lets get something strait i am not a fan of pooping in public toilets, but occansily i have to and the other day i was driving for work and i really had to go #2 bad i thought i could make it back to the office but that wasnt going to work. i find a gas station a friendly express i think i rush in without being to obovius find the bathroom,thank god it was vacant i close and lock the door it was a one seater with a urnial beside it. i pull my pants down put some paper on the seat and finally sit down man i tell u it was a noisy dump if i ever had one. i was still going pretty strong when out of know wherer the door flys open and a young woman rushes in with her dress pulled up already saw me and groaned a little and turned around. i was shocked then a couple minutes later i heard a knock and the lady said she couldnt hold it any longer she comes in gets some paper towels wipes off the urnial says i am so sorry but could u look away , laughing i said if u have the guts to piss in front of me i am going to see your ass cheeks. she said fine pulls up her dress drops her panties sits on the urnial and pees like crazy, then a couple little poops i started laughing she wiped and left.

Hey guys, it's me again. I felt the urge to crap today while I was at school, so I asked my teacher if I could go. He asked if I was finished with my work, I said I was nearly done. Then he said I could go. I hurriedly walked to the nearest bathroom, trying to hide my urge.

There were five stalls in the bathroom, two of them were taken and one had an "Out Of Order" sign taped on, so I took one of the two open. I pulled my panties and jeans down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I wanted to hurry back since it was still class time, so I gave a push and a good-sized turd came out and splashed in the bowl. I pushed a little bit more, another turd about the same size splashed in the toilet. There was probably more waiting to come out, but I thought I could hold it until after school at least.

I wiped my front once, back five times, and flushed. I washed my hands thoroughly and was about to leave the bathroom when curiousity got the better of me. I peeked into the Out of Order stall to see why it was unusable. There was a fairly big turd, I mean not excessively big but bigger than mine, and a lot of toilet paper, the toilet clearly clogged. I left the stall and went back to class, having been gone a total of ten minutes.

After that class was over, I had one more to go to, and that was pretty uneventful. Now that school was out, I visited the bathroom again, a different one from last time, since I was in a different place in the school. Right after school is a popular time for bathroom usage, and I think a lot of them crap, so I knew there would be a wait. I waited in line for four people to go ahead of me, only having a small urge to crap still.

When it was my turn, I entered the stall, hung my bag on the hook on the door, pulled down my jeans and panties and sat on the toilet again. This time, I only had to give another little push and two turds eased out, no delay between them, each one making a plop in the water. I let out another turd, a long turd that came to rest in the bowl with very little sound. I wiped three times on my butt, not needing to wipe my front because I didn't pee at all.

To Janey: I've never heard the term myself, but I'd guess it just means to discreetly squat and pee where a minimum of people would see you. Just a guess though, don't blame me if it's wrong :)

Ah, the memory. I went to an elementary school taught by prune-like nuns and disliked all of it until I was mercifully released at the end of grade 8. But in my most rebellious and resentful year, grade 6 (maybe 7) I thought I'd make a strong statement, anonymously of course. So I squatted, pants down, feet on the sides of the sink, in the powder room of the "lounge" of the school's auditorium. I was prepared with a wad of paper from the stall. This was the only toilet (I risked going into the women's) that was sure to be secluded until the next public event at the school, so I felt both exhilarated and on balance, safe. I felt even better when I left a spectacular load curled around the sink in a near-perfect ellipse. It astonished me, never having seen a one piece, foot long out of the water. I wiped, buckled up, and went to class, feeling much superior to all those around me.

That afternoon, over the classroom loudspeaker, Sister Benigna Consolata called an assembly of all the students into the auditorium. I nearly fainted on the way there, and I'm sure I was as white as a sheet. I imagined that all two hundred of us were about to be grilled on the question of the mystery turd in the ladies' room, and that the loud ringing in my ears, audible to everyone, my cadaverous color, and the obvious cloud of guilt over my head would surely give me away.

It was not to be. The assembly was about something far more trivial - I don't recall what. The turd was never, to my knowledge, mentioned by anyone, which was mildly disappointing to me. Who knows? perhaps it was not an unusual event, happening every few weeks of the school year.

Hey there everyone!! I haven't posted for awhile!! I woke up this morning with the need to take a crap. I didn't wanna poop in the toilet though. So I got one of my older trashcans out from my bathroom closet. It is a very small trashcan, one that would be easy to squat over, yet one that would hold plenty of poop. It filled it halfway with water, and set it in my bathtub, and I stripped completely naked for I was going to shower afterwards. I stood over the drain in my shower and peed into it, and when I was done doing that, I squatted with my legs spread apart where my feet were touching the sides of the bathtub, and I had my butt resting on the trashcan, with my hole right over the center. I gave a slight push and felt my hole open up, and I felt the tip of what felt like a very large turd. I kept pushing gently every few seconds to keep the turd moving at a steady pace. I looked under me and saw a massive turd sticking half way out of my butt. It looked to be about 2 inches wide, and I could feel it pushing my hole open more, and it was now getting more difficult to come out so I had to push with more force now making some soft grunting noises, and finally after probably about 2 minutes, it landed in the water with a sploosh. Then immediately after that, another turd as thick as the first forced its way through, and after pushing it for about a minute, it landed with a was a little shorter than the first....Then I relaxed for about a minute, and then proceeded to push more...and then my hole opened up as for a minute straight 4 inch turds started dropping from me making plop noises.....then after that I felt empty...I looked at what I had produced and I saw two long thick turds and 6 shorter turds, but still pretty thick. I then set the trashcan outside my shower, and then proceeded to take my shower, later flushing the contents down. It was a pretty cool experience...hehehe

Amanda M
Sunday me my mom and sister went out to eat. After we got done eating I wanted to get a frozen yogurt from the new place that opened up so we did. We got the frozen yogurt and started to walk home. All of a sudden I started getting pains in my stomach maybe cause I ate to much. I couldn't finish the frozen yogurt.I kind of just ignored it and we kept going.As time went by the pains got worse and worse I knew I was going to need a bathroom soon I could feel it.My mom asked me for my phone to call my grandmom to pick us up cause she was tired. I was glad cause I wouldn't be able to make it home we had a pretty far walk. We walked to the place where she was coming which was a few blocks up. It felt like it was taking forever for her to come. I was getting really anxious.My stomach was killing me I really needed a toilet. I had to go pee real bad to so that was making it worse.I stood there leaning on the newspaper thingy squirming and biting my nails.I let out a few big farts to relieve some pressure.Luckily no one heard them.I couldn't even look at my frozen yogurt. every time I did it made my stomach turn. Finally my grandmom came. we got in the car and started to drive home. A few of the streets happened to be bumpy which made my stomach turn more.I moaned quietly.Finally we got home and mom said she needed to pee.I was hoping she would hurry up and luckily she did.As soon as she came down I rushed up the stairs pulled down my pants sat on the toilet and peed a river. Then I gave a push and a bunch of semi diarrhea came out of my butt.My stomach felt so much better. I sat a little longer. My stomach made the loudest gurgle ever and I let out a wet fart then a small squirt of liquid then I was done. I wiped maybe 5 or 6 times flushed and that was that. My stomach still felt weird but I felt a lot better after going to the bathroom.

Me and my friend Barbie went up to New York City this past weekend. We took a commuter train called the Express. We left early in the morning and took the last train back that evening. We had about six hours to site-see before we had to get back and of course go back to school the next day.

We were told to buy our tickets early so we arrived at the train station about an hour early. I hadn't crapped since Tuesday and that was a crap that we interrupted by the one-minute tardy bell at school. So I expected to crap. Well, the cup of coffee I had while waiting at the station really went thru me fast and I told Barbie that I needed to use the bathroom. She sat by the gate waiting for departure announcements. The terminal was packed and I was surprised upon reaching the bathroom that although there were a couple of women at the sinks, all three stalls were vacant. I selected the middle one because it met my main criteria: a dry seat and a roll of toilet paper. I immediately dropped my jeans, pulled down my underwear and placed my butt on the seat. It was one of those old-style black seats that was larger than the ones I usually sit on at school or other places. The contours were a little different, but overall my thighs were pretty comfortable as I sat and slowly began to push the first log out. Although it took some effort, it hit the water with a minimum of splash and I felt relief from not only it's drop, but also because I could feel others falling into place and waiting to be dropped. If I had to crap during a long day of activities--especially a three-hour train ride each way--this was the best of situations, or so I thought.

I don't remember what, but something on the left stall partition caught my attention looking directly at it, I found a hole, about a half-inch in diameter, had been drilled into the metal More scaringly, an eyeball was against it and looking in on me. I quickly grabbed my jeans and panties and pulled them up to stool level. I also slide up on the seat and in doing so, grabbed my travel bag that was leaning against that partion and moved it closer to me and also the other side of the partition. In doing so, I also got to thinking about how I had heard no noise in that stall and in leaning down, I could see no evidence of feet or any occupant. I snuck another look at the hole and again saw the eye. It was scary enough to cause me to drop two more logs--each larger than before--and to grab for toilet paper before the last of my large crap had even finished dropping.

It took me about five wipes to clean myself and as I moved forward on the seat so that I could look over my shoulder and into the bowl, I was again dumbfounded by the lack of activity in the other stall. I stayed down long enough to pee for about 20 seconds and I quickly wiped and leaned back and flushed. I was still buttoning my jeans when I opened the door, walked to the other stall and confirmed what I had believed--it was open. I looked at the hole and found the answer to the mystery: someone had cut an eye from a slick magazine add and used masking tape to place it over the hole.

I quickly went back to my stall grabbed my bag just as another woman was heading for its doorway. I didn't say a word to her and didn't stick around. I quickly washed my hands and then our train was called for departure.

Soccer Mom,

SO sorry to hear about your terrible night with multiple accidents. Having all that poop in your panties must have been VERY uncomfortable. I know how it is with diarrhea, how it "swishes" around in one's underwear. I'm not trying to sound critical, but why didn't you take advantage of the offer to use the staff washroom to clean up? You wouldn't have had to walk around with an uncomfortable mess in your pants, and you would have been by a toilet if another attack came. Man, 3 accidents before you could get home!!! My heart goes out to you, it really does. The school should really have porta-johns by the playing fields

Hello everyone!! I am new to the site...I am the sister of heyitspoop!! I don't think she has ever mentioned me have searched through and read all her posts. I was on her computer and found this website on her history, and I thought it was quite interesting. I too, have an infatuation with pooping, and never realized she did too. I am 18 years old, by the way, dark hair, and blue eyes. I always know when my sister is pooping, even though she tries to hide it. She turns the sink water on and leaves it running for a few minutes, and then I hear the flushing of the toilet afterwards. One time, when it was only me and her there, she went in to her bathroom and turned the sink on, and I was curious as to if I was right about her pooping or not, so I peeked under the door and sure enough, she was sitting on the toilet with her pants and panties around her ankles. I continued to watch her, and I knew when she was pushing too, because she always pressed her toes down on the floor harder every time she pushed. There was also one time when she had just got home from school (college) and she didn't know that anyone else was home, but I was. She headed straight for her bathroom, and I quickly tiptoed over to the bathroom door, and peeked under it to listen in on her, mean I know, but I can't help myself.
She plopped herself down on the toilet, and began peeing, she peed for only a few seconds, and then it stopped completely. Then I heard her start pushing, her toes pressing hard against the floor.....She continued making mmmmmpphh sounds as she was working on getting her turd out....Then a minute later, I hear a loud flump as what sounded like a big turd landed in the toilet. It was completely silent for a few seconds, and then she starts making the mmmmppph sounds again as she is working on another turd. Then a minute later, another loud flump. A few seconds later, I hear a crackling sound that lasts for about 45 seconds, and then a loud floomp......crackle for another 30 seconds and then a loud floomp...PLOP...PLOP....PLOP....PLOP....then she gets some toilet paper, blows her nose, and begins pushing again with mmmppphh sounds, and her toes pressing hard against the floor again, this time each time she pushed a little trickle of pee would come out as well, and then about a minute and half later, it ends with a loud KERFLOOMP.....Then she wipes 4 times, and flushes twice, and when she is washing her hands I make my escape to my room. I am going to tell her that I had listened in on her a few times, and that I have a big interest in pooping too, so maybe sometime we can get together for some buddy pooping, and then post about it. YAY!! a little more about me and my bathroom habits before I go...I am using the name LongPooper, because I am a long pooper. I am usually in the bathroom for 20-40 minutes when I am pooping. My turds are normally always thick, and difficult to push out. I don't consider myself constipated, but they are definitely difficult to release. I have take several dumps in the woods either with a friend or by myself, and I love them. I usually have to move into different positions when I;m out there, because squatting for 20-40 minutes is very uncomfortable. One of my favorite positions is getting down on my knees and then laying forward with my arms crossed at my stomach, and my butt hiked up in the air...wierd I know, but i love it. I have also pooped in a bag with someone else holding it of course, and I have pooped in a water filled bucket several times, I love the feeling of squatting over a bucket and releasing my large turds in it...hahaha...I also love pooping in public restrooms and hearing other people going around me as well. I am not shy about pooping at all, and I love love love pooping so much. I can't wait to share some pooping experiences with my sister, because it sounds to me like she passes some pretty large turds as well. She has said a few times on here that she is usually not a very long pooper, but from what I know of her, she can take awhile in the bathroom as well, cause one time when she announced she was gonna get in the shower, I peeked under the door, and she was sitting on the toilet for 15 minutes cause I timed have been a few other times that I will peek under the door when she has got the shower running, and she is sitting on the toilet, there have been a couple of times that she was only there for like 2 or 3 minutes, but several other times when I have peeked under the door, its been 5-15 minutes that she sits there pooping. Our family always thought it took her a long time to shower, but now that I have discovered this, she spends more time pooping then showering....sorry this was so sister is home now, and I'm gonna talk to her about everything, maybe I will be back in a little with a good pooping story with her...hehehe

Hello. I have been a long time lurker on this site, but I have never posted anything, so I'm going to now. My name is Amanda, and I am 23 years old. I have blonde hair, and blue eyes. My height is 5'4 and I weigh 115 pounds. My first story takes place at my friend, Lisa's house about a month ago. I was staying over at her house on a Friday night, and we were just sitting there watching TV, and we have always been open to eachother about our bathroom habits, and so she announces to me that she has got to take a major crap. So she invites me along with her. I follow her down the end of the hall to her bathroom, and I sit on the edge of the bathtub which is right next to her toilet. She removes her shorts and panties completely and plops herself down on the toilet. She then pees a strong stream for about 30 seconds straight and then when it dies off she gets into her pooping position. Her knees together and her feet spread apart with her toes pressed against the floor. She is hunched over quite a bit with her arms crossed on her lap. Then she says, "Ok here goes the fun stuff." She stares straight ahead at the wall, and she takes a deep breath and holds and her face starts turning a deep red color. I can see her hole doming out, but nothing is coming through yet, and then she lets her breath out with an hhhmmmppphh. Then she takes another deep breath and holds and her hole domes out again, and then I see the tip start poking out, and then she has to catch her breath and the tip goes back in. Then she takes another deep breath and holds and then the tip pokes out again and moves out about an inch. She lets go to catch her breath again, and then she once again begins pushing and the large brown turd starts moving very slowly, and she lets go to catch her breath and the turd stops moving, and she takes a big deep breath and holds and pushes very forcefully, and her face turns very red, and the turd starts moving slowly again, and she keeps this up, and inch by inch as the turd slowly slides out, it gets thicker and thicker, and has her hole stretched to the max. The turd is now hanging half way out of her butt, and she spreads her legs to take a look at it. She has been pushing for 5 minutes now. Then she gets back into position and resumes pushing, and finally after a few more really hard pushes it lands into the bowl with a loud floomp. I guessed the turd to be about 10 inches long, and 2.5 inches thick. It took her a total of 10 minutes to push out that turd, but she wasn't done. She stayed in that position, and after a few seconds of breathing deeply, she began to push again, and her hole domed out and out slide another thick turd. She had to continuously push to keep the turd moving. It was moving along at a slow pace, and was just as thick as the last turd. Finally after 5 minutes of pushing the turd landed in the bowl with a kerfloomp. It was a bit shorter than the first but just as thick. Her hole stayed open as another large turd started making its way out. She didn't have to push much for it, it was sliding easily out on its own, but still at a very slow pace. It stopped moving about half way through, and she had to give a forceful push to get it moving again. Then after about 3 minutes of sliding out it fell with a flump. She then announced that she was done. So she wiped the front, and then it took only 2 wipes for the back, and then she proceeded to flush the contents down, but it took 3 flushes to get the fat turds to go down the hole. Hope you liked it. I had another story I was going to tell, but I am feeling a strong need to take a poop myself now, so I'm gonna take my computer with me.
Ok, I'm sitting on the toilet now, and I am peeing. Ok, my pee died down I am in the middle of pushing and its a little hard to type while pushing....I can feel my hole opening up........nnnnnnnggghhh...more straining and pushing....i hear a faint crackling noise now as this, what feels like a pretty thick turd, is slowly inching its way out....I am continuing to push to keep it moving eyes are getting watery, and I have to wipe the tears away so I can see to type. Still growing in length and width....OOOHHH....I am moaning now as I can feel it stretch my hole open wide....Its getting thinner now....and moving a little faster, as I still push to keep it moving....and it lands with a soft flump in the toilet...looking at the took 2 minutes to come out....I look in the bowl and am guessing the turd is about 13 inches long, and 3 inches wide. I have more to I am pushing again it comes....I am pushing gently as it is too is making a crackling noise...and it is forcing my hole open wider each inch it moves....I am moaning once again as my eyes continue to tear up...and it lands with a flump. I look at the time and that only took a minute to push out. I look at this turd, and it is about 9 inches long, and again 3 inches wide. I feel another one, so I am pushing again.......This is a stubborn turd....Its tip is outside my hole but it is not moving now....Bearing down very hard and pushing..ok its moving again, but only a little, and then it stops again....Ok, 3 minutes have passed now and the turd is only about half way out...I am having a rough time pushing it out, so I am going to put my computer down, and really have to work it out....Ok, its five minutes later, and I managed to finally push it out and also another 3 medium sized turds. I feel so empty now. I look in the toilet and see 3 very large turds and 3 medium sized turds. All in all, a very satisfying dump.

bathroom beaky
i have a new boyfriend and i have been going out with him for a week he came over to my place and he asked if he could have a bath so i said yes, when he got into the bath i got the urge to poo and i needed to go desperately but as you no i am very shy about bathroom habbits. i just held back and held back and he eventually came out. Should have i just ask to use the loo or would that freak him out?

Hey guys. Me again. Let me know if you wanna read more of my posts.

This story took place last summer. I was hanging with my friend Alyssa, Mac, and Lucas. We had a picnic and then we went to this park. The problem was, the park had no bathrooms and, at the time, I was very squeemish about using the restroom in public. ESPECIALLY when there actually isn't a toilet around.

Anyway, we were all sitting there on the swings when my friend mac goes "i gotta pee."

"really mac?" i asked "yea." he said. "i cant hold it. im gonna piss myself"

"mac. oh my god. really?" i said

"yes ash. really. im gonna piss all over myself." mac replied

"well i gotta piss too. but theres no bathrooms around here, mac." i said.

"just go in the woods." lucas said.

"i have to go tooooooo!" alyssa cried, clutching her crotch tightly to keep from leaking.

"me too." lucas finally said.

so we all dashed out into the woods. lucas and mac each found trees nearby each other and immediately started to pee. their streams made slight splashing sounds as they hit the ground. mac's stream especially produced a lot of pee foam.

alyssa was really squeemish, like me, about peeing in the woods. but, unlike me, she was desperate. she found a shrub out of mac and lucas's views and started peeing. i could hear the loud hiss and then her sigh of relief. it just made me have to go even more. i winced and crossed my legs tightly, then gave up and dropped my jeans, then pulled down my light blue cotton panties. i squatted down where i didn't care that mac and lucas could see and started hissing out a dark yellow and very loud stream.

i made a small dent in the ground as i peed, wiped with some tissues i had in my pocket, then got up and pulled up my garments. mac, surprisingly, was very turned on, and we started dating the week after. lucas ad alyssa, who had both seen each other, started dating too.

Tim DE

Your grade school toilet experiences certainly bring back a lot of memories for me. I remember what it was like to be a nervous little kid who had to take a crap at school whether he liked it or not. Like you, I remember sitting my white hairless little ass down on the seat leaning forward and holding my stomach as my bowels went through their motions. I'd be wearing hand-me-down button shirts from my older brother, and my little blue or brown jeans would be around my ankles, along with my white briefs. In my kindergarten year, I went to school in an old 3-story brick building with the bathrooms in the basement and wooden stall partitions and doors. I had a couple of accidents at school in my early years because I did not like the sound of the automatic flush on the urinals in the boys bathroom, and would hold off going because of that-I both peed and pooped my pants at school a couple of times, and the school psychologist interviewed me because of that-they figured there must be some underlying problem. I can go into greater detail with more stories from those times later, not enough time right now. Take care.

Uncle Harry
Lisa- The story about the lady who peed in court is still available on this page, so I don't see what would be gained by posting it again. By the time you read this, it may on the Most Recent Old Posts page. Glad you enjoyed it, though.

Purine- My next post will be about both my and my date's desperate need to pee, some years ago. Watch for it.

John Philip
Hows everything? This post concerns the dump I took this afternoon, which happened to be another thick, compacted one. I went into my restroom, pulled my boxers to my knees and once again had a seat on the toilet. Immediately a long silent fart hissed out and stopped abruptly when I pushed. Nothing happened yet, even though I let out several more stoccato farts before anything began to move. So I pushed once more (harder this time) and felt the head of a compacted turd poke out of my ass. I managed to grunt out an inch of this poop over the course of about two minutes before pausing to rest. Admittedly, the sensation of the turd hanging out of me was exceedingly awesome. So I tried again and it moved surprisingly quickly after that, emerging with an audible hiss until spashing into the toilet bowl. I wiped and looked at what I'd done. While nowhere near a large one, I'd say it measured approximately six inches and was I'd predicted, medium brown, hard and full of compacted boluses (as if it had been in my large intestine for a while!) Anyway, thats about it..


Just my thoughts on this, but your tale is very much the mirror image of my experience with my gf.
Your bf mentioned the need to shit specifically, rather than just excusing himself and he also left the door ajar, which were surely deliberate unless it was an emergency situation. You went to the other bathroom in your house but you did think about the sharing option judging from what you wrote.
You're close already, you said that too, so just gently bring it up in conversation when the situation presents. My experience was I got home from the drive from work, bursting for a dump, to be surprised by the fact that my gf who now had a key and had beaten me home. Before I could say anything much she said, "you surprised me, I was just off for a big shit". I blurted that that was also the first thing on my mind too and she said, as if it were the most normal thing in the world, "Let's go together. We sleep together so why shouldn't we shit together too?" I had never thought about it in that way before but she had made a very good point about the nature of intimacy.
We did so then - it wasn't awkward at all as it turned out - and still do whenever we can. While not something for all couples it seems a very natural part of our relationship and we both find it exciting. I don't think that this is a matter of right or wrong at all, nor do I think it is at all unusual to share, but it is a choice that can only be made together.
While doing it we talk about anything and probably almost exactly the same things we would be talking about were we were together, each with a mug of coffee, in the kitchen.
Best wishes to you both and I hope it all works out well.

Upstate Dave
Several years ago I wound up babysitting my wifes brothers grandduaghter. It was Labor Day weekend too. My wife had to work a specail bingo,Goerge her brother had to work also. Goerges wife went with my wife to bingo. That was alright as far as baysitting the granddaughter. She and I always got along fine. She was always happy to see me giving me always a big hug and she always asked me if I had brought any of my metal model cars with me that she could play with. She rather play with them then dolls! I had brought two with me and she played for hours on end with them that day.

Now before my wife and Georges wife left Goerges wife told me that her grandaughter needed a bath. Make sure she gets one. I told her no problem. The grandaughter had been playing outside in the dirt in the backyard at times durring the day too. I was in where George had his computer and he had a problem with it so I was fixing it when the grandaughter came in the room and came right over and gave me another hug and watched me work on the computer.

After 15minutes I had his computer running fine and so I let the grandaughter play one of her games that was on the computer whie I went into the bathroom and filled the tub for her bath. I came back in the room after filling the tub and told her her bath was ready. She shut the game off and she ran straight into the bathroom to take her bath.

I sat back down at the computer and after a moment or two from the bathroom I heard some grunting and groaning followed by her saying loudly; Uncle Dave can you come here and help me? I got up and went into the bathroom. She was half undressed with her pants and underware off. Her shirt was stuck right over her hgead and she couldn't get it the rest of the way off. It was sticking to her. So I told her raise her arms up and she did and I swayed her back and forth (playing around with her which made her laugh hard) as I pulled up on her shirt at the same time. Her shirt came off. I tossd it on the floor telling her she was all set now to take her bath. She said thank you as I walked out of the bathroom and back to the computer.

No sooner then I had sat down from the bathroom came the grandaughters voice; Uncle Dave can you come in here? I got up and went back in the bathroom. I asked her what was wrong. I wasn't angry at her. She told me she wanted some company. I told her ok I'll keep you company. Good! she replied back to me. But she didn't head for the tub she walked over to the toilet announcing she had to pee and poop. Now this was one thing she always did. Shehad to have company went she went to the bathroom! I never knew the reason for it but someone always had to be with her.

Now the toilet in the bathroom was one of those modern low wide style ones which I think are to low for a adult. They are fine for kids in being low. But not for sitting on the seta to go is a different problem for younger kids. The seat opening is very wide. A small kid could fall right in! I think you know the type that I'm talking about. Well the grandaughter had figured out a way to sit on the seat without any trouble or threat of falling in.

She sat down up towards the front of the seat with her feet on the floor on both sides of the toilet. She had both of her hands on the sides of the toiletseat in front of her. It worked for her! I am always amazed at times how kids can think things out to get around a problem. She definatly figured this one out. She sat there but had not started to pee or poop yet. She and I wound up talking to each other. We talked about her going to school and she was excited about that. Then she asked me if I would help her get washed when she did get in the tub. I told her I would. Only my hair Uncle Dave she told me. I can do the rest of me.

Now she started to pee hard in the toilet. She took a quick glance down telling me she was peeing. I laughed and told her I could hear her going. She was peiing hard too for her pee was really making a loud splash down in the bowl. Then the slashing got less and she let out a grunt which I heard soft crackling. She was now pooping too. Then there was a flump and a splash folloowed by another flump and splash in the toilet. She giggled and told me she pooped two times and there was another one comming!

There was no more splashing of pee in the toilet now. Shehad stopped peeing. She made a face and let out a grunt. She was now trying to poop more. Her cheeks turned a little red from her pushing and then there was a much louder flump from the toilet followed by a much louder splash. She then slid back on the seat an she looked down. Hey I did a real big one that time! she said real loud. I laughed and told her it sounded like it.

Then she started to pee again but what she said next really made me laugh! That last one wasn't a poop but a real shit! I broke into hard laughter as she started to laugh too. What made it also very funny she said it in a very proud sounding voice too! She went and peed for just a short time. Then she slid forward on the toilet seat and got riht up off from it and she started to head over to the tub where I was sitting. Hey munckin! I said to her. One arn't you going to wipe yourself? Two flush the toilet too! She said a very loud OPPS! spun right around and went back over by the toilet.

She rolled off a big wad of toilet paper from the roll tore it ff and she didn't sit back down to wipe she stood and gave her rearend one fast single wipe with the paper.tossed it in the toilet,slammed the lid down, and flushed it. Then she ran over to the tube and got in. Needless to say I stayed with her all the time she was in the tub and I did wash her hair and I dried it off when she got out. She ran into the bedroom got her nightgown on and she and I played games on the computer trill her grandmother and my wife came home from bingo.

Hey Soccer Mom that was a good story about your daughter soccer game well there are times when you sometime can't make it but its all good shit happens. Husband and daughter huh well who's poops and farts stink the most yours or your husband or daughter.

Hi guys, I just thought I'd update you on my recent bowel movements. (For those who can't remember, I'm male and a student.)

I've done a lot of nice solid poos lately, which makes me very happy. When I drink too much coffee or alcohol I often end up doing a messy liquid poo, which stinks up the bathroom and takes ages to wipe after. I hate that. :-(

I much prefer the satisfying feeling of squeezing out a big, solid log. A healthy solid poo should be smelly, but not rancid, and is generally a lot more pleasant all round.

Generally I've been pooing twice a day, once mid-morning and once mid-afternoon or evening. When I can, I prefer to dump my load in a public toilet; I love pooing at the library, for instance. When I graduate and get a job, I will ALWAYS do my morning poo at work, never at home.

I prefer to put toilet paper down on the seat before I sit. I know it might sound a bit unmanly, but it avoids me getting spots on my buttocks (another thing I hate.).

I haven't pooed my pants in the last week, but I did have a little smelly accident a couple of weeks ago. Luckily I was alone in my room. I was feeling a bit of bowel pressure and knew I was nearly ready to go to the toilet, but I let out a fart to relieve the strain, and it turned out to be a liquid one. Luckily, I was able to go straight to the bathroom and clean up. I threw away my soiled boxers, and no one found out.

Questions/Random Questionaires+Story!!

Age 12
5'5" and 135lbs.

How big is your bladder? Average or Large
What was the longest pee you ever had? The Longest Pee I ever had was 3 minutes long.
What is your diet like? your average diet.
How big can you poo? very large, if i choose.
Do you clog the toilet never , sometimes, all the time? sometimes. very rarely.
how often you pee? every day. 2-8 times.
how often do you poo? about 2-5 times a week.
how much do you eat and drink each day? i eat 3 meals and usually 1 or 2 small snacks.

1. When you have a pooh outdoors, do you usually
(a) dig a hole and bury it
(b) pick it up in a polybag and bin it
(c) just leave it there
I usually leave it there. Sometimes I pick it up in a bag. But I've only went outside twice. Well, pooping wise.

2. And what do you do with your used TP?
(a) bury it
(b) burn it
(c) bag it and bin it
(d) just leave it there
(e) not use TP {please explain}
I leave it there or bag it and bin it.

3. When you have a piddle outdoors, do you usually:
(a) stand up
(b) squat high over the ground
(c) squat low to the ground
(d) some other position {please explain what}
I either stand up or squat high over the ground. My stream goes ALMOST straight down, so i have no worries.

4. What is your favourite surface to piddle on?
(a) concrete
(b) mud
(c) grass
(d) sand
(e) dead leaves
(f) up against a tree
(g) up against a wall
(h) something else {please explain what}
I absoloutely LOVE the sound of my pee in the mud. It usually amkes a little dent so i love doing that. It's also fun to pee in the grass, as long as you aren't sitting while peeing. It's fun to pee on concrete to 1. see it drip down and 2. hear the piddle.

5. Which would you think is worse?
(a) being seen out in public actually having a pee / dump
(b) being seen out in public with wet / crapped pants

Here's my story:

My friends Ali, Oliver, and Leo were all hanging out. I was home that day because I had a really bad bladder inefection and was having random accidents beyond my control.

Well suddenly, my cell phone rang. It was my crush, Lucas. He said he was going to hang out with Ali, Oliie (Oliver), and Leo. He asked if I would join them. I hesitated, then excitedly replied yes, forgetting my predicament. I quickly got dressed and they came and picked me up. We then went to the movie theater.

We had bought tickets to see "High School Musical 3". I was so, soooooo excited because I had wanted to see this movie. We all got dirnk except me, because I remembered my issue, and between us all, got 2 large and 1 medium popcorn.

The movie started quickly and an urge to pee came on. I realized I could hold this one for a while. But, about 20 minutes into the movie, the urge almost quadrupled and I found myself putting my hands into my crossed legs just to hold in my pee.

Lucas, who was sitting next to me, must've noticed, for he asked "you ok?" i whiper-relied, "gotta pee. bad. REAL bad." He made a face, then said "the water pipes are down. the bathrooms are closed. the sign in the front said that." with that, i groaned and told him i could never make it.

He quickly had an idea. "slide down your panties under your dress." "what?" i asked. he started to explain that he was almost finished with his soda and he would give me the cup to go in. I hesitated, the urge coming on more and more, and finally gave in.

I scooted forwarsd, sitting on the edge of my seat, and lucas took the lid off of his ice-filled-but-empty-of-soda cup. I slid my panties down, took the cup, and held it under me, letting my dress lower over my privates and hovering outside the edge of the cup. I lowered my vagina over the edge of the cup and started peeing. with only 1 problem...

I peed and peed for about 2 minutes but then realized my problem. I had filled the cup. It was about 20oz. and I had filled it easily by myself. "stupid bladder infection." i muttered under my breath. I set the cup on the ground under wear my pussy was and began going into it but with pee sliding down around it.

Lucas must've noticed because he started chuckling uncontrollably. I finally finished, let myself drip dry, then slid my panties back up and settled into my seat. he handed me a bottle of germ-x, which i used then handed back. "thanks." i smiled weakly, feeling unbelievably sick. i guess he realized and said "u feel ok?" i shook my head no and he patted his shoulder. "lay ur head down." he said

so not only did i have the worst and most embarassing accident of my life that day, i started to fall in love.

Until next time...
Happy Peeing! =)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

PooBear's Survey

1)What is your gender? ::female::

2)What is the gender of the person you accompany to the bathroom? ::male or female...depending when and where::

3)What is your relation to that person (relative, friend, coworker, spouse/significant other)? ::friend or boyfriend::

4)How often do you get the opportunity to accompany that person to the bathroom? ::boyfriend- only once before; friend- pretty often. at least once a week::

5) When have you developed your interest in shitting (childhood, teens, just recently)? ::when i was, like, 4 i was intrested. but i am more intrested in peeing::

6) Is there a particular experience or event that has triggered/initiated you to that interest? ::no, not that i can remember::

7)Do you consider this experience to be an act of intimacy/bonding? ::um.....well like i said i dont know of any specifics::

8)Do you reciprocate by shitting in front of your partner? ::idk what that means :P::

9)What do you enjoy most about the entire process (pushing/straining, the vocal/facial expressions, seeing the turds emerging from the buttocks, the sound of the turds as they exit and drop into the toilet, seeing the completed result in the toilet...)? *FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR OWN HERE* ::i enjoy the sound of the turds falling into the water::

10)On average, how many turds does your partner produce during one session, and what is the usual consistency/characteristics of the turds? ::about 3-4, and normally a dark brown::

11)On average, do the shitting sessions require a lot of effort from your partner? ::yes, most definately::

12) Is there an exchange of conversation while you watch your partner shitting? For example, do you engage in casual conversation, or offer words of assistance/encouragement throughout? ::we just talk about whatever we were talking about before::

13)What are your preferences in terms of what your partner is wearing while shitting? In the nude, or with particular clothing attire? If it is the latter, please describe. ::we are always wearing our shirts still and usually our panties are around our ankles with our pants on the floor::

14)Do you enjoy/tolerate the odor of your partner's shit, or do you find it repulsive? ::i can tolerate it::

15)Have you ever photographed or videotaped one of your partner's shitting sessions? ::NO!::

16)Have you ever purchased/downloaded content from websites specializing in material which depict the act of shitting? ::no that is a private/ 2 person thing and should not be shared.::

17) Have you ever secretly listened in on someone, either at home or in a public restroom as they were shitting? ::yes....::

18)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in something other than the toilet (plastic container, bucket, plate/bowl)? ::yepppp. buckets are fun::

19)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in an outdoor or openly public setting? ::yes::

20)Have you ever wiped or offered to wipe your partner's buttocks afterwards? ::no::

any girls know what it means to take a "modesty pee"? I heard this girl talking aabout how she was out in thes field with a bunch of people and she really had to pee so she took a modesty pee. Can someone tell me what that was about?


When I was around 12, I went to the theater with my mother, my younger brother and sister, my mother's cousin, and my mother's cousin's daughter. During the movie, my mom's cousin's daughter (around 5 yo) told her mom that she had to go to the bathroom. Her mom didn't want to miss any of the movie and told her to pull down her pants and go on the floor. After a minute or so, we all smelt something bad and my mom's cousin realized her daughter had had to poop, not pee. We all ended up moving to the other side of the theater.

Upstate Dave
Hi to all again. Ihave one question to ask everone. Sometimes when you have to pee but you don't have to reallgo poop do you still poop a little having some escpae out when you pee? I do at times which is a real pain you know where! I had it happen this morning. For a male your standing peeing and you feel a little poop start comming out you have to stop peeing and then pull down what ever you have on and hope that by this time you have not have the little poop come out to where it is in your underware,pants or on the floor! Lucky for me this time it stayed between my cheeks and it was hard enough I didn't wind up with a mess between them.

Iīm a professional volleyball player from Switzerland. Last night I had a terrible experience. I had a meal before the game which I usually donīt do and drank a lot of water. During the middle of the game I felt the strong urge to go to the toilet. It has never happened to me in the past, I had to excuse myself during a game and sprint to the toilet. I had diarreah for at least 10 minutes. Between the diarreah waves I had to urinate a lot, too. It was maybe from the pressure. I felt so bad. I hoped everything was over and ran back to the game. Unfortunately just a few minutes later the urge came back and I had to run again to the toilet. This time just brown water came out of me. It was horrible. During the game, I had to go to the toilet two more times with diarreah, then it was over.

Soccer Mom
Hi. I am 35 years old. I am about 5 foot 9, slim, but curvy and have short brown hair and blue eyes. I am married and my husband and I have a 7 year old daughter who plays soccer every Wednesday night.

For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from IBS. Fortunately for me, it is just mild IBS, but when I have an episode it can be really embarrassing.

Last Wednesday, I took my daughter to her game near her school at 6pm and it started at 6:30. We got there in time for her to warm up with her team and I stood by the sidelines with some of the other parents. It was very hot that evening and I could feel my stomach start to churn. I had gone out for lunch that day with one of my co-workers and I was thinking that my lunch wasn't really agreeing with me. As the game started, my stomach settled down a bit. At about 6:45, the cramps started and I knew that I needed to get to a toilet. I told one of the mothers that I was standing beside that I was going to go up to the school to use the washroom. As I was walking, my bowels were cramping up very badly. I let out a few farts to relive some of the pressure. As I got closer to the school I suddenly let out a wet fart. It was horrible! I got to the side entrance of the school and to my horror, it was locked. My heart just sank. I peered in and saw my daughter's teacher and the principal and another teacher leaving from the front entrance. I half ran and half walked as quickly as I could to the front of the school and yelled, "please, can you hold the door for me?" The principal held the door for me but as I got closer to the three ladies, my bowels erupted. A rush of wet diarrhea filled my panties to their capacity right in front of them. I stood there clutching my stomach and then slowly moved my hands around to my butt. My white high-cut bikini panties were totally filled. I felt another cramp come on and another wave of diarrhea filled my panties some more. My daughter's teacher asked me if I was okay and I said, "uhh, yeah". She knew what had just happened to me, and told me that I could go inside the school to get cleaned up in the staff washroom, but I just turned around and slowly walked back to the soccer field. As I was walking, I could feel the diarrhea swishing around in my panties and start to leak down my legs.

The game finally ended and my daugher asked if we could go get some ice cream with some of the other girls and their parents. I said, "I'm really sorry honey, but I'm not feeling very well and we need to go home." I was trying to keep my dignity in front of her because she has never seen me have an accident like this. She started getting upset saying, "but Mom, you promised!" I told her that we would go the following week and said again that I was sick and had to get home. She said, "It's not fair!" I said, "I know honey, I'm really sorry. It's just that I am very sick and we need to get home." After I was done buckling her in her seat, I went to the back of our van and got out some newspapers that we were taking to be recycled. I opened a few up and put them on the seat. As I sat down on the newspaper, my daugher asked why I had put the newspaper down. I winced as I sat because the mess from the diarrhea went up my back and into the crotch of my panties. I started driving away and my daugher again asked why I was sitting on the newspaper. She also asked what smelled bad. I then said to her, "Honey, remember when you were sick a few months ago, and were vomitting and had diarrhea?" She looked down, and said in a sad voice, "yes". I said, "Well, remember when you had diarrhea in your pants a few times when you couldn't hold it at school and then again when we were out shopping?". Again, with her head down and in a sad and quiet voice she said, "yes". I said, "Well, I was sick today, but I didn't have to throw up. But I had a very bad case of diarrhea and I couldn't hold it. Honey, your mommy pooped in her pants very badly." She looked up and said, "don't worry mommy, accidents happen. That's what you told me when I did it too, remember?" I started crying and said in a choked voice, "yes I remember honey. That's why I need to get home so I can get cleaned up." She said, "Okay mommy. I can help you like you helped me if you want." Still crying I said, "Thank you Honey. But you can get yourself ready for bed, okay. I will clean myself up and then tuck you in."

As we were driving another cramp hit me and I went again. This time because I was sitting, the mess shot itself into the front of my panties. I went again and the mess leaked out of the front right side of my panties and came up the front of my pants. I was a total mess. I could not get my white hi-cut bikini's cleaned at all. The insides of my jeans still have diarrhea stains on them, but the are okay on the outside, so I didn't have to throw them out. The panties however, were trashed.

Anyway, I do have other stories to share, but perhaps at another time.

Thank you for reading.

Soccer Mom

Uncle Harry
Pat: Thanks for the clarification. I wasn't in any way criticizing you; just commenting on what I thought other women might have done. There was nothing else you could have done, with the boss right next door.

Upstate Dave
Jane you have started it in your own way as far as the first step. You both are open enough to tell each other when you have to shit. Tell your boyfriend about your feelings about seeing him shit and ask if he would like some company and ask him his feelings about having you there with him.You can even counter offer to let him in with you when you have to go. The worst thing that can happen is he refuses but I don't think that will happen.

Poobear here are my answers to your survey.

1. Male
2. Female
3. girlfriend then she became my wife so also spouse
4. varies
5. childhood
6. The girl that lived across the raod that I played with we would be in the hayfields playing and would piss and shit together. We just didn't want to stop playing and go home to use the bathroom.
7. I would say that it helped in bonding forming trust in each other when we were not married. When we were married we enjoyed doing it together.
8. yes
9. Knowing she is shitting,seeing her shit comming out from her ass along with her piss wetting me also.
10. Most of the time one good long fat one which are firm.
11. Sometimes sometimes not.
12. Yes most of the time.
13. Pajama top,nightshirt,bathrobe,nightgown, or completely nude.
14. Tolerate
16. Yes
17. No
18. Yes plastic bucket and a blue plastic hospital bedpan we had.
19 yes
20 Yes I have wiped my wifes ass after shiting many times. She even admits that I do a better job then she does!

Kieth bathrooms are different in different cultures in many areas over the world. You can expect tosee the outdoor type you described in other parts of the world too. Not only in hotels but other locations. My post deals with one such place and country that a very good friend of mine has been to and is going back again in a couple of days.

I have a ham radio friend that takes trips to China. He teraches english when he is there. He gets paid for it also which cuts down the cost of him going to China. Where he has tuaght is in very small villages in older very small schools. The grades in the schools woud be the same as our kindergarden through fourth grade.

In each of the schools he has tought which he will be on his fourth time the classroom is a single room. The youngest children are up front while the older ones are seated by age in the rows of desks behind the youngest students. It was the same way in the all three schools he has taught in. There are no inside seperate bathrooms. There is also no outside building for bathrooms.

Ok where do the students go? Right in the classroom at there desks! The desks are far enough apatrt so that when one of the students does have to pee or shit there is a removable trap door they can open and squat over and pee and poop into. It took him some getting used to when he was teaching the first time over there. But it soon did not bother him at all. As far as for him the adults did have a coed bathroom to use in the school or a coed bathroom building outside on the schools grounds.

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