Fast Food Employee
Hello everyone, I've been reading posts on this site for about a year now but I've never thought to post anything until now. I'm a 19 year-old white male, 6 ft 1 and about 200 pounds, and I have a temporary job as a fast food employee while I finish up at college. Couple of things I'd like to share...

Today at work I was helping my boss unload move some stuff from the outside freezer into the store freezer inside so that we could get to it easier later in the day. I was stacking up boxes of meat and other items in different places when I needed to ask her where she wanted me to put this one item. I went looking around the kitchen for her but couldn't find her, made my way toward the dining room to see if she was in there and then I unintentionally saw her leaving the bathroom. I'm not positive but when she saw me I think she said "I feel better, I had to poop" or she may have just said "I feel better I had to go." I was kinda surprised by her comment before I quickly asked what I needed to ask her. Don't get me wrong I've always had this thing for watching/reading about/listening to girls use the bathroom, but she's a 50 something year old woman so that doesn't really appeal to me, and on top of that she's my boss. Either way I feel like it was unnecessary for her to comment on that in a work environment. I'm curious to know what others think.

On to a story of when I was 16. I was at the beach with my family (parents and siblings along with aunt, uncle and cousins) that year for my 16th birthday, and on that day we went to eat at a Mexican restaurant, since back then that was my favorite type of food. After we got back to the condo we were staying in, the whole group decided to go for a night walk on the beach (except my Dad, who decided to do some reading instead). By the time we got down to the beach, I suddenly had a large intestinal cramp and told everyone I didn't want to go on the walk anymore. I quickly made my way back to the elevator with the cramps getting worse by the step. I made it to the elevator and had to go up about 15 floors, most of them with another lady on the elevator. I was trying not to act weird, but I really had some bad cramps and was afraid I wasn't going to make it. The elevator FINALLY made it to my floor and I made my way to the room, opened the door and quickly entered the bathroom, luckily was right near the door, before my dad even spoke to me. I ran in, closed the door, ripped down my shorts and boxers, and shot out a dark brown liquid out of my ass until the toilet water was completely dark, and then I flushed. I waited for it to go down, and then shot out another equal amount of liquid in seconds, with each second bringing incredible relief. I then flushed, did this a third time, flushed, and then filled the toilet a fourth time but this time with more of a brown sludge. I was finally done, and after a messy wipe and with a bad smelling odor trailing me left the bathroom in relief. My Dad and I think that the cheese dip that I ate from in the Mexican restaurant was the culprit. Either way, that was one of the worst diarrhea experiences I can ever remember having.

Sorry for such the long post, hope it was worth reading. Ladies, please keep the posts up! The more details the better!

Ok, my sister's gone away.

Back to my story, where did i finished... Don't mind if I'll repeat a part of the story, that i started in my last post, ok?

I sticked out my ass a little, and last time looked in the mirror. I saw a terrified, but also a little bit interested, face of mine. I look on my old, white panties in worry. I hoped they won't be destroyed, but after experience of almost 4 years of shitting myself by accident i knew, that if I'll clean them well enough, they're gonna be ok. I turned my head and looked on shower, and felt that I'm gonna shit myself by accident soon. I pulled with all power I only had then, and heard (and smelled) diarrhea filling my underwears. I kept pooping for ten or twenty seconds, and looked in the mirror. My panties were all light brown, and poop was spilling on the floor. There was some of diarrhea already on ground. I felt pressure again, so i pulled one more time. I saw my panties moving, and another spurt of diarrhea felt on the floor. I began pissing, on the floor again... I didn't feel empty (i never feel), but more empty than few minutes earlier. I farted few times, and went into the shower. I pulled panties down, and turned water on. After 20 minutes me, and both panties were totally clean. I went to the room and started to contemplate, was the felling of full panties nice, or not... It took me 5 minutes to say, that it was rather nice, warm, soft, but it was also gross and stinky. I decided that maybe i wil poo panties sometimes, but nothing really serious. I already had enough accidents in the city, at school and few places more to say, that i don't need more shit in my underwear.

As the school year continued, i pooped myself few times (2 or 3 deliberately). One was special for me, because if somebody would see me with panties full of you know what, i'll probably would be removed from school, or leave it by myself being too embarassed.
I was training swimming few months (i hate swimming pools since it happened), so as you probably know, it had to happen. As i wrote in survey, usually i can't hold myself from relieving more than 5 or 10 minutes. But that is limit i know now, and i know that for no more than 2 or 3 months.
I was swimming with my friends (mostly girls, one or two guys), and I felt an urge to go to toilet. I looked at timer and saw, that i have to swim for another 5 minutes to complete training. Fortunately, most of my friends finished earlier (i'm short so i don't swim fast), so they didn't see my face burned when i felt i need to shit. I started swimming really fast, but urge to shit was getting stronger and stronger. I couln't shit in water, because half of the pool would be brown, and everybody'd know that i did this. After 2 or 3 minutes I finally finished swimming, and walked to the change room. I couldn't run, because floor was completely wet. As i went into ladies room, i made a rush to the toilet. One was out of order, to another one was few persons queue. I quickly changed my clothes and ran out of the room. Some of diarrhea spilled to my panties. I felt warm and soft poo, but it wasn't so stinky and huge, it didn't even spill. It smelled like somebody farted. I got into the toilet in hall of the building. As i was walking towards it, i felt another squirts filling my pants. It was as well as it wasn't so loud, so probably nobody knew i did it. I quickly opened the toilet (lucky one, it was one women room, rather big, so nobody heard me) doors, and... No, I didn't pull my trousers down. I didn't even unzip my trousers, when I accidentally stopped keeping poo in my ass. I heard a loud fart (i think it was an explosive diarrhea) and felt very hot liquid something filling my panties. I quickly removed my trousers and sat on the toilet. I pulled a bit and more diarrhea came out of my anus, filling panties and spilling to the toilet. When i finished, i heard somebody shouting "Are you ok"? I wanted to shout "Yeah, I'm ok!" but instead of it, i farted really loud, and again more poop came into my panties. I pulled back of my underwear to empty it a little, and took panties down. I cleaned my ass and threw panties to the toilet, and flushed it. I put my trousers on and went back home.

One month later my sister came do England. I knew (parents told me) that she has the same bowels' ilness that i have, but i didn't know it is the same strengh of it. My sister was always also my best friend. We tell everything to eachother, when i had my first boyfriend, my first sex, first alcohol... She was always first one that knew about this, as well as i was the first (i hope i was) one that she was telling everything about. There's nobody on the world i trust as much as i trust her. I took her with my friend (she could drive, i couldn't) from the airport. She was very terrified after the flight. My friend, Sarah, took us to home, when we stood. My sister was 11 then, and she was about to begin school in next year. I noticed, that she uses toilet more often than me. We were at home at 11, and between 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. she was in toilet more than 20 times... Ad 8.30 p.m. I asked her what is it. She told me she has diarrhea, and... She went to the toilet again. I asked her to go pool, we both like pool, bowling, soccer. I though she will decline because if diarrhea, but she agreed, and at 9 p.m. we were at the club. One game, i won, second, i won, third, she won. I asked her is it all right with her bowels' problem. She said she's ok, but she looked embarassed. She had white pants, so I'd see if she do herself in panties. Trousers were white as always. To make sure nothing happens to her, i checked the toilet doors. It was... Out of order :/ I told her that if she wants to relieve, we have to get back home. She said it's ok, and told me to keep playing and enjoying time. That was what i did. She won again, and I saw that she sat on the chair very, very carefully. I asked what is it, she said nothing. It was not in her style. I asked again and told her, if she won't tell me what is it, we're going back home, and if she tells me, we'll go bowling.
- My ass is very painful after diarrhea. Can we get home? I'm not feeling well
So we took the bus home. I noticed again, that whatever she does that requires leg moving, she did it carefully. Her face became more ruddy, again and again. I didn't know what to do, so asked her if she ok. As i expected, she said yes.
When we were back home, i just locked the door and she began crying, and said:
- Katie, i'm sorry but i can't hold it much longer! I can't make it to the tolet!
I looked at her, but i still did't know what happened. Yes, it smelled a bit, but her pants were still white. I heard few little farts, and then very loud "boom" and many, rather loud farts. I didn't knew that so much diarrhea can be held by 11 year old girl, but i was a wave. I saw her white pants are all green-brown on the back. There were two "mountains" of it next to her shoes, and more was comming. I also saw that she pissed herself. I quickly got to her and pulled her white pants down, not to dirty floor too much. I was terrified seeing her black panties grotesquely full. I didn't know that so much shit can be in panties, hey, i couldn't believe that all of this was inside her. And she kept on pooping, and pooping, and pooping... I ran to the kitchen to take some towels, and asked her to walk on them. I cleaned the floor. It all took me something like 10 minutes, and all of this time she was pooping... Her face was red, and she was crying very loud. I said "it's ok, that's nothing, we'll clean it". I took more towels and made provissionally diaper on her, so she could go to the bathroom and not to dirty floor. I finished cleaning the hall and went to the bathroom. She already took towels off her. I said: "take panties down and flush them in the toilet. Take a shower, i'll clean your trousers, ok?"
She said ok. But she was still crying.
15 minutes later, when she came out, all house was ventilated, her trousers were in laundry. But damn, something was still not ok. She was still crying. I asked her to sit, and asked "what is it?".
- It hurts. It hurts me alot."
I talked with her for 5 minutes and she said me, that she used one of my tampax to block her anus, so she wouldn't shit while we were on the pool. When she couldn't hold it (neither could tampax), she exploded in the hall. Her anus was expanded, and that was the thing that hurt her so much. She shown me her new panties that she wore. There was some diarrhea again. I noticed, that she doesn't control her anus, so expanded it was. I send her to bed, and next day it was rather all ok (only without another panties that she had to dirty in he night).

I'll think and try to remind more stories that you may like, and post them. My sister is on the "party" (hope she won't drink or get pregnant :D), so maybe she will have and accident tonight :>

Hi! this story is about me having to poop: so the story starts off as me having the urge to go poo and I had an idea about going to poop in the grass over at the next door neighbours place while i'm staying at the beach! So I quietly sneak outside and go into the tall grass in front of the next door neighbour's place! I had to be very quiet and try not to get caught because the pathway to the beach was right there along with the road! So i pull down my pants and undies and get ready to poop! so i start to relax as a huge turd started to form its way out of my butt and then my mom comes out to tell she is going to bed but doesn't see me so i say good night and then she goes in to go to bed and i pull up my pants and underwear and go back inside to say goodnight then I sneak back out to the grass and position myself and started to poop and after the first turd comes out i pee for about thirty seconds and the pull up my pants and go back to the house and sit on the upperdeck for about two minutes and i relize that i hadn't finished pooing and i go back down to finished up pooping and one othe turd comes out and then I pull up my pants and go back inside!!

Hi, I posted below about getting the runs. I wanted to update the forum about my presentation today, in case ppl were curious. Well, it was ok. I am still not fit but much better. Today I needed the bathroom maybe 8-10 times, which means that I had to go about 5-6 times at work. I went right before the presentation, and right after, so managed ok with a churning stomach. I was wearing diapers, just in case...
I hope this will recede in a few days. I am having to hold my spincter muscle tight all the time, so that my ass doesnt leak, rather flood... This is bad diarrhea...

Soccer Mom
I was on holidays for the last week of July. The Friday before I went on holidays I was in a golf tournament that was put on by one of our clients. The tournament was in a little town about two hours away from the city my husband, daughter and I live in. I left just before 6:30 am as the tee off was at 9:30 am and they had a breakfast prior to the tournament starting (bacon, eggs, sausage and coffee). Before I left home I made sure that I had enough golf balls as I was prepared to lose quite a few. I only golf a few times a year, so a good supply of golf balls is always a neccesity! I also packed in my golf bag a complete change of clothes, socks, bra, full cut bikini panties, tan capri pants and an extra golf shirt. That day I decided to wear black capri pants that went just above my knees, a white golf shirt and white bra and white full bikini panties. I didn't need any pads as my period had ended two weeks prior to the touranment. (Incidentally, I am on my period right now. I can't believe how heavy it is!)


The drive was rather uneventful and I was feeling pretty good. I got there, checked in and found out that I was in a foursome of all women. The woman that I was driving with was somewhat of a celebrity. She is the evening co-news anchor for one of the major TV stations in the city I live in. She was really nice and she drove our golf cart for the day.

The tournament itself was a shotgun start and a best ball format. We started on the fourth hole. On our way to the hole, my bowels started cramping up. I thought it was the breakfast I had starting to settle down. Well, I was wrong. I was the third to take my tee off shot. As I was setting my ball and tee up, I let go a little gas to help relive the pressure in my bowels. As I took my backswing another shot of gas came out. This time it was wet. I hit the ball and picked up my tee. I quickly got off the tee area and put my driver away in my bag. As I was doing this, I reached behind and felt my bottom. It felt wet and sticky, but the cramps went away. The next hole had a porta-potty, so I used it. I pulled down my black capri pants and panties and sat on the toilet. I tried pushing out whatever was in my bowels, but it turned out to be more wet farts than anything. There was a definate wet diarrhea stain on the seat of my panties. I took some toilet paper and was able to clean up some of the mess that had not soaked into my panties. I pulled them back on and winced because they were still wet. I checked out my capri pants and noticed a little wet stain on the seat of them, but it wasn't too bad.

I was feeling fine for the next two holes, but as we were coming up to hole # seven, the cramps started again. I let out a couple more wet farts as we were playing through hole # seven. At one point, the news anchor said to me, "hey, it looks like you sat in something wet." I reached behind and said, "uhh yeah, I guess so." She then said, "well, I'm sure it will dry." I just chuckled it off and went for my next shot. As I was getting ready to hit the ball, but bowels really cramped up. I stood up straight for a moment to get control of things, but as I bent over to take my shot, a little mush of diarrhea made its way out of my tightly squeezed butt cheeks and into my panties. I had to choice but to take my shot and as I did, more diarrhea came out. I put my golf club away and carefully sat down in the golf cart as we drove up to the green. With each step I took, more diarrhea came out. With each shot I took, more diarrhea came out. By the time we were finished the seventh hole, I had almost completly messed my pants. The wet stain from the diarrhea was noticable even through my black capri pants. The news anchor said to me, "sweety, it looks like that wet stain is even bigger. Is everything okay?" I lied to her and said, "no, I got my period and I wasn't exctly prepared for it. It's okay, I have a change of clothes and supplies in my bag." She then said, "well, the club house is only two holes away. You can get yourself cleaned up and sorted outwhen we get there." I was lucky that the diarrhea stain was not noticable on the seat of our golf cart. I'm not sure why that happened, but I was thanking God for at least that bit of luck.

After two more holes and continuous shots of mushy diarrhea in my panties, we finally made it back to the club house. I pulled out my clean capri pants and panties and went into the club house. The other ladies followed me to use the washrooms as well. I was getting nervous because I didn't have any pads with me and I didn't want them to notice me not putting one on. Also, I didn't want them to notice that I had a bad diarrhea accident, so I had to wait them out. The washroom only had three stalls anyway, so I let the other ladies use them first. The entire time I was letting out more diarrhea into my panties. I could hear one of them changing her pad. The news anchor was the first to leave her stall so I then went in. I first took off my golf shirt as I didn't want to get it dirty. I hung it on the coat hook on the door. I then very carefully pulled down my capri pants. The mess in them was incredible and had gone down the insides of my thighs. Finally the other two ladies left, so I then cleaned myself up as quickly as I could. I used almost the entire roll of toilet paper! I put on my clean full cut bikini's and tan capri pants and got dressed again. I didn't want to throw away my soiled capri pants or panties as I didn't want them to be found later. So I wrapped them up in a way that the mess was not noticable. When I got outside I then put them in the side pocket of my golf bag.

The rest of the day went okay, but I still had diarrhea. At one point, I lost some in my panties again. I cleaned them out at another porta-potty on the 15th hole. By the time we got to the tee box of our last hole, I was getting desperate again. I tried with everything I had to not have another big accident, but unfortunately, I lost the battle. I let out this mush of wet diarrhea into my panties as I was hitting my second shot. We finally finished and drove back to the club house. Because we started on the fourth hole, we ended on the third hole of the course, so we had to drive around the other holes to get back to the club house. When we finally got back to the club house, I put my golf bag in my car. The news anchor said, "oh no! It looks like you had a leak." I was mortified by her words. I could feel my face turn red. She said, "do you have any other clothes you can change into?" I said, "actually, no, I don't." I had decided not to stay for the dinner and told her that. I went to the ladies room to see if I could clean myself up. I did the best I could, but it felt really gross sitting in it all the way home.

On my way home, I had to go again. I tried holding it back, but I figured it was not use, so I let go in my panties again. It actually happened about four more times before I got home. I was a total mess when I got home.

I'm not sure what caused my diarrhea that day, but I was still sick for the next few days as well. It wasn't a great way to start our holidays, that's for sure! Especially when you are out with your husband and daughter and have to explain to them that you need to go home because you had an accident and need to change your clothes!

Soccer Mom

Jeanine and Delilah welcome to the club, for ppl who do not wipe all that well. If u have read any of my earlier posts you know from a kid I never did. I used to get alot of poop on my hands when wiping and I hated going for a poop. So I used to hold till the last minute,consequently I either pooped in my pants or had serious skids. In order to cure that when I was in my early teens I went for along time just not wiping after a poop. I stopped having accidents , but just didn't wipe my bottom.

These days I still hang on till the last minute and often as I am going to the toilet the turtlehead will be onits way out.When I use public toilets and they are dirty I just stand to pee then hover or stand over the toilet and go. If I am wearing a dress I just pull my panties aside, then piss and pullthem aside at my bum,poop then go.I've also mentioned b4 I 'm very hairy so I do end up with a wet crotch from all the piss in my hairs.

I had a siting the other day that sort of relates to this subject. Happened to be at a mall not far from home, this mall is very old and is being renovated. They have not yet done the toilets, .
however it is very clean. I was in there having a piss and was sitting down,often use this time to check my cell for messages etc.

I had been there about 3 minutes when I heard the outer door of the toilets being flung open,then the stall next to me, the door was flung open so hard it made the dividing wall vibrate.There is a hole in this divider probably from a previous fixture it would be 1/2 " I reckon.Me being the curious one decided to have a peek. I could see from about her waste to the toilet seat when she was standing.

I guessed she was in her early to mid 30's, quite large wore grey sweat pants and a top.She backep up to the toilet and I could see her begin to thumb her sweats down. She beny over and hovered this open up her very white dimpled ass for me. OPening her cheeks with her left it wasvery obvious that this woman was not far from having a total accident cos she already had about 3" of poop stcking out her hole. I heard her grunt and watched as her hole dilated then started release this rather large nobbly turd. Must have been 7" before it dropped into the water. I could her panting as well,then I saw the start of another turd, I guess about 4"long and rather soft leaing a fair amount of poop between her cheeks.She then stood rolled off about 2 ' of tp, folded it making it into a pad. Using her left hand she reached around and stooped slightly placing the fold of tp deep into the crack of her arse. Then with one movement she dragged her hand from her hole up the crack .

I could see that there was alot of poop on the wad of paper and some on her fingers as well. She rolled off some more with which she cleaned the poop off her fingers. She then bent over to pull her full cut briefs and sweats. Underneath her ass around her cheeks had quite alot of smeared poop on them and do did the crack of her ass.
She just pulled her sweats up then I heard her wash her hands at the sink. Oh I forgot to say she did not flush the toilet even. Now there was a woman who would have had one smelly butt for sure.

Love Lena xxx

I had a rather interesting poop experience saturday afternoon, after building it up since last monday's poo at the office. It's not uncommon for me to occasionally go a extra day or two past my normal 3-5 day pattern. Saturday was day six and I was in the woods, literally, on a hike during an overnight stay in a national forest. I was with my boyfriend and we were on trails through tall old trees with ample cover everywhere. I had been concious of my full lower abdomen since getting up, I figured my poop wasn't far off, and we set out shortly after noon and walked a good pace. After about two hours I felt the urge appear quite strongly and kept walking until I couldn't ignore it anymore. I began to get a turtle head as my anus opened automatically at the log my intestines were pushing along wether I wanted it or not. It didn't come out past a half inch or so, I could feel it had not opened up my cheeks all the way. I then made the executive decision to dash off the trail behind a tall bush. My boyfriend followed and watched. I took off my shorts and light blue bikini panties, then stood with my legs apart and my butt pushed out in nearly my wiping posture. I relaxed and immediately my poo began moving out slowly, and I peed semi forcefully for a minute. I had forgotten to hold open my vagina so the pee sputtered and hissed coming off at all angles, with a bit going down my legs. After the pee finished I concentrated on the luxurious feeling of my anus being stretched open and the motion of the poo. After ten minutes I was still pooping and my poo had grown to over a foot long and two inches wide. It continued another six inches before the end slipped out and it fell with a thud. I looked down at my monster creation and the big smile on my bf's face. It was broken in half from the fall from standing height but otherwise was a sight to see, and smell for the entire area smelled like fresh poop. I had no kleenex so I just put my undies back on and pulled them up, leaving myself unwiped for the first time in at least a few months, then we set off on the walk again. After an evening of sitting arount in foldable chairs I went to the edge of our site and did a squat pee before going in a tent for the night. The air was still and warm, I could smell my stinky butt wafting up mixed with pee as I squatted and my cheeks were parted. The next day we packed our gear and headed back home. I went into my bathroom and peed upon arrival, and noticed for the first time the very large skidmark I had left. It was an oval roughly one inch wide and three long, pasty and totaly opaque. I pulled up my panties after peeing and admired the ripple strip betwee my cheeks visible in the mirror. I wore them until showering later that evening then scrubbed them out. Until next time, happy pooping everyone!


p.s. Ashley, next time I poop in a public toilet I'll leave it unflushed just like you asked me to. It makes me blush to hear you say you enjoy my posts, I love ya lots:)

Karen, I also feel that we are of the same mindset when it comes to bottom wiping, and my butt smells like a butt too! It's so awesome to meet you and I hope to hear from you asap. I *urge* you to take the wiping survey as I'd like to hear your answers lots:)

Jackson, I'll write more of my experiences being unwiped in the future.

John Phillip, thanks for the compliment.

Kalee, I've also had to poop in a portajohn with no tp.

I was at work today when I sharted in my pants and had to waddle to the ladies' restroom where I took a really gassy wet poop!!!


You say that you find it interesting to pee in strange places. Out of curiosity, do you know how to pee standing up? If you don't, learning to do it will expand your possibilities a good deal.

You can search the Internet or the older posts on this site to learn how to pee standing. Basically what you do is spread your legs, spread your labia apart with your fingers (both the labia majora and the minora), lift upward on them, arch your body forwards, and pee forcefully. Also try to end the stream quickly when you are finished, so that dribbling doesn't occur. It is best to practice this in a shower when you are just learning, in case you make a mess.

Here are some ideas for how to use this technique:

- Try to pee into a bathtub while standing outside of it, without getting pee on the edge if possible
- In an environment where mess won't matter much (e.g., outdoors or the shower), maybe try aiming from a distance at a bucket or similar container on the floor, and see how much you can get in.
- Attach some object to the wall in front of you in the shower, and see how high up you can put it and still be able to pee on it.
- Stand on top of something and try to aim your pee far down into the toilet or something else.

Karen, I will wipe till there are no marks on the paper. After my morning shower I put some cream on my hole. it helps to keep it clean when having a shit later in the day. Very easy one wipe even with a soft sticky crap if you have creamed it. Hope that helps.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is my first posting, and I see that a lot of contributors have have the name 'John'. A common name, so it is not surprising.

John the '15 yr old guy': I am also 15, and I liked your comment. My morning routine is similar to yours. My parents both go to work early, and I have breakfast with them, and then spend an hour on my computer before school. I act as 'computer secretary' for my parents, and answer emails. I also use the internet for school work. I am trying to get to university by the age of 17. Like the other 15 year old John, I let things build up in the lower part of my body. I know enough now about my body clock to know when it's time to switch off my computer and pack my bag for school, and get my sandwiches out of the fridge for school.

I'm already dressed for school - having had my shower before breakfast - and make my way into the bathroom to pull my trousers down. Like the other John, I like to sit holding it in for a short time, and then out it comes. It is usually quite soft. It doesn't take long. I like to fidget about, so I sit with my trousers round my ankles, not round my knees, and lift one cheek up, and then the other. I squeeze at the end, so that none is left, and I am absolutely finished for 24 hours. It disintegrates, and if I look down between my legs, all I see is the water coloured brown. The only time when I had difficulty in 'passing it' was at the age of 11, when I had to alter my routine when going to my new school. Sometimes it was agony when it got stuck half way out, and I had to break it off. I told my older brother, who told my mum and dad, and they decided that perhaps I hadn't been having enough fruit. It was then that all of us decided that cooked breakfasts were not healthy, and we started having whole meal bread, and more roughage in cereals.

My brother and I keep discussion on this matter to ourselves, and try not to talk about it with our parents. He is at university now, but I feel I have developed a good routine for myself.

Producing soft stools means using more toilet paper, and it takes me longer to wipe my bottom that actually shitting. I remain seated, and lift each cheek up for a thorough wiping.

But I have learned a good routine at an early age - I don't want piles, or bowel cancel.

Like the other 'John', it's one of my favourite activities of the day. If an important activity can be enjoyable, that is very good.

In 12 years at school (which includes 2 years at pre-school) all my school toilet visits have been in the standing position. (I would have been OK about wiping myself, as I had been taught to do that at an early age.)

HI folks,Andy from Scotland here.Back with a post about a poo i have just done about 10 mins ago.Feeling tired as i drove home from work and with other things on my mind i forgot that i had intended to stop at the village shop for some bread.(for those that don't know,i'm 39 and i live in a small village outside the scottish city of Aberdeen in the north east).When i reached home and stepped out the car i remembered.Oh well i thought i,ll drop off my work things and walk back to the shop as it is only about a minutes walk.I should have known,as i walked into the house and entered the living room i let out a rather smelly fart.Still intending to walk to the shop,i carried on and headed out again.About half way there i felt something moving downwards.Obviously a poo was trying to make it's way out.Regardless i carried on, gently and discretely squeezing my bum cheeks together as i walked.As i entered the shop which was thankfully quiet with no queue, another fart escaped but it a quiet one and not smelly.
I quickly bought and paid for the bread and my walk back was awkward to say the least, as with each step i could feel the poo pushing down and my bum cheeks being opened up.Fearing i wouldn't make it i speeded up and somehow managed to get to the door,unlock it and dropping the bread on the floor, rushed to the loo.I hardly had time to pull my jeans and boxers down and my bum had hardly touched the bowl when SPLASHH! WHOOMPH!!three hard ,ball shaped poos dropped out of me quickly followed by a long hissing stream of pee.I remained on the loo bent over as i normally am for about 10 seconds more,the relief washing over me as i sat.I then stood up,looked at my poo then wiped myself thouroughly before flushing and pulling up my boxers and jeans.A close shave but a very satisfying conclusion.
Hope you enjoyed,CHEERS BYE ,ANDY.

Hi, this is my first ever post, but I've been a lurker for a while now. Let me describe myself for you all. I'm sixteen, short [about 5'2"], long blonde hair, and about 110 pounds.
I personally love peeing in strange places inside while my parents are gone. I've tried a couple of things, like on an old pillow, in the sink/shower, in a plastic container, and I've even tried outside.
I don't really like pooping in strange places that much. Although I've tried outside, and in a garbage can. I've also purposely pooped and peed myself, which was okay.
Does anyone have any new, and creative places for me to pee?! And I'd love to hear stories of pooping/peeing in strange places!

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