My boy friend and I are both sophomores. These are our answers to End Stall Em's survey. Since we are together at my house doing homework, we thought we would both do the survey together. We concluded that we have a lot of experience since our band practice starts at 6:30 a.m. each morning and sometimes we're at school until 9 or even 10 at niight because of the other music groups and activities we're in. One day last week at school I used the bathroom I believe seven times and he used it five times. So like we said, we're experienced.

1. Were your middle school bathrooms cleaner than the high school ones? Explain.
Me: No they were worse. Probably due to the maturity level of the students. Some were 5th graders, even. The biggest problem was plugged toilets and urine on the seat.
He: My middle school bathrooms sucked because there were no doors on the stalls. Also, for 13 or 14 urinals there were 28 or 30 guys sometimes waiting. Most of the time, some just went to the toilets to pee. That meant seats that were dripping wet and like all the time.

2. Have you ever received a class tardy because you were in the bathroom and late to class?
Me: No, I've been able to talk my way out of it so far. And in some cases (don't tell my mother) I've just stopped my pee and made a run for it when I hear the halls quiet down because that means class is about to begin.
He: No, but some of my friends have.

3. Do you hold your pee until after school? Where do you pee?
Me: I never have to hold my pee for more than an hour or so. Then there's usually time for me to get into a bathroom stall at school.
He: No. Sometimes I have to wait a while but a urinal always opens.

4. Do you hold your crap until you get home? Explain.
Me: Of course not. I crap each morning and holding it would be too painful until after school, and then I stay for activities.
He: Not any more. Three or four times a week I would hold my crap in middle school because of the lack of privacy doors. Crapping after school usually meant I would have privacy.

5. Do you put paper down on the seat first, wipe it off, hover or sit directly down on it. Explain.
Me: In the morning until about 11 a.m. I sit directly on the seat. At lunch time, I wipe the seat off before sitting and after school, I place paper over the two sides of the seat. By the end of the day, the seats have been used so often that sometimes they get really sticky from the pee that has been splashed on them.
He: Most of the time I sit down directly on the seat. If there's urine or crap on the seat, I'll wipe it off first.

6. Have you ever had to borrow toilet paper form a person in another stall?
Me: yes, but not often. Sometimes after school hours I go and reach for a used up roll. Then I pull up my jeans halfway and go into another stall and finish up. That type of thing caused me to cover the seat more like I said in #5. You can't forget to check for toilet paper after you've already covered or wiped the seat!
He: Yes, but only a couple of time after I've had large, soft and messy craps.

7. Why do you feel students leave the bowls unflushed?
Me: It's kind of a "statement" and they don't care about others; sometimes they are in a hurry. And a couple of my friends have told me that they don't like touching the flusher.
He: They do it at the mall, concerts and other public places. Why not at school?

8. What would happen if campus security would stop a student leaving an unflushed toilet and make them flush and wipe down the seat?
Me: most of us would appreciate it.
He: it would be a first.

9. What would happen if faculty and students switched restrooms for a day?
Me: it would be great, but the lines would be long because they have like only one bathroom and we have like 12 or so and ours are much bigger. It would sure be cleaner.
He: I'd love it because I've heard they have the seat protectors to put over the toilet.

10. Would a requirement that each stall have the toilet tissue seat protectors help? Would you and your friends use them and promptly flush them?
Me: Out of about 3,000 students in our school, I don't think too many would take the time to tear one off and place it down. I know I would, especially in the afternoon and evenings because of the number of butts that are placed on each toilet.
He: Yes, I think some of the guys would use them. I probably would because I don't like to try and stand up and feel my butt somewhat sticking to the seat. The problem is that they would probably just get thrown on the floor or left on the seat and not flushed. That would piss the janitors off even more.

11. Have you ever talked to your parents or a teacher about the school toilet conditions?
Me: Only once. I went through a bout of constipation as a freshman and for a week or so Mom asked me about whether I was crapping at school and about how much I had to go.
He: Not recently, but they knew I thought the open stalls in middle school sucked.

I am a 17 year old girl, slim, brown hair, freckles. I was at the back to school dance last week, dancing away when my stomach started to churn. I didn't hesitate to hit the bathroom. There were plenty of girls in there, doing makeup and just talking. I walked straight into a stall, a little embarrased. I covered the seat as my legs shaked, I needed to doo doo quick. I sat down and slid to the front of the ball, trying to minimize the sounds. I tried to pass some gas, but it ended up being very loud. Some girls giggled, some I could tell were looking at my stall. I passed some more gas and some loose doo doo slid into the toilet, splashing the inside of the toilet. I tooted a couple more times, and I doo dood some more. I was making a mess inside the bowl, but I had to go. My stomach continued to make noise. I tooted once again, this time leading to a spurt of liquidy doo doo. The smell was not pleasant, so I gave a courtesy flush. I checked the bowl and I left some remaints in the bowl. I shrugged and strained, more loose doo doo flew into the bowl, accompanied with loud flatulence. I felt empty all of a sudden, so I flushed once again and began to clean up. I grapped some tp and wiped my hoo-ha then started my back. I stoop up and got in a bending position, and wiped my backside. The paper was heavily streaked with doo doo. I got some more and wiped again, this time the amount of doo doo decreased. I tooted while I stood, and then wiped one last time. I flushed a third time, washed my hands and went back to dancing. After the dance, I went to a fastfood restaurant and had to make an emergency trip to their very small restroom. I had more loose stools in there, but it seemed to pass through the night. It wasn't a great experience, but it's not as bad to look back it.

I remember one day, I had a date with this boy I really liked.
I was sixteen, and I had a hour and a half to get ready. Now I had my make up on and everything and I had a big breakfast that morning so I was pretty full. But my problem was I had two glasses of orange juice and I still hadn't gone to the bathroom. I thought okay because once we got to the resturant their would be bathrooms.
That was all fine and good, but we got stuck in traffic on the way there! Andy (my date) had said he knew a shortcut so that was gresat for me, util we got in the resturant. We stood in a long line, I lost the urge to go, so I ate some food. And I had a steak which went right through me and know not only did I have to pee but I have to shit too...
After rushing to the bathroom, I found one stall open but that one, was of course out of order. So I was forced to wait for the stalls 2 open up, and from the smell and sounds of the bathroom, it would be a while.
Finally, to my pleasure, a fat lad came out of the stall and I went in. It smellt horrible, but it was the bathroom, what'd you expect? As soon as I got in there though, I couldn't even get my panties down before losing control of my bladder and bowels at the same time. And if that wasn't bad enough, I had to go again, from both holes, when I got in the car!
Now I wasn't found of telling people when I had to "go" so I refused to let Andy know I had the urge. But as soon as we hit a bump, I exploded all over the place again, and this time, it felt worse.
The dump felt like it was six inches long, and I could feel it ooze out of my panties and it just kept coming. Loud juicy, wet farts made the car smell worse and I was so relaxed (and embarrsed) a stream of pee came down my legs and stanided the carpet.
I ran out of the car, not caring what Andy said. I felt that I had to shit again, a bad case of diharria was what I had. I didn't even care.
I took a shower and went to bed and woke to my bowels about to explode. It was a near miss, but I made it...that time.
And that was the last time me and Andy ever spoke again...
*I'll post more Later! But for now, let's just leave it to this shitty experiance...*

Just curious
Does anyone have any embarassing fart stories? If you do, please share. I would be particularly interested in female stories as guys tend to be less bashful, but either is fine.

oh my god! today i was with my friends and my friend cassie farted and it somehow lead to the 4 of us seeing who could fart louder. well, when it came to be my turn and i tried to work up a good one. . . and i pushed. i felt it coming, and before i could stop it, i farted but also pooped my pants! i was in complete horror! my friends lost it, they were laughing so hard. it was a big solid load that just came out really fast since i was pushing and it made a big bulge in the seat of my jeans. i was so embarrassed i just ran home to change my underwear. its gonna be a while before i live this down. i can't believe i pooped my pants trying to fart!

End Stall Em
For those of you who are students like I am, I've written a survey that I would like to have your opinion on. I'll start.

1. Were your middle school bathrooms cleaner than the high school ones?
Explain. Yes they were. There were more teachers dropping in and
sometimes they were standing right there when you flushed and came
out of a stall.
2. Have you ever received a class tardy because you were in the toilets
and therefore late to class. Yes. In 3rd hour I already have 2. You
get DT time with 3.
3. Do you hold your pee until after school? Then where do you pee?
Janitors start locking the bathroom doors right after school so I go
during classes or between classes. When the bathroom is crowded and
there's evil eyes of pissed off students looking in on me, it's hard
for me to get my pee flow going.
4. Do you hold your crap until you get home? Explain. It's a 9 block
walk for me. I'm 13 and won't be driving for a couple a years yet.
So once last week I was holding my poo since like lunch. I couldn't
wait to get down the street to a c/store that I was walking as fast
as my bookbag allowed me to. When I got in there, 7 others from my
school were waiting to do the same thing. I waited about 10 min.
Luckily, I crap fast because there was still a line when I left.
5. Do you put paper down on the seat first, wipe it off first, hover,
or sit directly on it? Explain. It sit down on the seat. Wipe it?
That's a laugh because sometimes there's not even toilet paper left
and my bladder is bursting.
6. Have you ever had to borrow toilet paper from a person in another
stall? Yes. I just wrote about that in an earlier post. The
experience sucked.
7. Why do you feel students leave the bowls unflushed? They space it
off when the 1-minute tardy bell rings or they don't want to touch
the flusher or they just like being mean.
8. What you happen if campus security would stop a student leaving an
unflushed toilet and make them flush and then wipe off the seat?
That's what they did in 7th & 8th grade but the high school students
are much more angry when corrected and would probably tell the guard
to f### o##! Some seem to love to argue and don't mind being taken
to the office.
9. What would happen if faculty and students switched bathrooms for a
day? I'd love it.
10. Would a requirement that each stall have the toilet seat tissues
help? Would you and your friends use them and then promptly flush
them? Very few would take the time to use them. Last year in our
city someone took a lighter to the holder and not only did the
papers, but the stall partition burned. The students at that school
were sent home early by the fire dept.
11. Have you told your parents or a teacher? Yes, I told a teacher and
I did what she recommended (got pass during class to go) but after
my crap I found there was not toilet paper in my stall and the
girl on the other side of me refused to lend me any. Mom graduated
in the class of '81 and said the toilets sucked pretty bad back
then too but we think things have gotten worse.

Red Headed Michelle - welcome back. Someone actually just mentioned you and Desperate to Poop a few pages back. I think that the two of you tell the best desperation stories. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any stories from Desperate to Poop recently.

I have been reading this site for a long time, and I'm ready to contribute. I am 23, brown hair blue eyes, 5ft 6in 119 pounds. Here are my stories.

I have had 4 accidents in my life so far. I'll go through them in order.
When I was 15, I was walking home from school and i was with my neighbor whose name happens to be Kevin. Anyway I had to pee really bad and didn't want to go at school because I am a shy peeing in a public place. Anyway, as we were walking to our houses I happened to dribble a little into my panties. i started to get nervous and remember bursting into tears and telling him I needed to go to the bathroom now. He said that i should go in the woods but then a stick might find it's way up my ass. I started to laugh and peed all over my Theory pants which was a big deal. My mom was great about it and washed up my things, but kevin never looked at me the same way again.

When I was 17 i was named head cheerleader of my high school team. One Time we were playing a game in Harrison NY which happened to be an hour away and I really needed to poop. I hadn't gone for three days and was in dire need of a bathroom. During the gamy i peed in my outfit by accident which was totally upset me, but it was in the bathroom and was only around my friends. and still cheered and nobody noticed, After the game on the bus back I still needed to poop and didn't go in the bathroom because there was people around and am shy when it comes to bathroom situations. And during the ride I cramped up but, thank god was able to hold it till we got back to school, and by this time I was sweating. But my Mom thought it be a good idea to pick me up from the game and during the ten minute ride home I could not hold it anymore and started to poop in my cheer panties. My mom was furious and the entire time I thought it felt good. I had like four inches of poop in my panties but liked it which I think means I'm totally crazy.

Thirdly when I was on a flight with my boyfriend to Barbados for spring break to meat his family, I got air sick. I told my boyfriend that I wasn't feeling good, and he told me to get some sleep because it was late, ( We had a 1 in the morning flight). I was woken up by my boyfriend saying were there. But as I got up I noticed a rank smell from some where. Mind you I was still half asleep, He told me it smelled like that for a few hours. Then as I sat up I felt a squish in my pants and realized that I pooped my pants while I was sleeping. I was in such shock that my boyfriend asked me what was wrong and I told him and he was cool about in. Since I was wearing my panties it held most of the poop. I was still upset and didn't want anyone to know so he rented a car and we left for the hotel. I sat in my poop for hours and on the ride there I had to poop and pee again so I asked him would he mind if I just went in my pants and he said sure its not my car. I was 20 then.

Lastly, during a movie and I did not want to get up and so I went in my pants, no one was home and so I did. It was my first deliberate poop and I plan on doing it much more.sorry for the long post.

today i went to the softball park. i did something different. i pooped my shorts. then a while later i headed to the bathroom. when i walked in the strong smell of poop hit me i began inhailing it. i headed for the third stall! i locked the door and began pulling my shorts down. i decided to poop on the floor. so i did. i made a humogous pile. then i got up and left the stall as is. then later on that night i stopped by a gas station to use the bathroom. when i got there the first stall was filled with pee that was unflushed. so i went to the next stall. i began pulling my shorts down and peeing. then after i while i started pooping. when i was done i got up and left the tiolet and stall unflushed.



Desperate to poop
Pooping now! Just waiting for my friends to return to their house and met with big urge to poop. Hurried down to village centre a few mins away and into public toilets. Luckily no wait and having hot runny Soft poop. Oh the relief!

Every Wednesday at about 8am a smart middle aged business woman comes into my restaurant for her breakfast.
She has a bran fibre cerial, followed by a fully cooked breakfast with a large glass of fresh orange.
After she has paid, on her way out she always goes to the ladies toilet.
In our ladies toilet she always drops one solo massive poo, followed by a long powerful deep fart then flushes the toilet.
Her fart is so loud it can be clearly heard in the restaurant...
The woman never washes her hands, she just leaves.
Then we have to clear the blockage from the toilet so the next user can use it.
Why can't she poop somewhere else after her breakfast?

Sunday, September 06, 2009

loves 2 fart
I love this site!!! First of all i am 23 male and i dont have any friends but i have never had a buddy dump before and i would like to have one. Could someone tell me the experience of having a buddy dump? And i would like to know any movies with male shitting scenes?

Red Headed Michele
Hello everyone. Not sure if there is anyone here who remembers all my older posts?? If so please reply. I have been so busy with work and stuff but I want to get back to posting. I checked the last few pages, but I'm wondering if Desperate to poop, Laura the Teacher or Hairy Annie are still posting?
I'm going to share a desperation story from just last weekend. I took my 14 year old neice and her friend back to school shopping and of course they wanted to be cool and go on their own a bit. So I did some shopping in this large plaza while they were in another store. After a bit i begin to feel that pressure in my belly that was starting to tell me I had to poo soon. I lloked around the plaza and there were a lot of small stores and I saw a Subway restaurant just a few store fronts down so I went there. I wasnt desperate by any means but with me I cant seem to hold it forever when I recognize I need to go. I entered and noticed it was kinda small and there was a little hallway off to the side. I went aroud the corner and there were two women standing against the wall waiting. There was only one bathroom to my unpleasant surprise. I thought about going somewhere else but really didnt know if other stores had a public bathroom here so i decided to wait. Both women were about 35-40 I would say. The first one was dirty blonde and had on jeans and a white top. It was so sheer you could see her bra so plainly. The other woman had dark hair and was wearing jeans and a floral dress blouse. The dark haired woman in front of me was sighing and definitely doing a poo dance. She was holding her ???? and and bending over alot. The blonde women went in soon and tere was just me and the other woman. after about five minutes the other woman knocked on the door and asked her to hurry please. There was no reply and she looked at me and told me she was seconds away from shitting herself. I told her to hold on and after a minute or two the blonde came out and said sorry. The other woman ran in and slammed the door. I was beginning to be a little more desperate now as my need was getting worse. I had cramps in my lower ???? and was now rubbing my belly. After a couple minutes a girl came in behind me and she was maybe 16 or 17. She had on a subway shirt and jeans. She looked completely desperate and was literally holding her crotch. I felt bad for her but I was bursting for a poo by now. I leaned against the brick wall and just held my aching ????. I played wth my bra strap which I do when i'm nervous. Finally the other lady flushed and exited and I ran in. I literally ripped my shorts down and poop came flying out of me. I tried to hurry because of the other girl but the cramps were terrible. Just as I was about to wipe she knocked on the door and begged me to let her in as she was peeing her pants. I let her in and she peed while i was dressing and then i exited. I felt so bad. The front of her jeans were pretty wet and she was such a cute nice girl.
I have other desperation storeis to share. Hope to read some from the nr=ew psters and I really hope some like desperate to poop are still here.

Upstate Dave
Hello to all. Got cuaght up reading the posts. China Girls good one as always. Breanne Thats the first time I've heard a girl just poop in toilet paper and dipose the paper afterwards! That was different. I also liked that your a outdoor pooper too. Have any more outside stories to tell? Then to the unnamed poster about peeing in the wire mesh chair that brought back a memory about a certain outdoor chair that got used as a toilet too.

My granmother had a old farmouse when I was young. There was a row of pine trees that seperated the side yard and my grandfathers garden. In the middle of the row of pine trees there was a old wooden chair with a cane back and bottom. The cane was weaved back and forth with openings betwen the weaved cane.

The cane had become quite brittle for some of the cane was broken. You could still sit on the chair as long as you sat towards the front of the chair siting on the wooden cross piece and the cane. When I alone or with the rest of my family or get togethers this old chair was a popular spot to play around in,hide in or even pee there!

I peed there a lot when outside either stading in front of the chair and would pee through the larger hole where the cane was broken. Or I would play and pee aiming for the smaller holdes in the weaved cane and see if I could pee in one of the smaller holes with peeing on the cane.

I was not the only one of us kids to pee using this old chair. Both of my sistors used it too at times. I foundf this out hearing my one sitor say that she had taken a pee while outside using the chair and my other sistor also said she had too. Then my oldest sistor also said she had aslo shit sitting on the old chair also. My other sistor said she never had done that!

Remebering that as far as my sistor shitting using that old chair I did the same thing another time when I was over at my grandmothers by myself. It was most certainly a fun thing to do! Also the chair would get used by other peeople that were my friends both male and female. But that will be another post at another time. Upstate Dave

Shy Toilet Girl
Hello hello! I have not been on this forum in forever, but I am glad to know it is still alive and kicking! I have posted off and on since I was 13 or 14 (am 23 now, WOW, I can't believe the longjevity I spell that correctly?)

I have horrible anxiety about people hearing me relieve myself. I'm worse about pooping than I am about peeing, but I hate when people can hear me do either. If I am walking into a public restroom with a friend or someone I struck up a conversation with, I get DOUBLY nervous. Part of it has to do with the fact that I often pee for long periods of time and the other part is that I am afraid of farting while I pee and having everyone hear it! I once discussed this with a friend, who I found out ALSO has public restroom anxiety. Whenever she sees me, she tries to talk to me in private about it. We are our own support group.

Now, if I absolutely HAVE to POOP in a public restroom, I will choose the end stall (End Stall Em, I LOVE your user name!) I will make sure no one is in the restroom and courtesy flush every chance I get. I usually poop multiple times a day (I'd say 3 on average) and I have very big poops in the morning. Surprisingly enough, I am not large at all, at 5'6" and 120-125 lbs. I like to think I am just very good at pooping! I really do even ENJOY a good poop, just not in public. :)

I have a couple fun stories (and plenty more to come!):

#1: After church, I went to use the restroom. I had to poop RIGHT AWAY. I went to use the church restroom and gleefully discovered it was vacant. Unfortunately, two people walked in and occupied the other stalls. I got very nervous and thought, "Great, I'm going to have to wait until they leave before I get to poop," until I heard farting and plopping from both directions! I felt so much better and unleashed a massive load of farts and soft poop. We were all poopin' away like CRAZY! I was the first one out, then a petite girl (around 17 or 18) in a white shirt and denim skirt followed me and said, "I feel SO GOOD right now, don't you?" I started laughing really hard and said, "Uhh, yeah, no one has ever asked me something like that in this context before, umm, yes, did everything come out ok?" We carried on about pooping for a good five minutes, which had me both embarrassed and amused.

#2 (ha!) - A couple months ago, I got a colonic. I'd never gotten one before, but I heard it was a good idea. This guy at my gym told me that he lost 8 pounds by getting one. I thought, "Well, I have 22 (at the time) years of crap in my intestines and that can't be good! I probably have undigested Oreos, gum I swallowed in my sleep, and lots of yucky bacteria." The insertion of the colonic tubing was not painful at all and the woman administering the colonic was quite friendly. When I first felt the water going in, I said, "Uhh, this is leaking out, is that normal?" Then, I farted a whole bunch and said, "EWW! That's so gross!" (natural reaction) The colonic lady informed me that there is no way my colon could hold 5 gallons of water and to push as much as possible. Oh, and "farts are awesome. I have a 13 year old son. We have farting contests!" I felt like I had the runs for 45 minutes, but it was not bad at all. I read Vegetarian Times and listened to Pink Floyd. After it was all over with, I felt so light and freeeee! I only lost 1/4 pound, though. I guess I wasn't full of it after all! My poop also did not stink for about a week. It may have stayed odorless longer, but I ate and drank a bunch of junk.

Tbonz, surprisingly enough, I am not shy about pooping in an airport stall. See, airplanes are loud, anyway, so no one will hear me. I can poop VERY quickly, and no one will even know I pooped if they are judging by timing. Plus, if there IS anyone waiting to use the restroom, I'll be seated by the time they smell my poop, so it's all good!

Nobody, Gillygwentgirl - I used to love your stories. Where have you been?

today i went to the mall to browse around. i was there for 1.5 hours when a huge urge hit me to go to the bathroom. so i went to the nearest department store and i headed for the womens bathroom. when i arrived i could see there were a ton of stalls. so i headed toward the middle and found a stall. i went in locked the door. i began peeing. then after 5 seconds i started pooping. it lasted for quite sometime. while i was in the bathroom i could hear the footsteps of someone that had come in then she entered the stall on my right which was right next to me. she was a young girl about 10 years old. she began pooping. then she ended with a long pee. it lasted 45 seconds. after she was done she left the stall without flushing. not too long after she was done i felt done and wiped and left the stall and the tiolet unflushed !



Hey Outsider,

Just drink 2-3 doses of milk of magnesia.

Hello, I have been a long-time reader of this board, I think I have posted once before, but not sure...

I am replying to CD... He/she asked if anyone has pooped out anything they shouldn't have swallowed.. and I am here to say yes... I was young (I remember it though) probably between 4 and 9.... I had swallowed a penny... the doctor simply told my mom it shouldn't hurt me but to make sure I "passed it"... SOOOO... for the next week, my mom had to search my poo for a penny... found it later on, and well, it guess I had a souvenir...

hi im bph im a real insecure person about toilet schedules does anyone else have this problem?

Oh wow... It's been 2 years since I've visited this site, and I must say, I still love it.

Some replies to those who deserve them:

Corey: Sorry hun, but I don't know what to suggest. Your story was awesome though, and if you have more (I'm sure you do, with your condition ;) ) Please post them! Mike seems cool, so congrats on meeting him.

Esteban*: Wow... that would be beyond awkward... Atleast they let you finish in peace =/

College Freshman: That's good that your roommate was so understanding :) People like that are hard to find, so I'm glad you get here to live with instead of some bitch. Let us know if anything else happens ;)

Jamie: That is NOT good. I would get checked out by a Doctor, but only if it continues. If it's just a one-time thing, you should be ok.

I've got some stories of near-accidents involving my stupidly small bladder, but this is already getting long & I'll post them later if you want.

See you!!!

Friday, September 04, 2009

today i was helping a coworker of mine move her stuff to her new apartment. while we visited the old apartment i stopped and had a bad strong urge to pee! so i went in the bathroom and peed. after i was done peeing i left the tiolet unflushed! i was hoping this would give the new neighbors a curious insight! i love u all! bye!



ps. i really miss and love u Deliah!

to End Stall Em:
It was so wrong for that girl in the adjacent stall to treat you that way. To curse at you, lie that she didn't have any toilet paper either after you've heard her pee and then you hear her roll it off to wipe, well that's just cruel. Don't blame yourself for crying. I probably would have too. You crapped and you should feel good about that, and it's not unreasonable for you to expect toilet paper to wipe with. Please remember, Em, from my earlier postings that although I'm almost five years older than you, I, too, am in a new school this year and like you, having a somewhat tough time adjusting to the bathrooms. It really sucks to have 20 or more toilets in the room and sometimes not one of them has been flushed by the previous user(s). Also, at my new city and school, easily more girls must hover pee but they do it without first lifting the seat so they spray and splash the seat. I have more information on this in my regular posting below. If I'm really pressed for time and there's no toilet paper in my stall I have sat on a seat with a few sprinkles but I will not sit in dripping wet pee left on a seat. However, although I go to another stall, on several occasions I've heard some girl come rushing in and she plops herself down in the urine. To me that's just really gross. Also much of the toilet paper wasted early in the day on seat covering could be better used later by students for wiping and otherwise cleaning themselves. I have 179 days left this year until graduation. Then I'm outta here and back to my old hometown for college. Hang on in there, Em. By the way, I agree with your choice of the end stall. You get at least 50% more privacy. I had never thought of that.

Now this is the conclusion of my regular posting about being new to my school as a senior, weighing 170 pounds and being 6'3" tall--much taller than the side panels on the stalls and with doors another 6 inches below the panels, having little privacy in sitting on the toilet. Also, the latches have been taken off the doors so there's very little privacy unless I put my bookbag inside the door in front of me. I wrote last time that I'm having success crapping each morning immediately before school when there are less girls in the bathroom and there still is toilet paper available for me to wipe with. However, I sometimes have to sit 5 or 6 minutes in frustration just to get a pee stream going and even then it might last for only a minute or two before the bell rings for me to get to my next class. Even with a pass from a teacher and me going during a class period, it helps some but with my head well above the partitions and stall door and all the other problems of the bathroom--foul smells, 3 or 4 poops floating in the bowl, used toilet paper with crap on it wound up and left face up on the seat, I guess I'm becoming more self-conscious.

I don't, however, have any trouble peeing at the mall (at least once weekly) or at the gas station (totally drained my bladder in less than two minutes this morning when I filled up my tank)or even the local arena where we played a 12-hour volleyball exhibition game. I believe I peed 3 times. The upkeep of the school bathrooms, however, just sucks and what used to be a routine activity for me has become more frustrating. Also, it's not just me. My mom peed in the main bathroom at open house and found a loose seat (she was afraid she was going to fall in), graffiti and a dirty bowl that included a 32-ounce pop container and cigarettes) to be unacceptable. When she mentioned it to the administration, they talked about budget cuts, heavy vandalism and improper use by students, and some other BS she said she couldn't quite comprehend. What advice do the rest of you guys have? I appreciate it. I'm taller than most of the girls in the school and I understand I'm going to be less comfortable in the stall with my knees touching the front door even though my butt sits much farther back on the seat than most of the other girls. And the peepers and filth don't help either. Any suggestions?

Robyn - where have u gone, any good dumps recently?

I have posted here before, but under no name. I figured it is time for me to reveal myself. My name is Breanne. I live in a fairly mountainous area; this gives me many chances to go outdoors, which I love.

I have two stories I wanted to share today.

I have posted about my experiences in the bathrooms at school before and now that school is back in session I was reminded to post on this board. The first story is about a bathroom experience I had this week. It was the third day of school or so and I had to poo. I hurried into my favorite bathroom that has only two stalls; there was somebody in the other stall, but I don't mind people hearing my poo, so I didn't hesitate. I noticed, as I sat down, that the toilet was very, very clogged; there was at pile of poo contributed to by at least two or three girls. While I do like the site of this, and contributing would have been fun, I felt bad for the janitor. I had to go soon, and it was already poking out a bit, so instead of going into the toilet I grabbed some toilet paper and pooped into the paper while I held it. I then waited, with the poo in my hand, until the other girl finished. After she left the bathroom I took the poo over to the other toilet and flushed it there. It felt interesting holding my own piece of poo, and luckily it was hard!

My second story is about my last time hiking. I was hiking with just my girl friend, we have been friends for a long time and have no problem waiting for each other while the other poops. Sometimes we even poo together. During this hike we both had to go at the same time. We were lucky enough to find a hollow stump to use as a toilet! I let her poo first, she is a petite girl and only made a couple small egg shaped hard pieces. I went after her, being pretty small myself I too contributed about the same amount, but it was fun being able to both build a pile of poo in the stump together. I hope I get to do something like this again.

End Stall Em
I'm 13 and I am in my 3rd week of high school in a large city. Although others have written about problems with going to the bathroom at school, this is my first post. My name is Emily but most of my friends call me "Em". I'm 5 foot l inches, 123 pounds and have blonde hair. I'm a better than average student and might want to be a teacher or a social worker. Each day last week I had to rush home ... it's a 9 block walk for me ... because my bladder was ready to burst or my poo was being held in by some kind of a miracle.

The problem is that many of the girls ... especially the older ones ... are insensitive to the needs of the new students to use the bathroom. How fair is it for girls to sit for 5 minutes after they've peed and carry on a conversation in the next stall with their friends who are crapping or just avoiding going back to class when others are standing outside the door with a real need? It's so simple to flush so why don't they simply lean back and push the lever. I don't think I've opened the door on one flushed bowl yet! Once during the first week I got a pass from my history teacher to poop during class (my guidance counselor had recommended this) and I went in and dropped one log but as I sat I saw eyes peek in on me through the door crack on 2 occasions so I got upset (I admit I shouldn't have) and grabbed for the toilet paper to wipe. There was none. I tapped on the next stall and asked the girl who was peeing if she would hand me some. She cussed and said she didn't have any. I thanked her, stood up and as I was pulling up my underwear and shorts, I heard her pull off some and wipe with it. I started to cry and sat back down for a few seconds to wait until I stopped. As far as going in after school, that's out because the janitors walk around and immediately lock each of the bathrooms.

I'll settle for the end stall ... nomatter how dirty it is ... but I don't want to fill rushed and I need a little privacy for a few minutes if I'm going to completely pee or poo. But even the end stall has become a problem for me.

Hey people. Look, I really need some help. My post is on page 1782, and I know it looks long, but it really isn't. I just need a tatic to get over not being able or willing to piss with anyone anywhere near me.

TO Dirt:

I have been reading (and occasionally posting on) this site since the year 2000...
IMO, it's usually a fairly even mix with the man having a slight numbers edge of the ladies.

But because all the post are done anonymously on this site, it is difficult to ascertain the true ratio of males to females since there is no way to verify the gender of anyone who talks here.

Take care!


If you swallow something valuable, forget about the bedpan or bucket. Just poop in your pants! Much easier than squatting over a bucket or trying to poop laying down. The poop collects conveniently in your underwear to search for the swallowed item.

Hm.. something interesting happened just now.

I was online while taking a shit, figuring I won't push and let my body do what it needs to to take up time.
I sat back on the toilet with my laptop... and the shit went towards the front of the bowl, not in the water!
I was wondering why it smelled so strongly!

This is odd... has it ever happened to anyone before?


To Delilah,
Great story about your HS restroom. I've read some articles about how messy a lot of women's restrooms are. Seems they are dirtier than most of the men's rooms, with the ladies rooms having a lot of pee on the seats and floor, unflushed toilets with big poos in them (maybe intentionally, from some of the other posts), and tp on the toilets and floor. Most of the explanations tend towards girls/women's reluctance to actually sit on the seat, having been trained not to sit on a public toilet seat. So they hover and spray pee, and sometimes poo all over the seat and floor.
I find it interesting that a lot of the girls didn't wipe their anuses after pooping. You'd think girls, who are usually so concerned with their appearance, etc. would not want to have a poop smell following them around! Great insight into the world of women's restrooms....want to hear more!

to Deliah: i really enjoyed your post! yesterday was my birthday. i went to softball park as usual! i went and used the tiolets toward the end and picked two stalls that were adjascent to each other. one of them i pooed and left it unflushed. the other i peed it was golden yellow and left it unflushed. then i went to a mexican place for dinner. i had a big meal with lots of beans in it! after a while i excused myslef to go to the bathroom. i went in and took the third stall. while i was in there another girl came in she took the stall right next to me i could see she had on sandles and was a blond probably a teenager. i was pooping for a while. she was also it had a strong smell which i love it when the person next to u produced an odor. i just sat there and inhald it. she finished and left the tiolet unflushed. shortley after i finished and left the tiolet unflushed. iam really slim and have light brown thick hair. iam 5.11.5" . love you all bye!



Outsider :)

im new here and i love everyones stories!
i like to go outside when i poop for some reason, i dont no why i just love it.

im a male, and quite small.

so i just want to ask everyone,
what gives you all diarrhea, i would like to have diarrhea outside but i dunno how to get it.
so if i can get some answers ill go outside and try.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

hi iv got a question for david, the footballer, could you please share some of you pooping stories outside in woods etc... many thanks

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