today i went to Paneara Bread for to eat for while. after about 2 hours i felt the urge to go to the bathroom. i went and made a quick dash for the womens bathroom. when i arrived there were 15 stalls. i took the middle one. i began pulling dowm my thong and jeans. i started peeing. it lasted for quitesome time. then i began pooping. by this time i heard the sound of three females entering the bathroom. 2 of the girls were young one was a blond about 7 years old. the second female was 10 years old. the third female was 11 years old. the 7 year old took the stall right next to me on my left. the eleven year old took the stall next to me on my right and the 10 year old took the stall next to the the 7 year old. they all started pooping. the 7 year old blond said i just farted and started giggling. the other two girls were talking among themselves. after a little while the 10 and 11 year old flushed the tiolet and went to the sink. the 7 year old was still pooping. it started to smell. it gave off a real strong odor. i just inhaled it and enjoyed the smell. i was still pooping and still had so much more to release. then 5 mintues later the 7 year old was finally done. she said out loud iam all done! she left the stall quickly without flushing! ten minutes laters i still was pooping my brains out. then i heard another female enter the bathroom , this time it was a 17 year old girl. she said " it smells like shit in here. she took the stall on my right next to me. she was a brunette and had painted her toes nail dark pink and had on purple sandles. she began peeing. it lasted 15 seconds. then she started pooing. i was almost done. the 17 year old began wiping and left the stall without flushing. she went to the sink and washed her hands. by this time i was done. i exited the stall without flushing the tiolet went to the sink and washed my hands real well.



ps. Deliah i was that we could have several buddy dummps together!

Upstate Dave
Anonymous Chick and Breanne you might want to try another different way of pooping using toilet paper and the toilet. I knew a girl when I was a lot younger that would roll off toilet paper from the roll and wrap it around the toilet seat. Which she would have the toilet paper across the opening in the toilet seat.

Then she would hover her rear end over the toilet paper or even get right up on the seat and squat! You can do either which she did. Then she would poop right on the paper. It was wrapped enough it would take her poops wieght. She would manage to keep from peeing. (good bladder control) Then she would pee which her pee would wet the paper. Her weting the paper it would break and her poop would fall right down in the toilet!

Her brother told me this andthen she one day showed me after I had asked her if she really did it! She wound up showing me a few times which she did the high hver and getting right up on the toilet seat and squated! That was the most different way I have ever seen a girl poop! Her reasons were she didn't like having her poop splash cold water right up makingabullseye on her hole! She also thought it was also fun to do. You both might want to try it!

loves 2 fart
Do any guys have any buddy dumping stories?

I was wondering if anyone gas ever been helped to pee outside or have helped someone? Could you explaie what happened?

I'm starting my third year of high school. I've written before about my babysitting business and some of the problems I've had with the kids but all in all, I enjoy them and myself I'm very open about going to the bathroom. And I've written about some of my experiences. However, last week during our first full week of school I didn't have that good of an "experience" with some of the others in my class. In fact, I feel they acted snotty and generally ruder than some of the kids I've cared for.

First, I'm in a college prep program which means I have a full day--eight classes. In recent months when I'm on a school schedule my craps tend to start poking around inside me in the morning, like during 1st & 2nd hour. I've tried on a couple of occasions to get into the bathroom during the passing period to our 10-minute homeroom, but much of the time when I open the door, I'm bumping into those waiting in line. We've got up to 24 our so toilets in some of our bathrooms but there's usually 2 or 3 times that number of girls waiting to use them. So I just turn around and wait. Last Wednesday I went in after homeroom and there was less crowding but I was at the stall doorway and the next to go in when a girl in a spirit club uniform came running out and as I stepped in water and shit was running over the bowl and under my feet and onto the floor. Not only was the toilet stopped up but it looked like the flusher was stuck. I admit I got a little upset and mentioned it to the girl who was washing her hands at the sink. She got really snotty with me, cursed, and said something disrespectful about me and my child care kids (there had been a feature on me and the kids in our school newspaper last spring!). Anyway, I held my crap in and went to physiology class. Then I went to lunch and there was like no time when the bathroom didn't have long lines of users waiting. So in 6th hour English I started daydreaming about running across the hall to another bathroom and getting onto a stool before the lines formed.

I had my bookbag on my back and I was the second person out of the room when the bell rang. I even ran into a couple of people standing and holding up traffic in the hall as I dashed for the door. All doors were closed and I could see legs under them when suddenly the fourth door opened and out came the girl I had the trouble with earlier. She said something like "be my guest, gestured toward the door, and smiled as I immediately went in, laid my bookbag down under the door and quickly looked at the bowl. It was full of unflushed crap and with my pants down to my knees and my skirt up to above hip level, I quickly put my butt down on the seat. Something felt moist under me and as I looked between my legs and behind my butt (I only sit over the very front of the seat) I found I was dealing with more than unflushed crap. That girl had pretty much peed all over the seat. I pulled my skirt up even higher so that especially in the back, it would not lay onto the pee. I didn't like sitting in someone else's urine but I felt this was my best and perhaps only chance to take my crap. Holding it was just too painful. Within about 2 minutes and after a number of pushes, I was able to let go of three large pieces, each rather moist and about 6 or 7 inches in length. I swung my weight to the front of my knees and was able to get a 4th piece to partially come out, but it just hung there without making the noise I was hoping for and dropping into the water. I went to the toilet paper roll and all I found was the cardboard core. The 1 minute warning bell rang and I knew I was in trouble. I had to think fast. I slide up on the seat toward the front (it was easy because of the pee on the seat) and put my hand in my bookbag and pulled out a pencil. I put the pencil between my spread legs and while it was rubbing high against my butt, I continued to slide it back until my hand hit the back inner side of the toilet seat. I looked at it and could see that most of the crap piece had been now cut off and was in the bowl. Slowly and with hope that I wouldn't poke and hurt myself, I stuck the pen up toward my butt and in doing so got most of the stuck crap to come out, clinging to its erasure. Then I wiped it on the side of the bowl and then laid the pencil on the side of the stool on the floor.

I quickly pulled my underwear up and pushed my skirt down. I knew I didn't want to flush the toilet because it would probably jam but I picked the pencil up and through it out into the trashcan. My friend Lisa saw the gross pencil and asked why I didn't just throw it into the bowl and flush it. After school I told her the story and she thought it was amazing that I cared about overflowing the toilet when the spirit club girl had caused so many problems. Both Lisa and I agree that we hope that girl develops arthritis in her knees because of all the squat peeing and crapping she does. She sure doesn't care about the rest of us that want to and need to sit down on the seat.

sarah b
i pooped in my pants at school today. it was really embarrassing. i just started 8th grade. my history teacher is a real bitch and she wouldn't let me go to the bathroom even though i really had to go. i tried to wait until the end of class but that was too long and i couldn't hold it in long enough to make it to the bathroom after class. when class ended i could feel poop starting to poke out and push on my panties and jeans so i was in a panic. i got up and rushed toward the door but i had to stop and wait because of the bottleneck of all the kids trying to get out the door, and it just happened. a large solid load just started slipping out into my pants right there in a crowd of my classmates and i immediately began crying. it smelled right away and made a really big bulge on my butt. everyone knew i was pooping my pants and people were gasping or saying ew, and omg and stuff like that. i was so mad at my teacher. she told me to go to the nurse's office. the whole time i was walking there i could barely see because my eyes were so welled up with tears, and i hated the feeling of the bulge of poop squishing between my butt and panties. halfway there i had to stop because i was pooping some more and it made the bulge feel tighter in the back of my pants. it felt really disgusting. when i got to the nurse there were 2 other kids there and i had to wait. i just stood by the door crying and sniffling, because i was afraid to sit down with the load in my pants. one girl who was waiting there was just staring at me in disbelief and the boy who was talking to the nurse started to gag from the smell. after a minute the nurse figured out what my problem was and said "sweety why don't you head into the bathroom and i'll be with you in a minute." i went into the little bathroom there and tried to clean myself up, but it was so bad. i got my jeans off with no problem and there was only a little bit of poop in them. the rest of it stayed in my panties which were white with small pink and purple spots. the whole seat was kind of a lightish brown color, kind of like a dark yellowish color and the bulge was huge. i was really grossed out. i took my panties off and dumped out most of the poop into the toilet the best i could but my panties still had a really bad stain in them, and the poop was caked on my butt and thighs really bad because it was pretty solid. i was totally overwhelmed trying to clean myself off in there with just the cheap 1 ply toilet paper the school uses, so i just started crying harder. after a few minutes there was a knock on the door and it was the nurse. she handed me a box of baby wipes and told me to clean myself up and when i was done to wipe down everything in the bathroom that i might've touched, and she told me she would call my parents while i was doing that so they could bring me a change of clothes. i told her i just wanted to go home and she understood, so i told her my name and gave her my house phone number because my mom was home. as i was cleaning myself i could hear her tell my mom "if its not a problem we would like you to come pick up Sarah at school." then she got a bit quieter and i heard her say "she's ok, but she's had an accident..." i guess my mom didn't understand what that meant because the nurse then said "no she isn't hurt, i mean she's had an accident in her pants". then she said "a bowel movement." I felt my face turning red all over again hearing her tell my mom that. i can't even imagine her reaction. i stayed in the bathroom until my mom got there because i didn't want to put the dirty panties back on and i thought my mom would bring me something to change into, but she didn't. so i had to put the dirty panties back on to go home. it felt so gross to put them on again after i had cleaned myself up. my mom wasn't harsh to me, she just said "oh, sarah..." a few times like she was embarrassed or ashamed. but she felt really bad for me. i explained to her that my history teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom and i couldn't hold it in until the end of class and thats why i went in my pants. she was furious! so when we got home and i went to change my underwear, my mom immediatley called the school to complain.

anyway, that was my horrible day. its the first time i pooped my pants since i was a little kid. it happened to me in the car once when i was 7 and we were going to my aunt's house. it was definitely something i wish i didn't have to experience again. especially at school..i really am not looking forward to going back there...anyway im glad i found this place so i could talk about this with people who might understand what im going through.

-sarah b

Thank goodness for pottx posts. I have had rheumatohd arthritis for years now. Therefore being allergic to all anti-inflamatories, i am on some high powered pain killers. I have a heck of a time. Need advice. Keep in mind i can drink a bottle of mag citrate with no results. So things like fiber and fruit dont even do a thing. Help? Lol

Upstate Dave
Let me go on with my former next door neighbors duaghter who was with me when I stayed at my grandmothers and we used the old wooden cane bottom chair in the pine trees as a toilet at my grandmothers house. Janet was going to come over in the morning and we were going to use our chair toilet again.

Well I slept soundly and was still sleeping soundly when Janet showed up. She had copme inside the trailer which I didn't hear her knock on the outside screen door when she did arrive. So she had come inside and given me a shake to try to wake me up. She hd to give my shoulder a harder shake twice saying Dave wake up! before I did wake up.

I opened my eyes and Janet said to me; Come on ghet out of bed. I have to go right NOW! Janet had a very desperate tone in her voice and she really said now loudly to me. I started to get out of bed but stopped. I almost forgoten that I had taken off all my clothes before getting in bed. I told Jnet to hang on just one moment. Can you hand me my jeans or boxers?

Janet let out a short quick loud giggle knowing now I was naked under the sheet. But she was in such a hurry she said to me; There's no time for that! No one will see you Dave! Janet already was heading for the door as she talked back to me. No ones around any way for your grandmothers already left. Her car is not here. Janet was at the screen door now and was opening it to go outside.

I quickly threw back the sheet off of me. I did reach down grabbing my boxers and stepped into them as I headed for the door. I reached the door and I pulled up my boxers as I opened the screen door and started down the steps. Janet was already starting to slip into the pinetrees where the old chair was as I stepped off the last step. I ran over and slipped into the pine trees a few seconds after Janet had.

When I came through the pine tree branches Janet was already standing in front of the chair just starting to yank down the dark pink shorts she was wearing.The dark pink shorts must have not been tight for when she had them pulled down and she had let go of them they slipped right down her legs going right down to her sneakers. Janet was not wearing any panties and she strated to sit down on the old chair.

Even as Janet was moving to sit down she started to pee! Her pee shot outward as she was moving to sit down which her pee did wet the cane of the chair. Having done this when Janet did sit she sat right on the pee wetted cane seat of the chair. It seemed not to matter to her for she was peeing so hard and had come so close to wetting herself!

Then after only a few seconds Janets pee stream settled down going straight down, hissed loudly, but she was still peeing hard so her pee hiting the pine needles on the ground made a pretty good splash as her pee hit the pine needles. Then as I watched Janet peeing she also began to poop too!

I saw a dark brown poop moving very quickly start poking out from under her. It crackled as it was moving. It was a smooth very fat one that quickly reached six inches in length and then broke. It made a soft thud hiting the ground.It fell right behind where her pee was wetting the pine needles but with her pee splashing her poop did get wet with her pee.

Then more poop poked out which was moving even faster then before. This one too broke away after reaching several inches in length. It fell joining her first poop on the ground and another piece showed sliding out as fast as the other two poops. This one reached longer in length then the first two. It was softer for when it broke it hit the ground with the other two and it hardly made a sound and it also crumpled up some.

Then what would be the last poop slid out which was the longest one reaching I would have guessed eight inches.(?) It stretched but didn't break and it flopped over when it did hit the ground. Janet peed all the time that she pooped. But her pee had let up a lot when the last one had come out. She only had a thin pee stream comming out that no longer was hissing. She went on peeing for a good ten seconds ort more after she had stopped pooping. Then Janet dribbled and dripped as far as her pee. Then she stopped. Janet was done.

Janet went to reach to take the toilet paper roll from the branch that was on the pine tree branch. There was not a roll there. We had used the last of it the other day and I had forgotten to get another roll from the house. Hey there is no paper! Janet said to me. Sorry I forgot to get one. I said back to Janet. She then told me she would have to go in the house and wipe.

Janet then stood up and took off her dark pink shorts. I'll just run up to the house when your done Dave! Janet said to me and she was giggling hard when she said it. Are you going to poop too? Janet asked me. I told her I was and she then stepped aside to let me sit and go. I moved over to the old chair and I pulled my boxers down letting them fall like Janets dark pink shorts had. Then I sat down on the old toilet chair.

Janet let out a giggle as I sat down. The giggle could have been for I was in a erect state. I also ddn't reach down and push myself down to have my penis under the cane of the seat. Seein me this way Janet still giggling did step off to the side. Right after she had stepped off to the side I started to pee.

I set a stron arcing pee stream right across the small clearing and my pee hit the low branches of the pine trees and splashed. I like Janet only peed for several seconds then started pooping. Like Janet when I started pooping it came out quickly. Mine felt like a fat one as I felt it moving. Janet after she saw it comming out told me it was a big one. It was a light brown chunky one too. I could feel the chunks as they passed so I knew it was too.

While I was pooping my pee stream had slackened so it was not hitting the pine tree branches anymore. Imstead it was only making a short high arc landing in the clearing about two feet out in front of the chair. After several seconds more had passed Janet said to me; Your poop has reached the ground! That's a long one! Its still comming out! I had to giggle for there were times I did take very long poops and this was one of those times!

A few seconds later I felt my back hole close right up and I heard a good thud on the ground under me. At the same time since I had stopped pooping my pee stream shot out hard again making its high arc through the air and again it splashed off from the pine tree barnches across the clearing agian. Janet let out a loud giggle seeing me peeing again on the branches.

I peed for a good ten seconds or more and then my stream eased which made its high arc fall and it came back wetting the pine needles as it came back on the ground. Then I stopped peeing but it was only a pause. I did three very short spurts and then I was done peeing. I stood up turned around and looked down. There were the thre pieces of Janets poop laying there in the pine needles with my long fat poop laying over her three poops.

Janet then told me we better get up to the house. I need to wipe. I bet you do to! I told Janet it felt like that I didn't have to. You better any way she said back to me. Then she told me I had to take my boxers off and go like she was! I dare you she said first. Then she doubled dared me! So I did remove my boxers and we then slipped out of the pine trees and ran like heck together up to the backdoor of the house and ran inside. We did wipe ourselves in the bathroom and after that I got a shovel and buried our poop under some pine needles for now. I wound up later digging ahole in the ground and buried it.

Hi Everyone,

I had to cut my stories about pooping in strange and uncomfortable places the other day when I had to hit the sack to be ready for school and the game. By the way, we're 4-0 and I'm positive we're well on our way to the State playoffs again. Brian is playing really well and he's even got coaches from Division 1 teams coming to the games to scout him. I'm getting a lot of interest from a lot of the smaller schools but Brian's getting most of the publicity which is fine by me. I know I don't have quite his speed, size, and talent. I'll try to get a couple more stories in tonight.

In my last posting, I mentioned about delivering a great big enormous pile onto a pile of leaves except for the fact that I lost control of my shit before I could get myself situated and some of it wound up in my underwear. Anyhow, my best friend Brian saw this little accident but he never let on to anyone about it.

Of course, Brian has had his own opportunities to perform in front of me over the years as well. One performance that really stands out was when we took a small fishing boat out on the lake the summer of last year. It was one of the first times my dad let us take the boat out by ourselves for an extended period. In a moment of foreshadowing, Brian made me agree that we would help each other out if one of us needed to crap while we were out there. After we had been out on the lake for a couple hours or so and having only caught a few small fish, Brian started getting stiff and acting a bit nervous. Well, I know my friend's body language and I could pretty much tell that Brian was getting hit with an extremely strong urge to shit and he was trying to figure out a way to break it to me. Well it takes a while for the really intense pressure from all the crap in his butt to build up to intolerable levels before he would come clean and admit that he really needed to relieve himself quite badly.

Finally having no other options, Brian finally broke the news to me.
"Dude, I really really have to shit and I really need your help. The only way to go is over the side of the boat and I need you to help me keep my balance."

Brian was right. If someone of his size (he was 6'4 and 185 pounds at the time) tried to squat over the side of the boat, he risked falling minor even tipping the boat. Brian really looked desperate as the massive load in his butt was pushing hard on his rear door seeking to get out and explore the world!

"You're going to have to hold my hands and keep the boat balanced while I go over the side."

"I have to hold your hands while you SHIT!! Getthefuqoutahere!!" I yelped.

"Look, I don't have any choice and you PROMISED to help. I can't hold it! Now are you going to help me or NOT??" Brian then gave me one of those sad disappointed/disapproving looks that seem to burn right through you.

Desperately, Brian went to the edge of the boat quickly trying to figure something else out before he shit in his swim trunks while this guilty feeling was permeating my soul.

"OK! Fine! I'll help you keep your balance!" I muttered getting up to walk to the center of the boat. Brian then quickly untied his swim trunks and dropped them down around his ankles before taking my hands and squatting over the edge of the boat.

"This is really embarrassing for me too, Bro." Brian said as he squatted over the water. I really wanted to look away or close my eyes out of respect, but I needed to pay attention to what I was doing. With my counterbalancing providing assistance, Brian was able to get his butt way over the edge to drop his huge bombs. And I do mean huge.

However, for several moments Brian only took a really strong wizz while nothing came from his butt. He was apparently trying to get the load out without appearing to push. However, when Brian realized he was going to have to do some of the work, he took a deep breath and really started grunting. This made me start to laugh.

"Yeah. Real funny dude." He gasped between pushes. Brian started to bear down again with some strong grunts and you could really see his abdominal, shoulder, and neck muscles really tensing up as he began a concerted effort to drive the shit out of his body. I would not have needed to see anything else to know Brian was beginning to shit. As he did, his jaw kind of clenched, his eyes opened real wide with a bit of a glazed look, his face turned slightly pink and then 5 firmly formed golf ball-sized turds emerged from his butt in rapid succession dropping into the water promptly sinking. As Brian grunted these turds out, he also tightened his grip on my hands and looking down I could see his toes sticking out from under his swim trunks were also curling up as he gripped for leverage.

I started laughing as I saw all this and started to loosen my grip. "Dude!" Brian admonished me as he started bearing down and grimacing again. "Don't let go! I'm a long way from being done!" Truer words were never spoken as I then saw big massive brown snake poke its head out of Brian's butt and proceeded to grown and grow and grow as Brian grunted and grunted. For a while the snake just kept coming and coming and I couldn't believe how long it was getting and it had to be at least golf ball size in diameter. Finally however, Brian did eventually pinch it off with a loud gasp. The massive snake kind of floated in the water but was just starting to sink very slowly. I figured it was possibly up to 2 feet in length. Thinking Brian was done, I started to pull him up, but he told me to hold on. "Wait a minute bro. I can feel another one in there. So I continued to help Brian keep his balance with his butt sticking out over the water. A few moments later, Brian took a really deep breath and started bearing down again for yet another good push. His grip tightened up again and his face became pink and this time, a whole lot more soft loose shit came out of his body, and I mean LOTS of soft loose shit! I figured this dump Brian was taking would have been what I call a toilet filler. What I mean by that should be self explanatory.

For a moment there, I almost lost my own balance which would have been a disaster because Brian would have fallen over the edge of the boat into his own massive pile of shit which was just barely floating on the water.

"Dude!" Brian exclaimed. "Be careful! I don't exactly want to fall into a bunch of floating shit!"

"Sorry about that! Are you about done?" I asked.

"Yeah. I think so." Brian gasped. He was still exhaling very heavily from relief. So I finally pulled him up and he waddled over to the bench to retrieve a roll of toilet paper with his swim trunks still hanging around his ankles.

"Whew! Dude…." Brian grinned as he began taking a bunch of paper off the roll looking very relieved. "That really sucked!"

Of course, after a really huge shit like Brian had just taken, his butt was quite naturally a dirty poopy mess and the toilet paper was totally covered with shit for his first few wipes. Brian normally sits to wipe, but of course in this situation, he reached behind himself while standing then folded up the paper and threw it in the water where his huge pile was still floating, just barely beginning to sink. Finally after seven or so wipes, Brian finally decided the paper was clean enough to pull his swim trunks back up and re-tie the string.

"Thanks dude! I really appreciate the help. I wouldn't have asked if there was any other way."

I realized that while I had previously seen Brian take many numerous dumps, both with and without the services of a toilet, he had always accomplished the task by himself without anyone's help. Of course, the same was true for me. This was our first, and so far only, experience with teamwork pooping.

We figured nobody had seen us and decided to get out of there before someone came along and figured out what had happened. So I revved up the boat's engine and we quickly made our way to another part of the lake that didn't have a massive load of shit floating on the surface!

As bonding as this experience was between Brian and me, I still decided there had to be a better way to do your necessary business without needing someone to hold you or risk falling in. When we got back to the cabin, I found an old empty plastic paint bucket that contractors had left behind. I also found a wood horseshoe toilet seat in the storage shed and discovered it would fit on top of the bucket. We then took it out on the boat the next day and it ended up working like a charm. I wound up requiring the bucket's services around mid-morning so I lined it with some old newspaper before dropping my swim trunks around my ankles and taking a seat. The bucket worked like a charm as I grunted out a huge load. I must say that the acoustics of a plastic bucket are interesting compared to the resonance of a porcelain toilet. Instead of the usual plops you hear with a flush toilet, my turds dropped to the bottom of the bucket with dull but perceptible thuds. It was far from ideal but it beat the heck out of squatting over the edge of the boat!! About an hour later, it was Brian's turn to test out the makeshift toilet. This was obviously a much more comfortable situation for him as he untied the string on his swim trunks and dropped them around his ankles before taking a seat. I got a good laugh as I quickly discovered that a plastic bucket can also amplify a loud fart as will a porcelain toilet!

I then heard Brian's turds falling to the bottom of the bucket in rapid succession and it was obvious he was taking about as big a dump as he had the day before. Brian commented laughing that this was a much better setup than his experience the day before as he grunted out his massive load. Once again, Brian used a whole bunch of paper to get his rear end cleaned up. But this time, we were responsible citizens as we wrapped up our big loads and the soiled tp in the newspaper and threw them away in the trash when we got back to shore.

Moving ahead to this year at football camp, the setup there was like a military latrine with each restroom having a row of 5 toilets spaced tightly together with no dividers or doors. The place was clearly designed to force guys to get used to pooping next to each other because the theory is it builds trust and a team mentality. I think I may actually agree with that now that I'm a senior, but some of the freshmen really freak out when they see the setup and refuse to go unless they are totally desperate to shit. And trust me, the food they serve in the cafeteria there does a great job at making guys desperate to shit! Lets just say that constipation is not an issue I have to concern myself with at football camp.

About the first morning we were there, the team went to breakfast before getting ready for our first practice. Well, as you might expect with over 125 guys after breakfast, a few of us would have to go to the bathroom following the meal. At the end of the meal, I myself started feeling a good-sized load starting to move into place so I quickly finish up and start heading toward the restrooms. When I get there, I found that I was not the only one with a strong urge to shit and found all five crappers already occupied by five rather nervous-looking teenage boys all sitting with their pants down trying relieve themselves and get ready to try and impress the football coach. I could hear farting and a considerable amount of poop crackling out of the guys and dropping into the various toilets as I patiently waited my turn. A couple guys were grunting and one guy even grimaced as he struggled to drive the rest of the crap from his butt.

Did I say I waited patiently? Yeah, but I was getting a tad anxious hoping that someone was getting close to being done as the load in my butt seemed to be getting bigger and the urge to poop getting stronger with each passing second. I recognized a couple of the guys sitting there as freshmen in our football program. It was pretty obvious they were having performance anxiety as they sat there with their pants down without so much as uncovering their knees and sitting forward with their arms folded over their laps. It was pretty obvious too they were having difficulty driving the shit out of their bodies as they were too nervous to muster up a good push for fear of being heard crackling or grunting. I know because I've been there. I just wanted to shit and get ready for practice and was ready to say something to them when one of the guys started pulling at the toilet paper and wiping up. When he was finally done, I quickly went to the crapper, dropped my pants and took a seat. A second later I felt my shit rushing out of my body rapid fire mixed with lots of gas. I didn't have performance anxiety. I just wanted to be relieved as quickly as possible and get ready for practice. I didn't notice myself grunting and moaning as I delivered a massive pile, but I probably did. People who have seen me shit tell me I do. I wonder if it's a guy thing because I've never noticed my sisters grunt or groan when they poop.

As I sat down, there were 2 guys behind me also ready to poop and Brian was the second guy, and he was looking pretty anxious. I could always tell when Brian was getting ready to deliver a massive load. He was standing upright kind of stiffly moaning softly to himself while holding himself rocking back and forth. I don't think Brian even knows he does this, but his body language tipped me off that the pressure from the poop in his butt was really getting to him. One guy finally wiped up and left and the guy in front of Brian took his place. Once again, I heard another round of farting and a whole lot of loose mushy shit hitting the water as the next guy mounted the bowl. That breakfast really did a number on us that first morning. For a few moments, Brian tried waited patiently but it was really obvious he was getting extremely anxious. The 2 freshmen were still sitting there still suffering performance anxiety and not making any move to finish up. Finally Brian couldn't hold on anymore and spoke up.

"Could someone PLEASE hurry up? I really have to SHIT!"

With that, the guy sitting on my right must have gotten a bit intimidated and he quickly started wiping up and flushed his load down the crapper. Brian's a great guy, but he can really put the fear of God into a younger player when the spirit moves him.

As soon as the younger player stood up, Brian was rushing to the bowl and pulling his pants down before the guy leaving could get his pants all the way back up. Brian's shit and gas was quickly rushing out of his butt as soon as he mounted the seat. I looked over at Brian as his turds were exploding out and his whole body just went limp with his head drooping when it was all out. After heaving a couple long sighs of relief, Brian got his sense of humor back.

"You See!" He yelled to the rest of us. "That's how it's done! You get in, you shit your brains out, and you get out!"

Moving forward to this football season, after last year when Brian had to take a really big shit in the middle of a game (Page 1706), he's been really careful trying to avoid a similar situation happening to him again. On game day, he gets a good breakfast and eats a light lunch then avoids eating other than a small snack to tide him over until he can get a post-game meal, and he won't accept anything to eat or drink that he did not plan on. Before the game, he makes a pre-emptive strike on the toilet whether he really has to go or not.

I have another story to tell about a freshman at football camp but I'm going to save that for my next post.

On a not-so-funny note about pooping, last year Brian and I went on a long-anticipated mission trip to Costa Rica to help build a school there. It was our third summer trip down there and even though the heat and humidity is extreme, we had been fine on the previous two trips. Typically we go for two weeks and act as gophers for the adult volunteers who build the schools and we teach songs and Bible lessons for the young kids. It's been the highlight of the year for me each time, maybe of my entire life so far. But last year, I don't know what happened but Brian and I got really sick about 5 days in and for the next four days, we were continually sitting next to each other in the bathroom with serious bouts of extreme diarrhea. Of course, Brian and I have buddy dumped many times over the years, but this was bad. By the end of day 4 we had each lost 10 pounds and suffering from extreme dehydration since we had done nothing but poop out pure liquid for 3 days. We came within an eyelash of being sent home prior to the end of the mission but we wound up at a hospital in San Jose overnight instead on IV's. They even tested us for hepatitis and other stuff but they came back negative so they figured we had Montezuma's Revenge and let us stay on. The diarrhea eventually subsided with antibiotics but we were both really exhausted for the rest of the time there and kind of useless. By the time we went home, we were both down about 15 pounds and our strength wasn't coming back like we hoped. Our families even talked about us not being able to play football for our junior years but a doctor eventually cleared us to play. I'm serious, there was a period of a couple days there where I really thought we were gravely ill and that one of us might not make it.

This year, we went back to Costa Rica and Brian and I were met at the airport by our buddy there, Miguel. Miguel was crying when he saw us and hugged us like he wasn't ever going to let go. He said he had really worried about us not making it and had prayed night and day for our recovery for several weeks.

It was interesting the first time Brian and I needed to use the restroom. It was definitely déjà vu all over again. When we walked in there to take a wizz, Brian just stopped and asked if I remembered the last time we had been in there. Of course, I couldn't forget. We had been as sick as two extremely sick dogs and had been shitting our brains and guts out along with everything else. This time, we exercised a lot of sanitary precautions in everything we did and made it through the whole trip exhausted but completely healthy.

Aly M
Hey everyone, my name is Aly (short for Alyssa). I am a first time poster here, recently discovered this site and I must say I like what I see and read! I am a 19 year old freshman in college, I live and go to school in Houston. I am 5'6", shoulder length blonde hair with brown hi-lites, green eyes, weigh around 130, wear glasses and am active / athletic with cheerleading/gymnastics in my recent past. For as long as I care to remember I have been facinated with pooping....primarily enjoying the act myself, but also being a casual observer of others. Peeing does not interest me that much, it is something that everyone does a dozen times a day (give or take) and as a result I find it boring. But taking a dump...that is awesome! It is almost as good as sex as far as I am concerned! I have plenty of stories I could share from over the years, but I guess I will relay to everyone the events of Monday. I have class from 9-2 everyday and spend all day on campus. As is typical, I usually have to take a dump at some point during the day while at school. I would say 90% of my poops take place away from home and out of a typical 7 day week, I usually have to poop 5 days in any given week. From last Friday all through this past weekend I did not poop at all...which is frustrating to me. Monday however, I felt the rumblings of a big shit coming my way. By the time my last class was over at 2 the need was very much there. Even though I have only been on campus for a few weeks, I have already found my favorite restroom. It is in the student center and has 10 stalls, all of which are purple in color...which is odd since that is not a school color?!?! I love the toilet seats there. They are like most every other public toilet seat (elongated, open face, comfy, etc) except something about the design of these seats are a little different. As best as I can tell they are angled more down into the toilet which for me at least feels very good when you are sitting down, it feels like a second skin or something. Anyway, I picked out a regular stall and hung my bag on the door hook. I engaged in my typical process of wiping the seat with a piece of toilet paper (I never use toilet paper or those protective papers to cover the seat...takes the fun out of it for me!). I peeled my jeans down to my ankles and lowered my panties afterward. I sat down and immediately loved that comfy feeling of the seat. Like I said the seat is angled more and as a result my butt sinks lower into the toilet, gravity pulling my cheeks apart in the process....effectively exposing my butthole for the work it is about to do! The toilets in there are pretty low to the ground so I am kind of squatting as I sit there. I usually don't spread my legs very wide - maybe my knees are a foot or so apart. It takes a few minutes for things to get going and finally I push a little to help things along. Since I wanted things to last as long as possible, I tended to pinch things off ever so often, except for a few larger pieces that had a mind of their own! After about a dozen or so small pieces, I could feel my hole gape wider as a big piece wanted to come out. I remember concentrating as it slowly slid out. It was 7 or 8 inches long, maybe an inch thick. After that I could still feel the need to push. After several attempts at pushing I waited a while. I pushed again to be greeted by a nice fart and crackling....slowly the last piece began to slid was like the other big one, around 8 inches and an inch thick. I spent around 30 minutes on the toilet, wiped about 6 or 7 times and flushed. I went home feeling quite a bit lighter. It is now Wednesday and I have not had to poop again since then...guess that means I am due again maybe tomorrow....I promise to write back then! Can't wait to meet some of you on here....until next time....happy pooping! Aly M

Upstate Dave
Let me go on a little more with using the old chair at my grandmothers. Janet and I would use it again while I was staying at my grandmothers. My grandmother came home from work and Janet and I had been playing cards in the travel trailer. We went inside and we sat and talked with my grandmother for awhile. My grandmother asked Janet if she wanted to stay for supper but Jante couldn't.

I offered to walk her home which she accepted. It was time to leave for supper time would be soon. So Janet and I left and went outside. As we started walking down the driveway Janet said to me; Let's go pee one more time! She said it as she turned and started across the side yard heading for the row of pine trees where the old chair was in.

I follwed Janet over to the rowe of pine trees and we ducked under some of the low branches and came into where the chair was. Janet quickly shoved down her blue shorts and white panties together and this time she reasted her rearend on one of the arms on teh sde of the old chair. That will you give you more room Dave to pee! she said to me laughing.

I chuckled some as I pulled down my zipper and got my penis out to pee. Janet had started peeing with a hard narrow twisted pee stream that was going straight down hissing as she peed. I had my penis out and I started my pee. My stream went down angling under Janets rearend missing her stream but shot through the broken cane straps in the botomof the chair weting the pine needles on the ground along with her pee. Janet had turned her head and was watching me go likewise I was watching her pee.

Both of us took a pretty good pee together. We both kind of finished up the same way too. We both did several good spurts one after the other. Janet stood up and pulled up her white panties and blue shorts without wiping herself. I slipped my penis back in my boxers and jeans and zipped up. Then as we slipped back out from the pine trees Janet giggling said to me; Till morning let's do it again! I smiled and told her I would if she was willing. She laughed and told me yes! I walked her home and she would see me in the morning. I smiled In the morning I said back to her. I hurried back to my grandmothers for supper.

Before I went to work today, I decided I would head to the local recreational centre for a swim and workout. Since it was early in the morning, I knew it would be relatively quiet. I had gone out for dinner and drinks with some friends the night before and I had to take a morning dump. After I got changed into my swimsuit, I headed to the toilet on the other side of the change room. Thankfully the washroom was clean as it had just been washed and it was still early in the day. I headed to the end where the handicap stall was and entered in. I locked the door and quickly lowered the seat, dropped my swimsuit trunks and sat down. I felt a huge pressure build in my stomach and I let out a loud wet fart. I pushed a bit and I felt and heard a load of soft poop come out and drop into the bowl below. I let out a few more wet farts and more mushy poop. It took me a few minutes and quite a bit of toilet paper to wipe up. I got up to see my pile of crap sitting in the bowl. I flushed and it all went down at once although the toilet was now visibly full of skidmarks and the smell was thick in the air. I washed my hand quickly and headed out to the pool to start my morning swim.

eaves dropper
i overheard an interesting story today from a girl on campus. she was a petite girl, with brown hair in a pony tail and thick stylish glasses. she had a "rocker chick" look to her, tight jeans with rips, a leather belt with a big metal buckle, and a black t shirt for a punk rock band called Rancid. She was talking to a friend of hers close by to where i was sitting to pass time between classes and she was talking about her 21st birthday. That's when I overheard the nasty details of her major pooping accident. she explained to her friend that she didn't drink a lot as a teen when all her friends did it because it gave her the "hershey squirts", she said. but on her 21st she felt obligated to drink and her friends were getting her a lot of drinks. so she got really drunk, and she was in her friends car later that night sitting in the back with like 4 other people all crammed in, and she had to go to the bathroom badly. she thinks she was telling her friend to stop the car but said the others said she was just moaning and mumbling and they didn't know what she wanted, and as she said it, she soon "dumped a wet load" into her jeans. she said the whole car reeked and everyone was freaking out. when she got home her friends walked her in and she remembers the back of her jeans squishing and sloshing against her ass, and that her pants were wet. to make matters worse, she apparently went to bed like that and woke up the next morning with shit filled jeans and panties and it took her forever to clean herself up.

I was astonished to overhear a girl telling this story in a public place. maybe she just views it as a funny incident thats good to share and have a laugh with people, but most girls i know would be mortified if they pooped their pants and wouldn't dare speak a word of it to anyone. I just found it to be quite a fascinating story to overhear. I think the girl's name is christin.

Lately, I've been getting the urge to crap desperately every morning. I usually go to the gym in the morning, so there is where I drop my load. The urge comes on pretty quickly, and my stomach sometimes gets a cramp. My crap has been somewhat loose lately, and sometimes runny. I end up having to go a few times each day. It used to be only once a day. Even when the stool isn't runny or loose, it's still soft. And I've been a bit gassy as well. I wonder if it has anything to do with my slightly low blood iron? I am scheduled to go to the doctor next week, and maybe he can check it out. It's been less than a week. Hopefully it will clear up.

Hey all.

just a brief descripyion of me. im 32 5'8 male.

I was on my turnaround trip at night as usual and heading back to base. half way back i had a massive gurgle in my gut, this is after having a ex-large double double from timmys and knowing i'm kinda lactose intolorant thinking i'm taking a risk, but its better then falling asleep driving. about 1.5hrs down the road it hit... my sphinkter got rushed full force and clenching the wheel like a monkey on crack thinking "is it to late"? i held it for about 5 clicks till the next rest stop and i sweating severly. i reach the rest stop and nail the air brakes to a full stop. grab some kleenex and run to the other side of the truck. droping my pants and resting the edge of my butt on the mud guard and letting go. jeez,, it came spurting out like a firehose. wiped and surprized having kleenex to spare. then jumping back in the truck and thinking cool i didnt mees my self.. and drove off.


There are firms in the UK who will supply school toilets built with curtains across the front of the cubicles instead of doors. I think this is mainly intended for small children (preschool to UK year 2 or 3), where there is some expectation that an adult can see that the child is not in trouble. But hey...

Hello. This is my first time posting on this site after numerous casings. I remember going to the bathroom at a small college where I once worked. It was December of last year, and I was developing diarrhea. Dressed in my black fur winter coat, long black knee-high leather boots, and a suited skirt underneath, I went to the ladies room toilet, pulled up my layers of clothing, squatted over the toilet, and began urinating and dispelling loose stools simultaneously, all the while passing strong gas. Then, my urination stopped, and I continued to dump runny stools and passing strong gas, constantly fumigating the ladies room. I continued to squat for another 40 minutes. I felt, at times, as if I might topple over from all that hovering as weak as I was, but what sustained me was the strong legs I have from years of running for exercise, as well as doing lunges and squats. I'm 50 years old as I type this, 5' 8," 126 lbs., dark brown medium to long length hair. Any way, I finally started to wipe myself, taking 12 wipes. I finally pulled my panties and hosiery up, and smoothing down my skirt, flushed the toilet and said, "Let me outta here." How many of you ladies have ever tried to squat to poo for longer than five minutes? I would like to hear from you if you ever tried it. It's not easy for most ladies, as my example pointed out. I never make bodily contact with a public toilet seat if possible...too germy. Thanx for reading my post. I hope to post another story soon.

i'm a 18year old female i was out horseriding the other week, i hadnt been to the toilet for 5 days as i was riding i began to get the feel i needed to go as me a nd my friend were fairly far from the stables i decided to stop my horse i said to my friend i needed to poop badly can u look after my horse a minute while i go over there by the been to the toilet outdoors several times in front of her before i walked over to the tree pulled down my trousers and panties to my knees and squatted, i peed a bit then began to push it felt really big and was hurting i got about 2 inches out andran out of breath took a deep breath and pushed more it wasnt moving very fast, my friend called out to me to ask if i was ok she could me me puffing and panting, i shouted back no its stuck its really big i havent been for 5 days as i pushed, my friend said she would tie the horses up and come over. so she came and asked if she could look she went behind and said it looks very big shetold me to put my arms round her to support myself , so i did and gave a really big push it began moving but unfortunatly as i pushedi peed down my friends leg i pushed and pushed and eventully it fell out my butt. i looked down it was about 14" long and abou 3" round

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I had my first wild shitting experience when I was out with my boyfriend. But first, Em, here's my answers to your questions:

1. Were your middle school bathrooms cleaner than your high school ones? Explain. I've written about this before but I'm my second high school (family moved) and this is the first school I've been in that doesn't have the toilet seat covers. I always used them in middle school so I didn't think too much about how dirty the bathrooms were. I know more girls flushed in middle school!

2. Have you ever received a class tardy because you were in the bathroom and therefore late to class? Yes, a couple of times in middle school when the seat covers were all gone in one stall and I had to wait to use another stall instead. I have since become more accepting of just sitting right down and not using the covers. I'm just trying to avoid the hassles.

3. Do you hold your pee until after school? Where do you pee? A few times but not many. What's the difference if I pee during a class or during a class break or after school? A satisfying pee is a satisfying pee and the same to me, I guess.

4. Do you hold your crap until you get home? Explain. I've gained much more confidence in just sitting down and crapping at school and not holding it. However, read about my experience Labor Day weekend later.

5. Do you put paper down on the seat first, or wipe it off, hover, or sit directly down on it? Now I sit directly down on it. Previously, I used the paper to sit on.

6. Have you ever had to borrow TP from a person in another stall. Yes, just a few times in this past year since I don't tear it off first and put it on the seat. Before, I would just stand up, take the paper up, tear it apart and wipe with the other side of it. Now I might be too anxious to crap and I get caught with nothing to wipe with because so many stalls (especially at the mall and theater) aren't checked regularly by the custodians.

7. Why do you feel students leave the bowls unflushed? Some are really in a hurry, some see it as a gesture of disrespect (we actually talked about this in my psychology class) and some do away from home what they are used to doing at home, if that makes any sense.

8. What would happen if campus security would stop a student leaving an unflushed toilet or make them flush or wipe down the seat? Don't know, but I've seen our hall monitors walk through the bathroom, look in every stall for vandalism and flush each toilet needing it.

9. What would happen if faculty and students witched bathrooms for a day? They already have. In my school I've seen students quickly slip into the faculty restroom. I wouldn't want to get caught doing it.

10. Would a requirement that each stall have toilet seat protectors help? Would you and your friends use them and promptly flush them? I wrote about my summer school (different building experience) this summer and like no one use the papers.

11. Have you ever told your parents or a teacher? I told my parents and they know I hated having to switch high schools two years ago.

Now my post about my Labor Day "adventure".

Me and my boyfriend Diver (he's on the competitive diving team) took a drive through the park after going to them movies and with fall coming on it's getting dark earlier each evening. Well, I had about twice my normal intake of soda at the movies because they had this supersize special and well, he was paying. I wasn't constipated but I hadn't crapped that day either. We parked the car and walked from a well lit area of paths into a darker area because I had seen a duck in some of the higher grass in front of us and Diver didn't believe me. I knew I would have to crap soon so I knew there was a picnic area about two blocks over and that there would probably be toilets there. As we walked I could see the building in the moonlight and I felt good about finding a place to relieve myself. I asked him to walk with me faster as it was coming soon (he used the word "knocking").

Unfortunately when we got up there I found a padlock on the ladies room door. He said he'd watch the guys room if I wanted to use it and I said that's fine. It too was locked and I knew I couldn't wait for another half hour of so while we walked back to the car and then went to a gas station or store. We walked a few more steps and saw four sets of picnic tables and benches and a large grill right in the middle. Its base was built out of bricks coming out of the cement like a chimney and of course it had the grill over the top of the bricks. Diver suggested that he could lift me up there and I could crap there. At first, I was considering using one of the benches for my crap but he told me to take my shorts and underwear down, which I reluctantly did, and he hoisted me up on the grills. (He checked first with his hand to make sure it wasn't hot and it wasn't) Obviously it was a bit higher than the typical toilet and the steel rods or coils weren't comfortable but I put my hand on my rectum and made sure my hole wasn't being covered by a rod and I gave in to the pressure my crap had been making. One large glob of mushy crap came out within about five seconds and I was instantly relieved. Even though we were outside I could smell it and Diver helped me get down. I had left my purse in the car but he had a couple old business cards in his wallet which he donated to my cause. I tossed them into the grill before I pulled my underwear up. As we walked back to the car, he and I were playing a word game on what to call it when you leave something like that around to start a fire with. He came up with the word "accelerant" which I think is what you call it. He thought those using the grill the next day would probably think the crap came from a squirrel. I told him to get real. After we left the park we stopped at a gas station where I went in, sat down and finished my wiping. Luckily, there was only one small skidmark in my panties.

I have a bit of a moral quandry for you to discuss. Now, this may not seem like the right forum for this, but read on, I assure you it is toilet related.

The problem began a few years back, at the middle school my daughter would eventually attend. The school had a big problem with stall doors in the boys' bathrooms being vandalized. There would often be vulgar messages written in sharpie or sometimes etched into the door. Since the school could never figure out who was responsible, they decided instead to remove the stall doors.

For a short while, this solved the problem, until the lawsuits began. Apparently, when parents got word that the doorless stalls were only in the boys' bathrooms, there was outrage. A few parents demanded that the situation be rectified or they would sue. Well, not wanting a lawsuit on their hands, the school promised they would fix the situation.

That was last summer when this decision was made. Now, this past week, when school resumed, students were shocked to discover that all doors had been removed from the stalls, in both boys and girls bathrooms. My daughter won't use the bathroom at school, she's too embarrassed.

Now, this is where my situation comes in. I'm not sure what to think or do here. I can see the logic behind the school's decision, I mean they did make the situation fair, so as not to play favorites by sex. But, I also can see wisdom in the argument for girls having doors on their stalls, being that they are historically the most likely to be bothered by lack of privacy.

The situation seems to have no good answer really. If parents complain about the situation again, the school will have no choice but to put doors back on. Of course, that means the vandalism may start again, and that's what started this whole fiasco...

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