Well, last Friday was the final day of my summer day care business.I finished the summer with what I've written about previously and that's two boys and two girls who are from 4 to 6 years old. Because we've had a pretty good time this summer and it was our last day, I got permission from their parents to take them on a special trip which was to a large theme park just outside our city and in the nearby county. The bus ride involved 3 transfers and just took an hour, but it was worth it. Angel, Angel the youngest of the two girls did a partial crap just before we left my house because my mom reminded her when she gave me the bus discount card, but I don't think Angel was that productive because shortly after getting onto the first bus, she got up and walked one seat back to where Thunder and I were sitting and said "Mistee, I have to go Number 2 right now!" I asked her if she went after my mom had sent her in and she said she didn't know because there was just a lot of noise (farts and gas I guess).I don't think she even probably looked into the bowl because she was more excited about leaving on our trip.

I told her what she already I think knew and that is that there's no toilets on city buses. I asked Thunder to change seats with her and I seated her next to me. "I really have to go bad," she said as she reached down and grabbed her crotch area and I could tell by the pain on her face that she was not exaggerating. Also, she quickly stood up and sat down that fast and I could hear a couple of above average sounding farts and then the smell started to overtake me. I simply told her that she would have to hold it until we got to our first transfer stop. She started to cry a little and I noticed her face was starting to drip from sweat and when she threw her head down, her long hair was getting into her face and I felt making her even hotter. So I grabbed her hair as she continued to moan in pain and put it into a ponytail that would be cooler and more comfortable for her. I looked in my purse for a rubber band or type of hairpin and I couldn't find one. As I glanced under Thunder's seat I saw a small rubber band on the floor and I asked him to reach down and get it for me. He did and I used it on her hair. My strategy was to keep her mind off her situation and hope the bus didn't make too many stop before we got to our first transfer stop downtown.

Within five minutes we arrived at our transfer stop and while we were waiting for other riders to make their way down the aisle, I was already looking out the windows trying to find a business that was open at 9:30 in the morning and one that would have a bathroom open for a child to use. When I got onto the curb, I looked at three corners of the intersection and found bars and other types of adult entertainment places (one was a tatoo parlor that didn't even look like it was open yet) and on the fourth corner was a high-rise building that looked like some sort of office place. I figured that would be our best bet. There were like 20 stairs up to the entry way and very few people using them. I had to practically carry Angel up the final 10 or so stairs because she's 4 and her legs are just too short to make the time we needed to make to find her a toilet before she made a mess. Once we went through the large brass doors we had another group of about 10 stairs to climb, although these were easier because there was a railing that I encouraged the kids to use. At the top of the stairs there was a security guard who looked kind of mean. He had a two-way radio and was doing something on the computer when he saw us come in.

I quickly realized this building was not like a mall or store because of the marble hallways and columns and the people moving about were in suits. I had the other three wait for me over by the side of the stairs while I took Angel by the hand up to the security counter. I explained the problem to him and he got on his radio and he called off some kind of code number and asked for "housekeeping." It took a couple of minutes for him to get a call back and all the while I was worried that Angel was going to splatter right there in front of him. Finally an elderly-looking lady pushing the hugest dump or cleaning cart I had ever seen came down the hall and the guard told her what the problem was. She walked over to Angel and held out her hand and said we should wait and that she would take Angel into the security department toilet. We heard a couple of doors open and close and nearly 15 minutes went buy and as I watched the digital clock on the wall I was getting worried.

Finally, the guard's radio beeped and he answered and quickly said something like "10/4 affirmative". I asked him what that meant and he said they were done and on their way back to the entrance. Within a minute the lady came back holding Angel's hand and Angel had a giant smile on her face. Obviously she had been successful in the bathroom but she also had a ballcap on that had the logo of some insurance company printed on it and the title "Our youngest patron". I thanked the guard and lady and we went back down the stairs and back to our transfer stop. I was pretty confident that Angel wouldn't be needing to crap anytime soon.

i was at the softball park the other day! i had to use the bathroom. i took a nice long crap in the handicapp stall and left the tiolet unflished! then i went in the stall next to it and peed in the tiolet! the water was yellow ! i left the tiolet unlfushed!



Doc Dare
To Jamie
Blood in your stool is something to be concerned about.
I would suggest going to see your GP or local hospital.
It could be a number of things some more innocent than others.

Doc Dare

I am a 20 year old amature model and i have a very nasty accident story to share. I was 17 on yhe way back from a high school volley ball game. I felt a small urge to poop towards the end of the game but i wasent going to poop in a schools locker room that im visiting. After a while on the bus i ask coach if we could make a bathroom stop because by now my stomach was seriously cramping. She said no we only have 30 minutes to get home and i wanted to cry. I knew that i was going to poop my pants. I was wearing pink cotten tights and a pair of nylon pink pantys. This was my favorite outfit because it really showed all of my features. After a bit i couldent take it any more and i just relaxed my desperatly cleanched cheeks. As soon as i did HOT SQUISHY GOO filled my pantys and smeared all over my butt. It seemed like it would never stop and to my extream embarresment the grand finally was a loud poopy fart that every one around me heard. I started to stink so bad and i couldent hold back my tears. when we got to the school i rushed off the bus and started running home. When i got home my mom was up and she smelled me right away. She was nice about it and she said that its happend to other girls to so i felt a little better. When i went to clean up my pantys were pasted to my messy poopy butt . When i got them off i seen my normally sexy bottom in the mirror and it was covered with brown goo. Cleaning up was somthing id rather not remember UCK what a nasty experiance. It had to be the nastiest poop ive ever taken and it was in my pants. UUUCCCKKK.

Im at my friend Ricos house and i found this sight. I started reading some of your storys and decided to tell one of my own. Ive never told this to anyone before but after reading about simalar situations i feel safe to here. Im 19 years old and i live alone in a little apartment. I have a good looking body with a firm ???? bottom. im proud of my bottom so i wear pants to show it off. Well one night i decided to go for a walk because it was so nice out. I wore some white cotton pantys and black tights. I had walked about 2 miles down the river trail outside of my apartment when i suddenly had a pretty bad urge to poop. I wasent really to worried i just turned around and started back for home. After about half a mile my urge turned into complete desperation. I had to stop every other step and squeeze my cheeks closed. With about a mile left to go i stopped and squeezed but it dident work that time. I completley packed my pantys with soft poop. IT smeared all over my butt and thighes even to my front part. I was a total mess. I made a very uncomfortable walk home with soft squishy poop all in my pantys. When i got home i went straight to the shower. After i showered i took my pantys and tights in a plastic bag to the dumpster. As i walked back in i remembered the old man that looks for cans every day and i turned hot with embarresment at the thought of him seeing my poopy pants. he wont know there mine but still he will see my poopy pants. I dont know if he ever did but if so sorry for him they were nasty.

G Man
TO JAMIE- you should definitely talk to your doctor about what you experienced. It may be nothing, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Have you felt any pain around your abdomen? This is something you should pay close attention to. Your doctor may refer you to a gastroenterologist who may recommend a colonoscopy just to make sure everything is OK. Please report back to us. I hope you have good news to tell us.

I was waiting inline for the toilet today at a bookstore.
In front of me was a very tall woman in her thirties.
She entered the cubicle, and after about a minute, she let out an enormous fart which was so loud everyone in the line jumped!
A minutes later she flushed, washed & exited the cubicle.
As she left she did not look at all embarassed, and went over to browse at the books.
When I entered the cubicle after her, I noticed there was no smell, however the toilet revealed a long thick skid mark on it.
I had my pee flushed, and went on my way.
I saw the same woman still in the bookstore,reading a book on human detoxification techniques - judging by her toilet performance,she was an expert already!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Okay, today sucks. I'm sitting on the toilet as I write this because I'm having terrible stomach cramps and soft mushy poop. (Why is it bright green?) It's not quite dirarreah, but it's close enough. My stomach hurts so bad, and I'm not sure yet if I'm going to throw up. I probably won't, I don't ususally, and I haven't in years, but it never hurts to be prepared for the worst. I hope what ever this is goes away by tomorrow, I have to go to my college orientation in the morning... Mayeb I just ate something bad... Or it could be my new medicine. Can anyone think of why I might be sick out of the blue like this? Ouch.

I've written before about my boyfriend, TJ, and how he's in several softball leagues and how I go from the office each afternoon to the park and watch him play. Sometimes, however, it rains and the games are called off. Well a couple of months ago it was a really hot evening and because the heavy rain we had that day meant that part of the field was underwater, the game was called off. So we went out for dinner, had a couple of drinks, and he had to get home and work on a power-point for a client he was meeting the next day. It might have been because he wasn't with me, if you know what I mean, but I just couldn't get to sleep. I had bills prepared so at about 12:30 a.m. I decided to take the short two-block walk from my place down to a shopping center where there's a mailbox. Sometimes the exercise helps me get to sleep.

Well as I walked down the hill and got to the corner there were four girls who looked to be like 13 or 14 playing around on the curb of the intersection. One was counting off and was at like 22 or 23 while her friend was kneeled down on the curb next to her friend who was sitting on the curb with her shorts and underwear down to just above her knees. The girl who was kneeling reached over the knees of the girl seated and that girl slapped her arm and said "F*** you you pervert" as well as some other words that I didn't catch. I completely stopped my walk and was watching them but because there was a yard hedge between us and it was pitch dark except for a dim street light that was moving a bit in the breeze, they couldn't see me. As I stood for a couple a minutes and listened, I could see they were having some sort of peeing contest. The seated girl was sitting on top of a storm drain at curb level and the intent was to pee into the drain. The other two were messing with her. Then the kneeling girl dropped her shorts and underwear and practically sat on the other girl's lap because it was her turn to pee. When she spread her legs, she nudged up against her friend who was still seated and then started pushing her more to the side. Again, there was some vulgar language and the first girl seated complained that she was getting pieces of gravel showed up her ass. The third girl said "Well, it won't hurt nothin'" and then got flipped off for her contribution.

Although I'm about 15 years older than the girls, I decided not to spook them so I walked across the street without them seeing me and then cut through an apartment building parking lot to get to the mail box. I don't think it was more than 10 minutes later when I noticed two police cars pulled over and three officers outside the cruisers talking to the girls. The officers had two packs of beer cartons on the cruiser hood along with several empty cans. Two of the girls were crying when I walked by. One officer was on his radio and talking about taking them to a place called the youth center and writing them up for MIP and "public urination". I then resumed my walk back up the hill and resisted saying "sucks for you" as I walked by. Somebody yelled that from a car when my boyfriend and I got pulled over on suspicion of DWI when we were juniors on high school. Nothing happened because we hadn't been drinking; he was just a bad driver who didn't know the suburbs that well and got lost in trying to find his way back to the main highway.

Something happened to me a few days ago and i'm very concerned. Anyway, i sat down to take my usually shit. I relaxed and one turd came out. I looked down and it was a medium sized turd. I felt like I had more in me so i stayed sitting for a few minutes. After about 5 minutes I had released a few good farts but no shit, so I decided that I was finished. So I looked down and saw a large amount of blood in the toilet! I had farted out blood and didn't even know it!! At the sight of this i was rather frightened and thought about telling my parents but decided not to. So i wiped and flushed. For the next two or three days, my shits were smeared with blood and often farted blood into the toilet. By the third day, however, the blood was minimal, and yesterday i finally took a bloodless crap. What does all this mean!!?? I hope that it's all better now and hopefully it's not some serious condition. I used to watch the TV show house and so i thought about all the patients that had bloody diarrhea and some horrible disease and I got scared for a little bit. Haha. Then i realized that was silly. But anyway, if anyone knows anything about this I would really appreciate any information.

Hi everyone, it's been ages. I figured since Linda is posting here again, perhaps I should too. I promise I'll talk my husband into posting soon too. Who knows in a couple years we may let our little girls post. Speaking of our little girls I have something cute and quick to share.

Our little Kendal has grown up to become quite independent. She prefers to do things on her own, and she detests the idea of sharing a bathroom. She will allow any of us to remain if she has to pee, but for a poo ALL UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL MUST LEAVE!! However, my husband... her daddy seems to be above this rule. My story is an example.

Little Kendal pouted and pointed out the door as she held her bottom with her other hand, her legs crossed and explained "OUT!!" Linda, little Lynda and I pleaded our case but she said no and did her best to shove us out. We did and the door slammed as we stood kind of giggling. My husband came in with a basket of towels, (yes I make my man do laundry )and stared at us. Without asking we told him Kendal had taken siege of the bathroom. He shook his head and knocked on the door. "GO AWAY!!" came as an answer. Miguel said in a kind voice "Angel, it's me. I got towels to put away." Then came , "Oh I'm sorry daddy..come in. But don't let no one else in... OR SEE!!" Miguel smiled at us as he opens the door and squeezed in so we could not see his little princess on her throne. It was so cute because we all listened in and would hear Kendal talk to her daddy with a strained voice as she pooped not even caring he was there or watching her. That girl better not even come to me for anything... EVER!!! Anyway just something to share, I'll post later.

Take care,


The Shithouse Poet
The Shithouse Poet Strikes Again!

She hung them on the line,
And the sun refused to shine,
Those were the panties [that she] wore!

She put them in the sink,
My how they stink,
Those were the panties [that she] wore!

They were worn,they were old,
They looked like rotten mold,
Those were the panties [that she] wore!

They were torn they were split,
They were splattered full of shit,
Those were the panties [that she] wore!

She'll wear them yet again,
For they're a faithful Friend,
Those were the panties [that she] wore!

(Add your favorite friend's name where it says [that she] and read it to her/him! Have Fun!

Bye from the Shithouse Poet!

Hey people. I've been checking out the site for a while, debating posting, and finally decided to just get it over with. Just for reference, I'm a 16-year-old guy in 11th grade, on the Varsity football team, Bi, and completely and utterly piss-shy. I seriously cannot piss when someone else is anywhere near me. And trust me, this is damn-near torture in school or the lockerroom. I mean, I can't even use the stall, it's just the idea of someone else being in the same room or hearing me... It's awkward, so I avoid it. Simple as that.

Recently, like a week or so ago, we started school, and our football games. I've gone to my high school for as long as I've been in high school, so I know my way around. Since I'm on Varsity football, people tend to back off when it comes down to certain things, like me sleeping in class and crap. It doesn't help my rep on the team that most of the school knows I'm bi, but no one really seems to care, which is by far the best thing a guy like me can have happen to him. I'm not the star of the team, which is kind of a relief considering I'm not a fan of attention AT ALL. Which is why this recent event in my life was beyond awkward, oddly flattering, and somewhat creepy.

It's the second day of school, right? And I'm sitting through my classes, reading Syllabuses* and trying not to konk out in the middle of the lecture on the handbook that I'm getting in every single class. By 5th hour {We have 7 hours per day, and with football I have 8 (independent study) and then practice or a game} I was nodding off and kind of had to piss. By the end of 5th hour, holy crap I had to go. I had had a cup of coffee that morning {Yes, I drink coffee} and one of those monster bottles of gatorade throughout the day. Not the best idea for someone with my 'condition' I know, but I had practice later and would sweat it all out anyway. I could feel it draining quickly into my bladder and god it was getting bad FAST. And thanks to the now-full bladder, sleeping was no longer a threat.

Sorry to digress, but this little info has to be added-Runners are just as idolized in my school as football players. Our track and cross-country teams are like Gods when their seasons roll around in the fall and spring.

Ok, anyways... So I grab my bag and head out of 5th hour economics, and go to 6th hour Chem. To my great liking, there is a cross-country runner in my last 4 hours, and him and I kind of buddied-up since we barely know anyone else in our classes and if we do know them, we don't like them. We talk about sports and our seasons and all that jock bullcrap, and then we talk about anything else. As he told me in the hall on the way to class that day, he's still in the closet, but also Bi. Holy crap that was the luckiest day of my life. This guy is frickin GORGEOUS. I mean, pale eyes, dark hair, thin frame, good body, like the epitomy of amazing. I'm no stud myself at 5'10" and 135, which is pretty much all muscle, with brown hair and brown eyes and nothing really special. But the idea of this guy now being on the market for other guys? Best. Thing. Ever.

Holy crap I'm digressing horribly. Anyways, so Mike and I go to chem and sit together since it's a pick-your-own-seat thing on the first few days of school. By now, I'm kinda fidgety, but I really hate showing any kind of need when it comes down to it, since I hate admitting I have to go. I toy around with my pencil and when the teacher starts talking, Mike and I start passing notes just to pass the time. He's asking personal questions, which I answer truthfully, and ask him the same things back. 20 minutes in to the 60 minute class, a random spasm hits me and I just kinda freeze for a second and press my legs together. It's getting really, REALLY bad, and I'm not sure I can wait until 8th hour, my independent study with the football coach, when I can really just do what I want, meaning using the bathroom in peace. Mike kinda glances at me and raises an eyebrow, and I just shake my head, meaning don't ask. Still, his next note consists of 'Something wrong?' at which I reply, trying to play it off, 'No'. He looks at me pointedly and glances at my bag then my legs, which at this point I can't open without fear of leaking thanks to the mega-gatorade, the now empty bottle in the side-pocket of my bag which I'm sure he just connected with my fidgetting and legs. He hands back the note, 'C'mon.... what's wrong?', and he looks at me, looking kind of worried as I groan under my breath. Craaaaaaap.

I did NOT want this guy, of all people, knowing I had to piss. He was gorgeous and awesome and him knowing would probably make me look like a frickin idiot who can't hold his piss. I bite my lip, knowing I don't exactly have a choice, since I'm pretty sure he already knows, considering my foot is tapping slightly and I'm checking the time on my phone just about every 5 minutes, or so it seems, considering it's only 23 minutes into class and that's always what my phone says when I look at it. So I send the note back with one word: 'Guess', at which, after glancing at the note, Mike reaches over and grabs the empty gatorade bottle from my bag, looks at it, then looks at my legs. He holds the bottle suggestively, and looks at my legs again, and I just blush, looking down and nodding. Crap. Crap crap crap crap crap!

I'm freaking out at this point, seeing as he knows, and he keeps the bottle and looks around the class, seeing that no one was really paying us any attention, considering we sat in the back corner away from everyone. Since he now obviously understands, I shove a hand in the pocket of my jeans and grab myself through it, practically dying now. The time had crawled to half an hour in, Mike writing the entire time a note to me as I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes and just concentrated on keeping this piss in me. Another spasm hits me and I groan a little, gripping tighter on myself as Mike sets the note on my desk. I open my eyes and look at him, and he looks oddly worried. I glance to the note, reading it quickly.
'Right, duh. That gatorade must be hell. How bad is it? Can you hold it until the end of class? Teach'll prolly let you go, you know, if you ask... Why not just ask? I mean, just go and get it over with instead of waiting. It's not like anyone will care. Just walk up there and say you want to fill up your bottle or something and go while you're out of class. Wait-CAN you walk? You don't look too good....'

I write back quickly, one-handedly trying to keep the note still, write and concentrate enough to acutally make my hand form words when all I can think about is how bad I need to piss.
'Idk. It's really frickin bad, like idk how much longer I can last... Walking? Hell if I know! And as far as asking, no-thanks. Don't really need that kind of awkwardness' I manage to scribble out and pass back to him right before a really bad spasm hits me and I hunch over in my desk, pressing my legs together and groaning a little. Luckily, the girl next to me's asleep, and the other's aren't paying me any attention, or else this would be mortifying. I've never had to go that bad in my life, ever. Like I could feel my jeans pressing into me and that wasn't helping. Mike was watching me, no, staring at me after he read the note. He passed back the note, which I read through stinging eyes. It was starting to hurt...
'Look, I'll say you're feeling sick and take you to the nurses office and you can just go to the bathroom instead. Can you stand? Walk?'

I look at him & he's nodding and I just nod, it's so bad I don't care anymore, I just want to piss. He gets up from his seat, going to whisper to the teacher for a second before coming back to me. The teacher keeps lecturing, distracting the other people, and I stand slowly, Mike gripping my left bicep to steady and support me. The movement disturbs my bladder and I just stand there for a second, my eyes closed and my face burning, not wanting to see who was staring. Mike whispered 'C'mon' to me and I nodded, slowly walking down to the classroom door, Mike still holding my arm. Once we get out the door and into the science hall, Mike looks around and the halls are empty. I groan, shoving both my hands in my pockets, squeezing myself and hunching over, crossing my legs. I don't even care that Mike's there anymore, my bladder and dick are burning and I'm going to lose it soon.

Mike stood there and held my arm and somehow I managed to get to the guys bathroom down the hall and Mike follows me in. My dick is throbbing under my hands and I go over to the urinal but I can't move my hands without letting go. I look to Mike and he just nods and comes over and frickin unzips me. Having his hand so close so willingly was making me hard, something I did NOT want to deal with at the moment so I clamped down on myself with one hand, my other digging myself out of my boxers, Mike still standing there. I switch out hands quickly and swallow, my bladder screaming. I look at Mike and his eyes are on my dick. I felt my face burn and shifted my weight a little, trying not to hop from foot to foot, but unable to stand still. Mikes eyes go back to mine and he smiles a little, leaning against the wall next to my urinal, tilting his head back and closing his eyes but he was so close it was just torture. Mike opens his eyes and looks at me and I look down and I still can't stand still. I somehow convey to him in a shakey voice that I can't piss with him there and he sighs pulls out his iPod and turns it on lowly. He tells me to try but I shake my head. No, that doesn't help. He's still RIGHT THERE. He rolls his eyes but smiles, moving to grab one of my hands. He peels it off of my dick and god that nearly kills me. I dribble and it's trying to force its way out and I groan. He takes off my other hand, grabbing me and aiming me and just says 'Go'. My hands are shaking and within a second it just blasts out of me. God it felt amazing and it had to have lasted atleast 45 seconds. Mike just holds me there and I close my eyes and just keep going and the relief was astounding. I've never had to piss that bad in my life. My stream dies off and I take myself from Mike and finish up.

Needless to say, I'm psyched that I met him.

But, considering my situation... any advice for someone like me? That was the first time I've ever been able to piss with someone else near me, and it was just because otherwise I probably would've pissed myself before my independent study. Help?

Last time I wrote to this forum, I related a junior high school story in which my best friend Jason stood next to me (we were both 13 years old) stroking my hair, while I urinated urgently into a locker room restroom urinal. We were both cool athletic guys at a school where cool athletic guys could do pretty much what they wanted. I could not quite tell then or now if Jason was just acting silly, or trying to be funny, or bromantic.

He could have been joking around. When we were 17, he went through a phase " an irritating phase, I will add " when he would call me “cutie” or “sweetie” or “beautiful” in public to see how I would react. I reacted by ignoring him.

The most embarrassing of these moments happened in the restroom of a local cineplex at which “The Phantom Menace” opened for its first run. Huge crowds packed the cineplex that night. We had spent the evening together, first eating a big meal with lots of soft drinks. I drank more pop at the theater. The movie’s climax made me extremely anxious: by the film’s end, my bladder had topped off to overflowing.

After the movie end, I rushed to a nearby, crowded rest room where I waited anxiously and uncomfortably for a urinal. The cineplex urinals had no partitions, so I found the experience as private as urinating in the theater lobby. I stood with feet wide apart, opened my shorts, rolled my underpants down in front and gushed. When a boy’s gotta go, or in this case, gush, a boy has gotta gush. Or in my case gush and gush.

Suddenly I heard the words, loud, next to me, “Hi beautiful.” It was Jason at the next urinal releasing his load, He thought he was amusing.

Yesterday I asked Jason (we are now 27) about that urination in the junior high locker room urinal long ago. Did he remember it and what was he trying to prove. He did not remember, but he remembered another urination that happened probably a few weeks earlier. I remembered some details. He remembers some details that I do not.

This is the urination that Jason remembered.


That summer we first met, we spent several afternoons together at the local public swimming pool doing the sort of guy stuff 13-year-old boys do at public pools. First, gawking at cute girls and making immature macho comments. Second, diving and swimming in the water, expending lots of energy. Third, because water surrounded us, getting close, touching each other. Culture allowed boys to touch in water if we engaged in “highly active horseplay.”

Suddenly he came close and asked me in a whisper, “Do you have to go pee pee?”

I said no.

“I have to pee real bad.” He climbed out of the pool and started walking fast to the boys room door. I followed.

The restroom had five low bowl urinals with no partitions, but at least the room was separate from the locker room or the shower room. I discovered Jason in the empty urinal room standing with feet wide apart about a foot way from the very last urinal. He had both hands on his yellow swim shorts’ waist band, pulling the shorts down in front. His peni$ was stiff. When I first saw him, his urination dribbled out. As I moved closer, he had released enough internal pressure so his urine streamed unevenly onto the urinal’s porcelain back. He streamed for what seemed like two minutes. I urinated in the next urinal.

Our memories diverge at this point. He remembers I stood close to him stroking his hair then placing my arm around his shoulder. “So” Jason said, “if I did that to you in the locker room, I simply imitated what you did.” He also claims I kissed him for the first time in that swimming pool restroom. My 13-year-old emotions for my new best friend were of the most intense bromantic type, but I do not remember that detail . . . at that point.


In the 1960s, Dad attended the same junior high that I attended years later. I asked him what he thought of the school’s potty room arrangement. He thought a voyeur architect designed them.

I asked him if it were socially acceptable when he attended public school for guy friends to watch each other pee " and yes it was. My psychologist father believes that on a subconscious level boys pee together to illustrate their need for camaraderie friendship and to show the trust they have in each other. On another level, they simply have to pee.

He told me about the gym shorts he and his friends wore. The short short gym shorts consisted of heavy gray fabric with green lettering. When guys had to pee wearing these shorts, they would stand before the urinal, use both hands to pull the shorts' front and their jock strap down as low as they could, then urinate.

The cool guys wore Button fly levis jeans at that time and place in the 1960s. Those cool guys did not just unbutton the fly when they had to urinate. They would unbuckle their belts, unbutton the flies, roll their underpants down in front to urinate. Even if their underpants had a fly. So, Dad relates, all the guys unbuckled their belts, unbuttoned or unzipped their slacks, and rolled down their shorts in front to urinate. Manufacturers make slacks with zippers so men can urinate conveniently. Instead, most of the guys wanted to be cool, not convenient.

Dad related a memorable experience with his best friend on their first day of high school. His friend hated the place. He and his friend belonged to the same 1:00 p.m. class. After class, the boy friend was almost in tears. He told Dad he needed to take a leak. Dad said the friend looked desperate in the eyes. He did not know where to find the nearest restroom. Dad knew where the nearest facility was and took him personally to it. He also went in and monitored his friend as he peed. When his friend finished, the rest room was empty except them. The guy thanked my father for his help, expressed gratitude and friendship, and kissed him in the empty rest room. My father hastened to add, so I would not get a wrong impression that I had not even considered anyway, that his friend likes the girls as well as the next guy.

So guys, what sort of peeing stances were cool when you were or are a kid? Share your stories with this forum.

I've noticed that at men's restrooms in airports, there is usually a lot of guys in there pooping (not doing Larry Craig stuff), especially in the mornings after some of the first flights get in. I'm wondering if the same thing goes on in the Lady's room? Are there a lot of women pooping after flights arrive, etc? would like to hear some first hand stories from women who fly a lot.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I took a camping vacation in France recently and as those of you who have been will know, toilet facilities are usually unisex. I was there for two weeks and for the first 10 days I visited two sites in Brittany and for the last few days another site further south in the Vendee region.

I just love overhearing women taking a poop, however in respect of the first two campsites I was disappointed because the toilet/ shower block was simply too noisy - there always seemed to be lots of people showering and washing pots and pans so I gave up on it and just enjoyed the lovely weather and the nearby beach.

At the last site in the Vendee I was initially also disappointed but for a different reason, the site was mainly comprised of static caravans and had very few campers so the toilet area was very quiet, hardly used in fact so by the second last day I had almost given up, however little did I realise I was about to experience! Late afternoon I decided to take a shower ready to go out for the evening and as usual it seemed to be deadly quiet. Just as I got into a shower cubicle I heard footsteps approaching outside. The showers were opposite the toilet cubicles and as the person passed by I could see under the partition a pair of woman's legs. She was wearing gold sandals and had painted toe nails.

She went to a toilet paper dispenser (which was outside the cubicles as is often the case in France) and took lots and lots of tissue - also I clearly heard a kind of 'pop pop pop' sound as she let off gas while taking the tissue, good signs of an impending poop I thought at the time. The woman took a cubicle diagonally opposite me after checking them all (they were all clean since they were hardly used) and I kept very quiet. After a rustle of clothing I immediately heard a soft grunting sound and then a silence. Strangely I didn't hear anything hitting the water but I did hear a half whispered "OH YES.. that's better" in English. She was obviously unaware of my presence since she was talking to herself (and very relieved by the sound of things). After a minute or so I was then struck by a strong smell of poo, slightly 'eggy', so this woman was obviously taking a good dump even though it was a quiet one up to that moment.

The silence was then broken by more soft grunting sounds, then a wet fart immediately followed by the rapid plopping sound of soft poop. This was obviously a two part dump of epic proportions. I then heard the woman say "Poooo Weeee"; almost as if she was enjoying the overpowering stink she was creating. In fact I got the impression that she was enjoying the whole experience almost as much as me. I wondered if she had an upset stomach or if she normally pooped like this, or even if she'd taken laxative to clear herself out after holiday constipation or something. Then a big clean up operation started and after two flushes she left. As she got clear of the toilet block I left as well. I could see the woman about 50 metres in front, she was about 40 years old, well tanned with dark long hair and quite a voluptuous figure. She wore a bikini or swimming costume with a blouse on top. To my surprise she went to one of the large static caravans where she joined her family.

I wandered around the block and back to have my shower. The toilet block still reeked and I looked inside the cubicle she had used. The toilet bowl was streaked with poo and the smell in there was overwhelming. This lovely looking woman had certainly produced one hell of a bowel movement.

Why had the woman used the toilet block instead of the toilet inside her static? I pondered this and decided it was either because she wanted some peace and/or she knew she was going to make a real stink and didn't want to embarrass herself and her family. Maybe she told them she was going for a walk of something and decided that taking toilet paper with her would make it obvious what she was up to. Anyway she certainly must have felt desperate to take a dump.

The story didn't end there because later that evening at the camp bar I saw the woman having drinks with her family. She was very attractive and was clearly enjoying herself. I even said hello and exchanged pleasantries at the bar. As I finished talking to her I really felt like saying, "I bet you felt better after that huge dump you took this afternoon", but I stopped myself! The whole episode finished off the vacation nicely.

So guys, when you attended or attend public school, is it socially acceptable in your local culture to watch your guy friend urinate in the school rest room?

Last time, I wrote about my friend Jason’s dump in nature and about our peeing in nature. Jason and I have been best friends since age 13 " we are now age 27.

The autumn after my family moved to the neighborhood where Jason and I lived two blocks apart, Jason and I attended an old middle school. [Our school district combined grades 1 - 6 in elementary school, 7 - 9 in middle school called junior high school, 10-12 in a fairly new high school.] That old middle school featured boys toilet rooms not updated since the 1950s. The bowl urinals stood side by side without partitions.

If a guy liked another guy, school culture allowed (if not encouraged) that guy to follow his friend into the rest room and watch him urinate. I might walk into a rest room to discover one guy relieving his bladder in a urinal and his friend standing close by watching. Or discover two friends standing side by side at adjoining urinals talking and watching each other’s penis empty urine. This happened fairly regularly, though not constantly. Jason and I enjoyed close friendship even as little guys, so we acted like the regular guys " typically we stood side by side at adjoining urinals and talked. Or watched. Or both.

Bowl urinals without partitions. I found it as private as urinating in the front hallway. You cannot expect a guy to become really pee shy, or really exhibitionistic either, until he attends and goes in an old school. In the 1930s through the 1960s, school districts and their architects designed the locker rooms and the boys’ restrooms to prepare boys for compulsory military service and a life in the factories.
A sadist architect designed the boy’s locker room / shower room complex. The locker room was wide open. No dressing cubicles The shower room was wide open. No individual showers. PE rules insisted we shower. No halls, no separating walls. The restroom was also wide open in plain view of both the shower room and the locker room. The bowl urinals had no partitions.

I remember the second day of 9th grade. I got started late and ran late the entire day. Every last class was a nightmare with a teacher who liked ordering little kids around. I attended P E first class after lunch. For some reason I arrived late from lunch to PE. I had not taken time all day for any personal activities, including taking my morning and midday pipi.

Jason and I enroll in the same PE class for moral support. We both found the teacher a sadist who worked us hard on the playing field behind the school building even on the second day. I had to urinate at the start of class, so by the middle of class I had to pee urgently. When class ended " finally " the other guys started moving from the playing field to the door that lead to the locker room. Jason walked up to me, put his arms around my shoulders and started whispering some gossip in my ear.

I said something along the lines of “Later dude. I gotta go to the urinal b " a - a - d - d . If I don’t pee quick, I’ll gush my shorts.”

I was not being entirely rude. When I started running back to the locker room, it took all my concentration to not urinate. I would have save energy just taking a stance in the playing field and letting out my urine in public. I did not have the courage for that. I think the school had a rule, too.

I peeled off my gym outfit at my locker " force of habit I guess " and dashed naked to the rest room clutching myself like a little boy.

That rest room had two toilets in stalls with doors, thank heaven. Guys occupied both of them. Two friends stood side by side at two of the three open bowl urinals, gossiping and watching each other urinate. One stood shirtless in shorts. The other wore shirts and shorts.

I moved to the third urinal and stood there for all to see in the restroom, shower room, locker room. I took a wide stance, and stood transfixed urinating urgently under heavy pressure. Whether I had to go a little or a lot, I always gushed as a youngster. Once I started, I could not stop.

The two friends left. I stood alone streaming onto the porcelain. I became aware that someone was behind me stroking the hair on the back of my head. I heard Jason’s voice. After a point, he stood next to me with his arm around my shoulder and told me his gossip. At the time, I could not tell if he did this as male bonding or to joke around or what.

I remember when I finally finished draining and moved away from the urinal, he took a stance " naked too he was, it turned out " at the same urinal and expelled his urine into the foaming puddle I had created in the little porcelain pond. So I stood next to him, with my arm around his shoulder and talked and watched. For me it was male bonding. When he finished, we showered.

Nobody said a thing to us. Cool athletic guys ruled in school, and we were cool athletic guys.

So, guys, at your school can you or could you stand by your friend in the school boys’ room and watch him pee if you wanted? What part did peeing play in male bonding? Tell us your stories in this forum.

My friend Stac posted (page 1779) about the experiences we had at our week-long summer camp counseling jobs. I still have a sore on the back of my right thigh from one of the slivers I got from the old wooden toilet seats which were something Stac and I had never been seen before. They were like square seats, quite a few years old and they were covered by trap doors that you had to lift before you sat down. Since I move around a lot when I crap, two of them broke through my skin and I had to pick slivers out of my butt that hurt and I got an infection of sorts in one of the "wounds" that has only started to heal in the past week. Also, like Stac wrote about previously, we didn't like having to flush the wooden toilet by pulling this old chain that came out of the ceiling. I know a couple of the grade school boys I was responsible for didn't have enough muscle to pull the chain down all the way to activate the flusher. I told them that a lot of us probably would have had difficulties in pioneer days.

Well this past week Stac and I had another experience. We were volunteered by our church to work 8 hours at our city's homeless peoples mission. It's an old building (I think a converted factory)that offers meals, clothing and counseling to the homeless. I don't know how they do the assignments but Stac was assigned to work in the kitchen. I was assigned to the food pantry which means I unloaded trucks of bent cans and expired goods from grocery stores and then wheeled them into the warehouse where they had to be stacked onto pallets.

Our shift started at 6 a.m. and by 7 a.m. I needed to take my morning crap. I held it until I was given my break at like about 8:15. I was directed down the hall to the large restroom complex that also included an adjacent room of showers, a couple of bathtubs, and another room that I didn't see. The bathroom looked like what was the former locker room for the factory. There were lockers, a couple of long benches for changing clothes on, and farther down a room of 8 or 10 stalls on each side of the room facing one another. At one end of the room there were about a dozen sinks and at the opposite end of the room there was a long, animal trough-type urinal that guys were standing next to one another and peeing into. It was like 10-feet long and mounted onto the wall. I've had experiences before, although not all that pleasant with the open stall bathrooms but this one with the stalls right across from one another seemed like it would be very non-private and I was right. Several of the stalls were taken and I couldn't help but notice one guy with really old and tattered trousers because he was starting to drop a long piece of crap as he was just sitting down. He was slowly pulling his blue boxers down and lowering himself but not as fast as the crap was dropping. He might have had arthritis or something like that that slowed him down. But his bowels weren't affected.

I tore off three pieces of toilet paper to lay over the seat and while I was laying them on the seat, the guy on the stool directly across from me called out "College boy! (I'm 16 and in high school) are you afraid to sit and shit like the rest of us?" Luckily I sat on the paper and dropped two logs fairly fast and didn't reply to him. I turned around, flicked the paper into the stool after I wiped, and noticed he was gone when I turned around from flushing.

I walked out and washed my hands. Then I went back to the pantry. On lunch break Stac and I talked about what he might have meant by his comment. What we do know is that this past month we've had some interesting toilet experiences. With school starting soon it's got to get better. Right?

Mr. Clogs
Does anyone have stories of themselves, witnessing other people pee and poop in things other than a toilet or places other than the bathroom? Please post your stories. Thanks.

Hey All,

I have been visting this site for awhile. Just wantd to tell you about a recent poop I had off of a fishing dock. I am a 19 year old male. I was at a private pond fishing and had the urge. So, I pulled down my pants and boxers and sat my butt over the edge and held on to the attached bench. I dropped a load of about 5 9" turds. It felt great! They hit the water and sank almost instantly. It was great. Any ladies have anymore pee or pooping outside stories. Those are the best!

To China girl
I love your posts, they make me smile and sometimes laugh every time. Keep them coming.

It would seems you have quite the ability to drop large turds, if I may ask what is the biggest dump you recall doing? How long did you hold it and did it block up the toilet when it came out? Would be great to hear your story on this, and offcourse other ladies that can drop big ones.

So guys, when you spent the day with your guy friend or guy friends and you need to urinate, can you empty in front of your guy?

Jason and I have been best friends since we met at ages 13. We are now married to different women and age 27. We still insist on activities together and guys nights once a month. We like to hike in the mountains and foothills east of town.

I make sure to make my bowels move at home before I hike. So does Jason. Urinating is another thing. You have to drink a lot of water on a hike, which means a lot of bathroom breaks. We rarely find thickets to hide in or the backs of trees to water. Usually we will stop, make sure no one else is another, take three or four steps off the trail, open our pants and go. Sometimes we turn our backs to each other, and sometimes we just take a few steps, stand in profile and urinate. Sometimes when we have a lot to talk about and don’t want to stop talking as we hike, I have just stopped, taken a few steps to the side, unbuttoned my levis and urinated facing Jason. Sometimes he has urinated facing me.

I have never seen Jason bowel move, until last Saturday morning.

So guys when you spend the day with a boy friend or boy friends and you need to defecate, can you unload in front of your guy?

Last Saturday, we were hiking quickly up an incline in the forest when Jason stopped, bent over. I turned and asked what was the matter. He looked nauseated. In fact I braced myself to hold his head while he vomited.

“Do you have any toilet paper? I gotta dump bad.”

I had kleenex in my backpack. I looked around and saw a good private thicket in the distance. I pointed to it

Jason by then was about four paces off the trail.

“No time,” he panted as he started to unbuckle his shorts and drop them and his boxers to his knees, “it’s coming out.”

He started to squat. It was a classic belt scraper. He wasn’t even in complete low squat as his anus domed, opened, and expelled a heavy turd onto the ground.

I turned to the trail to see if any other hikers were coming up or down. I heard a heavy moist sort of sound, the sort of sound a guy makes when a lot of turdage comes out under a lot of internal pressure. When I turned around, the pile under him had gotten bigger.

I walked over fishing out toilet paper.

“All done?” I asked brightly.

He farted, panted, and gasped again. “No. I haven’t shit in two "“ At that point his glottis closed and his butt made a deep heavy sound that came from deep inside. He laid unbroken cable. The yellowish brown rope coiled loosely under him. I suspect that his time reference would have been two days, but from the looks of it, you would imagine he hadn’t used a toilet in two weeks.

“Feeling better?” I asked, kneeling with the toilet paper in hand.

“No,” he replied, breathing heavily and farting. “I still haveta "“

I knew how he felt. A few times in my life, I still had to go to the bathroom even while I was in the act of going to the bathroom.

I don’t know what word he would have used, but the glottis closed and load of mush crackled out in ribbons and flakes. It covered everything. So guys, when you spend the day with a guy you like and he has to eliminate, will he let you watch?

Toilet charger
Had a text from a friend this morning who I was meant to be meeting up with and just thought it was one to be shared with you guys

Sorry guy's can't make it today. I've been up since 4am with food poisoning. Been to the toilet every hour. Unfortunatly also tried to sleep it off and woke up in a dirty bed.

i'm back! a few weeks ago i was sitting in my house when i felt the erge to pee. I decided to see how long i could hold it so i sat on a chair and waited. an hour later the urge was very bad so i went to get up to go the bathroom. but when i got up it squirted into my pants. after i was done i waddled to the bathroom and cleaned up. see you soon bye!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

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