I frequently watch TV shows in which actual doctors and patients recount their experiences in the emergency room at a hospital. This week, they focused on odd things that people have swallowed.

There were harrowing stories were of children who had swallowed things (toy cars... magnets.. et cetera...) that had become lodged in the GI tract and developed serious complications. However, not to make things too serious, they also featured adults who intentionally ate objects for stupid reasons and others who accidentally ate some little thing as a result of unfortunate confluences of circumstances. Like one slightly amusing story in which a boyfriend intended to propose to his fiancÚ and put the ring in a slice of cake.

The man and his girlfriend (now his wife) recounted when he presented the cake and was just about to get onto his knee to ask 'the question'. But before he could say a word, she snatch the slice and gobbled it down.

Shocked, he told her what she just eaten and they hurried down to their local hospital to get her checked out. After an x-ray, the examining doctor determined that it didn't look like there was much to worry about. The two of them would now just have to get a bedpan or bucket with some rubber gloves and thoroughly go through her 'leavings' during the next week. Somewhere inside one of the 'pebbles', 'logs','snakes' or just general crap, they would find the missing $1,500 ring.

The ring made it's second appearance four days later and the gentleman used it in a much more conventional proposal.

Has anyone here wound up pooping out something that they shouldn't have eaten?:

#1. What did you eat?

#2. Why?
-You were a little kid and didn't know any better...
-You were dunk and did it on a whim...
-You didn't notice that something had fallen into meal at a restaurant...
-et cetera...

#3. Did you get sick or develop any complications and did you needed surgery or a strong laxative to get the object out ASAP.

#4. How long did it take to come out and what did it look like?

Take care!


to Deliah: i really enjoyed your posts! Good job for leaving the tiolets unflushed! i would love to hear about your story at the softball game in June and any other stories that u have where u have left the tiolet unflushed! love you always!



College Freshman
I'm going to call myself College Freshman. I'm not going to put my name because this was so embarrasing. I'm female, 18 years old. I just started my freshman year of college in another state living in the dorms away from home for my first time ever. I arrived last week and on Saturday I walked up from the dorms to the main part of campus, ate lunch, and then went to the campus bookstore. The place was packed. It took me forever to find all of the books on my list and get in line and I really needed to pee but the line was so long I didn't want to leave. So I just stood there and ignored it. 45 minutes later I finally checked out and started back to my dorm. I didn't want to stop at one of the closer bathrooms because I had so many books and nowhere to put them. I walked as fast as I could with my bladder about to explode. It's a ten or fifteen minute walk across campus to my dorm. I had to pee soooooooooo bad. Halfway there I didn't know if I would make it. I was wearing light kahki capris, too, so if I had an accident it would be reaaaaally obvious. I squeezed my pee muscles as hard as I could and walked as fast as I could with all the books, but I couldn't hold myself because both hands were full of books. I was getting closer to my dorm building when a squirt of pee came out and I started to panic. I was in a cold sweat and knew at that point I couldn't make it all the way up to my room but with my arms full of books I had nowhere else to go. I just kep walking and tried to speed up but every few steps a little more pee leaked out and I knew my crotch was getting really wet and it would soon be obvious to everyone I was peeing my pants. There were other girls coming and going in and out of the dorm so there were at least a dozen people around, and some parents, too. I did all I could but just before I could get to the dorm building a major squirt came out and soaked my crotch and some went down my legs. I stopped and squeezed my legs together to try and hold it but another big squirt came out, then another, and then the dam burst and a torrent of pee started hissing into my pants and urine flooded down my legs, splattered onto the concrete at my feet, made a puddle underneath me and the warm wetness spread all over my crotch and butt and down my legs for at least 30 seconds or more while I just stood there in plain site completely pissing myself. A couple of girls noticed and one or two laughed, a couple just frowned like they knew what I was going through. When I finished I waddled up the stairs, had to drop all my books on the walkway to get my keys out of my purse, unlocked the door, grabbed my books, pushed the door open and OF COURSE my brand new roommate was inside and immediately saw that I had totally wet myself. But she was awesome at least. She helped me with my books, told me to go into the bathroom and get a shower and she'd grab me some new clothes. When I finished cleaning up she told me not to feel bad because she had an accident her senior year of high school just a few months ago, only she had peed AND pooped in her pants. And a few other accidents, too. So I felt a little better and we bonded and at least now I have one friend on campus.

Had a really interesting experience yesterday. I had gone to the 175th anniversary service of a ???? congregation that was held at one of it's member's farm (I live in the Midwest-BIG dairy country). Anyhow, after the service, there was a potluck dinner, which I thoroughly enjoyed. After finishing that, I decided to pedal on my bicycle up to the church property-there were 2 churches built there side by side after a disagreement in the congregation 100 years ago that caused one group to split off from the main one. There was one huge cemetery there with a cornfield immediately adjacent. Anyhow,I was looking around at the cemetery when I felt a HUGE crap building up inside of me. I had already been through the entire cemetery, so I knew that there was no outhouse handy. I knew I was going to have to squat someplace, and my eyes rested on the cornfield. I was raised on the farm, so I'm an old hand at shitting outdoors. So with that said, I stick-walked over to the edge of the field and laid my bicycle down with my backpack on top of it. Then I was ready to enter the corn. It was so neat, it was like walking into a jungle with the stalks well up over my head and the broad leaves to conceal me. I quickly realized that I just needed to walk a few rows in to be completely concealed from prying eyes. It was like my own personal refuge in an emergency. I went in about 5 rows or so until the edge of the field was obscured by the towering corn plants, but was still more than close enough to hear any sounds outside the field. I realized that someone could be standing only a few feet away from me on the edge of the field and be totally unaware that this man was squatting here half-naked taking a shit. So I dropped the shorts I was wearing to my ankles, and procceeded to squat, when I realized that it would be much easier to remove them completely, rather than to have to hold them forward to keep my shit and piss from falling into them by accident. So I stood up again, slid the shorts over my feet, and hung them up on an ear of corn (natural-made hook-how convenient!!!). So there I now stood in a t-shirt, naked from the waist down, save for my shoes and socks. Now for the moment of relief-I squatted down again, and with a gassy explosion, released my bowels, quickly building a green mountain of shit under my ass. Then my bladder let go with a stream of piss, which quickly formed a dark puddle in the muddy earth beneath me. More cramps and shit. Finally time to wipe my ass. There were hundreds of corn leaves available, so I tore a couple off, and rubbed them into my ass crack only to find that they only smeared the shit around worse. The only thing left to do was to waddle to the edge of the field and grab some dry grass, which works the best ( I told you that I grew up on a farm). So here I am, half-naked, sneaking out to the edge of this corn field. As the edge came in sight, I peered between the leaves to make sure no one was out there, then reached out from the cover of the corn to grab enough grass to meet my needs. All anyone watching would have seen would have been a lone hand reaching from out of the jungle of corn, grabbing a handful of grass, and disappearing back into the foliage.. So with my ass fully wiped, I then proceed back to where my shorts hung on their ear of corn, only to realize that I hadn't taken accurate bearings when I left the spot where they were. A panic started to rise in me-what if I couldn't find my shorts, and I was trapped here half-naked in this cornfield, not daring to come out? Would I dare to ride my bicycle home 15 miles with no pants or underwear on, hoping I didn't meet any cars or people? Would I wait until after dark to go home? Fortunately for me, my fears proved unfounded, after a short search, there they were, hanging where I had left them. I slid my feet back into them, pulled them up, and exited my leafy hideout, where my bicycle was ready and waiting for me.

Hey my name is Lucy. I am 46 years old 135 lbs.
Married mother of 5

About two weeks ago I had some serious problems with my stomach. About 4-5 times a day out of random I would be running to the toilet.

I thought it was the green tea I had just started drinking, because I figured that green tea might loosen your bowels. I was a pretty serious problem because I would never see it coming, like usually I would wake uo in the morning and drink some, then like 15 minutes later I would poop for the first time, it was always runny messy poop too.

So one day I cut the green tea, and I 100 percent thought that I was fine because I did not get the runs early in the morning.
I felt pretty decent and comfortable. I felt like I needed to exercise though. So I got ready and went for a run. While I was running I felt completely fine, until I got about 10 minutes (running) from my house.
My stomach started hurting, and I knew that a poop was coming and coming fast. I started walking, and as soon as I did that my stomach turned and I felt like a torpeido was about to exit. Eventually this walking got to the point where I was moving at an extremely slow pace.

I felt like there was no point of continuing.. I just wasn't going to make it home. I walked into a cat walk 5 minutes from my house. Lowerd my pants and let a GIANT poop flow into the grass behind a bush
I paniced and thought I heard a voice and I turned and soaked a fense in brown bubbily poop.

Thanks for the airport related posts. I'm sure that a major factor is that no one really wants to poop in an airplane toilet! Would like to hear from some more women who fly, and hold it until they are on the ground. Especially interested in desperation stories.

Karen, Kathy & Sue - I was randomly reading stories and came across a few of yours. Since they weren't from that long ago, maybe you're still reading. If so, maybe one of you could share another story and it doesn't have to be a group story. The detail you ladies provide about your dumping experiences is great. Thanks!

Im new to the site and have a question 4 anyone who has been on the fourms 4 a while. Are more women or men drawn 2 this site?

Recently I was back East and headed to my favorite park, the one with open toilets and no stalls and no partitions. It was a Sunday late morning and I was hoping for a nice buddy dump.

When I went in it was pretty quiet expect for a man with two very little boys peeing into the toilets because they couldn't reach the urinals. I didn't want to drop trou in front of them so I waited until they were through. Then I walked in, inspected the toilets and selected the first one as the cleanest, relatively speaking.

I pulled out my handy wipes to clean the seat when a voice behind me said, "anything we can help you with here?" There stood two uniformed policemen. Scared the heck out of me.

I said I was here to use the crapper, but that the place was pretty grungy and I asked if there was another men's room nearby. "This is it," said officer # one. By that time I really had to go and asked if it was OK. "They're toilets, aren't they?" said the policeman. I was still afraid they were going to bust me for something, but I had to go, so I said excuse me, please but I have to go.

The cop just stood there and I had to drop my pants and sit on the can in front of him. It was very embarrassing. The cop called his buddy over and said "Look at this."

I thought he meant me, but he pointed to a middle toilet missing a seat and he told his buddy, "we removed that seat because guys would sit there as a signal they wanted to sell drugs. A potential buyer could sit right next to them and they could do a discreet exchange. This discourages them."

I assumed that little speech was really for my benefit. At that point I had dropped a couple of logs and farted twice and it was quite obvious why I was there. One officer looked at the other, crinkled up his nose and said, "C'mon we don't get paid for this," and they left.

I wiped in a hurry and couldn't wait to get out of there. I'm not sure I'm ever going back.

Thanks China girl for answering. That sounded like quite a big load. From reading your stories it's clear you enjoy your time sitting down on those poor toilets. That's great, the best things in life are free.

Have you ever tried to experiment with how long you could hold it, or tried to clog a toilet on purpose? I know some of my female friends did this from their teens, one of my athletic friends once held back and after 5-6 days pooped so much the toilet where she went swimming got blocked up severely. She did this to get back at someone.

The reason she did this was because the janitor there oogled the girls and sometimes entered their changing room on purpose pretending it was an accident.

It's great that today women also can speak about these things freely, even if its on a anonymous internet forum. Its a natural ting we all do, why not enjoy it!

Keep the great stories coming, stay healthy.

I'm posting about some of my high school bathroom experiences because reading a post by Braidy (I remember your inital post) prompted me to reminisce about when I was that age, more than a decade ago. I too am tall, 5'11 almost six feet. My HS had normal sized dividers, nearly the height of the ceiling, so I didn't have the same experience as you regarding my height. I know what it feels like to be a tall athletic girl in sports, however, and how everyone tends to notice what you do more than is healthy. So I totally can sympathize with your feelings of insecurity in the stall. I was very self concious of what I did in the bathroom in HS. Because my urges to poop are largely random, I had to poo at school frequently. Back then I'd poop twice a week on average with the occasional three poo week. The most common time for me to poop at school was during or right after lunch. I'd be sitting there eating or in class right after and feel cramps in my lower abdomen. When it got distracting I'd either stop eating and go or get the hall pass. I remember that lunch was a very popular time for pooping. When I'd go into the bathroom usually several of the stalls would be occupied and the scent of poo and perfume would hang in the air. Usually, really smelly poo as well! I would take a stall or wait for one if necessary, hearing others potty goings on was an everyday thing. I would hear the whole visit of some girls if there happened to form a small line. Usually, forceful pee and a torrent of gas would be followed by crackling and pfft hissy farts. I surmise that most who pooped at school did so because they really had to go! Our tp dispensers were rattly so I could hear how much and how many pulls on the dispenser occurred. I observed that nearly two out of three girls only made one pad/wad of tp. Some made five or more but those who made multiples tended to use 2-3. On rare occasion somone would leave without wiping, and sometimes you'd be shocked who it was! I saw some of the most popular of the school leave a stall without hearing any wiping activity. I more than once gave a funny look to them as they passed me and I took their stall, but I doubt they knew why. By the thick smell in the stall I absolutely knew they had just pooped, besides the noises heard. It was common to find pee all over the seat because I think they hovered. Sometimes even there would be a poo smear/tiny piece on the back of the seat. The only time I lined the seat with tp was when I found it this way. Obviously they weren't sitting and I think what happened was this: They entered the stall, quickly pulled down undies to knee level, balanced with elbows on knees and just let go and didn't care as long as it went backwards away from them, then quickly pull up undies and flush exiting in a hurry. At least they could have put up the seat so only the porcelain got hit! But no, I most definitely saw messes left by popular girls. When I went in I would sit and push hard immediately forcing out pee that hissed like crazy and splashed loudly, louder than what I observed in others. My poo would start out and I would urge it along as quickly as I could, sometimes getting a foot long two inch wide poo out in 3-4 minutes. Often my anus would smart a bit after the effort so I'd stand up quickly so the stretching sensation would stop instantly. If I stayed sitting it was uncomfortable as it kept my cheeks spread and thus my anus. I was always concious of how long I took in a stall. As a result I was usually in a hurry to leave, so I didn't wipe unless I was the only girl in the bathroom. After all, it took at least a minute to stand up and make a tp wad, stick my butt out and catch my balance, reach behind and place the tp on my vagina, then slide it up past my anus and through my buttcrack, stopping at the top where I felt it touch my back, hold it in place with the wiping hand then pinch it closed in the middle to secure any *pebbles* before tossing it in the toilet on top my poo. So to save time I just stood, quickly raised my panties/jeans, then exited asap. This essentially means that I only wiped mabye one out of five poos at school. My high comfort level with not wiping stems from this time, I was in charge of my own laundry for the first time so I took it on me to rebel against my mother's complaining. Getting poo stains without being yelled at felt liberating, so I felt satisfied when I saw skidmarks on laundry day. I just tossed them in the hamper when I got up in the morning, I was tired and didn't think to look in them, it would take me till college to learn to lay stains in the sink to soak upon changing to clean panties. I didn't always shower daily, so I occasionally got a secondary streak in the pair I wore the day after I pooped, usually much lighter than the primary stain. I wore bikini or full cut panties as well, thongs would wait till later. Feel free to ask questions, Braidy. I may have advice that could help you feel more comfortable if you want to hear it, but I don't presume. Happy pooping everyone until next time...


Monday, August 31, 2009

China girl
To Anonymous: Thanks for the question. I poop about every 2 or 3 days. I only post the exceptional. I think my recent largest was at my friends watching DVD. This is my friend who's like sister to me and we joke a lot. I had to go so bad it was hard to walk because I was trying to keep my but closed. She has a small, round toilet that flushes from a pipe from wall like a public toilet, not a tank toilet. So fortunately the toilet had a strong flush. When I got into bathroom, I could only think of relief and just left open the door with my friend in other room. Once I sat, it was like sitting on a stool it's so small and round. But I know this from many sittings on this toilet. Now that I finally had the toilet at my disposal, I had to just give a push right away after sitting. The turd came out so smooth I couldn't feel it, however, my hole was opened wide for a good 2 seconds or so, which is long time for fast powerful turd. Of course the turd shot into the bowl with heavy load sound. Then there was nothing but smell, which left the bathroom into my friends apartment. The turd was huge and laid flat from the hole all across bottom of toilet just laying straight toward the rim. It followed the path of my but hole which laid the turd straight, but there was no more room for it while coming out so it turned and a new length then laid flat toward back of toilet. When I flushed the turd just jiggled because the end couldn't get down hole, so it needed some "direction." Once it flush, the turd broke where the turn started and now there were 2 larges to flush. It took even into next day for toilet to get flushing completely normal again.

This is an update on my post on Page 1775 when I talked about being a senior forced to move to a new high school in another city and being so much taller (6'3") compared to most of the other girls. And to make the toilet situation worse, the actual stall doors are like 6" lower than the stall partition and the doors have all the privacy locks taken off they say because of vandalism, smoking, and some other activities I'm probably not allowed to mention.

I crap each morning about 15 minutes after I get to school. Instead of waiting until the passing period between 1st hour and 2nd hour or immediately before or after home room, I go in when I arrive. I place my book bag inside the stall door and it makes it harder for someone to open the door on me. Because of my size and weight (170 pounds)I sit over a much larger part of the seat and this gives me much more comfort. My thong goes all the way to the floor because, as I said in an earlier posting, both of my knees are using touching the stall partitions. Luckily, on most days I'm only seated for like 2 minutes because my crap comes out fast and in a soft, coil-like way altogether. It's soft, my Mom says, because of some vitamin supplements I take on the recommendation of the team trainer at my previous school. Of course, I wipe and flush from a seated position and I'm still basically seated when I pull up my thong and jeans. My biggest problem the first day of school was the gross lack of space in the much smaller stalls than I'm used to. I also like the before-school crap plan because I don't have to wait at the sinks and the athletic department as well as the whole school is really stressing hand washing because of the swine flu problems. I don't want to make it sound like I'm bragging but it's easier to do that when you beat many of the others (we have a student population of more than 2,500) into the bathroom.

Peeing has become a little more problematic for me aat school. I'll write about that in a future post.

My girlfriend Wendy is 18 yrs old, tall slim & very attractive.
The only problem I have with her is she only goes for a poop every 2 -3 days.
When she goes, it comes out as one solo turd, sometimes it's long, other times it's short but very fat - however it arrvies it never flushes away.

When I talk to her about it, she denies it and says it's not her's.

We were at a hotel last week and she did it again in our hotel room bathroom, this time she admitted it, but blamed it on the toilet, claiming it had a rubbish flush.

I have been with her for about a year now,the size of her poops seem to be getting bigger & bigger.

My friend Samantha came to my house today & had tea.
After we had washed up she went to my toilet.I thought nothing more about it, as she was only away for a mninute.
After she left, I went to my bathroom to get ready for bed.
When I peered into my toilet there were 3 large poop balls (about the size of tennis balls) I flushed the toilet, but they were too fat to fit in the hole in the toilet.
In the end I had to put on my gloves and put them into a plastic bag and the trash can.It was horrible.
I can't understand how she did such big poops, as she is small & very skinny.

Tbonz had asked about women pooping after flights arrive. I'm not a frequent flyer but do fly a few times a year for my job. For myself personally, I try not to use the restrooms on the airplanes and will almost always hold it until we arrive at the airport. I think a lot of women are like this as well, but really haven't asked. I do know that it is quite common to see several women from the flight heading towards the restrooms once they are inside the airport. I have really not noticed whether they are peeing or pooping but will have to note this next time this happens. For myself, I always take advantage of the opportunity to use the toilet after a flight, be it for a pee or a poo. I also will try to have a poo even if I don't have to. When I do have to poo, and especially after holding it in during a flight, the relief of finally being able to have a bm can be overwhelming. Naturally one can hear others relieving themselves in adjacent stalls, and some just are peeing, but others are pooping so it really depends on what their needs are at the time.

Top 10 Questions,....
Do tall people do longer, bigger poops than small people?
Do short fat people do short fat poops?
Do skinny people poop more than fat people?
Do woman do bigger poops than men, or the other way round?
Which country in the world is where the people do the biggest poops?
How many people enjoy listening to the opposite sex have a poop?
Where in the world are the best toilets for flushing away big poops?
Has anyone ever produced a square shaped poop?
Why are girls poops always bigger around he time of their period?
Do girls with bigger boobs poop more than their flat chested friends?

3 days ago I had to help my grandmother in moving. She was changing her houses from very small village to Copenhagen. She had huge house, so we had to take 3 transports till we moved everything to the city. I was in Denmark since Monday, so it wasn't good for me, after 3 years in London. I changed food, time, everything, so I didn't feel comfortable after 2 days home, helping to move heavy furnitures. Fortunately, father and his friends helped us.

First of all, for 2 first days i had big, huge, enormous amounts of shit. Few times I sat for about 20 minutes shitting, and shitting, and shitting, and doing crosswords. That's the price of the last week of the holidays.

So, when we were ready to take first transport to Copenhagen, dad found me very tired. I didn't sleep at night (diarrhea), and I had to carry all of these things from house. Sooo, he sent me to the car (finally I've got the license), and I started driving to Copenhagen. Village my grandma lived, is about 200 km from the capital, and I drove very heavy car (almost truck), so it took me almost 4 hours (I'm not a good driver). After 15 minutes driving, I stopped to eat something, and, especially, use the toilet. Unfortunately, toilet was busy and there was quiet a long queue. I knew I can't hold it for too long, so I looked at the parking place. It wasn't big, but it was on suburbs, so I couldn't simply go to bushes. I felt strong pressure to relieve, and I began to run, searching for the place I can finally shit. I've had an idea. I ran back to the car, and opened its' back. In all of the mess, I found a coffee pot. I almost closed the doors, and put in under my skirt, and slowly removed panties. I couldn't hold it much longer, so i placed the pot on some crates, and released the monster. I heard very quiet farts, and a wave of diarrhea filling the pot. When i felt I can hold myself, i stopped pooing and looked on the coffee pot. It was 3/4 full. I closed it, put it in a bag, and went out of the car, and all baggages. I threw coffe pot out to the trash, and went back to car. I put on my panties and started driving.

After 40 minutes I felt i need to go again. Maybe you've got the same, but when i, for example, won't finish shitting when having diarrhea, I'll get explosive one because of farts that accumulate in my bowels. Anyway, i felt i have to fart, but also felt some diarrhea, so i decided not to release farts. After another 10 minutes I felt I have to stop stopping myself, and finally shit, or i'll puke from the pressure. I saw I got some belly from gasses and some poo.
I couldn't stop, because it was a highway on bridge (Copenhagen is on some kind of island). I felt uncomfortable being full and almost exploding (i held it all in myself because i sat). With one hand holding the wheel, I took some pads and tissues from my handbag, and somehow put it in my panties. They were half full then :P I took maaany newspapers and put them on my chair. I decided not to give up and fight with pressure, but I was almost sure I can't do that, so i was secured now. I could hold it for 20 MINUTES. It's huge amount of time holding poop for me. I don't know how did I do this, but anyway, after 20 minutes I got out from the bridge and... Police stopped me. "Hello, driving license please...". It was a rutine control, but i felt like going to puke from being full. An officer asked: "Madame, are you ok?". I was white almost like chalk, held my ass not to poop in front of officer of police. When they finally let me go, I checked my panties. There was a little drop of diarrhea on a tissue, but it was all right. I looked inside panties, and put some more tissues inside, to block poop from comming out from panties. Before i could "close" panties after putting some tissues, i heard "pssssshhhhh" and saw some brown puddle in my pantie. I heard serie of loud, stinky farts, and felt poop again, so i just pushed, and let it all go out. When i finished 10 minutes later, my skirt, panties and newspapers were brown. I totally messed myself... I still have my dirty clothes because had no occasion to throw them out (parents at home all the time).

hi, any women here whose farts smell terrible and smell of rotten eggs? Ive heard that women are more likely to pass such silent-but-deadly gas than their male counterparts and am wondering why. would appreciate if some of the ladies here could comment and help explain why?

To Soccer Mom: I had a similar terrible experience on a golf course in Switzerland so I understand you very well. After some of the first holes I started to have horrible cramps in my stomach and was afraid of having diarreah into my new golf pants. There were abolutely no toilet facilites during the course so I was mortified. After some more time I just had to excuse myself and ran behind the nearby bushes. I quickly lowered my pants, squatted and had horrible diarreah for at least 5 minutes. I was mortified because my husband and his boss were playing with us. When I was done with diarreah my bladder played crazy and I had to let out a big torrent of pee while still squatting. There was nothing to clean up. I want back to the course, but after only a few more minutes I had the urge to go again. This time there was nothing in sight where I could go. I felt worse and worse, and no releief in sight. Finally each movement hurt and some diarreah went into my panties. It was the biggest stage of mortification. Finally we reached the clubhouse where I ran into and finally reached the toilet. I had diarreah for 20 more minutes before I started to clean up. Afterwards I was sick the whole day.

I accidently crossed this board. I have an interesting story you might like.

Last week I overheard a conversation between two girls, approximately between 16 and 18 years old. They discussed the reason one of them didn't went to a party. The girl confessed she was punished for something she did and was forbidden to go. The other girl was very curious why. At the end the girl said she was caught having an poopoo accident in her panties by her mother. The other girl laughed and said "and not for the first time Kelly!"

I wondered if this gitl had more accidents or purpose panties shits!



Airport Pooper
Someone mentioned how it seems airport restrooms are always very busy with men pooping. I work for an airline and I can tell you there are several reasons for this.

1-Many people become irregular when they travel.
2-No one wants to poop on a plane. Not only is it very cramped, but there is usually a line so everyone is standing 2 feet outside the door looking at their watches timing you.
3-The pressurization on a plane puts pressure on your bowels and gives you the urge to poop.
4-Layovers--what better place to spend an hour layover than on the pot relaxing? Most airports have Wifi anyway and you probably have your laptop with you.

Hi Everyone:) I've not posted in a bit but have been pooping almost every 3 days for the last few weeks. As summer is ending I traded my morning computer time for exercise for the last few weeks, and it's made me poo more! I haven't passed day three without a strong urge, which is unusual for me as I usually get that on day 4-5. My poo has been firm and wide, but on the shorter side, 6-10 inches no footlong plus recently. It comes out slowly still but my total time has been closer to five minutes than fifteen, which has been useful because a few times I pooped during my morning run! Each time was nearly identical: I felt a strong urge a few miles in and found a place in the woods off the path, lowered my shorts and squatted, then relaxed my pelvic hold. Pee started and my anus opened, I tingled at the stretching that followed. These were really good feeling poos, and when done I stood and tugged up my bikini panties and shorts, going unwiped by necessity. Actually, I've always liked skipping the wipe but rarely do so. After reading here that Lena dosen't like to wipe either I feel much better about leaving myself that way, it's so natural. When I'm done pooping my anus is very sensitive from the poo opening it up wide, it closes and dosen't want to be disturbed! When I wipe I have to be gentle, just dragging the paper up my crack. I don't dig to get it all because it's unpleasant. I'd rather let it come off naturally onto my underwear as skidmarks than have an inflamed buttcrack that itches, which happens if I wipe vigorously. When I wipe once I feel a mere tingle that goes away within a half hour. However, if I just stand and go on without wiping, my butt feels completely natural without sensation, and I go on feeling the same as before I pooped. The tradeoff is that my skidmarks are thick and pasty (like poo on tp) rather than just brown coloring (like dye), as well as leaving my butt stinkier. When I'm unwiped and I sit to pee I can smell a whoosh of my butt aroma, my boyfriend says he smells it when I'm naked and he's behind me, he claims to actually like it! When I'm wiped it's harder to detect, but still there. Instead of just smelling it in the air I have to run the side of my hand through my crack and do a sniff test. My butt smells like carrot cake with a *whew*. Sometimes I'll pass my hand under my boyfriend's nose without telling him what I just did to my hand and he nearly always can pick out my butt scent on it. Sometimes I do this with perfume or lotion just to see what he thinks of it so it's not always my butt he's smelling, only once in a while... There's so much to write about and I'm short on time, so I must end here, but I'll try to be back with more asap!


P.S. Ashley, I enjoyed hearing about your softball poo! I had to poo at a softball game back in june and I'll write about it next time if you want me to. I've left some poos unflushed recently as well. There's nothing like the sight of a huge poop in the toilet unexpected! I love you lots, it really would be great to have a toilet outing together:):):)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dump Bud
Greg - Dude, I think you are totally amazing! Your contributions are still as vivid, stimulating and well-crafted as always. You see, for months now I haven't had time to visit here even to read, never mind contributing. So, when I started to try to catch up this week you can imagine my surprise when I came across your name and immediately discovered that it was actually the one and only Greg after a painfullyy long hiatus. I know that posts about male sightings are the exception here, though I certainly enjoy and look forward to the veteran authors of the genre like Zip and you. As I've said in the past, you and I seem to be on exactly the same wavelength, and your skill in expressing your experiences in such rich detail makes it impossible for me not to savor every line.

I'm so pleased and grateful that you've been lucky to encounter more observations and that by some miracle decided to share them with us again. What troubles me is that, so far, there seem to have been no responses posted reacting or commenting to your awesome four-course offering. Now, I'd bet there is a very large and enthusiastic audience for you out there but, for many reasons, they are silent and don't express themselves, in gratitude, or in developing the themes that you portray so well. I know it used to disappoint me when I got no feedback to my own posts, but I understand that it's the nature of these sites.

So, even though I don't yet have the chance to contribute to your enjoyment - and that of Zip and the many others out there, I thought it was urgent to let you know how much I appreciate your time and effort to share this with us. And as difficult as it might be, I hope you never get discouraged and will share your experiences in your own expert and powerful way again in the near future.

By the way, I think I've archived most of your contributions here so, if you'd like any of them reposted and can't find them, I'd be pleased to do the honors and delight any of our fans, old and new. As for me, I plan to jumpstart myself by commenting on your most recent spectacularly written sightings, and use them to lead me into telling of similar adventures of

My grandma has a wire mesh rocking chair. The other night I took it into the lawn, took the cushion off the seat, sat in it and rocked as I peed. Because of the mesh, I got the feeling of peeing with a surface pressed against my pussy lips, but I didn't get wet at all. All the pee went right below the rocking chair and onto the lawn. I wiped the seat off with a paper towel and put the chair back on the porch.

J - I enjoyed your story. If you have had any other experiences to share, would love to hear.

Jamie: Probably still a good idea to talk to a doctor about this. It's very rare, but blood in poop can signify (normally easily treatable if caught early) bowel cancer, or another disorder. It's probably just the anal equivalent of getting a nosebleed when blowing the nose, but I think you should get it checked just to make sure.

Hope this helps

Jamie - get to a doctor. Blood in your shit could indicate a lot of stuff - not all of it's serious, but some of it could be - very serious indeed.

Don't stuff around with this. Get to a doctor.

quiet sitter

You shouldn't be worried about finding blood in your stool unless it very dark, almost black. Black would indicate internal bleeding, and would indeed be something you need to get checked. But if it is just red blood, then you shouldn't be worried. you probably just got a scratch, and eventually healed on its own.

Ashley, How big r your poops, and do you ever go anywhere besides the bathroom?

TO Jamie:

First, NEVER rely on TV dramas for medical information. What you see is just for the purpose of entertainment ONLY.

Second... Make an appointment with your doctor and get yourself checked out. Once you are there tell your physician about what happened and don't forget to mention the colour of the blood, the consistency of the stool, what you were eating/drinking in the few days before your bowel movement, any pain you experienced before, during and after your BM, medications you had taken (prescription or over-the-counter), et cetera... et cetera...

Blood in your stool can be caused by any number of things:
-An ulcer somewhere in your GI tract
-A slight tare in the anal tissue from a large stool
-Colorectal cancer (which is usually easily treated these days - IF YOU CATCH IT EARLY)
-And God knows how many others things.

You may have to give a stool sample or they may just give you a little kit to take swabs of a BM and just return the samples to them.

There is a TONNE of information out there. Just use your preferred search engine with the keywords "blood in stool" or something like that.

I wouldn't worry too much, but play it safe just in case.

Take care!


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