Accidental Sarah
Ok so i'm here because of something that happened to me a few months ago. I'm a junior in high school but I don't have a car yet so I walk home from school in the afternoon after band or sports or whatever I have in the afternoon after school. So anyway in May a few weeks before school go out I had needed to go to the bathroom most of the afternoon but really though I could hold it until I got home after band practice but by the end of practice it was really hard to hold it. I had to do both, btw. So I start walking home carrying my backpack and my flute and it takes about 20-30 minutes to get home. I was really desperate and didn't know if I could make it about halfway. I was in a park and every few steps I'd have to stop and cross my legs and squeeze to keep anything from coming out, but I couldn't hold myself because there were people around and they'd see me holding my crotch or butt. Then it was worse and i was turtle heading and a squirt of pee shot into my panties and I started to panic. There was an empty bench nearby so I hurried over and sat down being careful to pull my skirt up so i wouldnt sit on it. I thought sitting down would help but it didn't. I didn't know what else to do so I scooted backwards so my butt was hanging off of the back of the bench, made sure my skirt wasn't under me, and let go. It felt soooooo good to relieve the pressure. Pee dripped out of my panties into a puddle in the grass underneath me and then the poop started coming. I had to push and sit up a little to give it room to come out but finally the last of it was out in a giant lump under by butt. Luckily it was solid and not runny so it all stayed in my panties. I made sure nobody was watching and carefully stood up and did my best to walk normally the rest of the way home even with the wet panties chafing a little and the giant poop making it hard not to waddle like a penguin, lol. The skirt covered everything up so nobody saw and my parents weren't home yet when I go there. I got inside, went to the bathroom and slowly lowered my panties enough to dump the poop into the toilet. I rinsed the panties out in the sink to get rid of the stain and hopped into the shower to clean off my butt and legs. I hadn't poopede myself since I was a little girl so it was a little weird doing it as a 17 year old kind of on purpose but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I wouldn't want to have diarreah in my pants, but a normal solid poop wasn't so bad, lol.

Jonathan - if you've been holding your poop for that long, you WON'T have a "big runny one." You'll have a rock-hard, solid one because your poop is losing moisture up there in your colon. That's why people with constipation often have big hard stools rather than soft ones.

to Claire N:

I was also traumatized by the toilet. As the oldest child, I had not seen anyone get potty trained, and, luckily, as a boy, I didn't have to sit as often as a girl. At first, I just wanted to stay in diapers, but my mom finally got me using the potty. It was comfortable and just my size. Then she tried to upgrade me to the toilet. She had this horrible seat that fit onto the toilet so I wouldn't fall in, but it din't make the seat taller. however, since it didn't completely cover the toilet seat, it could move and would pinch my butt frequently. Also, I hated water splashing on me, as this toilet was not a low-flow and it didn't take much to feel the splash back. I hated it and wanted to continue with the potty, but my mom refused, saying the potty now belonged to my younger sister.....

Luckily, I never had any accidents due to this and I'm over it now.

Esteban-Nice story. I used to live in a fraternity house where I shared a room with two other guys. When I first moved in I knew that it was going to be an open door-type place when one of the guys told me to come in and hand him the phone when he got a call. He didn't seem fazed at all by my walking in on him on the toilet. We would use the toilet while another guy was in the shower. Steve was the most open. He would come in if I was already at the sink and pull down his jeans and white briefs and drop a load. He would sometimes grimace and I could tell he was straining slightly. In the morning, he would slowly make his way over to the toilet, just wearing his Jockey briefs, sit on the can with his underwear around his ankles. He also didn't seem to mind if we saw him wipe or if we saw his genitals. I also noticed he would hold his penis when he was peeing while seated.

Rob a little bit more reserved like me. We didn't mind if someone came in while we were on the toilet, but didn't usually start dumping if someone was already in the bathroom. I also never saw Rob wipe. I think he waited until he had the bathroom to himself.

We all sat the same way on the bowl. Our jeans and underwear would be all the way down at our ankles. Both Rob and Steve wore white briefs, and I think I was wearing boxers most of the time back then, with a brief thrown in on occasion. We also leaned forward a bit, with our elbows on our knees.

Another guy I lived with in the fraternity house, I had the opportunity to see on the toilet once. He was a good-looking guy, muscular, and very friendly. We would give each other a hard time and once I squirted him with a squirt gun while he was dumping. I opened the door and he knew I was going to mess with him. I squirted him a few times. Another guy was walking by and asked what I was doing and I said c'mere and see. So he saw my roommate on the toilet as well. He was wearing some snug-fitting jeans and when he pulled them down, his underwear came down as well. The legs of the jeans were turned inside out as well as his underwear. Also white briefs. I've had that happen before and you have to pull your underwear up out of your jeans where they are tangled before you can pull the jeans up. He started to grab paper so I let him finish in peace.

i found out of this place thanks to a friend of mine, i am a venezuelan girl and for obious reasons i am not gona give my name nor age (sorry for my grammar,i dont speak english a lot) since i was little i was told that when a lady haves the urge to poop she would have to hold it until it gets to her home and in her own bathroom, and so i have been doing until a week or so ago, i whent for lunch with a aunt of mine after the wedding of my cousing, so, not only did we ate a lot in the wedding, but also we had one hell of a lunch, so she comes to my hause with me and we just seat there and wacht a movie, (she is almost my age so we get a long well)and she stands up and goes to the bathroom, shes there for like 15 minutes meanwile i am just sitting in the bed accidently hearing her,

She made a big wet fart and then i heard like if she had diarreah, but something, just got me confused, i didnt heard a flush!!! after she came out she seem a little sweaty and said she needed to go home, that she remembered a emergency, so i opened the door and she just left without even saing bye, like 5 minutes later i have the urge to go pooping realy bad, let out a cuple of farts before runing to the bathroom just to find out that the big asshole DIDNT FLUSH THE TOILET and left a big pile of do-do on the toilet and on part of the seat, AND left her stained panties en the floor just like that!!!

so i couldnt hold my poo anymore so i opened the window, pull down my panties, and just let go over the toilet in a standing-sitting position, it was a big log folowed by a runny crap. i wipe and pray that all that shit whent with the flush, thank god it did. then i had to clean the seat and throw away the pantie. I was so piss of!!! but then i didn t give any importance, and when i saw my aunt i didnt even spoke to her of the incident.

i realy love this web, i mean i always had like a poo tabo because i was afraid of what people could think of me, but here, i feel free. So i will awnser any question but first i have a couple of my own:

1) do you ever had to be close to someone else while she/he is pooping?
2) have you noticed that when you eat things like seeds and vegetables and corn your poop comes out with just that, almost the same!!!
3) whats the color of your poop? mines like light brown
4) do you always poo in your home or...?

nice to be here i will post some other stories later

G Man
Hi Everybody. To NOBODY: After I posted last I read that you did get a job, I'd like to wish you the best of luck. I absolutely LOVED your last post about toilet sharing with your friend Kim. I would share my toilet with you anytime!

greg Read all your postings with pleasure i have had many toilet experiences when as a toilet cleaner for the local council. one night i was locking the beach toilets at manly beach and as i had locked all the toilets and was finnishing claning the mens urinals before locking them up a distraught female about fortyish came down the stairs as the toilets are underground there. she had to go badly and as the female toilets where locked and on the other side of the beach she asked if she could use these before i locked them up. there were only urinals in this section as the toilet bowls where next door with the change rooms. i instructed her that there was no toilets in here only a urinal trough but she was too far gone bending over and holding her stomache. she nodded it was ok and to finnish what i was doing and proceeded to remove her costume she bent over the urinal and let herself go with a shit load of shit. i walked to the entry way to make shore no one else could walk in as she was compleatly naked. after about 5 minutes she called if i had any paper i gave her some from the storage locker and she wiped herself in front of me quikly dressed and lft me to clean up her sizable mess but its all in a days work i guess.

I have my responses to Mistee's survey--

In a public bathroom when you leave your stall are you offended if you see or hear the next user tear off toilet paper to wipe down the seat? Yes. I shower daily, my butt is clean and since I don't hover piss or squat shit, the seat is clean. Once last month I was at the mall and there were like only two pieces of toilet paper on the roll when I got done wiping (I'm always reluctant to take the last one) and I was at the sinks and a mother comes in with a young child, probably about five or six. The girl was opening the door of the stall I had used, when her mom grabbed her arm and pulled her away saying something about there not being enough toilet paper to place over the seat. The girl protested and the mom dragged her down to another stall at the end of the row. I just think such attitudes really suck and those children are going to grow up with what our psychology teacher has called a lot of "issues."

In a public bathroom are you offended if you hear or see the next user tear off strips of toilet paper and place it over the seat?

Answered above.

At what level do you keep your underwear? Thigh? Knee? Ankle? Other? I drop my underwear all the way to the floor. I can think of only one exception and that was last winter when my friend Connor and I were sledding. There was very little heat in the bathroom building at the park and when I had to sit down to pee, I feared my butt was going to get frostbite. So I pulled my underwear up so that it covered up about half the seat and shielded me from the cold. By pulling the elastic forward, I was able to create enough room for my pee stream.

Who do you feel is responsible for influencing you about your toilet habits? Parents? Brother/Sisters? Other adults/teachers? friends? circumstances? accidents? I don't know, I guess it's a combination of things. Twice last month when Connor and I were out I took a shit in gas station bathrooms. Each time it was a one toilet situation. Each time I forgot to check for toilet paper and was in a bad situation because there was none. I called for Connor to get me some out of the mens room but he wasn't sure how much I'd need. So he encouraged me to pull up my panties and shorts and go into the mens room myself to sit and clean myself. He then watched the door for me.

to movie goer
In regards to the farting scene in the movie "The Party Animal," it did not happen exactly the way you described it.
The movie was about a loser who only went to college to score with girls. He decided to create athrodisiacs with disasterous results. His first attempt caused a girl to go bald. The second one he greated turned one into a gorrilla that attacked him. However when he finally got around to the one that made a girl fart it was done only indirectly by him. When he had his head turned a couple of girls came in and took his formala and put gas pills in its place. That was puzzling because the girls were after him not her.
As for the scene itself. The farting sounds were not very convincing. They sounded almost like a kid making the sounds by blowing on his arm. However seeing the girl out of control, in such fear and farting while moaning was a turn on.
To everybody
I did not mean to say that I would litareely want to be in that Italian girls place. I meant that it would be nice to play a fantasy with myself while pretending to cry and beg while letting out alot of gas.

While at work yesterday, I decided I would go out for lunch instead of eating in. I headed to the local Burger King just down the road. I finished two burgers, a large fries and a soda. I knew I would regret eating all this food. I headed back to work feeling full. As the day went on, I felt the need to relieve myself but I was too preoccupied with other things. Everyone had left for the day and I was just finishing up a few tasks. I couldn't hold it any longer. The office floor was empty so I made my way to the washroom. Luckily, there are two private single bathrooms (one male and one female) with their own toilet and sink. I entered in and locked the door. This was the deluxe washroom since I knew I could drop my load in privacy. I undid my belt, dropped my underwear and pants and sat down. I let out a big fart that rumbled the toilet. I knew that the greasy lunch I had consumed a few hours earlier was taking it's toll on my stomach. I farted again while straining hard. I could hear the turd crackling as it slowly made it's way out. It began to hurt as it continued to exit. I pushed but it was really painful. I knew it was going to be a big one. I relaxed and pushed just a bit more and then it finally slipped into the bowl. I farted some more and then released a steady stream of pee. I pushed a bit more and two small but thick and heavy turds splashed into the bowl below. I began to wipe and used quite a bit of toilet paper to clean up. I got up and saw that I had dropped one massive turd. It was as long as the toilet bowl from front to back. Beside it were two small but very thick turds. I flushed but the long turd got stuck. It took several flushes to get everything down and there were lots of skidmarks. I washed up and left to go home.

The following morning I came in early to finish the assignment that I was doing from the previous day. I was the first one in so the office was empty. I felt a grumbling in my stomach. I ignored it but a few minutes later I got bad cramps. I let out a few farts but I knew I had to shit again. I quickly made my way to the washroom. I opened the door and quickly locked it. I dropped my pants quickly and as soon as I was seated on the toilet I let out a flow of mushy poop. I let out several wet farts. I wiped for nearly five minutes and then flushed. I washed up and headed back to my desk feeling much better.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Right well ive finaly done it :) the biggest poop ever !

Right so i woke up in the morning and i had this major urge to go to the bathroom, but i held it in so i could release of it all later on. my mum and dad were working so i was the only one in the house. it came to the time were i was in absolute pain! it hurt soo much!! so i decided to leave my house before i exploded.

It was about a 1/4 mile walk down to the bushes (they were the only ones the totaly covered me) i was about half way there and i got major stomach cramps and was holding on to my bum cheeks, clenching them together ! it didnt really help that there was a main road at the part i was walking down someone i knew was bound to see me! i was almost there the were in sight i felt the poop trying to eascape from my but ! it almost got out because i could feel some of it rubbing against my but crack :L

so i was there in the bushes i made sure i was well hidden and i pulled down my trousers like a bullet and i exploded ! a huge burst of diarrhea came shooting out of my but, i looked at the patch of mud i was squatting over and i saw a big yelloow puddle, i felt mildly releived, but i knew i wasnt done i still had plenty more left inside me, i let out a few 5 inch logs on the ground quite soft and mushy. then i could feel the master log approch it was HUGE ! i new it wasnt going to come out itself so i pushed as hard as i could nothing happened! so i pushed again with maximum force, my face was beet red and finally things started to move.

it was about 10 mins before i got about 2 inches out of my anus it was sooo big i didnt no if it was actaully going to come out! but i didnt give up hope and i pushed again i was exhausted ! but then about another inch came out (i think) it didnt feel much better than when i started with the thing!

about 20 mins past again and it started to move, it was already out about 6 inches then it came out itself, it was hard and crackly when it came out my bum, when it was finally out i looked back at my creation the big log was about 19 inches ! i couldnt beleive the size of it. i felt AMAZED by how much better i felt. There was a huge yellow puddle 3 little 5 inch logs and a huge 19 inch log for someone to come around and find :)

it took me about 10 wipes to make it all clean and i took a final look and walked away, proud of what i had done :)

i'll tell you some of my other stories sometime. i might even go on another 5 day pooping strike and let if off in the same spot :L:).

Right im new here, but ive been a long looker.
Im holding in my poop as i type this, its been about 3 days now, and im going to hold it in for about another 2 days,
then ill go in the big patch of bushes down the road from my house.

i hope it'll be a big runny one :D.

The other day I was at work and had to poop really bad. It was a saturday morning and me and a coworker went in to work to finish up some important work. By the way I am a 23 year old male and my coworker is a 41 year old female. About ten oclock I get hit by a strong urge to poop, so I tell my coworker that I gotta run to the bathroom. She's like, "okay I'll be here." So I enter the men's room, a single urinal and single commode facility. The problem is the commode is out of order. So really needing to poop I go into the ladies room, just me and my coworker in the building so I figure its okay. There is 2 stalls I take the big stall which is farthest from the entrance. I undo my pants, pull them down and sit down. Just when I'm about to start pushing my poop out I hear the door open, its my coworker. I yell out, "I'm in here" She says,"what are you doing in here." I say"taking a poop, the men's room is out of order." She then asks if I wouldn't mind if she came in to use the bathroom, she said she also had to poop really bad. I said not at all. She came in and took the other stall. I could see her pants drop to her ankles immediately followed by her pink panties. She sat down and sighed. I really had to let loose, but was a little shy cause of her presence, I think she felt the same. So I said if she would excuse me and I immediately let loose a very explosive and watery poo. She asked if I felt better and I said yes. She said, "my turn." She started straining and grunting really hard, poor thing. She told me she wished she could have a bowel movement like the one I just had. She said she has been constipated for 5 days. I was still on the toilet talking her through her ordeal. She said her anus felt like it was being ripped apart. She said,"almost there." Then I heard what sounded like a cinder block drop into her toilet followed by a big sigh of relief. She said she greatly appreciated my company while she was pooping. She asked if I wouldn't mind doing it again, I told her I wouldn't mind.

Yesterday I was hanging out with friends and I went to the bathroom to put on my swimsuit because we were going swimming soon. It's a one piece suit to hide my ???? a bit (I'm 29, blonde, 5'11 195lbs) and it rides up into my butt sometimes. Before putting it on I plonked down my chubby ass on the toilet to see if anything wanted to come out. I hadn't pooped for five days, my last poop was tuesday of the week just past. (I might not remember exactly but I was doing laundry this morning and my undies from tuesday had a poo stain that took soaking to get out completely) Well as I expected pee came out immediately, a slow, low pressure stream that was runnning off my thighs and ass trickling down like it always does when I pee not having to go urgently. To my shock I could feel spasms in my lower back which suprised me because I hadn't expected to poop then and there. I'd felt full in my lower ???? since friday but had been busy all weekend and didn't think about it. Well the chill that went up my spine followed by hissing gas told me that if I didn't let it out now it wasn't going away. I figured that when I pushed to pee it triggered something, so I kept on pushing and felt what seemed like a rock moving against my anus. At this point I stopped pushing and relaxed so my anus would begin to open up and let it out. It felt big and I got into the zone and just relaxed until it had slid out completely, which seemed like a few minutes but must have been longer. Just as I was done letting it out there was a yell through the door that said to just meet everyone outside I was taking too long! Well I was startled and quickly bounced up from the toilet and pulled up my swimsuit in a hurry, putting my boobs in the bra was tricky and I spent a minute adjusting them before flushing and heading for the pool. It was while walking out that I realized that I had forgotten to wipe. I was now really in a hurry so I dashed back to the bathroom and pulled my suit bottom to the side (I didn't want to waste time taking it off and I always wipe standing up anyway.) and grabbed at the tp with the other hand, making a quick wad to wipe with. I pulled it up through my buttcrack all the way to the top, then quickly threw it in the toilet and flushed again as I went outside finally. Well everyone had gotten cold from the water already and I never went in, spending the evening instead just hanging out still in my suit. I didn't take it off until I got back to my apartment with my boyfriend. He made a joke about my butt being stinky as he said he could smell what took me so long in the bathroom earlier! I joked back that long didn't begin to describe it and we laughed together. Just then I decided to look inside my swimsuit, I picked it up off the floor and held it open to look. There was a thin poo streak five inches long with a quarter sized spot at the bottom, and pee soaked up front. He said it was no wonder he could smell my butt from a distance! I asked him if he smelled it at the pool gathering and he said no my suit must have kept in the smell. That made me feel better as I worried somone else might have caught a whiff of it earlier, but he said it only smelled after I got naked. Well I then went to the bathroom and put it in the sink and peed again in the toilet, and I then stood to wipe and instead of just blotting my front I took the pee wetted tp and wiped up through my buttcrack again. The paper came out light brown so I folded it over and rubbed it up and down the length of my crack until it got a bit tender. I threw the wad into the toilet and flushed then joined my boyfriend in bed. That's the end of this story, but I have more if anyone wants me to post them. Happy pooping to everyone!


To Jeanette: Yes, Gas-Ex does cut down on excess gas quite a bit. It does wonders for me. Those gas pills probably served the same purpose. You might want to try it...:-)

To the 44 year old woman who messed herself on her way home from work. I feel really badly for you. That's happened to me before to. I know that feeling of panic and desperation and then the realization that you are not going to make it to a toilet on time and then let go in your panties. It's horrible!

You said you had an accident when you were 13 as well. What happened and why did your mom punish you? My mother never punished me when I had an accident in my panties. She just made me clean myself and my clothes up. The embarrassment from having an accident in my panties and having to clean them up was punishment enough in my mother's eyes.

I took one in my pants for my wife.

We had been to the beach, and after a long drive home, pulling a 23" travel trailer, we both had to poop nearly to the point of filling our pants. Taking a bit over 5 minutes to get the trailer backed into the driveway didn't help either of us. She had to guide me as I backed in. Of course, this was our starter house, and had only one bathroom. When we reached the bathroom, she pleaded with me to let her go first, because she would surely do it in her panties if she had to wait. I was fairly sure I'd crap my pants too, if I didn't go first,I resigned myself to the inecitable and said, okay, you go first, but try and hurry. Within a minute of her going in, I lost it and filled my pants with poop. She was out in another few minutes(a record for her) and started to say your turn before she realized it was too late. She helped me clean up, and rewarded me(in the bedroom) for allowing her to go first, at the expense of pooping my pants

Videotaped myself pooping yesterday. I kept the camera on the floor and laid down a paper towel. I had to push a little bit to get started. After a moment, a smooth log started silently pushing its way out. It got softer after 6 inches and then turned into soft blobs. About 4 blobs came out. I thought I was done but after that, there was a thicker, shorter log. It thudded against the floor. My rear was a bit messy then so I cleaned up and watched my video. It was pretty cool. I might make one of me going in my panties but I'm not sure. I don't anticipate myself enjoying the cleanup!

Florida Jayne - That was a great story about listening to your boss! I think the gassy ones are the best! You said you like to listen and watch men taking a dump, do you have any more stories to share with us, or do you have a story of your boss finishing his "job"? I would love to hear any more stories you do have. Keep it up girl!

To Jason

If I were you I would go and buy some baby wipes,and when she is ready to have her fun...Be there for her...and yes...make sure you clean her bottom thouroughly!(the wipes will make it easier)

Dude....I wish I was In your Shoes!

Happy Pooping!!

Random Reader: It takes a woman much longer to use the restroom, as she has to get partially undressed to do so. Us guys can simply "whip it out" when we have to pee. Also, women are far more likely to wipe the seat before and/or after they sit. They might also change pads or tampons in there. Finally, a woman will likely fix her makeup or hair while in the restroom.

thought for the day...
Why is it when you have a poo in the squat position,its always longer and bigger than the sitting on the toilet position?

I'm traveling in Europe where public men's rooms are very private and have none of the fun of the open stalls (or even no stalls) I've been using back home. But I did have an unexpected but very welcome experience.

I'm traveling with a friend and sharing a hotel room with him. The first morning I was embarrassed when I went to take my morning shit, knowing that he was right on the other side of the door and could hear all my grunting and farting. As I've written before, I enjoy going in front of strangers, but it's always been embarrasing with people I know.

The next morning, I asked if he wanted to use the bathroom first or if I could go in and shower and get ready. He told me to go first. I went and in and sat on the toilet to take a dump before my shower.

Well, he knocks on the door and then walks right in on me.

He said he thought he'd use the toilet while I was in the shower and was surprised to see me sitting there. I told him I could try to finish quickly if he really had to go, but he said he was just trying to save time and he would shower first.

I just wanted him out of there, but he turned on the shower, said it was cold and proceeded to let the water run to heat up while he began to shave at the sink. All with me on the toilet.

I had stopped pushing when he came in, but I couldn't hold it in any longer, so I farted and pushed out a large turd while he was there with me. He seemed to be unfazed by it all.

Finally, he stepped into the shower and I began wiping up.He poked his head out of the shower curtain to ask me a question and caught me mid wipe.

I was pretty embarrassed this morning, but as the day has gone by I have thought it was actually exciting having him in here with me. Now I can't wait until tomorrow.

Cute & Shy, are you still around and looking on here? I miss hearing from you very much. Please come back soon! :) I miss you!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bathroom Beaky
A few years ago i went to a residental trip to arthog with my school but back then i was very scared about pooping in public and as the trip was 5 days long i am a 2 twice a day pooper i was sure that i would need to poop during my stay. the night before i left i went to the loo and pushed and push trying to ppush every piece of poop out of my bum and i repeated this process again in the morining. anyway when we got there we went to our dorms and to my horror they was no private loo the were all communal the were 2 room both consisting of about 5 toilets and 3 shower they were also unisex. i didnt get the urge to go on the first or second day. so i knew that i would the 3rd day. for a evening activity we all walked into a small town to buy some souverners and on the way back i got a urge to poo and i was BAD. we had to walk for about 45 mins and i needed a poo desperaly. we couldnt stop on the way because we where running late already. i didnt want to make it obvious i needed the loo but then a squirt of runny poo came out and i was wearing white trousers and i seept throgh as we near the biulding my urge finally went away!!! but after dinner it came back., we had just finished diner and about 20 of us decided to play poker. i was sitting the when the urge hit. the first cards were being dealt and i felt the tip of my poo touch my knickers i got up and said to eveyone im going to get antoher jumper and sprinted for the toilets while havinig my hand wedged in my bum i ran in and locked the door behind me pulled my trouser and pants down and plonked myself on the loo i listened to see if anyone else was in the toilet or shower and to my relief they werent i started to poop and i could feel this was going to be huge i pushed and it started to come. as it was half out somebody else came into the bathroom on enter a stall but he just had a wee and left.l when he left i carry on with my massive poo i pushed again and it slowy pushed out and fell into the toilet with out make and sound as i had already enter the loo water while still in my bum i stood up wipe both ends and look back at the monster i was huge the biggest poop i have had to date by far i had to flush three times for i to go away but i was to relevied to care. about the toilet nearly over flowing. i didnt have another poo that trip but on the way back i for arthog i have another story but ill save it for another time.

TO RANDOM READER i personaly only ever go to a pulbic toilet to poo becuase i can hold wee in for ages but i am not sure if that is the case for everyone.

This is my response to Mistee's survey:
1. In a public bathroom when you leave the stall are you offended if
you see or hear the next user tear off toilet paper to wipe down the
seat? Yes, I am. I will only do it in a rare case where there is
urine on the seat. Most of the time it's not necessary and it just
contributes to a lack of toilet paper later in the day. By the way,
my older sister says she learned in school that there's absolutely
no advantage other than psychological in wiping down the seat. By
the way, she's a nurse.
2. In a public bathroom are you offended if you hear or see the next
user tear off strips of toilet paper and place it over the seat?
Of course I am. As I've written about before, I work for a large
Fortune 500 company and have my office in a large high-rise
building. It's annoying to me to wait in line in the ladies room
while one of my colleages places a line to toilet paper on each side
of the seat and sometimes also over the front and back. Some place
even two or three layers down. It just doesn't make sense to me and
more than once I've taken a crap and found there's not enough
paper on the roll for me to clean myself with. I wonder why? Also,
our company is trying to win a "green" award from a national
organization as part of a strategic plan to cut down on paper use.
To the toilet seat paperers I say get real!
3. At what level do you keep your underwear? Thigh? Knee? Ankle? Other?
I'm probably a little jaded on this because I've had people barge in
on me when I've been on the toilet and I've suffered bruised knees
while sitting on a public toilet on more than one occasion. I've
written about these incidents. So in the last couple of years, I've
tried to keep my underwear above knee level.
4. Who do you feel is responsible for influencing you regarding your
toilet habits? Parents? Brothers or Sisters? Other adults? Teachers?
Friends? Accidents? Circumstances?
Initially it was my mom. In the month of so before I started grade
school she took every opportunity when we were out to give me
"experience" in using a public bathroom. She did it with a sense of
humor that connected with me like telling me about the time when one
of her friends ran for the toilet during break and fell in because
the seat had been raised and the girl forgot to check and then put
it down. And she taught me to take my time and not to rush things
constipation would haunt me the rest of my life. Also, she
encouraged me to use the end stalls in large restrooms for peeing
because less people would hear the trickle of my urine. This reminds
me that I had a friend in like 3rd, 4th & 5th grade and when I would
travel with her family to places like fairs and amusement parks, her
parents carried an old tire inner-tube in their station wagon and
they made her put that on the toilet and sit on that when she had to
pee. She was so embarrassed to have to do that in front of her
friends, some of whom told her they thought her mom was wacko. By
the way, her mom would put me down because I wouldn't want to wait
my turn to go so I could use the inner-tube. Also, I don't think I
could pee or shit bouncing around on that big thing. It was so

Ladies of all ages who frequent here whats more embarrassing of the following...

Diarreha filling your panties?
A solid lump filling your panties?

Throwing out your messed panties and having them found?
Cleaning your panties and keeping them on and being found out you had messed them?

Pooping in pantihose with no panties on?
Pooping in a tight pantigirdle with no panties on?

Pooping and peeing your panties passed out?
Pooping your panties and having your parents know?

Small wet fart that stains your bottom and panties?
Peeing your panties in a pair of shorts or jeans?

Any of you ever accidently pee your panties either when scared or were to be spanked?

Thanks A Concerned Reader

G Man
Hi everyone. I haven't been on the site for a while and am now getting caught up on the reading of the recent posts. TO NOBODY: I loved your post about your friend Lindsay and how you helped her- that's a real friend! I would love to do a night of pub-crawling with you, I would gladly do for you what you did for Lindsay. I read you quit your job, any luck with the job search? Just curious, what do you do? I have a survey for the women: 1) Is there any particular day of the week when you poop the most? 2) How does drinking affect your bowels? 3)What types of foods affect your bowels and how? 4)What time of day do you usually poop? 5) Is it usually at work or at home? Thanks in advance for your answers.

Hi, I am a 41 yr old 5ft 2" with very large breasts.
Yesterday I was staying in a Bed & Breakfast in the seaside town Blackpool UK.
I had eaten alot, large cooked breakfast, followed by 2 x latte's with a jacket potato & beans, 2 snickers bars, 2 big macs with milk shake, then a dinner in the B&B.
Anyhow, after the dinner I had the urge to go to the toilet, so upstairs I went to the toilet on the first floor.
As I was sitting on the toilet I heard 3 business men coming up stairs.
Just as they were walking past my bathroom door I decided I would try and fart to see what they would do - I pushed with all my might, out came a massiively powerful long really loud fart.
However the fart ended with a turd exiting my back side, landing in the toilet with a loud splash.
The men briefly stopped then carried on their conversation.
I then entertained myself by continually farting very loudly on the toilet for about 5 minutes.
This morning at about 6 am I went to the 2nd floor toilet.
I was again very gassy and let off 5 reallly long loud farts.
I fired a few good big turds in to the bowl, then farted for a few minutes
I am very lucky at being able to fart when ever I want, its a gift I enjoy showing off with!

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