Hi I'm new here and love the site.....I have an embarrassing story I need to get off my chest. Yesterday a girl I have been dating only a few weeks walked in on me while I was pooping.....She had just arrived at my house and I was finishing getting ready....I guess she didn't realize I was in the toilet room and she just opened the door and walked in!! I unfortunately don't have a lock on my toilet room door and I was in the middle of a HUGE dump....It's SO embarrassing to know she has seen me grimacing and pushing out a big poo as well as smelled me like that......I'm sure she will probably break it off now....oh well I just wanted to share...hope everyone is well!

I managed to win the worst father award today lol.... I had a few cokes today when I got a call from my son that he and his friend were broke down on the side of the road and he needed me to pick them up. His friend's car was broken down, they were heading to our house to play video games.... Where they were it would take about 20 minutes to get up to(that's where their school is). I made my way up there and about 3/4 of the way there I felt a very noticable urge to pee. I didn't want to leave them waiting so I pushed it off. I made my way there and picked them up to find his friend holding himself. They get in the car and he says "I was going to pee but I didn't want to get caught by a cop." By the time we pulled out and finally found a u turn on the highway I REALLY had to go and I couldn't hold myself while driving. It did not help hearing his moans and comments about how bad he had to go. I asked if he wanted me to stop, hoping he would say yes, and he said he would rather get to the house, he hates public restrooms. I could have died. About halfway home I forced myself to drive with one hand because squeezing my legs tightly wasn't doing the job. About five minutes from home I started doubting I would make it and his friend was starting to make comments that he was going to piss himself. As we pulling into our road I felt my first shot of piss into my underwear. I was freaking out. We pulled into our driveway and his friend kept saying "Oh god, no, god dammit, shit", etc. I was frightened because we only had one bathroom. I stood out of the car and felt another long jet of piss into my pants. It still wasnt noticable. I ran into the house, dribbling with each step, and as I had guessed his friend was in the bathroom pissing away into the toilet. I started to pee full force at that point. I panicked because I didnt want his friend to see me but I couldn't move. And just when I was about to run away he comes out. He had a 3 inch sized wet spot on his pants and here I was standing here with a puddle under me. He smiled and walked to my sons room. I put my head down in shame and cleaned up. I know my son was told so I hope he can forgive me for it.

A few months back, our toilet broke, and the plumber couldn't come until the next day, which left my girlfriend and I without a toilet for about 24 hours. We each had to pee a few times, but we just took some privacy in the yard and peed, but at one point, my girlfriend had to take a dump.

I suggested she squat and poop into a trash bag, then we'd throw it out. She reluctantly agreed, having no other viable options. My girlfriend always lets me watch her on the toilet, but this was the first time I'd seen her poop squatting.

We went out into the backyard and she removed her jeans and panties, getting in a squatting position. She peed for a few seconds and then the stream died off. I saw her hole open up as she farted softly, and then farted again. Her hole closed again, then opened and closed a few times, finally staying open as the head of a poop came out.

I heard her grunt a little while she pushed the poop out. The poop slowly inched out, a little at a time, and she was grunting a few times while she pushed. Towards the end, the poop rushed out the last bit and broke off. Her hole stayed open and another poop poked out shortly after. This one seemed to be a bit softer, she only grunted once then the rest of the poop came out and it landed in the bag. She reached for the toilet paper and wiped four times, and once on her front, then I took the bag out to the dumpster.

She had to take a dump again later that night, and I also had to go, so we both used the same bag. She went first, squatting over the bag again. This time, she let out five or six poops very fast. The whole thing must have been over in about 3 minutes. I contributed one firm poop to the bag, we both wiped, and I threw that bag out in the dumpster as well.

Hey Maddy,

Thanks for posting!

It does at least sound like Taylor wants the best for you - sometimes anyway. When I was a kid, my two brothers (one was 5 years older than me and one was 2 years younger) would sometimes make my try and wet my pants - just to humiliate me or get back at me for something.

I was fascinated to hear about Taylor peeing in your wet bed so that she didn't get in trouble a lot. I've got stories about that too that I can share if you would like to hear them. Perhaps you can tell us - was it often a problem that you and Taylor had to pee when you woke up, but somebody was in the bathroom?


I'd like to read an in detail post of the longest/best/most worth writing about crap you ever took--and about a normal poop please. Not about an accident or anything. But I also like listening-in posts a lot. Thanks!


You wanted the story about my boss, you've got it-here it is, he actually played a minor, but important role in the whole scene. What happened is as follows. I was working with him one day, helping him get caught up on projects. One of the things that need to be done was to fix a stall door lock in one of the ladies rooms. Our plan was that I would stand guard outside the door while he changed the lock-one of the things he told me was not to let the ladies use the mens, as he felt it was a double-standard-it was OK for them to use the mens room, but if a man should ever use the ladies room, all hell would break loose. So as far as he was concerned, what was good for the goose was good for the gander. Well anyhow,things were going well, he was getting the lock changed, and there I am standing guard. Then along comes these two women, I assume they were mother and daughter, one was older and the other one younger. So they approach my post, and I tell them that the restroom was closed briefly, and the reason why. The younger lady said that the older one had to go badly, so they were going to use the men's. As per my boss's instructions, I blocked the doorway to the men's and told them "Sorry, I can't. You'll either have to wait or use another restroom." To which the older lady replied "I can't hold it to anonother restroom." I told her "I'm sorry" to which she replied "Young man, if I don't get into the restroom shortly, you're going to have a wet on the floor to clean up" (her exact words). I still stood firm-if the bos s wouldn't have been there, it would have been different, I would have let them in. So the older lady sighed deepoly, and with a sheepish look, slowly sat down on the bench-slowly, as if she was trying not to make any sudden moves that would cause her to piss her shorts-she had shorts and sandals on. She was under pressure, there wa sno doubt about that-as soon as she sat down, she began to squirm around on the bench-at one point she winced and drew her mouth tight and seemed to be holding her breath, as if she was trying to do everything humanly possible to keep from wetting herself. Meanwhile, the younger lady was muttering under her breath about how heartless we were to hold an old lady back from the toilet-she was shooting fire from her eyes. The poor older lady was trying to hard to keep from pissing her pants to get mad-she looked as if she were ready to cry, poor thing-I really DID feel for her. I think she was getting ready to just give up and piss her pants right there on that bench, I really do. She was literally at her rope's end-I could FEEL the pain of her overstretched bladder along with her, the same as I could feel the relief of the two ladies I mentioned in a previous post. Maybe it's some inner gift I have, I don't know. Anyhow, I felt so sorry for her that I stuck my head inside the door to ask the boss how much longer-I told him of the lady's predicament. He said just a minute or two longer. The younger lady looked about ready to lynch me, as did the older one, if such strenuous activity wouldn't cause her to lose control of her bladder. By this time, she was losing her dignity and clasping her crotch with both hands-she was ready to piss-I was expecting to hear her mutter an "oh no!!!" any minute, and a dark, wet spot start to form on the crotch of her shorts, rapidly growing bigger and wetter. But just then, her break came, and the boss came out. Believe me, those two ladies wasted no time, the older lady was already sprinting through the door, while the younger on was making comments to the boss about how rude all of this was, and how the other lady had almost pissed her pants over a stall door lock. The boss just said, "You said you needed to use the bathroom, now use it instead of standing here yelling at me!!!" With that, she turned her head with the most disgusted look I've ever seen, and followed her older companion in. They were in there less than 5 minutes, while they were in there the boss gave me a short lecture on not telling them exactly what he was doing in there as they would say it shouln't take so long to do that. Then the toilets flushed inside the restroom, there was the sound of stall doors unlocking and the two ladies voices and running water as they washed there hands. Then the y came out, with the older lady telling the younger one "They wouldn't have cared if I'd peed my pants-I was ready to", followed by the younger one who stopped long enough to say that they were going to complain to mall management. He told them to go right ahead-he gave them the Mall Manager's name and his name as well. After they left, I asked him what he would do if they complained a, he said "Let them complain!!! We were in the right. He had gone several rounds with the Mall Manager in the past, so he wasn't worried-he was the Mall Operations Manager, and his word carried a lot of weight. "Besides", he said "I'll bet you anything that they don't complain." He was right, we never heard anything about it.


we had a long weekend, and as I mentioned, my best friend visited me. I think I've told story with her a while ago. A lot happened, I'm recounting what happened during the last two days.

Lindsey and I got to know each other during college. She had been there with me during all the good times and bad times, especially when I went through a painful break up with my ex boy friend. Probably it was she who ignited my interest to see other women pooping, because she was quite open and carefree about her bowel movements.Years later she moved out, But we always kept in touch with each other. Spending time with her on Sunday was special because I wouldn't be seeing her for a while, as she was planning on taking a career break for a few months in California.

Lindsey arrived at my place around noon and I had lunch and went to the mall, Lindsey bought this lovely black tank top, and I bought a red halter top and other tidbits. We came home, grabbed a glass of wine and indulged in a good conversation - about her vacation plans, juicy morsels about the guy she went on several dates with, and the "stuff i cant tell you over the phone".... As it got later, I suggested that we go out on a pub crawl, maybe to a club. After all we won't be seeing each other for a while, why not have a girl's night out in the city like our college days?

We were really having a bash. Lindsey was having several martinis at each place. I told her to go slow, she said that she need to really unwind and take a break from all the work, for she's been working nonstop during past weeks to finish her stuff. After a few hours, Lindsey was very drunk ( I was quite drunk too). We took a taxi to my place. I held her as she couldn't walk. When we got into the apartment, she went straight to the toilet and threw up. I held her hair, flushed the toilet and helped her to wash her mouth. Then I guided her to the sofa and made her lie down and offered her some juice, to ease her hangover. She took a few sips and laid back on the sofa, I held her hand and asked if she's all right. She moaned softly and said that she wasn't feeling well. A little after, there was the smell of a silent but deadly, followed by a wet fart "pfrrork"
Lindsey rolled over and said "Oh nobody I feel really sick, I think I really need to go to the toilet". I helped her get up and held her, on the way she let out more wet farts and said she is about to shit her pants. I removed her black pants, brought her pink panties down to her ankles and slowly eased her on the toilet. Not a moment later, A torrent of loose turds shot out of her anus with the noise of "Krplop-Kerplop- prrrftplop" one after the other. I really felt bad for Lindsey, she looked very helpless, hunched forward, her head between her thighs. I held her hand and stroked her back, she was in a pretty bad shape. I gently stroked her head and asked if she's all right, Lindsey only shook her head sideways. She kept shitting and farting, it was getting quite heavy with the putrid smell of her shit. After about two minutes there was silence, and I asked Lindsey if she was ok, but there was no answer, as she had passed out.

I felt super bad for Lindsey, she looked so helpless, passed out on the toilet with a dirty bottom, I gently tried to wake her up, she fumbled for toilet paper. She wasn't in a situation to wipe herself, so I asked her to get up. I reached behind her and saw that her bottom was quite messy, brown streaks of shit on the insides of her butt. I tore a wad of toilet paper and gently wiped her from bottom to top. I felt her anus twiching slightly when I moved tp across it.It was a weird feeling, feeling the warmth of the insides of another woman's private parts. On one hand, it was a very erotic experience, given the interest I have to see and hear other women pooping. But on the other hand I loved Lindsey as my best friend and I felt very moved by her predicament, I didn't want her to pass out with a dirty bottom. It took a total of 6 vipes to clean her up. I flushed the toilet. Lindsey kicked her pants off and grabbed on to me, I took her to the sofa and made her lie down. Next morning, I woke up with a huge urge to pee and a headache. I fumbled to the bathroom, got my shorts and panties down and started peeing furiously. All the alcohol I had last night had a laxative effect on me I felt a bowel movement building up at the tip of my anus and it expelled itself with a "prroah". I pushed further but it only produced gas. I wiped myself, and went to check on Lindsey, she was still sleeping. I had some oats, laid down and tried to sleep.

After I while I heard someone in the bathroom, and Lindsey was there. She had her panties stretched across her ankles, there was a huge brown stain in it. Lindsey looked tired and weak, but better than last night. I moved closer to her, she hugged me and thanked for taking care of her last night, and it really wasn't a big deal. I asked how she was feeling, and she said she was hungover. She looked at the skidmark and said that she must have let out some while sleeping. I gave her a fresh pair of panties. I would've liked to wipe her again, but she was all done. The rest of the day was quiet, both of us were battling hangovers.

After a couple of hours, it was time for a good bye. We hugged and kissed each other, and lindsey was "Oh sweetie thanks so much for cleaning me up last night, I owe you one". It really was nothing. After all, she was my best friend, isn't it?. It's sad to see her leave, but all good things must come to an end. This whole episode with Lindsey made two of us even closer.

Hi everyone! Sorry for my absence lately, I've been incredibly busy with school and what not. While I was away though, I did spend one weekend camping with Ashley and her parents. The campground was really nice, and they had good clean bathrooms, but there was only one problem. I'll get to that in a moment, because I want to start at the beginning of this story.

Ashley and I were coming back from a walk in the woods, when I felt the familiar rumble in my guts telling me it was time for a dump. I told Ashley and she said she could probably pee too, so she'd tag along. We found the camp's bathrooms and headed inside. The bathroom was an interesting set-up, with three toilets, but no stall doors. There was only little partitions between the toilets.

It didn't really bother me, I just kept my panties higher up to hide my private parts. Well, anyway, the bathroom was empty when we got there, so I took the furthest toilet. After I sat down, I peed for a little bit and began pushing out a turd. It was fairly long, and broke off with a ploop sound. As I pushed out another turd, someone else came into the bathroom.

With me on the furthest one, and Ashley in the middle, she took the closest toilet. She pulled her panties and jeans all the way down to her ankles, and peed a long forceful stream. My turd broke off, splishing into the water.

I felt a little more left, so I continued sitting. The girl's pee stream died down after a while, and I heard a splash. While I pushed out another smaller turd, I heard four more splashes from her. And the odor was really noticeable by now.

We both stood up, looking at our dumps at the same time. I saw my big turd curled up at the bottom of the bowl, and two smaller turds on either side. I wiped five times, and flushed. I was washing my hands, when she flushed and joined me at the sink. We struck up a conversation, at first it was a little awkward, but we continued talking even after we left the bathroom.

Her name is Victoria, and she likes this kind of bathroom stuff. She said she often poops twice a day, and they always smell really bad. It's just a shame I'll probably never see her again... I thought we could have been good friends.

Upstate Dave
Where I live here in ???? we have a good Memorial Day parade for the holiday. MY wife and I went and we always sit where the parade makes a turn in its route. The street is lined with people standing or sitting in lawn chairs. The weather was very nice this year so the turn out for the parade was very good.

In the people across the stret from us was a grandfather with his granduaghter. The granduaghter was dressed in a very pretty dark pink dress and she was tall for her age. I cam only guess that she was 4 to 6 years old. She played with a baloon as she sat waiting for the parade to go by which it had not reached our area yet.

Soon we could hear one of the first bands comming towards us and they were playing. They were a revolutionary war style band playing fife and drums. They were now in sight but still up the street from us. Everyone was clapping including the granduaghter sitting accross the street. I noticed that even that she was clapping she was real fidgety sitting in her seat.

Then it happened. The band had a small cannon that they shot off with a loud bang! This caught many people by surprise scaring them that either didn't see the little cannon or didn't thnk it would fire. Well the loud boom scared the litle girl across from us For I saw her jump up in her seat. Then I saw her look down at her dress for a couple of seconds.

Then as she sat there in her chair she pulled her dress up and she had on a matching pair of dark pink panties which had a grwowing darker pink area on them. Ther loud boom of the cannon had made her start peeing herself! The litle girl held her dress up kept looking down at her panties as she peed. She didn't say a word to anyone that was around her.

She kept looking down all the time it took her to pee. She did get up out from her seat after she had finished peeing and walked over to her grandfather and tugged at his shirt to get his attention. He turned and she must have told him that she peed. She then lifted up her dress and showed him her now wet pee soaked panties. He took her hand and they both walked away heading down the street most likely to go back to thier house. They were gone a short time for I noticed both of them had come back. She was still in the pink dress but I am sure she had on different panties now. They stayed and watched the rest of the parade and left when it was all over as we did too.

For the guy that wanted the page number for the story about the girl and the guy taking a bath, it's page 1439.

Esteban-I'm glad to hear you are able to use the Washington Square Park toilets with such ease. I've also heard about them, but have never been in the city to use them. Sounds interesting.

I had to use a toilet stall at a fairgrounds for a few days, and the door had a busted lock. It would swing open so you had to keep your hand or knee in place to keep it closed. While grabbing paper or wiping, you had to let the door swing open about 8 inches. The funny thing was, the stall was visible from the outside, so the people walking by could see your legs, from the thighs to your feet, including your pants and underwear. I used the stall several times, including at night, so I know there were several folks who must have seen me as they walked by the restroom. I decided against wiping while standing, though, because i didn't want to get arrested! Most of the times you could see my legs and briefs, though. They were briefs with stripes and patterns, so they were easy to spot!

A couple of times I walked past the restroom and I could see bright white briefs dangling between some guy's legs on the toilet. Not for the shy!

Gillygwentgirl- Are you the same poster who posted as Gillian?

An unusual experience this morning. I had my morning coffee and I was preparing to get ready to go out for the day. I went into the bathroom, picked up the book I've been reading and dropped down on the toilet.

Suddenly I was aware of something intruding on my reading - it was pain!

I was trying to shit, but it hurt. I set the book down and pushed again. More pain and no progress. I relaxed and tried to go again with the same result.

So I reached over, turned on the water in the sink, wet my finger and reached into my ass to feel what was going on. Kind of gross, but I didn't know what else to do. I felt a large, hard turd. I managed to pull pieces of the end and finally it came out. It was only about 6 or 8 inches long, but it was about as thick as the cardboard roll inside a roll of TP.

It was quite hard and I think the thick end had been positioned wrong to exit, or something. I don't know. I just hope it never happens again.

I got in the shower and scrubbed my hands with cleanser with bleach in it.

Dennis, let me satisfy a bit of your curiosity. I am a young, attractive (they say I could double for Gillian Anderson) English woman who seldom wipes her bum. My shit stinks like everybody else's (it is usually quite firm) but I very rarely wipe my bottom after I have a shit. After a dump, I just pull up my knckers and go on with my day. My boyfriend has told me numerous times that I have a smelly bottom but that this strangely turns him on. I just laugh.

So, don't worry about not wiping. Chances are you'll never miss it.

Upstate Dave
Here is the last part of my post with the girl Cindy at my sistors wedding. Well it was the next morning. I had gotten up and met Cindy down at breakfast which both of us ate in a real hurry. I needed to piss badly number one and I also had to shit number two. I wasn't sure about Cindy but I had a sneaking position that she did also just by the way she was hurring through breakfast like I was doing.

We got up from the table and Cindy told me to come with her. Cindy had on a summer dress and I was in a pair of shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Cindy went outside instead of staying in the house. I followed her. She did have pockets in her dress and I noticed that one of the pockets had a buldge in it as we walked heading down towads the barn.

Before we went behind the barn I told Cindy besides needing to piss I had to shit too. Cindy told me she too had to do both also. She pulled out the end of some toilet paper that was in her dresses pocket showing it to me. See Dave I came prepared! We both laughed. We were behind the barn now and she waited for me to slide the small door open. I did and I stepped up first and I helped her up and once she was inside I closed the door shut.

Cindy quickly headed over to the old bathtub. She was pulling up her dres as she walked towards the tub. In a few steps she had it pulled right up to her waist andher bare ass was doing a nice wiggle as she walked over to the tub! I told Cindy wait! She stopped. I told her I dont think shitting in the bathtub is a goood idea. It's better to shit over in the hay and I pointed that way where the hay was scatted all over the floor.

Cindy looked towards the hay for a second or two and she still went over to the tub. She turned around once she reached it and she waited for me to come over with her. As I took the last few steps and as I stood by the side of the tub with her she told me just take some of thehay and put it in the tub when we are done. Good idea! I said back to her.

Cindy sat down on the edge of the tub as I quickly popped my snap and I just yanked down my shorts letting them fall right down around my ankles and sneakers. I sat down on the edge of the tub too next to Cindy. I was erect which Cindy seeing I was giggled. She reached right over and took a hold of my penis and started trying to push it down. Hold it! I said to Cindy. I'm too hard to piss in the tub. Leave it up and I'll just piss on the floor. Cindy pointed my penis up and we both got ready to go.

I started my iss forst sending out a very yellow looking stream that arced outward and came down on the wooden floorboards better then six feet out in front of me. Then I heard Cindy start to piss now. I turned and looked over and down and comming from her vagina she had a hard dark yellow piss stream hissing loudly flowing from it. Being close enough to her and with her pissing in the tub I could easily smell the oder of Cindys piss. I was sure that my piss was smelly too but being six fet away you couln't smell it.

I fet my anus opening up for I was starting to shit. I told Cindy that I was starting to shit. She leaned back slightly to look. I could feel it comming on very fast. Cindy told me she could see it now. Boy it is really comming out! There was no noise to it as it came out. I could tell it was pretty fat for my anus was wide open. Then it either broke or it had come completely out for I felt my anus close and a soft thump down in the tube.

Then I felt my anus open right up again and I started to shit again. Real fast thsi time too. Cindy told me that she could see the second piece and it was comming out quite fast just like the first one. The second one must have moved faster or it was just shorter in its length for it only took a few seconds for it to come and end. Thatt was it for me as far as shitting. I will say this it sure did stink!

I was still pissing but my stream was easing for it had fell some and was comming back leaving a wet trail on the wooden floorboards as it came back. I stopped pissing before it came all the way back to me. I was done with both and I felt good having done both. Now I could look and watch Cindy who was still pissing very hard in the tub. As I watched her piss I wondered how much she was going to shit.

I got my answer several seconds later. Cinys piss stream suddenly slackened right off going from a hard hissing stream right down to just a dribble. She let out a wicked smelling loud fart. Then I heard crackling and I then saw her shit sliding out and downward. Hers was very smooth looking but not that big around. It was moving quickly and it was stretching as it went downward. It broke under its on weight and the part that broke off made a soft thud down in the tub. Her shit was a tannish color. Cindy had told me mine was brown.

As I watched the reamaining part kept comming. Since Cindy was still dribbling out piss as she shit piss was running down her shit and dripped off the end of it. This second part was stretching too and it had a crack open up in it and it broke havuing a second dull thud come from down in the tub. The reamainiing piece grew very long and then it dropped away from her ass making a louder but still soft thud in the tub. Then several shot pieces of shit shot out from her in a row. That was it as far as Cindy shitting.

Her piss stream shot back to life shooting staright down thsi time. I could see it along with hearing it hiting her shit down in the botom of the tub. Cindy now was pulling the wad of toilet paper out of her dresses pocket. Her piss stream after several seconds of going hard now died right out and had stopped but there was droplets of piss dripping off from her lower crotch.

Cindy rolled off several sheets of the toilet paper. She then turned and looked at me and handed me the wad of toilet paper. Wipe mine and I'll wipe yours! Cindy giggled as she said it to me. So I took the paper from her hand and Cindy got up from the tub moved over in front of me and sqauted down a little. I could see that she did have some skid marks on her inner asscheeks from her shitting . I genty gave her a wipe and tore the paper ff and gave her ass a second wipe with aper. It came out clean. Then I took the paper and slid my hand through her opened thighs and wiped her frontside. I was done and she stepped away and I stood up and squated in front of her. She wiped me gently and only had to wipe me once. That was it.

I pulled up my shorts and we both went over and hggathered up a lot of hay from the floor and dumped it in the tub. It took several handfulls to cover up our shit. We smiled when we were done and we then left the barn quickly. We went back up ti the house and two hours later Cindy was gone heading home. I had a greatr time with hjer and I have never forgoten it. Upstate Dave

Bathroom Beaky
thank you very much for your advise THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER i finally was able to poo and wee in a public loo. I wasn't that desperate but felt the urge coming from both ways so it tried to uses the local park toilets i went in and nobody was there thankfully. i wiped the loo seat thoroughly and sat down with no problems i relaxed took a deep breath and started both my poo and wee was quick and easy but i looked over to the toilet tissue dispenser and it was empty but no problems a had a lot of receipts in my purse thank you again now i feel i can go to the loo anywhere thank you

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I love your posts Nobody

When you describe going, could you tell us the sound it makes when it drops - Plop or Kerplunk, etc

Hi everyone. I'm 12 years old. My name is Madison but everyone calls me Maddy. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I'm 5 feet tall and thin. I live with my parents and my 16 year old sister Taylor, who will also be posting.

I've been interested in bathroom stuff for as long as I can remember. I wet the bed almost every night until I was 7, and even now if I drink too much before bed, or if I'm really tired I still wet the bed sometimes. I've always had daytime accidents. I don't have them as often now, but about 5 times a year I get caught in a situation where I can't make it.

I also go in my pants on purpose sometimes. I don't have one easy answer for why I do it. Sometimes I'm just being lazy and don't want to walk to the bathroom. Other times I know I'll have to wait a long time to go in the toilet and I don't want to wait. And sometimes just for fun. I know it sounds strange but I like doing things that most people would see as weird or bad.

Our parents have never made a big deal about accidents. They pretty much don't worry about it as long as we clean up any mess and don't try to hide what happened. They also know about the games I play. They don't really approve of it but they see it as harmless, and better than some other things I could do to amuse myself.

My interest in this stuff obviously started with my bed wetting and daytime accidents. I pee in the bathtub and pool like every kid does (And most adults I'm sure).

My first memory of anything strange is when I was 4 and Taylor was 8. My sister woke me up early one morning when she brushed her hand on the front of my pajamas to check and see if I had wet the bed. I thought she was just going to help me change into dry clothes and move me over to her bed to finish sleeping. She had done that before. But after she discovered that I was wet she told me to get up for a minute. She explained that our mom was in the bathroom taking a shower and that she really had to pee and couldn't hold it anymore. When I got up she took her pants and underwear off and laid down on her stomach on the same spot where I had peed. Right away I heard a hissing sound and Taylor looked relieved. She peed for what seemed to me like a really long time. After she finished she put her own clothes back on and helped me change into dry clothes. Once we were both laying back down on her bed she said she was sorry but she couldn't hold it anymore and didn't want to have an accident. She knew that our parents wouldn't think anything about my bed being wet. Our mom did say something about how wet my bed was, and made sure I didn't drink a lot before bed that night. I never told them the truth about what happened.

My sister has a lot to do with my strange bathroom habits. She pretty much always either got involved directly or played cheerleader whenever I mentioned that I wanted to go in my pants or go in some other place where I wasn't supposed to, especially after she became my regular babysitter when she was 12 and I was 8.

The weirdest one recently was last year. My class had a substitute teacher that day. I needed to pee with about an hour left in school but the teacher wouldn't let me go. By the time school ended I really had to go. I tried the school bathrooms after school ended but they were locked. Taylor's high school is right across the street from my elementary school, so I would wait for her and we would walk home together. It took her about 10 minutes to get out. By the time we started walking home I felt like I was going to explode. I was fidgeting and crossing my legs every few steps. After a couple of minutes of this Taylor got really annoyed. She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me down a side road where there were no cars or people. She asked me why I didn't go at school and I explained about the teacher and the locked bathrooms. She asked me why I didn't just walk out of class and go. I told her I didn't want to get in trouble. Then she surprised me. She pretty much ordered me to pee my pants. I asked her why and she told me that my fidgeting was slowing us down and driving her crazy, and that it wasn't good to hold it for so long. I said I would just pull my pants down and squat, but she said that someone might see and she didn't want some creepy person to watch me pee. I knew she wasn't going to let me talk my way out of it and I did really have to go so I spread my legs and relaxed. I peed for at least a full minute. It felt really weird to walk home in soaking wet pants. It was kind of exciting though, because I was worried someone from my school would see. No one did. When we got home Taylor told our parents that the substitute teacher wouldn't let me go and I had an "accident". My mom called my school and complained. My class had a different substitute teacher the next day.

Wow. This is really long, so I'll stop for now. I'll share more later. I think Taylor will be writing soon also.

Tim DE
Back by popular demand, I will continue my lifelong list of public toilet stories.

My next story takes place when I was in grade school. After my first and most memorable experience in the school bathroom, I decided to keep going as often as possible. I would rarely ever enter a stall if people were in the bathroom either at the sinks or the urinals. I was still pretty shy about being seen enter or exit a stall. Once I was in the stall, however, I was not shy at all. Well, actually, this story is where my shy behavior in the stall ended. It was early in the day, prior to lunch, and I had showed up to school late. I had a dentist appointment that morning and I was late getting in. One the way to school, my grandmother had stopped at a McDonald to get my breakfast before she took me in. I used to love the breakfast burritos they had. Anyway, this time of day was when we would all read silently at our desks. I remember I was reading something on the Titanic when I began to feel my stomach tense up. I was kind of excited because I now enjoyed using the school bathroom so much that I would hope every day taht the urge would come. I continued to read my book, letting the urge build up some more when it happened. My asshole tightened up so tight that I lifted slightly from my seat. Diarrhea. My excitement turned to sweat as soon as the feeling registered in my head. I looked over at the shelf. The bathroom pass was sitting there, waiting for me to grab it. I sat my book down, calmly but quickly hurried to the door, grabbed the pass, and took off. I did an awkward run to the bathroom. I couldn't run too fast or I would begin to leak, and I knew I only had a matter of seconds before I would not be able to hold back. I got to the bathroom door and pushed it open. I rounded the corner quickly and to my surprise, the first, second, fourth, and fifth stalls were occupied. I was pretty shocked as typically there would only be one, or rarely two stalls taken. To have 4 occupied was crazy. I didn't have time to admire the feet, I just jumped toward the open toilet. As I closed the door, I heard someone let out a wet fart, followed by some nasty diarrhea. My reaction to this, as I fought with the lock to grab, was to tighten my hole tighter. As I did, for the first time I could ever remember, I lost control for just a second. A faint but present wet fart slipped from my pained asshole. Liquid sprayed out slightly. At this point, I didn't bother with looking at the seat or the bowl, I just pushed my pants down as quick as I could. I grabbed my briefs and slid them down as well. As my pants and briefs were settling at my ankles, my poor little butt was lowering to the seat. Before I made contact, liquid diarrhea began to poor. "OH GOD" I said rather loudly as it began to flow. Sweat was dripping down my forehead. My butt finally touched the seat and my penis got caught up on the ledge of the toilet (U shaped toilet seat). I pushed it down in the bowl and continued. After the first wave of liquid, I loudly exhaled with a recognizable AAAHHHHHH. Typically, I would never fart, make loud noises, or even any noise while someone was in the bathroom. But today, I did not have any control. Pressure began to rebuild so I gave it a little push. Out came the longest and loudest eruption of wet farts and semi thick liquid I have ever produced. I heard giggles throughout the bathroom. I wanted to laugh myself but I couldn't help but focus on the task in hand. I took a breather, for a matter of seconds when I felt the need to push some more. This time, more liquid and some semi solid turds shot out of me. The sensation was so great that my legs thrusted forward and I threw my hands against the stall wall to stop from falling off. This sensation continued for at least a solid minute. It was insane. After I felt cleared out, I noticed that I never checked to see what damage I had done to my briefs. I looked down and noticed speckles of brown on the backside of my white briefs. I didn't worry as they were too small to notice through my pants. I relaxed myself on the toilet for a minute or so and soon realized that the seat that I had sat on was never checked. I didn't feel anything wet when I had sat down, but I was so paniced I don't think I would have noticed. I lifted my ass off of the seat, only to see my worse nightmare. Someone had sprayed liquid poop on the back of the seat. It was all over my shirt tail and my ass. I felt so disgusted at that moment. I wanted to cry. I reached over to grab some toilet paper to clean it up. All of a sudden, I hear a voice. I sat back down in the mess, and looked up. Looking over the stall at me is the kid from the next stall. "Sorry to tell you, there is no toilet paper in that stall" he says, "that is why I picked this one with the no lock". I immediately wanted to start crying. Then, the kid on the other side of me pops his head over his stall and looks down at me. "That seat had poop on it too" he says. I didn't know what to say. I just looked up at them. Then the first kid looked at the other one and said, " he had to go so bad he didn't care. I'm just in here to keep from having to read". "I had to poop bad too, but I still looked at the seat" the other kid answered back. While the first kid was talking I heard a toilet flush and someone leave their stall. Thinking quickly, I got up from the toilet and stood. "EWWW" the second kid says as he saw my bowl. "You really had to go, bad" the first kid says to me. I left my pants at my ankles, flushed my impressive load of brown liquid, and exited my stall. I shuffled my feet down to the fifth stall that was now empty, and wiped up. I left the bathroom that day and hoped that I would never have that happen to me ever again. But, of course, it has.

More to come

I was sitting in a stall at work yesterday and a guy entered the stall next to me. I was in the handicapped stall, so the stall next to me was about four feet away. The guy had nice dress shoes and blue dress pants. He put a seat cover down, unzipped his pants, dropped them and sat down. He started pushing and you could hear his stools pushing against the tissue of the seat cover. He proceeded to let out the most amazing amount of shit. It went on and on and on. He breathed and sighed as it came out. It was probably a mixture of relief and pleasure. I couldn't imagine how one person could have so much in himself. I tried to imagine him sitting in a meeting and feeling this urge build gradually until it must have been almost unbearable. He stopped, paused for a second, and then another installment came. He then wiped. Because of the light above, the shadow showed him pulling the paper, folding it with his right hand, wiping from the back, then examining it, folding it over and wiping again. He wiped about ten times. He then got up, pulled up his pants, flushed and left the stall, I could see him at the sinks through the crack in my stall, He was a fit looking thirty-something year-old guy. I imagined him going back to his desk with the amazing feeling of relief after pushing out such an enormous amount of excrement. He might have been constipated and the resulting bowel movement was induced by a laxative. But it was not a violent explosion; it was really a very gentle and relaxed release. It was quite amazing. I will go back to this stall next week at around 9:00 AM to see if he returns.

I would like to say a couple of things before I start my story. i would like to congradulate all those compassioinate janitors who let someone in who really needs to go. My boyfriend works at a custodian and he realizes how difficult the dicision can be.
Also I would like to give some advice to Michale aka MS. It realize your desires however again they are not worth getting in trouble for.
Also I have found a potty that my mother used to have and have started reading posts on this site while sitting on it. I spent most of a night doing that. As before I was able to fart and pee for a long time. One thing about the potty is that I had an accident and got some pee on my rug. I cleaned it and from then on I kept my vagina right above the whole. One thing about the farts this time is that I let out five tiny poop pellots with them during the night. That was good. I then had what I thought would be the one final poop and it was good. However I had to go again and this time I sat on my regular toilet. I got down on the seat and this time pulled my skirt up way up so I could see my butt on the seat. I pushed and then it happened. zzzPPPPPTTTuh oww umph uuu ooow, plunk, AAAAHHHH!! I had a good fart followed by a poop right after that. It was not like on the cosmic skale that I have seen on some of the other posts but it was good!

Uncle Harry
Summer Job in the Park

Pat: I haven't had nearly as many experiences of working in the women's toilets as you have.. just once. So here's the story.

To continue my summer job saga, the following summer, after I had just graduated college, Sue and I got engaged. I was going on to medical school in the fall in the same city where my college was, so I stayed there so I could be with Sue. She had another year of nursing school to go, so we planned to get married the following summer. In the meantime, I moved in with her.. and her two apartment mates. Since the students often had to spend nights at the hospital, not all 3 were often home at the same time, but at least one was. This was a good deal for me, since at least someone was there to make dinner, so I didn't have to scrounge for food. I'm no cook.

That summer, I did not return to my summer job at "The Swamp". I got tired of slogging around in the muck. Besides, there was no guarantee I would get Mary for a partner again and watch her pee with her "Whizzy" all summer. Instead, I got a job with the park district on a maintenance/repair crew. We didn't do any housekeeping work. Since I had some handyman skills and my partner Sam could barely tell a hammer from a screwdriver, I was the "senior" partner.

One day we needed to replace a broken frosted-glass window in one of the women's toilets. This was a large park and the next nearest toilets were a mile away. We were working on a Saturday because the park maintenance was behind schedule. The weather was hot and sunny and the park was crowded. We started around 11:00 AM and the job was likely to take 3-4 hours, or maybe longer if we ran into any snags. We weren't just replacing the glass. The entire frame was rotted and had to be replaced. I had asked the supervisor what to do about closing the women's, hanging a "co-ed" sign on the men's, or just leave it open and let the women make their own decisions, since it was a long haul to the other toilets. To complicate matters, neither the men's nor the women's stalls had doors on them. The women's had 3 stalls and the men's had just 1 stall and 3 urinals. The boss opted for leaving the women's open with a warning sign posted, which we had in the truck. It said, "Open. Men working inside for several hours". Well, sort of as a way of reassuring the ladies we wouldn't bother them, I replaced "Men" with "Gentlemen" written on some yellow sticky tape. The various reactions were quite interesting.

I don't know how many women decided to "hold it" or go somewhere else, but a surprisingly large number of women used the toilets, with varying degrees of ingenuity to obtain some privacy.. or not bother. We waited until the room was empty before we hung the sign and started to bring in our gear. The first to come in were two older women. They looked around and then asked if they could trust us not to look while they peed. We said we would "try our best" without giving them any guarantees. Even if we wanted to, it would have been impossible not to catch a glimpse as we were moving around doing our work. So the two women went into 2 stalls, pulled their shorts and panties down to their ankles, spread their legs far enough to balance themselves, squatted over the bowl, and pissed heavily. One sprayed a lot, while the other had a rather straight stream. We couldn't help but see them pissing as we moved around. One, who saw us looking briefly, casually remained us to please not watch. While they were peeing, 2 other women came in. One went into the third stall while her friend stood in front of her sort of blocking our view, but it wasn't very effective. She, too, pulled her shorts and panties down to her ankles, squatted and pissed, and then the two women changed places. In the meantime, the other two women finished, wiped their pussies, pulled up their pants, and went to wash their hands.

Many women came in to piss and poop that day. Most of the women squatted over the bowl. Only a few sat down, and most of those had to poop. (Few women, I understand, like to sit on public toilets; some are terrified of the thought). Largely, the pissers-only followed a similar pattern: shorts and panties down to their ankles or just above their knees, squat over the bowl, piss, wipe, pull up pants, and head for the wash bowls. Some managed to pull down only the backs of their pants while keeping the fronts high enough up to keep their pussies covered. When they wiped, they just pulled their pants forward and put their hand inside to wipe. A few were wearing dresses or skirts, which they just held in front of themselves. Several reminded us to please not look, most just glanced at us and then went about their business and paid no attention to us.

Things started to get crowded around 12:30, with many women waiting their turn inside, or sometimes in line through the propped-open door. Here is a sampling of some the more interesting events. One woman squatted over the bowl, pants just above her knees, pissed, and then continued to hover there until two big turds plopped out. This was rare. Most of the poopers sat down, often covering the seat with toilet paper first. One woman placed her hands on the toilet seat and sat on her hands. Once, we saw a man carrying a beach towel standing in line with a woman. When a stall opened, she went in and he opened up the towel and held it in front of her to provide privacy. I found this a little ironic, because, while providing privacy for his lady, he was busy glancing around at the other women, while trying not to look like he was looking. One elderly woman, much older than us, came in and told us that if she wasn't so desperate she would never pee with men around and then followed with a stern lecture. "Now don't you dare watch me", she said. "Gentlemen don't look when a lady is using the toilet. It isn't decent". Then she went into a stall and pulled her pants all the way down to her ankles, spread her legs wide, got into a kind of half squat, making no attempt whatever to try to keep her pussy covered. Then she let go a very loud, hissing, spray for over a minute, ignoring the obvious fact that we were watching her. It was almost as if her lecture was something she needed to say for the sake of dignity and then didn't really care after that. Another woman tried a rather strange way to get some privacy. She got a strip of toilet paper several squares long, sat down on the seat with her legs apart, and held the strip in front of her pussy to cover it. Then she began to piss, but the TP got soaked and fell apart. She just grinned when she saw her experiment didn't really work.

I've seen many women piss in my life, but this was the only time I saw so many in such a short time.

My poor wife, who is now 34 years old, had really bad diarrhea last weekend and pooped in her pants a few times. She relayed the entire story to me and I have to admit that I was very turned on by it and still am every time I think about it.

It was last Friday and she went golfing with the girls from her work as they all had the afternoon off. She had been feeling crampy all day and thought that it was because she was getting her period. She tends to get diarrhea with her period for some reason. While she was on the golf course she farted a few times to releive the pressre. The were only playing nine holes and on the third hole she went to drive the ball and let out a wet fart into her pink and white flowery cotton bikini panties. She said that after she hit the ball she just froze. She had packed some maxi pads in her golf bag in case her period started and on the third hole there was a porta-potty that she went into with her maxi pad in hand. She said that she pulled down her capri pants and panties and assessed the damage. Apparently the wet fart was really wet and had soaked into her panties pretty badly. Fortunately it had not leaked through her capri pants. She put on a maxi pad, cleaned herself up with the toilet paper that was in the porta-potty and went back to playing golf. She said that she contiued having wet farts for the rest of the day and felt lucky that she was wearing a maxi pad.

Her and the girls from her work also went out for the night and my wife came home after golf and told me what had happened to her. She said that she was feeling fine and got ready to go out for the night. She wrapped her messy panties in her capri pants and put them in the laundry to be washed.

The girls met at our house and I drove them to the restaurant that they were having dinner at. They went to a bar near by that they walked to and I picked them up when they were done for the night.

When I got home, I could not help but check out her panties. They were a total mess! I could not believe it. The insides of her capri pants were not in good shape either, but luckily for my wife, the wetness from her accident only leaked through them a little bit in the crotch, but wasn't noticable when she was wearing them because it was right in the bottom of the crotch area. I guess the maxi pad did its job! I had to check her maxi pad too. It was totalled!

I thought that they were going to be out until about 1:30 or 2 am, but at 12:30am, my wife called me on her cell phone asking me to pick her and the girls up. They were all pretty drunk and I dropped all of them off at their homes. Each time we dropped someone off, they said to my wife, "I hope you feel better". I didn't know what that meant until after we dropped off her last co-worker. As soon as we dropped off the last of her co-workers, my wife started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she was sick and that she had a bad diarrhea accident in her panties. Her jacked was wrapped around her waist because this time the wetness from her accident had leaked through her jeans. That's why they decided to leave earlier than they had planned. My wife said that she was having really bad cramps and that her dinner did not sit well with her. They were on the dance floor which was really crowded and she felt that she had to go and it was an emergency. Well, as she was battling her way through the crowd, her body cramped up and her bowels let go into her pink and beige stripped bikini's. She went a few more times in her pants and as we were on our way home she went again. This time it went down her legs because there was no more room in her panties and her jeans were quite tight.

I am embarrassed to say that I got very turned on by her story. Should I tell her that I was and still am very turned on by it, or just let it go?

TO PUNK ROCK GIRL: Due to my medical condition I have difficulty in wipping from the back...i have to wipe from between the legs. Sometimes I am so stiff I can only do a couple of wipes and skid marks sometimes ensue...that`s life!
TO BATHROOM BEACKY: I certainly have not got your fear...most of my crapping is done in public bathrooms. The reasons are the morning home is rush rush rush to get out the door...I often have a sit in the morning but if the results are not quickly forthcoming I call in at the public loos on the way to work. these toilets are unisex and spacious....the cubicles are not cramped etc...mostly they are clean...they are in a lovely park set on a river in a very good area.
Medically I have been advised that I must practice meditation but cannot do it..I cannot relax or continually get disturbed by others.
What i have now found is that I go into the toilets sit and relax..the pooing bit is often a bit hard but I deep breath and relax my muscles etc and fins I can is very quite in there.
It sounds unusual but the peace of these toilets works for me!
Bathroom Beacky, try enjoying your bodily functions....I assume you enjoy a good meal, freah air, exercise etc so bodily functions are no different.

i was wondering if anybody new any movies i can rent with toilet scenes of girls and girlsfarting thanks

John Philip
What's crackin? Anyway..

This post concerns the rather noteworthy (at least in my opinion) dump I had Wednesday. I didn't take a dump the day before and did not need to use the restroom at school. So when I came home the urge was extremely obvious, so I set my stuff down, went into the bathroom, took my jeans to below my knees, and prepared for what would hopefully be a satisfying solid dump. Luckily I was correct. After pushing weakly, a long silent fart hissed out of me and the tip of a large solid turd poked through my hole. It felt very compact and was stretching me open quite pleasurably. I stopped pushing and let it hold me open for a few minutes before starting again. I grunted and the turd slowly started out with a noticeable crackling sound. Five inches of this large compacted turd slowly oozed out before I pinched it off and rested for a moment. I was enjoying this dump immensely because I haven't had one like this in quite a while. Gathering myself, I pushed again and the rest of the turd reluctantly poked out and started into the bowl. After pushing and grunting for about four minutes, the final six inches of the turd spashed into the water. I saw that I had done a thick, mottled medium & dark brown five incher and a six or sevn inch turd of the same color and consistency. It may been slightly difficult to push out, but at the same token I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Some film stuff;

Going through my DVD collection again, I found several more films which contain toilet scenes or have an implication of using the restroom. The first one is Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers; an excellent film written by Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Reservoir Dogs). The scene in question happens at the beginning when the two main characters (played by Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis) stop their car on the side of the road and relieve themselves there. Juliette Lewis pulls her pants down and squats while Harrelson also takes a piss. No pooping but a noteable scene. Another is in the film Shaft (2000 version, a good film in itself but the original 1971 film is far superior). There is a scene where Jeffrey Wright sits on a toilet and you in fact hear him grunting. There is also a noticeable plop. I recommend watching both of these films in their entirety. Anyway, thats all for now..

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