Hello everyone!! Today I was at Burger King eating lunch with a friend, and I had felt the urge to poop for a couple of hours before this, and now it was hitting me strongly,so I finished eating my meal as quickly as possible, and told my friend I needed to use the restroom. I made my way into the two stalled bathroom. The stalls were separated by brick walls, and you could not see into the other stall at all. Anyway...both stalls were open, and I took the bigger stall, and closed the door and locked it. I pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles, and spread my legs wide, and hunched over to watch my poop emerge as I so love to do. I peed a weak stream of pee for a few seconds, then it died off. I gave a push, and felt my hole dome out, then close back up. Then I gave another push, and my hole domed out again, and then closed back up as I took a breath. I took a deep breath this time, and pushed hard, and my hole domed out, and I heard a crackling as I felt the tip of a turd push its way through my hole, and move slowly forcing my hole open wider, making crackling noises as it was doing this. It moved at a slow pace, with some pushing every few seconds, and after 2 minutes of it continually coming out, it made a soft splish in the toilet. I looked at the turd, and it looked to be a foot long, and 3 inches wide. I felt more inside me, and began to push more feeling my hole open up for another turd. Just as the tip of my turd emerged, I heard the door open, and the stall door closing next to me, and the sound of pants being yanked down, and someone plopping herself down on the toilet. Then I hear her groaning and moaning, as I hear a loud fast crackling sound that lasted for 35 seconds, then a loud kersploosh...then a sigh, and then more moaning and a fast crackling for 30 seconds, and a loud kersploosh,......then silence for about 30 seconds, then another loud crackling that wasn't as fast sounding, and lasted for about 50 seconds, and then a loud kersploosh....Then there was a pause for 2 minutes, as I heard her pushing softly....and then another loud crackling that lasted for 30 seconds, and a kersploosh....then a few seconds of silence...and then PLOP..PLOP....PLOP..PLOP...PLOP......PLOP..PLOP.PLOP.PLOP.........PLOP sounding to be like medium sized turds....and then I hear her rolling the toilet paper roll as a strong stream of pee lasts for 15 seconds, and then dies, and she wipes 6 times....and pulls her pants up, and doesn't flush, but walks out of the stall, washes her hands, and leaves. Wow, I thought to myself..she was desperate to poop. Then I realized I had a huge turd sticking out of my bum that I had stopped pushing and it had stopped moving and stuck there the whole time the other girl was pooping. I had to push several times to get it moving again, and finally after 3 more minutes of pushing, my huge turd landed with a kerploosh....and I knew there was more in me, but I also knew that I had been in the bathroom for too long already, and I wiped twice, and flushed 3 times, to get my huge logs to go down...and left the stall and washed my hands, and then I took a peek into the bowl in the other stall, and it was filled with toilet paper, and several large turds. Well, thats it for now...hope ya'll enjoyed it...BYE!!

aShLeY T.
hi. I'm 16, 5'6". I want to share a story that happened to me not too ago.

About amonth ago i was walking back home from school, i had to poop really badly. I could've used the washoom at school, but I always felt uncomfortable using public washooms since i was a kid... I know the load was going to be huge because i was constipated for a few days. Anyways, by the time i managed to get back home, I was had to poop so badly that i was nearly losing control. I quickly went to unlock the front door, got in, relocked it, then head directly to the washroom. As i was making my way into the washroom, the phone immediately started ringing. I decided to go check who was calling. Appearantly it was one of my good friend calling. We haven't talked for the longest time. I hesitated to answer the phone because I had to poop just so badly.. but i decided to answer it. We talked for about 15 minute, by that point, I can't hold it in much longer & my stomach was hurting so much at that point. Luckly we talked for another minute the we both finally hung up the phone. I had to poop so badly at that point that I could barely move without nearly losing control. Before I could make it to the toilet, I felt a huge sharp pain in my stomach that i started farting a loud one. Then, immediately, a thick hard solid poop started coming out i tried to stop it from coming out but I had to go so badly that I just had to let it out... I quickly went to the washroom, closed the door and by then, the poop had already made it's way into my panties... I didn't even bother stopping it at this point because my pink underwear was stained by then... so i took my pants down, kneeled completely and just let nature do it's work.... I actually was enjoying it... After that thick poop had finished, my pink underwear was completely filled... I've actually enjoyed every second of it. i might consider doing it again soon.

Mr. Clogs
Hello everybody, it's me again and I'm back. Got a little post to share so here goes.

I had taken my milk of magnesia the night before so I can take a dump and stay slim the next day. By the way I've noticed the weight has dropped since I've been taking this milk of magnesia. Anyways I had to take a dump which was late for me, I was taking my shower and I needed to take a dump, I had nothing with me to take a dump in so I just squatted in the tub with the running water and released my poop into the tub. I had to stomp the poop with the running water to help it pass through the drain and rinse out the tub. I finished taking my shower and got ready for work.

Isabella: Thanks for your post, I feel your pain about the meter man interrupting you poop time. Hopefully you got your chance to finish your poop. Take care.

Bathroom beaky: Have you tried milk of magnesia yet? Give it a shot, you'll be pooping in no time.

Upstate Dave: Thanks for your posts, you're posts are awesome and full of detail. Keep the post coming.

lena: Great post, I like your discrete pee into the trash can while Sonia was lurking near by.

Take care,

--Mr. Clogs

1. How often do you poop? Usually 1-2 times every day

2. How long does it usually take for you to finish a normal poop? (no constipation or diarrhea)10-15 minutes

3. How long does it usually take you to start pooping after you first sit down? 1-2 minutes

4. About how many pieces of poop do you usually produce? 5-6 turds

5. Do the pieces all come out in one wave, or do you have to wait for the next wave to come out? Normally have a few minutes in between each turd

6. Do you do your longest piece of poop at the beginning or end of your session? beginning

7. What kind of sound do your poops usually make? It usually makes crackling noises as it emerges, and then a big KERPLUNK at the end

well, i recently flew over to germany, and on the way over, i had a very interesting flight. I was in line to use the latrine on the plane, when a girl about my age (16-21) came running up and said that she was about to have an accident, and could she please go before me. I said sure, then stepped aside to let her in. about a min later, the door opened up, and the lady inside came out, letting the girl dash inside. with those thin doors, i could head almost everything going on inside. She pulled down her panties, her but hit the seat, then all hell seemed to brake loose. I heard what sounded like really really bad diarrhea, followed by a very wet fart, followed by more diarrhea. This cycle repeated itself about 10 times, then i heard TP being torn off. She then said fuck somewhat to her self, and she stuck her head out the door to ask me if i had a pad. I didn't, but i did have a tampon if she wanted that i said. She said no, she wanted a pad to help protect her underware, and they didn't have any in there. i went and asked one of the flight attendants for her, and got her one. She then came out, and i walked in. The smell was so bad that i didn't want to shut the door, but i had no choice. I opened the toilet lid, and found that she had stopped the toilet. Wonderfull... Well, i quickly added my poop to hers, and left. as i was leaving, the flight attendant was standing there with a box of pads, as well as a plunger. I guess the girl must have told her what had happened. I then went back to my sight and sat down. I did notice that girl running back and forth at least 3 more times throughout the flight though.

It's me again. I felt bloated and full for the past day or so so I took 4 stool softeners last night with a good amount of water and as soon as I woke up I took another 4 stool softeners and drank 1 L of water. A few minutes ago I got some major stomach cramps and went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and undies and took a giant crap. It hurt coming out because it was so wide. I could feel it scratching me as it came out. It was huge, about 12 to 14 inches long and light brown. No wonder my stomach has been feeling so full the past couple of days! That's a lot of shit. My stomach feels quite a bit better, but like I said if I don't keep up with taking the stool softeners, eating plenty of fibre, fruits, vegetables and drinking at least 3 L of water a day I cannot go to the washroom and I have no appetite until I do. Not to mention most of my clothes feel tight until I do go. It's not a nice thing to suffer from IBS-C, to have a skinny body and a distended stomach that makes you look 4 months pregnant!

A personal tragedy has led me to discover 'Old Posts from the Toilet'. During the last year, my wife died in a car accident caused by a reckless driver, now in prison.

Like her, I do a lot of work from home, and use the internet a great deal. I know I have GOT to get over the shock. She would want me to get on with my life. We had no children, wishing to establish our careers first. Both extended families, and friends, are supporting me.

Surfing the net at random has been therapeutic and relaxing - by chance I came across 'Old Posts from the Toilet'. Not surprisingly, reaction to the tragedy has meant that I have got through a lot of toilet rolls.

I read Inominate's comment about his grandparents' former home, and looked up his own earlier postings to which he referred, 7 years ago. My grandparents' toilet was outside, and of similar construction, though it did flush (you pulled a chain, which had a piece of rope attached to it when the small children were around who couldn't reach the chain, like my mum, my auntie my cousin and myself when we were small.) The day when I told my grandparents that I could reach the chain without the rope was a milestone in my life, and it was removed. Although they could have afforded it, they were too old to want to be bothered with installing inside facilities, and the inevitable upheaval. We could put up with the toilet, but my cousin and I missed the daily shower we had grown up to take for granted, especially when in their last days we were doing odd jobs in the garden for them.

My grandparents only lived just over a mile away from my parents and myself. The sole toilet was attached to the main house building. Unlike the seat described by 'Inominate', my grandparents' seat had a section in the middle which could be lifted up, which prevented the male half of the species from wetting the seat. When I was very small, as my arms weren't very long, the default position of the seat was 'up' when I was visiting, so that I wouldn't have to lift it and make it bang back against the wall. Being a boy, unless I was staying overnight, my visits to their loo were of the standing kind.

My after-breakfast routine at home - teeth-cleaning and toilet-sitting and bottom-wiping and hand-washing - was accomplished before leaving the house, for school, grandparents' visits, or whatever.I was toilet-efficient before I was aged 3 - so I understand. I can't ever having my bottom wiped by anyone else. *

There was no lock on the door, but I had a card to hang on the handle, 'JOHN IN HERE'. There was always a grown-up, or my cousin, hanging about at that stage, in case I got into difficulty.

None of us remember much from before our third birthday, but I was told later the following details from my parents and my cousin Ian. A lot of my toilet-education was done by Ian, 4 years older than myself - a good role model for me in many ways. He had a very close relationship with my mum. He was her first nephew - and, indeed, her only one; he was to be an only child, as I was. My auntie was doing a degree from home, and arranged to go on residential courses during his school holidays. My mum liked him to come to stay at our house, and he was the sort of boy who enjoyed helping to 'look after' me - changing nappies, putting me on my potty, and eventually on the toilet with a child seat. My mum trusted Ian with me (and I liked him). There were things that I had to do myself from a very early age, like pulling my trousers down, flushing from the low handle, pulling my trousers up and making myself look respectable.

He washed his own hands. Then he sat on the toilet himself, for his own bodily function. He told me later that I was spellbound when he did this, and he made me watch him, and listen for the plops in the water. As he wiped his bottom, he showed me each piece of paper, until it was completely clean. He washed his hands before he pulled his jeans up, and I learned that routine, unless, of course, I was in a public toilet. During the rest of that visit, we followed the same pattern, with one difference. He put the paper in my hand, and guided it to my bottom, and then making me wash my hands. My parents were amazed, but very grateful. My dad apparently said he was ashamed of himself for not letting me see him sitting on the toilet. And from then on, he did take me in with him from time to time - partly so that I could pick up other tips, and partly so that he could give me advice - on safety and good habits - so that I could be completely toilet-sufficient. (A family joke - which no doubt was embarrassing at the time - is that I told everyone - including at people at church - that I could wipe my bottom! Over the years, it's been told to embarrass ME!)

My grandparents wanted me to stay with them sometimes as at my auntie's, but knew that I would find the old fashioned toilet difficult, and they also knew - and respected - the fact that I didn't want either of them to go in with me. I had already stayed several times with my auntie, and there were no problems there. (Ian, like my dad, let me go in the shower with him, at his house and ours. It was some time before I was considered older enough to go in on my own.) A compromise was reached: I would stay with my grandparents when Ian could be there. I was prepared to let him go into the toilet with me, so that I didn't fall. I was independent-minded, but had the sense to accept that it was for my own safety. I worked out my own routine, and I sprang up to the part of the seat next to the wall with my trousers still up. I wore trousers with half-elastic waist, on my visits in those early overnight visits, which were easy to put on, without a belt, and easy to pull down.) At home, where we had modern toilets, I pulled my trousers down to my ankles before I sat on the seat, but at this high, old fashioned toilet, there was a danger that I might get entangled in my trousers while I was jumping up. I pulled them down while sitting on the solid area, and then slid along and got myself ensconced over the hole.

I have always enjoyed my bowel movements. I have always liked wooden seats rather than plastic ones, which would certainly have been VERY COLD in the winter. Most of my overnight visits to my grandparents were in the summer, but one winter, I stayed there for a month, when my mother had to go into hospital because of a complicated pregnancy (resulting in losing the baby). The cistern and pipes were lagged, and the toilet never froze up. I was by then wearing corduroy long trousers, which the school allowed in the winter, and I also had my warm anorak on. It was a bit difficult keeping the anorak out of the way of my bottom, especially when wiping, but I managed it. (It's amazing how children can devise methods of coping with awkward situations.)

In our university department our men's toilets had wall to wall seats, and I allowed myself extra time walking from my accommodation, to sit with a bare posterior before lectures.

* There was one exception to self-wiping, which I will describe in another posting.

I overslept yesterday morning and didn't have time for my morning poop.
Whilst travelling to work on the train, I had to use the toilet.
On this particular morning I had really bad wind, as I started pooping my wind was really loud and powerful, as it boomed and blasted the toilet.
This went on for about 5 minutes, as I continued to fart, I heard someone outside commenting on the loudness of my farts.
When I was done the smell was really bad, however I flushed the toilet twice, and returned to my seat on the train.

Last week I was Fed up clogging the weak toilets at work.I raised the manhole cover for the sewer (in the woods) crowtched over the opening and had a very large bowel movement. (a weeks worth of severe constipation)
I placed the lid on the sewer and thought no more about it.
Today all the toilets in the building were out of action - they found the blockage was my large pile of poop located at the manhole cover in the woods.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I hardly ever get to that beach anymore but will be there this summer. It's in Chicago and I live in the UK. Last time I used to go there, it was 4 toilets, no doors on the stalls, across from a row of sinks and mirrors. There were always guys on the toilets, sitting stright up or hunched over taking a dump and people washing their hands, sometimes glancing into the mirrors and checking out who was on the toilets. I remember being at the sink when three young Hispanic guys (maybe late teens) came in, pulled their trunks down, laughed and talked, and farted and splashed. The weren't embarassed at all that I was there.

Turd Lover
Daily Shit Report :

The first log to come out my ass was a gorgeous specimen. It measured 11 inches long by 1+7/8" diameter. Ouch !! The second log was much smaller -- only about 4 inches with a diameter of around one inch. Both were the same texture & color -- medium brown and loaded with peanuts and corn. The first turd created a nice soaking splash followed by a mild "plunk" from the second one. They both floated nicely. Upon flushing the john, it was a race to see which one went down the drain first. To my surprise, the smaller turd lost this contest to it's big brown brother. There was a faint stain in the drain and a nasty stench to remind me of the dynamic duo. On a "Shit Satisfaction Scale" of 1 to 10, this would rate about 6 or 7. It wasn't quite spectacular enough to merit a photograph but a delightful way to start the day nonetheless. Happy shitting y'all !!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My name real name is Isabella but people call be bella for short. I have been a lurker here for some time but Lena's shit interruptus event made me post about my real event. Yes, I did have a shit interruptus about a year ago. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am 26 years old with a shapely body and dark hair and dark skin. So here is my event. I took off a day from work to wait for the gas company. I have been getting some abnormally high bills due to my bill being estimated. The person I talked to the day before told me that a reader would be at my place sometime between 9am and 4pm. Grrrreat I thought just like the cable company….just a time range. Well, I dressed conservative with a normal t-shirt and tight jeans with a cotton bikini underneath. I had breakfast, and then lunch , and hours later it was 4pm and no meter reader and I have not taken a dump today. I could feel myself do some soft farts and I realized that I had to have dinner and I took off a day for nothing. For my dinner I had a chicken pasta broccoli casserole. After this I really needed to poo. In fact I found my hands gripping my butt area on my jeans. At 5:30 pm I quickly got to the toilet on the 1st floor of the house. It seemed like I was about to explode right on the toilet. A huge mass of soft mushy poo came out and I knew that the area around my ass was messed. DINGDING DONG! Crap!!!!! They finally choose to come to my house now, an hour and a half later while I am on the pot. No courtesy phone call to say they would be late … just show up at my house and ring my bell when I am having a much needed but not too relaxing shit. I figured I would let them wait since they made me wait the whole day. I just finished cleaning my butt when another rush of mush came out. Then I heard the doorbell again. Shit, this is going to take a while. I stuffed tissue into my cheeks to not stain my panties so I could get the door to prevent the meter reader from either ringing my doorbell again or leaving . My ass pointed out in my jeans due to the amount of wadded tissue I used. I answered the door and gave the meter reader a stern look. After the initial bickering about the arrival time we came to an agreement that the meter was working properly. However since then I have not had abnormally high bills since the meter had an actual reading and he never really knew I was on the pot and he interrupted my pooping experience.

Uncle Al
Hello everyone. I had a question. Do any of you on this site have a cleaning lady come to your house? And if so, what is your take on pooping in the bathroom when she is at your house? I have had a couple incidents and I was uncomfortable, but I simply had to go. I was feeling VERY akward thoug, perhps that is becasue I am a VERY shy poooper when someone that I know is in the same area. I have no problems using public restrooms though (as long as there is not someone that i know in it with me- if there are strangers in the restroom I have no problem at all- I guess that sounds weird, but...) Well here is what happened to me in regards to the cleaning lady. I have her come once every month or two to do the heavy cleaning and I do the rest in between. Well, one day she was here during the winter and shortly after she had (thankfully) finished cleaning the bathroom, I started to get a stomach ache and it felt like I would have an upset stomach. I tried to wait for her to be finished and leave but she had a long way to go to be finished and I got to the point where I simply had to use the bathroom. I asked her if she was finished and said I needed to use the bathroom. She said she was done and to go right ahead. I quickly entered the bathroom, with her being just 5 feet from the bathroom as she was now cleaning the hallway outside the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and pukked a garbage can up to my side as I wasn't sure which end it was going to come out- I felt that sick! Within just seconds, I felt everythig drop like a bullet and I was having noisy diarrhea without any control. I was so embarrased. It took me over 20 minutes in the bathroom and even though I flushed a few times, the smell and the noise from the gassy and watery diarrhea was not able to be hidden. When finished, I exited the bathroom and said "Mary, here is your check. I am not feeling well. I have a very upset stomach that come on very suddenly and i am going to my bedroom to lay down. I layed down on the bed with a pan next to me incase of vomiting. It was only ten minutes or so before I had to RUN to the bathroom again to have explosive and watery diarrhea. It continued like this for the rest of the day and I also did wind up vominitg also. Between bathroon trips, I asked her if all was ok- basically my way of trying to break the ice of the embarrasment I felt from being sick in the bathroom while she was within earshot. SHe said yes. I just said I am sorry, I don;t know what happened, but I was feeling fine and then suddenly I got sick to my stomach. At the point when she left for the day, I was still on the toilet having diarrhea. SHe left beofre I was able to get out of the bathroom that day. I was so embarrassed.

Then there was today. I went fishing on my small boat all day. By the time I got home, I neded to poop very urgently. I was not sick or anything, but most times after a long day on the boat ( between eating lunch, being in the sun, dringking and rocking/bouncing in the oat all day, drinking coffees & getting up too early to have a morning poop) byt he time I get home I have to go in a major way. Well, today when I ogt home the cleaning lady was here. I forgot that she was coming this afternoon. She was cleaning my bedroom which is just a foot away from the bathroom. She had not done the bathroom yet. Uh Oh. I had to poop ASAP! I said hello and how are you and other niceties, etc. Then I said that I jsut got back from fishing all day. The I asked in as nonchalant of a manner as possible (trying to make it soud like an after thought), I said, I have to use the bathroom. Is it ok for me to go in there now, or do you need it? She said no, go ahead. I said ok thanks. I went right in and sat on the toilet. For the next ten minutes I took a much needed long awaited poop. It was a little gassy which I'm sure she heard and somewhat crackly and loose. Between the smell and the sound it had to be clear that I had an awfully urgent poop need. When I finished, I sprayed air freshener heavily and flushed twice. Then I acted as nonchalant as possible and talked to her about her plans for 4th of July, bbq etc. Then I sat down to write this post as she is now cleaning the bathroom. I just feel so strange that I now have had two emergency type bathroom visits this year while she has been here cleaning. Also, I feel especially funny that I pooped and made a bad stench in the bathroom BEFORE she had to clean it! I guess she realizes that I use the toilet and all, but I still feel like I'm a jerk for using the toilet right beofree she cleans it. I didn't do it on purpose though. I just had to go and I did not feel that it was possible to hold it any longer. What do you all think? Has anyone else had a similar situation? How would you recommend I have handled this? Thanks in advance for any input!

Bathroom beaky
Please sombody help me. i havent been for a poo for over 5days now and i an usaully a regular 2 poops a day. does anyone know of any natura;l laxative i have tried the lemon juice in hot water but i didnt take any effect. please could you advise me on how long they should take to kick in how much i should have etc. please help me asap because it is really depreesing needing a poo and not being able to go. please help btw this is the foirst time i have been constapted


Today I want to share a story about only my friend Maori. She can go for four or five days without having to poop so when she does need to go she poops a lot. About a month ago I was over at Maori's house after we had been shopping. She made us lunch and we ate then when we finished Maori told me she had to poop.

I followed her to the bathroom as she pulled down her pants down and sat on the toilet. She spread her legs to help her push the poops out but it also gave me a good view of the toilet water. A small bit of pee came out of her when she pushed, then she peed harder for a short time.

Maori was still peeing when I saw her poop hanging out of her butt. The poop was pretty big so it fell in the water make a big splash. Her pee ended and she wiped her hairy lady part once then she pushed another poop, it was smaller then the first but grew longer. Still it made splash in water just as the first did. Not too long and a poop came out same size as second one and really long. This poop did not make a big splash, only a small one.

She waited and just sat for minute maybe two and then she said she felt more poop ready. Maori pushed and poop came out, a really big one and she told me it hurt when it come out. This poop splash big even more then the first poop. She stand up and I saw the toilet full of her poop, her four poops layed on the others and I only saw little water in toilet

Maori sat back down and said she had more to go then she flushed the toilet. The flush did not even finish putting the water back when she was pooping again. She pushed out a long poop that make small splash. Then another long poop that only make tiny splash in water. She pushed out one more long poop, almost no splash.

At last she said she was done with her poop. She stand up and I could see the toilet almost full of poop again. I saw more water this time then the first flush, but she pooped very lot. She flushed the toilet again and then sat down to wipe. She wiped three times and turned on the water jet, I think Americans call it a beday, to get all the way clean.

Upstate Dave
Hello all and welcome Reiko to the group. Enjoyed your first post very much. Scot the trap door in the barn under it was a shallow hole. As I remember a couple of feet deep. No it wasn't open to the outside. As far as outside and the toilet paper being tossed outside it was very wooded so it could not be seen unless you managed to get around to that side of the barn. Toilet paper does break down fairly fast when out in the open plus like I said n the post she only did shit there a couple times a month.

Scott also in the old house that my family lived in at this time we had two trap doors in the floor in the house. One was in the front main hallway just off from the front main door. That one was used to hide valuables in and later was also used as part of the underground railway to smuggle slaves to Canada. The owner of the house durring this time was a abolishinest. I found records of his activity that he did this. Plus I dug it out some finding some old parchment type aper,broken china, and old silver spoons. (house was built in 1803)

The second trap door was out in what was the summer kitchen. People who had money in colonial times would have a second large kitchen in thier homes to cook in in the summer for it was cooler then the small kitchen. The trap door in the summer kitchen covered over a old stone lined well which was 20 feet in depth. It got used by myself and many of my friends at this time as a toilet which we peed and shit in it! I have some stories here when the times it was used. Check back in the old posts to find them. If you don't find them I can always post them again. Upstate Dave

John Philip
Inominate: Yeah I remember you from the Old Posts quite a while back. Aside from the toilet stories, I thought some of the information pertaining to the "canings" that were administered back then and other material very interesting. Do you plan to post regularly? It seems that a lot of posters from years back are resurfacing.

I vaguely recall a time in 1st grade that I witnessed my friend Tyler taking a dump (I've moved away from the area so I haven't seen him in a while). He happened to be hanging out at my place for a while and we were partaking in the usual activities such as playing the now ancient Nintendo 64 and some Windows 98 computer games. We were in the middle of a certain game when he announced that he had to use the bathroom. I didn't pay much attention and simply nodded my head in acknowledgment. After waiting for him for about ten minutes, I'll admit being rather rude (I was barely 9 years old so that accounts for it) and opened the door to see what he was doing. I found him sitting on the crapper, legs spread apart with his shorts at his ankles. In retrospect, I realize there could've been two possible reactions to me abruptly barging in. He may have jumped off the pot, yelled at me to get out and shut the door, or have done absolutely nothing. Luckily the latter prevailed. Tyler just sat there and stared at me, not making a move as I was able to glimpse three medium brown floaters in the bowl below. I don't recall what I said at the time, but after a few minutes he made a few subtle gestures indicating he wanted privacy. I obliged, not wanting the situation to get odd. After about two more minutes he emerged, and without mentioning the incident we went about business as usual. This experience may actually have initiated my growing interest in toilet activities (especially bowel movements). I'll elaborate on this later..

The other day I decided to do a bit of gardening,the weather was hot but not too hot so I could work outside for awhile . I had just had the ac unit put in so I had decided to build a little frame around it and fill it with cypress mulch. It would make it alot easier for mowing and look alot neater. I dressed in my long tank top and a pair of very old spandex short shorts. These shorts like my denim shorts are definitely not for making a paublic appearance in. They are very faded pale blue, used to be shin tight but have stretched over the years. Due to my thick unshaven bush which pokes out the legholes I have to wear a long T or tank top.But wearing them is almost like going naked they are so light.

Okay so about an hour or so later I'd finished my task I felt poop urge come on . I guess if I had to rate it it would be 7 out of 10, so it was very noticeable,but I just did what I usually do and held on . At the same time I also felt the need to piss, but I ignored that as well. I put the tools away in the shed and started to repair a few old picture frames. The bench in my shed is L shaped and the shorter side overlooks a window from which I can see my driveway.

About 1130 I see this woman entering my drive,I'd seen her around before but just couldn't place.I opened the window and motioned her to come into the shed. She introduced herself as Sonia she was president of the local gardening club and askede me if I'd be interested in joining. Sonia is a woman in her earlies 40's I guess ,medium height and build with long auburn hair. I said ur gonna have to forgive me I have to finish this then go do some real work, but please don't take it personally . She was fine with that and maybe we could do it another time. She was sitting in an old arm chair facing the long side of my bench, which happens to be covered in so I can hang tools from it.

Well Sonia began to prattle on a bit , I offered her a drink but she declined as she had her bottle of water, good I could carry on . Now I was getting to a 9 out of 10 stage with both my piss and poop. I was a bit concerned because I 'd got where I was dropping my right hand below the bench and squeezing my crotch, I was sitting on a stool this sort of prevented any wayward stools LOL, from popping out. I could feel myself getting damper and damper which is nothing new , cause of my unshaven crotch I'm often very damp anyways.Underneath the bench is a an old plastic bucket I use as a trash can, this was half full of sawdust and dirt of the floor.

I said to Sonia excuse me while I work ,I really want to finish this frame, she apologised for interrupting me. I rose from the stool very gently and reached down and grabbed the bucket and balanced it on the shelf under the bench.The bench reaches to my midriff when I'm standing so there is no chance of being seen. But I was busting for a piss, it was only a matter of time before I was gonna piss myself. I raised my top above my pants trying not to be obvious, then slowly postioned my crotch over the lip of the trash can, and spread my legs at the same time I made out I was trying to hold one side of the frame below the bench. What in fact I was doing was pulling the crotch of my shorts to one side, I let my piss fall into the trash can. The sawdust muffled the sound of my piss , also I had a radio going, but cos I could not see what I was doing I pissed over my knuckles and wet the front of my shorts considerably. I'm sure Sonia did nothave a clue what I was doing, well I hoped not LOL.

After I finished I just replaced the can and dropped my top,nobody would know unless they saw the dribbles down the inside of my legs.Having had such a strange secret piss had activated my bowels and I could feel the turtlehead poking out of my butt. Now one thing I did not want to do was shit my shorts in front of Sonia,besides I have shit these shorts before and they do not hold it like they used to, as I said before they are very old.

Sonia said finally she'd better go and let me do my thing(well she didn't know it was gonna be a big shit)and that she'd be in touch later . I said that was fine and I'd be glad to see her later,but would she mind if she went around the back of the shed to take a leak the water was going through her. I opened the back door of the shed for her, now this woman didn't know me from a hole in the ground. I pointed to where she could piss, it's actually where I do . She stood over some grass,spread her legs then lifted the front of her summer dress out in front she let it flow. Oh thanks Lena she said I was about to have an accident. Her piss mostly fell towards and on the ground but some ran down her legs and onto her sandaled feet. I'm guessing she wasn't wearing panties, I asked if she'd like some tissue, no thx she's a drip dry gal. By now my shit was starting to force its way passed my tightly clenched butt cheeks, but I have to admit I was a little aroused by Sonia's carefree attitude.

She picked up her folder then departed ,thanking me for my time and patience and would hope to visit me qithing the week, I said that would be fine.As I walked her out the front door and waved her good bye and she walked down the drive, I was clenching my butt cheeks like you would not believe.

It was too late, I'd held on too long this time as I saw her climb into her car I shit my shorts, not a little bit,but did the whole lot. My shorts held the load for about 45 secs then it started to ooze out both legholes and fall between my thighs. I walked or waddled around the back of shed I could feel poop squelching between my cheeks ,between my thighs and around my crotch and into my pubes. I have a hose around there so I just hosed myself clean, now that is a nice experience I just have found out. Hosed my shorts clean, ran quickly bare assed into the house and started on the days work.

Love Lena xxx

I had a minor fender-bender accident and had to go the the Hall of Justice to file a report and pay a small fine. No big deal. The big deal was having to take off work, walk four blocks after I found a meter and went to get change for the parking, and then finally get to the building and wait in line to do my transaction. There were about 20 or 25 people ahead of me in line and since I had dranken two cups of coffee, I felt a pee coming on and didn't want to have discomfort in the line. So I went down the hall to the restroom door. Really, really old bathroom, probably late 1800s marble, two stalls, four urinals and two sinks. I had just unzipped and was at the first urinal when two young boys--probably about 5 or 6--came running in chasing one another and one tries to close the entry door on the another. One goes to the end of the urinal line, steps up on his tip-toes and starts madly flushing it, then he calls the other boy over and dares him to try and pee while the flush cycle is continuously going. That chaos was somewhat disruptive to me as I tried to get my pee completed and although I gave them a couple of negative looks, I didn't immediately say anything. I flushed, washed my hands, and went out to the line while they were still messing around.

During my last five minutes in line (it was about 10:30 a.m.) I felt my regular morning crap dropping and I remember thinking how lucky I was that I wasn't farther back in line. I finally got to the window, signed their document, wrote my fine check, and walked with a faster pace back to the restroom. To my dismay, I found the boys were still in there and now they were playing in the toilet stalls. One said he was locked in and couldn't get out. Then his brother comes from the other stall, grabs him by the legs and pulls him from under the door and out. Problem: that stall is now locked from the inside and although I'm in my mid-20s, I don't know that I have the agility to crawl or slide myself under. I gave the boys a non-verbal message (my girlfriend calls it an 'evil eye') and went into the first stall that the boy had just vacated. The seat was up, I dropped it real fast, latched the door, dropped my slacks and briefs, and seated myself.

I usually fart a little and then drop my main piece. As I farted I heard noise and saw a shadow outside the door. The boys--each on opposite sides of the door were looking in on me, and then there was snickering and one told the other get ready for the smell. One said "I want to leave now, let's go" while the other cautioned, "No, Mommy said we had to wait here until she came for us." As I sat, feeling my space being violated and as I got increasingly frustrated, I was just getting ready to yell at them when their mother stuck her head in, said she was done with her business, and let them leave with her.

My girlfriend believes the mom used the bathroom as a babysitter. All I know is that I'm not cut out for babysitting boys with that behavioral level. Even caring for my nephew (whom I've written about in an earlier post) is enough for me.

brittany (crystal)
I took a dump for the first time today in over a week!

It was massive and probably stretched my anus farther than its ever been. I feel a lot better now, though. Much lighter as well. My ???? looks kinda flabby though. It was stretched and bloated a bit to hold all that junk in my bowels. I hope it goes back to normal soon. If not, though, oh well I guess. It'll just be something to help me remember the dump of a lifetime.

Joe Stool:

I hope you like my accidental voyeur story. Last week I went down to my favorite campgrounds to spend a week there. It's a nice campgrounds, made up of two adjacent "lots", so to speak so that two families could use the grounds at the same time. The problem is there is no indoor plumbing, so you have to piss and shit in the woods.

Well, anyway, on the third day I was there, a family showed up and took the other lot. I talked with them some and got to know them a little better. There was the mother Michelle, her husband David, and their daughter Marie. Marie looked to be no older than 12 or 13, and she was really excited to be out camping.

A few more days went by that were fairly uneventful, until the fifth day of my week long trip. I woke up in the morning, ate my breakfast and then I had an urge to take a piss. I walked off to the woods to find a nice secluded spot. I found a spot and pulled out my penis and begin to pee on the ground near a tree.

As I finished up and was rebuttoning my pants, I heard another person nearby. I looked around and saw Michelle in a particularly revealing top. I felt my heartbeating faster just seeing her, but because she was in the woods, I knew I was also in for a show - she needed the bathroom. I was too far away to really hear anything, but I found a place where I got a perfect view but she would never know I was there.

Michelle walked around for a bit, probably looking for the perfect spot. I think she gave up on finding it, because eventually she just unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down and took them off, then slowly pulled down her crimson red panties, removing them as well. She got into a squatting position and I saw her begin a forceful pee stream. Her stream was much more forceful than mine was and she pissed for almost as long as I did too.

I saw her reach down and pick up the toilet paper. She tore off only one sheet, wiped her vagina, tossed the sheet on the ground and squatted again. I felt myself getting really excited, I knew that meant she had to shit as well. She just squatted there for a while, maybe she was having trouble, I don't know. After some time, her butt opened up and stayed open for a while and then a turd poked its head out. It came out about an inch, then stopped. I could tell she was pushing it out, the turd was growing, but slowly.

Eventually, the turd broke off and landed on the ground where I couldn't see it anymore. Her butt opened again, and another turd came out, this one working out faster. It came to about the same length, then broke off. For a while, she just squatted there and nothing happened, then another turd shot out really fast. I almost didn't see it. After that, there was another short pause, then I spotted a ropey turd that seemed to never stop. At least I think it was one turd, I don't know for sure. When the ropey turd/s finally did stop, nothing happened for a short bit, then one last slow turd eased its way out.

Finally, she reached for more toilet paper. Damn, that woman sure could shit. She wiped herself three times, each time throwing the paper on the ground and reaching for more afterward. Except the last time, she didn't grab any more paper. I thought maybe she was just done, but she began to look around. I guess she ran out of paper and needed some leaves. She turned towards me, although she didn't seem to see me. I did get a nice view of her thick black hair on her vagina though.

She reached up, pulled off a leaf or two from a tree and wiped herself with them and she seemed uncomfortable after. But they must have done the trick, since she tossed the leaves aside with the paper and then put her panties back on. Then she put her jeans back on, zipped them up and buttoned them and walked back to camp. When I was sure she was gone, I emerged from my "hiding" spot and went to look at her shit.

She had left four good sized light brown turds, each probably 6 to 8 inches long. Her ropey turd was just a coiled up pile of shit, like you see in the cartoons. It was a darker brown than the others, but still fairly light brown. There was a definite odor of shit about, but it wasn't that terrible, all things considered.

For some years I have had some health problems which involved the muscles and/or nerves. I have been getting a bit more constipated, especially on pain meds. I have had a better run as far as pain is concerned for a few weeks and as a result the constipation has not been an issue.
I saw another neurologist several days ago and I have been diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. I started medication which has already brought on hard poos. I did a poo the afternoon before last and it was so hard pushing it out..not a really big turd though. I was in my public toilet...there was no one there, not that I would have cared. The problem was it nearky caused me to black out and I felt unwell for a few hours muscles were tense from the effort. Last night I took a laxative and had a average poo at the gym.... I went to the local football at the school and had a big soft poo in the toilets there..very smelly and then another easy poo at my public toilets.
Does anyone have Parkinsons Disease and if so what is there experience in the bowel department?

Mr. Man
Had another opportunity to hear one of my good female friends on the toilet last night. I was at a party in an old community hall. The toilets were simply the womens turned into a unisex with both stalls in use. At various points in the night I tried to be in there when a female went in but not much luck. Then, later in the evening my friend said she 'be right back' and made her way to the toilets. I followed in and took the stall next to hear. She did a cute little fart and started a nice long, constant wee. I waited to see if anyone else came in but no one did.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Turd Lover
Some great stories here.......
John Philip --- I really can't recall any one particular constipated experience, although I'm sure I've had them. I do remember one time when I was unable to produce an actual LOG for about two months. I had just returned from spending 3 weeks in Mexico & Central America and had been eating alot of very hot spicy foods. My poops were nothing but runny liquid and burned my rectum as they came out. I figured somehow I must have picked up an intestinal parasite. I was starting to wonder if I would ever be able to shit normal again. This really bothered me, because not only did I have major runs but it stunk like nothing else I've ever smelled. Then finally one day I had to shit and expected the normal liquid brown burst, but to my surprise a nice firm log came out !! I was relieved, ecstatic, excited & full of joy. From that day on, I've never taken a big brown log for granted. I cherish each and every one of them. I will admit, some of these monsters hurt as they come out, but it's always worth it to see that massive submarine floating in the sea of wonder.

Razor Poop

Whilst I was out at a garden centre today, I got the worst stabbing pain I have ever had in my stomach.
I rushed to the ladies and was greeted by a old victorian style toilet with a large bowl and the water tank up in the air, with a chain to pull for the flush.
As I sat on the toilet in pain I pressed on my stomach(to stimulate my bowels) which felt hard as a rock.
I strained on the toilet for about 2 minutes then without warning my anus felt like I was passing a razor blade.
The poo made its way out slowly, I was in extreme pain, then the pain ended as the turd had finished coming out.
As I got up to wipe I was amazed by the sheer size and thickness of my turd.
It was about 15" long and the thickest poo I have ever done in my life.
I pulled the chain,despite the toilet having a high power flush, the turd was going no where - unlike me, who whilst feeling sore but rather proud, continued with my shopping.
I have passed large turds for forty years now, still havent found a toilet in any country worldwide that can accomodate them.

This is the conclusion of my story about what happened to me one morning recently after I did my usual morning workout jog through the park and how very different it was because I didn't need to stop at the restroom building and have my morning crap like I often have to at about 4:30-5 a.m. I had went back home, quietly changed into my business suit, and got into my car to drive downtown to my job at the bank. Noticing that I had a stack of books for the university library where I take graduate classes, I decided to swing by the campus on my way to work. While I was making the drive downtown my bowel activity came over me in a big way and although I know I should have stopped at a gas station-type place on the way in, I held out hope that I could hold my load until I got to campus.

It didn't help when I got to the book return, pulled downt he lever and found it was full. I thought to myself "****, now I'm going to have to carry all these books to the library itself at a time when I figured I was just a couple of minutes way from crapping in my relatively new business suit. I got out of the car fast, not even bothering to lock the door, grabbed the books and walked as fast as I could up the sidewalk to the library. The sun was just coming up and it illuminated the door that when I grabbed it, didn't open because it was locked. I glanced at my watch and it said 5:50 a.m.! I was thinking I was just seconds from crapping my pants and I could now smell my crap and the increasingly malicious farts I was unable to hold in. I quickly remembered from my undergraduate days some 15 years ago that the campus had a 24/7 study lounge on the lower level and I remembered a one-stall bathroom I had used before. I started downstairs, not waiting for the elevator, which wasn't very smart considering I was carrying a half dozen books, my purse plus the full load of crap I was about to lose. I got to the bathroom, put my weight into the door, laid my books on the book rack and my purse on top, and quickly went to the single stall.

I thought I badly bruised my right hand when I rammed it into the stall door and it didn't move. I farted a couple of more times and thought for sure I was going to mess up my pants as I backed up to the single sink to see why the door was latched. I looked under the stall and saw two athletic shoes and jean-covered legs sitting there. Most certainly, I thought my banging into the door would have scared the occupant. I then tried peeking into the crack between the yellow partition and door and I saw red underwear pulled down to knee-level and a girl about 19 with her head against the right partition, seated on a carefully toilet papered seat. She was sleeping! I pounded on the door two or three times and that didn't arouse her and I was now sweating and ready to go into the emergency mode. I then squatted down toward the floor and threw my right foot under the stall door and into her foot--hoping that would wake her up. No such luck. Obviously a very heavy sleeper or someone who fainted while trying to push the big one out.

Just like I had done 20 years earlier in high school gymnastics class, I hoped I was still limber enough to jump myself up on the sink just as if it were a bar. I dropped my slacks and panties all the way to the floor and threw myself up on the sink. I felt some water from the rim on the bottom of my butt and I carefully placed my hands on the two sides of the sink as my gas and crap blasted away. I laid out two logs, each of about 8 inches. They were moist and one was rubbing up against my bush (I got to thinking about how you just can't win and should always shave for emergencies such as this!) Anyway my relief came after about 15 seconds at which time I got to thinking about how I was going to clean myself. I heard a couple of snores, saw the girl's feet move and in a slow, non-threatening way so as not to startle her, I tried to explain to her what had happened and what I had just done. She was very groggy when she opened her door and I asked her for a good handful of toilet paper with which I could clean myself. She was definitely surprised and embarrassed as she reached down and pulled some paper off the seat and handed it to me. She had been pulling an all-nighter, studying for an economics exam and she had fallen asleep while peeing. She apologized like three times as she pulled up her panties and jeans and vacated the stall. I went in, sat down and finished my cleanup.

By the time I got back upstairs, the library was open and I put my books on the drop off counter. I hurried back to my car, stopping only at a security phone to call in the need for bathroom cleanup. Originally, I was going to use my cell but I didn't want it traced to me.

My band practices in a storage unit facility. There are about ten or twenty bands in the place total, and I've made friends with several of the bands there.

Well, there is no bathroom nearby, and usually we have to drive to a nearby McDonald's to use the bathroom.

Well, I really had to poop, but we were in the middle of a pretty cool jam, and I didn't want to interrupt it. It lasted for a lot longer than I expected. After the jam, I really really had to shit. We had some toilet paper in the unit to wipe of spills or whatever else, so I took it and walked around to look for a good spot.

Well, there was no place to go that wasn't in plain view except one spot, which happened to be right in front of a buddies unit. I thought 'why not' and went for it. I threw my toilet paper in a nearby dumpster.
Sorry Ricky. I hope you read this so you can know who shit right in front of your unit.

Joe Stool
Jessy G, Lena, Amanda M.: Awesome stories about your movements! I really enjoyed the details provided. When you "regularly" keep these accounts of your shits coming, I suspect that you brighten the weeks of a lot of folks like me.
To all posters male and female: Does anyone have any stories of females pooping where you became an "accidental voyeur"? In other words, due to unexpected circumstances, you witnessed a female pooping with your eyes, ears, or nose...or all of the above? Details of grunts, farts, plops, etc. are much appreciated. Happy movements to all!

to tom, id love to hear more of your stories, the one about you and ur roommate was so interesting

John Philip
Laurel: That story was one hell of a cliffhanger! Hope to hear the rest..

Turd Lover: 300 photos is impressive. The story you wrote in your most recent post was quite good. If I'd been in your shoes and those two dudes had barged in, my reaction would've been a cross between pissed off and embarressed. Have you ever had any noteworthy constipated experiences? I know its random but I'm curious.

There was a bathroom experience I had in kindergarten that was one of the first constipated experiences that I recall. I was aboit seven years old and I suppose I happened to hold it for quite a while, because I felt a strange fullness that day in class and asked one of the teachers If I could use the restroom. She allowed it, but the policy (odd as it was) entailed accompanying the kids to the bathroom to ensure they didn't take too long. So I went in with the teacher (a woman, I didn't care then becuase I was 7) and immediately upon sitting on the toilet I felt the tip of a hard log poking out. I pushed very hard but it had no effect whatsoever. I pushed harder and still nothing. The teacher kept telling me not to strain but I didn't know what the hell else to do! Getting worried, and still feeling the rock hard turtlehead poking out my butt, I pushed as hard as possible until I nearly began to cry with panic. The teacher told me to stop and try again later. I made a last ditch effort (in vain, of course) and remained in discomfort for the rest of the day. Strangely enough, I do not recall how I eventually passed that compacted turd, but it MUST have taken a large amount of time.

Anonymous Coward
The other day I had to poop in the woods. Me and my friend were in a woods trail, and I had to poop. So I went back in the woods and had him wait and stand guard while I pooped. Anyway the thing was that I didn't pull my pants all the way down. As I pooped, some pee came out and gave me a noticeable wet spot. When I was finished and pull my pants up, I felt an odd and sudden pain in my arm. I looked and saw a small puncture. Wierd, I thought, a thorn must've got me. I began walking again and felt about 5 more of them. "OWW! WTF IS THIS" I said, looking at my arm again. I noticed a yellow jacket with its stinger in my arm. I killed him but got 4-5 stings. It was pretty painful cuz they were all together and my skin was sunburned there. So, me, who is fat and cant run, ran about a half-mile away. I dunno where my friend was at this point, but I was far away near the fence guarding a school for insane kids (it was summer, so I think it was empty but some of them might live there). My friend probably thought I was still shitting and was waiting for me. I was bored and had to pee. I wondered where I could go. I walked around back in the woods looking but people were jogging on a trail about 10 yards away. I walked down it for awhile till I had to go bad. Still it was too close to the main trail. I figured I only had one choice. Since I already peed a little in my pants I figured I should just finish. I went abit farther off so that joggers wouldn't see the wet spot spreading. I relaxed my bladder and let go. A wet spot formed on my pants and it went down my legs. When I was finished it was obvious I'd peed my pants. Once it dried I found my bike again and rode home. Forgot that my friend was with me until the next day. He was really angry that I ditched him.

Horrible experience over the weekend.

I was in Tompkins Square Park in NYC with my girlfriend and her daughter. We were in one of the playgrounds watching her daughter play when my guts cramped up bad. I knew there were public restrooms in the park though I'd never used them. I told my gf that I had to pee (yeah, right) and made my way to the restrooms. By the time I got there I was close to shitting my pants. I walked in and was alarmed to see that the stalls had no doors. I was too desperate to let that stop me. I went to the first stall and saw that the toilet had been sprayed with diarrhea. The second stall was okay and the third stall was occupied with some guy who I assumed was homeless. He was cleaning his toes! I rolled off some TP and covered the toilet rim with it (there was no seat) pulled my jeans down just past my ass and sat down. I had some very nasty diarrhea that lasted for several minutes. In that time a number of other men (the majority of whom looked homeless I am sad to say) peeked in at me and the guy washing his feet, apparently also having to take a shit. It was embarrassing and creepy. Finally, I was finished and went to wipe my ass, only to find that the TP I'd used to cover the toilet was the last of it. I was able to roll of about two more squares. I knew there was no way I'd be able to wipe with that without getting shit on my hands, so I just decided to steal some from the next stall. I wasn't about to wipe my ass with the TP that had touched the toilet! I got up, pulled my pants up and decided to leave the TP toilet cover I'd made for the next guy. I was about to enter the shit covered toilet stall but was disgusted to discover that a guy was already on the toilet in there! Yeachh!!!!! I was so grossed out I just left with a shitty ass. I got some hand cleanser from my gf and obsessively scrubbed my hands with it for a good two minutes. I finally got to wipe my ass a little later when we had lunch. My underpants get a little streaked.

Those are some frigging gross bathrooms. I don't really mind doorless stalls THAT much, but in the presence of crazy people and drug addicts, it's a little creepy.

In the summer of 2002 I wrote some reminiscences of visits to my grandfather's primitive garden toilet in the English South Midlands - issues 917 to 938. One of them doesn't have the name I used 'Inominate' - which actually means 'nameless'! But it does have the title of the piece 'Part 3 The Conversion of a Toilet-Shy Choirboy'.

Recently, I had to be back in the area, and looked our grandfather's old abode, which is now extended at the back, for offices.

I remembered the time over 20 years ago when his two young grandsons sat every morning on the high boxed seat in the hut at the end of the garden with their legs dangling above the ground, their jeans round their ankles, relaxing and letting nature take its course.

Oh what nostalgia.

had a VERY strange experience at the pool today!

Well, to give some background, this happened at a fairly upscale country club pool. I go 3 or 4 days a week during the summer, and there are generally no more than 10 to 15 people there at a time, and that's on a busy day. On this particular day the only guests there were myself, a woman and her teenage daughter, and a father and his son, who was about 4 or 5 years old. The father and son and myself were the only people in the pool, and within earshot of each other when this 'situation' occurred. The father had been trying to coax the child to take a break from the pool, to use the bathroom as well as to get a snack. The child did not want to do this, claiming "But daddy I don't need to go!" The father relented but a few minutes later, for no real reason the father started trying to get the kid to take a break again. The kid was still disinterested, but shortly after that i noticed the father move his hand to his crotch and squeeze while his son was about to jump off the dive. I was kind of amused but went back to laying on my raft and reading my magazine until i heard the kill yell


I couldn't help but turn to look - the father immediately grabbed the boy and carried him away pretending to play a game, but obviously avoiding what he mentioned. But seriously - the spot where he had been standing had a yellow tinge! Guess he couldn't wait.

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