When I was eight years old I had an accident I'll never forget. I was at the mall with my mom and 2 year old sister. I really had to poop! I asked my mom if I could use the bathroom. But since I was only eight and she wouldn't let me go alone while she tryed on clothes. 10 minuets went by I was dieing to take a crap. Finally my mom was done changing. I picked up my little sister and I followed my mom to put the clothes back. I was in pain, my butt hurt because of me trying to hold back craping my pants. "come on mom I need to go to the restroom!" "hold on Amanda!" I snuck away from my mom as she browsed the clothes. Off I went in search of a bathroom there it was in the distance I began to run... *CRASH*! I slammed into a young woman probably about 20. I screamed and burst into tears. I inched up and limped to the bathroom crying. A huge load of hard hot poop filled my underwear. It was a hugnormous load. And a large lump layed in my underwear. I sobbed I heard the door of the bathroom open. I climbed up on the toilet. It was my mom she called my name. I wiped off my butt as well as I could. The door opened again, my mom left... I took off my underwear and three them away, and then cleaned the rest of my butt off. I exited the bathroom and hid under a rack of clothes. My mom was sobbing. I stayed there for a while trust me.....

When I was 12 years old It was an early day at my school so we got out 3 hours early. As I was sitting on the bus going home I started to need the urge to poop. School was about 20 minuets from my house. Me and my friend laughed and my
stop came up. "bye Anna" "bye Claire." I jumped off the bus. My parents made me walk home alot the whole 2 blocks there was no closer stop. My bag was to heavy for me to run. My urge got very strong the poop poked out. My bum hurt. I was a block away I was hoping I could make it. I had half a block. I couldn't hold it, all of my poop came out. It was a huge load, my poop was hard lucklily. More poop came out. My underwear sagged about 4 inches. Since I needed to pee I just went
in my undies since they were already soiled. Luckily I was wearing a skirt so it wasn't noticable. I got my key out and unlocked the door. No one was home. I ran upstairs, changed, cleaned, showered then did my homework. I hope that will never happen again. Now I am 22 years old I will never forget that

John Philip
Jry: Cool to see that you're back, and to answer your question I wasn't necessarily constipated, I simply passed larger turds that were more difficult to push out. And yes, I have noticed in quite a few posts that smoking helps a certain person crap more easily. I recently started smoking (Marlboro's) and it hasn't affected me in that manner. I presume it depends upon the individual. I turned 19 last month and ordered a DMV ID card so this will inevitably offer more opportunities.

My shits aren't exactly exceptional either, but yesterday was one of the only half decent dumps that I can recall. Went through the proverbial "motions", went into the bathroom, and pulled my jeans and boxers down (to my ankles as opposed to knees). I decided to take my time and sat for a few minutes before deciding to push. I expelled a large silent fart and felt the turtlehead poke out. I didn't push it out immediately, but decided to let it come out of its own own accord. I sat in silence for five minutes before the turd moved a few more inches by itself. It stopped moving for a moment, and then slowly oozed out, accompanied by noticeable gas packets in the middle. The main event event completed, I swiftly pushed out three remaining turdlets and was done. Looking in the bowl, I saw I had produced an eight inch light brown turd that was floating on top of the water. The turd nuggets had sunk to the bottom of the bowl. I pulled my pants, washed up and left.

Hi, I suffer from IBS.Yesterday I had a deep stomach massage to try to sort out my bowels.
On my way back to my car, I felt the "have to go" signal. I was in the Mall so I quickly made my way to the ladies.
I got to the toilet just in time - I instantly dropped 3 fat poops about the size of a coke can.
Then came some runny stuff and I was done.
After wiping and flushing the toilet twice, I realised my poo was going no where, so I washed my hands and left.
When I got back home, the pain returned, I sat on my toilet and did several really loud long powerful farts.
My flat mate asked me to stop, as she said the sounds was making her feel sick.
She went out later that night- home alone I returned to the toilet, and farted continuously for about 1 hr solid, at one point I thought I had damaged the toilet, when I heard a ping noise from the toilet bowl after a really powerful fart blast. The bathroom smelt real bad, but my stomach felt better.
I will be going for one of those stomach massages again, as they really clean you out!

Last week both me and Connor were 180 miles from our homes. For several summers we attended a church-related camp and when we started high school a couple of years ago, we were asked to serve as counselors.

First we had to be dropped off at 3:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning at the bus terminal. Luckily, the camp is right off the interstate and there's bus service there; otherwise we would have had a much harder time getting there since we don't drive yet and I doubt our parents would allow us to drive that far alone, if you know what I mean. We had about an hour wait at the bus station and sometimes I think it's just my nerves, but I had to both crap and pee. Connor made some sort of joke about having gone at home, but he wished me luck--something that wasn't that clear to me. Well, I was wearing engineer's overalls and a gray sweater so I thought he was talking about some unbuttoning that I would have to do. When I got into the bathroom I was taken aback by how sucked: a row of five toilets and a couple of sinks, although it looked like there had been a third one because the pipe was still coming out of the wall ....

On the first stool there was a girl about 7 who had her shorts and underwear all the way to the floor and she was swinging her legs pretty wildly. Her mother was in the second stall. She had unbuckled her jeans but was standing and slowly placing strips of toilet paper over the seat. Eventually, it looked like she was going to run out because she had put down several layers. I guess I've never understood people like that! Oh well. On the third stool there was an elderly-looking grandma sitting and reading the newspaper. She smiled and said "You're welcome to join us" as I walked by. I went into the fourth stall and after fumbling with the buttons on my outfit I was finally able to drop my suspenders and pants, pull down my underwear and then place myself on the seat. As I slid myself back on the seat I looked to the left and then got to thinking about how exposed we all were without doors on the stall. I've used open stalls a few times and they do somewhat scare me because while I'm confident in going in public (I've written about this before), I do value privacy. My crap came within about 10 seconds of me sitting down. It was a long piece of about 1.5 feet plus a couple of balls too. While I was waiting for my pee stream to start I glanced at the left partition and noticed a two holes in it drilled to about a half inch each. They were lower than the current toilet paper holder and I know if shouldn't have, but I looked into one of the holes and saw the grandma's eye looking in on me. It creeped me out at first and I didn't say anthing. I continued to sit as my pee was slow in coming. The grandma got up, washed her hands, and although she was standing at the sink directly in front of me, she didn't say anything else to me. About five minutes later the mother and daughter left (both without flushing) and I was able to get my pee flow going. When I got back to the terminal I immediately told Connor about it and he didn't seem that surprised. "Bus terminals attract wierdos" was all that he could say.

Actually, when we got to our camp later that morning we were both surprised at what we found. The modern camp that our church had previously leased for years was occupied by another group and we used a much older facility across the highway. I'm sure it was cheaper and that's why the church went with it. Both Connor and I were surprised at the old-style bathrooms they had. The toilets were wooden and you had to open a trap door-like lid in order to sit on the wooden toilet that was on top of a foot-high platform. You didn't want to slide on the wooden "seat" because you would get slivers (Connor picked up two!) and you flushed by pulling a chain which hanged from the ceiling. It made a strange noise that's not easy to forget. Connor used the word "communal" to describe the sinks which were all together as part of one big piece on the other side of the room, directly behind the toilets. Also, something I hadn't seen much before. The toilets didn't have metal privacy doors but rather curtains that you would pull to open or close.

Both Connor and I appreciate what we have a lot more at home now as a result of what we experienced at the bus terminal and the camp.

Upstate Dave
Again hello to all. I have been vary busy as of late so that is why I have not posted lately. I did catch up though this morning reading some of the recent past posts. Good reading! We are getting true summer weather here now after a cold and very wet July. With the nice summer weather now it reminds me of summer camp which most likely a lot of posters here may have gone to. That is what my post is about which deals with a event at summer camp.

The summer camp that I was going to was a church sponsered one. It was sponsered by all the local churches and it was well attended. All the people were from the county where I lived. So I did know some of the members and many I did not. So I did hang out with the kids that I knew.

Now the big event that happened which everone that was at camp this day was we were going on a hike with a picnic lunch. The hike was that we were going to climb up one of the near by mountains. which was about a mile from the camp. The total number of hikers this day was about 60 people that included kids,counslers, and adults.

Now I teamed up with a girl that I knew that was a good friend. She and I became "buddies" for this was reccomended by the counslers before we started. They used a buddy system. All of us that were going had brought lunches and drinks. This was for our picnic lunch when we were at the top of the mountain. That is when we were going to eat.

The group gathered up and before we left the counslers told the group since this was a hike and being a large group it would take some time to hike up the mountain. There would be no bathrooms once we were on our way so if you need to go GO NOW! Some did and then we were set to leave and we did.

The walk down the road to the highway was the first part of the hike. Then we had to walk along the side of the highway till we reached a local know hotel andf motel. I knew where we were going for I had been up on the mountain that we were going to hike up. It was Lookout Mnt. I asked Jeannie that was the name of the girl that was my friend and buddy if she had ever been up this mountain. Jeannie told me no. We made the turn up the motels entrance road and started the upward portaion of our hike.

Once the group all had walked up the hill and we were all behind the motel together the counslers told us that the trail was marked with blue meatl markers. Please stay on the trail and keep in sight of other hikers. If you do have to get off the trail do not go far. Keep the trail in sight. With all this said we started hiking on the trail going into the woods behind the motel.

I and Jeannie walked together letting others go by us. Since I had been up the mountain on this trail I knew that if you hurried you would get tired fairly quickly. Many parts of the trail would get fairly steep in sections farther up. So it was better to just take your time. So I and Jeannie did.

It was a warm sunny day but being in the woods with the shade from the trees it wasn't all that bad. The shade did keep you out of the sun. As we all hiked along Jeannie and I slipped further back in the group and we were now about the last ones in the long line of hikers. She and I talked while we hiked and we also held hands when needed. There were spots already where a helping hand did help your buddy when walking on rocks or steeper sections of the trail. After awhile Jeannie wouldn't let go of my hand. We both admitted it was nice to hold hands. On we went.

I remebered when I had hiked up this trail about halfway it would switchback a lot. That means it went back and forth as it went up and we had reached that point now. As we hiked Jeannie and I could see many of the other hikers on the trail as they walked along. Jeannie asked me as we made one of the turns How far does the trail go like this? I told her that it did go back and forth several times. Jeannie said oh back to me but it sounded like something was bothering her when she said oh back to me.

It took almost twenty minutes to get though the switchback section. Jeannie now was walking a much slower pace now and we were the last ones now. I noticed that she was going much slower. I asked her if she was ok. She told me that she was. Your'e not hurt,something wrong with your shoes,got a stone in one of them? I asked her. Again she told me no. But I did get a answer from her. Jeannie told me she had to pee quite badly that is why I slowed down. I just wanted to make sure that we were seperated from the others!

Now to let you know Jeannie was in a group of friends of mine that I always hung around with. She and I knew each other really well. (We both had at times did pee together. Now was going to be one of those times. Both of us had been drinking water all the time as we hiked. I like her needed to pee also and I told her right then that I had to go too.

I was going to step off from the trail and go pee in the woods. Jeannie seeing me starting to walk off te trail said to me loudly; Hey we arn't supposed to leave the trail! Also we are supposed to be with a buddy! I stopped and I was laughing. I told Jeannie that you are my buddy come with me I'm not going far. Besides the counslers said if we had to leave the trail just keep in sight. So come one I'm not going far at all. I waved my hand to tell Jeannie to come with me and she ran up to me and grabbed my hand and we stepped off from the trail together and went into the woods.

We went in about twenty feet off from the trail. I made suer that since there was a blue metal trail marker on one of the trees right where we had been on the trail that it was still visible and it was. Now Jeannie was wearing a long length summer dress and I was in jeans not shorts. Both of us knew hiking in shorts may have been cooler but hiking shorts were not the best thing to wear. Your legs can get scratched up if you had shorts on. So that was why the long dress that Jeannie was wearing and I had on my jeans.

Jeannie now quickly hiked up her long summer dress. Once she had it pulled mostly up on herself she squated right down. I laughed and she gave me a big smileback. She knew why I was laughing. Jeannie was not wearing panties which in the summer she rarely did. She complauned that they were to warm, made her sweaty, and they were just plain to uncofortible.

I had pulled my zipper down and I had pulled out my penis as Jeannie now sqauting pulled the back of her dress up and around to the front of her. Then she pulled the front of her dress up more exposing more of herself. Then we both started to pee. Both of us peed hard too which both of us made a comment on how hard each one of us was peeing. Jeannie even added by saying that she now was feeling so much better that she was going.

We both spent about twenty seconds peeing in the woods together. Then after we finished we hurried back to the trail and went at a good clip to catch up wth the rest of the group. We didn't want to be embaressed by being last, or having someone come looking for us, or have to tell the reason why we had fallen behind. It didd't take us long to catch up to some of the stragglers on the trail and Jeannie and I passed them and then we slowed staying between two groups of hikers. Let me end it there for now. More would happen on this hike for we hadn't reached the top,have our lunch, and of course the trip back down. Upstate Dave

to Deliah i really enjoyed your lasts posts! i wish that we could have several bathroom outings together! i love you too! i cant wait to hear your future posts! Love ya!

Lena: i really enjoyed your post! iam gald to hear that the lady in the stall next to u left the toilet unflushed! why dont u do the same! i lookforward to your future posts!


delilah, great story as usual. you should post more of them for sure. soccer mom, interesting story, to say the least...certainly embarrassing.

kate, great should post more. nothing interesting for me today.

I see that John is quite a common name here so from now on i will post under the name "Jamie" as that is what i am called most although it is not my real name. Anyway, to Jry, i have another story, although not as interesting i don't think.

Anyway, so usually i shit everyday, as was the case with my monster turd, i had taken a shit the day before. But today, however, I had been holding it for two days, so i thought it would be big again. When i finally did decide to go to the bathroom, i sat down and my turd started emerging immediately. It was the same as last time (two inches thick and very hard) however it came to an abrupt stop after about 7 inches. I was rather disappointed. So anyway, later today, i went out to eat and got 16 hot wings and fries. Went I got home, my stomach was feeling really weird. And soon enough, i could feel i had to have some diarrhea. I went to the toilet and it wasn't explosive but i had a lot of soft gas along with it and it was completely liquid. The relief felt great but i still hate having diarrhea. So overall it was a disappointing day as far a shitting goes.

And as far as your question goes, I don't smoke cigarettes so i wouldn't know. But occasionally i do smoke other stuff, and i haven't noticed anything like constipation. Although it does tend to mess up my regular once a day schedule. And i have one question of my own. Are you a guy or a girl because i couldn't really tell from your story, which i liked by the way.

I love reading everyone's great stories, keep 'em coming.

Hi everyone. I've read posts on this site for some time, but never posted myself before. I'm 29 year old female and my daughter is 8. She had an wetting accident today that I think was my fault, and I feel really sorry about it. She learned to use the toilet in a very young age and has had just one or two accidents since. However, she very often has to use the bathroom in very inconvenient places and I've had to run around searching for one.
Today I picked her from school and took her to a fast food restaurant before going with her to the mall. I had decided a long time ago that she needs to learn when it's a good time to use the toilet, so I told her that we're not going straight home and she should use the toilet in the burger place if she needs to. She didn't, so we continued to the mall where she told that she has to pee. I was really tired of trying to find her a bathroom and I want her to learn, so I told her that she can find one herself or hold until we're home, and she really should have used the toilet in the restautant. After hesitating for a while she decided to try to find a bathroom herself, and I told her I'd be waiting right where I was. I waited there for a few minutes and then saw her coming, with a big wet patch at her overalls and almost crying. She told me how she couldn't find a toilet anywhere and couldn't hold it anymore, and then started crying. I felt terrible because I knew it was my fault, and we left immediately and went home. I had wanted her to learn when to use the toilet and when not, but making her have an accident was never what I intended. When I was a kid I had accidents very often, even in school, so it has been so good to see my own daughter not doing the same -until now. I remember how embarrasing it was to wear wet pants and I don't want the same for her.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm an avid reader of this site, and have been for nearly 10 years now - but this is my first time posting.

First of all let me introduce myself, I'm an IT worker, 21 years of age and from the UK. I've been interested in "toileting" since I was about 7 or 8, and am mainly interested in accidents (wetting preferred) rather than anything else. My interest was really sparked when I spent some time living with my step brother at the time (same age as me) and we used to lie in bed at night talking about and experimenting with wetting - literally lying there and wetting our beds whilst each other watched the PJ's and bed getting wet. At the same time my step brother also experimented with wetting his pants, but I was too shy to try this then.

Because of my interest, I remember pretty much every accident and "accident" I've ever had, and I'm going to recount them for you all now. :)

First I remember was when I was 4, and it was the school holidays (my first school holidays I think). I was staying with my grandparents and my nan was taking me out shopping with her. I remember her telling me to go for a wee before we left to catch the bus, however I didn't need to go then so told her so. I'm sure you can see where this is leading, 1/2 hour later we were in a shop in town when I suddenly felt quite desperate and told my nan I had to go badly. Of course she told me that I should have gone, and would have to wait a moment whilst she paid for her shopping and then we could go to the toilets across the road. Of course, within a matter of seconds I felt that fimiliar warm feeling in the crotch of my briefs and proceeded to wet my pants and leave a puddle on the floor, very upset that I had embarrased myself and disappointed my nan.

After this I don't think I had any accidents for a while, as the next I remember I was about 6 and it was my first ever school accident. Our class teacher was off ill so we were sitting with another class, at the side of their room with their teacher that I didn't know very well. We were getting on with some worksheets when I felt the need to poo, so I asked the teacher who allowed me to go. I went to the toilet and sat there for a few minutes, but nothing came so I decided I had to go back to class. Only 10 mins or so later I felt that need again so again I asked, but this time my teacher said no so I went back to my seat. Only a short while later I lost the battle and left a fairly large poo slip out into my briefs - it did smell a little and I remember one of my friends making a comment about something had died! I then had to face the mortification of going to my teacher and muttering those dreaded words "I've had an accident". I remember her taking me out of the room and giving me a spare pair of blue briefs to change into and then me having to go home and hand my mum the messy ones bundled up in paper towels and tell her, though my tears of shame, that I'm pooed myself at school.

Next up was a year or so later, as we had just moved house. This time I woke one morning to that horrible cold, wet feeling and new that I had wet the bed. So far as I can remember this is the first time it had happened since I had been trained and I was at a sufficient age to be really embarrased by it, so I didn't tell my mum. I remember hanging my wet PJ bottoms over the storage heater at the end of my room and then slipping them into the wash basket. My mum did comment when she was putting them in the wash (I guess they were still damp), she asked me whether I'd had an accident and I said no. A week or so later she was changing my bed whilst I was in the bath and came in holding the stained sheet asking again about an accident and I couldn't really deny it now so just said yes and she said I should have told her instead of trying to hide it.

Oddly for me the next was a bedwetting too, and was about a year later. I was spending the school holidays with my dad, staying in his 1 bedroom flat. Because of the short space I was sleeping in his bed and he was on the sofa. One night I'd gone to bed and had then got up a couple of times (just messing, as you do) so he shouted at me about staying in bed. Sods law, as I was lying in bed I felt a tingling that I needed to wee, but didn't want to make him angry by getting up again so I tried to ignore it. I must have drifted off to sleep, as the next thing I remember it was about 3am and I woke up in the middle of weeing in the bed! The damage was done, and I don't know whether I could have stopped if I'd tried so I just finished off and then got out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Here I took my wet briefs off (this is all I was sleeping in) and put a dry pair on...not sure why as I got back into the wet bed. I took a towel from the bathroom and used it to try and dry the bed, before taking it back to the bathroom and leaving it there with my wet undies. By some miracle I got away with it, as my dad didn't even notice the wet pants in the bathroom nor the wet bed and both had dried by the time I went some.

The same week as the bedwetting, above, I also managed to soak my pants in public for the first time since I was 4. I was weeing quite a lot that week, think I was drinking a lot more than I did at home and my dad had commented on how I was always needing the toilet. One night, after we'd eaten tea we were out walking to one of his friends for him to get some money when I started to need a wee, but I didn't say anything. We got to his friends where he conducted his business and I drank a glass of juice (oops!) before setting off for the walk home. I had been too self conscious to ask to use his friends toilet. Part way home I started doing the telltale weewee dance, in itself an embarrasment for an 9 year old but my dad didn't pick up on it and natuarlly by this stage I was too mortified to say anything as I felt an accident was imminent. I was right, and only a couple of minutes later I started to go in my pants (red briefs, black tracksuit bottoms) at this stage I felt I needed to say something to my dad but was too ashamed so I just tapped his hand and pointed at my crotch. As my bottoms were black they didn't appear wet (even though I was part way though wetting them) so he just thought I needed to wee again and made some comment about us being nearly home so I could go then. By then it was too late, but at least I was spared the shame of him knowing that his 9 year old son had just wet himself in public without even asking to use a toilet! Once again I got away with it by hiding my clothes when I got undressed that night.

The last reat accident that I remember having was even more embarrasing that the rest put together, as it happened just over a year later when I was 10 years old!! To make matters worse, it was also another school accident! It was lunchtime at school and I don't think I had used the toilet in school that day. I was queueing up outside the canteen with the rest of my class when I started to feel the need for a wee. I did contemplate asking one of the dinner ladies to let me run to the toilets quickly, but then I thought that we were the last class to go in so there wasn't much time left before they stopped serving food. I didn't want to miss my dinner, so I decided that I was 10 years old and more than old enough to hold it until I'd at least got my food - I mean, who's ever heard of a 10 year old wetting himself like a little baby? The queue was quite long, probably about 30 kids, and by the time I got to the final section I was jigging about from one foot to the other and grabbing my crotch every few seconds. I knew that I really had to go soon to preven MAJOR embarrasment, but it was now my turn to go through to the serving hatches so I couldn't go anywhere. To my immense shame I stood there, grabbing myself through my grey school trousers as my bladder betrayed me and emptied itself. I was in shock that such a thing had happened, and just went through to get my dinner as normal. I took my tray and put it on a table before going to speak to one of the dinner lady's. Never have I been as embarrased as when I had to tell her that I (one of the oldest in the school) had "had and accident" and weed in my pants. She did look disappointed, but told me to sit and each my lunch and then go back to her. After I'd picked at my food, I went with her to the spare clothing cupboard where she found the only garment that would fit me (as they were more prepared for accidents in 4 year olds than 10 year olds!) a pair of grey school shorts. I would have been embarrased to wear these at the best of times, as we all regarded them as something the little kids wore, but that's all there was. I went into the boys toilets to change whilst the dinner lady waited outside. It was only after I'd taken my wet trousers off that I realised I didn't have any dry undies to put on, so in my infinite wisdom I left the wet ones on under the dry shorts. My wet trousers were given to me in a carrier bag when I was leaving, and my aunt picked me up from school as I was going to hers for tea. She didn't say anything about the carrier bag, but did comment on the shorts - asking where my trousers were. I just said that I'd sat in some mess so my teacher had given me the shorts to change into. My aunt would obviously have known the truth as soon as she looked in the bag, but thankfully she spared my blushes and didn't say anything to me. It was the most mortifying experience of my life.

I've got lots of stories about intentional accidents, but for now I'll have to leave it as this post is getting VERY long. I'll post again soon, and would ask that you all share your childhood accident stories.

Just like to give a quick mention to jim (young boy), becca (and lauren) and Wetguy - all of whose stories I have really enjoyed reading!!


Max (not my real name, too much info in the stories to ID me I'm afriad if I use my real name)

I was back to work from my lunch break, from eating 2 bean burritos and rice and cheese. My stomach started making noises and I felt a fart coming on. Im sitting back in my chair when I try to fart and let out a huge wet fart taking a small poop in my pants! I can feel the poop starting to stick to my pants. I slowly get out of my chair and head for restroom, trying not to waddle or let my stained pants show.
When I get in the restroom 2 of my co workers are in there walking to stalls. Well at this point in time waiting wasnt an option. I get to a stall drop my pants just in time to take a really gassy wet poop. Both co worker hear it. They finish up and Im still in my stall pooping. I finish pooping and take off my stained panties and through them away in the bin in the stall well wrapped in tissue. After cleaning up I went back to my desk. After that if I had to fart anymore I made sure I was on a toilet first, but I only had to pee once later that afternoon.

Mr. Clogs
I have a question for all of you here. When you use the public restrooms or where-ever you use the bathroom. Do you use wet paper towels or wet toilet paper to wipe after you taken a dump. What are your views on it, or do you see any benefits of using wet paper towels when it comes to reducing skid marks on your underwear? As for me, yes especially when I wear white underwear and the string type underwear. Let me know what you think.

--Mr. Clogs


Perhaps you should look at your diet, and how regularly you eat. Hot weather has never constipated me - if anything, it speeds things up.
On the subject of smoking, this isn't the best way to 'keep regular'. My grandfather had a room mate at college who was a heavy smoker, and my granddad never smoked. This room mate said that a cigarette after breakfast was good for his bowels. They were good friends in other ways, but the bedroom always smelt of smoke, and Granddad was asthmatic (largely grown out of it now). This guy died of cancer aged 27, and Granddad has always impressed on his family the dangers of smoking.

On running out of toilet paper, my brother and I have always checked this, but we have never been embarrassed about seeing each other in the shower or on the toilet.

My best friend and I often take our sleeping bags and stay overnight at each other's houses, when swotting for exams, or during holidays. One morning in the holidays, we were doing some jobs for his parents after breakfast when they had gone to work. I announced that I was ready to 'go on the toilet'. I dashed back upstairs, unbuckling my belt as I went, slammed the door of the bathroom, put the seat down. I knew this toilet well enough to know where I should sit without soiling the inside, and got my jeans and underwear down just in time. Too late I noticed that the roll was getting low, but prayed that there would just be enough. It seems that teenage lads make a big production, and I am no exception. I had a very messy bottom, and there was nowhere enough paper. I didn't want to get up off the toilet in case anything dropped to the floor, but I could just reach the door handle while remaining seated. I opened the door (not with my wiping hand!) and shouted my pal: 'Can you get me some toilet paper please?' The supply was kept in his parents' ensuite bathroom, which I obviously didn't want to go into. He shouted back, 'Just a minute, I'm paying the milk-boy'. So I went back, flushed the toilet, and sat down again. When he said 'Very sorry - Mum and Dad would tell me off for not checking'. The milkboy actually goes to our school, and helps out at the dairy on Saturdays and in school holidays.

What I like about sites such as this is that you can share things with other people, and learn about problems in life without anybody knowing who you are.

This is the conclusion of my story about what happened last Wednesday. I slept through my alarm, got stuck in a couple of traffic jams on my way downtown to work, was low on gas and needing to crap but couldn't get out of the traffic to get to a gas station. Finally, I got so desperate that I pulled onto the sidewalk of a construction site where the workers hadn't arrived yet and I shit in their portable potty. Because I got in about 45 minutes or or an hour late to my job, I was behind all day and because I was working so focused, I barely got out of the parking garage before the computer shut down the exit gate. Then I still had the problem that I had to pee because I didn't want to risk missing the 6 p.m. gate shut-off and have to leave my car until morning and because of the problems that morning, I hadn't been able to get to a gas station despite the fact that I had been driving like 10 miles with my "fuel" light on.

After I left the parking garage (with only two minutes to spare) I knew I had to pee and I would do it when I found the gas station. At 6 p.m. there was still quite a bit of traffic downtown. I drove about six blocks with increasing pain between my legs and I tried not to think about it for fear of an accident. On a couple of occasions, I could feel a few trickles drop into my underwear and I knew my time was limited. As I was driving west back toward the suburbs I saw a sign for a convenience store and luckily they had gas pumps. There were like six pumps all were taken and there were a couple of cars waiting. I pulled over to the very side of the lot, grabbed my purse and ran in to find the bathroom. I was about 15 feet from grabbing the front door when a gruff voice on the speaker told me to move my car and that I couldn't park there. I continued into the store and this older guy who looked really rough and uncaring (he probably had the only station in a three mile radius and therefore didn't have to worry about pissing people off) looked directly at me and asked if I was hard of hearing. Working in a professional atmosphere and for a major corporation, his caustic tone caught me off guard. I told him in a semi-nice way that I had an emergency and needed the bathroom and that I would move my car to the pumps when one became available. He pointed to the unisex bathroom behind his counter and three people in line to use it! I quickly pulled out my credit card to show him my intentions, but I was getting that pumping feeling that I was going to pee my pants if I waited and argued with him. I abruptly turned around and walked out.

There was still a line for the pumps so I got in my car, drove out the otherside of the lot and into a dirt alley that I found separated a run-down residential neighborhood from the businesses on the other side. I was almost in tears as I tried to think of my alternatives. I hit a big dip in the alley and came close to scraping the paint off the back wall of a very old and dreery looking building as I tried to avoid another hole. Then I saw my salvation! Just to my left which I could practically touch was a half-high barrel. I could see it had no top and I instantly knew that I had found my emergency toilet. I quickly turned off my engine, and within 30 seconds I had my pants down and I was "seated" over a rusty and uncomfortable barrel that while it pierced my butt, enabled me to pee and prevent an emergency. It was a little higher than the typical toilet and I was on my toes, but I didn't mind that inconvenience. My pee gushed out for like over a minute and a half and I kept telling myself to sit still so that I wouldn't tear the skin on my butt because it looked like the barrel had been so badly rusted that the top had probably rusted off. Luckily there was nobody around the alley although all the noise from the street did worry me a little. Once I was done and feeling total relief, I quickly pulled up my pants got back into the car and drove down the alley.

I never made it out of the alley. After about two blocks I was completely out of gas and I was able to coast to a stop. I locked it and and called my boyfriend TJ who came with a gas can to help me out. Luckily I only had about 45 minutes to kill, during which time I walked to a fast food place and had dinner. But first, I went to the ladies room and looked in the mirror as I pulled my pants down and saw the red abrasion the barrel had left on me.

Im a 17 year old female. The biggest poop I've recently taken was about 3 months ago. I purposely held it in for almost 8 days. I was excited when the time came to release the beast! I squatted over some paper towels, and had some difficulty pushing this monster out. I guess I was a little constipated, but I was persistent in pushing it out. So about 2 minutes later it slowly started coming out. about a minute later it was still slowly exiting. It stopped for a little bit, then I gave one last huge push and it was out. This poo was amazing. 2 inches thick and a foot long. just wow.

jeanine, you should definitely tell those stories of you pooping/peeing your pants. i`m sure others likely feel the same. also, you could perhaps pee in places like dressing rooms in stores, in alleyways, ect. you can get more ideas from the posts from page 360 - 400, from a poster named Goldgirl, who regularly peed in strange places. and, let me tell you, her stories were great.

Hi everyone. I have not posted in some time. Have been mostly busy. But now that school has started again, I decided to post. There have been many good posts lately that I have enjoyed reading very much.

To John Philip: Hi, I'm back. I usually post for 1 or 2 months and then stop posting for 2 or 4 months, but I keep reading everyone's posts. I also had not posted anything because there was nothing notworthy to post, I think. Just my usual shits. I also enjoy your posts. I particularly enjoyed the one where you shared one of your most memorable (if not the most) times you took a shit, when you said you were about 15 or 16. Were you always constipated at that age?

To John (15 y/o guy): Yes. I had one big dump this other day. Would also like to hear more stories from you, if you have some. Here's a story from last week.

I will be 17 shortly (well, not that shortly but in some months). Anyway, this story took place in a Saturday. I had not taken a crap since thursday, and usually when I skip a day, a big turd comes out. This particular day was hot, and I hate these days because it makes it harder for me to take a crap, as I always need more effort to push it out on hot days. (Not sure why, really). So, at around 6:00 pm I ordered some japanese food for me and my brother. We both ate a lot, especially me as I had not eaten that day yet. About an hour later, I was about to go buy some groceries nearby when I got the urge to shit. Nothing quite urgent, but still decided to go before I went out, as I had no intention if using a public restroom. (I hate them). I went to the bathroom and closed the door.

This time, unlike others, I decided to pee standing up first and then sit down to take my crap. I unbuttoned my pants and, pulling them and my boxers down to my knees, I sat down. I began pushing, and the turd that was inside moved a little. When I stopped pushing, I sort of felt this turd kind of sting my butthole from the inside. It is hard to explain the exact feeling, but it is the best way I can describe it. I started pushing again and it began coming out slowly. I could tell, by the way it felt, that it was hard. One of my not that uncommon big, hard, lumpy turds. As it was coming out, it kind of hurt a little. It was only half-way out of my hole when I relaxed to catch up my breath. I pushed again, really hard this time, and the rest of the turd came out faster than before. I still felt some more inside me, so I waited a little until the urge came stronger. A couple of minutes past, when I felt it was the time to push again. I did, and this softer turd came out. This one was smooth, unlike the first one. I still had some more, so I relaxed again and finally pushed the last turd out. The last one was like the second one, only shorter. I was about to wipe when I realized I had made a mistake: not to check if the toilet paper was enough to completely wipe. And there wasn't enough. I reluctanly called my brother and told him to hand me a roll of toilet paper from our closet (we keep our rolls of tp there). I didn't like the idea of opening the bathroom door so he could hand me the roll, but I had no choice. When I opened it, he saw me and told me that it stunk in there. And I think it kind of did, I am not sure. Anyway, I wiped 5 or 6 times until I was completely clean and then saw my creation: One big, hard, lumpy turd, one big soft smooth turd and one medium sized smooth turd. I pulled up my pants and flushed. I went out and washed my hands.

On another note, and one I think you might help me: Does smoking, if any of you smoke, make shitting easier? I will never smoke, but I'm curious. I have a friend who smokes and he says he can't crap when he doesn't smoke first, or at least once during the day. But I also have another friend who smokes another thing (illegal), and says that makes him constipated. So, I would like to know what everyone thinks of this: why does it happen? Has it ever happened to you?

Thanks, and keep coming the good stories.

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