I was at the mall with my little sister Jenny doing back to school shopping. We stopped at the food court and had pizza and a large coke. A couple hours went by and we both really needed to pee so we headed to the bathrooms. We go there and there was water everywhere. Apparently a pipe broke and they had to shut off the water to the whole mall and would not have it back on for for a couple hours. By this time we were both really desperate for a pee and our parents were not coming back till they got off work to pick us up. I had an idea. I remembered this one store I tried on clothes at had trashcans in the fitting rooms. So I took Jenny and we headed there. I grabbed clothed off a rack and headed in the fitting room. I told Jenny she could go first and she proceeded to pull her pants down and panties and sit on the trash can. Within seconds a torrent of pee rushed out in the trash can. Next it was my turn I proceeded to pull my pants down and take my turn on the trash can and just as I finished up my pee a tiny fart emerged as I pushed out a small turd that splashed in the can. We quickly got dressed and left. Anybody else ever do this?

A week Saturday ago, I went to an all you can eat place and really filled up. Naturally, I expected at least one or two good sized poops to come out of me in the wake of all that nourishment. Unfortunately, nothing interesting materialized in the days afterwards (with the exception of that agonizing diarrhea attack I had after eating that sandwich.) Just a lot of constipated 'marbles' and smallish stools. But this morning I got a very pleasant surprise that has provided a satisfying level of compensation.

But just before stepping into the shower this morning, I felt a real pressure in my belly and took a seat on the can. I didn't need to push... First, about two small chunks fell into the water and then a good long and thick healthy chocolate brown stool eased its way out of me. As I was pooping, I said to myself that "*THIS* is what I was expecting after that restaurant meal." What was best was that it required NO effort at all. It came out smoothly and comfortably and I felt genuinely lighter when I was done.

When I got up and turned around to take a look, I saw that it was one continuous piece, though not hard and knobbly. However, it wasn't a normal 'snake' either. Much darker, denser and bigger than the usual one of those. The stool wasn't quite a foot long. Perhaps ~10". It wasn't a floater and was resting in a way perpendicular to the toilet outflow. i.e. it was pointing almost exactly left to right with about an inch of the left side sticking out of the water.

The whole BM was pretty quick actually, taking perhaps a hair over a minute from start to finish.

There wasn't any noticeable smell after I was done and I didn't bother wiping since I was going to take a shower anyway. When I was cleaning myself in the shower I didn't notice any brown stuff so the stool obviously came out pretty cleanly.

Take care!


Like a year ago, with my sister I went to Domino's Pizza to get some... pizza. I knew my sister had diarrhea last night, so that day she wasn't at school (she almost shit herself in the morning so i decided not to let her go).
We've got 15 minutes by walk to Pizza, so we didn't even take any bus or a tube. 5 minutes after we left, i heard a quiet fart. I asked my sis:
- Was that you?
- Yepp, i had a diarrhea remember?
Yes, I did remember. But a minute or two later, i heard some farts again. The thing that confused me, was some stains on the pavement right under sister's skirt. I think she saw me looking on the pavement, because she said:
- I had some wet farts, not a really big deal. I'll change myself when we're back.
We took the pizza, and started going home. I heard farts few more times, but I pretended not to hear.
- Kat, could you wait for me at homme? I have to go quickly.
She ran to the bushes, and i continued my "trip" home. When i reached, I used the toilet, and realized, that my house is out of water... No water! I was rather ???? up.
After 10 minutes my sis finally came. She went into the bathroom and change her clothes after wet-farting. I told her about water. She was quiet terrified, but OK. The next day was a Friday, so we decided not to go to school (sometimes I can, can't I?). Before 11 i felt an urge to go poo, but instead I went to my bed.
I woke up at about 4-4.40 a.m. and felt an urge like I never had. I sat quickly not to shit myself at the moment, and shouted to my sister.
She came to my room and asked 'waht is et?'. I asked her to check if the water is still out. I didn't want to shit my pants, but if i will have to, i'll do that.
My stomach cramped and hurted alot, I though i'm gonna shit sitting, but fortunately, it was impossible.
Sister came back: 'there's no water'.
I started do think, what can i do. Even if there was some water in the toilet, I probably wouldn't do it to the toilet. My urge was incredible. I told my sis to bring my some toilet paper, tissues and pads, as many as she can only hold. She took some panties from my room and put paper, pads and tissues to them. Then i put them on my night panties, watching not to shit too early. I didn't want to soil my bed or carpet. Sister put some towels on the bathroom floor.
I slowly began to get up from the bed. Very warm, almost liquid diarrhea began to fill my panties. I put towel under my panties and held it. It couldn't spill. My stomach was still hurting and cramping, and diarrhea was still getting out of my bowels without my control.
I came to the bathroom and stood on towels. The one that i had already under panties, was totally soiled.
10 seconds later diarrhea became less liquid, but still very runny. All liquid part was on the towels below, now panties became to be filled :/
I finished shitting 10 minutes later. My ass was 2 times bigger than normal, because of amount of shit I did.
I knew that the smell in that bathroom was so terrible, because when my sister came in, she had a gag reflex and almost puked.

My friend Nazreen used my toilet today, I heard a big plop followed by the toilet being flushed.
Then she plopped another followed by a flush, she did this "plop flush" action six times.
I asked her when she came out why she did this, she said if she didn't her poo would clog the toilet.
She told me she normally only poo's in public,but she was desperate today, and had been very constipated.
Also she said the first poo she dropped in my toilet was the worst, as it wouldnt go until after the last flush.
Nazreen said she was starting to panic when it wouldnt flush away.

After she went home, I went to use my toilet.
I noticed her poo had slid back down the pipe into the toilet.
Whilst it was not very long it was extremely fat and wide.

It appeared to be stuck and wouldnt move with just the normal flush.

I got rid of it by flushing the toilet and chucking down a bucket of water at the same time.

This was quite scary, as the toilet nearly overflowed, before the poop finally moved.

Vicci - i'd just like to say that i absolutely love your stories. what's the biggest poop you've ever taken?

John Philip
Jry: I always have to push to get solid turds out (even the runs take slight pushing) or else the turd simply "sits" inside waiting to be expelled.

The past couple of days have been quite an event. Personally I have become tired of the usual monotonous shits I have been having lately, so I decided to experiment. Strange as this may seem, I took two Immodium pills yesterday morning in an effort to produce a different (and more enjoyable) stool. I managed to hold my shit in for an entire day (which is difficult for me now) and allowed it to build up until this morning. I woke up around 7:50 and felt an unusual fullness. The anticipation for a nice large shit was almost, shall we say, unprecedented. I planned for this to be a long drawn out affair, so after taking my shower, I brought reading material into the bathroom, pulled my boxers to my ankles and sat down. I was in no rush at all and didn't begin to push for a full ten minutes since I wanted to prolong the experience. I had emitted silent farts upon sitting down, but everything was silent as of yet. After flipping through Time Magazine I felt my butthole crackle open very slightly, and without pushing I could feel a substantially large turd waiting inside. I sat for a few more minutes farting and reading, and then gave a small push. The turd head stretched my hole unlike anything I had experienced in the past year and a half (at least). I pushed once more and felt the turd painfully (yet enjoyable) stretch me open once more. I pushed harder and felt several tiny pieces fall into the water below. I grunted and pushed out a few more hangers on before feeling a certain blockage (or bolus in the turd) halt the turds progress. I strained to get this large bolus past my hole several times, and watched from the back of the bowl as a giant turd finally massaged its way out. I looked and saw this 16 inch mottled dark and medium brown turd floating on top of the water with several other smaller turds around. I went through the usual process of wiping. Since that was the most glorious and excellent feeling dump I've had in what seems like years, I had to relive myself in another manner that I won't discuss here (!).

I've written before (page #1744) about occasionally babysitting my nephew Seemus when my brother is out of town for two or three days on business. He's still 7--almost 8 in a couple of months--but he's underdeveloped physically and although he protests vehemently to do so, I won't let him use the urinals in public bathrooms. The reason is that he's still too short and even if he's standing on his toes, his penis will drape over the front of the bowl. For the females reading this, the urinal bowls in public bathrooms are Filthy and often dripping from urine, with pubic hairs, and I better stop here because it's gross. So the first time I saw Seemus with his penis laying over the bowl I stopped him, pulled him away and took him into a stall to finish up. What is so deceptive to him is that he used the urinals at his school with no problems because they are at floor level. Also they have the automatic flushers, something that spook Seemus when he's peeing in the toilet stalls. Even when he's peeing, he's hyperactive and will move around a lot or move his penis a bit and then the flusher goes off and he's taken aback by what's happened. Last week we were at a professional baseball game and he was peeing away when he grabbed for the toilet seat which he said was starting to fall on him. With his pee flow going full force, not only did he get pee on his shorts but also onto the stall divider and the leg of an elderly man on the other toilet who complained he got splashed on his sandals. I apologized for Seemus but the guy was still nasty and cussed about having to go into the ladies room with his wife in order to get a decent shit in. I thought to myself "That would be fine with me" because I didn't like that guy's attitude and Seemus doesn't need any more negatives when he's trying to have a successful experience in using public bathrooms. I don't want him to become in 70 years the kind of ******* that guy was next door. I guess it's a good thing I held my thoughts in and decided not to share them!

Hello Everyone :

Has anyone tried to sit in the reverse direction on the bowl? I mean have you tried to sit facing the wall while on the bowl as you poop, so your butt is over the shelf area of the bowl?

I tried it and was it awesome. There is no water splash for one thing and more important, all the poop is deposited on the shelf and you can see and admire the load in full before you can flush it away.

Try it if you havent and you wont be disappointed..!!


Hi Stewy/Alex,

Sorry for what happened to you on the school trip.

I always hated long school bus journeys like that. We always had really mean teachers who would refuse to get the bus driver to stop. I remember several times, sitting in my seat, holding myself between my legs, praying that we would arrive soon. But often I just couldn't hold on for the whole journey.

I can tell some of those stories in full if people are interested.


My new girlfriend Wendy, is about 6ft tall and very skinny.
She stopped over at my home last night, and this morning she got up at about 6am and took a poop.
She would fart which was followed by a loud poop splash, this went on for about 5 minutes.
Then she flushed the toilet 3 times, then after washing her hands came back to bed.

Dan Boy
Went to the beach this past weekend with some friends and we stayed in a farm house owned by my friend's parents. There were a few of us there, 7 total, including 4 guys and 3 girls. Saturday was pretty much the party day. Started drinking at 4pm at a bar, went back to the farm house and drank there, then went out to another local bar and drank, then came back to the farm house and drank some more. Everyone was pretty much drinking bourbon with something and/or beer. We all crashed sometime between 3 and 4am and I knew there was going to be some serious bathroom usage in the morning whenever everyone woke up.

I woke up at about 8 with pretty bad stomach cramps. I headed to the upstairs bathroom and pooped for a good 10 min. It started out soft, but formed and after 2 or 3 logs like that it turned into soft-serve type crap. Leaving the bathroom I ran into one of the girls there, Amy. She's 5'3", blond, really cute kinda mousy face and a cute little butt. She asked me if I'd had a good dump and kinda giggled. She said that she could smell it in the hall for the last 5 min. I think she may have been listening to me poop because I remembered hearing her door open 5 min or so before I was done (the door was literally next to the bathroom door), but I didn't hear anyone walking away and she was right by the door when I opened it. She went in the bathroom after me but only to pee as she was out in less than 2 min and I didn't hear any pooping.

I went back into the room I had been sleeping in and fell back asleep for another 45 min. I was woken up by the sound of someone coming out of another room. The house was old and had wood floors so you could really hear everything. The bathroom door shut and I went to see if it was one of the girls, turned out to be one of the other guys getting sick from drinking too much the night before. So I went back into my room hoping one of the girls would have to go soon. Sure enough, within 3 min, I hear Amy's door open again, she tried the upstairs bathroom door, saw it was locked, then I heard her head downstairs to the bathroom. I waited till I heard the downstairs bathroom door shut and then I headed down. The bathroom is right at the bottom of the stairs.

There's something wrong with the door frame on this bathroom so the door doesn't shut entirely and there's a crack left in it. You can't see anything because of the size of the frame and the fact the the toilet it to the right of the door, but it allows sounds to get through easier and the wood floors cause a nice echo. I heard her drop the seat, pull her shorts down, and fart all at almost the same time. She sighed and farted a really juicy one then I heard 5 loud plops that sounded like hard solid poop mixed with some liquid. Another sigh and then the light *platt platt platt* of really soft but not liquid poop hitting the water. Amy farted 3 more times while dumping out the soft-serve and the farts were muffled some by the poop but the poop just kept coming for 6 min straight. After the soft-werve was done she flushed the toilet and sat for a few min, releasing just a couple more bubbly farts. Then she wiped what seemed like 8 or 9 times, flushed again, then I headed into the kitchen and she came out. She left the door to the bathroom open since there's no fan in it and I could smell her dump in my room upstairs. I came back down and asked her if she had a good dump since she stunk up half the downstairs and the entire upstairs hallway. She laughed and said it was a really good dump, then patted her stomach and fanned behind her butt. She then told me that when she mixes bourbon and beer she gets really bad shits the next morning. I hope I can hear her again sometime.

Had to take a dump and decided to do it at the park restroom that has the 2 open stalls facing each other. I took the one that is seen by everyone as you walk into the restroom. The other one is next to the door and if you just use the urinal and sink by the door, you can't see into the stall.

I had just turned to face the door and started undoing my belt when a guy, probably mid 30's, came in and saw me standing in front of the toilet, ready to drop my shorts. He kinda stopped and did a slightly nervous laugh and smile and said "wow". I stopped too and smiled, saying, Yep, can't be shy in here." Apparently, he had to take a crap as well. He looked around and saw that the only option was to use the stall across from me.

He was probably about 5' 10" tall, 170 lbs with a pretty good build, pale skin, and very dark hair, possibly black. Slightly better than average looks.

He said "sometimes you just gotta make do". I laughed, and replied "of course" In the meantime, I had already undone my shorts and was pulling my underwear down to my ankles. He was quick and was seated around the same time I was. He had pulled both his underwear and jeans down at the same time, turning his briefs inside out. He pulled his shirt up a bit when he sat down, and I could see dark pubic hair against his pale skin. We both started dumping right away. He farted pretty loudly and looked at me and said "oops, sorry". I farted and said "no worries". We both laughed at that.

He asked me a few questions about the museums that he was going to go visit and a few more things about the park. Then I heard his girlfriend call out "Steve?" Apparently she used the restroom and was now waiting for him outside. He yelled "Yeah!" And she said, "OK, I'll be waiting by the glassblower"

He put his fingers between his legs and I could hear him peeing. I did the same. We commented some more about the weather. We both reached for the paper at the same time and he said something about finally getting out of this smelly place. I replied with "no job is done until the paperwork is completed" He seemed to get a kick out of that. Amazingly, we both stood up to wipe. He turned a bit towards the paper holder while I faced outwards. He was a paper crumpler. I folded as usual. He looked to be of average endowment. He pulled up his briefs and I commented "cool underwear. I've got the same ones at home." The were American Apparel, red with white piping. He said yeah, they're comfortable. I pulled up my green briefs shorts. We washed up and walked out. He said, "Have a good one" and walked over to his girlfriend.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I do business in china and the first time I visited could not believe the toilet situation. My first trip to china occured nearly 10 years ago. I was traveling with an american co-worker named mike. We had a business breakfast and lunch with a supplier and needless to say we both had a lot to eat. After words John said he had to go to the bathroom as did I. We found a public toilet to do our business. There were five toilets in a row with partitions about a foot off the groud with one trough running underneath. To my amazement each toilet was in a row so that as one squats he gets a view of the next guys ass. John was also new to china and unfamiliar with the toilet situation and took the toilet right infront of me. There was not a toilet infront of him so he did not realize his exposure. He dropped trou and as he squatted his crack srpead open. I was mortified. About 8 inches in front of me was Johns hairy crack and brown eye. For the next ten minutes I watched in shock and amazement as his hole domed out, slowly oppened and then a knobby looking turd emerged. It took about two minutes for the turd to fully drop. His hole subsequently seemed to spasm puckering in and out and then some soft poop sputtered out. I am not gay but I must admit watching was interesting. Since that time I have gotten accustomed to doing my business in this situation. I have seen a few co-workers and many chinese men, but this first experience was a real eye opener. If anyone else has similar experiences I would like to hear about it.

Emmi R (the other Emmi)
Nice to have a namesake. From now I (the male Emmi) will post under the name Emmi R to avoid confusion, hope that's OK.

Nothing new to report, sad to say. The same old routine every morning; a soft cascade of poo gently entering the water and taking about 30 seconds from start to finish, followed by bits and pieces some minutes later. Uninteresting; but it feels good.

hello i have been a daily reader of this blog and i finally decided to post a story. Ok so the other day i was with my girlfriend and we had been out all day at the hot amusement park and the heat was really getting to us. Which kinda of triggered the urge to poop for both of us. So seeing as though the park was closing soon we decided to leave and the park and head home. So on the way home she kept complaining about her stomach cramping really bad and so was mine so we just held it in with all our might. Finally we got home to our apartment and ran to our one bathroom too find that the toilet clogged from her morning poop. So we had to think and we both looked at the bathtub and she slipped off her panties and i slipped down my boxers and we both pushed amazing amounts of diarrhea yet it wasnt painful but its was very chunky and liquidy. Hers was really bright yellow and mines was green with some yellow. We sat on the tub pooping out all of this diarrhea for about 10 minutes straight. Happy Pooping! :)

My friend and I had a really scary and, for me, an embarrassing experience at the mall yesterday. This is what I believe is called a "regional" mall because it attracts people from three states with about 300 stores, theatres, and other services such as day care even.

Well, Crystal and I left at 10 a.m. for the mall because we had a lot of back-to-school shopping to do. We planned to stay there all day, and then probably go to a movie there in the evening. My dad was going to pick us up at 9 p.m. because my car is in the shop. Well shopped for like two hours and the place was very busy because with school starting, everyone has lots of things to buy. I both crapped and peed before leaving home as a precaution because the toilets there are really crowded and sometimes I've had to wait in line 15 to 20 minutes despite the fact that there are 20 to 25 stalls in each of the bathrooms. It sucks and I try to avoid them!

Crystal had to pee as soon a my dad picked her up so the first stop we made was the bathroom. Even at like 10:15 she had to wait for a stall. It wasn't long but while I waited with her I teased her about remembering next time to go before leaving home. To that she just said "dream on" and at that point a stall opened and she qucikly hurried in. She was only seated for like two minutes and seemed really relieved when she came out. Then we hit like three stores and decided to go to the food court for lunch. The taco place had a great special that included something like six soft-sheels and a pitcher of soda. We took it and had no problem downing the tacos and soda. After about an hour of sitting, eating and talking we decided we had better get back to shopping. Upon standing up and throwing our paper and trays away, I started to get a very odd feeling in my stomach and intestines that not only involved gas, but also a signal that my bowels were about to burst. Five hours earlier I had crapped my usual (about a 9-inch piece) and I normally don't have a second crap in a day. I knew that was about to change and I got to thinking about scanning the area for closest bathroom. I bumped my chair against the chair of a woman who was pointing to the bathrooms for her son, and Crystal followed me as I picked up my pace. By the time I rounded the entrance wall into the doorless bathroom I knew that I probably had no more than a minute to get my crap into a toilet or otherwise my underwear, shorts and self-esteem would take the punishment.

As we cleared the wall, it was obvious that this, yet another large restroom was filled to capacity and that I would have to announce my emergency and hope to get cuts into the lines. I was plotting my strategy when Crystal tapped me on the should and pointed to the far left corner. A single, doorless stall was open and I bolted over there. My underwear and shorts were down to my knee level and I was on the stool and blasting diarrhea within seconds. Crystal walked over an kind of blocked the doorway so others wouldn't be able to see me. She knew I would be scared shitting in a doorless stall in that crowded of a restroom and she was right. Unfortunately, what would have only taken me like less than two minutes (OK, three minutes because there was a lot of wiping necessary) was strung out when a female security guard came in, asked for everyone's attention and announced that the mall was in something called a "precautionary lockdown." We all had to stay in the room and because of its size, she and other guards brought an additional 20 or 30 women and girls in. I had cleaned myself up already so while still seated I pulled up my shorts and underwear and buttoned them up. Then I just sat on the toilet and talked to Crystal for like 20 minutes or so until we were given permission to leave. Before leaving the security guards got a message on their radios that a man had been seen running into the mall with a rifle in a long paper bag. Once they found and searched they found it was just a long handle for a weed-eater that he was returning to a hardware store.

Then both Crystal and I got our shopping done and went to the movies. However, we held our pee until we got into the theatres.

Inquisitive Fellow
Hi to all

I have been a lurker in this site for a couple of years and this is the second time I am posting. About me: I'm 21, male, undergraduate engineer, currently a victim of recession and from India.

I love peeing in strange places and spying on others pee. Today, the CFL light in my bathroom got fused and everyone of us in the house had to go in the darkness. An hour ago, I had to brush my teeth (nearly midnight when I am typing this). I had an urge to pee too. Since the light in my bathroom was a goner, I decided to pee in the sink itself. After I finished brushing, I just moved my knickers, brought out my exhaust hose through the side and peed in the sink steadily. The sink was'nt very high and height was not a problem. Since I bought it out through the side, my organ was pinched by the trousers a bit and the flow rate was slower. Anyhow, I peed for about 30 seconds and cleaned up the sink nicely.

I have several more stories an will post them one by one.

I enjoyed everyone's stories too.

@Amanda: Are yo the one who posted in page #199 "How I found the difference between a boy and a girl"

does anyone have fear wetting stories out there?

Mr. Clogs
Hello everyone, hope all is doing well with you. I've got a post to share so here it goes....

This story involves peeing in a cup. I haven't peed in a cup in a long time so I decided to pee in it while I woke up in the middle of the night making my nightly piss run to the toilet. I was too lazy to walk to the bathroom so I peed in the cup. It's one of those large plastic flexy cups that you get from the fast food joints, I like fried foods but need to cut back on it that's another subject. I filled that cup up to the brim with yellow piss. I put the cup on the floor and went back to sleep and dumped the piss filled cup later that morning.

Another post had to do with pooping in that same cup with liquid poop. I was getting ready for work and was taking a shower, I felt the liquid poop moving through my stomach and needed to poop. I didn't want to poop in the tub so I grabbed that cup and got ready to poop in it. I squatted in the tub and place the cup under me and proceeded to poop into the cup. I sounded like pee coming out of my butt hole, most of all it sounded and felt good! I poured out the liquid poop filled cup, rinse the cup out and went on to take my shower to get ready for work.

Enjoy and have a great day.

--Mr. Clogs

The other day a friend of mine told me to try the squat position when pooping, so I tried it on her toilet.
I raised the toilet seat, with both feet perched on the bowl assumed the squat position.
My poo came out with ease, but it seemed to go on and on in one long continuous snake.
When I was done,I took a look at it. The thing was so long it streched from inside the bowl right up the side of it to the top of the toilet.
My friend who was watching it come out, was well impressed.
But after flushing the toilet about 6 times, and it not shifting she was not so impressed.
We broke the poo up with the toilet brush, but the toilet was still clogged.
We had to call her dad, who managed to clear the blockage after about 20 minutes, alot of plunging, and several buckets of water.

Hi again, everyone! Hope you are all doing ok.

To John Philip: Thanks. I'll try to post a few times a month. I enjoyed your post and am glad you answered my question. I have always wondered how people can shit just by letting it come out and not pushing when it is not diarrhea. I have never been able to do that. Maybe it involves just relaxing the rectal and anal muscles, but I don't know. I'll try it today or tomorrow to see if I can do it.

To the unnamed poster who gave me advice: Thanks for all the advice, although I was not constipated, I just shit big sometimes and was curious about smoking. I liked your post. Maybe you could post again under a name or a nickname. I would like to hear more of your experiences with your friend or you alone.

To Stac: I have liked your stories ever since you started posting, especially the poo ones. All your stories are descriptive, which I like. I think Connor posted once or twice, so he knows about this site. Keep posting your stories.

To formerly John (15 y/o), now Jamie, I think: Thanks for answering all my questions. I liked your post, it was very enjoyable. To answer your question, I am a guy. You can read some of my earliest posts in the 1700's pages.(Sorry to dissapoint you if you thought I was a girl). But I do have one or two stories of girls going to the bathroom if you are interested in hearing them. I think you should keep posting some experiences, maybe of your most memorable shits or any of your friends' shits, or anything. Just keep posting. I also had a similar thing happen to me yesterday.

I had gone to the gym at school and, because of the exercise, I think, my bowels sent me a signal that they had to be emptied. I went home and went upstairs to my room to leave my backpack and books and headed towards my bathroom. Now, I checked first for toilet paper because I didn't want the same thing happen again. And fortunately for me, my younger brother hadn't come home yet, because he gets out an hour later after I do. Anyway, I unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees and sat on the toilet. I began pushing slightly and felt my shit moving. It wasn't hard this time, but it was big. I kept pushing slowly to enjoy the moment and the shit started emerging. It felt soft, smooth, but wide and big. It oozed its way out of my hole slowly while I kept pushing. After about 15 to 20 seconds of this, my shit finally dropped with a big plop sound. I felt relieved after that, and immediately looked down at the toilet to see it. It was almost a foot long. I then just relaxed and let the rest of my shit drop. I felt finished, so I wiped about 8 times (it was messy) and flushed. I went out and washed my hands.

Later that evening, I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom again. I went in and closed the door and sat on the toilet again, unleashing some loud farts and some mushy crap. I could hear my brother laughing in the room because clearly he could hear everything I was doing. I kept pushing every few seconds to make sure all this mushy shit came out. After about 15 minutes, many wet farts and a couple of grunts, I was finally finished. I wiped many times and then flushed. I was worried it would plug the toilet, but it didn't. I pulled my pants up and then went to wash my hands.

Hope you liked it. Keep the good stories coming.


It has been 4 days since I stopped on my way home from work and picked up a triple cheese pizza.
I ate three forths of it and my sister Liz ate the last piece. Since then I have not even had an urge to go poop.
Have been eating poorly since the pizza, junk food, its binding me up I know. I have been stressed out at work for days.

But today at work I could feel something big and hard up inside my rectum. I felt like I could to go to the toilet if I went in there and sat for a while.
The women's toilet at work is too busy so I put off going and ignored the hard full feeling until I got home.
When I got home I turned on the tv, layed on the sofa and fell asleep. I woke up about 11 PM with the same hard full feeling, but I waited.
I turned on the laptop and started some spreadsheet work. After a couple of hours of just sitting there typing I started to have a
the big feeling again way up inside me. I thought to myself, this might be a really big hard one.

So I went in to the bathroom and sat on the toilet just waiting.
After a while the hard feeling returned so I began to strain a little but nothing moved.
I strained again and felt the impending hard thing move just a tiny bit.

I knew this was going to be an extreamely difficult time getting this one out so I decided to go get
the laptop and sit back on the toilet to record every event.

Here I sit, on the toilet with the laptop.
Its kind of hard to type and try to use my hand to work on getting the big stool out.

It is 1:12 AM in the morning. What a drag.

I pushed and strained again, I wonder if my hole is open.

1:15 AM
Put toilet paper on my finger, stick it gently in my butt hole, the paper is kind of dry, hard to get it in,
I feel my hole open up as the paper goes in, in a little further, hurts a little, wait hold it there,
strain again to see if it will come down further.

1:29 AM
Straining hard again. Nothing. Still holding the paper in there.
Rest a minute to type.

1:32 AM
Straining ,,, it feels big, straining more, I think it is moving a little, straining,
move finger in a little more,
finally I feel the big thing, its hard as a rock!

1:36: AM
I feel it up there. Hard. move the paper around, it helps to stimulate the stool to come down.

1:42 AM
Yes its coming slowly. Pushing, straining hard now, nnnnn, its pushing the paper down, wiggling the paper to open my hole more.
I think my face is getting red.

1:48 AM
Remove my finger, checking, my hole is open a little. Pushing hard, hole is opening more.

1:52 AM
Sweating a lot now. Tired of pushing. Relax a bit.
1:54 AM
Hole has closed and the big stool has retreated.
1:57 AM
Straining hard now,,, hold the pressure,, its coming back down, keep straining, I feel my hole widening,
oh yes its widening,, stretching, getting bigger, its really hard.

1:59 AM
Oh is so big! Hurts, feels so tight, its stretching me, straining its coming, Uahh, feels too wide,
2:04 AM
Its seems stuck! It won't budge any more! Its down there right at my hole, its open wide, stretched so tight, my butt hurts!
2:08 AM
Reaching over, get my mirror, move my butt over the edge of the toilet, I can see it. looking, its really big!
my anal ring is stretched really wide gripping to hard stool, looks like it has dark hard lumps, all packed together.
my face is red.
2:13 AM
Rock hard stool, jammed up right at my hole, hurts. Not much smell, its too hard.
2:15 AM
Straining again,, reach around to feel it, no movement, use my finger to pick at it,
2:17 AM
Still jammed, straining does not move the big stool, use toilet paper on my finger to loosen the hard lumps.
2:20 AM
Picking the lumps out, they plop in the toilet, strain more, keep it down there,,
its so big it wants to go back in.
2:25 AM,
Got most of the lumps out, now still a lot in there, seems like one big hard piece.
My butt hole closed a little, but more of the big one is still there , I can feel it.
2:29 AM
Pushing hard, straining, more moving down, stretching me wider, ouuu, oh, too big, shaking, straining,
its coming out, very, slowly, uhh, stuck again,
2:35 AM
must get this thing out, grab toilet paper, reach around and get hold of it, pull, its solid now, really big diameter, maybe 2.5 inches.
2:40 AM
pull, straining when pulling, its so hard to get it out,
there, coming out now, its a long one.
2:48 AM
dropped in toilet. looks more than 12 inches long. wipe, not much residue.
sore butt. put some topical cream in and around my hole.
go to bed.

Hi all!

Emmi and Max - thanks a lot for your posts, I really enjoyed reading them.

Emmi: I understand completely how you feel about your daughter's accident because until recently I was in a similar position. I had a lot of accidents myself as a kid, but my son has been the same way. I knew that being too soft on him wouldn't help, but everytime he had an accident I would feel guilty because I remembered how awful it felt.

There was a time a couple of years back when my son Tom wet himself in a store fitting room - he hadn't told me that he needed to pee until he was really desperate, and I tried to fit in a couple more shops before we went to find the toilets. I felt really bad when he had his accident, because I have very vivid memories of wetting myself in a store fitting room as a young girl. (I've told that story on here before.)

Max: Thanks for sharing all your accidents with us, I enjoyed reading them. Some of your stories remind me of accidents that I had as a girl. Particularly the time at your Dad's house when you were afraid to get out of bed to pee because you had been messing around. I remember one night at home, while I was getting ready for bed, my little brother who shared a room with me had kept getting out of bed and refusing to go to sleep. Just as I went into our room to put my pyjamas on, my Dad lost his temper with my brother, came into our room, shouted at us to just go to sleep, and then slammed our door. I was horrified, because I hadn't been to the toilet yet and I was aware of a slight tickle of need: there was no way I could hold it until morning. I pleaded with him that it was only my brother who had been messing around, but he refused to relent. Of course, I peed my bed that night.

If anyone would like to hear more of my stories, just ask! Keep the stories coming...


Last saturday I began jogging with my friends, I also began morning exerscises to become more fit. I don't like such things, but if i want to be pretty, i have to work over my body. In the morning, about 6 a.m. (that's normal time i wake up to go to school). I met my friends, Niki and Betty, and we began jogging. We ran for about 30 minutes, after i finally got tired enough to stop. Together we went to McDonald's and ate a "breakfast" (i usually eat there). After that i went back home, and began my morning excersise. It was very tiring cuz maybe I'm not very thin, but i'm very short, so I think it's normal that training with 30-40 lbs makes me tired. Anyway, i finished after 15 minutes and went back to bed. I was realy exhausted.
At 10 o'clock my sister woke me up with another breakfast: fried eggs, some tea, sandwiches. Normal. I went down to the kitchen and we ate together, watching TV and joking about my morning training. I got up from the chair and went upstairs, to computer. I was damn reeaally full.
Later, about 4 p.m. we (me, my sister and both friends from morning) went bowling. During the first part of the game I bough myself coke, hot-dog and chips. I didn't eat a dinner, so i was quiet hungry. I felt urge to go during the second part of the game, so I just went to the toilet and poo (it wasn't a normal poo, because it was rather solid, almost always i have liquid, runny and big ones).
I went back to the line and finished second part. We began third, and i felt i'll have to go soon. In about 20 minutes we finished the last part. Still i didn't need to go fast, but after experiences from 7 years of bowels illness (that name i still don't know (sic!)), i decided to go now. I went to the toilet and again, only few farts and one poop (rock solid).
After me it was my sister's turn in the toilet, so me and my friends went down to smoke. After about 5 minutes (we already finished smoking) my sister came to us, and we went to the underground (it was 8 p.m. so it was still open). My friends' station was 4 stations after starting one, mine and my sister's was 7. We said 'bye' to our friends and continued our way home. Short after friends came out of the tube, I felt an urge to go. I asked my sister is there any toilet on the station. She said no, and i said f..k. I told her i need to go right now, but i knew she couldn't do anything about that. When tube finally reached it's station, I was in huge desperation. Then i already knew i won't make it. Too many times i had accidents like that. Now it was all up to me, where am i going to shit (maybe some bushes, i though). But the street was full (saturday night...), and i live near one of main streets, so there weren't any bushes to hide. But there still were too many people to relieve in pants (i always wear these half-diapers half-panties with some pads and tissues inside since i had some huge accidents on Canary Wharf). We proceeded towards our home, and i found my salvation: a tree! Because of many pedestrians, i couldn't shit under the tree on the ground, but i could hide, so nobody with hear my farts.
I hid behind the tree, and looked around. There were still many people and i knew, there will be more, because it's saturday's night beginning. I felt i can't hold it any more, so i released only a bit. It was really "only a bit", but i felt i loose control over my anus and diarrhea became to fill my panties. I think my panties were rather full, but i again felt another urge, so i let it go as i stood there.We started walking home, my sister was after me to see, if any pools or stoods are on my skirt. I became to push slowly, and more diarrhea came. My sister told me, that she can see full panties on the skirt. There were no stood, but she could see my filled panties through my skirt! We went to our street (this one, fortunately, was totally empty). Thanks god there wasn't anybody, because again i felt i can hold it no more, so i pushed with all power i have. I heard "psshshhshhhhrrrrrr" and saw some of diarrhea on the pavement, rather not a big deal. I continued walking home, because my panties were full, and diarrhea began spilling on the pavement. I still felt i need to go, but it was not so bad. When my sister opened doors, i quickly went to the bathroom and took my skirt off. Luckily, it wasn't dirty, but in the mirror i saw my white panties were totally, totally light brown. I stood over the toilet, and again pushed on my anus. Another time i heard huge amounts of diarrhea refilling my pantie, but now it all went to the toilet. I finished in about 5 minutes, so i took of panties, emptied them and threw under the shower. I cleaned myself and my underwears, and went upstairs to computer. I didn't feel very shy about the accident, but i really hope, that nobody saw me relieving in panties.

Today morning (sunday), i had an accident already too, but not with diarrhea i had last night, but i accidentally pissed myself. In the morning (about 5 a.m.) i felt an urge to piss, right now. I never can hold it for too long. But i was very tired and sleepy, so probably i didn't realize, that i will - like a kid - piss myself. I can't really remember what a did or what i was thinking then, but the next thing i remember, was my alarm waking me up at 6 a.m. and a feeling of heavy pajama pants. I though: diarrhea again? But it didn't smell, and then i saw: a huge stain on my bed, and my pants and panties totally wet. I opened my mouth, quiet disgusted. I felt very odd. I ran to my bathroom because I needed to go again, and threw everything i wore and everything that was on my bed, to laundry. That's all for now.

Hi, i have been reading this site for about a year and i would like to tell u bout one time i had an accident... My name is alex im male and 19 years old.
When i was in 8th grade i had talk my grandparents into sending me in a euro trip with my school. Well we had gotten that all taking care of so i was on my way. We were on a bus to go to the next destination and i had a small lunch, but alot to drink. After about an hour of drinking i really had to pee, and just my luck we had a quick stop at a gas station... so i quick rfan to the bathroom to get ahead of all the other guys on the bus. So i got in the mens bathroom and there were no urinals, and so i was thinking no big deal i will use a stall. But man was i wrong i waited in line for a little bit, and than i was my turn and i was like WTH there was a hole in the ground with two things on the side where i guess u would put your feet. I knew I should have gone but for some reason i had decided to try and wait for the next time we would stop...

well i had gotten back on the bus and they said "next stop isnt for 200 miles or so". so i thought, well that aint too bad. After about 4 hours i had to go really bad, and people in the back of the bus were starting to crack jokes about how bad i had to go and making water sounds and stuff... so finally i got to the point were i was getting close to loseing it, so i went up front to where the driver was and tryed to ask him politely "how much longer til the next break i have to pee real bad", and he said "soon now get bac in your seat". so i did waht i was told but the pain just got worse i had managed another 10 mins and went back up to the driver and said "if u do not pull over real quick ur gunna have to clean the bus". without giving him time to reply i had made my way to my seat and prayed he would get off at the nexgt exit or even pull over so i can go on the side of the road. well he finally made it to another stop and said "bathroom break for those who have to go". i immediatly got up and darted like a bat outta hell and tripped getting off the bus. it hurt so bad i had landed on my knee than to my shoulder, but before i knew it i had lost control and peed my pants infront of everybody on the bus. i was so imbarrest i didnt talk to anyone the rest of the week.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

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