Traffic Jam
I am a twenty something young professional female from the US. I have read the posts on this site for a long time but never thought I had anything to say myself, until today that is. My commute home from work which normally takes about a half hour took an hour and a half today because I got caught in a bad traffic jam. I knew I had to pee when I left work but figured I could hold it since I was only 30 min from home. That was a mistake. I started to panic about 30 minutes into the traffic jam and I hadn't moved much. I really needed to go pee and I didn't know what I was going to do. There was no wooded area since I was driving through downtown, otherwise I would have just pulled over and ran out into the trees to go. I remembered as a kid when I had to pee bad on a road trip once, my dad pulled over onto the shoulder and my mom squatted me down between both open doors and I just peed on the side of the road but I was really young and didn't know better. Now I'm a grown woman and I couldn't bring myself to do that in afternoon rush hour. After a few more minutes I really needed to go bad. I knew I did not want to pee my pants. As I sat there contemplating my situation I saw the most unbelieveable thing. This guy who was the passenger in the car in front of me opened his door. I could see him fumbling around in the car, adjusting his position. He never got out of the car but he turned around in the seat and I could see that it looked like he was reaching for his penis. Sure enough, he pulled it out and peed right there from the front seat onto the shoulder. Seeing this guy pee made things worse for me. I grabbed my coffee cup from this morning's takeout , dumped the contents out the window and pulled up my dress and took my panties off. I put the car in park and sat up in my seat positioning the cup under myself. It took awhile to convince myself to pee but once I started it didn't stop. I filled up the cup fast and couldn't open the door to dump it while I was in midstream. I ended up putting the urine filled cup in the cup holder, sitting back down in my seat but scooting my butt all the way to the edge and peed all over the floor in my car so as to spare my seat. There was pee everywhere. Thank goodness for tinted windows because I cant imagine what other people around me would have thought. It made me want to ask what other people have done in similar situations. Has anyone ever been caught in a traffic jam and had to pee and what did you end up doing? I'm curious now. Thanks for the replies.

To Esteban:

Regarding your comment about guys at school taking a dump, keeping open a perfectly usable stall door, I saw this with one guy a lot when I was in graduate school. A guy on my dormitory floor constantly left the stall door open when he was taking a crap (there were 2 stalls with doors and 2 urinals in the bathroom). He had been an undergraduate at a major Eastern university (this was years ago, I don't know what it is like now). I remember visiting that university a few years before for a basketball game. I stayed over in a friends dorm room. I was suprised to see that all the dormitory bathrooms had doorless stalls. I asked my friend how he dealt with it and he said that all the guys got used to it after a few days and it didn't bother anybody. So I presume the guy in my graduate dorm just got used to using doorless stalls. I asked him one time why he didn't close the door and he said he was so used to open stalls that closing the door made him feel claustrophobic. I guess this was OK in the dormitory, but I wonder what he did in a more public place like the library or train station?

Movie sighting! Ok, so I've posted here on a few occasions, but only when I have something interesting to say. Well, I went to see Public Enemies with my best friend and was pleasantly surprised to find that it has a female wetting scene! The movie was terribly long and not as good as it should have been, but about 3/4 of the way through, Billie Frechette, John Dillenger's girl friend, is being interrogated under harsh circumstances. At one point she pleas, "I need to go to the bathroom," and the interrogator leaves the room without clear purpose. The next shot is the camera panning down to Billie's dress (she is hand cuffed to a chair). I'm sure this showed her peeing herself, but it was very brief and I didn't see anything. When the interrogator returns, her looks down at her dress and at the floor and moans, "Ahgh, look what you've done!" Nothing is shown for another minute, but then Christian Bale's character, Melvin, enters the room, sees need to stop the interrogation and uncuffs her. He says, "the bathroom is down the hall," but she claims that she cannot get up, either because she is too shaken (but not actually injured) or doesn't want people to see that she has wet herself. Melvin immediatly takes her into his arms and carries her out. During this next series of shots, one can clearly see that the back of her dress is soaking wet. In my opinion, the best part of the movie!

And just as a side note: Renee', are you still here?

On one occasion, I was taking a crap at a park that has about 7 doorless stalls lined up against one wall, with urinals against the other wall. There was a guy who works at the museum located nearby who came in and saw me on the can. He smiled and said, "Good Morning! How you doing today!" He's an older, black gentleman, slightly greying at the temples. He stopped at the urinal in front of me and took a leak. I said, "things are going great" and mentioned the great weather. He finished up, turned to face me and zipped up while we kept chatting. He washed up as I was wiping and stopped back in front of my stall as I was standing and flushing. We chatted a bit more as I pulled up my briefs and shorts. I walked towards the sinks as he said "have a good day" and left.

To Claire's friend -- Did Claire get her constipation problems straightened out? (I would hope so, by now!)


Several years ago while out for an evening run I had the urge to drop a load. Having just eaten dinner I knew I would need to relieve myself before too long. To make make matters worse, it had been at least two days since I had last pooped. I saw a park up ahead with a porta potty off to the side near some trees. Since I was now several miles from home I decided I would have no other choice but to drop my load here.

As I approached the porta potty I saw a male about 25- 30 years old exit from it and walk away from me out of the park. There was no one else around that I could see and the park appeared empty. The porta potty was a handicapped unit with the wide door and raised seat. As soon as I entered I could smell that the guy had just finished his business as well. It was the cleanest port potty that I had seen in some times. I opened the lid and saw several large logs on the top with two mounds of toilet paper. The last user looked like he had dropped quite the load. I locked the door and dropped my pants and sat down. Immediately I farted and began pushing. A large log exited without much trouble and made a thud as it hit below. I pushed some more and another smaller but still fat turd came out. I pissed and then began to wipe. I got up and saw my large and thick turd above the load that the other guy had just dropped. I left and finished my run feeling much relieved.

Hello everyone. I'm new here but I been reading the past posts that I seem interested in sharing my poop stories. I did one post before about a month ago. I'm 22 year old male from NYC. Few months ago I ate some oatmeal with soymilk and the next morning I felt the urge to poop and I was on the train and had to poop real bad. So I got off the train and went to the nearest bathroom and it was at a bus station. The problem was the bathroom stalls was full and most of the stalls was out of order so I left and went to look for another bathroom. Had no luck so I went back and found an empty stall and drop my pants to my ankles. I had a hard time pooping since it did not want to come out and was there for five minutes and just about nothing happen. So I left and went to school and the urge happen again. When I went to school I went to the nearest bathroom and drop my pants to my ankles and the poop just came out. I think I had a upset stomach but feel better and refreshed that I pooped in public bathrooms with my pants around my ankles. Eventually I start pooping with my pants around my ankles at home and every time I poop.

Last month I been watching the Travel Channel and it has a show about Extreme Bathrooms. While I was watching the show one of the Extreme Bathrooms was mentioned is Habana Outpost. Habana Outpost is New York City's first eco-eatery and its commitment to eco-responsibility extends far past the kitchen. Their greenhouse-style bathroom features a toilet and sink rainwater recycling system that saves an estimated 4,000 gallons of water a week. The bathroom is also a working greenhouse; looking overhead, the outdoors loom as a reminder that environmentally conscious steps can be taken on a daily basis...during any type of activity. I was shocked that the one of the Extreme Bathrooms was just ten minutes from my house!

One Sunday afternoon I had the urge to poop. I felt that it might be a big one so I got dressed and took a walk to the restaurant. When I got to the restaurant it was packed and I just brought myself a Pepsi since I needed to use the restroom. After I finished drinking my soda I went to the restroom. The restroom had two stalls. I went inside the stall and pull my pants and underwear around my ankles. I felt like home inside the stall like it was the best bathroom to poop in. The bathroom was clean and the stall had about 12 rolls of Toilet Paper! While I was in the stall I heard two girls went in the bathroom and I realized that I am pooping in a Unisex Bathroom. One of the girls went inside the other stall to pee and her friend stand by. I did not had a problem with unisex bathrooms since the stall doors was six feet tall. While I was in the stall I let out three medium sized turds. It took me about ten minutes to let them out. When I finished I bumped into the girls and they had no problem with a guy using the same bathroom. This is one of the best bathrooms I went to. I went there regularly during my lunch break from work.

From reading all the posts I am wondering about few things:

Do you have a problem using unisex bathrooms?

How far do you pull your pants and underwear when you use the bathroom at home and/or at a public bathroom?

Do you poop in a public bathroom?

Would you get embarrassed when someone watches you peeing or pooping with your pants down?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My friend and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie, The Half-Blood Prince. We were in the center of the row, and I needed to pee badly. I was feeling too lazy to go, and I didn't want to miss the movie. I looked over to my friend, and saw him holding himself through his pants. I then noticed a wet spot forming on his pants and water running out onto the floor. He was peeing his pants. It seemed to go on forever. I realized that the theater was so dark that it wasn't very noticeable. I decided that I may as well join him. The feeling of my pee soaking shorts felt warm and really good.

Thanks JD, Daniel, ZIP. I like your stories.

JD I followed your note about page 812 and found the story about guys studying on the crapper with the stall doors open. I've obviously seen open stalls, no stalls, stalls with broken doors or locks. But I've never known guys with a perfectly usable door to keep it open.

When I was in school we would have been ridiculed for doing any such thing. Too bad. I would have liked that experience.

In the early hours of sunday morning my flatmate came home after a girls night out.
After sneeking in she thought I was asleep, I heard her lock the bathroom door.
A minute or so later, she released a long deep rippling fart.
Then it started....
First a deep loud plop, followed by another, then came the machine gun sounds as she fired in a serious round into the toilet.
"Ohh man!" she wispered.
Seconds later there came another machine gun round fom her, only this time it was making a splattering sound as it landed in the ever full toilet.
I heard her get some toilet roll, wipe flush and make her way to her bedroom.
Within 5 minutes she was snoring in her bed.
That morning after getting back to sleep, I was greeted by a seriously clogged toilet when I went for my morning pee.
As the only man in our flat, I had to clear the blockage which I had to scoop out and then flush it away in 5 individual flushes.
Whilst Adele is a fit flatmate, it doesnt make the unclogging any easier!

This is like my... fifth post?

So tonight (this morning... it's 5:30- just got back from Harry Potter! xD) I was listening to the radio... my cities major hit music station.
Being that it's nearly 6am, they talk alot.
They were talking about peeing, pooping, and bathroom habits! Haha.
The main topic was how hard it is for girls to pee in a public restroom.
Isn't it?
We need to squat, hold our panties & hose foward, maybe hold our purse, and the door closed if it's a crappy place. Maybe you're on your peroid, too. And then add shitting on top of it? Meanwhile you guys just whip n' go!

Any opinions?

XOXO, love 3LL!

to Zip:
As a high school student and very busy babysitter I've always been interested in a couple of the points you brought up: 1) being offended when you leave a stall and next user wipes down the seat and 2) the position of underwear while you're on the toilet. I agree with you that wiping down the seat (and worst yet papering it before sitting down)can be taken as offensive. I also wonder if underwear kept at floor level rather than seat level or at seat level or even yet halfway up the thighs says anything about one's confidence level or perhaps it's something we don't think about because we just do in public bathrooms what we do at home.

Sorry for my rambling thoughts but for everybody I've made up a short survey on this topic and put my answers in:

1. In a public bathroom when you leave a stall are you offended if
you hear or see the next user tear off toilet paper to wipe down the
seat? Not really, but I know my ass is showered every day and I
think it's a waste of toilet paper. Some user later in the day is
going to pull for the paper and not have any left.

2. In a public bathroom when you leave a stall are you offended if
you hear or see the next user tear off strips of toilet paper and
then place them over the seat? I just think it's the biggest waste
of paper. I've written about a couple of the kids I babysit doing
that and it's like so unnecessary.

3. When you're on a public toilet, at what level do you keep your
underwear? Thigh level? Knee level? Ankle level? Other? To pee it's
at knee level because it doesn't take me that long on the toilet.
When I'm crapping, I'm kinda fast but sometimes it takes a little
longer. So I drop it all the way to the floor because often I have
spread my legs more and slide closer to the front of the seat in
order to get out large pieces.

4. Who do you feel is responsible for influencing you about your toilet
habits? Parents? Brothers/sisters? Other adults such as teachers?
Friends? Accidents and other circumstances? My parents have always
called me a self-starter so I just think I came onto my habits
on my own. My mom is very much like me, I know.

Laura (Teacher) - I miss your stories and all the detail you provide. Hope all is going well & hope you have a few more stories to share here.

Samantha - I haven't seen a post from you in a long time. Are you still here? I really enjoyed your stories too. I remember you enjoyed pooping in public - if you have anything interesting to share, would love to hear it. One of my favorites was the Barnes & Noble story.

Also, I have enjoyed the stories about people taking dumps in the workplace, college or for that matter any public restroom.

I was wondering if any girls ever had to pee in a cup for the doctor. Did some one help you do it? What did you do? Was it strange to do it? Did you always do it in tts bathroom or did they ever have you do it in the exam room? Did the doctor or nurse tell you anything about it? If so what?

Thanks I hope for replies

Turd Lover
Daily Shit Report:

My poop this morning consisted of 6 "mini-logs" plus some extra fecal matter. The stench was substantial. It was mostly light brown with a few darker streaks. I watched the flush as they went down the drain hole one by one. It was an easy wipe of the butt, and it was over. I would give it a "5" on the Shit Satisfaction Scale. Nothing spectacular but I've had worse.

Daniel-I also just read your post about the guys studying while on the toilet. It reminded me of when I was studying at the University library. The 4th floor was my usual location, and I would get there in the morning to study. It seems like most guys crap in the morning. I had no shortage of visitors. I would usually take the larger stall. Often times, someone would already be on the adjacent stall. I would hear the pages flipping while he was reading. A few times, there would be a guy with his book on the floor, and he'd be leaning over it, with his chest to his knees, highlighting the pages.

There was this guy who seemed to be on my same schedule of studying and dumping. He would usually already be in the first stall. He was one of them who would have the book on the floor while leaning over. I don't think I ever really saw his face. He had blonde hair on his tanned legs, and when he was leaning over reading his book, I could see a little bit of blonde hair hanging down from his face below the partition. The partitions in the library were a bit high. They were about as high as the toilet seat. He usually wore shorts and flip-flop shoes. I remember seeing the shorts and white briefs in a pile around his ankles each time. He would sit while wiping, leaning forward on the seat. Then he would stand and turn sideways a bit towards the bowl to flush. Up came the briefs, up came the shorts, up came the books. He'd wash up and flip-flop out of there.

I was babysitting for a friend last night and had to look after a 12 year old girl. She had been having nightmares and couldn't sleep so I was sat on her bed with her talking. Then out of the blue she tells me she needs the bathroom but doesn't want to go in on her own. I took her across the hall and flicked on the light. "Can you just wait a second Lucy? Sophie's busting for a wee." I raised my skirt and lowered my thong before sitting down. Almost instantly a strong stream began to hit the water. I thanked her for letting me go first and finished about 30 seconds later. Now it was Lucy's turn. She dropped her bottoms and panties and sat down. She was sat there for a minute when she told me she couldn't go. I was sat on the tub so I turned on the tap for her. Within a few seconds the familiar splash could be heard. The tap had worked and he had developed a powerful stream.

This continued for a short time and suddenly it slowed to a trickle, she started straining. It was obvious she was emptying her bowels but having trouble. I rubbed her back, told her to relax. Her pee stream fired up again and it could be heard easily. When I thought she was relaxed enough I held her hand and continued to rub her back, then I told her to push as hard as she could.
Lucy leant forward, pushing hard on the floor with her feet. Her hole domed in and out a few times but to no avail, she was still struggling. I put a very small amount of lubricant around her hole and told her to push again. Her hole domed and the log slowly slid out, before hitting the water with a large splash. She giggled and pushed again, this one shot out. "Are you done Lucy?" I asked
"No, I'm still full" with that she pushed once again. A very thin but long poop slid out and curled up in the bowl. She reeled off some toilet roll, wiped and flushed before getting dressed and running into bed. I said goodnight before sitting downstairs again

I hope you enjoyed my story, love sophie x

to kaylee: i really enjoyed your post.
i always hangout at the softball park. i always use the bathroom there. i always make a point of leaving the tiolet unlflushed!
to sophie: i really enjoyed your story!

About two years ago I was driving a tractor trailer truck to Charlotte NC to deliver a load of creosote to a plant there. Just before crossing the State line from VA to NC I heard some unusual road noise and I wasn't sure whether it was the road or I had a tire fixin to go, so I pulled into the State welcome center which was closed for remodelin and "bounced" my tires. they were all in good shape. As I was climbing into the truck, two very nice young ladies asked me where I was going. It was late and they were trying to get to spring break in Daytona Beach. I told them I would be happy to take them to Charlotte, about 4 hours away. Since I only have one passanger seat it would be a little close, but I was sure they could manage.

They introduced themselves. Said they were familiar with my company and that's why they weren't afraid to ride with me. Sandy, who had long blond hair was the bubbly, everfescent one, while Shari who had shoulder length Auburn hair was very still and quiet. She appeared almost miserable with herself. I asked Sandy what was wrong with her friend and she told me she needed a bathroom and would I please stop as soon as possible. Problem was if I stopped, my oil would be cooling and I may not be able to pump it when I arrive. I didn't want to be mean, but I had to keep rolling. I could drop the trailer at the terminal, plug in the tank heaters and let it keep warm the reaminder of the night while I rested at a motel I had already arranged nearby.

We had two hours to go. Shari told me she was in big trouble. She had to go #2 real bad and if she didn't stop soon, it would be in her pants plus she had to pee also. She couldn't wait more than a few minutes and definately wouldn't make it two hours. To make matters worse, it was after midnight now and most places would be closed.

Sandy told her she would just have to do it in her jeans. She said that she's done it more than once and it wouldn't be the end of the world. I told Sandy to reach behind my seat and get a towel from my bag and have her sit on it so if she peed a lot it wouldn't mess up my truck. By mow Shari was holding her crotch and squeezing her legs and butt cheeks with every ounce of strength she had.

Sandy set the towel and Shari set and relaxed her pubes and just pissed until her jeans (and my towel) were totally soaked. She then, almost in tears, lifted her butt and filled her jeans. I could see the bulge forming and it went up her ass crack and everywhere it could. This poor gal was really loading them up bad.

When she set back down the tears flowed and I begged her not to cry. I wouldn't look down on her for it and, it actually aroused me. "You got aroused because I shit my pants?" I told her that there are a lots of men who do. That desperation and finally giving in the let her beautiful ass have its way just turned me on.

I invited them to go to the motel with me and stay overnight and I would bathe her and wash her clothes in the hotel laundry. She said she didn't have much choice and couldn't go anywhere like that. As we travelled on Sandy was complaining about having been constipated and not gone for 3 days. She wished she could do what Shari did, even if it did mean doing her pants. I offered her some Dulcolax which I had in my travel kit. She took two and by the time we got to the Hotel they were doing their thing. I figured she would be OK until we checked in but as we climed out of the truck, she paused, oushed, grunted,, and pushed again. I could see the imprint of a monstor size turtle head making its way into her jeans. When she stepped on the ground, she unzipped them, pulled them down and really did a load in the parking lot right under my back tire. (We had already dropped the trailer about a half hour prior.) She pulled her pants back up, the turtle still in them aith some of what she had pushed out into them and said, "OK let's get ionto that room and get cleaned up.)

I offered to help Shari first because she had been wearing hers the longest. Then I pulled Sandy's pants down and she had this log stuck between the prettiest pair of ass cheeks I ever saw on a woman. I took my time cleaning both ladies and enjoying their company. Other events that followed are not suitable for this forum and therefore will not be mentioned.

I think I would have been willing to pay my boss instead of him paying me to haul another load down there if I knew there would be a repeat of that night.


Let me tell you about the ladies conference I attended a few years ago. It is interesting to note that when people are regulated, i.e. confined to a conference room and not able to pee and shit when they want to, how it effects the urgency and eventual sound effects.
We travelled far that morning leaving early to be at the start at about 8.30. I therefore missed my 5.00 am shit session as we were travelling and the urge just never came, and I am sure that happened to a lot of the other delegates. After registration I went off to see if anything would happen. The ladies was a multi throne affair 6 cubicles open above but the doors and partitions were down to floor level, the tricklng of pee and splashing of logs was pretty loud with a lot of farting going on. The classics were those that had just sat and let go with a boomer, not shy at all followed by a sigh of relief. I'll bet they would happily have let it out any where else but here. The high pressure urgent ones were followed by the stream of nuggets of 3 or 4 logs being dropped. Others were the shyer ones that under great strain try to fart and shit silently.Starts as a little whisper but as the relief kicks in ends an uncontrollable blast. Some were commenting as they washed hands that the early start had messed up their routine and that they would have to try again later in the day. I was unable to perform then but had a great time listening to the sound effects and the smells.
We were scheduled for a break at 10.30 so in order to get a middle cubicle I sneaked out at about 10.25, found a clean cubicle, they had been serviced in the interim, settled myself and allowed nature to take over. It was the most enjoyable crap ever, a couple of farts than this long log inching it's way out almost like a tortoise on walk about, (bad pun) lots of stopping…..nothing more erotic than a hard turd stuck in a ring at max stretch. Finally it drops out just in time as I can hear the conference room doors open. The hub bub of ladies chatting gets louder as they move towards the tea area. I wait knowing that this is going to be the busy area.
The click of high heels heralds the first lot, the door swings open and a group rush for the loos. Comments such as, "Geez, I am just about to shit myself", or "Hell just in time" are the order of the day. The doors close some slamming very urgent, others close and latch, less urgent, and the hiss of skirts lifting and pantyhose and underwear going down is going on left and right. You can also hear belt buckles and zippers being released, then the plonking down on the seats. Some pull a bit of paper off and wipe the seat first but most just sit. Sighs follow, then the farting, from booming dry ones to slow wet spluttering farts. A couple of exploding wet farts can be heard followed by an orchestra of plops, crackling of large logs, the splash of nuggets and then a few high power gushing wet shits with wind. The smell is electric. I sit there imagining the state of the porcelain, splattered all over with crap. I hear one lady wipe and dress as she comments to her friend that she sprayed the bowl just below the seat and better give it a wipe. Others sigh with relief, one tells her friend to get the coffee as she will be a while. The flushers are the quick loud type so no cisterns are filling, so the second "sitting" is easily heard. Tampons are opened and changed and they slowly drift out. I sit quietly absorbing the smells, some are sweetish and others really rotten, amazing array of stink. I am just about to pull off some paper when I hear a rustle in the cubicle next to me, I freeze knowing that here is one who has either finished or has held back, being too shy to let go and now thinks she is alone. I breath quietly with my mouth wide open. She has been holding back, because she now lets go a long blubbery wet fart, while peeing, followed by a few short sharp ones, then I hear the crackle start and the plink plink of nuggets dropping, this goes on a while and then stops. I hear her push and then silence followed by a large splash and a short brrrrrt. Paper starts being pulled off and she wipes front and back just once. I wipe quickly, just once and dress. We flush together and exit. She is so embarrassed but I greet her. She says she thought she was alone, and apologises for her performance. I laugh and ask her jokingly "Do you get stage fright?" She replies "Yes, never went to boarding school and got into the early morning girls having a crap club, open doors and chatting stuff." I said never mind. Here the door is closed just do it. Lovely looking mid 30s blonde!!!
At least 30 ladies crapped and peed and neeedless to say I was at it again the next day after the evening function there were a few really rotten diahrea cases, over indulgence!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Had to take a dump in the local park restroom twice this weekend. It has 2 doorless stalls, right across from the sinks. Once was in the morning, as I jogged by. I saw that there was only paper in one stall, the one furthest from the door. I wiped the seat and sat down. A few minutes later, I see a guy come in to take the next stall. I didn't hear much activity, so I wasn't sure if he was actually there. I finished my dump, did my usual clean from the front, then the back, then stand for the last two. I flushed and washed up at the sink.

I noticed that the guy was on the can. I decided to help him out and went back to my stall and grabbed a bunch of toilet paper, folding it. I went over to the adjacent stall and handed it to the guy, who looked a bit surprised, then smiled at me. I said, "you probably need this". He was a black guy, probably in his 20's, on the slim side, short hair, with a really nice smile. He was wearing a red shirt, he had his arms resting on his knees with his hands clasped. His jeans were down at his ankles, as were his white briefs.

Later in the day, I was parked across the street from the park and I got the crapping urge again. I walked inside the same restroom again and saw that this time there was someone already on the toilet that had the paper. I walked over to the other stall, and then decided to ask my neighbor for some paper. I glanced over at him around the partition and said "can I grab a little bit of paper?" He didn't say anything, just nodded and motioned towards the roll. I said thanks and pulled some paper off the roll. He looked hispanic, short spiky black hair, thin, wearing round glasses. Probably in his 20's. He wore one of those sleeveless undershirts, AKA, wife-beater. He had on white shorts which he kept at his thighs. As I was taking the paper off the roll, I saw he had purple Jockey brand briefs on. I have the same pair at home. I was close enough to read the waistband.

I dropped my load, then wiped and flushed. He was still on the can when I left.

Turd Lover- I wish I could browse through your turd photo collection. I think it's a good idea to catalogue your best achievements, because occasionally, there are those productions that are so impressive, it's almost a shame to have to flush it away. I also agree with your observation of how no two turds are alike. That's one of the principal factors that makes shitting such a fascinating process.

I got to thinking that if television programming was more daring and experimental, there could be the potential for many interesting shows depicting the act of shitting. For instance, with the popularity of talent competitions, there could be a show, tentatively titled something along the lines of "So You Think You Can Poop", where each contestant would have to shit in front of a panel of judges, whom in turn would rate the contestant's output based on a list of specifications. Ultimately, the contestant with the less impressive results would be eliminated, no pun intended.

Anyone else have other suggestions of how shitting could be incorporated into mainstream television entertainment?

Toilet Charger
Last night I went to a bbq and I think soimething I ate there didn't agree with me. To get home I had to take a 45 minute bus ride whilst waiting for the bus I start getting the need to use the toilet with slight cramping in my stomach. I half thinking to head back to the bbq and use the toilet but the bus was due in a few minutes and it was the last one so I had to wait for it. The bus turns up and I get on about 15 mins into the journey the need returns and its that you have to find a toilet NOW moment. The bus is fairly quiet so I head to the back. On the floor here there is someones takeaway box and i'm not sure whether it was the desperation or thew alchohol but I decide to just pull my trousers and underwear down and attempt to go in this box.

I was there squatting down by this seat my bum over the box farting away. I am sure the few people on the bus were all watching wondering what was going on. I must have been there for about five minutes with all hanging out for everyone to see farting away and then I started shitting it was a very long thin rope like one that currled up into the box below me at the same time I start peeing. At this noment the bus driver shouts "what are you doing you can't do this on here" and stops the bus thia causes all the people to turn and look at me. I somehow manage to stop going and pull my pants up not being able to wash. The driver then says "GET OFF" so with no choice I have to head off the bus leaving the box behind.

I am now about 30 mins walk from home and desparetlly needing to finish my shit. The area i had to get off in was residential so no cover to go. So I decide I'd better start walking. Not long after the cramping returns and I have to go again. There wasn't anyone around as it was late at night and I coulkd see a corner shop up ahead that had a bin area I could use for cover. I head there and squat behind the bins. I push out a little bit of soft stuff which must have been the last of the bung as when this came out a torrent of liquid gusshed out. It was like mud. I waited there a few more minutes to make sure I was finished which I wasn't as I got hit by another cramp and more diahrrea. This happened another 3 timnes before I was confident enougth that I'd finished. Having nothing else to wipe with I have to use my briefs and then free ball it home. I managed to get home without another instance but at home I have been back and forth the toilet the rest of the night.

Hi, my first post here.
Just came back from a week-long summer camp. It was a great experience for me, cause there were no toilets, so we had to poop outside. There was some veeeeery cute boy - 16 years old, about 1.75m tall, 65 kg, nicely tanned, dark brown wavy medium length hair and sparkling brown eyes. We made quite good friends, because I was talking to him like a friend, not like some other girls who just wanted to get his attention.

Well on the day before the last, he approached me and said: "I have a problem, and only you can help me". "What's wrong" I said. He said: " I was trying to hold my poo here since all these girls are simply pursuing me. But now I can't hold it any longer. Can you show me some secret spot and watch my back while I relieve myself?"

I was quite turned on by then, and I happily agreed. We went to a spot that I used, and we made sure we weren't followed. He began pulling his jeans down and he turned to face me with his back so I don't see his penis. Anyway, the area around his asshole was quite haireh, and I liked that a lot. Since he didn't see me, I thought I could watch him. xD

He started pushing and I could feel this would be a huge one. Some crackling, and then a solid dark brown snake emerge. It didn't break off, it continued to coil around unit it grew to a large pyramid. The boy sidestepped so it doesn't grow too high, and another pyramid started to rise. Eventually, the snake stopped growing and he was done. "Do I need to wipe?" he asked me. "No, don't think so" I said. "Mind watching my back? I can feel one coming right away"."Sure" he said.

I turned around as well and pulled down my jeans. Heck, I didn't even need to push - a nice snake coiled around. It was smaller than the boy's but hell - I pooped every day.

After the camp ended, we exchanged our telephone numbers. I think I have a boyfriend :)

Embarrassed Mom
I was at the local grocery store when my gut started making gurgling noises. At first I felt no urgency. I thought it was probably just wind. So I ignored it and continued shopping. As I was selecting the last few items on my list, the strongest urge to go to the toilet I have ever experienced suddenly hit me. I abandoned my goods and started to run off to find an assistant to ask if I could use their toilet, but before I got to the end of the aisle, liquid diarrhoea started pouring out of me, and I couldn't stop it. It went straight through my knickers. It ran down my stockinged legs and filled my high-heeled shoes and went on the floor. It all happened within seconds.
I could not approach a shop assistant in this condition and ask to use their toilet. Neither could I collect my goods and go through the checkout. I clapped a hand over my mouth and ran, aware that I was flicking poo from my shoes with each step and leaving poopy footprints in my wake. The click-clack of my shoes on the floor alerted those waiting in line at the front counter to my approach, and many turned round to look at me. But many of those looked away quickly when they realized what was going on.
"Excuse me," I said when I came to the queue at the checkout, "please let me through." It came out louder than I intended and I started sobbing loudly. People were too slow to move out of my way, so I began to push my way past them. "Get out of my way! Quick!"
And then I broke a heel on my shoe and twisted my ankle. With trembling hands I took off my shoes and carried them as I half ran, half limped for the door. Now that my shoes were off, I had no grip on the vinyl floor, and the poo on my feet made it slippery. Just as I approached the front door, I slipped and fell, landing on my bottom in squish of poo. I was wearing a long beige skirt and now had an obvious brown stain on my butt.
I was beside myself by this time. I heard someone - a shop assistant or perhaps the manager - call out, "Madam? Madam, are you all right?" And a few people had gathered round to help me up, but I pushed them away and summoned what strength I could and ran out of the store as fast as I could with bare feet and a twisted ankle. It was the middle of summer. The hot bitumen scalded my feet as I ran across the car park. I didn't stop running till the store was out of sight. And even then I alternated between jogging and brisk walking the rest of the way home (about half a mile). The whole way I fancied that people were peering through their windows at me as I passed by. And whenever a car passed, I had a fit of anxiety. I would stare at the car tearfully, my lips quivering, till it had gone. I think that by doing this I actually caused some drivers to take notice of me when they otherwise wouldn't have.
Before I was halfway home, the unthinkable happened. All within a matter of seconds I again got the urge to poo and pooed my pants. I began to drip fresh poo onto the footpath.
Pedestrians coming in the opposite direction appeared on the footpath ahead of me. I cut across the verge to the side of the road, waited for a car to pass, then crossed. Just as I approached the kerb on the other side, the door of the house in front of me opened. I panicked and ran blindly back across to the other side, narrowly missing a car whose driver tooted at me. Once back on the other side, I continued walking in the direction of home. I could now see that the pedestrians up ahead were a mother pushing a pram with one hand and holding a toddler's wrist with the other. I tried to get back over to the other side of the road but could find no break in the traffic. I ended up passing the mother and her children, watching them from the corner of my teary eyes.
"Mummy! That lady pooed her pantth, didn't she Mummy?" came the toddler's voice from behind me.
"Don't point; it's rude," said the mother.
They were the only people I passed on my way home besides an elderly gentlemen gardening in his front yard, but I don't think he noticed me.
So I arrived home. Luckily no one was there. I didn't know where to begin cleaning up. I had poo all over me: on my hands, from carrying my shoes, which were covered in poo; on the back of my dress, from falling on the floor at the store; my knickers, obviously; and my stockings.
I ended up just taking off all my clothes and washing the rest off in the shower. I then changed and franticly set about getting my clothes washed before my children got home from school. My clothes turned out spotless. And no one, not even my husband, ever found out I'd had an accident.

Hi, guys

I work at a supermarket in the UK as a supervisor. I saw Abbys post which reminded me of something that happened a while ago.

I was on a closing shift one night and about 15 minutes before closing the cleaner went over to clean the toilets, once she has finished, I lock them up for the night. Having done this I went to the entrance doors and at closing time (11pm) precisely locked them.

A minute or two after I had done this I was talking to the store manager when I heard a banging on the doors. Two teenage girls, probably 16 or 17, were there, still wearing school uniform. So I went across to explain.

"Sorry girls, we're shut for the night, you'll need to go to the other store the other side of town"
"But we're bursting for the toilet, we can't wait! Don't you have one in the store we can use?"

I was just about to say that since it was an emergency I'd let them in, but the store manager had come up behind me. He is an alright bloke but he doesn't go out of his way to please the customers. "No, the store is closed. We aren't a public facility, you will need to find somewhere else to go" he said. The girls weren't impressed and started calling him all named under the sun. "Right" he said "you are banned from these premises - XXX (me) will escort you to the public road".

So he was left to lock the door whilst I walked these girls up the path round the back of the store to the public road.

"God, your boss is such a ****!"
"I'm sorry, he likes to stick by the rules, I would have let you in but he would over-rule me"

They explained that they had been at the fair in town and because it was hot they had kept drinking water, they hadn't been to the loo since they left school. The public toilets nearby were shut because of vandalism so they tried our store.

Suddenly I had an idea, not so long ago we had building works done in the store and so a porta-loo was brought into the back yard. When the builders left they didn't take the portaloo so it has been sitting there ever since. We were by the side of the yard so I quickly looked then let the girls in and pointed them to the loo. One of them ran towards it, got in, pulled her trousers and pants down and immediately let loose a huge stream. The other one obviously couldn't wait, she squatted down on the concrete and went on there. There was no paper but they were more than happy to be relieved.

The girls thanked me and went on their way. Next week they came into my store just before closing and gave me a card to say 'thank-you' for my help!!

Katie E
This one time i was riding with a friend. Im 15, shoulder length dirty blonde hair, about 5'5. we had just left a taco bell and we were riding around in her car when i got the urge to pee. we kept driving untill we both got kinda desperate to pee. i had my legs crossed and i was wearing tight light blue jeans and my friend danielle was wearing tight jeans too. we squrimed some more then i all of a sudden got this awful burning stomach ache and i knew i had diarrhea. we must of gotten bad food because this felt wicked and i hadnt even gone yet. the same thing happened to her, now we are both full at both ends and have no place to go. we were driving to her house and she started saying "OH GOD, UGHHHH NOOO" and she finally just let out a sigh and completely shit her pants. she couldnt believe what happened to her. just then i jammed my hand down to my crotch and a small amount of piss squeezed out into my jeans. it left a good size spot. finally i yelled at her to pull over and i went to get out of the car and i just lost all control. my body got in this overwelming contraction and i just pushed out the most thick liquid chunky shit ever and it was a constant blast for about 10 seconds, and there was 4 of them. i slowly started peeing myself too. my bikini string panties were ruined and i got in the car and kinda was turned on. well thats my story :)

to Tom
I have some idea why you have some problem with that new girl friend that likes to go in her pants, but that is an activity that I have just started doing myself although maybe in more controled conditions then she does.
I think that alot of teenagers would consider going in ones pants to be retrogressing to early childhood. People that age dont want to go backwards. They want to go forwards to adulthood at any cost sometimes. The trouble is that underage drinking, and driving are associated with adulthood, but so many kids who do those things do not arrive at adulthood safely and in one piece.
You might consider the action of going in her pants to be immature but alot of other things about her might actually be mature and ahead of alot of other girls her age. She could be a person that might never get you hooked on drugs or get you in an auto smash up.
PS my boyfriend knows about my going in my pants now. That is why he bought that desposible underwear for me even though he does not want to watch me do it.

to everyone;
I realize that I might have gone a little overboard in the post I wrote about going in my pants. However, the excitement of wearing tight hot pants or short shorts, seeing them tightly around my rear in a mirror, and then see them slowly buldge outwards as I grunt and strain as the soft substance comes out is a thrilling experince. It is like letting a wild beast out of a cage and yet having the power to control it like a lion tamer.

My wife and I rented a lake cottage for a week and my 58 year old mother in law joined us for the vacation. We had some friends that also rented a cottage at the same place and together we rented a pontoon boat to use while we were there. About three days into the vacation we went out for dinner at a local bar and afterwards we decided to take an evening cruise on the pontoon boat. We'd been out on the boat for about an hour when I noticed that my mother in law seemed to be fidgeting around quite a bit. Shortly after that my wife informed me that we needed to be heading back to the cottage as something from dinner had upset her mom's stomach and she needed to poop badly. It took us about twenty minutes to get back and by then my mother in law was so desperate to do her business that she nearly was off the boat before it came to a complete stop at the dock. I reminded her that she needed the key to get inside the cottage and handed it to her before she walked off. The rest of us stayed on the boat as we had decided to just sit and relax there enjoying the evening.

We could see the cottage from the boat and within a few minutes my wife noticed that her mom was still trying to get the door open. I knew the lock and door seemed to "stick" a little but I didn't think my mother in law would have any trouble opening it. My wife suggested that I go help her and she also asked me to bring a sweatshirt back that she'd left in our car. I walked quickly to the cottage and when I asked my mother in law if she needed help she seemed flustered and almost in tears. She was very thankful as I opened the door then she quickly walked by me to get inside. Even though the smell of her perfume was strong I also got a good smell of what seemed to be the odor of poop. I didn't know for certain but the thought that she might have pooped her pants went through my mind. I then walked around to the back of the cottage to get my wife's sweatshirt out of the car. When I came back around the cottage I inadvertently could see my mother in law in the bathroom through a gap in the blinds.

I hadn't planned on looking in at her but with it getting dark outside and the light on in the bathroom she was clearly visible and my curiosity got the better of me. She was sitting on the toilet with her jeans and panties down. I could only see a small portion of her underwear but from what I could see, it looked like there was poop in them. She then leaned forward and carefully pulled her feet out of her jeans exposing the full damage of what she'd done. At that point I had a very clear view of her white panties and could see the seat of her underwear was full of poop. She pulled her feet out of the panties and stood up then held them by the waistband as she carried them over to the sink. I was surprised by the large amount of poop that appeared to be in them and when she stood up, I could also see she had poop all over her butt cheeks. It was not just a little mess and it seemed pretty obvious that she had done her entire poop in her pants. At about that time I started getting nervous about being caught looking in the window and also began to feel guilty about watching her so I walked away and went back out to the boat. My wife asked if everything was okay and I told her I thought her mom might have had an accident in her pants. Her mom never did come back out that evening. Later on as we were going to bed my wife said I was correct in my assumption. Her mother had told her she didn't get to the bathroom in time and made a mess in her pants. She wasn't telling me anything that I didn't already know.

to hey poop: i really enjoyed your post! i loved it!

to jenny: i really enjoyed your post!

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