Upstate Dave
Let me go on with my sistors wedding and Cindy. I went to the church and as a usher as people came in I greeted them and took them to thier seats. I met my sistors husband to be family members and I seated them along with members of my family that were invited. The church filled quickly and I saw Scott who would be my sistor Nancys husband very shortly come in with the best man. My sistor Nanacy was already in the church.

I went back and joined Scott and the others and Cindy was there and we got ready to line up. She and I would go first. Cindy was real nervous too. I tried calming her down which I managed to do a little bit. She whispered to me she was so nervous she had to pee real bad! Just then the organ started to play and that was the cue for us to start. I quickly told Cindy it was to late your going have to wait now. She whispered back to me that she would have t now. We started down the aisle with all eyes on us as we walked.

We turned and seperated with me going to the left and Cindy went to the right. The rest of the ushers,bridesmaids and best man came down and formed up. Then Scot and my sistor came in together and proceeded down the aisle. The ceramoney didn't seem to take long at all. Our pastor Mr. Borden was very good and everything went smooth and fine.

What took the longest was the pictures after the ceramoney. Poor Cindy had to suffer through this too for she had yet been able to go to the bathroom. She bore through it though without showing any sighns that she had to go so bad. Then from the church we all rode in a limo which was the first time I had ever rode in one. We didn't go directly back to the house for we rode around for about twenty minutes first. Poor Cindy who sat next to me was fighting now to keep from peeing herself! I could tell for she was sitting either very stiffly or would squirm around on the seat.

We finaily pulled in at the house. We all piled out from the limo and we all headed inside. Cindy wasn't the only one that needed a bathroom for that seemed where several of the girls and women headed too first along with even some of the men. They went to use the one upstairs or the one off from the kitchen. No one went out to the den to use the old bathroom off from the den. I grabbed Cindys hand and told her come on telling her; Here is your chance right now! No one is using the back bathroom. Cindy smiled and we hurried out of the kitchen and went out to the den and went right to the old back bathroom together.

Cindy went in first and she pulled me right in with her. I shut the door behind us and locked it so it would stay shut. Cindy reached under her long gown and pulled down her stockings real fast. Once she had them down she yanked her pale yellow panties down as she bent her ass down over the toilets seat. She was still pulling the yellow panties down when a very hard wide headed piss stream shot straight down out of her and slammed into the water in the toilet with a extreamly loud splash!

Cindy didn't bother pulling her panties down any further. She let out one very long sigh of relief. I didn't know if it was from ow that she was pissing or from that she had not pissed herself. Cindy had her eyes shut and I could see in her face that she was relaxing as she pissed. I had not noticed that Cindy had wet her panties a little bit until she had opened her eyes and looked down at them and she pulled them outward she looked at the crotch of her panties. She then told me she did piss in them a little.

Cindy went on pissing for what I would say a good minute or more! Her stream weakened and it went right down into a dribble which it dribbled for quite a long time too. Then she finaily did come to a stop. Before Cindy wiped herself she told me there were two things she had to do. One is I can't wear these panties now since they are wet. And I also have to take these stockings off too! They are just to tight.

Cindy pulled her panties right down and slipped them off over her heeels. Then she took the stockings off. Then she rolled some paper off from the roll and gave herself a good wipe with it. Then she was done. She stepped away from the toilet. As she did she asked me if I was going to go. After all you and I may not get another chance to go together. Cindy giggled after saying this to me. I too laughed a little as I stepped up to the toilet pulling my zipper down as I stepped to the front of the toilet.

I also said to Cindy as I pulled my zipper down; You just want to see if I havemy curve or I should say if I have my bannan now! Cindy giggled harder but managed to say back to me; That is right Dave! So I pulled out my erect penis which seeing it was in its bannana shape Cindy giggled more. I did manage to push my penis down enough so that this time I didn't have to step back from the toilet.

I started to piss with a thin long twisted stream that went into the toilet hiting the water with a splash. Cindy watched me go intently. I wound up going for a long time also. Not that it felt that I had to go that much or it might have been that I was erect. It didn;t matter to me but Cindy again enjoyed seeing me go. I finished by only doing a couple of short spurts this time. I didn't shake it this time I justr slipped it back inside my boxers and pants and zipped them up. I flushed the toilet and told Cindy we better get out of here now. So she unlocked the door and we left the bathroom.

Good thing too for as we walked back into the kitchen I was needed for helping take drink orders which Cindy helped me with. Then after some tme had gone by it was time to eat which was setup buffet style and tables to sit at were setup outside and the wedding fun went on outside. Cindy and I sat together and we both were starving and we also got to drink champagne which she liked better then I did. (I like beer better)but still it was alright and she and I both due to the many toasts wound up drinking several glasses of it while we sat there and ate. Here is were I'll leave it for now. Upstate Dave

Keith D
To anonymous: The post about the girl dumping in front of her friend's brother in the bath was by Michelle on p1439.

Linda from Australia here again. I've been on a losing streak with my poos this week and I've been having quite a bit of trouble. Infact, last night, I had a really hard time on the toilet. I have been trying to eat more healthy food and I've started eating rye bread, which doesn't make me bloated (I found that grainy bread makes me bloated). I haven't been constipated at all for over a month and now I'm a bit backed up. I'm not sure why I've managed to get constipated again.

On Thursday morning, I dropped a small load before work. I tried for a poo before I ate breakfast and I could feel a hard load in my but I couldn't get anything out, even though I strained really hard. After eating breakfast, I waited 10 minutes, then had another attempt. This time, I really had to push and strain to get the poos out. It took me 20 minutes to squeeze out a few rock hard balls. I felt better but not finished. I went to work feeling very uncomfortable and I could feel hard turds inside me all day. As the day went on, the poos slowly moved down and everytime I went for a wee, I did some gentle pushing. I also did lots of farts. After work, I had to do some food shopping. I needed to do a wee and I was desparate for a poo but I waited until I got home. I made my to the toilet straight away and sat down. This time, it took me about 10 minutes to push my load out. Again, it only consisted of a few rock hard balls but I felt finished.

The next day was Friday and I woke up with a poo sitting in my anus. I had a try before breakfast but once again, nothing came out. Even though I pushed and strain as hard as I could, the poo wouldn't move. After breakfast, I tried again, with lots of pushing and straining but still nothing!! I could feel the tip of a poo poking out of my anus but I couldn't squeeze it out any further. I had been on the toilet for 10 minutes and I needed to get ready for work. So I had a shower and then had yet another try. This time, I managed to push the poo out a bit more but it got stuck. I pushed and pushed really hard for 15 minutes and finally, it came out. It was only a medium sized log but I felt much better. Then while I was driving to work, I got the urge to do more poos!!! I waited all day and while I was driving home, I did some gentle pushing to help things along. As soon as I got home, I literally ran to the toilet. I sat down and I knew I was in for a hard time so I tried to relax. The poo felt huge and I wasn't getting much of an urge. I started straining and a skinny log started coming out. After 20 minutes, I gave up. I could feel the big poos up there but I couldn't get them out. The skinny log was really sticky and it was still stuck on my anus. I used some tp to break it off and then I had to wipe about 10 times to clean the rest of the poo away. I got poo on my fingers and it stunk!!! I had dinner and waited about an hour. Then I decided to try again. I sat on the toilet and did a wee. Then I started pushing and straining straight away. I felt the poo move down and then it got stuck. I relaxed but that didn't help. So I pushed and strained like there was no tomorrow. Then after 20 minutes, 2 huge, rock hard logs finally slid out. I felt SO much better after that and there was no more poo left in me!!

Today I've been to the toilet 5 times to do poos!! Three times this morning and twice this afternoon. Each load was medium sized but very easy to push out, apart from the last poop which took a bit of effort. Not nearly as bad as last nights dump though.

Pat: God honey your stories are so erotic, so sensational. I loved the
recent post where yu told of how busy yu san be around christmas,
any holiday season. Sales days to would be pretty busy I am
guessing from my own experiences. I am also very anxious to
read that wonderful story about your boss that, teasingly, you
hinted at in your last post. Please, please, Pat its very cruel
to keep us anxious readers waiting. I am so longing to hear some
more of your great experiences.

Nobody: I simply adore to come to toiletstool and flick through the
letters looking especially for some more from you. I love to
hear from yu abut Alison and Clair, please more of the same. I
am sure that one day your dream of being in the same cubicle
with one of them, or another of your workmates, will come true.
I now I will be waiting and reading eagerly for that day to

I had an interesting experience last Friday with Isha. We have
worked together for so long now that if one of us is under the
weather we are always there for each other. Last week I could
see that Isha was not well, she was so pale and ashen when she
got to work. She told me she hadn't been to the toilet for four
days and was feeling terribly bloated and gassy. Trying and
straining so hard to go had left her exhausted. I have always
had a constipation problem, especially just before my period is
due, I always use a suppository just before to ease the problem.
I offered to help Isha and she was only to happy to say yes. I
know how she must have been feeling. We went straight to the
ladies and asking Isha to take her panties down and bend over the
toilet I quickly inserted a suppository into her bum. I stayed
with her telling her to hold herself until it was impossible to
stop going. This was three/four minutes where Isha was holding
her ???? squirming as her bowels must have been churning over
so badly. Then I told her to relax and waited for the explosion
that I knew would follow. Isha exploded with thelongest, loudest,
splatter of shit I had heard for a long time, just sitting, thighs
open, until she sat back with a wonderfully relaxed expression of
total relief on her face. The bonus for me was a lovely thank
you kiss from her that said everything. Just to help her escape
from the misery of constipation was a great reward.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gaberdeen MAc
Been reading this site for a while now. How brill to read such stuff. I thought I was alone in finding BMs interesting.

I,m always fscinated by peoples habits, but apart from close family most try to keep their BM secret.

It is raare indeed to be at work and see a woman go to the toilet openly taking the papaer book or magazine in there, but there have been occasions.

Maybe some of you could could post your observations of female work colleages bowel habits. How long, are they at same time daily, and do they read in there!

There was a woman at the last place I worked remarked once that she read the Sun on the loo. She must have gone at home each day I think. She was attractive and had a nice figure, often at weekends she would dress in tight jeans.

Hi Gillygwentgirl

My responses to your survey are

1. Does your anus always hurt/sting when your poop is loose?
A - It depends how hard and for how long I have to strain to make myself go poo -

2. Can you walk without discomfort after a loose poop?
A - yes usually

3. Do you hold your poop preferring to do it at home if possible?
A - Yes

4. If not, do you just take your panties down in any convenient and
private place?
A - No, I just use my panties instead.

5. What are the five oddest places you have had a poop?
A - 1.Sitting on a potty on the back seat of the car when I was 9.
2.Behind some rocks with people going by at the other side- I could see them dont know if they saw me.
3. In my knickers at a presentation,
4. In a pull up when we were on holiday in spain.
5. In my Bikini on the beach same as 4.

Just wondered does anyone here find it easier when having a real hard poo to use a pullup to poo in?


Do you think that it is rude or childish to use the words poo and wee because i told my friend i needed a wee and she looked at me and went bright red. I asked her why she was blushing and she said saying "wee" is rude. Then she said she needed to urinate and BM. i would like to know if it is just her or is it rude to everyone

This is the second of my two postings regarding what I observed behind my house one night on a semi-rural street. By standing at an elevated point on my property, I can get a clear look and hear pretty good what's going on below me on the street. Girl A was shitting in an abandoned junk toilet she had uprighted on the side of a dirt road. Her boyfriend teased her by completely illuminating her with the motorcycle's headlamp as Girl B was standing nearby ready to take the seat next and with her boyfriend/husband also on a bike and joking around. It was obvious that all had been drinking earlier that evening.

Girl A stood up and wiped, using the receipts or whatever it was her significant other took out of his wallet and handed her. She said something about her shit being so large and hard that she thought she also dropped her anus. Then she pulled up her shorts and underwear from the ground level and she let out a large fart that made everyone laugh. I could hear it too but I restrained my laughter because I didn't want to give my observation point away. Then Girl B who had jeans on dropped them about three feet from the toilet and waddled in what looked like a thong, before she dropped it to knee level and put herself on the toilet. Quickly--perhaps 2 or 3 seconds after sitting--she took both of her hands and clasped them to the seat between her legs.

Girl B: "This seat's so loose and cold I'm afraid I'm going to fall into my pee."
Girl A: "Well, you'll mash up my shit too. How can the seat be cold--it's like 80 degrees out here.
Girl B: "Well I'm sweating like crazy, my ass is slipping on the seat and I'm afraid I'm going to fall in."
Her Guy: "I won't let you back on my bike if you do."
Girl B: "You benevolent bastard"

Then she shrieks and lets off the loudest curse I've heard when a cat comes in from the back and rubs up against her jeans and momentarily jumps up on her lap. Within about five seconds the cat's claws must have pentrated her thigh skin and she says "F*****' cat" and flings it to the ground so hard that it takes off running. Her friends are now howling with laughter. She then stands up and blames her female friend's high pile of shit for causing her pee to splash back on her butt. While waiting on her to get done, Guy A walks a few feet in front of and to the side of the toilet, unzips and immediately tries to pee. His male friend then gets off his bike, punches him in the back and the shove sends him stumbling forward so that he gets some pee on himself. Guy A steadies himself and turns around with a full steam going, almost splashing Guy B.

A group of trucks on the nearby radial highway drown out the rest of the conversation and when they finally have gone by, the cyclists are back on their bikes and starting their engines. But it was good entertainment while it lasted.

Been reading some of the posts with interest and not a little curiosity. Shitting or pooping, call it what you will has mostly been an unremarkable, private and pretty mundane thing for me but after reading the forum I have to admit it struck a few chords in my memory. I have only once witnessed someone else taking a dump and the story may interest some regular posters.
The person in question was my (ex)mother-in-law. I was staying with my then wife at her mother's house for a few days during the Christmas holidays. It was late-ish one night and my wife and her mother had gone out to mum-in-laws works Christmas 'do'. I had been watching TV while they were out and was taking a bath before turning in as I expected they would be late home. It was about midnight I guess and I was lying in the bath when I heard the front door open and the two women's voices as they came in. I then heard My mum-in-law's voice coming up the stairs telling my wife to put the kettle on and that she was "bursting for the loo". She was talking very loud and sounded a bit 'slurry' and I guessed (correctly it turned out) she was quite drunk. I called out that I was in the bath but she simply crashed into the bathroom and walked straight to the toilet, hoisting her skirt as she did! She said she was sorry but she couldn't wait and hauled her tight skirt up over her hips. I should tell you she is a large woman in her late 50s and prbably about a (English) size 20. The toilet was next to the bath at same end as I was lying so she would be sitting beside me facing the same way as me. I didn't know what to do at first and my initial instinct was to get up out of the bath and leave the room. I was a bit hesitant being naked but didn't get time to do that anyway as she turned away from me and carried on lifting her skirt up to her waist. She now stood with her back to the toilet and pulled her hefty white panty-girdle down her thighs, followed by her black tights and then a pair of pink cotton panties. I should have looked away but lay there transfixed as she bent her ample bottom over the toilet and sat down inches away from my head! She began to piss immediately and it went on for about 40-50 seconds and she sighed with relief sitting with her eyes closed before saying ,"God! I bloody well needed that!" She lifted up to squat and shake her hips. As she twisted away to get some toilet paper I could see the last drops of pee dripping off her pussy between the cheeks of her bum. I thought that was it but then it got worse! She muttered "Oh Shit!" Then I was greeted by the sight of her anus opening and the head of a thick dark brown turd emerging. She now seemed oblivious to my presence and she swung her bottom back over the bowl as a very large lump of poo came slowly out of her backside. From what I could see it was a good six inches long and about an inch and a half thick before she sat back down again. She grunted and strained for several more seconds before it dropped with a loud splash into the water. There was no obvious smell at first but then she began to push again and this time it was obviously more difficult and she let rip with several loud and extremely smelly farts before I heard the crackly sound of another large turd coming out. She strained for about 8 seconds and then with a loud 'phhissh' sound her poo came out and hit the water with a sound that suggested it was bigger than the first! She sighed and then lifted off the seat again to wipe her arse. I looked away at this point and when I looked back she was pulling her knickers and tights up over her big buttocks. She heaved her panty-girdle up with some difficulty and with a muttered, "Shorry 'bout the smell." Stumbled out of the room, bouncing off the door frame as she went.
I went straight to bed after getting out of the bath and didn't see her again until breakfast the following day when she acted as if nothing at all had happened.

Tim DE-- LOVED your first story, I want more! Welcome to the forum!

Nothing too special today. Took a dump, filled half the bowl. I was on the phone with my friend Sandy again when she informed me she had to take a BIG DUMP. Her words. [: She left the phone and was back in like thirty seconds. I was like, "You really just took a shit?" She said, "Yes, a really really big dump too."

Upstate Dave
Let bme go on with my sistors wedding post. Later in the morning we all had a rehearsel at the church. Things seemed to go well enough and Cindy was wearing a dress at the rehearsel an she sure looked cute. She smiled and really took a hard grip of my hand when we had to do our practicing. I asked her if she was nervous. She told me yes and she said she would be more so when the wedding was going to happen. I told her just concentrate on something else that always helps me. She said she would try.

After rehearsel was over back to the house and there was time to kill now. There was three hours before I had to get ready before I would be leaving to go back to the church. I killed some of the waiting time doing little needed errends and then just waited up in my little bedroom.

I turned on the tv and watched it off and on. Time was sure passing slowly for me. Most likely not for everyone else. For I could hear a lot of commotion going on in many other parts of the house. I got kind of bored so I started to change early. I grabbed my tux out of the small closet and hung it over the end of the bed. I started to get out of my clothes that I was wearing then.

I had gotten comp;etely out of all the clothes I had on and I was reaching over to pick up my clean boxers off from the bed when I heard a familair giggle and OPPS! come from behind me. I didn't turn around but I did know it was Cindy. Hey this the second time you caught me with my pants down. Let me correct that. This time with my pants off! I stepped into my boxers and slid them up covering myself up before Cindy said anything back to me.

Then Cind did say something as she stepped into the room. I still think your ass is cute! She gave my boxers in the back a hard slap with her hand. I smiled and told her I'm glad you think so. I wonder if your is as cute as mine. Cindy giggled and told me I would have to wait. You might find out! I proceeded to get into my tux.Cindy stayed the entire time till I was finished.

I was told by her that I looked very handsome and I thanked her. She told me she better go and start getting ready herself. See you in awhile then Cindy. See you later Dave she said back to me as she walked out of my little room. I sat back down on the bed and went back watching tv for awhile.

I needed to piss so I went down the back stairs to use the bathroom off from the den. I came off from the stairs and made the turn and saw the door to the bathroom was wide open and the light was on. Someone must have not turned the light out when they had used it so I thout nothing of it as I walked towards the open bathroom door.

As I walked in through the open door there was Cindy with the back of her dress hiked up, her white panties down around her ankles, and her cute ass moving downward towards the toilet seat! She turned and looked which she was surprised by me at first. Then she giggled a little and she told me that I had cuaght her this time! I smiled and told her that I did. By the way you have a very cute ass too! Cindy giggled some more and asked me why I was here. I told her I needed to piss. She told me if you have to better shut the door!

I smiled and I pulled the door closed and I locked it. From underneath Cindy I heard her piss splashing in the toilet. She only had the back of her dress pulled up so in the front she was covered. She was pissing quite hard and soon besides the splashing of her piss in the toilets water I heard the hissing sound of her stream for it started to hiss now. Then the hissing died right out and her stream must have eased up for its splashing got less and less and then she must have stopped pissing for the splashing had stopped.

Then Cindy did something that I had never seen a girl do. She placed both of her hands on the toilet seat edges on the left and right side. She lifted her ass up from the seta and she closed her eyes tight and let out a soft grunt and she pushed hard! A spurt of piss must have shot out in the front for there was a very shoort but loud splash in the toilet. It wasn't a piece of shit for I could see under Cindys asscheeks as she hovered her ass above the seat.

Cindys face was a little red from her hard pushing. She had to let up but she said outloud not at me but in general;It's comming I can feel it comming. She again with a grunt gave a second hard push with her cheeks turning red and I saw the tip of her shit apear poking just past the curves of her asscheeks. It was quite a large sized brown one in being quite fat around with knobby chunks and cracks in it. It very slowly moved as Cindy bore down with her hard pushing.

Cindy stopped her pushing after she had managed to get about six inches of shit out off her asshole. Cindy now eased her ass down on the toilet seat. She told me this one hurt. It must be dry. It must be a fat one too. I told Cindy it was avery fat one. Plenty of knobby chunks in it too. Cindy groaned telling me that was why she was having such a time with it too.

Cindy rested there siting on the toilet seat for a few minutes. Then she raised her ass up from the seat goig higher with it this time. Her shit was still there. Then Cindy asked me to wet the bar of soap that was on the sink. I turned on the water and wetted the bar of soap and handed her the bar of soap. She took a finger and rubbed soap on it form the bar. Then she reached right behind her and she rubbed herasshole area with the soapy finger!

Then she rolled off some toilet paper and wiped her soapy fingers off. Then she gripped the sides again of the toilet seat and gave a hard push with a grunt. The soap seemed to help for a big knob in her shit slid right by her stretched asshole. Then that one chunk had to be the widest part of her shit for her shit now just slid out fairly fast and Cindy let out a sigh for she no longer had to push and hold her breath.

Oh that now does feel soooo good now! Cindy commented. She just kept on shitting too. As I watched her shit I told her she just might take a longer one then I had done. Cindy giggled hard. Then I saw the end tip come out and there was a soft splash down in the toilet along with a thump on the bowl too. Cindy sat her ass back down on the seat. I heard her start to piss again for there was the sound of splashing and a soft hiss of her stream. She pissed only for a short time and then she stopped.

Now Cindy reached over and she rolled off some toilet paper from the roll. She reached down under the front of her dress with the hand that had the toilet paper in it. With the other hand she lifted the front of her dress up and I got to see her front for only a short few seconds as she wiped herself off. Thern she dropped the toilet paper in the toilet.

She reached down and slid her panties up her legs and under her dress. She stood up then and pulled them up the rest of the way. Then she looked into the toilet and saw her shit. It was a long one. It was hard to say if it was longer then mine had been. I said it was a tie. Cindy laughed hard. Then she flushed the toilet and her shit did slide down and out from sight.

She lifted up the seat for me and stepped to the side of me. She stood by the sink as I pulled the zipper down on my tuxes pants. I was erect which made Cindy giggle very hard. Since I was erect I had to step back from the toilet which I did before I started my piss. This too made Cindy keep on giggling.

I started to piss. My stream made a low curving arc and came down in the back of the bowl of the toilet. I took a quick step back for I knew as my stream would get harder it would rise. It did and I had to take a second step back so my stream would stay landing in the the toilet bowl. This kept Cindy giggling. I took a fairly long piss. I wanted to amke sure my bladder would be empty. I didn't want to have to piss when we were at the church.

My stream started to ease up so I took the needed now forward steps as my stream eased. Cindy watched but she was not giggling now. My stream stopped but I gave a push sending out a spurt of piss. I made sure I would be empty so I kept pushing sending spurts of piss into the toilet each one just a little shorter then the one before. Now Cindy was laughing as she watched me send all these spurts of piss. Then I I gave a last push with only a few drips of piss came out wetting the head of my penis with a little piss.

I stepped right up to the toilet now and gave my erect penis two good downward shakes. I then was now done and slipped my penis back insice of my tuxes pants and my boxers. I zipped up and I flushed the toilet. Cindy smiled at me. Then she said to me; Dave besides having a cute ass you have a curved penis too! I had never seen one that had a curve to it. They always had been straight! Your reminds me of a bannana! I laughed hard as soon as Cindy said bannana! I told her she wasn't the only girl that had described my penis that way! Cindy laughed har at that. I then unlocked the bathroom door and I walked back upstairs and left Cindy in the bathroom. I would see her next at the church.

hey guys,there was a story about a gril who walked in on her friends brother while he was taking a bath in epsom salt and took a massive dump. Anyone know what page thats on?

Punk Rock Girl
Hey y'all

To address Dennis's post regarding not wiping your ass, I always wipe my ass regardless of whether I think I need to or not, UNLESS:

I have a slight problem in my shoulder. When I was little, I dislocated my shoulder. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but since then my shoulder blade "goes out on me" for a day or so. I wind up very stiff and have great difficulty twisting, bending, contorting, whatever. On days when it flared up bad, I have on occasion taken a shit and then not bothered wiping my ass because it was too painful to reach around or even wipe between my legs. I'd rather deal with a little butt mud than feel like someone's twisting a screwdriver in my back!



John Philip
Upstate Dave: Good posts but I'm referring to the one about Night of the Living Dead (excellent George A. Romero horror). Interesting about your friend Mary having to use the bathroom during the showing of the film. This is a bit of a digression but if you enjoy those types of films I would recommend seeing Romero's Dawn of the Dead (made in 1978) and maybe Day of the Dead if you're interested enough.

Jim DE: Commendable story about your massive dump with Jared. It'd be cool if you have other material to post.

Well on to my stuff for now. School happened to begin later this morning (9:00 at opposed to 7:30) and I didn't need to take a shit before school. At lunch break however, I began to feel a mild urge and left campus to dump. Once again heading into the Coffee Bean individual toilet, I unbuckled my belt, took my pants to my knees and had a seat on the toilet. After waiting a few moments, I pushed and the tip of a turd quickly came out with a brief hissing fart and slowly made its way into the toilet bowl. Breaking it off at about three inches, I pushed again and easily let out a softer yet still solid four inch turd. I took a small break and resumed pushing, passing a squeaky fart and allowing the tip of a slightly thicker turd to poke out. I relaxed for a second and pushed again, and the tip again poked out an inch but ceased moving. I relaxed momentarily to catch my break and the turd went back inside. I sat for a few minutes staring at the picture frame on the wall, then realizing I had lost track of time again, grunted loudly as the tip of the thick turtlehead poked out again. I shifted myself slightly and pressed hard, the turd hesitantly but surely eeking out. Seven inches managed to crackle out until I broke it off. I briefly inspected the turds I had done; all medium brown solid turds with the large seven incher curled at the bottom of the bowl. The rest were smooth but the seven inch poop had noticeable boluses and air pockets in it. Well unfortunately, I ran out of time and felt empty enough for the time being, so I wiped, flushed and left. Strange dump, though.

This afternoon I felt the need to go around 4 pm. So I went, sat on the toilet and pushed out a soft one incher followed by an explosion of gas into the bowl. Then I pushed again and felt another solid turd exit at normal speed with a soft hiss of gas in the middle. I let out some more nugget sized turds (I don't consider those particularly pleasant!) and finished after about six minutes. Inspecting the bowl, I saw I had done two dark brown three inch solid turds and about five small nuggets. Rather unexceptional but I enjoy dumping so what the hell..

See you all around..

bunny boo
I was in the theatre with my bff and the production started.It was real good but in the middle i looked to my friend who was holding herself.I asked Millie whats wrong?Oh i just need to pee real bad.She was wearing a sweet blue dress with white tights.At the end she was still holding on.I asked her why she didnt go.Her answer was they are out of order.She groaned and bent down showing me half her boobs.We left quickly and were on the train.She was holding herself with 2 hands now.I said lets get off at the next station.She said yes please.She said oh ***k.She had spurted a bit out. We got off and asked a man if there were any toilets.No.In the end we asked a lady who had finished her soda if we could use her cup.She said fine.Amelia finally relieved herself in the cup and it took forever.I saw her bum as well!It spurted out like a waterfall.In the end she was laughing as well as crying.Her pants were so wet.She decided to take them off in the end and travel with her legs crossed so no one would see.I reckon a few people saw her bum and wondered why she travelled with no pants on!

Sarah from Calgary

To the woman who replied to my Pre-Mestrual Diarrhea (PMD), thank you. It is really nice to know that I am not alone with this.

My two best friends, Melanie and Megan, who are sisters, have always been so great about my issues. When I am having a particularily bad day and I have an accident, they have always been so supportive. They have gone so far as to buy me new panties and pants if we are out. Melanie are the same age and similar size, and there have been times when I have even had to borrow a pair of her panties and jeans to change into if I have been over at her house, or nearby and had an accident.

It can be so embarrassing though, can't it? How have you been able to cope with it? I hope that you have a good support system like I do. Please be sure to share any stories that you have if you feel up to it.

Last month my period was very heavy. It was so heavy that I bled through my Always Maximum Protection Ultra Thin a couple times. I was at work when it happened one time and I had to tie a sweater around my waist to hide the stain on my pants. Uggh! Isn't it just so great being a woman some times!!!

To the Mortified Model:

No, I don't wear diapers. I tried them once a few years ago and I hated them. I hated having to pack extras with me, or having to change them. I actually found the clean up to be worse with a diaper than having to change and clean up my messy panties. Plus, they are terrible for the environment.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is doing well. I will write again soon.


I just got back from a trip out of town. I was enjoying a beautiful spring day in Washington Sq Park when the urge hit. I've read about this place in previous posts, but there's been construction in the park including the area around the men's room, so I assumed it had been spruced up.

I walked in past the entry way, into a large room with sinks and two alcoves off to the right. The first alcove has rows of urinals. The second has a row of four open toilets. No partitions, no stalls and nothing to block the entryway between the washroom and the toilets.

To my surprise two guys were there. An older guy on the last toilet and a young guy on the second toilet in. My choices were to sit between them, which seemed weird, or to sit in the first toilet in full view of anyone using the sinks. I decided on the second option. I grabbed some TP and wiped down the seat and the toilet rim with my hand sanitizer. I dopped my jeans and black jockeys, and there was no place for my sweater so I left it buttoned, hiked it up along with my T-shirt, and I plunked myself down.

As I did the old guy left and the younger guy was wiping up with his pants pulled up to his thighs so nothing would show. I was sitting on a toilet right next to him. I don't understand what he was being shy about, but he left without a word.

I dropped two semi-soft turds right away, but I felt more, so I stayed for a few minutes. I got the usual reactions. Some guys were surprised to see me there and turned away. Some just looked. One guy came in and used one of the toilets to pee, not bothered at all that I was sitting there.

When it was time to wipe, I couldn't quite reach the TP dispenser on the wall in front of me. I had to lean off the toilet to get the roll started and that made a bigger mess causing a longer clean-up for everyone to see.

Clean up guy
Hi guys and girls
I am back. I have not posted for a long time. Any way I got a laptop computer. Now I am in the bathroom sitting on the toilet; I just pushed out a 10 inch piece of poop and an 8 incher, plus some smaller turds. Right now I feel some pressure in my lower parts of my intestines. I am going to push and see what happens. Pushing... Pushing, a small light brown turd just came out. Now it smells in here right now, ewwwwwwww. I feel like I have some more. Pushing oh here it comes. It was a very small piece. I can tell by this B.M. there will be ALOT of "paper work going on.
This morning before I left for work I had a bowl of cereal with milk called fiber 1. Also when I was at work I had a bowl of oatmeal too. Every day at work I always eat oat topped with raisins and nuts. Wow I looked in the toilet; it is filled with light brown poop. Well I am going to wipe my behind and jump in the shower. I hope you all liked my post.

Tim DE-- LOVED your first story, I want more! Welcome to the forum!

Nothing too special today. Took a dump, filled half the bowl. I was on the phone with my friend Sandy again when she informed me she had to take a BIG DUMP. Her words. [: She left the phone and was back in like thirty seconds. I was like, "You really just took a shit?" She said, "Yes, a really really big dump too."

By the way, Gillywentgirl, I forgot to mention-no I never had any ladies ask me for paper. However, I did have one lady ask me if I was going to be in there cleaning long. She was one of the self-conscious ones that would n't use the restroom with me in there-I was in there while she was washing her hands. She said that she had a friend that was experiencing some "distress" and might need to get in in a hurry. I knew darn good and well that she was the one with the "distress", but I played along with her. I asked her if her friend had diarrhea, and would have an urgent need to get in immediately. She said "yes", and so I told her to tell her "friend" that if she needed to get in while I was in there, to just let me know, and I'd leave. I've posted here before that I never held anyone back that was desperate, with the exception of one time when my boss was working with me. But that's another story, I'll tell it next time.

bathroom beacky
how do i get over my fear of public loos?
has anyone been in the same boat as me and never use a loo apart from my own. i have pooed and weed my self a many occasions and i would love to get over my fear. i dont go at school up town a friends house my aunties or any other place. the closest i have come to using a loo that wasnt mine was when i was up town and i was desperate for a wee i held it and held it but in the end i had to go. I ran to the loos and thankfuuly there was no queue, i walked into the only free stall and lock ed the door. i could her other women grunted as they pooed i looked over and there was a big roll on toilet tissues to my relief so i un-buttoned my jeans and pulled down both my jeans and underwear. I lower my bum but got nervous about my bare bum touching the looseat i got scared and pulled my trousers back up a weed in my jeans as i didnt want to go on the toilet. I have tryed squatting but i just cant do it and i have practiced on my own toilet but faild. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME I WANT TO BE ABLE TO GO THE THE LOO ANYWHERE APART FROM MY ALL OVER MYSELF

Upstate Dave
I'll tell you all about getting walked in on when I was using the bathroom the day of my oldest sistors wedding. There were two instances of it happening one involed I getting walked in on and I later walking in on someone else.

I was up very early the morning of my sistors wedding day. We had a house full of guests and friends of the family. I was put in the back attic bedroom. I didn't miond that at all. I had to use the old bathroom downstairs that was off from the den. I had eaten my breakfast and I had went back up to the little bedroom and watched some tv for a little while.

The feeling that I needed to piss and shit came on so I went downstairs to use the old bathroom. Since it was so early I thought I was the only one up but I wasn't. I could hear people talking in the kitchen once I was in the den and was just about to go into the bathroom to take my piss and shit.

I walked in the old bathroom turned on the light and I shoved the door making it almost close all the way but not getting it entirely shut. I didn't bother to shut the door tight for the need to shit was more importent then shutting the door all the way. I quickly pulled my jeans and boxers down and sat down on the toilet seat. It was cold but I knew my warm ass would warm the seat right up.

I farted first quite loudly going fruuuump. Then I felt my anus stretching open and I felt my shit moving out from it. There was a slight crackling sound as my shit came out. It was moving right along so there was no discomfort at all. After ten seconds or so my anus closed right up so I was done taking my shit.

There was flump or splash of my shit in the toilet. I could smell a very light fresh shit oder in the air though. I got up off from the seat to take a look. (tell me you don't look after you have taken a big one!) Sure enough I did take a big shit. There down in the bowl with one end down in the trap was this long brownshit thta came up the side of the bowl curving with the side of the bowl going well above the water in the toilet. It was a good 15 incher!

So since I was standing now I reached over and lifted the toilet seat up so I could piss. My jeans and boxers were down to m knees as I stood there. I had my penis in hand and I started to piss sending a nice hard golden yellow stream downward into the toilet. I wasn't hitting the water with my stream. I had it aimed so that my stream was hitting my shit well above the water in the toilet. So that really deadened the sound of my stream making only a very slight splash.

I had to stretch so I let go of my penis and started to take a good hard stretch. That is when I got walked in on. I had my eyes closed as I stood there stretching and pissing. So I did not see the bathroom door open. Who it turned out to be was the flower girl who walked in on me! She said a loud OPPS! once she had walked in and saw me with my pants and boxers down in the half mast position and of course my penis and balls in plain view and my piss stream shooting down into the toilet!

She also couldn't help see down into the toilet either from where she stood. She saw my big long shit there in the toilet. She stared at it not moving at all. I had grabbed my penis and also cut off my piss stream in a couple of seconds. I also grabbed my jeans and boxers and shoved them up to my waist. That is when the flower girl muttered out a sorry and started to back up but she bumped into the bathroom door which stopped her dead in her tracks.

I couldn't help but laugh a litle when she did this. I also said to her since she did back into the door. Well it looks like someone let the door hit themselves in the ass when they were going to leave. She giggled and she pushed the door open and slipped outside and she shut it. I then took care of my boxers and jeans. I had to flush the toilet twice in order to get my shit to go down.

I went over to the door and I opened it. The flower girl was leaning up against the wall waiting. Ok it is all yours I said to her. She smiled and again she told me she was sorry. I told her it was ok. It was my fualt for not shutting the door closed. By the way my name is Dave. Nancys youngest brother. The flowergirl told me her name. It was Cindy.

She told me she got in late last night. That was the reason I had not met her until now. Cindy then now let out a giggle. Dave can I ask you a question? Sure shoot I said back to her. Were you the one that did that big shit in the toilet? I smiled and I told her that I was the one. Cindy giggled more and she then told me she wshed she had seen that when it happened! I was surprised by her saying that but I smiled instead. I came back quickly saying to her; You should have walked in sooner! That made her laugh.

We talked for a few minutes more then Cindy told me she better get in the bathroom before she peed herself. I told her to use the eyelock on the door. That way it will stay shut. That way you can't get walked in on when your in there. Cindy laughed even harder as she stepped into the doorway. Before she did shut the door she told me she would see me later. I smiled and told her later. I walked up the backstairs up to my bedroom. I was going to have a fun day after all. Cindy was my age and since I was a usher we both would be in the wedding party together.

Here's my scale for needing to pee.

1. Slight twinge, nothing serious.
2. Moderate urge, moving around a bit.
3. Strong urge, squirming around.
4. Very strong urge, rocking and squirming a lot.
5. I am beginning to feel pain, and the urge is very strong. At this point, I am squirming, bouncing up and down, and rocking.
6. Pain has definitely set in. At this point in time, I am squirming uncontrollably, and I rocking back and forth constantly, and bouncing constantly. My bladder is just starting to bulge out.
7. Pain is strong, and the urge is almost unbearable, and I am squirming, rocking, and bouncing uncontrollably. My bladder has a visible bulge.
8. Pain is strong, and I am beginning to need to cross my legs to keep it in.
9. Pain is very strong, and the urge is at maximum. I am squirming uncontrollably. My bladder feels heavy and there is a very visible bulge. I need to cross my legs occasionally to hold it all back.
10. Pain is beginning to become urgent, and urge is at max. I constantly need to cross my legs to keep it in, but the pressure is extremely strong, and it constantly dribbles out no matter how hard I cross my legs.
11. This level I have only accomplished while I am lying in bed. The pain in my bladder is near to unbearable. The slightest touch increases the pain. At this state, I am forced to take my pants off and lie in bed to hold it. At this point, I need to hold myself to keep it inside of me. Eventually I will wet myself.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Had a interesting experience at the theatre today with my daughter. My daughter has been driving me crazy to take her to see Hanah Montanah. So I broke down and finaly took her. We got our snacks, popcorn, and soda and headed in to find our seats. Another mom came in and sat next to us with her daughter and we struck up a conversation before the show started. Just then her daughter chimed in and said she had to go to the bathroom. About two minutes went by and the mother and daughter came back with a horrified look upon their face. apparently a water line broke at the theatre and the bathrooms were out of order. The daughter began to fidget in her seat and said mom I really have to go. The mom said I have a idea but you will have to wait till the lights go out and the show starts. A few minutes went by and the lights dimmed and the show started. The mom finished up her soda and took the lid off. She told her daughter to slide forward in her seat and slide her pants and panties down. Then the mom handed her daughter the cup and told the daughter to put it under her and pee into it. Just then I heard the hissing and splashing of her pee hitting the cup as she peed away. Then the mother said don't fill it up all the way mommy has to go to! After her daughter pulled her pants and panties up the mom then proceded to pee in the cup like like her daughter. Thank god they got large drink cups. Has anyone else let their daughter do this in a theatre or have done this?

Tim DE
I've been lurking around this site for quiet some time and now I think is the best time to start posting. Let me describe myself first. I'm a 24 year old male, slim build, short hair, boyish face (I still get carded for cigarettes haha) and I have always loved shitting in public.

My first story will explain how I got this enjoyment and later I will tell more tales. When I was in grade school, I think it was 3rd or 4th grade, I had never pooped in school before. I had always wanted to but I was too afraid to try it out. Anyway, I remember one day, it was a little after lunch, we were all sitting at our desks listening to the instruction for our next project. I felt an urge bubbling down below and I felt like I could hold it. It started to get worse and worse, to the point that I was clinching my butt to keep it in. After what seem liked forever, the teacher dismissed us to start working. The policy for the bathroom was that when you needed to go, you had to grab a bathroom pass. The only catch was that the classroom only had one pass for the boys and one for the girls. Well, I got out of my chair and paced to the shelves where the pass was kept. Low and behold, someone had grabbed it. I waited and waited for someone to get back. After about five minutes, I knew who ever it was that had it, must be dropping some turds. I the pain was killing me. Finally, I saw the door open. It was a small classmate named Jared. He looked at me and he must have seen me waiting for the pass and he handed it to me. I grabbed it and bolted. I paced down the hall to the bathroom. I had never really spent any time in the bathroom before so it was all new to me. I opened the door and I had to round a corner to get into the main bathroom. There was 8 or so urinals on the left wall, and 3 sinks. On the right wall, there was 5 stalls and 3 more sinks. I looked quickly to see that one stall was out of order, one had feet with their pants down in it, and the other 3 were open. I ran to the furthest stall. I closed the door and attemped to lock it. The lock was broken. So I exited it and went to the second stall (the next to the last stall was occupied and the first stall was out of order). At this point I am sweating. I needed to sit down soo bad it was hurting me. I could tell I was going to gush poop as soon as I began to sit. When I got into the stall, I saw that it didn't even have a lock. I was tempted to sit right down but I decided to check the next stall just in case. I exited that stall and went to the middle stall. It had a lock, and the lock worked. I looked in the toilet, and someone had not flushed this beautiful pile of poop. I didn't see any paper in the toilet, but there was some on the floor. I have always had this problem with sitting on a toilet while it is flushing. I never have, nor I never will do this. I knew I didnt have time to flush this toilet and wait for it to stop, so I decided to fill the toilet even more. I spun around, and began tugging on my pant button. I managed to get it undone but the zipper was not wanting to go all the way down. I grabbed my pants and yanked them down to my ankles anyway. My briefs were still up so I putt my thumbs under the band and pushed them down too. I was shaking when I began to bend down. The pain was so intense that I loved it and hated it at the same time. My ass got all the way down so it was barely touching the black toilet seat when I erupted. AHHH, I said verbally as wave after wave of soft but solid poop gushed from my little asshole. It made slopping sounds as it exited that muffled the faint sound of it hitting the water. I could only imagine the sight of me, young and desperate, sitting on the white toilet with black seat, thrusting my bowels to relief. To this day I still feel the sensation of that poop. As soon as the initial round was over, I began to realize that the seat was still warm. Someone had very recently been sitting there, the same person that created that beautiful pile. It must have been Jared. It had to have been. The idea excited me. I sat there with a smile on my face for a couple of seconds until I realized that he must have thrown his soiled paper on the floor. I looked down at some of the paper and began to wonder if on the other side was poop smears. Curiousity overcame me and I reached down and picked one up. Sure enough, the shade matched perfectly. It was the most exciting thing that had ever happen to me. Just as soon as I did, I heard the guy in the next stall begin to wipe. He too, was throwing his paper on the floor. I was shocked by this. He pulled up his jeans, and exited his stall, without flushing. At this point, I leaned forward to catch a glimpse of him. He was my age, maybe a year older, very light skinned, and he was wearing a jersey of some sort. He didn't wash his hands, he just left. Being that I was soo excited about what had just happened, I decided to take a trip to his stall. I didn't wipe, I just pulled up my underwear and pants and stood. I looked in my toilet and saw that it was filled with poop. Completely filled. I must have sunk Jared's pile with the mammoth poop I produced. I exited my stall without flushing. I went into the other kid's stall. He had made a big big big poop. It was really firm but there was a lot of it. I felt my second wave hitting me so I decided to stay in this stall. I closed and locked the door, yanked down my pants, and planted my soiled ass on the seat. The seat felt soo good being nice and warm. I was soo excited about it. I went on to produce another big poop as I sat and enjoyed what had just happened. I looked at his paper that he threw on the floor. It was insane. I was in heaven. I finished up, wiped, didn't flush, washed my hands and went back to class. My first public bathroom experience will never be forgot, thats for damn sure.

I hope you all enjoy this story and there will be more to come.

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