Hey! Long time no post! Here's an interesting bathroom story that happened today. This morning, I woke up with a terrible need to pee and to poop--my pee was on the verge of coming out if I moved, and my stomach hurt really bad--and my poop was going to be soft and mushy. I moved slowly to the bathroom so I wouldn't have an accident. When I got there, the door was closed, and my mother was in there. I was hoping she was just getting dressed in there--so I knocked on the door and she told me to come in. She was on the toilet--she had just sat down and she hadn't done anything yet. I told her that if she didn't hurry, I would poo and pee on myself. She would try to get finished quickly. She began peeing a golden stream into the pot for about ten or twenty seconds, along with a few farts coming from her bottom. I heard her strain and grunt as I heard a soft "sprrrkkkklll" sound come as she pooped out what seemed to be a large log. Seeing this amused me slightly, but it made me have to go more--and I needed to go soon. Her log plopped into the bowl, and she had another fart, coming out sounding like a brrrrpt, wetter than the first, and some diarrhea mush came with it. Then she pushed out another long log and was finished. By this time I felt so numb, like I could mess myself any second. She got up, wiped, flushed and got up and continued to get ready as I staggered to sit on the pot. I pulled down my pajama bottoms and pink underpants, letting out silent farts, sat down and started peeing a fierce stream for what seemed like forever, farting all through it. I didn't care if Mom was in the room when I was peeing. When I was finished going pee, my stomach seemed to cramp as I began pooping. I let out a loud braaaaaaapt, and a crackling sound as my first, sticky, slimy poop came out, and it silently hit the bowl. I made a few silent farts that smelled like rotten eggs, and another crackling sound, like "spppprrrffffklll" came out as I had another poop into the bowl. It landed with a thud into the bowl. I had another log into the bowl, crackling its way into it. I thought I was finished but my stomach cramped up really hard and a torrent of mushy poop poured out of me. I had another torrent of mush before finally finishing. I asked my mom to wipe my bottom for me and she did. Before flushing, I saw what I had made--three long logs filled with corn, and a huge amount of yellow-brown mush. I flushed the toilet, and went back to my room.

Well, I'm still feeling the effects of not eating healthy. My poops are still very hard to pass. I sat on the toilet for 8 or 9 minutes this evening. Here is my story.

I felt some pressure after dinner and thought I would poop. I didn't think it would be too difficult though. I sat down and peed for about 20 seconds. I pushed and pushed. Mmmmmmm....mmmmmmmm...For two minutes I pushed and then finally...plop. I was red in the face and was catching my breath and got ready for the next piece. I bore down and pushed some more. Nnnnnnnnnnnngggghhhh! I panted a bit and wiped the sweat from my brow. A couple more minutes of pushing and I heard a very small plop. I could still feel more inside of me. I decided to get into my position and wait for the next piece. I sat for a minute or and then started some gentle pushes. Mmm...mmm...mmmm. I felt the poop right at my hole so I pushed a bit harder and I felt a decent sized piece fall into the water. My face was feeling quite warm from the pushing (and the heat. It was 30 degrees out) so I again wiped my brow. I wasn't quite finished so I got ready for the next piece. This one was the toughest one to get out. I spread my cheeks out agaist the toilet seat, leaned back, closed my eyes and pushed. Nnnnnnnnnngggghh! Mmmmmm...mmmmmm. I let out a squeaky grunt and continued pushing. Finally I felt the poo poking out of my hole and knew I was almost done! One more push and it came out. I was finished and wiped. Since the poops were hard to pass, the TP was clean. I flushed and washed up.

I hope I get my system back to normal again :)

TO ROSLYN: If you are relaxed then he will feel better. When you go do not close the bathroom door but leave it ajar. try talking to him, if he is around when you are on the pot...general conversation etc. After you drop a load make a positive comment from time to time. Say words like...I really needed that felt good coming out.
After a time when he is on the pot go and talk to not necessarily walk into the bathroom. After a time go into the bathroom if he is there, to get, say a hair brush etc.
When there are just the two of you try farting once in a while.
I really recommend you do something about it...I have a poo shy partner and it makes things a bit is much easier if your partner is free and easy.
TO EMBARRASSED BOY: i understand your embarrassment but it is better that filling your pants...much better. I like the reaction of your friend`s mum...that is how we should all be.
TO LINDA FOM AUST: Constipation is one thing..what you have is worse as you could damage your anus/rectum with all that effort...try a suppository...laxative etc. I have a new tactic....I sit on the toilet (of course) and relax, as if to meditate. I breath deeply and slowly right down into my belly...after a while when I exhale I contract my abdominal muscles...I suck them into my back bone...this goes on and on and seems to get things moving...when the poo starts to move I sigh a lot and grunt out loud....I save difficult poos for my public toilets where I can sit for a while in a relaxed state without anybody looking for me...if that does not work....laxatives etc.
Good luck , Linda!

Just a short posting on something that happened at work this morning. I work at a golf course up the street from where I live as a a dishwasher/custodian. Tuesday mornings are my big cleaning mornings for the whole clubhouse. This includes the restrooms of course. Well, just before lunchtime today, I was almost done with my shift, and went into the restrooms to to double check on soap and paper towels. There was a group of elderly ladies-say in their 60's or 70's who had been playing golf and came in for an early lunch. So anyhow, I went up to the ladies room door and shouted in, asking if anyone was in there. I caught the motion of shadow under the second stall door (it's the handicapped stall-much larger than the other one), and a lady's voice called out "Yes, just a minute." I closed the door, and immediately I heard her voice saying "I'm done now, you can come in". So I did, and there was this elderly lady standing in the stall door with her beige golfing shorts unbuttoned and unzipped and slid halfway down her thighs while she's adjusting her underwear (full-cut light blue cotton Hanes-Her-Ways. She told me she had had an emergency and had had to go in a hurry-I could smell the faint odor of a smelly shit and hear the sound of the toilet tank refilling-she had been holding it from way out on the course and had started to worry that she might not make it in time. I told her that we're planning to get porta-johns out there in the near future-the new owner is just trying to take things one step at a time without spending too much money right off the bat. She said how that would be much appreciated as at her age she couldn't hold it as long as she used to and was concerned so that she wouldn't have an accident while she's out on the course as her bowel movements tended to come on suddenly and very urgently with little or no warning. All the time she's telling me this, she adjusting her underwear, then her shorts, and tucking her blouse in neatly. She then washed her hands and went to join her friends at their table. I entered her stall after she left, and the faint smell of shit still lingered there, and several little turdlets were still floating in the toilet bowl water-enough to cover the surface. There were also a few small pieces of corn and bits of carrot floating among the turdlets as well.

to bathroom beaky: i really enjoyed your story! next time leave the tiolet unflushed! i wish that we could have several bathroom outings together!

to sandy: i really enjoyed your story! i wish that i could have been in the with you girls at the beach!

leigh: i really enjoyed your story! its okay that u had an accident! next time if a cute guy tries to bother u and your in desperate need of the bathroom ignore him. i would love to have a bathroom outing with you!

Linda from Australia here again. Since my last post, I managed to get rid of my constipation!! I was so happy to be able to drop a decent load in the toilet!! Plus I was getting really sick of spending 30 minutes or longer trying to do a poo. However, yesterday I didn't go at all, even though I tried in the morning before work and when I got home. I tried again after dinner and before bed but I couldn't get anything out. I just spent 20 minutes trying for a poo this morning but still nothing. I can feel a big hard log in my anus but its not moving. So I'm backed up YET again!! My stomach feels bloated because I'm literally 'full of poo'. I wish I would stop getting constipated, it seems to be happening every couple of weeks.

John Philip
Been a while since my previous post, but thats beside the point. There's been some very intriguing material being posted lately.

Sean (From TX): Just wanted to say welcome (even though I honestly haven't been here for a long duration of time myself!) Its cool to hear that you personally prefer public restrooms to your own. Have your shitting habits been the same for most of your life? I ask because I used to be able to produce rather substantial (10 inch) turds when I was roughly 15 years old. I'm 18 presently but I'm no longer able to do that.

Esteban: Interesting that you can simply go in front of strangers. I'm wary of that myself mostly because people can be unpredictable.

My recent shitting endeavors have mostly been dull but today's was slightly interesting (I guess, since its obviously the most recent). Anyways, having completed my final year in high school means I can schedule my shitting timefrane at my leisure. I felt no urges until around noon, at which point I conducted my usual routine. Sitting on the toilet with my jeans at my knees, I pushed and let out the usual pre shit farts (which are occasionally rather loud but typically silent "hisses") and pushed to allow the first piece to slide out. It slowly crackled out for about two inches and then spashed into the bowl. I then pushed slightly harder and three turds ejected simultaneously into the bowl. I pushed lightly to check if I was finished, and a small nugget fell out followed by another hissing fart. I decided to check in the bowl, mostly because this dump resembled the runs. I found instead that I had done three small four inch "floaters" of mottled shades of brown, and a rather insignificant dark brown nugget that had sunk to the bottom. Rather weird, so I cleaned up and continued with my day.

I just wanted to discuss some of my mixed feelings about discussing bathroom matters. When other people bring up their urges to go to the bathroom and what not I tend to get kind of uncomfortable on one level, but intrigued on another particularly if it is someone I'm drawn toward. In secret I am very much intrigued by bathroom matters of all varieties as evidenced by my presence on this site, but I tend to overreact (negatively) when other people evince such a tendency. I don't know if this is to make them embarrassed to cover up my own insecurity about my interest or what. Are there others of you who act/feel this way? I myself am particularly fond of accident stories perhaps because of the bittersweetness contained. The victim generally is humiliated and ashamed, but this vulnerability tends to open up an avenue for intimacy and compassion from friends and family if they are understanding like many of us here on this site. Again any opinions?


To Brian,

RE i have questions for jade

1. do you go poop everyday? I try to make myself poo every morning and in the evening if I didnt do a poo in the morning- I get constipated a lot so quite often dont poo for several days despite trying to.

2. does it make a big plop in the toilet? it depends if its a big piece or little balls of poo

3. do you ever poop at school or any where in public if you have to? I dont go outside I hold it. I arrive a little early for school due to bus times so If I didnt manage to do a poo at home or am constipated I go an try to poo at school before lessons and also at lunch time.

I am constipated at the moment.


Interesting site! I hate pooping with clothes on which is why I always try to go just before I shower. The reason is I like to open my legs as wide as possible when I poop which I can't do when clothed. I usually try not to poop in public restrooms but if I do I always take off my skirt or pants, panties and pantyhose so I can open my legs wide. I try to find a stall with empty stalls either side as my legs open so wide my feet go under the stall partitions. I also don't enjoy pooping in public restrooms as I make a lot of noise.

Jessy G: I enjoyed your story. I liked all the details that you included in your story and that you even commented on the smell of your fart. I hope you will have more stories to share.

I did end up going to the park on Sunday, but they didn't have any porta-potties set up, but the restrooms were open. The basic setup is just a stone building with two halves, one men's and one women's. On this particular occasion, I met with a shocking sight. There are usually two stalls in this bathroom, but for some reason there was only one stall. The other toilet had the stall walls still in place, but the door was leaning against the wall, completely covered in graffiti.

Seeing as the stall was taken, and I didn't feel I had to go bad enough to warrant using a doorless stall, I waited for the lady in the stall. But she seemed to be having a massive bout of diarrhea, so it would be a while. While I was waiting, a woman came in to the bathroom clutching her stomach, obviously having to poop really bad. She took the doorless toilet, not even caring she'd be totally exposed. I guess she was from an asian country originally, because she squatted over the toilet, almost sitting on it backwards, but her butt wasn't actually touching the seat.

While I wasn't actively looking at her poop, it was hard not to see everything going on while I was waiting. When she was in position, her butt opened wide and a large turd began snaking its way out. It grew to maybe four or five inches long and broke off, making a plop sound. By now, I was growing more desperate to poop, but I had no choice but to hold it, the lady with diarrhea was still suffering through it.

Meanwhile, the asian woman was filling the bowl with her poop. Almost with no stops in between, she unloaded at three more turds, each one similar in width and length to the first one. After her fourth turd dropped, she let out a sigh of relief and got up and started wiping herself while standing up. I caught a glimpse in the toilet, and each of her four turds was half a foot long, a dark brown color and a good size around as well. When the lady had wiped probably ten times, she flushed, and apologized for me having to watch her poop like that. I told her it was okay, after all she clearly had to go. I explained that I wasn't quite that desperate to expose myself to the world like that.

The asian woman washed her hands and left the bathroom and the lady with diarrhea said she might be a while longer, that I should go ahead and use the doorless stall. I was growing desperate enough that I reluctantly pulled down my pants barely enough so I didn't get poop or pee in them and sat on the toilet.

I let out a few small turds, each one making only a tiny splish in the toilet, and then a few long snakes eased out of my intestines, coming to rest in the bowl with no noise. My poop was very different from the asian's poop. My turds were much lighter brown and about half as wide as her turds were. Regardless of actual pooping capacity, I'm sure I felt just as must relief as she did when we were both done. Cleanup was kind of a mess, I needed six wipes to get myself clean. When I had washed my hands and was leaving, I heard a flush, meaning the lady was finally done crapping her guts out. I felt bad for her having to go through it, it's never fun when you spend half an hour or more on the toilet with diarrhea.

Judith's survey:
1 How long does it take for you to poop normally?
Anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes. Maybe longer depending on how backloggedI am

2 And when you are constipated?
I have IBS-C (undiagnosed) so I'm constipated pretty much all the time. But like I answered in question 1, 5-20 minutes is the norm.

3 And when you have diarrea?
About 10 minutes

4 Does your anus already open up when waiting, or only when it is getting stretched already?
It opens when it gets stretched

5 Does your anus get wet a little when your'e pushing/relaxing
in anticipation?

6 How often do you have a poo?
2 times a day if I'm lucky. Maybe every other day.

7 Do you get gassy when you're pooping?
Only if I have diarrhea

8 What part of pooping takes you the most time?
A waiting/anticipation
B the pooping itself
C the aftermath (wiping etc.)
B. It can take me 5 minutes just to get a turd out of my butt.

9 What do you find the most enjoyable part of pooping?
A and B. The pooping itself though gives me sexual sensations.

Nobody and Gilly, I have some posting s a few years ago re: others pooping, my freiend Linda and I used to go to hoirse shows with minimal facilities and often pooped together outside behind the stables and often while pooping others would rush round and get down 5 to 10 feet from us and let go with anything from solid to nervous runny shit. Will recall and post them for ytou guys, also get that same feeling of heart in mouth, racing excitment. We are 50 plus and it still does things for us.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When I go for a poop I suffer from loads and loads of wind.
Does anyone out there have the problem I have?
To make things worse I can never tell whilst pooping if I am pushing out a poop or a fart.
My farts are really loud and powerful, they echo around the room.
Once I farted so loudly whilst staying in a hotel, I heard other guests discussing it at breakfast, claiming it woke them up!
When staying with friends and family, I have to use public toilets to hide my embarassment.

My fiancee is very shy about when he has to poop. He is only a little shy about me KNOWING he has to go, but he trys to wait until I go to bed, or uses his mother's private bathroom. He says it's because he has very noisy and smelly bowels, and he doesn't want to scare me away, Does anyone have any tips on how I can make him feel more comfortable?

i just found this site searching because of something that happened on saturday and wanted to see how common it was. i was out at the beach with four other girls and one of their boyfriends since we are out of school for the summer. we're all going to be seniors in high school this year. anyway, we had been at the beach all afternoon and were getting ready to leave but some of us wanted to use the bathroom before we drove back home in lexi's car. so we walked along the boardwalk to find the public bathroom and tammi seemed pretty desperate but when we got there they were closed for remodeling so we couldnt use them. tammi said she had to go really bad and couldnt wait until we got home so we decided we'd walk up a street to where some restaurants are and try them. we got to the first place and they wouldn't let us inside because we were all in bikinis and wet. tammi begged but that was thier policy. whatever. so we kept walking and tammi kept complaining about how bad she had to go. lexis boyfriend mark just said she should find a corner and just pee. if i only had to pee i would tammi said so now we knew she needed to poop too. the next shop was already closed and tammi was really desperate holding her crotch and crossing her legs. she said "seriously guys i'm going to have an accident soon" i said there was a mcdonalds a block or two away so we headed that way. about a block from the mcdonalds tammi stopped walking, held herself and crossed her legs again. we tried to comfort her and encourage her to keep going. she took a few more steps and then stopped and said "i can't hold it any more" then the back of bikini started to bulge out and there was a crackling noise and in a couple of seconds her bikini bottoms were sagging really far as she completely filled them and then pee started dripping and running down her legs and made a big puddle around her feet. mark laughed but we made him shutup fast and told tammi it was ok. her bikini was pink and you could kind of see it was darker in back where all the poop was but at least it wasnt runny and down her legs or anything it was all inside her bikini. she cursed and just started walking with her legs bowed out funny the rest of the way to the mcdonalds and we girls went inside with her walking close behind her to try to help hide her accident. she went into a stall and dumped out the poop and cleaned up but said her bottoms weren't really stained. i had never seen another girl poop herself since maybe i was really little and here we are 17 years old. has that happened to many other girls our age?


I have never had a really bad bathroom experience, but one time I came very close to having one. In high school, I was editor of the newspaper. I was scheduled to interview our class president, a very hot boy who I and many other girls had a major crush on. Anyway, I was working after school in the newspaper office, when suddenly I really had to poop. I was about to get up and go to the girls room, when in walked the class president. He asked if we could do the interview now because the day we'd scheduled was no longer good for him. I was so swept off my feet by his presence I totally forgot about my bowels. Briefly.

So, we sit down and I grab my notebook with the questions I'd written down, hit record on my tape recorder and I started the interview. Midway through his first answer my bowels reminded me that I had to empty them. This feeling got more and more intense as we continued the interview. I'd say about five questions in, I actually felt the poop start to come out. I clenched my butt cheeks and gasped. He asked me what was wrong and I said, "Um, nothing, will you excuse me for just a moment?" He said sure.

I casually walked out, hoping he wouldn't sneak a peak at my ass and notice that I was clenching my buns. As soon as I was out of site, I rushed down the hallway and into the girls room. I ran into the first stall, yanked my jeans and panties down and sat on the toilet. I huge load came out like a cannonball and hit the water with enough force to splash my ass. It was followed by some not so solid poop. Finally, it was over and I wiped my ass and flushed. I washed my hands and rushed back to the office.

I walked back in and was a little taken aback when he asked me, "What, did you have to take a crap?" So taken aback that I casually said, "Yeah." It wasn't until later (when I listed to the tape and realized I'd left it on - he sat there silently for the five or so minutes I was pooping) that I wondered why he'd asked me that and why I'd affirmed it.

Anyway, it was a possible bowel disaster avoided. Outside of that, I've never shit my pants, I've never had to dart behind bushes, I've never had to use the mens room. Lucky me.

alison,if you don't drink a lot, it makes you pee more concentrated, which irritates the bladder and makes you go more.
Don't skimp on your fluid intake or you might end up with a bladder infection.After all the job of our kidneys is to flush out our toins as pee, but it can't do this if you don't drink much fluid.Anything apart from alcohol counts as fluids.
I hope this info helps.

i have a question about holding back a bowel movement: is it possible to go a month without pooping?


bathroom beaky
Today i went fishing and didnt catch a thing but on a plus side i did get a good toilet experience. The place i went had two toilet one for ladies and one for gents. i developed the urge to poo and headed off to the ladies. I walked in and the loo stunk of stale poo and wee. But i had to go so proceeded in that there was no look on the door. So i nipped across to the gents hoping nobody notices. I went in and suprisingly the loo wasnt that bad the lock was on and the seat lookedclean. but as i look for toilet tissues i saw none. my urge was getting worse and but i couldnt go for a poo and not wipe my bum. So i went over to my dad. and asked if we could pack up early because i need a poo and both ladies and gents toilets are horrible. thankfully he agreed and we packed up strat away. the journeny was about 45 mins and with about 20 mins to go i was doubting weather i could make it. my dad saw my struggling to cantain the poo so he pulled into the a pub and said quickly use there loos i got out the car and ran as was touching cloth. I ran i and there were 3 stalls and all three were taken with a girl waitng holding her stomach. I sat on the edge of the sinik to stop my poo coming out. and the first stall opening and the girl rushed in and with abot 5 second exploded. i loosen of my belt waiting for somebody to come out. finally somebody didnt and i finally mhad a clean toilet with a loack and plenty of loo roll. The releif was sensational and it took about 7 mins to finsh off. i walked out of the pub feeling a stonme lighter and had a huge smile on my face


I am a mother of a 6 year old boy, a 2 year old boy, and a 3 year old girl. My 6 year old is fully potty trained, however, my younger son, and my daughter are not. My 2 year old son is doing pretty good, but still needs to wear a pullup, and my daughter is only in a pull up at night with very few day time accidents.

Anyway, I am posting about a pretty interesting weekend on a camping trip with my husband and our children.

It started on our way there, we were almost to the camp site (about 50 miles from our home in CA) and my daughter began squirming in her carseat, her normal sign that she has to pee. This is where it all began. We pulled off on the side of the road, and I took her out of the van. I pulled her panties off, lifted her dress and helped her squat down. She had never done this before so she became fussy and wouldnt relieve herself. She started to cry due to her need to pee. I tried to comfort her and asked her if she wanted a pullup to pee in, she said no and stood up. I was still holding her dress up, while she was standing, and she looked down and began to urinate on the wheel of our van. She arched her hips forward alittle and began to pee harder. She smiled as I watched in total shock that my 3 year old daughter was peeing like my 6 year old son...When she finished, I helped her put her panties back on after wiping her privates with a baby wipe, and I put her back in her seat. I got in and told my husband about what just happened.

That evening, we made our way alittle into the woods for a potty before bed. I took my 3 children behind a few trees and prepared to help my daughter squat. But before even my son could pee, my daughter was standing, facing a tree, with her nightgown lifted in the front, and her panties around her knees. She arched her hips forward just alittle and began to relieve herself on the tree. A strong, straight stream was pouring out of my daughter like a little boy and hitting the tree trunk. As she relieved herself she lifted up on to her tippy toes to finish the last squirts, and she wiped, and pulled her panties up. She turned around and all of us were just staring, lol. She said she liked peeing like a boy better and wanted to do it.

My 6 year old walked over to the tree and pulled himself out and relieved himself as I helped my 2 year old take a poop and pee.

Moedesty pee: more questions

I had never heard of it either til someone mentioned it a week or so ago. Can a guy have a modesty pee? And why would a girl pee in her underwear? Wouldn't it soak through the whole crotch and be very wet? Lastly, what is the point of a "modesty pee"? I mean...even with underwear on, its still obvious that you are peeing, so how is that modest? If you pulled down the underwear or slid them to the side, you'd at least have a drier crotch. Just curious.

Im really embarrased about this so as my name im using my first intial and my conformation initial. Ive been sick all weekend with what i believe is a stomach flu. I am 17 years old. Ive had a lack of control over my bowels because of it. It all started Wednesday night where I had two accidents one in my sleep. The next day after school I went home to take a nap and pooped myself again. Later that night i threw up. An hour or two after that i was watching tv when all of a sudden i got this feeling in my stomach and as i stood up just loaded my pants. I had been talking to one of my friends about the first time when i was trying to hold it in and had an accident so she knew all about this. Amazingly she had no problem with it and really didnt care. So as i was texting her all upset all of a sudden i felt something coming out with no warning. It was only a little thank god. I didnt feel comfortable going to sleep so what i did was line my underwear which was boxer briefs with toilet paper just in case. I woke up the next morning and well wasnt a total mess but still a little dirty. So later that day waiting for my friend to call me and get out of the shower i totally messed my pants again. I had to shower quickly because i had work soon. I was miserable. When i got home later in the night it happened one more time. I couldnt believe it. The worst part was that my brothers were outside my room so i was stuck in there covered in poop for about 40 minutes it was so disgusting. After this i really considered going to cvs the next day and getting diapers. I woke up the next morning clean tho for the first time since i was sick. That was Saturday morning and todays Sunday ive been good since then still getting sick just making it to the bathroom every time. Ohh by the way despite all those accidents i did make it to the bathroom a bunch of times too. Ive lost a total of 8 pairs of underwear a pair of shorts 2 pairs of pajama pants and the sheets to my bed. I think its over atleast i really hope it is. If not im not sure what im going to do. Ill keep you updated. Ohh i forgot to mention my friend is also my exgirlfriend who i am still really close with.

It was a beautiful spring day and I decided not to waste my Sunday dump alone. I showered and threw on some shorts and a T-shirt and I was about to head to the doorless stalls in ???? when the phone rang. My best friend asked if I wanted to take a walk on the beach with him.

I panicked!

I am getting used to sitting on the toilet in front of strangers, and I'm proud of my recent success with no stalls in NY. But in front of friends? I wish I were as cool about this as Zip, and I envy the guys who posted awhile back who are more comfortable with friends watching than strangers. But when I'm out with my friends, I don't even like to take too long in the men's room because then they'll know I was taking a shit. I hate that. Maybe I'll post soon and explain all of this...

At any rate, I made up an excuse not to go and my friend said he'd run errands elsewhere. So when I was sure he had headed in the other direction, I drove to the short term parking lot and walked over to the nearest men's room. It was locked! But I assumed that would mean the men's room about 3 minutes up the beach would be even busier.
I was right.

This is the one that has 4 toilets in open stalls along one wall across from urinals, sinks and a changing area on the other wall. I took the first stall, wiped down the toilet with my disinfectant wipes. unbuttoned my fly and dropped my shorts to my ankles. (When I'm not wearing underwear I never risk exposing my foreskin to a zipper)
About two dozen guys came in while I was there. I got the usual mix of looks from them - indifference or disgust. One guy, not paying attention, walked into my stall to wiz until he saw me there and did a quick about face. I smiled but he was embarrassed.

I was the only one who took a dump while I was there. Some guys used the toilets, but just to pee. No one was friendly, but no one was terribly mean either.

Upstate Dave
First a hello to Jessy G. Welocome to the group here. Nice first post. Quite descriptive in both your pooping and your short pee. Also describing what happened when your friend that came in and used the sink to pee in at the same time you were pooping. Kate I liked your post shitting outside when you were walking your dog. I laughed when you said like your pile looked like a horse had shit there. The reason for that was I've seen girls do that much shiting also and it did also look like horse shit!

Now let me go on with a post with me being seen pissing and shitting in the woods up at my friends Tonys camp when we were there on a weekend to wok building it. Tony and three of his duaghters and I went up to his camp leaving early Friday night after he and I got out from work. We ate supper when we arrived and we did work right after we had ate untill just before the sun went down. He and I stayed up for awhie playing games with his three girls and Tony and I also drank some cold beers also.

We all turned in to sleep. Tony slept in the old trailer he had there while I slept in my tent that I had brought. All three of his duaghters slept in the converted shed that was a storage shed at one time which Tony and I turned into a bedroom for the girls to sleep in. I slept soundly that night in my tent. The fresh mountain air and having the beers before bed might have been the reason why I slept so well.

I was the first one up in the morning. First thing I did was get the fire going and made a pot of coffee. I had a couple of cups of coffee and by tthe time I finished the second cup I had to piss and shit. There was a roll of toilet paper siting out which was always put out to use for anyone that needed it so I grabbed it and walked down the back of the open area of Tonys property and into the bushes to take my piss and shit.

Now where I had walked down to I was out of sight from the trailer and the uncompleted camp. I could only see part of the shed over to my right and behind me over in the pine trees where it was. Being so early and no sighns of anyone else being up I thought I was ok. So I unbuckled my belt,popped the snap on my jeans and pulled them right down to my knees. I wasn't wearing any underware so I had none to pull down.

I had also since I hadn't pissed yet this morning a morning woody as far as my penis. So it was erect. I squated down and got ready to shit and I did push my penis down but not down at the ground in front of me. Instead I had it pushed down at a slight upward angle instead. As I squated there like this I noticed scattered around me on the ground there were pieces of toilet paper and tissues. The toilet paper was old looking and so were some of the crumpled up colored napkins. The color of the napkins were faded. I thought to myself just before I started to piss and shit this was were the girls went when they had to go for with the toilet paper and napkins scattered about on the ground it looked like it.

I now started to piss. I sent a strong yellowish hard high arcing piss stream up into the air. Since I had my penis at a upward angle the arc in my stream was high which I would say about five feet up in the air at its highest point in its arc and it came down well past the low bushes that were a few feet in front of me. I was really pissing hard.

Then after only pissing for several seconds I felt my anus being pushed open so I was starting to shit now also. I felt my anus open very wide along with my shit started moving right out from it very quickly. My shitting this time did not alter the strength of my piss stream either. It was still the same way. My shit felt that it was a fat job too as it kept comming out sliding out of my anus.

It was a firm feeling one that was smooth for I didn't fel my anus moving in and out as my shgit came out from it. It just kept on comming as I squated there. Then the front tip of it must have reached the ground under my ass. For I felt it rubbing on the very inner of my asscheeks so I lifted myself up into a slightly higher squat which now I no longer felt the light rubbing on my skin.

After several more seconds I felt my anus closing back up real fast and then it closed. I heard a very soft flump under me and I looked down and there was part of this very light tan big fat shit with a long tapered tip laying on the ground. Then my piss stream eased up and came to a stop. I stood up with my jeans still pulled down and took a side step and looked down at my shit laying there. It was a long fat one. It had started being flat with a blunt flat end went and styed being fat untill it did taper down like I saw when I was still sqauted pissing and had looked down.

It was a good foot an a half job in its length. It was smooth also and since it was a little soft and had bent when it had hit the ground it did have a very slight curve in it before it did taper down. Now I bent over and grabbed the roll of toilet paper off from the ground. I rooled off a wad of it and I squated back down and wiped my ass off with it. I checked it and it was only had sighns of some slight tan smearing on it and that was it as far as my wipeing.

I stood back up and reached down for my jeans. Right then from off to the side and behind me I heard loud snapping of twgs being broken. I still had my jeans down but I was holding them still at my knees. I turned around quickly topwards the direction of the breaking twigs and rusling noises comming from the higher bushes. It was one of Tonys daughters! I got just a quick fleeting glimpse of something very dark pink going through the bushes very fast!

She had most of had woke up and had come outside while I was there pissing and shitting. I never heard her comming while I was going. Now right at that moment I couldn't see for which duaghter it was for the bushes were keeping me from seeing her. I still had yet pulled up my jeans. I was still looking to see which daughter had come up upon me. Well I would know as soon as she came out of the bushes. She would for she was running towards the bedroom shed over in the pine trees.

I saw who it was and it was Jess the middle aged daughter of the three that were there. She ran out from the bushes and around the side of the shed and dissapeared around the front of it and I heard the door slam on the shed when she went inside. I then laughed a little for I found it amusing that she had seen me and took off running so hard. I pulled up my jeans took care of them and picked up the topilet paper and walked back up to the camp area. From the shed a heard loud laughter and giggles so I knew that Jess was telling the other two girls about what she had just seen. I would have bet on that too!

i have questions for jade
1. do you go poop everyday?
2. does it make a big plop in the toilet?
3. do you ever poop at school or any where in public if you have to?

To Lacy from P.1505 and 1506.
I'm very, very interested to her more stories about you and your friend Megan. Sounds like some incredible experiences that you two have had! There used to be quite a few female posters (Alana, Diane N.Y., Ring-Stretcher, Kim and Scott, Melissa) on here that told of taking very huge dumps and pooping contests. I really miss all of their anecdotes.
And Lacy, I'd love to hear any other stories that you can relate to us...hope you're listening! Thanks much- A Lacy and Megan Fan

went toa street carnival today, was desperate for a poo so iwent into apub.the girls toilet had a big que so I sneaked into the mens.
I am on a high protein diet, and droppped a huge long consistant poop into the bowl.
It refused to budge when I flushed,I felt quite proud of it, as it looked very thick long and impressive!

Monday, June 15, 2009

This past week I have been waking up 3 or 4 times a night to pee and this is not normal for me I usually sleep through the night, well day because I work nights.I haven't been drinking a lot before bed or anything. Any thoughts? It is really disturbing my sleep.

I was at a Starbucks when my coffee caught up to me, and I needed a piss badly. So I walked over to the bathroom and it was occupied. Some girl (pretty good looking, around 20) was in front of me. After the door opened and some old dude walked out, she said to me as she walked in "Sorry, but my stomach's a little upset, I might be a while." I didn't know what to say, so I said, "Oh, I'm sorry. Take as much time as you want." So I wait there, my urge isn't that bad to go myself for about 5-6 minutes until she comes out. Being the nice guy I am, I say "Feeling better?" as she comes out. She answers, "Oh, the toilet's clogged. I need to get the manager" I can't resist, so I take a look. There was a bunch of brown watery diarrhea, which would explain her upset stomach, but also about three huge snakes circling the bowl, as well as a lot of soft loose poop around the side. So I don't get caught peeking, I walk out of the Starbucks as quickly as possible, and eventually find another Starbucks to relieve myself at. I didn't know girls could take such huge dumps.

As you know, I suffer from chronic constipation. I have been eating much more healthier now, but I have been away from home this weekend and started to fall away from the healty eating. Here is my poop chronicle starting on Thursday:

Thursday evening- I felt like I had to poop so I headed to the washroom. I sat down with my pants around my knees and my legs spread. I knew it was going to be a hard one so I started pushing. Nnnnnnnnnnngggggghhhhh! All I mananged to push out was a bowl echoing fart. I pushed again and a squeaky little fart escaped. I figured I'd try one more time. Nnnnnhhhhh. I could hear the poop crackling but no matter how hard I squeezed, it wouldn't come out. So I pulled my pants back up and decided to try again on Friday.

Friday morning- I woke up on Friday and decided to try and poop again. It was a repeat performance of Thursday, just without the farts.

Friday afternoon- Once again, I head up the bathroom and try to poop. I figured that since I had eaten breakfast and lunch already, the poop would be ready to come out. I sat down, pulled my pants to my ankles and had my legs spread. I peed a gusher of pee for about 15 seconds then got ready to push. I pushed my toes into the floor and and squeezed. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnngggggghhh! I could hear the poop crackling and decided to push some more. Mmmmmmmnnnnnggh! I looked between my legs and saw a small turtle head poking out. 'Thank goodness' I thought to myself. I pushed a little harder and 'plop' the itty bitty piece of poo sunk to the bottom. I could still feel more so I pushed once again. But just like the day before, nothing! I KNEW there was more up there so I figured I'd try later. So I wiped a couple times and flushed.

Saturday mid afternoon- All morning and early afternoon, I could feel the rest of my poop moving around inside of me, so I headed up to the bathroom. I thought that this was going to be an easy bowel movement since my stomach was quite uncomfortable. Boy, was I wrong! As soon as I sat down, I realized that this was going to be a hard one to expel. I pulled my pants down to my ankles and spread my legs apart and got ready for pain! I started pushing and grunting. Mmmmm....Mmmmm...Mmmmmm. I could feel the poop slllloooowwwlyyy making its way towards my hole. Nnnnnnnnggggghhhhh! As I'm pushing, little dribbles of pee are coming out as well. Mmmmmmmm....mmmmmmmm....mmmmmmm. By now, the poop is starting to emerge and it hurts! I give a few more strong pushes and PLOP! a huge turd the width of a Gatorade lid and about 4 inches long splashes into the water! Was I relieved! I still wasn't finished pooping though. I pushed a few more times and 3 smaller pieces landed in the bowl. Now I was done! I wiped veeryy gently since my butt was super sore and noticed there was a bit of the blood on the paper. I flushed and washed up.

I feel much more relieved now! :)

Just a quick question. I've read so many stories of people having accidents because somebody such as a teacher or a boss wouldn't allow them to go when their need was the greatest. One person posted as how a kid, he was on a school trip, had the shits, and the teacher literally pulled him off the toilets. Does anyone here have a story where they told the authority figure to basically ???? off and ignored that person and just went to the toilet regardless of what they said? If so, were there any consequences, and was it worth blowing that person off in the name of relief, not to mention clean and dry clothing? I'd love to hear any stories.

fat jenny
umm hello this is my first post :] today was not to good.A couple of weeks ago i took 3 laxitives and for some reason it NEVER came out!!!!!!!!!! I took it about 2 weeks ago.So i went to the mall and i saw these very cute pants.sence i gain weight almost ever month i had to try them on so i went to the dressing room and put the pant on.But i was a hard time putting them on so i sqeeze them on.There now on and i felt something go to my bowel and i was in so much pain.My anas strech open about 4 inch wide it was pouring out when i was finished i went to the counter and payed 4 them bc i didnt want to mess up someones job:{

Today I was out walking the dog when I felt a strong urge to have a shit. It wasnt cramps or a diaorrhea feeling ut I just knew I needed a big shit. I can usually hold it but not today and within a couple of minutes I could actually feel it starting to emerge. I was about 3 miles from home and would never have got home in time, never! I was nowhere near any shops or public toilets and was walking across a field, there werent even any trees for me to hide behind. It was either go there and then or shit in my knickers. I had a quick look around and couldnt see anyone so I literally pulled down my jeans and knickers there and then, I didnt even have time to go to the edge of the field. I started shitting immediately and could not have stopped even if someone walked towards me. Everytime I thought I had finished more started coming out, I literally let out about 7 or 8 separate loads in one huge pile on the grass, oh my god each piece was about 4 inches in length and really thick. I then pissed for about 2 mins all over the shit and felt strangely good about the whole experience. I pulld up my knickers and left, anyone who saw it would have thought a horse had got loose!

Jessy G.
Hey guys how's it going? My name's Jessy, I'm twenty two years old, I have long black hair and a little larger than average boobs. This is my first post, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

Yesterday I had a few friends over to my place, and we were having some drinks and just hanging out. After I'd had some beers, I could feel my bowels churning. I was rather drunk at that moment, so I announced to everyone "Oh man I gotta take a monster dump" even though I would never do that when I was sober.

I headed off towards the bathroom, closed the door and pulled my jeans and thong down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I let loose a smelly fart and then I peed for a long while. I farted again but this one didn't smell quite as bad. I could feel four days worth of poo inside me, but all I could push out was farts. I probably farted at least ten times relieving some pressure.

I kept doing little pushes at a time, sometimes I'd let out a loud fart that would echo in the bowl. Finally I felt the head of a large poo poke out of my butt. I pushed some more each time my poo came out a little more. As the poo splashed in the toilet, a long airy fart came easing out. Another airy fart just as long as the first one and there was another poo ready to come out.

As my poo pushed out growing longer, the bathroom door opened and Molly walked inside. She told me "Sorry I can't wait I have to pee real bad and Susan's hogging the other bathroom" and closed the door, took off her pants and panties, hopping up on the sink. I said "It's fine" while grunting.

My poo plopped in the water while Molly peed for a bit. Her pee stream was very strong and it didn't last all that long. I let out a few more farts as she peed and another poo splashed when Molly reached over to get some paper. After wiping, she washed her hands in the sink, put her pants back on and left.

Over the next few minutes, I pushed out four more big, kind of long, poos and they all made only a plop sound in the bowl. I farted one more time, another loud one and I felt the desired empty feeling. I flushed the toilet and began wiping. I wiped three or four times, I don't remember exactly, and then I flushed again. I washed my hands and left the bathroom.

~Jessy G~

Upstate Dave
I have a short survey for anyone to take if they want to. It only deals with peeing.

1. When did you start enjoying taking a pee/

2. Have you ever peed ouside?

3. When you took your first outdoor pee was it done for the following reasons?
A. You simply had to go and did it?
B. By yourself or with someone else?
C. If you were with someone else was it on a dare?
D. Same Gender?
E. Different Gender?
F. Emergency desperation?
G. Some other reason. If so please tell reason why.

4. Give a aproximate age when you did do you first outside pee;
A. child
B. Teen
C. Young Adult
D. Adult

5. How did you feel about it?
A. Not really anything?
B. The satisfying from the releif that you did pee?
C. A little excited?
D. Nuaghty but didn't feel guilty doing it?
E. Any other reason? Please state what you felt.

Thats it. Thank you Upstate Dave

Sarah jane
Hi this is the first time i have posted here but i have been reading this forum for a while now and decided it was time to post a story. Well this experience happened a few days ago. First of all i should tell you a bit about me im and a slender lookin female with a nice chest and a reasonabe butt. Well the other i woke up at around 3 am with the sudden urge to poop so i rushed out to the bathroom and went in and started doin my business. I was the sort of half solid half soft kind of movement so it was pretty relaxin. Back to the story i was on the toilet mid way through when the door flung open and my roommate burst through the door holding her ass with one hand and pullin up her night dress with the other hand. Then to her suprise she seen me on the loo and was in total shock because she was about to poop every where if she didnt get on the loo soon. After about 20 sec or so of her squirming around the bathroom waitin for me to get off the loo she finaly gave into the urge. She climbed up into the shower and sooner she did that her ass exploded and semi liquid poop went every where she was so relieved after her ordeal in the shower

Sarah from Calgary: I don't even want to think what your boss thought of the mess you would certainly have left behind on the chair! did she ever say anything?

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