Claire N
It is so long since I have posted I think I should introduce myself. I am a married 42 year old female, from the UK, in full time employment, 5ft 6ins, brown hair and average build and appearance.

I have no recent experiences worth posting about, but would like to go right back and write about my first childhood toilet memories as I think it will be of interest. What really sticks in my mind was how traumatic it was to progress from the potty to the toilet.

I have no recollection of being in nappies, but have clear and fond memories of my potty which I can still picture. It was plastic and clear blue. There was no back to it and it had a small handle at the front. My legs would be either side of the handle when I used it. I used to really enjoy having a poo, taking as long as I liked sat down in comfort. I would be left comfortably sat and relaxed, sometimes left on my own until, I had finished. I could use it anywhere and can recall it being taken on a holiday to Torquay and also using it outdoors, should nature call. At home I would usually poo in the living room, but one occasion has stuck in my mind when I had to go in the kitchen. It was because there were visitors in the living room. I could not understand why I could not poo in front of an audience, but had no complaints about relieving myself in the kitchen. What mattered was that I was sitting on my nice comfortable potty at ground level with my produce piling up underneath me in close proximity, the surroundings were immaterial.

I think my problems with the toilet had something to do with how much I enjoyed using the potty. I don't think I was all that young when I was introduced to the toilet, but I was small for my age and this presented its problems. When you are small everything, toilets included, seem a lot bigger. I cannot remember at what age my parents progressed me, but what I clearly recall is that my legs were well off the floor and my bum was far to small for the seat. This resulted in a delicate balancing act. I was scared of falling down what appeared a massive hole and gripped the seat firmly with both hands to balance myself, with my legs dangling. In an attempt to resolve the problem my parents bought a sort of potty device which fitted on the toilet seat and fitted my bum. But to me this was even worse. Although there was no danger of me falling in, I was a lot higher off the ground and my feet were much further from the ground. I found this really scary as I thought I would fall. The horrible balancing act was preferable because, although I was in fear of falling into the toilet bowl, I was a lot closer to the ground. The device was soon dispensed with.

Although using the toilet was a nightmare full stop, I could just about handle the balancing act for a wee and I have no memories of wetting myself. But to poo was a different matter altogether. What used to be a very pleasant and enjoyable relaxing experience was now almost unthinkable. I could wee in discomfort but not poo. I had become so accustomed to pooping in comfort, that it was very difficult for me to produce anything when I was balanced on the toilet. The word constipation came up a lot. I would have the urge but as soon as I was balanced on the toilet it left me and I did not want to go. I was taken to the toilet many times in quick succession when I said I wanted to poo. But I was not able to when balanced on the seat. On one occasion I can recall something like a cotton bud being inserted in my bum hole to induce me. When I was on the toilet the bud came out, but a bowel movement did not follow. I also recall taking a horrible tasting opening medicine called syraper figs. But this did not produce the desired result either.

Because of my inability to use the toilet for a poo, the inevitable would of course happen and it was on a frequent basis. It would usually be after I was put to bed. I did not mess the bed but would get out to remove the discomfort, whilst standing up, which would enable me to sleep. Much of the time I was wearing pajamas and the poo would slide down my legs on to the bedroom floor. I would then go downstairs to inform my parents of my "mishap" and they would perform the cleaning up. I was not severely scolded.

I did not find pooping in my knickers embarrassing or shameful. On the contrary, with no cleaning up to follow, I really enjoyed it right from the off! It was as good, if not better, than using the potty in times past. I would consciously empty my bowels standing up in a slight squat position. Standing up (most importantly with both feet firmly planted on the ground) was a very comfortable position to poo. I suppose I could have removed my lower garments and just done it on the floor, but this did not happen - I got a real thrill out of messing myself! This became irrespective of my fear of the toilet, I had discovered what had become a great form of fun! There were two reasons for this. One was that I was simply being naughty and doing something I shouldn't. The other was the actual pleasure I got out of feeling warm poo on my bum and sometimes sliding down my leg.

I can't remember when my toilet problem was resolved. It was gradual rather than overnight and growing taller and developing a bigger bum helped a lot. I think over time I would poo in the toilet more and more and in my knickers less and less until the toilet completely took over. I'm sure that the excitement I got out of going in my knickers contributed to me not using the toilet, even when it became less of an ordeal. As I got older, and the toilet became prospectively smaller, I came to realize that it was not acceptable.

I have been fascinated to read some posts from adults who have had a poo in a potty for a thrill. If there was still one in the house I would like to do the same! Of course I would have to squat over it and not sit down. With regard to my other childhood experience of doing it in my knickers, this does not seem totally abhorrent, but of course I would have to clean up. Although considered socially unacceptable, as mentioned in posts on this forum, I do not really see anything wrong about doing it in the privacy of your own home, with no one else being aware. Writing this post has certainly planted a seed in my mind - but I don't know. Should I ever, I will report on this forum.

Thanks, Mistee, for a good set of questions. These are my answers to your questions:

1) In a public bathroom when you leave your stall are you offended if you see or hear the next user tear off toilet paper to wipe down the seat with? ANSWER: No. As I've written about before, I was taught to do that by my mother and only last year when I was 16 and our family moved to a larger city did I start questioning and going against what I had been taught.

2) In a public bathroom are you offended if you hear or see the next user tear off strips of toilet paper and place them over the seat? ANSWER: Yes and No. I know that sounds dumb but here's my reasoning. I was taught and made to do it by a demanding mother from a very young age if I was going to be allowed to go to the bathroom on my own. I was like 6 at the time. So I'm sympathetic for those who were taught and grow up that way. Then when I was like 13 the schools I went to had those toilet seat gaskets, but very few of my friends or others would tear them off and put one down. Then when my family moved to our current city, my new high school didn't have them and I hated sitting directly on the seat. Most recently, and I've written about this, my summer school building has them but then again most of the girls don't use them. Some have said they don't notice the holder on the wall; others don't know what they are for. In many places now I'm learning to sit right down and be more confident about my choice. I just think the seat papers were ... like last century!

3. At what level do you keep your underwear? Thigh, knee, ankle, other? ANSWER: About knee level, but sometimes I drop them all the way. It also depends on whether I'm wearing jeans, shorts or a dress and how badly I have to go. There have been times, especially fairly recently, when I've had to wait for a stall to open and it's all I can do to drop them and let them fall to the floor because I'm practically throwing my butt onto the seat like two seconds ahead of an accident.

4. Who do you feel is responsible for influencing you about your toilet habits? Parents? Brothers/Sisters? Other adults/teachers? Friends? Circumstances? Accidents. ANSWER: My mom. She's very, very clean about herself and she was demanding of me. However, as I get older (I'm 17) and more independent, I'm thinking for myself and watching what my friends do more. One of them remarked at school this summer that the "fear factor" must be rubbing off. Yes!!!

Anyone have any embarrassing stories about being walked-in-on while on the toilet? I have three:

Once, when I was eleven, my Aunt, Uncle and my two (female) cousins were visiting. I was so used to not locking the bathroom door I didn't even think about it now that we had a house full of guests. So, I'm on the toilet taking a dump and reading a comic book when my cousin just waltzes in without knocking. I remember just saying, "Uh, I'm in here." She gasped and laughed and said sorry, but took a strangely long time to close the door. I think she was having too good a time laughing at the sight of me on the toilet.

The second time was at my apartment in college. I woke up in the middle of the night with bad cramps and went into the bathroom where I had some pretty nasty diarrhea. While I was sitting there on the toilet, my roommate's girlfriend opened the door (once again, without knocking) and walked in. She was barely awake and I assume was coming in to pee. It took her a moment to realize that I was on the toilet and she very groggily said, "Sorry" and closed the door. After a few minutes I exited and she was leaning against the door waiting for me. I told her she might want to wait.

The third, and the worst, was when I was having dinner with some friends at a restaurant in New York. I got up and went to the restroom. It was a single user unisex restroom. I locked the door (or so I thought) and sat on the toilet and took a dump. In the middle of it, the door opened and a girl came walking in. She didn't see me at first because she was talking to her friends at their table just outside the restroom. Finally, I cleared my throat and said, "Hi, someone's in here." The girl gasped and put her hand over her mouth. Her face turned beet red and she said, "Oh my God. I am so sorry." She rushed out. The worst part about that wasn't the girl seeing me on the toilet. It was having to walk past her and her friends at the table while they giggled. As embarrassing as that was, I think the girl was even more embarrassed than me.

Any other good stories?

Anonymous College Girl
A couple of years ago, just out of college, I was living in an efficiency apartment, just trying to make ends meet. I had gotten a job that was to start the following week, but it didn't pay much. Having just moved to a new city, I still hadn't made any real friends. My fiance and I had broken off our engagement mere months before I took this job, so I was pretty well on my own in a strange place. During this time, I contracted a terrible case of the stomach flu, that didn't go away until about 10 days later. I didn't leave the house unless I absolutely needed to. I was having to get up for what seemed like every 5 minutes just to go to the bathroom. Fortunately I didn't do much vomiting. It almost always came out the other end. No matter what I made sure that I was always near a bathroom.

After my first day of battling this, I was beginning to run short on household items. I had only just moved into the apartment and had been planning on going to the store for a major shopping trip during the week. Due to my illness, however, that idea was out the window. Still, I needed to re-stock the very limited supplies I had at home. I went into the bathroom, pulled my jeans and panties down, sat on the toilet and pushed in an effort to try to get everything out of me before I left. Nothing came out. I decided that this was a good sign, put on my coat, and left.

When I got to the grocery store, I still felt ok. I immediately went to pick up some bread, crackers, gatorade, and clear liquids so that I could try to keep getting nutrients without upsetting my stomach. As I was on my way out of the store, I remembered one more thing: toilet paper. I walked over to that aisle, but on my way I started to get a heavy feeling in my stomach, that was getting heavier by the second. I knew what was happening. Within about 30 seconds I was on the verge of having an accident. Very gingerly, I bent down to pick up a package of toilet paper. As I leaned all the way down, I felt a small spurt of diarrhea shoot into my panties. I was shocked. I hadn't had an accident since I was in the first grade, and here I was, a 22 year old college graduate that had just messed her pants. I picked up the toilet paper, put it in the cart, and felt my butt. Luckily it seemed as though it was contained in my panties, but I knew I had to get to a bathroom fast. From prior experience I knew that the bathrooms at this store were disgusting, and that I didn't want to use them. Since I only lived a short distance away, I opted to try to make it home. This proved to be a grave mistake. As I was standing in the line at the checkout counter, I felt another spurt of diarrhea escape into my panties. This one was longer, and I could tell even without putting my hand back there that I now had a stain on my butt. About a minute later I was at my most desperate and left my cart to start walking as quickly as I could to the bathroom. Unfortunately, just as I was passing the pharmacy counter I simply exploded. Diarrhea gushed into my panties, into my jeans, and down the back of my legs. As if to add insult to injury, my bladder must have thought I was on a toilet, because at that moment it released as well. As this was happening, I felt absolute humiliation, but also such a sense of relief from not having to hold it anymore that I just pushed the rest of it into my pants. Instantly someone called for a cleanup, and I decided that something had to be done about my stomach situation. I knew from past experience that I didn't want to mess with anti-diarrheal medicine, so I went with a different solution: I picked up a pack of Depends undergarments. People were generally kind enough to look away as I got back to my cart and checked out. After buying the Depends, I finally made it to the store bathroom to put on a pair. I cleaned myself up as best as I could, and threw my panties in the trash. I loaded my groceries into my car and started driving home. About 3 blocks from my apartment I felt the urge again, and just let go. When I got home, I showered, put on a fresh diaper, put on a clean pair of jeans, put the old ones in the wash, and sat down in front of the tv, happy that at least now I wouldn't have to get up during the middle of the show just to use the bathroom--I'd just go in my pants.

Upstate Dave
First let me respond to some of the very recent posts. Then I'll tell you about the neighbors daughter beer pont part that happened this past Saturday. Jennifer....D read your shitting in a shoebox post That sure was using something different to use! Also doing it being on your knees that is different! Enjoyed it very much. Isabelle I liked your girl buddy dump story. Descriptive well written. Thank you. Traffic jam I liked your post also. I have peed in cups, out the door of the veichle I was in,and into a empty large thermos while stuck in traffic.

Now on with my post. On Saturday the upstairs girl had a party. It was a swimming in the pool and beer pong party. All of the four gilrs and four guys that were there all worked together which all of them worked in one of the local hospitols here. The guys had to leave early for all them had to work. After they had left and it was still in the early evening the four girls really got going with the beer pong game and they played while they were together in the swimmingpool.

They all were having good fun and steadily all them got drunk on beer. It was early evening yet and I was up on the roof on a small adjoining shed between my house and barn. I was painting.
I could see over the fence and part of the ajoining yard which I could see the girls in the pool swimming and playing beer pong.

All four of the girls were in bikinis which were in various styles and colores. The daughter that lived in the upstairs apartment told the othgers she had to piss and she climbed out of the pool and raced up the backstairs in her yellow bikini and went inside her apartment. A few minutes later she came out and she was laughing hard as she came out the backdoor on to the backporch.

She leaned over the side railing which was on the end of the porch which over looked the pool. Ladies I have a anouncement to make! The girls in the pool stopped swimming or the ones that were playing beer pong stopped what they were doing and looked up at the daughter leaned over the railing up on the bacporch. I broke the toilet! she said to them laughing. If any of you have to piss you have my permission to piss in the pool or in the yard! The other three girls laughed loudly with a couple of them saying ok.

The daughter ran down the stairs and rejoined the girls in the pool and they went on swimming and playing beer pong.I went back to painting but would stop in 15 minutes later for I heard one of the girls which was the brunette say that she was going to piss there in the pool! The daughter and one of the other two girls told the brunette to go right ahead.

I stopped painting and looked over watching the brunette. I thought she would stay in the pool and piss. Instead she waded over to the ladder and climbed up on to it. Ok now she is going to either sit or stand on the ladder and piss into the pool I thought to myself as I continuied watching. The brunette climbed up the ladder and then back down geting completely out from the pool. Now how she is going to piss into the pool if she is not on the ladder at all? I thought to myself.

The brunette then ran through the yard briefly hidden from my sight by the high wooden fence that sperated thier yard from my bacyard. Then the brunette raced up the backstairs up to the backporch. Now I could see that her black bikini bottom was one of those very thin styled thong ones! Once she reached the back porch she steppped right over to the side end where the daughter had ben when she told them about her breaking the toilet when she had gone in to her apartment to piss.

The brunette said she would piss into the pool from up there on the porch! The three girls in the pool laughed loudly for several good seconds. Then the brunette up on the porch told the girls in the pool telling them they better move! All three of the girls waded quickly out of the way by moving to the very side of the pool but not the side that faced the porch.

When the brunette told the girls in the pool to move out of the way she leaned way out over the railing of the porch. When she did her black top of her bkini slipped off from her breasts and they were now fully exposed to the girls down in the pool. One of the girls yeled back up to the girl laughing; Katie your top has come down! Katie laughing stood staright up and instead of slipping her top back over her breasts cupped them with her hands and shook them at the girls in the pool! They all burts into hard laughter.

Then the brunette pulled her black thong bikini down to her knees. She stepped right up to the porches railing which pressed into her lower thighs just above her bikini botom at her knees. I saw Katie next slip both of her hands down to her crotch area thrust her hips out and I saw a piss stream shoot out in a short upward arc and fall all the way down and splash into the pools water!

Now the thre girls in the pool watching the brunette now pissing from up on the porch down into the pool laughed and cheered the brunete on. Katie! Katie! Katie theu all cheered out to her. Katie laughed and then she started swivling her hips back and forth as she stood thgere up on the porch pissing down into the swimmingpool.

Her piss stream swung back and fourth in the air and the pools water as she swiveled. The three girls laughed and cheered harder! Katie the brunette went on swivling her hips as she pissed off the porch into the ool right up to when she stopped pissing. When she did stop she did piss on the railing and the floor of the porch. She tehn turned right around and mooned the girls down in the pool.

Then she turned again facing towards my dierection up there on the porch and she pulled her black thiong bottom back up. She started down the upper part of the back stairs still with her tp off from her breasts. When she reached the platform at the end of the long stairs section before she had to turn and go down the short section of stairs that remained(this short section faced the gate and the street) She pulled her black top back up. Ran down the short stairs through the yard back over to the pool up the ladder and dowve in.That was quite the sight to see. The party would go on for awhile longer yet which there was still amost three hours of daylight left. There would be one more pissing incident by one of the other girls but I'll tell that in my next post. Upstate Dave

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hi folks!

I haven't visited this site very often lately because it seemed to have fewer and fewer posts that really interested me. For a start the guys seemed to have left the business of posting on the site largely to the girls. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against posts about female pooping, and it's great that the site provides for a wide range of interests. But what I really like are posts about guys shitting in doorless stalls or open-plan toilets or enjoying the sights and sounds of other guys dropping their loads there, about guys shitting together in the great outdoors, and about guys experiences of friends or even strangers shitting openly in their presence at home or elsewhere. For a while Zip seemed to be almost the only guy keeping the flag flying for this kind of thing - many thanks Zip, keep it up.

But when I visited the other day there seemed to be a bit of a swing back to the guys. And I was particularly delighted to see that in reply to a post from JD, Daniel (UK) broke a long silence (as far as I know) on page 1768, and revealed that he is still lurking around the site. I was delighted because Daniel provided my favourite post of all time on the site, back on page 183, and a few other very good ones as well (such as on pages 256, and 414). Thanks Daniel, and glad to know you're still hanging around! This brought up again an idea I had a while ago, but never followed through, of choosing and listing my 10 favourite posts on the site. I hope this might encourage interesting responses from others who like similar things. So here goes!

As I said, my favourite of all time was from Daniel (UK) on page 183, where he described in glorious detail his teenage pal Paul letting him have a close look as he took a much-needed dump one day while out walking in the woods ("It's a big one" Paul grunted, as his hole started to puckerů. "Here it comes" he grunted, "as if I didn't know it", thinks the watching Daniel). The next two on my list are two great posts about experiences in China. On page 838, Darius described squat toilets with high gaps under the partitions in a Beijing hotel. A young muscly Chinese guy took the next stall, and Darius had a perfect view of his ass as he squatted, then grunted and strained for a while, then slowly dropped an enormous thick 15-inch long turd. On page 1393, Heianboy decribed a public toilet in Shanghai with a continuous trough and partitions with high gaps. Under the gap he watched a slim young Chinese guy in front of him dropping a huge load of shit in two stages, which was then flushed down the trough beneath him, as he squatted himself and eventually overcame his inhibitions. My fourth choice is from RB in Australia (I think) way back on page 104. He was in his car in a car-park at the beach late one night, with two friends. Suddenly his friend Steve said "I really need to shit real bad", got out, whipped down his pants, squatted just two feet from the car, grunted and pushed out a big load, then got back in the car leaving a huge pile of turds in the moonlight.

The rest of my top ten are in no particular order, in two groups of three. The American guys seem to have lots of opportunities for dumping with others in open-plan toilets or doorless stalls, or watching uninhibited guys shitting in the bathrooms in their own homes or elsewhere. Bill, a construction worker, on page 532, described the facilities on a site, with five metal toilets in open plan, and told about shitting side by side with a young blond guy, Ken, who squeezed out his logs, making loud plops, and looked really proud of his large, long brown logs filling the bowl as he stood to wipe. Rick, on page 993, enjoyed shitting alongside a young guy in an open-plan toilet in a state park in Florida. The young guy had to push hard, with sighs and grunts and gritted teeth, before relaxing and looking across with a smile, and then doing quite a few wipes. And Mike, on page 1270, had a great time when Jason, a tall young blue-eyed guy helping with roof repairs on his family home, asked if he could use the bathroom. Mike showed him the way, and Jason chatted to him as he pulled his shorts down, sat almost naked, had a good piss and then started grunting and straining, which led to lots of crackles and plops before he finished with eight thorough wipes.

(Here I'm going to cheat, and add a few more posts in addition to my top ten. Because these three posts are just good examples of many describing this kind of thing. I could just as easily have chosen Pete, on page 440, who described buddy-dumping experiences, starting with his cousin on a farm when they were kids; or Justin, on pages 364 and 367, chatting to a guy in a doorless stall in the men's room at a football game, and shitting in a beach toilet alongside a young guy squatting over the toilet, whose friend announced "Bombs away" as the guy's turds dropped into the bowl; or Kyle, on page 454, needing to shit before going surfing on a California beach, and describing the plops of the guy ahead of him, and the conversation as he stood in line for a doorless stall; or Jordan, on page 446, whose experience with a classmate helping him at home with computer problems was a bit like Mike's with the roof repair guy, with conversation punctuated by plenty of straining, crackling and plopping.)

The English lads don't have the same opportunities to queue for their turn in a doorless stall, or share open-plan toilets, but they seem to make up for it with lots of experiences of shitting with friends, or just watching friends push out big turds, when on camping holidays or out hiking in the hills, mostly as teenagers. Rick, page 414, remembered visiting the Lake District with his friend Paul, Finding quiet spots where they could sleep in Rick's van. One night before bedtime Paul asked for toilet paper, went out just a few feet in front of the van in the glare of the headlights, pulled down his pants, squatted and dropped a firm log, which Rick was able to casually have a look at in the morning. Paul never knew the pleasure he ws giving, but to Rick's disappointment he didn't repeat the performance. GayLadLancs, pages 934 & 935, described a camping holiday with his mate Andy in Devon. One day Andy was taken short while playing football on the beach, and his mate watched as he dropped two good-sized brown logs behind some rocks, and then washed his arse in the sea. Another day it was Andy's turn to watch when they were walking in the hills, as the story-teller produced a 12-inch log, followed by lots of smaller ones to make a great pile of shit. As Andy said "hey mate you really had a load up there". Mark, page 1531, was also in the Lake District, hiking with his friend Ben and Ben's older brother Simon. Simon was impatient and acted superior when Ben and Mark were getting desperate to have a shit, which they did behind some rocks. Later in the day they got their own back, when Simon was taken short, and explained he hadn't been to the toilet for three days. Mark described how Simon stopped suddenly, quickly pulled his pants down, and even before he squatted they could see the end of a fat poo coming out of his hole, which was followed by four more turds and a load of soft shit.

I have really enjoyed putting this list together and telling about these great stories - hope I've got all the page references right. I hope it will provide some enjoyment for others with similar interests, who may search out some of these posts, or maybe tell us about some of their own favourites, or better still tell us a few new stories about their experiences. How about it, guys?

Jennifer... :D
I've been coming on and off from this site, reading and enjoying the stories on this site. I always been a fan of pooping, and I've always been wondering about pooping somewhere other than a toilet. Last week, I managed to do it, and I want to share the story with you guys. By the way, incase if you all were wondering, I'm 17, blonde, and is pretty average weight with curves.

About a month or so, I was coming home from school and i had to poop really badly. I knew that day would be a good time to do it because I was constipated for 2 days, and my parents wasn't going to be home for a few hours at least. Anyways, by the time I've made my way to my place, I could barely hold it in any longer. I quickly got inside, and tried to find something I could use to poop in. After searching for a couple minutes, I quickly found a shoe box. I quickly went to my room, locked myself in there and started pulling down my pants and pink thong. I kneeled down onto my knees and started relaxing my bowels once by butt had gotten really near the shoe box. Immediately, I started farting a lot, then comes a thick solid turd. It came out slowly and it felt sooooooo good... By the time I finished, I went to take the shoebox and dumped the turd into the toilet and sat on it because I had to pee a little. After all that, I wiped my butt and flushed the toilet. I actually enjoyed it. I decided that I would try it out again next chance I get.

Until next time,
Jennifer... :D

Hello everybody, my name is Isabelle. I'm a 30-something woman who works in a jewelry store. I have green eyes and stringy black hair, which I almost always wear in a ponytail. I've been told I have nice perky breasts, but I tend to think of them as more average. Well, enough descriptions and on to the story.

I live with my girlfriend Shannon and we only have one bathroom in the house. Being that we both peruse this forum and have an interest in bathroom activities, more specifically pooing (or as Shannon says "going number two"). This morning, we had an experience that I just had to share with you guys and girls.

I woke up and shuffled to the bathroom, feeling a slight urge for my morning poo. Shannon was already on the toilet, peeing quite hard. She said she had just sat down, and was sorry but she had to "go number two" and would be a while. I thought this was strange - Shannon told me before that she does a morning poo, like me, but she doesn't get the urge until after she drinks her coffee, so she goes at her workplace. Not really caring that much, I went to the kitchen to make my coffee and after I had a few sips, my urge to poo came back with a vengeance. My bowels were begging for relief, and I didn't have very many options.

I went back to the bathroom and as I expected, Shannon was still on the toilet. I asked her how much longer she would be, but she just said "Sorry, but I haven't gone number two in three days, it could take a while." I heard a splash while she was talking. Knowing I had about 45 seconds more until I pooed my pants, I was suddenly hit with an idea. I discussed the idea quickly with Shannon and she said it was okay.

She spread her legs a little and I sat on her lap. We're both in fairly good shape, so it worked out okay. I carefully positioned myself so my poo would fall in between her legs and in to the toilet, and aimed my pee stream into the water as well. I began with a hissing pee, nowhere near as hard as Shannon's was earlier but it lasted a fairly long time. Then, I pushed a little and out came a poo, not very long and it splashed into the water almost in tandem with Shannon's poo.

I felt a little more, so I pushed again and a longer poo eased out, splash. I sat for a bit longer, as I still felt a bit more, but nothing was ready at the moment. I heard another splash from Shannon and then she said she was done. I gave one last push and only a tiny poo came out with a plip. I was done too.

We looked in the toilet after pooing, as we always do. In addition to my two poos which sank to the bottom and were laying nearly side by side, there were four tiny poos, one of them mine, and the other three were Shannon's. She had also laid a nice big poo, a good size around but long too and then two smaller ones that curved at the ends. After we were done looking, we showered together and then left for our respective jobs.

I was on google and looked up blogs for problems concerning bathroom related things and this site came up. It's very wierd but also for my problem could be very helpful. today I asked my girlfriend of three years to be my wife. She said that before she can say yes i have to know her deepest secret and see if i will still take her. She also told me thats how she gets out of police tickets and stuff. Well at first I was like what could it be that's that bad? She told me she poops in her pants for fun. I don't understand how that could be fun. i already said that i will still take her, but this is not normal should she see a doctor? Any advice will be helpful.

Son of a Preacher Man
My best friend Zack and I played on the same travel soccer team. We were playing in a tournament in a small town a couple hours from home. In between games we walked in to town together to check out the scenery and maybe find something to eat with the little money we had. While walking to town, Zack mentioned that he had to take a crap. I didn't think much of it. But as we started walking slowly through the city, looking in all the small shop windows, Zack began to squirm. I looked at him funny. This time he told me, "I need to find a bathroom. I'm gonnna crap in my pants." His face now showed pain as he crossed his legs and held his stomach. We decided to try the store we were standing in front of. We asked the lady behind the counter if we could use the bathroom. She said there was no public bathroom and the closest one was two blocks down main street. Zack pleaded with her, now looking seriously close to having an accident, as he grabbed between his legs. She must've felt sorry for him. She told him she would let him use it but he better not pee on the floor. I chuckled and said I didn't think she would have to worry about that. Zack continued to squirm. She walked us towards the back of the store and in to the storage room where there was a small room with a toilet and sink. It didn't even have a door but I don't think Zack cared. As soon as the lady started walking back towards the counter, Zack quickly pulled his shorts down and scrambled on to the toilet. Immediately shit poured from his butt as he groaned in relief with his head down. I felt a little weird watching him. I told him I would wait for him outside. As I started to leave he said, "Dude, there's no toilet paper in here. Ask the lady for some toilet paper." As I headed to the front, I could still hear shit splashing in to the bowl. The lady told me where to find a role in the storeroom. When I opened the door again, the smell was overwhelming. Zack still looked a little pained. I found the role and handed it to him. He started to talk to me while he wiped so I stayed and witnessed the cleanup. He pulled up his shorts as he stood up. We both laughed as we looked in the bowl. What a mess! As we were leaving I said, "That lady's going to have to fumigate that room". We both thanked the nice lady and continued on our journey.

jcurt, you`re a braver man then me...i don`t think i could ever tell anyone about my liking to see women defecate.

Small Town Girl
A few posts down somebody asked about peeing in a cup for the doctor.

I've done it a few times as a requirement for getting hired at a couple of jobs.

The nurse asked me to empty my pockets, then gave me a cup and told me to go into the little bathroom, filling the cup to the line. She told me to not flush the toilet.

There was one time I did this where I was so pee shy, that I couldn't pee! I was so embarrassed. They gave me a cup of water and asked me to try again in half an hour - fortunately, I was able to do it.

The next time I had to do it, I made sure to drink plenty of water and to do it first thing in the morning. By the time I got to the doctor, I had to pee SO BADLY. I still had to wait like half an hour before they could take me, and it was a struggle. It started to get painful, holding it in. I crossed my legs and tried my best to not think about it, lol. Then they finally gave me the cup and I went into the bathroom, and I was NOT pee shy at all that time, I had to pee SO bad. I filled the cup to the line, stopped my flow, then sat on the toilet. I peed for so long, it felt so good. I thought the stream was never going to stop. :x

Oh, another time I had to pee for the doctor was when I had a urinary tract infection, and that wasn't fun at all. It hurt severely. My urine was oily in texture and it had blood in it. They took one look at it and said, "Yup, you have a urinary tract infection." Nooo, really?! You know it when you have one.

I used to be incredibly pee shy - I couldn't use public restrooms and I felt shy about using bathrooms where people could hear me. I don't know how, but I've gotten over the fear. It doesn't phase me at all when I pee in a public bathroom. Pooping is another story, I'm still learning that one. lol. I used to NEVER be able to poop anywhere besides my own toilet, I'm starting to get over it, though.

Random thought: I've learned that I like pooping much more when I'm not sitting on a toilet seat. I like to hover, it feels more free, like my ass isn't being constricted by the toilet. It feels much more natural. Has anybody else discovered this? I'd imagine that people who have pooped outside have noticed it, there's just something different about it.

These are my answers to Mistee's new survey which, by the way caused me to think a little harder about what I've been doing since 1975 when I first started providing waste:

1. In a public bathroom when you leave a stall are you offended if you
see the next user tear off toilet paper to wipe down the seat?
Yes, because I don't wipe the seat down unless there's urine or
something else on it. If anything, I've gotten more particular over
the years. In middle school and high school we regularly had to sit
in pee because we would be late to class and often there was not
toilet paper left. I'll let you guess where a lot of it went!

2. In a public bathroom are you offeded if you hear or see the next
user tear off strips of toilet paper and place it over the seat?
Yes, because I'm very careful about not leaving any mess on the
seat and I almost always flush (exceptions: female products or pop
bottles in the bowl) because I know they will cause a flood and take
a stool out of commission for a while. Also, while on vacation
earlier this summer I saw a mother at the airport make her young
daughter go get a handful of paper towels from the dispenser and mom
placed them over the seat before the girl sat down. She was almost
crying because she was close to having an accident and mom was very

3. At what level do you keep your underwear? Knee level? Ankle level?
Other? I'm more comfortable with it all the way down to my ankles
but if the place is really busy like a baseball stadium or large
city auditorium and there's eyes peeking in on me, I've learned to
be more conservative and keep them at knee level. Occasionally, I
must use a doorless stall and in such cases I've learned it's best
to keep them higher. Some people, have not been taught to refrain
from staring.

4. Who do you feel is responsible for influencing you about your toilet
habits? Parents? Brothers? Sisters? Other Adults (Teachers),
friends, circumstances and accidents? Unlike a couple of my
friends, I'm not as reserved about using public toilets as some
others. Meaning I'm not going to hold it until I get home. There was
a term I learned in a political science class several years ago:
"pragmatic". I've just adapted to what's practical and necessary and
haven't overly (well, not too much!) tried to analyze it.

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