This is a pretty weird website. Anyway, have a memorable story I figured I could share. Anyway, went camping a couple weeks ago with my girlfriend. She's 22 and I'm 24. We met in college and been dating couple years. She had been camping a couple times before but always in a popup. We were talking about camping one weekend and I dared her to go on some real camping and fishing. Surprisingly she took me up on the offer! So this time we setup a weekend trip sleeping in a tent out on the lakeshore. We packed our food,water, tent, all the essentials. After a 4 hour drive up north, had to drive another 15 miles down the back roads to get there. After arriving we got the tent all setup. I started building a fire for dinner. Of course then she was thinking she had to pee. She asked me if there are any bathrooms around. Of course not, I told her. Just use that tree over there. Good thing I brought toilet paper she said. So she wandered over and did her business. When she got back she told me she'd never watered a tree before. Bit of a city girl, I kidded her. We had a nice dinner and fell to sleep. The next morning we both decided to sleep in. I woke up to the familiar feeling of having to go. I rolled over and told her I'd be right back. But she asked me where I was going. To the bathroom, I said. She said I've got to go bad too could we go together? I rolled my eyes (girls always have to go together) and said sure and headed over to a ledge on the shore to pee down into the lake. She gave me that look and said I told you I've got to go bad. I thought you were going to the bathroom. Isn't there an outhouse or something around here? I started to get upset. No I said just do it here. I then unzipped and pissed into the water. While I was pissing, she stripped down and squatted beside me hanging her butt over the lake. She closed her eyes and pushed but nothing happened. I said here let me help you and I held her hands. I think this relaxed her and she squatted lower and pee started to dribble down into the water. I thought she was done and started to get up. But she said hold on and she kept pushing. A brick emerged from her ass and splashed into the water below. She got back up, wiped and threw the toilet paper down into the water below. I looked over into the water and could see her poop floating there like a fat potato. That feels a lot better she said. I said see camping isn't so bad. Watching her go had got my bowels moving and I asked her if she could help me the same. I guess so she said, so I squatted down and she held my hands. Didn't take me long to go and soft turds started raining into the water below. Gross she said you smell. I then turned around to wipe and in the water could see the fishes nibbling on my morning offerings. Told her look the fishies must like corn. She said that's so nasty. Guess I won't be eating any fish from this lake. We went back to the tent and started working on breakfast. We stayed another night but we didn't have to go #2 again. We had lots of fun times but strangely I think using the lake as our personal toilet was one of the funnest parts. Maybe we'll get back there sometime.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Underpants as a safety net.


I have just read your posting about your friend who stains his underpants. I think he just doesn't care about what other people may think about him. I see my underwear as a sort of safety net that prevents my trousers from becoming too soiled. When I was little I used to try really hard to keep my pants clean and white. One day at school I noticed my best mates pants as we were changing for sport and I was amazed just how dirty they were. There was a really thick brown stain and a yellow stain spreading some of the way up the back of his pants. I was quite shocked at the time but over the next few weeks I realised that a lot of the boys had brown and yellow marks - one or two on their shirt tails as well.

I stopped worrying quite so much about my own pants I stopped being Olympian clean. I ceased wiping so hard I made my bum sore, stopped bothering about damp, sticky or wet farts or even partial wettings when necessary. By the end of most days my pants were quite dirty and still are today. Mum never used to say anything and now I keep my own clothes clean. I think a lot of guys wear dark blue or black pants so no one knows just how soiled they have made them.

On the two occasions when I have crapped in my pants they have really been a safety net. It's my belief that underpants are designed to be worn to keep our trousers clean so we don't have to change them every night after work. I change my briefs daily and my work trousers every five days unless I do an excessive dribble/pee in them. As I write this I have just dropped my trousers and had a good look at my pants. There are dribble stains over the front and in the back there is a quite large poo mark where I wet farted and had a good scratch.

I wonder how many other guys don't bother too much. I refuse to believe your mate and I are the only two that see our pants as a sort of blotting p

Daniel (UK),
thanks for your response. So why don't you share your experiences with us? I would love to read a bit about the beach...

Peter from Australia reporting in.
I haven't posted for a while but I have a story from last weekend.
I work for one of the major insurance companies here and last weekend I was invited to the 40th birthday party of a work colleague.
Also at the party was a lady named Judy who I used to work with a few years back.We worked on the same floor but not in the same department of a large city office.
One morning I had gone for a dump at work.I had to walk past Judy's desk to get to the mens and she noticed how long I was gone and on my way back to my desk she asked me if I felt better.Naturally I said I did and this was the beginning of us regularly discussing our bowel habits.We pretty much lost contact when her department was relocated to another floor of the office.
Anyway,we hooked up at the party and talked about old times including how we used to discuss our bowel habits.
She invited back to her place which was about 25 minutes away.I was not going to knock back the offer as I immediately thought that there had to be a good chance that I would at least get to hear sitting on the toilet dropping a load.The night/morning turned out to be much better than that.We had been back at her place for about half an hour when she said that she needed a dump.I jokingly asked if I could watch.She said yes but added that when she was young,she and one of her girlfriends liked to poo their panties in front of each other and that she had a desire to revisit old times.
Her toilet was located next to her laundry and she put on an old pair of panties.They were skin colored and a bit baggy which would allow room for her load.There was washing in the laundry so she grabbed a towel and placed it on top of the washing machine.I put several sheets of newspaper on the floor in case of any accidents.I also stood a mirror beside her so she could watch the action.She leant forward with her arms resting on the washing machine and her feet about 18 inches apart.She then began to push.It was about a minute or so before I noticed some movement in the panties as the head of her first log began to touch the material.There was was then a jolt as the first log dropped.It was soon followed by another.The sight of her panties steadily filling with a load of turds was driving me wild.It took her about five minutes to finsh her load and by that time her panties were really bulging.The next challenge was to get the load from her panties into the toilet bowl without dropping any.She shuffled her legs together,put on a pair of rubber gloves and slowly lowerd her panties to her ankles.They contained a large dark brown pile which was quite solid.Her crack and arse cheeks were smeared with shit but I thought they would be worse.She carefully stepped out of her panties,picked them up and dropped her load into the toilet.She did a minor clean up job,flushed and then headed for the shower to clean up properly.
When I got up next morning,I could feel a load building in my rectum.After I had some breakfast the urge became stronger.After the previous evening it was only fair that I offered Judy a show.She said that she wanted to watch my load coming out.I filled a bucket with about 9 inches of water,grabbed a wooden stool and took them both to the laundry.I placed the bucket behind the stool,removed my pants,then sat on the stool and shuffled back so that my arse was hanging over the back edge.I got comfortable and leant forward so as to give Judy a good view of proceedings.It was not long before the head of my first log began to emerge.It was nice and thick,came out slowly but smoothly and dropped into the bucket with a loud floomp.That was followed by two more logs which were just as thick but not as long as the first.
The whole show was over in a couple of minutes.Judy could not believe how quickly and efficiently my bowels were able to evacuate a big load.I have always felt that a bucket filled with water is the best vessel for dropping a load into.Firstly,your load is in full view and it does not stink as it is submerged under several inches of water.
Until next time,happy dumping!

Jim: I loved your story about crapping in the opposite sex restroom. I personally support Unisex Toilets and think pooping is just something natural which can be done in front of the opposite sex.

Yesterday by the way I crapped in a store with a cleaning lady in the men's.


Evening dress poop
I was at a company evening event where formal dress was required, I was wearing a black full length evening dress with black hold up stockings and black 4 inch stilettos. I was not wearing a bra or panties.
When I arrived I knew I should have had a poop before leaving home, we had a four course dinner and then the dancing began. This gorgeous man asked me to dance, we began smooching and I could feel my bowels filling up. He suddenly kissed me and we started sticking our tongues down each others throats. suddenly I felt like my bottom was going to explode, I excused myself and went into the ladies toilet. I locked the cubicle door and unzipped my dress, I hitched it up and lifted it over my head and ok it off. I sat on the toilet just wearing my stockings and stilettos, my bottom just exploded in a frenzy of wet bubbly farts and splatterings of poop which completly coated the toilet bowl. Several lumps of soft poop avalanched out of my rectum as I felt my bowels empty. I sat there for a couple of minutes while I finished off with a couple of wet farts and squirts of liquid poop. I them used half a toilet roll cleaning my bottom and then I put my dress back on. I then went back to the dance.

So I was in my basement(which is part finished and part unfinished) playing rockband when I realized I had to pee. Well there is no bathroom down here and I didn't feel like going upstairs to go so I decided to wait. That was a dumb idea because I can't hold my bladder very long. So after about two more songs I realized I really had to go and I was going to go in about two minutes no matter where I was. I still didn't want to go upstairs so i went into the unfinished part of my basement to see if there was a drain I could into and I didn't see one and I was very desperate. I stated looking around for options and I couldn't really think of any that wouldn't be too messy. Then I saw a roll of paper towls. I quickly folded up a BUNCH of them to make sure it would all absorb. When they were ready I took off my pants and my panties because I'm not that great at squatting with them on. I started going before I could squat down but luckily most of it went on the paper towls. So I squatted while I was in mid stream and finished. It felt amazing. Only a little soaked through and I put back on my panties and pants and grabbed a few paper towls too soak up the bit that soaked through. Then I put them in a plastic bag, continued to play rockband and took them upstairs when I went to bed.

Hello, I am a woman from Japan, so sorry if my English is bad. A few of my friends from America talk about this site a lot, so I had to see it for myself. I have read many of the old pages, and now I want to share my own story.

This story was some years ago, but I never forget it. I was eating lunch with my friend Maori, when we finished we walked to my house because it was very close to the restaurant. We were almost to my home and I knew I would need to poop very soon. Five minutes more and we were home. As soon as I unlocked the main door, I rushed to the toilet.

I got my pants down and I moved into position to poop. My house is old and I still have a squat toilet so I have to squat every time I use the toilet. I peed hard for a long time and I pushed my poop at the same time. Maori came in to the bathroom and we talked while I pooped.

I finished my pee and I was still pushing my poop out. Maori said that my poop looked big, and I told it that it felt big too. I squat low to the ground and my poop was touching the toilet, it even began to curl around itself. The poop fell completely into the toilet and I was already pushing another one. When the second poop fell some of it landed on my first poop. I pushed one last poop out smaller than the others.

I got up to get some paper to wipe and I saw my poop on the toilet pan. There was a big pile of poop there almost like a horse. Maori said "I have to pee now" and she pulled down her pants and squatted. She peed not as hard as I did but she went for longer. I think she peed for a minute maybe even more.

I pulled the handle to flush the toilet and water rushed into the pan washing my poop down into the sewer. We each wiped our girl parts once and then I had to wipe my butt five or six times and we put our paper in the trash bin. I saw that the toilet paper bin was almost full so I took it out to the big trash outside.

to matt, would love to hear more stories from you about your friend

Upstate Dave,
I really enjoy your stories.
Last week you posted about your female friend pooping in the room of a barn which had a trap door in the floor.

Can you tell me a liitle more about this how far down was the ground from this trap door? Was it all open under the barn so the smell would be blown way until the turds dried, or was it enclosed?
And all the TP that got thrown out the window...did nobody ever notice it?

I used to be like many of the guys on here - reluctant to dump in a public men's room, and certainly not ever where there are no doors on the stalls. But my continued experience with open stalls has proved just one thing to me: once you're past high school, your fears are ungrounded and the experience is frankly boring. If anyone has experienced something different, I'd like to hear about it.

My recent experiences:

I've been traveling a lot so I had a chance to use the men's room again with open toilets and no stalls or partitions. There are four toilets. When I walked in a guy was on the third one. The first toilet had been left unflushed, so I headed for the second toilet, and sat right next to the guy already there. He watched as I wiped down the seat with one of my disinfectant wipes, but other than that, he paid no attention to me.

Shortly after I sat down he left - his only acknowledgment that I was there was that he reached back and flushed before he got up. Another guy came in and flushed the first toilet so he could use it. No one paid any attention to us. Two guys stood in the entryway talking, and a guy even walked in to unroll a wad of toilet paper from the roll right in front of where I was sitting. I could have been invisible.

Today back home (I'm not allowed to say where)I went to the local beach men's room on a crowded, sunny afternoon. This is a wide room with 4 open toilets on the left wall, with narrow walls between them, so you can be seen from almost anywhere in the room.

A guy was on the handicapped stall, the farthest stall, with relatively more privacy than the others. A guy was standing and pissing at the third stall. A young guy on roller blades was hovering around the second stall. It was obvious why he was there because he was holding a roll of toilet paper - I don't know why he thought he had to bring his own.

That left me the first stall. I dropped the seat, wiped it as usual and sat down. I guess that encouraged roller blades because I could hear his seat drop next.

A lot of guys came in. About half of them turned toward my stall before they realized the urinals were the other way. But they just turned around without comment. I finished, wiped - no one paid any attention to that either - and got up. When I went to the sinks, I could see roller blade still there, his knees at an awkward angle because of the height of the wheels on his footwear. But he was looking straight up and appeared unashamed.

I will write about my junior high experience to explain why I expect a reaction. Again, I wonder if anyone else's experiences are different?

In my previous postings I've described how I rise early (usually about 3:30 or 4 a.m. and my morning workout that includes either a job or bike ride in our local park. A few minutes into the workout I usually stop at the park's restrooms and take my daily crap. Then I continue my workout until it's time to go to work at the bank and then I go back home, change (quietly because my boyfriend works a different shift and needs his sleep)and then drive downtown to work. Because I take MBA classes two nights a week at the university, sometimes I drive and other days I take the subway.

Well a few days ago after getting into my car for my trip to work I was somewhat mystified that I hadn't had to crap that morning during my jog. It was like 45 minutes to an hour and it's highly unusual for me to miss a crap. I threw my purse onto the car seat and noticed a problem: I had six library books that I had forgotten to return the previous night after class. I decided to stop immediately on my way to work and return them because the campus is on the way. I was kind of mad at myself for being so neglectful and as I got more frustrated with myself, I started to feel activity coming with my bowels. Instead of stopping off at a gas station or similar place, I decided to wait until I got onto campus and knew the facilities well that were available in the library. Even at 5:30 a.m. the traffic was getting heavy and construction on the radial beltway was causing me to feel more discomfort to the point where I repositioned myself twice in my seat. I remember seeing a lighted billboard "Drop it ... and go!" about a travel agency offering last minute trip packages and how I needed to drop my daily crap. Within five minutes I turned into campus and quickly parked very close to the libary.

I was almost running when I got to the bookdrop and pulled the lever, but unfortunately the depository was full and the lever wouldn't go down. I tried twice, and then gave up, hurrying toward the library entrance so I could get rid of my books and my most important cargo, my daily load. Unfortunately, I was about 10 minutes early and the main library was locked and I was just a couple of minutes from crapping my pants and messing up my relatively new work suit. I quickly saw light downstairs and knew there was a 24/7 study lounge floor that had a bathroom I used before so I quickly scaled the stairs, not bothering to wait for the elevator. There were a few students studying, some with coffee and others were lounged across a couple of chairs as they took a quick nap. I was now running toward the hallway under the big Restrooms sign. I'll finish my story with my next posting.

Pull off about ten sheets and make a wad. If you lube your hole with a little cream it comes clean very easily!!!!

Thank, JD.
Used to post here quite a bit, and still lurking around. Still shitting at the beach when I can, and enjoying the feeling each time I shit. Glad you liked my posts!


Lena- No, so far I haven't had a shit inturruptus, thank goodness, but I enjoyed your story immensly. It was very hot, especially ending where you've recounted washing eachother. It is also means something for me, I have my bm stimulated by coffee. it's not to the extent that it's unstoppable, but coffee definetely gives that extra stimulus to get my bowels moving. Tell us more about what happened.

Penny- I loved your story too hon. So vivid in detail and quite hot. I'm not much of an outdoorsy person, so your stories come with a completely different flavor. Do you apply cream in your bottom to ease wiping? sounds like a good idea though. I'm waiting for your story on the conference.

On Friday, Claire took me out to lunch to an italian place in the lunch break. we had a heavy meal, and both of us were stuffed. Then we went back to work.Since I'm going to leave the place,most of my workload has been delegated and has been lessened, so i took it slow. Around 3 ish, it was time for my second cup of coffee, to battle the sleepiness from the heavy italian meal. I also felt a bm breawing from the heavy meal i had, I had to hold a few farts. finally, I gave in and went to the coffee machine to make a cup of coffee, and claire was there making a cup of coffee too. I asked if she was sleepy from italian food and she said yes. We chatted while sipping coffee. At the end of the conversation ( and coffee) I felt the strong urge to take a shit. After the coffee, I walked towards the ladies room, and I saw claire following me. I turned towards her and said that I needed to take a shit, and she said "me too". Both of us entered adjacent stalls and laid tp on the toilet seat. We unzipped our pants, almost in unison. By now, all the heavy lunch I had was weighing down on the end of my rectum, it felt like it's going to be big. Plus I was interested in hearing what claire had to deliver. I heard a weak stream of piss hitting the water. Her farts echoed in the bowl, 'prrft.. brrrum", but i couldn't hear anything moving. By now, I was tired of holding my shit, eventhough I like the sensation of holding the load at the very tip of my rectum ( I find it quite hot). I let go of my turd. It shot off my anus with a plonk into the water, "Sound's like you had a big one", claire said. I turned around to have a look at my turd. It was about seven inches in length, and about an inch an a half at the thickest. "Yup" I replied. I strained further and produced another 3 inch turd.

The silence in the bathroom was shattered by the creeck of the door. It was followed by a pair of stilletos clacking on the tiled floor. She entered the stall and closed the door, I heard the ripping of tp, probably she laid some on the toilet seat. She sat on the toilet in a hurry, I heard unzipping of her skirt and saw some red fabric being bunched around her knees. It was followed by a furious stream of piss, which died off shortly. I heard she ripping off toilet paper and flushing the toilet. She washed her hands and left.

In the meantime, I didn't hear much from claire's stall. I was done and wiped myself, it took about four wipes, opened the door and exited the stall. From outside, claire's feet were visible under the stall. I asked if she's all right, and she said that she was constipated. I asked if she needed anything, and she said "hun I need all the help I now to get going" with a small chuckle. I saw her feet moving, and a moment later I heard the opening of the latch of the door. I went inside and there she was. Her navy blue dress pants and yellow panties were down to her ankles and she was leaning forward. I asked if anything was coming out, to which she said no - well, I couldn't see anything in the toilet but her pee. I leaned of her and placed my arm on her ????, it was bit bloated. Then I gently massaged her ????. She strained, "UN UNh UN UNh" and I could feel her stomach muscles tightning and relaxing after each grunt. It was so emotional, I felt super bad about claire. Her lips were pursed and she really was trying to get going. I asked her to widen her legs, this has worked for me, my bowels seem to move better when my feet are apart. She removed her pants and panties, I hung them on the hook on the door. She then straddled on the pot. Well, this also gave me a direct view of her privates, I felt mixed feelings of empathy and excitement. Again I started massaging her ????, but no avail. Claire gave up, saying "that's all right hon, I'll just use a laxative when I go home". She ripped some tp and moved it across her bum, and the tp came out as clean as it went in. I handed her pants and panties back and she got dressed. Both of us exited the stall, and I gently rubbed her ????. Claire gave me a hug and said that she'd miss me the most after when i leave the company. I felt the same way.

Hey its me again, no post in ages. I decided to change my name (I used to be super sophie). Anyway I have a story for you. I hope you enjoy it.

I'd just like to share a story about my prom a few years back. As you know prom dresses are very long! This makes it very hard for us girls to go to the loo. After a bit of thinking I decided to wear a nappy. This allowed me to go to the loo whenever I needed. I didn't have to bother with a long dress, or leave my prom date. When I was getting ready, I had a wee before I squeezed myself into a nappy. I then put on my long, dark blue dress.

I had a 30 minute limo ride ahead of me. In this limo was 6 other girls. We had a lot to drink during this journey and about 5 minutes before I could get out, I needed another wee. I tried to hold it because I didn't actually want to use the nappy. It was for emergencies. One of the girls made me laugh and I lost control. Pee shot into the nappy and it felt great. 30 seconds later I had stopped.

Later on into the night I needed to wee again! I thought to myself "you're equipped for the job girl. Just do it!" That was all the encouragement I needed. I paused for a second and let loose. I seemed to go on forever. My date never knew! I let another squirt in the limo back and then I was empty. Awesome night, awesome peeing experience.

Once I got home I needed to crap really bad. I don't think I've had an urge this bad before. I went upstairs to slip out of my dress and bent over, my hands resting on my bed and relaxed the best I could. A wet fart shot out followed by a large log. It curled up inside my nappy. I was still full so I gave a small push to get the second one going, this slid out followed by a third. My nappy was full but my bowels were empty. I loved it so much. Overall this was a great day.

Turd Lover
John Philip, Very interesting story. As for the field guide, I would simply catagorize turds into different "classes" or sections based on size, color. shape and other unique characteristics. I have approximately 300 photos of turds I've laid over the past 10 years. Of course I'm always adding to my collection whenever a notable log appears in the bowl.

One of my most amusing experiences : Many years ago I was at a shopping mall with a lady friend and I really needed to shit -- just couldn't wait. I've never liked public restrooms but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. I rushed in and found an empty stall. As I turned around and dropped my pants the shit started coming out. The first one landed on the toilet seat before I was able to position myself for the remaining load. I quickly grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the impatient turd off the seat and into the water as I sat down. A series of goopy little logs quickly dropped into the bowl and in about 20 seconds it was over. I still felt like I needed to shit more but my bowels weren't cooperating. The stench was unbelievable -- one of the worst I've ever smelled. I decided to go ahead and flush the toilet in an effort to reduce the horrible odor that was quickly filling the entire room. Just then I heard a couple guys walk into the restroom and one of them said "Oh F*** !!" They both erupted in hysterical laughter and listening to them made ME laugh. This triggered by bowels to move and release the last of my load. I shit two tiny turdlets, wiped my butt & flushed again as I was laughing my ass off. Apparently the stink was too much for the guys who had walked in and I heard them walking out as one guy said "man, THAT was bad !!" When I finally exited the restroom, the girl I was with said "What happened in there ? Two guys ran out holding their noses and laughing". I relayed the details and we both walked out of the mall laughing ourselves. Isn't shit wonderful !!!

I love to take a good shit to. It feels good. It feels better after wiping your butt. Your butthole feels a whole lot better. What a releaf.

Hey Matt, loved the story about your friend- would love to hear more. I'm turning 20 soon and can relate. Reminds me of my friend (now roomate) Greg. He always seems to put off stuff till the very last minute, including bathroom habits. Since he sleeps in his boxer briefs, he often walks around the apartment in them at night. Actually we both do, but he's by far the worst. While he usually wears colored underwear, the front is always a bit darker and damp, and there's usually a fairly visible skidmark in back. I've actually gotten worse since we've been roomates, and occasionally I cut it off a bit early and end up with a sizeable wet spot on the front of my white boxers. I would never normally, but living with him, well it just doesn't matter that much.
He always puts it off till its almost too late, and more often than not a little leaks out as he's running to the bathroom from whatever he was doing. I have to say I'm not that bad.
I remember once he was watching football (I'm actually not into sports that much so I was doing something else) and I could tell he had to pee BAD. He was fidgeting a lot and kept grabbing his crotch, but wouldn't go. As time went by I noticed a small wet spot on the front of his jeans. After 10, 15 minutes it was palm sized, and finally I saw him get up and run to the bathroom. I heard him cursing and fumbling around, but it turned to laughing when he came out, with a large wet patch halfway down to his knees. He laughed and said "Almost made it!". But instead of fully changing, he just took his pants off and walked around like that the rest of the night. The ENTIRE front of his boxer briefs were damp. I couldn't get over how he just didn't care.
The other time that sticks out with me was a particularly gassy night after eating mexican food. I've never seen him fart so much. He must have been trying to beat a personal record. At one point, he strained so much a small wet spot appeared on the front of his jeans, followed by the wettest, lumpiest fart I have ever heard. We both spent the next 10 minutes laughing. I had also joined in, and had done several wet farts that I knew would leave a mark. Later that night before he went to bed, we got a glimpse of each other's underwear, and started laughing. I looked like he did normally, and it looked like he had almost crapped himself! The stain in back went all the way through and there was a 2-3 inch dark brown stain low down in the back. He had been wearing white boxer briefs, and the whole front was yellow with about a 4 inch wet spot. I commented on them and he laughed and said there had been several "farts with benefits".

Monday, June 29, 2009

John Philip
Turd Lover: Well put, and I'd be glad to hear more stories. While I don't exactly photograph my dumps I do keep note of the memorable ones. By the way, a field guide to bowel movements would be most intriguing. How exactly WOULD you go about doing this?

The best dump I ever experienced however, goes back to several years ago. I was about 16 and had held my shit for approximately three days. I finally saw the opportunity to take a dump around 9:30 after I had finished my dinner. In my room, I anticipated having to pass a substantial amount, but not what would be forthcoming. My dad had left his usual Reader's Digest issue in there (he occasionally used my bathroom to get ready for work in the morning) and I would frequently pick it up and read it on the can. Tonight was no exception, as I locked the bathroom door behind me for privacy, took my boxers to my ankles and sat. Almost immediately, I passed a silent fart that lasted about 15 seconds before dying off into a faint crackle. I grunted slightly and picked up the magazine. I felt the hard turd pressed against my hole, and I sat for five minutes aimlessly flipping through the pages before beginning to push. When I did, all I got was a loud crackling sound as the turd moved about an inch or so, not quite poking its head out. I bore down more vigorously this time, and the unexpectedly hard, large turd head slowly poked out. This actually felt rather pleasant, and I sat for a few moments with the motionless turd head poking out until giving a vigorous grunt. It slowly moved another two inches and stopped again. Unfortuantely, I had already been in the damn bathroom for about ten minutes and was beginning to worry if something was f*cked up and I was going to be here for another hour! I decided to take as much time as needed and gave another vigorous push, which moved the log out another three or so inches, after which it predictably stopped moving. I sat for a few seconds taking a break, when a massive splash in the toilet water below alerted me. I looked in the bowl and saw that the five inches I had passed had broken off. The log itself was light brown and thick at the beginning and dark at the end. I didn't feel finished as of yet, so I sat back down and concentrated on completing my BM. I pushed again as another turtlehead slowly oozed out on its own, accompanied by several hissing farts. The last six inches splashed into the bowl, at which point I was done. My produce turned out to be the log I described earlier followed by an entirely light brown one which was noticeably smoother. I consider this dump one of my best because of the size of the log coming out combined with the general size (in my case.)

Has anyone ever had to use a opposite sex restroom? I was forced to once. I was working in a warehouse and one day the toilet in the men's locker room was backed up and was being worked on. I discovered this as I was rushing to the locker room with a bad case of the shits. They told me the toilet was out of service and that I'd have to wait. Well, I couldn't wait. Luckily, I was very friendly with pretty much everyone who worked there, male and female. I leaned into the women's locker room. Immediately I heard women's voices chatting and a shower running. I swallowed my pride, worked up my courage and said, "Hello?"

"Who's that?" I heard a voice say. "It's Jim," I said. "The toilet in the men's locker room is busted and I'm about to shit my pants. Can I please, please come in and use the toilet? I promise I won't peek." There was some muffled discussion then the same voice said, "Yeah, come on in."

I rushed in, averting my eyes from them and saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you" as I went by. I entered the first stall I came yo, yanked down my jeans and boxers, sat on the toilet and shat my guts out. One of the women said, "Who, that sounds bad." I said, "Yep, it is."

After a few more squirts I was done. I wiped my ass, flushed the toilet (making absolutely sure everything went down) then left, saying "Thank you" again. I went to the men's locker room to wash my hands.

Later I realized I didn't even know which women were in the locker room when I took my dump. That actually made it even more embarrassing because I didn't know who I had crapped in front of!

Hey have any of you ever had a shit interruptus?????????? I had one the other day . Well the morninrg indicated it was gonna be a hot one so I dressed to suit. I wore an old shift and a pair of really old pair of comgy panties. I was expecting the phone company at noon so I wore undies.They were coming to re install the outside phone line. I started to do some work on the pc and around 10 oo am I felt a pretty strong urge to shit.

I did my usual thing and waited till the last minute before heading off to the toilet, luckily I saved what I'd been working on. By the time I actually got to the toilet I could feel a turtle head starting to spread my cheeks. By now it was about 1030 am.

I lifted my shift and dropped my panties to the floor. Now one thing I do enjoy is the feeling of a good shit,I look forward to it. I never if I can help it push out my turds, much prefer to sit and allow them to come out on their own. This is another reason why I hang on till the last moment. Nothing is more pleasurable for me than to feel a turtlehead forcing open my ring and a 2" wide turd about 8" long slowly leaving my anus. Sometimes it will just hang there ,then restart itself. This is often followed by a second and sometimes a third.

This one was to be no different. But I did bring a smoke with me to relax me even more. That first pressure I feel as I totally relax my muscles is great, the head was spreading my cheeks as the remainder of the turd just oozed out of its own accord ,followed by a large kerrffflummp. Soon after number 2 ( to use a pun)started to notify me it was on its way, these usually a firm but not hard so I do not get the thrill with these as I get from the first. I guessed it would have been about 6" long but not as thick.

By now I'd finished my smoke and I could there was definitely a third turd HA HA up there,but this would need some effort. So I leant forward and gave a slight push and a turdlet emerged,followed by a loud fart. This one would have been about 2" long I guess,but I didn't hear it hit the water. I was about to stand and check,when all of a sudden I could hear men's voices coming from the patio then the doorbell ringing.

Instinctively I just pulled up my pants and flushed the toilet. The workmen had arrived early and here I was enjoying a relaxed shit,which is often followed by other things as enjoyable,talking about killing the moment.

As I walked to the door I discovered where the third turd was, I had clung to the hairs on my ass and had not gone for a swim, it was now in my panties OH weLL. The guys told me the previous job was delayed and decided to do mine a little early would I mind????

Well I guess I could have said you interuppted me having a very pleasurable shit abd I had a turd in my panties and my ass was very mucky. But I said no it was okay. I went outside with them to show exactly where I wanted the line laid, as I walked beside them I wondered if they could smell me. I know for sure I could feel that squishy feeling of an unwiped ass that complecated by a small turd rubbing my crack as I walked . I was outside for a bout 20 mins I suppose, they left about an hour later. During which time I sat on the front porch and watched them work. Soon as they'd gone I raced inside and wiped then showered. My panties were quite messy so I let them soak..

To Gilly....................................

I did invite my work mate Terri down last Sat nite. I panned to do some gardening in the morning with her help,then we were to go to a pool party then she was to sleep the nite and go home Sunday..

She was due a bout 10 00 am, so I got up early had breakfast and a quick crap ,by that I mean I felt an urge so I went but I knew there was more left in me. Cause we were working outside I just wore a very old pair of denim cutoffs and a long tank top. These shorts are at the point indecency,they have frayed alot over the years,therefore making them alot shorter than they were. And because I'm so hairy my pubes hang out of the crotch area,they are great for the garden but I still have to wear a long tank top in case I have a surprise visitor.

Ding Dong right on time Terri, she'd come dressed to work too. She was dressed in a loose fitting pair of track shorts and a T shirt and obviously braless as well. I don't blame her, gonna be a hot day , I didn't have one on either. She'd also brought some wine for later and her overnight bag.I suggested we have a coffee to start the day. We sat on the back porch for about 30 minss having coffee and smokes,then we got into the work. I was laying out a new garden bed so there was bit of shovel work and laying some edging. I guess we'd been going for about an hour or more when I started to do some bubbly farts. The rest of my shit was on the way,that was for sure. Another 20 mins and I got some cramps.

Me: Terri I gotta go have shit, like now.
Terri: Well I can feel my coffee crap onits way so I'll come with you if you don't mind.
I certainly did not want to shit my shorts even if I did I would have made one helluva mess cause I wasn't wearing undies.So we dropped our work shoes at the door and I walked in a hurry to the toilet, she was behind me. I unsnapped the stud and dropped my shorts to my ankles and plonked my ass on the seat. Terri was standing in the doorway watching.I let go a large noisy windy fart as the first turd oozed quickly out of my ring. I usually bend over and rest my arms on my knees, but so as I could talk to Terri I sat upright with my arms on straight gripping my knees.

Terri: Lena I didn't have a clue you were so hairy, doesn't it bother you?
me: Been like this since I was 15, I shaved once but the itch factor killed as it was regrowing. I do give it a trim sometimes.
Then I noticed Terri undoing the cord on her shorts,getting ready I thought for a quick landing. I was just starting tp push out the second turd when I noticed Terri holding her crotch like very tight .
me: I'll be finished soon , you getting urgent?????
Terri : I'm busting Lena could you hurry please?
me: I'll be just a second as soon as I get rid of the last on.
I felt the last turd exit my ringand splash into the water.I didn't even bother to wipe, just rose from the pot pulling my shorts up at the same time. I scooted sideways as Terri was starting to ease her shorts to her hips. I could see that she'd started to pee her pants as there was noticeable wet mark in her crotch area. She quickly spun around and dropped her shorts to her knees. By this time I was standing with one foot on the edge of the bath and one on the floor,still had not zipped up my shorts. Then I heard that familiar wimpering , as she was bending over to sit down I got a side view of her ass. . There was about 2" of turd poking out of her some what dirty bum. Poor girl I thought she nearly shit her pants.

I noticed before she was actually shuffling to the toilet ,she must have been clenching her butt cheeks. Safley on the pot she just let it go, she could sure fire some projectile turds. Terri was very upset that she'd nearly pissed and shit her pants, I could see tears rolling down her cheeks . I went over to console her, she leant her head against my hips and bawled her eyes out.
Terri: Im so so sick of these coffee craps. I was at home last week and did the same thing, I was on the phone my brother and he talks and talks and talks. I eneded up shitting my myself in the kitchen. All I can say is thank heavens I have tiled floor. He rung before I was dressed I just had a house dress on and no underwear. I wish u'd been there to console me. But at leats I didn't wet myself as well.
me: when ur finished hop into the shower , I'll get u some clean shorts. I'm gonna have a shower now, my bum is sticky and so are my shorts.

I was half way through having a shower when she asked if it would be ok for her to join me , of course I said. I got her to turn around so I could wash her. I think there is one person who should absatin from coffee period.

LOve Lena

Ghost Poo Finder
RE: Fold or Crinkle?

I prefer the wrap around method. This is where you wrap the paper around your hand then carefully remove your hand for the perfect wiper. This will give you, depending on the amount of paper used and the size of your hand, an 8 to 14 layered protective shield against getting poo on your hands.

Good talk Ill see you out there

Last night I went out with girls, I drank 6 pints of Guiness stout!
Then this bloke I met bought me a 12" chilli con-carne pizza with some fries.They tasted good, I ate all of it to myself.
I went back to his place for coffee, we were both drunk and I fell asleep on his sofa.
The next morning when I woke up,I noticed he had gone to bed.
I made myself a strong coffee in his kitchen.
After drinking the coffee I instantly needed to poop.
I went to his bathroom, and sat on his toilet just in time.
The poop I had felt great, I was really enjoying it.
I didn't realise the amount of poop I had done, until I got up to flush.
The toilet was 50% full of my poop.
I flushed the water went into the toilet and filled up to rim and stayed.
There was no brush, panicing I ran out of his apartment.
Since that day I have never seem the guy since,and hope I never do!

Hi I wanted to tell you about my friend who is a little accident prone, not like full on accidents but little ones that he just seems to let go as if it is quite normal, sometimes he mentions them but mostly he doesn't. He also doesn't seem to care to much where and when they happen, does not make a lot of sense. Btw I am 18 and he has just turned 18, we are good friends and spend a lot of time together and we also work together so I guess I see him quite a lot, maybe this is why I have noticed it.
He sometimes stays over as well and that really made me notice what he does when I have seen him getting changed cause sometimes he wonders round my room in his boxers as he sleeps in them and it is quick noticeable that they are dirty.
He does fart a lot and I think that this may be part of his problems with his major skiddies but he also has great yellow patches and as he wears a lot of white boxers it is kind of obvious. I could probably give u loads of stories of when it has happened. I just think he doesn't care or it just doesn't bother him.
At work our trousers are dark grey but it still shows up if they are wet and I don't know if he realise it. Last week I was working with him and we were having a 10 min break and he kept farting and holding himself when we were in the staff area. Just before we had to go back he said he really needed the toilet but our break was almost over so we walked towards the toilets as we go past them to get back to the shop floor where we work and as we got there he said that there wasn't time for him to go and he couldn't be bothered, he would go later, so we walked back onto the shop floor and carried on working. We were putting stuff out and he kept grabbing himself every so often and still let a few farts go. Then a customer asked him a question and as he was talking to her I noticed a wet patch appear on his trouser and grow to about 5cm round, noticeable, but he didn't react or do anything, that was about it I didn't notice any thing else for the next hour and a half or so before we went on lunch apart from him keep farting. As we went on lunch he said I'm starving so I'm going to go eat something and we walked straight past the toilets and he didn't even look at them let alone go into them. We sat down and I noticed his wet patch was almost gone but then after about 5 mins of us sitting eating, he was sat opposite me on a seat, I noticed the wet patch had returned again and this time a bit bigger. He was obviously sat there pissing into his boxers bit by bit and I noticed the patch grow bit by bit over the next 10 mins, then he did a massive fart and got up and said I got to go to the toilet or I will shat myself. That night he stayed over mine and when he got changed from work his boxers looked very skid marked from behind , almost looked liked his may have shat himself a bit and I noticed from the mirror that the front had a nice yellow shine to them. He didn't even mention it or do anything, just pulled on his joggers over them and then we went out. I just think he can't care, anybody else know anybody the same. There are loads or other events I could share. Bye.

I just posted a day ago about deliberately going in my pants. However, I do remember that there was another girl who deliberately did it. Also there was somebody else but I forget whether it was a guy or girl. Does anybody know where those posts are?
There was an experience that my boyfriend had at work. The back bathrooms in the store where he works have been redone. When he started cleaning the bathrooms first thing in the morning he was doing the ladies room. A nice lady came in and said that she would be really cool and let him stay and do his job because she would have walls around her. However he still said he would wait outside anyway and she really appreciated it.
That will tell you something about him. He knows about this website and we have both looked at it together. He has really gottan hard from alot of those stories about woman doing there thing. Yet as far as dealing with woman that he can see, hear and touch it is a different matter. He believes that most poops are very run to the mill by comparison to alot of the stories hear. He thinks that if he ever spied on some of the woman in the stalls he might hear some groans, plops, and the like but nothing so great that it would be worth getting fired over if he was caught and the woman complained to his manager. Maybe even I can get vivid in discribing my bathroom experiences, and I still wish they were even better but with a regular human body you can just go so far with things.
We both need our jobs. It is because of them that we both can have our apartments and privacy. We know that it might be awhile before we watch each other take a poop or something like that. We are sensitive ti each others needs.
Another thing with pleasure poops is timing. At work mine are very quick and without pleasure. I know from him again how too many people taking long poops can hold up things when the bathrooms are due for a cleaning. Also holding things in for over too many days and then wanting to wait to get home to have a long poop has often caused all those ugly accidents I read about hear rather then a great time on the pot.

to Vincene:
You asked the question on why one and not all the high schools in your city would have the holders of those paper toilet seat covers you wrote about. I don't know why but have some points that might help you better understand the situation. First, I'm 20 and just finished my sophomore year at one of the largest university campuses in our state. Since I'm involved in lots of activities, including athletics, I'm not in my dorm room much so if not all of my toilet use is in a variety of restrooms all across campus. One strange thing I've found is that the seat papers are not available except in two buildings on campus. One is the administration center, where the high-level administrators have their offices and meetings. The second building that has them is the campus alumni center, where parties are held for graduates from a long-time back and there's functions for important city and state leaders. Occasionally, the ballroom there is also rented out for things such as wedding receptions and class reunions. When I'm in those buildings sometimes and I need to use the toilet, I don't use those papers but I know that others--especially the older people and like the employees--do put a paper down before they seat themselves.

My freshman year my roommate who has since transferred to a college in another state was very clean about herself. We had our own shared bathroom in our dorm suite and one morning before we both left for class I had to get a female product for my purse and I walked in on my roommate who was on the toilet peeing. I couldn't believe what I saw. She had ever so carefully put down a liner of our toilet paper over the seat that was just, I felt, so unnecessary! When I asked her about it later that day she made some feeble excuse like she came from a family with five brothers and there was often pee on the seat so therefore she always does that when she goes to the bathroom! I was like "you are sooo strange!"

It's great Vincene that you've rethought your situation and I agree with you that the seat papers are a waste of time and paper and certainly not necessary. The fact that a couple of the buildings have them shows that there are some users from the community and administration that would disagree. But for me, the putting of paper on a toilet seat is a nuisance in more ways than one.

To Rick:
Definitely crinkle. You need to have some coarse texture for better grabbing and scraping. Crinkling the paper into a large wad also helps to protect your hands from getting dirty. On the other side of the coin, if you fold the paper, there is no traction and the paper just skids over the shitty mess and spreads it all over your ass. You also run the risk of getting it on your hands. Or worse...flicking a clingon onto the floor.

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