Pirate Panty Pooper
I just got back from Disney World with some of my college girlfriends. One day we were on Pirate of the Caribbean about halfway through when the ride had a problem and all of the boats got stuck just sitting there for an hour before it finally got moving again. Well during that time I had to go to the bathroom so bad it wasn't even funny. I was wearing black shorts about mid-thigh length and after 30 minutes couldn't hold any more and peed myself slowly a few seconds at a time since nobody could see the wetness on the black shorts. My friends didn't even know. But then I realized how bad I needed to poop, too, and was farting badly. My friend next to me asked if I was ok but I had to whisper to her the truth that I had already peed my shorts and was about to poop myself, too. She said it was ok and my friends would understand and not make fun of me. I tried to hold it longer but soon the turn was pushing its way out and squishing into my panties under my butt and I couldn't stop it so I lifted my butt off of the seat a few inches and all the poop just pushed out really fast into a giant lump in my panties. At least it wasn't runny or anything. I slowly lowered myself back down on the seat and the poop smooshed out flat and some of it came out of my panties and onto my upper thighs and butt cheeks. it was nasty. When we finally got off I waddled into the bathroom and into a stall, took off everything and my friend bought me a new pair of shorts, but there were no panties, so I had to go commando after that and just threw away my ruined clothes.

Darth Fodder
I'm male, 19, average build, brown hair and about 5' 10"

So my school is ridiculously obsessed with Sustainability. I wasn't aware of just HOW obsessed they are until a couple of days ago in one of the bathrooms.

I hadn't crapped in a few days so I had to take a pretty big dump. All of the stalls were open so I decided to take the second one. I was sitting on the toilet and everything was fine for a while. Then all of a sudden the light went out. I was pissed and really confused. Eventually somebody came in and the light came back on. I assumed they turned it on. Well they left(they just peed) and I was about done when the light went off again. I stood up, and the light came on. I then noticed the motion sensor on the ceiling. I was fairly annoyed at this point, the motion sensor was new since last semester, but I thought whatever, not a big deal.

I finished up, wiped, and went to go wash my hands. The sinks were also changed. Piss poor pea shooters of water streams. Whether you stick your hands right under the faucet or way below by the drain, you still get water all over you with these things. If I had gotten anything on my hands(come on, that happens to everyone from time to time) I would have had to walk to another bathroom with shit on my hands, that's how bad these sinks are in that one bathroom on campus.

I'm all for being kind to the planet and stuff...but that's just going overboard. Needless to say, I won't be using that bathroom again.

Hi all. I've been busy with school projects and stuff, and haven't had enough time to post. I'm actually a little busy right now, but I wanted to post something interesting..

John Philip: Are you still there? I liked your experiment. Yes, I have to agree that the runs take slight pushing, but I like to push hard all at once to make sure it comes out quickly, and not take long in the bathroom. Although if someone is nearby, I usually try to go silently.

Connor: Hi. I have read many of your and Stac's stories. They're pretty interesting. I didn't know you were shy about crapping, but I am glad you somehow got over it. Do you have any advice for me to get over my shyness about crapping in a public restroom?

There had been nothing noteworthy to post recently I guess, just my normal craps. This past Saturday, however, I had one of my largets and comfortable dumps in recent months. It had been exam week so I had been staying at my high school sometimes until 7:00 at night studying with some friends, and therefore I didn't go to the bathroom until I was home and about to go to bed. By then, most of my craps weren't as urgent as they were in the afternoon, and when I had finished crapping I somehow didn't feel completely relieved. I didn't crap at all on Thursday, even though I had to in the afternoon, but I held it. On Friday morning I felt the urge to go, but I was running late for school and wanted to catch the bus. That day, we had an event at night in my high school gym (a sale for the parents) and displayed some of our monthly projects to them. The event ended around 11:00 p.m. and my family was one of the last to leave, and as such, I didn't have my before-bed crap when I got home. I just wanted to sleep, and was so tired I just went to bed with my clothes on. I woke up the next morning before my brother did, and my parents were both already at work (They work on Saturday's too). I went down, had some breakfast, and then went to shower.

I was about to enter the shower when a very intense urge to shit hit me. Oddly, it felt rather painful and pleasant at the same time. I sat down on the toilet (I was naked by then) and then began to push slightly. I started peeing a yellow stream. Then my turd started coming out with a crackling sound, slowly, easily and pleasantly, and I wanted to enjoy the experience as much as I could so I continued pushing just very slightly and very relaxed. I was also kind of breathing, so it would last longer and didn't have to stop pushing. Finally, my crap finally fell to the toilet with no noise, as it had already entered the water before it came out completely. I felt totally relieved after two days without crapping. I got up and looked at my creation. It was almost a foot and a half long. It wasn't very wide, and it was soft and firm at the same time. It formed a kind of double question mark that kept going until it disappeared in the hole at the bottom of the toilet. I wiped twice and flushed it. Then I proceeded to shower.

That dump was one of my easiest and most relaxing dumps, and also one of the most pleasant, and it didn't have to be very hard like some of my other dumps have been. I was also amazed by having pushed for at least 30 seconds while still breathing, something I hadn't been able to do before. Overall, it felt great!!! :-)

To everyone else, keep posting, and I hope you liked this story.

Toilet Unclogger
Yuck! I just had the most horrible experience of my life. I'd been constipated for three days, but earlier today I felt the familiar urge to go take a dump. I went into the bathroom and plopped myself on the toilet.

I crapped almost nonstop for four minutes. No one of my turds was very big, but they just kept coming, one after the other. Finally I felt empty and began to wipe. Surprisingly, it only took three good wipes.

The thing you should know is that I have a strange toilet. The opening for the poop to be flushed away is at the front instead of the back, and the toilet has very little water, probably not even an inch. I began my post-dump inspection and saw a mound of my crap, sticking out from the water. All the little pieces seemed to just fit together into one large pile.

I pushed the flusher and the toilet paper went down as well as a few pieces of my poop, but most of the pile was still intact, going nowhere, despite jets of water flowing from all directions to force it down the drain.

I had a toilet brush in the bathroom, although I'd never used it for this purpose, only for cleaning the toilet. I waited for the flush to be complete, then I flushed again, shoving the crap down the hole with the brush. This seemed okay, except that the pile got stuck near the hole, and I was trying to cram it in with the brush.

I could see my poop still in the pipe, definitely stuck. The thought disgusted me, but I decided to try to unclog it. I pushed the brush into the hole to break up some of the crap, repeating for a while. Brown water kept seeping back out of the pipe, although the poop did seem to be breaking up. The smell was nauseating, much worse than it had been before I flushed.

When I could no longer see any crap in the pipe, I tried to flush again. Big mistake. I'm not really sure what happened, but in a matter of seconds, the entire toilet was full of brown water, almost like diarrhea. I thought it was going to overflow, but luckily it didn't.

I tried to shove the brush deeper into the pipe, perhaps unclog the toilet. I continued to shove the brush in, almost to the point where my hands were in the crap-water. Nothing seemed to work, and I didn't dare risk flushing again. I just let it sit for a while. Half an hour or so later, I came back and began shoving the brush in again.

I still wasn't sure I wanted to flush again, but finally, by some divine miracle or something, I broke up the clog I guess. The water began to drain. A few more shoves with the brush and the brown water was almost gone. I dared to push the flusher, and finally at long last clear clean water rushed back in to the bowl.

The water settled and the toilet had its normal inch of water in it, which told me it was functioning normally. But now I had a new task - cleaning the toilet brush. But, that's a story that's not for here.

Greetings everyone, It has been a time now since I have posted anything on this website as when I do read time to time of others. I wonder sometimes as why do I think of these personal things, but as to let them out to others I know I am not alone, as I want others to know of my private moments also. For only those who read are the ones who are glad and interested. Lastnight I had the erge to sit on the toilet and as I thought of these other letters I have read I get wondering what the picture is as when I read these as when it is coming out, So as to when I had that urdge I got this mirror from the cabinate and set it over a towel on the bathroom floor. As I squatted over the mirror to get a good veiw of my own anus as it was coming out slowly and then at a steady long one as then it hit the floor looking like a long soft banana except it's brown instead of being yellow. I was able to see this scene as to picture as to when I read other letters and as to be honest this has not been the first time and yes the smell is strong for when I get the good steady look as it I flush it before the whole room get's the smell. I got the thinking of writing this and being open as when I read this letter just recently of the Anonymous Chick. I do have a self concious in a sort of way as to but knowing I am not the only one who takes this peeing, pooping and wiping serious work. I am glad I read the Anonyous Chick it got me to write my part. Thank You to you Anonyous Chick. And last week I had the 2 day weekend off work as so I had an enema, the kind that come in a box and it did feel good getting a clean out I held it in for only 5 min for I should have kept it in me fo maybe 15min. And again it did feel great getting the cleaning from my inside. I'd like to thank you all who write and read these.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Anonymous Chick
Hi everybody. I read Breanne's post a few days ago, and what she did sounded like a lot of fun. I decided I would do that the next time I went poo. I didn't have to go to work the day after I read Breanne's post and I knew it would be a good opportunity to do it.

Well, after lunch, at about one o'clock, I felt the rumblings that told me I needed to go poo. I went into my bathroom and closed the door. Then I rolled off a lot of toilet paper, laying long strips side by side to make a large square of paper on the floor. All together, it took most of a brand new roll.

By the time I finished, my need to poo was almost unbearable. I took off my jeans and pink boy-style panties and squatted over the paper. I had never pooed while squatting, so it was different just doing that. I farted once, kind of airy and squeaky. The head of my poo poked out and went back in. I farted again, louder this time. Then the poo came out and kept coming. It grew to three or four inches and broke off landing on the paper.

The smell hit me just then, it wasn't too bad considering that I basically just pooed on the floor, but I walked over to turn on the bathroom fan anyway. I got back into position and farted three more times. I gave a small push and another poo came out. This one grew a little longer than the first and thudded onto the paper. Very soon another poo was hanging out of my butt. My third poo came to be longer than the first two, maybe six inches or more. It landed next to the other two and it was clearly much bigger.

I could feel a small bit more, so I pushed. I farted a really long toot and then a shorter toot and one more poo snuck out. A small one, only an inch possibly two. I was done, so I carefully wrapped up my poos and dumped them in the toilet.

I didn't want to clog the toilet, so I flushed down just my poos. I put two of the lines of the paper in the toilet and flushed again. I wiped with another of the lines and flushed it down with the fourth line. The fifth line I used to wipe again, tossed it in the toilet then tore off some paper from the roll, wiped, took more paper off the roll and wiped again. I felt completely clean, so I flushed the toilet once more.

The smell was still lingering, but compared to some of my other poos, it wasn't all that bad. Still, I left the fan on when I left the bathroom. I came back about thirty minutes later and the smell was totally gone, so I turned the fan off.

Well, hope you guys enjoyed my story. I really really liked pooing that way. I never even would have thought of that unless I'd read Breanne's post. So, keep the unusual ways of pooping coming. I'll try them all and report back to you guys.

this evening i went to a huge mexican restaurant. i ordered a ton of food with tons of beans and hot sauces! after a while i felt the urge to go to the bathroom. i headed for the ladies room. when i arrived there were 7 stalls! i took the third stall! i lowered my jean shorts and thong as well. i began peeing. i peed for about 20 seconds. then i felt a huge bowel movement start. then i heard someone else eneter the bathroom. she took the stall right next to me on my right. it was a 15 years old girl with red hair. she said hi to me. she told me that she loves mexican food cause it gives her a Good bowel movement ! i told her the same thing as well. the 15 year old beagan to pee. she peed for quite sometime. meanwhile i was still pooping! the 15 year old began to poop. i still continued pooping at this point. her bowel movement began giving off an odor i just sat there and inhaled it! then she wiped and left the tiolet unflushed. she waited for me at the sink. i was finally done my bowel movement and left the tiolet unflushed. i went to the sink we both washed our hands. she gave me her email address!



I've posted before about my myself individually and sometimes about things that happen when I'm doing stuff with my friend Stac. Well, this is a story that happened when I was in 4th grade. I was very shy back then about going to the bathroom at school and probably more shy about crapping because our grade school, which was large with about 900 students, ha no doors on any of the guys room toilet stalls. That's still the case at a lot of the places I crap at now as a high school student, but back then I had even less confidence that I had now.

I didn't see it as being particularly generous by our teacher when she let us have a bathroom break in the middle of the morning and again in the middle of the afternoon. It was just before recess and there would be like 12 or 13 other guys from our class plus guys from a couple of other classes also having their breaks at the same time. So there could be 30 or so guys all in the bathroom at one time. There were like 8 or 9 stalls plus there was a long urinal not too far off the floor that you would stand next to and pee into. My dad recommended that I get permission from my teacher to go during class time like when we were reading or doing individual work because I would have more privacy. This was especially the case because I crapped most every day. I tried to hold it until I got home but because of recess and some other things, it just wouldn't work. Besides, we had some guys (and a couple of girls too) who would just shout out that whoever they were sitting by "smells." And I sure didn't want to be singled out. Dad advised me to do several things and they worked better than when I was being made fun of. He said to take the farthest stall. He said to wait until I was sure I was ready to go before I got permission, went in and sat down because I would be spending less time in the stall and there was less chance I would be teased. He taught me to pull my jeans and underwear down only enough for my crap to come out and definitely not to drop them all the way to the floor. One day when we were at the mall he had me practice moving back farther on the stool so that my cock wouldn't hang over the bowl or I wouldn't need to hold it down and into the bowl in order to keep from me getting some pee drops into my jeans and underwear. (One guy who was like 3 years older than me and more mature had accused me of playing with myself because I would have my hand on my cock as I pointed it down into the bowl because sometimes I would pee before crapping). Dad thought that was really mean and called the principal about the boy. I don't know what happened to the boy in the form of punishment but he continued to point at me and snicker when he'd walk by a stall and I was in it.

Dad's advice really helped and one day early in my 4th grade year I was on the stool about to have a soft crap when I heard a noise and someboy carrying a walkie talkie entered. He quickly entered the 1st stall, I heard him unbutton his belt and within a couple of seconds there was a big blast of gas and he was madly crapping. There was a beep on his radio, I guess somebody asked him where he was, and he started joking around that he was taking a shit in the first stall and did they want to come in and sit on his lap and tell him all their " g*****m problems". There were a couple more cuss words repeated back to him and he laughed and I heard more splattering in his stall. I always worried about being away from class too long and my teacher, although she was nice, could be pushed where she would be mean or announce to the class something like "It took Connor 20 minutes to crap today. Let's give him a hand." I always expected the worse even though she was a really good teacher and I know she took a lot of abuse from some of the students. So I wiped,quickly flushed, washed my hands in the sink right in front of my stall and quickly walked toward the entrance. I was curious who was using that first stall and I was surprised that it was our principal. I was a little scared to look directly at him while he sat there and was crapping so I quickly walked by. However, by the end of the day, I was enjoying telling some of my friends about my bathroom adventure.

It was when Stac and I were talking last week about some of our bathroom experiences in the past that I brought it up. At the time I told my parents about it and my dad, especially, though it was amusing. He especially thought the cussing was humorous. The principal is still at that school, but I doubt he will use a student bathroom again and if he did, I'm pretty certain he would check each of the stalls before sitting down and starting his crap. Like Stac said, he would also most certainly turn the radio off.

Ashley, I liked your story. Were you really pooping for that long or was it just that you were listening to the others going? Did you go into the other stalls to see what the others left behing?

Linda - I liked your story. I tend to take a dump anywhere from 1 to 3 times a day, but 5 solid & huge loads in one day--wow!

Amelia :A
I've been lurking on this website on and off for years.
After many years, I finally have a story to tell.

Last week, for labor day, I was at the mall.
And it was packed. Everyone was crowding around each other for the cheap sale items. And the bathrooms were filled. All the stalls were taken, and there was a long line. That eventful day I had constantly been passing silent gas, and I knew I couldn't survive much longer.
The line was unappealing though, and kept me shopping. I thought it would clear up, but it never did. I had also been holding my poop for awhile. A few days or so, which is long for me, because I usually take a daily poop every morning.

Before I tell you the "exciting" part of my story, I'll tell you about myself. I'm a twenty two year old, fresh out of college. I'm small. I weigh about a hundred pounds or so, and I'm about 5'2. Not a lot of curves, whatsoever. I am not married, and I live in NYC in a small apartment.

So, going on with my story. I walked around for a bit in one of the department stores hoping to find a sale on cardigans. My butt started to pass some more foul gas, so I stopped for a moment. It was still crowded, but not as crowded as before. I continued to move, and started to look at the lingerie department. Just as I picked up a lilac colored bra, several ladies ran towards me. Well, not at me, but in my direction. One collided with me, and apologized. I fell down to the floor, and let a loud bomb. I stood up, and quietly apologized at everyone around me. Little did I know, I had also crapped out a quarter (slightly bigger) sized piece of poop. It fell out of my pant leg (I wasn't wearing underwear >.>), and landed on the woman standing next to me. Well, her shoe. She didn't seem to realize, so I made my way out of the store.

The slight pressure in my lower body seemed to disappear, so I thought it was safe. Sadly, I was wrong. After another hour of walking, I collided into a man about my age. He fell over, and I fell with him. Then, before I could stand, I was making loud fart noises. It stank, and felt wetness come out from my behind. It was completely wet, but a bit hard at the same time. Some of it seeped through my pants and made a damp brown spot on his shirt. I stood up, apologized, and started to cry. He sympathized with me, and said it was okay.

Strangely, I'm meeting him for dinner next week.

Hello, my name is Dylina I am 16 years old, slim, medium sized butt and breasts and I have a boyfriend.
I remember one day, I had to shit SOOO bad it wasn't even funny!
Okay, from the beggning...
It was a very hot day, so me and my friends Tami and Joseph decided to go to the beach. It was a hour and a half long trip and I had about four cups of coffee, a steak for lunch and a Laxitive (I was constipated) and about a hour and twenty five minutes into the drive, I had the urge to go. Well I was thinking I could hold it for the next 5 minutes, but I was so WRONG!
About four seconds later, my stomach got cramps and I could feel my bladder filling up a little. Well luckliy for me, we got to the beach as soon as I let out a small wet fart. We quickly found a parking space and I hopped out of the car. I ran to the women's restroom, but the line was about nine people long! By this time, my bowels were ready to explode. I could feel the turd coming out, ready to slip out into my red and white stripped bikni bottoms. I was fifth in line, and I had sneezed, causing a marble shapped turd to come out. That was fine but as soon as I got inside, there was one stall left, I ran over to it and my stomach growleded. I tried to lock the door sevral times, but failled so I just held the door. I went to pull my bottoms down, but I had exploded, letting out wet, juicy farts. The shit ran down my legs and onto the floor, a little brown and yellow puddle formeded under me. I could feel my bowels filling up again so I quickly whipped down my messy bottoms and sat on the toilet. I pissed, and the feeling of shit overcame me as soon as I flushed and let the next person in. I had rushed out of the bathroom as soon as I heard "EW! What b!tch did THIS?!?" A fart escaped my butt but I kept in held in.
I sat on my beach towel (even though I was still a mess) with my friends not telling them what happended. Just then, I let out a huge fart, and I took about 14-29 shits in my bikni bottoms, it over floowded and got onto my towel, pee shoot down my legs, my friends came over to comfert me, and I shit once more before I stood up. The mushy shit came down my legs, and it stainded Tami's seat horribly. But she didn't care. I sat there and shat several diffrent times, but she still didn't care, (even though it smelt horrible) she just wanted me home and comfterbul...
So, that's my story. Want more, just ask for it!
Peace out!
*I shit a lot!!!*

I had a really good poop today.
I was downtown, and I really had to go to the bathroom. I decided to use my favourite downtown bathroom, which is in a food court in a mall. I rushed to it as fast as I could.
I entered a stall. What I like about the stalls in this particular bathroom is that there's no gaps in the doors.
I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. My poo started coming out right away, and I pissed a little as it started to come out. I bent over and looked between my legs, and I could see my poo coming out. It just came and came and came, and coiled around in the toilet. I was amazed at how long it was. It finally broke off, and then I pooped just a little bit more. I stayed seated for another minute or two to see if more poo or pee was on the way.
I got up, pulled uop my pants, and turned around to see what I had done. There was a big pile of poop in the toilet. I flushed. There were poo marks left in the toilet after I'd flushed. I exited the stall and washed my hands.
I felt a lot better after that!

Grizzly Adams
Hey y'all. I'm a 19 year old male. 200lb. 6ft. I once saw my cousin taking a shit on the toilet. We were at my grandparents house during a 4th of July barbeque and I walked to the bathroom door to take a piss. As I opened the door I saw my cousin Jade sitting on the toilet with her blue panties and jeans at her ankles. She had her eyes closed and then I heard this KERRSPLASH. Then she opened her eyes and saw me and yelled HEY and pulled her panties up to cover her bald pussy. I said Sorry and started closing the door. She asked if I could get more toilet paper because she was out. I said sure and went to get her some. I opened the door and I saw her taking a furious piss and then she farted loudly and dropped some really runny shit and she moaned. Then Jade opened her eyes and I handed her the TP. I hope she forgets to lock the door so I can see it again. LATER GRIZZLY ADAMS

Hey guys its Grizzly Adams again. I was watching Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle the other night. There is a really good Battleshits scene involving two females at Princeton early in the movie. If you have not seen it I recommend renting it. To All Ladies- Why do women use so much TP. It seems like I always have to replace the TP in the Ladies room where I work. I would appriciate some feedback. See ya Grizzly Adams

to Deliah i loved your posts i will definitley try what u sugessted! in the past i have wiped by butt and put the dirty tiolet paper in the tapoon despencer! i love and would love to have alot of bathroom outings with you!



OK, i have been lurking on here for a year or two & i know i should
post something. Well Punk Rock Girl got me really motivated ! You
are so funny & very descriptive that you make my day ! Don't get me
wrong there are many others on here who are very entertaining also,
like China Girl & Linda from Australia ! So i guess i well have to
post my own story soon. Keep those great stories coming.

PS: i am from the USA

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Linda from Australia here again. I was reading through a heap of posts from August. I was away for all of August and I really missed not being able to get on this site. I especially enjoyed reading the constipation stories! I really feel for these people because I also often suffer with constipation.

To Evonne: It sounds like you were extremely constipated!! To spend over an hour on the toilet is a very long time, if I can remember correctly it was almost 2 hours. Did you find that digging bits of poo out helped you to get the rest of your load out?? I know how you feel because I get constipatd like you. It takes me 30 minutes or more to do a poo if I'm really constipated, sometimes up to an hour. Does it always take you a long time to get the poos out when you've been constipated?? Do you get constipated regularly or just occassionally?? Even when I'm not constipated I often have trouble pooping, although I haven't had much trouble lately. I don't normally have to dig poo out when I'm constipated but I have to break poo off sometimes. On a few occassions, I have considered digging it out with my finger. When I'm having trouble, I always put my finger up my anus to feel the poos, sometimes I get lots of rock hard pebbles up there. I often have to push and strain, even grunt while I'm doing a poo (even when I'm not backed up)

I also have times when I do a poo and I don't feel finished. Normally I can't get the rest out so I have to give up and try again later. This is very annoying because it makes me feel very uncomfortable, having a sharp, hard poo inside me. I also hate it when poo gets stuck in my anus when I'm trying to push it out.

To Thunder from Downunder: Have you been constipated lately?? I would love to hear some of your stories!

To Keith D: Have you been on a winning streak lately? Or have you been constipated??

My next door neighbour Sally came around to my flat today for a coffee.
We ended up drinking 2 bottles of wine.
She was quite drunk and asked if she could use my toilet as she said she needed a poo.
I said for her to go ahead, she then announced to me that she was incontinent, and she wore a special butt plug.( I didnt really want to this info about her)
As she stumbled into my bathroom I heard her undo her jeans, then there was this weird squelsh sound as I think she removed the plug.
She sat on the toilet for a minute, let out this loud gnerghh! sound which was followed by a big splash as her poo landed in the toilet.
I heard her wipe, then flushed tthe toilet 4 times. As she exited my bathroom she said sorry Danny, my poo dont wanner leave your toilet.
She said good bye and went back to her own flat.
I went to my toilet to get rid of the poo, it was the biggest human turd I have ever seen in my life! the monster was really thick and long and was jammed in the toilet bowl. I had to break it up, even then I still had problems flushing it away.

Hi Chris,

I was just skimming through some of the posts when I saw my name at the bottom of the page. There's been another David posting here for a while but I realized you were addressing me when I saw "David the footballer."

Oh my gosh!! Your inquiry about pooping in the woods really brought back a slew of memories for me. I had promised to post a follow-up story last month before football camp then got busy so your question reminded me to get a story or two in.

Well to get right down to it regarding the forest pooping, this story goes back to 4 summers ago when Brian and I were between the 7th and 8th grades and we were both 14 at the time. (Actually, Brian is a few months younger than me so he was 13 going on 14.) It was during that summer that I hit a growth spurt and was constantly hungry and devouring food like I was a bottomless pit. I mean I was ALWAYS scarfing something down and was eating my folks out of house and home. Of course, with that I really was pooping a whole lot and it wasn't unusual at all for me to be going to the shitter 2 and even 3 times a day. And I don't just mean a log here and a turd there, I'm talking about great big major toilet-filling shits! During that time, I was up at the summer cabin with the folks and of course my best friend Brian was along as he's our church pastor's son and my folks sort of adopted him when his family moved here and it became obvious that he and I were going to be tight. (That was the summer between 2nd and 3rd grade.) Well, as the timing worked out, I was forced to bust in on Brian not once or twice, but 3 days in a row while he was showering because I really, really, REALLY needed to shit extremely badly. Brian joked that I had a thing for busting in on him while he was showering and asked when I was going to buy him a ring! Of course Brian was totally incredulous that I couldn't hold my shit until he was done showering, but seriously, I really had to go, BAD! The bathroom is quite small and the shitter is right next to the tub/shower combo so I'm totally stinking Brian out as I sat there with my pants around my knees dropping some serious bombs and thanking him profusely for opening the door in time! Of course we talked and joked while I sat there crapping, generally about how much I was crapping and cracks like "Dude, you frickin' STINK!!" It usually took me about 10+ minutes to get that much shit out of me, recover from the stress and wipe my crappy butt!!

So the next day, Brian and I decide to take the ATV's ("four-wheelers) out for a ride and explore the area. I get up and don't see much for breakfast except bacon, eggs, toast, sausage but nobody there to make it and I didn't want to hassle with cooking, so I look in the cupboard and find a box of Kellogg's All-Bran and figure, hey, why not?? (Trust me, NOW I know why not!). So I proceed to scarf down half the box without even thinking about it. (Yeah, I know what the rest of you are thinking, but I was 14 and didn't know this stuff!!). Brian and I then went out on the ATV's and about half an hour later I feel my bowels really start to grumble. About 30 seconds after that, I was really desperate to shit in the worst way. So I stop and yell to Brian, "Dude, we gotta go back to the cabin right now! I really have to shit!"

"Just go here dude!" Brian replied. "There's no one else around to see you." I quickly realized Brain was right and besides, it was at least a 5-minute drive back to the cabin and I wasn't going to be able to hold my shit more than 30 seconds. So I pull the ATV over to the side of the trail and run like mad to get behind some trees. As I'm running, I feel a fart escape my butt before I realize it was more than just a fart. :-( Now I've got some mushy shit squishing between my butt cheeks. I'm really desperate now as I kick some leaves into a pile and start unbuckling my belt. As I'm trying to undo the top button of my pants clenching my butt as tightly as humanly possible, another fart that was more than a fart escaped. I then dropped my pants around my ankles and assumed the squat position over the pile of leaves. Immediately, this giganormous shit snakes comes racing out of my body and keeps growing and growing and growing before I finally pinch it off. Meanwhile I'm trying to find a way to keep my balance all the while pissing like a race horse at the same time while I'm pushing my dick down with one hand so I don't spray my piss onto my pants. This massive pile is coming out of my body and I know I'm really breathing hard and can barely catch my breath. Next, really large chunks of shit were coming out of me and I could hear them hitting the leaves one after another making a massive pile, and all that was before my bowels REALLY erupted. After a dozen or so chunks fell onto the leaves, I feel this godawful cramp as the All-Bran kicked in and my butt then erupts like a shit volcano spewing mushy soft-serve shit like there's no tomorrow. I took a deep breath and bore down to try and speed things up a bit and get done, but the mushy shit just kept coming and coming and coming out of me in and endless stream. Eventually however, the shit did finally taper off and I was able to catch my breath and could hear Brian snickering at me. He asked me how everything was coming out and I told him and I told him I had produced an enormous pile. He said he wanted to see it before I buried it and I told him to be my guest. He asked me if I was almost done and I said I thought so, but then I had a couple more cramps before proceeding to spew out a couple more rounds of soft-serve mushy shit. After a little while, I finally felt relieved enough to start wiping up and I grabbed several leaves from a nearby oak tree to clean up the shitty mess that was my butt. (By the way, I know the difference between leaves and know what is safe to use. I know of one dude who once took a shit in the forest and then proceeded to wipe his ass with poison sumac with predictable results!!) When I finally stood up, my knees felt a little sore from being in the squat position so long to poop. However, when I went to pull up my pants, I discovered I had destroyed my underwear when I accidentally let some shit escape before getting my pants dropped. Brian came down the trail and saw me untying my shoes so I could remove my pants and throw my underwear away. Brian's a pretty sharp dude and he figured out right away exactly what had happened.

"Dude! You shit yourself! Are you gonna be ok??" I assured him I was fine but that I needed to get back to the cabin. After removing my underwear and carefully burying it under a pile of leaves, I put my pants and shoes back on while Brian checked out my massive pile. He sounded very impressed and said it was the biggest load he had ever seen in his life. Luckily, the only person to know I had shit myself was my best friend and it happened over summer vacation instead of at school. Trust me, when you are a football player in the 8th grade, being popular and "cool" at school is extremely important and if people knew I had shit myself, it would have been devastating to my coolness reputation. I couldn't care less if it happened now because I realize there's a whole lot more to life than being cool, but back in 8th grade, it would have been devastating. Brian has never breathed a word of it to anyone since then and that's why I would trust him with my life!!

When we got back to the cabin, I urgently had to go to the bathroom right away again. I had diarrhea the rest of the morning and into the afternoon until the All-Bran worked its way through my system.

Anyway. I really wanted to tell you about football camp and the latrine style toilets with no doors and no partitions. It's very interesting watch the younger players (freshmen) freak out the first time they see them when they have to shit. Now that Brian and I are Seniors, we were at least somewhat used to it by now. But it's 11:30 and I have school and a game tomorrow so I have to wrap things up for now. Thanks again for asking about pooping in the woods and other stories. I'm gonna try to get the story of me helping Brian take a big shit over the side of a boat in my next posting.

Punk Rock Girl
Hi, everyone.

Been laying of posting due to a) being busy as hell and b) having relatively uneventful bowel movements. That changed over the weekend, however.

My company had a picnic at a park on Labor Day and something that most of us who attended ate was bad. How do I know? Because I have had the worst diarrhea I've had in years for the past two days and so have most of my co-workers and their guests. We still haven't figured out what the tainted dish was.

I woke up early Tuesday morning with really bad cramps. I went into the bathroom, sat on the toilet and had a very long, very painful case of the shits. I was in the bathroom for at least twenty minutes. I went back to bed, but was up again just a little while later shitting my guts out again.

I continued having watery dumps all day and they continued into Wednesday. This morning I took a shit that was more along the lines of warm chunky pudding than water, so I guess I'm on the road to recovery. My ass is so freaking sore. I put some cream on my asshole and ass crack but it only does so much good. Whether I'm walking or sitting it seems my buns want to rub against each other and get even more chafed. Every wet crap feels like I'm shitting Sterno canned heat.

Wish my bowels a speedy recovery please. I'm tired of the cramps, the farting, the squirting and the itchy, stinging bottom.




Ladies, I have a little survey on Women's public restrooms.
Of the following locations where are you most likely to poop, and where do you find the most other girls/women pooping:
1. Mall or large department store
2. Airport
3, Gas station/convenience store
4. Highway rest stop
5. school or office
6 restaurants/Night clubs
7. Stadiums or Arenas
8 Other (please say where)

I think this is an interesting area for discussion
Thank You

today i went to target to do some shopping. i was there for 3.5 hours when all of a sudden i got a real strong urge to go to the bathroom. so i took my shooping cart and headed toward the Womens bathroom. when i arrived there i could see that it was completley vacant. so i headed for the third stall. i locked it and began pulling my skirt down. i started peeing. it lasted for quite a while. then i started pooping. at this point i heard two people enter the bathroom. they were two young girls one was a burnette about 12 years old. she said it stinks in here. then i also saw another girl with her it was a red headed girl who was 16 years old. the 12 year old enter the stall right next to me on my right. her friend enter the stall right next to her. they both started peeing. it only lasted a few seconds. the 12 year old flushed the tiolet and went to the sink. her friends was still in her stall. she was taking a long shit. i could start to smell it! i just sat there and inhaled the odor. the 12 year old asked her friend are you ok? she said yeah that she was gonna be a while. i could still here her pooping. she said iam almost done. after 5 minutes she began wiping. then she got up and left the stall without flushing. she went to the sink and washed her hands and they left. i was still pooping at this point and it smelled really bad! then two more girls entered the bathroom. as soon as they arrived they both commented on how bad it smelled and laughed. i could see one girl was a blond about 20 years old, and her friend was a blond also who was 20 as well. i could also see they were both wearing shorts. they both took stalls away from me. they both started pooping. it only lasted 7 minutes. when they were done they both exited the stalls without flushing! they quickly left. 4 minutes later i was finally done my long poo! i wiped my butt and left the tiolet and stall unflushed. i went to the sink and washed my hands and finished my shopping.



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Canadian Kelly
Hi. My name is Kelly and I am from Canada. I have posted on this board before under the name Kelly, but since there are a number of Kelly's out there, I thought I would change my name to Canadian Kelly.

As I mentioned, I have posted on this board before a number of years ago and sporadically since then. After a while of searching, I found my first post which can be found on page 1438.

I am now 33 years old and married. I am 5'11" with short blonde hair and nice curves. My husband, Scott, has also posted a few of my stories here including one a few months ago that was about me. I went golfing for the day with the girls from my office and had diarrhea on the golf course. Later that night we went out, Scott dropped us off and picked us up. I had diarrhea that night. While we were dancing, I could feel that I needed to go and badly. As I was making my way through the crowd trying to get to the ladies room, I lost all control and had a bad diarrhea accident in my pants.

On to my more recent story…

This past weekend was Labour Day so we had Monday off of work.

On Friday, September 4th, I had a really bad accident. I was actually feeling really good most of the day, so I'm not sure what happened. I think it may have been a combination of something I ate at lunch, or from my period starting. My period was supposed to start on Sunday or Monday and I only had one pad in my purse. At home I was completely out, so I was going to make a point of stopping at London Drugs near my office before I went home.

In the morning, I went to the ladies room to pee. When I lowered my jeans and purple and white stripped bikini panties, I noticed that they were still clean. I peed, wiped, and got myself back together. Just as I was leaving my stall, another woman from my office, Lisa, came out with a distressed look on her face. I asked her what was wrong. She said, "I got my period, and I don't have any supplies." Feeling that my period wasn't starting anytime soon, I opened up my purse and gave her my pad. It was an Always Overnight Ultra Thin. She was happy to take it and thanked me.

At around 2:00 in the afternoon, I started feeling crampy. I thought it was my lunch settling down. 15 minutes later, I felt like I needed to pee again. 5 minutes after that, I got up from my desk and when I did, I felt a familiar gush of fluid "down there". I checked my purse to see if I had any pads hidden anywhere. I didn't. Since I still needed to pee, I went back to the ladies room which was empty. Now, the maxi pad machines are notorious for being empty. I tried it anyway and was out of luck. I went into a stall, lowered my panties and jeans and noticed some spots of blood from my period starting early. It wasn't too bad, but it had started leaking through my panties. My jeans, for the meantime, where clean. As I was peeing, a cramp hit me and I let out a loose, wet fart. I let out a deep breath and cleaned myself up. I went back to my office and told my boss, Allison, that I had to go down to London Drugs for a few things. At this point it was 2:30 and she said that she was going to close down the office at 3:30. She told me that if I had my work all done, that I could just go home.

I got my stuff together and headed out of the office to the elevator. The cramps were coming on stronger by this point, but they eased off. I got outside and walked the four blocks to London Drugs. As I got closer to the store, I cramped up again. This time it was in my bowels. A wave of cramps hit me hard and I tried letting some of it out by farting. As I did this, I could feel the wetness of it exit my body, but I felt much better. It ended up being just a small squirt, and since I had planned on stopping back at my office to put on a pad anyway, I figured that I could just hold the rest of it back and go when I got to the ladies room at my office. I went into the store, picked up a basket and went to the feminine protection isle. I needed everything. I picked out a package of Always Long panty liners, Always Overnight maxi pads, and Always Overnight Ultra Thins. I then saw the boxes for their new "Infinity" products, so I decided to try their Infinity Overnight pads as well. I was quite the sight walking through the store with a basket full of maxi pads.

As I was making my way to the check out, I started cramping up again, this time really badly. I let out another fart, but this time I got much more that I had expected. It was really wet and came out of me in an explosion. I could not find anybody who worked there to ask them if I could use their washroom, so I had to stand in a line of about four people trying to hold my butt cheeks together. Then it happened. Another wave of cramps hit me and my bowels pushed out a load of diarrhea into my panties. It was the consistency of shaving cream and filled up the back of my panties really badly. Finally I got up to the check out and the woman behind it asked if I had found everything that I needed. I whispered, "Yes" as I let out another wave of diarrhea into my panties. It went right up my back this time and spread into the crotch of my panties as well. I was totally mortified. I finished paying and started to walk out of the store. I could feel the diarrhea starting to leak down my legs as I walked.

I had to walk five blocks back to my car. Since I had already gone to the washroom in my pants, I figured that it was pointless going back up to the ladies room to clean up. I just wanted to get home. On my way back, I ran into Lisa, who was heading to London Drugs herself, to buy some pads. She stopped me and said that Allison let everyone leave after I had left. She thanked me again for giving her my last pad. I said that it was okay. She could tell that something was wrong with me and I told her that I wasn't feeling well and needed to get home. I said good-by and walked away. She then said to me, "Oh god, Kelly! You have leaked through your jeans!" I stopped, again, mortified and slowly turned around. Right then, another wave of diarrhea slipped into my panties. I asked her, "Is it bad?" She said, "Yeah, sort of. Are you okay?" I started choking up and in between gasps said, "I… am… really… sick. I… have… really… bad… diarrhea… and… I… couldn't… make… it… to… the… wash… room." She said, "Oh, Kelly, I am so sorry! Is there anything I can do for you?" I said, "No… I… just… need… to… get… home." I then turned and went to my car.

As I was walking, I cramped up again and another wave of diarrhea emptied into my panties. By now, the mess was everywhere and I was not looking forward to having to sit down in my mess in my car. When I got to the car, I emptied the maxi pads into the front seat so I could sit on the shopping bag. I then, very gingerly, sat down. When I sat down the mess in my panties bubbled everywhere. It was horrible. It spread up my back, into the gusset of my panties, up the front of my panties and down my legs.

I pulled out of the parking lot and made my way to the highway. When I got to the highway, traffic was moving pretty good at first. I then came up over a hill and traffic came to a sudden stop. Apparently there was a really bad traffic accident a few kilometers away and I had no way of getting off of the highway. So, I had to sit there for two hours in my diarrhea.

My husband and I had dinner plans with some friends of ours. I pulled out my cell phone from my purse and called him and explained that I would be home late. He said, "Why don't you just meet us at the restaurant?" I said, "I really need to get home and clean myself up first." I didn't tell him about that I was sick. He said, "Oh, I'm sure that you look as beautiful as you normally do! Call me when you get close to the restaurant and I will meet you out front." I said, "Scott, please, I need to go home first. I'm not feeling well, okay?" There was a pause for a few seconds and he said, "What happened? Are you okay?" I then told him everything that happened and he said that he would cancel our dinner plans with our friends.

I continued having diarrhea in my car as I sat in the traffic jam with my car off. After two hours, traffic finally started moving. When I got home, I carefully got out of my car and quickly made my way into our house. My loaded pants were squishing with so much diarrhea as I walked. It was so gross. I got in our house and went straight into the shower in our on-suite washroom. I pulled off my shirt, which was clean and bra and took my socks off. The diarrhea had made its way to my knees. I peeled them and my panties off, turned on the shower and stayed in there for about a half an hour until I felt clean.

As I mentioned earlier, I had gotten my period as well. My wonderful husband had gone out to my car to roll down the windows where he must have seen the four packages of maxi pads that I bought and brought them inside and up to our room for me. I grabbed an Overnight maxi pad and pressed it into my new panties and then pulled them up.

Well, that's my story. It was definitely the worst accident that I have had in years. Luckily, I am feeling much better now. My period is still rather heavy, but at least I have quite a few pads to choose from!

Thank you.

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