Jillian's fact finding mission... During the downtime with the lost dns or whatever, I had the chance to ask my doctor about the hold-in thing. I was beginning to worry a bit about whether this is safe or not. I have asked a few friends about this and most tell me they feel the same pressure I do, but also they get a physical compulsion to pee, a sort of nervous tension, I guess. This did nothing to calm my nerves, so I asked the doctor about it. I'm told you can't easily hurt yourself that way, whether you wear yourself down holding it in or whether you are one of those who get an overpowering desire to pee. I was told that there is a bladder capacity test they can do. You hold your pee in until you can't hold it any more, then you pee in a container that is marked for volume. The answer is your bladder capacity. The doctor told me that it ranges from about a quarter liter to over one liter, depends on the individual. Usually this is a test done for people who pee too frequently. After thinking about this I decided to try it and see how much pee I could hold. So, I skipped a pee before bed, then I had a couple extra cups of coffee for breakfast, and kept drinking liquids all day. By noon I could really feel something there. I had a large iced tea for lunch, and sipped water all afternoon. By the evening meal I had to ease my waistband a bit, and was beginning to feel tired of holding it. I'd have had a pee after lunch normally, and the strain was getting intense. By late evening, I had a more than noticeable firmness below my belly button and some real fatigue - beads of sweat on forehead time. When I passed some gas and almost peed myself I realized that I'd had enough of this. (I really didn't want to spray that much pee all over the house.) So, I went into the bathroom with a 1 liter container and let nature take over at last. It gushed out in a torrent, it felt wonderful, I don't think I ever peed so hard before. We are talking an *intense* bladder contraction here - it was hard to keep it all in the container. Well you all know from my posts that I can't stop once I start, so I watched in fascination as the container filled and foamed, then as I slowed it overflowed a bit and carried the foam off with it into the pot. So there I was, with a full container of warm pee, wet fingers, splash marks all over the place, and me flushed before the toilet was... but I had some real data at last. Wow, did that ever feel delicious. Recommended, even. I'm going to measure a "normal" pee next, to see what the difference in volume is. I don't think I pee half that much normally. Interesting observation - I have some really rotten smelling gas now, don't know if the two are related but I am not fit for polite company at this point. Later, all, -Jillian

Your IP address is back to life. I was worried. ...fluidity

Hi everyone. Silent Spice, my older sister Briana helped "influence" my potty training. She and I also used public toilets together until we were about 10 or so (I'm now 20, she's 22). I posted about this a while back, you can look in the archives if you'd like. I knew from a young age that there was something *unusual* with the way I went to the bathroom (#2, that is)- my close friends Alex and Steph (I think Alex was the first, though) introduced me to this site last year. After reading about others' experiences with Lactose Intolerance, especially Blake, I decided to have myself checked by a GI (gastrointestinal) doctor and, sure enough, I'm LI. While Alex and Steph's, and many others', interest in this is mainly "recreational," not that there's anything wrong with that, I like reading posts from other people who are LI. I'm glad I'm not alone :-) An interesting story from the weekend. Alex, Steph, Laura (another close friend), and I decided to go hiking. No interesting posts from the field- Alex's first post last summer was about one of our trips; however, we did have an interesting experience on the way back. We stopped at a rest area ("Lay by" for those from Britain, Ireland, or Australia) and at this area was a large "NO DUMPING" sign. For those unfamiliar with American English, "no dumping" means no illegal dumping of trash, notably car batteries, tires, old appliances, etc. Steph, ever the witty one, pointed to the sign and said "I guess that means peeing is okay." We all got a good chuckle out of that. There were porta-potty toilets there, but none of us had to go, since I already peed before leaving the state park. Later all, thanks and lots of love to everyone! Your friend, Jodi

Hi guys! Moira, unfortunately, I did not get to see what Allison passed :( We were in adjacent stalls (cubicles); it must have been pretty soft, but not runny, since I didn't hear anything. I did start to smell shit (and I knew it wasn't mine), so I knew she was going. I can tell you she pulled on the toilet paper roll four times, so she must have let out a soft one(s). The only time I saw Allison go to the bathroom, and her *results*, was when I helped her go after she injured her ankle- I remember her poop was very bulky, since she hadn't gone in two days. I don't remember any smell, but I did wipe her a couple of times. Re Michelle, I think that was the only time she and I were in the bathroom at the same time. I don't know whether she had diahrrea or if that was the way she *normally* went (i.e, she's lactose intolerant or has other stomach problems; whatever, she seemed very embarassed (and apologetic), so I didn't want to probe. Peace, Steph

I've always enjoyed reading about guys using open toilet stalls to crap, though since middle school, never had the opportunity to do it myself or see other guys on the pot. Well, I just started summer school (I'm between my college soph and jr years), and, guess what, the men's bathroom in the dorm I'm in, has doorless stalls -- and narrow partitions as well. It's a real turn on in the morning walking in and seeing one or two guys sitting on the pot, grunting and farting away. Most guys were a bit embarrassed at first about using them, but got used to it after a few days! I get a bit turned on as well when some of the other guys walk in while I'm sitting and doing a jobbie myself. I'd be interested in hearing about other guys who have had similar experiences.

Im glad this website is back on line! :-) For an awful moment I thought it had got wiped by the censors of the Moral Majority just like our hated (and soon I hope to be departed) Mary Whitehouse. (or Mouldy Shitehouse as Moira and I call her) Anyway, Im glad that The Toilet is back. Last weekend we had the pleasure of Moira's lovely ???? friend Donna as a visitor. She has got over her shyness and was quite prepared to let both of us watch when she did her motions. Donna didnt have a motion for the first couple of days she spent with us but did do a whopper on the Monday morning just after breakfast, a great long fat lumpy jobbie shaped like a great brown carrot It was so big it didnt make any sound when it came out. She said that she still felt a bit bunged up afterwards and sure enough when we went out a few hours later for a country walk she said she needed a motion again. Both Moira and I watched as she dropped her jeans and her black Sloggi briefs and proceeded with a couple of grunts "OO! OO!" to pass a long smooth fat curved sausage shaped jobbie which must have been about 16 inches long and a good 2 1/2 inches thick. Donna was quite prepared to post herself using our computer but unfortunately the site was off line. No doubt she will post when she next visits us. To Harry Im glad that my Aunt Helen took the exact opposite view to your parents and to her proper people DID pass large turds, she most certainly did herself as did my two cousins and myself as we grew up and still do and all of us were proud of the large jobbies we did. To Silent Spice. I have been turned on for as long as I can remember by defecation and its sights, sounds etc. Certainly going to live with my Aunt and cousins at the age of 5 with their very open minded attitudes to such natural functions certainly helped. Moira's mother, though not quite as liberal as my Aunt was also quite open minded about such matters. Our friend Tony has already explained his history of such things in various past postings to this site. All the best and we hope that this site stays on line again for a good long time.

About two or three years ago I was in the local public library when a young Mother and her preschool daughter walked in. The Mother went into the bathroom while the little girl waited outside. The Mother flushed once when entering the stall then spent several minutes going #2 probably. I find this a bit of a switch. Usually the child has to go pottie and the Mommy waits, usually in, sometimes outside of the bathroom. Women are usually more social than mem; I found the incident a bit unusual.

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

If you can read this you are lucky. Seems somebody done run out an' lost the DNS entry for our IP address. After callin' and writin repetedly maybe someone will fix the problem sometime, hopefully this week. Until then all we can do is set back here in the dark and do a whole lot of cussin' and prayin' and hopein' they cut the domain back on.

fluidity - Never actually got to the painful stage. It just takes more and more effort to hold the pee in until I get physically tired of holding it in and pick a place to let it out. I might experiment with it but doug's post sort of scares me on doing that...

Silent Spice
Please anwser this everyone(if you want). How old were you when you first started liking to watch people poo or whatever and what made you start liking it? I just came here accidently but I dont care really to watch people poo(well besides peeps like the Backstreet Boys). Remember you dont have to answer this. P.S If you see someone with the name Brendon M aka the Wench and hes looking for a SPICE(thats another nickname for me)dont tell him where I am because that guy is BAD NEWS. I will tell you why if you want to know. Oh yeah Tiffani-Amber that is cool that you saw B-Rok on the toilet. I am happy for you!

Saturday, May 23, 1998

Hi Kevin. Interesting to see you had the soap treatment for obstinate constipation in your teens as did my brother and I. You mention your sister sitting in a hot bath. Both myself and my young brother also did this and it caused a great laugh one time when I did the jobbie in the bath. We had a large plastic hip bath and once, when I was about 16 I was really bunged up for about 4 days or so. That evening mum sugested the soap method. I must add that this was always done with gentleness and sympathy whereas I derive the feeling that in your case a certain degree of compulsion and force was used. Anyway, on this occasion I had the soap inserted and sat in the bath totally naked. As we were a reasonably broad minded family and this was in the late 1960s , my 14 year old brother was also present. I had sat there for about 5 minutes and felt things start to move. Usually I would have got out of the bath and sat on the toilet pan to do the jobbie but as I got up I felt a stab of pain as my sphincter stretched wide to accomodate the really fat, hard, lumpy turd then it just slid out into the bath. It was a real whopper like a great fat carrot probably about 14 inches long. My brother saw this and collapsed in uncontrolable laughter, as did my mother when she saw it floating in the warm water. At first I was a bit embarrassed but even I saw the funny side of it. As Ive said mother always practised great gentleness and consideration when she assisted either of us in such matters tenderly rubbing our ???? and holding our hands so this was certainly not a brutal or unpleasent experinence. I can also recal that my brother sometimes got erections in such cases which DID make him blush if I saw this but I imagine this may have been due to the effect of his big solid jobbie pressing aginst his prostate gland as it came out as George also has this experinence and I have read of other male visitors to this web-site having this experinence.

To Steph. Im not the slightest bit interested in Michelle and her "discharge of runny shit" yeuch! :-< but would love to have details of what Allison passed. Was it good and solid, how big was the turd, what sound effects, if any did it make when it dropped into the toilet? Please let us know! Love to all, Moira. (Donna is visiting us this weekend and if she does anything interesting I will tell readers about it, indeed I may be able to get her to post to this site again herself but she is rather shy)

Hi Jim Bobbob. Glad to see you've finally posted; my first post was last summer, so you've been lurking for a long time :) I liked your post about Donna; does your friend and roomate Lisa still lurk about? Perhaps she could share some stories. I have nothing unusual to post at this time, other than I'm seeing Steph tomorrow (first time in 7 weeks)- can't wait to see her! We, along with Jodi and Laura, will be going hiking [ah, summer's here! :)] this weekend. I'll (and/or Steph, Jodi, Laura) will let you guys in on any bathroom stories. Later all. Love, Alex :)

Tony>> You want the story on how I got interested in defecation...Well, here goes...I will be 36 years old next month, and back when I was about 2 1/2 to 3 years old, when I was starting toilet training by my mom, I was a late starter, every time that I crapped my pants, my mother made me WASH them out in the toilet!!! She had gotten tired of it, so she started making me do it in the hopes that I would get tired of it, and stop doing it...Well, all it did was invoke a lifelong interest in the "process of elimination", i.e. "taking a dump, doing a jobbie, etc." I can still recall times in my childhood when I was very ANAL RETENTIVE, in other words, holding it until the liquid started oozing past, and then really getting in trouble when I did it in my pants...At that time, I would be forced to sit on the toilet until I had passed the turd. I don't know why I would hold it, unless it was because I had a tendancy, even as a child to produce some good sized whoppers for a young kid, 6 or 7 years old at the time. I do recall once going to the bathroom and passing 3 small turds about 2 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter, just enough that when the fell to the bottom of the toilet bowl, that they made a solid plug...I flushed, and sure enough the toilet stopped up, and I got a spanking for it. It was an unspoken rule in our household, which I have written before, "proper people don't pass large turds!", I know, because both of my parents would sometimes come into the bathroom and take a dump while I was in the bathtub and they took their time taking a dump, generally dropping 20 or 30 small sized marbles, so that they wouldn't plug up the toilet...It was not exactly my favorite passtime listening to my parents take a dump...However on the other hand, when I was either in the shower or taking a bath when my step-brother came in and did a job, he was a big turn-on for me...Well, sometime, I will talk about my step-sister and her problems with ta! king a dump...

More boring medical details :) Holding urine too long: Doug is probably right that you don't empty your bladder fully when you hold on for a long time, as the muscle stretches and takes a few minutes to adapt to its new, smaller, size when you let go, so it can't contract far enough to empty. I don't think holding on does too much damage in itself, as there are functional valves protecting the kidneys from being 'backed up' - however, once the bladder starts to become distended too far it's excruciatingly painful, and unless there's a physical blockage stopping you from going, you *will* go before you do yourself harm - or else no-one would have accidents... I think the normal bladder holds about .5l of urine (a pint or so), but if you are male and get prostate disease in later life (very common), you can become completely blocked - in this case the bladder swells up to an enormous size, and really can be seen bulging out of the abdomen. This is one of the most painful things that can happen to a man (childbirth is supposed to be the most painful event possible for a human to survive... makes you think) I don't think anyone would get stretch marks from holding too long, although I could be wrong - I think anyone holding deliberately would let go long before their bladder stretched that much. On the other hand, you can definetly rupture your bladder if the front part of the hip-bone (the pubis) is broken, e.g. in a car accident - especially if the bladder is full at the time. Sorry... I'm regurgitating exam revision at everyone. I'll go away and come back after my exams finish...

If we generalize from Steph/Alex and others we would believe that all women do LOUD farts before shitting. Is this the case ? It seems to stretch credibility to believe that this LOUD farting must preceed the start of shitting. Is it dietary, or just the female propensity towards constipation or what , exactly ??? Please shed some light on this observation ........

Doug, You confused me with Jillian; she is the one who, amazingly, did the feat you describe (hold her bladder for a long, long time). I could do no such thing. Kara Lloyd, from your mom's description, your deduction was entirely reasonable; hence, the danger of too little information. I love this word, jobbie. If it becomes prevelant in this country (usa), we know where it came from! ...Fluidity

Simon tell more expericenses you had when you were younger

Fluidity--- Its true, you can pop your bladder, becareful. IF you get into a car accident, a bad one, and have a bladder full of pee, it can burst,and the bladder will kill you instead of the accident. Ceylan--the toilet isnt the only place you can go!!!

Thursday, May 21, 1998

To Jim Bobbob interesting post and glad to hear that you respect your girlfriend Donna's rights over her own body and I'm pleased she had a really good if somewhat difficult motion and you helped her by rubbing her ????. My friends Moira and George do this of course and its also interesting that Moira has a ???? friend call Donna as well who produces really big jobbies (see earlier posts). To Harry. Its amazing but you seem to be an American version of myself.(I assume from the terminology you use that you are from the USA). We have very similar experiences from our childhood, "buddy dumping" although we didn't call it that, looking down the toilet pan (bowl) to see what others had done if it hadnt been flushed away and of course the pleasure of listening to to someone doing a good solid motion, in my case my mother being the usual performer. Although she only did really big 12 inch toilet blocking logs every so often her usual motion consisted of 2 jobbies which were solid turds of about 7 or 8 inches long and 2 inches or so thick. As I have said previously and have read others mention like many middle aged women her usual condition was to be a bit constipated and her stools were firm and nobbily so she would "OO! and AH! a lot as she strained then there would be the loud "KUR-SPLOONK! KIR-SPLOOSH!" sounds as they dropped into the pan. Our weak toilet flush a! nd the fact that they were often floaters meant I usually saw them when I went in to the toilet after her and I too saw the effect Harry mentions of seeing the turds roll over and start to sink to the bottom of the pan no doubt becoming waterlogged. Like Jim Bobbob's girlfriend Donna and various other "regulars" on this website she didn't use laxatives either. I'd love to hear from Harry what started him off having his interest in defecation and its sights, sounds and associated matters.

it was a bad day for me because I didnt make toilet

Hi guys! Mary Ann, I'll have to try squatting the next time I have trouble dumping. The girl in the picture looks as if she's ready to let out a big one. I'm sure she felt better afterwards. Harry, glad to hear you were finally able to go. I know what you mean about water splashing on to your butt; I've done that MANY times :) One story about my friend Allison. She and I were hanging out the other night when she complained of "cramping." She asked me if I could guess what was wrong since I'm "so health conscious." (Allison's words, not mine). I asked her if it was her time of the month. She said "no, I had my period last week. Besides, I don't have pains during my period." I then asked her when was the last time she used the bathroom. "You mean poop? About two days ago." I told her she might be constipated and asked if she liked Fig Newtons. "I LOVE Fig Newtons! Why do you ask?" I told Allison that Fig Newtons are high in fiber and would loosen her bowels. Allison and I had to go to the store anyway, so we bought a couple of packages of Fig Newtons while we were there. To make a long story short, we ate almost two packs within a couple of hours. I started to have the *urge* to go, so I told Allison I'd be in the bathroom. "Mind if I join you, Steph? I'm going to try to go." "No problem, man," was my response. We took adjacent stalls. I had a big lunch earlier in the day, so that, plus the Fig Newtons, made for a large, but easy, dump. I heard Allison straining, and then knew she was going by the smell :) We were talking during most of this time, about other things, when another friend and dorm mate, Michelle, from Morocco, came into the bathroom. Michelle took the stall to my left and joined in our conversation. She immediately started to pee and then let out a very LOUD fart and then a discharge of runny shit. "Sorry, guys. I must sound like such an 'animal'" Michelle is very attractive, and quite shy, so all I said was "no problem," and left it at that. I mentioned that she's from Morocco (but grew up in France and the US) because I don't know whether it's *culturally acceptable* for her to talk about bathroom habits, so I figured I'd shut up about it. Allison and I wiped at about the same time, continuing to talk with Michelle, who let out a couple of quieter ones while we were in the toilet. Later, guys. Peace, Steph P.S., Welcome back, Blake! I love you too :)

I fully agree with Moira that the substance is better than the shadow. However, I have not had frequent opportunities to see large jobbies in the toilet in public bathrooms or at work like Moira has (although I do look hard, believe me). Perhaps this is due to some of the differences in plumbing between different countries that has been discussed here before. In fact, when I first started following this forum I was surprised by the frequent references to clogging the toilet by a large jobbie ,particularly in Scotland or England. At least in my own experience in the United States, a toilet may clog from trying to flush too much toilet paper at one time, but rarely from a large jobbie. I have had times where I have seen a jobbie or part of a jobbie in the bowl at work or in a public toilet, but this is usually a small jobbie which is floating and which resisted flushing. In fact, I first became aware of my interest in these matters when I was 21, in a bar in San Francisco, when I entered a bathroom after an attractive woman had just flushed and left the bathroom. A 5-6 inch straight, irregularly shaped brown-red jobbie was floating in the bowl, and I became aroused at the thought that the woman who had just left had produced it. After that time, I became more active about looking for this type of situation instead of letting it happen by chance. However, the shadow is better than nothing at all.

Hi again my name is Simon and I am 10. I have a brother Jamie who is ( and a friend Edward who is almost 11. At school today Jamie wet his shorts in the last lesson. He was desperate to go pee and asked the teacher, but there was only half an hour to go so the teacher told him to wait till the bell. He tried to make the urge go away by jiggling his legs up and down from side to side and by holding his pasnts. He was doing okay till obout 15 minutes from the end of school when the class heard a hissing sound as he burst and the pee filled his shorts. They all heard the splashing sound as he made a big puddle on the floor and they all laughed. I had to take him home and went on the bus with my friend Edward who was coming to tea. Dad wasnot back yet because we were early and Edward wanted to poo real bad. He said he couldnt wait and that it was starting to come out. I told him to go on the front garden, but he did not want to at first. In a few minutes he undid the top of his shorts and pulled them down to his knees and did the same with his briefs. As he bent down the first poo came out on to the soil. It was thin and hard and brown and about five inches long. He did another poo about the same on top of the other one. I gave him some leaves from a bush and he wiped himself. "Oh I really needed that" He said and I promised not to tell so he would not get into trouble.

When I was really little, I wondered about where babies came from. My mom said that people had sex using their private parts. Then, I only knew that people peed from their penises and vaginas. So.... I thought that people had sex by peeing on each other! That's really weird, eh!

A REPEATED WARNING Fluitity, you said you held your pee from just before supper to the next afternoon. Don't you think you are over extending your bladder? People in concentration camps are allowed to go only once a day. I wonder if their bladders got over extended. However they ate and drank little so maybe their's weren't. I read awhile ago that women have gotten stretch marks by peeing only once a day. their bladders did not fully empty so they developed urinary tract infections. It does not seem very wise to go so long without peeing. If you were hit hard in the abdomine with a bladder full of pee, could it possibly burst? I hear if a person has a stomach full of fluid and they get kicked that the stomach can burst. Think about it!

Hi everyone, I was surprised and fascinated to read Moira's posting,of Sunday May 17th re her mother inserting bullet shaped peices of soap up her bottom to help her constipation. My mother did this to me when I was probably of similar age. I have often thought I was the only person to have experienced this. My mother was always fastidious over toilet hygine and bowel movements and if at any time she thought either I or my sister were becoming constipated then out would come the soap. I can remember standing in front of mother while she cut and prepared a finger of soap and just like you say, this was dipped in some warm water to make it soft and slippery and then inserted and pushed up into my bottom. Thinking back I'm not sure which was more pleasurable, having the soap inserted or the relief from my constipation. But I remember being made to lie across my mothers knees and having the cheeks of my bot parted and her long finger making sure it reached the target. I don't recall her using vaseline though. She would then make me sit on the potty until I had been, and sometimes when difficulties were experienced a second piece of soap would also be inserted. When my sister had soap put up, mother would make her sit in a warm bath for around twenty minutes, before being made to go. Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing or something similar when they were young. I did read a posting on this list much earlier, though I can't find it in the archives.

Hi everyone. I got up a little earlier today than usual and took my shower, and got dressed for work. I did'nt think that I had to poop real bad until I was already dressed. Since I had some spare time, I set up a bathroom mirror on the waste basket, and got a real good view of my ass as I was pooping. My first turd was a long one, and came out so slow, it kind of wobbled and shook until it finally fell off. There were all sorts of good "crackles" and "pfffttts" and I really had to really grunt to push it out. Then another one began immediately, and another and another, until I finally crapped about 9 or 10 good fat ones into the water! It was great fun to watch! I have to wear a shirt and tie to work, and I had to be careful not to let my tie dangle in the toilet water, or to get my shirt tails caught up with the toilet paper. I also have to pull my dress slacks up a little higher around my knees so they won't wrinkle so bad. I hate doing that. I need to sread out. I feel lik! e going to work with them wrinkled some days and say, "Sorry, I had to take a killer shit this morning, that's why I'm wrinkled." Anyway, I was relaxing, when there was a knock on the door, and it's my wife saying "Jeff, I need to get my hairspray." so I said "OK". She did'nt even notice the mirror as she was in such a hurry. (Plus it was'nt the smell of garden fresh roses in there either.) There was a pair of her pink panties from the night before on the floor, which also helped the mood. Also, there have been alot of posts lately about seeing famous celebrities on the toilet. I don't want to see any famous stars, but I do want to watch my wife do a 3 flusher, She's so gorgeous, I'm goin' insane just thinking about it. I'll try it this weekend. Wish me luck! If I were to peek at somebody else, I guess I would like to watch the black girl who works in the deli at my workplace take a real big, fat, long, juicy, stinky, one. For all of the folks who like the "Kyra" stories, I have lots more good stories about her, and will share them when I get the time. I am going to post a good one about Me, her and her fried Patty (who gets off on men doing a no. 2),drinking Wild Turkey, and playing toilet games. Until then, Bye all!

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

Jim Bobbob
Hi every body!I've lurked here for a LOOOOOONG time (my room mate Lisa discovered it on the same day of Alex's first post..strange,no?)Anyway, this post isn't about me or Lisa, it about my girlfriend. yeah,yeah,I know you hear this all the time; "my girlfriend/wife is all uninhibited" but it's true; Donna really dosn't care. She farts a lot and has peed in front of me quite a few times, but my favorite is when she walks up to me, smiles and takes my hand, leads me to the bathroom and takes a dump. I sit on the rim of the tub, put my hand on her ???? and she goes. On a normal day, she poops 2 times and they are gassy,mushey and REALLY big. But for the last few days, she was constipated really bad. No movement at all. For the first day, it was kind of a thrill. She made a TON of noise and we kind of laughed about, but by the second day, it wasn't a joke. She was in a lot of pain and I begged her to do something; laxative, enema whatever! she said she woulden't take a laxative(she dosn't beleave in them) but if it hadn't cleared up in 5 days, she'd take an enema.I was still worryed, but I said o.k (it IS her body, after all).Anyhow, last night (day 3) we where in bed and where about to go to sleep (no sex...her ???? was too tender.) I had just turned out the light when Donna sat stright up and shouted "NOW!"I turned on the light, got out of bed and took Donna to the bathroom. She was screaching and wincing in pain and she sat on the toilet. I sat on the rim of the tub, took her hand and started coaching her, telling her to breath, rubbing her back and ???? (I almost started to laugh when it struck me that this was a lot like delivering a baby.)She leaned way forword and started to push. I looked at her bum and could see a big log starting to come out. She pushed and pushed, turning red in the face, sweat running down her brow, tears in her eyes. finaly, there was a HUGE KIR-SPLUSH!"it's out, it's out!" she cheared, hugging me. However, she hadn't stopped pooping. I sat back down on the tub and started rubbing her belly again (it seemed less full,now) and she let out an almost continous stream of small, hard poops. When she was done, she climbed off the pot and we looked in (we don't do this all the time;this time was just special) The toilet was really full. we used the toilet brush to break up her big poopie (which was harder than I thought). I was sure the toilet would clog, but it didn't.after I flushed the poopie, she whiped (since she was standing it was bottom to top with her right hand). The paper didn't have a lot on it, so she tossed it in and didn't flush;why waste water?I hope you enjoyed the story. I'll post more on Donna (and the 2 other girls I've seen poop) later. Bye now Jimmy

I am 10 years old, and my brother and me got in the car with my friend and his sister had to sit in my lap because there were no seats left. Dad drove off and his sister told me how desperate she was to pee. Finally after about twenty minutes of squirming and crossing and uncrossing her legs I could feel my lap start to get warm and I knew a flood was coming.she started to say sorry about not being able to hold it and she tried to move off my lap but I just held her there while I slid one hand between her legs to feel the pee run out of her cycle shorts on to my hand and wet my cut down jeans.

Hi guys. Duke, although I love shitting, and have an interest in others' bathroom habits, I am very "clean" in the bathroom. My dumps are usually pretty normal, not too hard or soft, and I rarely leave skids in the rim. When I do, I flush the toilet until the skids go away. An example of this was a couple of weekends ago [you can read my previous posting for all the details] when I took a very runny shit, I wouldn't call it diahrrea, at the dance. There were a half-dozen gooey turds in the bowl. This, plus a lot of shitty paper, left some skids in the rim. I flushed three times, once to flush the shit, the second time to flush the paper. There was residue both times. The third flush washed away any brown stuff from the bowl. I think it's very gross to leave shit, or even residue, in the bowl, though I'll admit being turned on by my brother's friend Nick's skid marks in the bowl at my house. I also posted about this a while back. I hate skid marks in my panties, so I use lots of TP when the need arises. Tomorrow's my last day of school and I'm looking forward to "buddy dumping" with Steph :) Good luck to everyone on their finals! Luv, Alex :)

Jillian, you said "Contrariwise, if I hold it until my eyes begin to float I still don't really feel the intense urgency to go that my guy talks about. I held it from just before supper the night before, to after noon the next day. All I feel is fullness, a bit bloated and uncomfortable, but not painful or anything, just aware of an increasing tension" I find that frankly remarkable. It seems there are women like you and there are women who need to pee all the time. Have you ever held on until you went beyond the fullness to utter desparation? Your experience mirrors one of my "trapped in a bus" episodes where I got fuller and fuller but never worried about leaking. But it did go beyond fullness to real pain. However, when the bus stopped I was locked tight and had to walk around until I was loose enough to whiz. Fluidity

I never could get the difference between straining and just pushing

To answer Duke on his posting about "skid marks" in the bottom of the toilet pan. The reason there aren't many postings is that who is interested in the shadow when you can have the substance? As far as George and myself are concerned we very often see really large jobbies since we do them ourselves and also see other peoples stuck in public and works toilets etc. Consequently a mere skid mark would be a very third class event indeed. Again it isnt that easy to guess the size of a turd from the skid mark it may leave. Some really big whoppers if they are very hard dont leave any mark at all unless they slide up and down in the pan when trying to flush them away but they stick, or if they have laid in the bottom of the pan for a while before being flushed away. A smaller softer turd or a load of soft bits can sometimes leave a lot of marks which could fool the observer into thinking a really big jobbie had lain there. When I was a child my mother would sometimes do a motion which wasn't huge by any means, (say a couple of 7 inch long ???? jobbies) but which were soft and a bit sticky. These would sometimes stay in the toilet pan because of their stickyness NOT their size but would leave a long thick skid mark which would have made the like's of Duke think a real mega turd had been dropped.

He is definitely correct about the "plink" sound made by a really big jobbie although mine more often make a "floomp!" sound or sometimes no sound at all. It depends on the height and depth of water in the toilet pan. When I sit on some of the more modern pans I find that while the start of my jobbie is already in the water there is a good few inches of it still comming out of my back passage and no sound or a very slight "flump!" is made. George has found exactly the same effect. When I was a teenager I would sometimes do one like this is the girl's toilet at school and I remember a classmate in the next cubicle (stall) saying "Moira I thought you said you needed a motion not just a wee wee" and she wasn't convinced that I had actually done one until I came out of the toilet and showed her the long fat jobbie in the pan. For sound effects the best toilet pans are the old style type with a long drop from the seat to the large water filled sump at the bottom. These are com! mon in some old public toilets and we have one we boght specially fitted to our toilet at home although even this sometimes cannot flush away the great fat torpedoes George and I and our friend Donna pass when she visits. The "KUR-SPLOOSH!" and "KER-SPLOONK!" type sounds can be fantastic.

To Mary-Ann I sometimes use a footstool as you suggest and have found that it does make it easier to pass a really big fat hard jobbie if Im a bit constipated. I suppose it replicates the angle the rectum forms when squatting and its easier for the turd to be pushed out. I was put on to this hint by the cashier in our practice, a girl called Joyce, who used this herself.

Today I had a feeling that I haven't had in awhile when it comes to doing a jobbie...I used to be able to tell if I was getting ready to pass a large log because I could feel it sliding down towards my rectum and proceed to put pressure on the sphincter waiting to push its way out. At that time I went to the bathroom, unbuttoned my jeans, dropped them to my ankles and sat down. No sooner than I had done that, I felt it start on its way out to drop with a loud plop into the bowl. I sat for another minute, but nothing else came out. I then wiped, stood up, turned around and looked at the production, a light golden-brown floater about 8 inches long and 1 1/2 inch diameter. While I stood there getting ready to flush, it slowly rolled over and then started to sink a little bit. I then flushed, but it didn't leave a skidmark...But while on that subject, I have left various sized skidmarks on occasion, especially after dropping larger logs (10 inches and longer) that fell into the toilet bowl landing on one end and being held up by the back of the toilet bowl. I used to live in a household that I rented a room from an aunt of mine, and I always knew when a cousin of mine took a dump, as he would leave massive skidmarks in the bottom of the bowl, plus he would leave a unique odor in the bathroom as well. I must say that I have seen some of his dumps as well, and he, like me, passes large turds, average size of about 10 to 12 inches, but I never got the chance to hear him while sitting doing his jobs on the toilet, as the walls and door was too thick to transmit sound effectively, as I have always wanted to hear him do a job.

A MORNING BIKE RIDE This morning I was riding a bike to the place where I excersize. The bathroom that I use was being worked on, so I decided to ride while needing to make room for the breakfast I ate. When the urge to go was strong I felt uncomfortable sitting square on the bicycle seat. I either put the right leg or the left leg on the seat. When the urge momentarity subsided, I could sit with my butt on the seat. Interesting!

I like the stories about buddy dumps. I used to be very shy about going #2 in a public restroom and would hold it for hours until I would get home to a private bathroom. When I was in the fifth grade at school I started to grow out of that and I began to enjoy using the school bathrooms. There were no doors on the stalls so you were sitting there for all the world to see. I don't remember how it started but another boy and I would dump together everyday during the noon recess. He always went home for lunch ( so he could have done it there) but got back to the playground for the second half of the long noon recess. We would play outside for awhile then one of us would indicate that he had to go and we would head inside. There were 4 stalls, none with doors, and we would always argue about who would get the back ( and most private) stall. I would usually let him win as I didn't care that much and I just wanted to get down to business. We would sit there and talk for a while then start going. We were both regular as we did this every day but we did both tend to be slightly constipated as there was always some grunting and straining. When it came out there were loud splashes and some gas. If one of us finished first we always waited for the other one to finish. This process could take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on how much trouble one or both of us was having. I don't remember anyone ever walking in while we were there but I am sure that they did. He moved away at the end of the school year and I missed our daily dumps together. After that I would sometimes tell a friend that I was headed into the bathroom to take a shit and hope that he would follow and at least talk to me while I went or better yet take a shit with me. The year that I was in the eighth grade there were three of us who would buddy dump together on a pretty regular basis. We usually used the bathroom in the other building which had two urinals and one open stall. I always tried to go last so that I could watch the other two. I especially liked it if one of them was constipated and had to grunt and strain a lot to get it out. We also had some young male teachers that year and as there was no faculty bathroom once in awhile I would catch one of them on the toilet. That was always the big bonus of the day! It was about this time that my brother and I started buddy dumping together at home, but that is a story for another time. I love the stories here, especially ones about the guys being constipated and having a hard time going. Carlos, where are you? I would like to hear more about your experiences. You too, Drew. More later!

Tuesday, May 19, 1998

Andy - "Working class" women did that in England too 100 or more years ago. They used to wear several layers of skirts and underskirts (petticoats), so strictly speaking they did have "underwear". But they wore no drawers, which is probably what you meant. This was partly so that they could pee in the manner you describe; but also because they never took a bath and didn't have modern views on hygiene.

Jill - isn't this just a case of what stress consultants call "fight and flight"? Everyone's pooping before a stageshow because - even if they show no outward signs of nervousness - they are stressed. In prehistoric times human beings learned to shed body weight in order to help them fight the enemy or run away, and these reflex actions have stuck. When I was a child my parents often had travelling preachers staying at their house. I noticed that these preachers always needed to poop before going to preach. In every case it was very smelly in the bathroom afterwards, but the male ones were more pungent than the female ones.

Today I did have a movement, but nothing spectacular, just several "baby carrot" sized turds, all of which were very firm, so I don't know if they were part of my last bout of constipation and just came out a day later than with the rest of the mass I passed previously...All of them hit the water with loud plops and the last one I let loose hit the water so hard that my butt got very wet, so I had to dry myself off using extra toilet paper besides wiping...

your name greg
Hi I'm wondering if any females stop and start when they pee automatically. IF you do does it annoy you?

There can be problems about the squatting position if you have very soft turds. My motions are always very soft, and if there is a build-up of gas, it blows the shit out violently, and being soft, fine shit particles get sprayed everywhere, on your clothes and for some distance round your anus. So after a number of experiences of this type, I prefer to keep my arse firmly on the seat when shitting.

I'm happy to read Mary Ann's suggestion about keeping a footstool in the bathroom. I'm one of those lucky ones who hardly ever have any problems with constipation. (The 16- incher I reported last week isn't an everyday occurrence, mind you, but I am among the "long-logged" who post here.) Just the same, I sometimes use a footstool just the way Mary Ann describes. I agree that it's a lot like squatting and has the same benefits, at least for me. Have a look at a book called "The Bathroom," by Alexander Kira (maybe it's Kirov). This is a serious discussion, with drawings and photos, about the ergonomics of defecating, urinating, and bathing. He suggests toilet designs that would make it possible to sit in a semi-squatting position. Many public and university libraries have this book but it seems few designers have taken it to heart.

italiano canuck
I have been observing these gals bathroom stories and am actually turned on by it...although it would be neat if i had a galfriend(now im single) that was ok with it...anyways the lasttime(22 now) i had an expierence with a gal doing her sqautn-duty, was when i was was a great summer..these french gals would drag me to the bushs and let me watch...nonetheless i love this posting site, it feels like home...for here im not alone ..till next time ciao

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