I had a really embarrasing accident today involving defective jeans
:[. I was in the shower and had a huge urge to take a poop but I didn't want to get out of the shower. For a 16 year old girl I didn't think it was going to be a normal amount but I squatted down and started my dump. I didn't realize I had to poop so badly. It just gushed out. There was a lot of the light brown liquidy diarhea that went down the drain easily. It felt really good and after the poop stopped I moved my hand to my private area (That's all I can say on that because of the rules). That activity caused me to completely forget about peeing. After I dryed off I slipped into some normal white cotton panties and my favorite tight jeans with a T-shirt. It was a nice day outside so I decided to go for a walk to the Dariy Queen a few miles away from my house. About halfway there I started to have to pee but I didn't really think much of it. I just decided to keep going. When I was about three quarters of the way there I had to pee really bad. I was starting to get desperate for a pee. I tryed to pick up my pace a little bit but it made me need to go more. I was afraid I wasn't going to make it. I didn't know what to do. I kept going. A few minutes later I could see the Dairy Queen in the distance. I was going to burst soon if I didn't get there. As I got closer to the Dairy Queen I was thinking what a bad day it was to pick tight jeans. If I had worn a skirt I could have spread my legs a little and moved my panties to the side and just went on the sidewalk... This was largely the wrong train of thought. As I was thinking that a short spurt of pee squirted into my panties. I stopped dead in my tracks. A state of raw terror and panic overcame me. There was a small wet spot where I accidentally let go a little. I started walking very fast towards Dairy Queen while trying to hold it in, but the pressure kept getting higher and higher. Another spurt of pee quirted out as I was quick-walking. I started to cry at that point. I knew I wasn't going to make it. I was in front of somebody's house so I carefully manouvered myself to the front door without anymore peeing. I rang the doorbell several times. THERE WAS NO ONE HOME!! Another few seconds and it was going to be to late, I could feel it pushing it's way foward. I grabbed my crotch and ran to the side of this house as another spurt of pee made its way out. I went behind their air conditioning unit and another spurt of pee hit me ut this time it didn't stop. It slowly started to dribble out. My hand was shaking violently while I tryed to get the zipper down. MY ZIPPER WAS STUCK!!! Time was up. I couldn't hold it any longer. I let go. The pee just blasted out and didn't show any signs of slowing up. I was holding back a sob because I didn't want anyone to hear me. The pee just kept coming for like 20 seconds. My pants were totally soaked all the way to the ankles! It felt sooo good to let it all out but I was very embarrassed. I took back streets and alleys all the way to my house. Only a few people saw me and thank god no one I knew. When I reached my house my parents were back from work so I snuck around back and "fell" into the pool. No one found out about my peeing accident. I have a few more stories I will post later.


1. When did you start enjoying taking a pee/
Maybe 6 or 7 years old

2. Have you ever peed ouside?
I pee outside frequently

3. When you took your first outdoor pee was it done for the following reasons?
A. You simply had to go and did it?
With someone else

4. Give a aproximate age when you did do you first outside pee;
A. child

5. How did you feel about it?
A. Not really anything?

Speedy Pooper
Here's another survey:

1. How often do you poop?
2. How long does it usually take for you to finish a normal poop? (no constipation or diarrhea)
3. How long does it usually take you to start pooping after you first sit down?
4. About how many pieces of poop do you usually produce?
5. Do the pieces all come out in one wave, or do you have to wait for the next wave to come out?
6. Do you do your longest piece of poop at the beginning or end of your session?
7. What kind of sound do your poops usually make?
a) little or no sound at all; it just slides into the toilet
b) a big kurplop at the end
c) several big plops, a long time apart
d) lots of plops one right after the other
e) lots of tiny plip-plops, like pebbles

Hope you enjoy!

my first post didnt seem to show up, does anyone have some page numbers with diarhhea stories from Punk Rock Girl


Penny, I loved your story so much! That's one hot experience. I felt the same excitement when i read your story ( like 5 times !) I can't wait for Canoe marathon.

I haven't had any interesting episodes at the toilet. I'm at a career transition right now, it's kinda tough at this job market, but I'm hopeful. My job has become more and more stressful, and my responsibilities have deviated considerably, slowly making me an anal paper pusher ( may explain the constipation I'm going through). So I've decided to quit and take some time off and look around for a while.

Personally, I love the aspect of wiping your bum after having a good bm and I find it quite erotic to listen to the noises of ripping of paper from the person in the next stall. So, I've a survey for everyone.

(1)What's your gender - F
(2) Age -34

(3) Do you fold or crumple, or do you have any other method- In my case I always crumple. Hey, it increases the surface area.

(4) How much tp do you use- Lots. At about 5 squares for one wipe, around 4 wipes a session.

(5)What kind of tp do you use regularly? - I don't really like corporate tp which come in huge rolls. But, most of my cleaning is done using those.

(6) Do you get any of it in your hand- This has happened to me when it's become especially runny. But very seldom

(7) Do you intently listen to noises of wiping coming from your neighbor's stall? Yes. I find them quite hot.

(8) Have you run into a situation where there was no toilet paper in the stall? How did you cope with it? No

(9) Have you wiped someone else's bum? Was it an interesting experience or were you grossed out?
Yes, and it was a very interesting experience. I've recounted it on this site.

(9) Do you feel you wipe yourself adequately, or do you leave skidmarks? I rarely leave skidmarks

(10) Care to detail one of your regular wiping sessions? - I rip about 5 squares of tp and crumple it into a ball shaped wad, hold it at an edge and wipe myself from front to back and check the tp wad for how dirty it is. The I do the same, but this time back to front ish ( not going all the way!). By this time the content of poop in paper should be drastically reduced. Then, I wipe again, Fr to ba. until there's no poop in the wad. Even if there is no poop, I still wipe myself once for reassurance.

(11) Care to detail one a time where you've wiped someone else? One of the most memorable times was where I cleaned my friend Lindsey when she was too drunk. It was quite a messy situation, her butt was covered with runny poop. I had to ask her to lean her against the wall and wipe her. Unlike a normal clean up, there was poop all around her bum, so I had to be extra careful and clean the sides as well. It was a very hot experience, unlike wiping your own bum, to feel someone else's privates, especially when a wad of paper runs through the other person's anus, i had to be careful, not to dig in too deep. clean but not too intrusive.

Feel free to add more questions/details.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I went to the movies with my brothers and I had to go real bad. I did not want to sit on those toilet at the movie theater, I force myself to hold until I got back the house. So, in the meantime I let out these little farts during the movie.After the movie was over we stop by stop at McDonalds to get something to eat and then when back home. I was glad to, because I went to the bathroom pull my pants down and sat there and took a good shit and it felt so much better. Then I came out to eat my sandwich. Sometime when I am at work I let out these little farts, meaning I have to go take a shit real soon.

To Nobody and Gillywentgirl: hi as promised more on our adventures. My friend Linda and I used to go to horse shows around the country, travel together and stay at b+b's. We would have to get to the grounds early as the horses had to be fed and groomed, so to put it plainly our bowels had not kicked in yet. We would get there with a thermos of coffee and very soon would have to do our early morning thing, often together in tatty public loos sometimes no doors, gave me a big thrill and often the loos were far from the stables so then we would find a spot with some bushes and use that. I remember one big show we attended where it was well bushed behind the stables and we just opted for that. Linda is a big woman and does some large mounds, after squatting together am often amazed at the "mound" left by her. She is a very noisy shitter and farts a lot. On a toilet she bubbles farts but squatting they blast out. One morning we had gone off to the bushes and while busy had heard a few others close by also farting peeing and grunting, still dark so we could not see anything. After completing we walked out to be joined by a few others male and female. I later had to go back as the red wine was talking to me a little, I settled down for what was going to be a watery windy shit. Just as I had settled and dropped the first pool, literally a pool of dark foul smelling poo, a young guy walked aroung the bush in front of me, he was dessed to ride and was in a hurry so did not notice me in the shadow. He stopped, put down the loo roll he was carrying and quickly pulled down his jodhpurs and jocks and squatted not even 10 feet from me. I could clearly see his jewels hanging there and behind that the brown patch of his arsehole. He peed and then I had the show of my life as you said it is etched into my memory. He must have pushed because his hole domed out about 2 inches almost like a prolapse and he leaned even further forward so the sun was actually lighting it all up. The edges were pink and as it opened slowly the tip of the turd emerged, slowly coming out as he applied pressure. It was dark brown and very firm, it hung there not even breaking off and slowly it inched out of this extended arsehole till it touched the ground and started to coil. By now I could hardly breath and as you said had gone wet, and had that hot loose feeling inside, I held onto my liquid shit as I was scared of making a noise. This turd of his continued to coil and then started to taper off as his hole pulled back up. As the last bit left his hole it stood l upright for a second and then fell forwards and brushed his balls as it landed. His hole then stayed open and puckered before pulling back up into his bum. He then half stood and wiped, the sun lit it all up, he gave one wipe looked at the paper and dropped it, he must have realized he had a streak on his balls because he rolled off more paper and gave them a wipe. He then pulled up his jocks and jodhpurs adjusted and left without even noticing me. I by now had melted, I dropped forward and put my knees on the ground and leaned forward and just gushed liquid shit out of my own arse as I rocked to and fro. I took a long time wiping the front and then did the back. When I stood to dress I was wet with sweat and had aching knees and a very empty feeling. Never had such a sighting again, close but not like this. I watched him ride later , little did he know. Linda and I went a few more times during the day she gets a little nervous, I don't ride, so she craps frequently. I position myself behind her purposefully and watch as her arse opens and yellow nerve induced shit gushes out. When she is very solid she craps 10 inch logs that come out very slowly and she shared a secret with me that when they are very large she gets sensations as it moves out and sometimes sticks before a push gets it going again. I have seen her like this as she closes her eyes and moans. More about a canoe marathon later.

been a while since my last post

my shits have been the same, diarrhea has come and gone quite a bit. and i have one for you.

i went to the store with my mom, and i got these sugar free mints that looked quite good. i brought them home and ate all of them in one sitting, which must have been at least 50 or so mints. after eating all of them i remembered all of the old posts on here talking about sugar free mints and diarrhea. i looked on the package and saw that the mints had sorbitol, which causes diarrhea. i regretted eating the mints and hoped for the best. so i went upstairs and listened to some music. after an hour or so i started blowing these explosive wet farts that smelled like rotting meat i was blowing them every ten seconds. so i went downstairs and changed out of my jeans (nobody else was home, and my parents wouldn't be back for a couple of hours). so i watched tv while blowing my horrible farts. they kept getting wetter and bubblier. i went into the bathroom and looked at my ass, all of the farts had made a slight brown stain. so i went back and watched more tv until stomach cramps hit, which i got up clenching my ass hard with both hands.

as i was limping over to the bathroom, i slipped and fell. i land on my ass and let out this 10 second wet fart, but no shit. now i tried to get up, but i couldn't move, i didn't want to sacrifice my panties so i ripped them off right as this nasty, horribly chunky, mushy, wet wave of diarrhea flew out onto the floor sounding like a bucket of pork and beans just falling on the floor with someone farting constantly. a just squatted there until the wave ended. i cleaned up my huge pile. and i went into the shower to wash all the shit off. i felt more shit brewing so i squatted in the shower and let out this explosion of cake batter-like shit onto the shower floor. by now i felt horribly sick. so i cleaned up. and went to the toilet and had diarrhea for the rest of the night. and it was mushy and horribly smelly.

1)What is your gender?

2)What is the gender of the person you accompany to the bathroom?
Male, but I would not be adverse to seeing/accompanying females.

3)What is your relation to that person?
He was an ex-boyfriend.

4)How often do you get the opportunity to accompany that person to the bathroom?
Whenever I spent time at his place, or he at mine, and the urge to shit arose.

5) When have you developed your interest in shitting?
For as long as I can remember, as far back as early childhood.

6) Is there a particular experience or event that has triggered/initiated you to that interest?
Nothing specific, although I would attribute my fixation on buttocks for my interest in shitting.

7)Do you consider this experience to be an act of intimacy/bonding?
Definitely. Shitting is a private act which leaves you exposed and vulnerable, and so, I believe it can affect and deepen a relationship.

8)Do you reciprocate by shitting in front of your partner?
No, I've always been extremely shy and discreet about my bathroom habits.

9)What do you enjoy most about the entire process?
Pretty much everything from beginning to end. As long as it doesn't involve diarrhea.

10)On average, how many turds does your partner produce during one session, and what is the usual consistency/characteristics of the turds?
They always varied. I've seen everything from several hard oval shaped turds, to one single long and thick piece. The color also varied between a rich dark brown to a light toffee shade.

11)On average, do the shitting sessions require a lot of effort from your partner?
My ex had never seemed to suffer from constipation, so he's never really had a difficult time trying to shit. Mostly just required enough pushing to get things started and moving along.

12) Is there an exchange of conversation while you watch your partner shitting?
We usually engaged in small talk, but mostly, I just let him concentrate on what he was doing.

13)What are your preferences in terms of what your partner is wearing while shitting?
I liked it when he was completely nude, but also when he only wore a shirt with pants and underwear completely removed, or with shirt removed and pants and underwear lowered around the ankles.

14)Do you enjoy/tolerate the odor of your partner's shit, or do you find it repulsive?
If it's a mild, healthy odor, I don't mind it.

15)Have you ever photographed or videotaped one of your partner's shitting sessions?
No, but sometimes I wish I had. It would have been a great souvenir.

16)Have you ever purchased/downloaded content from websites specializing in material which depict the act of shitting?
No, most of those websites are too hardcore and in bad taste.

17) Have you ever secretly listened in on someone, either at home or in a public restroom as they were shitting?
I used to listen by the door while my ex was shitting, before he started allowing me to join him. I'm not a big fan of public restrooms, so I never stay in there long enough to pay attention to the adjoining stalls.

18)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in something other than the toilet?
No, but I had always wanted to see him shit in something like a child's training potty.

19)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in an outdoor or openly public setting?
No, mostly we would always be at each other's home.

20)Have you ever wiped or offered to wipe your partner's buttocks afterwards?
No, but I would occasionally wash his butt in the shower.

Upstate Dave
Hi again to all. Let me continie with my pst with Tony and his duaghters when we had that working weekend at Tonys camp. Now the girls had got dressed and the thrre of them went and got more water from the spring. Then the three of them took off for a hike. That left me again by myslef. Tony had not gotten up yet.

I then decideded it was time for to get him up. So Istarted to walk over to the old trailer and the door opened and Tony was up now. I kidded him by saying to him. Well good morning stranger! Tony looked at me and asked me what time it was. I told him almost ten. Tont muttered saying Oh shit! That late? I laughed and told him it was. I told him there was coffee made. He said good pour me a cup. Where are the girls? I told them they were up,eaten, and were out on a hike on the old road. Tont said ok to me turned sideways pulled his zipper down on his cutoff shorts and started to piss there by the trailer.

I got and poured him a cup of coffe while he stood there pissing. I put it on the table for him. What do you want to eat Tony? I asked him as he was now finishing his piss which he was doing a series of spurts of piss. Oh make me some scrambled eggs and toast he said to me. So I went and started doing that for him as he zipped back up and walked over to the picnic table and he started drinking his coffee.

I soon had Tonys breakfast made and we sat at the table talking while he ate. Tony told me we still get done what was planned for today but I did forget some items that we will need. I will have to go to town to get them. You will have to stay here though since the girls are not here. Will you do that for me Dave? I told Tony sure I don't mind. Tony quickly finished up his coffe poured himself a second cup and walked over to his van and got in and left.

I cleaned up and I sat down and finished off the remaining coffee that was left. I was only by myself long enough that I had finshed my coffee and I was just starting to walk out t the old road to see if I could see the girls. As I walked out to the road I heard the three girls. I turned and looked up the hill and there they were walking side by side heading down the hill on the old road heading towards me. All three of them saw me waved hard with thier hands and also all three loudly said ; Hi Mr. ????! I said hi back to them and waited for them to walk down to me.

In a few minutes they were with me. I asked how the hie wet. I got replies from all three of them which they all had a good time. Then they asked me if Tony was up and I told him he was but had left to go get some items needed for our work. He had forgoten them. Thatt brought laughs from all three of the girls. Little Mary then said; That's Tont! He always does forget stuff needed for work. That brought on more laughter from te three girls again.

So what we di to pass time to wait for Tont to come back was we palyed a game at the picnic table, which brought it up to near lunch time. We had lunch and then Elizebeth and Little Mary said they were tired and went over to the shed and went inside to take a nap. Jess stayed with me at the picnic table and just she and I went on playing with the game.

We played a couple of games and then Jess said she was tired and she told me she was going to go take a nap. So she got up from the table and she started heading towards the shed. I started picking up the game and then when I finsihed picking it up I got up and I started walking over to the camp to put it inside it to put it away.

I just happened to look towards the general direction of the shed after I had put the game away when I came out from the camp building. I saw Jess standing with her back towards me in some of the lower bushes. We was actually standing bewteen two of the bushes so she was in plain sight. I saw her pull down her pink shorts she was wearing along with a blue pair of panties!

I should have looked away but ike she had done to mewhen she saw me peeing and pooping earlier I din't look awaqy either. Jess then got into a real high squat which I could plainly see all of her rearend and she then turned slightly sideways and she placed her hands on her upper thighs which from where I stood I saw one of her hands on her thighs. I could still see mots of her rearend still.

Then Jess leaned way over. Then she started to pee. Even though the distance between me and her was about twenty five feet I culd tell she was peeing for her pee stream glistened in the sunlight. I could even hear it hiss for there was very little other noise to be heard. Jess as I watched her I guessed pissed for about ten seconds and then from out ofrom her rearend I saw a series of poops come out!

The were tanish in color skinny like pieces of rope about several inches long. One right after the other came out and dropped to the ground. I started counting silently as she popped. One two three four five six I counted. Then the longone sstopped an she did have several shorter pieces come out quickly and drop to the ground. All the whie Jess still did pee very hard.

Then after the shorter pieces of poop came out there was a shgort pause which he pee stream paused the n sh did severla spurts of pee and let out a few real short pices of rope style poop. That was it even though she stayed still for a short time. Most likely to see if she had to poop some more. She didn't.

Then she looked around but she didn't do anything as far as wiping herself! Jess didn't have the roll of toilet paper there with her. It might have as far as the way she had peed and pooped it came on before she could get something to wipe with. She then reached down and pulled up her blue panties and then pulled up her pink shorts. She took a step forward turned looked down took a quick look at the ground. Most likely to look at her poop. Then she turned and ran off towards the shed and I heard the door shut. Well I got in return to see Jess pee and poop like she had seen me. One more thing I would find out later from Jess that she knew I had seen her! Upstate Dave

Soccer Mom
Hi everyone.

I had two more diarrhea accidents this week and I can't believe it because since the horrible night at my daughter's soccer game a few weeks ago, this week was the second and third time I have had an accident in my pants in a month!

It happened this past Wednesday. I had a meeting downtown with a client of the company I work for. Since our client was only about 12 blocks away and since it was really nice out, I decided to walk. My meeting was at 10 am with a woman at our client's office. We first went down to Starbucks and then went back to her office. The meeting ended at around 11:30 and before I left I asked the woman if I could use their washroom as I needed to pee from the Starbucks we had earlier. As I was peeing, I let out a shot if diarrhea into the toilet. This took me by complete suprise as I didn't have a pre-warning cramp or anything to indicate that I was having diarrhea. But, that was it. So, I wiped, pulled up my white high cut panties and black dress pants and went back to my office.

As I was walking, the cramps started and I knew that I would need to get to a toilet very soon. I was walking up to a large intersection near the downtown mall and the light turned red and I was not able to walk across the intersection. At this point I was really desperate to go. I was praying that the light would change, but it seemed to take for ever! A sharp cramp hit me and I let out a shot of diarrhea into my panties. I stood there in horror. Finally the light turned green and I was able to walk across the intersection and into the mall. As I was walking, I had to go again. I clenched my butt cheeks with all my might, but it was no use. Runny diarrhea shot out between my butt cheeks and leaked into my panties. I was frantically looking for the ladies room when I lost control and my entire load emptied into my panties. It was horrible! I finally found the ladies room and to my relief, it was empty. I went into a stall and pulled down my black dress pants. Some of the mess had leaked into the crotch of them, but since they were black, it wasn't that noticable. I cleaned them out with some damp toilet paper and took them off. I then carefully pulled down my white high cuts and started crying. They were a disaster. I cleaned them out as much as I could, but I knew that they were ruined forever.

I was in the ladies room for a while when I got a text on my Blackberry from my boss asking me how the meeting went. I texted her back saying that it went well and that I was on my way back to the office.

I pulled my panties back up. I wanted to keep them on in case I had to go again. I pulled my dress pants back up and washed my hands. As I was walking out of the mall, I passed a La Senza. I stopped dead in my tracks. I thought to myself, why walk around in messy panties all day? So I went into the store and picked up a pair of full cut bikini's from their 5 for $25 table. As I was walking up to the cash, I thought that it may look strange for a woman to be buying just one pair of panties. Surely the La Senza clerk would think that I either had an accident or that my period had leaked onto my panties. So, I went back to the table and picked up two more pairs of full cut bikini's and two pairs of high cut panties in various colours. I paid for them and left the store just as the cramps were starting up again.

I got another text from my boss asking me where I was. I texted her back saying that I had to make another stop. I had to go again on my way back to my office. I tried holding it because I didn't want to mess my pants again. Unfortunately, I couldn't hold it and ended up going for the second time.

When I got back to my office, I first went to my car and dropped off my La Senza bag. I grabbed a pair of full cut bikini's to change into and went up to my office. I went directly into the ladies room and proceeded to clean myself up. That took a while. I wrapped up my messy panties and threw them in the used maxi pad bin in the stall. When I was done, I went back to my office.

My boss asked me what took so long and I told her that I had to make an emergency stop. She said, "Ohhhh, okay." Then she asked, "Did you get your period? 'Cause if you did, I could have given you some pads." I said, "Uhh, yeah... that's okay..." She looked at me with a skeptical look. I then said, "Actually, I was kinda sick on my way back from my meeting. I had to go to the bathroom really badly and I didn't quite make it on time." She said, "Oh sweetie! I'm so sorry! I have wet myself before by accident too." I said, "Umm, yeah well, I didn't exactly wet myself." She gasped and said, "Oh honey, I'm sorry. Are you okay? You can go home if you want." I thanked her and told her that I would be okay. I told her that I went to La Senza and bought some clean panties to change into and that I should be fine for the rest of the day. Lukcily I was.

When I got home later that evening, my husband was already home from work and he and our daughter were getting ready for her soccer game. My husband saw that La Senza bag and got all excited. He said, "Hey! What did you buy?" I told him that I stopped by there after my meeting and picked up some new panties from the 5 for $25 table. He asked if he could take a look and I said, "Okay". He said, "So, why is there only four pairs in here?" I said, "Because I'm wearing one pair." And left it at that. He said, "Well, why?" I looked up from what I was doing and just looked at him with a sad look. "He said, were you sick?" I nodded my head yes. He came over and gave me a big hug.

I was fine during my daughter's soccer game and we then went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream after her game. As we were getting into our van the cramps started again. I let out a little moan and my husband asked if I was okay. I said, "Yes, I think so." And then we drove away. Another cramp hit me and I whispered, "Oh no, please, not again." My husband looked at me and asked, "Are you okay?" I said, "Can you please hurry, I need to get to a toilet." It seemed like the universe was against me because we hit every light on our way to Dairy Queen. My bowels started pushing out some diarrhea into the pink full cut bikini's that I had bought earlier in the day. I gasped and whispered, "Oh God!" My husband asked, "Are you okay?" I said, "Please hurry, I really need to go." I couldn't bring my self to tell him that I was messing myself for the second, well, third time that day.

We finally got to the Dairy Queen and I rushed right into the store and to the ladies room. To my dismay there was a line up. I was third in line and trying desperatly not to explode in my panties and jeans that I had changed into at home before we left. Finally a girl left one of the stalls, I was now second in line. The girl who went into the stall was about 15 years old and she was walking funny. She was sort of shuffling her way to the stall. When she got in, I could hear her say, "Oh no!" She sat down and let out a torrent of diarrhea into the toilet. She let out wave after wave and this was making my need to go intensify. Another stall opened up and I was now next in line. A little more diarrhea seeped into my panties as I stood there. The lady who was ahead of my was changing her maxi pad. I could hear the familiar sound that the opening of a pad makes from the wrapper. It sounded like she was an Always user of some sorts. Meanwhile, the girl who was having diarrhea was still going quite a bit. Her mom came in and called out her name. The girl said in a desperate voice, "Mom, I'm right here." She opened the door and her mom said, "Oh honey, look at your panties! They are a mess." I thought, how mortifying! Here is this poor girls mom, telling the world that her 15 year old daughter had diarrhea'd in her pants! The mom said, "It's okay honey. These things happen. Let's go home and get you cleaned up." The girl pulled up her panties and jeans and left the stall crying. Her mom put her arm around her and they walked out together.

During this time I was trying to hold back from messing myself completely. I looked into the stall that the girl who had diarrhea was in. The toilet seat was covered in diarrhea. The woman who was changing her maxi pad left her stall, so I decided to use that one instead. A strong cramp hit me and I started going in my panties. I quickly got into the stall, shut and locked the door. I quickly pulled down my jeans and my panties and sat on the toilet. As I went to sit, diarrhea sprayed onto the seat and I ended up sitting in it a little bit. At this point, I didn't even care. I was just happy to let it all out in the toilet and not all in my pantes. I did mess my panties though. It wasn't as bad as earlier in the day, nor nearly as bad as what happend a few weeks ago at my daughter's soccer game. When I was finally done, I cleaned myself and my panties up as much as I could. I washed my hands and left the ladies room.

I met up with my husband and my daughter who did not get into the line up as they wanted to see if I wanted anything. We got into the line and my husband quietly asked me, "Are you okay?" I said, "I'm feeling better now." He then asked, "Did you make it?" I shook my head no and started to tear up. He put his arm around me and said, "It's okay, try not to worry about it. You've had a rough day." He hit the nail on the head, that's for sure! My daughter looked up at me all excited and asked, "MOMMY! What are you going to have?" I said, "Actually, nothing sweetie. I'm going to pass on this one."

On our way home, I told my husband about the poor 15 year old that had diarrhea in her pants and was having attack after attack in the ladies room at the Dairy Queen.

Well, sorry for the long post. I just like to be able to share my embarrassing stories to those who I know will understand.

Take care,
Soccer Mom

Esteban-Nice post. I actually like to take a dump away from home as well.

I really haven't had the opportunity to take many craps in doorless stalls with friends there. I've done it with friends waiting outside, and they always say, they could never do that. One time a buddy and I stopped at a Taco Bell and we both had to use the restroom. He knew I had to crap and he had to pee. I entered first and he just came in behind me. It was just a room with a toilet, a urinal, and a sink. I said, I hope you don't mind the smell. He had his back to me and took a leak while I dropped my pants and briefs and sat down. He finished peeing and I started unloading a nice dump. He went to the sink and talked to me while looking in the mirror and washing his hands. I was on one of those tall toilets so my feet were almost dangling! He finished and said that he'll wait for me outside.

I've had the stomach flu since yesterday evening. On Tuesday my mom asked me to look after my 8 year old sister because she had the flu and my mom had an interview to go to so I agreed. My sister spent most of the day sleeping. I probably wouldn't have gotten sick if my sister's vomit bucket had've been emptied and cleaned out, but it wasn't. I tried to stay away from her as much as possible. She wasn't throwing up anymore but she was still contagious.

Then Wednesday my 12 year old sister got the flu and my mom stayed home with her. Yesterday (Thursday) my sis stayed home to recuperate and then I got the flu! I had been feeling tired and not feeling well since Tuesday night but last night around 5 pm I had a massive stomach ache. I thought it was constipation so I went to the bathroom and passed a huge 12 inch turd. My stomach still hurt so I decided to lie down. My stomach was hurting for about 45 minutes. I got up and went on the computer and started talking to my mom and husband then I felt the need to go to the bathroom. I had runny diarrhea which was my first clue that I was sick. I normally have constipation and I rarely get diarrhea unless I have the stomach flu. Less than 20 minutes after having diarrhea I had to throw up. I couldn't make it to the bathroom so I emptied out one of the laundry baskets and started heaving. My stomach and ribs were hurting so badly because they were pushing so hard to make all the vomit come out. I had thrown up everything from Wednesday night's dinner and everything I had eaten on Thursday.

I took the laundry basket to the bathroom to empty it out into the toilet and to clean it. I ended up having to clean the toilet, the bedroom floor and the bathroom floor because the vomit had gotten everywhere. What a mess :( Then I soaked the laundry basket in bleach and hot water to sanitize it. I let my husband know I was sick and that I wouldn't be eating anything that night and he asked what he could get for me. I asked for saltines and ginger ale and he said okay and asked me to go to bed.

I slept quite a bit from last night to about 11 am this morning. I threw up one more time before my husband got home but this time it was barely anything since I had thrown up everything before.

This morning I woke up sweating and I still am sweating. All my muscles hurt, even after taking Advil but for the most part I am better. I had diarrhea about 20 minutes ago again but I'm almost better which is good. My birthday party is tomorrow and Sunday is my 23rd birthday so I don't want to be sick on my birthday.

Unfortunately my mom got the flu too and she's going through the muscle aches now too. Hopefully everyone will feel better for tomorrow.

What a week!

TO LINDA from Aust: It might be time to see the doctor. Something must be causing the hard poo! In my case it is pain meds and also the condition I have causes sometimes slow transit etc. I really think you are in for big problems if the matter is not corrected. Too uch straining!!! What you could do in difficult times is instead of sitting on the toilet just try doing it in your pants, maybe whilst watching TV. Just sit there on the couch comfortabley and start pushing if you have the will need to do this when nobody is at home!!!
What I do is that if I have a hard time on the toilet I take a laxative right away. Also if problems continue or flare up I flush out my system. I take Colocaps can get them at the chemist but they might have to order them in....I much cheeper solution is a good dose of epsom salts. In brief, with the constipation you are having you are carrying lots of shit and this causes recurrent constipation so a good flush out might help. I take the capsules first thing in the morning and drink lots of water and eat nothing for a few hours after taking them and the relief is majic.
Good luck!

Turd Lover
My daily poop was wonderful today. The log was very well-hung and impacted the water with a nice splash, soaking my bottom. It looked like a torpedo, had a nice firm texture, and the stench wasn't too bad. I snapped a few photos for my "Turd Album" and when I flushed the toilet it swung around and around like a centrifuge. It finally disappeared down the drain with a "woooooooosshhh". When I wiped my butt there was very little residue --- a nice clean break. This was a textbook bowel movement and a nice change from the torrid mess I pooped into the bowl yesterday. Happy pooping indeed !!

bathroom beaky
this site has reminded me about the a few different toilet expereinces but the most vivid one was when i was 6 (im now 16) it involved my sister and two other boys. My sister got the urge to poo so i told everyone i was going the the loo with my sister but the two boys apparently need to go aswell so we all went together to prevent accidents anyway as we lock the door one of the boys sugeested that we should have a competetion for the biggest amount of poo created. we all agreed and my little sister was the first to start as she was squirming around i help her on to the toilet and she let loose on her load. i told her not to flush or wipe so we could she how much poo we can make as a whole so she hopped off the loo with poo round her bum and her pant down her was the boys turn next so one sat on the loo and pooed for about 5 minutes and we all looked at the heap his was slighty bigger than my sister so he took the lead. next his older brother took his place and his younger brother said great he wil be atleast 10 mins and we all lokked at him on the toilet he just blushed and let out a squeaky fart. my urge was growng and he was going to be a while. 5 mins past and he managed a good sized log but he stills at waiting for more. i told him to hurry up because i was getting desperate. he said gimme a couple more minutes n ill be done. i started to sweat and dance around as my urge grew but i new relief would be lovely he finally got off the toilet and i rushed on and my sister and the boys had to look through my legs into the toilet to look at his products and he was in the lead with a whopper. as soon as i got my self comfy i started to squeeze and i heard the door knock and the lock started to turn (you can open it from the outside) and my mom came in to find a strong poo scent in the air she held her nose and look down to see me on the toilet and the two boys and my sister with the pants down to there ankles and poo around there bum she order them to get out and told me to get off the toilet i replied i can im using it she said not anymore and draged me off. i was i the verge of pooping all over the floor i got drag downstarit to he the boys being spanked and my mom bent me over and spanked me right on the bumhole and my poo flooded out i kept coming and coming and my mom told me to get outside but i could move because the relief was so sweet i just caryedeon pooing there for the next 2 mins and the was an almighty heap. we were all instuted to get cleaned up and i had to clean up the mess on ther floor aswell as my bum i went upstairs to clean my bum to she the gasng in the toilet they all agreed that i won the competion which was a posivtive i suppose


Wet on Snowdon

We had climbed by the main tourist track - our school sixth form was on a geography field trip. We were at the end of our first year. We were all very wet. I was squatting and eating my sandwiches on a concrete path outside the café, and another boy Andy was standing by me. I needed a piss very badly. The café was closed for the winter - it was cold and I was feeling too lazy to go. It was then I noticed water running out from Andy's trouser leg onto his boot. He was peeing his pants. It seemed to trickle out forever. I realised he was so wet it didn't show and decided I might as well join him. I made myself comfortable and let go. It was not long before the ground around me became even wetter and I felt the piss soaking up the back of my trousers as well as making all the front of them shiny with wet. It was warm and felt really good - like it had when I last pissed the bed aged twelve. I felt excited. Andy sat down by me and I couldn't help but notice a bulge in the front of his trousers and that he kept - discreetly - feeling himself. We carried on after a while and back to the hostel to shower and change. After the shower I noticed we both put our same underpants back on. I wore mine in bed later and when I woke up to go for a piss in the night I was shocked, as I pulled the sheet back just how much I smelled of pee. The next morning I stood by the bed as Andy got up. Being top bunk he was level with me and I caught the full extent of the smell as he pulled his sheets back. His pants were as yellow as mine. I thought it best to put clean undies on but Andy just kept his on for another couple of days.

to Robyn: i really enjoyed your post! i wish that i could have been there with ytu at the park! Did Ashley go with u to the park! keeep up the wonderful posts!

My dad caused the biggest embarrassment of my life last week. We're really close, but I'm still kinda mad.

I am a teen and raised by my dad. He is a travelling businessman and usually takes me with him on business trips when I'm not in school. Last week, I had a urinary tract infection which caused me to need to pee more frequently and urgently. He knew this and usually made an effort to get me to a restroom or at least in a private area where I could go when I needed to.

but on the last part of the trip, we were checking out of a hotel and I got the sudden urge to go. My bladder burned. I tried to tell Dad I needed to go, but he ignored me b/c he was talking to another businessman. I looked around the hotel lobby for a restroom but saw no sign of one anywhere. The person working at the desk had a line of customers, so I couldn't ask her. I kept trying to get my dad's attention, but he kept brushing me off or saying "Zak, I'm talking." like I was a little kid. I sure did feel like it at the moment.

I kept crossing my legs and putting my hands in my jeans pockets to squeeze my penis, but I knew it was too late. I peed my pants. I was frozen as the warm pee trickled down my legs between my thighs onto my favorite Chucks. I wanted to cry, but I was numb. In shock.

I think the other guy noticed b/c he ended the converstion rather quickly and mumbled some remark to my dad about his son needing him. That's when dad noticed. He didn't get mad. It was more like he felt really bad that he ignored me and caused me to piss my pants in public. He kept apologizing, but nothing he could say would ever take back the embarrassment I felt.

He asked the desk clerk about restroom, she said they only had them in the rooms, not the lobby. Our stuff was already packed and in the cab that was supposed to take us to the airport. I had nothing to change into. I knew the cab driver would never let me in the cab with wet pants.

but dad was nice. He got the stuff out of the cab and paid the driver anyway. He checked into a room in the hotel that we had JUST checked out of. We didn't stay overnight, but at least it gave me a chance to get showered and change my clothes. Dad never even complained about the money he spent on a room we barely used. We ended up not missing our flight home. And every time I tried to get his attention, he nearly smothered me with it.....

A few weeks ago I was driving in town to pick up a few things from Wal-Mart. (I'm an 18 year old male to clear things up). When I got inside there was this really attractive Girl near the entrance probably around 17-19. She was wearing white tank top and very short light blue shorts. She looked like she was in pain holding her stomach. She was headed for te direction of the bathrooms. I decided to follow a safe distance behind to see how this all played out. When she was about 30 or 40 feet from the bathrooms she suddenly stopped. She said pretty loudly "Oh no, please no!" Her shorts suddenly buldged and this light brown liquid poop just blasted out of the back of her shorts and splattered all over the floor. This continued on for about a minute and a half. The puddle of brown kept getting bigger. When it stopped she waddled towards the bathroom and pee started running down her legs. She was sobbing of embarassment or pain I don't know which. At this point I decided to step in. I walked over to her and helped her to the bathroom. She came out about 30 minutes later cleaned up as best as she could. Everything including the back of her shirt was still pretty wet and brown. I gave her a cheap $5 sweatshirt I went and bought while she was in the bathroom to tie around her waist, and I led her out into the parking lot. She asked me for a ride home because if she saw anyone she knew she would die. When we were about half way there she begged me to pull over to the side of the road. She jumped out of the car and ripped down her shorts and panties. I looked away because I thought it would be horribly wrong to look at a girl while this is happening to her. I heard a loud splattering of diahrea splash all around the street. I gave her a box of Kleenex to wipe herself with when she was done. She was crying when she got back in and told me how sorry she was for all of the trouble she had caused. I assured her it was okay and that someone needed to help her. That was all I could think to say at the time. Something like this has never happened to me before. When we arrived at her home I helped her get to the door she let out a lot of the liquid poop on the way up. She asked if she could see me again because she had never met anyone so caring before. I quickly agreed, but I reeeeally had to get back to my truck. By this time I had a boulder-splitting hard-on from all of the accidents she had had. Today we are a very happy boyfriend and girlfriend. I just think it's really weird how we came to be. Does anyone else have any similar experiences where you met someone you fell in love with becaues of a public accident? I'd really like some responses.

Friday, June 19, 2009

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