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I have a question for everyone, mainly the ladies. I was visiting New York City this weekend, during part of my trip we were wondering around central park. I couldn't help at notice the really long lines for all the womens restrooms, the guys usually had no line. I couldn't imagine waiting in such a long line for the restroom. I was wondering if in most cases the females are typically in line for a poop, or a pee. I could see if it were an emergency pee situation, but otherwise I could only imagine that with such a long slow moving line that most would be in line for a poop. What are your thoughts or past experiences. Thanks

I found this site by accident i guess.I'm a 44 yr. old woman married for over 20 years.I haven't accidently messed my panties since i was 13 yrs. old until last week.My last panty pooping like i said happened at age 13 and when my mother found out i had pooped my panties and pantihose she literally paddled me until i couldn't sit.First she applied the paddle over my dress and panties and hose then sent me to clean up and later in my pj's she again paddled me this time bare butt.

Last week my second panty pooping accident occurred when i was driving home after work.I should have tried to pee and poop before I left but i wanted to get home quick because my husband was taking me to dinner to celebrate our grown daughters 21st birthday.Half way home my bladder was bursting and my stomach started gurgling and just 6 or 7 miles from home a felt a little spurt of pee leak into my panty shaper and pantihose.then just as i turned down the road we lived on 3 miles from home my stomach exploded and i shamelessly filled my panty shaper and hose with runny smushy poop.I immediately tried lifting my butt up from the car seat but that only caused more and more mushy poop to fill my underwear finally my bladder just let loose and i peed like no tommorrow.
Upon arriving home i had to duckwalk and waddle into the house where my husband was waiting,he saw my mess and actually helped my to the bathroom where he helped me from my messy yellow panty shaper which was ruined and stained and my pantihose which also was messy and stained.Needless to say both were thrown out.
That night at dinner no mention was made but when i felt my stomach rumble during supper i quickly made my way to the restroom before i filled my underwear again and then later going home after my stomach rumbled loud enough so my husband heard it he wondered if iwas going to fill my panties again but luckily we made it home in time for me to hurry and get to the toilet on time but sitting while i expelled whatever had crawled into my stomach i couldn't help but notice a brown poop stain on the seat of my pink underwear.Must be i had let go with a silent wet fart and hadn't even noticed.

dina might
ive lurked on this site for years, but never had the courage to tell any of my many stories, but now im coming out.

a few months ago i went to my cousin's cottage about 5 hrs away. my 4 cousins are all boys, and my aunt didnt go, so i was the only girl there. there are 2 bathrooms in the cottage, but only 1 that flushes #2 succesfully. the other one is in the master bedroom sweet, and if you go in there everyone knows what you're doing. ive always been embarrased about going #2, so i was horrified to hear this. plus, because theyre on septic, you can only flush when you go #2, if you just pee then you leave it. i knew i was to be there 7 days, and i was sure id have to go #2 at least 3 times while i was there. the second day there i got an insane need to go #2, but i distracted myself and it went away. i managed to hold it until the forth day, shen i woke up and immediately grabbed my butt. my turds were pushing and trying very hard to get out and i couldnt do anything. i obviously couldnt walk across the hallway holding my butt looking clearly like i was trying not to poop, but i knew if i stopped holding it then id have my poop come out right there in my pants! then i remembered that i had to go to the master bedroom to poop. that was farther away, and my uncle was still asleep, i could tell by the loud snores i could hear. i knew at least 2 of the boys were up, cause i could here their video games down the hallway. theyd be too busy to see me holding my butt, i thought. the oldest one was obviously still asleep, since he always slept in until like 2 pm. the youngest was probably in his crib, behind the wall where he couldnt see the hallway. i decided to make a break for it. i cracked open the door, looked around to see if anyone would catch me, and jumped across the hallway. one hand still firmly holding my poop in my butt, i tried the handle of the door. it was locked! i tried again, but to no avail. my poop must have decided that i was ready to go, and it started squeazing out. my other hand flew back to hold it in, and i hobbled back to my room, fast. i tried to hold it in, but i cool feel the turd filling up my panties despite my efforts. in my panic, i raced over to the garbage can and intended to do my duties in there. one log already staining my panties, i was determined not to have any more. i dropped my soiled pants to my ankles and filled the garbage can with four large turds and a storm of pee. i could tell that there was no saving my panties now, so i dropped them in the garbage can too. then i realized that i had nothing to do with the bag in the garbage can and that one of my cousins or my uncle would soon see it. hastily, i tied up the bag and hid it under the bed. this was fine, until the last day. i didn't know that they rented out the cottage and therefore had to do a thorough cleaning before we left. my uncle found the bag, showed the boys, and theyll be making fun of me for it forever!!

thats my little story, i do have more in store though. happy peeing and pooping!-dina

Way back when I was in college I had a professor who would always end class late. One evening I had to take a shit really bad. I was trying to hold it in but I knew the pressure was growing. Finally he ended the class and I left nearly immediately. I headed towards the bathroom in a bit of a hurry. Since it was an evening class, most people had already left for the day. I found a washroom out of the way near the study hall which was now closed. I quickly entered in. There were two stalls, one of which was occupied. As I approached the stall I noticed quite a foul stench in the air. I heard the guy inside the other stall grunting and farting. I entered in and closed the door. I quickly undid my belt and lifted the lid of the toilet. I dropped my pants and underwear as I sat down. I pushed hard as the turd made its way out. It began to hurt as I strained and pushed. As it slid out into the bowl I sighed in relief. The guy next to me was still seated but was not making any noises. I wiped up and sat back down to wait until he left. A minute or two passed and nothing happened. I decided to leave. I pulled my pants up and pulled the handle. My large turd spun around and got stuck along with a wad of toilet paper . The toilet continued to flush. I panicked as the water level rised to the top quickly. I fiddled with the handle but it would not stop flushing. The water came overtop and gushed onto the floor and into the stall next door. The guy next door who was startled by what was happening got up but he didn't know what to do. I headed to the main washroom door as quickly as I could. I turned around and saw the water pouring out everywhere from the stall. The guy was out of the stall with his pants down trying to get away from the flood of water. I walked out quickly before someone took notice of the mess and chaos.

Claire N,

You REALLY spooked me, because the first part of your account is SO much like mine. I'm also UK-based, and a year older than you, and I think that your potty and mine were almost identical - mine was light blue too, but the handle was at the back because it had a splashguard on the other side. My little sis had the same design but hers was pink and didn't have a splashguard. Like you I remember sitting on my potty on the kitchen floor (I don't think as a rule I went in the lounge) and enjoying doing a poo. And like you I just did not take to using the big toilet. I'm not sure whether it was for the same reason with sitting up high over a very large opening and whether I nearly fell in: it might have been that the switch coincided with my mother being about to give birth to little sis.

Where our stories diverge is that unlike you, I didn't get constipated and need syrup of figs or start messing myself. In the end I used the toilet because I had to - but if the chance came along to use the potty instead without my mother noticing, I did. I remember doing this when I was about 4 years old, and again when I was about 7. My potty got lost in a house move, so I ended up using my sister's pink potty. Then it happened again when I was about 14.

Cute Linda
Hihi!! I'm back. Sorry for being gone so long. Anywhooooooo on to business:

WOW!! Talk about the ultimate act of revenge. Talk about going all out. Did you hold it for 5 days? I'd never be bale to do that. I can understand what you mean by " the best poop of your life". I can just imagine you with such a look of relief on your face then a wicked smile knowing you got him good. I'd never be able to do that, if I tried I'd probably go through that whole ordeal then find out there's no toilet paper. Heh. Anyway, kudos to you. Way to stick it to him.

Claire N
Heh. I never could have done my business on my potty in a living room full of people. Still I feel sorry for you for what happened. I was truamatized on the big toilet by something older sisters who loved to wait till I got seated on the toilet and started then they'd turn the lights off on me then shut the door. Ug. We should share stories sometimes.

Anyway I'm off. Not feeling too good. Haven't go to the toilet in a couple days and I'm starting to cramp. Take care.

TO Amy:
"I had deliberatley not pooped for 5 days..."

Geeze! You have got an IRON constitution! I have gone without a poop for that long only once in my lifetime... and that was just some random stomach issue YEARS ago.
On evening of the 5th or 6th day, I sat down on the toilet to have another try. After some pushing, the 'dam' finally broke and nearly a week's worth of crap came flooding out in 15 minutes. No soft stuff.. ALL logs of various sizes.

I wish I had a good memory about what my dump looked like, but when my BM was over the only thing on my mind was *GET FOOD* (since I hadn't eaten for 3 days.) The proper thing to do would be to watch it all go down and make sure the toilet didn't overflow but that was never in my thoughts. Instead I quickly wiped, flushed and then ran to the kitchen.

(BTW... Marvelous job on giving your boyfriend his comeuppance!!)

Take care!


Tracygirl- I assume Claire must have used a laxative- She told that she'd do so. She doesn't get constipated that often.

I haven't posted anything in a while, mainly because I was job hunting. I"m quite happy that's over.

Lena, Penny - I love your posts, darlings. Lena's outdoor adventures with her friends always excite me. Please keep posting.
Penny- I loved your recent post, what happened at the conference. Is there a second part to that?

Gillygwentgirl - Hon I used to absolutely love your posts and I miss you very much. Please drop by and leave a line. Hope you're having a good summer. Hopefully I'll be able to execute your "gambit" at the new workplace.

I spent the weekend at the beach with a bunch of friends of mine. It was great fun, swimming and sunbathing all day ( and toiletwise).

We had a huge breakfast and spent rest of the time swimming and sunbathing, lying about and having a few beers. It was too hot on the beach and we were quite hungry so we went to a lobster place to have a late lunch - the food was really good, so I pigged out, then we had some pina colada. I was pleasently drunk and feeling good. My friend kim and I headed back to the ocean, and we were laying in one of the small pools created by the ocean.
I felt a desperate urge to pee, I haven't been to the bathroom more than once for a piss and the pina colada was taking its effect. There was a significant urge to poop as well . I thought of peeing in the sea, but I was afraid that inadvertantly I might shit myself. After a few minutes I broke the silence and said that I'm going to take off as I had to take a shit. She told me that she needed to go pretty badly as well. There were toilets close to the beach because the area adjacent to the beach was a camp site as well. Both of us reached the toilets in a hurry, there were two stalls and one was taken. Kim rushed into the stall, took her bikini bottoms down in a second and started peeing furiously. This was the last straw, as the sound of her piss hitting the water literally made me pee myself, I could feel a weak stream of pee escaping me I shot into the stall and said I really need to go.
She told that she needed to take a dump as well, I begged her, because I was in terrible pain. Kim promptly scooted towards the right of the bowl. I promptly sat at the left half of the bowl and let myself go. Oh my goodness the relief was immense and I didn't wet my bikini bottoms.
By now, we were sitting back to back, and her butt was rubbing against mine. I was bit light headed from pina colada, and slowly but surely, this was turning me on. Kim started farting, frr-prrt and I could feel the escaping air in my anus. Now I could feel a bm springing into action, I pushed a couple of medium sized turds, simultaneously, they hit the water with a plop and this made kim giggle, and I couldn't stop smiling too- I said " I thought you were desperate to shit, what's taking so long?"
"I . am ughh about to go" she said in a strained voice, Kim was grunting to get her shit out. I heard an all too familiar crackling noise, then I heard her turd hitting the porcelain. "Aaah..Oh that feels so good", Kim moaned. I stood up and looked at the bowl. Her turd was huge, almost a foot in length and three inches in diameter. "I didn't know you had to go that bad", I said - Kim said that this was two day's worth. I ripped a wad of tp and gave her to wiped herself, it took only two wipes. My cleanup was rather messy. It took me about four wipes. We looked at our mess, Kim's turd was promintent while my (smaller) leavings were stuck to the sides of the bowl. It took two flushes to get it all out and the toilet skidmark-free. But I enjoyed sharing the toilet bowl with Kim, feeling her ass rubbing against mine.

On the other hand, I'm starting my new job in two weeks- Interesting what new prospects that will bring in pooping at workplace

To Ted, yes I'm still here.

My boyfriend and I had just rented the DVD The Party Animal. We both thought that it was very raunchy and not very good.
However, we were both turned on by the farting scene with that attractive Italian girl in the car. Her whimpering and helplessness made me long to be in her shoes. I hope that I am not being cruel or dillusional but it was just a comedy anyway. The car blowing up after she lit a light was so unreal also.
I was just wondering if any of you knew of ways to have an uncontrolable farting session for at least awhile. Does the gas ex that is in the store cut down of farts or does it just help them to get out sooner? I saw that the Italian girl was given gas pills in the movie. Does something like them actually exist? It would be nice to get some information.

Limp Bizkit Keep Rollin
Hey Hears a story of when i was in florida i was 11 at the time and it was a weird experince.

Well One Day We Were Having Dinner. We could Have chinese food or Mexican I choose Chinese though evryone else choose Mexican food. Then as I was Brushing my teeth my 21 year cousin comes in saying i need to take a shit sorry. i didn't really care though. Then She Plop on the toilet the Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp. F**K that hurts. Then Plop....plop...plop...plopploplplop Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp. then i was like thats f*****n disgusting good thing she was done though.

Thats all for today

to Vincene:
I've enjoyed your stories over the past several months about being afraid to, and most recently, not being afraid to sit directly on public toilet seat. It seems that you've made about a 360 degree turn. Being a guy and about 10 years older than you, I was conflicted or some might use the word "traumatized" by the fact that my parents divorced when I was 4 and each taught different ways of dealing with toilets when they were out in public with me.

My mom was very open and free about using public bathrooms. She would sit right down on the seat. She was always in a hurry so that meant she most of the time didn't flush or wash her hands. I remember once when I was like 5 and we were at the airport and it was between flights and really crowded in the ladies room. She pushed through the crowd to one of I think it was two doorless stalls and sat down and took what seemed like the longest pee at the time. Then she grabbed for the toilet paper and there was none. She swore and then gave me permission to stop the lady going in the next stall and to ask her to give us some toilet paper. Although I hadn't heard it drop, I found that mom had crapped too; hence the need to clean herself. she then got up, grabbed my hand, and we quickly left through the crowd.

My dad on the other hand was (and still is) very clean about himself. Like he lines the seat with toilet paper and will lift the seat carefully to tuck it in. I was like 4 or 5 and after having been out with mom at several places and just sitting down, now he would stop me and act like what my best friend TJ called a "hassle freak." I'd go into a stall, put my hand on the seat to drop it and he'd quickly grab it, put my hand on the toilet paper roll, and have me use toilet paper to touch the seat with. I remember once when we were at a Yankees game I was like 6 or 7 and he took like 5 minutes with a long line forming to first wipe, then lay paper down on the seat. Then he would show me the importance of sitting still (that was his biggest criticism of me because I would get off the paper that I was taught to so carefully lay down)and not touching anything. Once we were at Six Flags. I think I was about 9 and I had just crapped. He had looked in on me two or three times like he always did, and he complimented me on how I was learning good "hygiene" (I had never heard the word before!) and I had done a complete poop without being criticized. Then I opened the door and instantly when I saw him at the sinks, I remembered to flush and turned around, flicked the toilet paper into the stool and leaned over and flushed. He criticized me about my hand touching the flusher. He went in, showed me how to balance myself on my right foot while using my left to flush with.

Now when I'm out with him I'd rather "hold it" if you know what I mean. He would probably be critical of me even though I'm 28. So Vincene I empathize with you and I'm learning to be a lot less "rigid"
than my dad when using public toilets. Unlike my mom, however, I do flush and wash my hands.

Florida Jayne
The coolest thing happened to me last week. I have a weird fascination with hearing or watching guys poop. I don't know why, but I've always loved it! My boss is absolutely gorgeous and currently single and although I don't want to ruin my job by trying to date him (he's a bit older than me anyways), I will still flirt with him a bit on occasion as he gets all flustered and stutters and I think it's sweet!

This morning I came into work about 30 minutes early as normal (the trains run at stupid times) and went into the girls bathroom. It's always deserted in there and sometimes a guy will go in the bathroom next door and I can hear them peeing (yeah, I'm weird I know)!

Today I finished getting ready and went in one of the stalls to pee. I sat down and started filing my nails at the same time and about a minute later I heard someone running up the stairs outside, whilst talking on the phone. As he got closer I could hear it was my boss and I got a bit excited, hoping he would go in the guys bathroom next door and I would hear him pee. He said goodbye to whoever it was on the phone and slammed through the door in a rush. I heard him groan and then fart really loudly and I thought 'wow, maybe I'm going to get to hear him do something else too!' I heard him put something down on the floor and he took the stall right next to the wall, where I was sitting! I was so excited, but had to keep quiet as the vent between the two rooms is linked from one side to the next and you can hear absolutely everything!

He must have been pretty desperate as he kept groaning and farting and took ages to actually sit down on the toilet. There was about ten seconds of silence, before he let out this huuuuge fart (and I've heard my cousins have competitions and this was way louder - it practically echoed through both rooms)! Then he started pushing and I heard something heavy splash into the water and he sighed.

After that I heard his phone ring again and he was talking to one of his clients for about five minutes. I decided to just keep quiet as I had been in there listening to him for a few minutes now and I thought it might be obvious that I was listening if I got up and left.

I could hear him keep trying to get this person to leave and I tried not to laugh. Eventually, the person left him alone and he farted several times again as soon as he hung up. Then he spent nearly twenty minutes with what I can only imagine was the worst constipation ever! I'm not joking! I felt pretty sorry for the guy as he was straining so damn loudly and sounded as if he was in pain. I kept still as I know he would have been really embarrassed if he had known someone else had heard him and after trying for all this time he eventually gave up, flushed and left.

I waited a couple more minutes before leaving too and took a different route down to my office.

I did feel kinda sorry for him, but it was definitely hot!!

Upstate Dave
I was just wondering if any of you fellow posters have gone and pooped ultiple times over a short time period which your poops are firm ones. I do sometimes like this morning I did. I do eat lots of food or snacks with high fiber content. Or I haveat food like rice, cheese, and other foods that make me take very long firm single poops.

This morning I woke up at around 3:30 am for I needed to pee and poop so into the bathroom I went. I sleep only in a tshirt and I only needed to sit down on the toilet seat which I started peeing very hard which turned out to be a very long one. Then as my stream eased I started my poop. It came out firm and very easy which is typicall for me. It turned out being almost a one footer in length. I also had a very short piece follow and I was done pooping. I started peing again which I pwent for awhile again which I really emptied my bladder.

Then after breakfast which was 5:30 am I had drank one cup of coffee I felt that I could poop again. So I went in the bathroom again.I sat back down on the toilet and started to poop again. My wife was now up and she was getting washed up at the sink as I was on the toilet. As she stood at the sink she asked me if I was going to be long. I told her I didn't think so but I'm not sure why? Well if you are shitting I have to pee so can I sit down on your lap and go?

I told her go ahead so my wife pulled her pajamma bottoms down and sat right down on my bare thighs and she peed very hard and noisily. I was pooping now and my poop was again firm,came out fast,and was another long one. My wife finished her pee reached over toore off some toilet paper for herself and for me also and she stood up and wiped while I sat and wiped myself.

After I wiped my wife took a step forward and she started pulling her pj botoms up but turned and looked down in the toilet as I took a look before flushing the toilet. My poop was over a foot long,tan in color,and was well above the water line in the bowl. I flushed and it skidded down intoo the trap and down out of sight. I told my wife that was the second big one I took this morning. My wife smiled and told me I was no longer full of shit like you ar sometimes! She laughed and so did I. I walked out of the bathroom and she went on brushing her teeth which she had started to do after looking at my poop in the toilet before I flushed it.

Sarah from Calgary
Hi everyone.

It's been a while since I last posted. So I thought I would share what happened to me earlier this month (July, 2009)

The first few days of July were kinda rough for me though. On Canada Day, I was sick. My husband Steven and I met up with my frineds Melanie and her finance and Mel's sister Megan and her boyfriend. Melanie and her fiance picked us up and we went to Megan's place for a barbeque for lunch. At around 1:30 in the afternoon we walked to Prince's Island Park near downtown Calgary for the Canada Day celebrations, which was about a 20 minute walk. Something that I ate for lunch didn't agree with me. Maybe it was a combination of the food and the alcholol. I don't know. I was so sick with diarrhea when we were at Prince's Island Park. It was very embarrassing. As we were walking around checking out the bands that were playing, I cramped up and I knew I needed to get to a toilet right away. I let out a wet fart into my panties and everything went downhill for me from there. I didn't make it to the toilet on time and went in my pants. It's too bad too because I was wearing these cute Canada bikini panties with a matching bra underneath a red Canada tank top. The panties were white with red lacing on the leg holes and waist and had small red maple leafs all over them. They were a mess. So were the tan shorts that I was wearing. I messed right through them. It was hot out that day and I didn't even have a sweater to tie around my waist. Neither did Melanie or Megan.

Megan, Melanie and I walked back to Megan's place so I could get myself cleaned up. The guys stayed at the park to watch a few bands they liked.

On our way back to Megan's place, I had to go again and another load of diarreha exploded into my panties. The mess was everywhere. Up my back, down my legs, up my front, everywhere! I didn't have any of my own clothes to change into, so I had to borrow a pair of Megan's panties and pants. She is smaller than me, so she gave me a pair of high cut panties and capri pants. Her panties fit more like full cut bikini's on me. I could see that she had stained them with diarrhea at one point herself, but I didn' care because at least they were clean. Her capri pants were more like shorts on me as well. It was kinda funny.

Sarah from Calgary.

The Outhouse Guy
To Jason,

Love her and help her enjoy her pleasure. Offer to be with her when she wants to do it. Wear a nose clip like swimmers use so the smell won't bother you then after she fills her pants, gently, lovingly bathe her and love her. You'll learn to enjoy sharing her pleasure. A real marriage succeeds when you are willing to please your mate even if you consider it unpleasant at first.

I sure would like to trade my wife for your girlfriend. Mine is just the opposite. She gets angry if I even suggest that she try it and if she does have an accident she never tells me about it nor will she let me assist her.

Just been to the toilet whilst at a doctors surgery.
I sat on the toilet in the waiting room with really bad stomach pains.
As soon as I was seated I dropped a snake poo which shot into the toilet at speed.
The stomach pain returned, I pushed really hard, out shot several massively loud farts, followed by a big load of diarerra embedded farts.
The smell was realy bad, I flushed, washed my hands, opened the door and returnedd to my seat.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My boyfriend was cheating on me last week, he didn't know I had found out, last night I got my revenge on him.
He was having a house party, with about 20 friends round, I sneeked off to his bathroom and had the best poop of my life. I had deliberatley not pooped for 5 days, but to add to the effect I took a laxative in the morning.
It felt like the poo was never going to stop, after I was done I flushed the only toilet in his house (which was now out of order), went down stairs and got off with his best friend!
No one suspected me for the clogging, however it kinda spoit his party as he spent over an hour trying to unclogg his toilet!

Randomness Comes First
Once, my friend and I went into the same stall together (she's 6 years younger than me) and I was there to help her. When she sat down on the bowl she pushed really hard and strained like crazy. Her face was turning red and she was crying. Then, she stopped for a couple of minutes and once she gained her breath, she pushed. What I saw horrified me. A huge turd, larger than what she could push out was trying to get out.

The disgusting part was that I told her to lean forward and push as I grabbed the turd with toilet paper (and gloves). It was a heavy hell and when it came out, I ran and vomitted all over the floor. UGH.

1. In a public bathroom when you leave a stall are you offended if you
see the next user tear off toilet paper to wipe down the seat?
Not particually. You never know if somebody has peed on the seat, I guess it just isn't worth the risk. I personally don't mind, I just plonk my bum down and go.

2. In a public bathroom are you offeded if you hear or see the next
user tear off strips of toilet paper and place it over the seat?
I'm not offended by it, just frustrated. There is no need for it, if you must "clean" the seat, get a small amount and wipe it. Don't wallpaper the thing !

3. At what level do you keep your underwear? Knee level? Ankle level?
Other? I usually have my underwear at my ankles. I find it more comfortable this way, not having them tight around my knees. If I'm using a doorless stall (which is actually quite often) I will have them to my knees.

4. Who do you feel is responsible for influencing you about your toilet
habits? Parents? Brothers? Sisters? Other Adults (Teachers),
friends, circumstances and accidents? I think it was my parents who influenced me. When I was toilet trained I were told to pull them all the way down. And this has just seemed natural to me.

Yesterday, while working out at the local recreational facility I felt the need to relieve myself. I headed to the nearest washroom down the hall. Inside there were two stalls including one handicapped unit at the end I decided I would use this one. There was nobody around which was good since I knew it was going to be a big and noisy dump. I quickly entered the stall and locked the door. There were several skidmarks on the toilet bowl but that didn't bother me. I dropped my shorts and seated myself down. Just as I was about to let loose, the main door opened and I heard someone walk in and enter into the stall next to me. I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it much longer. The person next to me quickly sat down. I farted loudly twice and began to push. The turd slowly made its way out as I strained hard. The guy next to me grunted and I heard a quiet fart and then a splash. I pushed some more and then the long turd slid into the water below. I pushed again and a smaller turd released itself. The person in the other stall began to wipe and then flushed. They got up quickly and exited the washroom after washing up. I still felt that there was more in me. Before I could push again the main door opened again and yet another person entered the stall next to me. I farted quietly and started to pee. They let loose farting loudly and dropping several turds one after another. I pushed one last time and the final turd hit the water below and splashed up a bit of water. I began to wipe while next door I could hear that they had the runs. They must have wiped for several minutes only to sit down again and release more. I got up for the first time and saw that I had nearly filled the toilet full with several logs and a ton of toilet paper. It became apparent that all this material was not going to go down. I decided to sit myself down again and wait until the other guy left. He flushed once and I could tell it wasn't going down. He flushed once more and then quickly exited without washing his hands. I unseated myself, pulled my shorts up and flushed. The water level came up but did not go down. I flushed again which did nothing to help clear the bowl of my big dump. I opened the stall door and washed quickly. I peered into the stall next door and saw the toilet was full of toilet paper and brown water almost up to the toilet seat. My toilet wasn't much better. I left before someone had to discover both of the now fully clogged toilets.

Dear Traffic Jam:

Iīm Esther, the professional volleyball player from Switzerland. Iīve posted her before concerning a diarreah accident during a game. You asked about traffic jam situations. I wish to share with you my story: similar situation happend to me last summer when I was driving to the holidays. I was heading towards Italy in my car. It was a very hot day, and therefore I had drank at least two large bottles of water. I should go to the toilet already when suddenly we came to a complete stop because the highway was blocked due to an accident. I was horrified because it was not possible to move at all and the urge got stronger from minute to minute. It was a highway which leads through the mountains so I thought just get off the car, lock it and rush behind a bush off the highway but I was travelling alone with my 9 year old son and didnīt want to leave him alone. But I still hoped traffic will move and I can make it to a toilet soon. But we were sitting there for an hour and I felt I was dying. I had the worst urge in my life. It seemed that my bladder will burst and I didnīt want to let it flow into my car. When I couldnīt hold it I quickly grabbed one of my waterbottles and told my son to turn around. He asked why I just whispered I have to piss immediately. I wore a light summer dress, lifted it and adjusted my panties. I then held the bottle below me and let out the heaviest stream Iīve ever had. I hope everything would go out into the bottle, but after only 20 seconds I realised that the bottle will be filled soon. I managed to stop the stream right before I would have messed my car. Instinctively I jumped out of my car, lowered again my dress in order not to be seen like that, ran onto the right side next to the relief lane, opened front and rear door, squatted between them, managed still to lift my dress again right in time and let it continue to flow. It took me one more minute to finish. I couldnīt be seen by other drivers on the highway but I was so embarrassed because my son could see me and heard all the splashing sounds onto the highway. It was the first time I had to go in front of him, but I had no other choice. I quickly lowered my dress again, dropped the filled waterbottle, which was still in my hand, off the highway and got back to the car. Traffic started now to move slowly, but stop and go, when I realised to have to go again. I had drank just too much water before. I was just about to use the 2nd waterbottle when my son complained he has to go, too, and asked for the bottle. I was very angry because obviously he had watched me before even when I was doing it into the bottle though I told him to watch away. He did it into the bottle but I couldīnt hold it again, so I used the same technique to let it go until the bottle was full again. My son had filled it quite much so I had to hold in again. Fortunately by that the traffic jam was over and we could move normally. A couple of minutes later we reached the next rest stop, I parked, went to the toilet, dropped the filled waterbottle into the trash and let go another stream for ages. It was one of the most embarrassing experiences in my life, but afterwards I felt so reliefed.

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