Since it was a nice day outside, I decided to go to the beach. When I arrived I found it to be nearly empty. I found a good spot to rest and lay in the sun. I also went for a brief swim since I had brought my swimsuit. After an hour of tanning in the sun I needed to relieve myself. The washrooms were a bit of a walk away near the parking lot. I tried to walk quickly but the pains in my stomach started to increase. I finally reached the washroom after about 10 minutes of walking. I entered in to find a single large stall, a urinal and one sink. I made my way over to the stall and entered in. I closed the stall door and found the lock to be broken. Since the toilet was on the other side of the stall I could not hold the door closed in case someone tried to enter in. I decided to go anyways. I quickly pulled by swimsuit down and sat down. I let a bit of gas out and started to push. After a minute nothing had come out. I strained hard and let out a loud fart. I heard the bathroom door open and someone walk in and start to approach the stall. Before I could say something a man opened the stall door and discovered that I was using it. He said sorry and quickly left. I pushed hard again and a turd finally dropped down in the bowl. I got up and saw a long and thick turd filling the bowl. I still didn't feel completely relieved so I sat back down and pushed a bit more. I heard the door open again and someone enter and walk towards the stall. I grunted and let out a loud fart and another turd. The person stopped and turned around realizing that I was using the toilet. I finished up quickly and flushed, although it took two flushes to get everything down. I washed up and went back to the beach to swim.

Upstate Dave
Let me continuie with the old woden cane borrom chair toilet. Like I said I used it this morning after breakfast which I pissed and shit. It was now later in the morning and I used my grandmothers phone and called a friend which his name was Mike and his sistor Janet answered which she told me Mike was with Matt and so he was not home.

Now Mike and Janet and another sistor Jill were my old next door neighbors when we lived up here. So we all knew each other well and since last summer Janet had become a good friend of mine also. So I asked her if she was doing anything and she told me no. So I told her I would come over and get her and we could hang out.

Well my grandmother did hear me talking to Janet and asked me if she would like to go out to lunch so I asked Janet. She said yes she would. So we had now a lunch date. So I hung up and I told my grandmother I'll go over and get Janet and would be back shortly. I left the house walked over to Janets which is only a ten minute walk from my grandmothers house.

Janet had seen me walking and she had come right outsode and met me as I had made the turn by the old post office and general store. She was glad to see me. She was all smiles and asked me how I was and how long was I staying up here. I told her I was fine and I was up fr at least two weeks. That made her really smile.

We talked as we walked back to my grandmothers. I got filled in all of what Janet had been doing along with her brother Mike and all of anything else Janet copuld think of. We arrived back at my grandmothers and Janet thanked her for the luch invite and they talked for awhile also. Then it got close enough it was time to leave and we got into my grandmothers car and we left for lunch.

My grandmother had a favorite place to go to which was a A&W Rootbeer stand. This was the place to go for McDonalds had yet come around here in upstate New York yet but would be in the area in anothyer year or so. When we got to A&W we had thier big burger fries and of course the big mugs of root beer! Janet and I even had refills as far as the root beer.

We now left and my grandmother was going to drop of us off for she had to go to work in the afternoon for a few hours. She dropped us off at her house for that is where we wanted to be dropped off. We both thanked my grandmother for lunch and she pulled out of the drive way and Janet and I headed for the trailer to play cards and listen to music on my transistor radio.

Janet and I played 500 rummy once we were inside the trailer. We played the first game and she won. By this time I needed to piss from all the root beer drank at lunch. So I told Janet that I had to pee. I got up from the table and headed for the door to go outside. Janet asked me where I was going. Isn't there a bathroom here in the trailer? I told her there was but not hooked up no water.

I told her there was a spot that I use over in the pine trees just a short distance from the trailer. It's a old chair I said to Janet. A old chair? Janet said back to me. Hey then I can use it! I looked at her and asked her if she had to pee. Janet told me yes she had to. So we both left the trailer and walked through the pine trees over to the old wooden cane bottom chair.

Just to let you know Janet last summer when I was up for a extended visit like now and she hung around with me a lot. She and I both had peed letting each other watch as we did it. This was done over behind the old school. We wound up doing it several times in different places outside while I was there last summer.

When we got over to the old chair the first thing Janet saw was the pieces of toilet paper and my shit laying on the ground in the pine needles. Oh you took a shit here too! Janet said loudly to me. I told her I did. I even went on and told her that my sistor Nancy had done the same. Janet laughed and told me that sounded like something Nancy would have done along with her oldest sistor Susan.

Then Janet spotted the roll of toilet paper that I had hung up on a small dead branch of one of the pine trees by the old chair. Good I can use that she said to me. Then she asked me if she could go first. I told her to go right ahead. Janet giggled as she said thank you. I smiled and said your welcome back to her.

Now Janet had on a pair of dark blue shorts and a white shortsleeve top. She took a look at the old chair first as she stood in front of it and then she pulled down her blue shrts and a white pair of panties together to her knees. As she started to sit down on the old chair she did look back and down as she went to sit on it.

Janet was making sure that she would sit where the hole in the botom was in the chair. She sat down and she had her rearend placed over the hole with just the sides of it it on the cane and her thighs were also on the good cane and front support piece of the chair. Since the way Janet was sitting I sat down on the ground to watch.

Janet let out a straight down gushing piss stream. It hit the toilet paper and my shit that was laying there in teh pine needles under the chair. Her piss made a muted soft splashing sound as it hit the toilet paper and my shit. Janet pissed like this for about ten seconds or so. Then her stream started to ease off making a soft hissing sound as it did ease.

That only lasted for a few seconds then she was down to just a very thin stream which went off and on going back and forth from a thin stream to just dribbling out. There was a reason why this was happening. As I watched I saw a brown turtle head poke out form Janets rearend! Janet was starting to shit!

Your'e shiting! I said to Janet She giggled and told me she was. Why not? You did and I have to go so I am! Her brown turtle head was no longer a turtle head. She had about a four inch stub now with her piss running off the end of the stub. Her brown stub was moving slowly along. Janert wasn't pushing she was just leting it move along on its own.

It grew a few more inches longer after several more seconds passed by. Piss no longer dripped off from her shit for she had stopped pissing. Then her brown shit stopped its movement and it broke and fell down to the ground joining my shit and the toilet paper under the chair. I asked Janet if she was now done. She shook her head no and at the same time she shook her head no a good spurt of piss shot down and I saw a second fat brown turtle head appear.

Janet had pushed to get her shit moving thats why I saw her make the spurt of piss and the second brown turtlehead poke out. It moved slowly like the first one but maybe a little faster withthe pushing that Janet was doing. Her hard spurt of piss eased right off onlasting for a few seconds. Janet dribbled piss again which did run off from the end stub of her shit. She had stopped her pushing.

Her shit this time was longer in length and did not break. It tapered down almost to a point slipping right out hiting her first piece laying there and it was softer for it folded over and layed out. Janet now reached over and took teh toilet paper off from the brach it was on. at her shit. Then she turned back and rolled off a big wad of paper from the roll and wiped herself three times checking the paper after each wipe and then she dropped the used paper on her shit laying there under the chair in teh pine needles. She then pulled up her white panties and blue shorts.

She stepped away from the front of the chair. I got up from the ground. Janet told me she could do this again. I laughed and told her she could it was ok by me anytime. But I'll have to take care of it though. There is a lot of shit here now. Janet laughed. I'll get a shovel after I piss and make a hole and bury it. Janet then told me that there was going to be a need for more toilet paper too. She had almost finished the roll.

I then stepped up to the chair and I yanked my zipper down and got my penis out and I aimed it right at where the wad of toilet paper that Jante had used and was laying on her shit. I sent out a very hard strong stream of piss which knocked the wad of paper right off from her shit. I heard a giggle from Janet. She was standing off to the the side of me but slightly behind me too.

Then I went and pissed all over her shit and mine. I aslo pissed on the other pieces of toilet paper that I had used wetting them. I took a good long piss which when I went and pissed on my shit and the pother pieces of toilet paper that made Janet giggle more. Then I had my stream ease up and before I did stop pissing I did wet some of the cane on the chair. Janet giggled hard and told me leave it to a boy to piss on the seat! I laughed and told her that with this seat you can't put it up. Lanets giggling turned into laughter.

I zipped up and we both walked up to the small toolshed. I grabbed one of the old shovels and we walked back to the chair. Janet moved it and I scraped the ground with the shovel covering our shit and toilet paper with pine needles. Then I dug a hole scoopped up our pine neled shit and toilet paper and placed it in the hole. I covered the hole with drt and pine needles and that took care of that. Then I brought the shovel back to the shed Janet went inside the trailer and we went back to playing cards. pstate Dave

My last post was a couple of years ago. It was on Page 1604. It was my first week of high school at the time and I talked about being bored standing and waiting for stalls to open and how, since I was in grade school, I started peeking in on users. My mom didn't/doesn't really mind and she's called me "Curious Caitee". She sees the advantage of carefully listening and seeing what's going on in a stall because it saves time. An example: I'm not going to stand waiting for a stall to open when the person on the toilet is reading a novel. Also, the person letting go of a strong stream and moving their legs and grabbing toilet paper is encouraging for the person such as myself who often waits until the last minute to get in line and with a full bladder. I've saved considerable time by making an occasinal peek and I know saved several pairs of jeans, underwear and shorts. Since I'm in my junior year of school now, Mom says I should think about majoring in engineering in college because she says I pay attention to details and solve problems well.

Although I haven't posted much in the past couple of years, I've been a regular lurker. I especially like the surveys. These are my answers to Em's:

[1] Were your middle school bathrooms cleaner than the high school ones? No--a lot of the stools were stopped up and I remember sitting on a couple of seats that were so loose that I didn't dare switch my weight otherwise I would fall in. After one day when the seat did come unattached on one side, I finally decided to take my Mom's advice and get up an hour earlier in the morning. So then I crap before leaving for school. My high school's bathrooms are more modern but I don't think they're any cleaner.

[2] Have you ever received a class tardy because you were in the bathroom and therefore late to class? No, but twice I've run so fast that I've forgotten my bookbag in the stall. And I have pee stains in my underwear sometimes because I don't always have the time to wipe.

[3} Do you hold your pee until after school? Where do you pee? I learned my lesson on this back in middle school because I would hold my pee until I got home. As a result, I had a couple of urinary/bladder infections. Although I now pee at school, I wait until there's a good time and I don't upset my teachers.

[4] Do you hold your crap until you get home? Explain. I crap at school only once or twice a month. Most mornings I go right after I have my breakfast before I leave for school.

[5} Do you put paper down on the seat first, or wipe it off, or hover or sit directly on it? Why? Explain. Mom learned me to hover pee after I had my problems in middle school, but I found it was too hard so I went back to sitting down. I sit directly down on the seat just like I do at home. Putting toilet paper down first, I feel, is a big waste and makes it tougher on later users who probably won't have any left on the roll.

[6] Have you ever had to borrow toilet paper from a person in another stall. Only once last year when I had a really messy crap which was a day after I stayed home with the flu. I've had others borrow from my quite a bit, however.

[7] Why do you feel students leave the bowls unflushed? Some students are just slobs and only think of themselves.

[8] What would happen if campus security would stop a student leaving an unflushed toilet and make them flush or wipe down the seat? You would have to have an officer or two in each restroom during each passing period and over the lunch hour. And they would get the same abuse they get in the cafeteria when they bust a student for not taking their tray back.

[9] What would happen if faculty and students switched bathrooms for a day? Anarchy. Classes would be starting late each period and teachers would be pissed because there would be long lines for using the very small faculty bathrooms which are located on each floor or each wing of the building. The teachers, however, would like the convenience of using the student bathrooms, but probably be appalled at some of the filth they would see.

[10] Would a requirement that each stall have the toilet tissue seat protectors help? Would you and your friends use them and properly flush them? Get real. Me and a friend were at the DMV this summer and some guy about high school age came out of the bathroom with one of those tissues hanging around his neck. His girlfriend broke up laughing.

[11] Have you told your parents or a teacher about the bathroom conditions at school. Answered in Number 1.

I have been eating loads recently, yesterday I was at school and after dinner I had to go poop.
As I entered the girls toilet I noticed the other 2 stalls were in use.
No sooner had I sat down, my load began to come out.
The first turd landed with a loud dunk, followed by a wave of 5 minutes of constant poo exiting me.
After wiping I peered into the toilet, it was really full.
I flushed the toilet, the water level raised up and didnt go back down.
Then I left the stall feeling much emptier, washed my hands and went to my next class.

Hi Ashley, I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've been exercising when I'd usually sit at the computer. That being said I love and miss you too! I pooped in public recently and I left it unflushed thinking of you. It was at the mall on Sunday afternoon. I'd been holding for four days and got cramps while shopping, I headed for the mall bathroom. It was empty so I took the cleanest looking stall, lowered my jeans to my knees and sat down. I wasn't wearing panties, these particular jeans fit best that way, so I only had one layer to lower. About thirty seconds after sitting I began a weak pee stream that ran off my thighs and butt, some of it also ran forward and got my pubic hair all wet. I'm a real champ at peeing all over myself while relaxing to start a poo. By the end of the pee minutes later a thick poo was stretching me open, emerging slowly no matter how much I pushed. After three more minutes I could begin to see it looking between my legs as it touched the water. A few minutes more and I felt a swoosh as the end fell out and it plunged into the pee/water in the toilet. I stood up and looked at it, very impressive! It was round and wide as a soda can, as long as two put together, dark brown and textured. I thought it a creation of beauty that Ashley would leave unflushed, so I did. Toilet paper would just ruin it plus my butthole hurt a little bit so I pulled up my jeans and left it unflushed with no tp in the bowl as I didn't wipe. Ashley you should go unwiped after a poo so you leave no tp in the bowl as well. Its way fun to just stand and yank up your pants I recommend you try it! After I got home I took off my jeans and looked inside them. There was no poo stain, probably because they fit so well and thus didn't ride up into my butt. They were however damp and smelled of pee from the wet pubes I had from the trickly pee I took while pooping. I threw them in the hamper then turned towards the toilet and grabbed at the tp, tearing off a length. I crumpled it into a wad then placed it on my vagina from behind. I stayed standing up straight as I swiped up to the top of my buttcrack, then I looked at it and saw a good sized brown smear. I decided to smell it and it had my signature stinky butt aroma, stronger than usual. I threw it in the toilet then flushed and got in the shower before spending the rest of the day at home. Until later, Happy pooping!


i have been wondering if any of you guys would tell me (just sa anonmous 2) what it feels ike when you have to piss

loves 2 fart
Could any males tell me some buddy dumping stories cause i never had a buddy dump with anyone?

Yesterday, I helped my girlfriend poop. It really brought us closer together. I came home from work and it was dark. My girlfriend didn't hear me coming in because she was farting and grunting so loudly. Only the bathroom light was on and I could see her, but she couldn't see me. I just stood there in awe as she wiggled her toes, and farted and grunted like a bear, even though she is a slim girl. Then she looked up and saw me and smiled. She asked me to come in and hold her hand, which I gladly did. As soon as I did that, she let out a roar, and the biggest turd possible crackled out of her ass for about 25 seconds. She let out a HUGE sigh of relief. I must say, that was the high point in our relationship.

I have decided to make this post my last. I thank Keith, Robyn, Ronzique and Leon for responding to my posts and for your good ideas. That made me feel good. I will probably be reading other peoples posts for a long time but I feel that I should maybe just move on.

To Laurel
I have been amazed at the variety of posts on this forum. There have been articles on medical advice, things that were happening just when they were writtain and long ago, letters of sympathy and support. Also there have been posts on wise guys and girls who would even risk getting fired to spy on members of the opposite sex going to the bathroom and then tell stories that were probably exagerated anyway.
However your story was both unique and compassionate. In that story about the kid called Badger who was made fun of because he did not like to use public toilets you showed a great concern for someone else. My boyfriend never had trouble using public toilets. Yet it was hard for him to use urinals when other guys were watching him. Believe me I know how that kid Badger must feel. I congradulate you for winning that employee of the month award. I hope that you find this post

Wednessday, September 9, 2009

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't been on here for well over a month, probably more like 2 months. I just got back from an overseas trip to Canada and the USA, with my mum. We spent 1 month over there in total. We had such a fantastic time, Canada and America have amazing scenery and many natural features. I was also very impressed with the toilets over there. They use twice as much water in the toilets as ours in Australia, which I loved because I got a better look at my poos. Normally its hard to see my entire load at home because our toilets have less water and my poos sink to the bottom. I LOVED doing poos over there and for some reason, I seemed to produce ENORMOUS loads!! For the entire time we were there!! They were even bigger than usual for me, I've never done such big poos before!! I was even going twice and 3 times a day, sometimes 4 and 5 times a day which is fantastic for me!

I did manage to get constipated a few times and I had some trouble pooping but not as much as I do at home. I think it was because I ate plenty of fruit at breakfast time. When we first arrived in Vancouver, I dropped a MASSIVE load. It was so big that the logs coiled around and took up the whole width of the bowl. I think it was the biggest load I have EVER done!! I didn't have any trouble pushing that load out either.

After about 4 or 5 days in Canada, I started getting constipated. On one particular day, I could only push out a small, rock hard ball of poo. I tried to get more out but we had to get on our tour bus so I didn't have time. Then I couldn't go at all during the day, I didn't want to do poos in the bus toilet and I didn't have time to go in the public washrooms. I knew it would take me a long time because I could feel rock hard logs inside me. I felt uncomfortable all day and I had to wait until we got to our hotel that night. As soon as we got to our room, I ran to the toilet. I closed the door, pulled down my pants and sat down. This was going to take a while so I tried to relax a bit. I was so glad that I could FINALLY take my time to do poos. I did some farts and started pushing. Then I asked mum if she needed to go to the toilet. She said yes. I told her I might be a while but she told me she was busting. So I pulled my pants up and let her do her wee. I told her that I needed to do a poo and she asked me if I was constipated. I said 'no' but I knew that I was. I said that I needed time to concentrate on doing a poo and I didn't have time during the day to go. When she had finished, I sat back on the toilet and tried again. It took about 10 minutes for the poo to move down and I really had to push and strain to keep things moving. I felt my anus with my finger and nothing had come out yet! I could feel the head of a poo inside my anus and it was rock hard. I closed my eyes and pushed with all my might. I did lots of farts as the poo moved down further and then got stuck. I felt like telling mum that I was constipated because I was having such a difficult time. But I kept pushing and finally, after about 20 minutes, the entire load came out. It was HUGE. There were 4 big logs, about the size of decent bananas and the same thickness. They looked rock hard too. I felt SO much better after that!

Another time, when we were in Las Vegas, I had so much poo in me that I went 5 times in 1 day!! And the loads were all HUGE too!! It started in the morning after breakfast, I dropped a MASSIVE load that consisted of 2, long coiled logs, the length of 2 big bananas put together and the same width. They were both unbroken logs too and extremely EASY to push out. Then we caught the monorail to the strip and walked around a few hotels. I had to do another poo in a public restroom and I pushed out the SAME amount as in the morning!!! They were also very easy to push out. Then the same thing happened about an hour later and again that afternoon. Then I pushed out ANOTHER huge load that night. I couldn't believe that so much poo came out of me!!

My mum got constipated on the holiday too. I got up one morning to go to the toilet for a wee and she was in there. She was sitting on the toilet, leaning forward and straining. She told me that she was constipated but I could hear small bits of poo plopping into the toilet. She was really concentrating on doing her poos. She said she didn't know why she had got backed up because we had been eating lots of fruit. She also said that she hardly ever gets constipated. She told me that Dad often gets backed up on holidays and quite a bit at home too. The next day she told me that she wasn't constipated anymore. I knew when mum was going for a poo because she would say 'I need to sit on the toilet'. She told me that she did some big poos too and that she had good 'clean outs' most mornings.

When I got back from holidays, I had lots of trouble pooping. I got constipated because I wasn't eating heathly food. For the first few days after I got back, I had to push and strain really hard. Then I didn't go for almost 2 days. Now I'm back to normal and going twice a day, which is good for me.

Last days i finally (and unfortunately) went back to school :/
On Friday I had PE lesson (2 hours), so I knew I'll had a diarrhea later, so I took some tissues and these mine half-panties half-diapers with me to school. My sister now went to school with me, if somebody need to know.
PE lessons where my last ones, so I quickly went back home (sister had to stay at school for two hours more) and took a shower. Me, my new boyfriend (John) and my friend Sandra were going to coast to breath with fresh air and relax. I packed myself and got into my car. I took friends from their schools and we left London.
Half way to little village we were going to I felt pressure, so I quickly stopped car at the nearest gas station and ran into the toilet. I had terribly wet, runny shit. It took me 10 minutes to relieve (and to leave the toilet stinky as hell), and we continued travelling.
In 40 minutes we reached our target, and again i ran into the toilet and released sth like liter of shit. I felt empty, so we decided to go to Pizza Hut and eat something. Before we left, i put my pantie-diaper on myself and put some tissues in, to prevent any accidents.
After ate everything, we went to beach to swim, jump and similar activities.
Me with my boyfriend decided to rent a small boat. We swam few km from the coast. He tried to do you know what with me, but I felt urge to go rather quickly, so I rejected him. He jumped into the water and started diving a bit, and I ran to the other side of the boat. I looked to water. There were boats all around, so I couldn't shit to water. The boat didn't have a toilet.
I shouted to John to go back because I have to go quickly. He said: jump into the water! But I couldn't show him my pantie-diapers. To convince him, I began to cry and scream: "my stomach hurts, my stomach hurts alot, come back now, please!". People were looking at us strangely, so John came back, said sorry and we started to progress to coast.
John asked me: "what's happening, why are you crying?"
Me: "I have to go to toilet quickly. Can't we go faster? I can't hold it".
John didn't know my problems, so he just turned around and continued to "drive" this strange machines. I went downstairs under deck, and locked myself in one "room" (1x2 meters). I had to shit, i just had to do this, or i'd explode. I released every muscle of my body, and felt hot as hell shit filling my underwear. John knocked the door and asked: "what that smell?"
I answered him the truth: "I just shit myself John, we can stay here now".
All i know now, is that he felt more embarassed than me, and went back to London. He couldn't accept he made me shit myself (I'd probably anyway shit myself). I'll have to say him there's no problem, when I meet him.

I shit myself 3 more times going back to coast.

Upstate Dave
KALA I have had many times when I have taken a shit my shit would be firm and long. It would bottom out in the trap and then lay over with a good part of it above the water line in the bowl. More so now in the place I live in has one of those water saver toilets and the water line in the bowl is very low.

Ok let me get back to the old cane bottom toilet chair that was in the pine trees at nmy grandmothers house. I got to use it by myself when I was staying at my grandmothers when I slept out in my granparents travel trailer which was siting by the row of pine trees near where the old cane botom chair was.

I had a good night sleep sleeping out in the trailer. I did hear my grandfather leave for work early in the morning. He always left early and it was now about 6:30 am according to the time that was said on my transistor radio I had with me and turned on as I lay in bed inside of the trailer.

I had to piss so I got out of bed and I was only in my tshirt and boxers but I slipped quickly and quietly out the door of thetrailer and went right into the pine trees and over to the old cane botom chair. I stood in front of it and hurridly got my penis out and I started to piss as soon as I had it out. I did piss on some of the cane at first but I reaimed and now my stream no longer wetted the cane it went shooting though the hole where the cane was broken.

I stood there and took a very long piss. The reason was before going to sleep I had drank a lot of soda. Boy did it feel so good to piss I thought to myself as I went. I did a lot of spurts to finish up to. I then went back to the trailer got dressed and walked over to the house and went inside.

My grandmother was up and she asked me how did I sleep last night. I told her I had slept fine. I then made my breakfast and sat with my grandmother while I ate and we talked. I finished eating and I went back outside to the trailer. I sat and listened to my radio for a little while. As I sat there listening to some tunes I could fel the building pressure that I had to shit.

I then got up and was going to use the old chair. I did need something to wipe myself with so I hunted around in the trailer and sure enough in the trailers bathroom I did find a used roll of toilet paper so I grabbed it and hurried outside and went over to the old wooden cane bottom chair.

When I have to shit I am ready to go. I quickly got my jeans down along with my boxers. I sat down with my ass over the front wood part of the chair and also with y ass over the area of the broken cane. As soon as I was siting I felt my shit moving out very quickly. I also felt like I was going to piss a little to so I aimed my penis down.

I did piss a little wetting the pine needles on the ground and I felt my asshole close up and a dull thump on the ground. I wasn't finished shiting for my asshole opened up again and I could feel another shit comming out. This one was moving just as fast as the first one. It didn't take as long though. I heard a second dull tghud and my asshole had closed up. I pissed some more again also.

Then I stood up to check my work out. There on the ground were two tan colored pieces of shit. Big and fat and the first one laying there was a good foot long while the second piece was about half sized as the fisrt piece. I then sat back down and rolled off some topilet paper and wiped. I drpped the paper on my shit pulled up my boxers andf jeans and walked away. I did think to myself that was great to do but just dodn't do it to often. There would be more done sooner then I thought and I lave it at that for now. Upstate Dave

Who remembers Kendal from the early posts? Is she still around? Kendal, if you read this, we'd all like an update on your life. Thanks.

Constipated Too Much
Hello. My name is Jennifer. I'm 19 years old and about 120 pounds. I'm very in shape and athletic. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and a boyfriend.

I've been constipated, probably the last five days. Every time I sit on the toilet and try to go, the only thing that comes out are dry farts. I have a really sharp pain in my side when I push on it or turn to the right. I don't want to go to the doctor, and I don't want to take laxatives or anything. I want it to come out naturally. So if anyone has any advice, just email me at ???? [my neices account]

Okay. So we'll start from last monday. I was at my boyfriends house and we were watching movie. I got the urge to poop, so I told him and went to the bathroom. I pulled my skirt and thong down, sitting on the cold toilet seat. I patiently waited for something to happen as I pushhed and grunted a bit. Nothing was happening except a few farts. I knew I had to go, because whenever I would push a turd would poke out a bit. I pushed for about five more minutes and the turd either stayed in one place or went back in. I hate that feeling so much. I let out a loud grunt and pushed on my stomach, leaning forward. My boyfriend came in and asked if I was alright. I had him help me spread my cheeks as I squatted over the toilet and pushed some more. I got about two marble sized turds out and that was it. I sat back down and my boyfriend rubbed my back. I decided to give up and drink some prune juice.

I tried a few hours later but I didn't get anything this time. Now on to today. I came to visit my parents since my boyfriend was working. We ate dinner and then played a few family games as usual. At about 9:00 I went back home to see my boyfriend. We hung out and just talked, drank some wine and watched tv. About an hour later I got an urge to poop. I was positive I was going to be able to poop this time, but nothing happened. I literally sat there until about 20 minutes ago. So over an hour. Yeah. My boyfriend was with me the whole time. So I haven't been able to get anything out except farts and those two marble turds from five days ago. Any suggestions or stories anyone would like to share with me?

This has been said about emergency medical advice before, and here is a good example. This is from late Sunday after posts were posted. Monday gets skipped and, It's late Tuesday. Most of you are going to see this and respond Wed or Thurs. Pain on the right with constipation is often appendicitis, which can be fatal and must be treated quickly. You should go directly to a hospital.

any girls have some peeing standing up stories

China girl
To Anonymous: Thanks for your question. I haven't really intentionally clog toilet, but sometime before you go, you know you will clog and that does happen. I think it happens more with women too. I have many friend too, and one who I posted earlier, my Chinese/Russian friend who can do crap like you wouldn't believe.

So I've almost peed my pants twice within the last week, which is kinda ridiculous for 20 year old college student. The first time was last Wednesday, when I drank a big cup of coffee before my 4:30 class. After that, I ate dinner with my girlfriend, at which I had another, much bigger cup of coffee, one of those 16 oz. or so Einstein's cups. This is all leading up to my longest, latest class of the week, which goes from 7:00-9:30 pm. I didn't even think to go to the bathroom before going in, and after only a few minutes sitting in the class, I realized that was a huge mistake. I needed to pee, and BAD. However, this class only has a handful of people in it (no more than 15) and the professor was just lecturing nonstop, and because of where I was sitting I would've had to get up and walk right by the professor mid-lecture to use the bathroom. I felt like that would've been disrespectful, so I just toughed it out. It was awful. It's damn hard to listen to someone ramble about the subtle nuances of nouns when you're trying not to pee yourself. I sat there in agony for all 2 and a half hours, crossing and uncrossing my legs, tapping my toes, etc. When he finally released us, I stood up from my seat and my bladder felt like a rock. I couldn't even run to the bathroom, I had to walk pretty carefully to make sure I didn't flood myself on the way. It was the most glorious pee I had taken in quite some time. However, only a few days later, there would be a new recipient of this title.

So, this past weekend was Labor Day, and one of my friends offered to take me back to our hometown, as he was driving there anyways (we live like 5 minutes from each other which is actually closer than we live in the college town). Of course, he also offered to give me a ride back on Monday. He and I went to lunch before we took off, at about 1:30. We were supposed to meet some other people there, and they ended up running late, and so long story short we stayed at this little gyro place for like 2 hours. This place had like no A/C, and this is in Phoenix, mind you, so it was hot as hell in there. By the time we had left, I had finished two cups of Dr. Pepper and one of iced tea. I didn't even think about it at the time (second time it's screwed me), but this place didn't have any bathrooms. If I would've seen a bathroom, maybe the thought would've crossed my mind to go before we left, but since they didn't have any the thought didn't even occur to me. I really didn't have to go at this point. However, only like 20 minutes into the 2 hour car ride back, the 3 drinks hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to go far worse than just a few days previous. It was ridiculous. Like, Niagara Falls would've been outdone. And I knew my friend wouldn't stop if I told him, and I was kinda embarrassed to say anything anyways. I mean, I'm 20 years old, for chrissakes!! I shouldn't have to ask for a stop on a 2 hour trip! So, I just held it. And held it. And held it. Oh my god it was brutal. If we would've hit a traffic jam or something I probably would've cried, but fortunately it was smooth sailing. Even still, I was pretty damn close to soaking my buddy's front seat without even having told him I needed to go. I'm prety sure he knew, however. I mean, I was crossing my legs pretty hardcore for most of the trip, and squirming around like a worm or something. There were even a few times that the urge got so great I couldn't help but whimper. It was terrible. Easily the worst car ride of my life. When he pulled up in front of my house, I really couldn't believe I had made it with no more than a few drops escaping into my boxers. I raced inside and peed for like 3 straight minutes. I'm not even exaggerating that. It was a beautiful thing. And it took my pee schedule a while to straighten itself out afterwards, I was going pretty much hourly after that for about 4 hours. And to think, before we took off I almost bought some coffee as well. I can't even imagine how bad it would've been if I had. I can only see me and my friend dying as his car is literally flooded with my pee. Horrible. As it was, my kidneys got a very unappreciated workout this week.


1.I can tell you my middle school rrs were cleaner because they were newer

2. no i don't get class tardys but i hve been late


4 only if it's near the end of the day

5 i either just sit on a clean one or stand if i just have to pee

6 only a few times but if noone is in th e next stall i'll crwl under and get some

7 nasty

8 well tht's never happened to me but a kid once peed on the boy's room floor and all the kids could only go when we were having a bathroom break until they found who it was

9 one toilet bathrooms not good

10 noand probaby not

11 no

Esteban-Crapping in front of a cop? That could be intimidating. At least they didn't hassle you. I've heard of police entrapping unsuspecting toilet users. Usually they aren't in uniform. I did have one cop walk past my open stall while I was dumping. He could hear the pooping and peeing sounds so no problem.

I took the dog for an hour walk and could feel my bladder and bowels filling up. Luckily, there was a small park with a small restroom a few blocks away. I made it there and fortunately, there was some paper, too. And the seat was actually pretty clean! I pulled my shorts and briefs down in one motion and sat down. I checked my briefs to make sure there wasn't any "leakage". That can happen sometimes when you have to go bad. No leaks! Underwear was still nice and white!

I dropped quite a load into the bowl and pissed for what seemed like a minute. All the while trying to keep my dog from sniffing around the nasty floor. I finally finished up and stood up to wipe. The partition was sorta short, so my head and shoulders were exposed above the stall wall. I wiped several times, and got pretty clean. I pulled up my underwear and adjusted myself. It's got some sort of nylon in it so it's a bit clingy. Not like regular cotton. I pulled up my shorts and flushed the toilet. It didn't all go down. I grabbed a stick that was next to the toilet and poked at the mess. It finally did make it's way down, though. I headed back home and did a better job of wiping up, using flushable wipes. Those are great!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Desperate to poop
Still having pc probs which prevent me submitting. Anyway big poop desperation story. Driving back one sunday suddenly desp to poop. Food did not agree stopped at garage dashed to ladies but one cubicle inside and taken. Lady with red sneaker having huge dump very smelly and perfumey. I was in agony and holding on for dear life although amazed at the lady shitting so much. Finally twenty mins later lady comes out very pretty blonde in her thirties. I dash in and explode in sheer relief.

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