On July 4th my boyfriend and I spent the whole day at a couple of parks because his softball league (which I've written about before) had a tournament and after the competition was over we went to yet another park for a cookout and then to watch the fireworks. So he finally got me back to my place about midnight.

It was so hot--the high was 99 that day but the humidity was probably about as high. Of course I drank a lot of soda and other healthy drinks we bring along in a cooler, so I had to pee about every 90 minutes to 2 hours. I would be literally dripping with sweat and my jean shorts were even a little moist from all the sweat. Each time I went into the bathroom building where there were like 2 or 3 toilets and a couple of sinks and a lot of bugs I got even hotter because there was no fan, or any circulation of air. After I got done peeing on a couple of occasions you could see the mark my butt made on the seat because there was that much moisture. I normally have my crap in the morning (often on the way to work which I've written about) but since I slept later, it came later. It was about 11 a.m. (4 or 5 hours later than usual) when I went into a portable potty, pulled down my thong and shorts and thought I was going to drop a quickie. I was already really hot and my discomfort was getting worse over the 5 or 6 minutes I waited to produce. Sweat from my forehead was rolling into my eyes and I put my hands on my thighs and I practically needed to wipe them off from the amount of sweat that was on them. The place was so small that my knees were against the door and there was very little room for me to maneuver them if I had to strain to get out a large crap.

After sitting another couple of minutes and feeling more discomfort, I let go of a couple of more farts and then the diarrhea burst out. It was over in like 5 seconds and I felt a lot more relieved. I ended up peeing like 5 or 6 more times that day but that was the end of the diarrhea. While it's fun to out in the parks, the toilets leave a lot to be desired. However, my boyfriend sometimes has to pee but normally doesn't have to crap at games. He just doesn't understand the discomforts involved.

I have to report this dump. For the last three days I have not pooed, save for passing a few pebbles yesterday morning with great effort. I have had a virus plus pain meds and now Parkinsons meds so that seemed to equal constipation. Last night I took two Colyxl and Senna...I awoke this morning needing a poo and sat on was going to be a hard one so I lubricated my butt hole with sorbelein. after some short time on the pot and quiet go. I had a cup of tea, two more laxatives...a light breakfast and headed to work...the urge was building so I went into my public toilets. Today I did not sit on the toilet normally but sat side on so I could rest against the wall. There was a big peice of poo in me that wanted to escape but it was a matter of internal back passage and arse was not wide enough. Grunting very loudly ensued with deep breathing and gasping...moans of pain etc...nobody heard me because nobody came could hear me from outside, I guess!
Bit by bit that enormous turd snaked out my arse...all in one long came out very, very slowly but it sure came out. I stood up from the bowl and looked down...I was so proud with what I had created...constipation does have some benefits!!!???.
I sat back down and relaxed...there was nothing more to come out. I felt very tired and dizzy and a little nauseous from the event. I worry when I have such difficult motions that I could pass out...I wish I had somebody with me that was not too repelled by a BM.
I stood up and wipped, flushed and left.
I am at my desk still feeling a bit unwell from that poo.. I am expecting a couple of visits to the toilet again today as the laxatives work but they will be easy.

Went to the toilet today in Mac Donalds.As I started to pee I needed to poop real bad. I pushed, felt my anus open but nothing came out.
I then gave a really big push, which was followed by a shooting pain from my poophole.
My poo exited me ever so slowly and fell into the toilet without a sound!
I wiped then flushed.I always check to see its all gone, as I peered into the toilet my poop was still there, it was wider than the hole in the toilet and was wedged in the bowl.
I guess that expalins why it hurt so bad, I made my own quarter pounder!

JD-I was in a town in Mexico and ended up using a stall that had a semi-translucent divider between the toilets. It was a little strange seeing the silhouette of the guy on the other toilet. The stalls were a bit narrow and he had his leg resting against the divider so I could even see the hairs on his leg. The University where I lived didn't have the semi-transparent dividers like that, although they did have a few doorless stalls. Those were exciting to use, especially considering I might have a classmate or instructor see me on the bowl.

Daniel- I used to use the toilets in the now defunct Montgomery Wards store. It also had doorless stalls right across from the sinks and mirrors. I would go in there and sometimes the stalls would all be full. I'd walk down the row, checking each one. There were about 6 or 7 toilets. I would sometimes wait for a little bit, listening for movement like someone was finishing up. As soon as he exited his stall, I'd be in there. Sometimes I'd smile and say thanks as I passed him. He would usually wash his hands right in front of the stall he just exited. Most of the time I would just drop my pants then my briefs and sit. I wouldn't usually wipe down the seat as long as it was dry.

When the roles were reversed, I would sometimes say, "it's all yours" as I exited the stall and the guy would usually say "thanks". I admit I would glance at him as he settled in. I wanted to see if he would wipe down the seat. I thought it somewhat rude if he did. Then I would always be curious if he was modest and kept his clothes up around his thighs, or dropped everything down to the floor. A few guys would drop trou, but keep underwear around knee level. And of course, I would be curious if he was wearing boxers or briefs. There were fewer boxer wearers back then.

Anonymous male-I've had a few experiences like yours, where the guy looks under the stall. It is very creepy. I may have pounded on his door and told him he better knock that shit off! after he locked himself in the other stall. I did have a guy look at me from over the top of the stall partition once. I could see his shadow and I could also see him in the mirror through the gap in the door. I went ahead and just let him watch me clean up. He didn't know that I knew he was up there.

To Abby and Jennifer,

Both of your stories were great. If you have anymore to write, post them please lol.

To Isabella, you have an interesting story as well.

Cute & Shy, where have been lately? lol. Please post new stories soon!

TO Abby:

When I was a little guy, I used to pee while having a bath too. As I grew up and stared having showers more than baths, I still enjoyed (and still do enjoy) having a leak in the shower just before soaping up.

Why? I don't know...
I suppose I just enjoy the feeling of freedom it gives me since I don't have to care about the hassles of aiming, flushing or ripping off a piece of TP to clean the toilet seat. It becomes especially convenient on those mornings I happen to wake up with an erection. (For some strange reason, I used to try to force my 'stiffy' stream to pee in the toilet *before* I took my shower. Then one day the blindingly obvious notion hit me that it was better to pee in the shower *regardless* of whether or not I had an erection.)

Take care!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Turd Lover
To answer your question, I use the following criteria for my turd scale rating:
(1) Length
(2) Diameter
(3) Stench
(4) Splash impact
(5) Texture -- firm (best) to soft
(6) Shape
(7) Color
(8) Mass (total volume of shit)
(9) Friction factor -- easy sliders rate highest
(10) Anal residue -- less is best
I assign "points" for each catagory, then add the total. A "10" is rare but over the years I've had several of these. If the rating is 8 or above I grab my camera ( always next to the toilet ) and take a photo for future enjoyment. I have some photo albums of my best dumps including the date & location for each photo. My all-time favorite ?? I really can't pick one because there are several tied for first place. To date, I have 306 photos of my turds spanning a time period of 9+1/2 years. It's my "hobby" and I'm the proud father of many beautiful brown loads.

Hey guys, my name's Abby. I'm 16 and have long blonde hair. Ever since I was younger, I loved peeing in weird places. I would always go for a walk into the woods just so I could expirement with different ways to pee. I would squat most of the time, which was probably the easiest way to pee, but I tried standing up a few times. I used to do it without pants on, but I've gotten better at at doing it without soaking my clothes. Only recently have I started peeing in weird places around my house. One night, I REALLY had to piss and i didnt want to go all the wat to the toilet. I looked around for something to pee in and found a pretty big cup. After brief hesitation, I took off my pants and squatted while positioning the cup under the firing line. It took a minute to get the flow going but soon enough the floodgates opened and a huge stream of pee gushed into the cup. It filled up all the way and overflowed onto my rug. I hid the cup under my bed and dumped it out in the morning.
Another time, nobody was home so i decided to pee in the sink. It was pretty exciting climbing up and filling up the sink with my pee. I've always peed in the shower, but never tried it in the bath until one night. I was taking a bath and really had to pee but didnt want to get out. Therefor, I just let my urine flow, and took a bath in my own pee! Other places I've peed are: an empty paint can, a water bottle, a drain in the garage, and plenty of other strange places.

hi yall, I'm back if you don't remember I'm disabled and need help to poop.

This morning really sucked because of two huge reasons, first we had no electricity, and the other was i was really needed to shit. I didn't sleep much because it was getting hot in my room because the power was out and i was dosing on and off all night. I was trying to use my little battery opperated fan but it did only so much. I did fall asleep around 3 and then woke up at around 5 because i was really hot again and this time my urge to poop was really unbearable. I had already been given my suppository and was feeling that very familiar feeling of having a big load right near my hole. Like i have said before i can't start pooping myself unless my body feels like giving a push and today was not one of those. My nurse was exercising my legs and it was super quiet since the power was out and i could hear the paper pads under me crunch with the motion of moving my legs but not the wonderful sound of a fart or the slight squish and crunch as if i started my very needed poop. Finally 15 minutes later i get rolled over to my left side, and a adult diaper placed under my butt. I was already very warm and the added urge to poop made it much worse. Then i heard my nurse pull on a glove and turn on the other flashlight and i could see the outline of my butt on my wall. I began to whine loudly about how bad i had to go and to please hurry and start giving my poor belly some relief. Squirt of ky gel and the very awkward but wonderful feeling of her finger being pushed past my hole into what i knew was my very large poop ready to come out. Circle one, two, three with the finger and i could feel myself start to push the poop against her finger with some force. One, two, three more circles with the finger and i could feel my poop pushing very hard now wanting out. Finally after two more quick circles she pulled her finger and a very large bunch of poop. I could feel myself push out another small bunch. And my cramps and urge returned, as if i hadn't begun. I usually wait five minutes or more so that I'm full near my hole again but this morning was too much to take. After two minutes of hard cramps i asked for my finger help i really had to poop yet. So she came over and pushed and circled and i felt slightly better each time and it was 6:45 and she pulled out the diaper and pads and i asked why. And she said that "you filled the diaper and i can't feel any more up there". But i sure felt like i had at least another two small waves of poop yet to get out but she was done. The power kicked on and i wasn't desperate to go now and was very tired so i went to sleep. But I'm sitting here typing this with another strong urge to poop and i won't get to until tomorrow maybe I'll be lucky and be able have an accident, and hopefully not feel this urge until tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!


Yesterday i found this website when i was searching at the web. i found this website was so disgusting and boring. But i read a few of the post before i logged off my computer and fall asleep.

Today morning i have job appointment in my friends company. So after having my breakfast i hurried grab my file and ran to bus station. After my breakfast i feel some urge to poop. But i was in a hurry i tot i can use the washroom at the office. So i just forget it and got on the bus. The bus ride took me half and hour and i can feel my stomach was starring to pain. But i just forget about it and worried about the manager willing to hire me or not.

Finally i reach my office. When i stood up i feel that the poop starring to rush out my bowel. But i manage to hold it back in. Today i was wearing my brand new skirt and my favorite white and yellow panties. i not willing to do it in my pants since was 20years old grown up women. I manage to get up to the 8th floor and surpisely i was on time and it is my turn and i went in. We have the interview for 15minute and the nice manager are willing to accept me . I was happy and i forget about the urge to poop . I stood up to have a handshake with the manager i accidently let out a wet fart into my panties . I just went numb at a second with my hand holding the manager's hand. The manager asked me that i am ok? I just say ( erm,i had to ask you when i can start my workday?) She just say( Well you can start tomorrow ok?) I just thank her and rush out the office.

When i get to the bus stop. My stomach was hurt as hell. Inside just like a warzone. My mind just think that it was bad to poop myself . It will be so so so so embarassing. That people will look and laugh at you like stuff like that. I scare it. Second and second passed i felt the urge is more worse and worse. i quickily find a place to sat down and message my hubby. My hubby just left work and he will came for me. I told him it was emengency and come ASAP. He asked me is it ok and i replied him NO!.

My stomach are like second world war and i can tell myself this time is was a big problem. I just pray and pray that my hubby can reach on the and take me home or at least in a car . Better than open public . Suddenly i let out a wet fart and it is all liquid . DAMN i say in my mind. I having diarrhea .

My hubby arrived and i slowly stood up at the bus stop. I slowly walk to his car but i affraid to get in. I worried that i could mess his grand luxury car . He roll down the window and ask me why i dun get in because he cant stop too long . It is a bus lane. I just get in slowly.
I told him i am going to have an accident in my pants. He just say i am pretty today and handed me some yesterday newspaper. I just put under my skirt and hold on. Suddenly he hold my hand and told me his accident last time and it was all right. This time i realy cant hold it back anymore. i was in so much pain that my hubby called me to let go. i asked him is it ok to let go in your car? He said it was ok.. Then i just tried to let go some but instead my bowel just let go all . As i was letting it out along with my tears and my face just turn into red. I filled my panties even more with wet diarrhea. It started leaking out through my skirt and into the newspaper . The smell just horrible and my hubby just roll down all two window .But he is so sweet . he did not even let go his hand. How sweet. he told me that he will always be at myside.

I know my panties and my skirt are disaster but i still have my hubby and my job . Although i feel quite sad and worried about how i gonna get out of the car. Finally i reach my house and my bf help me out. As soon i get out the diarrhea just leak and run down my skirt and into my high heels . it was disaster everywhere. My hubby open the door and i got in with diarrhea trails behind me . As soon i got into the toilet my hubby strip me off suddenly. I was numb! he kissed me and pull down my ruined skirt and panties and throw it into the plastic beg .He clean me up and we having bath together.
After this incident i think that having accident in pants are not so bad either. He told me that we are all human human do have accidents.. so now on . if i urge to poop i will let it loose . But just infront of my lovely Hubby...

Before this i found this website was boring and disgusting but now i was wrong. It is quite a place for people to tell their stories...
Thanks for reading...Goodnight...

My family had a reunion of sorts on 4th of July weekend. We were able to use a picnic area with a roof and very close parking. The only problem was that since it was on the 4th of July, the newspaper advertisement recommended we get there early. So my friend Connors parents picked me up at 3:30 a.m. and they drove us out to the park so that we could claim our area. They dropped us off at like 3:45 a.m. --about 8 hours before the others were to assemble. But we had to "hold" our place for the others. We each took our Ipod, some playing cards and some other things to amuse ourselves with. This was a huge public park, but by sunrise, each of the picnic areas would quickly be claimed. Connor brought a 12-pack of soda for us to share and I brought some chips and cookies.

Sitting on the wooden picnic benches was strange because they were so moist from the dew that my underwear got wet right through my shorts. After about 10 minutes Connor quite his complaining about me getting him up so early and said the dew on the bench made him need to pee. We could see one of the restroom buildings vaguely in the fog so we walked over to it. Obviously there was no one else around so I walked into the mens room with Connor so that we could talk. This wasn't the first time (I've posted about such experiences before). There were no lights in the building but I could see there were like 4 open stalls and a trough on the opposite wall the several guys could stand at and pee into. Connor stopped there after actually using his hands to help find where it began because of a lack of light, unzipped his shorts and took out his organ. Maybe two minutes went by and I could hear that he wasn't peeing. I know I shouldn't have, but I teased him a little and I offered to shake his dick and get his flow going. He continued to stand and he got a little frustrated. Then he asked me when I last peed and I said about 45 minutes earlier when I had woken up. However, I told him I was always able to pee (true story!) immediately when I sat down. So he challenged me to take a seat in the stall behind him and he wanted to see if I was telling the truth. I felt my way into a stall, remembering it was the mens room I felt around for the seat which was of course up and I dropped it, and within 15 seconds I had my undwear and shorts dropped and he could easily hear me peeing intot he toilet. I could only do it for like 20 seconds but he agreed that it counted. That helped get his flow going. Aren't I awesome?

The most embarrassing and disgusting experience I have ever had was when I was arrested for my involvement in a fight in a bar. My friends and I had gone to this little dive bar in the middle of nowhere while camping and we got into an argument and wound up in a fight and caused a lot of damage. I wound up getting arrested along with one of the guys with whom we were fighting. My "friends" and the guy's "friends" ran off and escaped.

Anyway, while sitting in the holding cell with a dozen or so other guys, my bowels started to cramp very badly, probably due to a mixture of our very greasy dinner and the gallons of beer we'd drunk afterward. I desperately had to shit. There was the toilet, just sitting there out in the open with zero privacy. When a wet fart escaped I swallowed my pride and slowly made my way to the toilet.

"Sorry guys," I muttered and pulled my jeans and underwear just past my ass and sat. The guys near the toilet darted out of the way. I tried to be quiet about it, but all that did was draw it out. For several minutes I let out a barely controlled stream of gassy diarrhea. One of the guys said loudly, "Aw, come on man! That's f---ing nasty." I just looked at the floor and wished I was anywhere else.

I went to pick the roll of TP that was on the floor next to the toilet but quickly pulled my hand away when I discovered it was soaking wet. I stood and pulled my pants up and flushed the toilet and went and stood in the corner. I spent another three hours in the cell with shit caked on my ass until one of my friends finally showed up and bailed me out. I finally got to wipe my ass in the police office's restroom.

The only good that came out of it was I and the guy who I had been fighting wound up becoming buddies due to our mutual disgust at our friends for leaving us.

I remember this one time while I was at work, as I was coming back from the restroom(I wasn't using though), this one woman(she looked about 20 and had short brown hair in a short selved shirt and shorts) was at the register her hands tightly holding her butt, she couldn't stand still at all, well I went back up to the register and ask her "Can I help you?" then she said that she needed a toilet very badly, so took her where the only toilet was. and she ran in, and I stayed there listeing for a few mins as I heard her pull shorts and panties down and throw herself down on the toilet. then a huge fart, but I had to go back to the front, and about an hour I saw her come back up the front(wich I thought had left already)and get a soda and came up to the register and I ask if she's feeling better and she was, she payed and left and it was time for me to get off work, so I clocked out as another girl clocking in, well I went to the toilet and the lid was down and damn it stunk in there, I lift up the toilet lid and there was the most amount poop in there I had ever seen in one place, it was all coiled up and past the water level with a few turds on top of that and quite a bit of toilet paper and pee too, well I sat down and peed and wiped and then i HAD to clean i up

Daniel (UK),
that beach must be a pretty cool place, I wish I could go there, too.
A few days ago I discovered a university bathroom at my town with a more or less semi-transparent divider between the urinals and the first stall. If you sit on the bowl you can see the silhouette of a guy standing at one of the urinals - and vice versa. It felt quite exciting when I dropped my pants there...

Inquisitive fellow
Hi everyone, this is my first post. I am a regular reader of this forum and I enjoyed the experiences shared by everyone.
I too have a wide range of experiences to share.

This particular event occured when I was 8 (now i'm 21). It was a very cloudy and cool day. My bladder filled up rapidly and before the end of the first period of the school the urge to in was literally bursting. The problem with my school is that we have a break only once in two periods. Teachers don't allow any time in between. I asked my friend to come with me to do the usual quick pee. There was a secluded area near my class where we used to pee quickly at the one minute gap between two periods when we wait for the teacher to come. He agreed. With all of my will, I held on. But I had a problem of leaking and could not avoid leaking drops whenever I clenched my spincter muscles.
Finally the bell rang and the teacher left. We dashed to the secluded area behind a tree. There was space for both of us to stand and pee. It was not totally secure area, but the risk had to be taken. I unzipped and took out my erect penis and began to pee. But the flow rate was not fast since my penis was erect. I looked at my friend. I was shocked to see that he was literally gushing! Pee was flowing out in torrents! It was like a opened water tap 'cos his pee was colorless. Even with that rate of flow, he peed for a minute (so did I). There was a small puddle where i peed and a much larger one where he peed. Zipping back, we got back to the class, feeling much relieved.

I went out jogging today, and as I was jogging, I felt a strong urge to poop. There were some woods nearby, and I quickly ran into the woods, and found a secluded spot in between some bushes. I took my shorts and panties off, and squatted down. I peed a weak stream of pee for only a few seconds, and began to push. I could feel my hole opening, and closing I was pushing. Finally, I felt it stay open as the tip of what felt like a very thick turd poked out. It moved very slowly until it was out about 3 inches, and then it stopped. Every time I pushed, I could feel the turd trying to move out more, but it had my hole stretched wide already, and the turd couldn't get through it. I pushed very hard, and it hurt every time I pushed cause my hole was trying to stretch more. As I continued to strain and push hard, I heard cracking branches as someone was walking closer, and just a few feet ahead of me was another jogger, and she stopped just a few feet in front of me and didn't even see me. She removed her pants and undies, and squatted down with her butt facing me, and a strong stream of pee started coming out, and her hole domed out as a thick turd starting moving out. I could tell she was pushing by the way her back was arched and her muscles were tense. Her turd was moving at a steady pace, making a loud crackling noise. Her pee stream was still going steady, and her large turd kept moving. The tip was now touching the ground, and she had to lift herself up a little higher to give it more room. It kept growing and growing, til' finally at 17 inches, it fell to the ground with a thud. Her pee was now a trickle, and then it stopped completely. Her hole was still domed out, but she was doing nothing at the moment. I was still pushing hard on my turd, but it would not budge. The lady in front of me was sitting still, but she was breathing heavily. Her hole was still domed out, and finally after a couple of minutes, another turd started coming out of her hole, making a loud crackling sound. It was moving slowly on its own. She wasn't pushing at all, and it was growing wider and wider, and when it got about 7 inches out, it stopped moving, and then she gave a few pushes, and it started moving slowly again, but she had to keep pushing this time, and finally it broke off and landed with a thud on the ground. Then she put her clothes back on, and ran off without even noticing me. I had not even managed to get my turd to move any farther, and I had to do some very very hard pushing. Finally, after 5 minutes, of uncomfortable squatting, it started moving very slowly with me still pushing very forcefully, and trickles of pee coming out every time I pushed. It was very painful, and I gripped my knees and closed my eyes, and I know I had to have been turning red in the face, and finally after another 4 minutes, it finally landed with a loud thud on the ground. It was about 13 inches long, and 3.5 inches thick, which is thicker than any turd I have ever passed. I don't know what caused me to poop like that. My turds have been very very large lately, making it harder to push them out. I felt more in me, but was exhausted and sore from squatting too long, and from pushing so hard. I went home, and spent another 20 minutes on the toilet pushing out a monstrous load which consisted of 4 long thick logs, and 8 medium sized in length but large in width logs. I video taped it for my sister, cause we have been so busy lately we never get to see each other hardly. She loved it. When I came home today from school, someone was in my bathroom. I listened at the door, and it was quiet. I listened for about a minute, and heard nothing, then the silence was broke with a grunt, sounding like someone had just let go of a deep breath. I turned the doorknob, and it was unlocked, so I pushed the door open. There was my sister sitting on the toilet, her legs spread wide, and a large turd sticking half way out of her butt. Her face was red, and she said in a strained voice, "I'm pooping another monster turd." She looked down to watch her turd emerge as she began to push really hard again. I stood there watching and as she pushed another 5 minutes, it landed with a thud in the toilet. She stood up and said look at my creation. I looked in the toilet, and there were 5 large turds. I asked her how long it took her to poop it all out, and she said about 45 minutes. She had to flush several times to get it all to go down. then she wiped afterwards, only needing a couple of wipes, cause her turds are usually very firm. I then proceeded to tell her about my poo in the woods, and watching the other girl go, and she got very excited, and wished she was there to see it. So, now she is in bed, and I'm getting ready to go to bed, cause its late, but first I gotta poop again...brb....................Ok, only a few seconds for you, but 15 minutes for me. Everything came out pretty smoothly after I worked 5 minutes on another humongous turd. I ended up pooping 5 long thick turds, and 10 medium sized turds. I have pooped a lot today, and I feel great!!! Well, gotta go now. I'm tired!! Happy pooping everyone!!!

Hi, am a old lurker around this site. I'm 16, 5'9, slim, caucasian, blonde. I want to share a story.

I'm one of girls that whenever I had to pee, I could always hold it in for a long time without having any problems. But what happened recently was a different story... A few weeks ago, I was really busy... I had to take my final exam that took me around 2 hours to finish, and then I had to go straight to my part time job, and my shift was 4 hours long that day. By the time I had finally finished my shift at work, I had to pee sooooo badly. I drank nearly 3 liters of water so far because it was so hot out, but unfortunately I was so busy that I didn't have enough time to use the washroom since the morning... Unfortunately, the only washroom at my job was out of order so I had no choice but to make it back to use the washroom there.

After finishing my shift, I started making my way up to my place as quickly as I could. By the time I did make it over there, I was at the verge of losing control.... At this point, my bladder was sooooooo full that I could barely walk without possibly leaking out... I was pressing my legs together while trying to walk to the front door... While I was getting to the door, I searched through my pockets for my front door keys. I knew my parents wasn't home from work yet because their cars wasn't parked in the garage.

I managed to unlock the door and relocked it when I got back in. I was slowly trying to make my up to the washroom, but before I could make it, a burst of pee started coming out for 3 seconds before I managed to stop it... I stop walking for a bit to try to regain control, but didn't help. A few tiny bursts came out, which became larger bursts until I just couldn't hold it back in anymore... I lost complete control over my bladder. I stood there completely soaking my patns and flooding the floor. I peed uncontrollably for over a minute and a half, and it actually felt so relaxing doing this... by the time I was finally finished.... I felt so much more relief that I released another burst of pee, but this time it only lasted 3 more seconds. After that was finally done, i just cleaned the entire place up before my parents came back...

I then immediately thought since this felt so good that I might want to try this again.

Ciao for now!!

Anonymous male.
I'd rather not put my name. I wanted to tell someone about this, but it seemed too...well, not something you bring up in conversation. I found this site just now, when looking for a site where such a post would not stand out much.

I'm a guy, and as far as I can remember, I've peed sitting down. There are exceptions, of course, like when the toilet seat is covered in something or other, or all the stalls are full, or I just don't feel like entering a stall when there are lots of guys around. But usually, I sit down. It's naturally more comfortable for me, I guess. I don't really like standing at all, I'm kind of lazy. Also, I tend to do everything in a femenine way. I'm not gay, or a woman on the inside, I'm just not really masculine and I tend to drift to things that women do. I suppose it's just one of those, then? I don't know. Can't explain it. Just is.

Anyways, the other night, I was on my way home, and to my dismay, I had missed the last bus of the night that was headed in my direction. At the time, I felt what I'd drank earlier catching up with me. I walked to the station's washroom before heading home. It was late night, so it wouldn't be crowded. I walked in, noted that there were no feet under any stall door (therefore no one there, right?) and so I opened the first stall. Dirty seat. Second stall, same. I walked in, and did my thing. AS I did my thing, I noticed a hole in the stall wall, which I covered up with my finger. Then I heard shuffling from another stall and was confused, as no one had come in, so whoever it was had already been there. Someone who couldn't reach the floor. An amputee? A midget? Anyways, about ten seconds later, I noticed that whoever it was was conspicuously looking through the gap right at me. When I turned to him, and made it obvious I knew he was there, he seemed to disappear. Then - and here it gets really creepy - he was looking at me from UNDER the stall. On that note, I left the stall to confront him, but he locked himself in another one. Naturally frightened, I ran and caught the next subway, riding to the closest station, and walking home.

I debated reporting it, but didn't end up doing so. I wonder if I should have.

What do you all think?

Thursday, July 09, 2009


When I was 14, I broke my right wrist, when I was walking home from school with my best friend, Tom. It was winter, and I slipped on some ice, where someone had washed their car, and let the water run onto the pavement from their drive, and it had frozen. I tried to make light of it, but Tom knew I was in a lot of pain, and insisted on coming home with me, and he rang my mum at work. They got me to hospital, and X-rays showed there was a fracture. Tom didn't get any homework done that night, and his parents and mine rang the school, to say what had happened. He and I were known to be conscientious in our studies, and the excuse was accepted. As I was right-handed, it restricted what I could do - dressing, undressing, etc. Tom came to stay overnight for a few days. I needed help with dressing and undressing.

This meant that I couldn't apply enough pressure with my left hand for the cleaning up operation which I did every morning after breakfast. I didn't want my parents doing it, and they respected my dignity, but Tom offered to do it for me. He told me about school each evening, and the notes he had taken. I used to type his notes up with my left hand on my parents' word processor. (This was the mark of a true friend, and we are still in touch, and try to meet 2 or 3 times a year, and email each other at least once a week.) He never told our other friends about this intimate act of kindness he had done for me. I did tell them later - I was very proud of him as a friend.

But one thing both of us decided to do after that, and my cousin Ian when I told him, was to learn to wipe with the left hand, in case of such a situation arising again. In public toilets, the paper holder can be either to the right or the left of the can. If it's on my left, I wipe with my left hand. I'm still young and agile enough to lift either my right cheek or my left cheek to meet the paper.

Incidentally, the 2 boys who appeared in my first story, my cousin Ian and my schoolfriend Tom, are still close to me. They live some distance away now, and we speak, or email each other at least once a week. After my recent tragedy, they were there for me, and cried with me, with our arms around each other. They couldn't get time off for the funeral, but their parents were there.

People prepared to help me, and whom I could trust, at this most basic function in life, are true friends, and were there when I needed them in time of tragedy.

I have lurker this site for some while.

I find it strangely fascinating if a little weird. I don't really know what the fascination with other peoples bodily functions is. But I guess as we are all here reading the site we must all share some degree of curiosity.

Today I have had a extremely embarrassing experience which I suspect will be interesting to some of you. I am female - in my forties and generally of a fairly rock solid constitution. I don't normally use laxatives because I don't need them but last night, but after a particularly greasy pub meal I decided that a small dose of milk of magnesia might help me to stop feeling bloated. This morning on re-reading the bottle I noticed that there are two different dosing regimens. One if for anti-acid use the other for laxative. Well, being unfamiliar with the dosing instructions you can guess what happened... I must have somehow got the wrong one and you can also guess the result. To make matters worse I took a fairly generous dose. - Now I know some of you do this sort of thing on purpose - but for me it was a genuine mistake.

All this morning I have had the most awful diarreah. The first load took me so much by surprise that it caused me to do something that I haven't done since I was in junior school.

I had got up early and taken my breakfast. After breakfast I had an urgent call to the toilet which came out rather violently but was otherwise normal. Thinking nothing of it I got in the car and drove to the local hardware shop to buy a new plug for the bathroom sink as the old one now leaks. I've been meaning to do it for weeks and the fact that today I was up a little early and could get to the shop before the traffic built up seemed like a great opportunity.

While I was standing in the line at the till I felt another call to the toilet. Not unusual for me as I do often seem to go in two installments. Anyway I was last in the line and the woman at the till, who I know, lets call her Violet, wanted to chat so I stopped a while to talk although my need of a toilet was starting to become a bit more urgent and my stomach started gurgling rather peculiarly. I did think about using the store toilet but decided against it because often they don't have any paper. So I got back in the car and drove off.

Bad mistake. Halfway home my ???? started feeling really strange. A feeling I don't recall having before like it was literally sloshing around.

Anyway I got home and was getting out of the car in my drive when suddenly I felt an acute pain in my stomach. At the same time, and without any warning I felt a hot rush in my bottom and before I could do anything to stop it I violently filled my panties virtually to overflowing with the most evil smelling diarreah. It was quite frightening. I then had to waddle up the drive and get to the toilet. Needless to say my 23 year old adopted son (who still lives at home) and my partner both thought that this was incredibly funny and have been teasing me about it ever since.

Since then I've been staying close to the bathroom but even so I've still managed to fill and ruin two more pairs of my knickers. It's a nightmare - never again! Milk of magnesia is now banned in our house.

Please someone tell me that this is going to stop soon. I really have to dash again now.

Oh no... too late!

John Philip
Turd Lover: Cool story and I like the rating scale you give your turds. If the dump you described was a 7, I'm intrigued about what qualifies as a 10.

heyitspoop: Your pots are very well written, especially the sound effects. Hope to read more.

Mine were rather odd yesterday. Around 2 in the afternoon, I had to take a dump, but I had been having some extremely irritating diarrhea the other day. I was hoping to hell this would be a deviation from that. Fortunately enough, and for the time being, it was. As soon as I sat on the toilet, I passed several silent farts and allowed a turd to slowly ooze out on its own. After about a minute, it plopped into the ater below, followed by others which exited in a similar fashion. The end result turned out to be three reddish brown five inch turds. Overall, enjoyable enough. According to Turd Lover's rating scale I would give it about a 6.

to hey poop: i really enjoyed your post. i was so glad to hear that the other girl didnt flush the tiolet. you should do that next time! i look forward to your next post!

to Ashley T: i really enjoyed your post! i cant wait till u post again!

to Kayla: i enjoyed your post about the flight to Germany! thats funny that the tiolet got stopped up!

to bathroom beaky: trying taking an ex lax! take like a full table spoon and almost immediately you will have to go! try eating mexican food like several bean burritos from taco bell. if this happens again u might wanna oonsider seeing your family doctor. i would love to have a bathroom outing with u and see you poo and go pee! here's another suggestion for you if u ending going poo in public then leave the tiolet unflushed when u done!



Turd Lover
A filthy brown mess filled the toilet this morning. It took two flushes to evacuate the bowl. The stench was real bad. Apparently big logs are on strike the last couple of days -- just a quagmire of nasty mush w/little turdlets is all I've been able to produce. Hopefully, those massive logs will return soon. Wet poop just isn't much fun...........

This didn't happen to me but someone had an accident last weekend. I live on farm out in the sticks that has a woodlot next to the driveway. The other night when I went for my evening run I saw what appeared to be some old rags that someone had tossed in the woods so I walked over to see what it was. Some dude must have had bad accident in his pants because it was a pair of boxers full of shit. The poor guy apparently didn't have any toilet paper because he had taken his wife beater off and used it to wipe his ass and tossed that in the woods too. LOL The guy must have had the accident while driving down the highway and pulled off into the farm road to clean out his shorts. LOL

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