In some of my previous posts I've told you about some of the things me and my friend Connor have done such as going to the bathroom in some strange places. However, since school let out last week and I've been out a lot more and I've been drinking my pop, I've had a couple of situations where I've had problems in really crowded bathrooms and people who I feel disrespect the rights of those using a public toilet.

The first day of summer vacation I walked about six blocks to the mall. There was a swimwear sale, a youth talent show, some type of old time car show plus the theaters were running some sort of $1 special per movie. The parking lots were pretty full when the mall opened at 10 a.m. and I arrived shortly after that time. Coffee goes right through me (if you know what I mean) and when I got to the parking lot, I was starting to think about the closest bathroom I could stop in. Some of the restaurants just outside the mall parking lots were not yet open so that limited my options but I cut through the lot of a tire store/car care business that was open and I hurried inside to find the bathroom. There were people in every chair waiting for the work to get done on their cars and I brushed by them on the way to the bathrooms in the rear. I threw the ladies room door open, saw the single stall was vacant and I went in, hung my purse on the hook, and lowered my jeans and underwear and seated myself. My pee stream was just starting when a mother barged in, knocked on my door and said her daughter (the girl looked like she was about 6) was about to have an accident in her pants.I quickly stopped my pee (a move that hurt at first) and partially pulled up my jeans and kind of hopped to the stall door, opened it and then momentarily vacated the stall. The girl instantly brushed by me, put herself on the stool and started blasting away with some pretty noisy farts. The only problem was that she did not pull her underwear down fast enough so she pretty much was sitting and filling her underwear and shorts with a really messy crap. I could both smell it and when her mother asked to come into the stall and she saw what accident had happened, she started cursing the girl and I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish my pee on that toilet anytime soon. I completely raised my jeans, zipped them up and left in pain with pretty much a complete pee giving me trouble.

About five minutes later I finally made it to the main exhibition area and food court of the mall. I headed directly to the restroom and was shocked when I opened the door. I was bumping into mothers with daughters in like 2nd or 3rd grade who were using the bathroom as a dressing room for some sort of talent show. I had to push through the crowd to get to one of the 15-some stalls and even then under the door I would see legs, clothing on the floor, but there was very little flushing or other evidence that the toilets were being used for what they were intended for. Finally a girl came out in a really pretty pink dress and I quickly bumped her aside as she was showing it off to her mother and I seized possession of the stall. The seat was up but I instantly dropped it and my jeans were down and my butt was on it within a couple of seconds. What was frustrating to me was that now that I was finally seated, I was in so much pain and growing madder at myself every minute I sat and was unable to get my pee flow started. I stood up for a couple of seconds then replaced myself on the seat, this time with a little more comfortable. By placing my finger on my vagina I was able to start peeing and to keep my stream going for like two minutes. By sitting for an extra couple of minutes, I was able to contribute a little more liquid to the bowl and for the first time that day, I felt relieved. As I wiped briefly and lifted my underwear, I stood up, unlatched the door, and walked out into the bathroom where both mothers and daughters were pushing in order to get the next toilet.

I had lunch in the food court, but I didn't order anything to drink. Too much liquid that morning and too big of a crowd in the bathroom created a couple of very frustrating situations for me. Come to think of it, I didn't have anything to drink until late that evening when I finally got home. I had had enough problems to deal with.

Gillygwentgirl, Soccer Mom and Terri:

I would love to hear more stories about when you couldn't make it to the bathroom and had accidents in your pants, especially, but limited to, when they were laxative induced.

Yours Etc.,

embarrassed boy
Hi, I'm a 16 year old boy, and I experienced a very embarrassing bowel movement a few months ago. My friend had to be picked up from the airport, and his mom had asked me to come with her to drive to the airport. She is about 40 years old. Well, while we were driving, I got this strong urge to do a number 2. It was kind of diarrhea. I tried to hold it but couldn't, so I asked my friend's mom to stop somewhere. She stopped at the side of the road. I hadn't told her that I had to poo, so she thought that I just had to go for quick pee and said: you'd better hurry. Unfortunately, there wasn't a secluded spot to go. I hesitated for a moment, but I had no to choice: I really couldn't hold it in anymore. So, I squatted and pulled my pants to my knees and let it all out. First, some normal poo came out. Then I had diarrhea and lots of gas. While I was going my friend's mom came over to hand me some toiletpaper, which I had totally forgotten about. I was quite schocked, because I didn't see her coming. I was facing away from the car. I realised that she must have had a good view of my backside and the poo coming out. She went back to the car. When I was done I also went back to the car. My friend's mom asked if I felt better now. I said yes. She said, laughing, I bet so, because that was a lot of poo that came out of you! I felt so embarrassed.
Well, after that I luckily didn't have to go again till at the airport.

Today I was fixing lunch in the kitchen when I felt the urge to crap. It came on quite suddenly, and I didn't think I'd make it to my bathroom, so I used the main one.

No sooner had I removed my jeans and panties and plopped down on the toilet then my turds came out. Three firm logs just slid out pretty quickly, couldn't have been more than two minutes. I went to wipe, only needed one wipe to get clean. My turds were light brown, not too big around and they looked solid.

I feel kind of bad about not posting many stories, but I haven't had any craps that felt noteworthy lately. I'm thinking about going to the park tomorrow (Sunday), unless the weather is just terrible, so maybe I'll end up using a port-a-potty.

Linda from Australia here again. As you would all know, I've been well and truly constipated for the last few weeks. I've been pooping every day but its been taking me over 30 minutes some days to do a poo!! Well I'm STILL constipated and I've been having endless amounts of trouble with my poos yet again!!!! I'm not sure why I've been having such a hard time with constipation because I've been eating healthy food.

On Monday night, I had an extrememly difficult time trying to get my poos out. I could feel a big, hard load inside me all day so when I got home from work, I tried for a poo. I knew I was in for a really hard time. After pushing and straining for 15 minutes, I couldn't get anything out so I gave up. Then after dinner I tried again. This time I sat on the toilet for 20 minutes but I still couldn't do any poos. I waited about an hour and had another go. This time I spent over 30 minutes pushing and straining with all my might. I even did some grunting. I could feel a rock hard turd in my anus but no matter how hard I pushed, it just wouldn't move. I gave up and walked around for about 10 minutes. Then I sat back on the toilet and tried again. I leant forward and pushed, then I sat back and pushed really hard. I strained so hard that I had to close my eyes and screw up my face but it didn't work. I felt my anus with my fingers. My anus was open wide but there was no poo sticking out. I put my finger in my anus and I could feel the head of a rock hard poo in there. I pushed on my anus with my fingers and strained as hard as I could. The turd came out a bit but when I stopped straining, it went back in. I put my finger further up my anus and I could feel a big hard log in there. I could also feel lots of rock hard pebbles. I tried to dig them out but I couldn't.

By now, I had spent another 20 minutes on the toilet so I gave up, feeling very uncomfortable. I had poo all over my hand too. I got straight into the shower. I pushed and strained while I was having a shower, to get things moving. After my shower, I got back on the toilet for another try. I pushed and pushed and pushed like there was no tomorrow. I didn't have any success!!! So I gave up and got ready for bed. About 10 minutes later, I decided to try 1 last time. I sat on the toilet and leant forward. The poo FINALLY started coming out!!! I managed to squeeze out a few rock hard balls of poo and I felt better but there was still lots of poo up there. It took about 15 minutes to get the poo balls out. I had such a terrible time on the toilet that night, probably one of the worst pooping sessions for a long time.

New here so i thought I would intro my self by answering a survey

I am Female and :-

1. What is your age 13 yrs

2. What is your body type? Slender

3. Would you say your normal bowel movements consist of diarrhea (completely liquid), really soft turds (ex. soft serve ice cream), or solid turds? My poo is usually quite solid

4. If your BM is diarrhea or soft serve, do you have a medical condition? no on the rare occasions it is soft or liquid I usually have eaten something that doesnt agree with me. lol

5. If your turds are solid, is it usually one big piece, or several solid pieces? usually 1 big piece and a coule of smaller ones - depends how constipated I am

6. How often do you poop REALLY big turds? most weeks - again it depends how often I do a poo, if its every day then they are not so big, if I cant do one for a week its huge when I finally manage to strain it out.

7. Do you feel more satisfied when you produce a big turd, or does it not matter to you? yes especially if I put a lot of effort into getting it out

8. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? If not, what would you eat first a) a big sandwich b) meat, vegetables, and something else? not vegatarian

9. If someone was in the bathroom while you were pooping, would they a) not smell a thing b) smell the poop aroma but not too bad c) would have to leave the room? Usually b

10. Do you have the ability to feel whether a turd's going to be really big as soon as you get the urge to move your bowels? I dont usually get the urge, I try to poo each morning when I dont do it I know next day it will be bigger and if I aint done a poo for a few days then it feels real big then I know I have to keep straining untill it comes out - sometimes feels like its too big to go through my bum hole.

Just wondered does any one else get to that point where you just have to get it out no matter for how long or for how hard you have to push you are going to force it out?
When I get like that if its a school day I try at home in the morning, then again when I get to school if there's time and at break and lunch
and if I aint got it out I go again at home in the evening untill I do it.


Upstate Dave
I and my friend Tony with three of his daughters were headed up on a nice summer day on a Saturday to do some work for that weekend up at Tonys camp up north in the mountains. Tony had recently picked up a nice used Dodge van and that was the vehicle we used for the trip. Plent of room for us five along with the tools we were going to use for the work up at his camp.

We never nade it to his camp. We had a problem on the way with the van. We were on the interstate and all of a sudden we herd something hitting underneath us in the front and what ever was hiting the van underneath us was falling right out for what was falling off bounced back up and ht the underside of the van further towards the back to. Also we could feel a vibration now also.

Tont pulled off the interstate and we were in a resort village and her found a place to park. He and I got out and we started looking under the van to see if we could find out what had happened. We did find the problem. The bolts that held a harmonic balancer had worked thier way out except one which was part way out but had not fallen out like the rest of them.

So now knowing what had happened Tony told me to stay with the girls he was going to go make a phone call to see if he could get some replacement bolts. So Tony left and I stayed with the three girls in the van. Tony came back after about 15 minutes. There was a auto parts store that was open and he was going to have to walk to that store to get the parts. So he left again.

Durring that time Two of the three girls had to go to the bathroom. So I left a note on the door for Tony in case he came back while I took the girls to the bathroom. We all walked to a diner which wasn't that far of a walke from the van. The two older daughters were the ones that had to go. The youngest daughter didn't have to so she stayed with me while her two sistors did go to the bathroom.

When they were done we all went back to the van and Tony was not back when we got back to the van. The three girls got back inside and started playing while I waited standing outside of the van. Tony showed up 30 minutes later and I helped him put in the bol;ts that he got at the parts store. The bolts he got would work but not the really the right type needed for the job. The reason the clerk told him this was that the bolts that Tony had bought would loosen up and would have to be tightened up again.

So Tony decided that we would not go to the camp but take the highway home instead of the interstate. That way he would be going slower and the bolts should stay tighter longer. So Tony and I put in the bolts he bought and we then pulled out and headed back home on the highway. Tony drove slow too which was going to make the ride back a long ride too.

We had just left the city of Saratoge and were right by the golfcourse along side the highway when we heard the ping of one of the bolts hit under the van. One had loosened up and had come out! Tint pulled right off on the wide shoulder and stopped. He and I goot out. All three of the girls in the back were sound asleep at this time. Tony and I got his tool box out and he crawled under the van and took a look. He told me that all of them had lossened up gain. They all would have to be retightened up.

So I got out the wrenches and sockets he needed to do the work and slid them under the van to him. It was going to take Tony some time to retighten the bolts again. Luckily too he had bought extras and re could replace the one that had completely come out that we heard hit the van before we did stop. I now had been holding back the need to piss almost since we had started on our way back. So I needed to go very badly too at this point also.

I didn't say anything to Tony yet that I needed to piss. Then as Tony was working under the van the side backdoor of the van slid open and the youngest daughter stuck her head out of the open door. Tony heard the door slide open and asked me who it was. I told him that it was his youngest daughter. Tony told me to ask her what she wanted. So I asked her what was up. She told me that she had to pee. Tony asked from under the van if she could hold it. She heard him and told him loudly NO!

Then she also told Tony that her two other sistors were sound asleep too. Please let me go! Tonys daughter peaded. I spoke up and told Tony I would take her. I told him there was a spot down the highway where she could go. It is on this side too. I told him. From under the van Tony told his daughter it was ok to go with me. So she jumped out of the van took my hand and she and I walked away heading down along the side of the highway together.

We walked about a hundred yards down the highway and the place that I was going to take her to so that she and I both could go was closed! Now we had passed where there was a service road that went into one of the greens of the golf course so we back tracted to that road and walked in towards the golf course.

Now there was a pretty wide strip of real high grass that boarded one side of the golf course and there was some apple trees and bushes closer to the golf course also. The tall grass was not high enough to completely hide me from the highway so we hurried in a little further and wound up going into the area where the apple trees and bushes were.

Tonys daughter scooted over by one of the bushes and she immeadiatly reached under her dress she had on and pulled down her white panties and sqauted down very fast. She pulled up the front and back of her dress out of the way and she started to piss very hard and very noisily too. Then saying very loudly as she was squated there and peeing; Mr. ???? it feels so good to pee! She was looking down at the ground as she spoke to me. I told her it most likely did feel good to pee.

Now since she was peeing I stepped over close to thebush that I was standing near and I got myself ready to pee also. When I had my penis out I like her I started peeing right off very hard. My pee splattered all over the leaves of the bush in front of me so I aimed my penis lower and I peed in the low grass and weeds under the bush. Then I took a quick look over at Tonys daughter to see how she was doing. She was still sqauted down and peeing.

Then I looked back away from here and I went back watching my pee stream. The pain I had been feeling now started to ease as I stood there peeing. I just kept on peeing too. Like Tonys daughter the feeling of relief was termendus this time since I had been holding it so long and I had so much pee in my bladder to empty. I was standing there peeing with my eyes closed for the relief I was feeling felt that great.

Now by this time Tonys daughter had finsihed her pee and had pulled up her panties and taken care of her dress. She had stood up and she took a few steps towards me and saw that I was peeing. She said opps sorry Mr. ???? I didn't know that you had to go also. I turned and saw her standing several feet away from me and she was watching me pee. In my haste to get here so that she could pee I didn't tell her I had to go also.

But before I could say anything back to her Tonys daughter turned around and stepped back over where she had peed and there were some flowers growing there and she started to pick them. So I now started to push hard so I would pee real hard which I did for several seconds and then I cut my stream right off. Then I slid my penis back in and zipped up my jeans. Tonys daughter was still picking flowers so I told her it was ok. I'm done. She then ran over to me giggling and we hurried back out to the highway.

As we walked together Tonys daughter again apologized but she giggled this time. You didn't get to finish your pee? I told her I hadn't but I did go enough. Then she giggled more and told me it would be our secret then! That ok? I laughed and told her it was our secret and it was ok. We got back to the van and she squated down and told Tony that she had picked some flowers on the way back. Tony took a quick look and told her that they were pretty. She tehn got back in the van and slid the door shut.

I stayed outside waited for Tony and helped pass more tools to him as he needed them. Fifteen minutes later he was done. Wepulled out and made the slow trip home. We didn't have to make another stop for the bolts remained tight in place the rest of the way back to Tonys house. When we arrived and stopped in front of the house all three of the girls were sound asleep and we had quite the time wakeing them up. Tony did get the right bolts on Monday for the van and he never had the same problem with the van again.

Karen G.
To Tom,
I see most people here are telling you that if you really loved Erica you'd get past her habit of deliberately soiling herself. But I have to or no love, that is something that is pretty hard to get past. I've read about people who like doing that on this site and how liberating or exhilarating it is and I've wondered myself what it would be like but I would never actually DO it. I couldn't bring's just too gross. But that's just me. I can sympathize with you on this one. There is nothing wrong with you or your capacity to love someone. If I loved a guy and he told me that, I'd have some major second thoughts. That doesn't mean I didn't love him. It just means that you draw the line somewhere (we all do). Love does NOT conquer all. Good luck!

HI,back again.Amazing,i was in town again last night.(2 nights running woooo!)I was hoping for another"SIGHTING" and i wasn't dissapointed.Two good looking girls,one in a dress and one in top and black trousers made their way down into an area which is just below street level on the edge of a park.I stood above and from my vantage point saw the girl with trousers was out of sight,but her friend in the dress was just below me and i saw her pull up her dress pull her knickers down and with her knees bent together she started peeing.She peed for about 25 seconds or so.I Could hear it splattering on the ground so she must have really been pushing it out.Her friend reappeared from a dark corner still buttoning up her trousers,so i guess she must have been peeing also.The girl in the dress finished peeing and pulled up her knickers but stood speaking with her dress still hitched up.A few seconds later,with her dress adjusted they headed baak up to street level.I walked away and wondered what they would do if they knew i had been watching.

I was constipated for almost a full week. From late last week until now I had been constipated and haven't been able to pass anything except little tiny pieces. My stomach has been bloated and gassy. I tried eating Taco Bell on Saturday (which usually cleans me out) with hot sauce on it and it didn't help. I've been drinking tons of water, eating lots of vegetables, fruit and fibre and my stomach has been getting bigger. It got to the point last night that I couldn't eat much of my dinner because my stomach was full and uncomfortable.

Finally I took a massive dump about 10 minutes ago. I had this strong urge that I needed to go NOW, so I went to the bathroom and pulled up my nightgown (no panties at night) and sat on the toilet. I pushed slightly and a HUGE turd started coming out. I could feel my stomach moving and my hole stretching. It took less than 2 minutes, and it kinda hurt because it was so big.

It was about 12 inches long and really thick. No wonder it hurt! It feels like I gave birth out of my butt. The good thing is my stomach feels a lot better and a lot smaller and I don't feel sick anymore. Yay! I guess it really builds up a lot when you're constipated and instead you get a huge turd instead of a healthy dump every day :( Really wish I could be "regular". I do everything right....water, fibre, fruits and vegetables, why can't my body be normal like everyone else's? IBS-C sucks! >:(

In one of my recent posts, I shared a little bit about my Kindergarten toilet experiences in the old red-brick schoolhouse with the restrooms in the basement and the old wooden stalls. It was dark inside these stalls, and it felt like I was taking a shit in a cave. And I was so little, and it seemed so scary. But I didn't want to poop my pants, I had done it once in Kindergarten already. So....there I would sit scrunched over on the seat, a little 5-year old boy with a ???? ache who had to poop so badly. Such type of restrooms used to be common in the older schools, does anyone else have memories of this sort of thing? If so, please post.

Hello,it's Andy from Scotland here.I have not posted for ages as nothing of interest has happened,UNTIL LAST NIGHT THAT IS! I was in town at about 11.45 pm(FRIDAY),and walking along a very busy pedestrianised street with lots of bars and clubs,popular with students.I saw a girl,possibly in her early twenties,heading for an opening with very steep steps which lead down to a lower street.She saw me and put her finger to her lips,SHHHHHH! she said.She headed down the steps about half way.I stood just at the entrance and looked down,just in time to see her unbuttoning her trousers.She pulled them down along with her underwear and squatted,immediately i could clearly see her pee coming out and forming a puddle.I had a perfect view of it all.She looked up and saw me watching her but it did not stop her,she even said SSSSSSHHH! again.She also called me a pervert,but that is a matter of opinion to which she is perfectly entitled to.In all she pee'd for about 45 seconds and i saw her shaking her bum to get the last drops out.As she began to pull up her knickers and trousers,i decided to leave as all this occured just feet away from the crowded street and i didn't want to risk causing a scene.It was great and it's nice to be able to post something here again.
UPSTATE DAVE:I enjoy reading your posts.
Cheers ,bye ANDY.

Sean (From TX)
Hey everyone. I am more or less new to the site, have posted previously years ago. This has always been one of my favorite sites about one of my favorite topics! Glad to share stories with like minded people! I am Sean, 30 year old male from Houston. I am 6'1, 250, brown hair, brown eyes....guess that sums me up! I am a huge pooping fan. I admit being partial to stories or other media about females and their pooping experiences, but hey everything is good!
I tend to personally prefer to take dumps in public restrooms. Even if I am home, more often than not I like to go somewhere to do it in public. If I had to pick a favorite place, it would probably be in a mall or in place like a book store. I guess I like hearing others, and knowing that others are seeing and/or hearing me. Maybe this is weird, but it is more of an innocent hobby than anything else. I have also recently been partial to taking dumps in public restrooms that are devoted to just one the kind in CVS stores or Office Depot or whatever. I prefer the typical open faced seat, elonged bowl. I recenly discovered a personal restroom such as this that has a toilet that is not handicapped (or tall), but rather is low to the floor. When you sit on it, it is almost like squatting, which to me makes the pooping experience easier or more comfortable. A few days ago I had to take what ended up being a huge dump and I used this particular restroom. When on the toilet I am a person that drops my pants and underwear to my ankles and I usually spread wide when seated, sometimes leaning forward. For me I like to make the experience last as long as possible, pinching my first few turds off as things get going. Eventually the need to let it go overcomes me and the finale works its way out. The other day, I ended up dropping a dozen or so golf ball sized pieces, finally things got longer until I could feel my hole strech wider and wider and the final turd snaked out. It was easily over a foot long, kinda coiled around the bowl in the process. I usually take 20 to 30 minutes, probably have 15 to 20 pieces on average. For me, the last turd is always the biggest, almost always a foot long and pretty thick. My shit is what I would call normal. Brown, neither soft or hard, but it does stink like shit!

Anyway, can't wait to share more stories. My goal is to post regualrly, soon after I go, hopefully I will accomplish this! Would love to hear from others, I always have had curiosity questions about others habits, especially among females. One question I would love to know the answer to among the girls/ladies is what determines whether or not you spread your legs when seated....habit, type of dump you need to take, etc. Just curious, and would love to know! --Sean

One day, i was with my boyfriend. We ate so much things for dinner. on the way we got home, i felt all right but i saw that my boyfriend was clutching his ????? I asked if he was ok. he said that his ????? really hurtes and wants to throw up. I quickly got him a bag and he threw up all over the place. When we got home, he laid on the bed and holded his ????? with both of his hands. I asked if I could help and he said:"Yes, please." I massaged his ????? and he suddently ran to the bathroom and started to poo. After that, he felt much better but his ????? still hurts.

The next day, I went to his house to see if he was all right.What i saw scared me : he was lying on the bed and was groaning and moaning. When he saw me, he tried to smile but his ????? hurted so much that he couldn't bear it. He went to the bath room so many times that his toilet had almost got flooded with direea. I helped him to to the and let him lay his head on my shoulders while i rubbed his ????? Suddently, he farted and it was so stinky! He ran home and immediantly went to the bathroom to poo.

After that, he was better. Guess that was a long poo!

PS: sorry for writing so long

He was better from now on. Guess tha

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mike from Mi.
I haven't posted since last autumn,so let me reintroduce myself. I am generally a level headed guy,but with just one one hang-up. I believe I have become somewhat of a toilet exhibitionist.
One of my best buddies,some years ago,got into weight lifting and spent months with it. He's a handsome dude and his great shape became even better. The circumference and development of his arms became just about those of a prize fighter. When he flexed his biceps they were superb. Frankly I envied him. He once mentioned that he thought the size of my arms were comparable to his. Indeed,I'm a strong guy too,but my biceps certainly aren't as well developed as my buddy's.
He eats just about anything he wants and once told me he consumes lots of fiber daily and proudly added"and I take giant shits". This I can believe because I've heard him in the stalls of different men's rooms any number of times. I'll come back to this point later.

We remaind steadfast friends and have often traveled together in Michigan,exploring,hiking,occasinally canoeing and dining in many different restaurants. Sometimes we pigged out.
In early May of this year,we got together again in midstate Michigan. We stayed in separate quarters and toward evening after we met for dinner,I invited him to come to my motel room to watch TV. It was shortly before he planned to arrive and the sky was darkening that all at once my sphincter muscles began to act up. Good timeing! Finally I had to take my daily shit. It would be a good one and I was glad.
I cased my motel room and quickly came up with a plan that would allow me to keep the bathroom door open in my buddy's presence. About a half hour later while we were together in my room watching "The Weather Channel" on TV,I let out a few quick,small farts and excused myself telling him"I have to take a shit".
"I'll keep the bathroom door open," I added feeling a mild high,"so I can continue to watch TV. Okay? Do you mind if I turn the set a little toward the bathroom"?'
"No,be my guest,Mike",he replied.
I then turned the TV slightly away from him toward where I'd soon be sitting. With deep spasms in my sphincter muscles,I let out another quick fart. I really had to go!
Next I opened the bathroom door completely to the outside wall. I was pleased for the toilet was in my buddy's full view. He was sitting a couple yards away from me in a comfortable chair. I quickly unbuckled my pants,proudly slid them and my briefs completely down to my ankes,dropped to the toilet and immediately experienced relief as I felt and heard the muted crackling of the first long log,the second and third as they quickly slid from my anus and quietly into the bowl. I find that my often foot long plus turds rarely plop or splash;at least not in American toilets. Unfortunately my buddy probably didn't hear a thing. This was not the first time I've left the bathroom door open in his presence while I was taking a dump,but it was probably the best. I began to notice a faint stink but I didn't think it was bad.

While we watched "The Weather Channel" giving reports of midweek rain,I no longer felt so macho. My buddy clearly has a great metabolism and my mind drifted back to some years ago when we visited a men's room together as we often did. He entered the far stall closing its door almost completely while I approached the urinal. I faintly heard him unbuckle his pants while I unzipped mine. About a half minute later while I held my penis and started to pee,I began to hear the deep crackling af a good shit coming from his stall. It sounded like steak frying in a lidded pan. While I continued to stand by the urinal,I grew surprised for the crackling maintained full force and went on and on,second after second after second. After I finished my long pee,I was clearly dumfouned for the crackling hadn't stopped! Shortly afterward it finally let up. I very much wanted to see what he left in the toilet. Could it have been yards of thick,long logs totally filling the bowl? Perhaps,but I could only quess and I grew envious.
"I certainly can't do anything like that!" I thought with mild self-diqust.
I washed up and left the restroom before he did. With the power flush toilet,he was somehow able to flush everthing down. Afterwards he told me that often it takes multiple flushes for him to get rid of everything.

At once my mind came back to my surroundings where I remained on the motel bathroom toilet resting. Just then,my buddy uttered the word,"Wheeew!" and for some reason opened the front door leading to the outside. It was dark out and perhaps possible for someone outside to get a glimpse of me on the can.
I quickly wiped using several pieces of paper,arose and briefly observed my contribution to the toilet. It was decent sized filling much of the bowl but not great. I didn't want my buddy to see what I had left behind because compared to what he can do,he might just think mine was mediocre. I flushed and everything went down at once. I pulled up my briefs,pants,buckled up,washed my hands and left the bathroom.
"Why the thunder did you open the front door?!",I asked him,
He turned toward me,his face contorted into a grimace, and asked,"What the hell did you do?! You completely stunk up the place and I have to air it out! Please give me a break!"
"I don't notice anything so bad," I replied.
"Ones dumps always smell worse to others than they do to themselves."
"Guess you're right,"I replied.
"You certainly can go,can't you,Mike?"
I was pleased by his las observation,but one day I wanted to show him my very toilet clogging best. Could it be I could even outdo him?



Nice to hear back from you, hon. I savored every word of your erotic experience with moira. It was so emotional. Do you still keep in touch with moira and have you had more experiences with her?. It inspired me to write my own discovery of love of pooping. In fact, it was the discovery of the voyeuristic aspect of another woman relieving herself.

When I was a junior in college, I took a summer class in geology, and the class was taught by a visiting professor. This was an honors level class and there were two field trips. In addition to exams, the field trips were part of the grade. I loved the subject matter and the professor, a smart woman in her early 50s. As I was a good student who had the same research interests as she was, by the middle of the semester we got along quite well, we were more of research partners as I helped her with her research we even shared our views about stuff about our lives.
This incident happened during our second field trip. We were to analyze the soils and rock formations in a nature reserve. We went to the site in a small minivan ( it was a day trip and the class only had about 10 people), did some sample collecting until lunch and decided to take a break. We were just relaxing, chatting and generally fooling around. I went for a stroll to look for a place to pee, I've been holding it since morning and my bladder has started to ache. I found a secluded place, unbuckled my shorts and panties, squatted down and started to pee. I was done with peeing, and just as I started to rise, I saw the professor walking down on the footpath. She looked around briefly, and squatted about 15 feet in front of me in a diagonal direction.
Now my heart was beating rapidly. I knew she either had to pee or poop, and the thought of she relieving in front of me simply mesmarized me. I loved her as a person, so there was that sense of awe and excitement in seeing this lovely woman carrying out her intimate activites in front of me. What happened next is permenently etched in my mind.
She unbuckled her jeans, exposing a pair of white bikini panites. I was fixiated with her tight bum, that looked really good for a woman of her age. Not a moment later, she lowered her pants and panties down, placed her hands on the boulder in front of her and leaned against it. this made her nether region protrude towards me. She farted several times, trying to get her bowels moving. By now, my head was spinning with excitement, my heart was racing. She further leaned against the boulder and let out a grunt, sounded like an "aargh". Up to then, I haven't been erotical attracted to a woman pooping, but this was it. Gilly, just as you, I could feel a wetness between my thighs and in my pubes. I saw her anal region doming out and a brown turd poking out of it. I was mesmerized by this sight. It slowly exited her anus and it was about six inches long, the turd had a really dark brown tip, from the looks of it she looked constipated. As the turd exited her anus, I saw her anus close, but it wasn't over yet. I saw a strong stream of piss hitting the ground, wetting the earth and her poop. Her anus opened again,of light brown turds exited her anus in quick succession. I saw her anus pulsing, opening and closing after each turd, it was all too much for me, I let myself go of all inhibitions. She was done, she took some kleenex from her pants pockets, reached behind her and wiped herself. She had a look at the dirty tissue, took another wad of kleenex and wiped herself. After all this, she stood up, pulled her panties and pants up, crouched down and spread some dirt on the top of her poop. By now, I felt drained, my knees were in pain after squatting down for such a long time, but it was worth it. and thus began my fetish to see other women poop.

Gilly, did anything interesting happened at work? I loved your responses for the surveys. I'll keep u updated if something happens. keep in touch.

Lena - I loved your experience with terri and all the stall talk. You really are luck to have such open co workers. Hope you have more of such incidents.
Soccermom- I really felt bad for your predicament. Hope you'll be able to stay off accidents.

Tia's survey-
What is your age? 34
What is your body type? Average
my bms are mostly firm and of several solid pieces
I occasionally poop really big turds, and yes i feel more satisfied.
I'm not a vegetarian/vegan and I'd eat a big sandwich, although i eat a lot of fruits regularly.
I don't think my poop smells that much.
Yeah, if my bms haven't been regular and if i feel quite an urge in my bowels, i can surmise "this is going to be big"

Sarah from Calgary
Hi everyone.

The past few weeks since my past post have been pretty good for me. I was lucky not to suffer from any Pre-Menstrual Diarrhea before or during my period last month in May. This month however, I was not so lucky.

For the past few years I have always kept an emergency kit in a backpack and left it in the back of my car. In it I keep a clean pair of black dress pants, jeans, a black skirt, several pairs of panties, panty hose, socks, a white blouse a white bra and a full supply of Always Maximum Protection Ultra Thin Maxi Pads. This has saved me on numerous occasions when I have had a diarrhea episode and had an accident either at work or when I have been out.

Last Tuesday I had to bring my car in for an oil change and some other repairs. I ended up having to take the bus over to the train station and then took the train over to my office. I completely forgot to bring out some supplies from my emergency kit. I got on the bus and I had to stand because it was packed with commuters going to work. I felt my stomach cramp up a little bit. At first I didn't think much of it. I just thought it was my breakfast settling. Then the cramps went into my bowels and I knew that I was going to have to get to a toilet soon. As the bus got to the train station, my bowels grumbled and I let out a fart. It was wet. I could feel the wetness from it between my butt cheeks and leak into my red and white bikini panties. As I was getting off the bus, I looked for any sign of a washroom, but I could not find anything at the train station. The train pulled up and I got on. Again, I had to stand because there were no seats available.

On the train, I stood with my legs crossed as I held on with all my might. My bowels churned again and I got a few strange looks from the other passengers. After about 20 minutes of battling my bowels, my bowels finally won. The train was stopped at a station and when it started, it jerked and I lost control and let out a torrent of wet diarrhea into my panties. It was horrible! I could feel the weight of the diarrhea in the back of my panties. Another wave hit me as I was getting off the train near my office. I tried to hold it back, but it was no use. I filled my panties even more with wet diarrhea. It started leaking down my legs as I walked to my office.

I got to my office and dropped off my jacket and purse at my desk. I grabbed the key to the ladies room when my boss, who is female, called me into her office. She asked me to sit down, which I desperately did not want to do, but I had to anyway. When I sat, I winced as the mess in my panties went up my back, into the crotch of my panties and down my legs some more. I talked to my boss for about 10 minutes going over some client files and I had to go again. So for the third time that morning, I messed myself again. The whole time I was thinking about the major accident I had and what I was going to do about it.

Finally, she let me go. I passed one of my other co-workers, who again, is also female, and told her that I had to use the ladies room. She didn't know about my accident. I got to the ladies room, and luckily it was empty. It was then that I realized that I did not have my emergency kit with me. So I grabbed a hand full of paper towels, wet some of them and went into one of the stalls. I took off my shoes, my socks, and my blouse. I then carefully took of my dress pants. The were a mess! I took my panties off and they were a disaster. I emptied them out in the toilet and cleaned them up as much as I could. I cleaned myself up as well. I must have been in there for quite a while, because the girl who I passed earlier came in and asked if I was okay. I pulled up my panties and dress pants and got dressed again. It was an awful feeling pulling up my messy panties and pants, but I had no other choice. It wasn't even eight o'clock in the morning and the stores near our office did not open until 10am, so I was stuck wearing my messy clothes until at least then.

I called my husband at 9 o'clock and asked him if he was near our house. He said that he wasn't and asked why I was asking him if he was hear our house. I told him that I had gotten sick on the train and that I needed a change of clothes. I told him about the store near by opening at 10 o'clock.

I wasn't able to leave my office until noon, when I had my lunch. I walked over to Mark's Work Wearhouse and bought a clean pair of pants and a package of Denver Hayes Bikini panties. While I was shopping, another cramp hit me and I had another accident in my panties. That was embarrassing because the girl helping me knew what had happened and gave me a look of pity. She looked down at what I was buying and I knew that she knew why I was buying new pants and panties.

I went back to my office and went into the ladies room. I had to clean myself up again because of my accident at Mark's Work Wearhouse. Luckily I went the rest of the day accident free. My period started yesterday and I am happy to say that I have been diarrhea accident free during it so far. I also have my car back which is good.

Sarah from Calgary.

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