Emily W
Hello. This is my 1st post ever so I hope you enjoy it. This happened to me in June before I broke up on the summer holidays. For everyone who wants to know I will describe myself. My name is Emily and I'm a 15 year old girl. I'm 5"4 and have a slim build. I enjoy jogging and swimming. My school outfit is a white blouse, checked skirt and knee high socks, flat shoes.
Without further delay, my story...enjoy.

My stomach was aching and I knew I would have to get to a bathroom soon. I was excused from the classroom and ran down the hall to the girls bathroom. I slammed the cubicle door shut and sat down. Instantly a brown river shot out of me and into the bowl. It stank so bad. I just sat there waiting for it all to end. Once I had finished I wiped and returned to class. I had been gone for 30 minutes. I whispered to my teacher what had happened and I wasn't punished. I continued to work for 30 more minutes before school ended and I walked home.

I don't live far away but due to my bad stomach I took a shortcut through the park. I could feel my stomach aching again so I sat on the park bench hoping to prevent an accident. My stomach cramped and diarrhoea shot into my panties. I was mortified. I pulled my skirt out from underneath me so it didn't get stained before I buried my head into my hands and began to cry, I couldn't believe this was happening to me. A girl from my class saw me crying and sat down next to me. She was a tall brunette with a lovely smile. She was slim with an average sized chest and looked fabulous in her school clothes.
"Are you ok?" she asked, wrapping her arms around me.
"Not really." I replied as a wet fart slipped out.
"Aww, you're ill. Upset stomach?" I nodded. "It's ok Hun, just relax and let your body do what it has to."
"Really?" I was confused; I thought holding would stop the diarrhoea.
"Seriously, try it now. I had the same problem a few weeks ago,"

She took my hand and I relaxed, instantly another wave of diarrhoea shot into my panties. "That's it, keep relaxing girl. Whatever your body wants to do; let it do it." I was sat there for a minute when another wave hit. "I need to pee!" I told her.
"Just go when your body goes Hun, if you need to pee, then pee. Don't hold it, but don't force it out either." Another 10 seconds went by when my stomach cramped again. I didn't fight it as instructed and just kept relaxed. Pee began to flow into my knickers with a hiss. Soon the pee broke through and began to fall through the slats of the bench. I peed for thirty seconds then stopped.

"Just watching you do that has made me realise my bladder needs, you don't mind if I go here do you?" I told her it was fine with me. She moved her hands up her checked skirt and pulled down a white thong before squatting. A stream of pee shot out and hit the floor a short distance away, soon a puddle began to form. She finished her pee and sat next to me again. "All better?" she asked, referring to my stomach. "It's better but I still think I got some left"

"Let's get you cleared up; I live a few minutes away." I got up and we began walking to her house. "Sarah's the name by the way." I told her my name and we continued to go to her house. She unlocked the door and we walked in. "The bathrooms upstairs, feel free to take a shower." As I walked up the stairs my stomach cramped again. Feeling more to come I threw away my knickers and sat down on her toilet. Another wave shot out and hit the water. Sarah came upstairs to get changed and saw me sat there, I hadn't closed the door. "You can push if you like now Emily, you won't make a mess of your clothes."
"Sarah, I can't do this." She crouched down in front of me and took my hands.
"Yes you can, I know you can. When I tell you to, I want you to push. You need to clear your system."
My stomach cramped up but nothing came out, the pain was dreadful and I was just leant forward. "are you having cramps?" she asked. I nodded. "Ok, push, and don't stop until the flow stops." I grunted and began to push. The stuff was pouring out of me making a loud splash into the bowl. "That's it, keep pushing it's nearly over!" I continued to push and within a minute I was empty. I had finally defeated it.

She left to get changed and I jumped into the shower. I was in there for 20 minutes before I got out and went downstairs. Sarahs parents had came home and i was introducted to them. They were really nice. I had dinner and Sarah gave me some ftesh knickers. A few hours later I went home, reflecting on the events of the day. Me and Sarah are best friends now, how could'nt we be after our experience today.

Right im sorry i couldnt tell u my post because i wasn on holiday.
so i will tell u now and i have a couple of questions.

so i woke up and my mum and dad was out working so i set out on my dump it didnt feel so bad this time it felt more hard and knobbley. so i walked down the road with no bother and went in the bushes. u couldnt really see the dump i took last time cuz it was raining so i looked around and i found a branch i could sit on, so i went and sat on that.

it came out fairly slow to start off with it came out about 7 inches and it came out quite smooth and smushy near the end. i gave another push and a load of smush came pouring out my butt, in little blobbs 1 on top of the other. when i was finished i took a look at it, i saw the first nobbly bit and a load of yellow gunk ontop. i wiped and pulled up my boxers, just then the pressure built up amazingly quick i pulled down my boxers in a flash and gave a bubbly fart and a small shower of shit came out my bum. it was all over the branch and everything (because i had to do it standing up). then i wiped again and left.

A little more about me, i am 14 and quite tall and bulky, i am very masculine and have got a tite 6 pack, black short hair and a longish face.
now a couple of questions for use.

Has any1 got any ideas of where i can take a dump out side. i like taking dumps in strange places and im bored of going in the bushes all the time.
and what all gives u diarrhea, i would like to have all runny diarrhea somewere and feel the great realefe of letting it out.

Now because im back from my holiday ive had alot of junk food.
i havent went in 3 days and ive had 3 kabads a cheese burger lasangne and alot more junk food and im going to go in my usual spot later tonoght :D

Cyee later :)

When I was walking hope from work, I felt this need to poo. When I had just turned into my street, I couldnt hold it any more and did it in my pants. As soon as I got home, I went to the toilet and emptied my pants into the toilet, fortunately it was reasonably solid so my pants wernt stained. I sat down and diarea exploded out of my bum.

Johnny B
Hi everyone, this is my first post and after many months of being an avid fan of the site and enjoying the many wonderful stories thought it about time I shared a few of my own.

The first memory that springs to mind goes back around 27 years to when I was around 28 years of age. A group of us had been on a boozy night out and had just returned to a friends flat for a couple more drinks. As soon as we entered the flat I headed straight for the bathroom as I desperately needed to pee. As I entered the bathroom my girlfriends sister Jackie barged her way in too and promptly locked the dooor behind us. When I asked her what she was doing she giggled and said that she wanted too hold my penis for me.

I was taken aback but found the idea very exciting so agreed. I unzipped my jeans and hooked my now semi erect penis out from my boxers. Jackie promptly grabbed hold of it and pointed it at the bowl of the toilet. With her hand wrapped around it it wasnt long before it had grown to its fully erect length of around 7.5 inches. Jackie waited for my flow to start but as every male knows peeing through a fully erect penis takes a bit of time for the flow to begin.

Eventually I felt a torrent of pee start to gush through my penis and Jackie must has felt it too. She turned to me and smiled as it surged throgh my shaft and out to splash on the white porcelain of the toilet bowl. She seemed to delight in pointing my gushing stream at various parts of the bowl and into the water itself. She also said that she loved the feeling of my pee surging through my penis.

It wasnt long before we were both missed. We had some explaining to do but no one ever found out what really went on in that bathroom. Happy memories - and more to follow.

Whilst on holiday in the UK my wife was very constipated for about 7 days.
When she finally took her poop it was late at night(in our hotel downstairs toilet at the bar), she said it was the biggest poop she had ever done in her life.
I have to say at this point my wife has done some big loads in the past, as I have to get rid of them.
The next morning we were told by the hotel management that the whole of the hotel's toilet system was clogged and out of order.
On our return that evening we were told by the janitor that the hotel's toilets were working again. He said the blockage was in the ladies toilet in the bar, he said he thought an elephant had used the toilet as the main sewer pipe for the hotel was severely blocked by a giant turd. The janitor was so shocked by it's size, he said he had even taken a photo of it to show his mates.

I'm 14 years old, and I'll be in 9th grade when school starts again. I was born with Cerebral Palsy so I'm in a wheelchair. As you can imagine, that means I don't go to the bathroom quite like everyone else but I am potty trained, I can feel when I need to go, and I can hold it for a reasonable length of time usually.

I'll start off with some random stuff about my bathroom habits.

When I need to pee at home I use a female urinal which is a plastic bottle with a wide opening. I'm pee shy so only certain people are allowed to hold the urinal while I go. I can't go if other people hold it. I only hold it on my own in "About to have an accident" emergencies because my hands aren't very steady, and dropping a full bladder of pee on the floor is not a good thing. Trust me. I've done it.

When I need to poop my dad lifts me onto the toilet, or, if my dad isn't home I lay on my side on a towel and go on the towel because my mom can't lift me.

At school I wear Goodnites so I don't have to leave class for long periods to go pee, and technically if I need to poop I'm supposed to go to the handicapped classroom for help but I feel too rushed using that toilet, so if i don't think I can hold it until I get home I just go ahead and poop in my Goodnite and then go to the handicapped class and tell them I had an "accident", They never question me because most of the handicapped kids have accidents. They always send a note home to tell my parents about my "accident" but I told my parents a long time ago that I wasn't comfortable pooping in that bathroom and would rather poop my pants. They basically said as long as I'm not embarrassed by other kids knowing that I poop my pants, it's fine with them. Most of the kids assume that I can't help it, and my close friends know I do it on purpose sometimes, and they don't care.

I pee in the shower if I have to go while I'm in the shower. I use a shower chair since I can't stand up, and the seat of the chair has holes to drain water. When I pee it either drips over the edge or through the holes in the seat. I also pee in the swimming pool.

I get constipated somewhat frequently. It's a common side effect of Cerebral Palsy. If I'm not able to go for 3 days I take stool softeners and wear a Goodnite all the time until I'm able to go. In extreme cases my mom will make me have a suppository which is this waxy thing they stick up my butt that causes me to go. I hate them.

On long car trips I wear Goodnites. On short car trips I wear regular underwear but the backseat is covered with plastic and towels just in case we get stuck in traffic or for some other reason I have an accident in the car.


That leads me to the story of how I met my best friend. In 3rd grade (8 years old) every kid in my grade took a trip to the state capital building which is 3 hours away. The trip to the capital was pretty uneventful, and so was the actual tour of the capital. I wet my Goodnite twice and my teacher changed me into a dry one. On the way home I rested my head on the headrest of my wheelchair because I planned sleep through most of the trip. It only took me a few minutes to fall asleep. I'm not sure how long I had been asleep but a while later I felt someone in the seat in front of me (the wheelchair spaces were in the very back) tap on my leg. I opened my eyes and saw a girl I didn't really know. I had seen her a couple of times but we had different teachers. She apologized for waking me up and I could tell she was nervous or embarrassed. She lowered her voice so that only I could hear her.

"Um...I don't mean to embarrass you, but do you wear diapers?" I was still half asleep so I just nodded my head. I thought I saw something like relief in her face but I wasn't sure.

"Are they they the pull-up kind or the tape kind?" I gave her a funny look, but I was curious where the conversation was going so I answered her.

"Pull-up." This time I was sure I saw relief or happiness in her face.

"Um...Can I I have one?" I didn't really answer her. I just gave her a confused look so she clarified.

"I know this probably seems weird because I don't know you but I REALLY have to pee and I don't think I can hold it until we get back to school. I'm afraid I'm going to have an accident in front of everyone."

On some level I admired her bravery. Most kids would never admit to a stranger that they were about to have an accident. I told her they were in my backpack on the back of my chair. She quickly got up, and the teacher yelled at her for standing up while the bus was moving.

"I'm getting..." I showed her my medical bracelet with my name on it. "Vanessa her backpack."
The teacher seemed to accept her answer and turned back around. After getting herself a Goodnite she handed me my backpack to cover her lie. She hid behind my wheelchair while she put it on under her skirt. As soon as she sat back down in the seat directly in front of me she closed her eyes and her face got flushed, I immediately recognized the relieved expression on her face. A minute later she opened her eyes and gave me a shy smile and thanked me. At this point she told me that her name was Molly. As the bus ride continued I noticed that her initial relief was replaced by worry. I asked her what was wrong.

"I left my underwear on because I didn't want anyone to see things they shouldn't see while I was putting it on. I just put the diaper over them, so they're all wet. My mom might get mad."

Eventually we came up with the plan to ask our parents if we could have a sleepover. Our parents agreed and after convincing her parents that she could borrow my stuff rather than going home and packing, my mom took us back to my house. We told my mom about everything that happened on the bus and she washed Molly's wet underwear so that her parents wouldn't find out. We've been friends since that day.


Okay, this is getting long, I'm getting tired, and I have to go to the bathroom so I'll stop now. Feel free to ask questions or comment on what I said. I'll do my best to respond in my next message.



Sarah from Calgary
Oh my god! Today is Friday, August 21st as I write this and in the past two days I have ruined FIVE pairs of panties. I have had the worst case of pre-menstrual diarrhea that I can remember having in months. It started yesteday morning...

I woke up at around 6 am and took my two pugs for their morning walk. As we were walking, my stomach started cramping up. I knew that my period was due to start on Sunday or Monday, so I just put it off as being PMS cramps. After a few minutes, the cramps got worse and went down to my bowels. In a matter of minutes, I knew that I had to get back home. Pugs can be rather stubborn and quite strong when they don't want to move, so I had to tug on them to get them to walk home. As I was pleading with them and tugging on them to walk, a spurt of diarrhea shot out of me. I couldn't control it and after a few more seconds, diarrhea poured into my panties and into my pajama bottoms. It was horrible! As I was walking home with the pugs, I could feel it sloshing around in my panties and start to leak down my legs. When we got to our house, their paws were wet, so I had to towel them off. As I bent over another wave of diarrhea over came me and I filled my panties again. I immediately got inside and went directly into the shower with all my clothes on. I undressed top to bottom. My pajama bottoms were a complete mess and my panties were a write off. My husband felt really bad for me and told me to call in sick for work. Unfortunately, I had a couple important meetings that day and I had to get to work.

After I cleaned myself up, I had a light breakfast and took an Immodium. Sometimes these work for me, sometimes they don't. Yesterday, they didn't work. :(

Before I left for work, I went to my car and took a look at my emergency kit. In it I always keep a few extra pairs of panties, an extra pair of dress pants, and a supply of maxi pads (Always Maximum Protection Ultra Thins). It's a good thing I checked, because I only had one pair of panties, no dress pants and no pads! I grabbed the bag from my car and went back into my house where I re-stocked almost everything. I grabbed an extra pair of panties, which gave me two for just in case, and an extra pair of black dress pants. I was out of pads, so I knew that I needed to stop at a drug store on my way to work.

On my way to the drug store, which is really close to my office, my bowels started cramping up again. I tried to hold on but as I pulled into the parking lot, I felt a little gas go, and it was wet. I grabbed my purse and gingerly got out of my car as I knew that each move I made was critical. As I was walking through the parking lot, the cramps got worse and worse and I couldn't hold it back. As I stepped up to the side walk, my bowels erupted and I lost my load. I was mortified! Here I was, standing outside of Shopper's Drug Mart, with my panties and pants full of diarrhea. I didn't know what to do! Since my period wasn't due to start until Sunday or Monday, I decided to go back to my car. I grabbed a few towels that we use for the pugs at the dog park and put them on my seat. As I sat down, the diarrhea splashed everywhere. And I mean everywhere! It went up my back, up my front and down my legs.

I decided to go to my office even though the logical choice would have been to call in sick. The meetings I had were just too important so I figured that I could clean myself up and change into the pants and clean panties I had in my emergency kit. So, that's what I did.

Two pairs of panties, three to go...

Later that day, just before my second meeting, I started feeling sick again. I took another Immodium and went to the ladies room where I let out two more torrents of diarrhea. When I finally felt empty, I got myself together, washed my hands, grabbed the things I needed for my meeting and went on my way.

My meeting was about a 15 minute walk from my office. Since it was really nice out, and since I was finally feeling better, I decided to walk. The meeting went for about an hour and I felt pretty good during it. Right up until the end at least. I started cramping up, so I asked the person I met with if I could use their washroom before I left their office. I went to the ladies room and all three stalls were in use. I started cramping up really bad and I could feel some diarrhea leak past my tightly clenched butt cheeks. I could also feel it soak into my panties. I felt terrible as wave after wave hit me as I stood there waiting for one of the ladies to finish up. After a few minutes, I made a fateful decision and decided to leave and go back to my office. That turned out to be a terrible mistake. After a few minutes of walking, a strong cramp hit me and I lost my load again. I totally filled my panties with this wet, hot, mushy load of diarrhea. My emergency kit was at my desk in my office, so I had the embarrassing task of having to walk by my co-workers and grab my bag.

I didn't have another pair of pants to change into, but I did at least have some clean panties to wear. Since I didn't have to sit down, my pants were pretty clean. Some diarrhea had excaped through the right leg hole of my panties, but it wasn't too bad. I was able to clean out my dress pants pretty good.

When I got back to my office, my boss, who is female and know's about my problems, told me to go home. There was only one hour left in the day anyway, so that's what I did. She told me to get better and to call in sick for Friday if I had to. I told her that I would probably be okay and that I would see her tomorrow (which is now today).

Well, during the night, I still had diarrhea. We have an on-suite bathroom in our master bedroom, so I made it each time I had to go. The Immodium wasn't working, so I decided to try some Pepto instead. That seemed to help up until the point that I had to walk my pugs again. Just like yesterday morning, I lost everything in my bowels on our walk and messed my panties and p.j.'s again. They were different p.j.'s of course. I got into the shower and as I pulled everything off, I had another explosion in my pants. It was like water and poured out of my panties and down my legs. I cleaned myself up and decided to call in sick.

That's four pairs, here's how I ruined the fifth pair, about a half an hour ago...

I took some more Pepto and told my husband that I was going to go back to bed to get some sleep. He brought me some water and ginger ale to help re-hydrate myself since I was on day two of having almost constant diarrhea.

About a half hour ago, at around 7:30am, I was feeling okay, but the pugs were after me to get up. I raised myself up on my elbows and my panties felt wet and sticky. My pajama bottoms, which were black, were wet and sticky too. A shiver of horror overcame me. I thought, "Did I diarrhea myself in bed!?!" I quickly got up and went to the washroom. I didn't even take a look at my bed sheets. At the time, it didn't occur to me to even look. I got into the washroom, stood over the toilet and carefully pulled down my pajama bottoms and panties. They were soaked and I mean SOAKED in blood! It was like when my period started, it exploded out of me! I pulled my panties back up as I was bleeding quite heavily and did a frantic search for a pad. I checked all through the cupboards in our washroom and just when I thought I was completely out, I found one. I looked at it with such a relief that only a woman can understand. I grabbed a clean pair of panties, got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth and went to the drug store near where we live. Unfortunately, I had another small bout of diarrhea, but this time it went into the pad I was wearing. My bowels were pretty much running on empty anyway, so this was more of a wet fart. When I got home, I showered, and grabbed a new pad for my panties.

Thank god the drug store was open, because as I sit here and type this, I can feel the need to change my pad already and it's only been about an hour since I got home!

Well, I'm sorry for such a long post. The good news is that the frequency of these types of episodes for me haven't been happening quire as frequently as they did a few years ago. However, when they do happen, they are really bad!

Sarah from Calgary.

Does anyone have any poop desperation stories? There used to be 2 ladies, Desperate to Poop and Red Headed Michelle, who had some very good desperation stories. If anybody has any stories like these, would love to hear.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Right im sorry i couldnt tell u my post because i wasn on holiday.
so i will tell u now and i have a couple of questions.

so i woke up and my mum and dad was out working so i set out on my dump it didnt feel so bad this time it felt more hard and knobbley. so i walked down the road with no bother and went in the bushes. u couldnt really see the dump i took last time cuz it was raining so i looked around and i found a branch i could sit on, so i went and sat on that.

it came out fairly slow to start off with it came out about 7 inches and it came out quite smooth and smushy near the end. i gave another push and a load of smush came pouring out my butt, in little blobbs 1 on top of the other. when i was finished i took a look at it, i saw the first nobbly bit and a load of yellow gunk ontop. i wiped and pulled up my boxers, just then the pressure built up amazingly quick i pulled down my boxers in a flash and gave a bubbly fart and a small shower of shit came out my bum. it was all over the branch and everything (because i had to do it standing up). then i wiped again and left.

A little more about me, i am 14 and quite tall and bulky, i am very masculine and have got a tite 6 pack, black short hair and a longish face.
now a couple of questions for use.

Has any1 got any ideas of where i can take a dump out side. i like taking dumps in strange places and im bored of going in the bushes all the time.
and what all gives u diarrhea, i would like to have all runny diarrhea somewere and feel the great realefe of letting it out.

Now because im back from my holiday ive had alot of junk food.
i havent went in 3 days and ive had 3 kabads a cheese burger lasangne and alot more junk food and im going to go in my usual spot later tonoght :D

Cyee later :)

Amanda M
Last week I was down at the shore house all week. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but the shore house is fairly small everything is on one floor and you can hear what goes on in the bathroom most of the time. I don't really like that cause I get embarrassed when people can hear me in the bathroom. I don't really care about peeing but pooping I get embarrassed. When I'm there and I have to go I try and go when no one is in the house or when everyone is asleep cause everyone usually goes to bed before me but if I can't wait I turn on the water to cover the sound.

Saturday after dinner me my mom and my sister were bored so we decided to go to the boardwalk. I was planning to get this shirt that I wanted and my sister was going to play some games. A little while after we got there my stomach started hurting for some reason. I ignored it hoping it would pass. It didn't as time went by the pain got worse. I knew I was going to have to use the bathroom soon. I really just wanted to go home but if I asked to go home my mom would wonder why I wanted to leave so soon and I didn't want to tell. I just went on.

We were in this one arcade and my sister was trying to win a stuffed animal out of those cranes. I kneeled down on the floor hoping she would hurry up. Finally she won the stuffed animal she wanted. We left the arcade and started walking back when we saw the book store. My sister wanted to go in so we did. I was hoping she would be fast but she was taking forever.I was starting to get nuts. I was really in a lot of pain and needed a bathroom so bad. There were plenty of bathrooms I could have used but there was no way I was going to. I begged her to hurry up but all she kept saying was wait a minute.

Finally she got her book and we started walking back again. Are we going home now I asked my mom and she said yeah I guess. She could tell something was wrong. She kept asking me what was wrong but I wasn't telling.I just said I wanted to go home. They were walking really slow. I begged and begged for them to walk faster. It didn't work though. My mom figured out that my stomach was hurting without me even telling her.Then she started with all the questions.She was really embarrassing me thats why I don't like to tell. I didn't tell that I had to poop I just said I had to pee.

Finally we got to the car. My mom still wouldnt stop asking me questions and now my grandmom knew of my stomach problems too now. My mom though maybe I was getting my time and asked if I wanted to stop and get pads. I knew I wasn't and really just needed the bathroom but I said yes just to try and cover it up. I was going to stay in the car but mom made me come out cause she didn't know what kind I wanted. I really didn't want to but I did. We got them and got in line I tried to read this magazine but I couldnt even concentrate on it. We paid and got back to the car. I squeezed my butt with all my might. I really though I was going to poop myself. It was bad.

Finally we got home. I quickly said hi to my grandpop his wife and 2 cousins who were out on the deck. Then I ran to the bedroom and grabbed my body spray then ran to the bathroom. I turned on the water unbuttoned my jeans and as soon as my butt hit the toilet diarrhea started squirting out. I sprayed some spray and flushed the toilet.Then another wave came out. I sprayed some more spray and moaned a little.I flushed again.I gave a slight push grunted quietly and a third wave came along with lots of loud wet farts. I was really worried someone would hear me even with the water on. I sprayed more spray and sat a bit longer. Finally I was done I wiped and flushed. Then sprayed a final time.
I felt sooooo much better after that. I haven't had to go that bad in a long time. sorry for the long post

I've never posted before. So I will now! I am nine years old. This is my only pee accident story. I was really little, in nursery school, and it was my very, very first day. I didn't know where the toilets were, so I had to hold on for a good two hours. Finally, noon came, and it was time for the morning kids to go home, while the afternoon kids went. I was walking home with my childminder, who I won't name. I remember coming up her front path, and being desperate and saying, "***, I think I wet my pants!" The *** is my childminder's name. She told me to go upstairs and change. I still hadn't wet myself. I went upstairs, took of my knickers and peed. She was cross, my childminder, but she changed me and it was OK.

P.S. I would love to see more pee stories. They interest me!

Hi !

As some of you might recall, I post here a few times a year and I have cerebral palsy. My CP doesn't affect my use of the toilet but I've had a life long fascination with bathroom stuff.

Something happened the other morning that I thought was pretty funny and I though I'd share this story with all of you.

I get up every weekday morning at about 4:45 to get washed and dressed for work. I usually wake-up with an urgent need to urinate as I take a diuretic to control my blood pressure. I typically wake-up once a night to go to the toilet but fortunately I fall back to sleep pretty fast. Nevertheless, I seem to leak urine overnight as I usually awaken with damp undershorts (and I know it's pee) as well as a pretty urgent need to pee. Fortunately, my bedclothes are fairly dry, so I'm not at the point where I need an adult diaper overnight, although that might be coming (I'm almost 60).

In the last few years, my bowel habits have also changed, and it's now pretty common to have a BM first thing in the morning. Upon entering the bathroom I usually sit on the toilet in expectation of a bowel movement (although I occasionally sit to urinate as well).

So, the other morning I didn't think a BM was imminent, and so I just urinated in the toilet and began brushing my teeth, shaving, and running my bath water. Just before I was finished shaving, I had a slight urge to poop and while it wasn't an overwhelming urge, I thought I should get on the toilet and try to go, just in case.

I got myself situated on the toilet, and realized I needed to push a little to get it started, but within a minute or so, I had passed my stool. However, I could tell that I did a lot as it felt like a large "log." But, something didn't sound right when it dropped into the toilet.

Because I needed to move along, I unrolled some toilet paper, lifted my buttocks above the toilet seat, and wiped myself. However, I felt unusually clean and knew that I wouldn't need to keep wiping myself, as is usually the case.

I got off the toilet, looked in the bowl, and somewhat to my surprise, there was no BM, just my toilet paper on top of the water. For some reason, I decided to wipe myself again (although, truth to tell, I usually don't worry about getting *that* clean after a BM
if I know I'm going right into the bathtub) and there was nothing on the toilet paper.

So, now I figured my doo-doo was under the toilet paper (in the bowl), and that it wasn't as big as I thought it was, and it would be visible as soon as I flushed. I flushed, and much to my surprise, no bowel movement. Apparently, because of its size and weight, my BM just went all the way down without needing to be flushed.

I'm sure this has happened to me before, but I'm always amused by this when it happens.

As a little postscript to this story. I thought I was "cleaned-out" for the day, and wouldn't need to have another BM that day. Wrong. Around midafternoon, I had a very sustained urge for another bowel movement, and when I went to the men's room at work, it was very messy and it took awhile to get completely clean (wiped) afterwards.

Hi all,

I saw something today that was fun in itself and reminded me an accident I had as a kid, which I thought I'd share with you.

I was at a filling station today, when a car pulled up and two girls got out. One was about 9, the other about 7. I guess they had done a long time in the car, because the 9 year old was obviously desperate to pee. She had her hand under her skirt, pressed right up into her crotch, and she set off immediately to find a toilet. But their Mum got out of the car too, and made her wait whilst she took the younger girl into the only toilet. The 9 year old begged her Mum to let her go in first, but she was told to grow up and just wait a couple of minutes. I stood there frozen, trying not to be too obvious, watching this girl dancing around outside the toilet until she suddenly stopped as pee started to pour down her legs onto the floor.

As fun as that was to watch, it reminded me of a similar time that I did not enjoy, but which also showed the dangers of a little sibling taking the only toilet.

Several decades ago, when I was about 8, I was lying on my bed with my little brother, reading him a story. I was fairly aware of having to pee, and the longer we lay there the more urgent my need was. I got to the point where I was holding myself through my knickers, but I still didn't go to the toilet straightaway, mainly because I was comfortable, I was feeling lazy, and I knew the toilet was just across the corridor.
As I carried on reading, my desperation got to the point where I was pretty much writhing on my bed. I was wearing a dress, and it was up around my waist, and I was continualy holding myself through my knickers and tightly crossing my legs. Looking back now, I guess it's embarrassing that I was doing that in front of my brother, but he was only little at the time. Anyway, it got to the point where I knew I had to pee very soon, but I was still putting it off and I wanted to try and finish the book I was reading to him. I could feel myself just starting to get wet as I was holding myself, but just then I finished the book and realised I should go pee straightaway. I stood up, turned to put the book on the shelf, but somehow in that time my brother stood up and walked over to the bathroom. I turned back round just in time to see him close the door and lock it.

Panicking slightly I dashed over to the toilet, putting my hand back between my legs as I realised that I would wet myself if I didn't. I knocked on the door and asked my brother to let me in, but he said he was using the toilet. I pleaded with him that I had to go, as I realised that suddenly standing up had made me even more desperate to pee. I was holding myself with both hands now, crossing my legs and crouching down to try and keep control, but I couldn't hold it back and a full baldder of pee poured out of me, soaking my knickers and pooling on the floor.

That was a very embarrassing accident for me and a reminder of the dangers of younger brothers.


Hi Mindy,

I loved your story about you and your sister at the Mall.

You're really lucky! I remember one time when I was about 13, the toilets were closed at the Mall because of a plumbing problem. I tried really hard to hold it until my friend's Mum came to pick me up, but I just couldn't do it and I wet my pants in the middle of the Mall. If only I'd been brave and intuitive enough to do what you did!

Have you had any times when you've not been so resourceful and have ended up wetting your pants? Or has Jenny?


-toni- and excuse my spelling its my downfall

I always hated busses too...I have had more stories as well, but my email is if u ever wanna share some stories.

This one time i was eating at a local carnival about 7 years ago, and i ate everything i could afford. Little did i kno i would get a 24 hour flu bug thing. Well the nest day i had been throwing up like every hour on the dot. Well towards the end of the day i was still throwing up and I still felt full so i tryed to get myself to throw up a little more and BAM!!! I had diarrea all over my shorts and boxers, and on the floor. i was so embarresed about this i locked my self in the bathroom and tried to clean it up before anyone could know what happened.

Toni -

Would love to hear more from you!

Yes I remember something similar happening to me, parents wouldn't let us out the room because admittedly we had been messing around earlier in the evening. I tried as hard as I could to hold it in but failed...

Toni - Yes, I'd like to hear some of your stories about long school bus trips and not being able to hold it.

In 7th grade, we were returning from a field trip and one girl had to go to the bathroom really bad. They wouldn't stop because the bus needed to get back by a certain time. She held it as long as she could but eventually she peed her pants, about a half hour before we got back to school.

China girl
Good to see everyone. It's nice posting again. Since some time passed I'll post a series of more stories after this one. Some time ago I stayed over my parents place, and my mom and I did manicure for each other in her bedroom vanity, and next to vanity was bathroom with the toilet visible through doorway. I was actually holding in a good load, then when we finish and she stayed by vanity to do her face for the night. I then stood up and told her with a smile and very confident that I was going to use toilet. I had enough holding, and pressure keeps building. At the vanity, you can see someone on toilet from the side if door is open. I kept door open as I always do with her. I took my pants down fast and sat hard. When I relaxed it was quiet, and you can hear my but crackle as it opens. So my mom said I shouldn't be doing that in her bedroom and should use common toilet. I giggled a little, but proceeded. I had to push when my hole opened wide, when I pushed the moist crackle sound got faster as turd came but not out yet. I then put a little more force on. Then, with my but stretched, the head of turd shot out and made direct hit in the toilet with a heavy load gulping sound. It shot out with pressure, but then slowed mid way out and my hole not given up and staying wide open. You did hear the turd actually slide out the rest of the way, even though it only took just maybe over 1 second to come out. There was no farting, it was all turd, and what was unique was that in only took a couple seconds after, that there was a huge odor cloud after turd came out that went out to vanity and into bedroom. My mom wasn't too pleased. It was very potent. The turd dove right into the hole of toilet and occupied much of the opening from it's thickness. It lengthened the inside of toilet. It was a bigger toilet with good size hole and a lot of water so it does flush well. When I peed, a little turd piece did come out to finish the job. It did not go down easy though, it didn't allow all water to flush down at first, so instead of strong flush the water made slow gulping sounds. The turd stained and streaked much of the inside, so it needed another flush. With the odor that rapidly dispersed, it was a foul turd I wouldn't wish on anything. Even my mom commenting on smell asked "what did you do that toilet can't even flush well." After all this, then I wiped, and flushed again. I went through a lot of paper. The flush was better but still slower. The smell was bitter and sour, so I'm sure it was difficult turd to get down. My mom had left the bedroom but I took my time and sat a minute after last flush. This toilet which is normally less used and in a safe corner of house became quite topic of discussion. That's because the odor cloud went down the hallway and didn't disperse until it hit living room. So my brother and aunt got involved and laughed and said I did quite a number. My brother even heard the 3 flushes from distance. So I told them to leave that toilet alone for the night so it can recoperate. After all the laughter, and so many taking part in the smell that toilet had to deal with (not to mention the turd), it was fun participating in some humiliation of the "secret toilet" of the house.

To Bob: I have sat backwards on the toilet, you're right, it is a good position, your legs are spread out, you can lean on the box while taking a dump.

To Drake:
It's great that you are actually helping Seemus get adjusted to using public bathrooms. Although I'm only 16, I do babysit and take kids into bathrooms away from home that many of them have never been taught to use correctly. I agree with you, I would not want Seemus' penis hanging on or into the urinal bowl. If the previous user hadn't flushed, I would think that would possibly be a way an infection could be spread. It's too bad the old man wasn't more understanding that young kids just don't have the aim. And, by the way, that's also true to high school girls my age (16). If there were 10 stalls in each of the bathrooms at my school last year, two or three would have urine on the seat. I would always wipe such a seat before sitting down but quite often others would quickly come in and throw themselves onto it.

Now my story:

When I was about 8 my parents took a weekend trip out of town to celebrate their anniversary. They hired a neighborhood girl who was about 13 to be my live-in babysitter for three or four days. The first day she took me to Muny Auditorium (a huge arena) for the circus. Because I drank and ate a lot the first hour, I had to crap. She took me downstairs to this humungeous bathroom with several dozen stalls. I was in distress, saw a lady come out of a stall, and immediately made a run for it. Kayli grabbed my arm just as I went to close the door with and with one hand dipped into her purse, pulled out a small hand-sized package the size of Kleenex, and pulled off a large sheet of paper that looked like the size of the seat, and told me to put it over the seat before I sat down.

However, because of my pain I immediately placed the paper on the floor, dropped my jeans and underwear, and placed my butt on the seat. After about two minutes, I could feel my crap coming and I feared since I was taking more time Kayli would probably look in on me and I didn't want her to be upset with me so I quickly stood up and laid the seat paper over the toilet. It seemed so strange to sit on paper and to have paper rubbing up on my pubic area much like my underwear does. Almost instantly a couple of farts came and then the main course, an instant and very warm blast of crap that I could instantly feel warming my entire mid-section. I looked down and immediately could both see and smell a large pile of crap on the paper between my legs. It was very moist and messy and I started to cry. As I had anticipated, Kayli came to check up on me and calmly had me stand up while she plied the seat cover and a large amount of crap off my public area. Luckily, she had more of the seat covers in her purse and I think she used them all to help clean me off. I remember her flushing the toilet two or three times while the clean-up was being done so that the stool wouldn't jam. Then she took one other seat cover, went out to a sink, wetted it and did one final cleaning.

Finally, as I was pulling my clothing back up, Kayli took out the final seat cover from her packet, put it around her neck to demonstrate to me how you have to pull the front tab out and fold it towards the bowl. I know she meant well and she even sat down and peed to show me how to use it, but that accident back in 2001 really scared and frustrated me. Even when the seat protectors are available, I won't use them. They seem to be just too much of a hassle. By placing my butt right down on the seat I feel I am protecting myself from another embarrassing incident like that. And that remains more important to me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

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