Babysitting Blues
My name is Rachel. I recently had the worst expierence babysitting in my life! I got called to babysit Ben and Emma the people accross the street kids while they went out of town. I decided to take them to the park so I made sure they went to the bathroom before we left. It was about a 20 minute walk to the park and my stomach was starting to rumble. As soon as we got there Ben and Emma both needed to pee but both children were far to young to go to the bathroom alone so I took both kids in with me. Big Mistake! All of the stalls were occupied except a handicap so I took them in. Right away I knew I needed to poop and Ben and Emma said they could wait till I finished. Just as I sat down and began to pee my poop started to emerge when Ema cried I gotta go NOW! What to do when I have a poop about to slide out and a little girl screaming she's gotta go! I lifted her up on the sink and pulled her pants and panties down and quickly sat back down to try to finish off my monster poop. As I go to sit back down Ben says you have a brown tail hanging down as a piece of poop plops on the floor! I finaly make it on the toilet and start pooping when Emma is on the sink peeing away I hear PFFT! Rachel I pooped in the sink while I peed! It gets better! Ben pulls out his willie and says Rachel I have to go NOW and proceeds to pee in the toilet between my legs splashing me a little. Finaly I'm done wipe, help Emma, clean the floor, and out we go!!! Worst babysitting day of my life!

I never seen a female pee up close till today. I got a call to meet my mom up front. My sister was hurt at school in gym class. So we rushed over to her school picked her up and took her to the doctors. Turns out she broke her arm and needed a cast. 2 hours later and we were all headed home when we hit the worst traffic jam i ever seen. Cars backed up for miles! We detoured off a side road in the middle of nowhere. We drove for hours with me and my sister in the back when she leaned over to me and said she desperately needed to pee. I told mom but there was no place to stop and with my sisters broken arm in a cast peeing by the side of the car was not a option for her. By this time she was getting more and more desperate and mom could not stop. My sister said could you look for something for me to pee in. I looked around the car and remembered my watter bottle from track. I quickly drank the remaining water and unscrewed the lid. I handed her the bottle but remembered her arm. She asked me to help her unbutton her jean shorts and help her take down her shorts and panties. I was a little uncomfortable with this but decided it was the right thing to do. I helped adjust the bottle between her legs and within seconds a torrent of pee poured from her and rushed into the water bottle with a loud hiss and foam. She peed for for what seemed like a lifetime and the then it trickled down before dying off she gave one last push and a tiny fart. We both laughed! I helped her get dressed and she gave me a kiss on the cheek for helping her in her time of of need. And That was the first time I ever seen a girl pee up close.

I came across this site by accident and it was quite interesting and funny to read at times. I will tell you two of my experiences. Years ago when I was working part time for my moms furniture store delivering furniture. I stopped at McDonalds for lunch it was around St Patricks day in March I remember getting a Shamrock shake to go with my meal as you know the milkshake is green. Well it went thru me and that night when I went to take a dump it was "green" that is the first and only time i ever remember taking a green dump. The second time was I had Taco Bell for lunch one day which was no problem but the problem was when I went to my moms for dinner that night and she gave me "brown beans" to go along with my steak never the less that night about 300am I woke up with the urge to take a big dump. My ass was on fire! I could not stop farting and the dump was normal not a liquid mess.Any ways moral of the story don't mix Taco Bell and brown beans you wont stop farting and you will definitly have a humongous and stinky BM Also if you want to laugh try renting the movie "KING FRAT" or the other name is "College Boys". I rented it about 22 years ago It is very funny about a "farting contest". Especially when the dean drops dead from a "fart attack" That is all for now thanks

Karen (New York)
I am a thirty one year old female attorney, brunette and caucasian, tall and slender. I found Delilah's responses to a survey of interest. Delilah, we are like-minded when it comes to bottom wiping. I detest multiple wiping, it seems almost childish. Like you, after I have a bowel movement, I wipe my bottom just once with a wad of dry toilet tissue and pull up my undies. Less than hyper hygienic perhaps, but this is my preference. I frequently leave skid marks and I tend to have a smelly bottom. My butt smells like a butt, big deal.

Delilah, do you occasionally have conspicuous rectal odor as well? If so, does it bother you? The same questions for the rest of you ladies.

Hi all,

I've been having bad runs since yesterday. It feels like a tap is open inside my stomach, and I can hear and feel my stomach fill and overflow. Thankfully, I am not queasy, but am using the toilet every 15 min. Some cramps but manageable. Its just gushing out like a waterfall. Tried going out to run some errands, but had to make desperate stops almost at every store. This afternoon, some spices got in my nostrils, and each time I sneezed, I ended up squirting. Thankfully, I've just had a towel / gown around me. I'm surprised that I'm having to go so often, regardless of what I eat... I am drinking water/salts to remain hydrated. Anyway, I thought I'd share this with the forum. Surprisingly, I'm not feeling very sick, just a little drained and sore.
I have an hour-long presentation on Monday. I have armed myself with diapers...

Hi everyone. I had a meeting on friday morning and it ended early, so i decided to take a longer lunch break.I then decided to go home to rest, due to the hot weather, nothing can be better than a short nap.
As i got home, nobody was in as usual. I turned on the TV and got hooked to the show.... during the commercial break, i dashed to the bathroom to pee. I undid my work pants and proceeded to pee.... without realising that my pants was still obstructing the stream. The first gush came out fine, then it got dribbly and i felt a warm stream run down my legs. I stopped for a moment and realised that i have accidentally peed in my work pants! Pee dripped down my pants and down into my socks. I still had to go back to work in the afternoon so i needed the pants. Luckily it was black so the damage wasn't so visible. So i used a hairdryer to blow the wet spots dry so as not to make it look to obvious, cleaned up the bathroom floor and went back to work. I managed to make it through the day without anyone knowing that i've peed in my pants. I drank plain water earlier, so the pee didn't really stink or stain much. Cld've been worst if it happened elsewhere!

A few years ago I was one of the coaches at a summer camp for children (about 12 years old). This meant that I organised activities for them and so on. At the time I was about 18 years old.
The bathrooms were a sort of container on wheels which could be moved. The stalls were made of very thin material and with big gaps under and above the partitions.
Well, one time, I got diarrhea. I rushed to the girls bathroom, but it was very crowded and there were several girls waiting. As I couldn't hold it much longer, I decided to go to the boys bathroom. It was quite crowded too, but one of the stalls was unoccupied. I rushed in, while the boys stared at me. The lock was broken, and I had to keep the door closed with my hand, or it would slowly open. Basically, I had very noisy diarrhea, and it could clearly be heared by the boys. I heard them talking and laughing. The boy in the stall next to me was only peeing. He peeked over the partition and looked for about 5 seconds. When I came out, I quickly left. But I was only a few steps away from the bathroom when I knew that i finished too quick. I felt a big urge to poop again. I had no other choice than to go back, because the girls bathroom was far away. I went again and had some very liquid diarrhea with lots of gas. This time I took the other stall, and I became aware that there wasn't any toilet paper in it. I hesitated for a moment, but then asked if the boys could hand me some toilet paper. One of them said ok, and he gave me one square of paper. He was obviously playing a game with me. I said I need more, and he said there isn't any. Well obviously there was, and he handed me eventually more. I wiped and finished, and quickly left the bathroom.
Afterwards, the word spread, and everybody knew that I had diarrhea in the boys bathroom. It was so embarassing. Sometimes some kids made farting noises when they saw me.

On the John - Glad to see your back. I enjoyed your post along with your previous posts.

I think I may have paid for a 'sin' last night but I can't be 100% sure. I knew I was going to be in important meetings all week (and probably next week too) so I really cut down on milk products recently since they tend to get my stomach churning and gives me gas (It's hard to fake ignorance of a fart when you're in a small room with only 10 or 15 other people.). But last night, I had a fetish for ice-cream so I had half a cup before heading into bed. Odds are that it wouldn't do much harm, and indeed, nothing happened during any of the meetings. In fact, things went so well that we decided to break up early and start fresh on Monday.

When I got home, I did some work and finished off a sandwich that I had left in the meeting room's fridge the day before. Later, around 4 this afternoon, I was lying down in bed just watching TV and then a MONSTER cramp punched me in the gut so hard that I doubled over. The kind of cramp that makes you grit your teeth and curse out loud. I held myself in that position for a minute or two until it let up enough for me to make a run for the bathroom. Once there, I ripped down my shorts and sat down on the toilet with the full expectation that a big blast of crap would come shooting out of my ass at any moment and another wave of pain seemed a verification of that prediction (I doubled over again sitting on the toilet - and was forced into looking at my groin and the floor.) BUT... nothing much happened. No diarrhoea, 'snakes', or huge 'logs' came out of my rectum.

I had been a bit constipated most of this week and even with this 'shock', I could only hear 'pebbles' plopping into the water one at a time. The intense cramps and pebbles continued for about 10 minutes and it even got me to the point where I was profusely sweating and thought I might even puke while sitting on the can. In between one of the cramps, I thought back to that sandwich I ate earlier and wondered if it somehow might have been contaminated by something else while sitting in that fridge overnight. The possibility of food poisoning scared me because it meant I might end up in an emergency room with an IV in my arm and my getting my stomach pumped...

While doubled over, it became blindingly obvious that this wasn't going to be over soon... Somehow, I put aside the pain, reached into what little strength I had left and pushed... and pushed... and PUSHED so hard that I was gasping for air.
Slowly, the sound of small pebbles dropping into the toilet morphed into larger, softer chunks of stool - then wet chunks shit coming out - then finally, the sound of a mushy mess splooshing and slurping into the water.

Things calmed down after that and when it seemed to be over, I grabbed my digital camera from underneath the sink (I like to record my poops for posterity), got up, and took some pictures. There was a big blob in there that looked like a dark brown porridge, but I honestly thought that there would be more. I wiped 4 or 5 times, tossed to paper onto the mess in front of me and was literally about to flush it away when ANOTHER punch in the gut commanded me to turn around and sit down again for more waves of discomfort. This second time around I took off my shorts and shirt completely as I sat and pooped for another 15 minutes. I don't know why, but crapping while naked seems to help things along in situations like this. Eventually things stopped and once more I turned around to have a look, wipe and then flushed everything away. (Curiously, I didn't really pass that much gas during the whole experience… Aside from my moaning and groaning, this was a pretty quite dump.)

For all the time it took (~30 min in total) and pain I felt, it was still disappointing in several ways:

#1. I have had MUCH bigger diarrhoea craps than that and they weren't nearly as painful.
#2. That calm and satisfying 'empty' feeling you get after a big poop never materialized.
#3. My stomach still feels a bit on the queasy side.5 hours later.

I am just thankful that this episode didn't take place during the meeting. Everyone's participation was critical so we had to stop our discussions if someone had to leave the conference room to use that bathroom or briefly answer a call.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Shannon, I enjoyed your story and saw from Isabelle's earlier post that you normally have a morning dump at your workplace. Do you have other stories to share where you overheard a co-working dumping, while you went or do you have any stories where you instead of one of your co-workers, stunk up the restroom? Either way, would like to hear more stories from you or from your friend, Isabelle.

Amanda M
Earlier I was sitting outside reading a magazine when I started getting a bit gassy probably cause of the beans I ate lastnight I kept sneaking and letting out little farts quietly so no one would hear then I figured while no one was in the house I'd hit the bathroom( I'm at the shore house where everything is on one floor and you can hear what goes on in the bathroom so because I'm shy about going to the bathroom I prefer to be by myself cause I get embarrassed when people can hear me) so I came in and went in the bathroom unbuttoned my jeans and sat on the toilet I gave a push and a tiny piece of poop came out I pushed again and a little more came out I pushed again and got nothing then a huge loud fart came kind if suprised me I was really glad no one was here cause they would have heard it for sure after that a bunch of mushy but fairly solid poop came rushing out I made. It come out slow so it wouldn't be loud even though I was alone I still felt embarrassed letting it explode out and being loud for some reason i sat and pushed some more but couldnt get anymore out it was a mess to clean up it took like 8 wipes to get clean I flushed and sprayed some air freshner even though there wasn't an after smell I just always like to spray after just incase

Wednesday was just a bad day all around. I had difficulty getting to sleep the night before and I overslept by 45 minutes--slept right through the alarm. Instead of being in front of the rush hour traffic going downtown, I was in the middle of it and it really sucked when I got to within 20 miles of my downtown office and I was running low on gas and I had to crap but couldn't get out of the traffic jam long enough to get to a gas station and get gas and then crap. I ended up crapping in a portable potty set up for a road construction crew that had not arrived yet. That was after I got downtown and was stuck in yet another traffic jam.

Since I'm labeled a "professional" by my employer (a large Fortune-ranked company) I don't get docked for coming in a little later, I just have to get all caught up on my contracts and other documents that night before I leave. The software program I use shows exactly what day and time I work on something so there's no way I can play catch up over several days or give the work to one of the administrative assistants. Once I got to my floor that morning I immediately went to the restrooms for our wing, sat down on the toilet and almost thoroughly cleaned myself. I had significant skidmarks in my underwear because the port-a-potty I used had no toilet paper available and my daily craps are both large and soft. I got to thinking that shitting brick-like crap, while hard and painful to my rectum, would certainly be easier to clean up after. I worked through my lunch break and with the exception of one pee at about 11 a.m. I stayed on-task all day until I heard the DJ on my desk radio announce the traffic jams at 5:45 p.m. I looked up and thought oh shit! I had to log out and get downstairs to the parking garage by 6 p.m. because otherwise the timer would cause the automated parking gate to lock up and I wouldn't be able to get my car out until next morning.

I was frantic in the elevator going down and luckily it wasn't stopping at every floor. I was feeling that I would have to pee before long but I didn't want to chance it by getting off, peeing, and then trying to make the parking lot closing deadline. So I just tried to ignore the pain as I got off at B-2 level and ran for my car. I cleared the gate at 5:58 p.m. and started my 45 to 60 minute drive home. I didn't want to chance running out of gas on the freeway so I looked among the sparse pickings downtown for a gas station logo. The pain was getting worse between my legs and probably from the running and tensing up, I was starting to feel a few trickles of pee in my underwear. I'll conclude my story with my next posting.

delilah i would like to hear more about those instances of an unwiped bottom i find that very interesting

John Philip
Sam: Excellent poop story. I especially liked the part where you described your enjoyment with taking leisurely 20 minute dumps while a large reluctant turd slowly eeks its way out. F*cking brilliant. Hope to read more. To answer some of the questions you presented, taking a dump in a unisex restroom would be a strange experience. For one, I'll admit a fantasy of mine is to listen to a woman take a dump (not original I know but thats the way I feel about it!) but on the other hand I would be entirely inhibited. Difficult to say. I have refused to use the bathrooms at my high school, but I may consider being bold and finally taking a shit in a college restroom.

Delilah: Good post about the dump you took after holding it in for four days.

I'm also wondering if Jry and Daniel UK are still here, their posts were cool but yeah anyways..

The crap I took this afternoon was more interesting than usual. Our family has been going through the process of moving (changing residences, no pun intended) and we are still unpacking our personal effects in our new house. I spend most of my time in the evening alone and unpack during the day. Around 8 pm I needed to visit the bathroom because the usual suspects were making their presence known (if you catch my drift!). The new bathroom is rather odd; my bedroom and the crapper are in the same room and one simply needs to open the door right next to the bed to get into the bathroom. There is also another door to close which leads directly into the hallway. So one consciously needs to remember to shut both doors if they desire privacy. Since I was alone I left them open. So anyway, I went through the typical process of unbuckling my belt and pulling my jeans to knee level. I let out several loud farts almost instantaneously, followed by a softer, hissing type fart. Strangely enough, I began pressing quite hard and nothing even started to come out for the next three minutes. Thinking it was a goddamned false alarm, I forced as hard as possible until I finally the turd head poke out an inch. I pushed less vigorously this time and it steadily (but not especially quickly) into the toilet bowl. It continued to snake out for about 25 seconds until it broke off. I pushed to ensure I was done, and let out a final toilet fart before wiping. The turd itself was thin, but solid and about 8 inches long. Not too shabby and a pleasure to do.

To continue on that bad cramp/diarrhea session I posted last week... I think it may have been the sandwich. To strengthen my hypothesis, I queried my grandmother (who is staying here for the weekend) who also had the ice-cream about the same time I did. She has been perfectly fine. She said nothing unusual has troubled her digestive processes of late.

I can only guess that they may have turned the power off in that room overnight or that the fridge may not have been as clean as it appeared to be.

Oh well... lesson learned. When I go back on Monday and resume the meetings, I'm taking only a dried non-perishable lunch or something in an air-tight sealed container.. along with some alcohol wipes for my hands.

- - - - -

Yesterday, I went out and had three HEAPING dishes of food at an all-you-can-eat dinner place. I haven't had a BM all day today so unless I have a big poop before I go to bed tonight, I may have to wait until Monday to see what my GI tract did for all that food.

I am not looking forward to pooping during the meetings since it will mean I will not be able to photograph what promises to be thick and solid logs to come out of me. I have tried to capture my poops in public bathrooms using my cell phone camera, but 90% of the time, the fluorescent lighting in those places is not bright enough to get good shots of my stools. If I have a good poop in a public loo, I usually just jot down the date, time, duration, a brief description of what it looked like and how easily it came out.

Take care!


Today i got the urge to shit, i'm a 15yr old guy by the way, and so i kept on with whatever i was doing, using the computer i think. However, the feeling got urgent very quickly and so i went to the bathroom. I got there about 5 minutes after i felt the initial urge and i was practically desperate already. So i sat on the toilet and held it in for as long as possible (i always do this, i believe it makes shitting even more enjoyable) and eventually, i couldn't hold it anymore. As it started emerging, i could tell it was going to be big. It first started poking out and it was a full 2 inches thick, and very hard. I was still holding it in at this point so that it would come out slower. But for some reason i decided to completely release and at that moment the rest of it shot out rather fast. I thought it felt like it was pretty long turd and it felt really good. I looked down between my legs and saw a HUGE Turd. It was 2 inches thick at the top and stayed that thick for about 8 inches, then it slowly tapered down to about 1 inch and a half for another 10 inches. It was a foot and half long, thick turd. The amazing part is that the whole thing was hard as a rock. I have never produced a single turd this big that was hard all the way through. It felt great coming out. If it hadn't already been in the hole of the toilet a little, it would have had no chance of flushing. Fortunately it narrowly fit down the hole. I took a picture of it and i wish i could post it so you guys could see it. Do any other of you, guys or girls, have any stories of unusually large turds. I would love to hear about them.

Daddio, If it is a wooden seat or a porous material you may not be able to get the stain out. Try a cleanser with bleach and rinse well afterward.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

hi hows everyone doing? i have a small request. could david, the 18yr old football player, please share some of his pooping experiences in the woods hiking or hunting please?

This isn't very interesting, but here's my pooping and peeing experience for today that happened only a couple minutes ago. I was out with my mom while running errands. While riding around, we got burgers from a drive-thru restaurant. They tasted good, but they were kinda greasy. About 15 minutes before we got home, I began to feel pressure build up in my stomach and a mass of poop hit my bottom. The urge started small but gradually got larger as we neared my house. As soon as we pulled up in the driveway, I waited for my mom to unlock the door. The minute she did, I ran upstairs to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and underpants and opened up with a trickle of yellow pee. When that was finished, my bottom made a loud BRUUUPPP as I felt things moving around in my bowels. My face contorted as my hole began to open with a long silent fart. I strained "Nnnnnnrrrgh" as a thick, long, lumpy log inched out of my butt with a hissing crackle. It started out lumpy and kind of hard, but toward the end of it, it came out faster and softer and a little bit thicker than it already was. I grunted as the turd got longer and wider and as the lumps of whatever scraped my insides. It felt like it would never pinch off, but I finally let out a soft fart and the tail end of the turd thudded into the toilet. I sat for a few moments, thinking that I was finished from the giant turd I just made. My stomach cramped up again--telling me there'd be more where that came from. I sat up straighter on the toilet as I gave a big strain. Nothing came out. So I strained again... "Ooooohhh". Nothing, but a big, wet, juicy, slurping fart, letting out a small bit of juice. Finally, I strained the third time. Without any more pushing, a big, kind-of short, yellow-brown snake inched out of my bottom and landed into the toilet. When that was finished, I farted and squirted out a small bit of mush. Then I was done. I wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and left the bathroom.

Happy pooping! :)

To "Hard to Poop"
Diet and exercise usually do it for me, but you may also be on medications that interfere with propoer digestion. Try Acidopholus pills that are designed to replace the body's necessary digestive bacteria. Your local apothecary should help. I find that yoghurt also helps along with natural fiber. Hope this helps.

The Wet Cheerleader
Just saw something rather amusing. My girlfriend is taking a class all this week, and it's a 9-5 class. I've been bringing her lunch everyday then just hanging out in a student lounge until she's done. Well today there is a cheerleader camp or something going on on campus and there are high school cheerleaders from all around the state here. I was just coming up the stairs to head back to the student lounge on the 3rd floor. as i was passing by the 2nd floor which is actually the ground floor, the door from outside opened and 2 cheerleaders walked in, and one was crying. the were both blond, and one of them was very small and the other one was taller and a little more "filled out." the taller one was the one who was crying. the first walked toward the stairs to go up then stopped and turned to me and the one who wasn't crying asked me where the bathrooms were. i told them there were bathrooms right outside the stairwell on the 3rd floor, and they said thanks and headed up the stairs right before me. thats when i noticed the crying cheerleader's butt was soaking wet. she had little gray shorts on and the entire seat was just completely soaked, dark gray, and there seemed to be wet streaks down the back of her legs.

so clearly the girl had wet herself during cheer camp and was quite upset. i just found it amusing because...why wouldn't she just go to the bathroom? thats something young children do. they know they have to go but for whatever reason they just don't ask to go, and have accidents. this girl, obviously was allowed to be excused after she'd wet her pants, so why didn't she ask to be excused before wetting her pants in front of a lot of people? i know sometimes coaches and such can be cruel, but you'd think if the girl expressed how badly she had to go and that she was going to wet herself, the coach would've just let her. oh well, such is life.

Hi everyone, it's been a while. Just wanted to share a memory from my Jr. High years that came to mind. The middle school I went to was in an old 3-story brick structure, with restrooms located in various places throughout the building, including right off the gym lobby. The boy's room
here had 3 stalls that one had to walk by directly in front of. After a considerable amount of vandalism, the doors were removed from these stalls. Well, one day, I entered the restrooom and saw a pair of feet with courdoroy trousers around the ankles, and as I walked by the open door, who should be sitting there taking a good healthy shit but my 7th Grade Social Studies teacher. He sat there as nonchalantly as could be looked up and mentioned as I walked by "Better hurry, Pat, or you'll be late for class" It was so weird seeing a teacher sitting on the toilet, but he had to shit, too. Very badly too, I assume, or he would have never used a doorless stall-it must have come right down to that or shitting his pants. Wouldn't this kind of thing be illegal now in this day and age, aren't teachers supposed to use their own adult bathrooms or something-not that I cared, I was just wondering. As I said, the poor man couldn't shit his pants.

Hope someone remembers me here. I'm a high school football player in the SouthEast and I've posted some stories some months back about times when friends of mine got caught in unusual or uncomfortable pooping situations or when I myself did.

(1)What's your gender

(2) Age

(3) Do you fold or crumple, or do you have any other method.
-Fold. My dad got on my case as a kid that folding was more efficient and wasted less paper and generated fewer clogs as a result. Another thing is I'm a big active boy with a healthy appetite so my trips to the toilet can sometimes be especially productive so I've also gotten into the habit of flushing my load down first and then wiping. This may seem like a waste of water but trust me, you DON'T want to try to flush MY loads down with the tp on some of the modern low-volume shitters.

(4) How much tp do you use.
Wow. Never thought much of it. Sometimes I can get away with 3 or 4 passes, but if it was big wet sticky, and mushy, forget it. Then I gotta go with a dozen passes. Now that I think about it, I may have used up to 1/3 of the roll at times in a single sitting.

(5)What kind of tp do you use regularly?
Whatever happens to be on the roll at the time. My mom does the shopping for those types of things.

(6) Do you get any of it in your hand.
Admittedly yes, Especially if the dump was wet and mushy and I reached yoo far to clean up with too little paper in my hand. I always wash up thoroughly anyway.

(7) Do you intently listen to noises of wiping coming from your neighbor's stall?
Intently?? No. Has it caught my attention when I was just sitting there blankly with my mind drifting?? Many times.

(8) Have you run into a situation where there was no toilet paper in the stall? How did you cope with it?
We all do that. In school, I just ask someone walking by if they can get some paper from the next stall. It's happened to me 5 times since midddle school. A couple tiumes I already knew the roll didn't have paper but I sat down and got started anyway cause I really needed to go and the stall(s) with paper were already taken. I play football and wrestle so not too many people are going to mess with me if I ask for toilet paper. If I'm at home, I do what most people do and get up and waddle to the storage cabinet with your pants around your ankles to retrive a new roll.

(9) Have you wiped someone else's bum? Was it an interesting experience or were you grossed out?
Nephews and nieces and my younger brothers when they were still in diapers. I do it when called upon but would rather keep diaper changing to a minimum!!

(9) Do you feel you wipe yourself adequately, or do you leave skid-marks?
I supose i clean myself up sufficiently.

(10) Have you used any substitutes for tp? Leaves, newspaper, kleenex (although I'm not sure that counts as a "substitute." Even an old underwear.

(10) Care to detail one of your regular wiping sessions?
Can't think of anything creative or unusual here. I poop, I wipe pretty much like anyone else. (Well, I don't exactly poop like everyone else. Because of my age and size and appetite, I poop MORE often and BIGGER than most people, but that's about it!

(11) Care to detail one a time where you've wiped someone else?
Diaper changing sessions which I want to keep to a minimum!

I'm headed to football camp this week and the bathroom up there is just a few urinals and 5 old army -style toilets all in a row with no doors and no partitions. It makes for some intersting situations for some guys who aren't quite comfortable yet taking a shit wide open and exposed like that. Of course, other guys may try to exploit a toilet-sitters discomfort with some practical jokes. I will try to fill you in.

Take care!


one time i was at my friends house and i needed to piss really bad so i told my friend and we went to the toilet. when we got there i was suprised that there was no door for the bathroom. but it didn't bother me so i sat on the toilet and let out a long pee stream. then i wiped and pulled up my pants. but as i was about to leave my friend said she needed to do a load so i said fine with me i don't let's call my friend z pulled down her pants and let go the biggest and smellyest fart i ever experiennced in my life. she said " sorry i just really have to go and it might get really bad in here so if you want to leave you can." i said no it's fine. so she continued. first she did 3 big logs then she shot out a bunch of little pebbles for about 2 minutes, then she paused and let out a fart and some hershy squirts for about 4 minutes and the she wiped her arse wich was very dirty i might add. then she told me to come look in the toilet at her masterpiece. when i looked in the toilet it was almost completly full to the brim with crap. so she had to flush it 5 times for it to finally go down. that was my bm experience over spring break.

To Sam:

No problem at all about pooping in a unisex loo. I've done that many times.

At school or work? No problem either.

I like pooping, and I like sharing what I like with others, of either sex. I never feel ashamed of pooping (even if the quantity is huge) and I never laugh at others who poop (ditto).


to Deliah: i really enjoyed your story! next time leave the tiolet unflushed like your coworker did!

to some female: u should have not gotten a two hour detetion for having a labtop in the public bathroom while taking a shit! iam sorry that u had to serve that! iam glad that at least your father is on your side!

Deliah: thanks for the wondeful comment! love ya too!

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