As I've said in my previous posts, I'm very open about using public bathrooms and don't have the hang-ups that I know some adults do. Well Saturday morning my mom woke me up unexpectedly at 6 a.m. and asked me to drive to the airport to pick up grandma whose flight was going to be arriving in like 90 minutes. I know I should have peed before I left home, but I just wanted to get to the airport and not keep grandma waiting. She's like 75 and gets really crabby when she has to wait.

My drive to the airport was uneventful except for the fact that my need to pee got progressively worse. I parked at the short-term meters, had to run inside and get change from a coffee stand, and then go outside to put the coins in. So when I got back inside I was about to burst and it didn't help that there were long lines at luggage check-in that I had to break through. I finally saw the sign for the ladies room and I picked up my pace. I was too deperate and in too much pain to check of several stall options. I eyed an open door and quickly barged in, closed the door, and within a couple of seconds I had my shorts and thong at knee level as I seated myself. Right away I sensed that something seemed a bit strange. I was sitting on something that felt different than the seat and I looked down between my legs and I saw I was sitting on a strange oval-like seat that didn't have the cut-out in front. I took my thumb and nail and raked it across the front of the seat and across what felt like a type of shrink wrap like you have when you want to open a CD or like you might wrap unused food in which you want to keep fresh. That feeling was so strange on my butt that it temporarily kept me from getting my pee flow going.

I started to get both curious and nervous. Even though size and shape of the seat was different from what I usually use, I slide my butt a little bit toward the front and by dropping my shorts and underwear all the way to the floor, I was able to spread my legs wider. Having my thighs slide over the strange-feeling paper didn't help starting my pee and the pain was such that I knew I had to try something else. So I completely stood up to completely reposition myself at which time a sensor immediately flushed the toilet and it looked like the seat turned with fresh wrap instantly available for me to sit on. I sat down but the distraction was such that I still couldn't get my flow going. I must have sat for like 10 or 15 minutes and I became increasingly frustrated by the pain I had and my inability to pee. I saw two or three eyeballs between the door and partition as others waited for the stall. I started to cry a little as the pain grew and I knew grandma was probably waiting at the luggage area.

I finally left the stall and walked to the other side of the terminal where the baggage would come in. I continued to feel pain and a good amount of frustation with myself. I looked at the airline monitor and found that grandma's plane was running 45 minutes late. I wanted to get some coffee but knew I needed to completely pee before I did because I didn't want to burst my bladder and cause me even more pain. I got into the car, drove about six blocks to a coffee house that was open that early, and quickly walked through the serving area and into the side hallway where I momentarily fumbled with the door knob but finally got into a single-stall bathroom and with a quick drop of my shorts and thong, I was on the stool and quickly relieving myself. I was a steady stream that lasted a little more than 3 minutes. The air conditioner had been on and the seat was a bit chilly but it sure felt comfortable to me. I ordered a small cup of coffee on the way out and went back to the airport to wait for grandma. Her plane arrived less than 5 minutes after I got back and after she quickly hugged me she hurried on over to the restroom. I was at baggage claim when she came out and said she was impressed by the covered toilet seats. I just smiled. I didn't have the nerve to tell her how badly they sucked for me.


Hi :

I used to post with my name Bob but seems another poster with the same name has now joined the forum. So I put my name as Bob-1.

To Jane :

Regarding your situation, I have had buddy dumping sessions with my girlfriend and we have only ended up bonding better afterwards.I have posted three of such incidents that happened with my girlfriend. I suppose you just need to relax and divert part of your mind to some kind of small talk and not fully concentrate on the "view" as it were to avoid the tension that you say you experience.

One of my posts is at page 1725 if you are interested.
Best wishes.

I'm a long time lurker, but this is my first post.

I've always enjoyed peeing. Even as a child, I've loved to drink a lot and to put myself into a desperate situation. I also love stories about other's pee desperation. I'm a straight female, but stories of desperation from either a man or woman's perspective totally turns me on. In fact, I love to put myself into situations where I am desperate - like I'll drink about 5 huge cups of water, and then head to the store. I'll tell myself that I cannot pee until I am back at home. Believe it or not, I have never had a true accident where I just couldn't hold on. Although I have peed myself on purpose many times (never in public - I'm not that brave). I just love that feeling of being totally desperate and then letting go into my panties. The warm sweet feeling of pee pouring into my panties is almost orgasmic. I actually wish I could have a true accident, but I honestly don't know how to get to that point. I must have super-human bladder control or something.

I did have a recent instance where I think I was pretty close to peeing in my panties. I had gone on a road trip with a couple of my friends. On the day we left, we stopped for lunch before starting our drive home. Over the course of the meal, I ended up drinking 4 refills of soda. I did run into the restroom to pee, but then I picked up a large soda at the gas station. Since I was driving, I figured that I would need the caffeine in case I got sleepy.

I drank that soda pretty fast (not intentionally) and it wasn't long before my bladder started filling up. The drive home was about 3-4 hours and I was confident that I'd be ok. I had the good company of friends. Besides, as I have mentioned, I enjoy these types of situations.

But, about 20 minutes from home, I started feeling extreme desperation. I tried to focus on just driving, but my bladder had started to ache and my muscles were tired from holding it all in. Since I was driving, there weren't many positions that I could sit, but I did find that if I leaned forward that it took some of the pressure off.

I dropped my first friend off at her house, and didn't even get out of the car. I probably should have just run in and used her restroom, but despite my extreme discomfort, I was REALLY enjoying it. And I really wanted to hold on until I got home.

But, in the 15 minutes it took to get to my second friend's house, I decided I'd never make it home. I just had to pee too badly. As we pulled into her driveway, I asked if I could run in and pee.

I helped her with her bags, but as we got to the doorstep, she realized that no one was home and she had forgotten her key. We were locked out! And to make matters worse, it was cold outside. I was now beyond desperate. All I could think about was where I could pee. I looked around her yard. I would have gladly squatted behind a shrub, but there weren't any tall enough. Surely a neighbor would see. I suggested driving somewhere, but she was sure the bedroom window was broken, and that we could pry it open.

So, there we were, freezing cold and me having to pee so badly I could taste it, laughing hysterically, as we tried with all we had to open that window. I had to stop and bend over several times to hold in the pee. I was squeezing my legs together and hand shoved into my crotch to keep from losing it.

Finally, the window openend. My friend crawled through the window and then came around to let me in. I dashed to the toilet with my hand shoved into my pussy. And what sweet relief. I swear I peed full-force for over a minute. I thanked her and left for home. By the time I got there, I had to pee again too.

But, my panties stayed completely dry. It really makes me wonder just what it takes to have a true accident. For those of you who have had a true accident, do you mind sharing? Does the pee just trickle out in small spurts, or is it a total flood all at once?

Uncle Harry,

Could you repeat the story about the lady who wet her pants in court?

Once when I was called for jury duty, the defense attorney always went to the bathroom during the breaks. And there were a lot of breaks. he must have had an enlarged prostate.

to robyn: i really enjoyed your story!


No, I have not been constipated but this morning I did a really big long hard was really painful coming out and snaked around the toilet bowl like an obese python.
On my way to work I called into my public loos...I took my cubicle and sat there for a few minutes relaxing and breathing deeply. There was a bit of pressure down there and did I grunt to get that stubborn turd out...another big one...nobody was there so nobody heard me.
Right now I still feel as though there is more inside me and my rectum and anus is a bit sore...I am expecting a person to call in any moment...they will not be long and when they are gone i will report back. if there is anything to report.

Monday, June 01, 2009


It's my pleasure to recount every experience I have. I'm flattered to hear that you read my letters with such interest. After all, my experiences are pale in comparison to the erotic adventures you've had at the workplace. Honey, I haven't tried "the gambit" yet. I've been inundated with work recently, but it will happen ( maybee soon ;-) and I will tell you what will come out of that.One reason I'm hesitant is that, my coworkers send mixed signals about being open in the pot. On the other hand, I'm somewhat introverted by nature and kinda shy to make the first move.
I read the letter where you described the insertion of a suppository into isha's rectum with great interest. It was so erotic, that letter is stuck on my head still.

I saw your replies to the survey poobear has posted. They were extremely interesting I think I can relate to you and really make a connection there. I've answered the poll in a way that it compares/contrast to your replies.

1. Female, 35
2,3. Mostly my female colleges, otherwise friends. I'm a single divorcee and live in an apartment.In my case it's almost never strangers and rarely relatives
4. No one at home, but at work it depends. I come to work early, so the toilet is mostly empty. Sometimes Claire or someone else is there, but I still haven't made the connection to consistently accompany them (yet)
5 Around 18-19. It was dormant for a while and it came up during the senior yrs of my college.
6 When I was out on a field trip for a geology class in my junior year I saw my professor taking an outdoor dump. That fueled my interest.
7.It was a very intimate a very good bonding experince which brought barriers down. I still keep in touch with that professor.
8. Well, I'm single ! None so far with collegues, but a couple of times w/my friends.
9. I only have to reciprocate what you've said, Gilly; I love listening to the slither of a tight skirt sliding across pantyhose. the silence of the toilet being shattered by a torrent of piss, plops of shit and farts and of course the "pregnant pause" ( if i may borrow the phrase) being shattered by straining sounds,
sound of tp moving across their bums. People's facial expressions add emotion to the moment.
10. During the times I've accompanied my friends to the toilet, it's been just less- than- satisfying or average bms
11.From the few times I've experienced, no.
12.Casual conversation, and a lot of "are you ok?" s, period stuff
13.In clothing, definitely. Especially in business suits with their panties down and skirts hiked up.
14. I enjoy the raw smell of poop, but sometimes, if it becomes exceedingly putrid, that turns me off
15. No ( alas) but I look forward to the occasion. Gilly; let me know if you succeed
16. I've come across lots of sites, but they're artificial, harsh and grotesque. Gilly, want to give me some hints on your likes? ( whole address not needed)
17.Yes. I always go next to an occupied stall.
18. No
19. Peed yeah, but not pooped
20. Yes. Latest was my incident w/ lindsey. Gilly; you're a lucky woman.

I look forward to hear from you, esp. your adventures with isha and sheila. Write if time permits.

Long time reader, first time poster. :D

Ok, so a few months ago, I went on a camping trip with my friend Jennette and her family. It was one of those camping trips where we were all in tents and there was one of those community showers. It was just a concrete floor with wooden stall doors and walls. Anyway, Jennette (who will now be known as Jen) and I were taking a shower. Jen suddenly says, "i gotta take a piss." so I say "just piss now." She goes "in the shower?" "yea. i do all the time...." of course I lied. I mean, it is kinda fun but I don't go all the time...

So Jen takes a deep breath and lets out a few dribbles, stops, then looks at me. "you first"

"fine!" i said, and started relieving myself. It felt good to hear the nice hiss as it landed next to the water and slowly down the drain. Jen just looked at me in disgust.

"just go!" i finally yelled. She sighed, then relieved herself. It made a long, loud hiss and was bvery loud. it lasted for about 4 minutes. Man, she must've really had to go!

Uncle Harry,

She wasn't a stickler for the rules-she WAS going to go into the Men's before I stood in the doorway. And she did tell me off. But I had to stand my ground, the boss was right there in the next room. He said that she shouldn't have waited till the last minute to use the toilet. It's too bad about the lady who pissed her pants in court, she should have just walked out-to hell with the judge, or she should have just lifted her dress and peed right there in court. Like I said before, I would have let the two ladies in, but the boss said no. He didn't like ladies peeing in the same room where he was working. However, he also told me that if I had my closed sign up and they walked past it, it was my perogative as to whether I wanted to leave or not. He just didn't care to be around ladies using the toilet, but if it didn't bother me, whatever I did when I was working alone was OK with him.

Hello everybody.

I want to share a story here. I went to Central America with my family one time to stay on a wildlife preserve. My Mom is a biologist and she was invited to go down for two weeks by a colleague of hers. I went down with my parents and my two sisters, along with two other families. I was the only boy among the group, the other two families who came only had daughters. I was twelve at the time.

Anyway, when we got to the place where we were staying we discovered that the bathroom in our cabin was just that, a BATH room. A shower, a sink, but no toilet. Then we were informed that the toilet facilities were behind the cabins, near the garbage compost area. My sisters and I went back to check it out.

As we approached it from behind, it looked like the type of latrine you might see at a campground. But as we walked around it, we were all horrified to see that it was completely open! There was a wall in back, a wall on the right side, but nothing but a post holding up the roof on the left. There were three toilets, which were basically wooden buckets with a toilet seat on top. Anyone sitting on one of them was in full view of anyone waiting for their turn. Plus the fact that it was coed, males and females had to share.

I was instructed to absolutely not poop in the woods. Peeing was okay, but pooping might attract outside animals. I actually held my poop for almost two days I was so bashful. I think my sisters did, too, though the three of us ventured into the woods together to pee.

Finally one day, my bowels were screaming to be emptied and I swallowed my pride and made a mad dash for the latrine, hoping to God that no one was using it. No such luck, one of the other girls was on one of the toilets and her mother was standing with her. She gasped when she saw me, obviously just as uncomfortable and embarrassed as I was. I said, "I'm sorry, but I really, really have to go." They both kind of nodded that it was okay and I went to the opposite toilet, pushed my shorts down just past my butt and sat down.

I couldn't relax enough to start at first, but finally the flood gates opened and a huge load came rushing out. I groaned in equal parts pain and relief. That dump had been stewing inside me for nearly three days. I averted my eyes from the two of them and I think they did the same. When I was finished, I really didn't want to wipe my ass in front of a girl, and then I realized she probably didn't want to wipe her ass in front of me. Finally, I quickly rolled some TP off the damp, bloated roll hanging from a rope behind me, quickly wiped my butt and stood up, yanking my shorts up so as not to give the girl more than a fleeting glimpse of my bare butt. We'd been instructed to pour a scoop of lye in the toilet after using it, which I did. Then hurried away.

I never had to share the latrine with her again, but I was able to take the rest of my dumps there in front of people without too much anxiety.

leon said you were a daily bedwetter, up until age 8. well, my sisters, ages 12, 10, and 8, (not counting the oldest and youngest sister) are all daily bedwetters. in fact, it`s strange if they don`t wet the bed....that`s how frequent it is.

Scatman Scott: Interesting experience. I wish I could get paid to take a shit!

Tim DE: Didn't like this story as much as your last one, but keep 'em coming!

It seems to be getting closer and closer with my boyfriend. Yesterday we were smoking and sitting on a ledge by my house, and I felt something moving. It was only he and I at my house. I was about to tell him I had to go shit, but he spoke first. "I have to shit," he said. "Good, me too!" I said back. We walked in, aaaaand then I chickened out. "I'll go in the master bath, you take the main bath?" "Sure," he said. I followed him down the hall and he walked into the bathroom and I went into my bedroom to put away my smokes. I stayed in there for a minute and when I walked back down the hall, I noticed he'd left the door cracked open and I saw him in all his glory, pants down on my potty. My heartbeat started to race and I passed the door and stopped. "I'm doing this," I thought. I walked back to the door. "Oh god, I can't," I thought. I walked to the master bath and, hell, I may as well describe my happenings in there. I was a little nervous already, but since I knew he was across the house and I wouldn't have a whole lot of time, I started pushing. The first piece was small and plopped loudly. The next seven or eight pieces were pretty much the same. PLOP PLOP... I pushed again and nothing came. I still had to go but I kept it in since I knew he was probably done. His shits are always quick. So I wiped and shut off the light and fan and flushed. When I walked out my boyfriend was laying on the floor in the master bedroom playing with my cat. We're so open about everything... but I'm still really afraid to shit with him. I want to see him shit really bad... what if I walked in and he freaked out and told me to go away? I mean, I guess he wouldn't have left the door open then. What do people talk about when one of them is taking a shit? Most of all I'm worried about AFTER he's done... when it's my turn. I don't think I'll be able to loosen up my nerves enough to actually shit in front of him (or mostly anyone). Help me, guys! Give me advice!

Happy pooping!


Looks like I've got some fans here, so I'll answer a few questions before I get on with the story...

Cam Zulli asked:
"1. do you go poop everyday?
2. do you like to poop at home or do you poop in public?
3. does it plop in the toilet really loudly?"

1. Most every day, except on rare occasions
2. I can crap wherever I feel the urge, it doesn't really bother me
3. Not excessively loud, no. My turds make the expected amount of noise when they hit the water.

Shakerboy asked:
"Have you shown Ashley this site yet?

when you say Ashley grunts, is it loud or not? Do you not grunt normally, you said you got rid of a monster a few months ago, did you grunt then or not?

Would she - Ashley - be willing to break her "biggest" record if you asked her?

How long do you think it would take her from start to finish?

What sitting position would she start in and what position would she end up in?

What effect would it have on you and what help would you offer her, both physical and as a friend?

What do you both look like and where in the US do you live?

You said you had a bigger butt, compared to Ashley's in what way is it bigger, wider, more muscular etc?"

I showed Ashley the site, but she says she won't be able to post. She's afraid that her parents might find out about this site, and I respect her decision not to post.

When Ashley grunts, it's usually not very loud. If there's a difficult turd, she'll do little grunts, like "Unnnh" and then a little later another "Unngh". I, on the other hand, grunt often. Not very loud grunts, about the same as Ashley's, but I grunt more often than she does. I don't know why grunting seems to help, but it does.

As for records, I don't know about Ashley, but I don't really keep track of a record crap. I remember the rare times I get constipated, but other than that, I don't really pay a lot of attention.

Ashley often takes at least half an hour to complete a normal crap, so if she were to be really constipated, she probably could spend an hour or more on the toilet. I'd imagine she'd start out sitting all the way back on the toilet, probably lean forward as the turd started emerging.

If she were to need my help, I'd offer it. I found that just having Ashley there to talk to helped me with my monster turd.

I have shoulder-length light brown hair, medium sized breasts, kind of long legs, and I'm about five foot six. Ashley has darker hair, sort of like a strawberry blonde, and she keeps it shorter and usually ties it in a ponytail. She has medium sized breasts as well, her legs are probably average length, but she's a few inches taller than I am. We live in Southern California.

That was just a guess to be honest... I don't see any point in comparing my butt to anybody else's. It is whatever size it is, and I'm fine with that.

Well, anyway, now that the question and answer bit is out of the way, on to the story part. I was at the mall with my mom on Monday. We had lunch at the food court and we were about ready to continue shopping when I felt the urge to crap. I told my mom I needed to use the bathroom. She said she'd just sit at the table and wait for me. I found the nearest bathroom, and there was only one stall free, so I took it.

Somebody else had already crapped in this toilet, but not flushed, so I flushed it. While the toilet was flushing, I pulled down my panties and pants, sitting on the toilet. I began peeing a small stream, lasting for maybe thirty seconds. As I began pushing out my first turd, I heard a flush from the stall next to mine.

Almost at the same time my first turd plopped into the water, I heard the stall unlock. I was already pushing out another turd when someone went into that stall and locked the door. My second turd broke off, and I heard a little girl ask "What are you doing mommy", and the woman's voice quietly saying "Mommy has to go poopie right now."

My turd broke off as I heard the girl say "Okay." I felt like there might be another turd, so I waited for a bit. After I waited for a bit, I was able to push out another small turd, and I was done. I looked at my crap, two firm sausage like turds and a smaller little poop-nugget. I began to wipe, once on my front, five times on my butt, and I flushed the toilet.

I was pulling up my pants and panties when I heard the toilet paper being rolled off from the stall next door, and then as I was unlocking the stall door, "Wow mommy you made a really big poopie". I washed my hands and was drying them when I heard a toilet flush and then the girl said "Uh oh, all your poopies didn't go away" as I left the bathroom. It was funny to hear, but I still felt bad for the mom who must have been sooo embarrassed.

I have just come back from a dance with my boyfriend. He has to work in the morning so he needed to go home. I am right in front of my computor and on my potty ready to start my load. My panties are down at my ankle.ummphh! It is atarting to come out.umph! halfway now!ummpphh!!!It is all done!It was just a small snake of a few inches.

hello i have been a lurker here for quite awhile. i am 14 white and male. i recently recieved a free sample of under jams and they are great.i have used them for quite a while. i have many stories and accidents to share with you guys. so if you would like me to share them just ask. also if you have also recieved your free sample of goodnites or under jams please share your experience with them.
and please dont tell my mom.

i have to report back on my underjams.they leaked realy easily. i would never recomend them to a real bed wetter
please dont tell my mom

does anyone else get diarrhea when the weather gets too hot.
I always do and its damned inconvenient.

To Bunnyboo:

My dear, the last time my anus was on fire was during my fart lighting days in college many, many years ago.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Linda from Australia here again. I'm still on a losing streak with my poos. All week, I've only been able to push out small amounts of poo. Nearly everytime I went for a wee, I had to fart and some mushy poo would come out. I've had to wipe at least 10 times to clean the poos off my anus each time!! I even had to wipe poo of my butt at work. I didn't have a solid poo all week, until today. I had a strong urge to go all day and I almost went at work. I could feel poo sitting in my anus and a few times, I thought I was going to have an accident in my pants. I was able to hold it in until I got home. As soon as I got home, I ran for the toilet. I sat down and poo shot out of my butt straight away. I didn't have to push or strain at all!! Wee came out at the same time. I only had to wipe once. My load was very sloppy, with no solid logs at all. Then about 10 minutes later, I needed to go again!! This time, the log were harder and they hurt my anus coming out. Then, about 20 minutes later, I had to go again! More solid logs came out and it took a bit of effort. Then 10 minutes later, I had to go yet again!! More hard logs came out. And 10 minutes after that, I did more poos!!! They were hard logs that time too. I felt SO much better after getting all that poo out! It must have been building up inside me all week.

To Thunder from Downunder: Have you been constipated lately? Have you done any big poos in your favorite public toilet recently?

To Keith D: How have you been going with your poos? Any constipation?

Hi, everyone.

First I am not the same woman as Gillian, but I love her stories and experiences.

Pat: Thanks for your recent experiences, yu must have a wealth of
wonderful stories to relate.

Poo Bear: I found your questionairre inspiring, here as far as possible
are my answers.

1. I am female, aged 38.
2. I accompany almost always women, mostly from work, and my son and
I, living in a small flat, often see each other on the toilet.
3. Co-workers, neighbours, relatives, and often strangers.
4. Most days my son, Stephen, and co-workers, Isha and Sheila.
5. From my childhood, 6/7 years old.
6. Most outstanding experience was when Mum had to poop whilst we
were picking blackberries.
7. The experience with Mum was both a bonding and a wonderfully
intimate moment, that has stayed with me, and will stay, forever.
8. Yes I often poop in front of my co-workers, and sometimes when
my son is in the bathroom and we are getting dressed etc.
9. I enjoy everything. Right from the rustling of dresses/slacks/
skirts/trousers. The dribble, sometimes rush of pee, then the,
what I call pregnant pause, when I know somebody is going to have
a poop. I love the heavier breathing, gasps, plops and splatters
into the pan. The erotic sounds of toilet tissue as they clean
their bums. When I have the chance to actually witness somebody
pooping then the facial expressions add to my feelings within. I
love to listen in the rest room at work every day.
10. That varies Poo Bear. Sometimes they do what is in the UK called
a panful. Where the poop is running down the back of the pan and
filling the bowl. Some days its a quickie, a few grunts, maybe
two, three turds, thats Isha normally. Sheila always takes
longer, sits and pauses between bursts etc.
11. That varies too, if somebody is constipated then the effort it
takes is often painful and long drawn out.
12. Isha and Sheila and myself are always talking as we go. It is
sometimes about how we are feeling, do we have a ???? ache, are
we loose, is our period due and so forth. It can also be mundane,
whats in the newspaper, what did we do last night etc.
13. Thats easy, for me it is when they are dressed and sitting with
panties down. That is the most erotic for me far more sensual than
a nude woman.
14. The odour always adds to the enjoyment. I do not find it repulsive
in the slightest.
15. No Poo Bear, but I have often thought about it.
16. Yes. There are a couple of good sites that I use.
17. Yes always when I am in town and need to go to the toilet I always
check the cubicles to see if somebody is pooping. I do that where-
ever I am, out dancing, having a drink, at the cinema etc.
18. Not so much experimented but Isha and Sheila and myself often have
squatt in the open air. Toilets in the UK are closed nowadays at
sunset. I have used ice-cream cartons, newspaper, anything so that
I can dispose of it properly.
19. Yes. See my answer on question 18.
20. Yes. That has happened whenever there is a danger that my/our
clothes could get dirty. We hold our clothes out of the way so
that our companion can wipe clean.

Nobody: I still read your letters with bated breath. You have some
truly wonderful friends. I long to know if you have tried my
'can you pass me some toilet tissue' gambit. It has frequently
worked for me. Please tell me if yu have tried it and how you got

There are so many writers I want to thank. Upstate Dave, wonderful experiences. Robyn, Ashley, so many, people who make this the most
stimulating and exciting read every day.

Upstate Dave
Uncle Harry that was a different expierance for sure seeing the woman pissing in the glass right there in the kitchen! Dave I found your post interesting about using the yard and the garbage bags to use by you and your girlfriend. I can tell you that I had a toilet repair job too where it was out of commision for almost a whole day which I will tell about.

In my repair job was reapir the wooden floor and replace the wax seal under the toilet. The floor had rotted and had to be replaced. So I started by shutting off the inlet water supply to the toilet and then after flushing the toilet I drained the remaining water out into a large plastic pail. The plastic pail would be used as a tempoary toilet while I did the needed repair work.

Now the bathroom,kitchen, and laundry area was in the basement of the place we were living in. I placed the plastic bucket out in the laundry area. I unbolted the toilet and had moved it and I had already made the new floor piece made up and I put that over the old rotted floor and I took a break for I needed to use the toilet pail.

My wife was out doing laundry as I went over to the toilet pail and pulled down my zipper and pulled my penis out to piss. I started to piss sending out a strong stream of piss into the bucket making a loud splash. My wife asked me how the job was going. I turned and looked at her and she had turned and was watching me piss. I told her it was going ok. I had the new floor down and now I had to do the seal next.

My wife told me ok and she stood there watching me piss until I was done going. I put my penis back inside my jeans and zipped them up. Then my wife told me it was her turn. I smiled right after she said that to me. I told her I guess I can take a little longer break! She giggled and stepped over to the toilet bucket and she had on a pair of blue shorts the stretch type so all she had to do was pull them down.

She did and she was not wearing panties which around the house she rarely did. She stepped back over the bucket and did a high hover over it and she started to piss. From out of her vagina came avery hard very neat piss stream hissing loudly and going straight down into the plastic pail toilet. I told her that she was making me not to work right now. We could do something else instead! She laughed and told me I better get the work done. Maybe later after lunch we can fool around then. I laughed again and told her ok.

She went on and took a good piss to that was quite long. Her stream did slack offdribbling and dripping some at the very end. I had forgotten to put a roll of toilet paper out with the bucket but it didn't matter. My wife just pulled her blue shorts back up and she went back with the laundry and I went back in the bathroom to contnuie with the toilet.

I placed the new seal in and put the toilet back on the mounting bots. I then worked the toilet around a little pushing down on it so it was get a good seal on the wax ring seal. Then I did the nuts and tightned them up. Then put the cap covers on over the nuts and that was done. I glad it was too for I didn't have to smell the oder of sewer gas comming up through the open hole any more.

I had bought a new plunger assembly also and I installed that inside the tank. By this time it was lunch time and my wife called me out to the kitchen. We sat down at the table and we ate lunch. I told her I was almost done. I had to hook back up the water supply line and check for leaks. She said good to me for I have to take a shit and it feels like it is going to be a good one too!

I told her that she would still have to use the plastic bucket for it still will be a little while for me to finish with the toilet. Especailly if there are any leaks I went on saying to her. She told me ok I'll use the bucket then. We finished our lunch a short time later and we both walked back into the laundry area together.

This time instead of her pulling her own shorts down to go I slipped them down for her. That made her smile. They slipped down to her bare feet and she then kicked them off. She then stepped back and sqauted down placing herself about wto feet up from the top of the plastic bucket. I was standing in front of her and I leaned back against the washer to watch her go.

First she did piss some with a short hard hissing spurt of piss comming from her vagina. Then she went into a dribble and she let out a short brrrap of a fart from her asshole. Most of the time when my wife shits she always has to push to get going. This time she didn't have to. For as soon as her piss stream went into its dribbling I saw a thin tip of her shit appear under her. It was pointed and it was brown in color.

Since she was dribbling piss as the tip of her shit had poked out her dribbling piss ran down to the shit that had poked out and dribbled off the pint of her shit and made a soft splash in the water in the plastic bucket. Her shit was moving so the tip got fatter as it came out. Her shit was moving so in a short time it was five to six inches long and quite fat around. Piss still ran down it and ran off from its point.

As her shit grew longer there was times that there was soft crackling soun and evn times since its surface was uneven air would get by and there would also be the sounds of phhhht type farts as she shit. When her shit was about seven or eight inches in length it broke apart. The piece that fell fell into the bucket and made a big enough splash that the water and piss in the bucket shot up and hit her in the crotch. The water was cold too and having the sudden cold water hit her my wife jerked her ass up real fast and she let out a short but loud yelp! That water is cold! she said to me.

Oh it scored a bullseye did it! I said back to her. She giggled and told me it was a direct hit! The remaining part of her shit was gaining length now too as I watched. It also had picked up speed as it contiued on comming out. Soon it had reached I would say almost a foot in length. I could smell the oder of her shit in the air too. It was real stinky but you could smell it.

Then for a few seconds it really picked up speed for her shit was getting narrower in si=ze. Then it fell away making another big splash in the pail but not enough that any of the splashed water hit her anywhere. Then her dribbling piss srang back to life into a stream that hissed loud and she pissed for a good ten seconds and then her stream died right out. She had gotten a roll of toilet paper sometime earlier and she picked it up rolled some off and gave her ass its needed wiping. She wound up wiping herself three times. Then she gave her vagina one quick wipe and she was done.

She stepped away from the bucket and stepped over to me. She gave me a kiss and I smiled and kissed her back. Then she told me the show was over. Go back to work. I smiled and I walked back to the bathroom and went back to my work. My wife left the laundry area and I heard her go upstairs. I hooked up the supply line and the tank filled with no problems and no leaks.

I gave the toilet a flush nd watched for leaks around the base. None appeared. To make sure I flushed the toilet several times and watched after each flush. I was very happy about having no leaks. But there was one. For over where the flexible supply line was I saw a wet spot on the floor and there were drops of water comming off from the supply line where it was bending.

I shut the water off and sure enough the old line had a split in it after I closley looked at it. That ment a trip up to the hardware store in the city. I went and went upstairs and told my wife what had happened and that I was going up to the city to get the new line. She told me ok and I left and took the car and up to the harware store I went with the old flexible supply line.

No problem getting the replacement one at te hardware store. Back to the house I went and a short time later I had it taken care of. Now my wife had heard me come in when I came back. She had come downstairs and stood in the doorway of the bathroom and watched me do the supply line. I turned the water back on and flushed the toilet. this time no leaks in the supply line so the job was now done.

Now my wife had changed while I was gone too. She had put on this very long Betty Boop tshirt she has. She was wearing it as she stood in the bathroom doorway watching me. Are you all done? She said to me. Yes I am I told her. Good we can now christen our refurbished toilet! she said to me. She had a big smile when she said this to me. I smiled back at her knowing exactly what she said to me and what way she wanted to do it too!

She cae right over to me yanked my belt open,pooped the snap onmy jeans, and then yanked them down very hard. I pulled them off from my feet and tossed them on the floor. I reached over and pulled up the bottomof her Betty Boop tshirt but she had not put any any panties when she put that shirt on. So I went right over to the toilet and sat down on the seat.

My wife then quickly scooted over straddled my legs as she came forward and she sat down fast and hard in my lap. I let out a slight soft ughh for she had sat down on me so quickly and hard. That made her giggle. We did this a lot together too as far as sharing the tolet together and going together. Sometimes she would sit real close up to me so we wound up only feeling and hearing what we would do. Other times she would sit back so I could watch and she could see also. This time she was sitting up very close to me.

My wife started pissing very hard right off the bat! She giggled telling me she had drank a lot of rootber soda while I had gone to the hardware store! I felt her very warm urine hitting me all over my crotch area and my genitals! I smiled back at her. I'm glad you did! I said back to her. After about ten seconds or so her pissing on me triggered my need to piss and I started to piss.

Now my wife had to feel my wwarm piss hitting her for she even slid up real tight against me and she let out a very short hard gasp. I smiled. Since she had drank a lot of rootbeer soda she really took a good long piss and I wound up getting really soaked. I felt when her stream let up for I no longer felt her warm piss on me only the sound of my piss and her piss splashing in the water down in the bowl along with my own piss splashing back on my bare skin too.

Now my wife reached down between my thighs and she pushed my penis down and held it down until I finished pissing. When I was done she got right up from my lap and pulled me right up from the toilet. We then went right out of the bathroom out to the kitchen and upstairs we went! Needless to say I and her did another job that went well into the afternoon!:-)

Ok so im 16.Has anyone had their anus on fire recently?

TO TRAVIS: If she breaks it off then she is shallow and superficial and it is just as well to stop wasting time. On the other hand she might have had a bit of a turn on....what happens when she wants to take a dump?
TO BATROOM BEAKY: I appreciate your reply...keep up the good makes life so much more easy, enjoyable and healthy.
TO LINDA of AUST: Any luck....?


Hello! I am a new poster but and old watcher... I've been going on this site since i was like... 10. I am a female and right now im almost 15. I am of the petite veriaty and have brown eyes and brown curly hair.

I remembered a story of when i was way little.

It was in the middle of winter and my family decided it would be fun to go tobogganing. I was really fun for a while but the i felt a very fimiliar urge in my lower regions. But I ignored it becuase i was just small... and well I was having a blast.

After about a half hour I finally told my sister i had to pee, But she said just wait till everyone was ready to leave, so I did. I held i for more time but after a while the urge came back but a lot stronger. I decided that, Hey im in a snow suit... know one will know. So i stopped walking up the hill and let go.

It was really cold so the wet warmness flowing down my leg felt so great. when i was done I resumed playing thinking nothing of it.

But to my horror, when we finally did go in i had to take of my snow suit, and my whole family saw that I peed in my snow suit.

Another time was when I was playing with my friend.

Our parents were all there sitting on the deck watching us play and having fun.But after a bit i had to pee. The urge subsided and i kept playing. we wen tover and played in the sand box and i thought " oh hey i can pee here... the sand will just absorb it"....

yeah.. not so much... the sand stuck to my but... my mom saw... and made me wear one of my friends diapers the rest of the day... he was two years younger at the time.

also up untill i was about 8 i was a daily bed wetter... bed wetting still fascinates me to no end though. ;D

well thats all for now...

Happy Pissing! <3

Scatman Scott
I attended a party a few weekends with a group of friends which also included one of my ex-girlfriends. Luckily, we have always remained on good terms since our breakup. We spent most of the evening talking and then decided to head home and I invited her to my place. We had been drinking but were only slightly tipsy, nothing serious.

Back at my place, we began reminiscing about the past. My ex was always a little more outgoing and less inhibited when she drank, and so we had quite an open conversation, to say the least, and an even more open experience afterwards. It all began when she asked me,

"So, do you still like shit?" recalling what I had told her about my interest in women going to the bathroom. Unfortunately, not once during our relationship had she allowed me the indiscretion of seeing her on the toilet.

"I suppose I still do, but I'm not fixated on it. I keep busy with other interests."

"What would you say about watching me now, for old times' sake?"

I tried to remain nonchalant as I asked her,

"Do you need to take a shit now?"

"Yeah, drinking always loosens things up a bit."

I hoped this comment did not indicate that she was going to release what one usually referred to as "drinkers' shit" which mostly consisted of the liquid variety. I much preferred my shit solid and well-formed.

She had already gotten up from the sofa and was heading towards the bathroom when she added,

"But there's a catch. I want 20 bucks for each turd. And I hope you have a lot of cash, because I can sometimes shit quite a lot."

I mentally assessed the contents of my wallet and recalled that I had quite a lot of money in it. In this case, the present situation was priceless as far as I was concerned.

In the bathroom, she had already begun unfastening her miniskirt when I requested she be completely naked but with her high heel shoes still on. There was something about nude women wearing nothing but heels which got to me. She proceeded to remove her tank top and finally her lace bra and thong panties. I looked at her ass before she sat down on the toilet. I had always particularly loved her ass.

"Well, isn't it like the typical man to not have any toilet paper," making me notice that the roll was empty and hadn't been replaced.

"I wouldn't want to have to wipe my ass with one of those bills you're gonna give me," she said with a laugh.

I hurriedly went to the hall closet to retrieve a new roll of tissue, making her promise not to start anything until I got back, not even pee.

After the roll was installed, she said,

"Okay, now, I require 20 dollars up front just for effort."

I sat down on the edge of the bathtub, extracting my wallet from my jeans pocket, pulling out a bill and handing it to her, all too eager to comply. She took it and placed it on the counter.

"Hopefully, this is just the first of many more," she said, as she positioned herself, her back straight, her hands primly cupping her knees. She began to pee, the stream hissing out loudly until it tapered off to a trickle. Afterwards, she did not waste any time with preliminaries, as her face contorted slightly, signaling her first attempt at shitting. She released a few short, abrupt farts, followed by longer, squeaky ones, making her giggle.

I watched in fascination as her facial expressions transformed into that of furrowed brows and pursed lips, listening to the inhalations and exhalations, the small groans she emitted with each exertion. Her heels clicked against the linoleum floor, digging into the tiles' sunken indentations as she bore down determinedly.

And then the deluge of turds began. One after the other, they emerged, slithered and deposited in a growing heap of contrasting brown hues and varying compositions. At one point, she tiredly paused and requested a break after expelling a particularly arduous specimen, reaching for the cigarette pack concealed in the pocket of her discarded skirt. She sat on the toilet, her legs crossed at the knee, smoking her cigarette, the odor of tobacco, fresh shit, and her perfume mingling together, trying to overpower one another. After stubbing out the cigarette in an empty soap bar dispenser, she challenged herself, saying,

"Alright, now let's try for yet another 20 dollars, shall we?" leaving me to wonder if she could possibly add more to the already full toilet. Amazingly enough, another piece soon pushed forth, as her ass cheeks quivered and a stream of pee began cascading down the length of the turd, dripping from its tip. That last one right there was easily worth 100 dollars, that's how perfect it was.

And the last one it was, as she slumped forward, reaching for the toilet tissue, ready to assess her work and resulting earnings. The amount became increasingly harder to determine as the first ensuing splashes turned into hollow thuds, as the pile became more voluminous. But I had estimated a total of eight turds altogether and even joked about having to pay her for a small nugget which had fallen with slightly a blip.

"Of course you have to pay me for it. It's still considered a piece of shit, isn't it?"

Afterwards, with my wallet almost emptied, I commented that if ever there was a profession requiring a skilled shitter, she would undoubtedly be rich. And while this experience was a small price to pay, it still made me regret that we had never done anything like this during our relationship.

While working in a bar a few years back I served a girl who was certainly on the large side to say the least, during her visit she had several cocktails, shorts, a mixed grill, steak,platter, then 2 deserts. I noticed her and her friend (who hadnt eaten) dissapear into the loos for 20 minutes or so, they came back, the fat lass had a huge grin while her friend looked as sick as a dog. They finished another set of doubles then left quite quickly, the upstairs bar I was working on then had to close down as all the stalls in the female toilets had started to back up, none would flush down, but one was completely stuffed with turds and huge wads of loo roll, I know I cant prove it but surely the amount of junk his girl must have eaten on a daily basis had completely overwhelmed the drainage system. I wonder if this happened everywhere she went to the loo!

Just thought i would conduct a survey addressed towards all you shitting enthusiasts out there, particularly those of you who have at one time or are currently partaking in this act with another participant. Your answers would be greatly appreciated. Okay, now on to the survey...

1)What is your gender?

2)What is the gender of the person you accompany to the bathroom?

3)What is your relation to that person (relative, friend, coworker, spouse/significant other)?

4)How often do you get the opportunity to accompany that person to the bathroom?

5) When have you developed your interest in shitting (childhood, teens, just recently)?

6) Is there a particular experience or event that has triggered/initiated you to that interest?

7)Do you consider this experience to be an act of intimacy/bonding?

8)Do you reciprocate by shitting in front of your partner?

9)What do you enjoy most about the entire process (pushing/straining, the vocal/facial expressions, seeing the turds emerging from the buttocks, the sound of the turds as they exit and drop into the toilet, seeing the completed result in the toilet...)? *FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR OWN HERE*

10)On average, how many turds does your partner produce during one session, and what is the usual consistency/characteristics of the turds?

11)On average, do the shitting sessions require a lot of effort from your partner?

12) Is there an exchange of conversation while you watch your partner shitting? For example, do you engage in casual conversation, or offer words of assistance/encouragement throughout?

13)What are your preferences in terms of what your partner is wearing while shitting? In the nude, or with particular clothing attire? If it is the latter, please describe.

14)Do you enjoy/tolerate the odor of your partner's shit, or do you find it repulsive?

15)Have you ever photographed or videotaped one of your partner's shitting sessions?

16)Have you ever purchased/downloaded content from websites specializing in material which depict the act of shitting?

17) Have you ever secretly listened in on someone, either at home or in a public restroom as they were shitting?

18)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in something other than the toilet (plastic container, bucket, plate/bowl)?

19)Have you and your partner ever experimented with shitting in an outdoor or openly public setting?

20)Have you ever wiped or offered to wipe your partner's buttocks afterwards?

Thank you in advance for your participation and contributions.

Uncle Harry
Apartment Handyman 2

The only other time during my apartment handyman career where I got to watch a woman pee occurred a few weeks after the leak in Clare's toilet. This time, it was about 4:00 PM Friday and I had just gotten home from school. A call came from a woman, Mrs. Radcliff, who said her bathroom sink was leaking, the floor was getting wet, and she didn't know how to shut it off. Of course, the maintenance guys had recently left; they worked 7-3:30. Mrs, Radcliff was older than Clare, a widow about late 60s, who knew who I was, but didn't really know me as well as Clare did. I got down to her apartment as quickly as I could, found the supply pipe valve, and shut it off. It wasn't a very fast leak, so there wasn't too much water on the floor. A quick look showed that the hot water supply line had corroded at the attachment to the faucet and sprung a leak. It had to be replaced. I went back to my apartment to put on some work clothes, then went to the basement to get parts and tools, and came back up to Mrs. Radcliff's apartment. She had already mopped up what water was on the floor. The sink was a stand-alone with legs; it wasn't in a vanity. That was just as well; it made things easier to reach. The sink was situated on one wall and the toilet on the wall to the right, facing the sink.

I got under the sink and from there I had a clear view of the toilet seat straight to the right or maybe a little below my line of vision. I tried to loosen the nut attaching the supply tube to the faucet. It wasn't easy to get at, as it was located up and behind the bowl and required a special kind of wrench. I sprayed it with Liquid Wrench as a persuader. As I was struggling with it, Mrs. Radcliff suddenly dashed in. "I've got to use the toilet RIGHT NOW, Harry, or I'm going to piss my pants. I don't have good bladder control", she exclaimed. "You don't have to leave", she said, as she was backside to the toilet and already starting to pull down her slacks and panties. "Just keep your eyes on your work and don't look between my legs". She sat down quickly, legs apart, and immediately let loose a gusher.. and of course I was looking between her legs and had a straight-on view of her pussy. A heavy, rapid, stream was pouring out from between her rather small labia. I noticed some yellow stains on her underpants, indicating that she had already started to leak.. just like the faucet, I guess.. even before she had gotten to the bathroom. "You're not watching me going pee, are you Harry?", she asked. From where she was seated, she couldn't see where I was looking. I got into a kind of silly conversation with her. "what if I were?, I asked. "I'd be embarrassed", she replied. "If you don't know whether I'm looking, how would know if you should be embarrassed?". She paused and didn't give me a direct answer. "You're watching me go pee, aren't you?", she replied. I just responded evasively "Ugh..well.." "Well, don't worry about it. I know you high school boys and I'm too old to really be embarrassed". By now she was slowing down, made several more stop-and start squirts, and then reached for the TP and wiped her pussy. Then another wad of TP, more wiping, dropped it all in the bowl, pulled up her pants, and flushed. "I'll wash my hands in the kitchen", she said, as she started to leave. "And you'd better do a good job, Harry, or I'll tell your Mom that you watched me pee". I returned to my struggle with the faucet nut.

Uncle Harry
Pat: That was quite a story about your boss who wouldn't let the desperate older lady use either of the bathrooms. She must have been a stickler for the rules or was intimidated by you guys. Many women would have just gone into one of the bathrooms anyway and if anyone told them they couldn't, they would have just ignored him, or more likely, told him off in no uncertain terms. About two years ago, there was a story in the newspaper about a woman who was in court on some rather minor charge and, during the proceedings, told the judge that she needed to urinate and would he please call a short recess so she go to the ladies room. The judge refused. The proceedings dragged on slowly, the woman made the request several times more, even telling the judge she would have to wet her pants if she didn't get to the ladies room. The judge, already known for his nastiness, kept on refusing and threatened her with contempt of court. Well, a few minutes later, a flood of piss started coming out from under her dress and spreading all over the wooden bench she was sitting on. The woman was crying all the time she was pissing and told the judge she just couldn't hold it any more. I don't remember what the paper said about the judges reaction, but he was investigated about this incident and disciplined.

ROBYN and ASHLEY, glad to see you back.

Have you shown Ashley this site yet?

I have posted to this site twice without it getting through.....when you say Ashley grunts, is it loud or not? Do you not grunt normally, you said you got rid of a monster a few months ago, did you grunt then or not?

Would she - Ashley - be willing to break her "biggest" record if you asked her?

How long do you think it would take her from start to finish?

What sitting position would she start in and what position would she end up in?

What effect would it have on you and what help would you offer her, both physical and as a friend?

What do you both look like and where in the US do you live?

You said you had a bigger butt, compared to Ashley's in what way is it bigger, wider, more muscular etc?

Please keep the stores coming, you both have a great fan here........

cam zulli
questions for Robyn
1. do you go poop everyday?
2. do you like to poop at home or do you poop in public?
3. does it plop in the toilet really loudly?
by the way i think your stories are the best

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I would just like to say thank you to Rachel on page 1607 for answering my prayers. I did a Google search under the term 'makeshift enema'. I hadn't been able to take a proper dump for about five days and was beginning to worry. I had to improvise on her suggestion of using a water bottle and came up with a gardeners pump-action spray dispenser. I knew it was clear of any pesticide but still gave it a good rinse out. I removed the nozzle endpiece leaving me with just the plastic hose pipe which could be softened by running it under the hot water tap. I filled the bottle with about three quarters of a gallon or three and a bit litres of luke warm water (a mixture of hot and cold). I lubricated my anus with some Vaseline, got into the empty bath-tub, carefully inserted a tube into my bottom to maybe five or 6 inches in, clenched my buttocks and started pumping. It was a bit painful the first attempt so I slowed down the pumping and thus the pressure. I was able to slowly inject most of the water in to my body. I was quite surprised how easily so much fluid seemed to be dispensed. Having removed the tube I now found after a few moments that I did not have to keep such a tight clench to keep the water in and wondered how best to get the water to do its job of loosening the faeces which I so desperately wanted to get rid of. I lay down on the bathroom carpet and rolled from side to side a few times and then completely over and back in a couple of times thinking " I wonder if that will do the trick". I waited a few minutes, didn't feel any particular burning need to sit on the toilet but thought that something should be starting to happen so sat down anyway. I don't know if you have heard of the seven categories of fart which go Fizz, fuzz, fizzle-fuzz, bang,, ripped-em, roar-ass and splutter-blanket but the ensuring experience pretty well and included all of them as well as an awful lot of gushing and splashing. Hip hip hooray, three cheers and what a relief. I flushed the toilet once and then had another bout of gushing etc. Incidentally when flushing the toilet it is possible to also wipe one's bottom without using any paper which is quite environmentally friendly as it takes quite a lot of energy to make the paper in the first place and more energy to get rid of it in the sewerage system. It's a bit like using a bidet but without the extra tubes and stuff. It does take a bit of practice to start off with to make sure that you've done a good job but if you have haemorrhoids as I do, it can be much better as it causes little or no irritation or pain and definitely leaves the area clean afterwards.

I have heard of coffee enemas, saline solution and other things but just straightforward warm tapwater did the job for me.

Thanks to Rachel and all at Toiletstool.

PS. I suppose I should add a disclaimer, do not try this at home but if you do wish to do so, first seek advice from an appropriately qualified professional, who will probably be full of shit and if in the business of colonic irrigation, will want to charge you a nice price for doing the job for you. Well I guess it's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it, hallelujah, I'm ever so glad I got that lot off my chest, ho ho.

hi i was wondering if there were any young guys out there that would be willing to share there outside toilet experiences. if so please post them.

Uncle Harry
Apartment Handyman

While I'm on the subject of working as a handyman, when I was in high school, we lived in a high rise apartment. My uncle was a part-owner of the building and my Mom was the resident manager. The regular maintenance people worked only regular business hours, but someone was on call 24/7 for emergencies. In order to minimize the need to call the regular on-call unnecessarily, my Mom let me handle simple emergencies on weekends that didn't require a licensed tradesmen, for a fee of course, to earn some extra money. I often hung out with the maintenance guys because I liked mechanical stuff and learned a lot of handyman skills. One Saturday morning, a woman, Clare, who was middle aged, called Mom and said that she had just flushed her toilet and water started pouring over the top of the tank. She had shut off the supply valve, but needed to get the toilet fixed ASAP. She was going out for the day and would Mom please get it fixed while she was out. So Mom sent me to the apartment to take a look. Being the manager, she had duplicate keys to all the apartments. You'd be surprised how many tenants locked themselves out. As I suspected, the float valve had broken. Unfortunately, so had the water supply tube in the tank, which would make this a somewhat more time-consuming repair.

I didn't get around to fixing it until afternoon. I went to the basement maintenance office, got a new float valve and some tubing, which had to be cut to size at the toilet, picked up a tool bag, and went to the apartment. I was working on the toilet when Clare, whom I new, came home. I heard her drop her purse onto the sofa and heard rapid footsteps coming toward the bathroom. She came in with her skirt hiked up around her waist. She dropped it quickly when she saw me. "Oh! Harry! I thought you'd be done by now. I haven't peed all day and I really have to go". Unfortunately, I wasn't done yet. Properly seating a new tube was turning out to be more difficult than I thought and I told her I might be another half hour. I had previously flushed the toilet, so there was no water in it. She just groaned and started to leave the room. "Well, hurry as much as you can", she said.

I was getting thirsty and decided to take a short break to get a glass of water. As I was approaching the kitchen, I heard Clare call out to me, "Harry, don't come in the kitchen". I couldn't imagine why I shouldn't come in the kitchen, so I did anyway, and found out why. Clare had taken off both her skirt and underpants. Only her garter belt and stockings were still on. She was holding on to the kitchen counter with her right hand, squatting back with her legs spread wide, hairy pussy exposed, and pissing into a large glass she was holding between her legs. "Harry!", she shouted. "I'm urinating. Don't look". She made no effort to stop her stream; probably couldn't if she wanted to. It was filling rapidly, creating some foam, as the urine poured out of her vagina.

I guess I should have excused myself and left, but I was too fascinated by what I was seeing to think straight. Of course, I had seen girls pee before, but never into a glass, so I just stood there watching it pouring out between her pussy lips and filling the glass. Then I made some stupid comment, like "Yeah. I can see you're urinating. I guess you just couldn't hold it, huh?". "No I couldn't", she replied. "..and you shouldn't be watching. This is very personal how a woman goes to the toilet and boys shouldn't see it". By now, she was slowing down and then stopped. She made a few more spurts and stops and then was finished. She wiped her pussy with a paper towel, threw it into the waste basket, put on her panties and skirt, dumped her pee into the sink and washed it down, and washed her hands.

I went back to work while she went to the bedroom to change her clothes. By then I was done with the repairs, had the water turned back on, and was gathering up my gear before leaving. She turned to me and said, "Well, I guess you learned something today, Harry, even if you did embarrass me. You saw how a woman goes to the toilet". As if I didn't already know. I think she learned something too. If your going to piss in the kitchen with people in the house, don't expect privacy. So far as I know, she never said anything about it to my Mom.

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