Upstate Dave
Well yesterday we had real summer weather arrive here in upstate New York. I have been redoing our yard which has been neglected for many years. So far my wife,myself,and my one son have celaned up yard,cut down many small trees,and planted grasss. That now has the yard looking much nicer.

Now we have a small old barn also. It needed paint badly so the other day I scraped the backside of it down that faces the yard. Yesterday I went and got th paint in the morning. Right after lunch I started painting. Now two houses over there lives a family that has a nice backyard and the mother and young duaghter were outside like I was enjoying the nice weather.

The duaghter I would guess is around 4 years old. She spotted me painting the barn and she told her mother the man over there is painting. I heard her and looked over waved at her which I saw her standing by the fence in her yard beween a couple of bushes. She smiled and waved back. I went back to my painting. I could hear the girl talk to her mother still trying to get her attention to tell her that I was painting.

Her mom was taliking on her cellphone. So her mom wasn't paying attention to her duaghter. So the duaghter gave up and went and started playing in the yard for awhile. I went on with my painting. A half hour or so later from over in the girls yard the mother got another phone call on her cell and she was talking on it again.

Now the duaghter was again trying to get her moms attention saying to her mom that she had to pee. The little girl said it loudly and urgently too. She said that she had to pee several times with no reply until the last time. Her mom then told her duaghter to go pee. Then her mom went back to talking on her phone.

I heard the girl now in a lower voice saying that she was going to go pee. I'm going to go pee. I'm going to go pee. As I heard her say it the sound of her voice got louder so I stopped painting and took a look over towards thier yard. Sure enough the litle girl had come over to where she had stood between the bushes and she was there but behind one of the two bushes out of sight from her yard but not from the neighboring yards.

Now she had one a swimsuite which was one piece. She peeled it down real fast and she bent over placing her hands on the ground. She did sqaut. It was kind of comical at least to me to see her this way with her rearend way up in the air and she looking back through her legs. I wondered why she would pee this way.

She did and she peed very hard but a short pee since she went so hard. Then she styed bent over and she started pooping! I saw her poop out a log first then following her log she did several short logs and nuggets. Then she did a little more peeing and was done. She pulled her swimsuite up and ran away.

Her mother must have seen her running towards her now. For she did stop talking on her phone and asked her duaghter did she pee. Her duaghter told her yes but she did not tell her that she had pooped too. After all her mom only asked about peeing so her duaghter just answered back that she had peed. I laughed for after all that is a kids logic a lot of times.

I went on with my painting. Some time later company had shown up over at the little girls house. The little girl had a friend that was her age maybe a year older or the same age as her. The two mothers now were up on the backporch talking as the two girls started to play and talk in the yard. I was now sitting down taking a break when this was going on.

Then the litle girl told her friend Micheal come take a look at my poop! There was a lot of giggling as the two girls now came running over to the fence and bushes along side the fence. I saw the little girl come around the bush first on one side of it and then Micheal her friend come around from the other side of the bush.

I saw the litle girl that had peed and poop say; Look its right there! She pointed down. Her friend Micheal giggled hard and then laughed. You did poop and a lot too! I heard Micheal say to her friend. The little girl aslo giggled and laughed. Then the little girl told her friend Micheal that she had to pee again! That kept Micheal giggling and laughing more.

So the little girl pulled her swimsuite down and this time she did squat to pee. But before she started to pee I heard Micheal say that she would go too. So Micheal pulled down the white capri shorts she was wearing along with a white pair of panties. She sqauetd down next to her friend. Then they both peed into the grass.

As they both were squated there peeing together they both looked at each other watching each other pee. There was a lot of giggles from both of them. Then after both of them had peed the litle girl pulled up her swimsuite while her friend Micheal pulled up her panties and capri shorts. Before they both took off out from behind the bush they were behind. They both said to each other; That was fun! Then they took off and went and started playing in the yard.

Friday, June 26, 2009


The age old debate has been brought to the forefront. Do you fold your t.p. when you wipe? Or do you crinkle/crumple when you wipe? Pro's? Cons? Alternatives??? Discuss...

Upstate Dave
Back in the later mid 1950s every Saturday our whole family would go to town. My parents would go shopping and us kids would go to the movies. That is when you went to see movies either in a single scren big theater or the drive ins. I was with my older brother and older two sistors.

The theater was one built in the 1920s kind of very ornate and by todays theaters size the ones in the malls about the same seating size so it was small. Now the bathrooms were up on the second floor. Well in the middle of the movie I had to piss and shit so I told my sistor Judy who was siting next to me that I was going to the bathroom. So I hurried out and when I got to the stairs to go up to the bathroom I took two stairs at a time. I was in a hurry. I had to go!

I ran into the mens bathroom and I ran to the area where the stalls were which there were six of them. I tried opening the door on the first one. It wouldn't open! I then went to the next one same thing. I then went right down the row of stalls and tried the doors on the remaining ones. To my horror they all wouldn't open! Now what was I to do!

Now there were urinals in a seperate section in the bathroom. The urinals were not the shallow wall to floor ones which are quite common. The ones there in the theater were the hang on the wall bowl shaped ones! Being a mens room they were blue in color too. Now I was between five and six years old at the time so I figuered I would piss and shit in the urinal!

I hurriedly went over to the first one. It was a litle high but I could get my crotch up over the lip in the front but just barely. So I yanked at my belt unbuckling it,popped the snap on my jeans, yanked them down to my knees,then slid my white briefs down. I turned around got my butt and penis over the front lip edge of the urinal and reasted my ass on the urinal.

I started pissing very hard. Then my piss slowed and I felt myself starting to shit. Oh that felt so good too! I could feel it comming out at a good clip and it felt like it was a fat one too. Iwas pushing so I wouldn't take long for I didn't want to be seen shiting in the urinal and also wanted to get back to the movie. I didn't want to miss any nof it!

I felt my shit getting smaller so I was nearing the end f it. I still was pissing also. I felt my asshole close so I was done shiting and I pissed hard again for a short time and then I stopped. I quickly got up from the urinal yanked my briefs up and my jeans. I took care of my belt, snap and zipper. I turned around and looked. There was a big fat brown shit siting and leaning up the side of the urinal. Now the urinal had the wide opening in the botom just like a toilet so whe I flushed the urinal my shit slid down but it broke and left a good chunk of it still in the urinal. I flushed it a second time. The remaining piece went down. I did leave skid marks! I then left running out of the bathroom, down the stairs and back into the theater and went back to my seat and sat down. So that was one kind of a unuasual place that when I was a kid that I had shit.

Jessy G.-I liked your story of the big bm and the farts. Upstate Dave-Admired your story of Jessy being accidently watched while peeing and crapping simultaneously. Would like to read more of your stories.

Got two questions for the ladies: How old were you when you first learned to squat for peeing or bm's?

Are you better when squatting to pee, or squatting when defacating, or both?

Based on stories that I have read on the website, some women, reportedly, do better squatting to pee than bm'ing, or vice versa. Also, one young woman mentioned having learned to squat when she was eleven years old.

I also have a small story to tell. One day, Mary-Ellen took her four year old nephew to the ladies room while on a shopping trip. After the nephew used the toilet, Mary-Ellen pulled her white shorts and thong panties down to her knees, squatted over the toilet in a downward tuck position, and began to urinate with a thick stream that got thicker with each second. While peeing, she released seven huge logs from her bottom that made such a huge splash that the water from the toilet splashed out of the bowl. The nephew looked at Mary-Ellen and said, "Auntie, you made the water splash out of the stool. What happened?" Mary-Ellen said that it was something that she didn't intend to do, that "it just happened that way. Girls have a slightly different way of using the toilet from boys," implying that females can have urinations and bowel movements at the same time more than males, but that females can urinate and have an unexpected defecation, as well. The nephew says, "But I never saw anything like what you just did." Mary-Ellen responded, "I'll explain more to you when we get home." When they got home, Mary-Ellen explained that she had a strong urge to pee, but that she, all of a sudden, had to pow-pow, that it was a big one that came on very suddenly. "It happens to girls more than boys," she said. The nephew scratched his head.

I have a couple of female friends who I've had the good fortune to be around when they went for a poo.

The first friend I heard one morning the night after a party at her place. We were watching tv hungover when she came back into the lounge and put her blanket on. She immediately pulled it off and made her way in the direction of the toilet. I went into the kitchen to grab some water around the corner and near the door of the bathroom and noticed it was a folding door with a bit of a gap. I then heard 'PLUNK PLUNK...plip'. It sounded like a real nice big poo. So as to avoid suspicion I went back into the lounge where she joined a couple of minutes later.

My second friend I've only heard once but also been into the toilet after a couple of times. One night we were at a friends house and she announced she needed the toilet. I stood near the door in the adjacent kitchen chatting to another friend trying to simultaneously listen to her on the toilet. I heard a nice big 'PLUNK' and a wee.

The second experience with her was at her boyfriends house. We were getting ready to go down to the pub when she went to the toilet but took longer than a wee. I went in after she'd finished and there was definitely a nice poo smell mixed with her perfume.

The most recent experience was a few weeks ago. Her and I stopped off at my place so she could get changed. She went into the toilet and I heard her have a nice wee. Thinking that was it and not to get suspicious (I wasn't alone in the house) I went back to my nearby room. I got curious when she was in there for a while and I heard the toilet flush for a second time. She came out and I pretended I needed a wee and went in. There was a beautiful poo smell, again mixed with her perfume in an attempt to cover it up. There were also a couple of small stains on the bottom of the toilet suggesting her poo had sunk. I was very turned on.

To Stephanie...was this the first peeing accident that you had, or did you some peeing accidents in the past?

By the way...good story.

Nobody, hi, let me tell you about my canoe marathons. My hubby is a keen canoeist and he competes annually in a two day affair. I second but basically just love taking a shit in the early morning in the bushes at the dam where it starts. We get there early so as to prepare breakfast etc. I have my coffee and then am ready with my little wad of loo paper to nip off when I need to. A lot of others also arrive at this time, a lot of them immediately go off to crap others wait. There is a constant stream into the bushes so when I am ready I just go. You have to be careful as there are landmines all over and you don't want to step in someone,s crap. I have a favourite place after all the years, the sun is behind me as it rises and there is a line of bush ahead of me ideal for multi shitting. I have a small see through bush in front of me and because of the light no one notices me. I settle down tracksuit pants and panties completely off one leg, much easier to bush crap like that now spraying your undies or ankles and you can move around if you get cramp. I would then spend a very pleasurable 45 odd minutes shitting on and off peeing and watching all the others. These are all sports men and women so have toned firm bodies. Well the procession just never stops I notice that the school kids all shit together just nervous little quickies but the older crowd come alone and are often joined by someone of either sex with an emergency. Complete unisex. The tight lycro shorts come off no undies too much chaffing while paddling, and they bend and let go big time. There are silent farts, spluttery wet, blubbery long wet, long rumbles some as they go down to squwat others after a pee when they push. Some are so badly in need of a shit that as the bend the turtle head is sticking, out one lady had the runs and as she bent at half bend she was like a fire hydrant a spray that reminded me of cattle shitting on green grass. Some common facts, all aresholes dome except for very runny poop, some squwat low others almost perch. A lot remove a leg so as to spread the ankles, they are the seasoned bush poopers. 95% wipe right handed a lot of woman wipe through the front from front to back a lot are like you and me, one up one down and one polish, more if needed. A husband and wife came to crap together one year, both got down not 4 feet from me, both mid 30's well built man and stunning blonde girl. He was first to start, I think she was a little shy about being seen, but he let go huge, an athletes diet it was a mound of light green shit must have dropped out plus wind for at least twenty seconds, he then peed and started to wipe standing up. By the way he was very well hung and had to hold it off the ground when in full squwat. She was looking around and he said to her to get going we are on shortly. She said for him to stand in front of her as she needed to push and hold his knees. As she bent over and pushed her arsehole extended about an inch and a half and then she farted a short brrp, then the log of my life emerged, slowly at first, small crackles as the air around it escaped and then at full throttle this monster about 2 inches thick emerged. Light brown in the sunlight, shining too it must have been 18 inches long before its weight broke it off and it fell with a thud to the ground, the rest of it followed. If it had not broken off it would have been 24 inches, proof that petite little beauties can shit big. A little soft stuff then a long pee and a tampon change and she was done, also wiped standing and bending, I could see it all, she was shaved. She had a quick wipe and dressed and then sort of stepped over their offerings as they left. I had melted by now and was rather light headed. I had a good wipe front and back, love wiping my arse, I put cream on it every morning and after a shit, helps to ease out the harder ones, the wipe is also nice and slippery and you come clean faster. Later in the morning I felt like another………………….so went off and squatted. I lady came to shit there and noticed me, said would I mind, I said no problem, now this gave me a buzz, a complete stranger, what would now happen. She was obviously not a seasoned bush shitter as she turned away from me and just pulled down her jeans and panties to expose enough. When together face each other, you will not expose your front it stays hidden, but with her back to me I could almost touch her arsehole as it started to dome as her first fart blew out, then the strangest shit I suppose, had by all but seldom seen in "motion". This dark brown head emerged and instead of a nice log hard or soft the little nuggets proceeded to break off one by one with little phrrrrts of air along the way. After about twenty of these a small 4 inch log dropped out, her arsehole stayed "hanging" and then drew back. She did not even bother to wipe just pulled up and went off. The pile looked as if a large buck had marked its territory. Just love that marathon, I should tape the bum noises in the bush one day. Next time I will tell you about a conference I attended, lots of urgent toileting during the breaks. Be good.

John Philip
Replying to the most recent survey by Speedy Pooper:

1. How often do you poop? This varies. It used to be once a day late at night, but now it has consistently been up to two or three times a day.
2. How long does it usually take to finish a normal poop? Typically 10-15 minutes.
3. How long does it usually take for you to start pooping after you first sit down? No longer than 2 minutes.
4. About how many pieces of poop do you usually produce? Used to be one massive log, currently five or six medium sized ones.
5. Do all the pieces come out in one wave, or do you have to wait for the next wave to come? It usually comes out all at once.
6. Do you do the longest piece of poop at the beginning or end of your session? I never noticed, but I suppose I typically pass the largest piece at the start.
7. What kind of sound do your poops usually make? The large logs I (very occasionally) produce make a noticeable "floomp" sound as many others have expressed here at the Old Posts. My smaller logs simply "plop" or "plip". So sometimes the "b" choice, otherwise "d".

Hey Daniel (UK),
just tried the 'random' function and read your post on page 812 (you know, the one about the guys studying while sitting on the can at the library). I sometimes do that at my university (by the way, I'm from Germany). Like your posts, just keep 'em coming.

Well I had a pretty good time on the toilet the other day. During the morning I had a terrible upset ???? but I couldn't poop. So I had my friend rub my ???? and that started to get things moving. It took at least 20 minutes before I finally felt relief. That night I also had a bad ???? ache and decided I better use the toilet once again. This time it took me almost an hour before I felt empty, but I do think that ???? rubbin thing did help.

Amanda M
a little while ago I was sitting here on the computer when I started getting a little stomach pains. Nothing serious it passed after a few minutes. I went on doing what I was doing. After my stomach was gurgling a little and I was letting out really smelly farts. I knew I was going to have to poop soon and sure enough I did and it felt like it was going to be a messy one.My great grandmom was going out soon so I thought I would wait until she left cause I'm very poop shy and rather be by myself when I go. Well I really shouldn't have waited cause I had a hard time going after. As soon as my grandmom left I went up to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and peed. Then I gave a push and got nothing. I pushed some more and still nothing. I would have sat longer but the phone started ringing. since nothing was coming out I just wiped my front and went and answered it. I talked for about 5 minutes or so and thought I would go try again.I went back up and sat on the toilet and pushed nothing. I pushed again and still nothing I could feel it right there but I couldn't get it out. I pushed and pushed and pushed and got nothing but two tiny wet farts. Finally I gave up. I wiped my butt two times and came down to get my cellphone. As I was walking The urge got really strong I thought for sure it was going to come out this time. I grabbed my cell and ran back up to the toilet.I gave a push nothing. I tried everything I could think of to get it out. I pressed on my stomach I bent over I lifted my knees to my stomach all while pushing and it still would not come out.I was getting really frustrated. I sat there for a good ten minutes pushing and everything else and finally a really tiny piece came out. I pushed again and more came out. Now everytime I would push more tiny pieces would come out. I grabbed the side of the counter gave a huge push and a lot came out. I still felt more but I couldn't push anymore. I was starting to sweat and feel a tiny bit light headed and my butt was really sore. I just sat a few more seconds breathing heavy then started to wipe. It was a mess.Took 13 wipes to get cleaned. when I looked in the toilet there was 1 long piece 3 medium and a bunch of tiny pieces.After I flushed there was a pretty strong after smell so I found some bodyspray and sprayed it and that was that. I just came down and drank a little prune juice.My butt is still a little sore

About two years ago on Page 1586 I wrote about my family moving from a smaller community to a large city and my being uncomfortable using the toilets at my new high school because the bathrooms didn't have the toilet seat cover papers that I had used in my previous school. That was at the end of my freshman year. However, over the past two years I have gotten better at just sitting myself down on the toilets like two or three times a day when I usually crap and also pee. I've just gotten used to it and kinda feel my previous concerns were silly, although once a day having to wipe urine off a seat before I sit on it is not pleasant for me.

Now, however, in order to qualify for a special technology magnet program my senior year, I am taking a six-week all-day technology class this summer. Our city has 15 high schools and I'm assigned to one on the other side of the city and guess what, they have those toilet seat papers. We're more than a week into the summer school session and I have yet to use one. I no longer see anything wrong with just sitting directly on the seat and my mom agrees with me, although she's concerned about the urine on the seats and something she calls lice. She caught pubic lice in 9th grade and was made fun of by a few of her classmates. Like she'd be on the stool and three others would be in line. When she opened the door to exit, the others would turn and go into the lines of those waiting for the other toilets. She felt very bad about herself and was later treated for depression.

When I'm in a stall and I can hear what's going on in the stalls next to me I have not heard one girl pulling off one of the seat covers from the holder on the stall partition. Not one! Most just sit down and a few squat to pee. Why this school has the papers and other high schools don't is something I don't understand. And if they are not being used, what's the use for keeping them? What I concentrate on is emptying my bowels or bladder and then washing my hands. I just no longer see the need for the seat protector papers.

Guy In TN

I saw you mention in a survey that you wanted to see your ex-bf shit in a child's training potty. I too would like to see this except with a female doing it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My constipation sounds a bit like fact my first poos are always the hardest. If I get hard difficult poos then I know constipation might be on the way.
Yesterday I posted that I was having problems but fortunately it resolved. I went to the gym this morning and sat on the toilet after breakfast for a good soft pooing session. On the way to work I called into my public toilets and had a long relaxing poo...passed a heap. Soon after arriving a t work..back on the toilet and a small movement ensued. I feel that I will soon need to go again...farting a bit.
What I meant about pooing your pants was just a suggestion...I have never tried it. I have heard it is a good alternative to straining on the toilet and puts less stress on the anal and rectal area.
I really do recommend a good clean out. It works well for me. Nothing to eat for breakfast...have it first thing in the morning and plenty of water...a real lot of water. Also when you get the urge hold on for a while so as to get your colon working well. If you have a good dose wait till you a desperate before sitting on the toilet. After the first poo have a good drink and get ready for the next.
The following day you might have runny poo but you might not go at all. For the next few days my BMs are fine.
Next thing about seeing a doctor...maybe you need a colonoscopy? They are no big deal or should I say not as bad as you might imagine.

Turd Lover
Taking a shit is one of life's simple pleasures. When you stop and really think about it, it's a fascinating experience because each time is different. No two turds are ever exactly the same. Each one has it's own character & personality. Some are works of art and others are just plain messy and nasty. My favorites are the big fat long monsters that splash with a vengence. Just about every conceivable shape, size, texture and color has exited my rectum at one time or another. Sometimes when I'm expecting a huge log, little "turdlets" come out instead. And then there are times when I'm not expecting much and out comes a jolly brown giant !! Yes, it's always a surprise. I've never understood why some float and others sink immediately. And then there are "rainbow turds" with different colors --- sort of like a neopolitan ice cream sandwich. Some have tapered ends while others are "chopped off" at the end. Some are bow shaped and others are straight. And some look like --- well, you know, the male reproductive organ.

I've thought about publishing a "Field Guide to BM's" similar to those on birds, snakes, trees & plants --- I think you get the point. I have a nice photo album with polaroids of some of my most memorable dumps. I keep my camera next to the toilet so I won't miss that special unique log. Does anyone remember that glorious log that stood tall above the rest ?? I would be interested in hearing about your No.1 favorite dumo of all time.

I had to take a hemoccult test, to look for blood in my stool. Not a pleasant experience, since you have to take a tiny sample of your poop and smear it on a slide for 3 days in a row. Good news, no blood detected. I'm slightly anemic, so the doctor wants me to take an iron supplement for a few months, but I've heard it turns your crap black and makes you constipated.

Anyone ever have to take iron supplements? Constipation? Black poop? I've heard that there are some supplements that are easier on your system. Anyone know anything about these?

soccer mom,

You might be lactose intolerant. You should see a doctor.

Upstate Dave
Hello to all. I was just wondering have anyone here has ever taken a pee and unespectedly pooped too? Also too can you poop and hold back your pee untill after you have pooped even though you have to pee real bad too? I when I was younger one of the girls in a group of friends that I hung out with could do just that. She could hold back her pee poop first then pee. Many times she really peed a lot after she had pooped. This always amazed me when she let me watch her go!

I remeber very well even to this day the first time she did poop and then peed. It was not in the bathroom eother but outside in part of the barn behind her house! She had told me she peed alot in the barn but never told me she had also pooped in the barn too. The reason was when she did poop in the barn it was in a different spot instead of where she would just pee. She also didn't poop all that often for she didn't want her pooping in the barn to be discovered by anyone. She would admitt to me she did it a couple of times a month.

Well the day I was there visiting she told me she was going out to the barn. Come with me she said to me. So she and I went out to the barn and went inside and then went into the side room off from where the family car was parked. She walked towards the back of this room and opened a second door which lead into a second smaller room. I stepped in this room with her and she closed the door quickly.

There was plenty of light comming through the two windows which one was partaily open. I didn't see any poop on the floor or any remains of toilet paper either even though she had brought some with her. I asked her how come there is no toilet paper in here. She laughed and told me she tosss it out the window. So I went over to the window that was slightly open and took a peek outside of it. Sure enough there was pieces of toilet paper scattered around on the ground. Some looked like it had been out there for some time too.

I also didn't see any remains of poop on the floor there inside the room too. I wondered about that too. I got my answer for she went over to one corner of the room and lifted up a trap door in the floor. Now I knew where she pooped and peed. For the oder of pee and poop could be smelled but it was not all that strong. Then she got ready to go.

She had on a skirt which she most of the time would wear one. Other times she would wear a dress or jeans when I would see her pee only. She now lifted up the botom of her skirt reached under it with both of her hands and pulled down a white pair of panties out from under her skirt. She then took them right off. She would do this when she was wearing a skirt or a dress. If she had on jeans or shorts she wouldn't if she was wearing panties!

Then she sqauted down now raising her skirt up around the front and back and had it off to one side of her body. Looking at me as I stood watching she told me she was going to shit first not pee! She giggled and I was surprised she said shit instead of poop like she always would say to me. So I moved so I stood off to the side of her but also behind her.

She let out a soft phffft of a fart and I saw her asshole pucker and dome out and open. The blunt shaped end of her shit poked right out from her asshole. It was smooth and a darkish tan color. It moved slowly but steadily. So it gained in length not giving her any trouble as far as needing a push to keep going. In a short time it was a good eight inches long or more and very fat which had her asshole open real wide.

Then her shit stopped its movement taking a short pause. She commented that she had to make it stop so she wound't pee! Boy this time that is real hard to do. She did do it to my surprise. For after several seconds her shit again started moving and she didn't pee. She had several more inches of her shit come out and then her hanging shit fell away from her asshole and made a dull thump when it hit the ground down in the open hole where the trap door had been.

Then she told me I better move around front now. I'm going to let go with a good piss! I stepped around to the front of her. Just as I came around to the front of her she did start to piss and very hard too! Her piss came gushing out in a very messy stream which did a lot of spraying droplets of piss off from the gushing stream. None of the spray did wet her anywhere but the droplets I could see where wetting the dark dirt under her and her gushing stream was soaking her long shit laying down on the ground.

She kept on pissing for a very long time. This also amazed me that since she was pissing so hard and for so long she managed to hold it back when she had shit! The ground and her shit were now soaked with piss as I looked and watched. Then her gusher piss stream eased right up with its spraying stopping first. Then for the last several seconds before she did stop her piss there was some soft hissing and then that stopped when her stream stopped.

She then wasn't quite finished but only paused. She then did severla short spurts pf piss which on the last two spurts I saw two nugget styled shits fall down into the the open hole. She giggled and told me I guess I wasn't done shtting either! So she didn't expect to have that happen also. Now ith her shitting and pissing the oder of both was now stronger in the air.

She grabbed the toilet paper that she had brought out with her and she stood up reached back behind her and gave herself a wipe between her asscheeks a good hard wipe. She then looked at the paper for a second after she had wiped and turned and tossed the piece of use toilet paper out the open window. Then she took some more paper and wiped heself a second time and repeated throwing that piece out the window like she did with the first one.

Then she took the last of of the toilet paper and wiped her front off with thatr last piece. It was pretty wet with piss after she had wiped her front off. She tossed that out the window. Then she let her skirt down as she stood up. She stepped awy from the open hole in the floor. She bent over picked up her white pair of panties off from the floor and she ststepped into them and started pulling them up. As she did this she asked me to put the trap door back so I did. She finished pulling up her panties as I took care of the trap door. Then with a giggle we left the little back room of the barn together. Upstate Dave

I remember once when i was younger, my sister julia walks through the living room funny,with he but stuck out. I asked her why she was walking like that and she kept on going, I shrugged it off and went back upstairs to get on the computer. my mom was in the shower and i hear her knock on the door and say she needed to pee. soon she said never mind,ill go down stairs. we have a small laundry room in our kitchen with sliding doors, and thers a toilet in there incase someones in the shower. well it echos severely in there. I walked in to grab my phone off of the table, and i hear her in there grunting. out of curiosity, i peeked i in the crack and saw her grasping the side of the toilet and a beat red face that had sweat on it. she was grunting and pushing as hard as she could, she was desprate to poop.i couldnt help but laugh. she heard me, and hurried and acted like she was peeing and flushed, still walking funny. i asked whats wrong and she said she just had to pee real bad. she was bloated,like she was clogged.well later on we were all watching a movie on the couch and she let out a whimper and ran for the kitchen toilet. my friends and i followed and listened in. she was grunting and pushing so hard she started crying. i remember we got so bored cause she was taking so long and went upstairs to get on myspace. we forgot about her untill thirty min later when she comes upstaird panting. we asked her what happened and she said, my fucking whole was stretched aout all day and i had to shit.

As I have said in some of my previous postings I do a lot of babysitting. It's pretty good money for someone who is 16 and it would suck getting a job at a fast food place and then get laid off because of the economy. And also, I'm thinking about early childhood education as my college major.

Well, I have three mothers drop off their children at my house as early as 5:30 in the morning when they are on the way to work. I care for two girls 4 and 6 and a boy 5. The boy however is being spooked by his parents divorce right now and he's kind of more moody than normal. The parents pay a little extra three days a week and we do some special things like going to the beach, a theme park, zoo, picnic at the park, and bumper bowling where anyone can be good because the gutters are covered up.

Since I don't have a car to use, we take city buses on a lot of our trips. The service is good but although I remind the kids to go before we leave the house and at our destination before we return home, they don't always listen and we have problems. This is especially true since we have to transfer buses twice for places such as the zoo and the holdover time may be like 10 or 15 minutes. I don't have a lot of alternatives when we're on the bus bench and one of them has to pee. Yes, I've taken them into nearby stores, a gas station once and even a portable potty at a house under construction because there were not workers around.

The biggest problem so far came last week when I ate too many tacos for lunch and needed to crap and Angel (who drank way too much soda and too fast) had to pee. We were at the bus transfer stop which is by the entrance to one of the largest parks in our city. I knew from my increased sweating and the gas I was building that I needed to crap and like at once. I mentioned it to them and Angel said she had to pee. Luckily, I could see a toilet building about a half block into the park and I had them hold hands and walk together toward it.

Although he didn't want to, I told Matthew he would have to come in because there just weren't any alternatives. He protested, but I think he knew it was a losing cause. Anyway, I had him stand just inside the doorway to the building where I could keep an eye on him but he wouldn't be able to see too much of anything. This was a really, really old building with cob webs handing from pipes on the ceiling and in the corners. The one sink that was available was cracked in too many places for me to count and had a faucet that was so old that both Matthew and myself had to admit we had not seen one like it before. Anyway, there were two doorless stalls. The first had a pipe hole in the way and a plywood bowl covering what previously was a toilet hole. The second had one of those very large, old-fashioned stools that would be large even for a big, fat person to sit on. Also, it seemed the seat was a little higher than what we're normally using. Well, I let Angel get up and go first. She's 4 and a little smaller for her age and I had to give her a boost up on the seat. She seemed scared sitting on such a large seat and she had her hands in front of her on the seat. Just as her pee started to come, I heard Matthew's voice and quickly before I could turn around a medium sized dog came rushing in, brushing Matthew aside and literally slide on the slick concrete floor about half the way into the wall and it turned and started to jump onto Angel's lap. She started to cry, jumped up off the toilet with her pee stream still going, and she made a mess into her pants and shorts. Luckily the dog had a leather collar that I was able to grab and I slid him so far toward the door that he went by Matthew and took off running. It took Angel a few more minutes to gain her composure back and she re-seated herself and got a little more pee into the bowl. Then she wiped and flushed and I took the seat. Within like 10 seconds my first log was emerging. It was large and I rock myself forward on the seat in order to get it out. It dropped with a thud we could all hear because the toilet was so large that my crap dropped onto the front part of the bowl, not the back part with the water. By then there was a bark and I noticed that the children were at the door trying to keep the dog from coming back in and terrorizing me. Within about three minutes I was standing and wiping and I couldn't get myself clean fast enough not only because of the dog, but also because we didn't want to miss our transfer bus.

I pulled up my panties and shorts fast and I admit I didn't flush or wash my hands. We just wanted to get back outside where there was a breeze and we still had a chance to catch the bus. Well we missed it and had to wait another half hour for the next one. About 20 minutes into the wait Matthew said he had to be but I just told him he would have to hold it. I had dealt with enough problems already for one day.

Penny, that was a great story about your sighting at the horse show! Would love to hear about the stories that came close as well.

John Philip
Turd Lover: Glad you take note of your daily bowel movements. How long have you been on this site? Yeah, and happy pooping to you as well.

Stephen: That was a pretty cool experience.

My BM's have been undesirably loose in the past two days. Today, I had a loose one where I sat down on the toilet, farted immediately and at least four turds shot out at once. Not exactly what I would call a nice hard solid time consuming BM (like I used to enjoy) but a noteable xperience nonetheless.

to jessica: i really enjoyed your post! i wish that we could have several bathroom outings together! i have missed u and your posts! take care!

ps. still leave the tiolet unlflushed!

TO LINDA from Aust: It might be time to see the doctor. Something must be causing the hard poo! In my case it is pain meds and also the condition I have causes sometimes slow transit etc. I really think you are in for big problems if the matter is not corrected. Too uch straining!!! What you could do in difficult times is instead of sitting on the toilet just try doing it in your pants, maybe whilst watching TV. Just sit there on the couch comfortabley and start pushing if you have the will need to do this when nobody is at home!!!
What I do is that if I have a hard time on the toilet I take a laxative right away. Also if problems continue or flare up I flush out my system. I take Colocaps can get them at the chemist but they might have to order them in....I much cheeper solution is a good dose of epsom salts. In brief, with the constipation you are having you are carrying lots of shit and this causes recurrent constipation so a good flush out might help. I take the capsules first thing in the morning and drink lots of water and eat nothing for a few hours after taking them and the relief is majic.
Good luck!

Okay, I'm sitting here at my computer, and I really need to pee. I don't want to go downstairs because I'm talking to my fiance online and he lives far away right now. I'm at that point where I'm not quite desperate, but I'm bouncing because I'm uncomfortable... I also kinda don't wanna go to the bathroom, because it's exciting to need to go... Maybe I'll try to see how long I can hold it before I absolutely have to go...Yeah, I'll post again later to see how long I lasted. It's 7:37 right now, and I've had to go since about 7, so that's nearly and hour... Lets see how long I last. :)

Okay, new plan, I need to go out, and I'd rather not be desperate in my car, so I'll go now and try the hoding it for a long time thing another day, lol. BTW it's now 9 pm

Okay so im back. I was much better for a few days and then it came back a little. i was sleeping and i woke up in the middle of the night covered in my own poop its happened 3 nights straight again thats all tho can i please have some advice

Blue Rizla Girl
Hi there, Upstate Dave! Your stories are great, really descriptive, please keep them coming!
My answers to your survey are as follows:
1. When did you start enjoying taking a pee?
I think I have always enjoyed peeing.
2. Have you ever peed ouside?
Yes. Lots! :)
3. When you took your first outdoor pee was it done for the following reasons?
A. You simply had to go and did it?
B. By yourself or with someone else?
C. If you were with someone else was it on a dare?
D. Same Gender?
E. Different Gender?
F. Emergency desperation?
G. Some other reason. If so please tell reason why.

I was playing with another girl the same age as me, at her house which had a large garden. I asked her if I could go in to use the toilet and she said why didn't I just go behind the shed? I said I didn't know how, so she went first just to show me. Then I went, and she watched me. She said she often used to just wee behind the shed if she was out playing, because it saved having to go inside. I guess her parents didn't mind. My prim and proper mother certainly would not have approved if she'd known!

4. Give a aproximate age when you did do you first outside pee;
A. child
B. Teen
C. Young Adult
D. Adult

It was the summer between primary and secondary school, so I would have been 11 years old.

5. How did you feel about it?
A. Not really anything?
B. The satisfying from the releif that you did pee?
C. A little excited?
D. Nuaghty but didn't feel guilty doing it?
E. Any other reason? Please state what you felt.

I felt amazing, both at the relief from peeing and at the sense of freedom that came from the realisation that I no longer had to worry about finding a toilet anymore: I could just go anywhere! Also, I must confess to a slight feeling of naughtiness.

Linda from Australia here again. I was backed up at the beginning of this week but now I'm back to normal. I couldn't go at all on Wednesday, even though I tried in the morning before work and several times after work. On Thursday morning, I tried again before work without success. Then when I got home, I went straight to the toilet. I sat down and relaxed because knew I would be on there for a while. I had to start pushing and straining after about 10 minutes, to get things moving. After about 20 minutes, I gave up, even though I could feel the poo sitting in my anus. I had a strong urge to go but I just couldn't get anything out. So I had dinner and waited about an hour. I went back to the toilet and sat down. This time, the poo started moving down as soon as I got on the toilet. I had to push and strain really hard. I had been on the toilet for about 30 minutes when I felt my anus with my finger and about an inch of poo was sticking out. I pushed and strained even harder. Then the phone started ringing and a log broke off and fell into the bowl. My housemate answered the phone and called my name because it was for me. I quickly had to wipe my butt and pull up my pants. I wasn't finished but it would have to wait till later. I spent about 10 minutes on the phone, then I came back to the toilet. After pushing and straining for another 15 minutes, I couldn't get anymore poo out. I waited about an hour and tried again. This time, I managed to get the rest of my load out. It consisted of 2 skinny, rock hard logs. Since then, I have been pooping twice a day so hopefully the constipation doesn't come back!

To Thunder from Downunder: I don't really want to see a doctor about my constipation because I don't think its that bad. I might try your suggestion of a clean out with epsom salts and see if that helps. I don't really feel comfortable pooping my pants, I had some bad experiences as a kid (I had bad constipation as a kid and often had butt phlegm in my pants or pooped my pants after being backed up) I find that after I've been constipated and I've squeezed out rock hard poos, then a few hours later, heaps of softer poo comes out. Its like the rock hard logs have acted like a plug. The softer poo keeps coming out for a few days afterwards aswell, and I go 2 or 3 times a day. Does this happen to you??

That is quite a story and a great post that will probable give others much comfort. It is true that it is a rather unusual tale but this is what occurs to me about it.

You say that when you saw her (your now gf) you found her attractive. Maybe she thought the same about you but she was clearly not in any situation to do anything about it.
Then things got far worse for her - she had perhaps the worst pubic embarrassment possible. What is the chance that, in such a place, everyone would have simply walked away, leaving her standing in a pool of poo, while also making nasty comments? Very likely, I think, but you didn't and did everything right. When everything had gone so horribly wrong the $5 sweatshirt must have seemed like a miracle and, remarkably, she'd found someone who thought ahead and got one!
From you what you say she actually asked you out. I suppose it saved you having to think up a chat-up line and the toilet issues (which often feature on this forum) had kinda ended before your relationship started! All the best to you both and please keep posting.

I was staying at a spa last week. I suppose that eating a healthy diet caused some sort of de-tox reaction because I was playing golf and while walking along the fairway I had a sudden sharp pain in the colon together with a desparate need to shit. I had no toilet paper and while deciding whether I would make it back to my room, I got a spasm in the rectum area and was sure that some poo had escaped into my underwear. There was no way I would make it back so I just grabbed the towel I have on my bag and made for the trees and bushes at the side of the fairway. Luckily there was no one else about. I went behind a tall tree and quickly pulled my trousers and pants down and squatted in one movement with a sense of relief that I had not had an accident. As soon as I was squatted down the flood gates opened, with a lot of gas at first and then a forceful stream of creamy shit. I wiped my bottom with the towel and threw it under a bush. I felt much better after that. The poo looked like a pale brown cow pat.
Pleased to say I am back to normal now. A few pages back, Small Town Girl spoke of the perfect poo. I must have come fairly close this morning. While drinking my coffee, I had the sudden urge to have a poo. I could feel the turd pushing against my inner sphincter and knew that I couldn't wait to finish my coffee. I took it upstairs and sat on the toilet. As soon as my bottom touched the seat the poo started to come out, slow at first and then more quickly and effortlessly as more of the turd emerged. It felt nice and long, thick, soft and smooth. The first piece broke off as it glided into the water, no splash, and then a shorter turd. When I stood up to wipe my arse, I could see my turds lying next to each other, perfectly smooth and about two inches wide. That was a nice dump.

Today, after breakie, I sat on the toilet...did not have much time...the poo in me was very hard I quickly grunted out two small turds and one slightly larger and that was it. I had to take the girls to school and then straight to a customer...I see this customer every year...he is near a park with public toilets and no doors! There was nobody around to I went in to try for a poo. I would have gone in anyway. I was there for a few minutes breathing and grunting but produced one very small pebble which I grabbed as it exited my had the hardness of a diamond. I left mission incomplete...spent a couple of hours at this customer and drank lots of tea and had a good lunch, I concluded, said good bye and headed back to the doorless toilets. I took a cubicle...there were two and sat...I did pass an average turd and a couple of small ones with a bit of grunting, of course!
See how I go tomorrow...if not good a good clean out might be in order.

Gaberdeen MAc
To those of you that take a long time on the toilet.
Do you take something to pass the time ie a paper or magazine with you?

to Marry
You are a girl who has posted on the very early pages. My posts had not started untill about the last thirty pages of the posts. Yet I find that you have really hit the nail right on the head when you talked about the conficting feelings of horror and being turned on by popping in ones pants at the same time.
If you read any of my posts they are all about pooping safely either in a potty I have in front of my computor while reading other peoples posts or in my equally safe and cozy bathroom right near by. Yet I know that this website speaks just as boldly about ugly accidents as it does about happy poops. I know from my own boyfriend who is a custodian the desparation of people who just need to go.
I even feel tempted to buy some of that convenience underwear at a pharmacy if that is what you call it for people who frequently might have accidents and try going in my pants and see if that convenience underwear is as easy to clean as my potty is before I wash myself. I wiah you luck in avoiding accidents that are demeaning. I know that you wont try any homemade cherry wine anymore.

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