet and had about 10 waves of the runs. I agreed to take her home after this. She made it home all right but had to run to the toilet all night. Has this happened to any of you. Happy pissin' and shittin' everyone.

Speedy Pooper
This afternoon I had an enjoyable, although long-anticipated, dump. Yesterday (Friday) morning I had my typical morning poop, consisting of two medium logs that took a little pushing to get out. Friday night I had a pretty substantial barbecue dinner. This morning, though, I was driving down to another town for the day and so I didn't get to take my usual morning dump. I felt fine until around 1:00 when we had a Mexican lunch and I had three chicken enchiladas, rice and beans. I felt very full and I could tell there was some pressure in my intestines, but it wasn't a full-blown urge so I decided to wait until I got home. The drive back took about three hours and I wasn't in pain or anything but I could feel the pressure of a solid poop in my colon whenever I moved around in my seat or stood up. Finally, as I walked into my house, my stomach started to cramp up in anticipation of getting rid of my poop. I sat down, peed and immediately the solid load began to slide quickly and smoothly out of me. Within about forty seconds, my whole poop slid into the water in one long piece, making a soft "floomp" sound and instantly leaving me feeling completely empty. I wiped twice and when I looked in I had produced what almost perfectly reminded me of a brown, tapered banana, about six inches long. I was amazed that all the food I'd eaten yesterday could have gotten held together in such a compact log. It was so great to finally let it out without any straining or cramping, and leaving only a faint poop smell behind.

I'm a 18 year old male starting off my first year in college. Since I'm at school most of the time, I usually take a crap at school rather than at home. I try to go when I can, but that is hard sometimes since lectures are often a couple hours long with only one short break.

I've found that most of the washrooms on campus are always full unless it is early or late in the day. I often go into a bathroom only to find that all the stalls are taken. I'm quite tall so I try to take the disabled stall if it is not being used. The elevated toilet and large stall is way more comfortable than the regular sized stall that I often have to squeeze into.

Last week I was working on a project in the computer lab after class. It was nearing the end of the day and I wanted to finish it before the weekend started. It was close to 5 pm and there were only a few other people working in the room. I hadn't crapped in a over a day and it was a bit uncomfortable trying to hold it in while working. I was in a quiet part of the science department that only had a few other classrooms on the floor.

I decided I would finish the project later when I got home since it was getting late and I was tired. I got up and headed to the washroom at the other end of the floor. All the classrooms were empty so I hoped that the washroom would be empty as well since I did not feel like waiting in line or walking to another bathroom.

I opened the door to the male washroom and found it to be a single private unit. There was just one toilet, a sink and a urinal. I closed and locked the door and but my bag down. I quickly unfastened my belt, unzipped my jeans and sat down. Finally I had the luxury to shit in tranquility. It was annoying to have to crap while other people stood outside the stall waiting for you to finish.

I let out a quiet fart and then started to push. I felt a turd start to make it's way out. It came out fairly quickly, dropping softly into the toilet bowl. I sighed in relief. I peed for a bit while letting a few farts out. I got up to see that I dropped one long turd about 12 inches in length. It was thick and it appeared to be pretty soft. I was glad I wasn't constipated because if I had been it would have been an ordeal getting the thing out. I used quite a bit of toilet paper to wipe up. I pulled my pants back up and flushed. Everything went down smoothly but I flushed twice just to make sure it did not clog. I washed my hands and left the washroom.

I was glad nobody was waiting outside because the smell was pretty strong. I felt so much better knowing that I had relieved myself and that I did not have to hold it any longer for my commute home.

Hello everybody it been over year since I last did a post here. Mostly because nothing new happen. But yesterday at school I had new experience. I think it start Tuesday morning when I did last poo before going to school. I didn't feel need to go poo on Wednesday or all day Thursday. But Thursday evening just before bed I start to feel little bit strange in my ???. It just feel like a full feeling sort of like an ache but It didn't feel like poo was asking to come out. I was very tired so I went to bed and the feeling went away and I go sleep. But yesterday (Friday) at school the ache feeling start to come back when I get to school and it get bigger during the morning and it never go completely away like it did before. Then during last lesson before lunch I feel poo start asking to come out. I don't want to miss lesson and soon we have break so I decide to hold it in and I squeeze my bum tight to stop it coming out. I'm very pleased because my poo go back and stop asking to come out. But ache and full feeling now all over my ???? and very uncomfortable so when lesson end I go straight to bathroom and find empty toilet. I sit down and relax but nothing happen at first and I think it best if I just sit and wait. I sit almost 10 minutes and then feel something move inside my bum and then start trying to come out. I'm happy to be sitting on toilet and I just let my hole relax and I feel it start to open. But in short time I feel it beginning to hurt and pain slowly get very bad. I almost cry but I'm really scared someone hear me and then they know I'm trying to go poo so I hold my breath to stop making noise. My bum hole hurt sooooo bad and for sooooo long I still make noise because of pain. At same time I feel big gurgling feeling inside me then after about a minute the pain start to go away and my bum closes. Suddenly it feel nice because all the ache has gone from inside and gurgling has stopped and my bum feels nice. So I sit and relax for a few minutes then I stand up and look in toilet to see what come out. It was all smooth like one big long piece and it was stuck on the toilet. I see it going all down the side of the toilet and into the water and I could tell it was going further. It also very thick I think about like my wrist. So I try and flush and it stuck so it doesn't go away. I don't know what to do so I leave it and pull my knickers back up without wiping and leave. I was lucky no one else was there so I go in another toilet and wipe there.

tonight i went out to a huge chinese place to eat. i was there quite a while. after quite some time i felt the need to go to the bathroom. i made my way to the womens bathroom. when i arrived there were 40 stalls. i choose the third middle one. i pulled down by dress and started peeing. it lasted for about 5 seconds. then i started pooping. after about 10 minutes someone entered the bathroom. i could see that it was a 13 year old girl with blond hair. she took the stall right next to me on my left. she had on jean shorts and her toe nails were painted light pink. they were pretty! she began to pee. i was still pooping. she started talking to me. i told her that i liked the colors of her toe nails. then she burped really loud! the 13 year old began to poop. she said to me " Ashley your making this bathroom smell Good! she told me that she could smell my big Shit that i was taking! that made me smile and laugh! at this point the 13 year old girl was still pooping and it started to smell i sat there and inaled it! we continued talking and she told me that this was the longest pooping session of her life! then she peed some more. it didnt last long. then 3 minutes later she told me that she was done and would wait for me at the sink . the 13 year old left the tiolet unflushed and went to the sink and waited for me. i was about done. then i wiped my butt and put the dirty tiolet paper in the tampoon despencer and pulled up my underwear and my dress and left the tiolet unflushed. i headed for the sink . the 13 year old girl then took me and introduced me to her family. her family told me that i could hangout with her daughter whenever i wanted to! Laura and i are looking forward to having more bathroom outings together! we exchanged cellphone numbers! i will post again another time.



Ps. Deliah i miss u so much!

To Sarah b,
I had a similar experience to yours not so long ago. I'm in year 10 at school and wouldn't really say i was popular. Our uniform is blue with blue skirts and tights. Anyway, heres my story. I'd got to school in the morning needing the toilet slightly but had felt that i would easily make it through the school day. At 11am we had gym class and i think that probably didn't help my cause as the pressure started to build up. After gym finished we had a maths lesson with this teacher who is really strict and hates people wasting her time. About half way through i realised i was in urgent need of a bathroom otherwise i would crap my panties. I put up my hand and asked but the teacher refused and said i should wait until lunchtime which was 45 minutes away. I went up to the front after about 10 minutes and asked her again to let me go but she told me to sit down. I sat squirming in my seat for another 10 minutes when the pressure got too much and i started to soil myself. The smell was soon noticeable and people started giggling. The teacher eventually realised what had happened and sent me to the nurse. I walked there holding my bag so that it covered my bum, luckily the corridors were empty as people were all still in class. I got to the nurses office and she told me to come in, it took her less than a second to know why i was there and she took me through to the bathroom. My lilac panties were now no longer lilac in the seat - instead they were brown with a big lump of crap in them. I peeled them off and dropped the crap in the toilet. I still felt sort of like i needed to go so i sat down and crapped in the toilet. Eventually the nurse came in when i had finished wiping myself and lent me a spare pair of panties that they have for when accidents happen. She gave me a bag to put my soiled panties in. She then asked whether there was anyone who could pick me up. She phoned my Mum's work and i heard her explaining that I was unwell and had soiled myself. My Mum had to leave work on her lunch break to come and fetch me, when she arrived she was quite sympathetic but by the time we got home she was no longer in public and was no longer in a nice mood. She made me scrub the panties clean in the bath and told me to put my school uniform in the wash. When my dad returned from work my panties were still drying in the airing cupboard and he was told about my accident. I was so humiliated and it was all because of the horrible teacher. My parents said i should have gone before school and it was my own fault. I'd quite like to see how they would cope if it happened to them at work. The teasing at school lasted for a week or so and i still get the odd comment but its not too bad.
Anyway Sarah, just thought i'd share so you know you're not alone.
Best wishes, Rebecca 123

Just curious
I have a few questions for those of you who like to listen to someone in a neighboring stall take a dump. What is your favorite aspect of the experience? Do you wait around to find out who is taking the dump? Do you ever visit the stall afterwards to see if there are any skid marks or any smell left behind? In a rare case where the person doesn't flush, would you still check the stall afterwards? If the person is producing a strong smell that you can notice from your stall, do you try to hurry out or do you enjoy that? Finally, if you have any such recent experience of listening to someone take a dump and would like to share, that would be great. Thanks for any responses.

I had a really big serving of rhubarb & custard for my pudding last nite.
At lunchtime today I went to the toilet in my friends house (Abby)
I had a poo which felt really good, until I flushed the toilet.
The poo was massive and would not go away, it was too big for the toilet's system.
Abby's dad had to get rid of it, he said it was the "plop mess monster"
It took him quite a while to get the toilet back into working order.
I was so embarassed, he just laughed at me and said in future could I poop into the trash can!

If you had asked me five years ago what I thought I'd be doing on this day, telling strangers on the internet a story about my bathroom habits wouldn't even be in the top fifty. Yet, here I am doing just that. Amazing how having a child can change your life in ways you never ever expected, isn't it? When my daughter went through toilet training, I found how I thought and acted about going to the bathroom basically flipped upside down.

Case in point, my own vague memories of my early childhood. My parents were a bit prudish when it came to bathroom issues. Once I mastered the art of using the toilet like a big girl, the way they acted changed slightly. They would use phrases like "Do you have to go to the toilet, Jessica?" or sometimes just say bathroom, almost as if if were a crime to say "potty" any more. But, I adapted and grew up relatively unscathed.

For most of my adult life, the values my parents taught me rubbed off. I would politely excuse myself to "the bathroom" or "the restroom", simply because I grew up not knowing much else. As for when I was in the bathroom, that was my time. Usually I would go for a poo twice a week. If I was at home that meant relaxing, reading a book or magazine, taking my time. It was 15 or 20 minutes when nobody would bother me. In public, I felt a little more rushed, but I would still tune out background noise and take my time. People trying to strike up a conversation in the bathroom were just ignored.

But when my husband and I decided we wanted to have children, my life inadvertently changed. We were thrilled when we first found out that we were going to have a baby. But then the less glamourous parts of the pregnancy kicked in. Which is not to say I regretted my decision, but it definitely wasn't a picnic either.

By the time I was five or six months pregnant, I felt like I needed to pee every five minutes. I spent more time in the bathroom then I ever remembered spending before. But unfortunately, even though I was peeing a whole lot, I got constipated very easily. What was once a pleasant relaxing, twice a week experience became a painful, once a week experience. I would sometimes go seven or eight days without a poo, when I typically went every two or three before. And when I finally did feel the urge, it was struggle to push it out, not pleasant.

But then my beautiful daughter was born, and all the effort I put in pushing her out, and my chronic constipation, all seemed completely worth it. It's strange, nine months of just generally being miserable, and pooping myself during labor, but seeing my daughter just made it all worth it. I guess that's why they call it the miracle of birth.

Anyway, there's more to this story, but just this first part is trailing on a bit. So, in the interest of saving page space for other people, I'll cut it off here. Hope you enjoyed it so far.

First off, I want to thank Shelly for her words of wisdom regarding my dilemma. I suspect this will be a lengthy process, but I have joined the group of parents and staff protesting the doorless stall policy. I can only hope that whoever had this "brilliant" idea will back down when they hear the many pissed off voices.

But, in the interim, my daughter and I need to work together to find a solution to the problem. Health risks aside, the risk of a public accident far outweighs the slight embarassment she'd feel after pooping in a doorless stall. As Shelly said, I think the easiest solution is to take it one step at a time - for now, work on helping her feel comfortable peeing, then tackle the big hurdle.

It's times like this I wish I wasn't a single father. Being a single parent is hard enough, but being a single parent of a child of the opposite sex is even worse. I don't really have any advice that's pertinent to her situation. My initial advice is just to try and cover her private area with toilet paper when she pees, to limit exposure to strangers.

Although, a somewhat off-the-wall idea just occurred to me as to one potential source of embarassment. My daughter is twelve years old, and that's about the time girls enter puberty. To be the best of my knowledge, she hasn't had her first period yet, and I can't help but wonder if she feels extra embarrassment because her friends and even other girls she barely knows are maturing faster than she is.

Perhaps it's totally wrong and has nothing to do with the real problem... but what if she's embarrassed because other girls are starting to grow pubic hair and have periods. Maybe she feels that a late start to puberty will make others view her as a baby, or something. Or maybe she's dreading having her first period at school. There's a lot I just don't know, and because I'm a male, I will never know.

I know I'm kind of rambling on and on, and I'm sorry for it. I just don't really have anyone I know in person to talk to, so I'm reaching out where I can.


I bet by the time they've messed about removing doors and dealing with parents' complaints, they could have equally employed a person to supervise the toilets to see that no vandalism occured.

Hello everyone. I haven't posted here in a while.

@Caleb: To answer your question I do have to poop at school while I been in college since some days I be on campus for 12 hours. At my college there is always stall doors and I have never experienced a bathroom that has no stall doors. I don't have to poop at school almost everyday but few years ago that I would have the urge to poop at least once a week and it's usually on Mondays or Wednesdays since it's my longest day of the week with two morning classes and a night class. I would have the urge to poop during my long break.

@Aly M: I love your poop story and it's cool that you been facinated with pooping since I love pooping in public bathrooms. Hope to hear more stories soon.

Now here is my story:
This happened a month ago during the summer: This happened during my last week at work. Right before my lunch break I started to get a urge to poop and from the past week I been in the bathroom for over 20 minutes to poop. I took my lunch break and went to Habana Outpost to get a drink of water so I can use their bathroom. I been using their bathroom almost everyday either during my lunch break or after work and the workers know me now and she asks me that want some water and I said sure and I took the water. After I drank the water I went to the bathroom. As I was walking to the bathroom there was a group of girls doing makeup for a photo shoot or a video shoot. When I went into the bathroom I took the first stall because someone was in the other stall. I closed the stall door and I pull my pants and underwear to my ankles and sit on the toilet. I started to pee that lasted for about 30 seconds. After that I was pooping non-stop for 30 minutes. I had a similar pooping experience that Aly M had that I was pooping like a dozen small drops that don't want to come out. I had some large drops that was about six inches long and had some diarrhea. After about an half hour, the young lady that was working at the restaurant that gave me the water went to the bathroom to wash her hands. The sink is located next to my stall and after she finished washing her hands she knocked on my stall door to ask me that was I feeling ok? I replied to her that I was fine, then she left the bathroom. The bathroom I was using is a unisex bathroom. After about 40 minutes I stand up to wipe my butt with my pants and underwear around my ankles to see what came out of me and the toilet was full of my poop and diarrhea. I wipe my butt and flushed the toilet. After that I pulled up my underwear and pants. I felt so refreshed after pooping. I love pooping at public bathrooms since I love to take my time. Sometimes it takes me over ten minutes to poop but lately when I use public bathrooms it takes me over 20 minutes to poop. At home it only takes me about two minutes. When I get some more stories to share I write back. Happy Pooping.

I have been constipated for 4 days now, however after eating a large bowl of bran for my breakfast today, the bran finally relieved me from my constipation.
I was sat on the train when the bran took affect today, I got off the train at my stop, and rushed to the posh pay as you go unisex toilet (with self cleaning) As i unleashed my load into the toilet I felt great as I had really got my moneys worth by really filling the toilet with poo and an overpowering smell.
It was one of those self flushing and cleaning toilets.
I was curious as to how the toilet would cope with my load, so after leaving I stood outside to se what it would do.
After about 5 minutes of the toilet continually flushing itself, the sign on the door flashed "out of order, please call maintance on xxxx"
Girl power rules, yeh!

Hello, again. When I was in high school many years ago, a girlfriend and I would sometimes have these "contests" where we would go to the girls' bathroom, go into our own stalls and see who can fart and dump the most poo. My girlfriend would blow a huge fart and dump big stools in her toilet and I would try to outdo her with a routine of my own. Sometimes, we would sneak out of class to have a contest. Other times, we would wait after school to do it. If I remember correctly, we came out even. I would engineer my squat dumps while my girlfriend sat on the potty ("Not great at hovering", she once told me). Sometimes, I had the biggest poos. Other times, my girlfriend would win. I'm of Romanian descent, so my mother would teach me how to squat and pee, as well as squat and poo based on how she was raised by my grandmother, who was from Romania. In Eastern and Central Europe, toilets are divided into sitting and squatting toilets with women transferring skills from one toilet to the other. Women who squatted high over sitting toilets would squat high over squat toilets, and women who squatted low over squat toilets would get on top of the sitting toilets to hover low. It makes women from old world nations, in my opinion, have more stamina, as well as resilient. Furthermore, as stated in a previous post, I have always been an excerciser, or fitness buff. Thanx for your attention. See you again soon!

Desperate to poop
I had a big dump at the supermarket yesterday. Walking round and a big urge to go as i had not been for a couple of days. Went in two cubicles in use. One was def pooping as she had the runs. After a couple of minutes a young red head came out. I went in lowered my jeans and pink knickers and sat on the warm seat. It was clean so i did not squat as i would be a while. I tinkled for a min and then a large twelve inch poop made its way out slowly. Ah it felt so good

Linda from Australia here again. For most of this week, I've been constipated. I dropped a medium sized load on Monday night, then I didn't do poos until this morning (Friday). So I didn't do a poo for 3 days. I had lots of butt phlegm and liquid poo coming out. I had to keep going to the toilet to squirt out the liquid poo. It was awful. I felt bloated, lethargic and miserable. I couldn't feel any poo inside me but I knew I was full of poo. Finally this morning, I managed to drop a huge load. It really hurt coming out but it only took about 10 minutes to come out. I didn't feel finished but about an hour later, I dropped another load. It really stretched my anus but I was so glad to be finally doing a poo!! I felt so much better after that!! I'm starting to have more trouble pooping lately, I had been on a good winning streak for a few months too.

Caleb: Yea, my school was similar to yours in which the doors are either damaged or gone. There were also dirty and smelly and i wouldn't go in there at all. But there were several instances whereby i really had to go. I frequently get diarrhea early in the morning and it wouldn't come out in the morning when i wake up. It always cramps only when i'm already in school. As the stalls are doorless, i try to go in the middle of a class however, its not everytime the teachers will permit this especially during the first class. And even if i did get the chance to go, the toilet seats would be all wet and floor would be dirty. I'd have no choice but to either "hover" over the toilet or risk soiling my pants halfway through a class. Certainly not a pleasant experience.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

hello, this is my first post

i have recently started a higher fibre diet. i can't say whether it is a proper high fibre diet, as i don't think i consume very high levels of fibre, but i do eat much more fibre than before

i have noticed a big difference in my bowel movements over the last few days. i have gone more regularly, before i was a once a day or every two days kinda guy. now i am going twice a day easily.

not only this but by movements are easier to pass, not to mention bulkier, which is nice. i just have to remember to drink plenty of fluids as there is a risk of constipation when you increase your fibre intake suddenly. so far, no worries at all.

i recommend a high fibre diet if you wish for more frequent movements, which are more plentiful, and enjoyable to pass!

kelloggs all-bran is a good place to start, (11g of fibre per serving!)


To Caleb
Hey Caleb,

David "the footballer" here. I only saw your post after I made a rather lengthy post which I cut and paste in because I had written it in sections over several days. Had I seen your post at the top of the page, I would have taken time then to respond to it.

If you go back and check some of my prior posts know know that I spend a great deal of my waking hours at school so naturally that's where I need to do a substantial amount of my substantial pooping!! LOL :-0 In fact, the days when I DON'T have to poop at school are by far more the exception than the rule. When I started high school, it didn't take me long to figure out that I just had to deal with it. Like you, the boys rooms at my school do not have doors on the stalls. Luckily I live in a good community and parents are real good at insiting on clean sanitary conditions in the restrooms and the janitors are generally real good about keeping them clean and stocked with all the necesary supplies.

But I guess I want to know a little more about your situation. MOst of you already know I'm a Senior this year but I don't know what grade you're in. Your age makes a difference because pooping in a doorless stall for a kid in middle school is a lot more intimidating than it is as you get a little older.

Also, there's also the factor that I've played sports since I was little and generally have been pretty good at it. That has an effect on your confidence and how you think the world sees you. I guess athletes feel that if they are good in sports then we must be well-endowed in other areas, if you get my drift! :-0 That perception may or may not be grounded in reality based on each individual! Of course, when I'm on the crapper at school, the seats are such that I'm pretty sure my boy package isn't overly prominent anyway. LOL

Anyway, I have a post which I'm pretty sure will hit this cycle which deals about me and my friends pooping in uncomfortable circumstances. What it really comes down to is self confidence. I hope you will enjoy the post and that it helps out in your circumstances.

I was wondering if anyone has had to poop at school and what the conditions were like? At my school there are no doors on the stalls in the boys bathroom. On a lot of days I have to go really bad after lunch. Does anyone else have to poop at school almost everyday??

For Steve:

About the situation whereby the stall doors where removed from the toilets in your daughter's middle school. I think your position as a parent should be that they should put the stall doors back on BOTH the boys' rooms and the girls' rooms. Girls may indeed need privacy more than the boys but the boys do need privacy sometimes as well and it's only fair that both sexes get the privacy they need. Besides, if you want to get the parents of the boys on your side as well as the parents of the girls this is the way to approach the problem.

As to dealing with your daughter, that is the more delicate issue. I think it's perfectly fine to acknowledge your daughter's concerns about not having stall doors in the bathroom. It's perfectly fine to tell her that it's nice to have privacy in the bathroom, and you understand why she doesn't like using the bathroom without stall doors.

But you also need to make her understand that simply refusing to use the bathrooms and holding it in all day is not the answer. You need to make her understand that she needs to start using the bathroom in school when she needs to. You need to be gentle as this is a delicate issue but you also need to be firm. For many reasons it's not good for her to be holding it in for long periods of time. You need to tell her that while the privacy provided by stall doors is nice to have, there is no reason why she shouldn't be able to use the bathroom without it. Assure her that its the same for all the other girls, that the other girls have their own bathroom needs to take care of and no one is going to be looking at her in the stall. Explain that everybody has to use the bathroom and that what she does in the bathroom is no different than what everybody else is doing. Tell her that its okay not to like going to the bathroom under these conditions, but that these are the way the bathrooms at her school are, and she absolutely has to learn to start using them.

If she's still resitant you can teach her some strategies like having her friends stand in front of the door as a human shield while she is using the toilet or suggest that she get a pass from the teacher and go use the toilet on class time when it won't be crowded like it probably is between classes or during lunch. But it would be better for her, if she could simply learn to go on her own at any time she needs to without these strategies.

You should also explain the health problems associated with holding in -- both when you have to urinate and when you have to defecate. I suspect that she will eventually learn to urinate in the bathroom at school, but learning to have a bowel movement in there without privacy doors may be more difficult. But aside from the health aspects, mention to her the prospects about possibly having an accident in school. It may seem embarrassing about going to the bathroom in a toilet without a door on it, but she ask her to imagine how much more embarassing it would be to go to the bathroom in her pants. I mean I don't want you to scare her to the point of her having nightmares about that, but she should be made to understand what a truely horrible experience that would be and that it could easily happen to her if she insists on holding it in rather than going at school.

I had the same situation as your daughter is facing -- although mine was in high school rather than middle school. None of the stalls in any of the student bathrooms had doors on them. I quickly learn to at least urinate in school -- I did this by making sure to go when the girls' rooms weren't busy -- but I stubbornly refused to have bowel movements in school. I made it through my freshman year without any accidents -- many close calls as I barely made it home in time, but no accidents. In January of my sophomore year, though, it finally did happen to me. I had been holding it in practically all day in school, but I still refused to go do it in the girls' room. Thankfully, I at least made it to the end of the school day (maybe a little got in my underwear during last period, but not enough that anybody noticed) but I completely lost control on the way home. I still consider myself lucky that none of the other kids found out about it, but it was still terribly embarrassing to walk in my front door with a load in my panties and having my mom find out. She was reasonably sympathetic about it, but she did make me clean out my underwear and jeans (that was certainly not pleasant, to put it mildly) and she told me in no uncertain terms that it "better not happen again or there will be serious consequences."

After that I started using the girls' room for necessary bowel movements, too. At first, I would hold it in and only go when it was a real emergency and I know I could have another accident. But then I got more used to going at school and would simply go when I needed to. After a while I just got so used to going without a door there on the stall, that it wasn't a big deal anymore and I just didn't think anything of it.

My point is that, it will probably be the same for your daughter. The more she starts using the bathroom at school, the more she will get used to it and pretty soon it will be no big deal to her. The problem is getting her to use it the first time and hopefully that will come before she has an accident like I did.

Best of luck to you and your daughter

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