Last night after work my girlfriend and I were shopping and I needed to stop and gas up my truck. While we were stuck in really slow rush hour traffic I told her I was about to burst my bladder and while she was sympathetic, she said she always pees before leaving her apartment in the morning and again in the afternoon right after turning off her computer before leaving work. OK, I guess I'm not as disciplined, my mother didn't teach me right, I have ADD, etc.

I know this gas station, convenience store and mechanic shop well and they have one unisex toilet. Sometimes in the morning there's a line two or three deep but at 6 p.m. I was hopeful that it would be vacant. I gave my girlfriend my credit card and she pumped the gas while I made a run for the bathroom. A lady about 30 was just coming out and still buttoning up her jeans while calling out for a Jarod. The boy, obviously her son who was about 5, came running from behind the motor oil counter. She whispered something quickly in his ear and held my door open for him! He was probably in there about three minutes during which time she was telling me about how she's trying to teach him the importance of thinking ahead and using bathrooms when they are available before an emergency comes up. She said he's had accidents twice in the past week and she's trying to make his "responsible" before he starts kindergarten this fall.

Just what I need to hear as I'm moving my feet and even pacing a bit to prevent an accident. Finally, he comes out with his organ partially exposed from his zipper and she apologizes for him and quickly turns him and takes him back in to correct the problem. Another 15 or 20 seconds I didn't have. Finally, she leads him out by the hand and I grab for the seat (which by the way is dripping big time) and flick it up just as my ferocious stream starts piecing the bowl. The 40 ounces of soda I drank earlier sure didn't waste much time in my body. I stood there marveling at my relief and making sure that last few drops got into the bowl. Then I used the very tips of my index finger and thumb to drop the wet seat. (I grew up in a family of girls older than myself and was taught respect!). I flushed, zipped up, turned and opened the door to find my girlfriend standing there because she said she felt a crap coming on and didn't want to be miserable like I was in the slow traffic.

She saw the dripping seat and blamed me. I told her the truth but she seemed to have trouble believing it.

To Tom: Do you really like this girl Erica? I mean truly care about her and want to be with her? If not, tell her, and get it over with. But if you really do care about her, then it shouldn't matter if she likes to go to the bathroom in her pants. You post on this page, or have at least once, so you know that she's not the only one who enjoys it. Who knows, maybe you would like it if you tried it. I've been told it's a very freeing experiance. You shouldn't let something like that get in the way of your relationship. I'm sure there are probably some things you like that she would find weird. Just try to work things out with her.Tell her the truth. You think it's a bit weird, or strange or what ever, but you don't care about her any less because of it.

I wrote earlier that I was feeling a bit blocked up. Well I am no longer blocked up :) I was watching the hockey game when I started to feel a cramp coming on. I ignored it at at first. But it just kept coming on stronger and I was letting out some SBD's. So I thought it would be a good idea to go to the bathroom. No sooner did I have my pants down and my butt on the seat I farted and splop...splop. Poop shot out my butt! I sat there for a few seconds more just to make sure was completely finished. I pushed a bit, but nothing else came out. I wiped 3 times, then flushed.

Here are my answers to a couple of surverys:

What is your age? 39
What is your body type? Average
Consistency of B/Movements? RST = Really soft turds/
Do you have a medical condition? No. When I do have diarrhoea is is
normally just before my period starts.
Not applicable. I hardly ever get constipation.
Not applicable. I do go regularly, normally at the same
time each day, sometimes twice/three
times a day.
The size of my B/Movements? Size does not concern me although I
love to feel that delicious empty,
void feeling in my ????.
I am not a vegetarian or a vegan. I always start the day with Muesli and
eat lots of fresh fruit in the day.
My main meal will have some white
meat in eat with in season ????.
Bathroom odour when I shit? Likely to be B. My odour is not at
all unpleasant (unless I have been
ill, too much to drink etc).
Size of movement? I have no idea beforehand, other than
knowing how urgently I need to get my
panties down, something I am sure all
women will have experienced.

Soccer Mum: I can emphasize with your experience. I have been to a
match shivering watching my son and have needed to go
badly (I am sure the cold etc acts like a laxative on me)
and found myself dancing from one foot to the other in a
queue in front of a portaloo, hoping and praying I
would be able to get in in time. Alas I haven't always
managed it in time, but thats another story.

Lena: What a wonderful, erotic story of you and Terri at the meeting.
I read it and re-read it sensing how you must have felt and,
gauging the open way Terri was, how she must have felt also. I
know the feeling of relief I get when somebody gets tissue for
me when I need it badly. I do hope you have some more exper-
iences to share of you and Terri.

Last March I had my best public bathroom experience but it almost never happen. I was on the subway in NYC on my way to Lehman College to meet up with my friends from school. The train I was on got delayed and I just felt the urge to take a dump. I realized that that I can't hold in my poop so I had to get off the train at Penn Station to find a bathroom. I had no luck since people was cleaning the bathroom so I walked to Manhattan Mall to find a bathroom. I was very surprised that the mall had no bathroom. I did not want to go to McDonald's since I felt that it might take me a while to go, like wise for the Times Square bathrooms since you only can be in the bathroom for five minutes. I then took the D train to 59th St so I can go to the Time Warner Center bathroom to take a dump since I feel relaxed when I poop in a bathroom stall. The reason for that I can take my time and don't get rushed for other people waiting for the bathroom. By the time I got to the bathroom I felt like I was about to explode but all of the stalls were in used. So I just washed my hands and waited until someone comes out of the stall. I wanted the middle stall but the last stall was opened so I went inside the stall and drop my pants and underwear to my ankles. As soon I dropped my pants and underwear I started to pee and poop a little. About a minute later I still felt the urge to poop and the poop won't come out. I sat there for about ten minutes for the turd to come out. While I was there people was coming in and out of the bathroom and it took me a long time to poop that day. Eventually the turd came out but I still had to poop and some little turds came out. About 15 minutes in the stall I was finished pooping and I got up from my toilet set with my pants and underwear around my ankles to get some toilet paper and discovered that I had the last sheet in the roll in the stall. For some reason I stand to wipe my butt when I poop with my pants around my ankles. When I looked at the toilet bowl I created a masterpiece. A foot long turd came out of my butt and I wished I had a camera to take the picture. I then flushed the toilet and pulled my pants and underwear and was thinking about the poop I had at the Time Warner Center. That Was the best public bathroom pooping experience I ever had. I always have good poop when I poop with my pants and underwear around my ankles. I guess I do that more often in the future.

Upstate Dave
JennetteForever welcome to the group. Good first post with your shopping accident. Is this the only accident you ever had/ Please if you have more peeing stories to tell post them! Jennette Very DESCRIPTIVE post with your pooping post. I kied it alot. Thanks for posting it. Denise hello back to you. I read your survey answers. Nice to see your another girl that is very open about your bathroom habbits and your boyfriens too. You are a lucky couple which is nice to see. I hope you two keep on having your fun together.

I have been a long time pop corn eater. Good fiber from it and it does make for very good shits. Nice big fat and very long ones too. One slight drawback at times is you can feel the husks and sometimes seed which arn't digested scrape the sides of your anus as they are on the outside edges of my shit at times.

Well when I was younger my friend Tony would see my big shits and he asked me why they were so big. I told him about eating pop corn. Well he started eating it and several days after he had started eating pop corn as a snack he told me it worked. He was taking very big shits now too. This also worked with some of the girls I got to know which they too took bigger shitsand was much easier to go also. I had seen from some of the girls too the results!

When I and Tony were older we both had married and with Tony he had five daughters. At this time Tony had a camp under construction up north we all spent time up there or he also had done a lot of work in his backyard too. He tore down one of the two garages that were there. He setup a above ground swimmingpool where the one garage had been and planted new grass. Also he had now a wooden picnic table setup on the driveway in front of the remaining garage. So if we were not up norrth we were at his house in the backyard.

Now pop corn came into this post once again. Tonys daughters had hard time pooping. So Tony remembered how well the popcorn worked for him so it became a well used snack again. I was down one evening helping him with some small work in te yard. Three of his daughters were in the pool swimming. Tony had a phone call so he had to go upstairs and inside to take it. I told him I would watch the girls. He went up the backstairs and inside to take the phone call.

The three daughters swimming in the pool I could see from where I was sitting at the picnic table. After seveal minutes the youngest daughter quickly got out of the pool. One of the other daughter asked her where she was going. She as she started going around the side of the pool told her sistor very loudly; I have to poop! Both her sistors in the pool laughed and told her to go then!

Now with him having all the girls which two more of them were not home at this time the bathroom was upstairs. So I wondered why the daughter that had to poop was going over behind the pool. Well I got my answer real fast. Tony had set out one of the old potty chairs behind the pool to be used. The daughter that had to poop pulled it out from behind the far side of the pool and I now could see it.

She then peeled her one piece swimsuite right down! She didn't sit down on the potty chair for it was way to small to sit on so she just squated down hovering over it with her hands holding on tightly tro the potty chairs wooden arms. I saw a spurt of piss shoot down into the pottychairs plastic bowl and she peed for a short time going very hard. Then her pee dribbled and stopped. Then out from under her rear end came a very fat light brown shit moving right along fairly fast.

It kept comming out getting longer and longer. Her two sistors in the pool were not paying any attention to her they kept on swimming and fooling around in the pool. I saaw her poop starting to bend for it most likely had hit the botom of the plastic pot. Then the daughter must have felt it moving on her rearend so she lifted herself up higher in the air.

Her poop kept on comming out. Then as I watched it tapered down with a very long tip and she stopped pooping. She peed a lot more after she had stopped pooping. Then she was done. She stood up turned and looked down at the potty chair. Then she turned back around reached down and pulled her swimsuite back up. Then very loudly she told her two sistors in the pool that she was done. I took a HUDGE POOP TOO! Both the other girls stopped waded over to the edge of the pool to take a look at thier sistors poop.

Now a good foot of it was above the top side of the plastic top of the pottys hole of the bowl. Both of her sistors seeing this giggled and they both told her that she had made a big poop one of the two said back to her. The other sistor instead of saying poop said shit instead! That made all three girls giggle and then laugh harder. Then the daughter who had shit got back into the pool and started swimming and fooling around.

Then the daughter that had shit came right over to the side of the pool facing me said to me; Mr. ???? did you see the big poop I took? I had to laugh and I told her I did. Then she turned around aand went back to swimming and playing with her sistors. A few minutes later Tony came downstairs out of the house. As he came down the stairs the daughter who had taken the big poop in the potty proudly told her father she had taken a big poop in the potty. The other two daughters spoke up and told him it was a big one!

Tont laughed as he came off from the stairs and he went around the pool; and saw the hudge poop hanging out of the poty. He took the whole chair with him as he started to head back upstairs to dump it out he leaned the chair over showing me the big poop in it. Tony laughed ttelling me that the popcorn surely worked for his daughter this time! Then he hurried off up the stairs with the potty chair to dumpp it out.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Please tell us more of your constapation stories you said you can remember them......

When were they?
How old were you?
Have you had anything worse than the one you recalled from a few months back?
How long roughly do you spend in minutes on the pot when this happens?
Are there any other signs of your struggles, like going red, needing to change positions when this happens?

Please keep all stories coming and keep Ashley's coming too, you have a fan here with your openess.

When I was eleven, my sister and some of her friends (all girls) decided to go for a hike in a state park near our house. My mother made her take me along even though I didn't want to go and she didn't want me to come. Anyway, we were pretty deep in the woods and far from the closest toilet when my guts started to cramp. I think it was the mixture of the heat and the exertion. My bowels started churning and I finally had to run behind some bushes where I yanked down my pants and crapped my guts out. Luckily, we had looped around and were on our way back to the park office area when this started. I had to dart off the path and suffer through more spurts of explosive diarrhea a good four or five times in the hour or so that it took to get to where there was a bathroom, which especially sucked because a) there was no toilet paper and b) I was with a group of girls. By the time we got to the office, my ass crack was smeared with sticky, itchy, slimy liquid shit and my ass was in agony. I rushed over to the bathrooms only to find that they were locked. I had wait for my mother to pick us up and ride all the way home before I was finally able to wipe my ass. My underpants were smeared with shit as well. That was a very, very bad day.

To Weird Spots Girl - Liked your post.....Please post some stories of pooping in weird places.I would like hear them...

Soccer Mom
Hi Anny,

Hugs to you as well. Thank you for that, I really appreciate it!

All has been well since a few weeks ago when I had my accident at my daughter's soccer game. Good news though, the school put a porta-potty near the soccer field! I guess after my accident, some parents started complaining that either the school should be left open, or that they should put in a porta-potty. I heard that the parents were complaining about their kids coming home with wet or messy underwear. Well, the school said that they can't leave it unlocked because they are afraid of vandalizm and files getting stolen, or something like that. So, that's why they put in a porta-potty instead.

I had my period last week and sometimes that gives me diarrhea as well. Luckily I didn't have the runs last week and I was fine at my daughter's game. I had to meet my husband and our daughter at the soccer field as I had to work a little bit later last Wednesday. At around 3 in the afternoon I went to the ladies room to check my maxi pad. It needed to be changed so I looked into my purse and pulled out an Always Long Ultra Thin. I realized that it was the last one I had in my purse so I made a mental note to re-stock as soon as I got home.

I left my office at around 5:30 and went to the ladies room one more time. My pad was in okay shape but I knew that I would need to change it as soon as I got home.

I totally forgot that I wasn't going home and went to my daughter's soccer game on auto pilot. Her game started at 6:30 as usual. At about 7:15 they had a half time break and I needed to pee a little and decided to use the porta-potty. When I got there I didn't notice that the dial on the handle was red. When I tried to open it, I then noticed that it was locked. There was a woman in the porta-potty and she said, "I'm sorry, there's someone in here. I will be out in a few minutes." I wasn't having an emergency so it was no big deal. I could hear the woman in the porta-potty and a few times she let out this major fart and I could tell that she was having a bad case of diarrhea. She was moaning and saying, "Oh God" and then let out another explosion. After about ten minutes, she finally came out and said, "I'm sorry I took so long. I really don't feel well." I said, "No problem" and went in.

The smell was horrific! I unbuttoned my dark charcoal dress pants and pink and white bikini panties and sat on the toilet. I looked down in horror as my pad was soaked and had leaked over the wings and out the back right side of my panties. I frantically looked in my purse to see if I had another pad, but I then remembered that I was completely out. I looked around the porta-potty for a miracle, but there were no pads or anything around that I could use. There was nothing. I tried to blot my pad with some toilet paper in the porta-potty, but that didn't do too much. Then there was a knock on the door. I said, "yes?" The woman who was using the porta-potty when I got there said, "Are you going to be long? I need to go again, really badly." I could hear the desperation in her voice. I said, "Just give me a second" and then decided to ask her if she had a pad that I could have. I said "have", because as all women know, you don't borrow a pad, right? She said, "uhh, hang on" and I could hear her looking through her purse. She said that she had one and I opened up the door a crack and she handed me an Always Overnight maxi pad. It wasn't an Ultra Thin, but I wasn't complaining. I was just so happy to be wearing a new pad!

As I was changing my pad, she said, "Oh God, please hurry! I'm going in my pants!" I finished putting on the pad and quickly pulled up my panties and dress pants. I put my used pad in my purse to throw away later. When I opened the door, the woman had this horrified look on her face and said, "Oh God, I totally messed my pants." I felt so horrible because I caused this woman to have a bad diarrhea accident in her pants, just like I did the week before. She said, "Now I know what that woman went through last week." She didn't know that it was me, so then I said, "Uhh, yeah, I know... That was me. Last week... I was the one who messed her pants." She said, "Oh, I'm sorry." and went inside the porta-potty to clean herself up.

Anyway, I felt really bad for that woman. I saw her again towards the end of the game. She had a jacked tied around her waist while she watched her and our daughter's soccer match. Her daughter was playing for the other team. We exchanged glances throughout the evening, but I didn't get a chance to talk to her and apologise for her having such a bad accident. Hopefully I will get to see her again sometime.

Soccer Mom

Hello everyone. I'm a first-time poster. My friend, AShley (aka AshIsRad) talked about me in her first post and I'm here to share some of my own.

I was walking around town with my friend Nathan and Miranda. We were shopping for some clothes and Miranda and I were planning on heading to the Starbucks down the street afterwards.

Anyway, we were looking around at the jewelry when a sudden urge to pee came upon me. I glanced around feeling ready to explode as my friend Nathan (who I was also crushing on)came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. i started freaking.

"nathan don't." i said "why not" he replied. "i gotta pee and your making it really hard for me not--" i had said, but it was too late.

You see, in the spot where Nathan was holding me, he was pushing on my lower stomach, which had felt like pushing, and triggered my bladder. I suddenly let go and the flood gates opened. I started peeing a full, long stream that started dripping from my skirt.

"ew my shoes!" nathan yelled. I wasmortified, so i ran off.

Enjoy? I'd love feedback!

to TOM
your girlfriend's situation is a tough one. i also enjoy going to the bathroom in my pants on occasion. first thing you have to understand is that it's not childish. you might find it gross, it is certainly out of the ordinary, but it's not from a lack of control or anything of the sort, it's just something she enjoys. perhaps she likes the feeling, perhaps it turns her on, perhaps she likes doing something she shouldn't. whatever it is, you SHOULD accept her for it, should certainly respect the courage it took for her to tell you - especially after such a short time together, and you should be careful not to be mean about it. don't tell any of her friends, because that would destroy her i'm sure. if you don't like that she does what she does, simply request that she doesn't do it around you. something you should probably do is show her this site. i'm sure it would work wonders for her to know she is not alone, if she read through the forums. it has certainly helped me. judging by your post, you do like her still, even after hearing that she does 'go to the bathroom' in her pants. so if you like her, stay with her. if it is too 'gross' for you to handle, do not stay with her. either way, reassure her that she is worth your time and that you respect her no matter what's in her pants. failing to do so can be very emotionally dmaaging. i felt so frail the first time i told someone about it. i still don't talk to her, just because i'm scared. and that was three years ago! you said you want her back, so take her back, while bearing in mind that she probably feels a million times more awkward than you do. also, if you stay together, i think the absolute best way to reassure her, is to do it yourself. in all seriousness, if you've got the guts to shit your pants intentionally in front of your girlfriend, just to make her feel okay, that will make her life. good luck!

For Tom: Have you ever heard the phrase "love conquers all"? If you really like her for her, and not her looks, then perhaps you should talk to her. Tell her how you feel about it, and if you can't handle her participating in this type of activity, let her know that you want to be with her and would appreciate saving this type of activity for times when you are not together. Is it possible, that once you get over the shock of finding this out, that you might reconsider? If so, you should talk to her and ask her to give you some time. Good luck!

I went to the doctor today and had to give a urine sample. I was informed ahead of time that I'd be asked to give a sample today, so I drank extra water before leaving so I'd be able to pee. When it came time for the sample, they gave me the bottle and I went to the bathroom.

The bathroom in this case couldn't have been much bigger than a closet, it had just a toilet and a sink, that's it. I pulled down my pants and panties and began peeing into the bottle. It wasn't long before I filled it, but I had much more pee left in me. I forcefully stopped my stream, capped up the bottle and finished my pee in the toilet.

On another note, Shakerboy asked "if Ashley was to spend over an hour on the pot, how much warning would she give you before the event and how close would you get to her sitting on the bathtub, how many feet away?"

If Ashley were to spend over an hour on the toilet, I probably would bring in a more comfortable chair to sit on... there's only so long you can sit on a bathtub's edge. My ensuite bathroom isn't very big, so there's probably only a foot or less between the tub's edge and the toilet.

Upstate Dave
First let me reply back to Small Town Girl. Hey your off to a good start now having yourboyfriend letting you watch him pee. Keep that part up. It will become second nature to him havng you watch him. If what you said about handling himself helps you you might wat to approach him having you hold him while he pees. Ask him about it first to see how he would fel about it.

As far as him being very shy about his pooping habbits the way you described his actions when he has had to poop that is going to be very hard to approach him on this. I will ask how does he react or doesn't react when you have told him about how your poops went when you have told him about them? Does her say anything to you at all? Or does he not say a word?

If he does say anything is it just being a unfeeling response or is ther feeling to it? If you don't feel that you don't get anywhere talking with him don't press him. You will just have to then leave it alone and live withit. Least you have half of what you like being done. Having half is better then none at all.

Wierd spots girl I liked your first post. I always like outdoor peeing and pooping stories from girls. Uncle Harry your post too was a good one with your date post.I myself never had that experience on a first date. Yes later after going steady yes I have had my dates and I pee together. Some many times others less.

Tom, what your girlfriend is into is completely natural and there are a lot of people out there like her. You should be really proud (and feel honored even) that she was able to be so open with you about something that is fairly controversial. I would pull her aside and talk to her, saying that I was sorry for not talking to her much and letting things get awkward, and then explain how it means a lot that she was able to be so open with me, and that I understand that there's a lot of people out there with this same interest and that it's no big deal. And then I would talk to her about it and ask her questions like "so how long have you done this? How often do you do it? What kind of enjoyment do you get out of it?" and hopefully talking to her about it like that would get her more comfortable with it all and get rid of the awkwardness. So, if you feel anything like that, you can say the same. Just remember, there are a lot of people out there like this, and she shouldn't have to feel weird about it (and neither should you!) Hope this helps.

I had a good experince last evening. The date with my boyfriend did not last that long. He was not happy because he had missed out on the computor module program for so long at work and he is going to have to spend a day or so catching up. However when I got home I started to feel full.
I sat down at my computor on my potty for awhile. I kept on getting up because the urge to go subsided a few times. However when I felt the feeling really move down in my ass I had to sit and get ready.
I searched for the hostest although probably exagerated post I knew with alot of girls taking one in the duldrums at camp. I sat with my skirt up and panties down with white socks and sneakers and got ready to join the girls on the hotseat as we all released our loads in a type of wild ride.
"Ummph! I went and my poop got out an inch or so. UUU!OOW! I moaned and strained as it got out further. I was reading the part of the post where that girl let out her first barrage of farts. I just released a couple of soft mild ones. The poop got out further and it felt hard and was opening up my ass pretty good. I was reading the part where the girl had a huge log stuck in her ass and was struggling to get it out. I wanted to hold my poop steady for a while and moan. Ohh! UUUu! UuMMMPPPHHH! I got to the widest part of my crap. I wanted to hang on longer but I just needed to let go although I was not screaming in pain with a sore ass like the girl I was reading about. Ummph! I strained as my poop narrowed out and fell in the potty. AAAAHHH!UUUU! What a relief I felt.
I got up went to my regular toilet to wipe and cleaned my potty out. i went to sleep for a short while but I had a surprise when I got up. I was in my white bra and panties with a see through robe. I got on the toilet pulled the robe up and my panties down. I pushed and let out a big fart. I stayed on the toilet and kept on pushing. Sometimes nothing would came out. Then I would feel the pressure going downwards and PPPPTTT! AAAHHH! another fart came out. I was a girl having my own gas attack. RRrrr! PPPPPPTTT! I sat down and continued to push out farts! They were often a minute apart or so. Some windows in my apartment were open so I wonder if any body heard them. The smell seemed to be almost nothing at all and it certainly wasnt enough to kill any skunks off like that girl in that post. I was having a post poop farting session rather then a pre poop one but I loved it.

I last posted about six weeks ago. It was about a potentially embarrassing situation I had at 5 a.m. riding my bike in the park and then needing to crap. (My live-in boyfriend thought it was hilarious that a 34-year-old woman and MBA student would sit on a public toilet to crap and not check the toilet paper first).

Well, I have another story to tell about an incident I had this past weekend. I was at our regional mall looking for a wedding gift for a friend whose getting married next month. I knew my boyfriend had worked all night and was asleep and I wanted to stay out for a few hours so he could get some much needed rest. So I ate at the food court. About halfway through my gyro and Dr. Pepper I started to get an urgent feeling that I had to pee. (I hadn't peed at the apartment because I didn't want to wake my boyfriend up). The food court restrooms were just a few feet down the hall and I picked my pace up to a hurry. There were at least a dozen persons waiting for one of the nine stalls to open and I was exasperated that I was going to have to wait in pain. At the end of the row--at the far end of the room--I didn't see much activity so I hurried down there to check out the one open stall, but there was a young girl probably about five with her shorts and panties dropped all the way to her shoes and she was sitting kicking her legs about freely. So much for that option.

I think I waited about ten minutes for a stall to open. A teenage girl came running out so fast while talking on her cell phone that she forgot her purse. I called her back just as she was headed for the door and I halfway sarcastically thanked her for flushing, but she mumbled something like "Whatever". I flushed her smelly crap and as soon as the flush water tamed down, my butt was on the seat and I was contributing to the water volume of the bowl. Within two minutes I was done, and I flushed and pulled up my panties and buttoned my jeans. I quickly washed my hands and resumed my shopping. I don't think I got five minutes down the mall hallway before my bowels started to act very suspiciously. Several farts and a stuffed feeling of immediacy told me I had better get back to the restroom and fast. As I cleared the doorway, the 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon traffic had anything but lightened and there were even more women and children waiting in line for the stalls. Again, I thought about that end stall. From my vantage point in the doorway, I didn't see any legs and I was relieved to find it was vacant. I again dropped my jeans and panties and placed myself on the seat. One moderate push was all I needed in order to drop one log and a huge deposit of semi-diarrhea which seemed to burn my rectum.

Just as I was thinking about how long I wanted to sit exposed in the doorless stall while I still was popping some additional gas, a young boy who was about four walked by, stopped and looked directly at me. He smirked and called "Matthew" (probably his younger brother) down to show me off. Matthew pointed at me and then covered his nose and both he and his brother lingered there while I motioned to the best of my ability, for them to move elsewhere in the room. After what seemed like at least ten minutes I saw an arm grab both of them and quickly slide them out of my doorway. I heard the woman curse them and then she quickly came to me and profusely apologized for their rudeness. She said she didn't think they had seen a doorless stall in use before and that they were just "curious".

I got to thinking about how I had never used a doorless toilet before and likely never will again.

Mysterious Man
Tom: I have to say you're quite lucky. Most guys *at least the ones here* would do anything for a girl who is this comfortable with her bodily functions *well maybe not quite this much for some, but you never know...*. Of course I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but the point is that your girlfriend has a very special interest, and she obviously wanted to share it with you. I can understand that it's weird, just like how some women find out their boyfriends have an interest in *insert <fetish, kink, etc>*. First and foremost, be supportive of her and try to show some interest in her habit. See how it makes you feel when she actually does it. You never know, it could open a whole new world of fun. Of course, I'm not the greatest expert on tips for relationship issues, but I'm sure you can get the gist of what I'm trying to say. Talk to her, and take things easy. You don't want to lose what could be a truly unique and special girl just because she might seem a little 'strange'.

Haven't pooping a couple days, but I can definitely feel something moving around down there. I'll write avout once I go. :)

In the meantime, here's a survey I found:

1. What is your age? 20

2. What is your body type? Slender

3. Would you say your normal bowel movements consist of diarrhea (completely liquid), really soft turds (ex. soft serve ice cream), or solid turds? My poops are more solid than anything else

4. If your BM is diarrhea or soft serve, do you have a medical condition? No. Diarrhea for me is caused by either my period, or too much of a certan food.

5. If your turds are solid, is it usually one big piece, or several solid pieces? Several solid pieces

6. How often do you poop REALLY big turds? Not that often. The last time I had a really big turd was probably a few months ago

7. Do you feel more satisfied when you produce a big turd, or does it not matter to you? It doesn't matter to me

8. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? If not, what would you eat first a) a big sandwich b) meat, vegetables, and something else? I am not a vegatarian

9. If someone was in the bathroom while you were pooping, would they a) not smell a thing b) smell the poop aroma but not too bad c) would have to leave the room? Probably b

10. Do you have the ability to feel whether a turd's going to be really big as soon as you get the urge to move your bowels? No

to TOM

I honestly believe that you should talk to her about this, it's clearly something that interests her. As a person you shouldn't be sexually obligated to indulge her fantasies, only to the extent that makes you feel comfortable. If this hideously turns you off of this girl than maybe you need to rethink why you're going out with her. Relationships are a lot more than turning the other person on you know?

Please write me back if you have any other questions, or keep the forum here updated.

Hey, guys~
I'm Denise. Long time reader, first time poster.
I'm 16, and I've been reading since I was 11.
While reading, I thought that this was a very interesting survey, so I decided to do it.

1)What is your gender?

2)What is the gender of the person you accompany to the bathroom?

3)What is your relation to that person?
He's my boyfriend.

4)How often do you get the opportunity to accompany that person to the bathroom?
Very often, whenever I'm around.

5) When have you developed your interest in shitting?
I've always liked to shit, but I really got interested in in when i was around 10.

6) Is there a particular experience or event that has triggered/initiated you to that interest?
Not that I can remember.

7)Do you consider this experience to be an act of intimacy/bonding?
I do.

8)Do you reciprocate by shitting in front of your partner?
Yes. But if I don't have to go when he does, then he'll watch me whenever I do.

9)What do you enjoy most about the entire process?
I like seeing his hole widening, and seeing the shit come out.

10)On average, how many turds does your partner produce during one session, and what is the usual consistency/characteristics of the turds?
He usually makes 3 or 4. They're usually kind of thick, and medium brown.

11)On average, do the shitting sessions require a lot of effort from your partner?
Not really.

12) Is there an exchange of conversation while you watch your partner shitting?
Not usually.

13)What are your preferences in terms of what your partner is wearing while shitting?
He leaves his shirt on.

14)Do you enjoy/tolerate the odor of your partner's shit, or do you find it repulsive?
It never bothers me. Sometimes I enjoy it.

15)Have you ever photographed or videotaped one of your partner's shitting sessions?

16)Have you ever purchased/downloaded content from websites specializing in material which depict the act of shitting?
Not yet. I'd like to someday, though.

17) Have you ever secretly listened in on someone, either at home or in a public restroom as they were shitting?

18)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in something other than the toilet?
Yes, in bowls and bags.

19)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in an outdoor or openly public setting?

20)Have you ever wiped or offered to wipe your partner's buttocks afterwards?

How big is your bladder?
It's not very big, but it can hold a fair amount.

What was the longest pee you ever had?
I never timed it.

What is your diet like?
I eat a lot of rice and noodles.

How big can you poo?
My loads are pretty small.

Do you clog the toilet?
I never have.

How often you pee?
I drink a lot of water, so I pee a lot.

1. When you have a poo outdoors, do you usually
(a) dig a hole and bury it
(b) pick it up in a polybag and bin it
(c) just leave it there

2. And what do you do with your used TP?
(a) bury it
(b) burn it
(c) bag it and bin it
(d) just leave it there
(e) not use TP {please explain}
D or E. It depends on it I actually have any.

3. When you have a piddle outdoors, do you usually:
(a) stand up
(b) squat high over the ground
(c) squat low to the ground
(d) some other position {please explain what}
C. But if I'm with my boyfriend, and we want to have some fun, I'll lay on my back and go.

4. What is your favourite surface to piddle on?
(a) concrete
(b) mud
(c) grass
(d) sand
(e) dead leaves
(f) up against a tree
(g) up against a wall
(h) something else {please explain what}
I like A, C, F, and G.

I have a lot of stories with my and my boyfriend. If anyone wants to hear them, please don't hesitate to ask!


Tom, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your girlfriends? habit of going to bathroom in her fact, you`d be surprised of the amount of people that do this regularly.....just look at the old posts.

but, there`s nothing wrong with it hurts no one, and it certainly is something she enjoys doing. you should support her...personally, i think it`s hot, because, you don`t usually expect this of women....and, that being the case, it is 'interesting', to say the least, when they are catch in such a situation. you should support her in this would certainly make her feel better, and also make her feel closer to you.

Turd Lover
The other day I had to crap soooo bad, so I had no choice but to use a public restroom. I hate these places. You know, with all the weirdos and perverts that flock there. I entered this nasty place, spotted an open stall and went in to take care of my bowel urge. I pooped a huge log that would have made anyone proud. After wiping my rear I tried to flush the toilet but it was broke --- no flush.

So I washed my hands and left. As I was walking out a funny looking guy walked in and went straight for the stinky stall I had just vacated. I wondered what his reaction would be when he saw my brown beauty and tried to flush. My curiosity got the best of me, so I stood there by the door waiting to hear some kind of reaction on his part. He walked into the stall and closed the door. For several seconds I heard nothing, just silence. Then I heard a strange sound similar to the noise you hear when the last little bit of liquid is draining from your sink ----- kind of a girgling sound. This noise continued for about a minute and by this time I'm thinking "What is going on in there?" So I walked discreetly by the front of the stall and peeped through the door crack. This guy was sucking my turd !!

I know there are some really strange people out there, but this just totally blew me away. I dashed out of there as fast as I could run and straining not to get sick and empty my guts on the spot. I've seen some crazy and sickening things in my life but this was in another dimension all by itself. WOW !!!

I am a middle aged woman on iron medication, which makes me constipated. Yesterday I was shopping in the village and got a shooting pain in my stomach. My stomach was very hard and bloated (I could not remember my last poop.)
I quickly left the store and headed for the ladies public toilets.
They have just been refurbished, with new low level toilets (supposed to be power flushers) and are quite clean.
I took the first stall sat on the toilet and began to push.
My poo was again hard from constipation, however for the last 4 days breakfast I had been taking syllium husks with a pint of fresh orange, along with 3 weetabix serials.
I pushed really hard, my poop started to slowly come out then it speeded up. As it hit the bottom of the toilet bowl it was still coming out of me (very consistant due to the bran) so i carried on pushing.
I dont know how long it was when it finally finished, but when I looked in the toilet there was a long fat snake.
I wiped and flushed the toilet, I was not surprised to see the toilet fill up with water with the poo not even moving.
I have travelled the world, and I have still never found a toilet that can handle my consistant poop.
I never poop at home unless I really have to, as apart from clogging the toilet, I also clog the sewer drains.
I have to confess, I enjoy seeing a toilet unable to flush my poo away.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Lots of writers tell of experiences in their youth. I have enjoyed reading them so much I want to share the one, seminal, experience that started me off on a life-long love of the toilet, of listening and occasionally having the rpivilege of watching somebody having a poop.

My first erotic experience began whenI was fourteen years old. My best friend, Moira ???? and I went, as we did every year, blackberry picking at a local wooded area. I remember it was a lovely, sunny, early september day and our mums had packed us lunch and a bottle of lemonade. We had had a busy morning picking the berries, then we settle down to enjoy our meal. After, starting out for home, we found we both wanted to go to the toilet. It was about three miles from home and, modestly, I decided to hang on. Moira told me she couldn't wait that long, so we went off the beaten tracks and walked deeper into the woods until moira found a secluded clearing in the trees. She was ahead of me and dropping her bike to the grass she went a foot or so ahead and then unbuckled the belt on her jeans and pushed them and her panties down to her knees. I sat on the mossy grass behind her and watched the stream of pee running from between her thighs to the floor. I had never seen Moira like this before, I had never seen anybody from behind like it before, and I was totally in awe of her gorgeous bum.

The stream of steamy pee trickled to a halt and I got up ready to go but Moira, without looking behind at me, asked me to wait a minute. I watched as she squatted lower and begans to push and bear down. I could see her bum opening and closing as she pushed and then open again and a dark brown turd begin to emerge from her bum. The turd came out until the weight of it made it break and drop to the grass leaving a half still inside her, just protruding. Moira turned her head and giggled apologetically, "I hope I'm not grossing you out, Gillian." I couldn't answer. I had never thought it would excite me so much to watch anyone having a poop. But there I was, decidedly arused. I can still recall the lovely feeling in my ???? and the wetness between my thighs. Moira turned back and bore down again pushnhg three more turds out, then she called out asking me to find something to wipe her bum with. We had no paper and in the woods there wasn't any scraps lying around. I found some dock leaves and pulling them out of the ground I came back to her with them. I gave them to Moira and watched from the front now as she reached and slid a leaf between her thighs wiping her bum. What she was doing is such a private act normally done in total privacy, not here in the woods on a beautiful sunny day and it was arousing me so much. Finally Moira finished and pulled her panties up then her jeans. As she was doing up her belt she looked at me and smiled. "Ready?" she asked me. But now I needed to go---or rather I wanted to. I wanted Moira to see me. I wanted to open myself to the sun and the woods. I asked her to wait and turning a little away I undid my jeans and pushed them and my panties down together squatting and peeing quickly. I looked up and caught her looking down at me her eyes on my cunny. Our eyes met and she blushed a little but then cruched down on her haunches in front of me. She looked directly at my stream of pee spurting to the grass between my feet then she looked up again and murmured. "Mind if I watch?" Even now as it was years ago it was a totally incongruous questoin. Of course I didn't mind, I enjoyed her desire and interest. I opened my thighs more showing her my open cunny lips as I pee'd. At that moment in time I woudlm have given anything to have been able to poop, just for her. I tried. Oh god I tried. Pushing and panting but not able to go. It was the one dsiapointment in a marvellous moment in my life. I often think of it now as I listen to one of my mates at work. I hope it has helped readers to understand why I find it so erotic. If there anybody with similar experiences then please, please let everybody share them

To Gillywentgrl(hope I got it right ) I think it was you who asked a while back what you if you are caught short. Well if u have kept up with my posts you will know that I am definetly a "hold on till the last minute gal". There are times when I do get constipated, I have found from experience it so hard to get that first turd to leave. But I have found the easiest way to solve the problem is not to sit down cos I believe with me doubling over sort makes it harder to shit when I'm on the pot. What I do is this ,may sound gross but when I get the urge I really ignore it ,then I go put on some full cut undies and go for a walk. The urge gets stronger and stronger as I walk. I allow the urge to get to the point whereby I am desperate and I can feel the load moving south. I make sure that I'm far enough from home so I won't be tempted to hurry home . At this stage I'm really really desperate so just give into nature and do it in my panties. The logs just seem to come out that much easier also without the pushing and pain if I'm on the pot. I usually have to walk about 200 yards with loaded panties but the relief makes up for the discomfort of having shit myself.

Now about last Friday , this is a doozey.

For those of you who don't know I work from home 4 days out of 5. Every Friday I have to go into the office for a meeting. I had my usual breakfast ,toast and coffee and arrived at the office about 930 am. Now I had my morning piss but no urge to shit, just a few farts, they stunk but mine always do,even after a good poop. I wore a fawn short sleeved blouse (hadn't shaved my pits for 3 weeks)and dark brown gaucho pants with boots. The first session of the meeting dragged on for about 3 hours, during which I had 2 cups of coffee. The manager decided to call for a break , by then the coffee was having an effect on my bladder and I needed a piss.

I raced to the ladies chose the end stall, quickly pulled down my pants and undies plonked my ass on the seat and let a gusher .Then I got out my cell phone and began checking my text messages.All of a sudden I heard the bathroom door slam open and Terri the other girl at the meeting came tearing in,she was wimpering like a puppy.Next thing the othe stall door slammed open and shut, I could hear a belt buckle rattle open followed by a loud crash as her ass hit the seat. This was followed by a super loud fart and projectile turds being shot out of her ass and splashing into the water. That certainly woke me up LOL, especially her long sigh of relief which was punctuated by several several swear words and another loud fart. I asked if her if she was okay .

Terri: I am now , I was about 3 seconds away from shitting myself. I love strong black coffee but it always has this effect on me. I was stupid enough to drink 2 cups. Then John(the manager) insisted on talking to me as I was heading to the bathroom. What do I say "excuse me John I'm about to shit myself???"

me: Good to see u made it

Terri : well I haven't always been this lucky,my ex and I were out walking the dog after having coffee one Sunday morning. The same thing happened I had to shit really bad,lke reallyyy bad. I had shorts on and had gone commando, ended up shitting my shorts as we were turning into the drive way. All down my legs , what a mess!!!!!

me: I know how you feel,there are places to have accidents and there are places where you do not want to all .All mine have been sort out of sight for the most part.

Terri: Do you have any paper,cos there is none here???

me : only a little bit,

I then went to the storage closet and got a 6 pack of tp.

me: Here you are this should fix the problem.

Terri: Bring it in to me please, I'm not embarassed.

She opened the door and there she was sitting on the pot with her jeans around her ankles her thong was just below her knees. I handed her a roll and put the other 2 shelf then proceeded to close the door so I could put the others next door.

Terri: U can keep me company if u like I just have to wipe my ass etc?/

I walked back in and she rolling out some paper then she scooted forward using her right hand she wiped her ass. I happened to notice a tattoo on her stomach (she had her Tshirt tucked into her bra)it was of a snake ,but all I could see was the tail and presumed it went north up her body. The outline and colouring was the best I've seen. I couldn't help but comment .
Terri: I got this a few years ago, I 'll show u the rest when I finished wiping my ass.
Another 4 wipes and she was done. Then she lifted her T up and pulled her boobs out of her bra . The snake wriggled up her stomach and the head was at the top of the cleavage facing downwards and the tongue was licking her left nipple. It was a lovely picture and I have to say it did arouse me a little although I'm not really into tattoos.

For the rst of the day we did some more work then we all decided to g out for supper. Well I had a steak ,forgotten what the others had ,but by 9.00 I was done in , tired so I decided to go home . I had had a few beers and upon arrival at I was busting for a piss big time . I started to dribble as I got out of the car,I just dropped my pants and squatted I certainly didn't want to piss on these good pants. I also let go an earsplitting fart,which really stunk ,but still no poop urge.

I did a few things around the house and dropped my clothes on the bedroom floor and fell into bed. About 3.00 am I was awaokened by the need to piss , so I just went to the vanity sink pulled my panties aside and let go. I know when I went back to bed and put my hand between my legs I could feel a wet spot. I sleep in a foetal position with my hands between my legs most nights.About 6.00am I was again awakened but this time by this huge desperate urge to shit, it was so intense I just lay there . I was sure if I moved it would just come out by itself. I sqeezed my cheeks but that did nothing for the urge,so I straightened my legs a little so I could put my hands further into my crotch and hold harder. That little movement cause an eruption . Ahuge fart escaped my ass followed by that undeniable feeling when u know ur going to have an accident and there is nostopping it. Well I shit the bed ,felt like I had a pumpkin in my panties,but I was so relieved. All I could think about was Terri's snake as it oozed out of my hole into my panties. Didn't know to cry or laugh, did neither and went back to sleep for 30 mins b4 getting up to clean up.

Talk about shitty day at work LOL

Lena XX

Weird spots girl
Hi everyone this is my first post so i hope you like it!
I like to try to go to the bathroom in weird places.

This past week me and my family went to the beach...It was about 7 in the morning and i decided to go get in the water.
I had the urge to go to the bathroom and didnt want to go back to the house...i went about 20 feet out in the water pulled my bikini bottom to the side and started peeing right there in the ocean. suddenly as i was midstream i had to poo. I thought maybe i should use the bathroom...but i had to go to bad. I took off my bottoms and just started pooping. It was such a great experience! It floated but soon sank....

later that day i was tanning (this beach has little people)i had to pee so bad from all the water i drank that day. the house was far up the beach so i went behind a shrub pulled of my bottoms and dug a hole in the was great and no one saw.

i hope you guys like my post i hope to get some feed back!

hey i'm Tom and I'm 17 years old. Since a couple of weeks I have a girlfriend named Erica. we really like eachother a lot and we've been spending as much time together as we could. last wednesday while we were just watching tv on my bed she turned down the volume and said she wanted to tell me something. she said she liked me a lot and she liked the time we spend together, and that I should know one thing, because she feels like it's important for her. and that was that she likes to go to the bathroom in her pants. i didn't know how to react! i mean, i've never heard of it, and totally didn't expect it from her! i just mumbled something like that it was alright and it didn't bother me, but it wasn't very convincing. we didn't speak much the rest of the night and she left shortly afterwards. since then, we have hardly ever spoken to eachother, even though we go to the same school. every time i see her i feel bad for not comforting her, but i also think about what she said. i mean, going to the toilet in her pants? she's 16! what should i do? should i just try to talk with her again and pretend nothing happened? please help me, i want my gf back!!

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