I've written before about my child care business this summer and how well it's going. I'm 16 and making a lot more money than some of my classmates who are working at the mall or fast food. Until last week I had two girls (4 & 6) and a boy (5). Then last week I picked up a 4th child. He's a boy 6 who is nicknamed Thunder. My mom originally thought he might be troubled with a name like that, but he's well-behaved and sensitive. He was originally going to spend the last three weeks of summer vaction in our city with his grandmother, but she's in the hospital and didn't think his grandfather could handle him all day in addition to each night. So he's with me each day.

Everyday, I take the group on some kind of trip: to a city swimming pool, the zoo, bumper bowling, a park, the food court at the mall, and similar places. One day, it was too cool to swim and I walked them about five blocks down to a fire station and they got to get on one of the trucks and the firemen turned the lights and siren on for them.

Before we leave home and before we leave our activity to go back home I remind each child to go to the bathroom. That keeps the emergencies down since we have to walk or take a bus where we're going because I don't have a car yet. (I should have enough money for the down payment and insurance at the end of the summer). However, Thunder who just turned 6 and will be starting 1st grade, is different from Matthew (who is 5) in that Thunder sits down to pee. For safety purposes, I take the boys into the girls room with us and I insist that when there are 5 or more stalls, the boys use two stalls on one side right next to mine and that the girls use the first two stalls on the other side of mine. The boys are told to stay in their stall until I get done and come out of my stall because I don't want them wandering around, peeking in on, or disturbing some of the other women who may be using the bathroom.

Well this past Wednesday we had a problem because after swimming we walked a couple of blocks to an ice cream drive in and Thunder drank like about 32 ounces of soda because he was thirsty. As we continued tour walk back to my house he complained about having to pee really badly and he was holding his bathing suit and crotch as we cut through a park and had at least 6 blocks more to walk. The park had a restroom building over by the baseball fields, so we walked about 2 blocks out of our way to take him over there. I got to thinking about an emergency plan such as using an abandoned tree or some higher grass near a long fence, but then I remembered that he is a "sitter" so we continued our walk, although at a faster pace because of his complaints. Finally, we got to the restroom building and I took our group into the ladies entrance. Angel, who is 4, was worn out by the fast walk and now said she had to crap. I had her wait while I had Thunder go into the first stall and I had him latch the door and then I assigned Angel the 2nd second stall. Her seat was up so I dropped it for her and she seemed pleased that she was able to get herself up on the stool seat without an assistance from me (desperation works wonders, I guess!).

Angel started blowing gas immediately and I could hear some plops in the bowl. I didn't hear any noise from Thunder's stall, however, and I peeked in on him and sure enough he was sitting there, his swim trunks down to his feet which were swinging a couple of inches above the floor level. After about 5 minutes I was getting a little upset because I still hadn't heard any noise. I asked him about it and he said he was hurting but couldn't get the flow started. I remembered a trick mom had used with me in a similar situation like 10 years ago. I went over to one of the sinks and turned on the water. Within a minute I could hear a little activity and I faked washing my hands so that the others wouldn't suspect what I was doing. Suddenly, he let out a shriek, jumped down off the toielt and was struggling to get the door open. By the time I got there he came out with his his swim suit still down, his penis stall splashing, and he had a large black water bug running from his pubic area down his leg. I quickly used my foot (sorry, but I left my sandals at home) to squish it once it left his foot). It was gross, but he was still dropping some urine and he was shaking pretty badly.

Eventually, I got him calmed down and since Angel was done and out of her stall, I sent him in there to finish up. Then we finished our hot walk back home.

Its Me again :D.

ive been holding in my poop since thursday again and im gunna go on tuesday, the same place like last time and see how it turns out :)

Wish Me Luck :D

to Deliah: i really enjoyed your post!

to Bradily: Good luck using the tiolets at your school this year!

Upstate Dave
Did anyone of you fellow posters have a situation where you have been in a building that had toilets but not for the public only for the people that worked there and had to really go? I had years ago in the building where my dentist was first located. Also as it turned out a had someone else this same time that also had to go so we both were in the same situation! Here is what happened.

On this day I had gone to my dentists office for just a normal check up. Everything was normal but the time spent in hos office wound up being longer then normal. Due to interuptions phone cxalls etc. By the time I got out of the chair,went back to the receptionest and made another appointment I needed to piss very badly. I could barely make myself stand still while I waited for the receptionest to make my next appointment.

After several very long minutes she gave me the card with my next appointment date and time on it I quickly left. I remembered seeing down the hall way down on this floor I was on that there were bathrooms. I RAN down the entire length of the hall made a left turn and came up to where the two bathroom doors were. One was the ladies room the other for men.

I grabbed the door handle and turned it and pushed the door to open it. To my horror the knob didn't turn and the door did not budge! I stood there and I grabbed the doorknob with both of my hands pushed at the door and shaking the door knob. The door still wouldn't open. So I went right over to the ladies room door and tried it. Sane result locked up tight!

So iraced back around the corner and started walking very quickly down the long hall again heading for the stairs. The old elevator in this building was slow as shit! Going down the three flights of stairs was faster. What I was going to do was go outside and I knew there was a alley right next to the one end of the building and I was going to piss in the alley outside if I could make it! I was almost on the verge of pissing myself right then!

I managed to get almost to the stairway. That is when I saw comming towards me a girl that was a couple of years younger almost running down the hall. She sure also like I was in a hurry. She was wearing a dress and she had both of her hands pushed into her dress right at her crotch! She came right up to me and stopped.

She quickly blurted out with a very urgent sounding tone in her voiceasked me; IS THERE A BATHROOM ON THI FLOOR!? I told her there was but they are locked! I need one to use too! I said back to the girl. Is there another one on another floor? she asked me back. I don't know I told the girl. There might be. So we started down the stairs together to the second floor to see if we could find more bathrooms.

We really hurried down the stairs. I now had slipped a hand in one of my pants pockets and had to hold myself to keep from pissing. The girl who now was one step behind me had put her hands back in her crotch crumpling her dress into her crotch. She also had to keep her thighs pressed together clamping her hans with them also.

We made the second floor turned left. The second floor was like the third floor. A long hallway, many offices, and I thought if the bathrooms would be in the same place as the thiird floor then they would be at the far end of the building. So that ment going down the long hallway turn left and the bathrooms should be after the turn.

Both the girl and I struggled to keep from pissing ourselves as we went down the long hall. We made the turn at the end of the hall and there were no bathrooms! We both let out a moan.On the way down the long hall betwen the stairs and elevator there was a door that was slightly open. It wasn;t a office for it was to small. I did see what looked likea big old dirty looking sink in it so I thought that it might have been a bathroom.

I told the girl about what I had seen on the way and she told me; Let's go take a look. Maybe it is a bathroom! Again we turned and struggled back down the long hallway. We managed to reach where I had seen the partaily open door. We both peeked inside the opening. We both saw the dirty old sink and I then pushed the door open more so we could see more of the inside of the room.

It turned out to be the janitors room.It was not a bathroom. There was the big old double cast iron sink which was very dirty covered with different colors of paint. There was also some old metal shelves on the wall which there were paint cans,cleaners,and other items. There was also mops,brooms, different sized pails and tools. As I stood there looking I thought to myself I'm going to piss in here. I would never make it outside to the alley to piss.

I told the girl that I was going to pee in the sink. I stepped into the room and to my surprise she stepped right in the room behind me! The girl told me she was going to do the same! That was how bad she had to piss! Just like I was. She even quickly closed the metal door shut behind her when she stepped into the room.

I stood there and the girl was reaching under her dress with her hands to pull down her panties. As I stood there watching her I asked her; Your'e going to piss with me right here with you? The girl was bent over right now for she had pulled her white girls panties down from under her dress but she was sliding them down to her knees. That's why she was bent over. She told me that it idn't matter to her. I have to piss so bad and I've peed in front of boys anyway!

Now that she had pulled her white panties down far enough she tried geting up on the front edge of the old double cast iron sink. She had placed her two hands up on the front edge and was trying to pull herself up as she also hopped at the same time. The sink was to high for her to get up to sit on the edge of the sink!

She looked right at me and with desperation she aske me to help her. I then stood in front of her and as she tried hopping and lifting herself up with her hands I had placed my hands on her hips and I pushed up at the same time. That worked for she wwas raised high enough so that she was sitting on the front edge of the sink but her rearend was way down into the sink.

Help! she said to me. I'm going to fall in! So I moved her over so that she was siting on the front edge and part of the divideing edge of the two parts of the sink.She was facing towards the second part of the sink now. That would be the one that I would have to piss into now. She said a quick thank you to me.

The girl now could take one hand off from the sink which she did and pulled up the back of her dress bringing it around to the front of her. Then she crumpled her dress up in the front which made it pull back. She moved her one leg over for more support. Now I could not help but see the girls entire crotch with her vagina completely visible to me.

The girls started to piss! She sent out a very hard stream of piss straight down into the sink. Her piss went straight down and it was just gushing right out of her! In a short few seconds her very yellow piss ran down the drain in the sink gurrgling very loudly. That is all I could see. FGor seeing her pissing I needing to go so bad myself I had to piss right then and now!

So I side stepped and stood at the other part of the sink. I yanked my zipper right down. I reached in through it fished with my fingers to get the slit open in my underware which I did. Then I pulled my penis right out,pointed it down and I started to piss right into the sink along with the girl.

My stream shot passed her stream to the left of her stream hit the back bottom of the old sink. It did splash but the sink being so deep the splashing of my piss hiting the snk stayed low. Now with me pissing in the same part of the sink the girl was the gurrgle of the drain was much louder.

I had my eyes closed for the first several seconds as I stood there. That was from the relief now that I was pissing. Then I opened them up and looked downward seeing the girl pissing again and my piss stream shooting into the sink. I also noticed that the girl was looking down at her crotch and she had her eyes closed. I thought she would have had her eyes open. Maybe like me she had them closed due to feeling the relif that she was pissing like I had when I had started.

I took a look away and checked on my stream just making sure it was staying put not moving. It hadn't. Then I glanced back over towards the girl again. Now she had her head up and her etyes were open. She was looking at my penis with my piss stream shooting out from it. Seeing me looking at her the girl glanced awy no longer looking straight at my pissing penis but just looked down a little which I knew she looking the way she was could still see it.

Neither one of us had spoken up since she asked for my help to move her on the sink. Her piss stream was starting to change right at this poit for it was gushing less and was turning into where her stream was narrowing making a cleaner head and a twist was forming in her stream. In a second or two it changed. Along with this change a soft hiss started. The girl then spoke up saying she felt so much better and that her pee was almost over I think.

Then she looked over at my pissing penis and asked me if I was almost done. Also she asked me if I felt better. I told her yes I did feel better but I don't think I'm anywhere near done. The girl simply said ok to me but went on watching me piss and I watched her. The girl didn't stop pissing as soon as she thought too.

Both of us went on pissing. But when we both finished we finished differently. The girl had her stream ease off slowly which made the hissing of her stream fade and stop before she finished. Her strea did some long dribbling and dripping. That was the way she finished her piss. I finished stopping cleanly and then did several hard spurts. The girl sat there and waited. Then I helped her down off from the sink. She quickly bent over puleed up her white panties back up.

Once she had done that we both quickly got out of the janitors room. I started down the stairs and as I did I said goodbye to the girl. Wait! she said back to me. I'm leaving also. So I let her catch up to me on the stairs. We went downn together and went outsie as it turned out we both wre going to the same bus stop to catch a bus. We takled while we waited at the bus tsop and I took down her phone number! Our buses came and we hopped on our bus and we left both heading home.

Hey guys, I'm Irina. I've been reading for about 3 years, but never really wanted to post until now. I have quite a few poop stories that I think you all would enjoy.

First, let me tell you about myself. I'm 16, 5'5", brown eyes, and red dyed hair. I live in the US, but I was born in Russia. I have 2 best friends, a guy and a girl, both Asian, who are also interested in pooping. They have both told me that Asians can hold a lot of shit, and from what I've seen from them, I think it's true.

This a a story from last weekend.

We spent the weekend at Lisa's family's cabin. Saturday night, we were all bursting for a poo. We went outside and walked for about 10 minutes until we got to the pond. The walk was a struggle for us all, and at the end, Lisa had to hold her cheeks together. There was no discussion of who would be pooping first. Lisa had already unbuttoned her pants, and was pulling her pants and thong down. As she was doing that, Sung and I sat down on the ground to watch her. She squatted down in front of the pond, and almost immediately her hole widened, and started turning purple. Her breathing was deep, and Sung told her to relax and held her cheeks apart for her. The head of her turd started poking out. It was about 2 inches thick, and dark brown. As it kept slowly coming out, there was barely an odor. The first turd that dropped out was about 11 inches long. Her hole then closed, and then a few seconds later, opened up about 5 little turd balls shot out like bullets. Then a light brown turd about 1 inch thick and 6 inches long slid out. She opened and closed her hole a few times, but nothing else came out. She said "Finally!" and then a torrent of pee rushed out of her right into the pond. When she was finished, Sung handed her some Kleenex to wipe with, which she then threw into the pond.
Now it was my turn. I took off my jeans and underpants, put them aside, and squatted next to where Lisa pooped. After a few seconds, I could feel my hole widen, and I started peeing a slow stream. Then my poop started coming out. It was about an inch thick, very smooth, soft and light brown. The first turd was 6 inches long, and smelled more than Lisa's poop did. Then another turd that was about 4 inches, darker and very hard slid out. When it hit the ground, it broke apart to make turd balls just like Lisa's. By now, I was done peeing, so I pushed again to see if any more poop was there. Sure enough, a small, thin turd slid out on top of the pile. Just to make sure, I pushed twice, and nothing came out. I told them I was finished, and Sung gave me some Kleenex. I needed a bit more than Lisa did.
Whenever we poop together, Sung usually goes last, because he sometimes takes longer than we do, and we both really like to see him go.
Before Sung even took his pants off, he stood up, unzipped his pants, took out his penis and peed into the pond, trying to see how far it would go. He had a good, long pee that lasted about 2 minutes. When he was finished, he pulled his pants to his ankles and squatted next to my poop. He let out some gas, and his hole widened. He was making some very loud crackling noises. It took a while for his poop to actually start coming out. When it came out, it was coming out very slowly. When he pinched his hole, the turd that fell out was about a foot long, dark brown, and very solid. I thought he was done, so I got out some Kleenex. He told me that he wasn't done, though, and soon enough, a very soft, almost yellow turd about 5 inches long fell out and draped open his other turd. "Now I'm done," he said, and wiped his hole 3 times.
When he has pulled his pants up and we were ready to leave, we all stood and examined our piles. Lisa came to the conclusion that together we had released at least 4 feet of poo.
When we left, we didn't try to cover up our poo. We left it out in the open so hopefully someone else would find it.

I have many more group poop stories, and solo poop stories that I will be posting someday. =D

John Philip
It has been a while since I've posted, but I suppose I'll try to answer some questions being presented here (at least for now).

Jessica: The thickness of poop depends on the digestive system of a certain individual, including the diet of a certain person. A person that procrastinates having a bowel movement for about 3 days will likely have a hard stool, however shitting habits usually depnd upon the indivisual. If you have any other questions feel free to write back.

Shannon: Cool story. Especially enjoyed the part nabout you having a certain "buddy dump" with the girl next to you. Be glad to hear more.

Braidy: Good first post. Your schedule seems a little tight, and its eems you may be experiencing buddy dumps with other girls in the future. Be nice to hear about them, and welcome!

Francesca: excellent first post, though it sounded rather desperate. Again, hope to hear more soon.

My personal dumps haven't been much to note, but I'll keep this place posted as soon as anything noteworthy occurs..

Hay Cute Linda,

Where have you been? I miss your stories about constipation, how have you been? How are your little cousins?-- JW

Gillian- It's really nice to hear back from you, and I loved your story. My work starts next week, it'll take some time to get used to the place. I'm excited though, I really loved the position offered. I'd keep you updated.

As much as listening to other people poop in the adjacent stall, I love to listen to sounds of tp ripping off and the soft sound of wiping themselves. Furthermore, I always look forward to the act of wiping my bum after a messy shit. Do you share my interest in wiping? I've a small survey ( I posted this a while back but didn't get any replies)

(1)What's your gender - F
(2) Age -34

(3) Do you fold or crumple, or do you have any other method- In my case I always crumple. Hey, it increases the surface area.

(4) How much tp do you use- Lots. At about 5 squares for one wipe, around 4 wipes a session.

(5)What kind of tp do you use regularly? - I don't really like corporate tp which come in huge rolls as they tend to be rough. But, most of my cleaning is done using those.

(6) Do you get any of it in your hand- This has happened to me when it's become especially runny. But very seldom

(7) Do you intently listen to noises of wiping coming from your neighbor's stall? Yes. I find them quite hot.

(8) Have you run into a situation where there was no toilet paper in the stall? How did you cope with it? Not yet..

(9) Have you wiped someone else's bum? Was it an interesting experience or were you grossed out?
Yes, and it was a very interesting experience. I've recounted it on this site.

(9) Do you feel you wipe yourself adequately, or do you leave skidmarks? I rarely leave skidmarks

(10) Have you used any substitutes for tp? How was your experience? I've used notebook paper, I didn't like it.

(10) Care to detail one of your regular wiping sessions? - I rip about 5 squares of tp and crumple it into a ball shaped wad, hold it at an edge and wipe myself from front to back and check the tp wad for how dirty it is. The I do the same, but this time back to front ish ( not going all the way!). By this time the content of poop in paper should be drastically reduced. Then, I wipe again, Fr to ba. until there's no poop in the wad. Even if there is no poop, I still wipe myself once for reassurance.

(11) Care to detail one a time where you've wiped someone else? One of the most memorable times was where I cleaned my friend Lindsey when she was too drunk. It was quite a messy situation, her butt was covered with runny poop. I had to ask her to lean her against the wall and wipe her. Unlike a normal clean up, there was poop all around her bum, so I had to be extra careful and clean the sides as well. It was a very hot experience, unlike wiping your own bum, to feel someone else's privates, especially when a wad of paper runs through the other person's anus, i had to be careful, not to dig in too deep. clean but not too intrusive.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Hi. This story isn't really about the actual act of going to the bathroom, but a kind of bizarre incident that happened while doing so. When I was fifteen, my parents, my brother and I moved into a new house. My brother and I were in the basement painting the walls. We were discussing his girlfriend at the time, who I thought (and still think) was a bitch. The argument got very heated and when I felt the urge to have a BM I dropped my brush in the can of paint and said, "I'm going to the bathroom."

I entered the bathroom in the basement and closed but didn't lock the door. I pulled down my jeans and sat on the toilet. Just as I started pooping, my brother came bursting through the door and continued to yell at me. He and I hurled insults and obscenities at each other for a few moments until the commotion attracted the attention of my Dad. He came in and was surprised to see that I was on the toilet with my pants and underwear around my ankles. He yelled at both of us to shut up, grabbed my brother and yanked him out of the bathroom and told me when I was finished to come upstairs.

A little flustered, I finished pooping and then went upstairs where my Dad made my brother and I sit on the couch in silence and not to move until he said so. He and I didn't talk the rest of the day.

He and his girlfriend broke up a few months later. So it all worked out in the end.

what makes ur poop hard and thick?? anybody knows??

Since I had the day off today, I decided I would go for a bike ride. It was going to be a fairly warm and muggy day, with the forecast predicting a high of over 90 degrees. I had eaten not pooped in over 2 days. Before I left home, I tried to shit but I was a bit constipated. I dropped a few small hard bits of poop but no matter how hard I pushed I couldn't get anything else out. I had a bit of fruit juice and some dried fruit hoping it would help to clear me out. I headed out and began to ride. After about 30 minutes of riding, I farted a few times and the urge to unload began to increase. I was approaching a local beach and park, and I knew there would be a restroom nearby that I could use. I walked over and entered into the small building that housed the men's restroom. Inside were two handicapped sized toilets against the wall with no stall or dividers around for privacy and a single sink against the opposing wall. Since nobody was around I quickly pulled my shorts down and sat down. I grunted hard and released a bit of gas. I pushed hard but nothing came out. I waited a bit and then tried again. A few small bits of poop dropped out. Suddenly, the door opened and a male about 20 years old entered in. We avoided eye contact and I knew my face was red since I had been pushing so hard. He sat down on the toilet beside me and quickly began to fart and pee. He farted a few more times and then I heard a splash. I sat still hoping that he would leave quickly. I heard another turd drop out and he then proceeded to wipe. He got off the toilet, pulled his shorts up and flushed. After he washed up he exited without making any eye contact. I finished up and flushed the toilet. The toilet next to mine that had just been used had lots of skidmarks and there was a small piece of poop sitting at the bottom that didn't get flushed down. I washed my hands and got back on my bike and began to ride. After about an hour the urge to shit came back again. Since I was in a remote area out of the city, I could not see a place where I could poop. I pedaled harder to try and get closer to a bathroom but that made the pains in my stomach and bum even more uncomfortable. It was starting to get hot and I knew my options were running out. After about five minutes, I approached a small rest area with some picnic benches and a grassy field. There were two portable toilets in the corner. There was nobody around since it was way to hot outside. I opened up the door to the first porta potty and saw toilet paper everywhere and a piece of shit on the floor. I tried the one next to it hoping it would be better. I opened it and found it to be okay, and I knew I didn't have any other choice. I looked down to see that the holding tank below was nearly empty, except for a few logs and quite a bit of toilet paper. I locked the door and pulled my shorts down. I wiped the seat down quickly and sat my bum down on the now warm toilet seat since it was so hot outside. I pushed a bit and a turd came out easily without much effort. I got up and saw my long turd standing straight up in the holding tank. I quickly wiped and pulled my shorts up. I got back on my bike and headed home feeling much relieved.

park poop
I was in the park today and pooped myself! I was running when I stopped for a break. I tried to fart and took a small poop in my pants instead. I had to clenched my checks together and get to a toilet fast! I walked so far and for so long so by that time not only did I have to poop but I also had to wee. I was in big trouble by now. I sharted again in my pants and weed in my pants as well! After walking some more I finally spotted a restroom in sight. Its a 2 stall restroom with a line waiting. I get in line holding my checks together and feeling my pants filling with yet more poop. I get in one of the stalls and the moment my butt hits the toilet it explodes with a series of plops and wet farts. Im on the toilet for about 3 minutes when someone tries to open the stall door. I was a mess AND didnt want to leave the stall till everyone was gone. Finally I finsh and wash myself up by the skin and leave the park.

Hi guys. Isabelle already sort of introduced me, but I'll do a formal introduction. My name is Shannon, I'm in my late twenties. I have blonde hair and blue eyes.

My story begins at my office. I pulled into a parking space, having a slight urge to go number two. I grabbed my briefcase, locked up my car, and began walking towards the building. I work on the third floor, so I have to go up a few sets of stairs to reach my cubicle.

As I walked up the stairs, my need to go became stronger. I placed my briefcase underneath my desk and set off to the ladies' room. I always arrive early so I have plenty of time to do my business and not get docked for being late.

Like any other day, two of the ten stalls were in use and there was a woman fixing her makeup. I went straight for a vacant stall, pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet. I relaxed and went number one while I pushed a little.

My first piece was part way out when the door to the bathroom swung open and I heard the rapid clicking of high heels, the stall door next to me open, ripping of toilet paper, then a woman sitting on the toilet. The whole thing from entry to pants down seemed to happen in a matter of seconds.

I had broken off my first piece and was working on another, but the lady next to me really had to go bad. She let off a few gassy toots and I heard a barrage of splashes. One, two... six. Then a pause as my second piece plopped in the water. A plop from next door and a splash as my last piece broke off. I stood up to look in the toilet while the woman next door wiped herself.

I'd done three pieces, one long but skinny, one wider but not very long and a third wide like the second but very small. I only had to wipe three times. I flushed, and I could still hear the lady tearing off paper. I took longer than I normally would have washing up, pretending to fix my makeup and hair. At last, I heard a flush as the lady came out. It was Marlene, the mail lady. She's a little on the big side, I guess. I don't really want to call her "fat", though.

After Marlene washed her hands and left, my curiousity got the better of me. Being that the only other person in the bathroom was in a stall, I wouldn't be noticed. I went into her stall and closed the door. Man, did she stink it up in there! And I had thought it was bad from one stall over. Apparently, the flush hadn't quite taken her production away - I saw a really large piece and two other pieces. I flushed again and they all went down the toilet, and then I left the bathroom.

Hope you enjoyed my story, and I hope to post again. Maybe Izzy and I can do a number two together again some time. I must admit it was quite fun.

On thursday I pooped for the first time since I wrote about my experience last saturday. I was in a local park taking a walk in mid afternoon, and I finally started to feel back cramps and was letting out bits of gas here and there as I walked. As I passed one of the few bathrooms in the park I decided to go in and push a little to see if my poop wanted out or not. Well the stalls were in need to be cleaned condition and I was wearing a skirt so I took off my panties (which I looked in and the crotch had pee dribbles but no stains behind) and put them in my purse and hiked my skirt up past my waist, then stood over the toilet facing the back, and used one hand to hold up my skirt, the other to hold open my vagina lips so that my pee would go straight down instead of down my legs. I pushed and pee hit the water loudly from a height, and my anus opened without resistance. Soon enough I was growing a tail! I looked between my legs to see the humorous sight of a very wide poop growing longer, mabye 2 inches a minute. After about five minutes it's tail slid out and it hit the water with a splash that got my feet a little bit. It stayed in one piece and was at least a foot long and 2 inches wide, dark brown, thicker at beginning than end. I looked over and sure enough the TP was empty. I took some kleenex from my purse and made a cylindrical shaped wad, squished it around my front a bit then slid it back to meet my rear, then I moved my hand from my front to grab the wad from behind. Once I had a good grip I slowly pulled it up past my anus all the way to the top and out my crack. It had a considerable amount of poo on it. I threw it in then flushed, put my undies back on then let my skirt down and left. I walked for quite some time after, and sweated moderately. By the time I got back to my car my whole area from crotch to crack top was soaked with sweat. It felt squishy beneath me as I drove home, and I headed to the bathroom once I got there and sat on the toilet proper to pee. Looking down into my undies I saw a brown mark mabye 1 by 3 inches and wispy brown traces above. I had expected this as for me poo stains often follow poops:) I know women who are squeamish and grossed out by them but for me it's no problem, just a part of life. Well anyway I stood up after my pee and didn't wipe because my panties were already stained and what's a little more, right? I pulled them up and headed off to make dinner. Actually, I'm still wearing them, I slept in them and got up at five am today. I looked in the mirror before sitting down at the computer this morning and a ripple strip is clearly visible between the lower part of my buttcheeks. I'll change when I get good and clean in the shower in a few hours, then wash them in the sink by hand. So long for now everyone and happy pooping!


to ACCIDENTAL SARAH: Loved your story. Do you have more?

to DANIELA: welcome and I hope you post more. here are my answers to your questions:
1) do you ever had to be close to someone else while she/he is pooping? I live in a small house with my mom and sister and my best friend is temporarily staying with us in my room. The only bathroom is just across the hall from my room, so any time someone is in there and my bedroom door is open, I can hear them. My mom and sister and I aren't very shy about it since its been us 3 living together forever, but my best friend is really shy about it, as he's not used to living with so many ppl in such a small house (he grew up with his grandmother in a huge old house.)
2) have you noticed that when you eat things like seeds and vegetables and corn your poop comes out with just that, almost the same!!! yep, same here. and when I eat blue foods (like frosting or slushies) my poop is very bright green or blueish
3) whats the color of your poop? usually medium brown, but varies
4) do you always poo in your home or...? I'm not shy. I'll go at home, friend's house, work, public bathroom.....its better to go in other bathrooms than in your pants (IMO)

1) In a public bathroom when you leave your stall are you offended if you see or hear the next user tear off toilet paper to wipe down the seat with?

-Nope. A lot of people just feel the need to wipe things down out of habit. Not surprising since companies have done an EXCELLENT job of instilling fear into everyone about germs and recent news about the H1N1 influenza pandemic.

2) In a public bathroom are you offended if you hear or see the next user tear off strips of toilet paper and place them over the seat?

-Again, nope. Most of what I have read about the practice of papering toilet seats have said that it offers a measureable effect re. hygiene and disease control, but on the whole, is of little real advantage. You are better off just washing your hands thoroughly.
By far, people are at greater risk of catching something nasty by not preparing food properly or typing on a computer keyboard used by a lot of co-workers. But if papering the potty after I have used it quells some paranoia, then good for you. I am much more concerned about the waste of paper.

3. At what level do you keep your underwear? Thigh, knee, ankle, other?

-Ankles. Just seems to be the obvious thing to do.

4. Who do you feel is responsible for influencing you about your toilet habits? Parents? Brothers/Sisters? Other adults/teachers? Friends? Circumstances? Accidents.

-I suppose that would have to be my mother - since she brought me up. No dramatic memories or accidents, except perhaps when I was a little boy (about 10 or 11) decided that I no longer felt comfortable using the toilet in her presence. We lived in a small house with one bathroom and so space was limited. She was bringing me along with her over to one of her friends and I decided to relieve myself before we left. She knocked on the door and I told her that I needed a little more time but she was adamant that she needed to put on her makeup immediately.
I protested, but she insisted and so came in promising me that she wouldn't look. I can remember her putting on her mascara and myself trying to hold things back until she was done and out. I couldn't hold it and let some pee and a few poops come out. To this day I can remember how humiliating it all felt.

That must have been the very moment I felt myself to be an independent person rather than just an extension of my mother.

Take care!


Friday, July 31, 2009

This is my first post, although I've been reading for several months. I'm 16 and a 170 pound WF who literally "stands tall" at 6'3". Because the economy sucks, my dad was transfered to a much larger city and athough he was able to keep his job, he has forced to sign for a cut in pay. That sucks too because I'm a senior in a new school and hope to go to college next year.

Friends on the volleyball team at my old school gave me my name because I've had braided hair for like seven years. I'm a redhead and I've kept it because my friends say it makes me somewhat disinctive. I guess I believe that. The problem for me because of my height is that it is very awkward and sometimes grossly embarrassing for me to use public bathrooms because while I'm seated on the toilet my head sometimes extends higher than the partitions. I learned a couple of years ago not to stand to wipe because I could pretty much see each of the students seated on the stools in the stalls adjacent to mine.

Yesterday, I took a walk up to my new school because I needed to pick up a registration packet and I had to stop by the athletic director's office to pick up a form for the physical exam required for sports. My daily crap started to come as I walked up the 20 or so stairs to the building and I immediately went into the main bathroom on the first floor. It's like the largest restroom I've ever seen with about 25 or 30 stalls on both sides of the long room and to my surprise, the stall partitions are about six inches shorter than my previous school had. Also the privacy doors are hardly that because they are probably another six inches lower than the partitions. Also, all the latches have been taken off the doors. Like I said earlier, I crap each morning and I normally have to pee at least twice a day. And with practice after school and other activities, I will probably be at school until 9 or 10 p.m. some nights.

My first crap didn't go that bad but my head was well above door level and I could see over and into the other stalls. Because of my awkwardness I learned several years ago to be as efficient as possible in using public restrooms. I'm rarely seat for more than two minutes and I have toilet paper in my hand for wiping as soon as I seat myself. Still, I don't look forward to using the bathrooms at my new school this year.

Hi my name is Liz. Today I was shopping when I had to stop at a rest room for a poop.
I went into a upmarket Department store and entered the ladies toilet.
There was only one stall, as I sat on the toilet I pushed out my first poop. It landed with a loud splash, folowed by a load of others, it felt great to think I was pooping in a posh toilet.
The smell was really strong, I gave that toilet my full load.
I flushed the toilet and went to wash my hands.
A tall school girl rushed in, entered the stall I had used, then dropped a load.As she flushed and opened the door her friend went in after and also had a good poop.
When she came out of the stall I re-entered it to get some toilet paper for my lipstick.Whilst the toilet was clear, the water level was upto the toilet rim, I think the waste pipe had become backed up from 3 people pooping one after the other.

Tim DE
Hello all. I haven't had a chance to post in a while; I have been extremely busy at work. I plan to continue my tales of grade school but I had something happen today that was extremely interesting I have to share it.

I work at an engineering consultant that specializes in building permits. I travel a lot with this job as I am contracted by major construction companies to coordinate building activities. Well, anyway, I was at the county offices today, filing some paperwork when I felt the urge bubbling down below. I haven't shit in a few days; I have been rather bound up. Last night, after I finished my dinner, I took an herbal laxative to help the process and a stool softener for good measure. When the urge struck me today, I figured I would be producing a rather sizable load.

I left the county offices and got on the highway, hoping I could make it to a rest area that was about 10 miles down the road. After 3 or 4 minutes of driving, the traffic got so congested, I was barely moving. My asshole was starting to clinch up a bit and I realized there was no way that I would possibly be able to make it. I took the next exit to a wal-mart. I parked at the first open spot, jumped out of the car, and paced to the store. I loving shitting in wal-mart because typically you can witness several people come in, drop their loads, then leave. I walked to the back of the store and spotted the bathroom. I made a dash for the door but I was struck in the face with a sign, posted on the bathroom door, saying out of order. At this point, I was losing control. I tried to let out some gas, but I felt a semi soft turd push its way out. I cut it off midway out but the sensation of needing a toilet grew 10 fold. I took off to the front of the store. I could feel the turd meshing between my ass cheeks as I hurried toward the other bathroom. As I got to the front of the store, I hurried into the bathroom. It didn't have a door; you just went in and rounded a corner. The bathroom had 2 stalls: one handicapped and one regular. I approached the regular stall and looked inside. The toilet was unflushed with a long snake turd curled up with some paper floating. I was tempted to buddy dump on top of it but due to the state of my pain, I didn't want to risk the splash. I went into the handicapped stall. I locked the door, and approached the toilet. There was a cover still sitting on the seat and the bowl had a three turds still floating with one bunch of paper. At this point, I didn't care about the splash any longer, I just needed to sit, NOW. So I pushed the seat cover off and yanked down my pants. I spun around, dropped on the bowl and nothing happened. I push a little, and I still had nothing. I looked down at my underwear to inspect the damage and was shocked. I didn't have anything in my underwear, it was all packed in my ass crack.

I pushed some more and got nowhere. The urge was still just as strong as ever, but I couldn't get anything to come out. I reached over, got some toilet paper, and cleaned myself up. Just as I was finishing my last wipe, I heard someone enter the bathroom, and they walked right into the stall next to me. Judging by the size and style of the shoes, I knew it had to be a little kid. I heard him try to flush the toilet, but nothing happened. Then he just turned around, pulled his pants down, and sat. I decided to sit and listen a while and hope that I could get this massive load unloaded. This little kid went to town. At first he sprayed out some serious diarrhea. It was pure liquid. Every stream would last about 5 seconds and would be accompanied with some nasty wet farts. All the excitement must have done something for me because I finally managed to work out the rest of the turd I had cut off earlier. When I finally worked it out, it was as if I had uncorked myself. I began to drip thick liquid poop before I managed to give a push. I got a tingling sensation up my spine as I slowly released my bowels. The little kid finished up soon after. He wiped, stood up, and pulled up his pants. I noticed that from the gap in the stall, coupled with the shiny floor and walls, I could get a pretty good look at him. He was a white kid, maybe 13, with a little bubble butt. From the reflection, I could see the poop on his toilet paper as he was cleaning himself. Before he exited the stall, I heard footsteps approaching my stall door. Someone pushed on the door to see if it was open, then they backed off. The little kid tried, again, to flush the toilet. It still wouldn't flush. He opened the stall door and walked out. Meanwhile, I am pushing and pushing. Everything from solid, compacted turds, to straight liquid poop was coming out. I didn't make any noise, except for the splashing of my load in the bowl. The guy that pushed on my stall door paced into the other stall. He looked at the toilet bowl to see what he was facing, then he tugged on the handle to flush. When he realized the toilet was not surrendering the load, he backed out of the stall and began to pace in front of my stall door. From the reflection, he was a younger guy. Late teens, early twenties I would guess. I then gave a good effort push and produced a long stream of liquid soft poop the came out with a fury. Gas echoed from my tired hole as the poop gushed out and all at once I let out a big sigh of relief. With that, the guy pacing must have realized that I was there to stay. He jumped into the next stall, closed the door, and pulled out a seat cover. I saw his feet fidgeting while he popped out the opening. He placed the seat cover down, then he added toilet paper over top of it. Then he spun around and went to work on his pants. He was wearing basketball shorts. The reflection of his rear as he positioned himself was priceless. He lowered his ass carefully on the seat and let out a huge sigh of relief as his ass made contact. Following that, he let out a crackling fart that echoed the bathroom. He proceeded to let loose a bunch of semi soft turds that splashed into the dirty water below. He let out a couple more farts as he continued to produce his load. We both sat there for another 10 minutes before I heard him start to pull off some paper to wipe. I followed by starting to clean myself up. As I stood, I saw that my bowl looked like it was filled with raw sewage. The smell was awful. I pulled up my slacks, fixed my shirt and tie, and put on my jacket. I went to flush and realized that my toilet, too, did not flush. I shrugged it off and exited my stall. As I approached the sink, the guy exited his stall. His face was blushed and he looked beyond embarrassed. I gave him a minor nod and he returned. As he washed his hands, he turned to me and said, "Damn, I didn't think I was going to make it". I chuckled and replied, "Yeah, me either. I went to the back bathroom first and saw it was closed and I nearly shit my pants getting up here to this one". He laughed and said, "Me too, but I guess this one is out of order as well". "Well now that I'm done with that toilet, I doubt anyone will want to use it, haha", I replied. He laughed and said, "come take a look at mine". I was totally shocked at this point. Someone wanted to show me a toilet they had just blown up. I walked behind him to the stall and looked in the bowl. It was brown liquid with solid turds mounded up inside. I couldn't even see the paper. I commented on his seat cover and he asked if I covered mine. I told him that I couldn't stand sitting on paper. He then turned and entered my stall. He looked in the bowel and said "God damn, did you do that all on your own?" I replied, "for the most part. I hadn't pooped in 2 days." We both laughed about the incident and began chatting. We both left the bathroom and continued to chat while we walked the parking lot. We ended up exchanging numbers and I received a text message already from him and he wants to buddy dump another time. I know that this will be the start of much more stories to come.

Till next time, TIM

I'm 17 year old girl from Shetland (british island). 5 feet 4 inches height, black hair, quite big breats and a bit big ass (but not very big). 110 pounds weight.

I live in a quite rich family (my father is a businessman, most of time he spends in USA, and my mom is a singer, so many times i am alone in house, fortunately). My father was born in London, mother in Rome (that's why my name is italian).

First you should know, it's my first time writing something here, but i was reading this site for 2 years.

Right, now my first story.
I was 13 years, old, when i first time experienced PMS. I have menstruations since I was 11, but this time, it was may, i just started 13 year of my life, i experienced diarrhea very badly. It was monday (yepp, i remember it, very well). My dad, a tradition, was in USA earning money for us, and mom was somewhere in middle-europe (poland? germany? don't know), playing concerts. I felt rather badly this day, when i woke up I couldn't even finish eating my breakfest. I raced to the toilet, almost shitting myself. I sat on the toilet for sth like 20 minutes, so I was late to school (i always ride a bike, but this time my ass hurt so much that i couldn't do it). During the maths lesson i had to go twice to the bathroom, needed to shit again. I though it was pizza i ate the day earlier. I finally emptied myself, so i got hungry. Went to the shop during the long break, and bough some cola, 2 sandwiches and chips. I was still hungry, so i decided to eat a dinner (decided not to eat pizza i enjoy the most, remember that i still though it caused my diarrhea). I was going to have another 5 hours of lessons, but this tiem i didn't have to go to toilet (even on breaks).
During the fifth lesson i felt cramps in my stomach. Class was almost empty (8 people, i am in private one), so I think nobody heard it. I wasn't in big desperation, but i don't like feeling full. The lesson finished, and i moved to bus. After 10 minutes bus was empty (and I was totally full). I was going more desperate. I asked driver to stop next to the gate of my house. Hell, road to my house is very long (200 meters), and this house is so damn big. It has stairs on both sides of garage. I closed and locked the gate, and run toward the house, trying not to shit my pants. As i was running, i tried to find my keys. When i was near my doors, i suddenly stopped, with my left hand holding my stomach, and right hand searching for keys in my trousers, with opened mouth. I slowly looked down, and saw a thin squirt going from my pants. "Just pissing" i though, and continued searching for keys. This time i heard quiet "phrrrrplplplplplplplplpl" somewere after me. I felt hot in my butt, and then felt a very liquid diarrhea. I looked down, and saw growing pool next to my left leg. The smell was so terrible, so i felt nauseaus. I opened the door and run to my bathroom (upstairs, second floor). I threw out my trousers and t-shit, left only bra and totally messed pants. I saw in the mirror, that my face is red, and my left leg is light-brown, almost green coloured. I felt another wave of diarrhea coming, and i couldn't even lower my panties. Almost all of my shit this time was liquid, and all landed on the floor. I turned sucking on switch of my bathroom, so all was cleaned. I lowered my panties and threw dump to the toilet. I sat down and began shitting for about 20 minutes, again plplplplplplplppllllllll. The smell was damn horrific. I got up from the toilet, and turned radiator on. I accidentally shit more when i was near door. I looked to the toilet, and saw parts of my dinner and breakfast. I almost threw up, so i ran out from the toilet. When i got back, smell wasn't so bad at all, so i cleaned everything and washed myself.

This night I wasn't sleeping well. I though i caught a virus or something, because i was running to the toilet each 10 minutes. It all was totally liquid, explosive. At 11,50 pm i decided to wear pantyhose, then almost a roll of paper and few pads, and then three pairs of panties on it. I hoped it will be enough, but i put on my pajama's pants. Next time i felt a desperation to go, i tried to hold it for few minutes, but after something like 15, i totally messed my pants. If i wouldn't know it's a shit in my pants, i'd probably liked it, i was a pleasure to have water-consistance something in my pants.
When i woke up next morning at 8 a.m., i went to the bathroom feeling huge load in pants. I don't know how many times i pooped myself, but it had to be more that 5. All my pajama pants were wet (but not brown). I also checked my bed before i went to shower. It was OK. I felt i need to go, but this time it wasn't diarrhea. I pushed, and shit again. I went to shower, and took all of panties off. Diarrhea almost exploded out of them, shit went everywhere. It took my 20 minutes to clean myself. My ass hurt so much, that i didn't come to school this day.

Nobody: Its wonderful to read more of your experiences. Especially
sharing the toilet with Kim. You must tell us more of your
experiences with her. I have to say how much I hope and pray
new job will work out for you. Are they any nice female
companions working there? Have you enjoyed any toilet sharing
the toilet with any yet?

Thought for the day: I like to squat whenever I am constipated. I have
been told the position opens the bowel more than
sitting does. I hope that may answer your query.

Isha and I regularly go to the ladies together now, for me it helps me to go easier. I think it helps Isha also. I had an interesting time recently. I went to the toilet just as one of the solicitors in the practice entered a cubicle. She gave me a brief smile, and then as she sat on the toilet I heard a breathy gasp and a 'damn!' Curious I asked if she was okay. She replied "Yes I'm fine thank you Gillian, just forgot my cigarettes." The fact that she wanted a cigarette excited me, it generally means somebody needs a shit. I told her I had my ciggies with me and offered her one. I must say touching her fingers as I passed the pack under the partition made me shiver with anticipation. After thanking me for the ciggie she told me she had wanted to go for over an hour but because she was interviewing a client she couldn't get away. Now she said she had a bad belly ache. That made two of us, I'd had a bad ???? all morning, this was my third visit to the toilet, the first two I was on my own but it was so nice to be able to chat to somebody it took my mind of how I was feeling. The solicitor really did a panful, I could hear her gasping and grunting and plop plopping like nobodies business. We were wiping together and as we washed our hands we both wished each other well. I find it enormously comforting to be going when somebody is going in the next cubicle. Are there any other readers who find it a comfort to have a companion close by when they are going to the toilet?

Student visit
I currently have a Student staying with me, she is small, very thin and from Japan.
I think she is a shy pooper, as at about 2am she went into the bathroom.
I could here her poop falling into the toilet, I enjoyed listening to her. I noticed the bathroom light was kept off while she was in there.
She then flushed the toilet washed her hands and went back to bed.
I was first up this morning, when I went to use my toilet, her poo had not flushed away, it was in a big pile in the bottom of the toilet bowl.
I flushed the toilet, it filled with water, so I had to use the brush to clear the blockage away.
When I came out of the bathroom she was still fast a sleep - I could here snoring noises coming from her room.

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