Dan Boy
I've always loved it when girls talk about pooping and I just had one of my dreams come true. I've got a really hot friend. I've been friends with her since freshman year of high school and I've never known her to talk about such things. She's a year younger than me (22), long brown hair, brown eyes, 5'9", and skinny but with meat in the right places if you know what i mean. But anyway, this all took place over an AIM convo so I'll just post the relevant part.

Kristen: i had ???? problems all day today :-(
Kristen: food wasn't happy in my stomach
ME: aw :-( did you eat something bad this morning or maybe last night?
Kristen: maybe i had subway last night
Kristen: and a bagel in the morning
Kristen: and a sketchy burger for lunch
Kristen: i suspect the sketchy burger lol
ME: lol
Kristen: i really had to poop like 1.5-2 hours after the sketchy burger
Kristen: i pooped in the morning and it was fine
ME: i'm guessing the after-burger poop wasn't fine lol
Kristen: no it made me sad
ME: painful?
Kristen: it was a lot of poop, and soft/liquidy
ME: aw, that sucks :(
Kristen: fortunately it was during the break between two exams
Kristen: otherwise i would have cried lol
ME: did you blow up a public bathroom? lol
Kristen: not quite. fortunately i was the only one in there at the time
ME: if anyone else was in there they prolly would've left in a hurry anyway lol
Kristen: lol yeah they would have
ME: you're all better now?
Kristen: yeah for the most part
ME: still feel off but you're not getting sick anymore?
Kristen: yeah
ME: that's good :-)
ME: evil burger, haha, where'd you get it from
Kristen: chemistry department provides lunch for us. i assume it was from their Diner or something like that.
ME: you should've gone to that department to take a dump, lol
Kristen: i did it in the chem building lol
Kristen: i am like men shopping, just go in there do my thing and leave
Kristen: i try not to be in there more than 5 min max
Kristen: unless i have something good to read
Kristen: or a crossword puzzle
ME: you weren't in-and-out today i'm guessing lol
Kristen: actually it didn't take that long
Kristen: i sat down and everything came out at once lol
ME: oh i bet that felt great lol
Kristen: it felt amazing :)
ME: anybody hear you in the hall? :-P lol
Kristen: no it was suprisingly quite
Kristen: thankfully lol

That's pretty much everything in the convo that had to do with her pooping. I felt bad for her cuz she was sick, but I couldn't help feeling turned on by it either. Do you think she might know I like girls pooping? What do you girls think? I've known her for 9 years and this is the first time she's ever talked to me about her pooping at all, much less being this open about it.

jason, your girlfriend is perfectly normal, it`s just that she likes to do something not many may approve of. and, that may be one of the reasons it attracts her, as she`s, in a sense, being a rebel, doing what society would normally reject, and so she may feel it is naughty, and likewise sexy in a way.

there`s absolutely nothing wrong with her. but, she may also like the way the poop feels against her skin. whenever i`ve read similar stories here, people have often said they too, like the feeling. i would actually be turned on by a girl engaging in such acts, but, that`s just me. even if you do not agree with her doing it, you should support would make both you, and HER feel more comfortable, and she`ll appreciate you more for it.

Jeannette, great story. and, i would recommend lots of gassy foods, such as beans and corn. you can even try metamucil (however you spell it) which really works.

great story Francesca. accidental sarah....great story as well. you should definitely post more. happy posting, everyone!

I got yesterday off at the bank (a special paid holiday because I was nominated for and got the Employee of the Month award for July) so I slept in and went to the park about six hours later (11 a.m.) for my morning workout. The walk over there from the apartment was enough to get my morning crap ready to come. I walked directly to the first restroom building I saw and in doing so past a group of about 15 middle school and high school-aged young people who were hanging out on the picnic benches. They weren't causing any problem, just hanging out because our city has an unemployment rate that's really high.

Upon entering the bathroom which I know well because I use it daily I went directly to the first stall, pulled down my shorts and underwear and placed my butt on the seat. Since the group was right outside the doorway and there was about a foot-high gap between the ceiling wall and the roof, I could readily hear their conversation. They were ragging on some guy named Bagger because he refused to go to the bathroom when they did there at the park or when they were at the mall which is just down the street. (I think they were talking about going to the food court for lunch that day). They were really putting this Bagger guy down because he makes an excuse to go home to use the bathroom and tries to cover that up by saying that his parents have other things for him to do. There was laughter and crude things were being said about him. Two of the girls who seemed to be about high school age came into the bathroom just as I was starting to drop my stool. One quickly sat down on the stool next to mine and took a very ferocious pee that she must have been holding for some time. Her friend stayed over by the sinks but they continued to talk bad about this Bagger and how it is so strange (they used another word that would be especially offensive to Bagger probably) that he won't use public bathrooms.

I wanted to so much to tell them from my perspective as a professional woman, twice their age, and I've been told that I'm a very sensitive person, that such talk is more than unproductive and can be outright hurtful to guys such as Bagger. As I was wiping Bagger showed up and they started on him right away about him being late. One girl asked him how his morning shit was. I heard one guy ask him "Did mommy wipe you?" Another chipped in "Yes, and it's so easy because he probably sits on the toilet and craps when she does just like the two-year-old held in her arms right between her legs". I heard him tell one boy to "****-off!" and the group started to walk to the other side of the park. The two girls in the bathroom with me quickly ran out to catch up with the group.

I told my live-in boyfriend about the situation, but he doesn't see it as harmful as I do. It's the next day and I still think about what the bullying is doing to Bagger.

Some very good stories lately. I particularly liked the stories from Delilah, Shannon and Liz. I hope you ladies have more stories to share.

To girl in summer school
You weren't embarrassed to have the vice principal watch you poop?

Hi Nobody, I thought I'd take your survey too. I haven't pooped since monday yet but I'll post when I do. Until then here's this very excellent survey:

(1)What's your gender

(2) Age

(3) Do you fold or crumple, or do you have any other method.
I crumple into a wad and try to make it elliptical

(4) How much tp do you use.
About 12-15 squares of public stall paper, 7 or 8 of the good stuff at home
(5)What kind of tp do you use regularly?
Whatever ultra soft is most reasonable, or whatever I can in public

(6) Do you get any of it in your hand.
I have on occasion had little crumbles of poo emerge at the top of my crack being pushed up by the wad and they get on my fingers holding the tp, I always wash them well.

(7) Do you intently listen to noises of wiping coming from your neighbor's stall?
If I can hear it, sure. I'm intrigued by all the differences.

(8) Have you run into a situation where there was no toilet paper in the stall? How did you cope with it?
I'm very comfortable being unwiped occasionally, to stand from a poo and pull up my panties without hesitation leaving the stall instantly, having realized while sitting there was no way to wipe available. I won't think much of it until I happen to change my underwear and notice the resulting poo smears.

(9) Have you wiped someone else's bum? Was it an interesting experience or were you grossed out?
I have wiped my boyfriend recently and enjoyed it very much.

(9) Do you feel you wipe yourself adequately, or do you leave skid-marks?
I feel that I wipe myself adaquatley, even though I get skid marks most of the time. The difference in intensity of the marks is noticeable from a wiped to unwiped state so I'm definitely getting a good amount on the tp as it passes up over my anus. I don't like the feeling of multiple wipes so I just do one good pass through my buttcrack, it's way more comfortable that way.

(10) Have you used any substitutes for tp? How was your experience?
Only kleenex if I have them.

(10) Care to detail one of your regular wiping sessions?
I stand up after finishing my poop, then form a wad of elliptical shape from a good length of tp. I start by pressing the wad up into my pubic hair and rolling it around to get as many pee dribbles as possible, then arch my back and stick out my butt and place the wad directly below and get a good grip, then pull it slowly up the length of my crack, exiting at top then a look at the wad before tossing it in the water.

(11) Care to detail one a time where you've wiped someone else?
My boyfriend poops at my apartment somtimes, and he stands when he's done and I wipe him the way I wipe myself. I'ts fun and we enjoy wiping each other on occasion.


RE: Sam
Have you or you want to poop in a unisex bathroom?

I have pooped in unisex bathrooms while occupied, ages ago.

Have you or you want to poop while you at school or work?

Well today on my coffee break I took a poop at work. There are 3 stalls and I went into the middle stall. Pulled my trousers down to my ankles and the moment I was on the toilet seat I feel a long poop coming out. I then hear some woman enter the stall on my right side. By the time my poop is nearly out, it makes a loud splashing noise and it enters the water and I let out a huge fart, followed by a few smaller plops. The woman in the stall on my right pees fast and gets out and washing her hands. I still feel another poop coming out by its moving slowing than the rest. Its half in and half out when another woman comes in (my boss) walks close to my stall then enters the stall on my left. My poop hits the water right as she sits down on the toilet. I start wiping and let out another huge fart as she's opening the stall door after her pee. she was moving very fast. After she left I finished washed my hands and left. Later that day my boss asked me if I was feeling ok and that liked my shoes. So she must of seen my shoes when I was on the toilet taking a poop!!!

Do you think she looked at my shoes while in the restroom?

Hey,anyone got any ideas as to why my sister just leaves the toilet door open when she uses it?its like she doesn't mind me watching

On the John
Hey all,
I have not posted in a while. I had a interesting experience recently. I have started a new fiber supplement which is amazing. I was biking in the park when I felt the call. I pedaled faster to get to the restroom which was a mile away. By the time I got there I felt a strong urge to bm. I took my bike with me. Fortunately both stalls were clean and vacant. I chose the handicapped one and took said bike in with me. I pulled my cycling shorts down (no panties-chafing you know.)
I sat on the john and passed gas. I began to poo while I was still urinating. I pushed out a very soft and bulky bm with some more gas. As I was waiting for the next round, another lady joined me. She must have been a runner as evidenced by her shoes and runner shorts. She did not wear undies either as she pulled her shorts to her ankles. She moaned and began to have a serious clean out. She farted and began to pass some very large sounding poos. I began my second round and has more gas but it was not loud. It was very smooth and satisfying. The relief was so good. Neighbor farted and dropped log after log. I had another soft motion and flushed. I then wiped twice and felt empty. Just the way you want to feel when exercising.
As I was cleaning, she did as well and we met at sinks. I asked if she felt better. She said you bet. We both laughed. The smell we left was not terrible, just a very "healthy" bm odor.
Happy trails.

hard to poop
hi folks,i'd will tell you about an embarrassing event which happened to me recently.Having not been to the toilet for 4 or 5 days.I decided to take a laxative.At bedtime i took 3 tablets of ex-lax chocolate laxative,3 times the normal dose,to make sure it worked.The next morning i was expecting relief from my constipation,but nothing happened,i waited for about 2hours.nothing happened.I thought they were not going to work.

i've taken laxatives before that did not i thought i'd risk it and do my weekly shopping at the supermarket.half way to the supermarket,i to feel an overwhelming urge to sh-t.It started to get very urgent large solid turds trying to force their way out of my rectum.every traffic light was on red.i thought if i didn't get to toilet very soon i'd be sat another two feet on my car seat.I finally got to the supermarket quickly parked up and ran to the toilets only to find that the main toilets were closed for cleaning.leaving only the single disabled toilet open.i tried to open the door but it was locked.there was somebody in there.Bye this time i was in great pain and discomfort.There were big turds forcing their way out of my rectum.

What seemed like a lifetime the door opened and two women walked out[can anyone tell me why women go the toilet in twos?]i quickly went in dropped my trousers sat on the the toilet to unload,it was not that easy,although i was desperate to poop,I really had to strain there was a monster turd trying to get out,while i was sat trying to shit.There was a queue forming to use the only toilet.i heard a women asking if this toilet was out of order somebody said there was someone in there.Yes me.sorry folks.The turd i was battling with broke loose and dropped into the water with a loud splashing sound followed by smaller turds making faster plopping sounds.I was trying to shit quietly,no chance it seemed endless.

Finally it stopped, or so i relieve my constipation naturally, i had eaten lots of dried fruit,allbran and no avail.soon as i had pulled my trousers up.I had the urge to shit again.Down with my trousers again.this time it was diarrhoea [have i spelt it right]type poop coming out of my rectum with rapid plopping sound plus loud farting after about twenty minutes i had finished.Feeling very much relieved.i wiped overworked anus,pulled my trousers up.Then i had the people outside to face ,how embarrassing.With my face glowing like an evening sunset i opened the door.The smell must have been bad for them,but i did not have any gasmasks to give them.There was about 8 or 9 people waiting,how i wished the ground would open and swallow me up.i quickly rush to the the other end of the supermarket in total embarrassment

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Stain Removal

Toilet seats are attached with two screws. Unscrew them and replace with new seat.

hard to poop
hello,i am a 60 year old male from the uk.i've been lurking on this site for a long time,so i thought i'd write about my pooping experiences.first of all most of my life i have had bouts of constipation,i've tried a lot of laxatives over the years
I try to poop without laxatives,but i have to strain a lot very large turds come out of my bottom making loud plopping sounds,Sometimes i use dulcolax suppositories,insert one in the rectum and wait for 20 mins or less.These feel as if you've eaten a red hot curry,but the poop still comes out hard,I made the mistake of not stopping near the toilet for a while.instead i walked into town suddenly i felt an intense burning pain in rectum.oh dear i was in desperate need of a sh-t.I was about a mile from the public toilet,i would never make it.there was an alley which i went down,it was broad daylight luckily there was nobody around,

i dropped my trousers,just in time.before the sh-t came flying a runny mess.I had some paper hankies to wipe my sore burning ring of fire.i pulled my trousers up and went on with my walk into town.

After waiting the better part of four days, my latest poo happened at work on monday afternoon. I started getting cramps ranging from abdomen to back and I figured it was yet again poopytime for moi:) At about four pm I closed out an assignment and headed for the two stall bathroom nearest my workstation. It was empty and odorless so I entered the first stall and closed the door, then hiked up my skirt and pulled my pink thong undies down to my knees and sat. I relaxed and could feel a solid mass moving down my colon soon to emerge, but it hesitated for about three minutes. I peed a light stream that made a rainfall sound as it ran off my thighs and trickled in. After my pee had finished I felt my anus widen as a rock hard poop emerged slowly, and the stretching sensation was intense. I could feel it push my cheeks open and it's edges were suprisingly hard, almost sharp even. By about five minutes in it was about six inches out and I could just see it between my legs. This was one smelly poop as well, with a strong healthy aroma that I couldn't ignore. A few minutes went by and somone else entered the bathroom. I was still pooping and had by now at least eight inches hanging, with who knows how much more in me. The lady entered the stall next to mine and sat, pulling her pants and panties all the way down, I looked of course. I heard her sigh loudly as her pee stream forcefully hit the water, it was very loud and splashy sounding. She peed for about a minute then stopped abruptly, and quickly stood and yanked her pants up, dashing out without flushing. Right after she left I felt what can only be described as a swooshing sensation as the tail of my poo went from my anus through my cheeks and down to the water. I stood immediately and looked at it, very impressive even for me. It was as wide as a soda can and about ten inches long, very sculpted with lots of knobs and line patterning. I yanked at the tp and formed my wad in the shape of a tiny football, dabbed at my vagina and thighs, then took the wad and positioned it just below my anus. I pressed down forcefully as I slowly pulled it upwards, exiting where my crack dissapears into my back. I flushed, pulled up my undies and exited, looking into the stall the other lady had been in before leaving. There was yellow water with no tp in it, I guess she didn't wipe. Then it was back to my desk, now 4:18 in the afternoon. I went the rest of the day without fanfare and got up at five again today, still wearing yesterday's undies. Right now as I write I'm pulling them down to check for stains. The crotch area is light yellow in spots and there is a poo mark about 2 inches long where the thong touches my anus, most of the width of the fabric, then little brown threadlike wisps above for a few inches more. I just pulled them up and now have to go eat breakfast, shower and get dressed. Happy pooping and see you all soon!


p.s. Ashley, thanks for really enjoying my post, much love back at ya:)

To Daddio
With regard to your pee stain removal conundrum, is this one of those enamel painted surfaces on the toilet seat????

If that's the case, then the obvious solution is to take the "B" out of "Boy" and the "F" out of way and the toilet seat will be stain-free once again.

By now however, you have probably surmised that that is impossible since there is no "F" in "Way!!!"

Your other solution which is probably your more attractive option is to purchase a new toilet seat. You also might try repainting but I don't know how attractive that will be as the paint might start peeling.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

TO Nobody:

(1)What's your gender

(2) Age

(3) Do you fold or crumple, or do you have any other method.
-Crumple. I just can't see the point in neatly folding something that is going to be destroyed almost immediately.

(4) How much tp do you use.
-Good question. I have never really paid that much attention to the number of sheets - except perhaps if I have an unusually messy BM that doesn't seem to want to clean up properly. Taking a wild guess, perhaps 5 or 6 sheets per crumpled ball on average.

(5)What kind of tp do you use regularly?
-Whatever seems to be a good bargain. Nothing too cheap though... Some of the lower quality ones are just shy of being no more than rice paper.

(6) Do you get any of it in your hand.
-Like everyone else, it happens now and then. I just wipe any noticeable amounts off with some TP and then wash my hands throughly.

(7) Do you intently listen to noises of wiping coming from your neighbor's stall?
-Once and a while I'll listen, but 99% of the time, I am much more concerned with my pooping that what is happening in some other stall.

(8) Have you run into a situation where there was no toilet paper in the stall? How did you cope with it?
-It happens once in a blue moon, but it has been years since I have run into that situation in a public bathroom. If I can, I just finish my pooping, flush and then go into another stall. If no other stall is available, I just clean up when I get to my ultimate destination... i.e. Home or work.
More frequently, it's a problem that occurs at home when nobody in the household remembers to purchase some rolls. Those occasions, I just take an impromptu shower.

(9) Have you wiped someone else's bum? Was it an interesting experience or were you grossed out?
-Yes actually. My old girlfriend didn't mind letting me watch her on the can and would let me wipe her bottom if she was in an 'aroused' mood.

(9) Do you feel you wipe yourself adequately, or do you leave skid-marks?
-It is extremely rare that I leave skid marks in you Y-fronts. But I do enjoy the feeling of not wiping my bum for a day or two once and a while - usually when I know I'm passing solid stools. I don't do it often because it tends to inflame my 'roids. One or two days of enjoyment followed by a week or so of discomfort and pain.

(10) Have you used any substitutes for tp? How was your experience?
-Let's see... At one time or another, I have used a newspaper... a Kleenex... a towel... baby wipes... a pair of undies that I realized were well beyond their useful lifetime... and an adult diaper.

(10) Care to detail one of your regular wiping sessions?
-When I am sure I'm done, I stand up and turn around to see the size of my creation and make mental notes of anything unusual (i.e. colour, bits of undigested food, blood, et cetera.) Then take 5 or 6 sheets of paper, roll it into a tight ball and wipe once. I then look at it to see how messy it was. If it is obvious that there is more left to clean, I uncrumple the paper a bit and fold it over so that the poopy bit is now on the inside of the ball and I wipe a bit harder two more times. When I look at the paper again, if there is still a good amount of brown crap coming off I will try to fold the paper over once again and give another two hard wipes.
Most of the time, that will be sufficient, but for some messy poops I will toss that now crap covered paper into the toilet and repeat the process once again with a new crumpled ball of 5 or 6 sheets.
On some frustrating days, it my anus doesn't want to get clean - even after 3 or 4 cumpled balls worth of wiping. On those occasions, I usually think to myself "Damnnit! That's good enough - I've got things to do!", stop wiping and just flush the toilet.

(11) Care to detail one a time where you've wiped someone else?
-It has been a long while since I've had that pleasure. My former girlfriend didn't have sizeable bowel movements and so there really wasn't much to clean up. I mostly remember her lovely bottom and drops of pee that I also enjoyed wiping off.

Take care!


I was washing my car on Saturfay afternoon, when I saw 3 girls walking past my home.Yjey said Hi, and we got into a conversation.
After a few minutes I noticed one girl rubbing her stomach, I asked her if she was ok.
"Not really, I have had a pain in my stomach all week" came her reply.
I said to her if she needed the bathroom she could use mine.
The conversation continued for a few more minutes, then the girl who was still rubbing her stomach asked if she could borrow my bathroom.
Sure I said as I took the girls in to my home. the other two girls waited with me in my kitchen and had coffee.
Whilst we were drinking the coffee we heard a loud thud like splash from the toilet which was upstairs directly above us.
Then the toilet flushed and the girl came back downstairs, the girls thanked me and left giggling.
When I went to my toilet later that evening I discovered a turd so fat there was no way it could fit in the hole in the toilet.
I put on a pair of rubber gloves lifted the monster directly into the sewer system pipe outside.
That girl must have been in alot of pain, to pass such a beast.

One time our toilet was broke and we couldnt get a plumber for 2 days because of weekend/holiday. I took a poop at work and at my friend's house.

Sarah from Calgary

I'm not one to complete surveys, but I saw this one and it looked pretty good. So, here it goes...

Diarreha filling your panties?
A solid lump filling your panties?

Diarrhea for sure!

Throwing out your messed panties and having them found?
Cleaning your panties and keeping them on and being found out you had messed them?

Cleaning them out, having to wear them and then having someone find out later that you had messed them. What is equally as bad is messing your previously messed panties again later that day. That's why I always wear them after my first accident. I wouldn't want to go directly in my pants.

Pooping in pantihose with no panties on?
Pooping in a tight pantigirdle with no panties on?

Well, I always wear panties, so both are pretty bad in my opinion. I have diarrhea'd myself in my panties while wearing pantyhose and also while whearing a girdle. Those ones are particularily bad because they fit tight and the mess spreads everywhere very quickly.

Pooping and peeing your panties passed out?
Pooping your panties and having your parents know?

Pooping your panties and having your parents find out. I haven't messed myself in my sleep in a long time. The one time it did happen, only my husband found out.
Small wet fart that stains your bottom and panties?
Peeing your panties in a pair of shorts or jeans?

Small wet fart.

Any of you ever accidently pee your panties either when scared or were to be spanked?

Yes. I also messed my panties on a roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland. I was on "The Bat" when it happened. This roller coaster goes really fast for a few loops and then repeats itself in the opposite direction so you are going backwards. When I had my accident on this one, we had just finished going forwards and were being pulled up for the backwards part. As we were being pulled up, I cramped up and tried to hold on. As the ride let go for the backwards part, my bowels also let go and I had runny diarrhea in my panties. It was horrible!

Sarah from Calgary.

Here again posting another poop story. Yesterday I spent over 40 minutes in the bathroom to poop. Yesterday I was at work and I had a little urge to poop. I had the urge shortly before my lunch break and decided to hold it in for my break since I don't want to poop at work. Maybe during my last week at work I consider pooping at work. When I got to my break I went to Habana Outpost to get some Pepsi. I went outside the restaurant to drink the Pepsi I brought and the urge grew larger. I had more of the urge to pee then poop. I then decided to go back to the restaurant to use the bathroom. At the time the restaurant was quite empty. When I got to the bathroom, I went inside the stall, drop my my pants and underwear to my ankles and sit on the toilet. As expected I started to pee. As soon I stopped peeing I started to poop but the poop wanted to come out slow. About 5 minutes went by and I was still pooping and a woman went inside the bathroom. She did not stay long since she went to pee. She then left the bathroom. I started to get some toilet paper to wipe my butt and felt more poop coming out. About a minute later another woman went inside the bathroom. She went inside the other stall and I heard her pee. The woman stayed in the bathroom for a while that may indicate that she is pooping too. Another lady went inside the bathroom and asked if anyone was in here. Both of us replied. She left the bathroom before me. During my first pooping session I was in the bathroom for 20 minutes. I then took a walk around the neighborhood for work and realized that I have to poop badly so I went back to the restaurant about an hour later to poop. I was in the bathroom for my second poop session for another 20 minutes. I had a large turd that did not want to come out. I did not force it out and let it out slow since I was not in a rush to leave the bathroom. Yesterday I might have spent the most time in the bathroom. I have more pooping stories to come and look for them soon.

Here is a few questions that is in my mind:

Have you or you want to poop in a unisex bathroom?

Have you or you want to poop while you at school or work?

Happy Pooping.

to mistee: i really enjoyed your post!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Googled and got no answer, so thought i may get it here.
Here goes?

how does one remove a pee dribble stain from a white toilet seat?

This is my first story. I've been reading the stories since a friend in middle school last year showed me the site. Last week when this "incident" (the word used on my disciplinary referral) happened, I thought I would submit it. I'm 14 and will be starting as a freshman in high school next month. Actually, I took two credits this summer. My biology and speech classes ended last week. They were held at the high school I will be attending.

Both my parents have an early start shift each morning at the factory they work at. They leave at 4:30 a.m. and my brother who is 16 and me are responsible for getting ourselves us. For the six weeks of summer school, I got up at 5:30 a.m. and by 6 am. I was walking to school because my first class started at 7:45. It's about a mile from my house. Most mornings I would stop at a coffee shop for some coffee I would take to school with me. My brother's right because it is something that not only wakes me up, but it helps me have my regular morning shit, usually right after I arrive at school. I never saw it as much of an issue because I would go right to the lst floor bathroom, sit down and finish my coffee as I waited for my shit to get started. Sometimes I have to wait five minutes, never more than ten. During the first week of summer school I also got into the habit of using that time on the toilet to take out my lap top, check my e-mail and then proof over my homework before I would submit it. Wi-fi all over the big building sure comes in handy, or so I thought.

Well last Monday my legs were spread, my undies and shorts were below my knees, and I was scrolling thru my e-mail when the vice principal of summer school (a really mean older lady from one of the other high schools) looked in through the crack, then knocked and I opened the door. Then I opened the door and luckily (I thought!) I was able to release enough pee to make a noise for her and then drop a couple of pieces of shit. She quickly grabbed the computer on my lap and turned it toward her so she could see the screen. She saw my e-mail and then about that time I dropped another two pieces (I even apologized to her because I had to stop answering her questions while I pushed the shit out)but she got angry and said students shouldn't have their "electronic devices" out while they were on the toilet. She said something about "distractions" and "personal health regulations" and asked me to put the computer away. I immediately shut it off and folded it up. About that time the largest piece of my shit went down and I noted it for her. I placed the computer next to my purse on the side of the stall which was a bad decision. There was a cigarette butt and quite a bit of smoke smell over there. The butt had been on the seat but I had wiped it off with my hand before I sat down. It wasn't mine because I don't smoke. Then she asked me to lean down and get my student ID card from my purse which I did and she took it. She told me to pick it up after school from her in the office. I finished my shit by dropping like two more pieces before I wiped and stood up to flush. I was almost crying when I finally got to biology class but didn't say anything to anyone.

After school I learned that I had "earned" a two hour detention, something that sucks because the school issues every student the computer so that they can better use the "technology" but I got written up for using it when I take my morning shit. I served my time but it doesn't make much sense to me. My dad took my side but my mom says such items are best kept out of public bathrooms. Both of my parents believe me that I don't smoke. To me what sucks is that I'm in a program for talented students who want to work ahead but I'm punished because I shit and use my computer at the same time.

It just doesn't make sense to me.

Hi everyone. I know it's been a long hiatus for me due to busy schedule but as with Zip and Tim DE, I've had some recent cool sightings of fit attractive and loaded young men seated on the porcelain bowl with their pants around their thighs/knees/calves/ankles in various states of indispose.

Sighting # 1. While driving West past the State Capitol to handle a claim a few months back, I stopped at a rest stop to use the facilities before meeting with the customer. (You're taught to take care of that business ahead of time as much as possible to avoid emergencies while meting with the customer!!). Pulling in to the facility, I stopped to read some information about the State's various lighthouses when a Department of Transportation vehicle pulled up and 4 young men between 24 and 26 got out including the driver, the nicest looking guy in the group who was about 5'10 and 160 lbs. Walking in to take care of my own business, I noticed that just 3 of the D.O.T. guys were at the urinals with the driver conspicuously absent. Looking over at the row of toilets, I saw that the second of 4 stalls was now occupied. Walking in to the 3rd stall, I saw under the ceramic tile stall a pair of tan corduroys dropped almost to the floor draped over a pair of new looking Skechers. Unlike his buddies, the driver had elected to take option #2 and for very good reason as it turns out this dude was SERIOUSLY loaded with soft loose crap.
As, I'm getting my own seat ready, I notice that the young DOT guy is now releasing a series of 7-8 LOUD booming farts that sounded just a bit gassy and unfocused. On the 5th fart, the severely loaded young man finally started letting loose an overpowering barrage of shit chunks and a whole bunch of soft-serve chocolate mush that hit the water of the badly-needed toilet with way too many thumps, splashes, and plops to even begin to count. This went on and on and on and you could hear the young DOT guy moaning and breathing hard until the barrage finally abated several moments later. No sooner does this happen but his cell phone then starts going off.....

He then answers and says "Hey... Can I call you back in a few? You caught me right in the middle of taking a really big dump..... Yeah, got here just in time.... Thought I was going to shit myself.... Yeah... I love you too." Interesting.

By this time, I'm already seated and quickly taking care of my own business. After the DOT guy gets off the phone, he proceeds to groan out a couple more rounds of soft loose shit, before one of the guys he was traveling with calls out him and says "Hey Josh, we're going back out to the car. We'll wait for you there!"

"OK." Josh Calls back "This one was really nasty so it could be a few moments, so be patient!!"

After hearing Josh squirt out some more near-liquid excrement, I was done and began wiping up. Josh continued to sit with his tan corduroys draped around his Skechers as I washed up. Curious to see how long Josh would take, I stood outside the bathroom to look at a map. Finally after several more minutes of a little more farting and some smaller chunks and squirts, Josh finally began his cleanup effort and it was a substantial effort at that taking numerous pulls and wipes before I heard him finally pull his pants up and flush the crapper.

As I got in my vehicle, I saw Josh emerge from the restroom walking back to the DOT vehicle to rejoin his buddies wearing a very content look on his face.

Sighting #2 Also a couple months back while coming back from another case, I stopped in a college town in Northern Ohio to get lunch, fuel and to hit the facilities. Walking into the station I located a smalll hall where the bathrooms were and proceeded to accidentally walk in on a kid preparing to shit. He must have been just a minute ahead of me and had a butt-gasket down on the seat. If he hadn't prepped the seat, I would have walked in on him in the throes of defecation.

As I walked in I saw the teenager... He was about 17 to 19 years old with short-trimmed dark blonde hair, stood about 5'9 or 5'10 on a lean muscular 155-pound frame which was about to become 153 pounds. He was still standing in front of the shitter but his jeans were already down around his knees and he was quickly reaching for the elastic band on his white briefs to pull them down too right as I opened the door on him.

"Whoa Sorry" I quickly apologized to the somewhat startled young man and quickly closed the door. With the door closed, the kid quickly finshed pulling down his white briefs and I heard the weight of his badly-loaded butt hit the crapper. An instant later,you could really the pent-up shit in his butt come rushing out of the overwhelmed young man in an overpowering mass that hit the water and piled up at the bottom of the badly-needed toilet in a huge massive pile. A few seconds later , the audibly groaning boy unleashed a second wave of mushy runny shit mixed with lots of gas that had him farting and moaning as he helplessly sat there filling the toilet with a massive pile of soft mushy excrement. "Uhh.... uhh.. uhh.."

All this took only 30 seconds but that was plenty of time for the badly-overwhelmed boy to deliver an absolutely masssive pile of excrement. Immediately, the young man started the cleanup effort and as with the young gentleman from the DOT, the cleanup effort was protracted. In fact, the wiping was quite a bit longer than the actual dump in terms of time as it took the boy several wipes before he found the paper satisfactorily clean to get dressed and wash up. When the young gentleman flushed the shitter, the gurgling sounded unconvincing like he hadn't gotten everything flushed away. After he washed up, the boy emerged and said "It's all yours" without making eye contact before disappearing down the hall and out the door. He was clearly an embarassed young man.

When I got into the bathroom, the stench from the boy's dump was stilll overpowering and there were still remnants of toilet paper and pieces of poop still floating in the toilet. I also discovered that the door did not lock which was why I had been able to walk in on him during his pre-shit preparations.

Sighting # 3. As I mentioned in my account of the first sighting, I was checking out lighthouse information, and a few weeks ago, I eventually did go and visit a group of islands to check out the old lighthoses. When I got to the island, I walked into the Ferry Terminal Office to buy souvenirs and use the facility. When I got into the office, I noticed a attractive young woman there about 25-27 with 2 small children who was talking to the office manager. After about 10 minutes of looking around I decided to use the facility there and had not seen anyone go in or out so I walked over to the bathroom door near the fromt of the office andpushed the door open with my left arm and held it there. ... THen as I was about to walk in, I was distracted by something on the bulleting board that caught my attention so I stood there for several long minutes holding the door WIDE open with my left arm while reading the bulletin board to the right. Finally deciding I had read enough, I proceeded to make my way into the bathroom only to find a young man about 25-27 already seated on the toilet. Apparently, he had been trying to get my attention without alerting everyone else around to get me toi shut the door.

"Uhhh.. Do you think I could get some privacy???" He asked finally getting my attention.

"Oh My God! I am SO sorry!!" I said as I SLOWLY closed the door in order to get myself a good look. This was one NICE looking young man who was, as I said earlier, about 25-27 years old, dark slightly wavy hair with a very handsome masculine face, about 6'1 195 lbs with well developed calves, a round butt with buns of steel and a lean muscular physique that really looked terrific on the toilet or just about anwhere else. He had his plaid (camoflage) shorts pulled back up his knees while the door was opened while leaning forward with his arms folded over his lap to cover up his male package! His feet were spread out about 2 feet apart and he was wearing open-toed sandals. The very strong scent in the bathroom gave ample evidence that this attractive young gentleman had been bumming a substantial amount of crap out of that fit athletic-looking body of his!!

"I'm really sorry." I heard a voice behind me say. It was the attractive young woman with the 2 small children. "He said he really needed to use the restroom quite a while ago but I had no idea he would still be in there!"

"STILL???" Just how long had that fit young man been in there with his shorts hanging around his knees anyway??? The young man on the toilet must have been the woman's husband and the father of the 2 small kids.

Anyway, I waited another 5 minutes or so waiting for the guy to finish up. I heard several grunts emanating from the bathroom followed by the sound of pieces of shit crackling out of the fit young man and hitting the water. Finally, I heard the familiar sound of toilet paper being torn off the roll. It took more than a dozen+ pulls for the guy to get cleaned up and I could hear a few gasps of relief ("Whew!") giving further evidence that a he driven a large amount of poop from his fit young body and that his butt was a mess as a result.

When the guy finally emerged from the restroom, he gave me a sheepish grin before joining his wife and 2 small children. When I went in to the bathroom, there quite a few skidmarks in the toilet leaving one more piece of evidence that the prior occupant really was very loaded with turds and had taken quite a substantial shit.

Sighting #4 came a few days ago at a transit center in a college town near hear. I was in the center waiting to pick up a friend when 2 twenty-year-olds, a guy and a girl both came in while the young gentleman headed strait for the men's room. He was about 5'9 and 155 pounds with slightly wavy blonde hair with a light blonde goatee and was wearing Levi denim jeans and Skechers. Seein the sign on the door, he turned to his female companion.

"It says "Passengers Only."" With a bit of a worried look on his face.

"It's OK." She replied with as reassuring tone. I'm not sure if she REALLY felt it was OK, or if she simply didn't want the drama of going on a bathroom hunt!!

With that, the young blonde guy urgently rushed into the bathroom and I saw that his focus was squarely on the toilet stalls. (I was reading a bulletin board next to the restroom.) A second later, I heard the stall door shut with a very loud bang and heard the toilet seat bang down. It didn't take Sherlock Holmes to surmise that this was one desperately loaded young man. A few moments later a heard this really LOOUUUD fart and heard a massive pile of excrement rush out of the overwhelmed young man with the force of a tube of brown caulk being run over by a Mack truck. For several long moments you could hear the overpowering load rushing through the overwhelmed young man's butt and you could easily hear the guy's gasps and moans through the door as he sat there helplessly bumming on the toilet.

After that, you couldn't hear much for a while until the girl decided to use the women's room herself. After 5 minutes, I went into the men's room to wash up. I saw the young guy's pants dropped to the floor draped around his sketchers. You could now hear him gasping out several sighs of relief which you couldn't hear through the door and crackling out several smaller turds which you could hear lightly hitting the water.

After washing up, I went back to the waiting room to wait for the train and the young woman came out of the women's room to wait for her indisposed friend. Finally, you could hear toilet paper being torn off the roll as the greatly relieved young dude made numerous passes to get his soiled butt cleaned up before he flushed the toilet and emerged. The two of them left before any train or bus came in which meant the sole reason they had been there was for him to have a desperately-needed shit.

Has anyone ever lived in a house with a broken bathroom or no water? If so, where did u go when you needed to poop?

Mr. Clogs
Hi folks, Mr. Clogs here, got a little post to share. This past week, I get up to take my shower to go to work. I felt a great urge to poop, I knew that it's going to be fast and runny, so I grabbed those large plastic soft drink cups from the fast food restaurants. Well it didn't take long for things to get going, I ran some water to muffle the sound of me pooping in the cup. I positioned the cup under me while squatted in the tub and let it rip. It felt so good to feel the liquid poop flowing out of my butt hole like pee. I filled the cup with the liquefied poop nearly up to the top! I said to myself wow that's a lot of poop in the cup! I finished taking my shower and went on with my day.

Take care,

Mr. Clogs

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