Small Town Girl
I just had the perfect poo and felt the need to share it with you all. :D

I felt the slight urge to go. I was reading a book from the Kindle application on my iPod, and I took it with me to the toilet. I sat down and continued my reading. My poo was out before I even knew it, not even half a page was read. It glided out so nicely and easily, it was really long but skinny. Maybe between 1 to 2 inches thick. I couldn't see how long it was because it slid right into the toilet hole, but it was just perfect.

Normally, I'm always constipated. Nothing about my diet has changed, I wish I knew what made this poo so perfect. Normally, I go a few days without going, then once I do, it's quite an event. It comes out huge and is slightly painful. I suspect I have IBS or something. I even eat Fiber One bars and things like that, and they don't help that much. The job I did today was just so good, I hope I'm able to repeat it. I wish I knew what made it happen this way.

In other news, I posted a couple of months ago about how I had just moved in with my boyfriend. Upstate Dave, you were nice enough to give me advice! Thank you. I'd always wanted to see him pee. Eventually he started letting me see him without me even saying anything to him. We were getting ready to go out one night, I was doing my makeup, and he asked if he could use the toilet while I did it. Of course I said yes! I watched from the corner of my eye. And he's done it a few times since then. I don't know why I like watching him pee so much. I guess I find it sexy to see him handling himself.

Upstate Dave, or anybody else, maybe you have advice about this?: He is very poo shy. I tell him when I poo, tell him how it goes, but he always hides it the best he can when he does it. He goes when I'm at work (He leaves stains in the toilet) and sometimes he'll go when I'm sleeping. Sometimes I can tell he has to go, his stomach makes the noises, but he'll hold it until I'm not around. Do any of you have any advice on how I can make him more comfortable? I don't even know how to bring it up since he's so shy about doing it. I'm very shy about it, too, but for some reason I'm comfortable about it with him...I guess I need to just let him do his own thing, maybe he'll get more comfortable as time goes on, I was just wondering if there's anything I can do to help.

I have so many random stories I just thought of to share with you all, but I'll share at another time, I don't want you to get bored of me with this one post!

Janey to answer you question a "modesty pee" is when a woman has to pee and there are people around, so she will lower her pants but not her panties and pee through them so she does not expose herself compleatly. It is not done as much as it used to be but I have alot of friends that pee like this all the time.

OK, so I'm back a few hours later now. I talked to my sister today and told her everything, and she was a little embarrassed at first, but then was happy because I was so interested in pooping too. So, a little while after we had this talk, my parents left the house to do some shopping for groceries, and it was only me and her home. I was in my room watching TV, when she knocked on my door and asked if she could come in. I told her yes, so she came in and said to me, "I gotta take a crap really bad, and I want you to come with me." I smiled really big, turned my TV off, and joined her in her bathroom. She then proceeded to completely stripping off her shorts and panties, and throwing them into her room which is attached to her bathroom. She then lifted the toilet lid and the seat, and sat down with her front facing the back of the toilet and her backside facing me. She said, "Now, you will have a better view." Her left leg was on the left side of the toilet and her right leg on the right. She wasn't actually sitting, she was more in a squat position. She looks at me and says, "You ready for this?" I nodded with excitement. She then began to pee a steady stream, and as this was going on, her hole also opened up as the tip of a fairly thick turd began to poke out. I saw her body tense up and then her pee stream got stronger, and her face started reddening, and thats when I realized she was pushing. The turd started slowly inching out and it kept widening her hole. She then let out the breath and her pee died to a soft trickle and then completely died off, and her turd stopped moving. She said, in a strained type of voice, "It feels like my hole is open really wide." I said, "It is open wide, this turd is humongous. I just knew by the sounds that I had heard from you in times past that you had to poop huge turds." The large turd was dangling about 6 inches out of her butt, and then she tensed up again and began pushing more. The turd moved slightly but then moved right back when she stopped pushing to take a breath. She tensed up and pushed again, but the turd didn't budge. She did this several more times with the turd not budging at all. Each time she pushed, a little trickle of pee came out. Then she took a big deep breath and bore down really hard, and her back arched out, and the muscles in her legs were very tight, and her face became very red, and she was making light grunting noises, and then the turd finally started moving again. She held that breath for as long as she could, and then she let it out with a big sigh. The turd had came out 4 more inches, and was now moving slowly on its own. It grew to 13 inches, and then finally fell into the toilet with a loud kersploosh. She looked at her watch, and said, "Wow, it took me 5 minutes to push that monster out, but I'm not done yet." She then tensed up and pushed again, and her hole opened up wide, as another thick turd started to poke its head out. It then stuck there for about a minute of her pushing, and then after one long hard push, it started moving slowly on its own. She sat there, body relaxed, moaning every few seconds, for it was forcing her hole to open wide. It was already 9 inches long, and still growing as it moved ever so slowly. Then after it got to 12 inches, it fell into the toilet with a loud kersploosh. SHe looked at her watch again, and said, "3 minutes on that turd." SHe then gave another slight push, and then her hole opened up as 3 thick, medium sized turds exited taking about 45 seconds each to fall into the toilet each making a loud PLOP sound. She then peed once more as another thick log started slowly sliding out. Her pee died a few seconds later, and the thick log was still slowly sliding out, then about 30 seconds later it landed with a kersploosh. She then said, "Ok, I'm all done. How did you like the show?" I was so happy that I just witnessed my sister taking a HUGE dump. I said, "It was great! Now you can watch me, cause watching you made my bowels start working." I'm not gonna tell you that story though, she is gonna get on tomorrow and tell you about it herself. She is in bed right now. So, anyway, on with my story. SHe looked at her watch and announced that it had taken her about 14 minutes to do all that. I then asked her why she said on here that it normally only took her a couple of minutes to take a dump, and she said that there was a few times that she took quick dumps like that, but mostly they took her 5 minutes or longer. SO, I'm not really sure why she said that and i don't think she is sure I hope you liked my story. Well, as I was writing this, I started feeling like I needed to poop AGAIN even though I just pooped a few hours ago for my sister, but its coming on pretty strong now. Wow, I gotta crap so bad I'm gonna get off of here. I am going to videotape myself going though and show my sister tomorrow so she can post about it on here if she wants to. OK, hang on, I gotta go like right now, can't hold it anymore.........
OK, I didn't submit this before my poop, but now 35 minutes later, I am back and feeling great. So, I am going to go watch the video now, and see what it looks everyone...happy pooping

Janey: As far as I'm aware, a 'modesty pee' is where a girl has to go pee when there are loads of people around so instead of pulling her underwear down and exposing herself, she crouches down does one of three things:

1. She lifts up her skirt and pees in her underwear
2. She pulls down just her trousers and pees in her underwear
3. She simply pees in her trousers and underwear

With most underwear, it would soak straight through and there would be only a little discomfort which I assume would be more bearable than exposing herself in front of a crowd of people. As for the third option, it's the most uncommon, but I've seen it happen once.

Soccer Mom, I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. I am sure it was very uncomfortable and embarrassing for you, especially in public but don't stress about it too much. Accidents can happen to anyone. I'm just glad your daughter and her teacher were understanding about it.

A few summers ago when I was 19 (I'm turning 23 in 2 weeks) I went through a nasty phase where I had diarrhea all summer. I was constantly running back and forth to toilets at any given time. In grocery stores, at restaurants, out for a walk, it didn't matter. I had to run to the nearest toilet or I would poop my pants. Luckily that summer I never did have accidents but I've had close calls.

I suffer from IBS too, only mine is predominately constipation. Still, my grandma has IBS-D and she has told me about some of the unfortunate accidents she's had, so just know you're not alone :)

*gives you a hug*

Soccer Mom
Hi Pat,

Looking back on my multiple accidents at my daughter's soccer game, I honestly don't know why I didn't take advantage of using the staff washrooms in my daughter's school. I just panicked and had to get away from them. If it ever happens again, and I really hope that it doesn't, I will definitely take up an offer to use a washroom to clean myself up.

This has happened to be before as well. One time I was out shopping with one of my girlfriends a few years ago. I think I had just turned 32 when it happened. We shopped, had some lunch and then went back to shopping again. We were in a shoe store and I was trying on these cute sandals when a sudden attack of diarrhea came over me. I was checking out the shoes in the mirror of the store and I let out this silent wet fart. I asked the sales girl if they had a washroom that I could use and she said no. True story, the store was very small and it did not have a washroom! My friend asked what do her and her co-workers do if they need to use the washroom? The girl said that they use the one next door in the store beside them and have someone from that store watch their store while they are out. Anyway, I quickly made my way back to the chair I was using to try on the sandals and changed back into my shoes. As I was sitting down I let out another wet fart. This one had a little more to it though and I could feel some diarrhea excape into my panties. I know that they were bikini's and I think they were light blue. My friend saw the look on my face and asked if I was alright. I said, "I need to get to the ladies room, like right now!". By this time the cramps were getting really bad and I was doing all I could to not mess myself further. All of a sudden this really bad cramp hit me and my bowels opened up and I filled my panties with diarrhea. When it happend I wimpered, "Oh my God!" My friend said, "Did you just...?" I said, "Oh God, yes, all in my pants! We need to go, now." She asked if I wanted to go to the ladies room to get cleaned up but I told her that I just wanted to get home. Just like last week when I pooped my pants at my daughter's soccer game, I had to go again in my friends car.

When I got home, my daughter, who was four at the time, came running up to me and wrapped her arms around my waist. She didn't know that I had diarrhea and pooped my pants, but my husband could tell. My husband gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me to go upstairs, have a shower and clean myself up. So, that's what I did.

Anyway, I do have a few other stories to share, but I will write again later.

Soccer Mom

Multi-drop Pete
I entered a men's toilet in a department store for a pee just as a man was emerging from a cubical with a young girl, aged about 4. I'm not embarrassed about peeing, so I ignored the child and started using the nearest urinal; I figure a girl is going to find out sooner or later that men pee standing up, so why try to hide it? I had my back to her so she couldn't see my willy. She washed her hands and then briefly used the hot air hand dryer, but then the man hurried her out; she complained repeatedly that her hands were still wet, but he kept telling her they were not wet.
I guess he may have been uncomfortable about me, or perhaps he was just in a hurry, but I felt worried by his denial of the child's reality; she knew her hands were wet and was clearly upset by it. Whenever I have been minding a child in a toilet who has complained about the ineffectiveness of a hand dryer I have just been reassuring ("Don't worry, it's a warm shop, they'll soon dry") or made a silly joke ("Instructions for use: 1. hold hands under warm air until you get bored, 2. dry hands on trousers"). I wouldn't deny they were wet.
Questions for you guys and gals: First, am I too sensitive worrying about the man's attitude? Second, am I too casual about peeing in a public toilet? Is there any way a small girl could come to any harm if a man pees in her presence? I can't see how, but maybe I'm missing something. I certainly don't want to harm a child!

I did not finish my post properly yesterday. I hope some of my favourite posters are still out there.


XNOCITIL - spelling

Linda have you got any stories about your Mom or big Sister?

My girlfriend and I often poop with each other in the bathroom, she knows I like it, and I highly suspect she does too. Well, anyway, today I got a call from her at the house and we talked for a bit. Suddenly she said, "Oh man, I have to poo so bad. I haven't done a poo in three days, I think this is going to be a big one.", and I told her back, "Gee, I wish I could be there with you then, kind of in a jokey tone. What she said next surprised me, "Hold on, I think I can turn on speaker phone and we can talk while I poo.". Well, not exactly knowing what to say, I just said "Okay..."

As she headed into the bathroom, we kept talking, and then she said "Okay, you're on speaker phone, can you hear me okay?", "Yup", I said back. I heard her put the toilet lid up, and then a faint russling of clothes. She sat down on the toilet and we talked for a bit while she peed for at least a minute, a strong stream too. After that, we just talked and waited. Finally she told me, "Ooh... I can feel it getting ready to come out, it's definitely going to be a big poo."

I could hear some small grunts, a little "Unh" here and an "Mmm" there as she pushed. "Unn, feels good coming out", then a bit of silence followed by a splash. "Sure sounds like a big one", I said. "Yeah, it was", her reply. I heard a few more moans and grunts and another splash. Then, "Ohh... this is a long one", like she often commented on her poo as it was coming out, even when I was there in person.

This one made almost no noise, but she told me "It broke off, there was a small plip you probably didn't hear, sorry." I told her not to worry about it, I was overjoyed just to hear her at all. "Good, then you'll like this", as she ripped a loud long fart. Over the next few minutes, mixed in with some conversation, I counted eight plops and plunk sounds. "I think this might be the last one". "You must have really had to go", I said back to her. A splash and a sigh was the only response I got.

"Wow, that's a lot of poo, the toilet's nearly full!". I only wish I could see the turds, but I imagine the turds were mostly dark brown, and lumpy, her turds were almost always lumpy and rough. "You better flush before you wipe then", while laughing. "Yeah, don't want to clog the toilet.", she said also laughing. I heard a flush, then she said "Ooops, might be too late, the water's just turning brown and swirling around.". "Well, give it a minute, it's not overflowing, so just try flushing again when it stops", I told her.

We waited for the toilet to stop, then I heard her flush again. "I think it worked. No, wait, my biggest poo is stuck, the water is draining around it though.", she said worried. "That's not good. Maybe try one more flush... then if we need we can call a plumber.", my reply. She flushed one last time, "Alright... I think it's gone. I need to wipe now."

She tore off paper, told me she was wiping her frontal parts now. More paper, said this was wiping her butt, she wiped a total of six more times after that, and on the last one, she said she felt mostly clean. One more wipe, then I heard her flush again. "Yup, the toilet's working right." "Good, we don't need to call a plumber then." I said.

Well, sorry for this post being so long, but I wanted to include all the details of this memorable story. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Had a nice dump in the public park restroom today. As I walked in, there was a guy already on the toilet in the first stall. Of course there were no doors on any of the 6 stalls. This guy had a slight olive complexion, and was reading the local paper while crapping. Don't see that too often in a public toilet. He had his shorts and white briefs all the way down to his ankles, just above the floor. His t-shirt was actually pulled up just below his chest and he looked to have a pretty flat stomach, not ripped, just flat. He sat there with his knees spread apart, on the balls of his feet, with the folded newspaper he was reading just covering his groin area. He was slim, or at least his hairy legs were. I couldn't see his face because he was wearing a baseball cap.

I made my way down a few stalls and cleaned off the seat. I dropped shorts and briefs to the floor, as usual, and dropped a nice load into the bowl. Not much noise or smell, but plenty of substance.

I finished up relatively quickly, wiped from the front and then stood to wipe a few more times. I walked over to the sink and washed my hands. By now, I could see that my stall neighbor had finished dumping and was cleaning up. The partitions are short, so I could see his head and shoulders above the stall. By the time I walked past his stall, he had turned a bit and was flushing the toilet. By now he had put down the newspaper and was standing and I could see that he sure didn't have anything to be shy about! His "junk" was a darker color than the rest of his body and neatly trimmed. He didn't even look up as he reached down for his underwear and shorts. I left the restroom as he was heading to the sinks.

Uncle Harry
Delayed Getting Home

Here's the "desparate to pee" story for Purine. During my second bachelorhood, I had a date with a woman I met through another matchmaker listing in the newspaper. After talking on the phone, we decided it was worth a meeting. I picked her up at her house and we decided to go to a German restaurant about a 30 minutes away. We ordered our meals and, of course, beer, and spent quite a lot of time talking and getting acquainted. During our several hours there, we both had a few beers and coffee to top it off. We paid the check, got in my car, and headed toward her house. Shortly, she announced that she should have used the ladies room before we left as she suddenly realized that her bladder was quite full and she had to pee really bad. I told her that I did too. I asked her if she could hold it until we got to her house or should we stop somewhere. She said she would try to hold it, but please hurry. Well, I was doing the best I could with the traffic. In a while, we were within three blocks of her house. "We're almost there", I said. "Hang in there, girl". Suddenly, as we approached the railroad crossing near her house, on went the flashing lights, down came the gates, and a slow freight loomed into sight. So there we were with aching bladders waiting for the train to pass. This was really upsetting to her and she said she might have to wet her pants on the seat. I told her there were some rags in the bag seat of the car and if she really had to she could throw them on the floor in front of her, slide up to the edge of the seat, pull down her pants, and piss on the rags. She said, no, not yet, she would still try to hold it. After about 3 minutes, the train finally passed, although it seemed like hours.

We finally pulled into her driveway. As soon as we stopped, she jumped out of the passenger side and made a bee-line for her front door. I turned off the engine, got out, and followed behind her. Now she was fumbling in her purse for her keys, while crossing her legs and jiggling up and down. She finally got them out, unlocked the door, and we both went in. "I gotta' go first", she said, throwing her purse and keys onto a chair and quickly trotting to the bathroom, with me right behind her. She stepped inside, flicked the light switch, and swung the door behind her while heading for the toilet. The door didn't latch and bounced open about an inch. She made no effort to come back and close it. I quickly heard the sound of the toilet lid snap up and her slacks, and apparently her panties as well, slide down her legs. By now, I was also feeling desperate and felt like I was going to have to pee in the sink before I wet my pants, so I walked in. Her slacks and panties were down to her ankles. She was lowering herself to the seat, legs apart, and already beginning to dribble piss from between her labia before she was fully seated. As she hit the seat, the dam burst. Her hissing, spraying, pee stream really did look like something pouring over Niagara Falls.

She seemed startled when I came in. "Hey", she said. "I'm still peeing. Don't look between my legs". "I'm sorry", I said. "I have to piss as badly as you do and I'm going to have to use your sink". While talking, I was already unzipping and taking out my penis. I stepped up to the sink, held my cock over it, and starting pissing. From the positions we were in, we could easily see each other urinating. She made no further protests, apparently accepting the situation, and looking intently at my penis and watching my piss coming out of it, while I was watching her piss coming out of her pussy. She finished at about the same time I did, after slowing down, stopping and starting a few times, and finally ending. I started shaking off the drops while she was wiping, and then zipped up while she was pulling up her pants. We both had a good laugh over how we almost didn't make it to the house and ended up having to pee together. We left the bathroom and went to the kitchen, where we had more coffee and talked. Later, we took another pee together before I left for the night.

Uncle Harry
To Janey-

Robyn may be right, but I could take a guess about another possibility. I've never heard of a "modesty pee", but I have heard the term "modesty shield" used for the front panel of a desk so a woman wearing a skirt or dress and sitting behind the desk could spread her legs and no one would see. Perhaps it means to hold something in front of you while peeing, like a towel or jacket, so no one can see between your legs.


Keep them stories coming. I forgot to ask, if Ashley was to spend over an hour on the pot, how much warning would she give you before the event and how close would you get to her sitting on the bathtub, how many feet away?


Welcome and please contribute your stories. Longpooper, how open to being watched by you do you think your sister will be? Do you think she will always put on a show for you or olnly have you there when she knows she will be a long time?

You don't know how lucky you are with the possibility of have having such an open and honest sister, I wish mine was that honest with me before she got married and moved, sadly not


Also welcome, get debut on here, hope to see more stories from you both?

Where are some of my old friends, XNOCITIL - spelling

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Wow! It's been forever since I last posted here! Haha.
Anyways here's a story for you all:

Yesterday, for some reason, I had a case of diarrhea. Nothing too bad though, just enough to cause me slight discomfort and a couple trips to the washroom. It all started around 2 or 3 yesterday. I was reading a book when I suddenly got some bad cramps. I knew what that meant, so I headed to the washroom. Once I sat down, I let out a nice wet fart followed by sploopsplopslopsploop. Right away, the bathroom started to stink! I sat on the toilet for a few more minutes, letting out some nasty wet farts followed by a few more sploopsplopsplop. After 5 minutes or so, I felt better and wiped. I looked in the toilet and saw that the water was a light brown color with chunks floating around in it. I dropped my tp into the bowl and flushed. Then after dinner, I was hit with another cramp that caused me to dash to the washroom once again! I sat down and farted and some nice soft poop slid right out of my butt. I farted a couple more times and dropped a few more logs before I felt better. I wiped and flushed. I didn't have any more episodes after that. :)

Now for a survey I found quite a few pages back:
1 What is your gender? Female
2 What is your age? 20
3 How would you describe your body? Slender
4 How often do you poop? 2 times a day
5 How long does it take you to get started, after sitting down? Anywhere from 1-5 minutes
6 How long takes the complete pooping session? 15-25 nminutes
7 Do you enjoy watching others poop? Never done it in person. Just seen videos of others pooping
8 How much time took your longest pooping session you can remember ? 90 minutes
9 does your poop come out in one wave, or do you have to pause between the turds? I have to puase in between poops
10 How many pieces do you produce while pooping? 4-6
11 Do you fart, while pooping? Only if it's diarrhea
12 Do you shart while pooping? Again, only with diarrhea

More surveys I found:

1 Do you enjoy pooping?
Yes, very much.

2 What is your favorite position when passing a BM?
With my legs and butt cheeks spread apart. It's easier for my poops to come out in that position

3 Do you get stomach aches before your BM? Are they severe?
Only if I have diarrhea

4 How many times a day do you poop?
I poop 2 times a day. Sometimes more, depending on what I've eaten that day.

5 What was the longest poop you ever did?
Somewhere around 90 minutes

6 Do you find pooping relaxing?
Very. It takes quite a while for my poops to get moving so I just sit there and think until my poop is ready to come out.

7 Do you make grunting noises when pushing?
At home if I'm really blocked up I'll grunt noisily. I have also grunted on occasion while using a public toilet as well.

8 How often do you get constipated?
I actually suffer from chronic constipation so I have a hard time passing poops on a regular basis.

9 What was the longest time you were ever constipated for?
As I stated above, I'm regualary blocked up, but I was severely blocked up for 7 days when I was younger.

10 After being constipated or just having a difficult poop, and it finally comes out, do you ever yell of relieve?
I usually start panting. It's quite the effort to push out my poops, so after I've gotten on out, I'm very exhausted.

11 Do you get stomach aches often, when you don't have to BM? If so, how long do they last and are they severe?
I just get stomach pains when I have to have diarrhea

12 Are you gassy when you poop?
If I'm really backed up yes. Also get gassy when I have diarrhea

13 Do you look forward to take a dump?

14 What are the two signs that you have to go? (besides a stomach ache?)
1) Pressure on my butt hole
2) Sometimes I'll fart a bit

15 Do you ever lie down after taking a looong dump because you feel weak or tired?

16 Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping?
Yes. Like a said earlier, I suffer from constipation a lot, so I struggle quite a bit on the toilet to get the poop out. I have had to catch my breath a few times after pooping.

17 Do you like to take as long as necessary on the bowl, or do you get it done as fast as possible?
I like to take as long as I need

18 When you are constipated, or are having a tough time getting it out
what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself without taking a laxative?
I've recently been eating more fiber and that has worked wonders on helping me pass more softer poops.

19 Has a BM ever hurted so much that you started to cry?

20 How often do you have diarrhea?
Once a month when my period starts. Or if I eat too much dairy/spicy food I'll end up with diarrhea as well.

21 When on the bowl, taking a dump, what do you think is the most comfortable position?
Legs spread apart

22 Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out?
Not my stomach. I push on the upper part of my vagina to help get things moving.

23 Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help yourself poop?
Again, I just push on my vagina

24 How do you feel about having someone to poop with you, like to keep you company?
I haven't actually been in the same private bathroom with someone, but I think I'd feel quite comfortable with someone there with me.

25 How do you feel about someone talking you through constipation, a rough poop, diarrhea etc.?
I think I'd be comfortable with that

26 After a long hard poop, diarrhea or constipation or even when you have the stomach flu/bug, would you enjoy a stomach massage?
I dunno. Probably not.

27 Do your stomach aches continue even after you pooped?
Only if I've recently got off the toilet with diarrhea

28 How often do you get off the bowl, and then realize, as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Has this ever happened to you more then twice in a row(for the same dump)?
It's happened to me 3 or 4 times.

1. Is your poop normaly liquidy:
2. When you are feeling sick to your stomach, do you barf and or have diarreha:
Usually just diarrhea
3. Have you ever witnessed a friend because they couldnt wait any longer:
4. Is there a food that gives you diarrhea, yet you eat it anyway:
Yes. Too much dairy causes diarrhea as well as fast/spicy food.
5. Can you pee standing up:
6. Has anyone ever seen you poop:
Not in person, but people have seen videos of me pooping, if that counts
7. Do you ever poop in the ocean: No
8. Did you ever have a accident as a child:
9. When was the last time you had diarrhea, the cause:
I had some diarrhea yesterday. I think it might have been from the hot peppers on my sub.

Just a guy
Below is a survey, with my responses to it. I apologize for any duplicacy with other surveys.
1)If possible, could you give a physical description of yourself?
I'm a guy in his upper 20's, I guess average looking, about 6 ft, not too heavy or thin, dark hair
2) Do you enjoy pooping?
yes, especially the feeling of relief, when done
3)How often do you poop?
2-3 times a day - almost always after dinner. The other times vary - often after lunch, especially if it was a larger meal. Sometimes after breakfast or first thing in the morning or sometimes a second one in the evening/at night.
4)When do you usually poop?(first opportunity, hold it till convenient, etc.)
first opportunity
5)What are the signs that you have to go?
I get a full feeling & sometimes the urge to pass gas
6)Where do you like to poop? (home, public places, outdoors, etc.)
prefer home, but will go in public restrooms when I get the urge
7)About how large are your poos on average? (length, width)
they vary sometimes small 2-4 inches, but quite a few of them. If larger, around 6-7 inches, but just 2-3 of them & sometimes its more like soft serve
8) What types of poos do you usually make and what is the texture? (logs, snakes, chunks, etc.)
Usually small to medium logs on the softer side
9)Do you make grunting noises when you're going?
Very rarely, unless constipated
10)About how long does it take you to take a poop on average?
tend to be quite quick, ranging from a about a minute to 3 minutes or so, occasionally a longer 5 min one
11) Describe the smell of your average poop?
Usually relatively mild. If you entered the bathroom right after me, you could tell someone took a dump, but probably wouldn't complain. Of course, occassionally, I do a stinker (usually that king of dump is looser in nature)
12) Are you gassy when you poop?
Sometimes prior to going, but not during. Exceptions are when I'm constipated or having a loose movement
13)How do you feel about having someone in the bathroom with you?
Doesn't bother me unless it's a stinker or gassy one
14)Have you ever got off the toilet, thinking you were finished pooping, but then realize that you weren't done?
It has happened, but not too often--usually when I try to hurry through a slower dump. Then I find I have to return to finish
15)Are there any foods that make you produce large poos or big loads?
Fast food tends to give me bigger looser loads that smell quite bad

Linda from Australia here again. I'm STILL having lots of trouble pooping and I've been having a really hard time on the toilet. I've been constipated all week and only dropping small logs. For the last few days, I had an extremely difficult time trying to do poos, especially on Thursday night.

On Thursday morning, I pushed out a small poo before work but I still had more inside me. I needed to get some out in the morning, because I was going out straight after work. Then, all day at work, I could feel a big hard log moving down. I felt very uncomfortable but I held on until I got home that night, at about 9.30pm. I didn't try for a poo straight away because I watched a movie. It was after 11pm when I finally had a shower and sat on the toilet. I did a wee first and then I waited. I knew I was in for a hard time so I just relaxed. The poo was stuck in my anus and I had to start straining to get it moving. No matter how hard I strained, it wouldn't move. So I started reading a magazine and gently pushed at the same time. The poo started moving but very slowly. I pushed and strained as hard as I could but it got stuck again. I leant forward to see if that would help but it didn't. Then I leant back and pushed with all my might. Still nothing!! I was desparate to get this poo out so I felt my anus to see if any poo had come out. About an inch of rock hard poo was hanging from my butt. I put my fingers on my anus and pushed on it, while I strained. This didn't help either. By now I had been on the toilet for at least 30 minutes and I was in dire need for a poo. I was almost tempted to break the log off with my fingers. I kept pushing and straining and finally, a small amount of poo broke off and fell into the toilet. I felt better but I still had more in me. I tried to get the rest out but it wouldn't move, so I wiped my butt and went to bed.

On Friday morning before I ate breakfast, I tried for another poo. I really had to push and strain to get things moving. The turd got stuck in my anus and it took me 20 minutes to get it out. I managed to get a bigger load out and I felt better. It wasn't as bad as Thursday night but I still had a terrible time on the toilet. Yesterday was the same, another 20 minutes on the toilet in the morning. This time, I pushed out a HUGE load!! This morning wasn't as bad, it only took 10 minutes and I squeezed out a massive load. I felt much better after that too.

Yesterday I had the most trying day of my 25 years. For the first time (and I hope the last!) I had to learn to hover crap. I know that in previous posts I've talked about how I hate the hoverers and how they mess up the seats for those such as me that juggle busy work schedules between graduate school classes, boyfriends and so many other responsibilities.

I started my day at 5:30 a.m. by going to the coffee drive-thru two blocks from my apartment. I had drank about half my cup and I was about 30 minutes from the downtown office building where I work when my gas light started flashing. I had intended to get gas the previous day but I had a late client to call on I just made it to my graduate class in time. Well I saw the sign for a gas station/c-store that was open so I pulled off the highway, had my choice of pumps and parked. I reluctantly pumped a full tank ($30)and as I was putting the hose back, I started to feel my morning crap coming on fast. I was convinced that I was not going to be able to hold it until I got to my office building. The clerk was a high school girl about 16 and she pointed me to a dark hallway leading to the office and supply room. The pressure in my anus was becoming more intense and I carefully touched the door knob to the unisex bathroom door to make sure I didn't barge in on somebody. Vacant. I was lucky! I flipped the light on. I was pulling up my skirt with one hand and dropping my thong with the other when something struck me as not being quite right. There was no seat! Just a toilet extending from the wall, a bowl badly stained with unflushed pee in it, a few drops of pee over the front of the bowl and a few pubic hairs.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I've never squat peed or crapped before. Sometimes under extreme gross conditions I've spread toilet paper over the seat but that wasn't an option here. They had a container of pre-cut paper squares and it looked like only one was left--actually there was a second on the floor that I would eventually wipe with. I started by dropping my thong all the way to the floor. As I started spreading my feet, I could see that I was really stretching it, so I carefully stepped out of it. Luckily, I had worn a loose-fitting skirt so I used my left hand to pull it up as I backed up to the stool. The back of my legs were touching the stool as I started my squat and I carefully broadened my stance as I moved my legs to the side of the stool because I feared otherwise my crap might just plop right down in front of me and between my feet. I kicked my thong closer to the door just in case. I started with one moderate push and a couple of pieces fell--reminding me that I was standing and splashing me in an area that should receive better hygiene than someone else's pee. My knees were starting to hurt from the strain so I pushed harder to get it over with. There was a series of splats that lasted about 10 seconds. I had moved back farther which I thought would cut down on the splashes coming onto me. It worked, but when I turned to look I could see why. My usually long log had broken up in the longer fall, partially hit the back of the bowl and part of it was lodged on the back of the bowl but most of it did eventually fall into the bowl. I was satisfied that my bowels had been cleaned out.

I was sweating and feeling kind of queasy from the close quarters and of course there was no vent in the "bathroom". I wanted to get out of there ASAP. I used the two pieces of toilet paper to wipe the best I could. Then I reached down for my thong and quickly stepped into it. While I was sorry about the mess on the back of the toilet, I couldn't believe there was no seat. The owner/manager had to take some responsibility for that. I flushed just as I opened the door because I didn't want any surprises from the flusher, if you know what I mean. It worked fine.

On my way out, I told the clerk girl about the lack of a seat. She laughed and said it was part of a senior prank at her high school and that the students assembled about a hundred seats (many from the school) and dumped them on the school roof. I don't see the humor in it but I guess I could be worse.

Anon Female
I've been reading this forum for a while now, but I never had anything I really wanted to post. So, I decided I'd just jump in and answer some surveys...

-First Survey-

1)What is your gender?
* Female

2)What is the gender of the person you accompany to the bathroom?
* Female as well

3)What is your relation to that person?
* Friend

4)How often do you get the opportunity to accompany that person to the bathroom?
* Very often, I'd say at least two times a week

5) When have you developed your interest in shitting?
* A long time ago, it's hard to say for sure

6) Is there a particular experience or event that has triggered/initiated you to that interest?
* No one event in particular, but more a series of events

7)Do you consider this experience to be an act of intimacy/bonding?
* I guess you could call it that, I feel closer to this friend than to * any of my other friends.

8)Do you reciprocate by shitting in front of your partner?
* Whenever we go together, we usually end up both pooping.

9)What do you enjoy most about the entire process?
* It's hard to narrow down one aspect in particular, but I like seeing * the completed turds in the bowl.

10)On average, how many turds does your partner produce during one session, and what is the usual consistency/characteristics of the turds?
* She normally does two to three turds each time she goes. They're
* fairly long, each one probably six inches or more, nice firm light
* brown turds.

11)On average, do the shitting sessions require a lot of effort from your partner?
* Not really, she'll sometimes grunt a little bit when the first turd
* starts, but after that it's usually smooth going.

12) Is there an exchange of conversation while you watch your partner shitting?
* The conversation isn't really interrupted by pooping, it just
* continues seamlessly as if we weren't doing anything at all.

13)What are your preferences in terms of what your partner is wearing while shitting?
* We usually take off our pants and panties before going, but tops stay on.

14)Do you enjoy/tolerate the odor of your partner's shit, or do you find it repulsive? ::i can tolerate it::

15)Have you ever photographed or videotaped one of your partner's shitting sessions?
* No, I can't say that I have

16)Have you ever purchased/downloaded content from websites specializing in material which depict the act of shitting?

17) Have you ever secretly listened in on someone, either at home or in a public restroom as they were shitting?
* A few times, yeah

18)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in something other than the toilet?
* Well, I was born in America, but I now live in Japan, so all of our
* toilets are the squat type, if that counts. It's way different from
* the standard sitting on the toilet style I experienced growing up.

19)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in an outdoor or openly public setting?
* On a few occasions, that really only happens if we're outside anyway
* when the urge hits.

20)Have you ever wiped or offered to wipe your partner's buttocks afterwards?
* No, we feel wiping is best done by yourself

-Second Survey-

Age 30
5'4" and 150lbs.

How big is your bladder?
* I can hold my pee for a very long time if I need to

What was the longest pee you ever had?
* Never really timed it, but I'd say at least 2 minutes

What is your diet like?
* Average, I guess. I probably eat more rice than the average American diet, but that comes with the territory

How big can you poo?
* I think my turds are fairly big, probably a little bigger than the norm, but not huge by any means

Do you clog the toilet?
* I don't remember a time when I did, no.

how often you pee?
* 3, maybe 4 times a day

how often do you poo?
* About every other day, or 3 times a week

how much do you eat and drink each day?
* Three good-sized meals and some fruit to snack on in between meals

1. When you have a pooh outdoors, do you usually
(a) dig a hole and bury it
(b) pick it up in a polybag and bin it
(c) just leave it there
* I don't really poop outside all that often, but when I do, I just
* leave the turds alone when I'm done.

2. And what do you do with your used TP?
(a) bury it
(b) burn it
(c) bag it and bin it
(d) just leave it there
(e) not use TP {please explain}
* When I have to poop outside, it's usually because I feel the urge
* with no bathroom nearby. I always have some tissues in my purse,
* so I use them in those cases.

3. When you have a piddle outdoors, do you usually:
(a) stand up
(b) squat high over the ground
(c) squat low to the ground
(d) some other position {please explain what}
* I squat kind of low to the ground, pretty much just like I would
* using a squat toilet. Only difference is there's no water for my
* pee to land in.

4. What is your favourite surface to piddle on?
(a) concrete
(b) mud
(c) grass
(d) sand
(e) dead leaves
(f) up against a tree
(g) up against a wall
(h) something else {please explain what}
* I really have no preference in this matter, I just go wherever I can * get some privacy.

5. Which would you think is worse?
(a) being seen out in public actually having a pee / dump
(b) being seen out in public with wet / crapped pants
* I'd have to say being caught in public having had an accident is
* worse. I mean, everybody poops and pees, so once the embarassment
* passes, you're okay. But people tend to never forget someone who had
* an accident when they're an adult.

Turd Lover
I'm proud of my well-hung turds. They're anywhere from 10 to 16 inches long and incredibly thick. And they really stink bad. The other day my friends and I had a "Turd IN" where we all crapped and compared our feces. We use the following criteria in our competition.
Hang Time ---- the time from the tip emerging from your butthole until it breaks free and plunges into the water, measured in seconds.
ODOYBM -- Outside Diameter of Your Bowel Movements
SMOYS -- Stench Magnitude Of Your S**T this must be measured with a smoys gauge with a scale of 1 - 10.
Total Mass -- the actual weight of your log
Splash Depth -- self explanatory
Length -- measured in inches
P.S. - My turds took first place at the International Turd Festival in 2006. I still have the trophy to prove it.

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